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. . . painting is an abscess which drained off the evil in me. What I could have achieved in a social context by throwing a bomb … I have tried to express in art … Thus I have been able to re-create a sensitive, living and free world. Maurice de Vlaminck

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M AURICE DE V LAMINCK Vlaminck was born in Paris of ‘bohemian’ musical parents and he in turn became an accomplished musician. For a time Vlaminck was a professional racing cyclist until he suffered a bout of typhoid fever in 1896 which abruptly curtailed his sporting career. Nevertheless he did his military service between 1896-99 and it was only in 1900, when he met the painter André Derain, that he started to take art seriously. He received very little formal art education and his style of painting largely developed through his collaboration with Derain with whom he shared a studio in Chatou. Vlaminck was much influenced by the Post-Impressionists, particularly by a major Van Gogh exhibition he saw in Paris in 1901. Four years later he exhibited at the Salon d’Automne with a group of artists, including Derain, Matisse, Rouault and Marquet, who were collectively and ironically dubbed the Cage aux Fauves (Cage of Wild Beasts) because of their use of strong, vibrant, pure colours applied in an expressionistic and non-naturalistic way. Despite his involvement with the Fauves before the Great War Vlaminck thereafter largely ignored most aspects of contemporary art movements and his typical subject matter became rural landscapes, often with overcast skies or storm scenes, lonely village streets or cottages and still-lifes. He continued to paint such subjects after he moved to the country where, having acquired a large farm, he took up agriculture. Throughout his career Vlaminck was a prolific printmaker and illustrator, producing 105 woodcuts, 46 etchings and 175 lithographs. He was also a writer, publishing novels, poems and memoirs.

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WOOD ENGRAVINGS AFTER VLAMINCK This remarkable series of prints are re-interpretations of Vlaminck paintings by master printer Pierre Bouchet at his atelier in Boulogne-sur-Seine. Under Vlaminck’s guidance Bouchet made wood engravings of each work. The lines are so fine that they are barely discernable with the naked eye and each colour has been meticulously applied. The prints were published in 1960 after Vlaminck’s death. SPECIFICATION The wood engravings were printed on Velin d’Arches in an edition of 250.

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Maurice de Vlaminck - Wood Engravings  

Wood engravings after the great French artist, Maurice de Vlaminck