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january 2010

happy new year

Two extraordinary opportunities Saturday 6th February 2010


See 24 leading British potters in one exhibition Gordon Baldwin Clive Bowen Sandy Brown Neil Brownsword Carina Ciscato Claire Curneen Ken Eastman Philip Eglin

Daniel Fisher Michael Flynn Geoffrey Fuller Jane Hamlyn Walter Keeler Dan Kelly Jennifer Lee Carol McNicoll

Jim Malone Sara Radstone James Robson Emma Rodgers Phil Rogers Daniel Smith Annie Turner Tina Vlassopulos

An exhibition to launch

MODERN BRITISH POTTERS and their studios The new book by David Whiting with photographs by Jay Goldmark published by A&C Black

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Acquire one of 250 copies signed by each of the potters [GW] Phone for an invitation 01572 821424


Dame Laura Knight

Dame Laura Knight (1877-1970) was one of Britain’s most popular artists during the first half of the 20th century. Her favourite subject matter was often slightly bohemian from the worlds of the circus, backstage at the ballet and theatre or gypsies. In 1965 the Royal Academy held a major retrospective exhibition of her work, including many of her prints. This was the first time that the R.A. had granted that honour to a woman. Knight had been made a Royal Academician in 1936 having previously been appointed a Dame of the British Empire in 1929.

1. Seated Circus Tumbler (Birmingham Rep) pencil, 1952, signed, 13 x 18 cm, ÂŁ1850

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Dame Elisabeth Frink

In 1975 Elisabeth Frink was commissioned by the Royal Festival Hall to sculpt a portrait bust of the eminent English composer Sir William Walton. This fine and scarce bronze was cast in an edition of only nine, this being number four. At least three of the other copies are in public collections, namely: The Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London Gallery Oldham, Lancashire (Walton was born in Oldham) Christ Church College, Oxford (presented to their new art gallery in March 1976) Frink produced relatively few portrait bronzes of which the best known are probably those of Sir Alec Guinness and Walton, the latter being the last modelled at her Buckingham Gate studio before she moved to Dorset in 1977. Frink herself said of this work and the composer, William Walton was equally fascinating to do. I got on very well with him and he was extremely witty about other people – very witty, sharp. He talked about the Sitwells. About other composers – things in the past. His brain was extremely sharp.



2. William Walton bronze, 1975, signed, edition of 9, 35 x 20 cm,



George Hammond Steel

3. Three Essex Farmhouses ÂŁ4950

mixed media, signed, 28.7 x 24 cm,

The three farmhouses are Shudy Camps, Seward's End and Ashdon.


Ken Howard

4. Train Terminal watercolour, signed, 13 x 18 cm,


Born in 1932 in London. Studied at Hornsey and Royal College of Art. Has won numerous awards and prizes. In 2005 was elected Professor of Perspective at the Royal Academy Schools.


Grahame Wheatley

5. Back Gardens in Cavendish Road ÂŁ1200

oil on canvas, 1984, initialled, 51 x 76 cm,


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Kenneth Newton

6. Hedgerow oil on board, 31.6 x 50.5 cm,


Kenneth Newton (1933-1984) was called the most outstanding student of his generation at the Royal Academy Schools.

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Eric Ward

7. St Ives oil on board, signed, 15.5 x 20.2 cm,


8. Mouseholer oil on board, signed, 15.3 x 20.5 cm,



Eric Ward

9. St Ives Harbour oil on board, signed, 15.5 x 20.5 cm,


Eric Ward, born in 1945, in St Ives, Cornwall. Until 1985 he was a fisherman, then St Ives Harbour Master. In 1996 BBC2 made a programme about his life at sea and as a painter.

10. St Ives oil on board, signed, 15.5 x 20.52 cm,

ÂŁ350 9

Kenneth Rowntree

11. Walking Through the Lanes pencil, 37.7 x 50.5 cm, ÂŁ450

Rowntree (1915-1997) studied at Ruskin School of Art and the Slade. Appointed Official War Artist. Tate Gallery, V&A and WAC are among many public owners of his work.



Kenneth Rowntree

12. Umbria watercolour and gouache on paper, c1971, 58 x 42 cm,



William Strang

13. The Fountain graphite drawing, from the collection of Laurence W. Hodson, 15 x 22 cm


William Strang was born in Dumbarton. Studied at the Slade School of Art. Elected RA in 1921. Exhibited at the RA, RSA, Glasgow Institute. His work is represented in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, V&A Museum, City of Edinburgh Collection, National Gallery of Canada and many others.


William Strang

14. The Statue graphite drawing, from the collection of Laurence W. Hodson, 23.5 x 17.5 cm




Edward Bawden

15. Kew Palace lithograph, 1983, signed, edition of 160, 47 x 61 cm,


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Richard Bawden

16. Caper Spurge etching & aquatint, signed, edition of 100, 50.5 x 39.5 cm,



Eric Gill

17. Rahere wood engraving, 1937, edition of 100, 11 x 8.7 cm,


The edition, whilst numbered by Eric Gill himself, was never signed. Rahere, or Raher, or Raherius, (died 1144) was a favourite courtier of King Henry I. He is most famous for having founded St Bartholomew's Hospital in 1123.


all prices include framing, vat and uk delivery

Eric Gill

18. Eve wood engraving, 1935, initialled in plate, 10.3 x 6.7 cm,


A superb, unused, mint copy of an Eric Gill book plate.



John Piper

19. Montpellier-de-Didonne, Charente screenprint, 1968, signed, edition of 70, 76.8 x 56 cm,



John Piper

20. Yarnton Monument, Oxon lithograph, 1948, signed, edition of 70, 39 x 51.7 cm,


This print is very scarce.



John Piper

21. Wild Bunch etching, 1987, ed 70, signed, 53.5 x 39.5 cm,



John Piper

22. Llyn Teifi etching, 1987, ed 70, signed, 39.5 x 57.8 cm,


Much sought-after Piper print.

all prices include framing, vat and uk delivery


Graham Sutherland

24. Tower of Birds lithograph, 1975, signed, edition of 175, 65 x 50 cm,



23. Bird and Split Rock aquatint, 1974, ed 72, signed, 109 x 116 cm,


One of Sutherland’s largest prints.



Julian Trevelyan

25. Troubadours at Les Baux etching & aquatint, 1961, signed, edition of 50, 36.4 x 54.8 cm,


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Julian Trevelyan

26. Lions etching & aquatint, 1966/7, signed, edition of 125, 35.2 x 47.5 cm,




Reg Butler

27. Nude lithograph, 1963, signed, edition of 35, 34 x 49 cm,



Norman Stevens

28. Laurel Tree - Nettlecombe Court screenprint, 1985, signed, edition of 150, 63.6 x 78.7 cm,


This is the largest Norman Stevens print we have ever come across.


Zsuzsi Roboz

29. Interval,

30. Closing Day,

49.5 x 39 cm

Backstage at the Windmill Theatre lithographs, 1975, artist’s proofs aside from ed 20, signed




58 x 38.8 cm

Zsuzsi Roboz

31. Backstage,

47.5 x 57.5 cm

32. Connoisseurs,

50.3 x 56.5 cm

Zsuzsi Roboz was the only artist ever allowed to work backstage at the Windmill Theatre during performance. These lithographs are based on original drawings, which were done backstage before the theatre closed in 1964. One-man shows of the original sketches took place in February 1965 at the Upper Grosvenor Gallery, London and in the summer of that year in the foyer of the Chichester Festival Theatre. Printed in London by Curwen Studio 1975. The Tate gallery have a set of these prints


Valerie Thornton


33. San Francisco, Mexico

34. Cloisters in Arles

woodcut, signed, artist’s proof, 66.5 x 40 cm

etching, 1980, ed 150, signed, 65.5 x 41 cm



all prices include framing, vat and uk delivery

Valerie Thornton

35. St. Margaret's, Cley etching, 1973, artist’s proof, signed, 40 x 52 cm




Bernard Cheese

36. Tied Up lithograph, ed 50, signed, 31 x 50 cm



to order phone 01572 821 424

Alfred Cohen

37. Flautino screenprint, 1997, artist’s proof, signed, 44.5 x 34 cm

was £750, now £495


Gwen John

38. Girl (Portrait of Elisabeth de Willman Garbowska) wash, c1910, estate stamp, 30 x 22 cm,


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Mixed Artist Catalogue - Jan 2010  
Mixed Artist Catalogue - Jan 2010  

Mixed artist catalogue, January 2010, works available from Goldmark Gallery