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Ambition to create a new facility for teaching and learning

Your Postcode in conjunction with park community school,the nhBc (national house Building council) and leading housing developers are planning to create outstanding opportunities for schoolchildren to promote their practical skill development for possible entry into building industry apprenticeships on leaving their full-time education at local schools.

such pre-school leaving skills training was provided in the 1950’s by the city of portsmouth Building school preparing schoolchildren for entry into the Building industry to meet the need for re-building following devastation of the city during the second world-war with the realisation that children are needed for skills training to enable them to discover if they are suited to working in the building industry where many apprenticeship opportunities are not being met despite the government’s ambition to grow this aspect of school-leavers development.

in cambridge, the nhBc recently opened the third of their training hubs offering students opportunities in the building industry to combat the skills gap and housing shortage.

please get in touch if you’re interested in getting involved with the project or possibly passing on your life skills in a teaching role contact: editor@postcodepublications.com

Our Piano Advertising Success

off to a flying start with hsdc advertising on our meridian shopping centre street piano we plan to provide more dynamic advertising to raise money for good causes by a large led fixed to the piano back panel to display continuously scrolling

advertising aimed to raise donations for distribution to local charities. funded by Your Postcode with advertising controlled by innovators inkspotwifi, advertising is expected to generate revenue for distribution by rob fryer, manager at meridian.

as previously reported, players of our original street piano raised in excess of £13,000 for charities and we hope that visitors will continue to donate as they pass by why not stop by and play for a while?

OURADVERTISERS ARE SUPPORTINGYOUR COMMUNITY SO PLEASE SUPPORTTHEM Station House North Street Havant PO9 1QU Tel: 023 9248 4356 morriscrocker.co.uk See ‘Your Money’ column for Inheritance tax planning – Lifetime gifts New locallycompiled Crossword gardening Beer - what’s in it? your money fred’s steak salad local history ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| FREE Your Established 2012 7 8 9 10 11 PO
It s not too late to apply There s still time o maximise YOUR potential The Havant Plaza Café

dear carl and reece

i really appreciate the fact that you've been highlighting the importance of looking after your mental health on social media. are there any organisations or websites that you'd recommend?


thanks, ken, for your message and for following us online one in four people experience mental health problems each year in the uk this is why we ' ve chosen havant and east hants mind as our charity of the year we'll be organising a number of fundraising activities to help support their life-saving work with the people who need them most mind helps to promote recovery and to increase service users' influence over their own lives amongst its other aims

you'll find a range of vital resources and some important telephone numbers on their website: www.easthantsmind.org

here are some other websites that support well-being.


answer five quick questions to get your free plan with tips to help you deal with stress and anxiety, improve your sleep,

boost your mood and feel more in control.


research has shown that physical activity can boost self-esteem, energy, mood and sleep quality try out one of these exercise videos courtesy of the nhs.


the campaign against living miserably provides a host of mental health resources.125 lives are lost every week to suicide and 75% of all uk suicides are male calm aims to change that.


whatever you're going through, a samaritan will face it with you.they're available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year please do seek help from your gp or a trained medical professional if you're struggling. it's ok not to be ok.

if you've got a website or digital marketing question, contact carl and reece by emailing:

carl@hewittmatthews.co.uk reece@hewittmatthews.co.uk


Information: info@postcodepublications.com

Editorial: editor@postcodepublications.com

Advertising: a.westbrook@postcodepublications.com

Emsworth & Havant Branch

emsworth & havant Branch of the rnli collected £472 at tesco, havant, on 3rd June many thanks to everyone for their very generous donations and totesco for giving us the opportunity

Bedhampton apprentice overcomes adversity to ‘build’ strong career in construction

Jess crook is working as a bricklaying apprentice at Barratt homes harbour place in Bedhampton. since starting on the developer’s scheme, she has won two apprentice of the Quarter awards, the divisional apprentice of theyear award, the regional winner of theyear, and the national apprentice of theyear building a strong career in construction despite a challenging start to life

the inspiring 22-year-old has for nearly two years risen above adversity, to progress her successful career in the building industry Jess is proving how important it is for companies like Barratt homes to invest in and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Jess was born three months premature and was in and out of hospital as a child, and, while at school, she struggled with her concentration, which led to poor attendance determined to make something of herself she worked hard to pass her gcses then going on to study bricklaying at college - which is how she found out about Barratt’s apprenticeship scheme she said:“i had lots of visits to hospital when i was younger, which meant i fell behind and often felt like the odd one out at school. i also struggled in an academic

setting, but i was determined to pass my exams and go on to college Barratt’s apprenticeship scheme has been perfect for me i’m learning new skills every day and i’m enjoying every second.”

since starting with the developer, Jess has proven that, with the right support, guidance, and opportunity, anyone can achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. excelling in her apprenticeship role, the young builder has already passed her level 2 building certificate and has been offered work with two of Barratt homes’ subcontractors after she completes her training.

anthony dimmick, Barratt homes community liaison officer, said:“Jess has shown remarkable resilience, dedication, and a true passion for bricklaying.

“her hard work, determination, and positive attitude have meant that she’s consistently exceeding expectations and demonstrating exceptional skills and craftsmanship Jess is a true inspiration and

a shining example of what can be achieved if you put your mind to it.”

as part of her ongoing commitment towards her personal and career development, Jess has also taken part in a “Barratt heroes” employee volunteering programme, choosing to volunteer for Barratt homes’ partnered charity, the tall shipsyouth trust. she joined a volunteer voyage crew to work and live in a unique, physically, and mentally challenging environment onboard the charity’s iconic 72ft challenger yacht.

tall shipsyouth trust helps young

people aged 12-25 (many of which come from disadvantaged backgrounds), redefine their horizons at sea. it has worked with Barratt for the last four years and aims to support crew members in developing the skills required for employment such as team building, resilience, and leadership finding her experience onboard particularly useful in honing her communication and leadership skills, Jess said she became more aware of not just her own, but everyone’s strengths and weaknesses throughout the week – a vital part of working as part of a team.

she said:“tall shipsyouth trust is providing a wonderful service to young people in the local area, and it’s been life changing for me and my career.without this opportunity, i wouldn’t be where i am today, and i’d like to thank both Barratt homes and tsyt for their support.”

Barratt homes work in tandem with the communities in which it’s building, to offer a series of apprenticeships to young people in the area.

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Westbourne Celebrates

the event was really well attended with around 300 people there, which is very good for parish of just over 2,000 people (which includes woodmancote,westbourne and aldsworth).there were also other street parties taking place so we did well to draw such a big crowd.we’ve had amazing feedback from people and it shows what the parish council can do when everyone pulls together to help out.the stags head had an outdoor bar and BBQ which had a constant queue and the live singer was fantastic –people were dancing and children were running around and playing in the street. we also organised volunteering events for the Big help out day with some residents out cleaning the village gateways and historic finger post signs. it all really helps towards making the parish a nice place to live.

Moving Trees

more than 200 trees from within the havant thicket reservoir site and replanting them locally this is part of a joint initiative with environmental group, havant thicket for nature, which aimed to preserve 80 young trees on site which would otherwise be felled.thanks to the care taken during site clearance work last autumn, portsmouth water has exceeded this target and is now relocating more than 200 trees to create new habitats locally portsmouth water is carrying out extensive environmental work as part of

although the reservoir will be around a mile long, and half a mile wide, the project will deliver a net gain to wildlife habitats. its plans involve both onsite and offsite commitments that include planting and improving more than 200 hectares of woodland and wood pasture and creating a new wetland on the northern shore of the reservoir to support local bird species. in addition, the project will secure vital water resources for the south east and help protect the world-renowned chalk streams of the river test and the river itchen in hampshire.

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HarbourWater Quality Concerns

Chemicals discovered in Chichester and Langstone harbour water

researchers testing water quality in and around the harbours say a worrying number of chemicals have been identified, including prescribed and illegal drugs.

an ongoing study looking at water quality in and around chichester and langstone harbours has revealed high levels of potentially harmful chemicals.

in a novel collaboration between local interest groups and portsmouth and Brunel universities, hundreds of samples were gathered by the clean harbours partnership (chp) campaign group last year as part of project spotlight.

university of portsmouth and Brunel university london researchers analysed 288 samples and have so far detected more

than 50 compounds across 22 sites.

professor alex ford from the university of portsmouth’s institute for marine sciences © university of portsmouth said,

“this project is enabling us to determine what chemical contaminants are in our marine life and coastal waters.

“we have found a large variety of prescribed and illegal drugs plus a variety of pesticides in coastal waters and marine organisms, such as crabs and oysters.

“this is important, because we know that aquatic ecosystems are under threat from pharmaceuticals and farming practices such as biocides and fertilisers.” professor ford’s previous research revealed tiny quantities of antidepressants in water can affect wildlife, such as

Shell we leave a message?

would you like to leave a message for future generations? if so, take a visit to the shell house in staunton country park, where hundreds of local residents have now drawn or written on shells.these are fixed to boards and placed inside the building, which was constructed in 1828 for sir george staunton on what was called the leigh park estate

the shell house was originally covered in decorative panels of flint. inside, the walls were encrusted with shells.although sir george travelled widely, the shells came from the beach at hayling island.the building was used to house a natural history collection including minerals, ceramics and a small stuffed crocodile

in the 20th century the grade-two listed folly suffered from vandalism the shellwork was lost and the roof collapsed happily,in the last few years it has been possible to restore the building with portland stone together with flint and pebbles to match the originals

the friends of staunton country park have arranged opportunities for members of the public to leave personal messages on shells one of the collections of shells was for the late Queen’s Jubilee in 2022 and another one will be for king charles’ coronation.the next dates for leaving your messages are announced on the facebook page of the friends of staunton country park.

crustaceans and molluscs. levels above 500cfu/100ml signify a risk to human health.

scientists will now compare the concentrations of these pollutants, found during last year's drought, to those taken at the same sewage discharge locations after combined sewer overflow (csos) discharges had been activated by rainfall.

“chemical pollution from csos is becoming a real cause for concern due to the number of chemicals that are being found all over the environment and not just



“We have found a large variety of prescribed and illegal drugs plus a variety of pesticides in coastal waters and marine organisms, such as crabs and oysters ”

in the uk,” explained dr tom miller from Brunel university

“it is important that the public are becoming more aware of the problem, and it has been a really great opportunity to work with locals in the area and address some of their concerns surrounding the issue” project spotlight was funded by concerned local residents, groups of waterusers and organisations through the clean harbours partnership


and coastal
“This project
enabling us to determine what chemical contaminants are in our marine life
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Bianca carr from chp and the final straw foundation, taking water samples. from michael hart

lifting the lid! well, first of all let’s get down to the nitty gritty what’s in a name? Beer or ale? this is where it can get a bit muddy and hopefully that’s just the meaning of the words and not the liquid itself. i’ll probably be shot down in flames but i’ve always thought that “ale” is what we brew in this country and “Beer” is a catchall term that encompasses all styles and types of brewed liquid, including “ale”. let’s delve into this ancient soup a little further what did the germans ever do for us? there’s a lot of things of course, including fast cars and expensive domestic appliances but in the context of this article, they gave us “reinheitsgebot” or the german Beer purity law this law set out the only ingredients that were allowed in the

manufacture of beer, namely water, barley and hops. strangely, there’s no mention of yeast, it being an integral part and all that.that was included later in history but i’m being cheeky and adding it in here so here we have it.the holy four let’s zoom in a bit and take a closer look, starting with the biggy water without it we couldn’t live and without it we couldn’t make beer some would say they couldn’t live without beer and that’s fine by me it is of course the largest part of what goes into making your pint.way back when, any old water would do but your discerning peasant soon came to realise that beer produced in certain places made beer that was better than other places.this of course led to major brewing cities being created such as Burton-on-trent.what made the difference? it’s all down to chemicals. Burton water is high in sulphates, magnesium

and other stuff that makes beer crisper, drier and clearer unfortunately, Burton beer also became famous for what is known as the Burton snatch, where their beers had a certain whiff of rotten eggs! here at Bowman ales we partially “Burtonize” our brewing water or liquor so we get all the benefits and none of the pong!

Barley like a lot of things that happen by chance, the use of cereals to make beer possibly happened way back in the very murky depths of history when some lucky but untidy troglodyte left his beaker of porridge around for a few days and then noticed it was bubbling. leaving nothing to waste, he stopped doing the washing up and after inventing the yardarm and making sure the sun was well below it, drank this slop, only to find that it had a rather interesting and pleasing

effect on his primitive head. Beer was born! since then of course, the cereals he had back then to make his bevvy, have been bred (no pun intended) and improved, so we now have specific types of Barley for both the maltster and the Brewer to work their magic what’s a maltster i hear you ask? later on in our soggy journey, we will look a little deeper into yeast but here we should just be aware that it needs sugar to work its tipsy magic and that’s where the maltster comes in. he takes the grain and lets it grow a bit and then dries it before passing it on to the Brewer what’s happened here is a wonder of nature


to be continued…



the people’s mosquito is a registered charity rebuilding a de havilland mosquito with the aim to be ready for flight in 2027 known affectionately as ‘the wooden wonder’ because of its radical plywood construction, over 7,700 mosquito aircraft were built and it achieved huge operational success.

although often overshadowed by the spitfire, hurricane and lancaster, not a single example flies in Britain or europe today. you can help put that right by joining thousands of other people across the country by paying the‘cost of a pint’ each and every month

Discover more on the project and how you can help fundraising with a small monthly donation, by visiting their website: www.peoplesmosquito.org.uk sign-up for the weekly newsletter to keep updated with news from the build factory in east sussex.

We're on

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how a Classic WWII aircraft is being re-built here in the UK to take to the skies.

Manage anxiety by connecting with nature in the South Downs

anxiety is something most people will experience in their lives and is in fact a very normal human emotion.yet sometimes those feelings of intense worry can get out of control and escalate into something bigger

anxiety was the theme of this year’s mental health awareness week when the national park shared some simple tips to help manage anxiety by connecting with nature

kate drake, health and well-being officer pictured, offered pathways to nature connectedness that can help boost your mental health.

kate said:“anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues and is a natural human response when we feel that we are under threat – almost like our own internal ‘alarm’ system.yet, on a positive note, anxiety can be made easier to manage and connecting with nature is one of simplest, and, might i add, one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways, to help tackle the issue

“i want to offer some simple tips that are no by means a ‘cure’ for anxiety, but incorporating more nature connectedness into your day-to-day routine can certainly do wonders for your mental

health, well-being and general mood. exciting research is going on all the time, but we know that having the sensory experience of being in nature is deeply soothing for the mind and can give it a chance to rest and reset.”

for more tips on connecting with nature for mental health,wwf uk and the mental health foundation have produced a handy downloadable guide visit www.mentalhealth.org.uk/explore-mentalhealth/publications/thriving-nature

for more details on the national park’s work, including information for healthcare professionals, visit: www.southdowns.gov.uk/health-andwellbeing/


Win £250 in National Park Photography Competition

the national park is launching its 2023 annual photo competition with the theme of “a new perspective” and a top prize of £250.

the rolling chalk hills, river valleys, forests, grassland and heaths, as well as the pretty towns, villages and cultural heritage, all provide plenty of photographic ma and the challenge is now for people to put the own creative stamp on what they see photographers, of all levels and abilities, ar being challenged to capture a stunning view that shows off the magical beauty of the south do from their perspective

Judges will be keen to see viewpoints that ar little bit out-of-the-ordinary and show off the south downs in a way people may not have seen bef first place prize is £250, with a runner-up prize of £100, and third prize of £50.

the national park’s photo competition also includes a wildlife category, with a top prize of £75 for a stunning shot of one or many of the beautiful creatures inhabiting the south downs.

the mobile phone category returns this year £75 for an incredible phone picture of the national park, covering either a “new perspective” or wildlife

returning to judge the competition are awardwinning professional photographers rachael talibart, finn

hopson and carlotta luke, as well as claire Blow, deputy editor of outdoor photography magazine the youth competition also returns this year for budding young photographers – with categories 10 years and under and 11 to 17.the prize for 10 years and under will be a family ticket to Birdworld, while the winner of the 11 to 17 category will win a family ticket to marwell wildlife

claire Blow said:“we are lucky to have a onderful variety of different landscapes in the south downs, offering so much great potential for photography i’m delighted to be on the judging panel or this year’s competition and can’t wait to see some esh and creative views!”

carlotta luke, who hails from lewes, added: “this year’s theme for the south downs photo competition is a really great one our beautiful national park means many different things to the people who love and use it. show us your perspective on why you treasure the park – or a vie or detail that you think is unusual and gives us a ne y of looking at our south downs. i can’t wait to see what we get sent!” entries close at midnight on tuesday 31 october find out more and submit your entry at www.southdowns.gov.uk/care-for/photo-comp-2023/

Hayling Accommodation - they way it was back then

postcode publications page: 2
carlotta luke claire


Inheritance tax planning – Lifetime gifts

careful inheritance tax (iht) planning is all about passing as much of your estate as possible to your loved ones rather than to hmrc it is also about ensuring you have enough funds available to you during retirement to provide the standard of living you require currently, you can leave up to £325,000 tax free to your beneficiaries. this is known as your nil rate band (nrB).an additional residence nil rate band (rnrB), worth £175,000, is available if there is residential property held at death which has been your main point of residence at some stage.

rnrB only applies when the property is left to your direct descendants: i.e children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren also, there are downsizing provisions in the legislation that may preserve the rnrB if, for example, you have had to sell your home to go into care your nrB and, if applicable rnrB, allowances can be transferred to your surviving partner on your death.as such, they will be able to pass on up to £1,000,000 tax free, provided the estate includes property valued at £350,000 or more which is being left to your descendants.

and, there are ways available to help reduce the amount of iht your family will have to pay after you have passed.an

important one is for you to make exempted gifts, or lifetime gifts as they are more commonly known, subject to the following rule

The seven year rule

a lifetime gift is treated as potentially exempt for iht purposes and will be excluded from your estate, provided you survive seven years from the date you make the gift.

taper relief is available where you survive at least three years, but this is only available to reduce the effective tax rate charged.as most gifts will be less than the nil rate band, there would be no tax on the gift, and therefore, no taper relief.this will simply result in a reduction in the available nil rate band to set off against the rest of the estate.

How does tapered inheritance tax relief work?

% tax payable between gift and death:

40% if less than 3 years

32% from 3 to 4 years

24% from 4 to 5 years

16% from 5 to 6 years

8% for 6 to 7 years

0% for 7 or more years

it should be remembered that the taper relief applies only to the tax payable and not the value of the gift.

Lifetime gifts

there are several gift exemptions that can also be used: Annual exemption you can gift up to £3,000 a year which will be exempt from your estate you can also carry an unused exemption forward to the next tax year, raising the amount to £6,000 in the next yearyou cannot carry forward any more than one year ' s annual exemption Wedding gifts up to £1,000 per person can be gifted as a wedding or civil ceremony present per person, £2,500 can be gifted to a grandchild and £5,000 to a child Regular gifts out of income

provided you are able to maintain your usual standard of living after making the gift the gifts need to be regular and should not deplete your capital more on this below Charitable and political donations gifts to uk registered charities and qualifying political parties are iht tax free

Gifting from surplus income a valuable exemption from iht applies to gifts made from surplus income exactly what is classed as income is crucially important to this rule

gifts must be from income and cannot be from capital. income from employment and rental income qualify, as does income from a final salary pension and dividends from investments.amounts generated from the sale of investments or withdrawals from investment bonds do not qualify as income for this purpose a gift is exempt from iht provided each gift can be evidenced as follows:

• that it was made as part of your normal expenditure

• that, taking one year with another, it was made out of your income

• that, after allowing for all gifts forming part of your normal expenditure, you were left with sufficient income to maintain your standard of living a gift must meet all the above conditions to qualify for the exemption. there are no limits as to how much of your surplus income can be gifted away annually any gift must form part of an observable regular pattern, should hmrc decide to audit any records.as such, it is important to keep a clear record of all gifts as the exemption is only claimed on death, this will be helpful to the executors of your estate who will be required to complete an iht 403 form and provide details of all gifts and transfers of assets

Inheritance tax planning can be complicated, and we would urge you to seek expert advice before making any important financial decisions.


Developers Engage with World Environment Day

hampshire developers Barratt and david wilson homes, southampton division, highlight what makes their homes across the region energy efficient.

the 50th anniversary ofworld environment day, on June 5th saw an annual event organised by the united nations environment programme (unep), and the awareness day bring people together from across the globe to protect the earth.

the leading housebuilders incorporate a wide range of energy-efficient features into its properties including argonfilled double-glazing as standard, to let heat in and keep cold out.

external cavity walls are also built using the latest insulation, which incorporates heat-reflective, lowemissive technology

what’s more, the properties use the latest water and energy saving appliances, which means the water-efficient kitchen and bathroom fittings could reduce

consumption by up to 26% per day per person, compared to the national average reported by water uk.

according to recent research by home Builders federation, consumers can also save up to £3,100 each year on bills in a new build home in comparison to an existing property

to create the most energy efficient homes for the future, Barratt developments has partnered with the university of salford and saint-gobain to

build a concept home that will test the effects of climate change and how houses can cope with extreme weather it has been built inside energy house 2.0, the world’s largest climatecontrolled chamber of its kind.the learnings from this project will enable all housebuilders to build homes that reduce the impact on the planet while also cutting bills for customers.

tammy Bishop, sales director at Barratt and david wilson homes, said:

“our new homes are significantly more insulated and more energy efficient than older properties, so not only does this save our customers on their energy bills, but there are also huge benefits to the environment.

“our aim is to be the country’s leading national sustainable housebuilder and we have a clear responsibility to help the environment our homes use

less water and need less energy for heating than older properties, helping customers to save money and be more environmentally friendly”

Barratt and david wilson homes carefully choose the location of all their developments to provide residents with lots of green, open space, as well as easy access to public transport for sustainable travel.

to learn more about the leading developer’s energy efficient features, visit wwwbarratthomes co uk or wwwdwh co uk

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Health & Well-being Health and fitness in 2023

hi everyone i hope you are all wellthis time we're diving into the fascinating world of mushrooms and their positive impact on your immune system. mushrooms have long been recognized for their unique flavours and textures, but did you know they also pack a powerful punch when it comes to supporting your overall health and well-being? let's take a closer look at how these fungi superheroes can help supercharge your immune system.

• Enhanced Immune Response:

mushrooms contain a variety of bioactive compounds that have been shown to boost your immune system. one such compound is beta-glucans,

inflammation in the body this is crucial for maintaining a strong immune system, as chronic inflammation can weaken your body's defences over time incorporating mushrooms into your diet may help protect against agerelated decline in immune function.

• Vitamin and Mineral Support: mushrooms are a great source of essential vitamins and minerals.they are particularly rich in vitamin d, which plays a vital role in regulating immune function.adequate vitamin d levels are essential for maintaining a robust immune response, and mushrooms provide a natural plant-based source of this important nutrient.

• Adaptogenic Benefits: certain mushroom varieties, such as reishi and cordyceps, have adaptogenic properties.adaptogens help the body


Life is for thriving…not just surviving

adapt to stress, promoting overall wellness and immune system balance these mushrooms have been used in traditional medicine for centuries and are now gaining recognition in modern scientific research.

with their wide array of immuneboosting properties, mushrooms are a valuable addition to any healthy diet. if you are interested in adding mushrooms into your diet then it may be a good idea to start with a mixed mushroom blend.you should be able to get this from any good health shop. if you need any more advice on this or any other health issues that you are concerned about feel free to e-mail me on - info@denisekelly.co.uk or check out my website for health tips and appointment bookings on - www.keepthriving.co.uk

finally, i have some exciting news for you! my upcomingyoga and wellbeing daytime retreat, scheduled for sunday 23rd July - 10-4.00 - will be the perfect health learning day full of yoga, fresh juice, delicious healthy lunch, a nutrition talk from me, and lots of emotional releasing through movement and postures that will leave you

beautiful, and in past events if the sun has been shining we have enjoyed lunch and some of the yoga sessions in the garden. once you have booked your space you will get an e-mail notification with full details of the address etc

don't miss out on this enlightening event! mark your calendars for the 23rd July 10-4.00 - join us for an inspiring day of knowledge sharing and interactive sessions. don't forget to ensure your spot! go to events on my website - wwwkeepthriving couk remember, a strong immune system is key to maintaining optimal health. make mushrooms a regular part of your diet, and you'll be taking a delicious step towards fortifying your body's natural defences.


Coronation ‘Right Royal Clean Up’

Over 400 volunteers took part in the ‘Right Royal Clean Up’ litter-picking event around Chichester and Langstone Harbours and beyond, organised by the Final Straw Foundation (FSF) and the Chichester Harbour Federation, as part of the Big Help Out for the King’s Coronation which fell on the 97th birthday of Sir David Attenborough.

the right royal clean up on the 8th may Bank holiday monday saw an incredible 432 volunteers pick up a huge 591 kilograms of rubbish from around the area. volunteers had signed up to take part from uckfield in east sussex to portsmouth, many as part of larger groups. fsf and the chichester federation had enlisted the help of 11 sailing clubs* in chichester and langstone harbours to run clean-ups across the harbours. a huge part of the rubbish picked up was plastic food and drinks packaging, including crisp packets, sweet wrappers, plastic and glass bottles and aluminium cans.

in emsworth, 104 volunteers joined fsf at emsworth sailing club to clean up the

local area. collaborating with the Bridge to unity, another local non-profit charity, the final straw foundation was happy to see 66kg of rubbish collected from the shoreline and local town. Bianca carr, ceo of the final straw foundation, was thrilled with the turnout. ‘we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers who came out to help with the right royal clean up litter-picking event as part of the Big help out! together we were able to remove nearly 600 kilograms of waste from our local shores, green spaces, and villages. the volunteers’ commitment to the cause is truly inspiring and is really what keeps us going as a charity. it's not always easy to give up time

and spend a few hours picking up rubbish, but their willingness to pitch in and help is a testament to the power of community and the difference we can make when we work together.’

sue nash, from the chichester harbour federation environmental forum, said, ‘the environmental forum consists of chichester harbour federation sailing clubs and marine businesses with the aim of working together to ensure that chichester harbour continues to be a place for inspiration, enjoyment, and wellbeing for the next generation. sailing clubs are working hard to decrease their impact on the environment by becoming greener and more sustainable. whether a

royalist or not, the principle behind communities and volunteers coming together to improve their local area was a great one, and we were happy to see that so much rubbish was removed from the marine environment and local public spaces ’ one of the aims of the Big help out is that the volunteering inspired by the coronation is not just for one day. fsf welcome volunteers to come along to regular beach cleans around the local area throughout the year. head to the charity’s website, www.finalstrawfoundation.org, to find out about upcoming public beach cleans in the emsworth, langstone, hayling island sailing clubs, and havant youth sail training school areas.

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the world of classic cars captures the hearts and imaginations of automotive enthusiasts around the globe Be you a home restorer, bank holiday driver or professional, from tiny minis and morris minors to Jaguar e-types and huge american muscle cars there is something for everyone some believe that the classic car world is shrinking as enthusiasts grow older but i believe the opposite is true with more cars reaching an age where they are considered classics the classic car world is growing with more modern cars such as golfs and fiestas joining the classic ranks.these cars come with new enthusiasts ready to learn about the wider classic car community

i became a classic car enthusiast at a young age owning my first classic (a 1972vw campervan) at the age of 18. i can trace the seeds back even further and owe my love for classics to my father my earliest memory of a classic is the first time i saw an e-type. i recall thinking it was the best car i had ever seen because it had three windscreen wipers. it is hardly a surprise then that i now work for twyford moors classic cars in havant restoring classic Jaguars.

these days my classic car life is largely devoted to restoring my wolseley 1500,“wally”, after many years of reliable service or touring around in “reggie” the twyford moors Xk140.“reggie” gets used extensively for shows, tours and fundraising events as pictured here


a new drop-in centre for the island’ senior citizens offers company and support as well as food and drink kitchen facilities as well as furniture to accommodate up to forty 66 or older people from monday-saturday betw 9am and 4pm, thanks to hvs’ rota of trained volunteers

the club is the brainchild of ha voluntary services lin green and mike mike oversaw transformation of the former shop unit.

lin green, with long experience working in different healthcare roles, said: “older people are fantastic, they have a life story that they want to share telling stories going back to their childhood.

previously, hvs relied on hiring a hall to offer a meeting place for their members.

a spokesman for the 40-year-old charity said:“for many years, hayling voluntary services has offered support through our network of twenty volunteer drivers who have provided transport for members that find it hard to use public transport, to get to vital hospital appointments as well as visits to things like the doctor’s surgery, dentist or something simple like a trip to the shops.

the hvs team will be bringing professional support services to the club’s members – from good neighbours network, citizens’ advice, community

first, and even the post office, to healthcare groups – as well as organising entertainment, with music, quizzes and even some old favourites like gin rummy, dominoes, and bingo

the trustees are convinced that the new premises can help the island’s elderly population enjoy a better quality of life to become a member,all hvs needs is to take someone ’ s name,their contact details, including gp and next of kin – plus a relative’s contact number in case of emergencies

hvs will be open christmas day, offering a full lunch, and aims to be open seven-days-a-week once the new club is fully up-and-running.

to find out more about how you can volunteer with hvs – either as a driver or a helper – call 023 92414365 or email haylingvolunteers@hotmail.co.uk – also, visit: www.haylingvoluntaryservices.co.uk

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harry and reggie - round Britain coastal drive for prostate cancer
the MVS for you YOUR NEAREST UNIT: MARITIME VOLUNTEER SERVICE Supporting YOUR community with OUR people No matter where you are around the United Kingdom’s coast or inland waterways you’re never too far away from one of the MVS’s 30 units Each unit regularly meets for training which is then put into practice on the water using a range of craft including , launches and our National Training Vessel East Sussex 1. Come on board - we’re counting on your support so we can help others The Maritime Volunteer Service is a charity which supports your community with our people, our nautical training and our vessels

Park Greenpower Success

Congratulations to the amazing Park Community School Greenpower team, led by Mr Payne and Mr Davies.

the team competed at goodwood with their three cars. having never won a race there before it was great to get first, second and fifth places was incredible.this means that car teams ‘ts2’ and ‘chase’ have automatic qualification for the national final.team ‘keep up’ will also stand a really good chance of making the final.the team were independent, hardworking, and organised - this was a massive contributor to an excellent day park community school now has two

new trophies for the cabinet too!

Mr Payne’s run down of the day: we arrived at goodwood with all cars running well during practice lap times were putting us in the top ten places, so hopes were high.

Race 1

there were a hundred cars on the grid and sixty in our category all three of our cars got off to a good start withts2 starting slightly ahead,closely followed by chase keep up was slightly behind but catching up well the sun was shining,and all three cars were going well in the top ten keep up started to fade surprisingly early and was in sixth place but dropped to finish 32nd later investigation by the team found that a damaged battery cell was at fault

chase and ts2 were going brilliantly Both teams worked well in pit changes and kept moving up the leader board ts2 managed to get into first place and was developing a good lead but started to fade towards the end chase was catching ts2 and moved into second place ts2 and chase maintained their lead and came first and second for race 1 results are determined by the best distance on one race of the two on the day, so all was to play for to make sure we kept those top places

Race 2

unfortunately, due to a battery problem,

Changing our Minds for the Better...

My passion is in understanding how the mind works, to enable people to make positive changes to their

our speed controller blew up unfortunately, we did not have a spare so chase could not take part in race 2. keep up, with new batteries, made a great start along with ts2 in what was a rainy afternoon ts2 was hit by another car on the track and sustained severe damage to its rear axle and sadly was out of the race keep up was moving much better this race and was in the top five at the halfway point it moved up to third place and then second but started to fade towards the very end of the race but finished in an excellent third what a fantastic day we are extremely proud of our greenpower team

postcode publications page: 2 10 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
discuss how Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy can help you, call Michael on: 07850 106136 or email: info@michaelpsychotherapy.co.uk Visit: www.michaelpsychotherapy.co.uk for more information.
Visit me to meet & chat... in the Crows Nest room in Waterlooville Community Centre, from 10.20am - 12.00pm
1st Saturday of each month

Hayling Island Cricket Club

the season is underway and there is a great atmosphere going through the club all our teams are performing well in their respective teams and most importantly playing with smiles on our faces.with the exception of a few cancelled matches, it has been an exciting and satisfying start to the season at hayling island cricket club after 5 rounds of fixtures; the first Xi sit top of county 2 undefeated, the second Xi are in the top half of div5, the third Xi are improving every week and the midweek t20 side are so far undefeated. in the youth section we have terrific performances from both our under 13’s and our under 11’s.

as a club we are still looking to add new members to our club for the season as there is plenty of cricket still left to play. if you are interested, please contact us via our social media or our club email address haylingcricket@gmail.com

First team captain Rob Cordell:

its been an incredible start to the season! the boys have put in great efforts at nets, which started indoors in november! the results of that hard work have been 3 games played and 3 won, two of which were maximum points.the level of commitment throughout the club has

coach has us all on or toes and to be sitting top of the league with 70 points out of a possible 72 makes me a very proud skipper

Second team captain Ian Cole: the 2nd team start to the season has been, pun intended, hit and miss.two strong wins have been followed by a couple of losses, but the levels of enjoyment have remained high throughout.

i have been proud to promote some of hayling’s younger talent to the 2nd team and they have not looked out of place. our season’s aim is a top half finish and this remains our goal.

Third team co captains Steve & Joe Barber:

the 3rd Xi have used a blend of youth experience and novices in the first 3 games of the season.winning once and loosing the other two the players are developing nicely with many experiencing their first taste of league cricket.the side is keen to develop players but most of all enjoy playing the game of cricket. excellent availability has allowed a number of players to be rotated showing the strength of the club at this moment in time.

Junior update:

Hayling Boxing Academy Founders Honoured

knox white and his wife samantha the two founders of the heart of hayling Boxing academy were invited to Buckingham palace garden party to recognise their achievement in receiving the Queen’s award forvoluntary service

knox, a former field gun runner for fleet air arm at the royal tournament who last year climbed mount kilimanjaro, suffers with ms and although confined to a wheelchair continues to attend and support young boxers at the academy

Cycle Clinic Cycle Clinic

Cycle Paths

Q i've been thinking of getting a olding bike, but they all seem to have very small wheels.

doesn't that mean that you have to pedal very fast to get anywhere?

a you may be thinking of children's bikes which have these small wheels, and we've all seen children pedalling like mad just to keep up with their parents, and that's just walking! however, adults bikes, like folding bikes get over this by having gears. we don't fit lots of gears to small children's bikes because it makes it more complex for them to ride at first, it's enough for them to keep their balance and then pedal and steer in the right direction.

when they can do all that safely and without thinking its time to introduce gears.

so, what are gears?

the very first bikes had a biggish front wheel with the pedals in the middle so that one turn of the pedals made one turn of the whole wheel –no chain, no gears, what could be better? however, if people wanted to ride faster (and sporting cyclists did) they needed a bigger wheel to go further for each turn of the pedals and we ended up with the huge “penny farthing” bikes.

But it hurt if you fell off from a great height so J k starley invented the

1886 starley 'rover' safety cycle British motor museum

“safety Bicycle” in 1885 with wheels small enough to put your feet to the ground .to do that they had the pedals turn a toothed wheel driving a chain to turn a smaller toothed wheel set in the back wheel. so if the pedal chain wheel was twice the size of the back chain wheel, the actual wheel would turn twice for every turn of the pedals, and the wheel of a “safety” cycle could be half the size of a “penny farthing”, or “ordinary”.

of course the chain wheels didn't have to be always 2 to 1 but could be quite different depending on where you wanted to cycle – on the flat, or going up hills. later on, clever inventors devised ways of having several different gear wheels to choose from at the touch of a lever while you were going along, and of course using the same sized wheels.

to make a folding bike the wheels need to be smaller so that the complete thing is compact when it is folded, and can be put in the boot of a car or taken on a train.to do this they have a selection of gears,carefully chosen to suit the smaller wheels and for a given speed the same number of turns of the pedal gets more turns of the smaller wheel.

so don't worry, if you get a 'folder' you won't have to pedal like a whirlwind in a hurricane and you won't need a shed to keep it in.

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|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| NEXT FLOOR 43 WEST STREET, HAVANT, PO9 1LA 023 9249 8881 10% DISCOUNT WITH THIS ADVERT CARPET, WOOD & VINYL SPECIALISTS www.nextfloorportsmouth.co.uk email: info@nextfloorportsmouth.co.uk FREE ESTIMATES FREE QUOTES FREE CARPET FITTING T h e S q u a r e , We s t b o u r n e M o n d a y t o S a t u r d a y 9 0 0 - 1 4 0 0 01243 377966 Serving All Day Breakfast, Lunches And Takeaways. Call For Collection We Use Westbourne Bakery For All Our Breads, Local Cake Maker For Our Bakes & Treagust Butchers For Our Sausages. Tasty Homemade Cakes, Hot Drinks & A Great Selection Of Cold Drinks Selection Of Baps, Baguettes, Sandwiches And Paninis Lovely Breakfast & Lunch Menus To Eat In Or Takeaway ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


Article from the Hayling Island Horticultural Society from liese holden

‘no mow may’ certainly provokes many different reactions from gardeners many have embraced the idea this year, leaving gardens to grow naturally if possible, try and leave a small area of the garden uncut for the whole summer now we have moved into July, we are at the prime time for our gardens and garden spaces and there is certainly a great deal to be getting on with

if you do have an established spring flowering meadow area, the end of the month is the time to cut it back but leave the cut material on the surface to drop seeds for future growth

roses are in full bloom but make sure you cut away any suckers (these grow beneath the graft which is the knobbly bit at the bottom!) if you have planted out sweet peas keep feeding them and deadheading to promote longer flowering period – this applies to all flowering plants

in the garden cut back any early perennials such as poppies, lupins and delphiniums and they will potentially produce some more flowers this year as plants grow they will being to flop and early staking will look more natural and ensure they stay up – especially when the hayling sea winds start to blow! also to encourage plants to send down strong roots, try and water less regularly with more water when you do surface sprinkling just encourages to roots to grow upwards to find water obviously plants and containers dry out more quickly and will need more water

if you enjoy planting vegetables, now is the time to sow kale, spring cauliflower, savoy cabbage and turnips courgettes, pumpkins and marrows can be sown direct outdoors as well – make sure they have plenty of sun and add some organic matter to the soil keep sowing lettuces and

other salad leaves to give you a steady supply throughout the summer french and runner beans will also be flourishing outdoors so make sure you give them plenty of support tomatoes will be showing flowering trusses now and this is the when they need a regular feed of potash (or high potassium) feed

if you enjoy propagating – this is the time to take softwood cuttings choose non-flowering shoots about 10cm long and cut just above a leaf node remove all the lower leaves and place in compost leaving two leaves above the compost. cover with plastic and keep moist in a warm place once roots appear they can potted on, ready to produce new plants we are planning to hold a pruning and propagating workshop in september, so keep an eye on our website for details

finally, following the success of last year ’ s event, we are holding another Quiz

night and fish supper on Friday 10th November – it will have some gardening themes but horticultural knowledge will not be essential! all these events are held in the united reformed church hall in hollow lane and full details can be found on our website and facebook page


Blooming marvellous!

more than 66 hectares – or 163 football pitches – of lush wildflower habitat have been created in the south downs national park to help bees flourish.

the national park Bee lines initiative continues to give a helping hand to struggling pollinator populations by creating wildflower havens at farms, community fields, recreation grounds, road verges, schools, and even cemeteries and golf clubs.

early ecological data shows that the wildflower planting is helping bees and butterflies bounce back.

new planting effectively creates a “road system” for pollinating insects, allowing them to move through the landscape more easily

nick heasman, a countryside policy manager for the south downs national park who has been helping to lead Bee lines, said:“it’s blooming marvellous that thanks to all the donations from the public we’ve been able to create these new havens for pollinators.

“Bees are busy ecosystem engineers and by pollinating flowers they create food for other wildlife and, of course,

humans. in fact, one out of every three mouthfuls of our food depends on pollinators such as bees.

“Bee lines is just one strand of the national park’s renature campaign and it’s incredibly exciting to see nature recovery in action.”

we have without a doubt seen an enormous increase in biodiversity resulting from the new meadow where children have identified snails, mice, buzzard as well as many species of butterflies and bees. in addition to raising children's awareness of the importance of pollinating insects in the food chain, the wildflower meadow is also a wonderful source of peace, beauty and tranquillity”

to donate visit: www.southdownstrust.org.uk/beelines/


Hands-on gardening experience for Schoolchildren

an allotment patch has been handed over to the infant school who will use it to teach the children, aged four –seven years, about growing different types of food.

as part of their curriculum, as well as starting an afterschool gardening club, the school is keen for the children to get some hands-on experience

havant Borough council has 12 allotment sites, with a total of 770 plots, that are managed by their partnership organisation norse south east.

mrs Julie cook, headteacher said,“we want to be able to create an attractive vegetable plot for the children to grow their own produce food growing can teach children about soil, nutrition, science and life cycles of the vegetables and creatures in the garden.

it is such an inspiring project that engages children at a young age in ‘hands-on’ activities, from the sowing and digging to expanding their knowledge about vegetable and recognising when things are ripe and ready to eat. helping to prepare the plot ready for the children will be the school site manager chris Berry if you are interested in having an allotment visit www.havant.gov.uk/allotments.

youngsters at Bidbury infant school in fraser road, Bedhampton will have the joys of learning how to plant and grow their own vegetables thanks to a havant Borough council initiative

“our aim is to develop our pupils understanding of the journey of food from planting to cooking and then eating.”

councillor lulu Bowerman said,“i was so pleased when the school expressed an interest in our allotment site, and requested to take on this growing patch.

postcode publications page: 2 12

Millie C in Year 7 competed for a place in the Nationals in the Regional Swimming Championships. Millie had a fantastic result - 200m Butterfly in 3 minutes, 2 seconds, beating her personal best by 3 seconds. Definitely a future Olympian in our school - well done Millie!

Ms Gregory

Last month, Year 9 and 10 History

Ambassadors were the first students from Park to visit the Houses of Parliament. The tour began in the historic Westminster Hall where we had a welcome and time for questions with our local MP, Alan Mak. Next up was our visit to the House of Commons where we were able to sit in the gallery and listen to a debate on NHS dentistry. This was followed by our chance to sit in the House of Lords and listen to proposed amendments to a new online safety bill for children.

Our day finished with a student-led debate on the idea of free transport fo under 18s, where they took on the ro opposing parties, arguing for or against this proposed legislation. This was a great way of learning the process in which laws are passed and students got fully stuck into their roles as presented themselves with confidence and maturity.

We are a not for profit company specialising in digital printing and design. We produce a full range of educational, personalised and promotional small and large format items including:

Mr Fred Deeks, who served as chair of governors at Park for 25 years has purchased some fantastic books for our library. Mr Deeks kindly met with some of our reading ambassadors and discussed their reading in and out of school and areas of interest. Armed with this information, he visited Waterstones and purchased a range of books for our library Students were delighted with his choices. Thank you Mr Deeks.

Week 1

Monday 24th July

Tuesday 25th July

Wednesday 26th July

Thursday 27th July

Friday 28th July

Week 2

Monday 31st July

Tuesday 1st August

Wednesday 2nd August

Thursday 3rd August

Week 3

Monday 7th August

Tuesday 8th August

Wednesday 9th August

Thursday 10th August

Week 4

Monday 14th August

Tuesday 15th August

Wednesday 16th August

Thursday 17th August

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To book visit www.connect4.org.uk Info: 02392489811 or email admin@connect4.org.uk These days are for those entitled to FSM or on EHCP, SEN plans. This is criteria for the funding Park Community
These events are free to attend.
School, Middle
Way, Havant PO9 4BU

Residential Development of theYear

Barratt and david wilson homes’ southampton division has taken home the south coast property awards trophy for its harbour place on havant road for its attractive, well-thought out design, surrounded by open space and featuring the latest modern energy-efficient technology that make the homes cheaper to run. harbour place was shortlisted for enhancing and supporting the environment while allowing its residents to live in harmony with nature with more than 30.5 acres of green space, the beautiful

development is home to 31,000 beefriendly planted shrubs and trees, 15,682 new sapling hedgerows, 9 acres of wildflower meadows and 6 biodiversity areas with ponds managing director, James dunne, said:

“we’re so pleased with the win for our harbour place development, it’s an amazing site and very well deserved.

“the award is testament to our hardworking teams across the region that are fully committed to providing high-quality homes to our customers that, energy efficient and sustainable – and in great


hello from your favourite out and about reporter at the cat and rabbit rescue centre,hulky Bear.

our previous pet of the month, the lovely female cat speckle is still waiting to find her forever home sadly, we have been much quieter in the last few months for cats being adopted. however, we still have so many cats needing to come into us that we cannot help as the centre is full.as i write my article we have over 40 cats available to view on our website, if you or anyone you know is interested in adopting please visit our website to find out more in this article i wanted to tell you about the largest intake of cats crrc has ever had in one go in total the centre took in 42 cats and kittens from one home! none of the cats had been neutered and because of this, their owner was struggling to cope with the unmanageable number of cats they had. sadly, for these cats they were all

suffering with cat flu, which caused issues with their breathing as well as congested noses and weepy eyes, and unfortunately one of the little kittens passed just after its arrival. my animal care team has been working round the clock to provide these sweet cats with the medical care they so desperately needed.thankfully, most of the cats have been responding well to their treatment with a few being well enough to be neutered now many are still being treated for their flu and they may still have a way to go yet but they are all doing well.

a few days ago i heard from my staff that one of the female cats gave birth to litter of kittens, this makes it 47 cats and kittens from this intake now my staff told me that this cute little family are all doing really well, i can’t wait to watch them flourish under the care of my staff.

i am so pleased that the centre was able to give all of these 42 cats and kittens a chance; we don't believe in leaving animals in need behind, regardless of their condition or age saving and giving second

locations where people enjoy living and working.”

Barratt and david wilson homes has invested £46 million locally, more than

£300,000 of which has gone to local charities, and employees also dedicated 520 hours of volunteering to charities and local initiatives.

chances to animals like these is what we're proud and work hard to do, but we need your support to help us continue see you next time - love, hulky


this month we would love to introduce you to a lovely pair of female rabbits.yo! sushi and itsu have been with us since april after their owner no longer felt they had the time for them due to work commitments and a new baby they are sisters who are 4 and half years old and they must find their new home together itsu only has one eye and she is blind in her other eye, so this means she relies a lot on her sister to help her navigate the world. But they are a very sweet pair of rabbits who are happy to have strokes.they can be rehomed with children as long as they are calm as itsu may worry about loud or sudden noises.yo! sushi and itsu would also like to find an indoor home that is suitable for itsu meaning there is only one level to

P.S. please keep

their accommodation, and where they can have lots of attention.

if you think you may be able to offeryo! sushi and itsu a loving home please give the centre a call on 01243 967111 or visit our website www.crrc.co.uk

postcode publications page: 2 14 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Holborow Lodge, Chalder Lane, Sidlesham, W. Sussex PO20 7RJ
Yo! Sushi & Itsu
Please check out our website for great menu choices AROMA ORIENTAL RESTAURANT www.aromaoriental.co.uk 43 North Street, Havant PO9 1PP Open 7 days a week from 5pm - 11pm Call 023 9249 9876 to order for take-away or home deliveryif possible Discount applies to take-away & Home Delivery only with this voucher Valid until: 31st August 2023 10% DISCOUNT |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
an eye on our website www.crrc.co.uk and our facebook page for all the latest news and info regarding rehoming and centre life
James dunn and his team receiving the trophu

Don’t stop Wining

The Perfect SummerTipple

Rosé Wines

rosés are often looked upon as a safe and easy option when choosing a wine, especially on a lazy hot summers’ afternoon. its true to say that sales rocket during the summer months and the wine will always be associated with that time of year. But increasingly, sales are continuing at a steady rate all year round as consumers look at a more refreshing wine and wine makers produce more food friendly styles. in days gone by, it used to be associated with cheap wines, but the quality is now there to see and prices reflect that.

according to nielsen, sales are worth nearly £1.8 million per day. so why is the wine so popular with British consumers? firstly, a lot of wines available today can be around 13 to14% alcohol, which for many people can be too strong.typically, twenty years ago, wines were only at 11 to 12% and many wine makers today are bringing the level of alcohol in rosé back to that mark.

secondly, there are a several different styles of rosé wines available and these depend on where in the world they come from.

californian rosé tends to be on the sweeter side with confected fruit on the palate this style used to be the most popular australian rosé is often robust and fuller flavoured with a darker hint and from provence in the south of france, they are bone dry, crisp and fresh and a lot lighter in colour these wines made an impact onto the market a good ten plus years or so ago and is the style that is proving the most popular with today’s consumers.

how the wine is made determines the colour and style of the wine Basically, rosé is red wine

Delicious Steak Salad

but with less skin contact.the colour of red wine comes from the skins and the longer you leave the juice in contact with the skins (called maceration) the darker the colour therefore, most rosé has only a few hours of skin contact. it can also be made from whole bunch pressing where the grapes are gently pressed so the juice has minimal contact with the skin inside the press as it passes through.

Pierre deTaille Provence

AOP £13.99

a blend of grenache syrah and cab sauv, it has a refreshing palate with a crisp dry finish and good balance

Recipe in the heat of the summer, a salad is perfect for lunch or a light supper, and i like to add a small bit of protein if it’s the main meal. you can have flexibility, adding roasted vegetables, croutons (using up any stale bread), nuts and seeds, depending on what you have to hand. this is also an economic way to have one steak between 4 people you could swap steak for chicken breast or grilled haloumi. use the ingredients below as a guide:

Ingredients to serve four: For the salad:

• 450g local aged steak (such as sirloin, flank, or ribeye)

Aurele RoseVin de Pays D’Oc £9.49

Bags of red fruit flavours with a soft rounded character on the finish.

Le Campuget Syrah

Grenache Pays D’Oc £10.99 crisp fresh rose with some light strawberry fruit.

As summer is upon us, here are a few rosés to get you in the mood, all available fromVIN Wine Merchants 6 Queen St Emsworth. 10% DISCOUNT OFF 6 or more.

• 250g mixed salad greens (lettuce, spinach, arugula, etc.)

• 125g cherry tomatoes, halved

• 1 small red onion, thinly sliced

• 125g crumbled feta cheese

• 1 small bunch chopped fresh parsley

• optional: sliced cucumbers, avocado, or any other veggies you prefer

For the marinade:

• 1/4 cup olive oil

• 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

• 2 cloves garlic, minced

• 1 teaspoon dijon mustard

• 1 teaspoon chopped herbs (such as thyme, rosemary, or oregano)

• salt and pepper to taste

For the dressing:

• 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

• 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

• 1 teaspoon honey

• salt and pepper to taste

Instructions: in a small bowl, whisk together the ingredients for the marinade: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, minced garlic, dijon mustard, herbs, salt, and pepper place the steak in a shallow dish or a zip-top bag and pour the marinade over it. make sure the steak is coated evenly allow it to marinate in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, or up to 4 hours for more flavor preheat your grill or a stovetop grill pan over medium-high heat. remove the steak from the marinade and discard any excess marinade grill the steak to your desired level of doneness. for mediumrare, cook for about 4-5 minutes per side cooking times may vary depending on the thickness of the steak and your preferred doneness. once done, transfer the steak to a cutting board and let it rest for a few minutes.

while the steak is resting, prepare the salad. in a large salad bowl, combine the mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese, and fresh parsley.add any additional vegetables you'd like to make the dressing, whisk together the balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, honey, salt, and pepper in a small bowl. slice the steak against the grain into thin strips.

pour the dressing over the salad and toss to coat the ingredients evenly divide the salad onto individual plates or bowls and top each portion with the sliced steak.

season and serve - enjoy!

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Pop into 6 Queen St., Emsworth, Hants PO10 7BL FREE WINE TASTINGS EVERY WEEKEND! Support your local Independents – Shop Local Fred’s Food Fred’s Food Rowlands Castle, Hants PO9 6DX 023 9241 3576



Compiled by Michael Curtis

supported by havant insurance services ltd, 20 east street, havant, hants po9 1aQ

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Across: Down:

1 fish around new ball (5)

4 nearly leave in confined measure (9)

9 hammer group tenure (9)

10 trail number nag group (5)

11 fears no time for mistakes (6)

12 ducked into swimmers edging shorewards (8)

14 preachers have time in sort of gorse (10)

16 search engine has no go for once over (4)

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28 income policy (9)

29 Bird the french name (5)

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2 absolutely not in online verses (5)

3 dragged out top heavy in effort (8)

4 short basic stiff (4)

5 modern shop provides fatty bodies (10)

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7 fancied features in final (9)

8 pitched individual n gutted toolshed (5)

13 delicate sophia has time in cookie (10)

15 yacht run down and was damaged (9)

17 wrap maybe seen around plant (9

18 moving vehicle has time for church (8)

21 recognise Jack nowhere to be seen within (6)

22 tear apart steward, say (5

24 anything seized - not initially (5)

25 drift back and compose (4)


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It s not too late to apply HSDC.AC.UK/APPLY There s still time to maximise YOUR potential
www.postcodepublications.com page: 17 Don’t struggle with ditching your hedge clippings, grass cuttings, leaves and branches - leave the hard work to us! www.havant.gov.uk/gardenwaste Call 023 9244 6023 to sign-up or visit

What’s on


we are a small, mixed, sociable group of mostly retired folk who play badminton between 8 pm and 10 pm on Thursday evenings (between September and May) in the parish hall, links lane, rowlands castle we have a few vacancies for new members starting in september, so if you are looking for an enjoyable way to get some exercise and think badminton might be for you, why not go along and give it a try.trial evenings are free and we only play doubles so you will not be by yourself on court! evenings usually end with an (optional) visit to the local pub interested? then please contact the club b

Emsworth & Havant Branch

22nd J

5th August - Quay sale at slipper sailing club

Emsworth Artists

Saturday 26th August until Wednesday 30th August - annual exhibition from from 10am till 6pm-dailyentry is free at the community centrechurch path, emsworth.

each year we donate 25% of the profit from our sales of work to the community centre last year we donated £1,800 bringing our total donations to date to well over £30,000

all our artists are semi professional/ professional and highly talented living within a two mile radius of emsworth square. we have a wide variety of talents-

Air Aces

arun & chichester (air) enthusiasts society

Monday 24th July - 18.45 for 19.30 hrs‘aviation around poole Bay – 1910 to 1976’ - presented by kevin patience poole Bay played an important aviation part from 1910 to 1976, including in ww2. kevin patience will explain how seaplanes operated in poole Bay in ww1 and during ww2 it became one of the busiest airports in the world, operating

Monday 21st August - 18.45 for 19.30 -

‘the royal international air tattoo - riatthe fun and the challenges’ - presented by mr tim prince inspired by squadron leader Jack currie dfc raf, a small team of volunteers staged an air show at north weald aerodrome in 1971, in support of the royal air forces association (rafa). e that it would stand out from ous other annual ‘air shows’ in y called it the ‘air tattoo’. it

ces is an aviation talk society, viding its members with regular talks, y experts in many different fields elated to the world of aviation.

the talks are held at the chichester park hotel, esthampnett road,

painters in many mediums-ceramicsphotography-print-textiles and willow work.

this year Julie turner will be kindly donating a print for our raffle prize - also regular internal competitions for which our visitors vote-one for a favourite watercolour and one for a favourite exhibit will also take place visit our website: wwwemsworthartists org uk to view some of our work. you can also follow us at:

https://m.facebook.com/emsworthartists/ https://www.instagram.com/emsworth artists/

we look forward to welcoming you this year |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

seaplanes and flying boats for the raf, raaf, the royal navy and Boac in 1939 the harbour was taken over by imperial airways as a base for the empire and catalina flying boats. Brownsea island, in the centre of poole harbour, became a ‘starfish’ decoy base and part of the defences for the protection of the royal navy cordite factory at holton heath. during the Battle of Britain, poole Bay was a key port for the d-day invasion. for nearly 10 years, between 1939 and 1948 it was the uk’s only international airport. the last flying boat arrived in 1976.

was a success with the participating aircrews enjoying the energy and enthusiasm of the volunteers, the spectating public happy with the exciting flying with aircraft from far and wide. it is now the ‘royal international air tattoo’ and in its 50th year

tim prince, who has been part of the riat’s story since 1971, will share some of the many stories about this important annual gathering of the world’s military aircraft and aviators.

chichester 7pm for 7.30 start. members £5, visitors £7 and under 16s free. doors open at 6.45 no pre-booking, no reserved

Waterlooville Macular Society Support Group

nearly 1.5m people in the uk have macular disease it affects people of all ages. age-related macular degeneration (amd) is the most common condition, generally affecting people over the age of 55.

the macular society, together with local people, organises the waterlooville support group, which aims to offer information, encouragement and friendship to people who are affected by macular disease and other sight loss conditions.

the waterlooville group would like to invite local people living with central vision loss, to join their monthly meetings, which take place at:age concern Borrow day centre, london road, cowplain,

kevin tells a story about poole Bay that few people realise took place in this seaside town in dorset.

Dogs for sale?

tim will bring audio videos to show the audience, as well as many photos.

seating. for further information about airaces, please see www.airaces.org.uk or call david Batcock on 01243 823007

waterlooville, hampshire, po8 8dB. meetings run on the second thursday of each month (not including august) from 1.30pm until 3.30pm.

for more information about the waterlooville support group, to confirm your attendance, or if you’d like to volunteer, please contacttyler phillips (south central regional manager) on 0792 0643 710, or email: tylerphillips@macularsocietyorg

Data Protection:

you can change what you receive from your support group or the macular society at any time by calling 01264 350 551 or emailing: keepintouch@macularsociety.org


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What’s happening at Making Space

making space is havant’s very own community craft charity, based in their purpose-built premises in the heart of leigh park.

as well as running regular classes in a variety of craft forms, making space has a busy outreach programme, providing subsidised activities in the community, and in its home to a number of professional makers who have their own studios on site if you haven’t heard of us until now, we’re delighted that postcode publications is giving us a little space each issue to tell you all about what has been happening, and what is coming up, in our thriving craft centre

Let's Create Leigh Park

we are delighted to have been awarded money from the arts council to fund a project titled let's create leigh park.we will be running a series of workshops and events to encourage people to access the benefits of crafts. more information on this will be shared soon so please do keep your eyes peeled.

as part of the let’s create initiative we will be starting monthly craft sessions. Craft Community making space will be hosting a monthly session to introduce people to a variety of crafts. from collage, crochet, embroidery to card making. all abilities welcome from beginners to seasoned crafters.the sessions will run on the 2ndTuesday of every month 7 - 8.30pm

Craft Club craft club offers the same

opportunities as craft community but for 7 - 14 year olds. craft club runs the first Monday of every month from 4 - 5 30 pm Hampshire Artists Open Studios making space and the spring have teamed up to offer a range of exciting things to see and do in havant. pop-up craft fair, an exhibition & workshop by young creatives, makers studios, taster workshops and a free drop in session.

visit our website makingspace.org to find out about all our events, activities and opportunities.

Hambledon Folk Club

Wednesday 12 July -

Ben Robertson - Ben is an accomplished young guitarist and singer from north wales who includes a wide range of instrumentals and songs in his repertoire inspired by the likes of martin simpson and davy graham, he plays fingerstyle guitar folk tunes and songs from across the British isles and europe, from traditional irish to contemporary scandinavian. Ben is becoming increasingly popular on the uk folk festival circuit.

‘Ben's playing is absolutely sublime. he's a massively entertaining performer with a great sound’ (granny’s attic)


Wednesday 13th

SeptemberWill Finn & Rosie Calvertwill and rosie ar a dynamic folkinspired duo from the north east of england. graduates of the folk and traditional music Ba at newcastle university, they have been taking the festival circuit by storm with their a capella harmony quartet the teacups for the past ten years.their duo work has been met with accolades wherever they go playing traditional music with a contemporary flair, their shows are a veritable smorgasbord of folk fusion, utilising piano, steel pan, and close -knit harmony singing.

‘will and rosie sing beautiful close

What’s on


our club offers a friendly and intimate setting enjoyed by artists and audience alike: many performers comment on the warmth of their reception and a true folk club atmosphere the club features local, national and even international guest performers while invariably there is the traditional floor-spot session before the main act for local or visiting performers to each sing or play a tune or two do come and visit our friendly club!


venue:theyouth hut (between village hall andvine pub),west street, hambledon po7 4rw - start: 8.30pm (doors open 8.00pm). floor spots and guests welcome!

entry: £12.00 (£10.00 members, £6.00 under 18s and students) drinks:fromvine pub next door (or bring your own) tea/coffee available at the club - contact enquiries and booking/ reservations phone 023 9263 2719 or email:folkclubhambledon@hotmailcouk web:https://www.hambledonfolkclub.com

harmonies with a tremendous vocal range; their songs and tunes from diverse and eclectic sources blend into an extension of the ‘folk tradition’ (James hall,the hearth arts centre)



• Main hall (11 metres by 10 metres)

• Chairs and tables for 80 people

• Accessible toilets and babychanging facilities

• Kitchen with crockery and cutlery

• Private garden and parking for 20+ cars

Mondays: 9.30am to 10.30am Calton School of Pilates

5.30pm to 7.00pm 2nd Denvilles Brownies (girls aged 7 to 10 years)

Wednesdays: 6.45pm to 7.30 pm Body Tone

8.00pm to 9.30pm Wing Chun Kung Fu

Fridays: 10.45am to 11.45am Jiggy Wrigglers (Under 5 s Mixed 12.00 noon to 12.45pm Jiggy Wrigglers (0 - 12 months)

7.00pm to 9.00pm Homewell Scouts (aged 10 to 14 years)

Saturdays: 7.00am to 10.30 noon Slimming World

1.00pm onwards Available for Private Hire

Caretaker: Tim Irons 07548846494

Tuesdays: 6.00pm to 7.00pm Calton School of Pilates

7.15pm to 8.45pm Yoga

Thursdays : 10,00am to 12noon Social Coffee Morning

4.30pm to 5.30pm 1st Denvilles Rainbows (girls aged 5 to 7 years)

6.00pm to 7.00pm Calton School of Pilates

Sundays: 1.00pm onwards Available for Private Hire

For Availability and Booking contact the Bookings Secretary by email at: stridebookings@hotmail.com www facebook.com/stridecentre

www.postcodepublications.com page: 19
Saturday & Sunday afternoons available for private hire at competitive rates
2 Bishopstoke rd, leigh park, havant po9 5Bn

Do you have Full or Partial dentures or suffer from missing teeth?

implant surgery is a big decision, choosing amir to carry out the procedure was not. he and his team have always demonstrated the utmost professionalism and care, before, during and after my operations. following a serious motor cycle accident as a very young man, i have had much reconstructive work over the years and, quite simply put,amir stands out as the best dental surgeon i have ever had. Bl

“…well words can not suffice to recommend amir on the end results of my implants .over the whole procedure he explained the whole treatment plan and how long it was going to take the quality and care you receive from amir and his team is first class. now i have the perfect smile again.thank you amir and your team.

amir took me on as a 90 year old patient with five teeth and with a couple of ancient ill-fitting dentures.

eating had become an uncomfortable and miserable process eventually amir advised the use of implants which were painlessly fitted and after several months of endless care and patience he produced a perfect fit for the new teeth.

the transformation has been amazing as i can now again enjoy the simple pleasures of crunching an apple or chewing beefsteak. if you are recommended implants, struggle with the cost and go for it, you will never regret it, and you may be sure that amir will look after you very well” eric p

“it’s been five years since having my implants.i’m over the moon with the results as i can now eat and smile without the worry of wearing a denture”

“absolutely delighted with my crowns you've made me smile again thank you so much!”

“…dentist and team did a really good job on my chipped tooth. made me feel relaxed and welcome highly recommended!”

“…i had two implants done on the same day! no pain, just great looking teeth!”

“…at first i was very unsure, despite my denture becoming very tiresome, but i gradually gained confidence after speaking to amir, and eventually had implants. i’ve had no problems and said goodbye to the denture”

“i had a loose very poor fitting lower denture which i couldn't eat with i was told that i could have implants clipped on to a new denture i couldn't believe how straight forward the procedure was no pain at all i can now eat,smile and talk”

“ after seeking recommendations, i made a decision to go to amir for my implants they healed wonderfully, and the colour match is perfect. no one knows i have them”

postcode publications page: 2 20 1 prince george st, havant po9 1Bg
chewing food painful? Are you embarrassed to smile?
to 21st century Oral Bio-Engineering immediate implants, same day surgery, immediate results dental surgeon dramir moughadam Bds Bristol 1994 weekday hours: 8am - 5pm phone: 023 9278 1008
in house 3d scan
outstanding reviews
same day implants and teeth
all aspects of implant surgery,
make a 45 minute free consultation appointment today AT PRINCE GEORGE

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