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Talks the Power of being a "Go Getter"



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"Power is the influence to change the trajectory of people's thoughts towards what is the ideal state of the world with ideal core values." Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: I started a media content company at 24, designed to create content with meaning. We focus on creating content to motivate self-identified #gogetters to go get their goals. There is a struggle with identifying the proper actions to take, which we are specifically overcoming by providing gogetters actionable strategies to go get their goals. Our first proprietary product is our proprietary digital media platform, which we are in the midst of building now. It will house all the digital and social content necessary to help a go-getter go get their goals in life. As an Industrial Engineer who graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering in 2014 at age 22, I had a competitive background in public speaking. I completed 2 short stints in technology consulting at Deloitte and in digital technology marketing in corporate America. I was discovered in 2015 on Twitter after a social media strategist saw my tweets to motivate people to become go-getters and she recommended that I sign with a television publicist. That jump-started my media career by serendipity. I started my media company as an engineer and immigrant woman of color at 24. Share 2 pieces of business advice for emerging entrepreneurs: 1. Leverage social media to build your digital and social audience to funnel into potential buyers for your products 2. Focus on generating scaled revenue, and analyzing costs for products to achieve profitability as soon as possible What is next for you and your brand? Next is scaling up my personal #GoGetter social media audience across all of my social media platforms and directing them to my soon to be built proprietary media platform which will house #GoGetter themed digital content designed to motivate go-getters to go get their goals with actionable strategies to be implemented in 2020. Of course, we are also focusing on reaching more self-identified go-getters with the story of how becoming a go-getter changed my life, (1) "Unapologetically, Shinjini," a memoir at 26, (2) 1-Hour GoGetter Consultations with me to help gogetters with actionable strategies to go get their 1-goal, (3) GoGetter Content Brand Partnerships, (4) GoGetter Event Brand Partnerships, and (5) GoGetter Merchandise to be launched soon. I'm excited to motivate you to become a go-getter who goes and gets your own goals! How can readers support your business + connect with you online? Follow me @speakershinjini on social media platforms for more motivation to become a #GoGetter in 2020.

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SUZANNE PETERS " "Power is the ability to live life on your own terms and to be so grounded in who you are and what you stand for, that you have no choice but to impact the life of others."

Tell is about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: I founded The Woman To Woman Empowerment & Social Network to help women bridge the gap from a mediocre life to an extraordinary life. As a woman I've seen the difference in battling life's challenges alone, versus having the soothing comfort of a support team who understand what we're going through and the challenges we face daily. The network consists of female coaches who specialize in different areas. They are there to educate, empower and coach you to getting what you want, in every area of your life. Whether you are a house wife, single mom or entrepreneur, there's something for every woman. You can create the life the want. Share 2 pieces of advice for emerging entrepreneurs: Success leaves clues. It's okay to learn from others and avoid making the same mistakes they already made. Also there are times you will fail. Remember failure is simply a way to tell you what wouldn't work. Learn from it and move forward. What is next for your business in 2020? I'm excited about my new book entitled Woman To Woman: How To Create The Life You Want, that is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other platforms. Also the Woman To Woman tour, that kicks off on January 25th 2020 The goal is to impact the lives of one thousand women this year.

VISIT: How can readers connect with you online?

Facebook @thewomantowomannetwork Instagram @thewomantowomannetwork Website

"Power is ability to make significant positive changes not only in your life but in the life of others."


Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: I am a mortgage broker, real estate investor and business coach. After over 15 years in the mortgage & real estate industry I noticed that the big money was in investing & flipping property. I wanted in so I took classes attended seminars bought books, etc. only to find my self overwhelmed and frustrate with my first few flips. I realized that none of the classes I took, books I read, seminar or webinars talked about the day to day of flipping property. So I decided to share my new knowledge with other women that may want to get into this business. My approach is personal, one-onone to make sure that my clients avoid the many mistakes I made when I first started. Share 2 pieces of business advice for emerging entrepreneurs: In order to succeed you must try and fail. Be consistent & clear in your business. What is next for you and your brand? A business women’s retreat and international speaking engagements. How can readers support your business + connect with you online? (FB) @Pattyportomonte (IG) @pattyp_flips • •

Veritas Nkom

All of what was considered my PAIN really became PURPOSE as it created 'The Inspirational Guru' (ME)...!! Therefore it's time I serve you and show you how to 'OVERCOME, TRANSFORM and walk in your true KING/QUEENDOM too'!

What does “Power” mean to you? Power to me has various meanings. I personally don't believe it can have just one meaning and in addition to that, it can be used as both a positive and negative term, as it can be applied both ways.Therefore, my definition of POWER is to have the 'authority' to do many things such as to impact and influence others and to have confidence and a strong belief/faith in yourself and others as belief triggers the power to do. You have the natural power of dominion (Genesis 1:26) to create the lifestyle you desire through your thoughts (Proverbs 23:7) and through the words that you speak into the atmosphere (Proverbs 18:21). The power we have within can influence a generation to think a certain way and move a certain way and we all carry that within through the gifts that God planted within us. It's up to us on whether to water it and allow it to flourish. Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: I'm a global Speaker and Transformation coach. I'm on a MISSION to teach entrepreneurs how to TRANSFORM their life and their business through showing you how to turn your visions into reality and how to 'OVERCOME' your PAIN or PAST and turn it into PURPOSE while building the life of your dreams..!! Why? Because I know that many of you are trapped in the box of SHAME, FEAR & LIMITING SELF BELIEFS which is in reality, blocking you from your true gifts and purpose. I've been in that place, I overcame it, transformed and am still overcoming and transforming! I went from being an ex-urban glamour naked model, breaking the law and hurting people trying to make quick dirty money, being in a jail cell twice, failing my 1st year in university college 3-times, failing constantly for 7-years straight (2006-2013), having 3pending charges/convictions on me but GOD saw differently and reversed all of that. From 2013 when God gave me a second chance and gave me a clean slate to start again, I went back to university college, also started my 1st business in the Hair extension industry (Concrete Versatilia Rosa) and have been building my journey as an entrepreneur ever since. I graduated with my 1st degree in Law, went on to do my postgraduate and am now a Barrister Lawyer and

Share 2 pieces of advice for emerging entrepreneurs: The first and most important advice for emerging entrepreneurs is to start your business with PURPOSE. The biggest mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs starting out make (including me when I started), is to start a business with the sole purpose of making money. Money is the result of the purpose you serve and the value you provide. Yes we gotta make money and we are building towards freedom, but starting a business only for the money is like building a house on a quicksand foundation.The purpose is important as it involves service; Your business is serving your clients' needs and fulfilling a desire. Your business is solving a problem and is supposed to provide a solution. Your business is meant to impact or even transform the life of your customer through the value you provide. Entrepreneurship is not just about you, it's about service and impact. Focus on the purpose of your business and the problem you solve, not just the product or service you provide. Once you do that, trust me the money will come flowing to you naturally and effortlessly. The second advice is that MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. It is an imperative foundation that you must have. You gotta renew your mind daily because if your mind ain't right then your business won't be right. Your mind is like the fuel that controls the vehicle (your goals and business). The proverb "As a man thinketh in his heart so he becomes" - is not just a statement, it is real. Thoughts truly become things. The greatest computer given to us in the world is our minds and the greater news is we have control over it, but if you are not careful, the world or others can control your hard drive. Get your mind right if you expect to be successful in your business. Anything is possible and you can have anything you desire. You are God's highest form of creation because you are God manifested in human form! What is next for your business in 2020? Impacting 1-Million lives by 2022 by traveling, collaborations and expanding my business globally. I am a strong believer in 'Iron Sharpeneth Iron'. I am grateful for adding the multi-level/network marketing industry to one of my 7building streams of income because it taught me the power of being a servant leader and the power of teamwork.Teamwork really does make the dream work. I've never been a believer of staying in a shell or in one place to achieve my dreams. The spirit of God within me is too big to limit myself or to allow my surroundings to keep me in one place. I really look forward to helping people transform themselves and their businesses while building the lifestyle of their dreams and I'm even more excited to help people overcome their struggles and become who God has called them to be! It's time to get unstuck and move during this next decade. The cemetery can no longer be the richest place with dead dreams and gifts that never manifested. How can readers connect with you online? I am now very visible and will be all up in your faces LOL. Instagram: @The_Inspirational_Guru Twitter: @TheInspire_Guru Facebook: @Theinspirationalguru



"'Power' to me means the independence and freedom to make your own choices without apology, guilt, or tradeoff." Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: My mission as a 4-time serial entrepreneur is to inspire conscious leadership and empower women in business to leverage our authentic feminine power to business as a canvas for social good. My podcast Wings of Inspired Business is changing the face of business by acclaiming and affirming the female founder journey and catalying an abundance ecosystem where women #LiftAsWeClimb - mentoring, buying from, promoting, and investing in each other with open hearts. And that's what my Wings of The Empowered Woman Retreat and Business Mastermind is all about - a place for successful women entrepreneurs to lift each other to heights we cannot reach alone. Having built 4 media-tech businesses to 7 and 8 figure success, my focus now is on my fifth business. It is an innovative new platform for podcasters to profit from their content by knowing and engaging their audiences in a way never possible before. With "gamified" audience engagement, deep audience intelligence, and targeted ad sales, Wings Media provides an unrivalled app-based solution for any business owner, entrepreneur, author, influencer or corporate leader who wants to reach, understand, engage, and grow vibrant, viral and loyal communities of interest. Wings also offers "done for you" podcast production and content repurposing. Share 2 pieces of business advice for emerging entrepreneurs: 1. Value yourself: You Are Your Business's Best Asset. I see so many women founders underprice their products and services or overdeliver, running faster and faster in place on a "task treadmill" trying to perfect a product or service. I think perfectionism is an underlying subconscious fear with a pretty bow: It is sign we think we are "not enough" and you are. Have confidence in your vision, your value, your purpose. 2. You Need Coaches, Mentors, a "Business Family": My success came fast once I learned how to ask for help - and more importantly, whom to ask for help. We cannot do this alone. We need support and accountability from people who genuinely have our backs. Seek out people who have already achieved what you envision for yourself: A players will be generous helping you because they are "abundance" thinkers. Seek out communities of women like Wings where everyone is genuinely devoted to your success. And don't let toxic people or naysayers waylay you: Even a family member who loves you can project their own fear onto you. What is next for you and your brand? I'm so excited about the podcasting network and platform I'm building. We're in beta right now with the apps and it is amazing to see how well we are able to engage, understand and reward individual podcast listeners and build these vibrant communities around content. We've got a waitlist of more than 100 podcasters and we'll be bringing them on every quarter starting October, and meantime I'm also helping entrepreneurs and business owners leverage that "million dollar message" with done-for-you podcast production and also training intensives. How can readers support your business + connect with you online? If you're a successful women in business, apply for our curated Wings community and our retreats: you want to launch a magnetic podcast to help advance your business, sign up here for a complimentary chat: you can find me on social media at: | | |

"To me power means a tangible demonstration of self-control and integrity. It means using your influence for the good of others and it also means pulling from your inner strength during times of adversity, not allowing adverse circumstances to reduce you to a level that you've already grew from."



Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact. I have a business and I have a ministry so I will touch on both. My ministry was designed to help others develop spiritually and personally so that they are living a purpose driven life. The positive impact is to help others develop a strategic prayer life so that they are equipped and empowered to face each day with grace. My business is evolving but currently it's a self publishing company where we make a positive impact by helping others publish their Christian or inspirational stories so that their books are a motivation to others. Share two pieces of advice for emerging entrepreneurs: Make sure you research, look for and expect to be shown past results. Pretty graphics and captions can lure you in but take the time to research the person you are wanting to do business with and ask them to show you results or case studies of past clients. You will save time and money. I've paid money to people who have yet to deliver what I paid for. I've moved on and considered it as a seed sown into them and a lesson for me because I didn't ask for the proof, I was lured by a post. Action will produce results. Not affirmations. Not making a list of goals. Action. When you get good information, do something with it. What is next for your business in 2020? Going back to the basics, getting back to the root of my purpose which is ministry, and helping others develop spiritually. How can readers connect with you online? Instagram @pameladsmith1 | Facebook: Pamela D Smith | Text the word "prayerworks" to 31996 to receive weekly prayers and inspirational messages from me.



"Power to me means having the ability to do any and all things through the strength of Jesus Christ, no matter how hard the overall process may be" Tell is about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: LaShay’s DESIGNS® is an online retail company that was established in 2009. The mission of the company is to provide customers with highquality retail merchandise and services at reasonable prices. The swan with the logo represents elegance and grace, which are characteristics every female should portray. LaShay's Designs was designed to make an positive impact on women through its products and services. For instance, the first product is my It’s No-Lye Naturalista T-Shirt, which is an affordable women’s t-shirt to represent black women with our natural hair. The second product is my book, Mommy’s Goals vs. Reality: Managing School, Work, and Family. This is a must-read, self-help book in which women are provided with successful strategies to manage their school, work, and family obligations as they aim to reach their goals. I describe the lessons learned from my doctoral journey, provide motivation and encouragement, and analyze strategies working, student mothers used during their academics, professional careers, and family lifestyles. I wrote this book to encourage other women not to give up on their educational or professional goals just because they are a mother or a wife. All mothers and wives can pursue any goal they aim to achieve if they are willing to work hard to succeed despite their family obligations. The third product, which is a new product I just launched, is my #Career Goals T-Shirt. This t-shirt was designed for moms who not only work hard for their children but work with their career goals in mind. Share 2 pieces of advice for emerging entrepreneurs: As quoted within my book, Mommy’s Goals vs. Reality: Managing School, Work, and Family, “Whatever avenue you choose to become successful in, you will be the only determining factor whether you succeed or fail. You must determine the overall outcome you want for your life. We are constantly watching other people around us achieve success, and we too want success for ourselves. We may envy successful people or yearn to know how we can get to where they are. However, little do some people know, we all have failed at one time or another in the pursuit of our goals." What is next for your business in 2020? In 2020, I will host my inaugural Mommies and Mimosa Mother's Day Luncheon on Saturday, May 9, 2020, from 11:30am - 2:30pm at the Atlanta Fish Market in Atlanta, GA. The Mother's Day Luncheon will feature Bobeth Yates of CBS46, Trinetta Love of TStarzz Entertainment, Poet Laureate Hank Stewart of the Hank Stewart Foundation, The Steven Charles Band, a Celebrity Keynote Speaker/2020 Exceptional Mother of the Year Award Recipient, and more. Admission tickets, which include a Red Carpet Mixer, Complimentary Glass of Mimosa, Three-Course Meal, and a Mother's Day Swag Bag, can be purchased online at The early-bird admission deadline ends on January 31st and the regular admission deadline ends on April 1st. I will also continue my book signings/events for my book, and begin working on my next book project. Readers can connect with me via the following avenues: • Social Media:

SHARVETTE MITCHELL "Power means influence and freedom."

Tell is about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: I offer web design services, personal brand consulting and host a podcast. My business is all about elevating the visibility of my clients who have big missions or impactful services. When they are able to rise above the noise and reach their customers, the impact is amazing! Share 2 pieces of advice for emerging entrepreneurs: 1) Find the simplest way to do whatever it is and jump in. When you create complexity it will deter you from being consistent. Your consistency will get you further than anything else. 2) FOCUS - put all of your energy on one thing and work that until the wheels fall off. When you try to focus on too many things, nothing is mastered. What is next for your business in 2020? I am excited to continue working with other leaders in the space of building their platforms and personal brands. I also have a few more book collaborations coming out in 2020. My word for 2020 is POUR. I look forward to pouring into my clients and others with nothing but good being poured back into me! How can readers connect with you online? Let's connect at | Instagram: @SharvetteM Tiffany Carter takes the mystery out of making BIG money while doing something you love. She uses a magnetic combination of her clear-cut communication style that she developed as a TV news broadcaster for NBC and CBS, her business savvy and proven strategies as a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, and her intuitive ability to connect with women on a deeper level, to uncover what’s blocking you from achieving your dream life. She’s a passionate female empowerment speaker and marketing sales specialist, responsible for more than a hundred million dollars in sales transactions. Tiffany's zones of genius are helping women become financially free, through education, empowerment, and proven straightforward business strategies. This multi-millionaire entrepreneur went from a life of self-destruction to success, from abuse to abundance, despite the odds being entirely against her. Tiffany’s mission runs deeper than helping women create wealth; her bigger purpose is to help women find their worth. Low self-worth = Low net-worth High self-worth = High net-worth The name ProjectME came to Tiffany while recovering from spine surgery ten years ago (first time she took time for herself!). Tiffany spent years masking deeply buried pain by compulsively exercising (hence the spine surgery), and working to the point of emotional, spiritual, and physical bankruptcy. Four years ago, a broken Tiffany, finally surrendered to the God of her understanding, and begged the Universe for help. She was finally ready to face the buried demons of her past. For the first time, she felt light, free, with a renewed sense of purpose. She knew ProjectME was the perfect platform to serve and support women in business. By taking her extensive experience as an entrepreneur and sales expert and packaging these lessons and methods to pay it forward, showing other women how to create their own great wealth, health, and worth.



She wants women to remember the Most Exceptional project in your life, is YOU! Putting yourself and your needs first isn’t selfish; it's a necessary act of self-care and empowerment. ProjectME is a program to create your Most Exceptional life, by putting the focus back on you. ProjectME is designed to help you manifest the wealth, love, career, self-worth, travel, relationships, and life you desire and deserve. Tiffany is the host of the educationally edgy podcast, ProjectME with Tiffany Carter, a passionate advocate for abused women and children, she lives in Los Angeles with her fiancé and two rescue dogs, Molly and Loke. To get you started on your journey to leading your Most Exceptional life, Tiffany created a free ProjectME Pocket Guide: 5 Steps to Creating Financial Freedom, available on her website at For great business and passive income tips, follow Tiffany on social at: Instagram: @projectme_with_tiffany Facebook: @projectme_with_tiffany ProjectME TV with Tiffany Carter: featured?view_as=subscriber PODCAST: ProjectME with Tiffany Carter

JENNIFER BRYANT What does “Power” mean to you? The word “Power” can have a positive or negative connotation. I view true personal power in a positive way. Real power is increased within a person, the actions they take, and the thoughts they create.

True personal power comes when you’ve made a choice to live your life unashamed, unapologetic, and confidently by showing up as your authentic self. Power is accepting who you are and releasing the negative stories in your head. Fear will creep in, sending signals to your brain that you will fail. To counter that negative mindset, it is vital to fill your mind with uplifting and inspiring information to remain motivated. Power resonates feelings of hope, freedom, and being attuned with your inner self to speak truth to power and making a positive contribution to the world. Real power is what happens when people connect what they do to who they are. It is a concrete practice that serves the purpose of being powerful with a purpose by influencing others and giving support through serving others. Serving others is key to sustainable growth and creates the influence that powerful people project - the kind that inspires and uplifts. Reach Within to bring out your personal power! You have unique powers within yourself to ignite your fire where nothing is impossible, transform your mindset, take action, and positive results will come. Find the fuel that ignites your passion. You must believe you can do it, and take the necessary steps to do the work to increase your personal power. Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact. Reaching Within, An Empowerment Journey LLC was designed to ignite fire within clients by providing tools and shifts to map out client’s short term and long term goals, new areas of interest, and areas for further development. Services include career development, resume review, interview prepping, accountability calls, and career counseling using our Visualize, Initiate, Strategies, Integration, Opportunities, Network concept in our workshops and career development program. The outcome of the program is designed to make a positive impact by equipping clients with executable steps to develop and achieve professional goals through goal setting and confidence building. Share 2 pieces of advice for emerging entrepreneurs: Get out there and strategically network: Experts agree that the most connected people are often the most successful. When you invest in your relationships — professional and personal — it can pay you back in dividends throughout the course of your career. Networking will help you develop and improve your skill set, stay on top of the latest trends in your industry, keep a pulse on the job market, meet prospective mentors, partners, and clients, and gain access to the necessary resources that will foster your career development. Hire in areas where you lack expertise: You can decide to hire an employee or outsource tasks to fill a knowledge gap. This will assist with increasing your power. Decide what’s best for your business, conduct a cost benefit analysis, and consider risks. Look at your business needs to decide whether to hire in house staff or virtually. What is next for your business in 2020? I will continue to implement initiatives to encourage, inspire and positively impact clients professional development through the following ways (including but not limited to): Accountability Calls Career Development Workshops Speaking Engagements Magazine Features Contributing Author in Books and Magazines

How can readers connect with you online? Instagram / Facebook: #ReachingWithin Linkedin: Jennifer Jones Bryant

Ashley Little

Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact. Little Publishing LLC is a one stop shop for all of your publishing needs. We offer Project Management, Book Coaching, Ghost Writing, Author Branding Packages and more. We service aspiring authors, seasoned authors and children authors who are ready to share their story. We all have a story to tell and we are here to help our clients bring their story to life.

""Power" means being relentless and having great impact."

Share 2 pieces of advice for emerging entrepreneurs: 1. Build genuine relationships and make sure you are bringing value to every relationship you encounter. 2. Collaboration Over Competition we can ALL WIN at the end of the day.

What is next for your business in 2020? I am very excited about all the miracles God is going to continue to do through me and my platforms. My ultimate goal is to continue to create space for others at the table. How can readers connect with you online? Readers can connect with me on all platforms: Facebook: Ashley Little Instagram: _ashleyalittle

What does "Power" mean to you? I'm sure power means all types of things to others, but to me, its a gift. God gave us power! And our power is in the tongue. We are so blessed to have power over the things we want, from just speaking it! I mean, just think about that, God said, you can speak blessings over yourself, so with my power, I choose to speak life, prosperity, love! I choose to lift others up, that don't understand that they too have been blessed to use it. Many things have come to past for me, because of my power, so power to me is just that! Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: My business is designed to help all walks of life, that have been told "No" & "You're not good enough" see, everything I create can be done online from a phone! I have been blessed to impact many households in a positive way, by helping them gain income online, so many testimonials I receive, from others, that have been able to take their kids to Disney World, buy new cars, pay off depth, and even buy homes cash. I grew up without, so it's a blessing to see the positive change it has made in a lot of lives.

Portia Hoover "Power is a gift. God gave us power and our power is in the tongue."

Share 2 pieces of business advice for emerging entrepreneurs: Get moving, don't wait for things to be perfect, to start your business because anything that's perfect will self destruct. Be bold, courageous, fearless and consistent. Know that God created you to be great & He did not give your those thoughts of starting your own business to leave you! Sow your seeds and you will reap the harvest. What is next for you and your brand? I have a lot of things going on for me & you just never know with God! I stop trying to be too focused and headstrong about my direction because every time I do, God has something better, so I just move where God tells me too. But I can tell you, ears have not heard, and eyes have not seen the type of blessing, that God has for me, I'm excited! How can readers support your business + connect with you online: Sharing my lives and my daily posts are always great! I keep it positive, uplifting & live on my social media, so you never know who can gain value from them. Connect with me on my Facebook pages: @PortiaHoover & @Boss Of Vision Instagram @Portia _Hoover Website:



"Power to me means being unapologetic and without shame about who you truly are." What does “Power” mean to you? Power to me means being unapologetic and without shame about who you truly are. When you can walk in a room with confidence in yourself and the value you bring to this world, people have no choice but to lean in and listen! Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: I am a life coach and the creator of Monumental She, an online and offline community of women on a mission to empower, educate and uplift the female masses. With the work that I do, I not only help women feel seen, heard and understood but I provide them with an enriching environment of other highly ambitious women who want to win! Women need community to thrive and I've created a nurturing, motivating and safe one for us all! Share 2 pieces of advice for emerging entrepreneurs: 1. If something in you tells you something is off, pay attention! 2. Seek counsel and build your dream team. You cannot do this alone and will need support, don't be afraid to ask! What is next for your business in 2020? I will be launching my quarter-life group coaching for women in their 20s and 30s with a desire for MORE and I will be hosting larger events for my community! How can readers connect with you online? You can find out more about me and my work at or connect with the Monumental She Community via Facebook and Instagram @monumentalshe



"Power to me is knowingly or unknowingly having the ability to achieve a goal fluidly."

Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: Latte Resume Consulting is a full career preparation company that completes the tasks to accomplish the ultimate goal. We write resumes, offer mock interviewing, complete and submit job applications, create and manage career profiles, provide career empowerment, write career and personal biographies, facilitate workshops on the resume and interviewing process, assist with job evaluations, help new entrepreneurs with their startup, and provide talent acquisition services to corporate companies. What makes my company unique is that it not only focuses on helping people to acquire mid/senior-level positions and salaries above the national average, but we encourage others to go after the career they want!! Share 2 pieces of business advice for emerging entrepreneurs: Invest in yourself! This is how you will know what you’re doing is what you truly want to do. Your Brand is you! The story about how you got started, the challenges, and successes are what will connect people to you. So, be authentic. That is what sets you apart from others. What is next for you and your brand? I have a new book that will be released this year, speaking engagements in the pipeline, and now tapping into some modeling. I am all about empowerment this year! As for my brand, putting more people in 6-figure salaries or above positions all 2020, working with more schools and non-profits educating on the career processes, and networking for more opportunities that will help advance my company forward to be able to reach new levels. How can readers support your business + connect with you online? Readers can support me by sending career-seekers, new entrepreneurs, and small/mid size businesses to: www or email Instagram: Facebook: YouTube:



"Power means the ability to change the atmosphere with influencing motivating others." Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact. I have IAM2INSPIRE TV and holistic health business that teaches others to help one another. I promote new entrepreneurs with giving them spotlights on weekly Facebook Live. Please share 2 pieces of advice to emerging entrepreneurs: 1. Don't give up when all seems lost. Perseverance. 2. Don't expect family to be supportive in your dream. It is your dream. What is next for you in 2020? In 2020 I'm looking to do more consulting for new and upcoming Authors. How can readers connect with you online? I can be found on Facebook: Michelle Boulden Hammond Instagram: Moment2inspire


What does "Power" mean to you? For me the word POWER is one not to be used lightly. When an individual has the ability to influence others — that’s power. The person who has the capability to direct the course of events - that’s power. There are truly so many ways a person can exhibit power. An individual can be powerful in their speech or in their ability to write or overcome adversity. My desire is that whatever sphere of influence or power that I’m blessed to possess that it’s used wisely. Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: I went into business to impact people and encourage them to live out the greatness that’s within them. I started Gospel Access (a media outlet that collects the testimonies of today’s ultra successful individuals via interviews) with this purpose in mind. We have wide ranging, genuine and authentic conversations with some of the best and brightest in the world from all walks of life. Academy Award nominees, Grammy Award winners, successful pastors, business owners and today’s influencers & news makers all share inspiring insights as well as give empowering advice to encourage others to go after what God has put in their heart to do. Share 2 pieces of business advice for emerging entrepreneurs: One piece of advice is to surround yourself with top notch individuals who know what they’re doing. There’s so many people who talk a good game but when you roll up your sleeves and take a closer look - they really don’t have the skill set that they speak about. Another piece of advice for emerging entrepreneurs is this — believe in yourself, believe that you’ve got the skills to pay the bills, believe in you and the business that you are embarking on. I believe this is paramount because so many people let fear, doubt and their own insecurities get in the way, causing their business to be doomed before it can even begin. What is next for you and your brand? What’s next for me is I am working on a book project that I’m really excited about because it’s going to help people access their own personal greatness. For the Gospel Access brand you can expect more celebrity interviews that will be chock-full of wisdom nuggets from some of your favorite actors, actresses, singers and personalities. . How can readers support your business + connect with you online? I thoroughly enjoy connecting via social media! Instagram: @gospelaccesstv Instagram: @MinisterTraycee Facebook: Gospel Access


MOSLEY "Power to me means the ability to affect change."

Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: I have several businesses. I have my blog where I talk about business, life, love, and faith. The purpose of my blog is to share stories the motivate and empower others. I wanted to affect people in a good and positive way by sharing experiences that they can relate to as well as advice that they can act upon. I also have an event management firm. I love seeing my clients' vision come to life. It's my goal that they walk away knowing their event was executed to the highest level of service and they enjoyed it. I have a podcast named The Convo with Kisha where I have real conversations with movers and shakers in the community who are making a big difference. Share 2 pieces of advice for emerging entrepreneurs: Pace yourself. Be focused and consistent. What is next for your business in 2020? I plan to grow my blog audience. I have an international event in Bali this year. I want to do more events around the world. How can readers connect with you online? Readers can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as @lakishammosley. My blog is My podcast is

What does “Power” mean to you? The word power means to “create balance by increasing our capacity to change our mindsets one thought at a time.” Changing our mindset is not instantaneous; It takes time, patience, love, humbleness, and the ability to ask for help.



Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: My name is Tinesha Boswell and I am a Certified Wellness Coach who have several chronic illnesses such as Asthma, Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Fibromyalgia. These conditions hindered me from living a healthy lifestyle – or more accurately, I allowed my illness to define who I was instead of fighting back. Eventually, I got tired of moving to the beat of my illnesses by allowing it to take over my life. God spoke to me and then I created iPush (PUSH means Perseverance, Uniqueness, Solidarity and Hope) Wellness to help women to elevate their overall wellness. I have written a book called “Don’t Give Up Too Soon! 10 Ways to help you reset your Energy, Mindset, Wellness and Tranquility.” (This book can be found on Amazon and Kindle.) I wrote this book in order to help individuals move past their challenges by providing action steps that can help them grow.

Share two pieces of business advice for emerging entrepreneurs: 1. You have to be very clear on your WHY! I used to think it was cliché because all I would hear from coaches is “know your why,” but no one would truly explain why. I have learned that I had to decrease myself in order to allow God to increase in me. It wasn’t until I removed my flesh that I was able to get clear on my why. 2. Hire a business coach! I have learned that YOU can only take YOU as far as your knowledge goes. Just be sure to do your homework and interview your business coach to avoid wasting a lot of time and money. What is next for you and your brand? It’s time for iPush Wellness to grow as an organization by incorporating speaking to large groups as well as creating specialized wellness workshops. How can readers support your business and connect with you online? Instagram and Facebook: @TineshaBoswell Facebook Fan page: Ipush Wellness with Tinesha Boswell (under construction) Email address:


DEPRIEST Share 2 pieces of advice for emerging entrepreneurs: 1) If you love what you do, your commitment will carry you over the long haul. According to researchers, most businesses fail before reaching the five-year mark. There will definitely be highs and lows -- times of triumph and times of trouble. Build a relationship with a more seasoned entrepreneur in the same or a similar industry for mentoring.

What does “Power” mean to you? For me, power means the ability to influence others to make an action, take a stand on an issue or promote you and/or your business. That's what I love about the field of marketing and communications -- then public relations brings the personal connection component. That's at the heart of the work in these areas, leveraging high creativity and one's sphere of influence --power-- to sell products and services, raise one's media profile or generate a political movement. #blacklivesmatter is a great example. Tell is about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: The BrandMaiden is really a new expression for the image and public relations services I provide clients in film and entertainment, education and the small business sectors. While one area of expertise is definitely helping to establish your personal brand and raise visibility of your service, organization or product line, my other specialization is helping individuals or businesses recover from mistakes that have caused them to lose customers, investors and public trust. My services are designed to help you put your best face forward -literally and figuratively as it relates to your personal brand and/or business. The BrandMaiden helps clients inform, educate and inspire their target audiences in a way that fosters positive experiences in their customers lives.

2) If you're preparing to launch a business and are employed full time, consider keeping your full-time job for a couple of years while you cultivate and grow the business. This will go along way in reducing stress due to financial strain when you hit a low profit season. What is next for your business in 2020? I am just in the early phases of launching the BrandMaiden, building its new website and the overall communications and marketing plan, which includes social media platforms, Instagram and Twitter. I am evolving from simply providing services to developing products that my clients can integrate into their daily marketing and communications operations. For example, I just released my first e-book with Glambitious, "What To Do When the SH_T Hits the Fan?" which will be available at or @TheBrandMaiden. I also am developing an app to provide individuals and small businesses with real-time PR and marketing resources when the sh_t hits the fan. How can readers connect with you online? IG: @mikkdepriest @BrandMaidenTwitter: @mikkdepriest @BrandMaidenlives.


What does “Power” mean to you? POWER is having the mindset to know that anything you can dream, you can achieve! There are too many women that are just existing, believing whatever society pours into them and not realizing that everything they need to lead a successful and happy life already exists within them. It's time to do a mindset checkup and check-in to what can really happen when you wake up and start walking in your purpose.

Tell us about your business and how it was designed to make a positive impact: I am the CEO/Founder of Women Persevering for Greatness, Inc., a women's empowerment platform that serves to help women reveal + release the fears, doubts and self-limiting beliefs that keep them stuck and stagnate. Our brand, Woman On The Verge, consists of a podcast, radio talk show, digital magazine, online masterclasses/seminars, monthly online networking events and live conferences created to help women evolve from being a woman on the verge to being a woman on fire living in her purpose, on purpose. Share 2 pieces of advice for emerging entrepreneurs: 1. As a new/emerging entrepreneur, first, you must believe in yourself! To do this, most times, you will need to create space between you and others who don't believe in you, your passion nor your vision. Those outside influences will only continue to fuel doubt and fear into you because they haven't tapped into how to dream a bigger dream for their own lives. 2. Once you believe that you can achieve your goals and have eliminated the negative influences and people who do not wish you success, it's time to strategically place yourself in circles with others who are either doing what you want to be doing or they aspire you to forward movement because of how they handle their business! BONUS: Hire a business coach. What is next for your business in 2020? We have a goal to connect with 1000 women in 2020! We will continue being the gateway to mentality freedom for women on the verge by providing continuous opportunities for women to have the mindset shift needed to start living and breathing in their purpose. This year, we will host our first multi-day women's retreat so that women can experience the mindset reset she needs to completely flourish as she evolves to being a woman on fire! How can readers connect with you online? Readers can get and stay connected with us @WomanOnTheVergeMedia or


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