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26th—27th September 2020 RDS Simmonscourt

Vitality is Ireland’s largest natural health and wellbeing show. It brings the very latest and best health products, trends and advice in an exciting fun environment.

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With four distinct themes of Cookery, Fitness, Wellness & Sustainable Living as well as the expanded Performance Zone and new for 2020, The Yoga Hub, as well as a line-up of engaging expert speakers– Vitality 2020 is sure to be bigger, fitter and faster than ever!

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Margaret Andreucetti, Sales Manager

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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - Buckminster Fuller So what’s the plan? Where do we go from here? What’s next for humanity? What type of world would you like to live in? Here are a few suggestions: peace, love, ease, joy, growing your own, having the craic, kissing, breathing, swimming , loving, and engaging with Nature. Fancy that... We might ask ourselves how much attention we should give to the stuff we don’t prefer in the world. How about zero? Let’s hold our vision: coming soon to a world near you. See you there. paul congdon, Publisher

Contentment 4 Summer Vibes Bite-sized news from the holistic world

6 Positively Newsworthy Stories to put a smile on your face 10 Spirituality in the City Our readers on the power of rebooting 12 Positive Parenting Re-set your parenting skills and listen 14 Judith McAdam Harmonise with Universal rhythms 16 Amanda Sophia Your resilience is your superpower 18 Sandy Newbigging Heed the awakening call 20 Sustainability and Soul An insight into two holistic leaders we love 22 CNM Care for your body using ‘the car principle 24 Positive Tantra Rise in love with caring touch 26 Mas Sajady The wonders of fifth-dimensional Earth 28 Sadhguru Delving into our deepest potential 32 Deva Premal The creator of musical magic 34 Davie Philip Generate strength in testing times 36’Vitality Delights Ireland’s much-loved health expo returns 38 Hans Wieland Cultivate self-sufficiency PHOTO: DAVID KENNA

40 The Happy Pear Two scrumptious recipes to delight your tastebuds 43 Short & Sweet Joyous happenings on the holistic scene 48 Positive Nutrition The immune-boosting benefits of selenium 50 Judy Satori Making lemonade from the lemons of life

Positive Therapy Discover the healing potential of hypnotherapy 54 Positive Astrology Transformation is the theme of 2020 52

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forward Health Heroes We take our hats off to our local health stores. They are incredibly essential in our book: providing supplements and foods to keep our immune systems in excellent shape. We look forward to seeing many health store representatives at the upcoming Vitality show – see our preview on page 36! healthstores.ie

In the Club Positive Nights are now taking place on Zoom. We have some amazing events coming up this summer, with each event streamed live into our new Positive Club members’ group on Facebook. Other Positive Club highlights include podcasts from our archive (our Eckhart Tolle interview was a recent offering), yoga classes and weekly workshops. To join, go to:

Breathe Easy How can we ensure the air we are breathing in our homes is of the highest quality? One step is to opt for planet-friendly cleaning products. Good ventilation is also very important. Beeswax candles, air purifiers and salt lamps help clean indoor air. MyEcoHub.com offers a vast range of ecofriendly products that can help raise the air quality in your home.

Education Perfected We’re very intrigued by the Educo Model, a scientifically proven educational system designed by Dr. Tony Quinn. It covers all aspects of life, through a series of progressive steps that lead you back to your true self. It is experential and promotes lasting change, which sounds good to us! educoworld.com

Energy Exploration


Spine Comfort We love The Fitzwilliam: an amazingly comfortable, all-natural, back-friendly mattress offered by The Spinery. The Spinery’s team were pleased to combine ergonomic design and sustainable, non-toxic materials while developing the mattress. The latex mattress gently cradles the pressure points of your body, relieving aches and pains to promote deep sleep. thespinery.com

Saved by the Fungi See our Positive Nights page for more info on a screening of Fantastic Fungi - a movie with a mission to put fungi on the map; above ground that is! We’ll be showing a screening soon in Dublin, so don’t miss out. positivelife.ie/positivenights


We love the work of Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe of the Crimson Circle, and highly recommend their Energy Works workshop set to take place in February 2021 in Kona, Hawaii. This gathering will explore the physics and psychology of how to put energy to work in your life.

summer delights

The Spinery


tastes of sunshine Power-packed Snacks The Hemp Company on Dublin’s Capel Street is our one-stop shop for all things hemp. We’re huge fans of their range of hemp-derived food products: hemp hearts, hemp nuts and hemp seed oil. They are proud to offer this range from EU-sourced organic hemp seeds, with delicious, consistent high quality. hempcompany.ie

Burger Boss To Be Beautiful… 2B Organics is a groundbreaking cosmetics and skincare company founded by Simone Nelson, a qualified herbalist, naturopath, beauty therapist and electrologist. Simone has 35 years of experience in beauty therapy, and this expertise is evident in the amazing range of products her company offers. We love them! 2borganic.ie

health happenings

remedies with entrepreneur and herbalist Amandha Vollmer. She provided us with a wealth of information – be sure to check out the replay of our event on YouTube! We highly recommend checking out Amandha’s home-made remedies. She ships worldwide.

For a plant-based dining experience to remember, check out the Vegan Burger Company on Coppinger Row, Dublin 2. This up-and-coming diner is on a mission to have a positive impact on animal, environmental and human welfare … and “we hear” their burgers are amazing.



Learn to Thrive

Hemp Sensation

In her new book, ‘Beyond Survival’, solicitor, yoga teacher and retreat leader, Helen Holt, describes how we can shortcircuit our nervous system to accept a new path towards our true potential. This book is a practical and personal read, with energy-lifting meditations at the end of each chapter. avondaleretreat.com

Sunshine Boost One capsule of Macánta’s Vitamin D3 provides you with 2500iu of cholecalciferol, a vegan form of vitamin D3 that the body naturally produces when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Top up your summer sun with this brilliant supplement. macanta.ie

Rife Possibilities Lately, we’ve been researching the work of American scientist Royal Raymond Rife, who invented the Rife machine. This machine built on the work of Dr. Albert Abrams, who believed every disease has its own electromagnetic frequency. He suggested doctors could kill malignant cells by sending an electrical impulse identical to the cell’s unique electromagnetic frequency. Intriguing concept!

Rocking Remedies We recently held a Zoom event on natural

If you’re looking for a rich, tasty and nutritious planet-used milk, we highly recommend Good Hemp’s offerings. Hemp is one of the most planet-friendly crops around – and is also one of the most nutrient-dense. Its seeds are perfect powerhouses of goodness, and the Good Hemp team knows how to work wonders with them! goodhemp.com

Float On

Goodness in Batches

Over the past three years, Slí Beatha Float House in Naas, Co. Kildare, has offered amazing float tanks. Floatation can help people to meditate, problem solve, de-stress, manage anxiety, alleviate sleep problems and jet lag, and recover from injuries, among other benefits. Slí Beatha is open for business – check out their site and social media for all the details!

Susan Jane White is an award-winning food writer and columnist. Her brilliant new book, ‘Clever Batch’, shows you how to eat well all week while respecting your time, money and patience. It will help you create batch-cooked meals that will sit in your fridge, hang out on your shelves or wait patiently in your freezer, until you need them.


gillbooks.ie susanjanewhite.com

Float House




1 Moving Compassion HELPING DOGS IN NEED.

by Aisling Cronin One London couple’s love for dogs in need of a second chance has transformed many canine lives. Cassie and Tim Carney run Broken Biscuits, a charity which provides essential equipment – such as special wheelchairs – for disabled animals. The couple were so saddened by the number of stray disabled dogs they encountered while travelling around Europe a few years ago, that they knew they had to help.

“We want to show that no dog should be left behind.” The charity’s name, Broken Biscuits, was an expression of deep love, as Cassie explained. ‘These animals are like the biscuits left on the plate - they may look different, but inside they are just the same. And there’s no reason that they can’t be as wonderful pets as others.’ She and Tim live with a three-legged cat, a deaf Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a mixed breed triple amputee pooch, Otto, who uses a wheelchair. Their passion for helping disabled

animals began when they volunteered for a local animal shelter and were told ‘not to worry’ about photographing paralysed or blind dogs, because they were ‘lifers’ and weren’t expected to ever find families. ‘We want to show that no dog should be left behind,’ Cassie said. ‘Just like with disabled humans, a life changing injury or illness need not be a life ending one. We work to promote the many options available to treat and rehabilitate injured animals and restore their mobility so that they can return to active lives.’ After making the decision to actively support disabled animals, the couple researched where they could buy parts to build prosthetics and wheelchairs. They also fundraised to pay for carts, mobility equipment, and anything else that would assist the animals, which led to them establishing Broken Biscuits. They run the charity in their spare time.


2 Creating Community A TRIBUTE TO T. by Alison McEvoy

“T makes a cluster of buildings feel more like a community because of her expanded attention.”

There’s a woman – let’s call her T – who is the heart and soul of our buildings. She is also their eyes and ears. T can most often be found on her balcony which overlooks the entrance to the complex of apartments. From her perch she keeps an eye on all the comings and goings, ensuring there’s nothing amiss, and, in whatever way she can, she helps us all out. We don’t all know each other, but we all know T. On my morning walk, T opens the electric gate just before I get there. If I can’t go down to collect packages, T brings them up to me – unasked. T makes a cluster of buildings feel more like a community because of her expanded attention. She cares not only for her little patch of apartment called home, but has made the entire complex her home and her concern. On up the road as I walk, I pass by a house with a chalkboard in the window and a mini library box for children beside the garden gate. The box has a handful of colourful books it encourages the local children to borrow, and in the window is chalked ‘Kindness is the new cool’. This road has its own T, I realize. A question worth pondering might be how you could, in some small, simple way, make the cluster of rooms, flats, apartments or houses in your locality more of a community?

positively newsworthy the little things 1A mplifying Kindness CLOWNING AROUND.

by Alison McEvoy

Clowns Without Borders UK celebrated winning the Simple Kindness awards recently. By public vote, this ‘joy-making’ charity won a prize of £7,000. Halted by the recent world events, Clowns Without Borders are now livestreaming clown workshops online, having created a program whereby children at home a lot can learn a clown trick or activity a day, enabling them to put on their own clown show to family after a couple of week’s practice. Previous to this initiative, you could find Clowns Without Borders in a variety of conflict/disaster zones and refugee camps, from the Moira refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece, all the way to Bangladesh and Mozambique. Clowning-around is a really valuable tool in times of heightened stress. Children are especially sensitive little beings and their need for play, laughter and fun is essential for their emotional and psychological well-being, as well as providing a way to alleviate their suffering. Clowning is, therefore, “serious business” - these are professionals;

that make them human becomes more important than ever. It recognises children and adults have needs beyond the practical.” Encouraging children to play and laugh amid distressing situations builds their resilience, and awakens their creativity and capacity for joy when the adults around them are not able to provide this much needed relief and respite. Let’s give a special thought to all children at this time and encourage adults to do some much needed clowning around in service of squeezing some joy out of all and any challenging situations.


“Clowning-around is a really valuable tool in times of heightened stress.” “Our artists and facilitators embody the spirit of play and humour. Whether in performance, workshops or training, we recognise that in bewildering circumstances, specifically creating time for people, especially children, to reconnect with the very things

Remember the wisdom in your elders’ eyes: How their love lifted you…

2 When You Return by Aisling Cronin Remember leaves underfoot: How they crackled and slipped Above displaced earth During the autumn of innocence.


Remember the warmth of laughter: How it felt to rise to your feet In a much-loved café To embrace old friends And reminisce of days gone by.

Remember the wisdom in your elders’ eyes: How their love lifted you In every greeting exchanged, Every memory shared, Every clasp of their hand. Remember your days of adventure Your delight in the simple things And the jokes that enlivened your days For they still sit within your heart And their songs are unbroken: Awaiting your return.




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spirituality & the city ‘TIME TO RESET…’ Tomas Dvorsky I felt called to reset and reboot around 5 years ago, when I had what I call a quantum jump experience. I went through an emotional moment which made me think that my physical body was seriously ill. In-depth medical examinations found nothing. At that point, I decided to slow down, reconnect with my body and soul. I came to realise that it was necessary to make changes in my life in order to achieve balance. This situation led me to live more consciously. I started to work increasingly on my physical health, which gave me a passion to do the same for others. It felt like a necessary step to align with my true self, as my practice of metaphysics goes back to my early childhood. I believe our body and emotions are great sources of feedback which can give us many answers. balance-your-life.ie

Kim Bellisimo In my late 20s (after a traumatic childhood of poverty and severe learning disabilities) I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Crohn’s Disease. My body broke down and I was on food stamps. Because my father was a compulsive hoarder, my mom and I had become skilled organisers. So, we started Timesavers, teaming with social workers to enter homes of hoarders, creating order out of chaos. Sadly, the changes we made were often temporary. So I got a degree in Life Transition Counselling and started EnergyWorks. Opening the heart begins to move energy. This is what created the change that transformed me and my clients (starting in the physical realm, moving to the mental, and ultimately clearing the energetic realm, where an integrated life is possible). My maiden name, Carbone, means coal mine. My married name, Bellisimo, means the most beautiful. My life has been a transformation from coal to diamonds. kimbellisimo.com

Joyous Heart The most profound moment of reset in my life occurred when I was 23. Driving home from a multi-day event I had been co-hosting, I was in a terrible car accident. I collided with another car driven by a 65-year-old woman, while going around a curve on a mountain road. She transitioned from her body within an hour of impact. The resulting emotional catharsis threatened to pull me apart. I chose to sit in the fire of transformation … to fully feel everything. It required courage and daily commitment to being completely vulnerable and present with everything that came to the surface. This moment of reset instilled practices of daily offerings of gratitude for this miracle of life. It reminded me to follow my highest excitement and joy in every moment. It reminded me of the truth that within our greatest challenges and adversities exist the seeds of our greatest opportunities and allies. iamjoyous.xyz

Lacey Smith In 2017, I needed a reset. I had gotten divorced. My father had died. My “dream” career had come to an end. I felt trapped in a city I hated and a house I did not want. Worse, I felt as if my situation would never change: dread that loomed over me always. I was ashamed and scared. Lo and behold, a client of mine had just begun a career in real estate. The synchronicity was too great to ignore. I took a leap of faith in her, and in doing so, I was set free. I then moved to the mountains and dove deep into my shadows. I took this time to uncover my wounds and love them with no attachment. In my surrender to this hard reset, I found myself back in a space of unconditional love, and I began creating the life I deserved.

Josef Steiner I was racing around the country for ten years: building imported timber houses, eating rushed junk food and adding 2 kg to my body weight with every year that passed. Finally, as I drove on a small country road at 120 km/h with my jaw clenched and my chest full and tight, I realised that the only way forward in my life was a complete reorientation. I asked serious questions about my health and wellbeing, and took responsibility. It took five years of hard work before I found my new groove. Having lost 20 kg, feeling 20 years younger, I am ever grateful that I was able to find powerful transformational tools to assist my process. I trained with Wim Hof and then became an instructor in SOMA Breath, a powerful breathwork method that I practice and teach on a daily basis. When the Covid- 19 restrictions paused our therapy business, I was inspired to launch my breathwork facilitation as an online program to support people. bit.ly/soma_breath

Julie Butler On Friday 23rd September 2005, I arrived at a Buddhist Retreat for a full immersion in Loving Kindness. My sense of belonging, worthiness, purpose and zest for life was totally punctured, flat and depleted, after spending all of my adult life struggling and coping. I was broke and alone: spiritually, emotionally and financially. The revolution in my heart began when I decided to turn towards my truth. The truth of the distance between where I was and where I longed to be. They say ‘the soul knows.’ In September 2015, I graduated with an Hons. Deg. in Psychology. Next , I completed my Yoga Teacher training, then my Feng Shui Expert Certification arrived while I was in Bali, in September 2019. My other travels include India, Malta and the magical Maldives. This year I’m launching my online business as a transformational coach and mentor. New beginnings will bring you places old patterns won’t.



know your



They asked her; ‘What is the key to saving the world?’ She answered: ’You, you are the key…’

– Diego Perez

Times of rapid change bring out the best and the worst in each of us. As I write this, the world is on ‘pause’. The majority of us are confined to our home, attempting to work, parent and support ourselves and others, while those in health and other key worker roles continue to leave their homes and undertake highly demanding physical and emotional work. Many of those key workers are also parents, who return to begin the work of parenting after long days or nights outside the home. By the time this article goes to press for the Summer edition, we may be out of lockdown and picking up the pieces of our hearts and world. My attention is there as I write this, and the reflections are relevant beyond this time. During the quarantine times, if you are a parent working from home, you may find yourself able to spend more time with that spiky teenager than you have in months – perhaps even years – and find out how much you enjoy their tender and emerging self. You may drag out that dusty box of Lego from the attic and start hanging out with your preteen who packed it all away last summer, or find with younger children that those pillow fights at bedtime aren’t so bad, now you’ve got nothing better to do this evening. These simple actions help build connection with our children and teens. Connection builds co-operation. Co-operation feeds back into feeling connected and engaged. It’s a loving spiral that makes family life run smoother. What might make it hard to start this spiral is that beneath the external restrictions on our lives lie our own inner

restrictions and limitations. Many of the rigidities in each of us were laid down during our own childhoods. Some of us get irritable, some get openly angry, and some veer towards feeling hopeless and lost. We may have a ‘needy’, sulking child inside us, who never got the loving attention we hope to give our own children. So what can we do to help ourselves as parents when we need an internal ‘re-set’? Here’s an example of a recent ‘re-set’ of mine. During the quarantine period, I was suddenly, overnight, required to support my children in home education. My youngest has dyslexia and, as we sat down at the table side by side to begin his first day of home schooling, a raft of old feelings came up within me. I saw close-up how hard it can be for him to get some basics on the page: spelling, punctuation, grammar. They seem like a foreign language to him, one that must be re-learnt and remembered each time he begins a new piece of writing. At school, I’d worked to get him support around his dyslexia. He had found his way amidst a busy curriculum. Now, at home together, quietly getting on with a new routine, I ‘flipped my lid’. This colloquial term is used by Dan Siegel – clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine – to describe what happens to all of us when we are flooded with feelings from the past and our prefrontal cortex goes ‘off-line’. I’ve had a lot of practice at noticing when this happens in me, and while I don’t always catch it in time, I have gotten better at knowing when I need some warm adult attention to help reconnect my prefrontal

cortex with my emotional ‘limbic’ brain. In this instance, I could feel that my annoyance had gone from ‘0 to 100’ in a heartbeat. I wanted to find a way to regulate myself before I got harsh or judgemental with my son. So I said to him, as neutrally and calmly as I could, ‘I’ll be back in around three minutes, just need to check something’. I ran upstairs, closed the door so he wouldn’t hear me, and phoned a trusted and long-standing ‘Listening Partner’. Listening Partnerships are a term from Hand in Hand Parenting. It’s one of the five simple ‘Listening Tools’ we teach. In a Listening Partnership, you agree an equal amount of time with another parent, to swap listening, non-judgementally, confidentially, without advice or ‘fixing’. Right now I needed some Listening, with a capital ‘L’. I took three minutes, and I went for it, saying all the things that I didn’t want to spew out onto my son. I had an older sibling as a child who struggled a lot with school work – so much so that my Mum and Dad played down and ‘muted’ my achievements, so as not to upset my older sibling. I had a stack of old feelings ready to be heard, bubbling up to the surface. My Listening Partner kindly listened as I got it all out. I got to say nasty, venomous things: things I’d not felt safe enough to say as a child, and the exact things I did not want to say to my sweet son struggling downstairs with a sudden change to his routine, his friendships, his normality, and now his schoolwork. After a few explosive minutes getting it out, I was able to thank my Listening Partner, hang up the phone, and go back downstairs.

“Special Time allows for more of these small, but immensely meaningful parenting ‘wins’ ”

Like the sun coming out after a storm, the patient, warm, encouraging parent that I hoped to be on the first day of home schooling appeared. I could warmly and gently remind my son about the basics of spelling and punctuation and in his own sweet time, he began to find his way. Since then, the home schooling has gone pretty well. My son has found his own rhythm and takes ownership of his learning process, happily getting on with it each day. Phew!

Sometimes it’s not that quick a ‘re-set’, and we may need much longer ‘Listening Partnerships’ to off-load feelings about a topic that is making us hot under the collar. Having a regular place to be heard provides regular ‘top-ups’ so that we can reimagine the present and future and not get stuck in stories from the past. In this way, each of us can do regular parenting ‘re-set’s’ and find a new and happier story for the future of our children.


With thanks to Jane Thrift for sharing the Diego Perez quote with me, and for Listening.

For more information about how to find a Listening Partner, or about the free resources offered by Hand in Hand Parenting go to handinhandparenting.org. Check out Hand in Hand Parenting’s ‘Parents Connect’ Facebook page for daily updates and free support calls.


the ebb and flow of life FIND MEANING IN UNIVERSAL RHYTHMS. by Judith McAdam You would be forgiven if you consider 2020 to be a battle, in which doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals patrol the front line, saving the lives of our elders and those at high risk. But life isn’t supposed to be a battle. Rather, ‘it is a game…which cannot be played successfully without the knowledge of spiritual law’[1]. Therefore, to reboot and reset requires us to have a deeper understanding of the Laws of the Universe. At the time of writing, the virus hadn’t peaked. In search of some enlightenment, I found myself leaning toward the Hermetic Principle of Rhythm. This Principle states ‘that in everything there is manifested a measured motion; a to-and-from … a swing forward and backward; a pendulum-like movement; a tide-like ebb and flow’.[2] As I moved eagerly through the pages of this wise old text, I was reminded that ‘there is always an action and reaction; an advance and a retreat; a rising and a sinking’.[3] Then, my thoughts brought me to my breath, ebbing and flowing. I saw first-hand how the Universal Principle of Rhythm was working within my own body. Take a moment and breathe in slowly and deeply, and then breathe out slowly. Listen to the ebb and the flow of your breath. Do this three times. Now you can see how the Principle of Rhythm is working on a microcosmic level within you. Refocusing my thoughts from the small picture of my own life to the bigger Universal picture, I could see how the Universe had just taken a massive slow in-breath – an ebb, a retreat – and this caused the ‘sinking’ on a grand scale. The whole world had been forced to withdraw. Going back to my Hermetic text, it mentioned the “Outbreathing and Inbreathing of Brahman,” Brahman


representing the highest Universal Principle, God, The Creator or Source. As we move through this universal inhale, we have begun to sense how interconnected we are. We realise and appreciate how much our family, friends, and neighbours mean to us. We understand more fully the importance of our health and the health of our neighbours – both near and far – knowing that we can never take our health for granted ever again. We have gotten a chance to restore balance to our frantic lives, to see what is really important, and to unite our global village. With every in-breath there is an out-breath, with every ebb there is a flow, and it’s the flow that is the compensation or counterbalance. Take heart – ‘the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates’. [4] Take comfort – we have had our massive ebb, and now humanity as a whole is getting ready to create momentum around a massive global flow. Prepare to take advantage of this flow and listen to your intuition as it points you in the direction of an abundance of Health, Wealth, Joy and Happiness. Never forget what this Universal in-breath has given you. Go forward in a different way: putting yourself, your mental, emotional and physical health, your family, your friends, and your community first. Think of what it is you really want to do in this lifetime and do it with a sense of connectedness and love. Take a big slow breath in, and now release your breath nice and easy. Love, Judith


“As we move through this universal inhale, we have begun to sense how interconnected we are.” Sources: [1] The Game of Life and How to Play It. Winning Rules for Success and Happiness. Florence Scovel– Shinn. Vermillion 2005. UK p7 [2] The Kybalion: A study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece. Three Initiates. BN Publishing 2008. P63 [3] The Kybalion: P63 [4] The Kybalion: P65

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cultivating love THE GIFT OF RESILIENCE. by Amanda Sophia Beloveds, please know that you are spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally stronger than you realise. You have an inner resilience that is always available to you, waiting to be embraced. Take time each day to connect with your higher Self, your soul, the essence of who you truly are. This is your place of deep inner knowing, of wisdom and infinite strength. This strength comes from your own life force pulsating through you.

“Know and trust that what carried you through in the past will take you through any other situations that arise.”

I invite you to remember a situation in the past that you survived and learned from, one that connected you to your


inner sovereignty. Recall an experience that was challenging, but you nonetheless overcame. Know and trust that what carried you through in the past will take you through any other situations that arise. You might even say, “This too shall pass,” for we are never given more than we can handle. We have all had our fair share of trauma in our lives. I know I have. My inner resilience helped me through situations I wasn’t sure I could survive at the time. We have all heard stories about a mother lifting a car to save a child, a passerby saving a family from a smokefilled house. Such inner strength can be tapped, if you know and trust that is there, ready for you when the time comes. Of course, it is also essential to allow ourselves to feel whatever we need to feel. The ability to embrace your emotions and attend to them will help you to become more connected, confident, peaceful, and

empowered. Sometimes we have to dig deep inside ourselves to make essential changes in our lives — to be willing to change, to let go, to do whatever is being asked of us. It starts with self-compassion. Let go of the inner critic, be more loving with yourself and know that you are doing the best that you can. We have anywhere between 70,000 – 80,000 thoughts per day. Be mindful of the thoughts that are unkind to Self, and see how you can replace negative self-talk and instead invite in positive, loving thoughts. Remember, nothing can take away the untouchable divine strength of your inner Self. Nothing can truly hurt you at your soul level. By living with this knowledge, you will feel empowered and able to deal with anything that comes your way. Part of the journey to really connect with your inner strength and resilience is to treat yourself with love and compassion, as you would a young child. Another important aspect of inner resilience is the willingness to be vulnerable, which is actually – perhaps unexpectedly – another one of your superpowers. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you can ask for (and receive) the support you need, whether it’s reaching out to a friend or a therapist. Cultivate supportive relationships in your life. Find your tribe. Remember to breathe. Breathing mindfully calms your nervous system and invites you to be present. It helps you create more space and become balanced again. When you are in this calm inner place, you will make sound decisions and know that you have the inner resilience to face any challenge that comes your way.


BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM THIS SUMMER! Dr Wolzs’ Vitalkomplex is a high-quality multi-micronutrient preparation. It is a concentration of vital substances like vitamins, trace elements, minerals and a high proportion of secondary plant compounds (phytochemicals) from superfoods and ferments which are in their natural, bioavailable form. The phytochemicals (phenolic acids, flavonoids, anthocyanins, etc.) are unique, and due to many studies regarding phytochemicals it has the following characteristics: • • • •

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ne (including


awakening your world A CALL TO AWAKEN AWARENESS WITHIN. by Sandy Newbigging I remember having a conversation with my original teacher of meditation (a great guy called Narain) about all the terrible things I saw occurring within the world. Sharing my concerns, sadness and fear for the future of us all, he made a comment that caused my perspective to do a 180-degree turn. He said, ‘Don’t forget that the world is the context of our awakening, and the crazier things become, the quicker we will all wake up.’ Remember, within all of us is a permanently present awareness that isn’t broken and resides beyond the temporary mental, emotional, physical and environmental stuff. This awareness is calm and free – always – and losing connection with it causes us to get caught up in a world of conditioned, conflicting and constricting thoughts, which then get projected outwards. As a result, many of the problems we see in the world are possible and perpetuated because we are asleep to the awakened awareness within. I believe that every one of us would like to return to an experience of oneness with nature, the universe, with ‘Divinity’. Even if we believe we only want a flash car,


a house in the country, or a promotion at work, the desire for this return appears to be built into the fabric of humanity. Knowing that you, everyone you meet, and everything in the world is all made up of the same divine ‘stuff’, life becomes sacred. You are complete, whole and at peace, and nothing or no one person or circumstance can take it away from you. You have a deep gratitude for life and are fully willing to experience life in all its myriad of guises. Fear falls away as each moment is bathed in the light of love. This invincible love, that you now know you are, is no longer gained from other people, possessions or prestige, but is a wellspring from within, that is endless, pure and powerful. Naturally, you stop taking things so personally, or seriously. Other people stop being so annoying or hurtful, even if they hold differences of opinion or act unconsciously in peculiar ways. Instead, you experience a courageous compassion and possess a deep desire for everyone to wake up from the conditioning that’s causing them suffering. Life stops revolving around how you are feeling, or if you are getting your own way or not. Knowing and experiencing the unified truth of reality, there is

ultimately no individual ‘you’ to defend and life is an adventure; the world is the playground. You are flexible and free, incredibly content, recognise that the present moment is the gift, and live without limitations as you go about fulfilling your purpose. Consider what the world would be like if everyone had already woken up? How would we treat the planet if we knew it was nirvana, and how would we interact with one another if we knew we were all divine? It may all sound too good to be true, or darn right impossible, but don’t forget; if it’s possible for the individual, then the potential exists also for it to be possible for communities and countries. Don’t give up on humanity too soon. We are just getting started!

“Stop waiting for someone else to wake up first. It’s your time and it’s your turn.” If you want to see this kind of world, it’s up to you to be the change - now. Stop waiting for someone else to wake up first. It’s your time and it’s your turn. As one of the pioneers you do a great service. Treading a new path, it’s quicker and easier for the next person to wake up too. The state of the world is changing. Every day, an ever-increasing number of people are seeing beyond illusionary limitation and awakening to the awareness within. Together, we are waking up to a new world where humanity knows peace and lives free.

Sandy is a monk, meditation teacher, creator of Mind Detox and a bestselling author of several books including New Beginnings. sandynewbigging.com


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and soul The Caring Approach SUSTAINING SELF-SUFFICIENCY. Sustainability is the major buzzword on eco-conscious lips these days. How can we move forward in a way that meets the growing needs of humanity, while also being mindful of the need to sustain the Earth? For many, growing their own food, or choosing local produce wherever possible, has been an important step on their journey towards self-sufficiency. As we become more familiar with the natural processes of food production, this moves us towards a deeper appreciation for our planet’s rhythms and cycles. Connecting with the earth beneath our feet is a powerful method of moving towards sustainability. If You Care is one household company whose dedication to helping their customers embrace a sustainable lifestyle is at the heart of everything they

“Maelruan’s Tree is estimated to be over 250 years old, and produces walnuts every year.”


do. If You Care’s mission statement is, quite simply: ‘We care simply because it’s the right thing to do. Now, more than ever.’ This company’s mission has always been to create environmentally friendly kitchen and household products, providing customers with high quality, highly effective alternatives to products

“We care simply because it’s the right thing to do. Now, more than ever.” that pollute the environment. They are proud to offer a full line of products that are not only supportive of the Earth, but are also great for cooking and household

needs. They use vegetable based inks and dyes for printing all of their packaging, as a substitute for petroleum based inks. We’ve always been huge fans of If You Care, and continue to be amazed by their dedication to helping people to live a more sustainable life: attuned to the cycles of our planet, and leaving it in a positive place for generations to come. ifyoucare.com

Soothe Your Soul EASE INTO RETREAT. The Dominican Retreat Centre is located in Tallaght Village, just 12 kilometres away from Dublin city centre, and has been in use as a retreat centre for over 80 years. It offers a wide variety of events and workshops, exploring subjects as diverse as meditation, Tai-chi, pottery, Zen, and more. While the centre is rooted in the Christian faith, it accepts the wisdom behind many different traditions. According to director Donagh O’Shea OP, ‘many people have some knowledge and experience of different spiritual paths, and it was the genius of St Dominic to make connections rather than disconnections.’ The Centre’s 18th-century Walled Garden offers a tranquil environment for mindful walking, sitting, prayer, and meditation. Its most notable feature is ‘Maelruan’s Tree’, one of Ireland’s oldest walnut trees. This beautiful tree is estimated to be over 250 years old, and continues to produce walnuts every year. According to the Centre’s booking

manager Eileen Pugh, ‘being in its vicinity is very healing. All the groups who come to visit say that spending time in the garden is one of their favourite parts of the retreat, and the walnut tree, especially, ranks highly on the list.’ The Centre has spaces to host large and small conferences, one-to-one sessions and special occasions like baptisms, weddings and anniversaries. They can cater for 30 people on a residential basis, with additional camp beds available for big groups. They also facilitate special dietary requirements, provided that these are communicated to them in advance. Learn more at the Dominican Retreat Centre website, domrc.ie. To enquire about booking the space, contact Eileen at eileenpugh1@hotmail.com or 086 840 9035


With IF YOU CARE Unbleached Non-Stick Parchment Paper. RECIPE

Sustainable. FSC and Compostable Certified. Non-GMO. Non-Toxic. Gluten and Allergen Free. Totally Chlorine Free. Vegan. Vegetarian. Renewable Resources. All Natural.

Chocolate-Cherry Oatmeal Cookies Makes 8-10 Cookies

• 1 stick butter, melted • 3/4 cup white sugar • 1/4 cup packed brown sugar • 1 room temperature egg • 1/4 tsp vanilla • 1 cup flour • 1/2 tsp baking soda • 1/2 tsp salt • 3/4 tsp cinnamon • 1 1/2 cups old fashioned oats • 1/4 cup dried sour cherries • 1/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips • 1/4 cup walnuts

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. 2. In a mixing bowl, cream the butter and sugars together. Add egg and vanilla until smooth. 3. In a separate bowl, mix together flour, baking soda, salt and cinnamon. Add to butter mixture, alternating between oats and flour mixture until fully incorporated. 4. Mix in cherries, chocolate chips, walnuts until just combined. 5. Line a baking pan with If You Care Parchment Paper. Using your hands, divide dough into 8-10 even balls and space out evenly on the parchment, flattening slightly (note: you may need to bake in multiple batches). 6. Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown. Allow cookies to cool before transferring to wire rack.



“Breathing exercises, mindfulness, grounding, time to relax, love, cuddle, a good belly laugh: they all help smooth our wrinkles, relax our muscles and ease digestion.”

reboot and reset 22

blueprint THE CAR PRINCIPLE. by Elle Fox

Our body has amazing regenerative abilities. The liver takes roughly half a year to replace all its cells, while our intestines take a mere two to three days. We have a whole ‘new’ skeleton every seven to ten years, while our lungs only take two to three weeks. As you’ve been reading this sentence, 50K+ cells in your body have died and been replaced by new ones.

Where does the body find the energy and materials to perform these miraculous feats? In traditional medicine, the body is viewed as a whole. The practitioner evaluates the individual’s history, diet, lifestyle and environment to offer recommendations for health and wellbeing. But we can each do a lot to address our body’s healthy renewal. In the current climate, a “Reset and Reboot” blueprint is a good place to start.

How can we apply our Car Principle for best results?

your bladder every three hours or so; dehydration symptoms ameliorate.

Oil: the Body needs Fats

Appropriate Fuel – would you put petrol in a diesel engine?

Essential Fats (EFAs) can support antiinflammatory action, brain and cell membrane health. Good sources: cold pressed oils, seaweed and algae, chia, hemp and flax seeds, walnuts, edamame, kidney beans, wildcaught fish and their oils, grass fed meats, poultry, free-range eggs.

Water: Hydration is Key The average person uses 8-10 cups of water per day for metabolic processes in a temperate climate. More water is required in warmer weather, or during periods of increased activity. Dehydration symptoms include dry or inflamed skin, headaches, fatigue, a dry mouth and dizziness.

The Car Principle

How to Rehydrate:

We can go a long way if we treat our body like a car. Any car model only needs five things to function well (road and traffic conditions and other drivers notwithstanding): • Oil • Water • Appropriate fuel • Regular service • A conscious driver

• Boost water intake by 500-750ml/week to reach an optimum of 1.5-2 litres daily • Use filtered water to avoid impurities in the tap water supply. • Increase fruit, vegetables and herbal teas. • Reduce/eliminate caffeine, alcohol, fizzy and low calorie drinks Signs of good hydration: urine is clear/ straw colour and odourless; you empty

Essential fats and water aside, appropriate nutrition is hugely important: the body needs the best raw materials to help build new tissue. Protein, made of amino acids, offers the building blocks for body growth and maintenance. The good news? Most of the good fat sources are also crammed full of great protein. A rich range of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients can also be sourced from a varied and balanced diet.

Regular Servicing/MOT: We expect to service our cars for better, longer performance. Why not extend the same courtesy to our bodies? External threats to our health include smoking, pollution, cleaning products, pesticides, over-exposure to sunlight, infections and trauma. Internal factors include genetics, lowered immunity, an unsuitable diet, food sensitivities/allergies, or impaired digestion and elimination. Identifying the above factors, and then reducing or removing them, will go a long way towards improving your health.

Health Coach A Conscious Driver

Here are a few strategies to help with digestion, assimilation and elimination:

• Broad strokes: avoid eating on the hoof or when stressed; chew well, sip a little water with meals but do not drink large amounts; have a cup of hot water with fresh lemon in the morning; avoid eating fruit after a meal. • Banish sugar! It damages collagen, promotes ageing and inflammation, and strips invaluable, muscle-relaxing magnesium. • Move: even a twenty-minute walk three times a week in nature is a bonus for all body functions, especially digestion and circulation. • CHEW! There is a reason our teeth are at the beginning of our digestive tract. Chewing mixes food with saliva (which starts the digestion of starches in the mouth), and signals the arrival of food, encouraging the production of gastric juices. Chewing ‘primes’ our intestinal tract to digest incoming food more efficiently.

Stress management is very important. After all, you don’t run your car 24/7. It ‘rests’ on your drive overnight. You avoid revving the engine, too: otherwise, your car’s longevity will reduce. Anger, envy, anxiety and worry all rev our emotional engine. Take a little time to identify stressors and work towards reducing them. Breathing exercises, mindfulness, grounding (walking barefoot on grass or natural surfaces), time to relax, love, cuddle (releases that wonderful love hormone oxytocin), a good belly laugh: they all help smooth our wrinkles, relax our muscles and ease digestion. Health literature is full of “miraculous recoveries” from all kinds of ailments, mild to severe, using relaxation techniques and loving kindness. Some external environmental factors can cause or increase stress: noise, light and road pollution, exposure to toxins (garden, household cleaning, cosmetics and skincare chemicals, mould, fire retardants), electromagnetic radiation (WiFi, LED and fluorescent lighting, mobile phones), heavy metals (water supply, jewellery, cooking utensils and medications). Identification of these can

Do Something Life-Changing

 Improve Your Health CNM Change Career  Help others


help you understand what’s “getting under your skin” or “up your nose” – as well as all those things you “can’t stomach”. A qualified naturopath is trained to help you navigate these issues, creating your best reset and reboot health strategy. A note about the importance of resilient communities: Where possible, source food that is minimally processed, seasonal, local and, hopefully, organic. Support your local community farmer, artisan baker, or farm shop. Building (or re-building) resilient bodies can’t be done in a vacuum. We need our local community around us to be resilient, too. Knowing where our food comes from is vital to our survival and supporting local growers is key. This is the most significant reboot and reset: our relationship with the land, and those who respectfully and sympathetically work it for the benefit of all.

Elle Fox, Naturopath, is a CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) Graduate, author and speaker. naturopathy.ie


h Te r a is ning Successful Health Coaches

Health Coach

Launching in May

Do Something Life-Changing

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our centres LET’S RISE IN LOVE. by Dawn Cartwright

If there was ever a time when the world (and all of us in it) needed more love, it’s now. Good news is, our bodies contain a map for love: one that has existed since the beginning of time. It was here long before we arrived, before the universe and the world as we know it began. It’s the energy of life, pure and untouched. It’s the very beginning of love. Some call this energy Kundalini, some call it passion, others call it renewal and promise and hope. It’s a map of the human spirit. A map with lines traced from earth to sky. This map exists in our sexual centre, alive with sexual energy. It is the map of sexual reflexology. When we are touched, both physically and emotionally, this map comes alive. The channels of Kundalini awaken and we are reborn and renewed. When we give and receive conscious sexual touch and embrace the emotions that emerge, we activate that energy throughout the body. We rise in love.

Sexual Reflexology Sexual reflexology is a way of bringing

conscious touch to the sexual centre. When we feel secure and receptive to touch, our body relaxes and tension is released. Our sexual centre comes into balance and awakens. Our sexual energy flows naturally. Your touch may be strong and warm or gentle and deep. Find a way to touch these places in and on your own body so you feel met, welcome and accepted. It may take some practice to sink in and truly receive your touch, be patient, be loving with yourself. You may also wish to touch yourself emotionally as you explore sexual reflexology. There are emotions associated with each of the reflexology zones. Allow your meditation to bring you into these balanced emotional states, then melt those emotions into your heart and into your body until you feel the two merge in resonance. There are four zones in the sexual centre, corresponding to four meridians or energy channels in the body. Like the map of the Kundalini, these zones and channels are a path to awakening. When all four zones are activated and flowing, we feel grounded, alert and exuberant. Our

sexual experiences are loving, intimate and fulfilling.

The First Zone The first zone is located at the base of the sexual centre for both women and men. This zone is connected to our sexuality. It is the place where Kundalini energy is coiled. It is the gateway to ecstasy. When we touch this part of our body consciously, we release tension and increase balance in our sexuality and physical being. In this way, energy begins to move more freely. We feel accepted and experience self-love. The emotions associated are: gentle, peaceful and calm.

The Second Zone The second zone is located on the sex centre for both women and men. Half way between the root and crown for the man’s sexual centre and at the centre of the G-spot for women. This zone is connected to our sensuality. It is the place of relationship and pleasure. When we touch this part of the body consciously,

25 we release tension and increase balance in our relationships. We feel more at ease with sexual pleasure. Energy moves freely and we feel emotionally available, we feel attraction and attractive. The emotions associated are: generous, caring, sympathetic and confident.

“When we are touched, both physically and emotionally … we rise in love.” The Fourth Zone

The Third Zone The third zone is located just beneath the crown of the sexual centre for a man and just above the G-spot for women. This zone is connected to our vitality, our inner fire. It is the place of physical vibrancy and health. It is the zone where we express ourselves as the unique human being we are. When we touch zone three consciously, we release tension and increase balance in our vitality and sense of self. Energy flows freely and we have better boundaries and have more to give. The emotions associated are: grounded, centred, and open.

The fourth zone is located at the very top of the sexual centre for women, near the opening of womb, and at the crown of the sexual centre for men. This zone is connected to the heart. It is the place of spiritual love, intimate love, self love and unconditional love. Zone four is the place where we experience empathy and shared passion. When we touch this zone consciously, we release tension and increase balance in our ability to love. Energy flows freely and we are able to bond, accept and trust. The emotions associated are contentment, enthusiasm and joy for no reason.

Rise In Love Each of these sexual reflexology zones is a universe of love in itself. We are, love is, mirrors into mirrors. In our lovemaking, these zones are touched naturally, a beautiful way to consciously touch all four. Give yourself or someone you love some conscious touch today. May you always rise in love. Dawn Cartwright is a Neo Tantra visionary, sacred writer, world traveler, and innovator in authentic lovemaking and Neo Tantra fusion.


the keys

to fifthdimensional living This level of consciousness that’s coming down to meet us … it’s pushing us to be a higher version of ourselves.


by Aisling Cronin

“Change your frequency, change your life.” This is the simple yet profound core principle underlying Mas Sajady’s life work. Mas Sajady is a transformational coach and founder of Exponential Intelligence®, MediMorphosis® and Medihealing®. These modalities have helped thousands of people around the world to break through challenging situations and achieve success and fulfilment. We were thrilled to interview him recently, to learn more about the passion he has for doing his part to move Earth into a new, more harmonious reality. When Mas was younger, he – like many other children – attempted to hide and ignore his highly intuitive nature so he could fit in. It took two near-death experiences for him to awaken and embrace his abilities. His first near-death experience occurred in his early twenties. Surprisingly – in spite of the injuries he suffered at that time – Mas describes this as the best experience he ever had. “The beauty, peace and love present during this experience can never compare to anything we have on earth at

this physical level.” After this experience, his intuitive abilities were heightened and he was able to sense future events and the internal issues of others. Nowadays, Mas acts as a conduit for pure healing energy. His abilities have been studied and verified by Dr. Octavio Pino and Dr. Norman Shealy, acclaimed neurosurgeon and pain medicine pioneer, as well as by several clinical research institutes. He helps people to experience fundamental shifts which can impact their physical, emotional, financial or spiritual health, as well as all areas of their relationships. One topic that is very close to his heart is our planet’s forthcoming transition to a state of fifth-dimensional living. This a state of being in which we have moved beyond the fear and limitations acquired through the

experience of third-dimensional life. In a fifth-dimensional state of being, we are able to hold more spiritual energy in our own bodies, rather than looking outside of ourselves for the Divine presence. “What would have happened in the past,” Mas explains, “is that we, as humans, had to step outside of ourselves – ‘up our game’, in a sense – to connect with higher levels of consciousness. Imagine an inventor like Tesla, who would raise himself beyond his everyday level of awareness, access a higher field of consciousness, and then bring the inspirations and ideas he found there back down into his life. That’s how he created his inventions. We’ve always experienced ourselves, throughout the centuries, having to go up to meet that level of consciousness, but in the near future, it’s going to become more obvious that this consciousness is now coming down to meet us: being integrated into our being as an ‘upgrade’.”

“What we will experience in the near future is, we’ll see inventions, ideas, and medical practices from a very, very different level. We won’t create things that destroy us. This level of consciousness that’s coming down to meet us … it’s pushing us to be a higher version of ourselves.” Mas believes that this shift will bring many profound benefits to society, removing control mechanisms and inequalities that have limited our potential for aeons. He feels that this is because

some of the destructive patterns that have historically played themselves out on our planet simply cannot exist with a fifthdimensional reality. “Those patterns don’t exist within the higher consciousness that is coming to us,” he says. “They can’t function there. The way I like to explain it is: think about the advances in cellular phone technology over the past few decades. With every update that passed, you would lose the ability to do certain things that were possible with older phones. You couldn’t do certain things you could before you upgraded – and nor would

you want to, because those things had become dated. They couldn’t help you as well as the new phone’s features could. This process humanity is going through is like one big software update”

To learn more about Mas, visit his website mas-sajady.com. You can watch our full interview with him on YouTube – just search ‘Positive Life Magazine’ to find us.


exploring deeper


Positive Life in conversation with Sadhguru

“... discover what it means to just sit here and reverberate as a piece of life - the ultimate ecstasy of being here.�

29 Sadhguru, one of the most influential men in India, is a yogi, public speaker and author of the New York Times bestseller ‘Inner Engineering; A Yogi’s Guide to Joy’. Quickly becoming a vital voice in regards to tackling current issues, he is also a promulgator of a wide number of spiritual, educational and environmental endeavours. He expresses his vision as one where people are enabled to reach inner well-being, fulfil their highest potential as human beings and thereby harmonise both themselves and the world. Sadhguru is also the founder of the Isha Foundation, a not-for-profit charity dedicated to raising human consciousness through the science of yoga. Sadhguru spoke with us recently, offering readers words of motivation and insight.

Reboot Reset Renew “For all those people who have been eternally complaining about too much work, their boss and bad traffic, this is the time to recoup. If we know how to make use of this time, we can come back with renewed strength and energy. If we can keep anxiety aside, and every one of us uses this time to upgrade ourselves by 10%, physically, mentally, emotionally and in terms of our competence, this will set the world at a different pitch and possibility. We are offering various guided processes that you can download in an app or on the web that can support you in this.”

Maximise your lease on life “In many ways, the virus, and the conversation happening around it, has brought mortality right up in our faces. Human life is very fragile. We are mortal creatures. We have a limited lease of time and it is ticking away at every moment. If everyone was conscious of this, where would we find time to fight, or abuse each other, or do anything that doesn’t really matter to us?” “A time like this should be used as a realisation about how we should live our lives, what we should do differently within ourselves and around ourselves. The value of our humanity must become the prime

factor. When I say the value of being human I mean this; every other creature in the world, in its very intrinsic instincts, always wants to live within a safety boundary, but what sets the human being apart is that, when our intelligence has flowered, our consciousness comes to a place where we want to break our barriers.” “If we want to break our boundaries, this is the time – when our mortality is really in our face. We must use this as a point of realisation. We must bring humanity to a new level of realisation of the significance of being human.”

nation have fought for in their own way, may get wiped out.” “The responsible citizens of every nation should keep a count of all the encroachments that are happening. Don’t protest now because the government has an onerous job on its hands, both in terms of maintaining limiting fatalities and maintaining the economic process. We must keep a count however, and the moment the virus situation is over we must see these things are pushed back at least to where they were. This is an important responsibility of every citizen of every nation in the world.”

Safeguard Freedom

Look within

“Suppose there is a war in a nation – governments will naturally take charge and many basic human rights will be curtailed. In hard times like these, emergency laws may be promulgated that give sweeping powers to the government. However, I wouldn’t worry so much about that because right now, staying alive is the most important thing. For this, controls may be needed.” “What I am concerned about is the long-term. If the virus situation continues for two to three years, it will become normal for us to be controlled. A lot of individual freedom that people in every

“Health is not just an absence of disease. The word “health” comes from the word “whole”. When an individual human being feels complete – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – that is when health happens. We must build this into a human being. This has to happen at the earliest time in his life.” “When it comes to infectious diseases, such as the virus, you need medicine. But over seventy percent of disease in the world is chronic, which means it comes from within the human body system. These diseases are thus self-created. The physical body has a

natural longing to be healthy, to survive and to protect itself as much as possible. Yet, when this is so, why is it that our own body, or certain parts of our body, turn and work against itself ? This is something that needs to be looked at rather than just trying to constantly fix things when they go wrong.” “No one can give us health. Health is our responsibility. This has to be brought into our curriculum so that every child can learn how to generate health for himself, rather than wait for a healthcare system to help later in life. Each individual must become the main healthcare provider for themselves, because health can only be organized from within.”

Dive into deeper dimensions “Our survival process is more organised than ever before. Today, if you have enough money, you can go into a store and buy everything that you need for a whole year. This was never so on this planet. Survival has always been such a great struggle, but


now for the first time, the survival process has been totally organised. This is the time to find expression to deeper dimensions of what a human being means.” “I have, at close quarters, seen multibillionaires still behaving like beggars. Their mindset is that of a beggar who sits on the street every day, thinking, “How many more pennies can I gather?” The numbers are different but the experience of life is still the same.” “It is very important that you simplify your survival process so that the deeper dimensions of who you are find expression in your life. If we had been created like any other creature on this planet; eating, sleeping, reproducing and dying one day would have been a complete process by itself. However, once you are created as a human being, human life does not end with survival, human life begins only when survival is taken care of. It is extremely important that you discover what it means to just sit here and reverberate as a piece of life – that is the ultimate ecstasy of being here.” “What you call as “myself” – this

body, mind and whatever else, was slowly created from within. There is something within you which can transform a rice grain or a banana or a piece of bread into a human being. From a newborn to who you are today, this was created from within. So that which you refer to as creator is definitely within. That which is the deepest core of you, you can either call it God or “myself”. These are just different names for the same thing.” The Isha Foundation’s flagship course, Inner Engineering Online (IEO), is currently free for healthcare providers and is otherwise offered at 50% of its usual cost, during these challenging times. IEO is an intensive course for personal growth that imparts practical tools to bring our physical, emotional and mental capabilities to their peak. Innerengineering.com isha.sadhguru.org/global/en

Floatation Therapy

The Ultimate Relaxation Experience Unwind - Relax - Rejuvenate

Slí Beatha Float House

A fantastic Float Centre specialising in Floatation Therapy, based in Naas Town Centre (3 Float tanks) and our second location at Dublin 24 (1 Tank).

www.floathouse.ie Call: (087) 460 5005 email: info@floathouse.ie @ floathouse_ireland

‘An illuminating read’ ‘This book will make you fearless’ How do we break the repetitive cycle of conditioned behaviour patterns that often lead to self-sabotage, a spiral of stress and a life of escapism? In her book, Beyond Survival, Helen Holt (Avondale Retreat) shows that by harnessing the chaos of a stressful, routine existence, we can short-circuit the nervous system to accept a new path towards your true potential. This practical and personal read with energy-lifting meditation exercises at the end of each chapter, demonstrates how you can create the necessary biochemical and mindset adaptations to live an empowered and fully embodied life. Helen points us towards portals of inspiring, and uniquely heart-centred ways of living that embody the challenging nourishment of being fully awake with the core of our authentic selves. Available now half price available on book depository and www.avondaleretreat.com


Harness Chaos to Unlock Your Most Elevated Potential


harmonious healing The incantation of OM by Alison McEvoy Deva Premal is a world renowned singer of devotional music and chants. She travels the world with her band, accompanied by her musical partner and guide, Miten. Both are devoted to showering the healing power of sound on as many people as possible. Deva recently released her twenty third album which was nominated for Best New Age Album at this years Grammy awards.

The Hertz of Harmony It’s 8am and baby just went back to sleep. A droning starts outside a few moments after my head sinks back into the pillow. Baby is fine but I spend the next twenty minutes having angry, imaginary conversations with the management company of our apartment block. Mind too tired to swim against the tide of what is, I finally turn around and go with the flow. Reaching for my phone, I seek out some slumber-inducing music to drown out the incessant hum of the lawnmower drawing eights around the shrubs. I come across some piano music styled for sleep but even the ever so slight plink-plonk, staccato transition from one note to the next keeps my mind alert. I go searching again and come across some music created at 432Hz. Hmm, I

learned about this pitch recently when looking into Deva Premal’s new single, OM. Hopeful (and desperate), I lie back... Two hours and 30minutes later, baby and I emerge from the deepest morning nap we have had in six months. The 432Hz pitch is believed to be aligned with the natural vibration of the universe; including the biology of the human being and of nature. Music performed at this pitch is thus more in tune with the innate harmony of our being, and helps us come into natural alignment. Before I drifted off I remember feeling my body tingling, and the heaviest parts of my legs felt as if they were lifting up from the bed. I woke up refreshed and my body felt whole again. It was wonderful.

Experience OM Deva Premal’s new single combines this mega-harmonious pitch with the most powerful mantra there is – OM. OM is known to yoga lovers worldwide as it is chanted at the beginning and end of yoga classes everywhere. It is universally recognized as central to the art of meditation. OM is, in yogic philosophy, the beginning and the end. As a mantra, OM has the potential to bring about the blossoming of enlightenment. For it is the ‘seed’ mantra – the sound from which all other sound, indeed all creation, issues

forth. Listening to the track in my kitchen, I felt the sacred doors open. The doors which are always there and which we step through when experiencing a shift in perspective. This shift enables us to recognize the sacredness of the moment we are in, the life we are living.

“As a mantra, OM has the potential to bring about the blossoming of enlightenment.” New heights for the New Age As mentioned, the new album Deva was nominated for the award of Best New Age Album at this year’s Grammys ceremony. Speaking about the nomination, Deva expressed how it felt slightly “absurd or amusing” to “receive worldly recognition for prayer”. However, she is grateful for the nomination - “[it] can only be a good thing because it means that more people are exposed to the healing power of the mantras and will benefit from their presence in their lives”. devapremalmiten.com

Pranic Healing

Would you like to learn about the chakras and the Aura? Did you know the energy around you impacts your health, relationships & finances? Join us for a two day transformational course in Pranic healing.


“Pranic healing is a modality that works and teaches you the power of your own energy and how you can draw up on it, I highly recommend David Connell, he knows his stuff� Paul Congdon: Positive Life.

Pranic Healing Level 1 Course

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corona as catalyst RE-IMAGINING RESILIENCE IN CHALLENGING TIMES. by Davie Philip “This is an extraordinary time full of vital, transformative movements that could not be foreseen. It’s also a nightmarish time. Full engagement requires the ability to perceive both.” Rebecca Solnit What we are living through is definitely a turning point, and the most serious collective event any of us have ever faced. As we navigate these uncharted waters, I see an opportunity to intensify efforts to strengthen our resilience and to be better able to cope with the cascades of challenges that will follow. By now our relationships will have been severely tested, and most of us will have lost livelihoods or have businesses that have gone bust. Our collective anxiety has reached unprecedented levels, and we are now sliding into a global economic downturn deeper than we have ever experienced. It will take months, if not years, to recover. Without belittling the seriousness of the situation, and recognising that this has been a terrible time for most people, could we find a silver lining in this pandemic? A good crisis really is an awful thing to waste. So many things have changed and going back to the way things were is not really


“A good crisis really is an awful thing to waste.” an option – remember, ‘normal’ before Coronavirus was a climatic and ecological emergency. This massive wake-up call has highlighted that the way we live on this planet is fatally out of balance. Rather than bouncing back, the pandemic could act as a catalyst to help us break through to a different way of living. In this extraordinary time many people have discovered that they are far stronger together, with the crisis injecting a new sense of co-operation into our fragmented communities. Even with physical distancing, we have witnessed countless displays of social solidarity, with community groups mobilising to care for elderly people and to deliver supplies to other vulnerable groups. The crisis has brought into focus the vulnerabilities of the very long supply

chains that we depend on. Being forced to stay within 2km of where we live has nurtured a new appreciation of our local places. Community Supported Agriculture and box schemes providing locally produced food have reported increased subscriptions, and seed sales were unprecedented as many got into gardening for the first time. We are now aware of the benefits of working from home, with many questioning the need for arduous commutes. The pandemic highlights inequalities and in doing so, gives us an opportunity to resolve them. It is now clear who the essential workers in our society are, and we need to ensure we support and properly pay them as we go forward. In many ways this could be a valuable opportunity to build a fairer, more humane, healthy and compassionate world. The skills we have learned over the last few months will become part of the way we rebuild the future. Could this be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reconsider our relationship with the natural world, reconnect to our local communities, re-localise economies and intensify efforts to strengthen our resilience. This is essential as this crisis is likely to be a dress rehearsal for what is to come. Davie Philip is a community catalyst and facilitator at Cultivate, the sustainability cooperative based in Cloughjordan Ecovillage, and a network weaver with ECOLISE the European network for communityled initiatives on climate change and sustainability.

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I have been absolutely amazed at the amount of information, and awe struck at the practicality of the whole concept. You can use this noninvasive therapy to help people with a host of emotional stresses, nutrition and learning difficulties, minor injuries and many other issues.

Starts September www.kinesiologyzone.com/training BALANCED HEALTH COURSE DUBLIN | CORK | MAYO WATERFORD | DONEGAL KinesiologyZone Head Office, Westport, Co Mayo

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regroup and


by Aisling Cronin

“2020 has also offered us a golden opportunity to reinvigorate our passion for healthy living and community resilience.�


Vitality is Ireland’s largest natural health and wellbeing show. It is owned by Eventhaus Ltd and run in association with Health Stores Ireland, a professional trade association which represents the majority of health food stores in Ireland. With a number of successful outings behind them, organisers are excited to return to the RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin, this autumn. Vitality is always a much-anticipated event, as its central goal is to bring together the best and brightest names in nutrition, lifestyle, fitness and healthy living. In the era of social distancing, there is no doubt that this year’s show will be even more special than usual. It will offer the holistic health community a chance to come together, safely, in support of one another. Despite the challenges this year has brought our way, 2020 has also offered us a golden opportunity to reinvigorate our passion for healthy living and community resilience. This great opportunity was embraced by Vitality’s organisers, who promised to support small businesses when lockdown measures kicked in. Potential exhibitors were offered the chance to secure their spot at the event by

Oliver McCabe - Chef During these extraordinary times, it’s important to stay healthy and keep motivated, so when you’re visiting your local independent health food store, please support Irish made health food and Irish made health products. Not only are you shopping locally at your local independent stores, you are putting the heart back into the local community. On a grander scale, you are supporting the local Irish economy. If everyone spent a fiver a week it’s worth around a billion euro a year to the local Irish economy, which means real jobs, vibrancy and stronger communities. So in support of that, at Vitality, I will be focused on preparing Irish-made, healthy, easy recipes from Irish farms and producers. I hope to see as many people as possible, joining us to be part of this wonderful Irish health community event of the year!

simply signing a free pledge. Garrett Buckley, Managing Director of EventHaus, explained: “(We) know that many of our loyal exhibitors rely on our shows to generate future business. Our unique pledge, based on goodwill, has been designed to galvanise industry support and to help us plan for the future. By pledging to support Vitality 2020, we will continue to work with our suppliers in creating an event like no other, that’s well positioned for our exhibitors to be front and centre in availing of the upturn.” This emphasis on businesses collaborating and supporting one another through challenging times is key to enabling human communities – and our world as a whole – to flourish, now and well into the future. Vitality is divided into four distinct areas: Food & Cookery, Fitness, Wellbeing and Sustainability, with Wiley’s Finest returning as sponsors of the Sustainable stage. The line-up of engaging expert speakers will cover all aspects of positive living. An action-packed schedule of yoga classes and fitness demonstrations will also be on offer at Vitality. The Yoga

Suzy Kell - Decluttering Coach I’m delighted to be speaking at this year’s Vitality event, to show people how they can thrive at home. I’m here to help overwhelmed, determined people tackle two of our most pressing 21st century problems – too much stuff and too much waste. I’ve got sustainable tips for every stage of the decluttering process, and bags of enthusiasm to get you pumped to change your home for the better!

Zone will be run by Yoga Therapy Ireland, hosted by a variety of experts in different disciplines, and the best part? All classes are free. The show will also feature more than 130 top class exhibitors. A full list is available on Vitality’s website. Each year, Vitality welcomes industry respected experts who inspire, educate, and motivate their visitors to reach for their personal and business goals, while also expanding their knowledge of fitness, food, wellness and sustainable living. The featured speakers are carefully selected, highly enthusiastic about their area of expertise, and have a strong desire to share their knowledge for the betterment of the community. Vitality is particularly proud of its strong focus on encouraging Irish home-grown talent. Ahead of the event, we were excited to speak to three of the guest speakers, to find out exactly why they are looking forward to this event – now more than ever. Learn more about Vitality by checking out their website: vitalityexpo.ie.

Leonie Cornelius - Garden & Interior Designer I am really looking forward to bringing my new lifestyle brand waėė (Wild Authentic Earth) to the amazing Vitality event. waėėė’s ethos is to connect people with wild nature, and to like-minded people who are interested in living more joyful, beautiful and connected everyday lives. My talks will be centred around the ethos of inviting the wild to inspire our everyday – from gardens to food and mindfulness. I’ve developed some exciting new courses to help people tap into the essential power of wild nature and bring it into their joyful everyday.

Learn more about Vitality Expo by checking out their website: vitalityexpo.ie.






The concept of self-sufficiency, so important in the debate about the future of our planet, is as rich and complex as the debate itself, and evolves all the time. The worldwide coronavirus pause led to an outburst of activities previously not seen in that magnitude: gardening and growing our own food, baking bread, cooking and fermenting, home brewing and DIY. Seed suppliers had to temporarily close their online shops, because of unprecedented demands. In some supermarkets, flour was in short supply. We struggled to order wine yeast online. What suddenly seemed to become a necessity in 2020 was a choice for us nearly 35 years ago: a bit more self-sufficiency!

Living the Good Life When we began our rocky journey to a more self-determined and self-sufficient life in 1985, we used “The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency” by the late John Seymour published in 1976 for inspiration and guidance. Taking it of the shelf now the first few paragraphs make for interesting reading: ”Self-sufficiency is not going back to some idealized past in which people grubbed for their food with primitive implements and burned each other for witchcraft….On the contrary, it is the striving for a higher standard of living, for food which is fresh and organically grown and good, for a good life in pleasant surroundings, for the health of body and peace of mind…”. Back then, a better life meant living off the land in harmony with nature, growing and producing as much food as possible, but it also meant a more selfdetermined existence. In an interesting twist of fate, as many people and families from continental Europe and the UK moved to Ireland in the late 70’s and early 80’s (when deserted cottages and land were cheap), many Irish people at the same time moved in the opposite direction for work, as unemployment in Ireland was high.

What happened next… What happened next was commented on by the former TV presenter and current Irish Times columnist Michael Viney, who himself left Dublin in 1977 with his family for a simpler life on one acre in County Mayo. In an article from 25th May 2002, he wrote: “Self-sufficiency, which sought to express an attitude rather than an absolute, died a little of embarrassment.

It claimed too much for a lifestyle that has rarely gone beyond a voluntary frugality in the countryside and a lot of hard work in growing, rearing and processing food (I leave out ‘simplicity’ – there is nothing simple about it).”

Self-sufficiency revisited in a time of crisis Fast forward to 2020, with movement restrictions in place and government advice to “Stay at Home”. The idea of self-sufficiency has suddenly gone through an unexpected revival. Suddenly, we have been forced to rethink how we live and consume. It opens up a new debate about alternative lifestyles, our ecological footprint and sustainable living concepts. I met John Seymour in 2001 – when his classic book was re-published in a new look edition – and asked him had he a message. His answer was: “Would I advise people to follow this lifestyle? I wouldn’t advise anybody to do anything. The purpose of this book is not to shape other people’s lives but simply to help people to do things if they decide to. This way of life suits me … and it has prevented me from doing too much harm to our poor planet.” So, in that spirit, I suggest seeing the current restrictions as an opportunity to re-think, re-boot and re-start, to see how far our resilience can go. This is not about being 100 per cent self-sufficient, but about the right balance of ‘growing it yourself’ on the one hand, and shopping sustainably and ethically and thus supporting local producers, markets and shops on the other.

Here are my 10 tips on what you could do: 1. For the real adventurers: Plant up your lawn with vegetables, fruit bushes and trees and get a polytunnel. 2. For people with little space: Grow three herbs that you will not buy for a year, e.g. chives, parsley, coriander. 3. For people with more space and all gardeners, who haven’t done this before: Grow lettuce all year round, choosing the best variety for each season, cut and come again varieties, oriental leave mixes, endive and chicory and lambs lettuce.

4. For the outdoors type: Forage for some wild plants and make seasonal lemonades, e.g. elderflower, red clover, meadowsweet. 5. For wine lovers: Make a country wine, e.g. gorse flower wine, red currants, elderberry. 6. For the health conscious: Start fermenting and make seasonal kimchi and sauerkraut. 7. For people without a garden: Order a weekly vegetable box from an Irish farm. 8. F or animal lovers: Keep some hens, our neighbours got theirs from Rescue Hens Ireland and soon you will trading in eggs. 9. For the ones with itchy feet: Plan one long holiday (3 weeks), maybe travel by train! 10. F or book worms: Read John Seymour’s book on Self Sufficiency. …and finally:

“I suggest seeing the current restrictions as an opportunity to re-think, re-boot and re-start, to see how far our resilience can go.” If you are still pondering the question of whether one can be self –sufficient regarding food, here is how people on a plant based diet might do it. When I worked at The Organic Centre people often asked how much land is needed to feed a family with vegetables, and my former colleague Klaus Laitenberger always answered: “A plot of about 200sqm is sufficient for complete self-sufficiency in vegetables. And 200sqm is exactly 1/20 of an acre. So, if you think about it, isn’t it fantastic news that one acre could feed twenty families?”

Stay healthy and become a bit more selfsufficient! Feedback is always welcome to: hanswwieland@gmail.com neantog.com



done right TREAT YOURSELF TO A GORGEOUS DINNER AND DESSERT. by David and Stephen Flynn of The Happy Pear

QUICK AND EASY PASTA ALL’ARRABBIATA A dish apparently native to Rome, its name refers to the “angry” spice of the chilli-loaded tomato sauce. This is a simple, quick and satisfyingly spicy supper using store cupboard ingredients. It may seem too easy to be delicious but its simplicity is its elegance! Serves 2 | Takes 15 mins Ingredients 200g of pasta of choice (we used mezze maniche rigate AKA half sleeves ) 2 tbsp olive oil 2 cloves garlic 1 tsp chilli flakes or powder or ½ fresh chilli (use more if you prefer) 400g good quality tinned chopped tomatoes 4 tbsp tomato purée ¼ tsp red wine vinegar/ balsamic vinegar Handful of fresh basil to serve Salt and ground black pepper to serve


Instructions: 1 Peel and finely chop the garlic. 2 Cook the pasta according to the pack instructions, ensuring that you salt the water so that the pasta is seasoned from within. Cook the pasta until it’s slightly al dente, then drain and rinse, keeping a little of the cooked pasta water. 3 Heat a saucepan on medium heat and add the oil. Once hot, add the chilli and heat until it starts to go slightly yellow and red (this takes approximately one minute). Add the chopped garlic and cook for one minute until it starts to turn golden (ensure not to over-cook, to the extent that it starts to blacken, as this will add a burnt, bitter note to the dish).

4 N ext, add the chopped tomatoes and

the tomato purée, mixing well. 5 B ring to the boil, reduce to a simmer

and cook for five minutes, stirring occasionally. 6 A dd the vinegar and season with salt and ground black pepper to your liking. 7 A dd the pasta and cook until the sauce

coats each piece of pasta. Divide up into equal servings and add a little drizzle of olive oil to serve, along with a few basil leaves. Enjoy!

HEALTHY CHOCOLATE AND SALTED CARAMEL TART Definitely one of our favourite dessert recipes! This cake is rocking, and will leave you looking for more. The salted caramel is made from dates, almond butter and coconut oil … and it tastes so good. If you are going to make any cake, this is the one to start with. If you would like to make this a raw cake, simply top it with a raw chocolate. This recipe makes a 24 cm (9 inch) springform tart, and takes 20-30 minutes. Ingredients Base layer 150g raw walnut 150g raw almonds 100g pitted dates 1 ½ tablespoons vanilla essence 2 tablespoons coconut oil

Caramel layer 300g pitted dates 150g almond or cashew or peanut butter 10-12 tablespoons water 10 tablespoons coconut oil 1 large pinch of salt (add more if you like it) Chocolate layer 300g dark chocolate

“This cake is rocking, and will leave you looking for more.”

Instructions: Base layer: 1 In a food processor, blend the walnuts and almonds into a flour like consistency. Then add the dates, vanilla essence and the coconut oil, and blend until you reach a breadcrumb-like texture. 2 W ith the sides on your spring form cake tin, compact the base layer really firmly into the base of the spring form tart, ensuring an even spread. Caramel layer: 3 I n the same food processor, add all ingredients for the caramel layer. Blend until super smooth and caramel-like. This may take from 5 to 10 minutes, and you may need to add a little more water if the mixture is a bit clumpy and not blending. 4 O nce ready, spread a really even layer of caramel on top of

the base layer, doing your best to create a smooth top for the chocolate layer. Chocolate layer: 5 M elt the chocolate in a bain-marie. When melted, spread evenly over the caramel, doing your best to ensure an even spread. Leave to set in the fridge for at least half an hour, until the chocolate is solid. 6 U se a hot knife to cut this cake, in order to be able to cut

through the chocolate without cracking it. Then simply relax and enjoy the scrumptious goodness! thehappypear.ie

WELCOME TO ZINZINO BALANCE TEST! Your BalanceTest results will show whether your diet is balanced or unbalanced. Use our recommended products to transform your health. So far we have tested 507 880 people. A simple dry blood test, a pin prick tested in an independent Medical Lab in Norway. Specifically for Therapists as an extra income stream. High inflammation =low immune system. Test your Client before and 120 days after starting the program.

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Up to 50 times Stronger than Cranberry Cranberries and food supplements formulated with Cranberry extract contain relatively small amounts of D-Mannose HealthReach D-Mannose is supplied in capsules providing 500mg of pure D-Mannose per capsule

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Delivering essential omega-3 nutrients made from the finest vegan ingredients.

short & sweet Lifting Health

A NEW OUTLOOK ON NUTRITION. We recently spoke to Pauline Cox BSc MSc, Nutritional Consultant, proprietor of the high street health company Sow & Arrow, and author of Primal Living in a Modern World, about the inspiration behind her debut book. She explained that she took inspiration from her own health struggles. “As a busy mum, business owner and health educator, I’ve always felt health should be a priority. However, eight years ago, whilst working as a Physiotherapist, juggling two young children and a business, I found myself exhausted. Truly exhausted!” Pauline’s extensive research and subsequent study for a Masters in Nutrition found her following a new pathway, which saw her chronic exhaustion, poor sleep, anaemia, irritability and low mood replaced by a health she hadn’t experienced in years. “I felt like I’d found who I was again. Following an anti-inflammatory diet, fuelling myself in a completely different way, gave me back the clarity of thought, hormone stability and energy that I thought I’d lost.” Pauline’s focus is now on helping people to take control of their health. As well as being a professional speaker, author and online teacher, Pauline is a passionate advocate of high quality products and supplements. “I am a great believer in providing the body with what it needs. In some cases this is not easy to achieve through the diet. For example, I supplement omega-3 fats every day to ensure my brain functions at a high level, providing me with the anti-inflammatory benefits as well as the fats my brain needs to feel happy and focused. My choice is always the highest quality fish oil and my preferred brand is Wiley’s Finest.” Pauline’s book, ‘Primal Living in a Modern World’, is available to purchase at sowandarrow.com wileysfinest.com

“I felt like I’d found who I was again. I got back the clarity of thought, hormone stability and energy I thought I’d lost.”

To win a copy of Pauline’s book, simply screenshot this page onto your social media, tag Positive Life, and we will enter you into a draw. Winner announced at the Wiley’s Finest stand at the Vitality expo in September.



A Recipe for Transformation 321 FOCUS: THE PROCESS THAT WORKS.

In September 2018, author, life coach and personal empowerment facilitator Maria B. Bourke launched a 30 day online personal and spiritual challenge. “I was toying with the idea of writing another book, The Magik Formula, when I was guided to put the challenge

“People have changed jobs, learned self-love, and put new boundaries in place. Every journey has been unique and perfect for that person.” together,” she explains. “I did a test run on myself for 45 days over the summer. I knew by the end of this time it had to be really simple and possible to achieve in 20 minutes a day. I was given the name 321 Focus. As I made the first videos, I realised that 3, 2 and 1 were three daily elements – daily intention setting using affirmations, daily guided meditation and daily gratitude - that would repeat each day while the Focus would change and evolve over the 30 day period.” Once you’ve been going through this process for a day or two, it is revealed as remarkably straightforward, yet profound. The results have amazed Maria. “People have changed jobs, moved country and continent, learned self-love, and put new boundaries in place,” she says. “Every journey has been unique and perfect for that person. Many people have repeated the challenge several times, each time achieving a new level of personal transformation.” All you need is a journal and pen, internet access to receive the daily email with video instructions and insights, and most importantly, a commitment to invest 20 minutes a day in YOU!

321 Focus takes place five times per year. For more information – including video interviews with past participants – go to: inspirAction.ie


Reboot & Restore SIMPLE STRATEGIES FROM MAHARISHI AYURVEDA. by Donn Brennan Maharishi Ayurveda is the global revival of the most ancient Tradition of Health. One of its eight branches is devoted to ‘Reboot and Restore’. ‘Rasayana’ is the science of Rejuvenation. ‘Rasayana’ is that which creates ‘Ojas’ – a fine essence we extract from our digestion of both food and life. With ‘Ojas’ we experience joy, love, vitality, clarity, creativity and become the best version possible of our self. For ‘Ojas’ we need to ingest the finest materials and transform them appropriately.

“Behaviours like speaking sweetly, spiritual pursuits, cleanliness, charitable works, respecting elders etc. rejuvenate” The finest materials are not just the best quality food and air, but also our best thoughts, speech, and action. Behaviours like speaking sweetly, spiritual pursuits, cleanliness, charitable works, respecting elders etc. rejuvenate. Also, adequate sleep, appropriate routine and exercising to comfortable capacity are included. Scientific research validates these ancient prescriptions. Digestion is so important. The simple advice of eating in the appropriate manner (sitting, with hunger, relaxing) and enjoying the best quality food is critical for optimum health. There are many ‘Rasayana’ herbal preparations also. Our lifestyle and diet may not have been as perfect as we would wish. Strategies in Ayurveda to clear toxins undo the damage. Time in retreat gives opportunity to review and renew. Time to yourself. The best strategy from Ayurveda for rebooting and restoring is Transcendental Meditation. An excellent, evidence-based technique to be still and truly yourself. From each session you emerge refreshed, clear and at ease. Rejuvenation and better health are just some of the scientifically validated benefits. ayurveda.ie

‘Another world is possible’ INSPIRATION FROM ACROSS THE GLOBE.

“Rhiannon is a community that focuses on self-sustainability, permaculture and community living.”

by Emmett Mullaney & Alison McEvoy As you traverse the lines of latitude packed into Ecuador, you come across such natural wonders as majestic, snow-capped volcanos, cloud forest, the Amazonian rainforest, mangroves and tropical beaches. Many people from the ‘West’ have upped-sticks and moved to the Ecuadorian countryside. They offer others a sampling of a different kind of life. This is Emmett Mullaney’s story of a taste of community life in Ecuador: ‘Rhiannon’s motto, which is written above the front entrance is ‘another world is possible.’ Located about an hour and a half from the capital, Quito, and ringed by volcanoes, Rhiannon is a community that focuses on selfsustainability, permaculture and community living. When Helen and Nicky began they had an unfinished house and a large treeless area of desert to work with. Now, there are vegetable gardens, irrigation schemes, bushes and trees with birds, four friendly dogs, two donkeys and many types of wildlife all happily co-existing. Scattered around the property are various trailers that have been converted into living quarters. There’s the “hobbit house” which is a cosy little hideaway built into the side of a mound of earth, various teepees, a yurt and a ceremonial/community centre called the caracola (shell). On my most memorable night, I remember the few stars in the sky were soon hidden by the closing of the temezcal (sweat lodge) door. Inside, twenty of us gathered while red hot volcanic

Tooth Magic A TOOTHPASTE WITH FLAIR. by Aisling Cronin Toothfaerie is not your usual toothpaste brand. For starters, it produces Ireland’s first clay based and zero waste toothpaste, made with 90% organic ingredients and packaged in reusable glass jars. The company is a deeply heartfelt endeavour for its founder, Labhaoise Cracknell, who makes each jar with love.

“The company is a deeply heartfelt endeavour for its founder Labhaoise, who makes each jar with love.”

stones were added to the pit in the centre of the bamboo framed tent and covered with blankets on the outside to seal in the heat. Healing songs merged with primal drums and ancient shamanic teachings, as the sweat dripped down our faces and the cleansing process began. Almost seven hours passed before we emerged into the star filled sky on this piece of land located on the mid-line of Mother Earth. rhiannoncommunity.org

‘I began to make my own toothpaste in 2013, after having some very adverse reactions to usual toothpaste,’ she told me during a recent chat I had with her. ‘I was very serious about developing a natural toothpaste that worked. I researched every single ingredient that went into it, and when I later began to sell the toothpaste at local markets, I was passionate about spreading the word. It got to the stage where I would be standing at the stall, giving talks!’ The raw, mineralising toothpaste is made with organic oils, diatomaceous clay, the indigenous medicine ‘Dragons’ Blood’ – or Sangre De Grado – and transdermal active magnesium oil. It contains a range of health-boosting ingredients, omega 3, omega 6, calcium, boron and silica. Labhaoise sources her Sangre De Grado from Wakingherbs, a sustainable, fair-trade family project established in Ecuador which plants, buys and distributes ethnobotanical plants and no-timber forest products from the different ecosystems across South America. Toothfaerie also contributes a portion of each jar’s profits to tree-planting efforts here in Ireland. ‘So far,’ Labhaoise explains, ‘we have planted 1500 native trees with Forests of Ireland, a non- profit volunteer group.’ The toothpaste comes in five different flavours, including a no-mint version and a charcoal version. Its texture is very smooth, with a slightly sweet taste. We love it! facebook.com/toothfaerietoothpaste


Hemp Power

46 The heart of Lomi Lomi SPIRIT OF ALOHA. by Alison McEvoy “I was initially attracted to Lomi Lomi by the concept of Aloha. When I received my first Lomi Lomi – and I had never met the woman before – the unconditional love she showed me, how she held me...the care and connection, just floored me. There was such a pain in the realisation that I have probably never been loved and cared for in that way before.” (Louise Kleu) I received my own first Lomi at the age of 17 years, in far off sunny Brisbane. I too experienced that same melting shock of love and overflowing of tenderness that is the healing essence of Lomi Lomi – Aloha. Louise Kleu was the second person from whom I received Lomi Lomi, many years later. Louise is another embodiment of the Aloha spirit. She has been committed to the work of spreading Aloha, through Lomi Lomi treatments and trainings, for the past twenty years. She now shares from her Aloha House in Co. Kerry.

“It’s the one thing that is so unique to Lomi, I feel – The Aloha.” “It’s the one thing that is so unique to Lomi, I feel – The Aloha. People feel it when they receive a treatment or a training. As a witness, I know that Lomi moves mountains for people.” Aloha - the unity, honesty, humility, love and alertness contained within its spirit - does indeed spread healing balm on inner landscapes scarred with old hurts and pain. Louise feels deeply that what we need to do in these times is turn to the heart, the seat of Aloha. “Everyone has the ability to connect with the heart. We need to return the heart of Mother Nature to herself, through our own hearts.” Through reconnecting with our hearts and giving them what they need, we cultivate the ability to unconditionally love ourselves, others and care for our beloved earth. Aloha alohahouse.ie

HARNESS ITS BENEFITS. by Aisling Cronin Hempful is the leading Irish producer of hemp foods, CBD oils and CBD food supplements: all derived from high-quality, European-grown hemp. The company was founded in 2017, after director Eamon Canning became interested in hemp’s potential health benefits. ‘As I began to research hemp, I could see its benefits, both as a sustainable crop and a healthful crop. It was a no-brainer, really!’ In recent years, a growing number of scientific studies have demonstrated the positive effects of hemp and CBD. Consumers now flock to hemp-derived products, but Hempful initially encountered some consumer hesitancy.

“As I began to research hemp, I could see its benefits, both as a sustainable crop and a healthful crop.” ‘One of the challenges we faced in the beginning was that people didn’t really know what hemp was,’ Eamon explained, ‘so there was some education to be done in that regard. But now that CBD oil and similar products have really taken off in the Irish market, people have become much more familiar with hemp as a food product. There’s a greater awareness.’ Hempful pride themselves on offering high quality, provenance and authenticity. One of their latest creations are Hempful health snacks, a range of four CBD- and hemp-infused bars. The bars contain less than ten ingredients, and are free from additives and sweeteners. They are the first treat bars of their kind on the market. Hempful created them after seeing that there was a niche for nutritious treats with a difference among healthconscious Irish consumers. ‘We’ve received some great feedback from customers and retailers, which has been amazing,’ Eamon remarked, ‘and we hope to continue providing the highest quality hemp products well into the future!’ hempful.eu


Get the glow REBOOT YOUR SKIN. by Amanda Nordell

Traditional Chinese Medicine has lasted thousands of years and has its own tips and techniques for keeping the complexion bright, and the skin tight! The ancient Chinese did not have the science and research to describe the balance of collagen and elastin in the skin. However, beautiful, fresh glowing skin was believed to be a reflection of healthy qi or energy, while wrinkles or blemishes on the face were believed to represent disharmony in the body. Drawing on this ancient wisdom, facial acupuncture, facial acupressure, facial cupping and gua sha are recognized more and more in modern beauty regimes

“... beautiful, fresh, glowing skin was believed to be a reflection of healthy qi or energy.”

as non-invasive game changers for feeling and looking good. All of these methods are designed to increase micro-circulation in the face, increase and improve lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tone muscles and lift jowls. Sounds great! Traditional body acupuncture is included to address any underlying energy imbalances and induce deep relaxation – balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. This adds to the general feeling of wellness for the client – when we feel well, we look well. Lotions and potions are kept to a

minimum and all organic in nature. These treatments are about what is going on under the skin – the approach is ‘inside out beauty’. The treatments are offered in my rooms at the Dublin Wellness Centre and Windy Arbour, Dundrum, Dublin. Facial acupressure and facial gua sha can also be used at home and I offer ‘1 to 1’ virtual coaching sessions including a beautiful gua sha tool delivered directly to your home.


Unearthing Legacy A HEALTH STORE WITH HISTORY. by Aisling Cronin Down to Earth health food store on Dublin’s South Great George’s Street has been a beloved fixture of Dublin’s healthconscious community for decades. The business has demonstrated remarkable stamina and ingenuity over its four decades in business. The store was founded in 1978 in Malahide, Co. Dublin, by Jack Irwin – who maintains an active role in the business – and is now managed by his daughter Jane. The secret of Down to Earth’s success and longevity lies in its customerfocused business model and its willingness to learn, grow and innovate as times have changed. The store supplies a comprehensive range of health food supplements, natural skincare, ecofriendly household products, vitamins, organic foods, aromatherapy oils, CBD oils and more. An in-house nutritional therapist is on hand to provide expert advice.

Down to Earth has also acquired a reputation for excellence in providing homeopathic remedies. In a recent conversation I had with Jack, he shared that Down to Earth’s location is historically linked to one of Dublin’s oldest known homeopathic practitioners. ‘During the 1850s, John Armstedt Ray – one of Dublin’s original homeopaths – owned a family chemist on South Great George’s Street, where Down to Earth now stands,’ Jack revealed. ‘He later owned a second premises on Nassau Street, and by 1859, he was advertising as a homeopathic chemist. We love the fact that there is this link between our shop and the history of homeopathy in Dublin.’ downtoearth.ie 01-6719702


“One of Dublin’s original homeopaths owned a family chemist on South Great George’s Street, where Down to Earth now stands.”


the viral


48 Selenium is an essential trace element obtained from dietary sources such as fish, meat, nuts and cereals, which has been found to affect the severity of a number of viral diseases. For example, selenium status in those with HIV has been shown to be an important factor in the progression of the virus. China is known to have populations with both the lowest and highest selenium status in the world, due to geographical differences in the soil that affect the amount of this trace element in the food chain. A belt of selenium deficiency running from northeast to southwest in China has contributed to the prevalence of Keshan disease – a condition named after the area in northeast China where it was most endemic. According to a study published in the Molecular Nutrition Food Research journal, the disease showed a seasonal variation, suggesting a viral cofactor that was later identified as coxsackievirus B3. When the population was supplemented with selenium, the incidence of Keshan disease decreased dramatically. Significant clinical benefits of selenium supplementation have also been demonstrated in other viral infections. Given this established link, researchers

were curious about whether selenium status could be a relevant factor in the spread of COVID-19. An international team of researchers, led by Professor Margaret Rayman, Professor of Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey, has now identified a link between the COVID-19 cure rate and regional selenium status in China. Professor Rayman said; “Given the history of viral infections associated with selenium deficiency, we wondered whether the appearance of COVID-19 in China could possibly be linked to the belt of selenium deficiency that runs from the north-east to the south-west of the country.”

“The correlation we have identified is compelling, particularly given previous research on selenium and infectious diseases.” The team’s findings – which were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – demonstrated that areas with high levels of selenium were more likely to recover from the virus. For example, in the city of Enshi in Hubei

Province, which has the highest selenium intake in China, the cure rate (percentage of COVID-19 patients declared ‘cured’) was almost three-times higher than the average for all the other cities in Hubei Province. Kate Bennett, a medical statistician at the University of Surrey, said; “There is a significant link between selenium status and COVID-19 cure rate, however it is important not to overstate this finding; we have not been able to work with individual level data and have not been able to take account of other possible factors such as age and underlying disease.” Ramy Saad, a doctor at Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, currently taking an MSc degree in Nutritional Medicine at the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Surrey, commented; “The correlation we have identified is compelling, particularly given previous research on selenium and infectious diseases. As such, a careful and thorough assessment of the role selenium may play in COVID-19 is certainly justified and may help to guide ongoing public health decisions”.


– with just one tablet daily


HAIR 1,4






BioActive Selenium+Zinc is one of the most rigorously tested selenium supplements on the market. In the last 25 years it has changed the lives of millions of consumers in more than 45 countries worldwide. Contributes to the maintenance of normal hair1,4. Helps maintain normal skin1. Contributes to the maintenance of normal nails 1,4. Supports a normal thyroid function4. Supports normal function of the immune system1,2,3,4. Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue2,3. 1: Zinc / 2: Vitamin C / 3: Vitamin B6 / 4: Selenium




Contains the patented SelenoPrecise yeast (organic selenium), which is widely known for its superior bio-availability (89% absorption) and safety records.

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by Judy Satori

Hello, my name is Judy Satori. I’m writing to you today from my home in New Zealand. Like you in Ireland, we’ve been in lockdown too. We’ve overdosed on Netflix, gotten super creative with indoor exercise, and made funny videos, acutely aware that when we emerged from our bubble, life ‘out there’ would probably not be the same. What I have learned most from this experience, is that while life itself might change, our human family has actually become more resilient. Life is changing, for sure. We must now reboot and restore. Our next chapter will require all of us to step up and step out differently, with courage and confidence, not trying to live life in the old way, but thinking laterally to create a new and better way. The important thing is to see challenge as an opportunity to do things differently. Yesterday I received, by email, my great-uncle Sam’s diary. He wrote from the trenches of France and Belgium in WW1. Sadly, he died quite young from his war injuries, and I never met him, but reading his words 100 years on, I felt him, as though he were speaking to me today. I noticed that his writing from the trenches was devoid of emotion: a factual litany of the bombs that fell, what they ate for dinner and who had died that day. But on leave, when Sam visited uncles, aunts and cousins he’d never met in Ireland, the tone of his diary completely changed. What came through then in his words was love, passion, excitement, hope and a sense of heart connection. We’re lucky. We’ve got it so much easier than Sam’s generation. Our chat with family is only a Zoom call away and we’re not on a battle field. So, at this time of global reboot and reset, please believe that together, we can do it! Our way forward begins with love. We must love ourselves, accept where we are at right now, and be as

kind, compassionate, forgiving and uncomplaining towards the other people in our life as we can possibly be. As a global family, let’s make lemonade from sour lemons.

Our way forward begins with love. We must love ourselves (and) accept where we are at right now. •T hink laterally. Face up to what is occurring individually and collectively and realise that everyone has challenges. What can we all do to innovate and do things differently? Remember, many great discoveries and important advancements of humankind have been seeded from the innovation stimulus of challenge. •A dd sweetness to life. Do things every day that make you happy and bring you delight. If you can’t figure out what makes you happy, fake it until you make it! Happiness and optimism for the future are qualities of mind that we can all practice, just by deliberately feeling these emotions and doing what we love to do. •T ake action on your gut-level promptings: it’s

your higher soul-self talking. My friend, a retailer, created an online post-lockdown voucher purchase program to support local businesses. He did this with no expectation, but a massive avalanche of support and online shopping came back to him. What we sow in life is what we reap! What we put out to the universe with no strings attached, always comes back to us. Take care and take heart. And drink lots of lemonade.

Judy Satori offers a free ‘Explore’ section in her online scension Library, www.ascensionlibrary.org. The Library offers many energy healing programs to uplift and support you to be everything you are meant to be and become in life.

51 51




hypnosis THE ART OF HEALING THE MIND. by Aisling Cronin

Hypnotherapy is a healing practice that involves retraining the mind to embrace more positive attitudes and outlooks. This process is often misunderstood, but it can have many beneficial effects, according to hypnotherapy practitioner Aidan Sloan. Aidan has been applying hypnosis as a therapeutic tool for fifteen years, and is also the director of the Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Association (CHPA). I spoke to him recently to learn more. Aidan is a passionate believer in the power of the mind. His hypnotherapy practice is focused on helping people to build positive thinking as an instinctual response. Retraining the mind in this way helps give us the strength to cope with our difficult experiences, as Aidan explains. ‘We all have challenges and issues to deal with in our lives – there are bills to pay, families to feed, things like that – but what hypnotherapy can do is train the mind to notice our many opportunities to feel good. It could be the simplest things that make us happy – a smile from a stranger, a joke we exchange with a loved one, or a piece of good news we hear during the day. Hypnotherapy is one way of ensuring that we are more likely to notice and embrace these small things, when they come. This builds up our inner strength. It gives us the strong foundation of resilience we need to handle whatever challenges come our way.’ Hypnosis, as a healing practice, is not well understood. Aidan says, ‘if you’ve ever found yourself drifting into a daydream state, imagining some alternate scenario, while you’re still wide awake – still aware of your surroundings and what might be going on around you – then you

“The true power of hypnotherapy lies in its ability to create a fundamental perceptual shift in the brain.” have hypnotised yourself. Hypnosis is an everyday occurrence, not quite as dramatic as some might imagine it to be! I regard it as a method of consciously managing our daydream state.’ During a hypnotherapy session, the practitioner will typically help their client to navigate their own liminal mind-state, by asking them to envisage different scenarios and consciously choose their desired outcome. It is important to note that this process is directed by what the client wants, as opposed to the oldfashioned “showbiz” concept of hypnosis, which might involve a hypnotist getting a member of an audience to perform tricks. The true power of hypnotherapy lies in its ability to ‘create a fundamental perceptual shift in the brain,’ as Aidan puts it. ‘Many people are restricted by the limits they place on their imagination,’ he says, ‘and hypnosis can enable people to remove obstacles to the outcomes they desire. The science behind this process lies in neuroplasticity, or the brain’s natural

ability to develop new neural pathways. Hypnosis taps into this ability to help support a person’s overall wellbeing.’ Hypnotherapy is also a highly individual process – an approach that suits one person might not work for another, and a well-trained hypnotherapy practitioner will always take this into account. Each hypnotherapy session is tailored to suit the person as an individual. Aidan sums it perfectly. ‘Ultimately, hypnotherapy can be used as a powerful means of helping people to answer a simple, yet very profound question: what sort of person do you want to be?’

To learn more about hypnotherapy and its benefits, visit aidansloan.ie or chpa.ie. A registry of hypnotherapy practitioners is available on the CHPA’s website. The organisation ensures that all of its members are held to high professional and ethical standards.

ROSE MELDRUM-DONEGAN Accr. Hypno-Psychotherapist & Metaphysical Counsellor Offering Hypno-Psychotherapy, NLP & CBT specialist in Past Life Regression & Akashic Readings Includes Inter-Life, Prenatal & Birth Regression Cork City & Castletownbere Belief in reincarnation is not necessary for therapy to be effective.

Now available via WhatsApp or Skype video link call Call 087 120 8477 or visit www.theloughhypnotherapycentre.com

Aidan Caffrey Mental Health Therapy Clinical Hypnotherapist & Nutritional Therapist based in Maynooth Co Kildare and online.

Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist, ADCHP, MCHPA “Change your thoughts and you change your world.�

Clinics located in Dublin Monaghan Cavan For more information visit mentalhealththerapy.ie or call 087 6594146

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AnnMarie McKnight Member of CHPA (Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Association) and NTOI (Nutritional Therapists of Ireland)

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by Rachelle Hicks “Every morning, we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” Buddha

The general consensus among astrologers has been that we would look back on this time as being “life before 2020, and life after 2020.” This is due to our friends Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter holding hands (conjunct) predominately in the sign of Capricorn. This indicates a huge transformation of our global society, influencing our structures, patterns, what we value, and how our desires are matching our long-term goals. I think we’re fully aware of the change in the world over the past few months, but if we tune into the energetics, have you noticed the vibration shifting as we explore different ways to connect? Have you noticed (over the past couple of years) any niggling desires to step into a new, more authentic way of being? If there’s anything or any way of being that hasn’t resonated with your heart, this retreat marks a time to step into something new. We have support to embrace the unknown. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction marks the end of one 35-year cycle, and the beginning of a new 35-year cycle. The seeds we plant now will be part of a new structure for the next three and a half decades. This is the time to be truly honest with our hearts, to honour our highest excitement, and to step into the unknown with courage. This year of 2020, referring to 20/20 vision, is a year of restructuring in order to see more clearly.


Let’s not forget our friend Mercury going retrograde in Cancer from June 17th to July 12th. This is a time to be extra-vigilant about our thought hygiene. It’s a time to go slow, connect with family and friends, and allow plans and schedules to be fluid. Since this retrograde is in a water sign, it’s easy for intuition and non-verbal communication to be heightened, but we could be easily misunderstood. If conversation gets watered down in subjectivity, let’s remember the higher octave of Cancer through compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence. This is further emphasised with new moons in Cancer on both June 21st and July 20th. Don’t sweat the small stuff. As Neptune, our planet of dreams and illusions, goes retrograde for five months, beginning on June 22nd, we can step more into our 20/20 vision and take off any rose-coloured glasses. Let’s review our dreams and see what can be made a reality. We can focus on earthing this energy on July 5th, when we have a full moon in Capricorn. For this full moon, there’s an invitation to embrace your own sovereignty and authority. To embrace fearlessness and to be responsible for your own experience. To understand how you become bulletproof when you vibrate with joy. You can do this through

“… there’s an invitation to embrace your own sovereignty and authority. To understand how you become bulletproof when you vibrate with joy.” dance, watching a movie about love, or doing something that excites you as you surrender any and all expectations. Let your hair down, laugh, get your bare feet in the earth. Finally, on August 19th, we have a Leo New Moon, trine Mars in Aries, igniting us with a sense of inner passion. Calling forth our desires, our inner spark. Let’s get real about what we’re doing here. Let’s be unashamedly bright within ourselves. Let’s step into the unknown with a fierce heart. Rachelle is a Dublin-based Astrologer. She has studied with Blue Rose, and is currently enrolled in the 4-year Professional Astrologer’s Program at Astrology University.

Contact her for Personal Natal Chart Readings at rachellehicks.com



advertorial FEATURE advertorial FEATURE

Spoonful Botanical

Anall-natural all-natural An anti-infl ammatory anti-infl ammatory Spoonful Botanical

Spoonful Botanical is a Louth-based Spoonful Botanical is a Louth-based business which is providing reliefrelief to people business which is providing to people all across the country thanks to its all-natural all acrossanti-infl the country thanks to its all-natural ammatory foods


Conor Grimes and Jayne Gavin with their Spoonful Botanical products at the 2019 National Ploughing Championships.

anti-inflammatory foods

stockists around the country, and arou stockists in the process got to meet Conor Grimes in some the process incredible people. and Jayne incredible peo And now that our health has Gavin with And now t come even more to the forefront their of peoples’ minds due tocome the even m Spoonful pandemic, of peoples’ m coronavirus Spoonful Botanical is powering ahead says Botanical coronavirus p Jayne. products at the Botanical is p “In the current climate we are 2019 Jayne. back to selling online and busier National “In the cu than ever. It’s a great feeling dealback to sellin ingPloughing directly with our customers Championships. than ever. It’s again and hearing the stories of how our product has ing made a directly w difference in people’s lives from again and hea arthritis sufferers to sports players. of how our pr It’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

f you attended Bloom or the National Ploughing Champif you attended Bloom or the onships last year, chances are National Ploughing Champiyou may have been one of the onships last year, chances are people who have already been you may have been one of the introduced to Spoonful Botanipeople whohealth have already cal, an innovative product been which is hometomade in Co Louth. introduced Spoonful Botanibehindhealth the product cal,The ancouple innovative product are Louth which is senior homefootballer made inConor Co Louth. Grimes and model Jayne Gavin, and enhances the benefits of the The couple behind the product difference in p who explained what’s involved. ingredients in one simple easy to are“Our Louth senior footballer arthritis suffe EXCTING JOURNEY product is an innova- Conoruse step. Grimes model Jayne Gavin, It’s what and enhances is the benefits of the It’s been an exciting journey for mak tive blendand of the highest quality “The fermentation a funwho explained what’s involved. damental ingredients in one simple easy to “People get creative with how the couple who started out looking and in just six weeks she was able medicinal grade herbs, spices aspect to our product. to take their spoonful,” says Jayne. to help a grandmother cope withJOURNE to perform simple daily tasks that and “Our fermented fruits,isincluding all 14 root herbs and EXCTING product an innova- We combine use step. her arthritis to get to a point wherean e previously she wouldn’t have conturmeric, ginger, black pepper, our golden jumbo is a funIt’s been tive blend of the highest quality spices with“The fermentation ASIAN INSPIRATION“People get creativesidered. they quickly became experts in Through word of mouth cinnamon and cayenne, to name raisins and leave them to ferment with how the couple wh and in just six weeks she was able medicinal grade herbs, spices damental aspect to our product. The idea stemmed from the pair’s their process, only accepting the we had over 100 people taking the but a few. Our blend of ingredients for 21 days. to where take their spoonful,”product says Jayne. to help a gran to perform simplefidaily tasks that and fermented fruits, including We combine all 14 root herbstravels and in Asia, Conor and nest standard ingredients and on a repeat basis.” helps combat inflammation in the Good bacteria grow during the her arthritis t previously she wouldn’t conturmeric, ginger, black pepper, fermentation spices process, with ourand golden Jayne saw first-hand how the locals gaininghave a deep understanding of body,” says Jayne. these jumbo ASIANmedicinal INSPIRATION they quickly b of mouth cinnamon andSpoonful cayenne, to name help with raisins and leave them to ferment BUILDING A BRAND sidered. Through word used the highest grade their process. “What makes Boimproving gut health Atthe thispair’s point, Enterprise Ireland herbs and spices in their purest from “It’staking the careful tanical unique is blend that weof use the and maintaining a healthy imThe idea stemmed their process, we had over 100 people the granulation, but a few. Our ingredients for 21 days. and Bord on boardon and form to helptravels combatin infl ammadehydration that whole of all infl our ammation spices – we in the mune system. Spoonful is such Asia, where Conor andBia cameproduct finest standar a repeat basis.” and fermentation helpsroot combat Good bacteria growa during the backed the duo’s up and coming tion. makes this product more than just dehydrate andJayne. grind the root back simplefermentation way to incorporate all theand these Jayne saw first-hand how the locals gaining a dee body,” says process, food product. Spoonful Botanical Conor explains: “My grandhype-driven health gima powder form. That way we can different anti-inflammatory ingreBUILDING A BRAND another used the highest medicinal grade their process. “What makes Spoonful Bohelp with improving gut health launched in March 2019 and is mother was suffering badly with mick,” concludes Conor. guarantee the quality of each of dients into your diet every day. At 100 thisstores point, herbs spices in their purest “It’s the ca tanical unique is that we use the and a healthy imnow stocked in over allEnterprise Ireland arthritis at the timeand when we were our ingredients.” “You justmaintaining need to take one and Bord Bia came on board and to helptocombat ammadehydration a whole root of all doesn’t our spices mune system. Spoonful a over Ireland. travelling, soform we decided bring infl The innovation stop – we heaped tea-spoon of the prod- is such backed the duo’s up and coming tion. and prepare makes this pr dehydrate and root backuct every simple way to incorporate allback thethe ingredients Conor and Jayne have started Website: spoonfulbotanical.com there however, as grind the pairthe further day, be it straight from online at spoonfulbotaniFacebook: facebook.com another hype ferment theConor spices in the same“Myselling developed product and we can the jar,different in your porridge, natural food product. Spoonful Botanical explains: granda powdertheir form. That way anti-infl ammatory and ingrecal.com and throughout the year /spoonfulbotanical way we had mother seen. Nanny included a fermentation or however you feel likeevery day. launched in March 2019 and is wasstarted suffering badly with mick,” conclu guarantee the qualityprocess of each of yogurt,dients into your diet began onstocked finding in over Instagram: @Spoonful_Botanical getting reliefarthritis from the at product that the availability having it. “You just need to take one now 100 stores all the time when weconcentrating were our increases ingredients.”

The innovation doesn’t stop 2there IRISHhowever, COUNTRY as LIVING 11 April 2020 the pair further

heaped tea-spoon of the product every day, be it straight from

travelling, so we decided to bring back the ingredients and prepare

over Ireland. Conor and Jayne have started

Website: spoo