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the multi-story Bulbeck road car park in the centre of havant is due for demolition to make way for housing development.

since being built in 1991to meet the needs of the meridian shopping centre development on what was the west street car park, many newer parking areas are now preferred by shoppers and it is not used to anywhere near its capacity.

ample parking for shoppers is provided within the meridian shopping centre accessible from elm lane

the Bulbeck road multi-story car park


shoppers generosity for Joanna - our ‘street piano’players continues to amaze piano playing in the meridian shopping center has attracted a further £700 for charities since christmas swelling collections to date to over £13,300!

See page 13 for details

rob fryer center manager said:“ i’m amazed at the community generosity with yet another superb figure of £700 to be donated to stella’s voice for ukrainian

refugees going to moldova the old girl is now showing signs of age and is challenging to keep anywhere near in tune despite valiant efforts of our piano tuners.

If any reader has any ideas for replacing the piano and keeping it in tune the contact: info@postcodepublications.com

let us know if you can donate a piano or are willing to make a donation for a new onewhich ‘Your Postcode’ would match-fund

OURADVERTISERS ARE SUPPORTINGYOUR COMMUNITY SO PLEASE SUPPORTTHEM New locallycompiled Crossword gardening wining styles fred’s wildvenison pie local history - now &then Station House North Street Havant PO9 1QU Tel: 023 9248 4356 morriscrocker.co.uk See ‘Your Money’ column on page 16 for details of a FREE seminar for Charity Trustees ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| STUDY AT THE A LEVEL CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE HSDC.AC.UK/APPLY
the ‘Bulbeck’ wall - see story page 2 FREE Established 2012 7 8 9 10 11 PO Your
an artist’s impressions of a possible redevelopment

dear reece and carl

is it wise for me to press ahead with a large marketing campaign during the costof-living crisis?

we often get asked whether it's the right time to invest in digital marketing during a time of crisis. our response is 'yes, but make sure you consider the following advice.' customers, unsurprisingly, restrict their spending and so making every marketing pound count is key how can you achieve this? By assessing all the data at your fingertips.

if you've got a website, do you regularly analyse how many people visited your site and what they viewed? did they click through from a digital promo on your social media? what are customers saying about your brand on facebook or twitter?

these insights will help you to review whether your marketing has been successful and where improvements can be made reviewing your digital marketing channels at regular intervals will enable you to monitor which platforms are delivering

the best results and eliminate any wastage of time and resources.

delving into your audience data will ensure that your campaigns are targeted at the people most likely to purchase the products or services you offer

the ability to pivot your business is essential: consider the way restaurants responded to the restrictions during lockdown. one of the reasons they were able to develop new business models at lightening speed was due to their investment in mobile responsive websites. food outlet bosses knew that customers would be ordering takeaways on their phones and so their websites needed to fit onto these smaller screens.

as digital marketers, we see the benefits of developing campaigns that deliver the right results for companies all the time no two organisations are the same so each marketing strategy has to be aligned to that business' unique goals and objectives.

please contact us if you need any support with your marketing during 2023.

Editorial: editor@postcodepublications.com

Advertising: a.westbrook@postcodepublications.com HAMESH: hamesh@postcodepublications.com


very little is recorded about John Bulbeck snr., other than can be found in a newspaper cutting announcing his death at the age of 72 in 1872 at his havant residence

“he was, in every respect a public man, having been in business many years at the victoria house which premises he built at the corner of east street, and south street. he had been a member of the Board of guardians and the havant local Board for a great number of years, and a director of

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Carl and Reece invite your questions Send your questions to:hello@digitaldinos co uk ||||
NDL SS GI TS E E E 12a W st Str t, Havant, PO9 1P E EE E Op ning hours Monday to riday 10.00-5.00 & Saturdays 9.30-4.00 E E
attached to st. chur John Bulbeck can be found built into the
page: 3 No ID? You can apply for free voter ID Find out more at or call 0800 328 0280

Diversity goes wild atThe Oaks

the 8.5 acre grounds of the havant oaks crematorium are now home to the most diverse range of mammals and invertebrates.

colleagues at the oaks crematorium havant have worked hard to make the grounds and their surroundings more wildlife friendly since it opened nearly a decade ago thanks to advice and monitoring from hampshire and isle of wight wildlife trust, the latest report shows the highest species diversity recorded since surveys began.

according to the report, carried out by arcadian ecology: "the wildflower meadow and mound has shown vast improvement over the years, with a diverse range of grasses and wildflower species that can support both small mammals and invertebrates."

a total of fifty-five species were recorded in the meadow in 2022 including twelve species of butterflies - two varieties the essex skipper and the cloudedyellow not previously recorded on site there were also four species of bumblebees, six bat species and five species of orthoptera such as grasshoppers and crickets.

the report noted a 112.2% increase in orthoptera numbers since the last count in 2020 which indicates ‘good structural and botanical species diversity on site to support these invertebrates'.

southern co-op’s gemma lacey said: "with nature in decline, supporting its recovery is vital and our natural environment is extremely important in our efforts to

combat climate change.this is just one of several sites where we have been enhancing opportunities for wildlife alongside supporting the wildlife trust with its wilder portsmouth and wilder wight initiatives which are helping create more space for wildlife in our cities, towns and neighbourhoods

"together we hope nature will continue to thrive as well as providing a calming environment at the oaks for people to remember their loved ones "

the oaks crematorium will continue to make environmental enhancements in it’s grounds as well as in the neighbouring woodland which will hopefully see even greater opportunities for the local wildlife


Sustainability podcast ‘shines a light’ on renewable energy

eco-conscious housebuilder, Barratt homes, has unveiled the second instalment of its ‘green’ podcast, featuring a guest spot from sustainable technologies company, upowa.

as the leading developer continues with its mission to reduce its carbon footprint and implement more eco-friendly practices, Barratt homes’ marketing manager, megan hamlyn, welcomed John southern, head of product and strategy at upowa, on to the housebuilder’s new sustainability podcast.

upowa, a sustainable technology solutions specialist, has a key focus in supporting the top housebuilders to achieve their green goals and has worked with Barratt homes for 12 years.

in the podcast’s second episode, megan heard from John about changing consumer habits, myth busting during the cost-ofliving crisis as well as how the developer can continue to improve its sustainable home designs.

John said:“we’ve noticed that customers now want to be seen as green and forward-thinking.and it isn’t just current homebuyers that are changing their buying habits.the next generation are already making demands that are shaping a more sustainable future – such as wanting electric cars.”

demand for sustainable options is a trend that Barratt homes has already started to factor into its building values. it installed 12,000 solar panels in 2021, and, on top of that, its homes already save 58% – more than £2,600 – on energy bills, thanks to good levels of insulation, quality construction and high-efficiency heating systems.

megan from Barratt said the housebuilder’s partnership with upowa is significant as the developer commits to ensuring all its new house types are zero carbon in use from 2030.

she said:“Barratt homes is committed to bringing high-quality, sustainable homes to the region, and with this fantastic partnership, we can do just that. it has been great to hear from John today regarding

upowa’s purpose-built solutions that can future-proof our new properties.”

as the nation feels the effect of the cost-of-living crisis however, megan wanted to understand from John about the impact this might have on people choosing to go electric according to John, there are myths that need busting during this difficult time for the country

he added:“there are still people who believe that the initial expense of installing solar panels, for example, is much greater than the benefit received, and that they don’t work in the winter because of the lack of sunlight.we’ve also seen a lot in the press about the cost of charging electric cars during the energy crisis.

“the truth, however, is that the cost of solar panels is coming down and their

energy efficiency is going up, which is giving buyers a much better return on their investment. solar panels also get their energy from light, so will still generate plenty of energy throughout the winter months. in addition, it is also still fairly cheap to charge a car overnight at off-peak times, and although energy prices are at an all-time high, so too is the cost of petrol.”

Barratt’s new sustainability podcast brings together Barratt homes’ ambitions, targets, and activities to ensure that important issues and solutions are deeply rooted in every business decision and dayto-day action the company takes.

megan added:“this is another fantastic episode, and we can’t wait for our ecoconscious community to tune in.”

Barratt homes is determined to be the leading national sustainable housebuilder and is building eco-friendly homes across hampshire

upowa provides housing developers, construction companies and commercial businesses with a “one-stop-shop” of sustainable technology products and specialist services to accelerate the journey to net-zero for more information on the podcast, and to watch the episode in full, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1avs 9e89a4.


Portsmouth Water customers to receive extra help paying their bills

thousands of portsmouth water customers are receiving extra help paying their bills amid the cost-of-living crisis.

the water company has increased the length of its “payment holidays” from three to six months and has already achieved its 2025 target of 10,000 households benefiting from its social tariff.

matthew hamilton, chief customer

officer for portsmouth water, said:“we are acutely aware of the challenges facing our customers as the cost-of-living rises and are doing all we can to keep bills affordable By extending our “payment holidays” to six months, we hope to take the pressure off households who may be struggling, giving them the flexibility to pay later

“we are also very proud to have exceeded our target for putting customers on our social tariff by nearly three years. this is designed to cap the customer’s water bill at our minimum charge for the year which will reduce their payments.”

the social tariff is for customers who have a low income or are in receipt of certain benefits.

it caps the customer’s water bill at portsmouth water’s minimum charge for the year to qualify for the social tariff, customers must have a household income of less than the government’s low-income threshold excluding certain benefits.

customers can apply for one sixmonth payment holiday in a 12 month period, with no bill payments needing to be made during the break.

portsmouth water is proud to have consistently maintained the lowest water bills in the industry and remains fully committed to ensuring our customers’ bills stay affordable customers needing support with their bills can find out more here:

https://www.portsmouthwater.co.uk/custo mer-services/help-with-my-bills/ alternatively, call 023 9249 9888 or email: head office@portsmouthwaterco uk

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NOW AND THENbedhampton

www.postcodepublications.com page: 5
snapshots from michael edwards catalouge taking us back in time Belmont junction, Bedhampton Hill Railway Crossing Brookside Road



supported by havant insurance services ltd, 20 east street, havant, hants po9 1aQ

solutions on page 14


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Our Local Community
help arrange all funeral services, from a non-attendance, simple cremation or truly bespoke funeral.
£1,950 plus Disbursements
Down: Serving
We can
at very competitive prices yet maintaining a fully professional, caring service to our families. ~ ~
for each family as we would for our own
023 9217 5462
01243 374644
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Hambledon Folk Club

hambledon folk club offers a friendly and intimate setting enjoyed by artists and audience alike: many performers comment on the warmth of their reception and a true folk club atmosphere nowadays the club features local, national and even international guest performers while invariably there is the traditional floor-spot session before the main act for local or visiting performers to each sing a song or play a tune or two editors/reviewers are welcome to visit us with free entry we hope you are able to feature us in your programmes/listings.

Wednesday 8 March - the drystones

the drystones are a duo with a new take on the timeless folk union of fiddle and guitar playing with breath-taking live energy alex garden (fiddle, vocals) and ford collier (guitar, tin whistle, vocals) have had a strong musical partnership able to navigate different traditions, and stitch together tunes and songs into an eclectic live set,the drystones’ stripped back shows focus on the raw elements of their finely honed instrumental playing and it makes for an unforgettable experience website: https://www.thedrystones.co.uk

Wednesday 12 April - chris elliott & caitlin Jones

award winning duo chris elliott and

caitlin Jones have been playing music together since they met in 2014. they bring a mix of traditional and selfpenned ballads about place and identity, old and new. driving guitar and bouzouki accompany haunting whistles and harmonium along with intricate and warm vocal harmonies. website: https://chrisandcaitlinmusic.org.uk

Wednesday 10 May - winter wilson


venue:theyouth hut (between village hall andvine pub),west street, hambledon po7 4rwstart: 8.30pm (doors open 8.00pm).

floor spots and guests welcome! entry: £12.00 (£10.00 members, £6.00 under 18s and students) drinks: fromvine pub next door (or bring your own).

tea/coffee available at the clubcontact enquiries and booking/ reservations phone 023 9263 2719 or email:folkclubhambledon@hotmailcouk web: https://www.hambledonfolkclub.com

a welcome return to hambledon of this first-class duo now in their 10th year as full-time musicians, kip winter and dave wilson bring a sense of intimacy to every venue, blending superb, often hard-hitting original songs, stunning harmonies and musicianship with sometimes hilarious humour and tales of life on the road. kip (vocals, accordion, guitar, flute) ‘simply has a voice to die for’ ( John roffey, maverick magazine), whilst dave (vocals, guitar and banjo) is now rightly recognized as being amongst the top tier of British songwriters, with his songs sung in folk clubs across the uk and beyond.together, their voices are sublime website: https://winterwilson.com

What’s on

Spirit of the South

we are an a cappella chorus looking for ladies who simply love to sing, for the fun of it. the health benefits are amazing Breathing and posture improves stress levels are lowered,and by the end of the evening we really have that feel good factor. what do you have to lose? come and give us a go you are very welcome tuesday evenings 7-3010.00 - havant methodist church - contact Joy023 9264 1997 email : spirithavant@yahoo.com


Pallant House Gallery Exhibition

11 February - 23 April - Birds and Beasts:the wild escape exhibition - pallant house gallery, 9 north pallant , chichester po19 1tJ - the free exhibition is part of pallant house gallery’s contribution to the wild escape, a major new project uniting hundreds of museums with schools and families to find nature in museums. coming together to raise awareness of biodiversity it is led by national art charity art fund and with support from arts council england. 22 April - open day for local families on earth day who will be able to take part in a host of activities,trails and creative workshops at the gallery – all entirely free to attend.

Havant and District Horticultural Society

Wednesday 29th March - “the wild Bunch in your patch” a talk by pauline green on how to identify critters and understanding the relationship between your patch and the life within it.

Wednesday 26th April - a talk/ presentation by lou mcmillan of “right to work” of the great work being done with supported volunteers ( based on level of independence) in the walled garden at staunton country park.

venue for both talks: united reformed church hall, north street, havant po91pp 7.30pm £2.00 entrance all welcome to your local friendly garden club, tea/coffee

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What’s on


cosham probus club would like to welcome new members.we are a group of retired business or professional men from an area covering north portsmouth, cosham, portchester, and havant meeting for a lunch on the 4thTuesday of each month at denville’s house, emsworth road, havant.we enjoy a talk by a guest speaker after our sit-down meal. speakers this year include one on the hampshire & i.o.w air ambulance and another about the life of winston churchill. anyone who may be interested can gain more information by contacting the secretary david pattenden at: coshamprobus@gmail.com or by calling 07960 950433





Sunday 19th March at deverell hall, london road, purbrook po7 5Jd doors open at 2pm awarding of trophies at 4.15 entry is by donation - refreshments available raffle, free parking, accompanied children welcome further details at: www.purbrookhorticulturalsociety.org.uk or in person at trading store, london road , purbrook [adjacent to the allotments] on saturday's 0930 -1130

Wednesday 15 March - at 7.30 pm

Beauty and the Beasts - our wildlife garden story - one couple’s account of the discoveries, delights and dilemmas they’ve encountered as they’ve made more space for nature in their hampshire garden. a personal and illustrated account of the discoveries, delights and dilemmas met as steve and Jane page set out to make a garden more nature friendly they will talk about what fascinating wildlife they’ve seen, how they created and look after a diverse range of habitats and what it means for them. the hampshire and isle of wight wildlife trust, south downs group meet at st wilfrids church hall, padnell road, cowplain, po8 8dZ. free parking. non members welcome admission £4 cash on the door, including refreshments. contact: 023 9259 8000 or email: southdownsgroup@gmail.com


Havant WEA Course

Saturday 4th March - the heyday of vienna in art and architecture from 1860 –1918 course no c3748363 presenter: mike grundy - commencing 10am at the spring arts and heritage centre, havantthe face-to-face day school course is available for telephone or online enrolment.tuition fee: £25-00. for information about enrolment and more details about the courses go to www.wea.org.uk or call: 0300 303 3464

Air Aces

arun & chichester (air) enthusiasts society

Monday 27th March - 1900 for 1930 hrs

‘raf reaper force – remote warfare in the 21st century – part 2’ presented by professor peter lee one of the world’s leading experts on remote air warfare is returning to present a follow up to his first talk on the raf reaper force in part one, peter described several of the practical aspects of raf reaper operations, based on his research and the resultant book, reaper force this second talk will address two implications for remote air warfare and

Monday 24th April - 1900 for 1930 hrs

‘flying for films – pre computer generated imagery’ and ‘display flying before 2015’. - two more remarkable talks presented by Jonathon whaley the first is ‘flying for films - before c-gi’. as a highly experienced display pilot Jonathon has also carried out a considerable amount of film flying. in this talk he will explain how this is done with a

AirACES is an aviation talk society, providing its members with regular talks, given by experts in many different fields related to the world of aviation. The talks are held at the Chichester Park Hotel,Westhampnett Road, Chichester

those who operate the raf reaper, based on subsequent research. the first is the psychological impact, especially moral injury, on those who conduct remote air operations. looking forward, peter explores some of the implications of incorporating artificial intelligence elements within future remotely piloted aircraft systems.

view to achieving the desired film sequences fil h fl w for include indiana Jones, Born to ride andthe mummy in the second half of the evening Jonathon will explain what is involved in becoming a display pilot and the evaluation process required to achieve display authorisation. he will conclude by telling what constitutes good or bad displays and point out some of the errors that display pilots y make.

7pm for 7.30 start. Members £5, visitors £7 and under 16s FREE. Doors open at 6.45 no pre-booking, no reserved seating. For further information about AirACES, please see www.airaces.org.uk or call David Batcock on 01243 823007


• Main hall (11 metres by 10 metres)

• Chairs and tables for 80 people

• Accessible toilets and babychanging facilities

• Kitchen with crockery and cutlery

• Private garden and parking for 20+ cars

Mondays: 9.30am to 10.30am Calton School of Pilates 5.30pm to 7.00pm 2nd Denvilles Brownies (girls aged 7 to 10 years) 7.15pm to 8.00pm Jump

Wednesdays: 6.45pm to 7.30 pm Body Tone 8.00pm to 9.30pm Wing Chun Kung Fu

Fridays: 9.15am to 10.15am Calton School of Pilates

10.45am to 11.45am Jiggy Wrigglers (under 5 s mixed)

12.00 noon to 12.45pm Jiggy Wrigglers (0 to 12months)

7.00pm to 9.00pm Homewell Scouts (aged 10 to 14 years)

Sundays: 1.00pm onwards Available for Private Hire

Tuesdays: 6.00pm to 7.00pm Calton School of Pilates 7.15pm to 8.45pm Yoga

Thursdays: 10.am to 12 noon Social Coffee Morning 4.30pm to 5.30pm 1st Denvilles Rainbows (girls aged 5 to 7 years) 6.00pm to 7.00pm Calton School of Pilates

Saturdays: 7.00am to 10.30am

Slimming World 1.00pm onwards Available for Private Hire

For Availability and Booking contact the Bookings Secretary by email at: stridebookings@hotmail.com

www facebook.com/stridecentre

Caretaker: Tim Irons 07548 846494

Saturday & Sunday afternoons available for private hire at competitive rates

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Petersfield Musical Festival

Friday 17 March - 7.30 pm: liss Band and petersfield community choir these two popular local groups will be bringing a lively programme of brass band music and popular songs.

Saturday 18 March - 7.30 pm handel

Jephtha - handel’s last oratorio, one of his greatest, and a comparative rarity – so grab the chance to hear it or sing in it! the festival chorus will be joined by young soloists and southern pro musica, conducted by paul spicer

Sunday 19 March - 3–4 pm family concert – ‘dancing through time’ children will love this tour of dance music from pavane to tango, presented by the string players of southdowns camerata and including audience participation.

Monday 20 & Wednesday 22 March7pmyouth concerts - the festival’s annual sell-outyouth concerts bring together hundreds of young musicians between 8 and 18, in a collaboration that shows the strength of the music-making in our local schools

Tuesday 21 March - 1pm (st peter’s church) shostakovich piano trio no 2. angela Zanders’ lecture recital will explore the composer’s fraught relationship with the soviet authorities and include a complete performance of this intense and dramatic work.

Wednesday 22 March - 7.30 pm (st peter’s church) - anemos wind ensemble with karen kingsley a programme including magnificent works by mozart and poulenc that exploit to the full the colourful combination of wind instruments and piano

Paint, Fun and Friendship

Thursday 23 March - 7.30 pm petersfield orchestra - cordelia williams, the soloist in schumann’s piano concerto, is a rising star who has been praised for her ‘consummate artistry’. after the interval, robin Browning conducts elgar’s ‘enigma’variations, the first masterpiece of the ‘english musical renaissance’, dedicated to ’my friends pictured within’.

Friday 24 March - 7.30 pm an evening of musical theatre talent and exuberance overflow in the performances by the gsa singers from the university of surrey’s guildford school of acting, a 24-strong company of performers

Why not try a new hobby this spring?

Bognor areas where she enjoys helping others to discover the pleasure that drawing and painting can bring, in a relaxed informal manner. she also runs art retreats in italy sue says,“so often, i hear people say that they can’t draw but my classes are for everyone from complete beginners to those already accomplished

What’s on

selected from the musical theatre and acting courses

Saturday 25 March - 7.30 pm stanford, grieg, puccinipaul spicer and stephen scotchmer conduct the festival chorus and Basingstoke symphony orchestra in a programme of picturesque music from across europe, with ed Ballard and samuel stopford making their second appearance as soloists. all concerts to be held in petersfield festival hall unless otherwise stated. for further details and to buy tickets, go to: petersfieldmusicalfestival.org.uk

in creating it’s the perfect opportunity to learn something new, share experiences and get expert advice whilst enjoying a cup of coffee and a biscuit with a friendly group come to one of my classes and i’ll show you that you can draw! painting and drawing is such a lovely way to relax and unwind the possibilities are endless!”

in 2016, artist sue cooper’s home in the sibllini mountains of italy was destroyed in a devastating earthquake that killed hundreds of people and left thousands more homeless since then, whilst waiting for her house to be rebuilt, she has been dividing her time between temporary accommodation in italy and her family home in the emsworth area sue says,“the past few years have undoubtedly been stressful but it has given me the opportunity to paint in some of the most beautiful areas both in italy and now back here on the south coast”. passionate about sharing her love of painting, sue is currently running art classes and workshops in the havant, chichester and

EmsworthArt Group’s Easter Exhibition

Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th and Monday 10th of April at the emsworth community centre, north street (behind the fire station and museum). entry is free each day from 10am to 5pm. many varied paintings, cards and other art work will be on display and for sale this is an annual event and is always popular we meet every wednesday morning and create paintings in a variety of styles and mediums.

Making Space

regular friday morning courses held in havant at the pallant centre

Friday 10th March portraiture - 4 weeks £50

Friday 21st April life drawing - 5 weeks £75

Friday 8th September landscapes & seascapes - 6 weeks £75

Friday 3rd November art exploration - 6 weeks £75

For further details, private lessons, and information about Italian art retreats contact Sue on: sue@suecooperartist.com www.suecooperartist.com

Sue also takes people and pet commissions and will be taking part in this year’s Emsworth ArtsTrail.

making space is havant’s very own community craft charity, based in their purpose-built premises in the heart of leigh park.

if you haven’t heard of us until now, we’re delighted that ‘Your Postcode’ is giving us a little space each issue to tell you all about what has been happening, and what is coming up, in our thriving craft centre

Clanfield Short Mat Bowls Club

Tuesday 28th Mar general meeting will tak at the emsworth slipper sailing club fr 7pm tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Blind artist blazing a trail for Braille our resident maker clarke reynolds has been hitting the national headlines in 2023. clarke is a blind artist who creates works of art using Braille, and he has been enjoying great success with his first london exhibition at the Quantus gallery, which received coverage on BBc radio 4, itv and sky Breakfast. he’s back in his studio here now working on his next exciting project, which is being kept under wraps until the official launch!

10th - 15th April - Fly Like a Butterfly we're excited to be hosting local artist olana light's newest exhibition at making space olana creates unique wearable sculptures that have to be seen to be believed,and the exhibition will be accompanied by free workshops and a parade This Easter holiday - little Lives family craft workshops - happening at both making space and the spring costing just £3 for the first child and £1 for siblings, these will be a wonderful opportunity for parents to get creative with their little ones.

established over 30 years ago the club meets everytuesday 2:00pm - 4:00pm with a cup of tea/biscuit mid afternoon, at the clanfield memorial hall,17b south lane, clanfield,giving friendship,interest and fun to many and we would welcome new members we are offering a free session to novices.we do not play in a league so 'no pressure' we just enjoy a pleasant couple of hours doing our best. a set of bowls can be provided for starters. contact: 023 9241 3297 for more information.

Stretch the possibilities

Mondays at 11:15am - gentle yoga classes at waterlooville community centre - the first session is free then it's £6 a week. discover a new balance in life and enhance your general health and well-being.

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ed Ballard, baritone soloist clarke reynolds in his studio - photo: strong island
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Cycle Clinic Cycle Clinic

Q i’ve recently fitted a new front tyre, and now i find that my speedometer doesn’t work.

i haven’t touched the cycle computer, so what’s gone wrong ? are the two connected?

a i’m sure that when you took the wheel off to fit the new tyre you made sure to fit it correctly and when you came to put the wheel back on your bike you noticed that there was an arrow on the side wall of the tyre indicating ‘forward’ or ‘direction of travel’. maybe there weren’t any words, but you realise that the tread pattern is designed to shift water off the road and give better grip, so the tread pattern is a sort of arrow to cut into surface water and spread it out the sides. if it’s on the other way it would tend to gather water and channel it into the middle of the tyre and weaken the grip so,if you have done it all right,well done,

Hayling Fruiterers subject of discussion in Whitehall Cabinet Office

but the front wheel itself can be fitted either way round unless you have disc brakes i think that what has probably happened is that when you replaced the wheel the little magnet which is fitted to one of the spokes on one side and because the wheel is the other way round it is now on the opposite side this means that it no longer passes closely to the little sensor fixed to the front fork and from which a wire runs up to your cycle computer this is easily cured the magnet is locked onto the spoke with a simple screw fitting. it may have a slot at the back for a coin to use as a screwdriver, and it may have

a knurled pattern on the edge so that you may be able to turn it without tools anyway, just unscrew the magnet and move it across to a spoke on the other side of the wheel.

my photo shows a magnet close to the little black sensor and you need to make sure when you re fit the magnet that it passes somewhere near the middle of the sensor

of course, not all tyres are directional, like racing tyres, or knobbly mountain bike tyres in which case it is easy to take the wheel off, turn it round so the magnet is on the proper side, and refit the wheel, but i feel it is easier to swap the magnet across as i’ve just described

no, not a coBra meeting discussing terrorists but the final stage of discussing the 2021 report submitted by the deputy lord lieutenant of hampshire oliver crosthwaite-eyre as to whether the heart of ha be recommended f elizabeth’s pr voluntary ser this was one of a n points that r

academy being recommended for the award as no other charitable organisation submitted provided free fruit to youngsters as part of a healthy eating programme within a sporting

Taking time out to a

an innovativ well-being by immersing in stunning landscape and histor timescape will encourage people to take “time out” and get in based arts and crafts, walking trails in the tranquil sur the south downs.

the project will be based at museum in west sussex and Butser farm, near waterloo twelve sessions will tak venue and activities will include printing,

late Queen and the inscribed glass trophy. Because of both covid restrictions and the death of the late Queen the presentation was delayed a number of times. as a result this particular award is unique in that the one awarded to heart of hayling is the only one that was given by the late Queen elizabeth ii but presented under the reign of king charles iii resulting in thevice lieutenant’s speech having to be specifically adapted for this one occasion. coaches, administrative volunteers, trustees and guests from the many organisations who have supported the Boxing academy were present with the mayor of havant councillor diana patrick, the crime commissioner for

assistance from isla grover two small crystals were presented to crime commissioner donna Jones and chief superintendent claire Jenkins for their support over the years.

Hex Pro Wrestling

Saturday April 8th – live season finale spectacular at horndean technology college – Barton cross hall, 6.00pm doors, show start: 6.30pm, entrance £10 general admission, parking available on site, bar available provided by the school it’s all been building up to this; our biggest show ever! hex pro wrestling brings its unique form of pro wrestling entertainment to horndean where Barton hall and our 6 sided ring will host all the action.the hall holds over 400 people and hex pro are hoping to fill it to capacity the event will be headlined by a 6 man match for a brand new championship belt.

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‘Borrow Bags’, Fighting Plastic Pollution One Bag at aTime

the final straw foundation (fsf), an environmental charity based in emsworth, hampshire, has launched a new scheme across emsworth and hayling island that focusses squarely on reducing the use of plastic and minimising plastic waste, one bag at a time By using pre-loved fabric to make reusable bags that are then given out in local shops, the aim is to reduce the reliance on plastic bags by switching them with fabric ‘Borrow Bags’ that can be used time and time again. every time a Borrow Bag is used and reused instead of a plastic bag, we are reducing our plastic footprint.

recent data* shows that in 2019-2020 in the uk, we still used 564 million singleuse plastic bags. supermarkets also sold a staggering 1.58 billion bags for life in 2019**, with evidence pointing to these tougher bags, which contain even more plastic, being used in much the same way as disposable plastic bags – often only used a

couple of times.

the idea behind Borrow Bags is simple preloved fabric, such as old curtains, duvet covers and fabric remnants, is donated to the charity.volunteer groups then sew the textiles into reusable fabric bags. local

customer visits the shop, or one of the other participating shops, they can return the bag – or they can simply keep using it, avoiding the necessity for a plastic bag.

charity co-founder lissie pollard explains,“Borrow Bags is a simple scheme that works on several levels. pre-loved fabric, that could otherwise have ended up in landfill, is reused to make bags and given out in shops.this not only reduces the need for plastic bags, which helps to tackle plastic pollution, but diverts fabric from our waste streams.the bags are made by teams of brilliant volunteers, bringing local people in the community together to support a shared goal, meeting new people at the same time

free, to give out to customers who have forgotten to bring their own reusable bag. the bags are called Borrow Bags as the intention is that the next time the

we have also been running Borrow Bag workshops over the winter as part of the widerwarm spaces scheme, so that people can come to a local community centre, sew bags, enjoy free hot drinks and make new connections we are proud of the scheme on every level and hope that it’s a huge success

we are so grateful to our volunteers, we couldn’t do this project without them” volunteer carol carter has been running a Borrow Bag group on hayling island.‘i enjoy the bag workshops, which are helping to save the planet! they bring people together for fun, creative and very social events where new skills can be learnt, and new friends made’ to date, over 2,500 bags have been made by volunteers, diverting 200 kg of fabric from the waste stream, and over 20 shops are taking part in the scheme across emsworth and hayling island. if each of these bags is used and reused between 10 and 50 times, this potentially replaces 25,000 - 125,000 single-use plastic bags being used in the local area, and the hope is that they will be used even more

Hampshire’s first Library ofThings launches in Havant

launched at the old parcels office at havant rail station on friday 27 January by solent remade – a community organisation that runs repair and reuse projects in the borough of havant.

funding partners including south western railway, hampshire county council and community rail network joined solent remade cic to celebrate this new initiative for local residents.

a library of things offers people the opportunity to borrow items they only use occasionally rather than buying them new it is a great way of cutting unnecessary

consumption, saving people money and reducing clutter as well as borrowing items such as a drill,a sewing machine or a gazebo,local people can pop into the old parcels office during opening hours to use things on site,including hand tools,a bike repair kit and an electronic shredder find out more at: wwwhavantlibraryofthings org uk it is free to join and members can borrow on a pay what they can basis with a suggested donation given to each item havant library ofthings is also keen to hear from potential volunteers who would like to help havant library ofthings expand including to other locations in the borough


Hampshire residents ahead with sustainability

homeowners aged 25-55 across the region. its findings reveal that 70 per cent of residents in hampshire are doing the best they can to protect the environment and proactively making decisions to reduce their carbon footprint.this compares to 60% of dorset residents and 65% who live on the isle of wight.

according to a new report, hampshire residents are making more effort towards a greener future, than people in surrounding counties.

leading housebuilder, Barratt homes, conducted a report of more than 1,000

homeowners in hampshire are making sure they regularly recycle (64%) and 63% are cautiously reducing their plastic consumption.they are also adopting more sustainable shopping habits, with 65% saying they are more mindful when it comes to their purchasing choices.almost half of

respondents are turning away from fast fashion and are opting for thrifting and the buying of only staple pieces for their wardrobes instead.

sustainability is a top priority for Barratt homes. all their homes are designed to be up to 58% more energy efficient, thanks to good levels of insulation, quality construction and high-efficiency heating systems, and Barratt is committed to ensuring all its new house types are zero carbon in use from 2030.

Barrett’s new homes also include the latest water and energy saving appliances, with kitchen and bathroom fittings

estimated to reduce consumption by up to 26% per person, per day, compared to the national average

Barratt believe that education is the key when looking towards a greener future that’s why they provide all of their buyers with helpful information about how to make the most of the appliances they provide and offer further advice on how they could live a more sustainable lifestyle Barratt homes is building energyefficient homes across hampshire, including at harbour place in Bedhampton, saxon corner in emsworth and pebble walk on hayling island.


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Emsworth ArtsTrail Springs into Colourful Life

this spring,the pretty harbour town of emsworth will once again burst into colourful life as local artists take part in the emsworth artstrail the trail is a hub of independent creativity,with a close-knit artistic community sharing their passion with visitors from far and wide

started over 20 years ago with just a handful of artists, the trail has grown and established a reputation as an exciting day out for art lovers and casual visitors, enjoying a vibrant journey around emsworth. This year 90 artists will be taking part, including several that have not taken part before With artists working in a huge range of media – paint, print, textiles, sculpture, wood, jewellery, ceramics, photography and more, there will be much to surprise and delight.

you can visit artists in their studios, offering a unique insight into the way they work and an opportunity to chat about techniques and inspirations, viewing art in a relaxed setting. there will also be artists gathered together or group exhibitions in community spaces and pop-up galleries, bringing creativity to every corner of the town.

carol price, chairperson of the emsworth arts trail said:

“we can’t wait to welcome visitors to the trail again and with several new artists joining us it promises to be a really exciting and varied year we are proud to showcase the work of local artists all within walking distance of the town centre, sharing their talent and creativity with visitors. emsworth really is

a fantastic destination for art.”

the emsworth arts trail has the unique position of all venues being within a mile of the village centre, making it a compact and navigable day out many visitors choose to make a family day of it – walking, cycling or scooting around the trail guided by the maps in the trail guide parking is easy to find, and there are regular trains and buses. there is an array of cafes, restaurants and pubs for those all-important refreshment stops whether a leisurely lunch or a quick coffee

as you walk from one venue to the next, take a stroll around the iconic millpond with an ice cream, explore the harbour and enjoy the scenery that inspires so many of the artistic community visit the website to find out more about the artists, and pick up a trail guide in shops throughout emsworth from the beginning of april:


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marian forster John Bateman deborah hochreutener

Hayling Island community goes “walkies” for ‘National Love your Pet Day’

pet lovers of hayling gathered for a “paw-some” dog walk to mark national love your pet day on 20th february

we are a nation of pet lovers and around 52%* of all uk homes own one not only are they like members of our family, 92%** of dog owners say their pets help them to combat loneliness.

to celebrate national loveyour pet day and to bring together a community of dog-lovers on hayling island, local housebuilder Barratt homes southampton

“what a wonderful event to be a part of –thanks go to Barratt homes for organising this special day for our dog-walking community – everyone loved it.”

national loveyour pet day is an annual day where pet owners everywhere are encouraged to spoil their furry friends, and events and activities are organised across the country in celebration.


Barratt homes is committed to supporting those people living in the regions in which it is building. it is currently bringing new homes to pebble walk on hayling island - for more information, please visit: www.barratthomes.co.uk.

Money Raised From Meridian Street Piano

Year Charity

2014 rainbow centre

2015 oakley waterman chestnut tree house

Beacon food Bank

2016 chestnut tree house

Beacon food Bank rowans hospice

2017 children of lesotho

world Bicycles

2018 creating chaos cash for kids creating chaos

2019 portsmouth hospital mind mental health havant menshed cash for kids

world Bicycles

2020 Beacon food Bank portsmouth hospital cash for kids

children of lasotho stella's voice

stella's voice

stella's voice great ormond street

stella's voice stella's voice to Be donated

hayling island community centre, said:

New Children’s Adventure scheme

an exciting initiative has been launched for schoolchildren to explore the nature, history and culture of the south downs.

schools across hampshire and west sussex are being invited to take part in “explorers of the south downs”, which will offer a range of fun activities for young people to connect with the natural world and learn about the national park.

children will enjoy an outdoor adventure and learn new skills, such as building a shelter, bushcraft, tree identification, bug hunting, mindfulness activities, environmental art, team building and photography – all focused on the landscape, culture and history of the south downs

the project is a partnership between so sussex, a sussex-based outdoor education organisation, the south downs national park authority, and friends of the south downs, whose generous donation has made the project possible the aim is to support schools with a significant number of disadvantaged pupils and/or send places (children with special educational needs and disabilities).

emma Bruce,youth and community engagement officer for the national park, said:“it’s really exciting to be launching this brand new initiative to help connect young people with nature.

“we recently surveyed over 200 schools in the area and all of them believed outdoor learning was good for mental and physical health, while more than three quarters said it raised attainment in children.with children’s mental health week coming up in february, we couldn’t be announcing this initiative at a better time

“the national park is an education

resource we want schools to use and enjoy there are so many opportunities to learn in the great outdoors and that’s what this scheme is all about – giving young people that connection with the environment that will hopefully last a lifetime”

andrew lovett, a trustee of friends of the south downs, said:“we are delighted to be able to fund this excellent project. helping children to understand and love the downs is one of our top priorities. 2023 is our centenary year and this project is a great way to celebrate”

caroline fleming pictured right helps to run the schools without walls programme said:“this is a fantastic opportunity for children and young people to discover and explore the south downs, to connect to nature and learn about their own local environment

“at a time when schools are facing increasing financial challenges and school trips are becoming increasingly expensive, this funding offers much-needed support and opportunities to ensure equal opportunities for pupils to experience what the national park has to offer”

the scheme will run until september and has a range of options, including working with a single class or a year group, as well as activity days and trips in the national park. funding is also available to pay for transport if needed the initiative is open to primary and secondary schools

any schools interested should contact caroline at:

schoolswithoutwalls@sosussex co uk or visit www schoolswithoutwalls co uk for more information

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Total Amount £966.50 £1,465.00 £234.62 £234.62 £317.54 £317.54 £317.54 £393.11 £900.00 £800.00 £192.00 £600.00 £300.00 £300.00 £300.00 £290.00 £570.00 £237.00 £500.00 £550.00 £100.00 £500.00 £500.00 £500.00 £244.06 £500.00 £500.00 £700.00 £13,329.53


there has been a recent case where the court reprimanded executors for their failure to keep accurate records of estate assets or produce accounts to the beneficiaries of the estate funds. These included:

• he paid the sale proceeds of the deceased’s property into his own bank account instead of an executors account • funds received and paid out during the administration could not be accounted for


hello from your favourite out and about reporter at the cat and rabbit rescue centre, hulky Bear

in my article this time i wanted to share with you the story of a sweet male cat called comett. comett arrived at the centre at the beginning of January after we received a call from a vets who had been treating him. unfortunately, his owners had become overwhelmed and could no longer afford his treatment, they


lady alice and pacific rose

this time we would love to introduce you to a very sweet pair of female guinea pigs. lady alice and pacific rose are 7 years young and looking to find their retirement home together they arrived at the centre back in January as their owner had developed allergies and could no longer keep them.they can be a little shy when you first meet them but once safe on your lap they do enjoy a cuddle these two are best friends and spend all their time together in their little hidey houses.as they are older girls, they would prefer to find an indoor home where they can stay nice and warm and enjoy cuddles from their owners. lady alice and pacific room could happily live with calm children.

if you think you may be able to offer lady alice and pacific rose a loving home please give the centre a call on 01243 967111 or visit our website: wwwcrrc co uk

these actions resulted in the executor being taken to court by the beneficiaries and ordered to account for the estate funds for the administration period whilst there is no suggestion that the executor had acted improperly, but rather naively, there is always a risk that the executor could face a court order for the costs the estate incurred as a result of the court application for enquiry into the dealings with the estate funds when acting as an executor it is

Hulky Bear

had made the difficult decision to have him euthanised but luckily the vets felt he would have a chance with us. comett arrived with a very poorly eye, it had completely changed colour, was so weepy and comett struggled to keep it open.the vets who brought him into us suspected that he had ulcers, inflammation and a corneal sequestrum, which happens when part of the cornea that has died off is then rejected by the healthy cornea. our vet nurse and animal care team worked tirelessly every step of the way to make sure that that he received his eye drops six times a day poor comett did not love his eye drops but he took them so bravely, although his eye affected him my staff could see he was such a sweet boy.

a few weeks on and comett’s eye has now improved dramatically with continued medication and tlc i hope he will soon be well enough to find his forever home it is with thanks to donations from our supporters that we are able to continue to help animals like comett who need that extra veterinary care love hulky P.S. please keep an eye on our website www.crrc.co.uk and our facebook page for all the latest news and info regarding rehoming and centre life

essential you keep records of money received and paid out, with property receipts and produce to the beneficiaries accounts showing the assets at the date of death, the estate’s liabilities and inheritance tax, if any, paid, income received during the administration period and income tax paid and how the final balances due to the beneficiaries are arrived at.

if needs be you can seek professional advice from your solicitor to deal with

Apprentice climbs the ranks

Barratt homes is throwing the spotlight on some of its former apprentices this national apprenticeship week, celebrating a female site manager in Bedhampton, who is building a strong career in construction.

nina mcQuay, 30, started work as a carpentry apprentice with Barratt homes four years ago and is now ready to move up the ranks in her career again after completing the developer’s assistant site manager trainee programme

the administration so that they can ensure these records are kept and funds properly accounted for please contact one of our solicitors in our wills and probate team for more information – penny smith, marie slavov or lauren kendell.

nina said:“my training programme is coming to an end and then i’ll be a qualified assistant site manager”

Joining the housebuilder as an apprentice in 2018, nina was keen to have a career within the building industry and was thrilled to be given the opportunity nina said:“it took me a while to feel comfortable about having a career in construction,especially being one of few females on site,but it’s been incredible i’ve learnt so much both as apprentice,and as traineeassistant site manager,and i’m looking forward to the next chapter of my career. ” anthony dimmick, Barratt homes community liaison manager, said “it’s extremely important that we work in tandem with the communities where we are building new homes, and by working closely with schools. it’s wonderful that young people are able to start their careers in construction with us.

Solutions to puzzles on page 6

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3 west street, emsworth, hants po10 7dX

Don’t stop Wining

Wine Styles

Jonathan looks at different wine styles

when choosing wines its very important to understand firstly what style of wine is your preferred taste it’s something i always ask when recommending wines to people we know we have dry whites and sweet whites, light or heavy reds, but within those there are other characters we can look at which help us to understand our favourites.

let’s look at whites first of all.the main style of white wine is dry But within that heading of dry comes crisp, acidic or tart.then we have mineral and fruity to make that easier to understand think about the different groups of fruits. for example, crisp acidity and tart characters etc think about citrus fruits like lemons and grapefruit. for mineral dryness think about green fruits like apple and pears and for fruity dryness think about tropical fruits like pineapple and peach fruits.that will help you understand those different characters and pick out the ones you prefer then you can start to associate those characters with the different grape varieties. so for sauvignon Blanc you would associate with citrus fruit and viognier you would associate with tropical fruits.

when it comes to red wines it gets a bit more complex, but the principle is the same with reds think about smooth characters or rough characters. this is what we call mouthfeel.what does the wine feel like when you take a sip? this is to do with the tannin aspect which gives the wine its body if your red is dry then the tannin will stand out more if your red is smooth it has more fruit characters which balance out the tannin and hides it more. so as with white wines you can think about red berry fruits like blackberry, cherry, plums and jammy fruit etc but with drier reds you will get more farm, countryside, vegetal and earthy characters.within those you then get wood, spice and smoky characters as well which will help you to understand further again you can associate those with grape varieties. its very

Fred’s Food Fred’s Food

complicated and easier to understand when you taste the wines for yourself. so, i have a couple of examples below for you to try and are available fromvin wine merchants. for a dry red try Boccantino montepulciano d’abruzzo from italy at £9.99 and for a fruity red try founders stone shiraz from south australia at £7.99

for a crisp, acidic

wildvenison is the healthiest red meat you can buy, while also being sustainable. the deer population is at historically high levels, and their numbers need to be reduced to ensure natural woodland regeneration.

this recipe uses stansted wild venison, chestnut mushrooms, wine and herbs, giving a rich gravy that’s very satisfying.

Venison Pie – Serves 4


• 750g dicedvenison

• 2 red onions, finely chopped

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

400ml red wine

white tr rocas sauvignon Blanc fr at £8.49 and for a fruity white tr Barbacoa verdejo fr spain at £8.99. with these wines y notice the

difference in styles.

if you want to discover more, try our wine and cheese tastings which we host regularly you get to try six wines paired with three cheeses and you will discover even more how wines change when paired with foods.these are £15pp and you can call us on 01243 698838 for more info

200ml chicken stock & 200ml beef stock (or just use 400ml of one)

250g chestnut mushrooms

small branch rosemary

sprig of thyme

2 tbsp sunflower oil

2 tbsp plain flour



400g plain flour

200g butter (cold cut into small cubes)

2-3 tsp cold water


pre-heat oven to 160c/140c fan/gas 3

2 to make the filling, heat the oil in a casserole dish over medium high, brown the meat on all sides in small

batches. set aside, reduce the heat, and slowly cook the onion for 10 minutes, stirring.

3 add chopped mushrooms, garlic and herbs and cook for 5 minutes.then add meat and juices, pour over the stock, season and bring to simmer

4. cover with lid and place in preheated oven for about 2 hours until meat is tender


1 put the flour and salt in a large bowl and add the cubes of butter.

2 working quickly, use finger tips to combine ingredients until mixture resembles course breadcrumbs.

3 with a knife, stir in small quantities of cold water until the dough binds.

4 gently knead pastry until just comes together in a smooth dough. don’t overwork it.

5 wrap in cling-film and rest dough for 30 minutes in fridge.

6 roll out, line the tin & form lid, and put back in fridge until ready to use

7 pre-heat oven to 220c/200c fan/gas

7, add filling to pie base, brush the rim with egg wash, and add the lid, crimping the edge Brush the top with egg wash, pierce the lid with a knife, and bake for 35 minutes until the lid is golden and the contents are hot through.

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Pop into 6 Queen St., Emsworth, Hants PO10 7BL FREE WINE TASTINGS EVERY WEEKEND! Support your local Independents – Shop Local
Rowlands Castle, Hants PO9 6DX
023 9241 3576


The Garden in Containers!

Article from the Hayling Island Horticultural Society from liese holden Ben pope, a local head gardener, came to give us a inspirational talk all about container gardening and focussed on what amazing results can be achieved with a little imagination. growing plants in containers offers all sorts of opportunities to create spectacular displays in a flexible way it does not have to be in conventional pots, anything can be utilised – tin cans, old china and any receptacles you may have around such as colanders and magazine racks and even old broken pots! it is important to ensure that there is adequate drainage and the growing medium can be adapted to suit the plants you are choosing to use traditionally containers are created using colourful annuals such as petunias, lobelia, geraniums, fuchsias to name a few however, wonderful displays can be made using succulents which are easy to grow and propagate plants which provide texture and colour as a green/leafy foundation in pots are ivys, helichrysum, heuchera and coleus which come a wide array of colours, and even herbs can work really well. if you have taken cuttings of some herbaceous perennials such as pittosporum or euonymus, these can look fabulous in a pot and can be transplanted out into the garden when they get too big. the big advantage is that they also offer winter colour.

wonderful displays can be made using succulents

which are easy to grow and propagate they like a well-drained soil with a good proportion of grit these grow well in a shady area as do ferns which can also make a lovely display it is important to think about textures and plant sizes and place the plants in position before you finally plant them succulents are very easy to propagate as well, in some cases just breaking off a leaf/offshoot and inserting in the soil will result in new plants the growing together project continues its excellent work at the schools and volunteers have been working hard to get the garden areas at hayling college


Making an impact – free seminar for charity trustees and staff

there has never been greater demand for services from charities and not-for-profit organisations than at present.as living costs and inflation rates remain high, charities who provide vital services, such as food banks, mental health services and financial aid, are being hit the hardest.

at the same time, charities themselves are having to deal with rising running costs, alongside falling donations, staffing and wage pressures and the aftermath of the pandemic.

if you are involved with a charity, you will know that public trust is at the heart of the charity sector and the reason why it is bound by more regulatory and compliance requirements than most.whilst focussing on their own sustainability, charities must provide the best value for money and demonstrate they are making an impact.

measuring and reporting impact will be a key topic at this year’s seminar for charities.this free event for charity trustees and staff provides a unique opportunity to hear from experienced and knowledgeable speakers working with the charity sector

you will learn what your charity should measure and how to make the most of the data to help you improve

the good work you do the subject proved very popular at our 2019 seminar and should be even more so now to complement this will be a presentation on good marketing practice and what charities should and should not do.your organisation is your brand and whilst it may not operate for profit it can still get value from the traffic, funds and awareness marketing brings.

a further topic we will cover at the seminar is the complex area ofvat for charities. from tax exemptions and reliefs to understanding yourvat obligations and how to structure your charity’s activities in the most tax-efficient way, so you avoid the pitfalls and potentially expensive mistakes.

there will also be a summary of the latest tax and accounting news for charities given by our own charities team.

these past 30 years we have been specialising in providing tax, accounting and audit services for charities. many of these, large and small, are in the hampshire area and involved in a wide range of activities

our annual seminars are very popular and provide an opportunity for those working in the sector to catch up on a number of relevant and topical matters, and to network with other charities.we also produce a monthly

ready for planting. any surplus food is provided to the community pantry in the library we still need more help here and in the gardening clubs which are flourishing in all the local schools. Just give ray Jones an email on admin@hihs.org.uk and we will make sure he gets your contact details. the usual time at hayling college is after school on a wednesday there is always time for a cup of tea and a chat as well!


Wednesday 22nd March - we are pleased to announce that peter rogers will be giving a monthly talk about ‘how to growvegetables’ start time is 2 30pm at the united reformed church hall in hollow lane

Wednesday 19th April - a trip is organised to the impressive arundeltulip festival and castle leaving from the island by coach if you are interested contact kim on admin@hihs org uk this promises to be a real treat!

Saturday 24th June - we are expanding our summer show to include a community fair to be held at the hayling college any local groups interested in getting involved please contact liese on publicity@hihs.org.uk.

finance enews to help charities keep up-to-date with the latest sector announcements, legislation, and funding opportunities.

this year’s seminar will be held at the solent hotel, whiteley, po15 7aJ on tuesday 16 may 2023 from 4pm to 6.30pm.

if you would like to attend please visit our charities seminar webpage at: www.morriscrocker.co.uk/charityseminar to register and where you can also sign up for our charities enews. if you have any questions about the seminar please email margotvere at: m.vere@morriscrocker.co.uk

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Everyone atYouth Hub has a unique story to tell - Meet Callum

we wanted to share callum's journey to help remind us of how important youth hubs are for vulnerable young people

Building trust:

callum used to hang around outside of our youth hub when it first started, reluctant to come in.after a few conversations with our highly trained support workers, he expressed how he struggled to trust adults.

we discovered that callum was often left home alone and felt lonely:

"he hadn’t grown up in the best circumstances and a lot of the people that should have been there for him hadn’t... i felt saddened by his story."

motiv8 senior support worker

after building a relationship with motiv8 staff, he eventually joined and began to enjoy the hub and the friendships he was making

How Hub became a safe space in a difficult situation:

Just before christmas callum brought a couple new friends to the youth hub they arrived an hour early and appeared anxious. it was later discovered that some strangers were following and harassing them in a car the hub meant they had a safe place to go to where they could be happy and secure.

"one week he turned up an hour early for the session, knocking on the back door with two of his friends.when asked why, he said that people had been chasing them in a car, he didn’t know who they were but he was clearly worried."

motiv8 senior support worker the boys were praised for coming to the hub for safety and not confronting the strangers. this information was shared with the police to ensure the safety of callum and his friends.

even difficult journeys can have a positive outcome: the first few hub sessions with callum were difficult, he pushed boundaries and found it

challenging to respect the rules. we knew we had to build on the relationship with callum through engaging activities including cooking, gaming, team building and other group projects.this helped slowly build his confidence in us. as callum began to respect hub rules, the environment became a friendly, fun and pleasant space for all.

over the last few months callum has became a very positive influence for his friends and peers,they look up to him and trust him "despite all of the concerns, callum’s

progress and behaviour within the hub is amazing and the positive influence he has over others is fantastic in addition to this he is beginning to trust the workers at the youth hub and rely on them in times of need which is remarkable ."

motiv8 senior support worker your donation can help support other vulnerable young people like callum, and a safe space to help them make positive life changes.any contribution, large or small would be highly appreciated. for more info visit: www.@motiv8south.org.uk


Connection with nature brought to life in powerful dance

an inspiring dance performance at stunning locations across the south down national park is bringing people closer to nature through the power of movement.

“echoes within the earth” follows two lost adventurers as they embark on a journey though the sights and sounds of nature

choreographed by the talented chris pavia - above, who became the first choreographer with down’s syndrome to make a dance piece for national touring,. the work is inspired by chris’ childhood experiences of woodland in the south downs.

chris worked with contemporary dancers Jonathan mewett and abbie thompson, who performed a breathtaking duet to a live audience at petworth park, seven sisters country park and gilbert white’s house and gardens.

the live dances culminated in a beautiful short film that captures the dances and the profound impact they had on people.

the initiative; spearheaded by farnham-

based stopgap dance company, where chris joined as a dancer 25 years ago and is now resident choreographer the company is a global leader in creating dance opportunities at all levels for people with disabilities or neurodiversity. reflecting on the project, chris, who lives in guildford and is a mencap ambassador, said:“the national park’s forests were inspirational to the choreography – the journeys through the trees felt like a new world to discover for me the sounds of the trees were important – and at times, you think you are lonely but then you begin to play with the shadows, and you are drawn into and supported by nature”

dancer Jonathan mewett said:“it was a very collaborative process from day one and it was really special working with chris. it was interesting to see his process because he’d come in with an improvisation that he had filmed and from that we’d translate it on to our bodies.

chris and his team hope to hold more live nature-based performances in the future

the project was supported by the south downs national park authority, south downs national park trust,arts council england, and the national trust.

anooshka rawden, who leads cultural heritage at the national park, said:“some of

the most special experiences we can have in the countryside are sharing that sense of discovery with others, and chris has created an opportunity to do this beautifully and sensitively through dance stopgap dance company and chris have been such lovely and talented people to work with, and it’s been wonderful to hear how people have responded to the performance, thinking about their own connections to nature and green spaces. ” to watch the film and some of the performances visit stopgap dance company’syoutube channel:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtsgm liXun8

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Health & Well-being Health

Life is for thriving…not just surviving

Spirulina -The Super of Super Foods

love it or hate it, there is no denying it's so good for you! i have clients that literally cannot stomach this pond like superfood, and then others who swear that it has turned their health around. i personally rate this superfood in my top 5 because it actually does make you feel different in your energy, brain power and strength, in as little as 5 days of taking. however, you may have to find the best way foryou to take it.you can buy it in powder form, or tablets. i know it shouldn't make much difference, but within my practise i see the Best results in the powdered form. i add mine to smoothies, juices or coconut water adding it to straight water is not that palatable, so just find a way to get it down the hatch, because i can promise you it's worth it!

so why am i so in love with spirulina? the health benefits are enormous - its rich

in a range of minerals and vitamins, and is excellent for maintaining a healthy and strong immunity it contains vitamins such as e, c and B and can also boost the production of antibodies and increase white blood cells which fight off bacteria and viruses in the body taking around 1-2 teaspoons per day can help reduce inflammation - and give you the nutrients it needs for your body to perform optimally it contains virtually zero calories, and can sharpen your brain and help your skin to glow if you suffer from high blood pressure this is the powder for you! it helps lower cholesterol too, plus may have anti cancer properties and improves allergies and rhinitis because of its anti inflammatory magic are you also worried about your bone health? dairy products such as cheese and milk have been promoted for years as bone supporting and building.well if that is the

case why do westernised worlds such as the usa and uk have the worst incidences of ostroprosiss if we consume so much dairy? Because dairy products are actually an inflammatory product, that does not suit a lot of people. in fact it can make them quite unwell. spirulina for example has a high concentration of B12 which contributes to bone health. so, if you are generally consuming more chlorophyl rich foods in your diet - such as greens greens and more greens (kale, spinach, broccoli, spirulina) you feed your blood what it needs, therefore limiting free radicals.

spirulina alas helps support gut health. i tend to use it alongside chlorella powder, if someone comes to me with iBs, constipation, gas, bloating, etc algae like superfoods are your best friend when it comes to healing the gut! But that's another story for another day!

if you would like a personalised health scan and consultation with me you can contact me via my website: www.keepthriving.co.uk or call me - 07730 671436 to talk through your health issues. i am always happy to help! look out for my yoga and wellness retreats too which take place in the portsmouth & chichester area every few months.they are amazing days that can transform you and give you the tools to really empower yourself. your health is the most important thing on the planet so you can be the best version of you.


National Park’s Photo Contest

“cowdray cosmos”, by richard murray, took the top spot in the south downs national park’s astrophotography competition, which attracted almost 60 entries this year the contest was judged by “dark skies” lead ranger dan oakley, chair of hampshire astronomical group steve Broadbent, and vanessa rowlands, chair of the south downs national park authority

a thought-provoking image called “toad in the road”, by peter Brooks, won the “nature at night” category of the competition. peter picked up a £100 prize he said:“i took this particular image to highlight the dangers toads face when migrating back to their breeding ponds, i headed to the spot where i know a great number of toads cross after it had been raining,“

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and fitness

When CHAOS brings happiness

life can be challenging for autistic people and those with  learning disabilities however help is at hand through chaos.

chaos is a day service for adults with autism and other learning disabilities. it is based at three sites, one in cosham and two in havant. with the sole purpose of helping people achieve their goals in a variety of ways.

during the day they offer many activities for the service users to participate in some of the activities they offer include sing-a-size, cooking, makaton and lego therapy these sessions help the service users to build upon skills such as communication,and independence sing-a-size is when a service user dances and sings to energetic songs which helps get them moving and feeling motivated makaton is used as a form of communication which uses signs and

gestures. it helps those who struggle to communicate verbally when i help run the session it is important to accept that the service users have a range of abilities therefore signs and gestures are adapted accordingly cooking is important because it helps promote independence and life long skills. lego therapy encourages socialisation between peers.they also offer respite overnight care at the chaos hotel.

chaos stands for choice, health,aspiration, opportunity and support. this is a great acronym because they provide all of these things for every individual. the service users are placed into groups which ensure they are given the correct support. i have been attending chaos since around 2018. i love going as i feel supported and very happy when i am there i have made many friends and will continue to make memories.

The sky’s the limit

Journalism students from havant and south downs college, south downs campus were given the opportunity to go to london and visit the sky news centre the aim of the curriculum based trip was to give students on the level 3 journalism course an insight into how the news is created and presented to the public as part of the experience students created and presented their own news story and had a tour of the studios the aim was to show the students the different roles there are within the media industry

Life in CHAOS

and where the course may lead them in the future havant and south downs college has a thriving journalism unit offering a number of different courses for post 16 learners some students wrote their own news stories that were about social media and the effects it has on mental health i found this interesting because there was an opportunity to share my own opinion


How to start gardening from home over the summer season

like every year, there are many people that want to try and pick up gardening.this year i decided to give it a go i didn't know how to start it off when i tried, so i decided it would be best to make this to help out others that are wanting to try out gardening from home, but don't quite know where to begin.

first off, you won't need to go out and buy a lot of equipment. it's best to start off small so that you can get used to gardening and don't make any expensive errors.also, you may find out that gardening isn't for you, so you now won't need to worry

about any money being wasted. so, all we are going to do is plant a flower this is the best start as it is simple and cheap all you will need is a plant pot, some soil, a trowel and sunflower seeds. i'd also recommend wearing gloves to avoid any mess, but this isn't necessary the first thing you need to do is fill the plant pot with the soil. use the trowel to scoop the soil into the pot until there's roughly 3cm (linch) of space left at the top then use the trowel to make a small hole in the middle of the soil in the plant

pot.the hole should only go as deep as about half way down the plant pot. now it's time to plant the seed.all you have to do is put one seed in the hole and then fill it up with the soil. finally, finish off by pouring a small amount of water on the soil to moisten it and help the flower to grow after this, leave the pot somewhere where it can get access to sunlight. every few days, go back and pour a small amount of water on the sunflower and over time you should begin to see the flower grow

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- studying Journalism at hsdc and in work experience for ‘your postcode’.
‘your postcode’.

Do you have Full or Partial dentures or suffer from missing teeth?

implant surgery is a big decision, choosing amir to carry out the procedure was not. he and his team have always demonstrated the utmost professionalism and care, before, during and after my operations. following a serious motor cycle accident as a very young man, i have had much reconstructive work over the years and, quite simply put,amir stands out as the best dental surgeon i have ever had. Bl

“…well words can not suffice to recommend amir on the end results of my implants .over the whole procedure he explained the whole treatment plan and how long it was going to take the quality and care you receive from amir and his team is first class. now i have the perfect smile again.thank you amir and your team.

amir took me on as a 90 year old patient with five teeth and with a couple of ancient ill-fitting dentures.

eating had become an uncomfortable and miserable process eventually amir advised the use of implants which were painlessly fitted and after several months of endless care and patience he produced a perfect fit for the new teeth.

the transformation has been amazing as i can now again enjoy the simple pleasures of crunching an apple or chewing beefsteak. if you are recommended implants, struggle with the cost and go for it, you will never regret it, and you may be sure that amir will look after you very well” eric p

“it’s been five years since having my implants.i’m over the moon with the results as i can now eat and smile without the worry of wearing a denture”

“absolutely delighted with my crowns you've made me smile again thank you so much!”

“…dentist and team did a really good job on my chipped tooth. made me feel relaxed and welcome highly recommended!”

“…i had two implants done on the same day! no pain, just great looking teeth!”

“…at first i was very unsure, despite my denture becoming very tiresome, but i gradually gained confidence after speaking to amir, and eventually had implants. i’ve had no problems and said goodbye to the denture”

“i had a loose very poor fitting lower denture which i couldn't eat with i was told that i could have implants clipped on to a new denture i couldn't believe how straight forward the procedure was no pain at all i can now eat,smile and talk”

“ after seeking recommendations, i made a decision to go to amir for my implants they healed wonderfully, and the colour match is perfect. no one knows i have them”

postcode publications page: 2 20 1 prince george st, havant po9 1Bg
chewing food painful? Are you embarrassed to smile?
to 21st century Oral Bio-Engineering immediate implants, same day surgery, immediate results dental surgeon dramir moughadam Bds Bristol 1994 weekday hours: 8am - 5pm phone: 023 9278 1008
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all aspects of implant surgery,
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