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goldmark september 2011

John Piper


Cove with Lighthouse ink and crayon, 18 x 23 cm

£2650 From Piper’s late ’60s Brittany Sketchbook

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Hockney, David


Hoyland, John


Knight, Dame Laura

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Lowry, L S Man Ray

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Moore, Henry


Newis, Barry


Phillips, Peter


Picasso, Pablo Piper, John

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Procktor, Patrick


Pugh, Clifton


Santomaso, Giuseppe


Talbot Kelly, Richard Barrett


Webb, Clifton


Donald Hamilton Fraser

Donald Hamilton Fraser (1929-2009) taught at the Royal College of Art and was elected RA in 1985. He exhibited frequently in the UK and New York. The ballet and landscape were common themes in his work.


Landscape oil on canvas, 1968, signed verso, 30.5 x 40.5 cm

A copy of the recent monograph Donald Hamilton Fraser a retrospective: metamorphosis not metaphor by Clare Clinton will accompany this painting.

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Barry Newis


Buildings oil on board, 61.5 x 92 cm



Barry Newis

Born at Bromley in Kent, Barry Newis studied at Beckenham and Bromley Schools of Art. He has exhibited with Young Contemporaries, South London Art Gallery, Richard Bradley and Buxton Mill Galleries, University of East Anglia amongst others. In 1990 he held a solo show at Cadogan Contemporary. Newis’ subject matter is often of large scale urban industrial scenes.


Nude pencil on paper, 36.5 x 26.5 cm



Anthony Gross

Painted by Gross in Le BoulvĂŠ in the South of France where he spent his summers. A similar oil is illustrated in Anthony Gross, Scolar Press, 1992


Ripples oil on canvas, 1966, signed, 92 x 73.5 cm




Jacob Epstein

Little seems to be known of Muriel Jackson, the subject of this beautiful green patinated bronze, beyond the fact that she was the wife of Epstein’s art dealer in Manchester, Robert Jackson, who commissioned the bust.


Muriel Jackson

The bronze was cast in an edition of just four and this particular piece is stamped on the underside of its base with the words, Epstein at the Whitechapel - Sponsored by Midland Bank & the Henry Moore Foundation, presumably indicating that it was

included in the major retrospective exhibition of Epstein’s work held at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in 1987. Literature: Silber, pp.202-03, ill; Buckle, p.428; Schinman, p.54, ill.


bronze, 1948, ed 4, 33.5 x 21 cm



Jacob Epstein The subject of this fine and important bronze bust (opposite), the musician and economist Wynne Godley, became Epstein’s son-in-law upon his marriage to the sculptor’s second daughter Kitty who had previously been married to the artist Lucian Freud. Godley, interviewed in 2008 by Alan Macfarlane, recalled I met her [Kitty] at a party given by Freddie Ayer [the noted philosopher] in London … Kitty’s father was Jacob Epstein, a very genial man; he made a bust of me which I gave to my daughter; it was adapted for the head of St. Michael at Coventry Cathedral and put up in 1958; fascinating watching him work. The Epstein expert Richard Buckle has written of this bust, Godley was strikingly handsome, and Epstein lost no time in enlisting him to pose. The result was one of the most carefully observed, subtlest and noblest of the late portraits; and a stylised version of it would supply the head for the Coventry ‘St. Michael’. Cast in bronze in an edition of just six in 1956 the bust is 50.0 cms. tall. The bust is recorded as item no. 501 in The Sculpture of Epstein, Silber (1986), p.223, ill; Jacob Epstein Sculptor, Buckle (1963), p.383, pls. 608, 649 and Schinman, p.55, ill.

The result was one of the most carefully observed, subtlest and noblest of the late portraits 6

Jacob Epstein


The Hon. Wynne Godley


bronze, 1956, ed 6, 50 cm high



Man Ray


Les Invendables de Man Ray lithographic poster, 1969, signed, 84.5 x 52 cm



The poster is signed by Man Ray to Edward Newman, who owned the printing and publishing house in New York where this was printed.

Pablo Picasso


Cannes A.M


lithographic poster by Henri Deschamps after a Picasso painting, c 1967, 96 x 64 cm



Sonia Delaunay

10. Untitled lithograph, c1965, ed 26, signed, 54 x 41 cm



Sonia Delaunay

11. Untitled lithograph, c1965, ed 75, signed, 47.5 x 46 cm

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David Hockney

A copy of the book China Diary by Stephen Spender will accompany this print

12. China Diary lithograph, 1982, ed 1000, signed, 48 x 53 cm




Peter Phillips

13. Tiger, Tiger screenprint onto 3 dimensional vac-formed acrylic,

We have seen very few of these, all numbered less than 200, so we think it's highly likely they were not all printed.

1968, ed 2000, 72.5 x 111.5 cm



Giuseppe Santomaso

Santomaso was born in Venice where he studied at the Academy of Fine Art. Afterwards he spent time in Holland and then Paris where he visited the Exposition Internationale and met several avant-garde artists and was particularly impressed by Picasso’s Guernica. At the start of World War II he was, along with Birolli, Cassinari, Guttusso, Morlotti and Vedova, a member of the Corrente movement that was opposed to the purely nationalistic aspects of other Italian artists under Mussolini’s Fascist regime. His early work derived from the Venetian tradition, often realist still-lifes, but after 1942 he moved increasingly towards abstraction. Santomaso held solo exhibitions in Amsterdam and Paris before the war and is now considered one of the more important Italian post-war painters. He was given major retrospectives in Amsterdam and Brussels in 1960 and in Venice in 1982.

14. Untitled lithograph, ed 99, signed, 69.5 x 50 cm



Richard Hamilton

Still working at the age of eighty-nine, Richard Hamilton is widely recognised as having introduced Pop Art into Britain. He described the movement as popular, transient, expendable, low cost, mass produced, young, witty, sexy, gimmicky, glamorous and big business. He has made art prints throughout his career, some 170 prints by 1991.

Kent State was issued in an edition of 5000 copies and printed by Dietz Offizia, Lengmoos, Bavaria on Schoeller Durex paper. The image depicts a fallen student from Kent State University during a confrontation with the National Guard during a demonstration against the Vietnam War in May 1970. Hamilton took his basic image from a photograph of a television news film which he then modified by a complex series of multiple screen printing processes.

15. Kent State screenprint, 1970, ed 5000, signed, 67 x 87 cm



John Hoyland John Hoyland


Born in Sheffield, John Hoyland progressed from the city’s College of Art to the Royal Academy Schools where, in 1959, his diploma show of abstracts was ordered to be taken down by the RA’s president! Despite this early setback he became an influential teacher at several institutions including the RA Schools and was elected Royal Academician in 1991. Hoyland also persisted highly successfully with abstraction throughout his artistic career and indeed the art historian Mel Gooding has described him as a painter and printmaker of prodigious creative energy and imagination … widely recognised as one of the greatest abstract artists of his time. Hoyland won several prizes throughout his career including the Calouste Gulbenkian Purchase Award (1963), 1st prize at John Moores Exhibition (1982) and 1st prize Korn Ferry International Award (1986). He regularly exhibited internationally and his work is held by the Tate Gallery and the British Council amongst other major public collections. He died on 31st July 2011.

25.12.71. must be John Hoyland’s largest print. We have never seen a numbered copy and suspect that they were never issued. A copy of Mel Gooding’s excellent monograph, John Hoyland, (Thames & Hudson, 2006) will accompany this print.

16. 25.12.71 screenprint, 1972, artist’s proof, signed, 142 x 95.5 cm



John Hoyland


Clifton Pugh Clifton Pugh (1924-1990) An Australian, Clifton Pugh was born at Richmond, Victoria and later he studied at the South Australian School of Arts & Crafts. He was heavily influenced by German Expressionism and also Kandinsky of whom he said, I can see Kandinsky in everything I do. However in the mid 1950s he travelled across the Nullarbor Plain where he saw indigenous Australian art and this experience radically altered his own artistic style as he started to use incision, cross-hatching and collage for the first time. Pugh later wrote, I believe very much in the development of an Australian art … it is the only truth for us to express to the rest of the world. He received international recognition when his work was shown at the 1961 Whitechapel and the 1963 Tate exhibitions of Australian art. In 1970 the Commonwealth Institute held a retrospective of his work and he showed regularly in London during the 1970s where he was a friend and neighbour of John Hoyland. As a printmaker he worked with the renowned Stanley Hayter in Paris for three months.

17. Lizard and the Butterflies lithograph, 1988, artist’s proof, signed, 79 x 55 cm



Clifton Pugh

18. Fighting Cocks lithograph, 1988, artist’s proof, signed, 77 x 56 cm

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Henry Moore

In the 1960s Henry Moore became intrigued by the skull of an African elephant kept in the London garden of his friends Sir Julian and Lady Juliette Huxley. The Huxleys eventually gave the skull to Moore, who examined the object’s internal and external spaces in a series of etchings in 1970. Moore called the etchings a mixture of observations and imagination, noting that while studying and drawing the skull up close he ‘could begin to see in it great deserts and rocky landscapes, big caves in the sides of hills, great pieces of architecture.

19. Elephant Skull etching, 1970, ed 100, signed, 25 x 20 cm



George Chapman

20. Terraced Houses, Swansea


etching, late 1950s, ed 50, signed, 49.5 x 74 cm



Patrick Procktor

21. Da Miou Mountains, Kweilin etching and aquatint, 1980, artist’s proof, signed, 45.5 x 59.5 cm



Patrick Procktor

22. Favourites Courtyard, Palais Jamai, Fez


etching and aquatint, 1972, ed 250, signed, 45 x 60 cm



John Piper

23. Long Sutton screenprint, 1985, ed 100, signed, 60.5 x 82.5 cm



John Piper

24. Caernarvon Castle I


screenprint, 1971, ed 70, signed, 49 x 75 cm



John Piper

25. San Zobenigo lithograph, 1961, ed 50, signed, 64.5 x 44.5 cm



John Piper

26. Warkton, Northamptonshire: monument by Vangelder, 1775

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lithograph, 1964, ed 70, signed, 69.5 x 49 cm



Ethel Gabain

27. Two Black Bows lithograph, 1932, signed, 28 x 21 cm



Dame Laura Knight

28. Stella


aquatint, 1932, ed 50, signed, 29.5 x 24.5 cm



L S Lowry

29. A Lancashire Village


30. St Luke's Church, Old Street London

collotype, 37 x 51 cm

collotype, 61 x 46 cm



L S Lowry

31. Our Town


collotype, 42.5 x 61.5 cm



Clifford Webb

Clifford Webb (1895-1972) was a wood engraver, etcher and painter specialising in landscape and animal subjects. He illustrated a number of books, notably for the Golden Cockerel Press. His work is held in the British Museum and the V&A.

32. Water Hole wood engraving, signed, 22 x 15 cm



Richard Barrett Talbot Kelly

Richard Barrett Talbot Kelly (1896-1971) was a painter, draughtsman and modeller, born in Birkenhead, Cheshire, notable for his pictures of birds.

33. Lapwing woodcut, signed, 20 x 22 cm

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Barnett Freedman

34. Window Box Lyons lithograph, 1955, signed in plate, 71.5 x 96.5 cm

This Freedman print has been laid down but is otherwise in fine condition (scarce).

ÂŁ850 The Lyons Teashops received no maintenance during the second world war and their interiors were showing signs of wear. The directors felt that, rather than redecorate, they could be brightened by some pictures and the first

series of sixteen Lyons posters was printed in 1947 using some of Britain’s best young artists. The series was a huge success but as most were pasted to the walls of the tea shops, very few survived.

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