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Why do we become ill and what do we actually need to do in order to prevent and reverse disease?

Powered by nature Instructions for running the body

This book will provide you with an insight into how natural elements affect our bodies. Once you have read the whole book and understood everything, you will understand that it is actually incredibly easy to prevent and reverse all diseases.


I am dedicating this book to the children of the world and hope that one day sense will overcome ego and greed.


These are the most important things you need to know: Nothing can be cured by any type of medication or treatment. The only thing capable of healing is the body itself, but only when the conditions are right and when we comply with the universal laws of nature! If you just followed the principles of nature and gave your body what itrequires for approx. 30-90 days, you will have prevented and reversed most of the illness and health-related ailments!

Using synthetic means to eliminate symptoms is not the same thing as eliminating disease.

The cells of the body have 5 physical requirements: Oxygen, water, nutrients, sunlight and contact with the earth. I will be repeating this several times throughout this book because it is the key to having normal, good health without disease.


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Introduction All the topics that I cover in this book could be expanded on indefinitely. I will be dealing primarily with the most important aspects of the universal laws of nature which govern and regulate our bodies. I would like to encourage all my readers to investigate and to obtain even more information about each individual subject in order to increase their awareness and knowledge about all the aspects involved. Each topic plays a role in your overall state of health. It has taken me many years to discover the overall connection, so you should not expect to find it immediately. The universal laws of nature are the only laws that you cannot break without such having a dramatic impact on your health. All other laws are created by people. Some of these are democratic laws, voted for by the people, while others have been bought and paid for by capitalists. Several of the laws which have been bought prevent us from complying with the universal laws. If and when you experience this, I would encourage you to adhere to the natural laws since these are really the only laws that we have to answer to. When the use of nature and natural plants and herbs has been banned and synthetic medicines are legally authorised, you might want to ask who is responsible for this madness. If you could choose to have good health and not become ill, what would you choose? You may have heard that the diseases and ailments you get will be conditional on your genetic make-up. Recent research has shown that this is not true and that the outcome is decided by the environment within and surrounding the cells in our bodies. How you live in respect of your diet, your feelings, your thoughts and your proximity to the elements of nature is the most important and most decisive factor for reversing or preventing disease. You and you alone are the only one who can do anything about this: the world's best doctor is your body. But you need to work with it. DO NOT HAND OVER RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR CHILDREN'S HEALTH TO DOCTORS OR ANYONE ELSE. NEVER......

When you understand what disease is really all about..... When you understand that your body is composed of cells and the criteria that they need in order to function properly..... Only then will you understand that the methods required for reversing and preventing disease are exactly the same, no matter what is wrong with you or regardless of whatever health problems and diseases you wish to avoid. Diseases are created by people, and when we become divorced from the principles of nature, the self-healing abilities of our bodies will become severely impaired. The world is undergoing a huge transformation and many major changes are emerging as people acquire more knowledge about health and what really counts. The implementation of substantial health policy amendments is essential for our society. It will not be possible for us to continue on our present course in the long term. We would not need to improve our National Insurance Service if our National Health Service was functioning properly and at optimum capacity. If we were on the right path with regard to preventing diseases and achieving healing, the reduction of National Insurance benefits would be a natural consequence. However, we are obviously on the wrong track. The appearance of so many massive DWP offices in our cities is a living example of this. These monuments to our disastrous health policy are a disgrace. If everything was really going the right way, we would have fewer of these buildings. Consequently I regard these buildings as being a terrifying example of what can occur when we fail to adhere to the laws of nature and when money and profit are the governing factors. The major revolution which is approaching is being generated by the people. With the advent of so many different social media it is now futile to try and keep things concealed. We are all part of this revolution, and everyone should do their utmost to help bring about these changes as quickly as possible.  


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The most important chapter

What it's really all about 52


Page Join me on a short trip around the body 64 Cells are fantastic factories 65 Our electromagnetic bodies 67 Cellular energy 69 Cost-related causes of cellular imbalance 70 Ions are essential for all forms of life 74 Your state of health is determined by having the right pH balance in your body 80

The five elementary elements Oxygen


Water 106 Energy/Nutrients


Sunlight 164 The Earth 176

A contributory cause of disease Electromagnetic radiation 184 Our toxic world 188


Why does this book exist?

I have been around for a while and I have experienced quite a few things that have caused me to wonder if everything in the world is actually as it appears. Without such experiences I would not be who I am today. I have experienced periods of great adversity, when things seemed to be unfair and difficult. Today I can look back and understand that they were necessary in order to provide me with the insight and understanding that I have today. I have also been fortunate enough to have received confirmation on several occasions about the existence of life both before birth and after death. I also know that we are not alone in the universe. Experiences of this kind provide one with a completely different perspective about things and you see them in a slightly different manner. It is one thing to believe, but it is quite another to know..... When I started investigating the world of health I would have had trouble believing the stories I heard about the health service, the pharmaceuticals industry


and their methods unless I had had many experiences of this type. I was told the most amazing stories by therapists and other like-minded souls working to help people, each one more hair-raising than the next. Because of my own experiences I had no trouble in believing that they might be true. Many people have been working incessantly for many years in an attempt to influence and change the health system in order to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to become fit and healthy. However, they all say the same thing, i.e. that it is impossible, that it is no use, and that no politicians dare, want to or have the opportunity to make the changes that would be needed in order to improve the general health system. What is actually important in the world? What are you living for? Can you give an answer using just one word?  

Why have I become involved with people and health? There is nothing I hate more than injustice and dishonesty, and these are probably the things that I react to most violently. If we look around, we will notice that injustice and dishonesty are rife. This is also the reason why I have devoted so much time to trying to understand why things are the way they are. I have consequently embarked on an exciting journey all around the world. I am inquisitive and I like to know how and why things are connected. This does not just apply to health, but to several other things which I am curious about. There are so many things that are not reported in the media, and it would seem that there are a number of issues that would not stand up to scrutiny.

Puma Punku Ancient ruins, like the ones in Bolivia at Puma Punku, are an example of this. These ruins are believed to be approx. 15,000 to 20,000 years old, i.e. many years before the Stone Age. They consist of stones which, in some cases, weigh up to as much as 600 tonnes. These stones have perfect angles and surfaces, but the most striking thing about them is that they have large holes which would appear to have been core drilled. If you were to look at a hole which has been drilled in a stone today using modern technology and then compared it with the holes at Puma Punku, you would see that they are exactly alike! There are also 5-6 mm holes running straight through several stones. Such holes could not have been made by using a round stone. If things like this were taken seriously, we would have to completely re-write history, but many people are simply not interested in doing that. There is a lot of information available about this online.

Have these stones really been made by simply using round stones for tools? The design of the two stones depicted here is very simple. If you search for Puma Punku online you will be able to see the rest of the ruins and then you will understand what I am talking about.  


I thought at first that there were thousands of different diseases that all had to be treated in different ways, this would turn out to be completely wrong! My first step into the world of health The start of my long journey was probably my first meeting with something called the Quaver Phase energy spa, which is a system designed to help the body to eliminate accumulated toxins. However, as it turned out, it did a lot more than just that.

I gradually started to see a connection between several factors and realised that there is just one illness. This illness is caused by an imbalance in our cells. They either lack an essential element, or they are overloaded with toxins.

I have always been open to most things and I do not reject anything unless I have thoroughly investigated it first. At first I did not have much faith in the Quaver Phase systems since I had read about both their advantages and disadvantages. These systems have been classified and approved as medical equipment and their effects on a number of health problems have been documented. I was therefore interested in finding out for myself whether or not they could have a positive effect on our health.

As I gradually started to learn more, it became easier to explain to people how things were connected and what we need to do in order to reverse disease. Because I gradually started to receive so much positive feedback from sick people who had been abandoned by their doctors and specialists, I began to ask myself "what is wrong with our health service?"

After several sessions I noticed that positive things were happening, i.e. I had more energy and my body was feeling lighter and more alert. Since I had not been ill and I was not suffering from any particular problems, these were the tangible results that I noticed after having used the system for a while. I was prompted to react after hearing about what happened to other people who were ill. I received feedback about many different illnesses which had become better. People suffering from ME reported that they had experienced radical improvements over just a short period of time. People suffering from psoriasis were rapidly healed and the same applied to rheumatic complaints, pain and metabolic problems, etc. I had no idea how this worked, but it gradually became clear that it was helping people who were suffering from all sorts of problems. During my search for answers as to why it was having a positive effect on so many different complaints, I had a lot of contact with the manufacturers of the systems. They provided me with many answers, but I did not feel that any of them were good enough. After a while they referred me to a highly informative scientist in England who put me in touch with others who also possessed excellent knowledge and useful information about the functioning of our bodily processes. Soon I was reading and studying at all hours of the day and night, and I visited specialists and scientists all over the world.


How could I, someone with no health qualifications, provide sick people with advice which enabled them to become better or even completely fit and healthy. Surely this was the job of the National Health Service? Why were they not receiving any help, and what is wrong if what I tell people turns out to be better than the recommendations of their doctors? Another question I asked myself was: why were these systems not being used by more doctors if they were so good? The stories told by almost everyone I spoke to were fairly similar. They had become ill gradually, they had taken lots of different medicines, but their health just continued to deteriorate. Finally most of them were told by their doctors that unfortunately there was nothing more they could do. They had tried all the medication available and nothing had worked. Some people accept this and simply lay themselves down and wither away, while others start seeking help from elsewhere. To start with the latter were generally the ones who contacted me. Obviously many of them were sceptical about whether or not what I told them would actually work. After a while I decided to provide everyone who was willing to follow my advice and implement the measures which I believed would improve their health, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or their money back. This offer attracted far more people who were willing to give it a go. As a result of all these tests and the thousands of systems which have been sold, I have now decided to devote the rest of my life to drawing attention to the ineffective health policy which is being conducted in the Western part of the world.

A world undergoing change I hope I will be able to help as many people as possible to understand the connection between all the factors that affect whether or not you have good or poor health. The elements and factors presented in this book will serve as part of the basis for a new health service in the near future. The simple things explained in this book are things which most people will be able to implement on their own without the help of others. This is not a book about alternative medicine, just general information about what is needed to enable our bodies to function normally.

Smart Alecs and "experts" I am fully aware that this book will face massive opposition from smart Alecs and "experts" who are afraid to see the facts for what they are. There will always be people seeking to dispute the facts and nature's unparalleled power and energy for the purpose of enriching either themselves or the companies they work for. Having said that, there a number of groups which are paid by the pharmaceuticals industry to discredit and ridicule natural remedies. They bombard natural health websites with spam. It is their fulltime job to infiltrate and engage in debate forums in order to sow doubts and spread dissent. There are several such groups operating dissent networks where individuals are paid huge sums of money by the individual industries concerned. So please be extremely critical of anyone who claims that nature and natural treatment concepts are nonsense. They either suffer from a lack of knowledge, or they have been paid to express their false allegations.

Wise words An eminent doctor working for a large hospital in Norway once told me the following: "Our family suffers from an illness which has not responded to allopathic medicine. But things are now starting to go the right

way thanks to your systems and programmes. It's just such a pity that we can't get them on the National Health, which is governed by profit-making interests rather than common sense."

Primary school In the future the contents of this book will be incorporated as a natural part of the primary school curriculum. It does not pretend to provide all the answers to everything because I do not know everything. I know a little bit about a lot of things and after thousands of hours of study I have acquired a lot of information and knowledge. And by using some extremely simple, natural remedies and measures, I have helped to put people on the right track towards achieving better health.

Taking responsibility for ourselves As a nation we simply cannot afford to hand over responsibility for our health to foreign interests in their current state. We need to deal with it personally, and we are all responsible for ensuring that this change takes place as quickly as possible. If we are to be successful, we need to put our foot down and to be more critical when the Treasury spends billions of pounds on synthetic medicines. In present day Norway our National Health Service has been more or less sold by the government. The National Health Service will never be any good if the manufacturers of medicines act as health consultants. This book is my contribution towards accelerating the changes that are required. Radical changes may not occur during my time, but I hope that as many children as possible will be able to gain access to the information provided in this book, so that they can participate in making the changes needed to put the world on the right track.

"Remember that you cannot see further than you can think" 15

No wonder we're starting to ask questions

The human race is regarded as being the highest form of life on the planet. So why are we experiencing the highest incidence of disease in our race in modern times? If we look back at history, we will see that there has been an epidemic increase in the incidence of disease in humans. With all the knowledge we now possess, we should in theory have become wiser and developed our knowledge in order to eradicate the few diseases and problems that we have suffered in the past.


Why don't people and wild animals who live in harmony with nature suffer from illnesses such as cancer, high blood pressure, metabolic problems, mental illness, allergies, diabetes, ADHD and thousands of other serious complaints and problems? Why do around 98% of people living modern lives suffer from more illnesses than those who live what we call primitive lives? Could it be that we have missed something fundamental and moved in the wrong direction?


Think simply! Are you worried about becoming ill? We do not suddenly become ill. Illnesses are something which develop over time. When enough is enough the body tells you by sending out warning signals, usually in the form of pain, tiredness or other symptoms of illness, etc. These are the body's signals which warn you that something is wrong and that something needs to be done. The world has moved on, but today's allopathic medicine has more or less ground to a standstill. Its practitioners are hanging on to their hypothesis that chemical and synthetic substances which overrule the body's natural biochemical processes are the best remedies for healing.

According to recent research this is completely wrong. Are you suffering from any of the following: chronic digestive problems, a "weak heart", diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, MS, arthritis/rheumatism, allergies, asthma, high blood pressure, heartburn, cancer, hot flushes, unstable blood sugar levels, hormone problems, a low metabolism, ADHD, impaired concentration, leg cramps, migraine, infections or a cross-reaction to the side effects of all the drugs are you are taking?

Are we going to keep bashing our heads against a brick wall in a cul-de-sac, or are we going to continue in another direction? 18

Where do we start? Have we been fooled? It is highly unlikely that your doctor will have told you about any of the information provided in this book. There is one simple, very good reason for this. Doctors spend an average of 12 hours learning about nutrition during their long years of study. This is not the doctors' fault, but the fault of the established medical industry which largely dictates how the education of doctors is organised. I am sure that everyone who wants to qualify as a doctor has good intentions and wants to help people. However, the way in which medical studies have been organised means that doctors are simply sales representatives for the pharmaceuticals industry. I would go so far as to say that doctors have been completely fooled, and this has been confirmed by several doctors I know who feel that they have been duped by the system. They are taught to adhere to the frameworks that have been dictated by the industry, that they should not think for themselves or even venture beyond these frameworks. Obviously it is necessary to use drugs in some live-threatening situations, but not as part of the general health service. This industry is obviously interested in earning money and it not interested in your health or mine. There is no profit to be made from healthy people, so the industry is not involved in the prevention of disease. Such information is withheld and it would appear that they are doing everything in their power to misinform people and are refusing to provide us with any relevant information. Many books have been written on this subject, and new information about the cynical methods employed by the pharmaceuticals industry is constantly being published. Fortunately a number of doctors are jumping off this carousel of death and becoming involved in the organisation and provision of natural remedies. During the last few years a number of prominent people in the pharmaceuticals industry have also jumped off the bandwagon because they have suffered from pangs of conscience.

Several of them have written books and have been travelling around and holding lectures, and this is both daunting and interesting. There is no doubt that the industry will ultimately disappear and be replaced by new, natural approaches involving the prevention and reversal of disease.

Side Effects: Death This is the title of a book written by John Virapen. He was the last Managing Director of the Eli Lilly & Company pharmaceuticals company in Sweden. In his book he describes how he had to bribe doctors in order to get drugs out onto the market. He writes about the manipulation of research reviews of tests conducted on pharmaceuticals. The aim of his book is to provide people with the truth about the pharmaceuticals industry. He was personally involved in bribing the Swedish authorities to introduce the happy pill Prozac, the side effects of which have caused countless suicides, murders and depressions. His book is essential reading for anyone who still believes that all our problems can be solved by drugs. Many people are unaware that many court cases have been conducted about pharmaceuticals and vaccines. News of this type is not presented by the major players involved. However, it is readily available to anyone searching for such information. One day most synthetic drugs and vaccines will be replaced, but until then it is very important for us to resist the pressure being exerted by the pharmaceuticals industry. Obviously you may strongly disagree with what I have written here, and that is quite OK. My response to that would be that the truth is very different to the picture served up by the media. If you start to investigate the matter, you will be able to see for yourself that things are not quite as they should be.  


The magic pill!

As regards medicines and supplements, people are seeking a magic pill - a pill which can make their pain or disease disappear without personally having to do anything about their diet or lifestyle. It would appear that what they really want is results without actually having to participate, and even more important, they want to be allowed to continue pursuing their selfdestructive lifestyles which involve inappropriate nourishment, no exercise and no contact with natural elements. This is exactly what has been targeted by the pharmaceuticals industry in its marketing strategy: They are saying: Don't worry, we'll heal you! Your lifestyle has nothing to do with your illness it's genetic! You are not responsible for your own health - just leave it to us! All you need to do is take these pills 5 times a day, and the damage caused by years of poor nutrition and the consequences of having no contact with natural elements will simply disappear! The health system in the Western world simply does not work. Increasing numbers of people are abandoning allopathic medicine in favour of natural methods which work with the body - not against it. However, even in what is currently referred to as the world of alternative medicine we find false allegations and exaggerations.

So how can you know what works and what doesn't? You should read everything you come across about health, how the body actually works and what it is composed of. What are the actual criteria for ensuring that it works? Ask questions, search for relevant information on the Internet and read research reports published by independent bodies. Search for statistics and put two and two together. Engage in your own research and acquire all the information that might be relevant to your illness or problems. You will quickly realise that it is 100 % up to you if you want to prevent or reverse disease. In this way you will not just be helping yourself, but also everyone you love and care about. Consequently my best piece of advice is: in health matters, trust no-one but yourself. If you wish to obtain a visual report about the state of your health, I would strongly recommend that you find someone who carries out live blood analyses. These are not like ordinary blood tests which actually say very little about the nature of things. Live blood screening involves the observation of live blood cells and everything else in the blood. It also reveals everything that should not be there. This may help to make it easier to implement whatever measures may be required in order to initiate changes in your everyday life.


Heart health

Inflammation There are several reasons why the arteries become blocked. Two of these are inflammation and low blood pH levels. Inflammation occurs because our bodies are not designed to consume the sort of food we eat today. If there was no inflammation, cholesterol would not be able to attach itself to the arterial walls so easily. Cholesterol is not a cause, but a symptom. The cause of chronic inflammation in the actual arterial walls stems mainly from fast-acting carbohydrates which cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. Such carbohydrates include bread, cakes and pastries, pasta and all processed foods containing flour and sugar. When the sugar levels in the blood rise rapidly the pancreas produces insulin. The main task of insulin is to transport sugar to the body's cells, where it is stored for subsequent use in the production of energy. If the cells are already full of sugar (which they will be if we mainly eat what most people in the West eat), there is obviously no room for more sugar in the cells. When the cells reject the sugar, this results in a rise in sugar levels in the blood. The sugar is then transported out of the system and stored as fat. Consequently you can see that that it is not necessarily the ingestion of fat that causes you to put on weight! Sugar molecules attach themselves to a number of different proteins which can cause damage to the cell walls of the blood vessels as they travel through them.


If we were to tear our blood vessels several times a day for several years this would result in inflammation. Dr. Dwight Lundell is a surgeon who has performed more than 5,000 heart operations. He reports that in every single case he has observed substantial inflammation in the arteries and that the walls look like they have been scrubbed with a stiff brush or sandpaper. This results in a swollen, inflamed area to which cholesterol attaches itself in order to protect the artery. A poor diet which includes too many fast-acting carbohydrates can therefore be one of the main reasons why heart problems top the list of causes of death.

Oxygen and circulation When the arteries start to calcify you will not initially experience any heart problems. You have miles of blood vessels in your body which could start to become blocked. The first thing to occur is a reduction in oxygen levels in the cells and a decrease in their uptake of nutrients. This impacts on the capacity of the brain and the lungs and energy production in the cells. If you do not have much oxygen in your cells, your metabolism will not work properly. By now you should be starting to realise that calcification represents the start of a number of very serious health conditions.

Cancer Cancer is something that we all live with every single day, and most people who do not live in harmony with nature will experience that this natural phenomenon will develop to become a serious problem. This has little to do with our genes. It is actually our lifestyles which determine whether or not cancer will become a problem. I am going to include some of the main reasons why cancer can become a problem to enable you to understand more easily why things can go wrong. Our ancestors did not die of cancer. It is a fairly new problem which has occurred during recent years. It slowly started to become a problem when we entered the Industrial Age.


The cancer treatments currently being offered will undergo radical changes in the future

Similar lifestyles Most people in Norway today have fairly similar lifestyles. They eat and drink what we might call lifeless, completely unhealthy food. Furthermore, they all do more or less the same things in their everyday lives and they have become completely divorced from natural principles. Most of us will also experience problems with cancer at some point in time. If we were to have amazingly good health as a result of eating what is regarded as being a healthy Norwegian diet, which mainly involves mass-produced, lifeless food, fizzy drinks, milk and polluted water, we would probably expect to see a low prevalence of cancer among the population at large!

Similar causes For almost 200 years natural doctors and researchers possessing an insight into how the body and cells work have been maintaining that all cancers have the same cause, a view which has always been rejected by the established pharmaceuticals industry. It is only in recent years that the latter have also been forced to admit that most cancers have similar causes. Cancer does not magically appear in certain isolated parts of the body without reason. Despite this fact, the current established, official approach to treatment is to target the site where cancer manifests itself, either by cutting it out or by destroying it with cytostatic drugs or radiation. Once it has been removed we are considered to have been cured. This is quite extraordinary when considering the true nature of cancer. We are never really completely free of cancer!

Huge industry If we really want to do something about cancer, we need to look at it from a completely different angle and adopt a completely different approach. The cancer industry is enormous, and there are more people making a living from cancer than the number of people who die from it. It creates a huge source of income for the providers of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and drugs.

There are actually some simple methods available which cost very little and which can help to reverse cancer. The problem with these is that they cannot be patented or protected, and as a consequence they are withheld. If you think that you are receiving the best available treatment, I am pretty certain that the truth will be quite different for most people affected by the problem. There are also a number of charlatans who exploit people's fear of cancer by introducing measures and setting up organisations designed to disseminate information and collect money for research. One of these is the Pink Ribbon campaign which in many cases has been exposed as being a complete scam. The money collected does not go to research, but straight towards boosting the bottom lines of some retail chains. The Pink Ribbon charity has also been subjected to heavy criticism because the incidence of breast cancer and its survival rates have not changed very much since the campaign commenced. Such issues prompt a number of questions. Check to see who originally started this initiative. What does she think about what is happening now? It is extremely unlikely that you would be supporting the Pink Ribbon campaign if you were to start digging into the facts surrounding it.

Information If just a small percentage of all the money that is currently being wasted on finding patented anti-cancer drugs was spent on preventative remedies, we would experience a rapid reversal in cancer trends. Why are we not being provided with information about simple things such as how the use of deodorants could be one of the causes of cancer? Or about how bras with thin straps block and prevent the lymph system from working properly? Or about how aspartame is being found in tumours, etc? What would such a campaign cost compared to the cost of any problems we might face? You might like to speculate about why no-one is interested in this! Don't you think that the government (and you and me) should be demanding that the public should be provided with all the relevant information?


We are actually all healthy in a sick world! Most of our health problems and challenges are actually based on power, money and greed. Without money the world would have been completely different today. If we were not largely concerned with ourselves and simply wanted the best for everyone else, we would have been able to live a fairly problem-free, harmonious life here on earth.

are the result of an intelligent design or evolution. We are self-healing beings and our bodies regulate themselves, and we will not develop illnesses if we live in harmony with nature. We do not need synthetic drugs to combat disease. The only thing we need is knowledge.

The facts Humans are an integral part of nature, just like animals and plants. We are all part of the whole, and our lives are governed and regulated by the universal laws of nature. We have become increasingly divorced from nature and its life-giving properties. The more divorced we become from nature and those elements which regulate our organisms, the more illnesses and problems we will experience. People are not composed of plastic and synthetic materials. An organic organism CANNOT be repaired by using synthetic materials. It makes no difference if we have been created or if we


Allopathic medicine is largely based on alternative treatments, although on a faulty hypothesis which claims that disease can be helped by using chemicals. This understanding is in the process of being changed. Increasing numbers of people are starting to become aware of what I have chosen to call natural treatment or adjustments. A natural approach takes into consideration how the body's own processes and systems work together for the good of the whole. Natural treatments or adjustments are simply concerned with providing the body with what it needs in order to kick-start its regenerative processes. Once you understand how things are connected at a cellular level, it is easy to start making adjustments in order to strengthen the body's self-healing potential. Then, and only then, will we have any hope of being able to reverse or prevent disease.

It is important to note that this is not a cure for cancer, nor is it a treatment for cancer. It will simply enable the body to deal with a problem. I wish to emphasise that this is just one small chapter and one of many different ways of approaching the problem. No-one ever becomes completely cancer-free. We all have cancer cells in our bodies throughout our lives, no matter what the situation. The important thing is that they should not be allowed to gain the upper hand.

Variables and relapses When you read about people who have had a tumour removed by surgery or who have undergone radiation therapy and are subsequently pronounced to be cancer-free when they go for a check-up, this does not tally with the truth. There are always cancer cells in the body regardless. Anyone who does not experience a relapse at some stage will have started looking at the way in which they live. If you do not do anything about the cause of a problem, it will almost certainly reoccur somewhere down the line. Cancer is one of the cycles of nature involving a huge number of variables.


You can do everything in your power to live in harmony with the laws of nature and nevertheless die from lung cancer if you live in a house full of radon gas. If you comply with all the available programmes, nothing will help if you have never checked to see if you have sky-high levels of radon gas in your home. If you or your children are being bathed in radiation from high-tension cables, this is another external factor which plays a role. The same applies if you wash your children's hair in a shampoo which contains highly carcinogenic substances, because there are more than enough of these. If you live in the countryside and think that you are doing everything right and have a healthy lifestyle, you could nevertheless get cancer because the area where you live has been sprayed with pesticides. Obviously these variables increase the odds for getting cancer, even if you are otherwise doing the right things. However, there is no doubt that if you do the right things the odds will improve considerably if your body has greater resources which are capable of combating the problem. It is the responsibility of parents to look after their children and to create the right conditions for ensuring that they never become ill. Far too many parents hand over these responsibilities to the authorities!

Natural substances which kill cancer cells There are a number of natural substances which kill cancer cells. These substances are of no interest to the pharmaceuticals industry since they cannot be patented and thus create profits for these companies' shareholders. It might be a good idea to undertake your own investigations and learn a bit about the various natural remedies available. Some of the things you should take a closer look at and learn more about are described below. Some studies have shown that substances called apigenin may have a highly inhibitory effect on diseases like breast cancer. This substance is found in large quantities in celery, parsley and thyme, etc. It was also discovered that blood vessels supplying cancer tumours with nourishment had started to shrink, thus reducing the supply of nutrients to the tumour in question. Another substance called Laetrile or vitamin B17 has unique properties because it only kills cancer cells. It contains two units of glucose, one of Benz aldehyde (the primary component of bitter almond oil) and one of cyanide. This substance is found in large quantities in apricot kernels which have consequently been banned from the market! Oregano contains a substance called quercetine which has been shown to have an inhibitory effect on the development of cancer. Oregano oil has therefore been banned from the market here in Norway! Hemp oil distilled from the shoots of female hemp plants has also been shown to be highly effective in combating cancer. Chilli pepper and cayenne pepper contain a substance called capsaicin which has been shown to kill cancer cells.

Turmeric is a natural substance which, according to several studies, reduces tumours by up to 80%. Tea prepared from dandelion roots has been shown to kill highly aggressive cancer cells and this phenomenon is currently the subject of intensive research. Red raspberries contain a substance called ellagitannin (ellagic acid) which has been shown to inhibit the development of cancer cells. In low concentrations it slows down the growth of cancer cells, and in high doses it tells cancer cells to kill themselves. Tests conducted by Dr. Daniel Nixon at the Hollings Cancer Institute have also shown similar results for breast, pancreatic, skin and prostate cancer cells. This substance also breaks down leukaemia cells. Another way in which ellagic acid protects the body is by causing G-arrest, i.e. it stops the cells from mutating. If the cells are unable to mutate, we will not suffer from any problems with cancer. These are just a few herbs which have been shown to be important in the battle against cancer. It is recommended that you should devote a bit of time to learning about other such herbs and incorporate some of them into your daily diet. Massive amounts of money are spent every year on trying to prevent the general public from learning about the properties of such products. Consequently, whatever you decide to do in order to prevent cancer from gaining the upper hand is largely up to you. These are small daily interventions which could be decisive for enabling your body to deal with this highly natural phenomenon in the long term. I would recommend that you watch the film entitled "Cancer is Curable Now" because it will provide you with a number of clues which you can follow up in order to obtain important information. You will find further details about this film at the back of this book.


"AD/HD" (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)

"In the past drugs were sold to combat diseases. Now diseases are being sold to suit the drugs." "The pharmaceuticals industry is using its wealth and power to co-opt every institution that might stand in its way, including the US Congress, the Food and Drug Administration, academic medical centres and the medical profession itself." Dr. Marcia Angell, former Editor-in-Chief of The New England Journal of Medicine.


The AD/HD madness

Clarifying the problem

One of greatest medical scandals in history and the most serious crime against children is probably the ADHD scandal. It is simply a crime against children, on prescription! I will not devote too much time to this topic here since it would take up a whole book, possibly even several books.

An attempt should be made to obtain clarification of the problems and circumstances surrounding the causes before handing down a sentence. In such cases the children concerned have no rights and they are simply drugged with narcotics to prevent them from being a nuisance to others. The use of AD/HD medication containing narcotic substances has practically exploded. The reason for this is that increasing numbers of children are displaying what is being referred to as deviant behaviour. Why is this happening? The problem is not a genetic one, but one caused by our environment, our food and the general lifestyles of the parents and children involved.

I have decided to include a bit about the problem in this book because it is very serious and there are many people who do not receive the help they need from the authorities. I have personally been working with a number of children who, according to the medical industry, have been diagnosed with ADHD. I have yet to see any children who do not become "normal" after their diet has been corrected and the right conditions have been created for ensuring that their bodies are able to function normally.

The diagnosis This diagnosis emerged following a show of hands at the 1987 AGM of the American Psychiatric Association. It was described as being a disease designed for selling drugs. The pharmaceuticals industry is a highly profitable one which unfortunately does not care about the health of children. At the moment, and as far as I know, there are no proven medical defects that are measurable in patients who have been diagnosed with ADHD. In other words, there are no medical tests that can be carried out to determine whether or not a patient is suffering from this alleged disease. Diagnosis rests purely on decisions determined in response to judgements made in each individual case. Diagnosis is made on the basis of observations and is a subjective description of behaviour that is found in many children, e.g. unrest and a lack of concentration. Using narcotics to drug children who do not comply with the rules of society by displaying the right sort of behaviour and levels of concentration is regarded as being a scandal and breach of children's rights. Diagnosing someone with ADHD without first clarifying the causes and adjusting their lifestyle is like sentencing someone without going to court.

It is not right to put someone on medication BEFORE the problem has been clarified and adjustments have been made in order to promote a normal lifestyle. We need to deal with the obvious issues first. No long-term studies have been conducted to show that it is safe to administer narcotic substances over long periods of time. Other studies show that children are experiencing major problems as a result of the narcotic drugs that are being prescribed. I know several children who have been taking such narcotic drugs for many years and it would appear that the side effects of these are extremely serious. Their perception of reality and their mental faculties are ruined for life. They are all psychotic and do not live what one might call a normal life. So whatever you do, you should never let your children take narcotic drugs. Several studies have ascertained that this is a dietary and lifestyle-related problem. If you start to provide the body with what it needs, it will start to function normally. Some of the things that are known to cause problems are milk, gluten and additives in food and drink. I have observed this on numerous occasions and I have devoted a considerable amount of work to this problem. It is hard work trying to help both parents and their children, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Several countries in the Western world are now becoming more determined and starting to take a closer look at this problem. In some places the use of ADHD medication has increased by 2,700 %. This in itself is an indication of the fact that this problem has escalated way beyond common sense!


Who cares if you are different to everyone else!

Children are not all the same The marks currently awarded in schools do not take into account the skills that are really important in life and they are used for making comparisons with others in exactly the same subjects. What about real values, love, consideration and the things that really mean something in our lives! As Einstein once said: "Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." Not all children fit perfectly into the fixed norms that are considered to be normal by society. Some children might be more creative than others. They might have completely different skills that could be significant for our future! Maybe some of today's children have a stronger sense of intuition and understand how bad things are in today's society. So it is right to drug these children in order to create the appearance of making them fit into a system which is regarded by some as being normal? I believe that it is important that we open our eyes and try to be a bit more flexible about the fact that some children perhaps need different stimuli than the ones permitted by generally accepted norms. We do not all need to be equally good at maths, spelling, algebra or other tricky subjects.


This is all well and good, but the present structure of society dictates that we are more or less born as slaves to a system. This system expects you to attend school, get an education and find a good job. You can then start a family, buy a house and car and acquire huge debts. You will then have committed yourself to paying interest to the bank for the rest of your life. Most people work themselves to death trying to make ends meet. They do not get time to look after their children or their families because they are spending most of their lives working to pay their interest and bills. Is this really the most important thing in the world? You might wonder what the world is missing because we are drugging these creative souls! I have not expressed many views in this book - most of it is simply based on facts. But this is a subject that I have strong views about. Based on my own experiences with AD/HD, I believe that anyone diagnosing and prescribing narcotic substances to children before the obvious issues have been addressed, should be brought before the courts and sentenced on the same terms as those who smuggle and sell narcotic substances.

The message that I wish to put across in this book is related to health and the prevention and reversal of disease. This is actually extremely simple and very obvious! In matters of health, most people would like to believe that they are in safe hands. We have come a long way here in the Western world in relation to combating what we call disease. This is completely true in respect of acute medicine, because we are very good in this area. We have clever, highly skilled doctors who have studied for many years and really know their jobs. They deserve our praise. What we need to be wary of is those doctors who are called general practitioners. They obviously have good intentions, but in reality they possess little knowledge about how the body works and interacts with nature and about what is required in order to reverse or prevent disease. However, this is not the fault of the doctors. The guilty parties are those who have prescribed their education.

So don't we have the world's best health service? I used to think so until I changed my mind many years ago. I have not been ill very much, but I have obviously seen and experienced illness among members of my family, friends and acquaintances.

You hear a lot about such things, and it is impossible to avoid them when so many people are becoming ill. Obviously we wonder what would happen if we were to get cancer or other serious illnesses. It is comforting to think that we could obtain help from the National Health Service here in Norway - which is an incredibly wealthy country compared to many other countries and consequently we ought to have the optimum conditions for recovery. As it turns out, this does not coincide with reality, because the truth is quite a different story! In order to understand the how’s and whys of this reality, it is important to try and look at the development of our society from a slightly wider perspective. Once you start to investigate and devote a bit of time to the matter, you will quickly discover that most of us have had the wool completely pulled over our eyes. I am therefore including a few other things in this book which are not directly linked to the topic of health.


Science and research These hormones have been shown to be highly carcinogenic in humans, but few people were allowed to know about it! This type of cheating and deception can be found in many different places. Another example concerns the problems relating to mobile phone radiation. The research, which has been paid for by mobile phone manufacturers, shows that no dangers exist, but independent research has shown the opposite to be true. You should read the instructions for use that accompany your mobile phone CAREFULLY. Put two and two together once you have studied the research paid for by the industry. Can you detect the errors?

Science and research are progressing, but there are many different types of research. These include independent research, where attempts are made to find answers to things without creating financial benefits, and industry-funded research, where attempts are made to find answers to confirm the assumptions of the industry concerned. In many cases the latter type of research is manipulated in order to provide the answers desired! Almost every day revelations are made about the manipulation of research results, especially manipulation by the pharmaceuticals industry. There are massive profits at stake, and consequently this often results in the use of dishonest methods. He who searches will find the answers, although you rarely hear about this in the media. In most cases the pharmaceuticals and media companies are often owned by the same groups. Obviously their owners would not want to write about such revelations or report them on the TV or in the newspapers. One also risks losing millions of pounds in advertising revenue by reporting sensitive issues. One example of this concerned a report written about the hormones used in cows to make them produce milk even when calving. These hormones are extremely harmful to humans, but the manufacturer did not want the story to be released and threatened to boycott the TV Company if it broadcast the report. The TV Company would have lost millions of pounds in advertising revenue, so it dropped the case.

The vaccine scandal is another serious matter which has surfaced. We all witnessed the recent hysteria which surrounded this issue, but most people are probably not aware that the whole thing was planned. There are good reasons why increasing numbers of doctors and hospitals are now refusing to administer vaccines. Several countries are now dropping various vaccines following the recent revelations. It is almost inconceivable to think that during the 1980s claims relating to vaccine damage were submitted which amounted to a staggering total of $3,600 billion. As a result of these claims, 17 of the 18 manufacturers of the triple vaccine were forced to discontinue production. So what did the authorities do? Did they sit down and investigate to see if these vaccines were harmful? No, they drew up new legislation which absolved the manufacturers of liability! One might wonder about whether this legislation was bought and paid for by the industry! I am pretty sure about one thing and that is that one day most vaccines will be banned! There are compelling reasons which show that they do not produce the effects claimed. We lack research showing that it is safe to use them, but not all the relevant information about vaccines has yet come to light. Until this happens, it might be wise to protect yourself and your children by avoiding the use of vaccines. Can this be true? You should devote a few months to finding out if it is. Or maybe you will seek the easy solution by believing what you read in the newspapers or watch on TV?


A few words about Western medicine

Traditional Western allopathic medicine is based on a theory postulated by the French chemist Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) who claimed that disease is caused by various groups of microbes which invade the body from outside. The concept of microbes causing disease became officially accepted. This theory, which was subsequently shown to be completely flawed, paved the way for what is today called allopathic medicine and the pharmaceuticals industry. It forms the basis of how doctors are educated and the establishment of health services in the West. This industry underwent rapid expansion and engaged in a rather manipulative form of marketing, attempting to use every means at its disposal to ridicule other disease-related facts and theories.


They were so successful that they gradually acquired a monopoly on what they believed was the fight against disease. The science behind this flawed theory became the truth and property of the pharmaceuticals industry, and they secured their theories with patented drugs. If this theory had been correct, would disease have been eradicated from the world today? Fortunately some people have been vigilant and have understood that this theory was completely flawed. This has been scientifically proven, but it is still being opposed from all sides because the pharmaceuticals industry is a million dollar industry.

Pharmaceuticals - an alternative form of treatment! Pharmaceuticals

Natural medicine

If pharmaceuticals worked we should probably expect to free of disease. However, all the statistics show the opposite to be true. There have never been more diseases or health problems than now, despite all the pharmaceuticals available!

Most drugs are based on natural medicines. Plants and other things contain thousands of substances that can help the body. In order to manufacture pharmaceuticals it is necessary to extract just one or two of these substances. The next step is to produce them synthetically, and then they can be patented. It goes without saying that any medicine that is based on just one or two active ingredients will never be as effective as one which contains thousands.

The fact is that pharmaceuticals do not heal anything. All they do is masking the symptoms of illness in the body that have been caused by imbalances, deficiencies and overload. We will never able to do anything about the cause of the problem if we override the body's processes and mask the symptoms. We cover up the problem for a short while, thus allowing a disease to develop into an even more serious form which will gradually produce further symptoms. This is an alternative form of treatment since the natural thing would be to allow the body to put its own self-healing capabilities into operation. The reason why alternative medicine (drugs) does not work is that it is based on a completely flawed hypothesis which states that disease can be healed by using chemicals and synthetic substances. The human race is part of nature and is supposed to interact with it in the same way as animals and plants. By living in harmony with the universal laws of nature, we will acquire everything we need in order to live a life free of problems and disease.

Natural medicine can therefore be thousands of times more effective than synthetic drugs. There are no problems involved in approving natural products as medicines. The problem lies in the fact that these costs of millions of dollars, and natural substances cannot be patented. Consequently anyone would be able to sell such products as soon as they were approved, and the company which had spent millions of dollars on seeking approval would have lost its money. There is a good reason why several Western countries have legislation which dictates that any natural products which are shown to produce positive effects should automatically be withdrawn from the market. Consequently all natural substances can be legally withdrawn from the market. Who do you think might be responsible for the existence of such legislation? Do we benefit from having such legislation, or are the pharmaceuticals companies the beneficiaries?

The only thing that has ever worked, and will continue to work, is natural treatment or adjustment of the body so that it can function as intended. The alternative is to try and mask the symptoms using synthetic and chemically manufacturered drugs. Norway, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, has more people on benefits than any other country in the world in relation to its population. Because we are so rich you would expect us to have the best health, a super efficient health service and a minimum of disease! We have access to all the drugs we could ever dream of, so what is the problem?

Do you think this is the answer to good health?


What is disease?

In order to understand the measures that need to be applied in order to reverse and prevent disease, it is important that you understand this chapter. You should read it several times if necessary. Despite the fact that there are thousands of illnesses and conditions with different names, there are actually just two main causes of all diseases. They all have one thing in common, i.e. cellular imbalance, which either results from deficiencies or from the build-up of too many toxins in the cells. All the body's components are composed of cells. Life as we know it is composed of three elements. This means that if we analyse a cell in a living organism in order to discover all its components and what it is made of, we will find just three elements. This applies equally to humans, fish, birds and all other living creatures.


Everything is composed of water, ions and organic molecules/life colloids. Living organisms consist of structures that are composed of billions of cells. According to the laws of nature cells need five physical elements in order to function. Oxygen, water, nourishment, sunlight and contact with the earth. I will return to these elements later. It is actually normal to be 100% fit and health. Many people think that we ought to have problems of one sort or other; otherwise we would not be normal! THAT IS NOT NORMAL!

What is disease?

These are caused by our different lifestyles, environmental influences, our beliefs, our thoughts and our feelings. The prevention and reversal of disease simply concerns the reversal and prevention of the cells' ability to stop working properly.

Degenerative disorders are reaching almost epidemic levels in the Western world, and the situation appears to be extremely complicated. However, although medical science is trying to make people believe that thousands of different chemical and synthetic substances are required in order to combat all our disorders and conditions, this is misleading and completely WRONG! All diseases have their source at a molecular and cellular level. We now know that practically all diseases have a common cause as well as common solutions for their reversal and prevention.

Three out of four people in the Western world have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. This is happening because most of us are overloaded with toxins and are generally deficient in essential nutrients. Our daily proximity to toxic substances derived from food, drinks and toiletries, etc. upsets the natural biological balance of the cells. The cells become damaged and are no longer able to work properly. If we are also deficient in just one type of nutrient, this could affect all the cellular processes which would in turn create cellular imbalances and disease. As the scope of deficiencies and overload continues to increase, we are now seeing that diseases which previously only mainly affected the elderly are now also affecting increasing numbers of children and adolescents. The trend is NOT being reversed, despite having new drugs.

There is only one disease and it has just two causes: deficiencies and overload in the cells. Cells which lack essential substances or which are exposed to toxins will stop working properly over the course of time. If the body's cells did not stop working properly, diseases would not occur! It's quite simple, isn't it! The thousands of different illnesses which we experience are actually the result of thousands of different combinations of deficiencies and toxicity which manifest in different ways.


Increasing numbers of children are being born ill

It is tragic to witness that modern children do not have to wait to become ill - they are often born ill. The lifestyle of their parents, along with the deficiencies and toxins that their parents have in their bodies, are transferred to the foetus and are largely contributory in the fact that children are being born with deficiencies and toxic overload.

The fats that most of us consume are not really suitable building blocks since the fats contained in processed foods have been destroyed.

An average adult has approx. 700-800 manmade toxins in his/her body.

Children often suffer from defects in both the brain and the immune system from birth onwards. Many of them suffer from colic, ear infections and eczema which subsequently develop into allergies, stomach problems, menstrual problems, headaches and acne, etc. If we do not start to provide the body with what it needs, these will develop to become far more serious problems in adulthood. We will then end up with diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, rheumatism and cancer, etc.

A newborn child has on average 270 toxins that have been transferred from his/her mother. The diet that most people eat today consists largely of processed food. What we call food today contains far fewer nutrients and far more toxins than previously and results in children being born with brain damage and other physical deformities. Throughout history we have seen that our brains have gradually become larger due to evolution, but this trend now appears to be reversing. The brain consists largely of fats and water, and in order to ensure that it works normally it is important that it has enough fat. A diet rich in low-fat products, which has unfortunately been recommended by the authorities, has resulted in the fact that modern children are lacking the building blocks that are essential for normal development of the brain.


Our children are the greatest losers because society and the authorities are unwilling to address the seriousness of this problem.

Concentration problems and hyperactivity are starting to become serious problems which are affecting increasing numbers of people. This has nothing to do with genes. It is simply the result of parental lifestyles and the subsequent food habits and lifestyles of the children concerned. If we fail to introduce the necessary measures and bring this trend under control, we will suffer both financial and social consequences. Without exaggerating, if nothing is done it will end in tragedy.

We are facing huge challenges

Although there have never been so many drugs to choose from, our health is simply becoming worse. Drugs are supposed to cure us, aren't they? This should serve as a warning for the authorities responsible for the situation, although there is little to indicate that measures are being implemented in order to reverse the trend. The facts actually show that we are becoming increasingly overloaded with even more health-related problems without anything being done about it!

synthetic drugs can combat disease.

The fact that the authorities and those responsible in the health sector have failed to introduce measures has, in one way, had a positive effect, because people are starting to take responsibility for their own health and are implementing the necessary measures themselves.

When people become more willing to take responsibility for their own health there are several factors which will need to be considered. One of these is what they will actually be willing to do in order to be cured or to prevent disease. The other is what they should and actually must do for themselves or their families.

Consequently we will see huge changes occurring in the established health services in the future. The erroneous information provided by the pharmaceutical companies about disease does not accord with reality. The truth is quite different, and it is starting to become known to the public. This will result in major changes, although the authorities and the pharmaceuticals industry will try to hang onto outdated and misleading information which is based on the illusion that chemicals and

The elimination of symptoms is not the same thing as the elimination of disease! Health consultants of the future will not write out prescriptions for synthetic drugs, but will simply inform their patients about the natural remedies that are needed for either reversing or preventing all diseases.

The key in this respect is having relevant, correct information, because only then can we make proper conscious choices. It is said that informed people make better choices, and this also applies in respect of health matters. Not everyone experiences problems with cancer or becomes ill, and there are two reasons for this.... knowledge or luck!

Health consultants of the future will not write out prescriptions for synthetic drugs, but will simply inform their patients about the natural remedies that are needed for either reversing or preventing all diseases. 49

Fortunately we have the knowledge that will help us to reverse this trend

If we focus on how we can prevent and reverse cellular imbalances, we will be able to prevent and reverse all diseases by resorting to simple measures. Our most important tool in this context is having the knowledge and relevant information about the subject of prevention. It is easier to prevent something and, for example, not experience problems with cancer, than to try and repair it when things have gone wrong. There is no magic pill that can cure all your problems. There will never be any such pill. If there was, then such a pill would have to eliminate the cells' requirements for oxygen, pure water, nourishment, sunlight, contact with the earth, exercise and movement... the building blocks of all life.


There will never be any anti-cancer vaccines either, as has been popularly postulated. If there were, they would have to have had the same fantastic properties as the magic pill.... this will never happen. Promises like the following are made by the established world of medicine: take this magic pill and all your problems will disappear! Just continue with your destructive lifestyle. What you eat is in no way connected with your health. Disease and illnesses are not your responsibility, your fault or anything you need to worry about... they are viruses, bacteria or, even more patronising, genetically determined. There is nothing more misleading than such statements!

What it's really all about It's really all about the following: The body's cells have 5 physical requirements in order to ensure that they function properly: Oxygen, water, nutrients/energy, sunlight and contact with the earth. There are no drugs or forms of treatment that can eliminate or compensate for the need for these elements. They must be present, no matter what. There are therefore several areas that require individual attention on a daily basis if you are to have any chance of preventing poor health or replacing it with better health. If you follow this advice your body will at some stage start to reverse most diseases, provided that the damage is not already too great. If you comply 110% with some of these items, but fail to take all the elements into account, then the body will not be able to efficiently reverse or prevent disease.

These items include the following: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Positive thinking Drinking vital pure water Breathing in vital fresh air full of negative ions Contact with the earth for promoting energy and balance A healthy intestinal and digestive system Medical check-ups Vital food for vital people Dental health Exercise and movement are essential Protection against electromagnetic radiation Sunshine for the production of hormones and vitamins Detoxification and cleansing

Separate chapters have been devoted to most of the items mentioned above. We need to take each and every one of these items into account if we are to have any chance of regaining our health really regaining our health - rather than just temporarily becoming symptom-free. Each item is equally important. In order to know exactly what you should focus on initially, it might be a good idea to undergo a few tests. Have your body's pH levels tested. This is probably the most important thing to do when you start. Have an angiography performed in order to check your heart, circulation and degree of calcification. Have a live blood analysis carried out in order to obtain answers to important questions. Check to see if you have enough vitamin D in your body.


A few words about each critical item Water intake and quality Water is definitely not just water. The differences in the properties of the water we drink are decisive for your state of health. If you overlook this important point you will never reach your goal, no matter what preventative or reversing health measures you try. The difference between the properties of the water that is found in nature and tap or bottled water is so great that there can actually be no comparison. You should start by drinking at least 1-2 litres of pure vital water each day. We are not talking about tap or bottled water. You can read more about water in the chapter on page 106.

Vital air containing negative ions Vital air cannot be found inside houses or offices. You have to get out into the countryside or near the sea. Spend time in places where the air and water are in constant motion. Indoor air contains a huge surplus of positive ions which are detrimental to our health. The more electrical installations you have, e.g. airconditioning or other ventilation systems, the more detrimental the impact on your health will be if you live/stay in such places. You can read more about ions in the chapter on page 74.

Contact with the earth for promoting energy and balance Do you have contact with the earth? You may have heard about this, but having direct contact with the earth is vital for your health. It provides the body with electrons which act as antioxidants to harmonise and balance the body's energy systems. This discharges static electricity and promotes the proper functioning of all the body's systems. So take your shoes off and walk, run and lie on the ground. You should also use a grounding sheet in your bed. You can read more about the earth in the chapter on page 176.


A healthy intestinal and digestive system

Unless 80 % of your diet consists of raw food, you will not have a healthy intestinal system or good digestion which will enable the optimum intake of nutrients. Enzymes are essential for the breakdown and digestion of food. Enzymes can only be found in food that has not been heated up to temperatures above approx. 48C.

A diet consisting of raw vegetables helps to increase the good intestinal bacteria more than anything else. If your intestines are functioning normally, you will have bowel movements at least once a day. This is the minimum, because any fewer is regarded as being constipation. Twice a day is best. Any longer and you incur the risk of poisoning.

These enzymes are destroyed when we cook food. If you have problems with your digestion because you only eat cooked food, you could take an enzyme supplement in order to help your system until it becomes more stable.

Toxic substances on their way out will be reabsorbed unless the intestines function normally.

Enzymes break down the remains of rotting food in the digestive tract and in the blood, and subsequently help with the digestion of other food. When you start eating a diet consisting of 80% raw food, your intestines and digestion will gradually start to stabilise and function normally. All intestinal problems are caused by providing your intestines with the wrong types of food.


The dead food we eat does not make any demands on intestinal function and will lead to problems in the long term. Bread and cakes destroy the intestinal villi which absorb nutrients as they pass through the system. Gluten - from the word "glu", which is the same as "glue" - coats the walls of the intestines. So now you know this it is up to you to do something about it if you would like your intestines to function normally.

Vital food for vital people

You should read everything you come across about Stone Age and low-carb diets, as well as everything about raw food, wild plants and herbs. After considering the knowledge you will acquire about diet, you will find your own approach. Forget everything you have learned about fad diets and slimming regimes. We do not need to go on diets or slimming regimes. If we live and eat correctly our bodies will regulate their own processes and our weight will become normal. We are designed to eat fresh, vital food which contains lots of vital energy. Not dead mass-produced food saturated with sprays and containing more E-numbers than nutrients. There are no longer many people who eat real food. If you are to have any hopes of achieving better health you should only put food in your mouth which will provide you with energy and nourishment, NOT food that is lifeless and full of toxins. This is a wise course of action and extremely logical, but not easy to do in our busy everyday lives. Furthermore, it is not easy to select the right foods when most of the food available on the shop shelves has been labelled in a devious, incorrect manner. The authors of the texts found on food labels are masters at making chemicals sound like something fantastic. Usually these texts have been written by


legal practitioners who push the boundaries of what is considered to be acceptable. "NATURAL INGREDIENTS" written in capital letters is something you often find. If you read the text below you will often discover that the product concerned contains a glorious mixture of chemicals and 5% of something healthy. By comparison it would be equally ridiculous if petrol contained 5% blueberries and was labelled as being NATURAL. From a health perspective, 95% of the food available in the shops is unfit for human consumption. It is not suitable for animals either. Vitamins are useless unless they contain minerals and enzymes. Enzymes are useless unless they contain vitamins and minerals. Minerals are useless unless they contain vitamins and enzymes. Vitamins and minerals are micro-nutrients that we need every day. Usable enzymes, vitamins and minerals can only be found in fresh, living, organic food and not in dead food. You should eat fresh locally-produced food if you wish to avoid becoming ill. You can read more about energy and nourishment in the chapter on page 132.


The lymph system is completely dependent on movement in order to function properly. Tight clothing such as bras could be one of the causes of diseases like breast cancer. If the lymph system is blocked then the lymph is unable to circulate and this can cause an accumulation of toxins. The body's second complete circulation system is the lymph system which carries away cellular waste and helps with the identification of foreign substances. The problem is that unlike the heart, which pumps blood around the blood circulation system, the lymph system does not have a pump for circulating lymphatic fluid. The only way in which lymphatic fluid can be circulated is by movement - motion. Without motion this waste system would cease to function. Do you want to grow old before your time? Do you want to get one of several different types of cancer or other serious diseases? Then stop moving. A lack of motion can be compared to failing to flush the toilet after you have used it because the waste is not removed and this will in turn result in an accumulation of waste and other problems. It is not enough to release all the body's waste products by using various detoxification methods.


They also need to be set in motion and dumped. The lymph system plays a vital role in the dumping process. Go walking, running, swimming, cycling - do anything as long as you move and get your circulation going. You should preferably exercise outside in the fresh air. If you can do this barefoot while the sun is shining, then you will definitely activate lots of positive reactions in your body! This produces completely different results when compared to exercising indoors in an exercise studio, being bathed by radiation emanating from fluorescent lights, breathing in poor quality air containing low levels of negative ions which has been delivered by a ventilation system and drinking lifeless water from plastic bottles. You and your children could risk developing serious illnesses if you do not get exhausted and out of breath a couple of times week.

Electromagnetic radiation

We live in a world where we are surrounded by a dense network of mobile phone signals, satellite frequencies, transmitter stations and electrical installations. Mobile phones, digital cordless phones, wireless networks, GPS and Wi-Fi systems are all part of our everyday lives.

In several countries mobile masts and wireless networks are being removed from places like schools because the radiation they emit is considered to be extremely harmful to health. It is important to protect ourselves from such radiation and to minimise exposure as much as possible.

The radiation we are exposed to from all these devices is very harmful. It produces a negative impact on our cells and disrupts the body's sensitive electrical systems. Increasing numbers of people are becoming ill from the radiation that surrounds us. Typical symptoms include exhaustion, headaches, heart problems, allergies, sleep problems, cancer, hormonal disturbances and concentration problems, etc.

You can read more about electromagnetic radiation in the chapter on page 184.



In order to benefit from sunlight we need to be out in the open air. Allowing the sun to shine on your body is essential for health and it is completely free! We should preferably get some sun on our bodies every single day. You could use a sun bed during the winter months. If you are unable to obtain enough sun on your body, it will never be able to achieve it maximum potential. You should avoid suntan lotions and sunglasses. These should be used in moderation if you want your body to function properly. You can read more about sunlight on page 164.


Detoxification and cleansing

The body is full of toxins which create a burden on the cells and cause serious imbalances. You need to reduce your ingestion of toxins and increase your intake of pure substances. It might be a good idea to undergo several detox cures during the course of the year in order to bring your body's systems back into balance. You could use a Quaver Phase energy spa which will help to detoxify the body. You should drink lots of vegetable smoothies and eat a lot of Spirulina and Chlorella. Take a look at all your toiletries and check their contents for chemicals, most of which contains hormone disruptors and very harmful toxins. Perfume, deodorants and toothpaste all contain large quantities of such substances. You can read more about our toxic world on page 188.


Change negative social patterns There are many factors involved in creating a diseasefree process in the body. You can go on the best diet in the world and eat plenty of vital substances, but if you or someone close to you is in a state of imbalance and is suffering from negative and destructive thoughts and feelings, it will be impossible for you to change your lifestyle from a destructive one to a healthy one. You can change all the factors I have mentioned in this book, but if you fail to include thoughts and feelings in this process you will never reach your target. Try conducting a small experiment: spend the whole day with people who have loads of vital energy and see how you feel! Then do the same with the most negative, destructive people you know and see how you feel..... is there a difference? Clean up your life and get rid of old memories and any other disruptive clutter that you have lying around. Happiness is not created by owning things. If this was true, we would be the happiest people in the world. In fact, despite all our possessions, we are the most unhappy, ungrateful people on the planet. So throw away or give away everything that you do not need.


Give it to someone who really needs it. You should throw away any photos and gifts that you have received from anyone who has caused you problems. Things like this carry energies which can ruin everything for you. You will not be able to move on until you have sorted out such things. One of the things which made a great impression on me was seeing a man from an impoverished country crying and jumping up and down with joy because he had found an old piece of corrugated tin. When I asked him why he was so happy, he replied: "Because I have finally found a roof for my house. Now my family can sleep with a roof over their heads." He showed me his house which measured 3 x 3 metres and was made from old planks and sheets of corrugated tin. He owned nothing except for his house. I have never seen the type of joy and happiness he displayed here in the West. Instead of counting ourselves lucky because we are so well off, we are shamefully ungrateful and have negative attitudes about most things. Just think about it the next time you think your life is difficult and painful!


... ARE


Hormones and things Happiness and satisfaction are not created by THINGS, but by hormones. Hormones are created by the body when it is balanced and in contact with natural elements. If you need synthetic stimuli in order to feel happy or to sleep, this is because your body is unable to produce these hormones for you. Sunshine creates hormones, contact with the earth creates hormones, vital food bursting with life-giving energy creates hormones and positive thoughts create hormones. No factories are able to manufacture products unless they are supplied with raw materials. Similarly your body cannot produce what it needs unless it has the right raw materials and conditions for doing so! As regards "things", you probably only really need about 5-10% of all the things you buy. Everything else is things we do not need, things which create more debt and worries: you cannot buy happiness.

A typical Norwegian diet will create unstable blood sugar levels. These will jump all over the place if we eat a lot of bakery products, rice, pasta and potatoes, etc. We only have one hormone, insulin, which lowers our blood sugar levels. We have five hormones which elevate them. Since our diets appear to have been created on the basis of having ten hormones which reduce blood sugar levels and none which elevate them, it is not surprising that things go wrong. Insulin is regarded as being a master hormone and if we mess around with it, it will affect all the other hormones in the body. This means that your dietary habits affect your mental health more than you might believe. There are consequently good reasons why people eating a Western diet often resort to taking artificial stimulants.

What is more important? What would you want by your side if you were about to die?


Cells are fantastic factories Humans, animals and plants are the most complex, advanced structures on our planet. Such structures range from being simple organisms, such as single-cell bacteria, to human beings who consist of trillions of small cells. All the body's tissues and organs are built up from cells. There are approx. 220 different types of cells in our bodies. If you look at yourself in the mirror you will actually be seeing trillions of cells interacting with each other. When you eat a steak or a tomato, you are simply eating cells. If we disregard the body as being one unit with many complex functions and break it down into all its component parts, we will be left with simple cells. Each individual cell is an independent biochemical and bioelectrical factory.

If we then take apart the cells to see what they are composed of, we will see that all cells in living organisms are built up from organic molecules, water and ions (ions are electrical particles). The body and all its functions are governed by the interplay which exists between the cells from which they are composed. Thousands of processes are taking place in our cells at any one time. Our DNA and genes, which store information about the work carried out by the cells, are located in the core of the cells. Kidney cells are programmed to be kidneys and to work together to cleanse the blood. Skin cells are programmed to be skin. Other cells include muscle, brain, bone, nerve, fat and blood cells. Even the enamel on our teeth is composed of cellular structures.

When we get mercury in our bodies from food, drink, vaccines or mercury fillings, the nerve fibres which transmit signals in the body will start to die and disappear. This can be compared to cutting away the small metal wires which protrude from microchips in computers. THINGS WILL THEN STOP WORKING AS THEY WERE INTENDED TO!

Nerve cells The thin fibres which emerge from cells transmit messages between cells. In some cases these fibres can be almost one metres in length. Average number of neurons in the human brain = 100 billion .They are coated with a layer of fat called myelin, which insulates them and prevents their electrical signals from shortcircuiting and causing disruption. This fatty sheath can become eroded by mercury, causing short-circuiting and disruption of the signals passing between the nerves and the muscles. The thin nerve fibres can also be eroded by mercury, thus destroying many of the transmission paths that exist between cells, such as the brain cells. Can you see what is starting to happen?


Our electromagnetic bodies

Our bodily functions are governed by electromagnetic energies which can be measured by different types of instruments in all living organisms. The billions of cells in the body communicate with each other by using electric signals. All cells have electrical potential which is measurable. Cell membranes, which are sheaths surrounding all cells, should ideally have a voltage of approx. -0.70 to -0.90 millivolts. These voltage levels can be affected by several factors. The body's cells all work like small batteries. An electrical charge is produced in response to differences occurring in the ratio between potassium inside the cells and sodium on the outside. When the sodium/ potassium ratio changes, the ratio inside individual cells also changes. We would thus be upsetting the cell's battery. This has a serious impact on the cell's ability to function properly and thus results in serious implications for the body's self-regulatory and regeneration processes.

The electrical potential of the cells is also affected by the quality of the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe in. Other very important factors include our environment and our lifestyle, including the tensions and worries that go with it. If our body has a normal pH of 7.34 - 7.40, the cells' electromagnetic fields will also be more or less normal. The heart is the body's strongest oscillator, producing very powerful electromagnetic signals. The signals produced by the heart can be measured from a distance of several kilometres. The heart is the only organ which is not dependent on the brain in order to function. It has its own nervous system and is able to act without being influenced by the brain. So consequently our brains are located in the heart and our foolishness is located in the brain.

When you reach the chapter on ions, water and pH values, you will see the connection.


Cellular energy Cells have energy centres that can be compared to batteries. An optimal cell has an electrical potential of -0.7 to -0.9 mV. The difference between dead and living cells is that voltage cannot be measured in a dead cell. When we die there is no longer any electricity present. The electricity in the body can also be called life force. When we no longer live in harmony with nature, we risk not having enough life force/electricity in our bodies. When we become ill, the electrical potential in our cells has almost invariably been reduced to dangerously low levels. When a cell's voltage starts to drop towards -0.2 mV as a result of deficiencies or overload, that is when problems start to occur and illnesses arise. Our cells no longer have the energy they need in order to do the work they have been programmed to do. The electrical potential in people who have developed a lot of cancer cells will almost invariably have dropped to around -0.15 mV. Serious complications are likely to occur in the cells when their energy levels are so low. This is termed as being disease, which manifests as symptoms in the body. The cells need to have raw materials in order to maintain their energy levels and to perform all the complex tasks which govern the body.

Cells can be compared to microchips in a PC, where the microchips control and perform tasks. They are attached to printed circuit boards with metal electrical circuits which transmit task-related signals to other components. In the body it is the cells which transmit electrical signals along the nerves and meridians, etc., thus providing instructions about any tasks which need to be carried out. Human cells are more complex and more advanced that PCs. Our brain cells have greater computational power than all the computers in the world linked together. The interactions that occur between some of the body's cells are faster and more complex than global Internet connections. This says something about the fantastic capacity that we have. PC microchips cannot perform and transmit information unless they have electricity. As their power deceases, they will gradually experience performance problems and end up unable to do anything once their power has been cut. Cells in living beings perform in the same manner, so if your body does not seem to be working properly it will probably not have very much energy left. It will then be time to recharge it!


Ions are essential for all forms of life

As previously mentioned, the body's cells have 5 physical requirements in order to ensure optimal functioning. Ions are one of the body's fundamental requirements. There are two types of ions: negatively charged ions and positively charged ions.

We have created a highly unnatural environment to live in, and the more we divorce ourselves from natural principles, the more likely we are to succumb to disease. Synthetic drugs cannot compensate for this.

In the modern world where we have an unnatural relationship with nature and natural elements, we are losing much of our access to negatively charged ions.

We need to return to natural principles if we are to have any hope of enjoying normal health and a long, trouble-free life.

Ions are essential for all forms of life. They are electrical particles which are tasteless, odourless and invisible to the naked eye, but we are surrounded by them on all sides, both inside and out.


Are you affected by the weather?

Weather sickness Have you noticed that it is oppressive and difficult to breathe just before a low-pressure thunderstorm? At such times the air is highly charged with electrical energy and a huge increase in positive ions. The air feels much fresher afterwards, once the atmosphere has been discharged after the thunder and lightning. It becomes easier to breathe and the air appears to be clearer and more energised. This is because of the surplus of negative ions in the atmosphere. Many people experience what is called weather sickness. Those most affected are people who are already ill and suffering from health-related problems. In all cases it is a sign that there is something wrong with the body. Those most affected by this phenomenon are people who are already suffering from a deficit of negative ions due to a lack of contact with the earth, fresh air and eating and drinking the wrong things. It does not take much to tip them over.

Long periods of low pressure can cause many people to feel downcast and out of sorts and they may suffer from mental problems. During such conditions the body is exposed to high concentrations of positive ions which affect the nervous system and the production of serotonin, etc. If you live or work somewhere where there is a lot of electrical equipment, this will also have a negative impact on your body and you may risk becoming ill. It is therefore extremely important to get out into the fresh air in order to allow your body to regain its equilibrium. The same applies to your eating habits. You should eat food containing lots of negative ions. This will impact on your body's pH and oxygen levels and prevent problems like cancer. Fresh alkaline-forming foods which have been recently harvested contain vital energy because they are loaded with high numbers of electrons and a lot of energy. This is the type of food you need for a long, healthy life.


Normal concentrations of negative ions in the air in different environments. Concentrations of negative ions per cm3 air

Woods and waterfalls Mountains and coastlines Urban areas and meadows Houses containing electrical equipment Office environments and rooms with air-conditioning

100000~500000 ioner pcs cm³ 50000~100000 ioner pcs cm³ 5000~50000 ioner pcs cm³ 40~50 ioner pcs cm³ 0~25 ioner pcs cm³

If you look at the table above you will understand where the best place to be is. Where do you spend most of your time? Do you feel drained of energy and suffer from several health problems? Can you see how easy it is to start to do something about the problem?


Your state of health is determined by having the right pH balance in your body


There are several factors which affect the pH levels in our bodies! Having a busy, stressful life where you rarely get the opportunity to recharge your batteries. Drinking negatively charged, natural water or positively charged tap or bottled water. Eating freshly harvested food with high levels of life force/electrons. Breathing in fresh, vital air in the countryside which contains a surplus of negative ions, or breathing in indoor air in houses and offices. Having contact/no contact with the earth and walking barefoot and gaining/losing more electrons. Having an optimal balance of minerals in your body.


pH The importance of having balanced pH levels Recent research has shown that having the wrong pH levels in the body causes most of the most common public health problems experienced today. Having an acid overload in the body is a huge strain and can indirectly cause all types of diseases. Research indicates that as many as 80% of all diseases can only develop in an acidic environment. It might therefore be a good idea to ensure that your body remains in an alkaline state, something which would occur automatically if you live in harmony with nature and comply with the laws of nature. According to a number of researchers, the body's pH is extremely sensitive and can only function properly if it is at the correct level. The body's healing processes and ability to cure and reverse chronic illnesses can only commence when the blood and interstellar fluid have been returned to a slightly alkaline state! I will repeat what I have already told you: Total healing and the cure for all chronic diseases can only take place if and when the body has been returned to its normal slightly alkaline state. Being aware of this is extremely important for anyone struggling with a chronic illness or for anyone wanting to prevent illness, feel better and live longer. Most people with a chronic illness probably have an acidic body. Every single cell in the body is affected by the body's pH levels.

It may take a while to understand the body's acid/alkaline balance and pH levels, but if you do not take these into account you will have no chance of attaining optimal health. Once you have read a bit about the subject and discovered how things are connected, it will be much easier for you to understand it. Just take the time you need.


What are pH values?

How are pH levels measured?

pH values represent a measurement method which is designed to show concentrations of hydrogen ions in organic materials and fluids, in the same way, for example, as farmers and gardeners are occupied with soil pH levels. Aquarium fish farmers monitor water pH levels and adjust them accordingly in order to ensure optimal living conditions for the fish. If they get it wrong the fish will die.

pH levels are measured on a scale of 0 to 14 where a pH of 0 is acidic and 14 is alkaline. pH7 is regarded as being neutral. Any values above this are alkaline or basic values, while the levels below this figure are acidic levels. Ions and electrons are responsible the differences in pH values. If someone has a pH of 7, they will have the same numbers of H positive ions and OH negative ions. When pH levels are above 7, the environment will be alkaline because there will be a higher number of OH negative ions.

People will die too, but this takes slightly longer because we are larger organisms.

When pH levels are lower than 7, there will be higher concentrations of H+ ions, i.e. the environment will be dead, with low oxygen levels. This will mean that the body's cells will not be receiving enough oxygen.

Although this matter is decisive for our health, it is not taken into account by National Health doctors. The only doctors who possess such knowledge and take these extremely important factors into consideration are doctors who work with an understanding about the interplay which occurs in natural things. Measuring the body's pH levels should be the first thing we do when we suffer from a serious illness.

An alkaline body will have a surplus of negative electrons. The pH scale is a decimal logarithmic scale whereby a change in a pH level of 1 corresponds to a change in the number of ions multiplied by 10. This means that the solutions measured are 10 times more alkaline than acidic.

This side of the scale is increasingly negative.

















The pH scale

This side of the scale is increasingly positive.




pH levels affect mineral absorption in the body Our pH levels determine whether or not minerals will be absorbed by the body. There are huge differences between the various minerals involved and the extent to which they are absorbed by the body. Some minerals can be absorbed even if the body's pH is not operating at optimal levels, while other minerals are completely dependent on having perfect pH levels. Minerals with high atomic numbers on the Periodic Table of Elements will be absorbed, even if the body's pH levels are slightly below optimal level. Minerals lower down the scale are highly sensitive and will not be absorbed unless the pH levels are within a very narrow acceptable range. Sodium and magnesium will be absorbed at a wide variety of pH levels. Calcium and potassium are dependent on a slightly narrower scale. Manganese and iron require an even more perfect balance with less deviation on the scale. Zinc and copper require almost perfect pH levels for absorption by the body. Iodine requires absolutely perfect conditions for absorption, i.e. between pH 7.35 and 7.4. Iodine is the most important mineral required for the normal functioning of endocrine glands like the thyroid gland. However, as we have seen, this gland is unable to obtain enough iodine unless the body's pH levels are perfect.

The thyroid gland and metabolic problems Problems associated with dysfunction of the thyroid gland are arthritis, diabetes, cancer, depression, obesity, fatigue, heart attacks and metabolic problems, etc.

Are you now starting to see the overall picture and understand a bit about the connection between some of our chronic lifestyle diseases and having abnormal pH levels? The thyroid gland is located in the neck area on either side of the windpipe. It produces hormones such as thyroxin, triiodothyronine and calcitonin. These hormones are responsible for various tasks in the body. Thyroxin and triiodothyronine are two metabolic hormones which regulate the metabolism. Metabolism is the conversion of molecules and nutrients into energy. If the body becomes acidic, the thyroid gland is unable to obtain enough iodine and oxygen. It then stops working properly, and this causes metabolic problems, etc. Metabolic problems are quite a common health problem which is largely attributable to the body becoming too acidic and not getting enough oxygen and sunlight. If the things mentioned above are sorted out, the problem will correct itself in most cases.


More information about minerals Minerals are important, perhaps even more important, than vitamins. They are coenzymes which help vitamins to function properly. Without minerals the vitamins are unable to carry out their work. Many minerals are referred to as being trace minerals. Chromium and vanadium can help to prevent and reverse diabetes. Magnesium is an important mineral for the heart. It is essential in the transmission of electrical signals in nerve cells. Potassium, magnesium and sodium are some of the most important minerals for maintaining the electrical potential of the cells, eliminating excess acid and balancing calcium levels. A potassium deficiency can cause you to become irrational.

A lack of zinc in children can produce symptoms such as mood swings, irritability, sensitivity to light and learning difficulties, etc. Children who perform poorly in tests are often deficient in iron and may also often display impulsive, disruptive behaviour in class. Children with elevated lead levels generally perform poorly in tests when compared to their peers. These facts are not taken into account when children with alleged diagnoses, such as ADHD, are put on medication! This is just a short summary of some of the tasks performed by minerals in our bodies. Once you understand this and are able to make the connections, it may be easier for you to do something about the problem!

Zinc is involved in more than 200 enzyme processes in the brain. A zinc deficiency can produce symptoms such as an impaired sense of smell or taste. We need zinc in order to balance our cadmium levels.


The body has several ways of indicating if it is too acidic The skin is often the first place where we might see changes which will indicate whether or not the body is too acidic. Eczema, itching, dry skin and spots are common examples. Hair loss may be a sign of an acidic environment and a build up of toxins. The mucous membranes in the stomach will work hard to try and eliminate excess acid by secreting gastric acid. This will be experienced as heartburn/ pyrosis which can ultimately result in stomach ulcers when the cells in the stomach are no longer able to protect us against excess acid. Various types of infections will develop in both the small and large intestines if the environment becomes too acidic. This can often result in Crohn's disease and colitis. Cancer normally only becomes a problem in an acid environment.

Our muscles and joints become too acidic when the body is out of kilter. The body will protect its organs by sending any acid it is unable to neutralise to the muscles and joints. This can results in symptoms such as fibromyalgia. Arthritis, calcification and chronic inflammation all result from excess acid. Many young people in the West are starting to suffer from osteoarthritis, a problem which does not exist when one lives in harmony with nature. Obesity is a problem caused by excess acidity because the body also stores excess acid in the fat cells. If you introduce measures which are designed to ensure that the body remains alkaline, the pounds will simply drop off without the need to engage in exercise. I have helped many people in this respect. One of them lost around 27 kilos in just a few months simply by introducing simple measures, without exercise. Another one of my clients lost 18 kilos in three months simply by cutting our slim line fizzy drinks containing aspartame, using a Chi Pro bioenergiser and drinking pure water!

The body is constantly seeking to acquire a state of perfect equilibrium and will try to compensate by using alkaline minerals to regulate its pH levels. If your diet does not contain enough alkaline-forming minerals, it will have an excess of acid which will be stored in your cells, connective tissues, muscles and joints. Pain occurs in a body suffering from a surplus of acid. Do you have painful muscles and joints? Have you found any drugs which help? Do you understand why they don't?  


The following pages contain a small selection of products with acid-forming and alkaline-forming properties after they have been digested in the body. At molecular level, acid-forming foods have a surplus of positive electrons and are low in oxygen. At molecular level, alkaline-forming foods have a surplus of negative electrons and are rich in oxygen.

A good start to the day

Juice prepared from lemons or limes is very alkaline-forming

Peel some ripe, organic lemons or limes, but retain as much of the pith as possible, and then liquidise them. Add a bit of Himalayan salt or sun-dried sea salt to taste. You could also dilute the mixture with a bit of water if you prefer.

Regulates pH levels – Purifies the body – Increases combustion


Food and drink To maintain normal health you need to eat a diet consisting of just 20% of the items shown in the red and orange columns. The remaining 80% of ˂Acidic your diet should come from the items shown in the other columns.

What food is acid-forming and what is alkaline-forming in the body?

pH Neutral

 

Alkaline ˃

 

Bread and flour products Bread Sourdough bread Biscuits and cakes White bread Wholemeal bread

    

Grains and pulses White flour Spelt flour Soya flour Barley Breakfast cereals

    

Meat and fish Beef Pork Chicken Tinned sardines Tinned tuna Whale meat Wild fish Farmed fish

       

Fresh raw vegetables – herbs – algae Alfalfa Artichokes Aubergines Asparagus Cucumbers Cauliflowers Leaf lettuce Barley grass Basil Broccoli Watercress Cayenne pepper


           

Simple tips for a more alkaline body Eat alkaline-forming foods

Fruit is healthy, but be careful!

Alkaline-forming foods are basically dark green vegetables (such as cucumber, broccoli and lettuce), root vegetables, algae containing chlorophyll (such as Spirulina and Chlorella), almonds, hazelnuts, sprouted beans, seeds, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and other essential fatty acids. You should eat as many of these as possible in their fresh, raw state.

Do not overdo the amount of fruit that you eat. Most fruit contains a lot of sugar. If you are going to work actively on combating disease, you should restrict your consumption of fruit for a while. Sugar is cancer’s best friend, and it is therefore extremely important to limit your consumption of sugar. This also applies to honey, corn syrup, maple syrup, sucrose and, not least, absolutely all artificial sweeteners. You should try to limit your consumption of fruit to include just avocados, grapefruit, limes, lemons and tomatoes.

Fresh food it not food that has been transported halfway across the world. Fresh food should only be obtained from your local environment. You should try to adopt the 80/20 ratio whenever possible. You do not need to do this overnight, but try to introduce it over time. The speed at which you succeed in making changes in your diet will affect how quickly you can start to eliminate your health problems.

Fruit juices purchased from the shops are not good, with the exception of grapefruit, lemon, lime and grape juice. If you have to, these can be consumed for short periods of time, but you should be aware that shop-bought fruit juice contains far fewer nutrients and energy than juice that you prepare yourself.

You should eat vital, fresh food which is beneficial for your body, rather than lifeless food which will pollute and harm your body.

Exercise and training

Avoid acid-forming food and drinks

Hard exercise and physical exhaustion will have an acid-forming effect on the body if we do not provide it with enough minerals. The body will release minerals like calcium from the bones in an attempt adjust its acid/alkaline balance. So you do not need to overdo it, but it is essential that you should engage in exercise that will make you feel a bit tired.

If you are ill and want to combat your illness, you should try to avoid acid-forming food as much as possible. This is not easy at the start, but it is imperative for success. What many people like to call a healthy Norwegian diet is extremely acid-forming. It is therefore no surprise that Norway features at the top of the global disease statistics. Most people eat and drink a diet consisting mainly of the following: bread and bakery items containing white flour and yeast, biscuits and cakes, pasta, white rice, meat and animal protein, processed food, saturated fats and trans fats, sugar and artificial sweeteners, milk and dairy products, cheese, coffee, fizzy drinks and fruit juice. These constitute the basis for most of the diseases you will have heard of.

Light exercise such as walking, cycling and swimming, etc. will enable the body to eliminate excess acid via the air we exhale and our sweat.

Drink lots of water with a high ORP and pH You should drink plenty of pure vital water with the correct pH levels and negative ORP (oxidationreduction potential). This is one of the most important measures you should implement at the start in order to quickly return your pH to normal levels. Another good investment would be to purchase a water ioniser. You could also add a slice of lemon to your water since this is alkaline-forming. You can read more about this subject in the chapter on water.






xygen is the primary cause of death if we do not have enough of it. Try holding your breath for a minute and you will understand what I mean. The brain cells start to die from a lack of oxygen after 4 minutes. If you do not have enough oxygen in your blood, your cells will experience the same situation as when you hold your breath.


O2 Oxygen O2 Oksygen Oxygen is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas and it is the most common element on earth. Oxygen constitutes approximately 21 % of the atmosphere and the air which we breathe in, while the remainder is largely composed of nitrogen. Plant photosynthesis uses sunlight and water to convert carbon dioxide into nutrients, and oxygen is a by-product of this process. Green plants will therefore cleanse the atmosphere in your home. The air we exhale contains carbon dioxide which is required by plants, and plants produce the oxygen which we require, so this is a great exchange. The air we breathe in contains oxygen. When oxygen reaches the lungs it diffuses through a thin membrane into the red corpuscles in the blood. With the help of the heart, it is then transported by the blood to all the cells in the body. The cells are dependent on oxygen for the biochemical processes which convert nutrients into energy. An adult consumes approximately 0.9 kg of pure oxygen per day. Your metabolism will not function if you do not have enough oxygen in your cells. It would be exactly like shutting off the air intake in a wood-burning stove, i.e. if the flames do not receive enough oxygen then the wood will not burn.

Oxygen in the blood The blood consists of i.a. blood cells and approx. 90 % water. Ninety nine per cent of these blood cells are red corpuscles, while the remainder are white corpuscles which play an important role in the immune system. The main task of the red corpuscles is to transport oxygen and nutrients. The red blood corpuscles contain proteins called haemoglobin which acts like a magnet to attract oxygen. When we engage in exercise and physical activities, the cells in our muscles are particularly dependent on having more oxygen. We consequently breathe faster and our heart pumps harder and more rapidly in order to meet the body's increased oxygen requirements.


All the cells in the body are dependent on oxygen which is one of the body's most important sources of fuel.

The 5 elements of the laws of nature In accordance with the laws of nature, oxygen is the most important of the five elementary elements required by the body's cells. A lack of oxygen is the primary cause of death. We can go for many days without food, a few days without water and longer without sunlight, but if we do not get enough oxygen we will die within minutes. A healthy brain consumes approximately 25 % of the body's oxygen supplies. If the blood supply to the brain is disrupted for more than approximately 4 minutes, the brain cells will rapidly start to die. Low oxygen levels in the blood and the body's cells will result in serious problems in respect of the body's functions and create the right conditions for extremely serious health problems.


Shortness of breath (dyspnea) If we are short of breath this is a sign of having low levels of oxygen in our blood. The percentage of oxygen in the blood should be approx. 85 %. Oxygen deficiency is something that often develops over time. When this occurs gradually we will probably not be very aware of it and we will often gradually start to become used to a lifestyle involving less physical activity. A lack of oxygen does not usually produce isolated symptoms either. Symptoms appear gradually, surfacing from different organs such as the lungs, heart and muscles, and our general state of health gradually starts to decline. We may often feel tired and suffer from a lack of energy. We will incur mild infections and all sorts of illnesses. This will have a negative impact on the body's cells and the metabolism, disrupting all the processes in the body and dramatically increasing our chances of developing cancer.

Disease Any diseases of the lungs will prevent them from sending out enough oxygen into the blood. People suffering from pulmonary diseases which reduce oxygen levels in the blood will often be more anaemic because their bodies will try to compensate for the lack of oxygen by producing more red blood corpuscles to help with the transport of more oxygen. This will result in the blood becoming thicker and it will be harder for the heart to pump it around the body. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and asthma are two conditions which are starting to become more prevalent. Allopathic medicine is unable to help much with these conditions. If you suffer from one of them, you could try taking Oralmat drops (rye grass extract). It is not necessary for me to write much about this here, but you will be able to find more information online. If you combine taking Oralmat with using a Chi Pro machine, you will almost certainly start to notice results. Oralmat helps to eliminate the build-up of phlegm and Chi Pro helps to increase our oxygen levels.


I know hundreds of people who have suffered from COPD or asthma whose lives have been turned around by combining these two remedies. The ingestion of too much calcium can reduce oxygen levels in the cells by up to 60%. Milk and dairy products are a primary cause of this serious condition. Sometimes a lack of oxygen may be transitory, as can be the case in lung diseases. Heart diseases can also reduce the heart's pumping power and thus cause lower levels of oxygen in the body's cells and tissues. Some brain diseases may result in a lack of oxygen when the body's ability to control the breath is impaired.

Air pollution The air we breathe is no longer pure, but full of toxins. This leads to many different types of diseases and allergies. It would be a good idea to obtain an air purifier in order to ensure that you have clean air in the environment where you spend most of your time. This applies to both your home and your workplace.

H2O The chemical formula for water may look simple, but water has complex chemical and physical properties that no-one yet fully understands.

The secret of water


Water is the basis of all life on Earth. Water has internal vibrations and structures. Water fluctuates in a state of constant harmony with the universe. Water transport enormous amounts of information and energy.


The molecular structure of water Writing a full thesis about what we know about water today would be an almost never-ending task. Water has many secrets that most of us have never heard of, but many of these will probably become more widely known during the forthcoming years. I am therefore only including a few of its properties and will focus mainly on those that are related to our state of health.

Water, H2O, is a molecular bond composed of one parts hydrogen and two part oxygen, from which is derived the chemical formula H2O.


Energy in water

Energy Vast amounts of energy are stored in water. In a few years time this energy will be our most important source of energy. It will not be converted into electrical power using today's methods, but by using another more effective method which involves using different frequencies to split water molecules. If we split a water molecule, we will be left with two of the most combustible substances in the universe, hydrogen and oxygen. If we burn oxygen and hydrogen gas in an engine, it will revert to its original form, H2O, water. This type of combustion is pure and nonpolluting. If we equate the nuclear energy in water with that found in oil, 4 litres of water will contain as much energy as 2.5 million barrels of oil. We could solve all our global pollution problems by using the energy that is available in water.

Hydrogen/oxygen Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. It is thought that hydrogen constitutes approx. 76% of the total mass of the universe. The energy produced by the sun comes from hydrogen nuclear fusion. The energy which the earth receives from the sun every second is created from the fusion of just 2 kilos of hydrogen. Hydrogen gas is extremely inflammable. Pure oxygen is also extremely inflammable, and when something burns it is actually the oxygen which is burning. Nothing can burn in a vacuum without oxygen.

The air we breathe and the atmosphere contain approx. 21 % oxygen. If oxygen levels are lower than approx. 11 %, we would no longer be able to light a candle or set fire to something. People and animals would become deprived of oxygen and start to choke. On the other hand, if oxygen levels increased to 25%, fires would burn extremely fiercely and we would have trouble extinguishing them.

The problem with energy in water! This type of energy costs nothing to produce and the raw materials are readily available to most people. It is claimed that a method called electrolysis is a highly demanding way of splitting water molecules whereby the amount of energy used exceeds the amount produced. In one way this is true if the splitting process is carried out using the technology that we are told has to be used. However, there is another method which would provide huge amounts of energy without having to employ external energy. Attempts are being made to conceal this technology, but it will come to light in due course. A lot of things will be in place in a couple of years time, so watch this space. Consider the following: we extinguish fire by using water, which is simply a molecular bond between the two most inflammable substances in the universe. Take a look at the photo on this page and try to imagine a cycle where one changes into the other.


Some of the properties of water

Water can be structured by using information frequencies. This has been confirmed by numerous scientific trials and studies. Water with natural harmonic frequencies and structure has increased vitality and boosts the vitality of anyone coming into contact with it. Plants grow faster and people and animals acquire more vitality and increased life force. Water is affected by sound and light and it is possible to see the differences in its structure when it is exposed to different frequencies. Water molecules will change if they are exposed to music, instruments, voices, thoughts and visual images. When exposed to harmonious music they create perfect shapes, but when subjected to discordant music they become unorganised and asymmetrical. This phenomenon has been confirmed by Dr. Emoto from Japan, among others. When we know that the body consists of approx. 75% water, it is not hard to imagine the effect that this might have on the body. Research has shown that water contains information even after it has been filtered and purified by using the most stringent methods. These are imprints of the energy structures which are left there after they have been exposed to the frequencies of various substances.


The frequencies emitted by toxic substances such as mercury and lead, etc. are imprinted on the water molecules and are transferred to the living organisms which imbibe such water. Biological organisms react and are influenced by energy frequencies in the same way that they are affected by physical influences. All living organisms will use massive amounts of energy in order to try and harmonise and compensate for any discordant frequencies to which they are subjected by the energy imprints in water. The main substance in all living organisms is water. Around 70-90 % of all organic material consists of just water. All chemical reactions in living organisms take place in water. So water acts as the very foundation of all life in all organisms: the chemistry of life is water. When water runs in a spiral its properties will also be changed, and water which flows freely and naturally has unique natural properties. If you would like to know more about water, I would recommend that you study the work of Viktor Schauberger, Johann Grander and Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Grander revitalisation

Johan Grander A water revitalisation method devised by the natural scientist Johann Grander has been recognised as being revolutionary by the official world of science. This recognition has resulted in two awards: the Silver Medal Award of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in September 2000 and the Austrian Cross of Honour presented by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture in September 2001. The effect of using revitalised water can be observed in various technical applications and can also be measured by scientists, but the cause of these sensational results cannot be explained by modern science.

The principle of revitalisation Water in its original state has unique properties, but some of these can be lost when it is exposed to environmental influences. When water is treated using one of Grander's revitalisation devices it becomes revitalised and regains its natural power. What is so special about this is that water which has been revitalised in this way regains the properties of natural water. It regains its high powers of resistance and its self-purification properties are increased. The water becomes resistant to external influences. The principle of water revitalisation involves the transfer of natural information at the highest level. Nothing is added or removed from the water. The properties of revitalised water produce positive effects on people, animals, plants and the whole environment. Revitalisation takes place using various units which have been filled with "information water". They are either installed in a series of pipe systems, or they are lowered into water. Smaller units are also available on which water jugs and food can be placed, as well as an energy pen which can be stirred in water. I have been using these systems for many years and I can guarantee that they produce positive effects. After installing a Grander unit, an avocado plantation in Spain no longer has to purify and maintain its irrigation system because it no longer experiences problems with the build up of lime scale in its pipe

systems. They are also able to harvest an extra 8 tonnes of avocados each year. In a trial involving potatoes, it was discovered that potatoes which are allowed to soak in Grander water for a while before being planted and which are subsequently watered with Grander water, grow as well as potatoes which have been cultivated using artificial fertilisers. They were also more nutritious. There are thousands of documents available which confirm the effects of this water. Industrial companies which use Grander water in their manufacturing processes, irrespective the products or refrigeration and heating systems used will make huge savings and produce better products. The health benefits of using Grander water are enormous. It is impossible to cover them all here, so if you are interested in optimal health or making huge savings I would recommend that you study this topic in more detail.

Johan Grander: "Damage to nature usually starts slowly, as details. For example, with tap water which is sent to consumers in normal pipes. This water loses its original energy due to friction in the pipes and the straight route along which it is transported. Friction causes heat which sparks off electrolytic processes in the water which in turn becomes sluggish and lacking in energy. Water is a cool element and can only maintain its own energy axis in correspondingly cool temperatures and meandering motion. The loss of this energy axis, and thus the loss of its load-carrying capacity, causes mineral and metal particles to attach themselves to the interior walls of the pipes. This results in a build-up of deposits which may mean having to replace the pipes. Revitalisation means that less energy is required for heating up water. Problems with corrosion and bacterial growth are eliminated in heating and refrigeration systems. Companies can save huge amounts of money. If such systems are used in agriculture, the crops grown will be much larger and also more nutritious."


Grander revitalisation

Johan Grander: "The element of water has tasks to do that are essential to all life. It provides all living beings with essential energies and removes their waste products. Water is simultaneously the giver and the waste-treatment of all life."

Advantages of revitalisation


          

Increases durability due to microbiological changes Better taste, the water becomes softer and clearer Food tastes better and lasts for longer Better plant growth, radically larger crops Reduces the need for cleaning agents due to its improved dissolution properties Water requires much less energy for heating purposes Stops corrosion and algae blooms in refrigeration and heating systems Huge health benefits for animals and humans Revitalises dead lakes and prevents algae growth Enables water to regain its natural power as the primal source of all life Benefits the natural environment when it is returned in a revitalised state

Water is the essence of life

Water is essential for all life Water is the main element in our bodies. Around 70 % of our body weight consists of salty water which has a consistency similar to that of sea water. For example, muscles consist of approx. 75 % water. 70% of the earth's surface is covered by water. Only around 0.3 % of the earth's water is available as drinking water.

Water carries information Our blood consists of approx. 90 % water. All the cells in our bodies contain water and are surrounded by water. This water is highly structured, microcrystalline, frequency-adapted and magnetised. Intercellular water is water in its purest form and it is affected and stabilised by sound, light and other frequencies. Water carries oxygen and nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids to all the cells in the body.


Water also plays a key role in the digestive process. It carries away toxins and waste products from the body's cells and tissues. It is involved in regulating the body's temperature and it helps with the lubrication of joints, etc. Consequently there is not one single process in the body that is not dependent on water. The body loses approx. 1 litre of water each day from evaporation through the skin and lungs. Water is also eliminated in the urine and faeces. More water will be lost when the atmosphere is hot, when you engage in vigorous exercise or when you have a temperature, so you will need to drink more water than normal because you will perspire more. If the body's fluid balance is out of kilter, this will affect all bodily processes.

If you do not drink enough pure, vital water each day, your body will never achieve its full potential. It will never be possible to prevent or reverse disease unless you take this seriously. If you fail to take this into account, you will never reach your goal, no matter how hard you try.

Water is the main substance found in all living organisms. 70-90 % of all organic materials consist of just water.


Idyllic scenery tragically transformed due to money and greed


There is no longer any water on our planet which is completely pure, apart from the melt water released from the polar ice caps and some glaciers. All other water has been polluted as a result of humanity's careless use of toxins.

All the water we use for drinking, preparing food or taking a shower needs to be purified if we are to have any hopes of achieving good health without disease or other associated problems.


pH levels in water

pH levels in drinking water Water with a pH of more than 7 is alkaline because it contains a higher number of OH ions. It is thus rich in oxygen and is able to provide nourishment for the cells in the body. Water with a pH of less than 7 contains higher concentrations of H+ ions. Such water is deficient in oxygen and non-vital, which means that the body's cells cannot obtain enough oxygen.


Acidity at levels below pH 6 is particularly harmful. The official requirements for good quality water are pH 7.5 - 8.5. Unfortunately most drinking water in Norway is too acidic and a pH level of 6 is not uncommon. When we drink acidic water it creates acidity in the body. The optimum pH level for drinking water is 8.5 - 9.5.

All living things need water!

Our blood and the water that surrounds our cells should have a pH of approx. 7.43. The blood buffers the water and regulates pH levels by using various minerals from the body. The body obtains these minerals from its bones, etc.

loss. You should check the colour of your urine. During the morning it is usually concentrated and dark, while during the day it should be light and translucent. If this is the case, then you will have drunk enough water.

A deficit of negative ions also causes the body to struggle with the neutralisation of all the acid-forming foods and drinks that we ingest.

Your body needs water

Pure, vital water flushes out toxins and waste products from the body more effectively than lifeless, unstructured water. Water is absorbed directly into the body, and the water entering the cells should be 100% pure. Water maintains, repairs and regenerates the cells in your body. At the same time it increases combustion and suppresses hunger. If your body does not have enough water, it will protect itself by retaining water in its most important organs. This can result in swollen hands and feet. If you suffer from having too much water in your body, you may be eating too much salt because salt binds water in the body. You will then need even more water to dilute the salt. If you drink diuretic liquids such as coffee, black tea, fizzy drinks and alcohol, it is also important to remember that you should drink equivalent additional quantities of water in order to make up for the fluid

Your body needs water in order to absorb nutrients and to convey them to the cells which need them. Water is also needed to help the body to eliminate waste products in the faeces, urine, perspiration and exhaled breath. It is extremely important to drink more water if you are fasting because your body will be eliminating more waste products than normal. Such waste products should preferably be eliminated from the body as fast as possible in order to avoid or reduce any side effects of the detoxification process. When the fluid balance in the body is not right, this will often manifest in dehydration symptoms such as headaches, impaired concentration and dizziness and sometimes even nausea. These are just acute symptoms. Long-term dehydration will almost certainly lead to serious illnesses.


Research shows that adults have around 700-800 man-made toxins in their bodies. Our bodies are mainly composed of water. It is rather like having an inverted aquarium where our cells and tissues are constantly being bathed in the polluted water inside us. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand that the fish in an aquarium would become seriously ill if we poured 700-800 different toxins into their water. Nor do you need to be a rocket scientist to understand that the best solution would be to transfer the fish to another aquarium containing pure water. However, it is obvious that many of us are unable to think clearly. We would rather add chemicals and synthetic substances called medicines in an attempt to make the fish better, instead of removing them from their polluted environment, which is why they became ill in the first place! Have you ever thought about this?


You must be responsible for yourself and not expect others to help you, because help is a long way off As you will no doubt understand, you cannot ignore the importance of revitalised, pure water if you wish to take care of your health and enable your body to heal itself. In order to achieve this, you will need to obtain some assistance. You need to decide what you want to do - prevent disease, reverse disease or just become a bit better. A bit better is better than nothing All measures will help, but you should remember to drink enough pure, vital water and incorporate this into your daily routine for the rest of your life. You will definitely drink more water, not just because it tastes good, but because you will want to live longer.


Water cannot be purified by boiling it. The only thing you will achieve is making it sterile and killing bacteria. This is simply an emergency measure to be used if the water contains bacteria and you do not have access to a water purifier. Boiled water is lifeless water, just like anything else that is boiled. You must not drink large quantities of such water because it leaches energy from the body, even more so than bottled or tap water. Bottled water is completely unacceptable if you wish to adopt an integrated approach towards achieving optimal health. So stop wasting your money on it.



Spirit and life force

Spirit and life force Science has gradually confirmed that spirit and life force are inherent in all matter and that nothing can exist without them. We live in a world full of invisible forces and energies. Everything is connected in an energy matrix which has different densities and frequencies which vibrate at different rates. Modern technology is now starting to allow us to understand this world which was previously consigned to the realms of theory. Atoms are able to exist in two different places at the same time, irrespective of time and space. Studies have shown that a human cell, which has been removed from someone and placed several miles away from them, reacts to stimuli being experienced by the person concerned. This is one example of many which confirms that this energy matrix does indeed exist. So everything in the universe is connected.

Our bodies produce energy and receive energy from several natural elements. We gain energy when we are in direct contact with the earth, when we drink pure, vital water from our natural environment and when we breathe in air containing high levels of negative ions which can be found in the countryside. Sunlight also provides our bodies with a lot of energy. If we are exposed to more light, we will also radiate a completely different aura and acquire a lighter attitude towards life and our existence. The energy received from natural elements is stored in the body if all the body’s energy systems are working properly. The amount of life force you radiate is largely determined by the amount of contact you have with the elements mentioned above.I have been told many times by several different people that I am surrounded by an indigo aura. When I first heard this it sounded rather strange, but now I understand why!


The power of thought A strong, positive mental attitude will work miracles for you, something that no happy pills will be able to do!

In addition to the body’s physical requirements, our thoughts and feelings can control the body and have a tremendous impact on our overall state of health and quality of life. Humans and all living creatures consist of not just physical matter which we can see and touch. There are therefore many different things that need to be taken into consideration when working on preventing and reversing disease. The emotional and spiritual aspects may be even more important than the physical ones. It is important to realise that our lives are created by our thought patterns. Everything in the universe is energy, and everything vibrates at its own frequency. Thoughts are also energy, just like physical actions.


This has been scientifically documented and we know about it thanks to things like medical use of the placebo effect. Medical science is not interested in such facts. When blind studies are conducted on pharmaceuticals, where half of the study participants receive a placebo containing no active ingredients, some of them will experience positive effects similar to those experienced by the participants taking the socalled active ingredient. We might consequently wonder if the participants taking the drug containing the active ingredient also experience positive effects because they think that they are going to get better! This is one example which confirms the power of thought. So if you think that you are going to be ill then you probably will, but if you think that you are going to get better then that will probably also happen!

Energy in food If our bodies only acquired their energy from food then most of us here in the Western world would have been dead a long time ago. Most of the food and drink that we consume is what we would call lifeless, containing extremely low levels of life force. Both water and food are living substances in the sense that they contain life force. This energy comes from the earth, air, water and sun. Plants which have direct contact with the earth acquire their energy from the earth which is sending out a constant flow of electrons.

New batteries will supply a lot of energy which will enable the object in question to work at optimal levels for a long period of time. If we use batteries with a low charge, the object concerned will not work properly and it will soon cease to operate.

Plants are connected directly to an energy field in the same way that a battery is connected to a battery charger. The battery charger conveys electrons to the cells in the battery, thus filling it up with energy which can be stored and used at a later date. A battery is able to store energy for a long time so that it is available for subsequent use.

If you have low energy levels this can be attributed to two things. You are either eating, drinking or exposing yourself to things which contain low levels of energy, or your body is not receptive to the energy that you provide it with. This can be due to problems with your digestion or absorption of nutrients, or to cellular disorders and damage resulting from your lifestyle.

Fruit and vegetables also retain energy for a short while, but for not nearly as long as a battery. As soon as we uproot something from the ground or pick it from a tree, it will start to oxidise and lose its energy. If we eat it immediately, the effects produced will be like putting a new battery in a radio and gaining loads of new energy.

As previously mentioned, we acquire energy every time we have direct contact with the earth by not wearing shoes, when our bodies are exposed to direct sunlight without using sunscreen, when we drink pure, natural water, when we swim in the sea or a river and when we breathe in fresh air in the countryside.

Energy levels in freshly harvested food

The same occurs with humans when we keep eating and drinking things with low energy levels. You cannot expect the body to function properly if it does not have enough energy!

When we talk about energy, most people do not know what it means to have a lot of energy in their bodies. Most of us go around with bodies which are not even half full of energy. It is not impossible for adults to have as much energy as young children. The problem is that we are full of toxins and other substances which overload our systems. Or we may have damaged the body's delicate machinery as a consequence of leading a lifestyle which prevents the body from absorbing the energy that it requires. When we do not acquire or absorb enough energy, we will not have enough energy. It's as simple as that. One study has shown that 50 % of the nutrients in a lettuce disappear approx. 30 minutes after the lettuce had been uprooted from the soil. Nutrients are one side of the story, but the absence of life force and light is another.

Energy level in dead food from the grocery store


General information about food

Teach your children good food habits to take with them throughout their lives You should do what you can to ensure that your children inherit a lifestyle which will enable them to live a long, healthy life without any problems. Lifestyle and how to live are something which we inherit. Cancer and other disease are not inherited, they are simply consequences of a bad lifestyle!

Hippocrates once said... "Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food." This saying is still completely true and is now even more relevant than ever! 141

Lifeless food Differences in food quality Everything which has been packaged in plastic or metal tins, soup packets and anything else which contains several ingredients with a long shelf life and contains E numbers is what we might call lifeless food. It is not real food, but mass-produced junk which will definitely make you ill. Most people become extremely annoyed when they hear these type of thing... so what should we eat then? The answer to this question is probably "eat whatever you like". However, it is important that you are aware of the situation. Most people say that you should not get hysterical about it, and that is quite true. So what you decide is up to you. However, if you want to live a long disease-free life, you MUST be aware of the differences which exist in respect of the quality of food and take these into consideration on a daily basis. Processing and storing food is not the whole reason why our food is less nutritious than it was in the past. Increasingly more intensive farming methods have resulted in depletion of the soil which means that some foods contain 75% fewer minerals than they did just 50-60 years ago. The use of artificial fertilisers which are designed to make crops grow faster and larger is also detrimental and means that the plants do not have enough time to absorb the necessary nutrients. Corn has the ability to absorb approx. 60 different minerals from the soil, but it is able to grow equally tall and well with just three! In some cases vegetables have been grown in Glava (glass wool) or Rockwool. These are materials which retain moisture and provide plants with the opportunity to extend their roots down into the material. They are then watered and treated with artificial fertiliser. This helps the plants to grow, but they do not become particularly nutritious. However, this method produces cheap, substantial crops, thus creating rapid, high profits at the expense of your health and mine. But no-one seems to care about this. In order to obtain the same quantities of nutrients and minerals that were acquired from eating one slice of bread 50 years ago, today we need to eat around 12 slices!


In fact our bread is not healthy, but this serves to illustrate the huge difference. We also talk about eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, but the truth is that if we are eating mass-produced food then we should be eating 20 portions. The best food is food that has been produced close to where you live. The further food has travelled the more lifeless it will be. You should remember that food starts to lose its life force and degenerate just 30 minutes after it has been harvested.

Locally-produced food We should purchase locally-produced food if we can. Organic food is best, because it contains a lot more energy and nutrients. In some cases it can contain as much as 85% more nutrients. Some people would say that this type of food is expensive, but if you think about how you would benefit in terms of nutrients and quality of life, then it is very cheap when compared to all the junk food that we buy. In the long term it is more expensive being ill than what it would cost to invest a bit more money on purchasing good quality food which can help to keep you fit and healthy! In the future we will start to see many more small, local farmers who will be producing organic, highquality food. Many deserted farms will need to start producing food again so that more people are able to have access to normal food. This will result in lower prices and a greater range of healthy food being available in the shops. We are completely dependent on this if we are to reverse the current trend towards lifestyle diseases. Mass-produced food that is imported from abroad is lifeless and unfit for human and animal consumption.

Microwave ovens Several studies have shown that using microwave ovens for heating up food is very harmful to health. Microwave ovens have previously been banned in several countries as a consequence of the health risks involved. Two Swiss scientists, Bernard H Blanc and Hans U Hertel, have observed that the nutritional content of the food is changed and that its molecular structure becomes damaged. Unnatural substances are created when food is exposed to microwave radiation. It is impossible for the body to break down these substances or to convert them into energy. It has been ascertained that the nutritional content of micro-waved food is reduced by up to 40%. Just imagine the consequences that this could have for children and old people in particular. Heating up food in a microwave oven is common practice in most old people's homes! The consumption of food which has been heated up in a microwave oven alters the chemistry of the blood and a morbid process has been observed. Similar changes have also been observed in cases of cancer.

Heavy increases in blood cholesterol levels have also been seen following the consumption of vegetables which had been heated up in a microwave oven. It was also noticed that the number of red blood corpuscles dropped, while the number of white corpuscles increased. Plants which are watered using water which has been heated up in a microwave oven grow more slowly and are smaller and weaker than plants which have been watered with ordinary water. This indicates that both water and food heated up in a microwave oven will be what we call lifeless. Heating up baby food in a microwave oven could be fatal for the health of our children. This should be avoided at all costs. If you are interested in looking after the health of yourself and your children, you should not use such ovens. The best thing would be to get them out of the house as quickly as possible. It is quite likely that such ovens will be banned at some point in the future. So it might be a wise move to take precautions sooner rather than later.


Milk... bursting the bubble!

Research Research has shown links between dairy products and arthritis. One study showed that it was possible to produce inflamed joints when water was replaced by milk. In another study the researchers observed more than a 50% reduction in the pain and swelling caused by arthritis when the participants eliminated milk and dairy products from their diets. One study conducted at Harvard University showed that pasteurised milk can cause hormone-dependent cancers. It was shown that dairy cows produce milk with dangerously high levels of oestrone sulphate, an oestrogen component which is associated with testicular, prostate and breast cancer. Dr. Ganmaa Davaasambuu, Ph.D., and her colleagues specifically identified "milk from modern dairy production", where the cows are milked for 300 days of the year, including while they are pregnant. This was compared with raw milk from cows who are not given hormones, other stimulants or drugs, and which is extracted only during the first six months after the cows have given birth.

It was found that the pasteurised factory milk contained up to 33 times more oestrone sulphate. Evaluating data from all over the world, Dr. Davaasambuu and her colleagues identified a clear link between consumption of this type of milk and high rates of hormone-dependent cancers. "The milk that we drink today is quite unlike the milk our ancestors were drinking without apparent harm for 2,000 years," Dr. Davaasambuu is quoted as saying in the Harvard University Gazette. "The milk we drink today may not be nature's perfect food." After having worked with diet for many years, I have repeatedly witnessed that a number of health problems will disappear when we cut out milk and dairy products. So why not experiment to see if it has a negative impact on your health!

Colic, eczema, asthma and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and in the ears is more or less unknown in the children of mothers who do not drink cows' milk while they are breastfeeding. 149

Digestion and food intolerance

Protein intolerance can be the cause of a number of extremely serious conditions and problems. Doctors and therapists who have adopted a holistic approach to nature are taking the problems associated with dairy products and gluten extremely seriously. Over 200 health-related problems relating to the ingestion of gluten have been recorded. The wheat which we

use today is a hybrid composed of three different types of wheat. It has 6 sets of chromosomes and 6.5 more genes than those found in the human genome. It is consequently capable of producing no less than 23,788 different proteins. So we are not talking about just one problem here.

Do you suffer from chronic health problems without understanding why? This may be due to intolerance to one or more types of food. Many people associate food intolerances with gastrointestinal problems. However, food intolerances can also cause many other problems. The casein in dairy products causes a number of problems. People suffering from autism, ADHD and Asperger Syndrome may often experience considerable problems after eating dairy products.

The symptoms of food intolerance include the following:           


Pain or tenderness in the joints and muscles Symptoms in the mouth and throat (chronic cough, discoloured tongue/lips, mouth Infections) Symptoms in the head (tension headaches, migraines, insomnia, blushing) Weight (overeating, comfort eating, obesity, being underweight, oedema) Eyes, ears (running or itchy eyes, bags or dark rings under the eyes, itchy ears, tinnitus) Nose (blocked nose, sinus problems, hay fever, and sneezing fits) Mood (mood swings, irritability, anger, frustration, crying easily, depression) Mental (poor memory, poor concentration, poor performance at school, etc.) Lungs, heart (breathing difficulties, chronic cough, wheezing, arrhythmia) Skin (itching, rashes, dry and unclean skin, acne, hair loss, hot flushes or blushing, perspiration) Activity levels, energy (drowsiness, lethargy, fatigue, hyperactivity, restlessness, Indistinct speech)

Milk and dairy products

The following are a few empirical symptoms of milk intolerance Key words: intellectual, stubborn, inflexible, rigid. Locked into extrovert or introvert behaviour: hyperactive and aggressive or shy, clinging and petulant. Digestion: tendency towards diarrhoea/colic/inflammation. Weight: overweight or anorexic.  Atopic eczema → bronchitis → pneumonia → allergies/asthma  Earache → cystitis → pyelitis  Fever → infections  Hormonal imbalances (high metabolism, diabetes 1, polyps, cysts, menstrual and growing pains)  Back problems (residue from undigested food, etc.)  Headaches - migraines (pressure)  Neurological conditions (herpes, hives, shingles, trigeminal neuralgia)/chronic Inflammation (sinusitis, chronic arthritis)  Calcification (numbness)  Sleep disorders (the on-off button does not work)  Sensory impairment - hyperactivity (sight/hearing disorders/tinnitus)  Addiction (speed)  Anorexia  Manic-depression (bipolar disorder)  Restlessness/ADHD  ME (unable to stop, expends more energy than that available)


Corn products containing gluten

The following are a few empirical symptoms of gluten intolerance Key words: caring, oversensitive, dazed, warm, underactive, stagnation, blind rage (wheat-induced mania). Digestion: tendency towards constipation, protruding gut, haemorrhoids. Weight: swollen, podgy and "stuffed"

            

Swollen body/stomach Heaviness in the legs/body Tired/sleeps heavily/problems with waking up/days turned upside down Lymph system → swollen tonsils → throat infections, acne, boils → glandular fever (liver) Hormonal imbalances (low metabolism, diabetes 2) Fibromyalgia/gout/osteoarthritis Snoring/apnoea Sensory impairment - lethargy Nicotine/alcohol/drug addiction Bulimia Winter depression/melancholy Autism/ADD ME (flat battery)


How can we allow our food to be genetically modified and altered just so that a few people can make greater profits? Heated arguments have been waged about claims that GM food is safe. I think that it is odd that the producers of genetically modified seeds and sprouts do not want people to know that the food they are eating has been genetically modified. They are consequently lobbying politicians to draw up legislation which would make it impossible to label such food. If we allow this to happen it will have a serious impact on future generations. If GM food was so fantastic it would have been flogged for all it was worth in an advertising context. Instead they are using every means at their disposal to conceal it.


Normal human diet! This is not a book about diet, but I am going to briefly mention the type of food that can be regarded as being normal for the human inhabitants of Planet Earth. If you want to do something positive about your health then you should look on this as being a permanent programme.

Eating good quality food and less of it, is your best defence against illness. People who eat less live longer, provided they eat the right sort of food.

This is a programme which is all about nutritional abundance. The body needs to be shown that it will receive an abundance of easily digestible nutrients because it can then eliminate any residue and toxins which prevent the cells from working properly.

Good advice?

We are all responsible for what we put in our bodies. Both food and drink will alter the chemistry and state of our bodies. The enzymes found in raw food are actively involved in blood poisoning. Our blood circulates everywhere and provides an environment in which all the cells in the body are bathed every single second. So if our blood is pure and contains high levels of oxygen, the same will apply to our cells. This programme is designed to impact on the body at a deep cellular level and this is why it cannot fail. Because cells will have to comply with the same physiological principles, no matter how sick you are and no matter what illness you are suffering from.

Eating correctly The most important thing is that you should eat enough and that you should never get hungry, because if your body thinks that it is being starved or being deprived of something, it will try to hold on to everything it gets, including poisons. This is simply one of the body’s survival mechanisms. However, we actually eat far too much all the time. If we eat correctly, we will not need to eat so much. If you get tired after you have been eating, or if you become hungry again after a short while, the food you ate will deplete your energy levels and disrupt your blood sugar levels. If you eat correctly, your blood sugar levels will not leap all over the place. A diet consisting mainly of carbohydrates derived from bakery products, potatoes, rice and pasta will cause substantial changes in your blood sugar levels and this will lead to serious illnesses in the long term.


After eating we should be full of energy, not tired and lifeless.

It may not be easy to find out what you should eat and how you should combine your food and prepare new healthy meals. It often takes a bit of time to find out such things. One piece of advice in this respect is to start making a smoothie every morning. This may be your first step on the road towards better health. You will be on the right track if you can manage to drink one smoothie every day. If you also start making one glass of vegetable juice per week, this will also help your body to get going. You should try to incorporate these two simple things into your routine while you start to investigate all the other aspects. You should buy books about vital food, low-carb diets and Stone Age diets, etc. If you then start to combine these things you will be doing well. You will start to find out things as you go along. So do not get frustrated or make yourself stressed by thinking that you have to do everything at once.

If you are to have any hope of success and of achieving optimal health, you will need to include all the elements mentioned in the chapter entitled:

“WHAT IT’S REALLY ALL ABOUT”. For serious complaints/illnesses and situations where time is of the essence, a diet consisting of raw food is probably the best way to get the body going. You could also use the detox programme mentioned here if you are suffering from an illness and want to do what you can to try and encourage your body to reverse the illness as quickly as possible. If you start by eating just 30% more raw vegetables, you will notice the difference in just a few weeks.

There are four groups of foods on the following pages. For serious disorders / illnesses and situations where time is an issue, a diet of raw foods is probably be the best way to get your body going. You can also use the detox program mentioned here if you have an disease and want do what you can in an attempt to get the body to reverse the disease as quickly as possible. If you start eating only 30 % more raw vegetables, you will notice a difference in just a few weeks. A smoothie prepared from acai berries, goji berries, hemp protein, Spirulina, chia seeds, coconut oil and other healthy unprocessed oils, nuts and anything else you like that is healthy, will provide you with a great start to the day. It just takes 5 minutes to make. Just one smoothie like this will contain more nourishment and energy that what you would normally obtain from eating a week’s worth of a breakfast consisting of 2-3 slices of bread or cereals. Juice prepared from vegetables and freshly picked wild plants is probably the best thing you can consume during the morning because it provides nourishment which goes straight into the blood.


Group 1. Unrestricted. Raw fruit, but be aware of the sugar content, so do not eat too much. It should be organic, and not include hybrids like bananas or pineapples. Raw vegetables, sprouts and super food/organic All types of berries/hand-picked or organic Steamed vegetables/organic

Fish, but not farmed fish (only when your body's pH levels are normal) Selected herbs and spices, raw cold-pressed chocolate Unrefined oils like coconut oil and extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil Nuts - seeds - almonds - apricot kernels (follow the instructions) Whole oats and healthy types of flour (gluten-free) 1-2 litres of pure water (with the right pH levels and structure), green tea

Group 2. In moderation. Pure organic meat, preferably wild meat, chicken (pure meat means meat that does not contain hormones or antibiotics) Processed fruit juice - only grape juice - grapefruit and vegetable juice if you have no alternative Eggs - only when your body's pH levels are normal - organic, from small farms Beans and lentils Brown and white rice (not during detox programmes and only when you are healthy)

Group 3. In rare cases (not at the beginning of detox programmes or when you are suffering from health problems).

Melted cheese Pizza Dairy butter Alcohol Ice cream Tinned/hermetic foods Coffee, only organic Soya products (be very careful because many of these have been genetically modified)


Sunlight All life on Earth, plants, animals and humans, are dependent on the sun. The sun provides us with light, heat, energy and is essential for all life on our planet.

The sun The sun is our nearest star and is responsible for producing all the energy on Earth, either directly or indirectly. It consists of 71% hydrogen, 27% helium and 2% other elements and gases. Its core temperature reaches 15 million degrees centigrade, and its surface temperature is around 5,700 C. The corona which surrounds the sun and which extends thousands of miles out into space,

has a temperature of approx. 1 million degrees. The increase in temperature between the surface and the corona is caused by the fusion of hydrogen and helium gases. It takes 8 minutes for the sun's rays and energy to reach the Earth. The heat from the sun's rays affects all life and air and water currents.

Two things worth considering! There is neither darkness nor cold. Darkness is simply the result of a lack of light. There are no devices which create darkness. If light is removed it will become dark. There is no cold either. Cold is simply the result of a lack of heat. Absolute zero is minus 273 degrees centigrade. However, there are no limits to how hot it can become. 164

Sunlight is essential for life and health We need sunshine


There would be no life without sunlight, and light plays an extremely important role in our lives. The lifegiving properties and benefits of sunlight extend way beyond our experience of enjoyment and wellbeing.

Without sunlight the body is unable to produce vitamin D, which is involved in the functions of over 3,000 different genes. Recent research has shown that exposing the body to sunlight on a regular basis in order to obtain adequate supplies of vitamin D, reduces the risk of developing most forms of cancer and its associated problems by over 77%, e.g. prostate, breast, stomach, intestinal and cervical cancer. It is thought that millions of lives could have been saved if we had exposed our bodies to more sunlight.

Sunlight is an essential part of our biological system. It is crucial for cellular metabolism and the functioning of the immune system. Most enzymes, hormones and vitamins need sunlight to function properly. We are supposed to expose our bodies to a lot of sunlight. Artificial light creates imbalances and disrupts the body's natural processes. Sunlight therefore has numerous important roles in the body.

The body's cells are sensitive to light and react in different ways to different wavelengths. Sunlight is bio-stimulating, and a lack of sunlight will therefore result in seriousness illnesses in the long term.

What we perceive as being white light is actually a mixture of all the colours of the spectrum.


Visible light Visible light Visible light has a wavelength of 400-780 nm (nanometres) in the electromagnetic spectrum. As the name suggests, it is the light that we can see and perceive with the naked eye.

Ultraviolet light Ultraviolet light has a wavelength of below 400 nm. This light falls therefore below and outside the spectrum which we are able to see and perceive.

UVB rays have more energy and are primarily the ones which give us sunburn if we are not careful. UVB rays just penetrate the outer layers of skin. The ozone layer prevents around 70-94% of the sun's UBV rays from reaching the Earth, so that just 3-5% of the total radiation reaching the Earth falls within the UVB spectrum. UVC rays have the most energy, but these rays do not reach the Earth because they are absorbed by the ozone layer and others gasses in the Earth's atmosphere.

Ultraviolet light is also called UV radiation. UV rays from the sun are divided into three types, depending on how much energy they have. UVA has a wavelength of 315-400 nm. UVB has a wavelength of 280-315 nm. UVC has a wavelength of 100-280 nm. The lower frequencies have the most energy.

Infrared light

UVA rays are closest to the visible spectrum and they are responsible for tanning the skin when we sunbathe. Suntans are caused by a pigment called melanin, which becomes darker when exposed to UVA rays. Around 95-97% of the sun's UV rays which reach the Earth fall within the UVA spectrum. UVA rays penetrate deepest into the skin and cause DNA damage and the most serious types of skin cancer.

Laser light

400 nm

Infrared light has a wavelength of 780-50,000 nm and therefore falls above the visible spectrum. Infrared light has thermal properties and is thus able to cause warming.

LASER stands for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation". Laser light is often used in medical treatments. Laser light is not natural light. It was initially formulated by Albert Einstein in 1917. However, the first medical lasers were not produced until the 1960s.

Visible light

780 nm


Why is sunlight beneficial for health? Vitamin D Vitamin D, or the sunshine vitamin as it is sometimes called, is completely different to all the other vitamins you will have heard about. This is because it is not actually a vitamin, but a prohormone which the body produces with the aid of cholesterol. The fact that it is a prohormone means that it affects the whole body. Receptors which respond to this hormone are found in practically all the cells of the body. Regular expose to UVB rays will increase your levels of vitamin D. It reduces the risk of developing disease and it is crucial for the maintenance of the teeth, your bone structure and having an optimal immune system.

It is consequently extremely important for fullspectrum light to reach the retina. A light therapy lamp which radiates full-spectrum light is an excellent investment in order to avoid such problems. There are several versions available, some of which look like ordinary table lamps. They are suitable for use at home or for placing on a workbench at work. You should remember that the human body has been designed to preferably receive full-spectrum light around 12 hours every day.


We also obtain vitamin D from oily fish such as mackerel, herring, sardines, tuna fish and salmon. We used to be able to eat a lot of oily fish, but it is now recommended that you should only eat it no more than twice per week because of its high content of environmental toxins. If you are going to eat fish, you should eat wild fish, not farmed fish which contain higher quantities of toxins than other fish.

A lack of sunlight also has a detrimental effect on the body's metabolism. Sunlight thus has a substantial impact on the body's ability to absorb nutrients and to eliminate toxins which could otherwise cause problems like cancer. If you suffer from metabolic problems, it is essential that you expose your body to more sunlight.

Vitamin D deficiency reduces our ability to absorb calcium and phosphorus, and this has a detrimental effect on our bones and joints, resulting in an increased risk of developing osteoporosis. Consequently it is essential that everyone, both adults and children, should be exposed to a lot of sunlight. Norway suffers from more problems associated with osteoporosis than anywhere else in the world due to the combination of not getting enough sun on our bodies and our consumption of dairy products.

Important information

Winter depression This occurs as a result of a lack of full-spectrum light reaching the retina. Only the sun or special light therapy lamps are able to produce such light. Light signals are transmitted through the eyes to the hypothalamus, which is a processing centre in the brain which governs mood, sleep, appetite, fluid balance and sex drive, etc. A lack of sunlight will disrupt our hormonal balance, resulting in a serotonin deficiency which in turn results in depression.

In order to benefit from sunbathing, it is important not to use sunscreen to protect yourself every time you expose your body to the sun because this largely prevents the creation of vitamin D. Low levels of vitamin D have a detrimental impact on everything in the body. Sunlight plays a crucial role in the reversal and prevention of several other diseases and health-related problems, e.g. diabetes, coronary diseases, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, osteoporosis, schizophrenia, kidney and liver disorders, blood pressure disorders, muscular and joint disorders. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you should check your levels of vitamin D and do something about them, otherwise the problems mentioned above will simply continue and become far more serious. It is also extremely rare for anyone with optimal levels of vitamin D to suffer from colds or influenza.


Recommendations for safe exposure to the sun Pigments As you will no doubt have understood, we are totally dependent on obtaining enough sun on our bodies in order to reverse and prevent disease. However, it is extremely important to make individual adjustments and not to overdo it so that we do not become sunburnt. Melanin or pigments are produced when the skin is exposed to the sun. Melanin is a chemical substance which acts as a natural sun filter. Dark-skinned people are more resistant and dark skin would require a SPF of 15-30, i.e. it is able to cope with more sunlight before burning. Everyone reacts differently to sunlight. People who live a healthy life and eat correctly will be able to cope with a lot more sun before they become burnt than people who have an unhealthy lifestyle. There are many different types of skin and there are therefore no fixed rules about sunbathing which suit everyone. You should never expose babies under the age of 6 months to direct sunlight. Their skin is extremely sensitive and can easily be damaged. Each time we become sunburnt we increase our risk of developing skin cancer in the area concerned.

How to start You should always start slowly at the beginning of the season, spending around 10 minutes in the sun and increasing your exposure time gradually. You should take your skin type into account, along with other factors which affect the amount of UV rays you are exposed to, e.g.: The time of day − the season − surface reflection − cloud cover and air pollution − the ozone layer.

Sunbathing for the sake of your health is equivalent to getting lots of fresh air. It should be relaxing and energising. So you could happily enjoy the sun in a wood near a lake, by the sea or on the top of a mountain. If you can go barefoot you will also benefit from the synergic effects of the earth's healing electrons.

Regular intervals It is very important to establish a regular routine when sunbathing. You cannot compress your exposure to the sun into just a few weeks during your summer holiday and expect to obtain the full benefits. It is important to check the amount of sun you receive, i.e. frequent short intervals are best. You should not overdo it or leave out too many days. Regular exposure will protect you from skin cancer, but too much irregular exposure can increase the risks. You should be particularly careful on windy or cloudy days. When it is cloudy the sun is not as hot, but you will still be exposed to large doses of UV rays. If it is windy it is easy to think that the sun is not quite as hot, so you should take precautions and make sensible use of the sun.

Do not shower immediately after sunbathing It is also very important that you do not take a shower and wash yourself with soap immediately after sunbathing. This would wash away the enzymes which are in the process of being formed in the skin. These need to remain on the skin for around 1-2 hours before they are absorbed and transmitted to the liver to create active vitamin D3.

Time of day − mornings are the best time for sunbathing if you have not already acquired a bit of a tan. The risk of becoming sunburnt is lower during the mornings when compared to later on during the day. It is also best to sunbathe when the temperature is lower than 18oC so that you minimise the risks associated with overheating - this also strengthens the body's immune system.


Recommendations for safe exposure to the sun Sunglasses and sunscreen prevent the body from working properly. In order to achieve optimal health it is essential that our eyes and our bodies are exposed to the sun.

Chemicals in sunscreen No sunscreens are completely safe. Most contain a number of toxic chemicals which are absorbed into the skin and create problems. Sun lotions which have been enriched with vitamin A also increase the risk of developing cancer, so you should steer well clear of them. Avoid sunscreen containing the following ingredients Oxybenzone is a chemical which penetrates into the skin and causes allergic reactions, hormonal disorders and cellular damage. Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) is an antioxidant which was originally thought to protect the skin against ageing. However, research has shown that it promotes the growth of cancer tumours and

skin cancer. There are many products which contain it, so you should check carefully before buying them. Sunscreen sprays or powders should not be used either because it is easy to inhale some of the particles these contain, and this is very harmful to health. Check for sunscreens which contain zinc or titanium - and do not use anything containing nano particles.  

It is not always a good idea to rub lots of chemicals into the skin of children. Check all lotions carefully before using them on yourself or your children.


The Earth The Earth is bursting with pulsating energies which affect the biological machinery of all living organisms.



he Earth is the third planet from the Sun. It is the largest of the terrestrial planets in our solar system and it has the highest density. Our wonderful Mother Earth is not just a big, lifeless lump of rock! Planet Earth has numerous energy fields in which million of species coexist as an integral part of the planet's fabric. We are all dependent on being in contact with these energies. In common with the other aspects of the laws of nature, a lack of contact with the earth disrupts the body's chemistry and electromagnetic levels. In the long term this will result in serious illnesses, even if we take into account all the other aspects that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body's cells. Physical, barefoot contact with the earth is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your health. Contact with the earth is crucial, and there are no drugs which can produce such a beneficial effect on the whole body. It is also completely free and has no side effects!


Contact with the earth Energies Most of us know about the earth's magnetic field. It is beneficial for the body and it is a contributory factor in bodily functions. However, many people do not realise that the earth is like a gigantic battery which emits flows of negative electrons. Just like the body, the earth has a negative charge, and in healthy, vital organisms all the cells carry negative charges. We are totally dependent on having contact with the earth for optimal health and bodily functions because the earth regenerates, balances and maintains the body's natural electrical potential. The never-ending, inexhaustible energy which constantly flows from the earth produces a healing effect on all living organisms. It is therefore not surprising that humans and animals have a substantial number of nerve endings on the soles of their feet.

The surface of the earth resonates with natural frequencies and energies such as electromagnetic radiation and infrared rays. Scientific studies and research have ascertained that contact with this energy field is extremely beneficial for health. This is called grounding, and it simply involves sleeping, standing, lying down, sitting and walking barefoot on the surface of the earth. It is simple and actually very natural! Having daily contact with this simple phenomenon will immediately help to balance the body's electrical potential and bring it into harmony with the earth's own potential. This will help to synchronise your internal biological clock, produce antioxidants and neutralise any static electricity which might have built up as a result of your environment and the clothes you wear.

Shoes with rubber soles which insulate us from the ground are considered to be one of the most damaging inventions of our time.


Remedies for normal health Contact with the earth

In the workplace

In this day and age it is not always easy to comply with the laws of nature. However, we can implement some effective measures which would greatly benefit our health in both the long and the short term. We should walk barefoot as much as possible, preferably by the sea, in the woods or in the mountains. If you do not have the opportunity to go walking, simply standing barefoot in the garden for a while would work wonders. This will help to provide you with electrons and antioxidants and balance your pH levels.

One reason why many people become tired, out of sorts and ill when they are at work is because they are being exposed to massive doses of radiation. Our bodies consequently become drained of energy and their tissues and fluids suffer from the debilitating effects of having depleted levels of oxygen.

There are several devices which can aid indoor contact with the earth. By preference we should have contact with the earth 24 hours a day, but since sleeping in the garden is not an option for most people we can make use of a specially designed grounding sheet which has silver threads woven into it. These sheets have a cable which can either be laid so that it runs out of your bedroom window and down to the ground via a grounding rod, or it can be plugged directly into any grounded outlet. Grounding sheets can be purchased for both humans and pets. Research and controlled studies have shown that there are a number of health benefits to be derived from sleeping in direct contact with the earth's energies. The optimal solution is something called a grounding mattress. I use one of these myself and am very pleased with it.

Electron deficiency

One effective way of remedying this situation is to use a small mat which has direct contact with the ground outside or which can be plugged into a grounded outlet. These mats are made of conductive materials and they can either be used on top of a workbench (so that you can rest your arms on them), or they can be placed on the floor so that you can rest your feet on them.

Compensating for electron deficiency A lack of contact with the earth will mean that the body fails to acquire life-giving electrons. In order to compensate and remedy this situation, the following measures can be employed Drink pure, revitalised, negatively charged water from a water ioniser. Eat fresh, vital food, i.e. locally produced organic fruit and vegetables which are as fresh as possible. Spend as much time as possible outside in the vicinity of woods and waterfalls. Use a Quaver Phase energy spa.Purchase shoes or sandals which have been made from conductive materials.

Being in contact with the earth will produce the same electrical potential as that found in the earth. There are many benefits to be derived from this, including protection against electromagnetic radiation.

Studies have shown that the following benefits can be derived from using a grounding sheet:

82 % experience less muscular stiffness 74 % experience less pain or no pain at all 93 % sleep better and feel more rested upon waking 85 % fall asleep more quickly 78 % experience a general improvement in their health


Radiation created by humans Changes in the environment Life today is completely different compared to just one generation ago. The changes which have occurred have presented us with challenges that no-one could have predicted. We have surrounded ourselves with various types of technology which have become part of modern society and which we would now be unable to manage without.

Strong warnings should be issued to prevent pregnant women from using laptops and Wi-Fi! One study of Danish children showed that mothers who had used mobile phones during pregnancy were more likely to give birth to children who would develop health problems. A tendency towards autism and behavioural problems was observed.

We can surf the Internet on our laptops by using wireless networks when outdoors and we can enjoy contact with the whole world via small mobile phones. The work of most people now involves sitting in front of a computer screen.

A German study has shown that children who are exposed to radiation experience problems in the form of headaches, impaired concentration and increased anger and irritation.

Our houses and workplaces are inundated with electronic devices which all emit electromagnetic radiation and positive ions. This type of radiation is very different when compared to the natural radiation which we have always been exposed to from the sun, the stars and other natural sources.

German studies have also shown substantial increases in levels of stress hormones like adrenaline and noradrenaline when people are exposed to radiation. This has been observed, even if people are not talking directly into a phone - it is simply enough to be in the proximity of a base station.

So what happens to our bodies when they are exposed to radiation from mobile phones, computers, satellites and electronic equipment? Modern research has shown that biological changes are occurring in the cells of our bodies.

It is highly likely that future generations will give birth to a lot more children suffering from defects and serious health complications than at present. If they are able to reproduce!

One study has shown a drop in the sperm count of men who use laptops (Dr. Conrado Avendano). Another study has shown radiation damage occurring in the ovaries of women. What about all the newborn girls who have been exposed to radiation while in the womb?

The body runs on electricity All forms of life which have a physical body are surrounded by natural electromagnetic energy fields as a result of being controlled by electrical impulses and frequencies. These frequencies are completely different to those which are emitted by all the electronic devices which surround us on a daily basis. In order to maintain good health, we are obviously dependent on these systems working properly, something which does not apply when we are exposed to unnatural radiation. All the nerve impulses in the body are electrical signals. Electrical signals also control the conveyance of substances entering and leaving the body's cells. The signals in the body are very weak, with the exception of the heart. The frequencies of electrical installations can resonate with and increase human frequencies.


Simple measures It is wise to take a few precautions for the sake of both yourself and your children It is recommended that children should only use mobile phones in an emergency. Several countries around the world are now beginning to devote attention to this matter and are starting to dismantle mobile phone masts located in the proximity of schools and nurseries. Wi-Fi networks are also being banned in schools, etc. Such measures should also be implemented here in Norway, but things take time and the damage may already have occurred. We are all responsible for ensuring that changes are made, so the more people who become involved and do something, the quicker such changes will occur. It would appear that our politicians are refusing to make decisions and are afraid to take responsibility. It is therefore very important that we should all take responsibility and start to sort things out. If everyone does their best to disseminate information and tries to encourage others to become involved, then we will be able to implement changes at some time. This will occur of its own volition if enough people become involved. You could try writing letters to schools expressing your concerns and referring to the research on the subject and the fact that such equipment has been banned in schools in several countries.

Measures for the workplace and at home

You should be wary of using induction hobs because they emit a lot of radiation. Children and pregnant women have been advised by several authorities to keep out of the kitchen when such hobs are turned on. You should position your bed so that there are no electrical wires running near the headboard. There are many people who remove the fuse for the bedroom circuit when they go to bed at night in order to protect themselves. You could also use a grounding sheet in your bed to protect yourself from radiation. You should ensure that any battery eliminators are located as far away as possible from the place where you sit or work. Do not allow children to indiscriminately watch TV or use mobile phones or computers. Set limitations, because this could be decisive for their future health. You could benefit from using chips or other devices which are designed to protect us from electromagnetic radiation. It is possible to obtain small chips which can be attached to phones and other small electrical appliances. It is also possible to obtain protection sheets which can be laid at work or in the home and which will help to reduce the levels of stress created in the body by wireless networks, televisions, satellite frequencies and earth radiation, etc. You could install one of these on each item of electrical equipment close to wherever you sit. Do not use Wi-Fi networks either at work or at home.

We also need to sort out this situation at numerous places of work, where people are even more exposed than they are in their own homes. Workplaces are often equipped with fluorescent lights and various electrical installations which place the body under stress and drain our energy. Furthermore, all electrical equipment emits positively charged ions which make the body acidic and oxygen-deficient.


It is not that easy to protect ourselves in today's society since we are over-exposed on all sides, but there are a few measures that might help. You should limit the amount of electrical equipment that has been installed wherever you sleep and you should not use lamps or clocks which have been plugged directly into the mains supply. You should not keep your mobile phone in your bedroom and you should avoid having Wi-Fi in your home.

It is also an advantage to use an air purifier which emits negative ions, both at home and at work. As we become exposed to ever-increasing amounts of radiation, more and more people are starting to become ill and suffer from health problems, so there is every reason to take this seriously.

You should avoid sitting directly beneath fluorescent lights. The healthy alternative is to use a table top lamp with full-spectrum light.



Our toxic world One of our greatest and most serious problems



ever before in our history have we been exposed to such large quantities of toxins which cause a state of degeneration in the body and its cells. Humans are not the only ones affected. All living organisms are being affected. Plants and animals are all suffering from the careless way in which we have handled such toxins. All the water in our seas and rivers, which are the source of our drinking water, is full of toxins. The same applies to most of the food we eat and the air we breathe. These toxins are primarily derived from air pollution, chemical sprays, acid rain and industrial effluents.


Chemicals in our everyday lives Acid rain, radioactive precipitation and industrial effluents are found all over the world and contribute towards all organisms being exposed to various types of toxins. The situation is not improved by the fact that numerous chemicals and poisons are used deliberately in agriculture. This damage the unique properties of the plants involved and the toxins are transferred to both the animals and humans who eat such junk food. Some foods may contain more toxins than nutrients, and it goes without saying that we are then skating on thin ice. Tonnes of toxins are released every single year. Factories are granted licences each year to emit/ discharge set quantities into both the air and the sea. Who grants them permission to do this? Who has granted them permission to grant such permission, or is that a silly question? The authorities purchase environmental quotas! Is this supposed to help in any way? Is it alright to release toxins into the environment as long as we pay for the privilege? Is this money paid into a "nature" account so that we can then have the opportunity to clean up after ourselves? I'm just asking!


The body of an average adult contains approx. 700800 different human-produced toxins. One study conducted by the Environmental Working Group discovered that the bodies of newborn babies contained on average 287 toxins, all of which had been transferred from their mothers. Their blood samples showed traces of mercury, flame retardants, sprays, hormone disruptors, chemicals, additives and environmental poisons, etc. If we were to list all the toxins surrounding us, then such a list would cover hundreds of pages, so it is not possible to include everything here. Furthermore, new chemicals and carcinogenic combinations of substances are being revealed each year. Some of those which are currently regarded as being safe may prove to be extremely carcinogenic in future studies. If we wish to be 100 % safe then we should only use natural things. For up-to-date news on this subject, I would recommend the following website:

Some precautions for children Children are more sensitive to toxins than adults and they can suffer from serious, permanent damage at an early age as a result of contact with toxins. If we want to do our best to ensure that our children are not exposed to toxins, we need to think about the following.

Personal care products


No children need chemicals in their bodies. All soaps and creams, etc. contain things with unpronounceable names, and they have no business in the bodies of children. If you really have to rub something into the skin of a child, you should only use 100 % natural, organic products. If you cannot eat it, it will almost certainly be extremely harmful to health.

Reports are often published about the adverse effects of the toxins found in clothing, and this also includes branded garments. There are plenty of safe alternatives available that have been manufactured using natural raw materials. Your pillows, duvets, mattresses and bed linen should be checked carefully.

You should steer well clear of all products which can be bought in grocery shops and supermarkets. You will find that well-known brands generally contain highly carcinogenic substances. You should also carefully check the contents of any products that can be bought at pharmacies or hairdressing salons in order to ensure that they are free of toxins. When washing your children it is best to just use unchlorinated water. Wild animals do not wash their fur with shampoo or soap. It is natural to wash in just water, as we were naturally designed to do.

Food You should never even think about heating up baby food in a microwave oven. Apart from having a damaging impact on the food, it will also alter the blood values of the babies and disrupt several processes in their bodies. Any baby food you purchase should be sold in glass jars. You should try to avoid any plastic or metal packaging. You should also remember that you can easily prepare your own baby food by using organic vegetables, something which will be a thousand times more nutritious. In this way you will also avoid any additives and chemicals, and you will be providing your child with vital enzymes, all the necessary nutrients and life force. These CANNOT be obtained from processed food in glass jars. Children should also drink breast milk and pure, unchlorinated water rather than squash and cows' milk.


Jewellery and theatre make-up Paste jewellery often contains highly toxic metals such as lead, nickel and cadmium. If your children are going to wear jewellery, then only jewellery made from precious metals should be used. Theatre make-up and children's cosmetics also often contain very harmful chemicals. The results of numerous tests conducted on such things indicate that we need to be highly vigilant. Even if they have been labelled as being free from toxins, they may nevertheless contain some.

Electricity Children should be protected from electromagnetic radiation. You should not place lamps or other electrical equipment near children's beds. If you use a baby alarm system, you should screen the radiation it emits and place it as far away from the baby's bed as possible. You should also protect your whole house from the effects of wireless networks and mobile phone masts, etc. These have a strong impact on the health of children. Furthermore, you should avoid using energy saving light bulbs near children because they emit harmful radiation and carcinogenic gases and also contain mercury. If one of these light bulbs is broken and the contents either spill on your child or if he/ she breathes in the fumes, this could cause serious injuries.

Some precautions for children Toys Toys that are made from plastic or toys that have been varnished generally contain toxins which are very harmful to health. You should check the number inside the "chasing arrows" symbol which will be displayed somewhere underneath these toys. If the number is 1, 2, 4 or 5, it should be better than other types of plastic. However, you cannot always trust these symbols either.

Toys made from soft plastics contain softeners which are extremely harmful to health. You should preferably stick to untreated, natural materials and avoid plastics if you want the best for your child. If children play with plastic toys, it is extremely important that they wash their hands well before eating or putting their fingers in their mouths after having touched such toys.

The more plastic toys a child has, the greater the risk of contamination and of developing hormonal imbalances.


Personal care products The cost of personal care products It is quite possible to make soap and creams without using chemicals. The problem with this is that it is more expensive and such products do not have such a long shelf life. They do exist, but it is harder to source them since none of the major commercial companies are interested in making such products. If you want to look after your health you should only use products which you can eat and put in your mouth. There is no difference between what you eat and what you rub into your skin. Everything goes straight into your body and circulates around your system regardless. I have devoted a fair amount of time to this issue and I have discovered that if you were to use the most expensive, exclusive ingredients available and blend them yourself, it would cost around ÂŁ2 to make approx. 300 ml of cream. This price covers the cost of the ingredients which I obtained from an ordinary retailer. A large international company would pay just a fraction of this price for a bulk purchase. The cream I made would just have a short shelf life because it does not contain any chemicals.

It is possible to understand what it contains, i.e. no long chemical names that you cannot pronounce. I also checked to see how cheaply I could make the sort of cream or lotion manufactured by a distributor and discovered that it would cost me approx. 75 pence to make approx. 300 ml. This lotion contained several cheap chemicals and minerals oil (petroleum products) and it had a long shelf life. I would strongly recommend you to check all the personal care products you use, particularly those that you use on your children. Generally speaking, all the soaps and shampoos you find in the shops and at the hairdresser's will contain harmful chemicals. You should therefore check the contents of everything that you buy. After undertaking a thorough investigation of pharmacies, I discovered that their soaps and shampoos also contained a number of very harmful substances. So do not trust anyone, but rather carry out your own investigations to find out which products are pure.

Triclosan This is an antibacterial chemical which is found in many consumer products, including most hand soaps and most types of washing up liquid. Triclosan can also be found in toothpaste, mouthwash, face washes, deodorants and the plastic from which toothbrushes are made. Triclosan has been linked to damage of the liver and lungs. It also causes enlargement of the thyroid gland and thus affects the metabolism. If you suffer from metabolic problems you should avoid Triclosan and if you wish to prevent such problems it is also a good idea to avoid it. Studies have also shown that Triclosan weakens the immune system. Anything which weakens the immune system increases the risk of developing cancer.


Triclosan is never completely removed by water treatment plants and it therefore goes out into the sea and our lakes and subsequently finds its way back to us in our drinking water. It is also extremely toxic for all organisms that live in water.

How can you avoid Triclosan? You should avoid using soaps which claims to be antibacterial. You need to steer clear of all products making such claims, such as toothbrushes, mouthwashes and chopping boards for food, etc. Triclosan can also sometimes be found in the following products: towels, mattresses, sponges, shower curtains, plastic kitchen equipment, and storage boxes for food, shoes, clothes and toys.

Check carefully because your health is at stake!

Harmful chemicals Chemicals pose a serious threat to your health. On the following pages you will find a few tables showing some of the harmful and carcinogenic ingredients which can be found in most personal care products. It is important to pay attention to these so that we do not harm ourselves or our children. You should check all your personal care products and items of food to see if you can find any of the components mentioned here. If you do and if you do not want to risk developing serious health problems, you should throw them away in your special waste bin. You can be almost certain that products containing any of the substances on the following pages will not have been produced for their health benefits, but rather for profit. Any pharmacies and shops selling things which contain any of the items mentioned here are also not very reputable since they are thinking more about money and profit than health. Laboratory tests have shown that these chemicals cause cancer. The ingredients listed under this category are found in a number of cosmetics, personal care products and food additives.

Carcinogens Acesulfame Acrylamide Aspartame (NutraSweet) Auramine Bisphenol-A (BPA) Butadiene Butyl benzyl phthalate Cyclamates Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) Chromium trioxide Coal tar dyes • D&C • Green 5 • Orange 17 • Red 3, 4, 8, 9, 17, 19,33 • FD&C • Blue 2 • Green 3 • Red 4, 40 • Yellow 6 Cobalt chloride Diethanolamine (DEA) Diaminophenol


DEA cocamide condensate DEA oleamide condensate DEA sodium lauryl sulfate Diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) Dioctyl adipate Disperse blue 1 Disperse yellow 3 Fluoride Formaldehyde Glutaral Hydroquinone Lead Limonene Metheneamine Methylene chloride Mineral oils (pure baby oil) Nitrofurazone Phenylenediamines Pyrocatechol Saccharin (Sweet'N Low) Silica (crystalline) Talc (talcum powder) Titanium dioxide (powder)

Harmful chemicals These chemicals imitate the effects of natural hormones which are produced by the body's endocrine system. For example, the adrenal glands, the pancreas, the thyroid gland, the pituitary gland, the ovaries and the testicles all produce hormones which are of decisive importance for our growth, development and metabolic processes. The body's systems become disrupted by these synthetic chemicals because they confuse them with their own hormones and natural processes. This results in severe impairment of the body's hormonal systems.

Preservatives Parabens Butylparaben Triclosan Ethylparaben Methylparaben

Benzylparaben Triclocarban Resorcinol Propylparaben

Detergents (tensides) Disodium ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid (Disodium EDTA) Phenol ethoxylates

Ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid (EDTA) • Nonoxynols • Octoxynols

Solvents (softeners) Bisphenol A (BPA) Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) Diethylhexyl phthalate Dimethyl phthalate (DMP)

Butylbenzene phthalate (BBP) Diethyl phthalate (DEP) Dioctyl phthalate (DEHP) Nonylphenol (NP)

Metal oestrogens Aluminum Copper Tin

Cadmium Lead

Sun protection 4-Methyl-benzylidine camphor (4-MBC) Butylmethoxydibenzoylmethane (BMDM Homosalate (HMS) Octyl-methoxycinnamate (OMC), 200

Benzophenone-3 (BP3), or Oxybenzone Avobenzone (Parsol) Octyl-dimethyl-paba (OD-PABA) Octinoxate

Artificial sweeteners!

Aspartame Aspartame is an artificial sweetener which undergoes a chemical change when it enters the body and reaches body temperature. It forms methanol and formaldehyde in the body. Some of this is stored in the fatty tissues and water, while some goes straight into the central nervous system. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and anyone planning to have children or who is pregnant is strongly advised not to use this product since it can cause permanent foetal damage. Aspartame and artificial sweeteners in general are products which are most likely to generate complaints and which can cause many of us to suffer from very serious illnesses.

It has been proved that aspartame is highly carcinogenic, that it should never have been approved and that such approval was based on false research reports. If you investigate this product thoroughly, you will quickly discover that the only reason why it was ever approved was because of the large amounts of money involved.

Reducing exposure You should avoid absolutely all products containing artificial sweeteners because they have all been shown to have an extremely negative impact on the body.

Studies and research have revealed that hundreds of health-related problems are linked to the ingestion of aspartame. Here are just a few of them:      

MS Cancer Stroke ME Fibromyalgia Migraine

     

Parkinson's disease Alzheimer's disease Anxiety and depression Obesity and oedema Emotional disorders Premature birth and birth defects


Sugar, the toxic truth!

A little is not a problem, but a lot will kill you - slowly. Sugar is a relatively new problem After considering all the facts that we currently know about sugar and its effects, this is a product which should have been banned. In a normal democracy where manufacturers would not be able to influence political decisions and legislation, sugar would have been banned if they had tried to introduce it onto the market today. Sugar is the cause of insulin-resistance in 85 % of diabetics, particularly when they consume it in vast quantities. This means that they all need to take a serious look at their diet. The body has not been designed to cope with the large quantities of sugar that the majority of us obtain from our diet. The problems associated with sugar are greater than the risks associated with putting on weight and diabetes. Too much sugar can cause the following: depression, headaches, and inflammation of the large intestine, constipation, eczema, diabetes, hyperglycaemia, cancer, heart disease, mood swings, heartburn and an unsatisfied appetite. We also need to considerably reduce our consumption of carbohydrates because these are converted to sugar. If we eat too many carbohydrates (this does not apply to athletes) it will be difficult for our bodies to process them.

Sugar is habit-forming and activates the brain's reward centre. Sugar is the one type of food that most types of cancer cells are dependent on! In an evolutionary perspective sugar was available to our ancestors in fruit for just a few months of the year (when harvested), or in honey produced by bees. However, sugar has recently been used in almost all processed food and this limits the choices available to consumers. Sugar is starting to become a serious problem for increasing numbers of people and urgent measures are now required in order to reverse this trend. Like tobacco, all products containing sugar ought to be labelled to show the risks involved. Such changes are starting to take place and we can only hope that they will be implemented as quickly as possible. Several manufacturers are now opting for healthy natural alternatives like Stevia, instead of sugar and artificial sweeteners. If we wish to reduce our consumption of sugar, we would need to eat healthy, natural food and avoid mass-produced foods which contain sugar.


These photos show farmed cod with genetic defects. The ones depicted here are unable to close their mouths. Around 50 % of all farmed cod has similar genetic defects. So there is a reason why they are sold in the shops without their heads.

This is not the only problem! When these fish escape (and several thousand escape each year), they can mate with wild fish. This has resulted in such genetic defects also occurring in wild fish. Such fish have been called "monster cod"!

Depicted here is a wild fish which had been feeding on the seabed near a fish farm. Fish which graze in such places become damaged. Their meat is foul-smelling and inedible.


Fleece products Fleece products Fleece clothing and other textiles such as carpets and rugs are often made from recycled plastic which contains BPA. As you have no doubt realised, this is not something that you would want to expose either yourself or your children to. As far as I am aware, there is only one place in the world where warnings have been issued about fleece products, and that is California. This state has passed legislation stipulating that all polyester fleece products for children should be labelled with a warning

to show that the product in question contains chemicals which are known to cause birth defects and cancer. The fact that no such warnings have been issued here is due to a lack of knowledge and ignorance. You should therefore only use pure natural products such as cotton and wool, etc. Perhaps you would like to do something about getting such products labelled as being toxic in your country as well? We can change the world if we try, but we need to take the initiative and become involved in order to effect change.

Nice and soft, but toxic!


Toxic metals

Toxic metals Even if you comply with all the guidelines for adopting a good, healthy lifestyle, you may still have or succumb to serious health problems due to an overload of toxic metals. These can manifest in various ways such as digestive problems, neurological disorders and a number of other serious conditions.

The most common toxic metals that we are exposed to are as follows:      

Mercury Aluminium Cadmium Arsenic Lead Nickel

These metals can cause or contribute towards many different diseases and problems. It is usually quite easy to recognise the symptoms caused by acute poisoning, but most people only acquire small doses at a time so that any toxic metals accumulate slowly over the course of time. This means that the symptoms are often not recognised as being poisoning. Like chemical poisoning, metal poisoning has become one of our greatest threats to health. We are being over-exposed to various different toxic metals every single day. They are found in drinking water, food, the air, personal care products, toys and household products, etc.





Mercury is one of the most problematic toxic metals that we have. Despite its risks and its known role as a neurotoxin, many of us have it in the fillings in our teeth, have it injected into our blood when we have vaccinations, consume it when we eat fish or acquire it in our drinking water or when we take a shower.

Child vaccination may prove to be one of the greatest threats to health of our time. You can say what you like and disagree as much as you like, but before you start protesting I would ask you to take a look at the facts. Vaccinations have absolutely no place in the body of a healthy child.

There is documentary proof to show that mercury is released from the amalgam fillings we have in our teeth. It is efficiently absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and is able to pass into the central nervous system by crossing the blood/brain barrier, where it can cause brain damage. Mercury can also cause foetal brain damage by passing through the placenta.

This subject has been discussed long and hard and thousands of research articles have been written about it. The strange thing is that pregnant women are sometimes told to avoid fish when they are expecting a child, due to the high levels of mercury in fish. These can damage the foetus, so it is great that they are informed about this.

One of the most toxic and damaging substances which is often transferred from mothers to their unborn babies is mercury. There are no lower limits for the amounts of mercury that the body can withstand. Even tiny amounts can cause serious health problems. Mercury produces many serious detrimental effects in the body.

However, vaccinations are then recommended for babies not long after they are born. These often contain more mercury than the levels that a mother would have ingested if she had eaten fish! How can this be logical?

These include disrupting the enzymes that are involved in controlling brain development and even the slightest disruption can cause serious complications in this respect, leading to problems with behaviour, learning abilities and other vital brain functions. Inorganic mercury can be converted into methylmercury by microorganisms in water and it becomes enriched in the food chain. It finally ends up in fish, which can contain thousands of times more mercury than that found in the water around them.

A number of studies have also shown that vaccinated children suffer from up to 500% more illnesses and health problems than unvaccinated children. This subject could fill a whole book, so I would encourage you to search for the relevant information elsewhere. You should read some of the shocking facts provided by the Cochrane Collaboration, an independent organisation which conducts systematic reviews of research results. Their latest news is that the adult influenza vaccine produces absolutely no health benefits whatsoever.

When we use amalgam and vaccines, we are initially poisoning our own bodies and then subsequently poisoning the environment with dental and faecal waste, as well as causing pollution from cremations and burials. We are thus polluting the water and air on earth and damaging plants, crops, animals and human beings.


Tips and advice about mercury poisoning If things have progressed to the stage where you are experiencing serious health problems as a result of mercury poisoning, there are several things that you can and should do.

Tooth fillings First of all you need to try to limit and eliminate all sources of mercury from coming into contact with the body. If your mercury levels have been shown to be high, you should start to have all your mercury fillings removed. For some incomprehensible reason mercury is used as a preservative in vaccines. A ban has finally been imposed on using mercury in tooth fillings for environmental reasons, but it is still permitted in vaccines! Everyone who has been vaccinated should therefore implement measures in order to remove mercury from their bodies.

Drinking water Our drinking water may also contain mercury, so we need to purify all our water. If things have not progressed to the stage where you are suffering from any serious complaints then you may not have noticed that there is mercury in your drinking water. People who have high levels and who are suffering from problems are often aware that there is something wrong with the water, and in some cases they may become really ill if they drink impure water. Increasing numbers of people are experiencing problems in this respect. In some cases they become ill just by standing under the shower, or when other people take showers. If there is mercury in the water, this will evaporate with the water and disperse around the house. Someone suffering from such problems will immediately recognise the symptoms.

Food Mercury can also be ingested in food, particularly oily fish which may contain large quantities. Fish oils in the form of Omega-3 capsules, cod liver oil and seal oil


have also been shown to contain mercury and other environmental poisons. There are only a very few factories in the world which remove such toxic substances from the oil they produce, so you should select such supplements with care and reduce your consumption of oily fish.

When we are exposed to electromagnetic radiation from PC screens, etc., the amount of mercury released from our dental fillings increases substantially! Increasing numbers of people are spending more time in the proximity of electrical equipment. Could this be one of the reasons why this problem appears to be escalating?

Aluminium and lead

Alzheimer's disease Aluminium Aluminium is the world's most common metallic element. It constitutes about 8 % of the Earth's crust. Although it is abundant in the environment, its naturally occurring forms are usually stable and do not interact with the biological processes which occur in living organisms. However, under acidic conditions aluminium may be released from rocks and soil in a soluble form which can be absorbed by plants and animals. Like the other elements, aluminium is absorbed by and accumulates in the body, and it has been linked to illnesses such as osteoporosis, nervousness, anaemia, headaches, reduced liver and kidney function, impaired memory and speech disorders.

Aluminium has also been associated with Alzheimer's disease. Up to four times the average levels of aluminium have been found in nerve cells in the brains of people who have died from Alzheimer's. Research has shown that the risk of developing Alzheimer's is increased by approx. 300 % when one is exposed to large quantities of aluminium.

Reducing exposure You should never use aluminium saucepans or kitchen equipment. Old saucepans with pitted bases are particularly harmful. Make-up and personal care products may also contain aluminium. Mineral powders containing bismuth and deodorants should also be avoided. The same applies to vaccines, because several of these contain both aluminium and mercury. You should purify your drinking and shower water.

••••• The central nervous systems of unborn babies are particularly sensitive to the effects of lead.

Lead Lead has previously been used in petrol and several different types of batteries. It is still used in several types of paint, particularly which used on children’s toys and cheap enamelled kitchen implements such as cups and plates, as well as in some of our drinking water pipes. Lead in the body is an enzyme inhibitor and produces a detrimental effect on the central nervous system, causing behavioural problems, leaning difficulties and reduced intellectual development.


Impaired learning skills and motor development has also been shown. Lead has a very high degree of acute and chronic toxicity in all living organisms. Other harmful effects include kidney failure, the impaired production of red corpuscles and the disruption of calcium metabolism which is essential for the formation of bones. Lead in tap water has also been linked to spontaneous miscarriages and cot death.

Reducing exposure You should reduce the number of children's plastic toys and other things which have been painted with lead-based paint. Avoid cheap enamelled objects. Invest in an air purifier. Purify drinking and shower water.


Nickel Nickel is a silvery white metal with excellent corrosion resistance and heatproof properties. It is hard and does not react with the air or water. Nickel is used in several metal alloys and is often found in jewellery, cutlery and kitchen implements, coins, batteries, clothing, medals, clocks and other steel products. Tinned food may also contain nickel. Considerable quantities are also found in mobile phones and it has been shown that these can emit large amounts of nickel. The most common problems caused by nickel are allergies, particularly contact allergies. If these are allowed to develop they can result in contact eczema. Problems can also occur when we cook food in products containing nickel or if we eat, drink or wear

things which contain nickel. This can be both irritating and unpleasant and can result in more serious health problems in the long term.

Reducing exposure In order to avoid exposure you should avoid cheap jewellery and other metal objects. Kitchen equipment made from wood is preferable because stainless steel saucepans and other pans often contain nickel. You should use cast iron or enamelled saucepans since these are the only safe alternatives. You should purify your drinking and shower water.

You should only wear jewellery made from pure, precious metals. This is extremely important for children! 220

Air pollution!

Air pollution The air we breathe has a tremendous impact on our lives. We can survive for a few days without water and food, but only for a few minutes without oxygen. The quality of the air we breathe also has a great impact on our health and is vitally important if we wish to avoid problems in our everyday lives. The fewer allergens, microorganisms and chemical pollutants we breathe in, the less likely we are to become seriously ill. We breathe in large quantities of toxins every single day and investing in a good air purifier is something that can definitely be recommended. This would at least ensure that we have good quality air when we are indoors, whether it be at home or at the workplace. After all, we spend around 90% of our time indoors. Large quantities of chemicals and particles are also sprayed from aircraft in an attempt to change the weather. These particles are proving to be extremely harmful to health. Medical conditions which are caused by poor air quality are escalating and we are all affected by this. Different groups of people are affected in different


ways, depending on the type of environment they live in, and some people are more sensitive to air pollution than others. Small children, old people and people with health problems such as asthma and heart and lung diseases suffer more than others due to all the toxic substances that we breathe in.

Reducing exposure Closing windows does not help much because the air outside will get in anyway. Often things inside the house emit fumes which are far more harmful to health than the air outside. You should be very careful about all the things you purchase for your home, e.g. carpets, furniture, toys, paint and wallpaper. They all emit gases of one sort or another, and you will not be aware of this until you start to experience problems with your health. Many children's rooms are simply gas chambers full of plastic toys in all colours of the rainbow which often emit harmful gases which will have a very negative impact on the health of your children. It is therefore recommended that you do not keep plastic toys in children's bedrooms.

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