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Table of ConTenTs Competitors 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68


david angenend 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX John Butiu 2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe John PhaM 1993 Toyota Supra edga lozoya 2005 Infiniti G35 Kevin darwish 1997 Nissan 240SX John Perez 1994 Mazda RX-7 wryann van riPer 1986 Toyota Corolla F20C engine MiChael raMos 2005 Infiniti G35 Sedan Twin Turbo Jonathan zuniga 1995 Nissan 240SX Matt Burden 2011 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Turbo rui Paulo nasCiMento 2001 Audi TT RS saliK zaKi 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX MitChell BanKs 2008 BMW M3 rayMond deMers 2003 Honda Accord Cherie MiKell 2008 BMW 650i ernie hofstetter 1991 BMW 325i convertible alvin fosselMan 1994 Mazda Miata Chris gosda 2008 Scion tC ruBenel rivera 2005 Nissan 350Z Turbo ryan Jones 1998 Honda Civic Coupe John waldMan 1995 Nissan 240SX/SE luKe ziMMerMan 1995 Honda Prelude Si VTEC MarK yuen 2002 Lexus SC430 Convertible Pras Khuon 1994 Toyota Supra riChard desJardins 1970 Datsun 240Z randy sarMiento 2006 Audi A4 alex PasCua 1995 Lexus SC400 storM sasaKi 2008 Mazdaspeed3 tyler Pflanz 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo ChristoPher hynes 2003 Audi A4

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team hybrid Caught ya lookin Mikesgarage top flight team hi def twisted visionz Car Club Corolla Car Club toronto subaru Club

102 team tri-C 106 team evolution Concepts

110 titoboy approved 114 street impressions 118 Boston low riders auto Club 122 team t.o.s. 126 elite Performance 130 scion nrg


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LiLLian Kong

Take Control with App Remote Fully Synchronized Source Integration Launch and Control Internet Radio and Music Player

Your car audio and smartphone are now interoperable The source list can be controlled safely from both your car receiver and your smartphone.

App content is displayed on your phone, while audio content is played through your speakers.

SMS Text Message Read-Out*

Launch Smartphone Navigation App

Show Music Information and Album Art

Incoming SMS messages will pause music & videos and be read out through your car’s speakers.

Use compatible navigation apps already downloaded to your smartphone to guide you.

Song titles and album art can be displayed on your smartphone screen.**

Available at and © Sony of Canada Ltd. Sony and the Sony logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation. Android, Google Play, and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc. App Store is a registered trademark of Apple Computer Inc. All other trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation or their respective owners. A.E. & O.E. App Remote is Sony’s original application required for connecting your Android™ phone or iPhone to your car audio. Available operations differ depending on the application. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice. To download or for more information, search for App Remote at Google Play™. For iPhone, search for App Remote at the Apple App Store. For your safety, please observe local traffic laws and regulations. Please do not use applications while driving. For more information please visit or *Available only with Android smartphones and Bluetooth-capable head units. **Network access by smartphone is required to display album art. Song/album titles, artist name information are required to be included in the music content (USB,CD). While playing music on USB mass storage device and some CD (CD-text).

Download at

Performance Auto & Sound Magazine (ISSN # 1710-1573) is published 10 times a year by Performance Auto & Sound Inc. 44 Prince Andrew Place, Toronto, ON, M3C 2H4, Canada Subscription Rates: (1 year) Canada and USA $14.99 (2 years) Canada and USA $23.99 (3 years) Canada and USA $29.99 Toll Free: 1 (888) 564-SUBS (7827) Email:

Get ReGisteRed.

Compete to win.

Group publisher & Ceo Tim Rutledge publishers Blake Breslin & Perry Breslin Founder & sr. Vp business deVelopment Frank Spezzano


Group manaGinG editor Shaun Keenan editor Erickson obiacoro produCtion editor Richard Robles Content editor Jordan lenssen teChniCal editor Garry Springgay teChniCal editor MotoiQ

CoNTRiBUTiNG EdiToRS MotoRspoRts EditoRs JaCob leVeton Jeremy alan GloVer

Battle StageS


64 Competitors seleCted

Thursday June 13, 2013

all registered competitors will be entered

FEatuRE EditoRs daVe maCKinnon miKe KoJima

photogRaphERs steVe bitanGa rCh desiGns iCon media

aRT & PRodUCTioN CreatiVe direCtor Queue Gonzalez produCtion / senior art direCtor Patrick dinglasan senior art direCtor Edward Shintani senior art direCtor Patrick Beltijar GraphiC desiGner Mike Chan oNliNE

Content editor Jordon Chiarelli

Stage 1 June 14-20

Stage 2 June 21-27

64 tuneRs

32 tuneRs


sales & marKetinG direCtor Matthew adolfo sr. proJeCt manaGer arnold adolfo marKetinG & speCial proJeCt manaGer Justin Hasan aCCount manaGer Erik Shum

adMiNiSTRaTioN FinanCe manaGer Michelle Forsyth sr. eVents / proJeCt manaGer Randi Bentia

28 Stage 3 June July 4

Stage 4 July 5-11

16 tuneRs


CoGent audio labs -

8 tuneRs

26 augusT 9 Stage 6 July

Stage 5 July 12-18 4 tuneRs

2 tuneRs

Champion 1 tuneR


w w w. t u n e r b a t t l e g r o u n d s . c o m

Performance Auto & Sound Magazine welcomes unsolicited contributions including stories (typewritten), photos, club news, events, etc. (Forward to PAS, 44 Prince Andrew Place, Toronto, ON, M3C 2H4) Canadian Publications Mail Products Sales Agreement #40069655 PAP Registration #10760

Periodicals Postage Paid at Niagara Falls, NY and at additional mailing offices. U.S.P.S. # 022-608 U.S. Office of publication: 2424 Niagara Falls Blvd., Niagara Falls, NY, 14304 U.S. Postmaster send address corrections to: Performance Auto & Sound, Box 1082, Niagara Falls, NY, 14304 Exclusive distribution by: Coast-to-Coast Newsstand Service Ltd. Occasionally, we make our subscriber list available to carefully screened companies whose products and services might be of interest to our readers. If you prefer to have your name removed from this list, please write to us at the address below and include your mailing label. For any subscription inquiries, including change of address, call 1 (888) 564-SUBS.

Performance Auto & Sound Phone: (416) 922-7526 Fax: (416) 964-1836 Toll Free: (866) 737-8805 •

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ready anytime

EXTREME SPEEDS, EXTRAORDINARY G-FORCES, PUNISHING BRAKING - the track is the ultimate testing ground for new tire technology. That’s why Yokohama is a part of the American Le Mans Series, and the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge. So when you mount a set of ADVAN ultra-high performance tires on your car, know that you’re driving with the most advanced racing technologies available today.



utomotive enthusiasts compete at events on a weekly basis. Not only does it take time, money, motivation and dedication to modify and tune their vehicles, enthusiasts also pour

resources into attending, displaying and competiting with their vehicles at events. Tuner Battlegrounds is a car show facilitated by

Performance Auto & Sound Magazine (PASMAG) and will be annually organzied online at

Presented by PASMAG and its partners, the doors to the inaugural PASMAG Tuner Battlegrounds Competition officially swung open at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas last November. Battle plans and strategies have been set into motion and, judging by the huge number of high-quality submissions we've received on the website, this will be a battle of epic proportions! Here's the spin — rather than PASMAG’s internal staff selecting the "Best of" show winners as judges, that responsibility will fall into the hands of the audience (the fans, the show-goers, friends and family of the Tuners). With a click of a button, the audience will be able to vote and choose their winners, one round (Stage) after another. Prizes packs will be awarded to individual stage winners as the elimination-style tournament goes from 64 competitors to 32, then 16, eight, four and two before the Grand Champion is crowned. Not entered yet? Don't worry would-be warrior, it's not too late to register. With hundreds of individual tuners already entered (as of February 2013), just getting into the tournament will earn you big kudos. The 2013 Tuner Battlegrounds Grand Champion will win a truly ultimate once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Stay tuned to where we'll announce the full details including our awesome prize levels, judging, coaches and more important Tuner Battlegrounds updates in Spring 2013.

Phase 1

Tuner Submissions will be entered into the competition. 64 “Tuners” will qualify and be selected to enter the “Battle Stages.” The field will be sliced in half after each stage until we get down to the

Phase 2

June 14 — The Battle Stages begin! There will be multiple Stages, Classes and opportunities for our Tuners to win and be awarded with prizes from PASMAG and our sponsors. In order for a Tuner to advance to the next Stage, the audience must vote. 8

» Performance auto & Sound

Battle StageS Qualifiers

64 Competitors seleCted

Thursday June 13, 2013 all registered competitors will be entered


Tuners must ‘Register’ by filling out our online submission form ( and uploading images for use in the competition.


The Tuner’s submission will be posted online (similar to a vehicle feature — stats, specs, parts, power, etc.) for everyone to see.

How to adVance to tHe next Round?

Stage 1 June 14-20

Stage 2 June 21-27

64 tuneRs

32 tuneRs

When the Battle Stages begin, the Tuner must get as many votes as possible (similar to a people’s choice award, i.e. "popularity contest") to advance to the next Stage. So, imagine a stanced-out '92 Honda Civic with an OEM lip kit, aggressive wheels and suspension and clean paint from Omaha, Nebraska competing against a 900-hp Mitsubishi Lancer Evo with full body kit, extreme wheels and suspension, car audio setup — "the show car" — from Los Angeles, California. You may think the Evo would take this battle... but the owner of the Civic may have more friends, family and supporters. As a result, the Civic could get more votes and advance to the next Stage.


Stage 3

June 28 July 4

Stage 4 July 5-11

16 tuneRs

8 tuneRs

26 Stage 6 July August 9

Stage 5 July 12-18 4 tuneRs

2 tuneRs

Champion 1 tuneR

When a Tuner advances to the next Stage, they will receive an award, a "Prize Pack." Winners of each Stage will receive the same prize pack, but the prize pack will be different at each Stage.


In the early Stages, voters are able to ‘vote’ with a single-click of a button, but in later Stages they must provide their information. At that time, PASMAG will collect information such as name, address, telephone, email and vehicle information. A free “Tuner Battlegrounds” subscription will be mailed to these voters compliments of our sponsors. In addition, the voters will have opportunities to win prize packs and product from our sponsors (voting statistics will be analyzed). Example, the voter with the most votes will receive a prize pack. Note: only 1 vote per voter will be permitted in the later Rounds

Performance auto & Sound «


DaviD angenenD 2002 Subaru impreza WrX location: Austin, TX web: car club affiliation: Team 16Niss car club website:

Photos by Michael Joseph, Brandon Lajoie & Andrew Cameron

Horsepower 421 whp engine Modifications AWDTuning (built 2.5L engine and engine management) Mahle forged pistons Manley H beams Precision 6776 HKS external wastegate TurboXS FMIC Walbro fuel pump exHaust VTSI Fab 3-in. turbo back exhaust cHassis / suspension JIC FLTa2 coil-overs Whiteline ALK strut tower Cusco (sway bar (f/r), H brace) Kartboy endlinks (f/r) wHeeLs / tires / BraKes Raderwerks M-Ten 80 wheels - 18x9 (f/r) Goodyear Eagle GT tires - 225/40 R18 (f/r) exterior Hand-painted by Cindy "Crash" Raschke Seibon CWII carbon hood Chargespeed front bumper Morette headlight conversion Antenna shaved Fender side markers


Âť Performance auto & Sound

interior Sparco (Chrono seats and brackets) Color matched seat belt inserts STI steering wheel swap S3 'fif' shift knob Varad LED interior lighting audio / MoBiLe eLectronics Sony XAV-W1 SACD/DVD player Zapco (DSP6-SL DSP, DRC-SL DSP controller, R200.2 amplifier, DC500.1 amplifier, DC350.2 amplifier) Hybrid Audio Technology (Legatia L3SE speakers (x5), Legatia L8v2 speekers (x2)) Morel Ultimo 12-in. subwoofer Shuriken SKBT35 battery (x2) Hooker Audio wiring Zapco Symbilink interconnects Hooker Audio (sound damping, distribution and fusing) Compustar alarm with Dronemobile smartphone interface sponsors Zapco, Hybrid Audio Technology, Hooker Audio, Transstar Automotive Coatings,, 1Shot Chromatic Paints, Meguiar's, NOS Energy Drink, AWDTuning

Photos by Clifford Sutrisno (, John Butiu

Horsepower 421 hp engine Modifications Polished (upper and lower plenum, plenum spacer, lower intake collector, timing belt cover, custom air intake, alternator, power steering pump, throttle body and spacer) Chromed (power steering pulley, brackets and bolts, hood latch components) Color-matched valve covers NRG power steering tank AEM dry flow air filter UR billet pulley Weapon-R coolant overflow tank Earl's (steel braided hoses and fittings) Hose Techniques (couplers and clamps) Nismo oil cap Optima Yellow Top battery JDM battery cover K&N air filter exHaust HKS Dual Hi-Power titanium Ti exhaust wHeeLs / tires / BraKes HRE 540R 3-pc. forged wheels – 20x9.5 (f), 20x11 (r) Falken FK 452 tires – 255/30 R20 (f), 285/35 R20 (r) Tire pressure monitoring system Project Kics lug nuts exterior Kuruma front bumper Top Secret (carbon fiber hood, underside, hood dampers) Gialla grill Baus Auto carbon fiber front splitter Impul side skirts Speedraver Design custom rear bumper Color matched mirror mounts Rare JDM polished under body panel Skyline GT shield side emblem (custom headlights, clearance strip, LED ring, custom dual function side marker and signal) Color matched taillights 6,000K HID fog lights


» Performance auto & Sound

interior Fully wrapped custom double stitched twotone suede, perforated suede upholstery Leather (dash, door panels, rear panels, headliner, trunk, center console, trunk, door sills and A, B and C pillars) Custom suede, perforated suede, and leather seats (f/r) Custom silver carbon fiber, suede and perforated leather steering wheel Color matched seat belts Porsche (interior carpeting and floor mats) All interior plastic pieces color matched 2006 M35 shift knob Skyline electroluminescent stickers Custom white LED lighting (gauge cluster, a/c, clock, heads-up display, dome, switches, vanity mirrors, steering wheel, trunk and a/c buttons) HushMat audio / MoBiLe eLectronics Eclipse AVN 6620 head unit with OEM steering wheel controls Audison LRx 6.9-in. six-channel amplifier Hertz ES250 10-in. subwoofers (x2) MB Quart RCE 216 components (6.5-in. mids, 1-in. tweeters) Vission 10-in. video monitor Parrot hands-free Bluetooth kit Apple iPod with video LEDs accent lighting throughout sponsors Tanabe, AEM, Sylvania, Sanctiond, Auto Explosion (Gardena, CA), Chuy's Auto Interior (Carson, CA)

John Butiu 2005 infiniti G35 Coupe location: Hawthorne, CA car club affiliation: R-Rydes car club Website:

Falken raises the bar again with the new Azenis RT615K, incorporating a stickier compound enabling increased entry and exit speed with improved overall grip, the fusion of versatility and function.


John Pham 1993 ToyoTa SuPra location: Portland, OR web: Horsepower 630 whp engine Modifications DOC Race (Garrett GT40R turbo kit, V-mount intercooler, radiator, intake manifold) AEM standalone Precision 1,000 cc injectors Magnafuel fuel system cHassis / sUspension HKS Hiper Damper 2 coil-overs DOC race suspension arms Custom roll cage wHeeLs / tires / BraKes CCW wheels - 19x10 (f), 20x12 (r) Hankook V12 tires - 275/30 R19 (f), 305/25R20 (r) eXterior Carbon fiber hood and trunk Do-Luck body kit Top Secret rear diffusser interior Bride seat Takata harnesses sponsors DOC Race


Âť Performance auto & Sound

The Ultimate Smartphone Accessory For Your Car. Connect your smartphone to your car.

AVIC-Z140BH AppRadio™ 2

Enjoy music, compatible apps and information from your smartphone directly on the display of our latest in-dash receivers. The AppRadio™ 2, AppRadio™, AVIC-Z140BH, AVIC-X940BT and AVH-P8400BH can turn your car into a connected car.

Learn more at NOTE: Do not use your Pioneer system if doing so will divert your attention in any way from the safe operation of your vehicle. Always observe safe driving rules. In some states certain operations of devices while driving may be illegal. Where such regulations apply, they must be obeyed. PIONEER and APPRADIO are trademarks of Pioneer Corporation. ©2012 Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

Photos by John Zang (, William Lee ( & Marcus Cooke (

Edga Lozoya 2005 InfInItI g35 location: Los Angeles, CA car club affiliation: 1-UP and R-RYDES car club Website: • Horsepower 400 rwhp engine Modifications Vortech supercharger system ARC (oil cooler, radiator, oil pan and intercooler with custom piping) Cosworth intake manifold and fuel rails Power Enterprises custom intake pipe and manifold GTM Stage 0 block Fully polished engine bay incl. custom piping for intercooler and mounting bracket Setrab transmission cooler Nismo thermostat and oil pump Wire Tuck engine bay shave Samco custom purple hoses exHaust Invidia Gemini Exhaust cHassis / suspension Ohlins tuned by Impul coil-overs ARC strut bar SPC front and rear camber arms Whiteline sway bars (f/r) and endlinks GT-Spec under bracing wHeeLs / tires / BraKes SSR SP3 super black coat wheels - 20 x 9.5 (f), 20 x 11 +3 (r) General Exclaim UHP tires - 225/35R20 (f), 255/35R20 (r) Endless Racing big brake kt (370 mm rotor, six-piston calipers (f), 355 mm rotor, fourpiston calipers (r))


Âť Performance auto & Sound

exterior Custom (three-stage purple pearl mix paint, widened rear quarter panels, front fenders) K2 custom front bumper INGs +1 Side Skirts Chargespeed rear bumper VIS K2 Candy Purple carbon trunk Seibon Candy Purple carbon hood VIS candy purple carbon rear roof spoiler interior Bride (Cugas custom black suede diamond stitched with carbon backs seats and brackets) Custom black suede and diamond stitched interior Takata four-point harnesses QRS II quick release KEY!S Racing steering wheel Defi guages (boost, oil temp, oil pressure) audio / MoBiLe eLectronics Kenwood double-din head unit HERTZ Millie front components Image Dynamics (rear components, 12-in. sub) Audison LrX 5.1 amplifier

Kevin Darwish 1997 nissan 240sX location: Laval, QC web: car club affiliation: Team Overdosed car club website: Horsepower 300 whp engine Modifications SR20DET engine swap T28 HKS (wastegate actuator, SSQV blow off valve) 480 cc injectors N60 MAF Greddy (rocker arm stoppers, oil catch can) AEM dry-flow filter Turbosmart boost controller ISIS aluminum radiator Emusa intercooler

Photos by Jeremy Alan Glover

Custom intercooler piping NIStune ECU exHaust Apexi cat-back Tomei (turbo elbow, down-pipe) drivetrain ACT Stage 3 clutch Tomei 1.5-way differential cHassis / suspension Standard Suspension R7 drift coil-overs Megan Racing (tension rods, tie rod ends, tie rods MA Motorsport knuckles Circuit Sports (rear camber arms, traction rods, toe arms) wHeeLs / tires / BraKes Greddy Gravity Gullflame wheels Pirelli P-Zero Nero tires


Âť Performance auto & Sound

exterior Version Select version 1 Aero B-Magic rear overfenders DMAX headlights JDM (Kouki grill, front bumper lights, Silvia emblem) Front LED brake light Aluminum tow hooks (f/r) Lexan quarter windows interior Stripped interior DMCC legal custom AVFAB cage Sparco Sprint V bucket seats Pink camlock RJS five-point harness 5 lb. fire extinguisher OMP suede deep dish steering wheel Splash hub Nismo hourglass shift knob Drift button Autometer gauges (boost/water, temp/oil, pressure electric) AEM Uego wideband Razo wide angle mirror audio / MoBiLe eLectronics Clarion 7-in. in-dash head unit Klipsch speakers sponsors OverDosed Performance, AvFabrication, Standard Suspension, RJS Racing, Mechanick Pièces d'Autos, Total Auto Service, Rage Energy Drinks,

John Perez Photos by Mike Hyatt ( & Peter Li (

Horsepower 815 whp engine Modifications PFS (bridge/semi peripheral port 13B, dowel pinning of engine, water injection kit with stainless braided lines) Aeromotive (twin 340 pump, single pole 80amp relay, solenoid upgrade) Top Feed (1,000 cc injectors, primary injector fuel rail and fittings) Line lock kit Fuel pressure sensor Pro EFI (128 ECU, smart ignition coil, CAN gauge, boost control solenoid, I-Boost switch, wideband O2 kit with harness, 128 connector plug & pin kit, ECU comm cable) Garrett four-row intercooler core Xtreme Rotaries semi peripheral port intake manifold HKS Racing Type 2 blow off valves (x 2) Upgraded dual engine oil cooler kit NGK 11.5 heat range race spark plugs ARC oil catch can Greddy pulleys Koyo radiator High flow electric fans Precision 66 mm wastegate K&N 5-in. air filter Klotz Benol Evans coolant Wiggins clamps exHaust Pro EFI exhaust back pressure kit 5-in. turbo inlet funnel 4-in. center muffler mid-pipe and exhaust system


Âť Performance auto & Sound

1994 Mazda rX-7

location: Utica, NY car club affiliation: CNY Boost Junkies car club Website:

drivetrain 1995 R1 transmission swap ACT (Stage 3 pressure plate, XACT flywheel, six puck race clutch, Xtreme counterweight) (4.33 gears, chromoly axels, differential bar) ATTAIN urethane differential bushing set Carbonetics 2-way metal LSD Greddy differential cover PFS rear diff brace Solid transmission mount B&M short shifter cHassis / suspension Tein Super Drift coil-overs with EDFC SR Motorsports powerplant frame Strut tower bar PFS rear differential brace wHeeLs / tires / BraKes Volk Racing GTC Sunset Gold powder coat wheels - 19x8.5 (f), 19x9.5 (r) Toyo Proxes T1R tires - 245/35 ZR19 (f), 275/30 ZR19 (r) Project Mu six-piston racing brake kit (f)

exterior Custom Blue Pearl Special H2 midbase pearl on carbon fiber RE-Amemiya N1 (front bumper, side skirts) Legg Sport carbon fiber rear ducts Cusco hood pins FEED (carbon fiber door handles and tow hooks) Seibon carbon fiber scoop hood Craft Square carbon fiber mirrors Carbon Fiber (hatch, scuff pads, rear diffuser, air ducts) Voltex Type 3 GT carbon fiber wing RaceonUSA carbon fiber headlight cover URAS (reverse lamp, rear side markers) Efini badge (f/r) 1999-spec taillights Ultra Crystal headlights HID Xenon 8,000K

interior Momo (steering wheel, shift knob, Gotham racing pedal, carbon fiber shift boot, Grid T-200 aluminum plate) FEED carbon fiber badge Vento carbon fiber interior Custom floor mats Bride carbon kevlar gradation seats Takata gel harness pads Works Bell steering wheel hub with lock NRG harness bar AIM MXL strada Defi Blue Racer Series 52 mm gauges (boost, EGT and volt) audio / MoBiLe eLectronics Pioneer in-dash AVH-P4000DVD head unit Elevation Audio (Pro 12-in. subwoofer, DX 300.4 amplifier, DX 500 amplifiers (x2), Loud & Clear 6-in. speakers (x2))

Wryann Vanriper 1986 ToyoTa Corolla F20C engine Location: Portland, OR Web: car cLub affiLiation: Xcessive Speedz car cLub Website:

Photos by Patty Craig

Horsepower 215 whp engine Modifications F20C AP1 Honda S2000 engine swap AEM V2 EMS Custom intake Koyo radiator Weir Performance (upgraded ring and pinion) exHaust Custom exhaust Vibrant performance muffler driVetrain Upgraded axles Cusco 1.5-way LSD cHassis / suspension Megan Racing 32-way coil-overs Cusco (front strut bar, front/rear sway bars) Adjustable front control arms JIC (tension rods, inner steering rods) Strut top braces, fender braces T3 bump steer spacers Custom build FD spec roll cage


Âť Performance auto & Sound

wHeeLs / tires / BraKes SSR Reverse Mesh wheels - 15x7.5 +10 (f), 15x7.5 (r) Dunlop Star Spec tires - 195/50 R15 exterior House of Kolor custom flake paint JDM Trueno front bumper Side skirts Rear bumper interior Bride Zeta III seats S2000 fitted gauge cluster AEM serial gauge sponsors VIP Performance, Xcessive Speedz

Photos by Mike Ramos

Horsepower 466 whp engine Modifications GReddy 18G twin turbo kit Deatschwerks 600 cc injectors Aeromotive 340 lph fuel pump Wiseco pistons .020 over Eagle H-beam rods Block re-decked, bored and honed Heads re-decked Rotating assembly balanced Crank magnafluxed and the journals micro-polished Powder coated timing chain cover Race Spec (moly coated main bearings and rod bearings) Powder coated timing chain cover 200+ polished stainless steel allen bolts ARP rod bolts Samco hose kit Earl’s steel braided hoses and fittings Hose Techniques couplers and clamps Koyo 32 mm aluminum radiator/cap Custom (oil cooler, catch can, wire tuck with holes and brackets shaved) JDM modified battery cover JWT heavy duty valve springs 5 Angle radius cut valve job MREV2 powder coated intake manifold Powerlab 5/8th powder coated spacer Ported lower runners exHaust Ported exhaust and intake runners Custom 3-in. true dual exhaust driVetrain Nismo Clutch Type LSD differential Prothane rear differential mount


» Performance auto & Sound

location: San Jose, CA car club affiliation: R-Rydes car club Website:

Michael RaMos

2005 infiniti G35 sedan twin tuRbo cHassis / suspension Swift Spec R race springs Tockico D-Spec shocks Stillen sway bars (f/r) with custom powder coat SPL (Pro solid compression rod bushings, adjustable sway bar end links (f/r), rear camber kit) Prothane (control arm bushings (f), sway bar bushings (f/r)) NRG upper front strut bar Custom Kandi painted sway bars and brackets

wHeeLs / tires / BraKes Volk LE37 wheels – 19x9.5 +22 (f), 19x10.5 +22 (r) Hankook V12 tires – 245/35 R19 (f), 255/35 R19 (r) Akebono BBK (four-piston brake calipers,14in. rotor (f), 13-in. (r)) Stainless steel brake lines Custom Kandi painted brake calipers exterior Audi three-stage custom paint base with pearl Custom (front bumper, carbon fiber front splitter, grill, rear trunk) Nismo (side skirts, rear lip) Front fenders rolled, rear fenders rolled and pulled 10 mm Custom Kandi painted front license plate Blackout headlights Shaved (door trim, trunk emblem) JDM window visors

interior Bride Brix II and Ergo II custom heated seats AEM gauges (Tru-Boost, oil pressure, A/F) Interior plastic trim pieces painted black 380RS Z gas pedal LED lighting audio / MoBiLe eLectronics iPod connection Polk Audio (Db 651 front speakers, Db 650 rear speakers) Image Dynamics ID8 subwoofer JL Audio 250.1 amplifier sponsors R-Rydes, Falken

andd ST an FAST OP FA STOP biess ST babie esee ba thes an ge,, th ch ange d ch pa d a t pa to a jus t st th to jus du wi st g th low du wi pin ru low opping thru stop ortt th ur st spor your m sp ovee yo from prov un ds fro impr po unds m ds im po co pads m of co e ON pa TION of ng e ICTI ra y a ng da FRIC ra y in to HI a d da GH FR ite re in to HIGH fered bsite offe webs aree of ourr we ds ar outt ou pads eckk ou akee pa brak chec C br o.... ch EBC also.. de.. EB rs als fade tors at fa roto sp heat ortt ro of do spor nott he ty of do no rie ty va rie a va ve a ha ve we ha s plus we ce plu race fullll ra andd fu dayy an tra ckda track gr adee up grad e up ak e br ak xt next br ur ne fo your forr yo

ness Je Jone ffJo Jeff cer Racer iftRa Drift nallDr Pro siona fessio Profes ddus an ing using by d an ore by ns d spo ore co co spons ff Stu ff llow Ye Stu s llow ake Ye EB Brakes CBr EBC

GOING TO THE TRACK ??? YellowStuff is perfect for Drift racing but EBC now offer their new long lasting BlueStuff NDX full race pad for heavier cars and longer race applications

EBC Brake pads are 100% British Made

EBC’s latest race pad, Bluestuff NDX, is a full race compound capable of street use. Brakes have bite from cold right up to 1400°F. Bluestuff features super strength interlayer for pad bond retention and are surface scorched - bed-in times are reduced to 1 or 2 laps maximum.

Jonathan Zuniga 1995 nissan 240sx location: Bonita, CA

Photos by Jacob Zuniga

Horsepower 340 whp engine Modifications KA24 turbo motor @ 10 psi Ferrea (valve springs, retainers, low compression pistons) Greddy (turbo, blow off valve, front mount intercooler, 650 cc injectors, E-manage program) Koyo chrome radiator NGK spark plug wires exHaust HKS highpower exhaust drivetrain Clutchmasters (stage 2 clutch, LSD transmission) cHassis / suspension Greddy adjustable coil-overs NRG (rear camber kit, harness bar) Megan strut bar (f/r) TC Sportline rear traction rods wHeeLs / tires / BraKes Varrstoen ES Line wheels 2.2.2 polish finish 19x9.5 (f),19x10.5 (r) Achilles tires - 215/35 R19 (f), 235/35 R19 (r) Slotted rotors Hawk Performance brake pads


Âť Performance auto & Sound

exterior Tonga green paint stage 2 VIS Racing (front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper) Euro clear (front headlights, sidemarkers) OEM clear corner lights JDM Sport rear roof visor Euro front plate interior Burberry (headliner, side panels, shift boot) Buddy Club Racing (spec seats, super low down seat rails) Takata harnesses Custom red stiched back seat Momo steering wheel NRG hub adapter HKS (turbo timer, shift knob) Wink mirror Greddy boost gauge audio / MoBiLe eLectronics Sony (64BT double-din receiver, GS100 mono block amplifier, GS400 four-channel amplifier, XSGS1720S componens, XSGS6920 6x9 speakers, XS/GS 120LD subwoofers (x2)) sponsors Sony, One Time Performance, Pro Street Lighting

Matt Burden 2011 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 turBo location: Oshawa, ON car club affiliation: Chapter 11 Section 62 and Durham Basterds car club Website:

Photos by Aadam Dharamsi

Horsepower 338 whp engine Modifications Ported, polished and painted manifold GrimmSpeed Phenolic spacer Percision Turbo remote mount Tial (wastegate, blow off valve) JE Pistons Spearco front-mount intercooler Custom water/methanol injection set up ID 1,000 cc injectors BTR custom dyno Crower rods exHaust MaxxSpeed (headers and down-pipes) GT Customs (custom catless, welded and bent exhaust) driVetrain DTM twin clutch cHassis / suspension Eibach (Pro-Kit suspension, sway bars) Strut tower brace


Âť Performance auto & Sound

wHeeLs / tires / BraKes Fast Hayaku Gunmetal wheels - 19x9.5 +25 (f), 19x10.5 +25 (r) Falken tires - 235/35 R19 (f) Yokohama S Drive tires - 275/30 R19 (r) exterior Prodigy front lip M&S fog surrounds LED fogs lights RoadRuns grill CowCow (headlights, switchback LED angel eyes) Seibon SC carbon hood and trunk lid 310Tuner polished hood hinges 3M Di-NOC wrapped roof SQ ploy sides Ixion rear diffuser RMX carbon fiber lip spoiler 2013 taillights interior British 3 lb. artillery shell shift knob PLX DM100 gauge sponsors Uniq Performance

Rui Paulo NascimeNto

Photos by Rui Paulo Nascimento, Marina Alyson & Tim

HORSEPOWER 375 hp EngInE MODIfICATIOnS 1.8L TFSI with adaptors from TT Stuff MTM turbocharger ZEX nitrous wet kit 42 Draft Designs air intake SEM Motorsports intake manifold Sprint booster DBI Tuning (custom chip, program) RC Racing 750 cc Injectors Neuspeed pulleys DTM purple timing belt 500+ hp Red Head pickup coils Diverter relocation valve for Turbosmart Forged hoses, caps Revolution spacers EXHAUST 42 Draft Designs (3.5-in. down-pipe, full straight cat back) Borla muffler Stainless steel header custom design DRIVETRAIn Neuspeed short shifter Aluminum racing flywheel Spec Clutch stage 3+ CHASSIS / SUSPEnSIOn Neo Motorsport adjustable racing suspension Neuspeed (neoprene racing bushings, 35 mm front/rear strut bar)


Âť Performance auto & Sound

2001 audi tt Rs location: Rigaud, QC car club affiliation: Automotofoto car club Website:

WHEELS / TIRES / BRAKES TSW Jarama wheels - 18-in. custom painted Misano red H&R wheel spacers - 17 mm (f), 25 mm (r) Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 tires Neo Motorsports six-piston big brake kit (f/r) 14.5-in. drilled and ventilated discs Carbon brake pads Braided stainless steel brake lines EXTERIOR Misano red and Audi grey and silver paint Regula Tuning 2012 TTRS DTM racing body kit OSIR carbon fiber vented front fenders VIS Racing carbon fiber hood Custom TT RS LED taillights, carbon fiber rear spoiler InTERIOR Custom leather black and red seats, leather red-stitched side handles DTM computer controller in customized left vent location Stainless steel button covers Sparco racing pedals AUDIO / MOBILE ELECTROnICS Pioneer DEH-P9400BH head unit Kicker 1,000 W amplifier Bose (speakers, tweeters, subwoofer) Custom 15-in. subwoofer box SPOnSORS Autostemac, Regula Tuning Germany, Auto Elite, Yokohama, Vitroplus Vaudreuil, Neo Motorsport, Marina Alyson, Spec Clutch

Salik Zaki 2002 Subaru impreZa WrX Photos by Gilberto G Agar & Agar Photography (

Location: Norwood, MA car cLub affiLiation: TeamECR car cLub Website: Horsepower 130 hp engine Modifications Injen (cold air intake, chrome valve cover, oil cap) UnderTheHoodInc under hood mirrors exHaust Strup (headers, full back exhaust) cHassis / suspension Air Lift Company EasyStreet air ride digital combo kit suspension TRD front strut bar wHeeLs / tires / BraKes JAZ Magic three-piece custom wheels - 18x7 with 1.5-in. lip (f), 18x9 with 2.5-in lip (r) Nitto NeoGen tires exterior House of Kolor custom paint with airbrushing by FCR Design Fabulous (front and rear bumper, front grille, front grill mustache, side skirts, rear fender flares, rear spoiler) TYC taillights Deleted rear wiper Toyota emblem Carbon fiber door panels Black-painted headlight housings with 6,000K HIDs


Âť Performance auto & Sound

interior FCR Design leather/suede seats Suede headliner Rear seat delete with custom fiberglass box Matching painted interior pieces Custom white LED gauge cluster EasyStreet air ride components displayed in trunk audio / MoBiLe eLectronics Pioneer AVIC-9000BT DVD/Navigation headunit 7-in. touchscreen TKO Audio 9-in. visor TVs (x2) Alpine (Type R 6.5-in. door speakers, tweeters, Type E 12-in. subwoofers (x4), amplifiers (x2)) 12-in. TV in custom box Two digital capacitors mounted on sides sponsors FCR Design

Photos by Mike Marana (

Mitchell Banks 2008 BMW M3 location: Ormond Beach, FL Horsepower 625 hp engine Modifications Active Autowerke 30th Anniversary Level II supercharger kit with methanol injection exHaust Active Autowerke Signature (X-pipes with straight pipes, exhaust) cHassis / suspension H&R lowering springs wHeeLs / tires / BraKes Strasse SM8 forged with alpine white lips wheels - 20x9 (f), 20x11 (r) Nitto Invo tires - 245/30 R20 (f), 305/25 R20 (r) exterior Black kidney grills and side grills Carbon fiber mirror caps Vorsteiner carbon fiber rear diffuser


Âť Performance auto & Sound

V3 Amp kits - 12 month warranty V2 Amp kits - 6 month warranty V1 Amp kits - No Warranty Maxximize performance and Maxximize warranty with MAXXLINK installation accessories. With V3 and V2 amplifier kits all MBQuart amplifier warranties can be extended by 12 months or 6 months.

raymond demers 2003 honda accord location: Blainville, QC car club affiliation: team evo car club Website:

Photos by Raynald BĂŠlanger

Horsepower 400 hp engine Modifications K24A4 M90 custom supercharger Custom (water cooler, air after cooler, intake) Mount R Racing motor mounts Stiffy engine torque damper K-tuned (fuel rail, dual ECU harness, ECU) 440 cc injectors exHaust Fast Line catalytic converter Weapon-R headers Borla 2.5-in. dual exhaust driVetrain Hybrid racing shifter bushing Wavetrack locking differential Exedy stage 1 clutch cHassis / suspension Megan EZ Street racing coil-overs


Âť Performance auto & Sound

wHeeLs / tires / BraKes Rohana RC5 wheels - 20x9.5 (f), 20x10.5 (r) Nitto Invo tires - 245/35 ZR20 (f), 285/35 ZR20 (r) Ceramic pads Drilled and slotted discs Stainless steel brake lines exterior Candy red paint B Magic (body kit with wide body fenders) Audi (fog lights, hood trap, evo splitter, spoiler, rear air diffuser) Aftermarket taillights HID 8,000K headlights M3 side markers interior Innovate Motorsports gauges (LC-1 AFR, boost, oil pressure) audio / MoBiLe eLectronics Custom stereo with 7-in. display Clarion (300 W amplifier, 10-in. subwoofer) Soundstream 2 -farad capacitor

Cherie Mikell 2008 BMW 650i location: Cherry Hill, NJ

Photos by Marc Balzer

EnginE Modifications Dinan (dual air intake system, throttle body, stage 3 computer flash) Custom painted engine, valve covers Exhaust Hamann rear section exhaust chassis / susPEnsion H&R springs WhEELs / tiREs / BRaKEs Asanti AF-122 wheels – 22x9 (f), 22x10 (r) Brembo (six-piston, 15-in. cross-drilled rotors (f), cross-drilled rotors (r), brake pads, stainless steel braided brake lines) OEM rear calipers powder coated to match ExtERioR Hamann (Apron EVO front and rear bumper, driving light kit, side sills, rear spoiler) Asanti multi-piece grill Halo Rings (white accent) Chrome trim with black powder coated mesh Tinted taillights and marker lights


Âť Performance auto & Sound

intERioR Custom upholstered leather, suede, aluminum (center console and accents) Suede (headliner sun visors and A/B pillars) Diamond-pleated suede, black leather, faux aluminum-piped seats Rear packing tray incorporated into rear seat headrest and C pillars audio / MoBiLE ELEctRonics Nav-TV interface Kenwood backup camera iPod video JBL MS-8 digital processor JL Audio (13TW5 subwoofer (x2), HD1200/1 amplifier, HD600/4 amplifier, XD400/4 amplifier) Morel Hybrid Ovation 4-in. component speakers Earthquake 8-in. shallow subwoofers (x2) Stinger 10-farad SuperCapacitor

No Lawyers Needed here. USB Music Control

iPod and iPhone USB Control

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Bluetooth Wireless Streaming & App Control

2-way Advanced App Control Bluetooth Wireless Streaming

Full-Mirroring with MirrorLink™

For the Mobile Generation iPhone and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Samsung is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. MirrorLink™ and the MirrorLink Logo are certification marks of the Car Connectivity Consortium LLC. All brand or product names may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

ErniE HofstEttEr 1991 BMW 325i convErtiBlE location: Howell, NJ car club affiliation: Slam'n Euroz car club Website:

Photos by Ernie Hofstetter

Horsepower 200 whp engine Modifications 1995 BMW 325i M50 engine Mishimoto radiator SPAL electric fan exHaust Vibrant headers Borla exhaust drivetrain Manual transmission conversion cHassis / suspension Air Lift air suspension Front rolling sleeves and rear bags Autopilot V2 air management 150 gallon air tank custom paint match to the car Viair 444c dual compressors Aux air hose wHeeLs / tires / BraKes BBS RS slant lip, flat center cap with white powder coated wheels - 16x7.5 (f), 16x8.5 (r)


Âť Performance auto & Sound

exterior Front bumper turn signal delete City lights integrated signals HID conversions (8,000K low beam and 3,000K high beam) Smoked taillights and corner markers 35% window tint including a whole front windshield. interior Mtech II (suede steering wheel, suede shift boot and e-brake boot) Aluminum gauge rings Alpina tach strip and painted needles. ZHF shift knob Autopilot V2 controller Garmin navigation audio / MoBiLe eLectronics Alpine IDA-X305s iPod head unit, JL Audio (C5 6.5-in. components (f), C2 5.25-in. coaxials (r), 8W3 subwoofer, Power Wedge enclosure, 700/5 amplifier) Viper (5904 colorremote, alarms and remote starter, windows up/down automation (f/r), Smart Start with GPS locator)

When it comes to high-performance car audio and mobile electronics accessories, nobody does it better than Stinger. Our audio interconnects, capacitors, alternators and power supplies – as well as our lines of batteries and sound dampening materials – represent the gold standard for unrivaled power capability, crystal clear sound, and super-slick looks perfect for today’s hottest rides. Stinger takes you WHERE IT’S LOUD!


Distributed by Gentec International, • 905-513-7733 •

Photos by Alvin Fosselman

HOrSePOWer 300 hp engine MODifiCatiOnS JDM right hand drive conversion FM turbo kit Garrett (T28 ball bearing ceramic-coated turbocharger, front mount intercooler, blow-off valve) Link (ECU with knock sensor, air temp sensor, boost controller) RC 550 cc injectors HKS Red air intake Custom (intake manifold, thermal gasket and 70mm throttle body painted body color) M-Tuned fuel rail Aeromotive fuel regulator with psi gauge Walbro 255 lph fuel pump 1999 Miata head swap (port and polished, five-degree angle valve job) Supertech Performance (1mm over-valves, valve springs) ARP (head studs, main studs) Gates Racing performance timing belt Fidanza cam pulleys Carrillo h-beam rods Wiseco 9:1 pistons Crankshaft lightened, balanced, nitro coated ATI crank pulley I.J. crank scraper ACL Performance race bearings Boundary Engineering oil pump CX Racing (two-core radiator and fan shroud) Samco (silicone radiator hoses, coil-on plug conversion) NGK Iridium plugs A'PEXi turbo timer Valve cover shaved smooth and painted body color Carbon fiber (valve cover, radiator covers, wiper cowl) PLX wideband O2 sensor Greddy (oil and radiator cap) Shaved engine bay with wire and hose tuck eXHaUSt FM (ceramic coated cast exhaust manifold, 2.5-in. ceramic coated down pipe) Hi-flow catalytic converter Custom stainless steel, center-exit exhaust


Âť Performance auto & Sound

Drivetrain Six-speed transmission swap Steeda short throw shifter Fidanza 8 lb. aluminum flywheel ACT Stage 3 clutch CHaSSiS / SUSPenSiOn KYB AGX 8-way adjustable shocks FM (1.5-in. lowering springs, frame rail reinforcement kit, butterfly brace, rear shock mounts) Super Pro (offset bushings, front and rear control arms) Custom three-point front shock tower brace, rear brace TC Sportline (upper front and rear adjustable control arms) Front sub-frame lower brace Hard Dog Extreme Roll Bar WHeeLS / tireS / BraKeS iForged Aero wheels with painted lips and powder coated spokes - 17x8 (f), 17x10 (r) Nitto NT555 tires 225/40 R17 (f), 255/40 R17 (r) Wilwood (four-piston calipers (f), 12.5-in. cross-drilled rotors (f/r), adjustable brake proportioning valve) Corvette ZR1 rear calipers Custom rotor hubs and caliper brackets Braided stainless steel brake lines Dot 5 brake fluid eXteriOr AWR molded fender flares - 1.75-in. (f), 2.5-in. (r) VIS (molded body kit and side skirts) Shaved (body lines, door handles, locks, antenna, emblems, windshield washer nozzles, side mirrors) Reverse open hood Altered RX-7 side mirrors Lexan wing windows Garage Vary (taillight panel with shaved lock and back up light) Cobalt low-profile headlight kit Smoked front parking lights and taillights Hella fog lights Carbon fiber/kevlar (hood, headlight covers, windshield pillar, rear deck, trunk lid, gas lid) Robbins cloth convertible top

Alvin FosselmAn 1994 mAzdA miAtA location: Newport, PA

interiOr JDM gauge cluster Carbon fiber/kevlar (dash, door panels, door trim, gauge trim, windshield banner) Suede-wrapped (dash, dash panels, windshield trim, shift boot) Corbeau Forza (suede race seats, mounting brackets, seat belt pads) G-FORCE Racing seat belts Custom harness mounting bar Momo (steering wheel, short carbon fiber shift knob) NRG (short steering wheel hub, quick tilt release hub) Autometer gauges (boost, exhaust temp, volt, oil temp, air/fuel) aUDiO / MOBiLe eLeCtrOniCS Clarion (7-in. in-dash touch screen DVD/CD player, 7-band equalizer) Cadence (Amadeus 4x100 W amplifier, ZX series 6.5-in. component speakers) Kicker Comp 8-in. subwoofer (x4) Custom carbon fiber subwoofer box

Chris Gosda

location: Decatur, IL web: car club affiliation: Xplizit Car Club car club website:

2008 sCion tC Photos by Modified Auto Shots

Horsepower 170 hp engine Modifications Fujita F5 CAI (with Dr. Isotope's CAI bracket, holder) Non-Stop Tuning air diversion panel SCIONTech engine dress up kit DME radiator brackets Mishimoto radiator hoses Polished (oil cap, valve cover, spark plug cover with TRD logo) Weapon-R (coolant over flow tank, oil catch tank, power steering reservoir)


Âť Performance auto & Sound

exHaust Megan drift spec exhaust Weapon-R (4-2-1 header, s-pipe) cHassis / suspension KSport Kontrol Pro coil-overs TRD rear sway bar Custom hand-polished strut bar wHeeLs / tires / BraKes HP Racing DTM wheels - 18x8 (f/r) Falken tires R1 Concepts drilled/slotted rotors

exterior Custom paint (Hot Lava/Nautical Blue metallic) Metallic silver pinstriping Pedestal spoiler Buddy Club 2 front bumper NIA (rear lip, side skirts, fiberglass eyelids) M3 side mirrors Carbon fiber door pillars Custom vertical doors Shaved hatch garnish Honda S2000 antenna interior Color-matched suede (pillars, headliner) Custom suede (kick panels, arm rest, shift boot, e-brake boot, panels, hatch floor) Corbeau (CR1 micro-suede seats, four-point harnesses, tC seat sliders) OBX (shifter, pedals, dead pedal) NRG (2.5 quick release, short hub, suede flat bottom steering wheel, harness bar)

audio / MoBiLe eLectronics Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD head unit Kicker (10-in. Solo-Baric L5 subwoofer (x3), 0/1 gauge wiring, video cables (2 sets), ZX1500.1 amplifier, ZX350.4 four-channel amplifier (x2)) Polk Audio (6.5-in. Momo Competition component speakers (x2), 1-in. tweeters (x4), 6.5-in. db component speakers (x2), 6.5-in. DB651 Coax speakers (x4), 6x 9-in. db speakers (x2)) 7-in. monitors (x2) Custom 8-in. suede-wrapped glovebox monitor Stinger Stage 3 RCA Kinetic (800 battery, 1400C battery) Fat Mat Deadening Prestige RS/Alarm sponsors The NextLevel, Kinetik Audio, R1Concepts, Corbeau,, NIA AutoDesign

Photos by Rubinel Rivera

Horsepower 357 hp engine Modifications Turbonetics single turbo kit HKS super sequential blow off valve Sparco intercooler NOS (intercooler sprayer kit, engine 50 shot) Kinetix intake manifold Walbro 255 lph fuel pump U-TEC piggy back computer Denso 650 cc injectors Autotecknic radiator cooling panel Koyo (36 mm radiator, radiator high, pressure cap) Samco blue radiator hoses Nismo low temp thermostat Autotecknic carbon fiber radiator panel AAM oil pan spacer Custom grounding wires Oil catch can exHaust Apexi N1 mufflers with 3-in. custom piping and no cats (x2) Custom 3-in. down-pipe drivetrain ACT (race clutch, streetlight flywheel) Goodridge stainless steel clutch line Tecknica short shifter cHassis / suspension SPC camber kit (f/r) Cusco strut bars GT Spec (rear lower tie bar, rear lower, lateral brace) TEIN S. Springs wHeeLs / tires / BraKes R1 Racing Drift black gloss with chrome lips wheels - 20x8.5 with 2.75-in. lip (f), 20x10 with 5.0-in. lip (r) Nankang NS II tires - 245/35 R20 (f), 285/30 R20 (r) Brembo brakes Goodridge SS brake lines


Âť Performance auto & Sound

exterior R35 rear bumper V Speed side skirts Zen front bumper JP Vizage Type A spoiler Vis Racing hood with vents Aerocatch Plus flush locking hood latches Headlight eyelids Black headlights Blacked out taillights and turn signals S2000 short antenna Fairlady Z emblem Chrome black stickers interior Cobra black micro-suede seats Four-point racing seat belts GReddy Thrust shift knob HKS Type 1 turbo timer Autometer three gauge pod Defi Blue Racer Gauges (boost, EGT, volt, oil pressure, oil temp) AEM EUGO white face wide band air/fuel gauge Apexi (rev/speed meter, SAFC II, AVC-R boost controller) Momo (silver e-brake handle with leather boot, Trek steering wheel) Custom (blue cluster dash lights, white face cluster three gauge pod faces) Fairlady Z33 glowing brake light overlay NRG harness Bar audio / MoBiLe eLectronics Kenwood DNX-8120 head unit MATTS (four-channel 400 W amplifier, two-channel 750 W amplifier, 10-in. 800 Wsubwoofer) Kicker S609 6.5-in. component speakers Stinger (1 farad cap, RCA wires) Voodo distribution block Custom 10-in. subwoofer enclosure with amplifier rack Monster power wire sponsors Base Auto Body, Vision Sign

Rubinel RiveRa 2005 nissan 350Z TuRbo location: West Palm Beach, FL car club affiliation: Merciless Racing

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We are honored to be the brand of choice for the most accomplished artists in the history of music. © 2012 HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated. All rights reserved. JBL is a trademark of HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated, registered in the United States and/or other countries. “Hear the truth” and the “Hear the truth” logo are trademarks of HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated. Features, specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.


Photos by Ian Yu

location: Montreal, QC web:

Horsepower 300 whp engine Modifications B18C1 engine Jackson Racing custom supercharger @ 12 psi Spearco water-to-air manifold Fluidyne (front mount heat exchanger, aluminum radiator) Samco radiator hoses FAL high-flow fan Skunk2 VTEC solenoid and cap C&R Racing custom water reservoir with cap Mugen DC air intake with custom piping Walbro 255 lph. fuel pump RC Engineering 440 cc saturated injectors JDM SARD fuel pressure regulator STR fuel rail Mugen (oil filter, polished formula valve cover, reservoir covers, oil cap, fastening bolts) Spoon Sports (throttle body, thermostat and fan switch) Beatrush under panel Top Fuel Power NEO Edelbrock in-line fuel filter Carbing radiator cooling plate Powermaster race starter exHaust Mugen (4-1 race header, stainless steel twin loop exhaust) Fast Turbo vacuum manifold drivetrain Exedy Stage 2 clutch and pressure plate Fidanza 9 lb. flywheel cHassis / suspensions Tein Super Street full adjustable dampers SPC caster and camber kit with aluminum trailing arms ENJO Stage 2 performance axles Mugen front and rear upper strut braces Do-Luck Japan Floor Brace wHeels / tires / Brakes SSR Professor SP1R 3-pc. SBC finish wheels - 16-in. ARP extended lugs Buddy Club nuts (f) Mugen lug nuts (r) Bridgestone Potenza RE11tires - 205/45 R16 (f/r)


Âť Performance auto & Sound

Endless (custom chromed four-piston calipers with 11.1-in. rotors) Integra GSR rears color matched to Mugen exterior Lamborghini special order Oro Adonis paint Honda keyless door handles swap VIS Racing carbon fiber (hood and trunk) Mugen (fuel cap, stainless steel front spoiler, stainless steel, rear valence, aero side skirts, stainless steel rear spoiler, front grill) OEM Honda S2000 taillights JDM OEM Civic Type-R (headlights with city lights, side markers, power folding mirrors, side moldings, doors, driver and passenger windows) JDM OEM safety and factory decal set JDM Honda Access optional (fog lights, antenna block off plate, bumper parking pole, cornering lights) JDM Official Kobe, Japan illuminated license plate JDM Honda of America gold eagle badge interior Bride Brix 1.5 seats, custom upholstered in Bride material and leather with rails JDM Integra Type-R (four door and rear seats upholstered in bride material) Takata harnesses Mugen (instrument cluster, ECU stand, fivespeed shift knob, pedal set, Race II, FG360 steering wheels) NRG (short hub, quick release) Defi (gauges (boost, fuel pressure, oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, VSD headsup display) Apexi FATT turbo timer Do-Luck VTEC indicator JDM OEM Civic Type-R (climate control, vent pocket, shift boot, door panels, carpet, floor mats, visors, folding mirror switch) JDM Honda Access (road flare, over head storage, parking pole switch, fog light switch) JDM Honda Integra SJ lower console Carbon fiber dual gauge bezel Autometer triple gauge pod Custom painted black interior J-Spec matched audio / MoBile electronics Clarion in-dash multimedia receiver Alpine (12-in. Type-R subwoofer, V12 amplifier) Morel 6.5-in. components with tweeters (x2)

accelerate at the speed of

A premium speaker, the Energy Coax features a quickreacting woven glass fibre cone, Die-cast aluminum baskets and a titanium dome tweeter for crisp, bright highs. The patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround ensures sub-frequency response in a total package that makes for a memorable audio experience. Their style, performance and innovation will change your music.

coax series Distributed by Gentec International • • 905-513-7733 • ® ENERGY is a registered trademark of Audio Products International, a Klipsch Group Company, used under license.

John Waldman

location: Harrison, MI car club affiliation: Tri-city Evolution car club Website:

1995 nissan 240sX/sE

Photos by John Waldman

HOrSePOwer 535 whp engine MODifiCatiOnS Nissan S14 throttle body upgrade (NA 60 mm) Nismo engine bearings Balanced and blueprinted dome and skirts Tomei (2.2L 87 mm stroker kit, 1.2 mm metal head gasket, camshafts (260-in./260ex.), valve springs, bronze valve guides, adjustable exhaust camshaft gear, oil cap, spark plug cover, fuel pressure regulator) Crower (titanium retainers, stainless steel valves) ARP custom port and polish block and cylinder head studs Greddy (version 2 intake manifold, oil pan, oil catch can, remote 14-row oil cooler, oil filter relocation kit, engine pulley kit, rocker arm stoppers) Custom front mount intercooler and piping HKS (blow-off valve, iron sleeves) Splitfire direct coil packs Koyo aluminum radiator FAL dual electric fans Samco hose Sard thermostat Bosch 1,000 cc fuel injectors Power enterprise engine belts Taka stainless steel turbo lines Custom turbo outlet pipe Tial wastegates 38 mm Full-Race turbo manifold Garrett GT3076 turbo AEM EMS stand alone with map conversion Optima deep cycle battery Walbro 255 lph fuel pump (x2) Swirl pot with -AN fuel lines exHaUSt Custom stainless exhaust Nismo solid exhaust hangers HKS Hyper 85 mm exhaust system


Âť Performance auto & Sound

Drivetrain SPEC Mini twin system B&M short throw shifter Nismo (clutch slave cylinder, stainless steel clutch line, clutch pivot fork bolt, engine and transmission mounts) Greddy diffential cover Kaaz 1.5-way limited slip differential Driveshaftshop 10-lb. aluminum driveshaft CHaSSiS / SUSPenSiOn Aluminum (subframe bushings, differential bushings) Tanabe (drift spec sway bars, four-point rear brace) Battle Version (rear upper controller arms, rear toe rod, rear traction rod) Nismo (rear lower A-arms, power brace II) Super-made engine torque dampener GT Spec front fender braces Tein (Drift Master coil-overs, front tension links, tie rods with ends) Greddy strut tower bars (f/r) Megan Racing C-pillar brace

wHeeLS / tireS / BraKeS Advan Super Advan Ver.2 wheels (discontinued D1GP spec gunmetal) - 18x9, +15 mm (f), 18x10, -10 (r) BFGoodrich T/A KDW2 tires - 245/18 (f), 285/18 (r) Rotora BBK (six-piston calipers (f), fourpiston calipers (r)) Project Kics Neo/Chrome open-ended lug nuts Project Kics 60 mm extended forged lug nuts exteriOr S15 conversion and wide body +20 mm (f), +80 mm (r) Satin matte black paint AB Flug carbon fiber hood Seibon carbon fiber trunk Kouki taillights Locking flush mount hood pins HID conversion kit Rearview camera Window tint

interiOr AEM (gauges, wideband oxygen sensor) Custom carbon fiber gauge pod/dash Greddy turbo timer Tomei shift knob Nismo shift boot Tein electric dampening force controller Sparco steering wheel Custom interior carpet Momo steering wheel hub SPOnSOrS SPEC Clutches



You get to the line... we’ll take care of everything else.


• Direct plug and play replacement of the OEM ECU, no re-wiring necessary. • Uses the cars factory sensors • Supports Honda’s VTEC Control and much more...



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• 1 to 8 Cylinder engines • Normally Aspirated or forced induction • Load sensing by throttle position or manifold pressure (MAP) and much more... / 760.598.1941 / P LU G I N A P P L I CAT I O N S FO R : N I S S A N













Luke Zimmerman 1995 Honda PreLude Si VTeC location: Auburn, WA

Photos by Luke Zimmerman

Horsepower est. 240 hp engine Modifications JDM (H22A engine block and cams) Mahle gold series pistons Hastings rings ACL rod and main bearings, ported and polished head Skunk 2 (flat top valves, dual valve springs, retainers) OBX (adjustable cam gears, butterfly valve) Delete gutted ported Port matched intake manifold Omni 70 mm throttle body AEM (cold air intake, adjustable fuel pressure regulator) Manual timing belt tensioner EGR delete K&N filter RichTuned P28 ECU Semi-tucked engine bay NRG torque dampener exHaust DC Sports header (wrapped) 2.25-in. exhaust with high flow resonator OBX muffler drivetrain M2B4 LSD five-speed Exedy (11.5 lb. flywheel, Stage 1 street/strip clutch)


Âť Performance auto & Sound

cHassis / suspension Tokico Blue struts Skunk 2 coil-overs Energy Suspension poly bushings Ingalls camber kit (f/r) No name (front upper strut bar, C-pillar bar) Megan Racing (rear upper strut barv and lower sub-frame bar) wHeeLs / tires / BraKes XXR 527 wheels - 15x8.5, +0 offset (f/r) Nexxen tires - 195/45 ZR15 (f/r) Front cross drilled and slotted rotors exterior Cadillac metallic red base clear coat paint Mugen replica front lip JDM fog lights Flared and rolled fenders Benen rear tow hook 6,000K HID interior 1992 Prelude dash (no air bag) Spec-D tuning stepper gauges Momo steering wheel NRG harness bar Racing bucket seats Sparco four-point harnesses audio / MoBiLe eLectronics Avital pager alarm Alpine double-din DVD


W W W . A R C A U D I O . C O M A R C A U D I O I N C 4 7 1 9 G R E E N L E A F C I R C L E # 4 M O D E S T O , C A 9 5 3 5 6 T E L : 2 0 9 . 5 4 3 . 8 7 0 6 FA X : 2 0 9 . 5 4 3 . 9 2 6 9

Mark Yuen

location: Palmyra, NJ car club affiliation: Streamline Customs car club Website:

2002 Lexus sC430 ConvertibLe

Photos by Mark Yuen

Horsepower 300 hp engine Modifications K&N intake exHaust PPE headers Megan Racing down-pipe Magnaflow cat-back exhaust Lexus LS460 exhaust finishers cHassis / suspension DGR coil-overs TRD blue sway bars L-Tuned rear chassis brace K-Mac camber arms Carbon fiber roll bar panels


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wHeeLs / tires / BraKes Work Meister S1 wheels - 19x11, -2mm T Disk, 4.3-in. lip (f), 19x12.5, +5mm T Disk, 4.8-in. lip (r) Toyo T1-Sport tires - 255/30 R19 (f), 285/30 R19 (r) D2 Racing Big Brake Kit (eight-piston calipers (f), four-piston clipers (r)) exterior BASF Carizzma Pearl Red paint Custom Imex Tuning (body kit, wide front vented fenders, wide rear fenders) Vertex bonnet spoiler Tom’s rear spoiler Porsche Cayman side vents Jaguar hood vents Toyota Crown reverse lights LED F1 third brake light Shaved (antenna, third brake light, markers (f/r))

interior Custom carbon fiber (dash plates, dash trim, door sills, rear panels, shift knob) Alcantara (shift boot, pillars and roof) Custom two- tone floor mats Full pimento red interior with custom diamond stitch Lexus billet pedals Full LED interior lighting

audio / MoBiLe eLectronics Pioneer AVH-P4300 head unit BeatSonic double-din conversion CDT Audio (HD 62 AS 20 year anniversary two-way components, UP 2100i Upstage tweeters, HD 42 two-way components, QES 1020 subwoofer (x2)) Macrom (M1A.4150 four-channel amplifier, M1A.1500D sub amplifier) Custom (fiberglass sub enclosure, carbon fiber tweeter pods, plexi amp rack with LED lighting) Full LED speaker lighting sponsors Streamline Customs, BASF, Toyo Tires, Magnaflow, Mothers Polishes, D2 Racing Sports, DGR Suspension, Xenon Depot, PPE Engineering

Pras Khuon Photos by Pras Khuon & H&K Media

1994 ToyoTa suPra location: Roselle, IL car club affiliation: Chii Racing Culture car club Website: Horsepower 420 hp engine Modifications 2JZ-GTE twin turbo Alcohol/Water injection system Greddy Profec B Apexi intake HDI intercooler cHassis / sUspension Megan coil-overs wHeeLs / tires / BraKes SSR SP1 Professor Wheels


Âť Performance auto & Sound

eXterior Custom front bumper Toyota Euro hood scoop Stillen side skirts Top Secret style rear diffuser APR GT300 spoiler LED taillights interior Custom two-tone leather seats aUdio / MoBiLe eLectronics Pioneer head unit Focal K2 Power (165 KRX2 component speakers, 165 KR2 component speakers) JL Audio 10-in. subwoofer Memphis Car Audio dual amplifiers Custom rear sub enclosure Dual TV monitors sponsors NOS Energy Drink

bwoofer u S 7 L ic r a -B lo o The S

re subwoofer a u sq t rs fi ʼs d rl The wo ape patented sh e n co ve ti a v Inno imum cooling x a m r fo g n ti n e Extensive v th and efficiency g n re st c ti e n g a boosts m “T-cut” top plate industry awards d n a e ic o ch re dia, consum Consecutive me for loudest bass ™ n o K lo o S re a , ultra-rigid squ Injection-molded

more volume , ir a re o m , e n More co ler. zed KICKER dea ri o th u a n a e se , or r Designs ©2012 Stillwate Order online at

RichaRd desjaRdins 1970 datsun 240Z location: Moncton, NB car club affiliation: Stance East

Photos by Robin Andersen

Horsepower est. 250 hp engine Modifications L28 Stoker Solex triple two-barrel carburetors Stoker crankshaft out of a old Maxima Custom camshaft Oversized vales camshaft has a 620 lift bored and stoked to 3.1L Arizona Z Car over sized oil pan Four core aluminum radiator with two electric fans Custom made serpentine belt setup on a 100 amp alternator Russel black/black fuel lines -6an fuel fitting and stainless steel braided gas line Motor was moved back 1.375-in. Fuel cell was installed in the back spare tire wheel exHaust Ceramic coated 2-in. dual headers output Dual exhaust set up drivetrain 80's gen Mustang GT five-speed transmission cHassis / suspension Arizona Z Car (full coil-over kit, all aluminum control arms (f/r), S13 diffirential, aluminum custom brackets) Chromed roll bars


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wHeels / tires / Brakes VS-XX wheels color matched with a polished lip and custom wheel center - 18x8.5 (f), 18x10.5 (r) Tires - 225/40 R18 (f), 295/30 R18 (r) Arizona Z Car front and back custom spindle Wilwood (six-piston calipers (f/r), 13-in. twopiece rotors (f), 12-in. two-piece rotors (r), booster delete master cylinder) Russell braided brake lines exterior (full custom body kit, front/rear bumper, skirts) Corvette style side skirts (f/r) Shaved (emblems, antenna, side markers) GM factory paint color Custom mix silver stripe Hot Hues clear coat PIAA fog lights with halo turn signal and center fog light Chromed (front original grill and door handles) interior Nissan (stock dash, stock gauges) Chip Foose signature on top of glove box Custom (leather door panels, remolded leather seats) New black carpet Leather rapped center console Carbon fiber steering wheels Shift knobed with shorten shifter. audio / MoBile electronics Alpine Electronics (CDA-9885 head unit, 5.25-in. Type R front speaker and 6.5-in. Type R back speakers, 10-in. Type S shallow subwoofers, MRP-M500 sub amplifier and MRP-F300 speaker amplifier) Custom box wrapped in black and grey leather

inspiredby precision Both our Sporttech and Speedtech lines of springs are available in an extensive range of applications Reduce vehicle body roll and precision engineered for optimal increase the traction and gripping performance and comfort. ST Sport power of your tires with a set of Springs lower the center of gravity ST Anti Sway Bars. Precision to reduce body roll in corners engineered to provide the best and limit weight transfer under performance possible, our cold acceleration. Manufactured to the formed solid steel design is highest worldwide quality standards, powder coated for durability and each spring is custom wound from come complete with polyurethane high-tensile steel and rigorously bushings and all hardware tested and inspected to ensure needed for easy installation. absolute strength and reliability. To locate a dealer near you, call 800.445.3767 or visit online Š2012 KW automotive North America, Inc. All rights reserved

Randy SaRmiento 2006 audi a4

Photos by Randy Sarmiento

location: Los Angeles, CA car club affiliation: Europrojektz car club Website:


Âť Performance auto & Sound

HORSEPOwER 375 hp EngInE MODIfICATIOnS APR (turbo kit (Garrett GT2871R Stage 3 turbo), high pressure fuel pump) 3-in. mass air flow Integrated Engineering rods Supertech (intake and exhaust value) Port and polished heads Braided stainless fuel and coolant lines Bosch Iridium spark plugs Ghost Squad Garage front mount intercooler Carbonino carbon fiber intake Forge diverter valve Snow Performance Stage 2 kit BSH PCV fix EXHAUST Labree 2.5-in. downpipe ABT quad exhaust with 2.5-in. piping DRIvETRAIn 517 transmission - upgraded torque converter and valve body JHM 4:1 differential CHASSIS / SUSPEnSIOn Blistein PSS9 coil-overs H&R (32 mm sway bar (f), 20 mm sway bar (r)) wHEELS / TIRES / BRAKES HRE C20 satin bronze wheels with 1.5-in. polished lip - 19x9.5 (f/r) Toyo T1-R tires – 235/35 R19 (f/r) Brembo 355 mm custom painted candy red six-piston front brakes Audi 300 mm rear brakes

EXTERIOR Matte teal vehicle wrap with satin black roof and accents Deval (RS4 front bumper with shaved headlight washers, carbon fiber splitter) RS4 matching mesh Audi OEM (S6 LED lights, Bi-Xenon European imported headlights, S4 door blades, imported European trunk) Custom painted inner black housing Dual angel eyes Vorsteiner double sided carbon fiber hood ABT (rear valance, side skirts, three-piece trunk spoiler) Oettinger roof spoiler Custom LED taillights (red/clear) Carbon carbon fiber (door mirror covers, custom 4x4 weave exterior pillars, rear bumper trim) Brabus puddle lights InTERIOR ABT shift knob Audi OEM (TT-S flat bottom steering wheel, RS4 pedals and e-brake handle) Carbon custom 4x4 weave carbon fiber interior trim Custom rear view mirror Concepts in Motion boost vent gauge Alcantara black suede headliner and A/B/C pillars Recaro seats in black Alcantara Inserts with double diamond stitching (f/r) Custom heated rear seats Tunerdomes LED interior lights AUDIO / MOBILE ELECTROnICS Focal Utopia 6.5-in, speakers (f/r) JL Audio (13.5-in. W7 subwoofer, 300/4 amplifiers (x2), 1000/1 amplifier) Dynamat Custom subwoofer enclosure with amp rack Alpine (7-in. IVA-D106 in-dash TV, NVE-872a navigation, video selector, Alpine/Sirius satellite radio, PXA-H100 sound processor, center channel speaker) SPOnSORS Extreme AutoWerks, Raven Motorsports, EuroGearUSA, Toyo Tires

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Light of the party.

Roll with our whitest, most stylish light. SYLVANIA SilverStar® zXe headlights are fueled by exclusive xenon halogen gas technology, with all the attitude of HID. Learn more at

Alex PAscuA 1995 lexus sc 400

location: Toronto, ON car club affiliation: 905 Rides

Horsepower 260 hp engine Modifications K&N air filter Custom air intake piping exHaust Custom cat-back exhaust cHassis / suspension Tanabe (Sustec Pro FIVE coil-overs, electronic active suspension controller) wHeeLs / tires / BraKes Garson Deep Racing Ryugi wheels 18x10.5 (f), 18x12 (r) Nankang NS-2 Ultra Sport tires 225/40 R18 (f), 255/45 R18 (r) exterior 1992 Lexus SC 400 lip 1997 Lexus SC 400 side skirts Seibon OEM-style carbon fiber hood wrapped in matte carbon fiber vinyl Matte carbon fiber vinyl wrapped trunk Custom (front bumper, projector headlights high/low beams, fog lights) Dark smoked taillights LED license plate lights interior Ignited 60 mm gauges (oil temp, oil pressure, voltmeter) LED lighting (dome light, map light, door card light, trunk light) audio / MoBiLe eLectronics Pioneer (AVIC-F900BT head unit, Premier 12-in. shallow-mount subwoofer) MBQuart (Premium 6-in. two-way components, Discuss 6-in. two-way components) MTX Jackhammer 1,600 W 5-channel amplifier Optima Yellow Top battery Lightning Audio (gold-plated battery terminals, power distribution block) DB Audio 2-farad capacitor Custom subwoofer trunk enclosure

Photos by AMP Photography

sponsors, Popformance,, TCM graphix


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DTC – Dynamic Torque Control

HPS – High Performance Street Compound

• • • • •

• Ferro-Carbon brake compound ideal for import and domestic automobiles intended for spirited driving

Unique controllability of brake torque Exceptional release characteristics Later/deeper brake use into corners Less pedal effort/shorter pedal engagement times Exceptional wear characteristics

• High friction/torque hot or cold • High performing street compound with increased stopping power

Quiet Slot Rotors • Quiet Slot™ rotors feature a unique slot design specifically engineered to improve your cars braking performance • Performance design – Direct OE replacement • Unique alloy blend provides exceptional rotor life and durability Quiet Slot Rotors are intended for street use only.


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Storm SaSaki 2008 mazdaSpeed3 location: Wallkill, NY car club affiliation: Street Life Auto Club

Photos by Storm Sasaki

Horsepower 270 whp engine Modifications Custom Performance Engineering (Standback2 engine controller, Standback plug and play harness, full control flash and fuel cut flashes, core front mount intercooler, high pressure fuel pump, Xcel NANO air intake, Nviscid Turbo inlet pipe, blow off valve flange, Stage 2 rear engine mount, xFlex driver and passenger side engine mount) SURE (silicone recirculation tube, TIG Turbo Intake Plenum, Anchors shifter base bushings, CounterShift shifter weight) Street Unit Aluminum (power coated black chrome washer fluid and oil cap) HKS SSQV blow off valve Optima yellow top battery TWM short throw shifter cHassis / sUspension H&R Street Performance coil-overs GTSPEC (rear v-brace, link reinforcement panel, rear lower tie bar, four-points ladder brace) Corksport rear sway bar Mazdaspeed rear camber links wHeeLs / tires / BraKes Konig Milligram matte black wheels – 18x8.5 (f/r) Sumitomo HTR ZIII Tires - 235/40 R18 (f/r) Konig Backbone matte black (previous) wheels - 18x8 (f/r) Neuton tires - 225/40 R18 (f/r)


Âť Performance auto & Sound

eXterior 3M 1080 (matte dark grey wrap, brushed steel on roof, mirrors and accents) Custom Performance Engineering tow plate Rally Armor Urethane Mud flaps Lamin-x headlight and taillight protective film Tinted Corksport aluminum skidplate DG Motorsports (carbon fiber front lip, rear wing extension) Hella super tones horn Speedline Blue heated wide angle side mirrors 35% tint all around by Black Flame Customs LED headlight eyelid interior Custom Performance Engineering (triple gauge pod, Dash Hawk mount) Autometer Cobalt gauges (boost/vac, wideband A/F, D-Pic G-meter) MSD Dash Hawk ODBII Scan Gauge TWM (shift boot, Type R shift knob) aUdio / MoBiLe eLectronics Belkin Bluetooth audio integration Mazda iPod integration Escort 8500 radar detector hardwire with custom switches sponsors Custom Performance Engineering, Rally Armor, Street Unit Performance, Konig Wheels, TWM Performance, 3M, Corksport, GTSpec, Tintstar



Brutus Elite amplifiers available only at specialty retailers in 2013!

Tyler Pflanz 1993 ToyoTa SuPra Turbo Horsepower 1,141 hp engine Modifications Fully built block and head CP Pistons .20 over Carillo H-beam rods l19 studs Crower (+1 mm valves, valve springs, retainers) Port and polish GSC 274 camshafts Virtualworks customized intake manifold Accufab 90 mm throttle body 4-in. intake side intercooler piping 3-in. tubo side intercooler piping Tial 44 mm Wastegate SP81 turbo HKS (SSQ blow off valve, 4-in. intercooler) Tial blow off valve PHR fuel rail 1,200 cc Injectors Walbro Triple fuel pumps Custom (5-in. cold air intake, oil catch can) SP ABS heat shield JEGS Elite Series fittings GReddy (oil cooler, alternator pulley, power steering pulley) Koyo radiator Meziers electric water pump Dual AAP funs inside shroud Spal fan (x2) exHaust Sound Performance turbo manifold GReddy TI exhaust 4-in. turbo exhaust outlet cHassis / suspension HKS Hipermax III Cusco strut bars Custom six-point roll-cage with removable swing-out bars


Âť Performance auto & Sound

wHeeLs / tires / BraKes CCW SP550 powder coated satin black wheels - 18x10 BFGoodrich tires (KDW Drag Radials 245/40 R18s (f), 345/30 R18 (r)) Stoptech slotted rotors Brake caliper swap in rear to utilize drag wheels Brake calipers painted silver with custom red supra vinyl exterior Black paint with white and blue pearl Ridox (front bumper, Varis front fenders) Shine Auto front splitter Bomex custom side skirts Seibon Top Secret carbon fiber hood Trial rear bumper Do-luck custom widebody rear LED turn signals Headlight exchange: Euro glass HID headlights 1998 style and bulbs taillights interior Sparco (pedals, Monza seats in Italian leather with titanium stitching) MVP polished shift knob Momo Italy E-brake TTC bezels (gauge, shifter, AC dial) Line-lock switch on dash Electric cutout switch in glovebox L.E.D and Sony LCD switches in glovebox Reverse EL Glow cluster gauges Defi gauges (oil pressure, fuel pressure, EGT) GReddy (turbo timer, Profec B Spec-II boost controller) TRD discontinued steering wheel Corbeau five-point racing harnesses Rear seat delete with nitrous bottles and amp rack Reupholstered and recovered door panels

audio / MoBiLe eLectronics JVC double-din head unit JBL 6.5-in. GTO speakers Alpine 6.5-in. Type R speakers mounted in rear Rockford Fosgate (amplifiers, capacitor) JL Audio subwoofers Custom laser cut plexiglass JL Audio symbol with red LED Sony LCD screens Custom upholstered sound system sponsors Meguiars, MVP Motorsports, Intense Motorsports, Highline International

Photos by Alek Heit, Michael Ferrara

location: Chandler, AZ



Christopher hynes 2003 Audi A4 location: Orlando, FL EnginE Modifications GTRS Turbo Audi TT 225 386 cc injectors Forge Divertor Valve APR Stage 2 software RaceTec intercooler RS4 engine cover Exhaust AWE Exhaust down pipe chassis / suspEnsion Tein Springs Audi RS4 sway bar WhEELs / tiREs / BRaKEs RPM 505 Wheels - 19-in. Brembo drilled/slotted rotors ExtERioR Kerscher (front end, carbon fiber splitter, side skirts) Audi S4 (grill, spoiler) intERioR Custom 12 oz. carbon fiber trim panels Audi RS4 pedals Newsouth boost gauge audio / MoBiLE ELEctRonics Alpine W205 head unit Apple iTouch Audison Bit One (full active three-way system) JL Audio (10-in. W6v2 subwoofers (x2), HD 600 amplifier, HD 1200 amplifier, XD 200 amplifier) Audison (VOCE 6.5-in. component speakers, VOCE 3.0 3-in. speakers, VOCE 1.5-in. tweeters) Stinger (wire/distribution, 1.5-farad capacitor) LED lights (8 levels of intensity control) Motorized amp rack (spare tire access) Motorized processor (Bit One for tuning) Dynamat Xtreme dampening insulation Custom built (kick panels and sub box with frosted plexi)



The One Unforgivable Sin:

Over lOwering YOur Car


t's possibly one of the worst mistakes you can make when setting up your car. It's a sin — pure, unforgivable sin. Not the type that’s talked about in the New Testament, but it’s a big mistake, a common one that a number of enthusiasts are unknowingly guilty of a when modifying a car's suspension. It’s a sin that thoroughly screws up handling so much it gives engineers fits when trying to explain it to automotive enthusiasts.

Over lowering. Enthusiasts can hardly help avoid committing it. It is compounded by the efforts of the performance aftermarket. Nearly every company that makes suspension components, even very reputable ones, spew out thousands of sets of lowering springs that are both too low and too soft for optimal handling. Why do they do this? Are the engineers at these companies incompetent? Is it a conspiracy by carmakers to make our cars suck? No! The enthusiast is to blame for this issue. The majority of enthusiasts want a low ride height to fill the ugly gap in a car’s stock wheel wells. They also won’t accept a ride that for the most part is a lot harsher than stock. Macho or not, most typical enthusiasts don’t drive hard enough (or well enough) to realize their car actually handles worse than stock and they mistake reduced roll as better handling. Lately the rise of the Hella Flush aesthetic is also to blame. The look of big-lipped wheels with stretched tires tucking into the wheel wells just missing the fenders brings another layer of stupid to the table. The fact is, cars are designed to run


» Performance auto & Sound

Words by Mike kojiMa | Photos by the Manufacturers

This is a prime example of Hella Flush. Super low, big offset, so wheels are flush with, and tucking into fenders. Although this is unfunctional and the car won’t handle well, when done right, it sure looks good.

Our buddy, Formula D pro drifter, Matt Powers. Before we started to help him, he was the hero of the Hella Flush fan boys. By poking fun at this trend we will be lambasted by them as this spreads around the industry.

at close to the stock ride height and making them super low messes things up on many levels. Do you wanna be HellaFlush or HellaFunctional? If it’s the latter read on. A Sentra SE-R is a typical example of a car that should not be lowered more than one inch. It can be lowered more than that, but the suspension design won’t be happy about it. This situation is common on many cars and not indicative of the SE-R’s design. Since we race them, we have thoroughly studied this car’s geometry.

Formula D has gotten a lot tougher with the cars getting much faster over the years. We started helping Matt Powers and suggested raising the car to get more usable wheel travel among other things. Matt is killing it even more this year even with much tougher competition. Sorry super low Matt fans — please continue to support Matt! There is a reason why the cars that normally populate the Top 16 are not super low any more, it doesn’t work. “Car style is not what I want to be known for. I would like my car to look as cool as possible, but this is a competition, not a car show. When that is a critique someone levels against me, I want to say I don’t take them very seriously in their opinion or understanding of professional drifting.” ~ Matt Powers


The One Unforgivable Sin:


OverlOwering yOur car

Mad Mike Whiddett is the most famous person representing the Hella Flush aesthetic in actual pro competition with the Bad Bull RX-8. He is going to go more conventional for next year's Formula D season to get his car to handle better, however. Sorry Hella Flush fans, Hella Functional rules!

The first problem with lowering the SE-R (and most McPherson strut-equipped cars) is that it only has about two inches of jounce travel at stock ride height in the front suspension. Let’s say you lower the car the typical 1.5 inches, you are left with only about half an inch before you hit the bump stops. Your typical aftermarket lowering springs only raise the spring rate by a paltry 20% or so, not enough to keep the car off the bump stops with only 0.5 inches of travel. Not only does this ride poorly, bottoming out frequently (and all the time if carrying passengers), but in a corner when the car leans over, the suspension will quickly settle on the bump stop causing the spring rate to rapidly ramp up, approaching infinity quickly as the bump stop smushes down. This causes huge amounts of weight transfer and a build up of slip angle on the outside front tire, suddenly resulting in relentless understeer. When the car initially hits the bumpstop, the perceived increase in stiffness makes the car feel responsive, sort of like a go kart. But this snappiness in steering response turns into inescapable understeer in a few milliseconds after turn-in is initiated. It gets worse, some cars like the Nissan B14 Sentra have very little rear wheel travel. If the car is lowered too much, it can bottom out in the rear first, resulting in a lot of sudden oversteer!

On cars with a MacPherson strut suspension, the suspension loses negative camber under roll when the car is lowered to the point where the angle of the lower control arm to the strut is more than 90 degrees. This causes a loss of grip. A general rule of thumb is that if the arms are pointing upward, it’s probably not good.


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Many may argue that the lower center of gravity from the lower ride height makes the car handle better due to reduced weight transfer, but infinite spring rate on the outside wheel causes way more weight transfer in the wrong direction, lower CG or not. This sucks. But it gets even better. On the SE-R, the lower control arms are positioned so they start pointing upward towards the wheels as soon as the car gets lowered more than just a little bit. Guess what? Now with your lowered SE-R, the camber starts getting positive as the car rolls, causing the tire to get up on its outside edge. This is not an effective use of your tire. More bad things happen as well. As soon as the lower control arms start to point upward, the roll center (the imaginary point in space that the car rolls about) starts to drop rapidly and the roll couple (distance between the roll center and the center of gravity, this is the lever that centrifugal force works upon to roll the car over) greatly increases — it increases faster when the center of gravity drops due to the lowering. The bigger roll couple causes more body roll, making everything worse. Finally as the control arms point upward, the steering tie rods start to point upwards much more rapidly because they are shorter, making them run in a much tighter arc that is out of plane with the lower control arms. This cause toe-out when the wheels deflect making the car twitch, especially when a single wheel bump is hit.

This picture illustrates ideal link placement for zero bump steer on a MacPherson strut suspension. Unfortunately most production cars are not exactly like this, so they have bump steer under roll and compression. Usually bump steer is designed to at least be minimal, close to stock ride height. When the car is lowered a lot, the relationship of everything gets out of place, which makes the car feel squirrelly and unstable. On a Nissan Sentra for instance, the bump steer is nearly as great as the wheel travel when the car is lowered more than an inch.

This picture illustrates ideal link placement for zero bump steer on an unequal length A-arm suspension. Over lowering this type of suspension can cause a lot of bump steer for the same reasons as the MacPherson strut, but sometimes it's even worse.



The One Unforgivable Sin:

OverlOwering yOur car

These issues make a lowered SE-R a slow machine on the track if the lowering is done with parts designed for the demands of the market instead of what works. Unfortunately, this situation is not unique to the Sentra. The Neon is even worse for many of the same reasons. Many cars out there handle poorly with lowering springs, yet most performance enthusiasts drive around blissfully unaware their wonder-lowering job has actually reduced road holding and slowed their cars around a road course, skid pad or autocross. Fortunately for the market, many enthusiasts will never test their car's savvy in a competitive event.

The best way to lower your car is to get coil-over suspension that is designed to be lowered. The DG Spec Scion tC sold by Dezod is an affordable example and these Moton EVO coil-overs are a more exotic and expensive example.

What can you do as a suspension tuner to avoid over lowering? ↘ Make sure the car doesn’t get on the bump stops under maximum cornering load. The easy way to tell is with a zip tie telltale on the shock shaft. ↘ If you must run super low, do it race car style. Get short-bodied high-end coil-over shocks and struts with higher rate springs that are designed for a lower ride height. This suspension is designed for a low ride height. Many popular cars have kits to adjust and correct roll centers, camber curves and bump steer when lowered with shorter coil-overs. Use them. If not, these parts can be fabricated with universal race car parts. ↘ If you can’t get a decent rate drop-in spring for your car, Ground Control makes

“A lowered Sentra handles horribly. We had to do a lot of things to correct the geometry when we lowered the suspension three inches. We had to relocate the lower ball joint lower to correct the roll center and camber curve. To reduce bump steer we had to flip the tie rod to the bottom of the spindle to lower it around two inches.”

kits for many cars allowing the use of Eibach 2.5-inch ERS racing springs, which come in a nearly infinite selection of rates and lengths. With Ground Control’s threaded spring perches, you can also adjust ride height. ↘ If you can’t do any of this, run short soft progressive microcellular urethane bump stops so the wheel rate will ramp up gradually if the car gets up on the bump stops. Koni makes excellent bump stops. ↘ If you have MacPherson strut suspension, be especially aware of short travel and suspension geometry problems. MacPherson strut cars usually have a small window of where they can be lowered without messing things up. It is typically best to run these cars close to the stock ride height unless you significantly modify many other components. The biggest difficulty you as a tuner will encounter is convincing the dumped-to-theground-hella-flush-ricer with his super slammer springs that he has actually messed up his car. Actually don’t bother convincing them, if they are a fellow competitor, the convincing will be your smoking them on the track. After all, it isn’t all about stance. To read the rest of the Ultimate Guide to Suspension & Handling series and more hardcore tech, visit pas For additional photos, visit

Philips Lights

Up Your Nightlife

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TEAM HYBRID Photos by ????????? @TMHYBRID ESTABLISHED: 1995 LOCATION / CHAPTERS: Northern and Southern California; San Diego, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Taipei, Taiwan MEMBERS: ∞ PRESIDENT / FOUNDER: James Lin TEAM SPONSORS BFGoodrich, Meguiar’s, SONY, Mishimoto, K&N, AEM, StopTech, AMSOil, Wraptivo, Optima Batteries, ClutchMasters, Graphic Impact, Energy Suspension, Tokico, Sparco, NOS Energy Drink, China Square Restaurant, Hybrid Lighting Ltd. CLUB VEHICLES No specific vehicle make or style requirements to join. We have an open door policy. Of course, for competitions / industry events, cars must be of the infamous “Hybrid Quality” in order to race or show.

Team Hybrid stands for the birth of a new tradition in creativity, originality and quality. With the guidance of its Founder and President, James Lin, Team Hybrid continues to set new traditions — going on 18+ years and we're stronger than ever. The leaders of this team want an efficient organization that sets its own standards and qualifications. The idea is to create a team with diverse, hard-working members instilled with honorable values, passion and a special individuality in every car. By providing the team with goals to strive for, each member spends countless hours of time, effort and dedication to show love (a.k.a. “Hybrid Luv”) and our purpose. It’s not only about winning a show or a race here or there, it’s about getting there as a team. This team is not just another car club or crew, but a special family of friends that believe in a team ideology. Team Hybrid is wellrounded with close friendships, a strong management system, honor, trust, understanding, patience and HYBRID LUV incorporated amongst the original (OG) Hybrid members: the Hybrid Hunnyz, the Generation 2 Hybridz, the Generation 3 Hybridz and now, the Generation 18 Hybridz.



History: Team Hybrid was formed on January 7, 1995 in Oxnard, Calif. when Lin decided that his inspiration to upgrade his ride would complement well with the vision shared by his peers. He spent the first three months preparing a wide range of new and exciting ideas in order to build a strong solid foundation to start his visions. Everyone knows it’s easy to gather a group of friends and just give them a title to start

a team, but Lin researched everything — the meaning of the team, the colors of the team, the overall theme of the team, the management and leadership circle, presentation, the types of members and corporate sponsors, "hunnyz" and probationary members’ cars/ background, for example. The presentation in front of fellow peers and corporate sponsors in the import industry at shows, races, in magazine articles and on social media is key.

There are various ways to construct a team, but to start with a solid blueprint and have an idea that results in a team with fewer weak links is even more important. More than half of Team Hybrid's members have been with the team since 1995. Team Hybrid is a passion each member feels. With strong leadership, there is always a good supporting staff to aid and carry out other responsibilities.

MEEt tHE tEAM HyBriD stAFF: ∫ Vice President: Wayne Chen. He is credited for spending three years to bring Team Hybrid to an industry level team as well as helping land some of our major corporate sponsors. ∫ Michael Lin is one of the most trusted and respected co-leaders. He is James’ little brother who has been there since day one. ∫ Em Suvanamas is also one of the most trusted and respected co-leaders. He is one of the true OGs and consulted upon often for his advice. ∫ Scott Dean is the San Diego Director. He is also responsible for recruiting, Hybrid Forums and social media. ∫ Archie Concon is the Las Vegas Director. He is responsible for training, educating and leading the next generation of Hybridz. ∫ Jesse R Ramirez is the team webmaster and graphic designer. He is responsible for maintaining and updating

Team Hybrid has also discovered some of the finest, most well-known models (a.k.a. Hybrid Hunnyz) in the industry. These models include Elle Navarro, Christine Mendoza, Sophia Lin, Courtney Day, Josepha and Julie Schwab, Ryan Oso, Kim Lee, Lana Lopez, Justene Jaro, Lisa Kaye, Flo Jalin, KT So, Natalia Marie and Jeri Lee. There are also many other Hybridz and Hunnyz past and present who have contributed and continue to contribute to our team; Team Hybrid appreciates and thanks those and its members for all their effort and dedication. The combination of many different members, quantity of members and hunnyz, and quality of cars is a rare occurrence with import teams. Unlike the teams of today, Team Hybrid is a relatively lasting and strong in their ties due to the everlasting Hybrid luv amongst the members. Throughout the existence of Team Hybrid, the organization has won over 3,000+ trophies and awards. Team Hybrid cars have been featured in various magazines and DVDs throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand and Europe. Team Hybrid vehicles not only attend car shows such as Motion Auto Show, Formula D and Motor Trend Auto Show, Team Hybrid vehicles have also attended consumer shows and trade shows such as the Los Angeles Auto Show, CES and SEMA as well as toured with major OEM manufacturers like Toyota / Scion throughout North America. At these shows, Team Hybrid represents itself and its sponsors in the most professional manner. Not only do Team Hybrid vehicles represent here at home, Team Hybrid vehicles have also been shipped to foreign nations to attend sponsored races as pace cars.

Performance auto & Sound «


AWARDS / ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 3000+ trophies and awards to date. A few important milestones: on July 13, 2002, Hybrid was the first team ever to sweep the team categories of Best Team Overall (Quality) and Best Team Representation (Most cars entered) at HIN Los Angeles. Not only was Hybrid the first to do it, the team was also the first to do it back-toback when they swept the team categories again at HIN San Diego in 2003. From HIN San Diego (2002, 2003) we were the first team in Southern California to win Best Team Overall three times in a row. • First import team to win Best Models in a Vendor Booth at IAS Los Angeles (2003) • Best Team Quality Overall at DUB Los Angeles (2004) • Best Team Overall at Import Showoff (2003, 2005, 2009) • Best Team Overall (sweep) at Vision HIN Shows (2005) • Winner of the first ever Scion SEMA Team Tuner Challenge xA (2006) • Scion SEMA Tuner Challenge 3 times (Scion xD - 2006, 2007, 2010) • Best Team Represented at Nisei Week, Los Angeles (2010) • Best Display at Motion Auto Show, Long Beach (2012) • Best Team Representation and Best Team Participation at HIN Los Angeles





MEDIA COVERAGE (FEATURE / ARTICLES): Hybrid holds the current record for most covers and features in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine. We have also been in many covers, features and events for Playboy, Modified, HCI, Import Racer, Turbo, Euro Tuner, NOPI Street, D-Sport, B-Scene, Import Tuner, Super Street, Banzai, Japanese Performance, GR8, Maxium Tuner, Fast Fours, USDM Freax, VIP Car, Motion and many other international magazines.

SHOWS ATTENDED: Motion Auto Show, Formula D, Import Face Off, Import Showoff, Hot Import Nights, DUB, Extreme Autofest, SpoCom, Revelations, Motor Trend Auto Show, LA Auto Show, CES, SEMA and more.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Team Hybrid participates in community Food Bank Service Projects such as the Thanksgiving event in Orange County, FU Cancer and Autism Awarness, as well as other charity events in California and Nevada.

FUTURE PLANS: Unveiling more exclusive projects, products, models and presentations while maintaining our brand equity. “We do things a certain way because it’s a tradition the team and co-leaders have set for future generations of Hybridz. That’s why Hybrid has been here as long as it has and remains one of the top, if not the overall best and most balanced import team,” says Team Founder and President James Lin.

ORGANIZED MEETS: Standard monthly meetings. Location is rotated on a monthly basis. Two special meetings are also included: January 7 (team anniversary) and a Christmas party.

MEMBERSHIP / MODELING DETAILS: There is a standard monthly dues, but does not apply to models. Amount varies depending on membership. Interested models (a.k.a. Hybrid Hunnyz) can inquire and apply by emailing PAS



C a r

C L u b

Caught Ya Lookin’ (CYL) Photos by Steve Staffan with 7th Floor Media Caught Ya Lookin' EstablishEd: 1999 location / chaptErs: Toledo, OH MEMbErs: 20 prEsidEnt / FoundEr: Josh Wexler Team SponSorS Auto Meter, AEM, Echelon Auto Sports, Sound Stream, Precision Power, DEI, 7th Floor Media, Vivid Bamboo Club VehiCleS Toyota, Chevrolet, Nissan, Ford, Dodge, Volkswagen, Mazda, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Subaru, Mitsubishi

Caught Ya Lookin' is a modified car and truck club based in Toledo, Ohio. For over a decade, we have brought together guys and ladies with a common interest in the custom automotive lifestyle. Every year we travel near and far to participate in automotive shows and events.

history: Caught Ya Lookin’ (CYL) was started back in 1999 by Josh Wexler. Basically the club started after being told he couldn’t join another local club and the rest is history. Fourteen years later we are one of the largest in the Midwest.

awards / accoMplishMEnts: We have won hundreds of awards, but most recently won the Green Region in the Import Face-Off Show series. We won cash and a magazine feature.

MEdia covEragE: Featured in Performance Auto & Sound and S3 Magazine. We are all over Facebook as well.


» Performance auto & Sound

ShowS Attended: In 2012, we attended the following Autorama: Detroit, Tuner Galleria; Chicago, Import Face-Off; Hebron, Carlisle Performance & Style; Carlisle Fairgrounds, Super Street Sunday; Holland, Slamology; Indianapolis, Carlisle Chrysler Nationals; Carlisle Fairgrounds, Draggin’ Detroit; Taylor, Another Level Car Show; Palatine, MDA Benefit Car Show; Toledo, Park ‘n’ Shine; Toledo, Street Life Tour; Xenia, Import Face-Off.

orgAnized MeetS: We hosted local meet on Fridays and Saturdays during the 2011-12 season at a pizza shop. Due to the size of the event we are looking for a bigger location in 2013.

CoMMunity involveMent / ChAritieS: CYL donates to the MDA every year. There is a local show that supports Jerry’s Kids and CYL is present every year helping out and donating to a good cause. pas

Performance auto & Sound «


C a r

C L u b

MikesGaraGe Photos by Urban Racer, Chris Robinson, Tuukka Erkkilä, Jameson Dan, Shigeyuki Ishikawa, James Agpalasin @mikesgarage1 Mike's Garage Fan Page EstablishEd: 2001 location / chaptErs: Las Vegas, NV MEMbErs: 23 prEsidEnt / FoundEr: Michael McGuinness Team SponSorS Whiteline Suspension, GT Spec, Team Dynamics, Prosport, Subtle Solutions, Uehara Motowerks, Pacific Custom Paint, Snail Motorsports, Custom Upholstery, H.O.A. Imports, Zerosports Japan, EDO Performance, FI Spec, Kartboy, Spec-D Tuning, Synergy Turbo, Epic Suspension, GReddy, CSF Radiators, Seibon, Injen, Motul, ENEOS, DEI, Cusco, Tanabe, Air Zenith, Spyder Automotive, PBR Machining, Rhino Racks, So Fresh clothing, Church Automotive Tuning, WORK Wheels, ENDURAtech, Mishimoto, Racing Brake, Tomioka Racing, BCE design, NRG, SAMCO sport, Godspeed project Club VehiCleS Subaru, Lexus, BMW, Scion, Jeep


» Performance auto & Sound

Founded in 2001, MikesGarage started out as a joke amongst those who had their car in Mike’s garage. It has since grown to be a wellknown group of friends in the automotive industry. Our members have been featured in many car magazines and TV shows in the U.S. and abroad. Our focus is to have fun in with our passion for cars and motorsports.

club history: When MikesGarage first started, a few friends would go to car shows without any club affiliations. We felt like we were missing something

when we couldn’t fill out entry forms, so we decided that we would call ourselves MikesGarage as a joke. Well, it stuck. After a few car shows some people started asking us where MikesGarage was and how to get there. We would just tell them, "I can't remember how to get there, my friend drove." We started working on most of the cars in the garage so the name stuck even more. The beginning was rather rough though. With only two or three members it was hard to do any real club things except attend shows here and there. The decision was made

to start recruiting, which was also difficult, so we defaulted to recruit anyone who worked on their car in the garage. Everyone wanted to work in the garage, which made things even harder to handle, so our membership included the people who participated and supported the name. Since then we have been growing. Part of the success of the club is that we just have fun with everything. If other clubs want to "hate" then we play up to that, if forums want to put our cars "on blast" then we will advertise to get more people looking at us. It’s all about fun.


mediA coverAge:

orgAnized meets:

MikesGarage as a club has accomplished many things over the year, including: ∫ Subiefest: Best in Show three years in a row. ∫ Subie Invasion: Multiple first, second and third place wins in the same show. ∫ Over 60 — First and second place awards in many shows for the following categories: Best Four Door Import, Best Two Door Import, Best Subaru, Best Lexus, Best Luxury, Best Paint, Best Interior and Best Engine. ∫ We have had cars in the SEMA Show from 2009 to 2012 for a number of companies.

Performance Auto & Sound, Tuning FI, G8 Tuning (Hungary), Car Sensor Magazine, Carbon 8 Magazine, Subiesport Magazine, Total Impreza, Banzai Magazine.

MikesGarage doesn’t host many shows, but they are usually for BBQs or birthdays. Many of the MikesGarage members have limited time due to work or out-of-state races.

shows Attended:

community involvement / chArities:

SEMA Show 2009-12, Import Face-Off 2010, Xtreme Autofest, Hot Import Nights, Multiple local car shows, annual Christmas car show hosted by 360 Car Club.

We try to attend every Christmas, food drive car shows and donation events in the Las Vegas area. We also attend car shows for injured and fallen police officers and fire fighters. We have started to host charity car shows for returning veterans and car club families that need financial help as well. pas

C a r

C l u b

Top FlighT

Photos by Import Tuner, Ryann Bali and Dax Rodriguez

Team Top Flight is a group of guys who decided they would do whatever necessary, though with limited resources, to try and help support Arizona's Nissan community. Such action includes, but is not limited to, attending and supporting local and out of town events while gaining coverage to bring the event experience back home. In addition to supporting local events through attendance, we have participated in capturing and posting event footage for your viewing pleasure at www.

History: Growing up in different cities and attending different high schools, three groups of guys shared a similar interest. As fate would have it, these groups ran into each other at local street drift meets where they hit it off quite well. Personalities meshed as if they had known each other for years. Since that moment they've been inseparable. As the group evolved, they adopted a name, a culture and lifestyle: Top Flight. The rest is history. 84

Âť Performance auto & Sound EstablishEd: 2008 location / chaptErs: Phoenix, AZ; Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA MEMbErs: 10 prEsidEnt / FoundEr: Damien Payne Team SponSorS Concept Z Performance (, Pitstop Performanc (, Boost Junkyz ( Club VehiCleS S14 Kouki (Raymond), S14 Kouki / SR-powered 510 (Damien), S13 HB (Jared), S13 HB (Brad), MR2 (Andres), S14 Zenki / 350Z (Alex), G35 Coupe (Harrison), S13 Coupe (George), S13 Coupe (Vince), Genesis Coupe (Patrick)

awards / accoMplishMEnts: Hottest JDM, XDC 2011 Best in Show, Infiniti/Nissan class 2011

shows attEndEd: XDC Phoenix / Las Vegas HIN Phoenix / Las Vegas Formula Drift Las Vegas / California Slammed society Hella Flush Drift & Drag IFO

organizEd MEEts: Slammed Society, Las Vegas / California HellaFlush, California Drift / Drag, Phoenix IFO, Phoenix Ziptied All-Star Bash, California

coMMunity involvEMEnt / charitiEs: Breast Cancer Donation Dyno Day; Toys for Tots Toy Drive; Jenna Bear Car Show

C a R

C l u b

Team Hi-Def

Photos by Lisa Nguyen and Whitter John Photography Team Hi-Def EstablishEd: 2010 location / chaptErs: Dallas and Fort Worth, TX MEMbErs: 15 prEsidEnt / FoundEr: Mike Price and Richard Dzao Team SponSorS Hi Def Auto Detail, NOS Energy Drink, Fort Worth Screen Printing, Top Speed Pro 1, Soundstream, Sam’s Fine Jewerly, BCE Retrofit, Wak Shop, Assaultech Club VehiCleS Honda, Nissan, Lotus, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Hummer, Infiniti, Hyundai

Team Hi-Def strives to be different from other teams. We push for a family-oriented team, not just a group of friends who hang out now and again, but family who share our lives, issues and triumphs with one another. We also try to present our own style and ideas at shows. Not follow in the footsteps of others.

awards / accoMplishMEnts: We have earned a few “Team” participations awards that we give to our primary sponsor “Hi Def Auto Detail” and too many individual awards to list. Please check out our site for more information.

MEdia covEragE: Texas Street Fame Magazine, 86

» Performance auto & Sound

Get ReGisteRed.

Compete to win. Battle StageS


64 Competitors seleCted

Thursday June 13, 2013

all registered competitors will be entered

Stage 1 June 14-20

Stage 2 June 21-27

28 Stage 3 June July 4

Stage 4 July 5-11

Stage 5 July 12-18

26 augusT 9 Stage 6 July

64 tuneRs

8 tuneRs

32 tuneRs

4 tuneRs

16 tuneRs

2 tuneRs

Champion 1 tuneR

visit w w w. t u n e r b a t t le g ro u n d s . co m

C a r

C l u b

ShowS Attended:

Future PlAnS:

FinAl thoughtS:

Cupcake Meet, Wekfest, Dub Tour Show, Monthly Muscle, Import Face-Off, Texas Heat Wave, DI Palooza, Million Dollar Car Show, Local Car Shows

To continue bringing on new members and building a team like no other.

We welcome all potential new members, no matter what they drive. We are looking for fun, passionate and friendly people. If you’re not having fun, it’s not worth doing. Our primary focus is on the person (75% personality, 25% car). Someone can own a Lamborghini or Ferrari and be a complete jerk. Not the type of member we are looking for. So, if you are in the DFW area and looking for a “family” without all the drama, look us up. pas

Community involvement: Helping meets such as with charities.

memberShiP / modeling detAilS: Members are required to display the Team Hi-Def logo on their front passenger side window at the same angle at all times. At shows, members are required to wear the Team Hi-Def “Pit Crew” shirt, cover any plates with a THD plate and display the THD banner in front of their vehicle.

C a r

C l u B

TwisTed Visionz Car Club Photos by Twisted Visionz Photography ( @TwistedVisionz EstablishEd: 2006 location / chaptErs: Based in Hudson Valley, NY but we are working on expanding to other States. MEMbErs: 11 prEsidEnt / FoundEr: Justin Whitted Club VehiCles Mazda, BMW, Hyundai, Pontiac, Toyota, Chevrolet, Subaru, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi

Twisted Visionz was established in August of 2006 by Justin Whitted, who had originally been asked to join another car club prior to starting Twisted Visionz. During his time as a member of this club, Whitted became unhappy with the way the club was being run and the way the club was being represented. And so he decided to resign and start his own. This club was Twisted Visionz. In the beginning there were only two vehicles under the name. Whitted’s custom 400-hp Ford Escort and his mostly stock 2004 Mazda 6. It was this way for a few months while he figured out ways of getting its name out there. Starting off as just approaching people in person, to business cards placed on peoples cars, to the club's own website and other means by modern day social networks (i.e. Cardomain, MySpace and Facebook).

club / tEaM history: Since the club's debut, our presence in the community has been becoming more and more known and respected. During our time of being a car club we have had upwards of 20 members and sometimes as few as three or four members. With the 90

» Performance auto & Sound

fluctuating numbers it was decided that a change needed to be made in terms of recruitingnew members. This change consisted of probation periods for prospects, many member inquiry denials for whatever reason. We came to the conclusion that we should focus on member quality and vehicle quality rather than just accept anyone. Each of our members believes in quality over quantity. This means that while our numbers may not be large, it does not take away from the overall build quality of our rides and the awesome character of our members. Everyone is familiar with the old saying “one bad apple spoils the bunch.” We completely believe in that, so much so it forms the backbone of our club. We are a very close-knit club. We all consider each other family, so we preach loyalty, dedication and support ethics throughout the club. Professionalism is a big part of what we are all about as well.

awards / accoMplishMEnts: Our Cclub has gone to many shows throughout our time together and received multiple club awards such as “Best Club Quality” as well as

C a r

C l u b

have plans on expanding our name out of State as well. This has been in the works over the last year or so. Being picky are about members means it's hard to find people outside of our local area to trust with holding true to the path of our club. And, that’s to be professional, have fun doing what we love and help support the community. Other plans include hosting more shows and other events, whether it be automotive oriented or not. We are just going to keep moving forward with the power of a locomotive. The sky is the limit and we plan on reaching that limit together as a family as we have continued to do since 2006.

organized MeetS: We have hosted and participated in multiple automotive and non-automotive oriented events throughout the years. From cruises and meets to drive-in movie nights and charity fundraisers, there will be more to come.

MeMberShiP / Modeling detailS: “Best Club Representation / Participation.” Many of our individual members have also been awarded multiple first, second and third place trophies and other awards. Our club's biggest accomplishment, although it is an intangible one, is the respect and recognition we have gained throughout the years. When we come around, people know we are on our Agame and are about business as usual.

Media Coverage: Had an article published in the Times Herald Record Newspaper about our club.


ShowS attended:

CoMMunity involveMent:

These shows are pretty much attended yearly. Funkmaster Flex Tour, Summer Slam at Englishtown Raceway Park, Carlisle Performance & Style, Carlisle Ford Nationals, K104’s Extreme Rides, Orange County Choppers Spring Bling and Summer Showdown, STI vs. Evo Shootout at Englishtown Raceway, Cars4Cancer, H.I.N Boston, Rhinebeck Car Show and Swap Meet, DUB, Ocean City Car and Truck Show, Paul Jr. Designs Car Shows, Car Show at Bear Mountain Park, plus numerous other charity and local events.

Twisted Visionz is a proud supporter / sponsor of: ∫ The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse ∫ The Salvation Army ∫ Toys For Tots Foundation We also support and participate in many other charity events such as “Cars4Cancer” and Local “SPCA fundraisers” to name a couple.

» Performance auto & Sound

Future PlanS: Our future plans are to continue building and keeping up our namesake, continue to have fun together always and keep it tight as we always have. We

All new member prospect vehicles should have some modification. The vehicle does not have to be a complete showstopper, horsepower monster, or have a 200+ dB capable system to be a part of our family, but we do ask the car be clean, presentable and have mods that will look good at shows and other club events. Prospects are also required to go through a simple probation period. The length of this probation period varies anywhere from one to 12 months. The length of the probation period before a membership decision is made solely depends on the prospects' attitude, participation, character, vehicle progress and overall drive. This probation period can be thought of as a window for the prospect to get to know the current members of the family and vice versa; it allows us as the current family to get a feel for the new prospect as well as give the prospect a chance to see if being a part of Twisted Visionz is ideally something they still may want to do. During the probation period all prospects are welcome to participate in any events we have as a club and are encouraged to bring loved ones or friends and family, whom may be interested as well. Prospect membership or non-membership is decided on by democratic votes of current members. Twisted Visionz prospects are required to wear a club prospect badge on the front windshield of their respective ride until they are voted into the club whereas the prospect indicator will be removed. All members of Twisted Visionz are required to wear club badges on their rides and wear club shirts during all club events. pas

C A r

C l U b

Corolla Car Club Photos by Rincon and various VPs and our members @CorollaCarClub EstablishEd: 2001 location / chaptErs: We are Florida’s largest Turbo Corolla and 20V Club. We have North, Central, West and South Florida Chapters as well as a New Jersey Chapter, with members throughout the U.S. and the world. We hold meets every three months and have an Internet forum where you can seek information about your Toyota and meet new people from around the globe. You don't have to live in Florida to join and we accept all Toyota owners to our club. We are more then a club, we are a movement of Toyota supporters. MEMbErs: 1,475 prEsidEnt / FoundEr: Anthony Aponte sitE / dEcal dEsignEr: Josh Sandberg Club VehiCles Corolla, Camry, FR-S, Tercel, Celica, Supra, Scion, Matrix, Paseo and all Scion and Lexus vehicles.


Âť Performance auto & Sound

More then a club, we are a movement of Toyota owners looking to bring back the popularity and the respect of Toyota in the JDM community. We aren't a car show club, but some of our members attend shows and other events. Even though we are a Corolla Club, we have more then just Corollas in our club.

club / tEaM history: We started in September 2001 as C3 Racing in the South Florida area only. Founder Rick Suyono, a Boynton Beach resident who owned a Corolla decided to change the name and start something big with three Florida chapters. Later they

became the biggest Corolla Club in Florida. was officially formed on November 3, 2001. Our first official meet was held at Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, Florida. We have active members from Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Gainesville, Tampa, Port Saint Lucie, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and surrounding areas. CorollaCarClub.proboards. com was born in 2010. Suyono retired and Aponte, Pedro and Sandberg took over and created a different forum. Now we are known all over the country and the world as the largest 20V and turbo club, welcoming all types of Toyotas.

C a r

AwArds / Accomplishments: Our club members have gone to many shows and received multiple club awards, including “Best Club Quality” as well as “Best Club Representation/Participation.” Many of our members have recieved multiple first, second and third place trophies. The club's biggest accomplishment is the respect we gained throughout the years. When we come around, people know we bring our A-game.

mediA coverAge: 300+ hp "Hulk" Corolla

shows Attended: Sibling Rivalry Car Show: Jacksonville, Fla.

orgAnized meets: We hold monthly meets. Each chapter VP arranges meets according to their area. You can attend any meet and we have an all-chapter anniversary meet and a sibling rivalry car show. pas


» Performance auto & Sound

C l u b

C a r

C L u B

ToronTo Subaru Club Photos by Derek Serianni @torontosubaru EstablishEd: 1998 location/chaptErs: Toronto, Barrie, Brampton, Bolton, Caledon, Georgetown, Durham, Grey Bruce, Hamilton, Burlington, St. Catharines, Welland, Fonthill, Thorold, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Quinte, Sudbury MEMbErs: 13,559 prEsidEnt: Derek Serianni Team SponSorS Ultra94, Subaru Canada Club VehiCleS Wide variety of mild to wild. We are home of the fastest Subaru as well as many award winning show cars.


Âť Performance auto & Sound

C a r

C l u b

We are a club comprised of like-minded Subaru enthusiasts. After countless milestones like the release of the WRX, STI and other turbo Subarus — not to mention the Forester, Legacy, Outback and Tribeca — the Toronto Subaru Club continues to be the #1 Subaru club and enthusiast forum in Canada. With the North American release of the BRZ and XV Crosstrek, we expect the Toronto Subaru Club to be even bigger and better than ever. TSC hosts many regional forums for people who are outside of the GTA. As our popularity grows and the Subaru passion expands, we also often create new regional forums. We are also proud to be the host of the Toronto Legacy and Toronto BRZ/FR-S Clubs as well. Our presence isn't just virtual, we are a social bunch as well. We hold many shows, meets, events and other ways to interact with fellow Subaru brethren in person.

100 » Performance auto & Sound

History: Established early in 1998 by Spencer Lui and Colman Chan, the 2.5RS Club of Toronto was created for local RS owners to chat, socialize and share technical knowledge about Subarus latest (and really only) performance vehicle in North America. The 2.5RS Club grew and, in 2000, was renamed to the Toronto Subaru Club. It was run by James McIntosh Jr., who opened it up to other likeminded Subaru enthusiasts. After 10 years of running the club, McIntosh handed the reigns over to Derek Serianni, who operates the club you see today.

Media Coverage: We have been the focus of many articles in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and Wheels TV show to name a few. We are also featured in the Subaru Six Star Magazine each year, as well as many Ronald McDonald House newsletters.

sHows attended: ImportFest

organized Meets: We hold two big meets per year. Our Spring Fling kicks off the thaw and our Hyper Meeting happens at the end of the summer. We have many weekly regional meets as well.

CoMMunity involveMent / CHarities: The Toronto Subaru Club is a communityoriented club, holding many events to raise money for our dedicated charity, Ronald McDonald House Toronto. Over the years we have raised tens-of-thousands of dollars for the House, helping families in need of assistance when a loved one is receiving treatment at one of the local hospitals. Ronald McDonald House Toronto is a home away from home for families in need, so we are proud to be a part of their fundraising efforts. pas





WWW. M E M P H I S C A R A U D I O . C O M


C l u b

Team Tri-C

(Tri-STaTe CuSTom Car Club) Photos by courtesy of Team Tri-C EstablishEd: April 2012 location / chaptErs: New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut MEMbErs: 23 prEsidEnt / FoundEr: Robert Weber Club VehiCles Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Infiniti, Ford, Mitsubishi, Dodge, Kia, Mini, Jeep, Chevy, Scion

Tri-State Custom Car Club is a family of car enthusiasts who have come together to share our interest in the tuner scene. We provide an open exchange of knowledge, creative ideas and industry support. We all ride under the same banner and participate in organized car events regularly, including car shows, track events, meets, photo shoots and cruises. This car club is built on a foundation of friendship, pride and respect. Each of us strive for the joy of building a beautiful car and, if lucky, to take home a trophy at a show. We are willing to lend a helping hand and expertise to anyone we come across. One of the goals of the club is not only to be recognized in the street as a friendly group of enthusiasts, but to be recognized at shows. We look forward to any new friendships that might unfold from you becoming a part of the family! 102 Âť Performance auto & Sound

C a r

C l u b

AwArds / Accomplishments: Best Car Team, East Side Slam 2012 Best Car Club, Boogies Night Show 2012

shows Attended: Street Wars, 17th Annual Summer Slam, Triple Threat Car Show, 16th Annual Sport Compact Fall Nationals, SIC Performance 3rd Annual Car Show, Dirty Jersey 4th Annual Auto Show, Boogies Night Show, Napa Auto Parts 1st Annual Custom Car Show, East Side Slam Car Show; Strong Island Street Wheelz Car and Bike Show

orgAnized meets: We organize 17 car meets/cruise nights, including four Staten Island Tuesday Night Car Meets, Freehold Raceway Mall Summer Meet, First Class Fitment Meet, SCR Cruise Night, three Brookdale College Summer Meets, three Tuesday Night Car Hangout at SIC Performance, two SIC Dyno Days and two Clean Empire Meets.

community involvement / chArities: We attend as many philanthropy based car shows as possible. pas

104 Âť Performance auto & Sound

Absolute QuAlity sound


in Canada d e r e e in G n e 4” Mid-HiGH HiGHest sPL

d L r o w e H t n i aGnet M 20,000 Gauss

da Made in Cana Mid tHe uLtiMate e-CoiL Bass 3” VoiC /2” sizes 5 1/4” and 6 1

The Canadian Loudspeaker Corporation

TOLL FREE: 888-629-5585 All North American Dealer Inquiries Welcome


C L u b

Team evoluTion ConCepTs Photos by Patrick Laurin EstablishEd: 2000 location/chaptErs: Montreal and area MEMbErs: 20 prEsidEnt / FoundEr: Patrick Laurin / Jean-René Auger team sponsors, Club VehiCles 2002 Pontiac Sunfire, 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier, 2001 Honda S2000, 2003 Honda Accord, 2000 Honda Civic, 2009 Honda Civic Si, 2001 Acura Integra Type-R, 2003 Volkswagen Golf, 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo, 2003 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG, 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart, 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer, 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse, 1995 Subaru Impreza, 1964 Chevy Impala, 1994 Chevy Corvette and more

Team Evolution Concepts is more than a club, we are a family where respect and passion is important. The club wouldn’t exist without it.

club / tEaM history: Team Evolution Concepts began in spring 2000 with Montreal and Toronto chapters. It has continued to grow ever since. Based primarily out of Montreal, we started with three cars and now have over 20 cars attending car shows and winning most of the Best Team trophies! Team Evolution Concepts is not only about the cars, we have a lot of fun at shows. During shows we host large BBQs, volleyball and more. We like to have a lot of variety in our team, which is shown in our roster of cars.

106 » Performance auto & Sound

C a r

C l u b

AwArds / Accomplishments: Team Evo has won a number of trophies in the last few years. In 2008, we won the "Coupe Quebec" and are the only team to receive the award during it’s history.

shows Attended: Team Evo attends almost every car show in Quebec. We average around 20 events a year.

orgAnized meets: All meets are done during car shows. In the off-season we organize team parties.

community involvement / chArities: Each year we participate in the Awside Tuning Show. All the money collected goes to Opération Enfant Soleil for sick children. pas

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TITOBOY APPROVED Photos by T. Corbin, Ste Ho, doughboy, Raytran, MKG, and iknowright @titoboyapproved ESTABLISHED: 2012 LOCATION / CHAPTERS: Toronto, ON MEMBERS: 5 PRESIDENT / FOUNDER: Titoboy CLUB VEHICLES Nissan 370Z, BMW 645, Subaru WRX STI, Toyota AE86, Nissan GT-R R32

This club is based on a group of individuals who share the same passion and love for building cars. Following the Titoboy-approved motto of #doWhatULove, we express our love for the import tuner scene through the cars we build.

CLUB / TEAM HISTORY: This group was facilitated and brought together with the help of Titoboy and the huge support of Yokohama Tires Canada.

AWARDS / ACCOMPLISHMENTS: We aren't in it for the glittering gold, spotlights and awards. We build cars because we love it. Our accomplishments are measured by the people we inspire to build and be part of the scene we love.



Mids / Highs

Voice Optimized

Loaded Enclosures


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MEDIA COVERAGE: PASMAG (cover Aug. 2012); (online feature); Insertmag (feature)

SHOWS ATTENDED: Importfest; Stretch and Poke; CSCS Racing Series; HIN

ORGANIZED MEETS: Any local tuner meets in the Toronto area.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT / CHARITIES: Members of this team are involved with shows, meets, shops and other local clubs in the Toronto area. PAS





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W W W. D A S H C O M M A N D . C O M

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Street ImpreSSIonS Photos by KryingOutLoud @SI_Club_Prez Street Impressions Car Club EstablishEd: 2009 location / chaptErs: Based in Kitchener / Waterloo with members in Guelph, Cambridge, Brantford, Hamilton and Goderich. MEMbErs: 30+ prEsidEnt / FoundEr: Scott Lynch Team SponSorS Bast Tire, Rent A Tire Canada, Wendall Motors, Uniq Performance, Xtreme Graphics, SpecAuto Club VehiCleS Subaru, Mazda, Toyota, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Honda, Saturn, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volvo

Street Impressions Car Club is a family-oriented club with strong values instilled from our beginnings. We are a great group of guys with passion for our rides.

history: Street Impressions was started in in 2009. The club scene was non-existent in the Kitchener / Waterloo area; if you wanted a club you had to travel. So, we hit the streets with just eight people and we’ve watched it grow from there. 114  Performance auto & Sound

BEST IN CLASS PERFORMANCE FOR LESS THAN YOU’D EXPECT. The Infinity® Reference X series delivers audiophile-level performance in speakers meticulously designed to fit almost every car, so upgrading your car’s audio system is easy and predictable. Plus One® woofer cones make great bass and play louder, while edge-driven soft dome tweeters balance the sound with high-frequency clarity and presence. With decades of experience designing reference-standard home and car audio speakers, Infinity engineers put premium performance within reach.

© 2012 HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated. All rights reserved. Infinity and Plus One (patent number 7,548,631) are trademarks of HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated, registered in the United States and/or other countries. Features, specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

C a r

AwArds / Accomplishments:

shows Attended:

Street Impressions is a very active show club. In 2012, we won second place at the Canadian Sport Compact Series for "Club of the Year." Our 2006 Charger took home "Best Dodge of the Year" and "Best Car of the Year." We also won "Best Euro of the Year," "Best Truck of the Year," "Best GM of the Year," "Best Bike" and runner-up for Hyundai of the Year.

We attend every CSCS event, the Summer Showdown Tuner Bash in Simcoe (2011-12) and many of the small charity shows. We are big on charity shows because the money goes to great causes.

mediA coverAge: PASMAG (during CSCS), SLC Magazine (Tom Franjic’s 2006 Charger).

116 Âť Performance auto & Sound

C l u b

community involvement / chArities: We host our own charity car show every year during the Canada Day long weekend. 2013 will mark our five-year anniversary and what better way to do it then with a long weekend camping bash! We will be at the Northern Lights show hosted by Street Impressions and Bingemans (June 29-30 from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.) with a glow show after dark! pas

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C L u B

Boston Low RideRs Auto CLuB Photos by EstablishEd: 1990 location / chaptErs: Boston, Girlz and Milwaukee (Milwaukee Low Riders) MEMbErs: 40 prEsidEnt / FoundEr: Edmundo Lopez Club VehiCles Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Chevy, Ford, Dodge

history: The club was established in 1990 by Edmundo Lopez "Papo" with the help of family and friends. We have members from Boston, Lowell, Beverly, Fall River, Braintree, Randolph and Connecticut. Our members are the key to our success. We come from different backgrounds, love customizing cars and represent our club and cars with pride and unity. Our club welcomes any make or model, regardless of the amount of custom work. Boston Low Riders has become one of the most well-known, organized and competitive auto clubs in the New England area. Our club has two other chapters, the Boston Low Riders Girlz Auto Club (est. 2007) and Milwaukee Low Riders Auto Club (est. 2002), run by Papo's brothers Jose and Pedro Lopez. 118 Âť Performance auto & Sound


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AwArds / Accomplishments: In 22 years we have won hundreds of awards.

mediA coverAge: We were featured in the Boston Globe in 1995 and the Speed Channel show, “Living the Low Life.�

shows Attended: Too many to list.



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Team T.O.S.

(TerminaTe On SighT) Photos by Neil Thorne and Team T.O.S. members EstablishEd: 2009 location / chaptErs: Florida, Colorado, Quebec, Ontario, Hawaii MEMbErs: 100+ prEsidEnt / FoundEr: Neil Thorne Team SponSorS Mishimoto, SDK Motorsport, Ground'd Kustoms Club VehiCleS Subaru, Ford, Hyundai, SRT, Lexus, Volkswagen, Honda

We are a diverse team that doesn’t discriminate against any brand/type of car — import, domestic, tuner, muscle, European, SUV, trucks, bikes and junkers included. Team Team Terminate On Sight (T.O.S.) is for every car enthusiast. We are a team that is about making our cars fit our personalities and lifestylea. Team T.O.S. is a group of men and women who love cars.

122 » Performance auto & Sound

C a r

History: Team T.O.S was started by Neil Thorne on the toilet. Yes, it's true! That’s where you do your best thinking.

AwArds / AccomplisHments: We have won hundreds of awards at many events.

124 Âť Performance auto & Sound


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ElitE PErformancE Photos by Tony Walls and John Hall

Established in 2008 with only three cars, ELITE Performance is a local "Daily Driven" car club based out of Alexandria, VA that has expanded to 20 cars from different automotive backgrounds. ELITE Performance is a group of friends who share the same passion and love for cars. Our goal is to become one of the most well-known, award winning, respected clubs in the Mid-Atlantic. Since 2008 we have set the precedent that we are here to win. @ClubElitePerfor EstablishEd: 2008 location / chaptErs: Alexandria, VA MEMbErs: 20 prEsidEnt / FoundEr: Stephen Baldea Team SponSorS NextGen Tuning, D&V Autobody, Dent Masters, Sparktech Ignitions, Mishimoto, Prosport, Mach V Motorsports, Custom Functionz Club VehiCleS Two 2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX MR, 2008 Acura TSX, 2005 Acura RSX, two 2008 Mitsubishi Evo X GSR, 2008 Mitsubishi Evo X MR, 2003 Mitsubishi Evo VIII GSR, 2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX GSR, two 2005 Mitsubishi Evo VIII GSR, 2001 VW Jetta Bora supercharged/widebody, 2002 VW Beetle 1.8T, two 2007 Subaru WRX TR, 2004 Subaru WRX STi, 2008 Nissan 350Z Nismo, 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2006 Subaru Legacy, 2000 Subaru RS

126 » Performance auto & Sound

club / tEaM history: When we were kicking ideas around about how to get the club off the ground, we changed the name of our club soon after we started. With the cars we have in our club we needed a strong name like ELITE Performance — the rest is history. Thinking back to when ELITE Performance started and where are now, we have accomplished a lot in only three years. We’ve experienced some great success at events (the majority of which has come in the past year) and our reputation is getting bigger, we have expanded significantly, and can’t wait for the coming years to see where we might end up. If it wasn’t for everyone in ELITE Performance — our friends, our family and, of course, our sponsors, Mishimoto, Upscale

Automotive, Prosport, GoPro, Sticky Life and Mach V Motorsports — we wouldn’t be where we are at now. Watch out world, ELITE Performance is coming to take over!

awards / accoMplishMEnts: ∫ Dash Plaque @ Fast Cars and Freedom '09 ∫ Best of Show Pro's Pick @ Wild Wheels Weekend '09 ∫ Car We'd Most Like To Drive @ Mach V Motorsports Colossal Charity Car Show '10 ∫ Dash Plaque @ Fast Cars and Freedom '10 ∫ Outstanding Show @ Wild Wheels Cruisin' Weekend '11 ∫ 1st Place Mitsubishi @ OC Car & Truck Show 10th Anniversary ∫ 2nd Place Subaru @ OC Car & Truck Show 10th Anniversary ∫ 1st Place Import @ 4th of July Car & Truck Show ∫ Best of Show @ 4th of July Car & Truck Show ∫ 1st Place VW @ Tuner Evolution ∫ 2nd Place VW @ Tuner Evolution ∫ Best of Show @ Mach V Motorsports Colossal Charity Car Show '11 ∫ Best Subaru @ Roll w/ Cole Car, Truck & Bike Show '12 ∫ Best Import/Tuner @ Roll w/ Cole Car Show '12 ∫ 2nd Place Euro @ GMU Cars for Cancer Show

C a r

C l u b

∫ 3rd Place Import @ Falls Church High Auto Show '12 ∫ Best Interior Water Cooled @ Bug Out 71 ∫ Best of Show VW @ Bug Out 71 ∫ 2nd Place Honda / Acura / Hyundai @ 10th Annual MD BBQ Car Show ∫ 2nd Place Nissan / Infiniti @ 10th Annual MD BBQ Car Show ∫ 1st Place Subaru @ 10th Annual MD BBQ Car Show ∫ 2nd Place Subaru @ 10th Annual MD BBQ Car Show ∫ 3rd Place Subaru @ 10th Annual MD BBQ Car Show ∫ 1st Place Nissan @ Annual Bethesda, Ohio Car Show '12 ∫ Top 50 Award @ Wings & Wheels Car Show '12 ∫ Top 50 Award @ Wings & Wheels Car Show '12 ∫ Top 50 Award @ Wings & Wheels Car Show '12 ∫ 2nd Place Top 25 @ Import Revolution @ MIR ∫ 1st Place Overall @ Rockin' Country Car Show ∫ 3rd Place Overall @ Rockin' Country Car Show ∫ Best Paint / Exterior @ Rockin' Country Car Show ∫ Best Club Participation @ Rockin' Country Car Show ∫ 1st Place VW @ Tuner Evolution ∫ Best Paint @ Bug Out 72 ∫ Best Interior @ Bug Out 72 ∫ Top 40 @ Open Road Bike & Car Show ∫ Best Under Construction @ Open Road Bike & Car Show ∫ 1st Place Import Mild @ Bailey's Xroad Car Show ∫ 2nd Place Import Mild @ Bailey's Xroad Car Show ∫ 1st Place Import Wild @ Bailey's Xroad Car Show ∫ 2nd Place Import Wild @ Bailey's Xroad Car Show ∫ 1st Place Overall Import @ Bailey's Xroad Car Show ∫ 2nd Place Overall Import @ Bailey's Xroad Car Show ∫ 2nd Place "Most Likely to get Pulled Over" @ Bailey's Xroad Car Show ∫ "Fan Favorite" @ Bailey's Xroad Car Show ∫ Best Club Participation @ Bailey's Xroad Car Show ∫ Judge's Choice @ Import Revolution @ MIR ∫ 2nd Place Top 25 @ Import Revolution @ MIR

Media Coverage: Urban Racer, PASMAG,, Upscale Automotive, Readers Ride in Import Tuner and Modified,, Sotrendy, TWreck Films, Arc Focus Media, TTIN Photography, RSB Photography, MJP Photography

ShowS attended: ∫ Funk Master Flex Car Show, Ocean City, MD 2009, 2011 ∫ Wild Wheels Weekend, Virginia Beach, VA 2009 ∫ Fast Cars and Freedom Car Show, Vienna, VA 2009, 2010

128 » Performance auto & Sound

∫ Ocean City Car Show, Ocean City, MD 2010, 2011 ∫ Jonathan Ogden Past and Present Charity Car Show, Baltimore, MD 2010 ∫ Mach V Motorsports Colossal Charity Car Show, Sterling, VA 2010, 2011 ∫ Mach V Motorsports Spring Open House, Sterling, VA 2011 ∫ Mid-Atlantic Spring Meet, VA Beach, VA 2011 ∫ Japan Relief Meet, Ellicott, MD 2011 ∫ Drift Nirvana, Summit Point, WV 2011 ∫ University of Maryland Spring Meet, FedEx Field, Hanover, MD 2011 ∫ George Mason Spring Meet 2011, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 2011 ∫ Carlisle Performance and Style Car Show, Carlisle, PA 2011 ∫ Cruisin’ OC Car Show, Ocean City, MD 2011 ∫ Wicked BIG Meet, June 18th, Stafford, VA 2011 ∫ Fourth of July Car & Truck Show, Myrtle Beach, SC 2011 ∫ Tuner Evolution Car Show, York, PA 2011 ∫ DUB Magazine/OC Car Show, Ocean City, MD 2011 ∫ Import Alliance, Baltimore, MD 2011 ∫ Endless Summer Cruisin’, Ocean City, MD 2011 ∫ Role w/ Cole Charity Car, Truck, Bike Show 2012 ∫ Bug Out 71 & 72 ∫ 10th Annual Maryland BBQ Car Show 2012

∫ Ocean City Car, Truck, Bike Show 2012 ∫ 1st Annual Bailey's Crossroad Car Show ∫ Import Revolution 2012

CoMMunity involveMent: Helped raise donations for Toys for Tots 2011 and 2012, donated and sponsored for Wreaths Across America for Arlington National Cemetery.

Future PlanS: Attend a wide variety of shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic, host our own events, host special events to raise money for local charities, attend local meets/events and continue to build up our cars.

organized MeetS: Hosted Toys for Tots Benefit Meet 11/21/11 and 12/8/12 and Wreaths Across America for Arlington National Cemetery. pas





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4300K OE





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C a R

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Team ScionRG EstablishEd: 2004 location / chaptErs: We started in New York, but have grown rapidly to 24 chapters. MEMbErs: Over 1,500 prEsidEnt / FoundEr: Omar Chavez, Jennifer Rhodes team sponsors Smithtown Scion, Route 22 Scion, Peruzzi Scion, Clair Scion, Hoover Scion, Afterhours Motorsports, UndertheHood Inc., Driver's Choice Club VehiCles Scion xB, tC, xA, xD Scion xA (custom team-build for East Coast shows)

Team ScioNRG was formed in 2004 when founder and current CEO Omar Chavez was looking for people on ScionLife who wanted to meet to share their stories and passion for the Scion brand. The first meet was held at a coffee shop in New York City where six cars showed up. Soon after, team ScioNRG doubled and, in less than a few months, it was much larger than just a local team.

club / tEaM history: We started off in the Tri-State area, but ScioNRG quickly grew to cover areas all over the United States. There's even a chapter in Guam!

130 Âť Performance auto & Sound

C a r

C l u b

AwArds / Accomplishments: Some of our members participate in professional car shows, including Hot Import Nights, NHRA Summer Nationals and NOPI. We have won numerous trophies, such as "Best NorthEast Team" at last year's Exposed event, Best Scion Mild and Wild categories at the Carlisle Modified Madness event and more. Our members have participated in Scion VIP car shows and drag events, winning numerous trophies.

mediA coverAge: PASMAG, Fuse TV: "Drive Stories," Urban Racer, AutoRush, Speed Lounge,

shows Attended: We have attended shows all over from 2004 and continue to do so.

orgAnized meets: Each chapter has its own meets on a weekly basis. The NY chapter meets three times a week and the NJ chapter meets twice a week, while the PA chapter meets almost every night!

community involvement / chArities: We contribute in a toy drive during the holiday season every year. pas

132 Âť Performance auto & Sound

February 2013

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Lillian Kong

Photography by Phase 5 Photography (

Las Vegas, NV measurements: 34b/25/34

Torch Finishes: • Machined Face w/ Ball Milled Accents (shown) • Matte Black w/ Ball Milled Accents size: 17x7.5, 17x8.5, 17x9.5, 18x8, 18x9, 18x10, 19x8.5, 19x9.5

ethnicity: Cambodian, Chinese zodiac: aries

Does your personality match your zodiac sign? Driven, ambitious, a good leader and can also be sensative - yep, that's me!

red meat, chicken or fish? There's a restaurant in Vegas called boa Steakhouse. I like their filet mignon - it's small enough for me to actually finish! Oh, and, of course, it's delicious!

Are you big on first impressions? yes! They have to be calm. I like a calm and quiet guy that knows how to carry a civilized conversation.

February 2013

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14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

Lillian Kong

Photography by Phase 5 Photography (

Las Vegas, NV measurements: 34b/25/34

Torch Finishes: • Machined Face w/ Ball Milled Accents (shown) • Matte Black w/ Ball Milled Accents size: 17x7.5, 17x8.5, 17x9.5, 18x8, 18x9, 18x10, 19x8.5, 19x9.5

ethnicity: Cambodian, Chinese zodiac: aries

Does your personality match your zodiac sign? Driven, ambitious, a good leader and can also be sensative - yep, that's me!

red meat, chicken or fish? There's a restaurant in Vegas called boa Steakhouse. I like their filet mignon - it's small enough for me to actually finish! Oh, and, of course, it's delicious!

Are you big on first impressions? yes! They have to be calm. I like a calm and quiet guy that knows how to carry a civilized conversation.

PASMAG Enthusiast Edition