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goldmark february 2010


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Saturday 6th March 8.00pm tickets £25

Monday 22nd March 7.30pm tickets £8.50

In 2009, Chris Wood was awarded Folk Singer of the Year at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. His album 'Trespasser' was also named Album of the Year.

Broadcaster, poet and performer, Bob Rollett returns for the fourth year running to entertain you with a selection of humorous and thought-provoking poetry to touch your emotions

Chris is an uncompromising writer whose music reveals his love for the un-official history of the English speaking people. With gentle intelligence he weaves the tradition with his own contemporary parables, his writing has been said to share the same timeless quality as Richard Thompson at his best.

Live music will again be provided by Freya Goldmark (violin) who has recently returned from giving two concerts at Russia’s prestigious Rachmaninov Institute.

ARTISTS INDEX Ashley, Peter Ayrton, Michael Beaver, Tessa Chadwick, Lynn Christo

32 24,25

Clough, Prunella


Gross, Anthony


Cooper, Eileen


Ingham, Bryan



Cuming, Fred


back cover

Found, James



Greaves, Derrick


Moore, Henry Mortensen, Richard Organ, Bryan

2,3 30 8-11

Piper, John


Spencer, Stanley


Sutherland, Graham 22,23 Wallis, Alfred


Alfred Wallis

1. Derwent Drawings double sided pencil drawing


from sketchbook, 25 x 39 cm,


The drawing is presented so that it can be hung with either face showing. On hearing that Alfred Wallis was living in the Penwith District Workhouse near Penzance, Ben Nicholson visited him several times during 194142. He gave Wallis the blank Derwent scrapbook so that he could continue working, when he felt able. We feel this represents great value for this rare piece from the Derwent Scrapbook.




Henry Moore

Henry Moore is generally acknowledged as one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century and from the late 1940s until his death was recognised as the most celebrated British artist of his time. His drawings of nudes, pre 1930, are much sought-after. The fine example offered here is illustrated in volume 1 of the catalogue raisonnÊ, a copy of which will accompany the work. Moore’s sculpture and drawings are to be found in major museums and collections world wide.


to order phone 01572 821 424

Henry Moore

2. Standing Woman pen, ink and gouache, 1926, signed, 50.7 x 13.5 cm,


Ulster Museum label on reverse Major Impressionist and Modern Paintings 13-28th October 1984. Mercury Gallery label on back. Illustrated in Henry Moore, The Complete Drawings, volume 1, page 154. provenance: Marlborough Fine Art, London; Private collection; Kornfeld und Klipstein, Berne 1964; Mercury Gallery, London; Sotherby’s, London 1984; Waddington Galleries, London exhibitions: Lugano 1993



Bryan Ingham

3. St Ives pencil, c1970, 45.6 x 44.7 cm,


Bryan Ingham, 1936-97, painter, sculptor, collagist and etcher. He studied at the Royal College of Art 1961-4 under Carel Weight. For 25 years he lived at Jollytown, a remote and primitive cottage on the Lizard, Cornwall. His work is held by the Arts Council, Ashmolean, V & A and many other public collections in Britain and abroad.


James Found

4. Untitled watercolour and gouache, 1942, signed, 28 x 36.5 cm,


Little is known of James Found but he exhibited in Hull in 1909 and thereafter at the Royal Academy. We would welcome more information.


Derrick Greaves

5. Untitled crayon and pencil, 1966, signed, 37 x 30.5 cm,


Derrick Greaves (b1927), was one of the founder members of the Kitchen Sink School in the 1950s after winning a scholarship to the Royal College of Art. He represented Britain in the 1956 Venice Biennale, and in the same year was awarded a gold medal for painting at the Moscow Youth Festival. In the '60s Greaves' work lost its Kitchen Sink grittiness, becoming more poetic, linear and illusive. His work is held in many public galleries, including the Tate.


all prices include framing, vat and uk delivery

Derrick Greaves

6. Untitled crayon and pencil, 1965 signed, 32 x 24.5 cm,


We think these two drawings represent great value.



Bryan Organ Bryan Organ was born in Leicester in 1935 and during the period 1952-59 studied art at Loughborough College of Art and the Royal Academy Schools. He returned to teach at Loughborough for six years and in 1959 held his first solo show at the Leicester Museum & Art Gallery. Since 1967 he has exhibited regularly at the Redfern Gallery in London and consolidated his international reputation with solo exhibitions in New York, Cologne and Turin. During the last forty years or so Organ has established himself as a leading portrait painter and his work is well represented in public collections including the National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain and Leicester Museum & Art Gallery. His well-known sitters have included Diana, Princess of Wales, Richard Attenborough, Elton John, Sir Roy Strong, Harold Macmillan, James Callaghan and various members of the Royal family.


to order phone 01572 821 424

Bryan Organ

7. Banana Tree oil on canvas, 1969, signed, 75.6 x 75.6 cm,




Bryan Organ

8. Geoff Lewis, £350

9. Jimmy Lindley, £350

35. Jockeys lithographs, 1974, unnumbered artist’s copy aside from ed 150, signed, 53.5 x 43 cm Each print is signed by both the artist and the jockey.

The set of six is available at the discounted price of £2000 (subject to being unsold).

10. Lester Piggott, £650


Bryan Organ

11. Joe Mercer, £450

12. Tony Murray, £350

As a printmaker Bryan Organ is perhaps best known for his suite of lithographs entitled Six British Jockeys (1974) which depicts Lester Piggott, Willie Carson, Joe Mercer, Tony Murray, Jimmy Lindley and Geoff Lewis. The National Portrait Gallery and Tate Britain both hold complete sets of the Six British Jockeys lithographs.

13. Willie Carson, £450


Anthony Gross

14. Herne Bay Pier lithograph, 1947, signed in the plate, 73 x 97.5 cm,


very scarce

Printed by Chromoworks Ltd, London and published by Lyons & Co Ltd. From the late forties Lyons commissioned top British artists to make large lithographs which were used to paper the walls of their Lyons Cornerhouses. Although the editions ran to 1500 copies of each, very few have survived as, once stuck to a wall, they couldn’t be removed.


Anthony Gross

15. The Little Mermaid pen, ink and watercolour, c1946/7, 25.7 x 17.3 cm,


One of a group of drawings made to illustrate The Little Mermaid dated 1946 on back. In 1947 Gross began illustrating Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales, but the project was later abandoned.



Stanley Spencer

16. Me Greeting Hilda ÂŁ1750

lithograph, ed 75, 39.5 x 27 cm,

Stanley Spencer (1891-1959). Painter of portraits, landscapes and imaginative, visionary, quirky works with a Biblical flavour set in his native Cookham, Berkshire. Studied at Slade School of Fine Art, 1908-12. Elected RA, 1950, and knighted, 1959. His work is held in many international collections, including Tate Gallery, and a Stanley Spencer Gallery was opened in Cookham in 1962.


Stanley Spencer

17. Spencer Family with Dog ÂŁ1750

lithograph, ed 100, 37.5 x 27.6 cm,

These lithographs were probably made by Spencer’s friend, the artist Henry Trivick, and are taken from a set of drawings made by Spencer in the 1930s. The titling under each print, which includes the name Stanley Spencer, is thought to be that of Trivick. Copies are held at the Stanley Spencer Museum in Cookham and are extremely scarce. Both prints bear a Friary Studio stamp.



John Piper

18. Long Sutton, Lincolnshire tapestry, 100% wool pile, made by R Dutt, Calcutta, 1984, 5’ 6” x 6’ 10” (168 x 208 cm). May be hung on wall or laid on floor.

£8750 We have never seen this tapestry before and wonder whether only a few were actually produced. The creative excitement which Piper found in design work, including tapestry, is well expressed in his own words, A designer may understand tapestry thoroughly, may be learned in its history and contemporary practise and possibilities, but design remains design until someone’s imagination brings it to life in the new medium. I have had the pleasure – thrill is really a more appropriate word – of seeing this happen with my own designs for the stage, for colour reproduction, for stained glass and for tapestry. It is always exciting for an artist to see his work successfully realised.


to order phone 01572 821 424

John Piper

19. Flowers in a Black Pot etching, 1988, artist’s proof aside from ed 70, signed, 52 x 39.4 cm,



all prices include framing, vat and uk delivery

John Piper

20. Late Summer Flowers etching, 1989, ed 70, signed, 41 x 54.5 cm,




John Piper

21. Chambord screenprint, 1971, ed 70, signed, 50 x 68 cm,



John Piper

22. Foliate Heads I screenprint, 1975, ed 75, signed, 58.2 x 76.5 cm,

to order phone 01572 821 424



Graham Sutherland

23. Fossil with Rocks and Flames ÂŁ2500

lithograph, 1975, signed, 53 x 72 cm,

In addition to the main edition of this print Sutherland made further copies with additional hand-drawn marginalia. This is one of 10 Hors Commerce copies.


all prices include framing, vat and uk delivery

Graham Sutherland

24. The Swimmer lithograph, 1973/74, ed 75, signed, 67.5 x 47.5 cm,


This lithograph was published in Italy by Teodorani of Milan and is seldom found in the UK.



Michael Ayrton

25. Goat Carrier, Crete, from the Greek Suite lithograph, 1958, ed 50, signed, 43.5 x 65 cm, ÂŁ650

Michael Ayrton (centre) watches as one of the lithographic stones for Goat Carrier, Crete is placed on the press bed at Harley Brothers in June 1958.


Michael Ayrton

26. Attic Port, from the Greek Suite £350

lithograph, 1958, ed 50, signed, 43.5 x 65 cm,

Ayrton’s Greek Suite was among the first lithographs to be printed at the great Harley Brothers Ltd in Edinburgh and was a ‘major undertaking and especial stimulus’ for Harleys, as each image was to be in four colours, requiring a minimum of 24 consistent stones, all about 2ft by 3ft.


Fred Cuming

27. Studio at Hastings etching, 1990s, ed 3,

28. Standing Nude

signed, 14 x 9 cm,

etching, 1990s, signed


proof, 16.7 x 10 cm,


29. Student etching, 1990s,

30. Resting Nude

signed artist’s proof,

etching, 1990s,

12 x 11 cm,


signed artist’s proof, 13.7 x 11 cm,



Fred Cuming

31. Audrey in Window (Blue) etching, 1990s, signed artist’s proof, 13.7 x 17 cm,


32. Audrey Resting etching, 1990s, ed 40, signed, 13.5 x 16 cm,


Fred Cuming, born 1930 in London and studied at Sidcup School of Art (1945-9) then, after National Service, Royal College of Art (1951-5). Has exhibited throughout the UK and USA and in 2001 was given the honour of being the featured artist in the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, with an entire gallery within the show being dedicated to his work. His work is held in private and public collections throughout the world. He was elected RA in 1974.



33. Wrapped Reichstag, Project for Berlin ÂŁ550

lithograph and collage, 1994, signed, 40 x 30 cm,

An environmental installation artist, painter and printmaker of architectural landscapes, Christo has become known for "wrapping" famous buildings and geographical landmarks with plastic and woven-fabric sheets.


to order phone 01572 821 424

Prunella Clough

34. Wrapper screenprint, 1989, signed, 59 x 43 cm,


Prunella Clough (1919-1999), painter and printmaker, born in London. Studied at Chelsea School of Art, 1938-9. Exhibited throughout the UK, including Roland, Browse and Delbanco; Leicester and Grosvenor Galleries. Won Jerwood Painting Prize in 1999. Retrospectives at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, The Fine Art Society and Olympia, London. Tate Gallery and Arts Council hold examples.


Richard Mortensen

35. Untitled lithograph, 1952/3, artist’s proof, signed, 55.5 x 42.1 cm,


Richard Mortensen (1910-1993). Danish painter and printmaker. Studied at Royal College of Art, Copenhagen. In 1932 he first saw Kandinsky’s paintings in Berlin, which influenced him to introduce abstraction into his own work and was co-founder of the ‘Linien’ school of abstract painters. In 1937 met pioneers of surrealism in Paris. Awarded Edvard Munch Prize in 1946, Kandinsky Prize in 1950 and the Thorvaldsen Medal in 1968.


Eileen Cooper

36. Untitled 1

37. Untitled 2

lithograph with hand-colour, 1997, ed 20, signed,

lithograph with hand-colour, 1997, ed 20, signed,

29.2 x 17 cm,


23 x 15.9 cm,


Eileen Cooper, born 1953 in Derbyshire, painter, printmaker and teacher. Studied at Goldsmiths’ then Royal College of Art (1971-1977). Noted for her studies of the human figure, often large and of a Chagall-like intensity. Elected RA in 2001. Arts Council, British Council and Victoria and Albert Museum hold examples of her work.


Peter Ashley

38. Shunt With Care mixed media print, 2010, artist’s proof, signed, 47 x 65 cm,


Born in 1948, Peter Ashley is best known for his writing and photography concerning very English passions, particularly in the Unmitigated England books. But his forty years as a graphic designer resulted in an extensive collection of printed ephemera, and it is no wonder that an evocative selection of original material found its way into Shunt With Care.


Tessa Beaver

39. New England Tamarack etching, ed 125, signed, 54 x 51.5 cm,


Born 1932 in London. Printmaker, painter and teacher. Studied at the Slade and spent a year etching there under John Buckland-Wright. Worked in Italy, Greece and Kenya, returning to England in 1972 to begin etching again. Set up studio in Leamington Spa in 1978.

to order phone 01572 821 424


Lynn Chadwick

40. Untitled lithograph, 1968, signed proof, 32.5 x 24.5 cm,


Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham, Rutland, LE15 9SQ, 01572 821424 Open Monday to Saturday 9.30 - 5.30, Sunday 2.30 - 5.30 and Bank Holidays

Mixed Artist Catalogue - February 2010  

Paintings and original, signed limited edition prints from Goldmark Art Gallery.

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