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Charles Mozley One of the most talented, versatile and prolific artists, illustrators, graphic designers and print makers of the post-war period.

Charles Mozley original paintings



The Apartment, watercolour and gouache, 52.5 x 37.5 cm, ÂŁ1450

Charles Mozley 1914 - 1991

Charles Mozley was one of the most talented, versatile and prolific artists, illustrators, graphic designers and print makers of the post-war period. Born in Sheffield in 1914 he demonstrated a prodigious artistic talent from an early age and attended the Sheffield College of Art while still a schoolboy. His first solo exhibition, at the tender age of nineteen, made him a local celebrity. In 1934 Mozley won a scholarship to study at the Royal College of Art and subsequently taught life drawing, anatomy and lithography for a short time at Camberwell School of Art. He supplemented his income with commissions from London Transport and Country Life among others. Mozley joined the Army at the beginning of the Second World War and spent six years, initially working in camouflage and then in military intelligence. After the war Mozley became a prolific artist and a master of many techniques. The commissions came flooding in and saw him designing film and theatre posters (most notably for Alexander Korda’s film

An Ideal Husband in 1947), advertisements for Shell and BP and commercial work of all kinds. In 1951 he painted murals for the Festival of Britain on London’s South Bank. He also made prints for the School Prints series and Lyons lithographs. Mozley became increasingly in demand as a jacket designer and book illustrator, both in Britain and the United States, producing work for most of the leading publishers. His work for the Folio Society and Limited Editions Club of New York made him one of the most sought-after illustrators of the time. Between the 1950s and 1970s Mozley illustrated over eighty books, around thirty for children, including Black Beauty, Pinocchio and Sleeping Beauty. Mozley’s talent in the graphic arts has been compared favourably with Toulouse-Lautrec’s. However, his heavy involvement in commercial work, combined with his fiery temper and resentment of galleries, damaged his efforts to establish a reputation as a serious artist and little of his non-illustrative work was exhibited during his lifetime. He died in 1991.



Conversation, gouache and oil, 39 x 56 cm, ÂŁ1250

The History of the Pictures

In the mid 1960s Charles Mozley met Abe Lublin, the great American print dealer. Lublin was touring Europe searching out artists who would be able to make prints for the huge emerging American print market. Through his energetic and aggressive marketing Lublin had gone from struggling gallery owner to big-time graphic publisher with his company Consolidated Fine Arts (CFA), registering $3 million worth of sales by the late 1960s. Lublin commissioned Mozley to make a series of maquettes which would then be editioned as lithographs. Although Mozley was paid to make the paintings, the two men failed to agree on the amount that Mozley would be paid for the prints. As a result they were never published and when Lublin's firm went bankrupt a few years later, the paintings found their way back to Mozley's London agent, Edmund Newman. We are delighted to have been able to acquire these 19 paintings which are now offered for sale for the first time.

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St Paul’s Cathedral, gouache and ink, 37 x 52 cm, £1250


St Mary-le-Bow, oil pastel and ink, 60.5 x 25 cm, ÂŁ1250



London Pageant, watercolour and gouache, 61 x 38 cm, ÂŁ1250


Boathouse, gouache and pastel, 41.5 x 59 cm, ÂŁ1250



9. opposite:

Horse and Cart,

À la Carte,

watercolour and gouache, 38 x 60 cm, £1250

oil on paper, 54 x 44 cm, £1450


Night Sky, watercolour, gouache and pastel, 40 x 55 cm, ÂŁ1250


Still Life, gouache, 75 x 57 cm, ÂŁ1450



The Ox Cart, gouache, 37 x 52 cm, ÂŁ1250


The Bridge, gouache, 41 x 55.5 cm, ÂŁ1250



The Violinist, gouache and pastel, 52 x 37 cm, ÂŁ1250


The Rose, gouache and pastel, 55 x 35.5 cm, ÂŁ1450



Carousel, gouache and ink, 52 x 37 cm, ÂŁ1450


Henri, gouache, pastel and ink, 56.5 x 41 cm, ÂŁ1250



Picnic, gouache and ink, 42 x 56 cm, ÂŁ1250

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1. front cover:

The Pianist, gouache, 36.5 x 52 cm, ÂŁ1450


The White Cliffs, gouache and pastel, 42 x 57 cm, ÂŁ1250

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Mozley catalogue Standard  

Lower resolution version of the original

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