GSL 2020 Town Hall

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Happy 20th Birthday! It’s hard to believe we are celebrating our 20th Birthday as the Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory this year. One of the highlights of my year is when we all get to take a step back and review the accomplishments of another successful GSL year! It’s especially significant for this 20th Birthday with a look back at our 20 years as a laboratory while looking ahead to a very promising future. Regardless of how we manage to get our work done, whether in person or virtually, GSL always represents the ERDC by completing the mission. Your continued work to make the world safer and better for the Warfighter and our Nation is unparalleled and second to none. I thank you for that! Please know that although we continue social distancing due to the pandemic, the GSL leadership, your teammates, and I celebrate you and the world-class work you are doing. It is my honor and privilege to serve as your Director. I look forward to seeing you in person in the near future. In the meantime, join me in celebrating 20 years of GSL success with many more to come!

Bartley P. Durst Director, Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory



Emilio T. Aguiar (GEGB) Ernest A. Anderton (APB) Jeremy H. Beall (ExO) Reid R. Bond (IEEB) Shelby L. Bottin (SMB) Meghan J. Buffington (ESMD) Bryan C. Casillas (StEB) Sadie E. Casillas (APB) Henry P. Downs (APB) Kyle P. Dunsford (CMB) Caleb N. Farrar (StEB) Tate R. Fonville (SvEB) William M. Furr (IEEB) Justin A. Gilliland (SvEB) Michael A. Griffith (APB) Andrew C. Guillotte (APB) Hayden A. Hanna (CMB) Bradley S. Hansen (MSB) Lauren A. Harbin (MIO) Lorin J. Hendricks (StEB) Carol A. Hicks (SvEB) William M. Horner (CMB) Jeanie R. Jackson (MSB) Curtis R. Lloyd, Jr (APB) Jessica W. Lyons (MSB) Emily M. Miller (APB) Margarita Ordaz (APB) Lowranche G. Phillips (MSB) Christy J. Pigg (MIO) Katelyn S. Polk (IEEB) William V. Pratt (IEEB) Charley C. Rhea (SvEB) Colton S. Rodgers (APB) Krystal Rodriguez-Soto (SMB) Benjamin A. Rutherford (APB) James T. Rushing (APB) Ethan Russell (APB) William K. Sanders (SMB) Jean C. Santiago-Padilla (SvEB) Jonathan D. Sherburn (GEGB) Ruthie I. Sikes (MIO) Jess R. Simmons (SMB) Ronald B. Smith (StEB) Peilin Song (MSB) Anthony F. Tessari (GEGB) Mine Ucak-Astarlioglu (CMB) Noah S. Young (MSB) Woody W. Watters (IEEB)



LDP1 Graduates Shelia M. Arias-Román (StEB) Melvin L. Bolls (MSB) Ernesto G. Cruz (IEEB) Omar Esquilín-Mangual (SvEB) Brandon L. Everett (IEEB) Austin C. Hopkins (SMB) Rebekah F. Lee (GEGB)

Qaisar Manzoor (SvEB) Kenneth M. McLaughlin (StEB) Dr. John G. Monroe (MSB) Jonathan W. Oldenburg (APB) Jasiel Ramos-Delgado (IEEB) Bradford P. Songer (CMB) Alicia Souza-Pope (MIO)

LDP2 Graduates

LDP3-Emerging Leaders Group

R. Cody Goss (CMB) Dr. William Lawrimore (SMB) Maria T. Stevens (MSB) Haley M. West (CMB) Dr. Katherine Winters (StEB) Bowen G. Woodson (SMB)

Mariely Mejías-Santiago (StEB) –FY20 graduate Anna M. Jordan (StEB) –FY21 graduate Dr. Catherine S. Stephens (SvEB) – FY22 graduate Stephanie E. Robert (StEB) – FY22 graduate

FY21 LDP1 Incoming Class Zachary S. Aspin (MSB) Marcus J. Barksdale (SMB) William M. Furr (IEEB) Rodney N. González-Rivera (StEB) LaShaundra J. Johnson (SMB) DeBorah C. Luckett (SMB) David N. Lichlyter (IEEB) Ricky Y. McGruder (MSB) David P. McInnis (MSB) Genevieve L. Pezzola (SvEB) Katelyn S. Polk (IEEB) George H. Vankirk (SvEB) Rongmao Zhou (GEGB)

LDP2 Incoming Class Benjamin C. Cox (APB) Austin C. Hopkins (SMB) Qaisar Manzoor (SvEB) Jonathan W. Oldenburg (APB) Alicia S. Pope (MIO) Christopher P. Rabalais (StEB)

According to AR 672-20, Length of Service certificates and pins are used to recognize all Federal civilian and military service in five-year increments, provided that one year of total service has been served as a civilian employee. This year’s recipients list was generated based on a 1 October 2019 through 30 September 2020 timeframe.

40 Years


Stephen A. Akers (IEEB) George B. McKinley (MSB)


35 Years

Clay B. Blount (SvEB) Randy L. Bufkin (IEEB) James L. Davis (GSD) Mary E. Glynn (GEGB) Brian H. Green (ESMD-RG) Terry V. Jobe (APB) Pamela G. Kinnebrew (OTD) Henrietta Miller (IEEB) Donald H. Nelson (SvEB) Stephanie J. Price (MSB) Michael K. Sharp (OTD) Susan P. Slaton (ExO) Doris M. Turnage (MSB)

30 Years

Burhman Q. Gates, Jr. (MSB) Jim W. Hall, III (StEB) Charles A. Weiss, Jr. (ESMD-RG)

25 Years

Jeb S. Tingle (ESMD-RG)

20 Years

Woodman W. Berry (StEB) Julie A. Hicks (SMB)

15 Years

Nancy A. Kimble (MIO) Quintin S. Mason (APB) Stephen L. Murrell (CMB) Timothy W. Rushing (ESMD-RG) Mihan H. McKenna-Taylor (ExO) Oliver-Denzil S. Taylor (StEB) Brentton W. Towne (MSB) Lucas A. Walshire (GEGB)

10 Years

Mark D. Antwine (StEB) Matthew D. Bray (GEGB) Amie J. Burroughs (IEEB) Orlando Carrasquillo-Franco (StEB) Charles K. Crane (StEB) Austin V. Davis (OTD) Garrett K. Doles (IEEB) Omar Esquilín-Mangual (SvEB) Lyan I. Garcia-Beltrán (APB)

John M. Hoemann (SvEB) Gary E. Johnston (GSD-RG) Christina B. Kelty (MIO) Marolyn D. Lord (MIO) Qaisar Manzoor (SvEB) William J. McCleave (GEGB) David P. McInnis (MSB) William S. Myers, Jr. (IEEB) Matthew E. Ogle (IEEB) Marcus L. Opperman (APB) Jennifer R. Picucci (StEB) William J. Quimby, Jr. (SMB) Justin M. Roberts (SvEB) Wesley R. Rowland (StEB) Jesse A. Sherburn (SvEB) Cameron D. Thomas (IEEB) Amber L. Tillotson (GEGB) Thomas N. Williams (IEEB)

5 Years

Thomas J. Beasley (APB) Joseph M. Bonelli (APB) Amy L. Cunningham (StEB) Elizabeth P. Curtis (ESMD) Christopher N. Downey (CMB) Jonathan M. Gardner (IEEB) Shannon L. Garlington (SvEB) Hayley M. Gordon (MIO) William F. Griffiths, Jr. (IEEB) Robert F. Hardy (CMB) Ashly N. Horner (SvEB) Ray L. Jeffers, Jr. (IEEB) Jason G. Knox (MSB) Brandy K. Martin (MIO) Zackery B. McClelland (CMB) David B. Miller (StEB) Christy J. Pigg (MIO) Christopher Price (GEGB) Xavier A. Rivera-Hernández (GEGB) William J. Robinson (APB) David V. Senior (SvEB) Deborah D. Sigh (StEB) Byris V. Smith (SMB) Terry W. Smith (SvEB) William N. Stephens, Jr. (StEB) Gregory L. Thomas (SvEB) Katherine E. Winters (StEB)

Justin M. Roberts, John M. Hoemann, Craig R. Ackerman; Modular anti-ballistic, blast and forced entry resistant shelter system, 10,443,260, 15 October 2019


August N. Johnson, Michael I. Hammons, Gary E. Johnston, James C. Ray; Cap repair assembly; 10,472,787, 12 November 2019


August N. Johnson, Michael I. Hammons, Gary E. Johnston, James C. Ray; Pile Bridge assembly; 10,480,143, 19 November 2019 Isaac J. Stephens, Bryant A. Robbins; Sand boil filter; 10,519,617, 31 December 2019



Edith M. Caples (OTD)

Jim W. Hall, III (StEB)

Dr. Stacy E. Howington (ExO)

Army Civilian Service Achievement Medals



Gordon J. Borne (CMB) Andrew L. Bowman (SMB) April J. Bowman (GEGB) Chase T. Bradley (APB) Meghan J. Buffington (ESMD) Andra R. Carter (IEEB) Benjamin C. Cox (APB) Brandon L. Everett (IEEB) Lyan I. Garcia-Beltrรกn (APB) William F. Griffiths, Jr. (IEEB) Michael J. Grotke (IEEB) Kasma R. Hall (SvEB) Brittany S. Holman (SvEB) Rebekah F. Lee (GEGB) Rebekah F. Lee (GEGB)* Ricky Y. McGruder (MSB) Brent S. Newell (MSB)

Matthew D. Norris (APB) Matthew E. Ogle (IEEB) James F. Rowland (APB) Kayla K. Rushing (APB) Timothy W. Rushing (ESMD-RG)* Megan H. Sanders (StEB) Eric A. Sessums (StEB) Bradford P. Songer (CMB) Sarah L. Soverns (StEB) Sarah L. Soverns (StEB)* Catherine S. Stephens (SvEB) Donyatta K. Thomas (SMB) Andrew C. Trautz (GEGB) Tameika C. Washington (SMB) Dane N. Wedgeworth (CMB) Charles A. Weiss, Jr. ((ESMD-RG)* Haley M. West (CMB)

Army Civilian Service Commendation Medals Mark D. Adley (ESMD) Serdar Astarlioglu (SMB) Benjamin R. Breland (GEGB) Jared L. Brown (SMB) Robert S. Browning, IV (SMB) Charles A. Burchfield (OTD) Justin T. Carrillo (MSB) Ernesto G. Cruz (IEEB) Kent T. Danielson (ESMD-RG) Austin V. Davis (OTD) Carl A. Flowers (IEEB)

Rodney N. Gonzรกlez-Rivera (StEB) Robert F. Hardy (CMB) Andrew J. Johnston (IEEB) M. Danny Marshall (IEEB) David P. McInnis (MSB) John K. Newman (ESMD) Kevin B. Parkman (StEB) Maria T. Stevens (MSB) Margaret S. Thames (IEEB) Dan E. Wilson (CMB) Bowen G. Woodson (SMB)

Army Meritorious Civilian Service Medals Dr. Z. Kyle Crosby (IEEB) Dr. T. Neil Williams (IEEB)

*Award was given by another organization

GSL Casagrande Cup - Building a Culture of Excellence Structural Engineering Branch

GSL Award for Excellence in Administrative Support


Amy D. Garton (OTD)

GSL Award for Excellence in Technical Support Andrew J. Johnston (IEEB)


The Herbert Vogel Technician Award Thomas A. Carriveau

ERDC R&D Achievement Award for Technical Achievement Dr. Genevieve L. F. Pezzola, Omar Esquilín-Mangual, Bowen G. Woodson, Austin C. Hopkins, August N. F. Johnson, Sean R. Wade, Dr. Catherine S. Stephens Justin S. Strickler, August N.F. Johnson, Austin C. Hopkins, Gary E. Johnston Bryant A. Robbins, Dr. Maureen K. Corcoran, Axel Montalvo-Bartolomei, Jamie Soto-López, Samantha L. Lucker

ERDC R&D Achievement Award for Technical Leadership August N. F. Johnson

ERDC R&D Achievement Award for Technical Collaboration Dr. Jedadiah F. Burroughs, Dr. Charles A. Weiss, Dr. Jameson D. Shannon Dr. Maureen K. Corcoran, Dr. Ghada S. Ellithy, John W. Murphy Justin S. Strickler, August N. F. Johnson, Austin C. Hopkins*

ERDC Program Development Achievement Award Josh R. Fairley, Stephanie J. Price, Brent W. Towne, Dr. John G. Monroe, Maria T. Stevens Pamela G. Kinnebrew, R. Nicholas Boone, Justin S. Strickler, Dr. Charles A. Burchfield*

ERDC Award for Achievement in Human Capital Development Mariely Mejías-Santiago, Amie J. Burroughs, Austin V. Davis, Anna M. Jordan

ERDC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Knowledge Management Tracey A. Waddell

ERDC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Project Management Justin S. Strickler

*Award as part of another ERDC-lab team

ERDC Award for Outstanding Team Effort Denis D. Rickman, Dr. Zachary K. Crosby, Daniel L. Vaughan, Donald C. Guynes, W. Neil Stephens, Jr.


Dr. Bradley W. Foust, Bowen G. Woodson, Dr. Carol F. Johnson, Dr. Stephen D. Robert, Brian H. Green, Dylan Scott, Bradford P. Songer, Brett A. Williams, Steven S. Graham, Ronnie E. Dart, Stacy L. Washington, Kevin L. Tillman, Dan E. Wilson, Robert F. Hardy Dr. William F. Heard, Dr. Jesse A. Sherburn, Chase T. Bradley, Mason A. McKechnie, Zackery B. McClelland, Mariely Mejías-Santiago, Dan E. Harder, Dr. John K. Newman*


ERDC Award for Outstanding Innovation in Business Processes Chad A. Gartrell, Brittany N. Hopkins, Alicia S. Pope

ERDC Award for Outstanding Innovation in Research and Development Axel M. Montalvo-Bartolomei, Bryant A. Robbins, Dr. Maureen K. Corcoran, Michael K. Taylor, Clint A. Barela Robert C. Goss* William M. Hossley, James C. Ray, Justin S. Strickler, Dr. Danielle Whitlow* Austin V. Davis*

ERDC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technology Transition-Federal Jeb S. Tingle, Dr. Jesse D. Doyle, Dr. Wayne D. Hodo, Dr. Benjamin C. Cox, Quintin S. Mason, James F. Rowland, Curtis R. Loyd, Jr., Thomas A. Carr Justin S. Strickler, August N. F. Johnson, Austin C. Hopkins, Gary E. Johnston, James C. Ray, William M. Hossley

ERDC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technology Transfer-non Federal Dr. Paul A. Sparks, Jeffrey L. Williamson, Gregory L. Thomas, Justin M. Roberts, Omar Esquilín-Mangual, Dr. Catherine S. Stephens, James L. Davis

ERDC Award for Excellence in Operational Support Carey D. Price, Micah J. Lies, Clay B. Blount, Benjamin A. Jones, Aaron M. Sullivan, Robert W. Wayne, Gustavo Galán-Comas, Nagaraju V. Kala, Dr. Stacy E. Howington

ERDC Award for Achievement in Student Outreach - K-12 Stephanie E. Robert, Dylan Scott, Dr. Carol F. Johnson, Dr. Stephen D. Robert, Dr. C. Kennan Crane, Alexander J. Tillotson, Jason A. Morson, Rudolph A. Andreatta, Tyler N. Temple, David B. Miller, Kirk E. Walker, Christopher N. Downey, Dan E. Wilson

*Award as part of another ERDC-lab team




Mississippi 2020 Young Engineer of the Year, American Society of Civil Engineers Dr. Benjamin C. Cox (APB) Women of Color Outstanding Achievement Technology Rising Star Yee Roo L. Edwards (APB) 2020 Outstanding Alumni Award, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi Dr. John K. Newman (ESMD-RG) 2020 Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Department Distinguished Fellow Award, University of Alabama Dr. Timothy W. Rushing (ESMD-RG) Technical Service Award, International Conference on Engineering Geophysics Dr. Steve D. Sloan (GEGB) Black Engineer of the Year Award (BEYA) Modern Day Technology Leader Cameron D. Thomas (IEEB)



DEGREES Charles A. Burchfield (OTD) - PhD, University of Florida Jedadiah F. Burroughs (CMB) - PhD, Purdue University Robert S. Browning (SMB) - PhD, Univ. of Alabama in Birmingham Caleb N. Farrar (StEB) - BS, Mississippi State University Keith A. Flournoy (SMB) - ME, Mississippi State University Nolan R. Hoffman (APB) - MS, Mississippi State University Matthew P. Murray (SMB) - MS, Mississippi State University W. Jeremy Robinson (APB) - PhD, Mississippi State University Edgardo Ruiz (StEB) - PhD, Mississippi State University PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATIONS Dr. John F. Rushing (ESMD-RG) - Civil Engineering, MS

1 3

















20 16 24






17 23





21 23


14 1 2 3



Border Tunneling Activity Detection System (BTADS) and Rapid Reaction Tunnel Detection Modular Protective System (MPS) TeleEngineering Products: Ground AARK (Automated Route Reconnaissance Kit), Air AARK, and IKE/Geospatial Assessment Tool for Engineering Reachback (GATER) Joint Rapid Airfield Construction (JRAC), C-17 Semi-Prepared Runway (SPRO), Critical Runway Assessment and Repair (CRATR) Weapons Effects on Structures: PENCURV+/RSM, Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)

15 6 7

Interagency Performance Evaluation Task Force (IPET) Countermine/IED Phenomenology, Near Surface Phenomenology Computational Test Bed, Automated Target Recognition, and Geo-Environmental Tactical Sensor Simulation (GEOTACS) 8 Infrastructure Blast & Penetration Protection research 9 Dam safety, levee safety, analysis and repair of infrastructure, blast damage tools and infrastructure protection 10 Virtual Autonomous Navigation Environment (VANE) Computational Test Bed (CTB) 11 Bridge, Airfield, Rail, Dam and Waterfront Assessment Program




12 Pentagon uses ERDC/GSL protective technology that spared the lives of many people on 9/11. 13 Airfield Damage Repair (ADR) 14 Multi-Scale Modeling 15 Novel Materials for Infrastructure Repair 16 Aggressor Vehicle Entry Readiness Technology (AVERT) 17 Pavement Transportation Computer Assisted Structural Engineering (PCASE) 18 Induction Hot Mix Asphalt (iHMA) 19 Hardened Alternative Trailer System (HATS)



20 Integrated Force Protection Against Advanced Threats (IFPAAT) and Hardened Installation Protection for Persistent Operations (HIPPO) 21 Force Protection Research 22 Port Improvement via Exigent Repair (PIER) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) 23 Expedient Protection for Deployed Forces 24 Persistent, Remote Infrasound Assessment of Infrastructure 25 Internal Erosion Phenomenology Research 26 Mobility in Complex Urban Environments (MCUE) 27 Forensic Encyclopedia Program (FEP)