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"Power is both ability and desire. There must be both to affectuate change".

Our lives are the composite of the eternal momentum NOW. Whenever we do something, it is because we know we have both the ability and desire to get it done. The only thing standing in our way is fear. Whenever we allow ourselves to be taken over by the things that scare us, or make us feel less than, then we diminish or all together lose our power. It is essential that we eclipse the fears in our lives, so that we maintain and grow our power. Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: I am a Supreme Performance and Professional Development Coach. I thoroughly enjoy working with people to face and release the fears that diminish their success. Surprisingly, these are already very successful people who use their wins to hide insecurity, self-doubt, and buried anger behind a mask of well-being. I am very well equipped to do this. This used to be me. I am an attorney, CPA, Certified Christian Life Coach, New Thought Practitioner (minister), and have received many accolades and recognitions based on my accomplishments, community and professional organizations. Each time I achieved something new, it was an effort to mask feelings of poor self image and self-distrust. Not until my health made me stop and face what was going on that I was able to embrace and move forward. I used my experience of overcoming stage 4 endometriosis and the subsequent surgeries that led to a full hysterectomy, bowel resection, and high blood pressure to create a system of programming and coaching techniques to help others not only avoid self-implosion, but to embrace total and complete freedom. Share 2 pieces of business advice for emerging entrepreneurs: You are a business owner. Forget the "entrepreneur" and "small" part of that. As you set up your business, lay a good foundation and put in the work Ensure that as you grow into a larger organization that you will not have to go back and redo things that you could have and should have done from the beginning. For instance go ahead and get a good accountant and a lawyer. Invest in a good accounting software program. Complete your estate planning. And get insurance on both you and your business, including disability insurance. What is next for you and your brand? My fourth book "Knocked Down, Set Straight: Face It, Speak It, Forgive It, Release It!" is available on my website, as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and is also on Audible. My app "Leading Through Living Community" is available for download for both Apple and Android devices. I am very excited about sharing my new coaching programs The 90-day Breakaway (TM) starting in 2020 and my book tour is going on now. I'd be delighted if your readers would join me for the journey. How can readers support your business + connect with you online? Commit to eclipsing the fears in your life. Face them, call them out by their names, forgive them and the people who caused them, and release them.Connect with me online by joining my email list at, and on social media: Instagram is @lynitamitchellblackwellesq; Facebook and LinkedIn are Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell.

Lynita MitchellBlackwellEsq.

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