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A hosT of EvENTs To plEAsE mUsic lovERs SEE ‘WhAT’s ON’ pAgEs


for ‘Managing your cashflow effectively’

iT is THoUGHT THAT THe fine 1908 edWArdiAn bUildinG in eAsT sTreeT, hAvAnT, picTUred WiTH iTs romAnesqUe fenesTrATion And pAllAdiUm sTYled fAcAde WAs bUilT To HoUse An inTernATionAl GrocerY sTore iT lATer becAme THe BenTleY’s ‘liGHTHoUse’ elecTricAl Goods sHop afTer A period lYinG empTY iT WAs AcqUired And refUrbisHed in 2001 bY THe hAvAnT hoUsinG associATion To AccommodATe AffordAble Homes WHilsT reTAininG THe oriGinAl eAsT sTreeT reTAil fronTAGe noW oWned bYvivid hoUsinG lTd., THe reTAil UniT is occUpied bY hAvAnT tAlkinG neWspApers cHAriTY WHo broAdcAsT from THere To THeir siGHT AffecTed lisTeners UnAble To reAd bY THemselves. a reAllY WorTHWHile

conTribUTion brinGinG Home comforT To mAnY tHe sHopfronT HAd deTeriorATed over THe TWenTY-THree YeArs since iT WAs lAsT refUrbisHed And bAdlY needed replAcemenT. tAlkinG neWspApers HAd no fUnds To pAY for THis As THeir leAseHold obliGATion.

…conTinUed on pAGe 2

JUnior scHool time cApsUle
JonATHAn’s gins Classic Cars

deAr reece And cArl

HEwiTT MAThEws WEbsiTE AdvicE

CARl ANd rEEcE iNviTE YoUR qUEsTioNs

ur questions to: carl@hewittmatthews co uk or reece@hewittmatthews co uk

i'm lookinG To expAnd mY bUsiness,bUT i'm concerned AboUT invesTinG in A mArkeTinG cAmpAiGn noW THAT THe mediA Are reporTinG We ' re in A TecHnicAl recession rik

we ofTen GeT Asked WHeTHer iT's THe riGHT Time To invesT in diGiTAl mArkeTinG dUrinG A Time of crisis. oUr response is 'Yes, bUT mAke sUre YoU consider THe folloWinG Advice.' cUsTomers, UnsUrprisinGlY, resTricT THeir spendinG And so mAkinG everY mArkeTinG poUnd coUnT is keY hoW cAn YoU AcHieve THis? BY AssessinG All THe dATA AT YoUr finGerTips if YoU've GoT A WebsiTe, do YoU reGUlArlY AnAlYse HoW mAnY people visiTed YoUr siTe And WHAT THeY vieWed? did THeY click THroUGH from A diGiTAl promo on YoUr sociAl mediA? wHAT Are cUsTomers sAYinG AboUT YoUr brAnd on fAcebook or tWiTTer? tHese insiGHTs Will Help YoU To revieW WHeTHer YoUr mArkeTinG HAs been sUccessfUl And WHere improvemenTs cAn be mAde revieWinG YoUr diGiTAl mArkeTinG cHAnnels AT reGUlAr inTervAls Will enAble

YoU To moniTor WHicH plATforms Are deliverinG THe besT resUlTs And eliminATe AnY WAsTAGe of Time And resoUrces. delvinG inTo YoUr AUdience dATA Will ensUre THAT YoUr cAmpAiGns Are TArGeTed AT THe people mosT likelY To pUrcHAse THe prodUcTs or services YoU offer tHe AbiliTY To pivoT YoUr bUsiness is essenTiAl: consider THe WAY resTAUrAnTs HAve responded To THe cHAllenGes of THe lAsT feW YeArs. one of THe reAsons THeY Were Able To develop neW bUsiness models AT liGHTeninG speed WAs dUe To THeir invesTmenT in mobile responsive WebsiTes. food oUTleT bosses kneW THAT cUsTomers WoUld be orderinG TAkeAWAYs on THeir pHones And so THeir WebsiTes needed To fiT onTo THese smAller screens. as diGiTAl mArkeTers, We see THe benefiTs of developinG cAmpAiGns THAT deliver THe riGHT resUlTs for compAnies All THe Time no TWo orGAnisATions Are THe sAme so eAcH mArkeTinG sTrATeGY HAs To be AliGned To THAT bUsiness' UniqUe GoAls And objecTives. pleAse conTAcT Us if YoU need AnY sUpporT WiTH YoUr mArkeTinG


TElEphoNE: 07876 248411

eNqUiRiEs: ENqUiRiEs@posTcodEpUblicATioNs.com

AdvERTisiNg: AdvERTisiNg@posTcodEpUblicATioNs.com ediToRiAl: EdiToR@posTcodEpUblicATioNs.com

DisclAimER tHe yoUr posTcode’ commUniTY neWspAper is pUblisHed And oWned bY posTcode pUblicATions limiTed WHo AccepT no liAbiliTY or responsibiliTY for conTenT provided bY iTs soUrces CopYRighT posTcode pUblicATions limiTed reserve copYriGHT of All pUblisHed mATeriAl oTHer THAn pHoToGrApHs And AdverTisinG prodUced bY THird pArTies anY re-Use of pUblisHed mATeriAl sHAll be permiTTed onlY on receipT of WriTTen permission GrAnTed bY posTcode pUblicATions limiTed ‘yoUr posTcode’ is An independenT neWspAper prinTed bY moTions prinT lTd, morTonwAY, BosTon roAd


tHe soUTH doWns nATionAl pArk HAs mAde A reAllY encoUrAGinG sTArT To iTs AmbiTioUs “renATUre” iniTiATive To TAckle biodiversiTY loss in THe reGion. over £5m HAs been rAised in jUsT TWo YeArs And AlmosT 1,000 fooTbAll piTcHes of neW HAbiTAT for Wildlife HAs been creATed. in AddiTion 4,312 HecTAres of exisTinG HAbiTAT HAs been improved for nATUre – An AreA biGGer THAn THe ciTY of porTsmoUTH.tHis Work inclUdes plAnTinG over 16,383 Trees in THe lAsT YeAr orcHids AT BUTser hill in THe soUTH doWns nATionAl pArk bY leWis wATT

Blindness cAn meAn A life of isolATion for THose WHo cAn’T see tHose WHo sUffer from poor eYesiGHT cAn Also feel cUT off from THe deTAils of life BUT iT doesn’T HAve To be like THis.

hAvAnT tAlkinG neWs does iTs besT To Help WiTH THese problems bY providinG free AUdio recordinGs of WHAT’s GoinG on in THe locAl AreA. neWs sTories Are TAken from locAl neWspApers.

hoW does iT Work? pUT simplY, A TeAm

of volUnTeers sTArTs bY pickinG oUT THe besT sTories from THe locAl press And ediTinG THem To cUT oUT AnY UnnecessArY deTAil or repeTiTion.tHe besT ‘rUnninG order’ for THese sTories is deTermined And finAllY AnoTHer TeAm, THose WiTH Good speAkinG voices, reAd oUT THe cHosen sTories, WHicH Are recorded onTo A usB sTick.tHe usB sTicks Are THen posTed oUT To THe lisTeners, WHo HAve A simple lisTeninG device WHicH cAn be operATed WiTHoUT HAvinG To see iT. tHe usB sTicks Are THen posTed bAck To Us And THe WHole process sTArTs AGAin. we WAnT To reAcH oUT To As mAnY people As possible WHo miGHT need oUr service so, if YoU knoW of AnYone WHo miGHT benefiT from oUr service, or if YoU WoUld like To volUnTeer To be pArT of oUr friendlY TeAm, pleAse conTAcT hAvAnT tAlkinG neWs, eiTHer THroUGH THe WebsiTe HTTp://WWW.HbTn.orG.Uk/index.HTml, or bY cAllinG THe office on 023 9248 0101.

page: 2 posTcode pUblicATions limiTed, 19 tHe pArcHmenT, hAvAnT, hAnTs po9 1hd i n f o r m a t i o n ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Established 2012 7 8 9 10 11 PO
indUsTriAl esTATe, horncAsTle ln9 6Jr
…conTinUed from fronT pAGe |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
To iTs riGHTfUl plAce sHininG in THe sTreeT scene KEEpiNg ThE bliNd iN ToUch
PosTcodE PUblicATioNs Were ApproAcHed To Help AcHieve THis And conTAcTedvivid WHo AGreed To replAce THe sHopfronT WHicH
noW compleTe reTUrninG THe ATTrAcTive one HUndred And sixTeen YeAr old bUildinG
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Compiled by the late Michael Curtis

sUpporTed bY hAvAnT insUrAnce services lTd, 20 eAsT sTreeT, hAvAnT, hAnTs po9 1aQ

solUTions on pAGe 9 Across: Down:

i kicks bAck spliT loop (9)

6 knocks birTHdAY THroWs (5)

9 old cHief spies reTUrn (7)

10 cHerrY mArAcAs sHAken Up (7)

11 mAin vieW, sAY (3)

12 peelers spY GrAss (7,4)

14 sHorT WAlk To bArrier, reTUrned Wild (6)

15 fiGUre TArT HAs Gone Amok (8)

17 poison clUmsY AnT beArs (8)

19 rAGGed eAsT end leT didn'T sTArT (6)

22 hidden mUsic Genre (11)

23 upseT considerATion (3)

25 ploUGHinG Up To mATUriTY (7)

27 doG sTeAler (7)

28 ye old bizArre sonG (5)

29 wAs noncommiTTAl, percHed AroUnd trevor, GUTless (9)

ThoRoUghlY ModERN fAmilY

iT is esTimATed THAT one-THird of fAmilies Are noW “blended” meAninG pArTners WiTH cHildren from pAsT And presenT relATionsHips.

tHe leGAl conseqUences WHen A pArTner in A blended fAmilY dies cAn be complicATed. mAkinG A simple will risks iT beinG cHAllenGed.

if YoU leAve YoUr moneY And properTY (YoUr esTATe) To YoUr pArTner Will YoUr cHildren benefiT folloWinG THeir deATH? if YoU do WAnT To provide for YoUr pArTner Will YoUr cHildren believe THeY Are or Will be disinHeriTed And brinG A clAim?

if YoU leAve YoUr esTATe To YoUr cHildren Will YoUr spoUse brinG A clAim AGAinsT YoUr esTATe for provision To be mAde for THem?

3 wesT sT, emsWorTH po10 7dX HTTps://belcHerAddison.co.Uk enqUiries@belcHerAddison.co.Uk

tHe oUTcome of clAims cAn be UncerTAin And THe finAnciAl As Well As emoTionAl cosTs To boTH sides HeAvY tHe solUTion mAY be To leAve YoUr esTATe in trUsT for YoUr pArTner for life And THen To YoUr cHildren on THeir deATH. a pArTner in A blended fAmilY sHoUld mAke A will. if YoU WAnT Advice on sTeps THAT cAn be TAken To lessen THe risk of A cHAllenGe pleAse conTAcT one of oUr experienced soliciTors.

i sHorT Golden insTrUmenTs (5)

2 plAce for frUiT or veGeTAble (7)

3 coUrT ceremonY HAs coloUr (4,7)

4 goes over bAck sepArATor (6)

5 dApper me, bAdlY spoilT (8)

6 seville HAirdresser noT HAlf lAckinG (3)

7 moUld fork WiTHoUT THe frencH Wild AnimAl (7)

8 weAkened needs lAck AlTernATive (9)

13 abAndoned TeAcHer, sAY, delivered (11)

14 desiGn dirTY probe - AboUT Time (9)

16 ron's bAck WiTH sHorT compAcT drinks (8)

18 wenT firsT AfTer WAiT, sAY, And Wobbled (7)

20 BAG THe clAss AlmosT desiGned (7)

21 arTisAn loses HeAd for blAck domesTic (6)

24 fiTTed, sAY, And cUT bAck (5)

26 tool for everYone, iT's AnnoUnced

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scribbles 6 8 2 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
PRivATE CliENTTEAm pennY smiTH, soliciTor, direcTor & senior pArTner 01243 388 981
hAlliWell, soliciTor & direcTor 01243 386 008 mArie-alice slAvov soliciTor & direcTor 01243 388 988 lAUren nATion,associATe soliciTor 01243 386 004 annA grAnT-cAseY associATe soliciTor 01243 200 518

Health & Well-being Health and fitness in 2024

tHe vAGUs nerve plAYs A crUciAl role in reGUlATinG vArioUs fUncTions WiTHin THe bodY, inclUdinG diGesTion. iT is THe lonGesT crAniAl nerve And HAs boTH sensorY And moTor fUncTions. iT's so inTeresTinG To see HoW mUcH THis viTAl nerve HAs To do WiTH HoW We feel. if YoU HAve diGesTive issUes YoU mAY Well WAnT To knoW THis. BAsicAllY THevAGUs nerve is involved WiTH THe folloWinG:

1 STimUlATioN of DigEsTivE ORgANs: tHe vAGUs nerve innervATes mAnY orGAns involved in diGesTion, inclUdinG THe oesopHAGUs, sTomAcH, And inTesTines. iT conTrols THe conTrAcTion of mUscles in THe GAsTroinTesTinAl TrAcT, WHicH Helps move food AlonG THe diGesTive sYsTem.

2 rElEAsE of GAsTRic Acid:tHe vAGUs nerve sTimUlATes THe prodUcTion of GAsTric Acid in THe sTomAcH, WHicH is essenTiAl for breAkinG doWn food pArTicles And AidinG in diGesTion.

3 rEgUlATioN of DigEsTivE eNzYmEs: iT Also reGUlATes THe releAse of diGesTive enzYmes And Hormones sUcH As GAsTrin, WHicH Help in THe breAkdoWn of food And THe AbsorpTion of nUTrienTs.

4 SENsoRY fEEdbAck:tHe vAGUs nerve cArries sensorY informATion from THe diGesTive orGAns To THe brAin, providinG feedbAck on fAcTors sUcH As THe volUme And composiTion of food in THe sTomAcH And inTesTines.tHis feedbAck Helps reGUlATe AppeTiTe And sATieTY

5 GAsTRoiNTEsTiNAl rEflExEs:tHe vAGUs nerve is involved in vArioUs reflex AcTions WiTHin THe diGesTive

sYsTem, sUcH As THe GAsTrocolic reflex, WHicH sTimUlATes colonic moTiliTY AfTer food inTAke

overAll, THe vAGUs nerve plAYs A viTAl role in reGUlATinG diGesTion bY conTrollinG THe movemenT And fUncTion of THe diGesTive orGAns, As Well As providinG sensorY feedbAck To THe brAin To Help coordinATe THe diGesTive process. dYsfUncTion of THe vAGUs nerve cAn leAd To diGesTive problems sUcH As GAsTropAresis (delAYed sTomAcH empTYinG) or impAired GAsTric Acid secreTion.

so, if We knoW THis informATion, HoW exAcTlY do We cAlm And rebAlAnce THe vAGUs nerve? cAlminG And rebAlAncinG THe vAGUs nerve cAn HAve nUmeroUs benefiTs for overAll Well-beinG, inclUdinG redUcinG sTress, improvinG diGesTion, And promoTinG relAxATion. here Are some meTHods THAT mAY Help:

Life is for thriving…not just surviving

pArAsYmpATHeTic nervoUs sYsTem, WHicH is Governed bY THe vAGUs nerve tHese prAcTices encoUrAGe relAxATion And sTress redUcTion.

3 Cold exposURE: Brief exposUre To cold, sUcH As TAkinG A cold sHoWer or splAsHinG cold WATer on YoUr fAce, cAn sTimUlATe THe vAGUs nerve tHis cAn Help improve vAGAl Tone, WHicH is AssociATed WiTH beTTer overAll HeAlTH.

4 SociAl CoNNEcTioN: posiTive sociAl inTerAcTions And meAninGfUl connecTions WiTH oTHers cAn sTimUlATe THe vAGUs nerve spend Time WiTH loved ones, enGAGe in AcTiviTies THAT brinG YoU joY, And cUlTivATe sUpporTive relATionsHips.

7 exERcisE: reGUlAr pHYsicAl AcTiviTY cAn Help reGUlATe THe AUTonomic nervoUs sYsTem, inclUdinG THe vAGUs nerve aim for A mix of Aerobic exercise, sTrenGTH TrAininG, And flexibiliTY exercises for overAll HeAlTH And Well-beinG.

8 NUTRiTioN: consUminG A bAlAnced dieT ricH in frUiTs, veGeTAbles, And WHole GrAins cAn sUpporT GUT HeAlTH And indirecTlY inflUence vAGUs nerve fUncTion. cerTAin nUTrienTs, sUcH As omeGA-3 fATTY Acids And probioTics, mAY Also sUpporT vAGAl Tone

9 BREATh-woRkTEchNiqUEs: specific breATH-Work TecHniqUes, sUcH As THe 47-8 TecHniqUe or AlTernATe nosTril breATHinG, cAn Help AcTivATe THe pArAsYmpATHeTic nervoUs sYsTem And sTimUlATe THe vAGUs nerve

1 DEEp BREAThiNg: enGAGe in deep, diApHrAGmATic breATHinG exercises. deep breATHinG sTimUlATes THe vAGUs nerve And promoTes relAxATion.trY inHAlinG deeplY THroUGH YoUr nose, AlloWinG YoUr Abdomen To expAnd fUllY, And THen exHAlinG sloWlY THroUGH YoUr moUTH.

2 MEdiTATioN ANd MiNdfUlNEss: prAcTices sUcH As mediTATion, mindfUlness, And YoGA cAn Help cAlm THe mind And bodY, AcTivATinG THe

everY clUb or socieTY knoWs HoW essenTiAl volUnTeers Are To iT’s sUccessfUl rUnninG And rowlands castle painting society is no excepTion.aT THe agm severAl members WHo Are sTAndinG doWn from THeir posTs Were THAnked for WHAT THeY HAve conTribUTed, some over mAnY YeArs.terrY devAneY HAs served on THe commiTTee since 2009 in vArioUs roles sUcH As mediA correspondenT,vicecHAir And more lATelY, As secreTArY lorrAine BoYes HAs compiled THe proGrAmme for over Ten YeArs Too, orGAnisinG All THe member WorksHops, conTAcTinG And bookinG professionAl demonsTrATors. JoYce QUinn HAs rUn THe arT mArT, profiTs from WHicH Go To oUr fUnds. cArol milford And JAn croker HAve been in cHAnGe of THAT oTHer essenTiAl, THe refresHmenTs, boTH AT THe WeeklY meeTinGs And eveninG sociAl evenTs. lAsT YeAr, BArbArA wood resiGned As cHAir AfTer Ten YeArs sTerlinG service sHe conTinUes To plAY An

5 LAUghTER ANd HUmoUR: lAUGHTer HAs been sHoWn To sTimUlATe THe vAGUs nerve And promoTe relAxATion.wATcH A fUnnY movie, spend Time WiTH people WHo mAke YoU lAUGH, or enGAGe in AcTiviTies THAT brinG YoU joY And lAUGHTer

6 MAssAgE ANd BodYwoRk: genTle mAssAGe or self-mAssAGe TecHniqUes cAn Help relAx THe bodY And sTimUlATe THe vAGUs nerve focUs on AreAs sUcH As THe neck, THroAT, And Upper bAck, WHere THe vAGUs nerve pAsses close To THe sUrfAce

AcTive role in THe socieTY, AdvisinG incominG cHAir, gill merreTT Andvice-cHAir sAndrA ellis. members WHo HAve volUnTeered To TAke over THe vAcAnT posTs Were WArmlY Welcomed And oTHer commiTTee members THAnked for THe pArTs THeY plAY in mAinTAininG THe smooTH rUnninG of meeTinGs And THe lArGe evenTs. a verY sUccessfUl WinTer indoor proGrAmme is noW drAWinG To A close. from mAY UnTil ocTober, THe socieTY reverTs To oUT-door meeTinGs AT locAl plAces, To pAinT And drAW in villAGes And coUnTrY members GATHer from 10Am, HAve A picnic ToGeTHer AT 12.30pm And conTinUe, if WisHed, in THe AfTernoon.times Are verY flexible And members come And Go To sUiT THemselves. non-members Are Welcome To join Us. see oUr WebsiTe: HTTp://roWlAndscAsTlepAinTinGsocieTYco Uk or pHone THe membersHip secreTArY, JoHn dAvis on 07763 073648

10 rEdUcE STREss: prAcTise sTressredUcTion TecHniqUes sUcH As proGressive mUscle relAxATion, visUAlisATion, or joUrnAlinG To loWer overAll sTress levels, WHicH cAn posiTivelY impAcT vAGUs nerve fUncTion. iT's imporTAnT To noTe THAT individUAl responses To THese meTHods mAY vArY, so iT mAY be HelpfUl To experimenT WiTH differenT ApproAcHes To find WHAT Works besT for YoU.addiTionAllY, if YoU HAve AnY UnderlYinG HeAlTH condiTions or concerns, iT's AdvisAble To consUlT WiTH A HeAlTHcAre professionAl before mAkinG siGnificAnT cHAnGes To YoUr lifesTYle or sTArTinG AnY neW relAxATion prAcTices. if YoU HAve HeAlTH issUes or concerns And WoUld like To conTAcT me pleAse visiT mY WebsiTe - WWW.denisekellYWellness.com or e-mAil - info@denisekellY.co.Uk

.posTcodepUblicATions.com age: 5
tHevAGUs nerve And THe imporTAnce of desTressinG for YoUr diGesTion And overAll HeAlTH -
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| rOWLANDS CASTLe PAINTING SOCIeTY THANKSTOVOLUNTeerS
l To r. JAn croker,terrY devAneY, JoYce QUinn BArbArA wood WiTH gill merreTT.


MANAgiNg YoUR cAshflow EffEcTivElY

tHere HAs never been A beTTer Time WiTH THe beGinninG of THe neW finAnciAl YeAr To TAke A look AT mAnAGinG YoUr cAsHfloW effecTivelY tHis cAn be crUciAl for THe sUrvivAl And GroWTH of YoUr smAll bUsiness. plAnninG, moniTorinG, And conTrollinG THe cominG And GoinG of THe moneY for YoUr bUsiness is imporTAnT To ensUre THAT YoU HAve enoUGH To cover YoUr expenses. given THe nATUre of THe economY And THe evolvinG bUsiness prAcTices, sTAYinG Up To dATe WiTH THe lATesT Tools And sTrATeGies is viTAl.

iT is imporTAnT To knoW HoW YoUr cAsHfloW Works WiTHin YoUr bUsiness, YoU coUld mAnAGe YoUr income And expenses bY creATinG A cAsHfloW forecAsT To inclUde expecTed infloWs from sAles, AccoUnTs receivAble eTc And THen YoUr oUTfloWs sUcH As operATinG expenses, invenTorY pUrcHAses And loAn pAYmenTs. Be sUre To keep YoUr cAsHfloW cHArT Up To dATe To reflecT AcTUAl fiGUres And Also revised projecTions. reGUlAr revieWs of YoUr cAsHfloW mAnAGemenT prAcTices cAn ensUre THAT THeY remAin AffecTive moniTorinG YoUr invenTorY cAn Also impAcT YoUr cAsHfloW, excessive invenTorY cAn Tie Up YoUr cAsH.tHis moneY coUld be Used for oTHer operATionAl expenses rATHer THAn beinG locked Up in sTock THAT is jUsT siTTinG idle well, sTocked bUT noT over sTocked is THe WAY To Go invoicinG prompTlY cAn Also improve cAsH collecTion.yoU mAY like To look AT UsinG An online

Electrifying Classic Cars

in mY previoUs ArTicle, i looked AT THe sUbjecT of clAssic cArs And THeir effecT on THe environmenT to sUmmArise THis; clAssic cArs Are noT neArlY As dAmAGinG To THe environmenT As YoU mAY HAve THoUGHT oWinG To HoW feW miles THeY cover AnnUAllY undersTAndinG HoW loW THe emissions of THe AverAGe clAssic cAr Are is viTAl WHen considerinG converTinG A clAssic cAr To elecTric elecTric BeeTle

bookkeepinG Tool, WHicH Will send invoices AUTomATicAllY And THen folloW Up on UnpAid ones. hAvinG sHorT pAYmenT Terms coUld Also Help To encoUrAGe qUicker pAYmenTs. deTAils for THese sHorTer pAYmenT Terms Will involve seTTinG And commUnicATion cleAr And concise deAdlines for pAYmenT from cUsTomers And THis WoUld TYpicAllY rAnGe from pAYmenT on receipT of THe invoice To 30 dAYs AfTer invoicinG. yoU coUld Also look AT incorporATinG A sTrATeGY of siGninG clienTs Up for direcT debiTs, THis meTHod cAn Aid WiTH finAnciAl sTAbiliTY bY ensUrinG A more predicTAble income sTreAm WHilsT miTiGATinG THe UncerTAinTies AssociATed WiTH lATe pAYmenTs.

cash flow management

seekinG experT Advice from A professionAl Adviser mAY Help To

i love UpGrAdinG, modifYinG And improvinG clA cArs so THAT THeY cAn sTAY in Use as sUcH i foUnd THe ideA of elecTric clAssic cArs mAssivelY exciTinG And pUT A loT of Work inTo reseArcHinG THe process i even Worked on developinG A sYsTem for THe JAGUArs We look AfTer ATtWYford moors on THe fAce of iT converTinG A clAssic cAr To elecTric seems like A no-brAiner from An environmenTAl sTAndpoinT. mUcH focUs is pUT on TAilpipe emissions, for perfecTlY Good reAsons WHen iT comes To UrbAn AreAs, bUT THis does noT Tell THe fUll sTorY mUcH of A veHicle's cArbon emissions Are prodUced dUrinG mAnUfAcTUrinG. tHerefore, THe lonGer YoU cAn keep A cAr on THe roAd, THe less siGnificAnT THis impAcT is.tHis meAns clAssic cArs HAve A relATivelY loW impAcT HAvinG been kepT GoinG for mAnY decAdes.tHe impAcT of mAnUfAcTUrinG cAn be offseT bY HAvinG A cAr WHicH prodUces verY liTTle pollUTion WHen oUT on THe roAd As elecTric cArs do wHen YoU converT A clAssic cAr To elecTric YoU Are invesTinG A siGnificAnT AmoUnT of neW cArbon (noT To menTion rAre eArTH meTAls) in bATTeries And A moTor for A cAr WHicH is UnlikelY To cover enoUGH miles To ever pAY THAT invesTmenT off one Also HAs To consider HoW THe elecTriciTY Used To cHArGe THe cAr is prodUced

siGnificAnTlY enHAnce YoUr cAsHfloW mAnAGemenT.as AccoUnTAnTs We cAn brinG speciAlised experTise To YoUr bUsiness’s finAnciAl operATions; We cAn Advise on sTrATeGies THAT Will Help To mAnAGe YoUr cAsH infloWs And Help ToWArds minimisinG YoUr oUTfloWs. BY AssessinG YoUr finAnciAl sTATUs, We cAn TAilor A plAn WiTH THe Aim To improve YoUr cAsHfloW, redUce UnnecessArY expenses And provide insiGHTs on TAx efficiencies, To improve YoUr overAll finAnciAl HeAlTH.

i GenUinelY believe THAT elecTric cArs Are A posiTive pArT of modern TrAnsporT infrAsTrUcTUre, pArTicUlArlY in UrbAn AreAs. i Am jUsT noT convinced THAT THe environmenTAl ArGUmenT for converTinG clAssic cArs To elecTric sTAcks Up of coUrse, THere Will be some cAses WHere An elecTric conversion mAkes perfecT sense tHis is A nUAnced sUbjecT THAT i cAn HArdlY scrATcH THe sUrfAce of Here so pleAse feel free To GeT in ToUcH To discUss fUrTHer

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over fUTUre ediTions i Will sHAre fUrTHer ArTicles on THe World of clAssic cArs. i Hope To Give A broAd And vAried vieW of THe clAssic cAr scene if YoU WoUld like To reAd AboUT AnYTHinG in pArTicUlAr, pleAse emAil me AT HArrY@jAGxk.com
posTcode pUblicATions

SUccEss sToRiEs To mARk ThE SoUTh DowNs NATioNAl PARk’s biRThdAY

tHe creATion of A nATionAl pArk in THe soUTH doWns WAs firsT mooTed in THe 1920s WHen pUblic concern WAs moUnTinG AboUT THe THreATs To THe doWnlAnd. iT WoUld TAke decAdes before cAlls for A nATionAl pArk AlonG THe ever-expAndinG soUTH coAsT conUrbATion GATHered pAce And, folloWinG TWo mAjor pUblic inqUiries, HUndreds of meeTinGs And pAssionATe cAmpAiGninG from locAl commUniTies, THe soUTH doWns nATionAl pArk finAllY cAme inTo beinG on 31 mArcH, 2010.

tHe dreAm of mAnY becAme A WorkinG reAliTY WHen 1,600 km2 of enGlAnd’s mosTcHerisHed loWlAnd lAndscApe WAs desiGnATed for THe nATion As A speciAl plAce for nATUrAl beAUTY, Wildlife And cUlTUrAl HeriTAGe foURTEEN YEARs oN iT’s sTill As spEciAl. as We mArk THe 14TH birTHdAY of YoUr

nATionAl pArk, We look AT some of THe pArk’s sUccess sTories

WildlifE boUNciNg bAck

tHere’s been some incredible sTories of birds, mAmmAls, inverTebrATe And plAnT species boUncinG bAck. iT’s lArGelY doWn To improvemenTs in HAbiTAT, more nATUrefriendlY fArminG, creATion of neW HAbiTAT, some re-inTrodUcTions And A concerTed efforT beTWeen rAnGers, locAl commUniTies And pArTners. JUsT some exAmples inclUde oTTers reTUrninG And WATer voles THrivinG AfTer reinTrodUcTion on THe river meon, fArmer-led projecTs To sUpporT fArmlAnd birds sUcH As THe GreY pArTridGe, THe reTUrn of sHorT-eAred oWls To seven sisTers coUnTrY pArk, And peArl bordered friTillAries reTUrninG To doWnlAnd HoTspoTs. tHere’s sTill A lonG WAY To Go To TAckle biodiversiTY loss, bUT THere Are THe Green sHooTs of recoverY in mAnY plAces.

AccEss foR All miles wiTHoUT sTiles roUTes HAve been creATed for people WiTH limiTed mobiliTY And fAmilies WiTH pUsHcHAirs, ToGeTHer WiTH A fleeT of mobiliTY scooTers AT keY siTes.tHe eGreTs wAY in eAsT sUssex And cenTUrion wAY is wesT sUssex HAve Helped To connecT bUsY UrbAn AreAs To THe HeArT of THe nATionAl pArk.well over 50km of neW or resUrfAced cYcle And mUlTi-User pATHs HAve been insTAlled And THe soUTH doWns HAs over 3,300km of pUblic riGHTs of WAY – THe lArGesT neTWork of pUblic pATHs of AnY nATionAl pArk.

LocAl PlAN

tHe AWArd-WinninG soUTH doWns locAl plAn, coverinG 2014 To 2033, replAced more THAn 1,000 overlApped

righT To WoRk REcEivE DoNATioN

as A resUlT of A cUsTomer reAdinG A sTorY AboUT riGHT To work in ‘yoUr posTcode’,wAiTrose donATed A cHeqUe To THem for £1,000.

yeT AnoTHer exAmple of THe poWer of prinT sUrvivinG And THrivinG despiTe ever GroWinG pressUre from so cAlled sociAl mediA.

policies THAT Were in exisTence Across THe AreA of THe nATionAl pArk WiTH 92 cleAr policies coverinG All AspecTs of plAnninG.tHe locAl plAn sUpporTs deliverY of viTAl “ecosYsTem services”, WHicH Are THe services provided bY THe environmenT, sUcH As cleAn WATer And Air, dArk niGHT skies And TrAnqUilliTY tHe AffordAble HoUsinG policY prioriTises on-siTe provision of renTed AffordAble Homes.

INTERNATioNAl DARk SkY rEsERvE afTer A deTAiled ApplicATion process And THoUsAnds of meAsUremenTs, THe nATionAl pArk becAme An inTernATionAl dArk skY reserve in 2016 And is sTill one of onlY 22 in THe enTire World. iT’s one of THe mosT Accessible plAces To Go sTArGAzinG in THe uk And Tens of THoUsAnds of people HAve been inspired bY oUr AnnUAl dArk skies fesTivAl. rEsToRiNg lowlANd hEAThs

iT’s A Wildlife oAsis rArer THAn THe rAinforesT And Home To some of BriTAin’s mosT endAnGered repTile, AmpHibiAn And bird species. oUr heATHlAnds reUniTed projecT HAs conserved And enHAnced

PlANT ANd PRodUcE SToRE iN SToREY GARdEN, STAUNToN CoUNTRY PARk, PO9 5HD Now opEN 7 dAYs A wEEk. 103.30.All plANTs ANd pRodUcE gRowN bY ThE righT To WoRk TEAms.

23,825 HecTAres – or 18,000 fooTbAll piTcHes – of loWlAnd HeATH.an independenT scienTific AssessmenT reveAled THe iniTiATive WAs “siGnificAnT” in resTorinG THe ecoloGicAl condiTion of THe HAbiTAT.

A NATioNAl PARk foR All we’ve enGAGed WiTH Tens of THoUsAnds of people from All Across THe soUTH eAsT THroUGH oUr evenTs And projecTs, inclUdinG mAnY people from diverse, Under represenTed commUniTies WHo mAY HAve discovered THe joY of A nATionAl pArk for THe firsT Time JUsT one exAmple of A leGAcY of THis Work is THe “we heAryoU noW” TrAil AT seven sisTers coUnTrY pArk – An immersive AUdio experience prodUced bY WriTers of GlobAl HeriTAGe tHere Are over 91,000 differenT volUnTeerinG dAYs A YeAr, sUpporTed bY mAnY differenT orGAnisATions, To conserve And enHAnce THe nATionAl pArk. oUr sociAl prescribinG Work HAs Helped people deAlinG WiTH menTAl HeAlTH issUes like AnxieTY, loneliness And depression To Access WellbeinG sessions in THe nATionAl pArk.

ImpRoviNg WoRk OppoRTUNiTiEs foR PEoplE wiTh LEARNiNg DisAbiliTiEs www.ThERighTTowoRk.co.Uk fAcEbook:ThE righT To WoRk CIC

WWW.posTcodepUblicATions.com page: 7 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
sUnrise over wilminGTon hill bY gUY edWArds


emswoRTh CRickET ClUb

wiTH april pokinG iTs WArmer, briGHTer fAce AroUnd THe dAmp reAr end of mArcH And THe cHAnGinG clocks

AlloWinG Us one HoUr less of rAin for one dAY, We cAn look forWArd To THe neW seAson WiTH more Hope THAn

TrepidATion of coUrse, GroUnd condiTions

Will deTermine HoW mUcH Time We GeT To Hone THose rUsTY crickeTinG skills before THe firsT mATcHes TAke plAce bUT THere Will be plAnned oUTdoor neTs in cAse THinGs sTArT To cHAnGe rApidlY indoor neTs HAve proGressed Well for boTH jUniors And seniors And THere is A sense of AnTicipATion bUbblinG Up AmonGsT THem. oUTdoor sessions for seniors Will beGin on tHUrsdAYs As soon

to sTArT THe celebrATion’s THe clUb WAnTed To Help Give bAck To THe commUniTY on sUndAY 21sT april, A GroUp of clUb members WAlked 12 5 miles AroUnd hAYlinG islAnd, rAisinG over £1,400 hAlf THe moneY is beinG donATed To locAl menTAl HeAlTH cHAriTY solenT mind tHe crickeT seAson is kickinG off from sATUrdAY 11TH mAY, WiTH neW firsT Xi cApTAin leAdinG THe TeAms cHArGed in oUr reTUrn To coUnTY 1 rob cordell is TAsked WiTH TrYinG To GeT THe second Xi promoTed oUT of division 5 And neW skipper ricHArd gillAm Will be leAdinG THetHird Xi in AddiTion To oUr sATUrdAY leAGUe crickeT, We Will Also be rUnninG oUr midWeek t20 side

As THe field is drY enoUGH.

tHe firsT all-sTArs, dYnAmos And older jUniors sessions Will sTArT on mAY 11TH. pleAse see oUr sociAl mediA or WebsiTe for siGn Up deTAils. tHe firsT senior mATcHes TAke plAce on april 28TH @ lipHook in THe villAGe cUp THen AT Home on sAT 4TH mAY WiTH A friendlY AGAinsT cHicHesTer universiTY leAGUe mATcHes beGin on sAT mAY 11TH WiTH firsT Xi AT Home To gosporT And THe 2nd Xi AWAY To roWner


sUn mAY 5TH droxford v emsWorTH

sUndAY Xi

mon mAY 6TH emsWorTH midWeek Xi H v rAilWAY triAnGle

tUesdAY/wednesdAY eveninGs for AnY AdUlTs keen on THe sHorTer for form of THe GAme as for oUryoUnGsTers, We Are offerinG crickeT To All cHildren AGes 5 And Above for AGes 5 To 8 Will be offerinG THe ecB all sTArs proGrAmme, And AGes 8-11 Will be doinG THe ecB dYnAmos proGrAmme BoTH sessions Will be rUnninG tHUrsdAY niGHTs in mAY aGes 11 To 13 Will be TAkinG pArT in leAGUe crickeT THis YeAr; WiTH oUr Under 11’s TAkinG pArT in sofTbAll And Under 13’s AGAin enTerinG THe HArdbAll leAGUe all of oUr coAcHes, Are dBs cHeck And ecB QUAlified tHe peAk of THe clUb’s 125 yeAr celebrATions Will be A

Cycle Clinic Cycle Clinic


Q. i Am someTimes verY conscioUs THAT i Am HoldinG TrAffic Up WHen i Am ridinG on A nArroW roAd,And concerned THAT frUsTrATed moTorisTs beHind me miGHT GeT impATienT hAve YoU AnY Advice?

a well,of coUrse YoU cAnnoT be responsible for THe sTATe of mind of oTHer people, bUT iT is riGHT To be considerATe of THeir feelinGs.

tHe frUsTrATed moTorisT mAY sAY “geT off THe roAd”, bUT We All HAve riGHTs And in cerTAin circUmsTAnces even pedesTriAns HAve To WAlk in THe roAd if THere is no fooTpATH.

mon 13TH hilseA v emsWorTH midWeek Xi sAT 18TH sWAY v emsWorTH is; emsWorTH 2s H v kerAlA

mon 15TH emsWorTH midWeek v fleeTlAnds

sAT 25TH mAY emsWorTH 1s H v old tAUnToniAns; hAmbledon v emsWorTH 2s mon 17TH porTsmoUTH And soUTHseA v emsWorTH midWeek

sAT 1sT JUneverWood v emsWorTH 1s; emsWorTH 2s v kerAlA

sAT 8TH JUne emsWorTH 1s v old neTleY And hiGHfield; solenT rAnGers v emsWorTH 2s

mon 10TH JUne emsWorTH midWeek H v locks heATH

sAT 15TH JUne neW milTon v emsWorTH

speciAl anniversArY mATcH AGAinsT THe mcc fridAY 26TH JUlY, sTArTinG AT 11Am AT hAYlinG pArk. come on doWn To WiTness A once in A lifeTime evenT, AT no cHArGe we WoUld like To pAY A speciAl menTion To oUr 2024 seAson sponsors micHAel tHornTon,wesT toWn inn And sHoWcAse psr, BooTH BUilders And coAsTAl kiTcHen for THeir conTinUed sUpporT To oUr clUb if YoU Are inTeresTed in joininG in AT hAYlinG islAnd crickeT clUb, emAil: HAYlinGcrickeT@GmAil.com or find Us on sociAl mediA.

tHe AnsWer, if YoU cAn, is To find AlTernATive roUTes, or Use AnY cYcle pATHs provided.

iT isn’T AlWAYs possible, And if YoU Are A sTrAnGer To THe AreA YoU mAY noT knoW AnY AlTernATives, bUT iT is WorTH cHeckinG mAps of YoUr inTended roUTe if YoU Are neW To THe AreA,or Give iT A biT of THoUGHT if YoU Are inTendinG To Go someWHere fAmiliAr,bUT THink An AlTernATive roUTe miGHT be UsefUl. an exAmple,locAllY,is THe roUTe from hAvAnT To hAYlinG.tHe mAin roAd cAn be qUiTe nArroW And in some plAces is WindinG,WiTH doUble WHiTe lines doWn THe middle,meAninG no overTAkinG QUiTe A recipe for frUsTrATion,bUT THere Are AlTernATives.

tHe old hAYlinG BillY rAil line WAs disconTinUed And converTed inTo A pedesTriAn/ cYclinG/ Horse TrAil,so of coUrse THere is no moTor TrAffic THere.pArT of THe pATH is Good TArmAc/GrAvel sUrfAce,And iT sTArTs from hAvAnT sTATion,HAs An off roAd sHAred pATH over THe

1’s; emsWorTH 2’s H v peTersfield sUn 16TH JUneasHlinG v emsWorTH sUndAY Xi mon 17TH JUne sT helenA v emsWorTH midWeek

sAT 22nd JUnevenTnor v emsWorTH 1s; emsWorTH 2s v compTon

sAT 29TH JUne emsWorTH v sHAnklin; porTsmoUTH v emsWorTH 2s oUr firsT women’s sofTbAll session Will be on sAT mAY 18TH AT 9.30 Am. tHe firsT wAlkinG crickeT session Will be on fri mAY 17TH AT 6.30 pm. all deTAils cAn be foUnd on oUr sociAl mediA or bY conTAcTinG oUr secreTArY AT: nick.Webb21@YAHoo.co.Uk


soUTHboUrne BoWls clUb HAd THeir annUAl dinner And presenTATion of tropHies eveninG sTArTed WiTH An excellenT dinner folloWed bY anTonY BUll, men’s cApTAin THAnkinG THe membersHip for THeir conTribUTions. cHris hAlliWell of BelcHer addison soliciTors A mAjor sUpporTer of THe clUb’s open foUrs dAY for mAnY YeArs


presenTed TropHies To THe Winners of THe oUTdoor And sHorT mAT BoWls compeTiTions.

bridGe,And conTinUes doWn THe WesT side of THe islAnd, pArTlY Wooded,And WiTH pleAsAnT seA vieWs hoWever in plAces THe pATH is noT Good for roAd cYcles WiTH nArroW TYres,so mAY noT be THe AnsWer To everYone ’ s needs if YoU HAve A roAd bike, THen,And WAnT To Avoid THe mAin roAd YoU cAn TUrn lefT immediATelY over THe bridGe And Go viA norTHneY,THroUGH pleAsAnT residenTiAl And fArminG TerriTorY And rejoin THe mAin roAd fUrTHer doWn tHe roAd is no Wider,bUT cArries less TrAffic And WHAT THere is,is less likelY To be THroUGH TrAffic HAsTeninG doWn To THe beAcH,so less likelY To be serioUslY inTolerAnT noT onlY THAT,bUT iT is more pleAsAnT ridinG,Too anoTHer exAmple is THe ride from hAvAnT To emsWorTH tHe mAin roAd is THe 259 WHicH folloWs THe old romAn roAd from cHicHesTer

so is nATUrAllY qUiTe bUsY AlTHoUGH YoU Won’T see cenTUrions And leGions THere noWAdAYs. aT THe hAvAnT end THere is An UnderpAss from cAsTle avenUe And A cYcle pATH leAdinG To selAnGor avenUe, WHicH becomes vicToriA roAd bY THe Time iT GeTs To emsWorTH And AGAin is qUieT residenTiAl ridinG. don’T THink, HoWever, THAT THe moTorisTs Will THAnk YoU.tHeY Won’T even knoW THAT YoU HAve TAken THe TroUble To keep oUT of THeir WAY.

page: 2 posTcode
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
andY smiTH sHorT mAT 4wood sinGles winner, lYndA hAlliWell, cHris hAlliWell lYndA hAlliWell, mAlcolm keAne peTe gArrArd pAirs leAGUewinners, cHris hAlliWell lYndA hAlliWell, anTonY BUll allAn smiTH leWistropHYwinners, cHris hAlliWell
ClUb’s 25Th
from cHAirmAn alex JoHnson
HTTp://WWW.soUTHboUrneboWls.co.Uk HAYliNg

Serving Our Local Community We can help arrange all funeral services, from a non-attendance, simple cremation or truly bespoke funeral.

plus Disbursements All at very competitive prices yet maintaining a fully professional, caring service to our families.

Havant | Tel: 023 9217 5462

Southbourne | Tel: 01243 374644 Waterlooville | Tel: 023 9264 1366


facial consultation can provide you with visual images of your skin now. It will answer your questions about facial aesthetics and what we can do to help you with that journey to younger looking skin. • mole removAl • piGmenTATion removAl • aGe spoTs

leG veins

fAciAl cApillArY vessels

verrUcA And WArTs fUnGAl nAils • fAciAl miliA/blood spoTs

• mircro needlinG

• lAser HAir removAl • cHemicAl peelinG • seborrHoeic kerATosis

page: 9 8 2 1 7 2 6 5 9 5 7 1 4 6 3 5 4 4 3 8 4 3 8 8 5 9 4 4 5 5 9 3 2 6 6 3 9 2 6 8 8 2 9 9 5 5 2 2 9 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| SolUTioNs To pUzzlEs oN pAgE 4
Traditional £1,950
~ ~ We
Moore’s Traditional Funeral Directors
care for each family as we would for our own
Fully Qualified All Carpentry work undertaken 07367 158679 tdgcarpentry@gmail.com EASY AFFORDABLE & LOCAL (compUTer aided cosmeTic insTrUmenT) for non-sUrGicAl fAce-lifTinG, THe skin is noTiceAblY cleArer, firmer And more YoUTHfUl.
43 WEST STREET, HAVANT, PO9 1LA CARPET, WOOD & VINYL SPECIALISTS www.nextfloorltd.co.uk email:
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WATERloovillE BowliNg ClUb

SATURdAY 25 MAY - Bowls Big weekend orGAnised bY BoWls enGlAnd And inviTes All clUbs in enGlAnd To pArTicipATe from 9.30Am UnTil eArlY AfTernoon. tHere Will be An opporTUniTY To 'HAve A Go' WiTH A coAcH And find oUT if iT is THe sporT for YoU. all eqUipmenT Will be provided. iT is A free session And THere Will be refresHmenTs. (jUsT

brinG some flAT, cleAn sHoes To cHAnGe inTo) iT is Good, noT onlY for mAkinG YoU more sUpple, iT Also Helps YoUr confidence And is A GreAT WAY To meeT neW people And mAke neW friends. come And HAve fUn!! wHAT mAnY do noT reAlise is THAT iT is A sporT for All THe fAmilY so brinG THe YoUnGsTers. we do HAve A jUnior secTion for 7 YeArs To 18 YeArs. cHildren love THe sporT As iT is noT onlY compeTiTive iT is Also fUn! tHe clUb is noT jUsT AboUT boWlinG , iT Also HAs A sociAl side!! come AlonG And find oUT more or cHeck oUT oUr WebsiTe for deTAils. WWW.WATerloovilleboWlinG.clUb or cHeck Us oUT on THe fAcebook pAGe look forWArd To seeinG YoU on 25 mAY!

WATERloovillE PhARmAcisT Aims

emilY Bond is HopinG To secUre THe TiTle of uk’s nATionAl ms 2024/2025 on THe sTAGe AT THis YeAr’s uk nATionAl miss pAGeAnT in JUlY emilY is feelinG posiTive THAT Her professionAl AcHievemenTs And spArklinG personAliTY Will sHine THroUGH AlonGside poise And GlAmoUr sHe sAid “i’ve AlWAYs HAd An inTeresT in fAsHion, fUndrAisinG And UplifTinG oTHers, so

THis felT like An environmenT WHere i WoUld floUrisH.”

emilY HAs sUpporTed severAl locAl cHAriTies inclUdinG pArenTs And cArers sUpporT orGAnisATion (pacso) And hAnnAH’s holidAY home appeAl, THe lATTer viA Her dAUGHTer’s scHool evenT. sHe Hopes To lAUncH Her oWn dinner And cockTAil fUndrAiser THis sUmmer in Aid of wellbeinG of women, A cHAriTY cHerisHed bY Her friend And colleAGUe dr emmA BoWleY, WHo sAdlY pAssed AWAY sUddenlY in JAnUArY


hello, mY nAme is cHekov And i Am one of THe residenT cATs AT tHe cAT & rAbbiT rescUe cenTre in mY ArTicle THis monTH i WAnTed To Tell YoU AboUT THree rAbbiTs THAT recenTlY Arrived AT tHe cenTre sAdlY, for THese sWeeT Girls iT WAsn’T Under THe besT circUmsTAnces. one Weekend We Were conTAcTed bY A member of THe pUblic WHo HAd come Across THese rAbbiTs And WAs HopinG We coUld Help tHeY foUnd THem AbAndoned in A cArdboArd box AlonG A fooTpATH in A popUlAr WAlkinG AreA. alTHoUGH tHe cenTre WAs fUll of rAbbiTs mY sTAff kneW THeY HAd To Help, THeY mAnAGed To mAke A spAce for THem sAfelY AWAY from THe oTHer rAbbiTs As We didn’T knoW WHAT To expecT.tHe member of THe pUblic WHo foUnd THem kindlY broUGHT

THem To Us. in THe box mY sTAff foUnd THree femAle rAbbiTs, TWo Were GreY And one WHiTe And broWn.tHeY Were cHecked over bY THe sTAff THoroUGHlY And sAdlY one of THem did HAve A verY sore bAckend WHicH needed TreATmenT.anoTHer Also HAd A HeAd TilT And TWo HAd cloUdY eYes, oUr veT sUspecTed THeY mAY HAve e-cUicUli, so THeY HAve been sTArTed on TreATmenT immediATelY tHeY Are noW Under THe WATcHfUl eYe of oUr sTAff And veT TeAm, And THeY Are doinG Well.we Will conTinUe To moniTor THeir proGress closelY And AfTer THeY recover, We Will look To find THem A neW lovinG Home ToGeTHer

iT is one of THe sAddesT pArTs of rescUe To see AnimAls beinG AbAndoned, We don’T knoW WHY THeir oWner felT THAT HAd To leAve THem in A box. i HATe To THink WHAT coUld HAve HAppened To THem if THeY HAdn’T been foUnd! tHis is WHY We AlWAYs


sUpporTed bY A biodiversiTY enHAncemenT GrAnT from porTsmoUTH wATer compAnY, BidbUrY meAd friends sTArTed Work in mArcH AT THe pArk.

tHeir firsT TAsk WAs THe replAcemenT of TWo losT Trees WiTH A semi-mATUre roWAn And A diseAse resisTAnT elm To reinsTATe A nATUre HAbiTAT link beTWeen THe pArk And THe diverse HAbiTAT of sT tHomAs’s cHUrcHYArd.

JennA deWHUrsT, BiodiversiTY speciAlisT AT porTsmoUTH wATer compAnY, sAid “tHe compAnY Are commiTTed To improvinG THe biodiversiTY of iTs lAndHoldinGs.work HAs sTArTed AT oUr pAddock on BidbUrY lAne opposiTe THe pArk. iT mAkes AbsolUTe sense for Us To sUpporT To THe friends WiTH THeir complemenTArY biodiversiTY Works.tHe Trees mAke A bold sTArT”.

BidbUrY infAnT And JUnior scHools collAborATed To creATe A time cApsUle THAT WAs bUried Under THe roWAn.

emilY BUrns depUTY heAd AT BidbUrY JUnior scHool sAid “tHis GAve sTUdenTs from boTH scHools THe cHAnce To Work ToGeTHer on someTHinG THAT THeY Will probAblY remember for A lonG Time i Am sUre THeY Will Wonder if THeir time cApsUle Will ever be foUnd.”

inclUded in THe Time cApsUle Are:

• a BidbUrY JUnior scHool jUmper

encoUrAGe people To AdopT from A rescUe becAUse if YoU ever find YoUrself in A posiTion of needinG To Give Up YoUr AnimAls A rescUe like crrc Will AlWAYs TAke THem bAck. see YoU nexT Time love, cHekov P.S. pleAse keep An eYe on oUr WebsiTe WWW.crrc.co.Uk And oUr fAcebook pAGe for All THe lATesT neWs And info reGArdinG reHominG And cenTre life

• tHe scHool dinner menU

• a Golden leAf cerTificATe Given To THe TidiesT clAss AT THe end of THe Week in celebrATion AssemblY

• a copY of oUr scHool neWsleTTer senT oUT To All pArenTs

• a selecTion of books from THis YeAr world Book dAY

tHis Time We WoUld love To inTrodUce YoU To winsTon A 14 YeAr old mAle cAT. winsTon HAs been WiTH Us since november AfTer His oWners felT He WAsn’T HAppY livinG WiTH THe cHildren in His Home winsTon is findinG life AT tHe cenTre qUiTe ToUGH, He cAn be qUiTe GrUmpY WHen YoU meeT Him. he mAY Hiss or even lAsH oUT if He is Worried, bUT His previoUs oWners HAve Told Us THAT in His Home He WAs A friendlY boY WHo enjoYed cUddlinG Up on THe sofA. iT is sUcH A biG cHAnGe for A cAT WHo HAs been in A Home for 14 YeArs To come inTo THe rescUe And We reAllY do believe We Are noT seeinG His TrUe personAliTY we WoUld love To find someone WHo cAn see pAsT His GrUmpiness And Give Him A cHAnce AT A lovinG Home winsTon WoUld like To be THe onlY peT in His neW Home And He WoUld noT be HAppY WiTH cHildren. if YoU THink YoU mAY be Able To offer winsTon A lovinG Home pleAse Give THe cenTre A cAll on 01243 967111 or visiT oUr WebsiTe WWW.crrc.co.Uk.

page: 2 10 posTcode pUblicATions ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| - Smartphone repairs - Computer and printer repairs - I.T. solutions for business Reliable I.T. solutions from a trusted partner that cares about you! 01730 233 350 | hello@syn-star.co.uk | syn-star.co.uk Holborow Lodge, Chalder Lane, Sidlesham, W. Sussex PO20 7RJ PeT OfTHe MONTH WiNsToN |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
hAvAnT mAYor coUncillor rosY rAines And THe Rev Max Cross Rector of St Thomas’s and Governor of Bidbury Junior School with the Time Capsule

WhAT’s hAppENiNg AT MAkiNg SpAcE

mAkinG spAce is hAvAnT’s verY oWn commUniTY crAfT cHAriTY,bAsed in THeir pUrposebUilT premises in THe HeArT of leiGH pArk as Well As rUnninG reGUlAr clAsses in A vArieTY of crAfT forms, mAkinG spAce HAs A bUsY oUTreAcH proGrAmme, providinG sUbsidised AcTiviTies in THe commUniTY, And in iTs Home To A nUmber of professionAl mAkers WHo HAve THeir oWn sTUdios on siTe mAkinG spAce Aim To mAke crAfTinG AvAilAble To everYone as Well As sUbsidised coUrses THeY Also offer bUrsAries To mAke crAfT Accessible To All if YoU HAven’T HeArd of Us UnTil noW, We’re deliGHTed THAT posTcode pUblicATions is GivinG Us A liTTle spAce eAcH issUe To Tell YoU All AboUT WHAT HAs been HAppeninG, And WHAT is cominG Up, in oUr THrivinG crAfT cenTre

MAkiNg SpAcE

mAkinG spAce is A crAfT orGAnisATion bAsed in leiGH pArk, hAmpsHire WiTH impAcT Across THe uk.we liTerAllY mAke spAce for people And orGAnisATions To GeT involved in crAfT WHeTHer pHYsicAllY in oUr oWn bUildinG or diGiTAllY in oUr virTUAl neTWorks And evenTs


fAncY TrYinG YoUr HAnd AT A neW crAfT or AdvAncinG YoUr skills?yoU cAn book onTo A five Week coUrse in A vArieTY of disciplines.we HAve WeeklY coUrses in poTTerY, silver clAY, fUsed GlAss And jeWellerY silversmiTHinG All TAUGHT bY experT TUTors.

rAisinG THe profile of crAfT in All iTs forms, We Work WiTH locAl And nATionAl ArTs orGAnisATions, conTribUTinG To debATe, sUpporTinG mAkers And providinG creATive opporTUniTies.

tHroUGH oUr oUTreAcH projecTs We

AiR AcEs

2 BisHopsToke roAd, leiGH pArk, hAvAnT hAmpsHire po9 5Bn 023 9247 2491 e: AdminmAkinGspAce.orG


mAkinG spAce Will be HosTinG A monTHlY session To inTrodUce people To A vArieTY of crAfTs. from collAGe, crocHeT, embroiderY To cArd mAkinG. all AbiliTies Welcome from beGinners To seAsoned crAfTers.tHe sessions Will rUn on THe sEcoNdTUEsdAY of EvERY moNTh ANd ThiRdThURsdAY fRom 7 - 9pm

Work WiTH pArTners inclUdinG scHools, cHildren’s cenTres, fAmilY leArninG environmenTs And reTiremenT Homes. oUr speciAllY TAilored projecTs inspire, cHAllenGe skill-Up, enGAGe And bUild neW AUdiences for THe secTor we enAble people

MoNdAY 20Th MAY - 1900 for 1945 - ‘hAlTon BrAT To air ambUlAnce piloTAnd BeYond’ presenTed bY mick pATrick tHere WAs no GrAnd plAn. “wHen i, mick pATrick, joined THe raf As An aircrAfT apprenTice i coUld noT HAve knoWn THAT iT WoUld leAd To A cAreer in AircrAfT enGineerinG, piloT, insTrUcTor, And Airline sAfeTY AUdiTor”

lATer on, As mick reflecTs on His 62 YeArs of emploYmenT, THere Will be recollecTions of THe mAnY cHAllenGes, close encoUnTers And redUndAncies foUGHT THroUGH His sTAY in THe AviATion bUsiness. mick sAYs “THAT THere Were difficUlT Times bUT Also some of His HAppiesT And fUlfillinG Times”. he sAYs “WoUld i do iT AGAin? yoU beT”.

2 & 3 NOV - 10Am To 4pm emsWorTH commUniTY cenTre po10 7dd (BeHind fire sTATion) locAl scenes And arTWork bY locAl arTisTs - exciTinG And oriGinAl pAinTinGs in vArioUs mediA And sUbjecTs inclUdinG locAl scenes And AbsTrAcT ArT. hAnd-pAinTed iTems inclUdinG jeWellerY, keYrinGs, boxes, plAqUes eTc oriGinAl ArTWork Also AvAilAble As prinTs, cArds, coAsTers, cUps,t-sHirTs eTc locAl cHrisTmAs cArds And uniqUe GifTs Too refresHmenTs Also AvAilAble

CRAfT ClUb fiRsT MoNdAY of EvERY moNTh from 45.30 pm - crAfT clUb offers THe sAme opporTUniTies As crAfT commUniTY bUT for 7 - 14 YeAr olds perfecT for crAfTY kids!

To develop neW WAYs of THinkinG AboUT THe crAfT And experience firsT-HAnd THe imporTAnT presence of crAfT in everYdAY life visiT oUr WebsiTe: mAkinGspAce.orG To find oUT AboUT All oUr evenTs, AcTiviTies And opporTUniTies.

MoNdAY 24Th JUNE - 1900 for 1945

‘tHe Bae hAWk: desiGn, developmenT And operATion’ presenTed bY dUncAn deAn dUncAn deAn is A former raf fiGHTer piloT And insTrUcTor WiTH AlmosT 5000 HoUrs of fAsT-jeT flYinG intornAdo, f-16 And hAWk he firsT fleW THe Bae hAWk in 1998 And since THen HAs AmAssed over 3500 HoUrs on vArioUs mArks, from THe oriGinAl t mk1 Up

airaces is An AviATion TAlk socieTY, providinG iTs members WiTH reGUlAr TAlks, Given bY experTs in mAnY differenT fields relATed To THe World of AviATion.

NeWVeNUe BoxGrovevillAGe hAll, tHe sTreeT, BoxGrove, po18 0ee

To THe lATesT version, THe mk167. his presenTATion Will cover THe desiGn, developmenT And operATion of THis iconic BriTisH AircrAfT And Will explAin THe ATTribUTes THAT HAve mAde THe hAWk sUcH A speciAl And sUccessfUl TrAininG AircrAfT, As Well As WHAT iT is like To TeAcH THe nexT GenerATion of fiGHTer piloTs from THe cockpiT.

members £5, non-members £10 And Under 16s free. doors open AT 6.45 no pre-bookinG, no reserved seATinG for fUrTHer informATion pleAse Go To: WWW.AirAces.orG.Uk or cAll dAvid BATcock on 07502 400657

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elisA dodd WiTH fUsed GlAss Tools And mATeriAls

What’s on

16, 17 ANd 18 MAY in sT georGe’s cHUrcH hAll,hAmbledon roAd,wATerlooville po7 7eh

HARvEY bY MARY ChAsE - elWood p doWd is An AffAble mAn WHo clAims To HAve A (presUmAblY imAGinArY) friend cAlled hArveY WHo is A 6fT TAll WHiTe rAbbiT elWood inTrodUces His friend To everYone, mUcH To THe embArrAssmenT of His sociAl climbinG sisTerveTA And Her dAUGHTer mYrTle mAe veTA Tries To GeT elWood commiTTed To A sAnAToriUm WHicH leAds To A comedY of errors

wHen elWood reTUrns To THe sAnAToriUm lookinG for His friend, THere is finAllY A cHAnce for THe docTor To injecT Him WiTH A drUG WHicH Will TUrn Him inTo A ‘normAl’ person – bUT is THis WHATveTA sTill WAnTs? performAnces sTArT AT 7 30pm tickeTs cosT £8 or £5 for Under 16s And cAn be boUGHT AT THe door or from: TickeTsoUrce.co.Uk/hat


dATes for YoUr diArY Are oUTinGs To hever cAsTle on ThURsdAY 23Rd MAY And hAmpTon coUrT floWer sHoW on ThURsdAY 4Th JUlY fUll deTAils cAn be obTAined from kim gArdner on oUTinGs@HiHs.orG.Uk SATURdAY 22Nd JUNE - commUniTY fAir & sUmmer sHoW AT hAYlinG colleGe horTicUlTUrAl sHoW, sTAlls, performAnce groUps, crAfTs And acTiviTies.teAs And plAnT sTAll And mUcH more WWW.HiHs.orG.Uk

29Th JUNE - come AlonG And leArn AboUT THe benefiTs of belonGinG To oUr socieTY yoU Will GAin loTs of informATion on differenT AspecTs of GArdeninG And Will be Able To TrY differenT AcTiviTies, As YoU sTroll AroUnd THe informATion sessions.tHis free open dAY Will TAke plAce in tHe friends gArden in norTH sT emsWorTH, from 1 pm To 4.00pm And everYone is Welcome demonsTrATions And TAlks Will be from a willoW weAver And A fUsed glAss mAker, WHo Will boTH Give demonsTrATions THAT YoU cAn TAke pArT in. leArn AboUT gArden tool mAinTenAnce; Bee keepinG: mAkinG A BUG hoTel.tHe science of mAkinG Good composT; UsinG peAT free soil for seedlinG And poTTinG on. everYbodY Will be Able To enTer A free rAffle To Win one of THe ArrAnGemenTs THAT Are beinG mAde on THe dAY bY A prize-WinninG floWer arrAnGer wHATever size YoUr GArden, if YoU Are A novice or experT, THere Will be someTHinG for everYone AT THe ehs open dAY tHere Will Also be refresHmenTs AvAilAble, so pUT 29TH JUne 1pm To 4.00pm in YoUr diArY for more informATion Go To WWW.emsHs.orG


neW plAYers from beGinners To experienced Are AlWAYs Welcome AT THe diAmond JUbilee recreATion groUnd in horndeAn roAd.tHinkinG of joininG? go To: WWW.emsWorTHboWlinGclUb.com for deTAils And/or come AlonG To THe “open dAYs”

SATURdAY ANd SUNdAY 11Th ANd 12Th MAY, SATURdAY 25Th MAY we look forWArd To seeinG YoU.

over THe lAsT 20 YeArs, emsWorTH HAs become A mUsT-visiT desTinATion for ArT dUrinG THe emsWorTH arTs trAil. tHis sprinG, THe TrAil reTUrns WiTH 90 ArTisTs openinG THeir sTUdios And GATHerinG for GroUp exHibiTions, All WiTHin WAlkinG disTAnce of THe ToWn cenTre seT on THe picTUresqUe sHores of cHicHesTer hArboUr, THe TrAil is A HUb of independenT creATiviTY, WiTH A close-kniT ArTisTic commUniTY sHArinG THeir pAssion WiTH visiTors from fAr And Wide oriGinAllY sTArTed WiTH jUsT A HAndfUl of ArTisTs, THe TrAil HAs GroWn And esTAblisHed A repUTATion As An exciTinG dAY oUT for ArT lovers And cAsUAl visiTors, enjoYinG A coloUrfUl Trip AroUnd emsWorTH.

cArol price, cHAir of THe emsWorTH arTs trAil sAid:

tHere Are severAl ArTisTs neW To THe TrAil THis YeAr; And A HUGe vArieTY of ArT –from scUlpTUre, pAinTinG And prinTmAkinG, To TexTiles, WoodWork, jeWellerY GlAss And more, WiTH prices To sUiT All pockeTs. visiTinG ArTisT sTUdios offers A UniqUe insiGHT And An opporTUniTY To cHAT AboUT TecHniqUes And inspirATions in A relAxed seTTinG. wiTH ArTisTs collAborATinG in GroUp exHibiTions, in commUniTY cenTres, pop-Up GAlleries And secreT GArdens, THere is creATiviTY To discover in everY corner of THe ToWn.

“we Are deliGHTed To Welcome visiTors To THe TrAil THis YeAr, And WiTH severAl neW ArTisTs joininG Us THere Will be A GreAT vArieTY of Work To see we Are proUd To HAve A close commUniTY of ArTisTs Here in emsWorTH – iT reAllY is A fAnTAsTic desTinATion for ArT.” all venUes on THe emsWorTH arTs trAil Are WiTHin A mile of THe villAGe cenTre, mAkinG iT A compAcT And nAviGAble dAY oUT. mAnY visiTors cHoose To mAke A fAmilY dAY of iT – WAlkinG, cYclinG or scooTinG GUided bY THe mAps in THe TrAil GUide pArkinG is eAsY To find, And THere Are reGUlAr TrAins And bUses. tHere is An ArrAY of cAfes, resTAUrAnTs And pUbs for THose All-imporTAnT refresHmenT sTops WHeTHer A leisUrelY lUncH or A qUick coffee so, pick Up A TrAil GUide And plAn A joUrneY of creATive discoverY, sToppinG To TAke in THe iconic vieWs And scenerY As YoU WAnder from venUe To venUe ThE emswoRTh ARTs TRAil TAkEs plAcE AcRoss ThE wEEkENd 4-5-6 MAY visiT THe WebsiTe To find oUT more AboUT THe ArTisTs, And pick Up A TrAil GUide in sHops THroUGHoUT emsWorTH from THe beGinninG of april.

posTcode pUblicATions
STEp iNTo A JoURNEY of CREATivE DiscovERY oN ThE emswoRTh ARTsTRAil…
HoRNdEANAmATEURThEATRE ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

SUNdAY 9Th JUNE tHr fesTivAl opens WiTH A performAnce bY THe porTsmoUTH ciTAdel sAlvATion armY BAnd consisTinG of some 30 HiGHlY TAlenTed insTrUmenTAlisTs performinG A Wide rAnGe of pieces desiGned To enTerTAin.

MoNdAY 10Th JUNE THere is A free lUncHTime concerT bY andY denmAn (trUmpeT) And dAvid cAin (piAno), folloWed in THe AfTernoon bY A “wAr time sinGAlonG” commemorATinG THe 80TH AnniversArY of d dAY, A HAnds-on sinGinG WorksHop led bY heATHer uden, direcTor of THe porTsmoUTH miliTArY wives cHoir in THe eveninG THere is A doUble bill WiTH TWo locAl cHoirs: cAscAde cHorUs, A 30 sTronG GroUp sinGinG foUr pArT BArbersHop HArmonY, And africApellA, WHicH speciAlises in THe spiriTUAl mUsic, rHYTHms And melodies from THe cUlTUres of africA And THe cAribbeAn.

TUEsdAY 11Th JUNE THere is A free lUncHTime orGAn reciTAl bY colin toWner in THe eveninG, THe hAvAnT cHAmber orcHesTrA Will enTerTAin WiTH A WonderfUl proGrAmme of mUsic condUcTed bY Ben QUresHi.

foR ThE EighTEENTh YEAR ThE WATERloovillE MUsic fEsTivAl is oNcE AgAiN sET To mAkE WATERloovillE “ThE eNTERTAiNmENT CApiTAl of HAmpshiRE” fRom 9Th To 15Th JUNE AT ST GEoRgE’s ChURch.

WEdNEsdAY 12Th JUNE THere is A free lUncHTime concerT performed bY kAren kinGsleY, (piAno), rob BlAnken (clArineT) And JUdiTH wolpe (violin). in THe eveninG iT is A performAnce bY THe hAmpsHire police mAlevoice cHoir – AlWAYs verY popUlAr, THeir lAsT visiT To THe fesTivAl in 2019 WAs A compleTe sell oUT.

ThURsdAY 13Th JUNE sTArTs WiTH A free concerT bY oAklAnds cATHolic scHool, displAYinG THe TAlenTs of THeir sTUdenTs. in THe eveninG We HAve THe reTUrn To THe fesTivAl of “all tHAT mAlArkeY” - tHis AmAzinG And TAlenTed GroUp Will simplY HAve YoU compleTelY spellboUnd WonderinG WHAT on eArTH THeY Are GoinG To do nexT. iT is A TrUlY sTUnninG And oriGinAl feAsT of enTerTAinmenT.a GeniUs mUsicAl direcTor And composer, And clAssicAllY TrAined vocAlisTs WHo HAve performed in clAssicAl operA As leAd sinGers AT A HiGH level AT presTiGioUs venUes sUcH As THe millenniUm cenTre cArdiff… bUT performinG brilliAnT, compleTelY oriGinAl ArrAnGemenTs of verY popUlAr sonGs And doinG so WiTH mUcH GUsTo, THeATre, comedY And WiT…

fRidAY 14Th JUNE brinGs A free lUncHTime And AnoTHer free concerT, THis Time WiTH THe TAlenTs of sTUdenTs from horndeAn tecHnoloGY colleGe in THe AfTernoon iT is pAUl tAYlor on piAno WiTH THe fesTivAl cATerinG TeAm offerinG A reAsonAblY prices creAm TeA, WiTH Home mAde scones, jAm And cornisH creAm. in THe eveninG, enjoY THe mAGicAl nosTAlGiA of mUsic from THe forTies erA, glen miller, coUnT BAsie, performed bY mAUrY deAns solenT BiG BAnd, WHicH speciAlises in ArrAnGemenTs bY THe lATe GreAT mAUrY deAns.

SATURdAY 15Th JUNE THe fesTivAl conclUdes on WiTH THe TrAdiTionAl finAle, lAsT niGHT of THe proms, WiTH All THe pomp, ceremonY And flAG-WAvinG of THe reAl THinG – AlWAYs A GrAnd end To THe fesTivAl, noT To be missed.

advAnce prices, sUndAY To wednesdAY £8,tHUrsdAY To sATUrdAY £12.tHere is

WWW.posTcodepUblicATions.com page: 13
All that malarkey
What’s on
Cascade Chorus
everY eveninG THere is A licensed bAr WiTH reAsonAble prices, openinG from 7pm. tickeTs for eveninG evenTs Are noW AvAilAble To pUrcHAse AT: WWW.WATerloovillemUsicfesTivAl.orG.Uk
A pAssporT TickeT WHicH is £40. no bookinG fees. eArlY pUrcHAse recommended, As TickeTs ofTen sell oUT.
HUGe sAvinG To be HAd WiTH Africapella Havant Chamber Orchestra


Article from the Hayling Island Horticultural Society

rosEs… ThE EssENcE of SUmmER & ThE hEART of oUR SUmmER Show

if THere WAs To be one plAnT YoU sHoUld HAve in YoUr GArden iT sHoUld possiblY be A rose tHeY come in Wide vArieTY of sHApes And sizes from A smAll pATio rose To A viGoroUs climber tHeY offer beAUTifUl floWers from mAY UnTil THe lAsT frosT. elizAbeTH sAWdAY from apUldrAm roses cAme To speAk To THe socieTY AboUT HoW To GroW roses And GAve simple And sTrAiGHTforWArd Advice on HoW To prodUce THe besT possible plAnTs And blooms.

tHis Will be verY HelpfUl if YoU Are THinkinG of enTerinG A rose or TWo in oUr sUmmer sHoW if YoU HAve never venTUred To do so before, THere is A novice clAss for firsT Time enTries. in some clAsses YoU jUsT need A sinGle bloom.yoU jUsT send in An enTrY form And THen cUT YoUr roses THe AfTernoon before or THe morninG of THe sHoW And brinG THem AlonG To tHe hAYlinG colleGe. we HAve everYTHinG YoU need To enTer YoUr rose(s) And sHoW iT To iTs besT

Don’t stop Wining

gin HAs been A fAvoUriTe of oUrs for cenTUries bUT HAs seen An even biGGer explosion over THe lAsT decAde or so iT seems everYone is prodUcinG iT from YoUr smAll poT sTills in THe GArden sHed To THe lArGe mAss-prodUcinG disTilleries. tHe beAUTY of Gin is THAT YoU cAn effecTivelY Use AnY inGredienT (boTAnicAl) bUT mUsT conTAin JUniper As iTs mAin boTAnicAl. oTHer exAmples Used inclUde THinGs like orAnGe peel, rosemArY, liqUorice, coriAnder And even seAWeed. dUe To iTs never-endinG popUlAriTY We Tend To TAke iT for GrAnTed bUT WHAT Are THe AcTUAl oriGins of THis UniversAl beverAGe

iTs THoUGHT THAT THe cHinese firsT discovered THe ArT of disTillATion in THe 2nd cenTUrY Bc tHeir findinGs Were sHAred AlonG THe silk roUTe, THe mAin TrAdinG roUTe from asiA THroUGH To THe mediTerrAneAn. spices Were HeAvilY TrAded AlonG WiTH differenT boTAnicAls in pArTicUlAr JUniper, WHicH WAs considered

To HAve medicinAl cHArAcTers And WidelY Used To TreAT AilmenTs.

BUT iT WAs A feW cenTUries lATer in THe 1495 WHen THe dUTcH Used jUniper berries, nUTmeG And cloves in disTillATe To Add flAvoUr And THis HerAld THe birTH of genever And THe firsT Time JUniper WAs Used for pleAsUre As opposed To cUre in 1688 genever becAme popUlAr in london WHen dUTcH born williAm iii seized poWer he HAd bAnned All imporTs from frAnce especiAllY GrAin And BrAndY he loWered THe TAxes on Home GroWn cereAls And loosened Up THe lAWs on disTillATion And bY THe end of THe 1600’s THe Gin crAze HAd TAken off And WAs HiTTinG london HArd. severAl books on disTillATion HAd been pUblisHed And licences Were beinG GrAnTed To AnYone And everYone BY 1715 london WAs Gripped bY An epidemic of gin consUmpTion pArTicUlArlY AmonGsT THe poor As iT WAs so cHeAp And eAsY To prodUce so five YeArs lATer THe firsT gin acT cAme inTo force To TrY And cUrb THis

AdvAnTAGe And Help And Advice is AlWAYs on HAnd.anoTHer clAss To TrY is simplY A jAm jAr of mixed floWers. tHe cHoice And rAnGe of clAsses cAn be foUnd on WWW.HiHs.orG.Uk. roses Are GreedY And THirsTY plAnTs And need Good nUTriTion And plenTY of WATer a feed of blood, fisH And bone And A Good mUlcH is besT overWinTer And THen A speciAl rose feed in april And AfTer THe firsT floWerinG.tHeY Also need prUninG To keep THe plAnTs HeAlTHY And We sHoUld noT be AfrAid To cUT THem bAck, As iT is noT possible To kill off A rose bY prUninG! tHe old AdAGe is To prUne To knee HeiGHT in aUTUmn And To Ankle HeiGHT in sprinG! noW is THe Time To GeT oUT inTo YoUr GArden To HArd prUne YoUr roses, excepT for YoUr rAmblers WHicH sHoUld be prUned in AUTUmn As THeY floWer on THe previoUs seAson’s GroWTH. if in doUbT AboUT THe TYpe of rose YoU HAve iT is A sAfe beT To prUne bAck bY Up To A HAlf of THeir GroWTH AT THis Time wiTH climbinG roses

TrY And TrAin THem HorizonTAllY And THen neW GroWTH Will sproUT verTicAllY And Will prodUce An AbUndAnce of floWers. one overlooked cATeGorY of roses Are GroUnd cover roses WHicH Are verY HArdY And robUsT – one excellenT vArieTY is “floWer cArpeT pink”. elizAbeTH WAs keen To AdvocATe THe pUrcHAse of bAre rooT roses in aUTUmn rATHer THAn more esTAblisHed oses AvAilAble from sprinG. fUll deTAils on THe TAlk cAn be foUnd on oUr WebsiTe WiTH informATion on YeAr roUnd rose cAre pleAse sTArT THinkinG AboUT oUr enTries for oUr sUmmer sHoW – iT HAs clAsses noT jUsT for floWers And veGeTAbles, bUT cookerY, HAndicrAfTs, pHoToGrApHY, florAl ArT And of coUrse clAsses for oUr bUddinG jUnior HorTicUlTUrAlisTs! iT is fUn To enTer And YoU cAn Win prizes.we HAve speciAl clAss THis YeAr for A floWerpoT person – THose of Us WHo cAn remember THe tv sHoW ‘Bill And Ben tHe floWerpoT men’ Will knoW WHAT To do!

epidemic tHe price of A licence WenT Up from £20 To £1800 in TodAY’s moneY. tHis sUbsTAnTiAl rise did THe Trick And bY 1750 prodUcTion And consUmpTion WenT doWn drAmATicAllY tHen, in 1757 THere WAs A cATAsTropHic GrAin HArvesT in enGlAnd And GrAin for disTillinG WAs oUTlAWed for THe nexT THree YeArs As iT WAs needed for food.tHis pUsHed THe price Up even fUrTHer tHe poinT WAs THAT Gin WAs cHeAp To prodUced And As THis WAs no lonGer THe cAse THe poor TUrned THeir ATTenTion To beer. in 1825 THe opposiTe HAppened. enGlAnd HAd A GrAin sUrplUs, so THe cosT of A licence WAs slAsHed And Gin becAme THe popUlAr cHoice once AGAin.wiTHin A YeAr Gin consUmpTion HAd doUbled And WAs noW cHeAper THAn A pinT of beer tHe inTrodUcTion of gin pAlAces conTribUTed To THe rise As THese bArs HAd no reAl concern for clAss, Gender or even AGe tHis is WHere neW boTAnicAls Were inTrodUced And THe birTH of differenT sTYles inclUdinG london drY And old tom. as We knoW THis popUlAriTY HAs

never reAllY died oUT (AroUnd 80 million boTTles Are sold AnnUAllY) And We conTinUe To experience neW sTYles And flAvoUrs tHere Are mAnY excellenT Gins on THe mArkeT And in mY mind YoU cAn never HAve Too mAnY in YoUr drink’s cAbineT BUT iTs WorTH cHeckinG THese oUT: WilliAms ChAsE DisTillERY williAm cHAse WAs THe oWner of tYrells crisps And WHen He sold THe brAnd He kepT His poTATo fArm And TUrned His ATTenTion To spiriTs.

sTickinG WiTH locAl disTilleries TrY THese AmAzinG Gins:

PoRTsmoUTh DisTillERY, ApoThEcARY, MERmAid TEsTVAllEY.

page: 2 14 posTcode pUblicATions
Pop into 6 Queen St., Emsworth, Hants PO10 7BL FREE WINE TASTINGS EVERY WEEKEND! SUppoRT YoUR locAl INdEpENdENTs – Shop LocAl
from liese holden


creATinG neW HAvens for bUTTerflies And bArn oWls, esTAblisHinG neW WeTlAnds And sAvinG THe Under-THreAT jUniper Tree Are AmonG THe exciTinG projecTs To benefiT from A fUndinG boosT of over £130,000.

tHirTeen commUniTY-led projecTs Across hAmpsHire And sUssex Will be receivinG A renATUre GrAnT from THe soUTH doWns nATionAl pArk trUsT To Help resTore biodiversiTY

iT comes As THe renATUre iniTiATive enTers

iTs THird YeAr WiTH An AmbiTioUs GoAl of creATinG 13,000 HecTAres of neW HAbiTAT To Help Wildlife floUrisH, As Well As improvinG exisTinG nATUre HAvens in THe nATionAl pArk.

amonG THe projecTs Will be creATinG A neW WildfloWer meAdoW AT tWYford, neAr wincHesTer, To Help encoUrAGe bUTTerflies And smAll mAmmAls.aT slindon, in wesT sUssex, HedGeroWs Will be resTored To Help bird species, sUcH As blUe TiTs And YelloWHAmmer, WHile in leWes Work Will TAke plAce To resTore A cHAlk sTreAm And provide more WeTlAnd HAbiTAT for species sUcH As drAGonflies And lApWinGs. aT QUeen elizAbeTH coUnTrY pArk, neAr wATerlooville, THere Will be A concerTed efforT To brinG bAck THe jUniper Tree, one of BriTAin’s THree nATive conifer species THAT HAs sTrUGGled in recenT decAdes Across THe uk dUe To diseAses And poor seed qUAliTY adApTed To cHAlk doWnlAnd, iT sUpporTs A HosT of UniqUe insecTs And fUnGi, sUcH As THe jUniper cArpeT moTH, And is An imporTAnT food soUrce for THrUsHes And fieldfAre tHe projecT Will sAve THe coUnTrY

pArk’s lAsT TWo jUniper Trees And plAnT A Wildlife corridor of more THAn 100 jUniper Trees.

JAn knoWlson, BiodiversiTY officer for THe nATionAl pArk, sAid:“renATUre is AboUT creATinG nATUre everYWHere, for everYone, And involves esTAblisHinG neW Wildlife HAvens And improvinG exisTinG HAbiTATs sUcH As cHAlk GrAsslAnd, HeATHlAnd And WoodlAnd.

“tHe biodiversiTY crisis is noT GoinG AWAY –one in six species Are noW AT risk of beinG losT in greAT BriTAin And THe fiGUre from A decAde AGo WAs one in 10.

“tHe Time for AcTion is noW And THAT’s WHY THese GrAnTs Are so imporTAnT.

“tHe nATionAl pArk is doinG A loT of Work WiTH mAjor lAndoWners AroUnd esTAblisHinG neW HAbiTATs, bUT THere’s Also An incredible AmoUnT of Work TAkinG plAce in THe commUniTY on smAller-scAle projecTs. ofTen THese smAller projecTs sTrUGGle for fUndinG And THAT’s WHere A renATUre GrAnT cAn mAke A HUGe difference” tHe lisT of locAl projecTs To benefiT Are: commUniTY cUT And collecT scHeme in THe wesTern doWns in hAmpsHire –provide A cUT And collecT mAcHine for THe locAl rAnGer TeAm THAT Will be AvAilAble To lAndoWners And orGAnisATions.tHe mAcHine encoUrAGes THe GroWTH of WildfloWers To Help bees And bUTTerflies. £43,754 sAvinG THe jUniper Tree AT QUeen elizAbeTH foresT, hAmpsHire – THe rescUe of THe lAsT TWo remAininG jUniper Trees in THe foresT.an AreA of THe commerciAl

plAnTATion Will be cleAred, reTUrned To cHAlk doWnlAnd, And plAnTed WiTH more THAn 100 jUniper Trees. £2,925

tHe renATUre iniTiATive is beinG led bY THe nATionAl pArk aUTHoriTY in pArTnersHip WiTH THe soUTH doWns nATionAl pArk trUsT, THe officiAl cHAriTY for THe nATionAl pArk. siGnificAnT fUndinG HAs been GenerATed THroUGH donATions And GrAnTs from THe pUblic And privATe secTor, As Well As nATionAl loTTerY fUndinG. to Help WiTH THe fUndrAisinG And To donATe visiT WWW.soUTHdoWnsTrUsT.orG.Uk fUTUre roUnds of ApplicATions for renATUre GrAnTs mAY TAke plAce to be pUT on THe noTificATion lisT pleAse emAil GrAnTs@soUTHdoWns.Gov.Uk for more informATion conTAcT:

NEw pARTNERship hElps moRE childREN hAvE AccEss To coUNTRYsidE

hUndreds more scHoolcHildren Will be Able To enjoY inspirinG scHool Trips To THe nATionAl pArk THAn in previoUs YeArs, THAnks To An innovATive neW pArTnersHip beTWeen THe soUTH doWns nATionAl pArk And nATionAl express trAnsporT solUTions.

tHe nATionAl pArk HAs

TeAmed Up WiTH THe leAdinG bUs And coAcH Hire speciAlisTs To offer scHools bAsed in soUTHern enGlAnd discoUnTed coAcH TrAvel To over 100 ATTrAcTions And venUes in THe soUTH doWns nATionAl pArk.

tHe dAYs-oUT cAn cover All mAnner of nATUre And HeriTAGebAsed AcTiviTies, sUcH As Wildlife sUrveYinG, HAnds-on conservATion

TAsks, GoinG on A coUnTrY WAlk or visiTinG THe zoo or A mUseUm.

tHe pArTnersHip HAs been AnnoUnced As THe nATionAl pArk’s oUTdoor leArninG grAnT is noW open for ApplicATions from scHools Across THe soUTH eAsT.

teAcHers Are beinG inviTed To ApplY for A GrAnT of beTWeen £300 And £500 To cover TrAvel cosTs, redUcinG THe bUrden on scHools And pArenTs To pAY for Trips.

tHe neW pArTnersHip WiTH nATionAl express trAnsporT solUTions provides AffordAble, reliAble And comforTAble scHool TrAnsporT AT A mUcH redUced rATe of £295 dUrinG scHool HoUrs.

iT meAns THAT THe oUTdoor leArninG

grAnT Will Go mUcH fUrTHer WiTH THe nATionAl pArk beinG Able To sUpporT An esTimATed 70 per cenT more scHools THAn in previoUs YeArs.

scHools THAT Are noT sUccessfUl in receivinG A GrAnT To cover cosTs Will sTill be Able To Use THe discoUnTed TrAvel rATe from nATionAl express trAnsporT solUTions WHen visiTinG THe nATionAl pArk.

lAsT YeAr more THAn 4,000 pUpils from 72 scHools benefiTed from THe oUTdoor leArninG grAnT. tHe GrAnTs Are AdminisTered And fUnded bY THe nATionAl pArk aUTHoriTY, WiTH AddiTionAl fUndinG from THe soUTH doWns nATionAl pArk trUsT, THe officiAl cHAriTY for THe nATionAl pArk.

amAndA elmes, leArninG, oUTreAcH AndvolUnTeer leAd for THe nATionAl pArk, sAid:“tHis is An AmAzinG pArTnersHip And Will mAke A HUGe difference To HoW mAnY scHools We’re Able To Help And HoW mAnY cHildren cAn benefiT from connecTinG WiTH THe soUTH doWns.

WiTH so mAnY opporTUniTies To leArn. “unforTUnATelY,THe HUmble scHool Trip, someTHinG We All remember WiTH GreAT nosTAlGiA,HAs become oUT-of-reAcH for some scHools WiTH THe cosT of livinG HikinG Up prices tHe pArTnersHip WiTH nATionAl express trAnsporT solUTions meAns We cAn sUpporT An esTimATed 50 more scHools THroUGH THe oUTdoor leArninG grAnT on Top of WHAT We

“leArninG AboUT THe nATUrAl World is sUcH An imporTAnT pArT of THe cUrricUlUm And nATionAl pArks offer A fAnTAsTic resoUrce for scHools To enGAGe WiTH Wildlife, lAndscApe, cUlTUre And HisTorY tHe nATionAl pArk is bAsicAllY one biG oUTdoor clAssroom

normAllY WoUld And,beYond oUr oWn fUndinG poT,scHools Will sTill be Able To mAke THe mosT of THe discoUnTed TrAvel.iT’s A Win-Win for everYone ” for more informATion AboUT discoUnTed TrAvel for scHool Trips To THe soUTH doWns visiT: HTTps://nxTs.nATionAlexpress.com/scHoolcoAcH-Hire/middle-of-THe-dAY/soUTH-doWnsnATionAl-pArk

WWW.posTcodepUblicATions.com page: 15

ARE YoU sTRUggliNg wiTh YoUR dENTUREs?

ARE ThEY Too loosE To kEEp ThEm iN ANd ARE YoU UNAblE To EAT wiTh ThEm? HAvE YoU coNsidEREd DENTAl ImplANTs? WE cAN offER immEdiATE implANTs wiTh sAmE dAY sTAbilisATioN To TRANsfER YoUR loosE dENTURE iNTo A sEcURE sTAblE dENTURE ThAT YoU will bE AblE To EAT oN ThE sAmE dAY.


tHe denTUres WiTH sockeTs snAp inTo THe bAlls/ locATors plAced on THe GUm line.yoUr denTUre is removAble

mAY be sUre THAT amir Will look AfTer YoU verY Well” eric p

page: 2 16 posTcode pUblicATions Please check out our website for great menu choices AROMA ORIENTAL RESTAURANT www.aromaoriental.co.uk 43 North Street, Havant PO9 1PP Open 7 days a week from 5pm - 11pm Call 023 9249 9876 to order for take-away or home delivery if possible Discount applies to take-away & Home Delivery only with this voucher Valid until: 30th June 2024 10% DISCOUNT • in house 3d scan • outstanding reviews
same day implants and teeth
all aspects of implant surgery,
make a free 45 minute consultation appointment today amir Took me on As A 90 YeAr old pATienT WiTH five TeeTH And WiTH A coUple of AncienT ill-fiTTinG denTUres. eATinG HAd become An UncomforTAble And miserAble process evenTUAllY amir Advised THe Use of implAnTs WHicH Were pAinlesslY fiTTed And AfTer severAl monTHs of endless cAre And pATience He prodUced A perfecT fiT for THe neW TeeTH. tHe TrAnsformATion HAs been AmAzinG As i cAn noW AGAin enjoY THe simple pleAsUres of crUncHinG An Apple or cHeWinG beefsTeAk. if YoU Are recommended implAnTs, sTrUGGle WiTH THe cosT And Go for iT, YoU Will never reGreT iT, And YoU
sUrGeon dramir moUGHAdAm Bds BrisTol 1994
PrINCe GeOrGe DeNTAL PrACTICe 023 9278 1008

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