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THE NEW HUMANS Out with the old DNA, in with the new

RUDE HEALTH SHOW PREVIEW Patrick Holford on the perfect diet for the 21st century

WATER IS ALIVE An exclusive interview with Dr. Masaru Emoto

REMOTE VIEWING Tales from an ex-CIA psychic spy

SUMMER 2009 â‚Ź3

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“ In summer, the song sings itself ”. William Carlos Williams

Positive edit GRATITUDE. What do you have to be grateful for? I remember once hearing the Universe described as a giant photocopying machine, that will photocopy and match each of us in terms of our individual vibrations. Be thankful, find something and give thanks for it and the universe will smile back at you and send you more of the same. In this issue of POSITIVE LIFE, we are thankful to have Dr. Masaru Emoto and his beautiful water crystals, Patrick Holford and his nutritional revelations, Patrick Bridgeman and his new humans, Claire Mulvany and her positive personality, and Lyn Buchanan with his psychic insights into remote viewing. There’s also Summer Vibes so you can find out whats going on, Spirituality and the City for what people are thinking, and Positively Newsworthy for some feel good stories. Astrology part 2 keeps us up to star-date as we approach 2012. Health wise on the menu we have Ayurveda, organic herbs, Shiatsu, and skin deep advice. And for dessert there’s Summer Fruit Crumble and dairy free Cashew Nut Cream on page 44. So, dear reader, we hope you enjoy the read, explore the rest for yourself and be thankful for Summer! PAUL CONGDON



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Summer Vibes – Who, what, when & where? Astrology – Understanding the Gods in the skies - part 2 Ayurveda - Some like it Cool Spirituality and the City – Our readers have their say Positive Personality – Clare Mulvany Irish Organic Herbs – A natural detox Fertility – A foolproof family plan Shiatsu – Let your fingers do the walking EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Dr. Masaru Emoto The New Humans – The next step in Evolution European School of Spinology – Getting it straight Adore Your Pores – Beauty from the outside in Positively Newsworthy – Life is good The Good Life 2.0 – Local resilience leads the way Rude Health Show – Insightful interview with Patrick Holford You Are What You Eat – The right food for you Clearing a Path – Colonic Hydrotherapy Remote Viewing – Interview with an ex-CIA psychic spy Summer Recipes – Delicious and nutritious Holistic Holidays – Wouldn’t you like to get away?

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Summervibes “There shall be eternal s u m m e r i n t h e g r at e f u l h e a r t.” C e l i a T h a x t e r

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Understanding the gods in the skies in the build-up to 2012 Part II “Heaven above, heaven below, stars above, stars below, all that is above also is below, grasp this and rejoice” Carl Jung CW para 384

transit will affect your vocation, emotions, relationships, as well as your overall approach to life.

6 You may have noticed over the past few months a larger number of films about planet earth facing the brink of destruction. They aptly reflect the ability of writers, producers and directors to tap into potential choices facing us as a collective as we approach 2012. In the last edition I described the clearing and healing that could take place with the transits of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter in Aquarius, as we gain insight and compassion at our shared humanity. You can view the complete article on the Positive Life website In this edition I am focusing on the planets Saturn and Uranus as they oppose each other in the sky in the signs of Virgo and Pisces between September 12, 2008 and May 27, 2010. This transit will feel particularly powerful on a personal level if your natal Sun, Moon or Ascendant are in the middle degrees of the signs of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini or Sagittarius as the

Margaret Gray MSW Dip. Psychological Astrology Tel. 085 8144135 (Ireland) 808 782 7953 (Hawaii)

So who are these planets or gods? Saturn, also known in classical mythology as the god Cronos, was an earthy deity who ruled the “golden age” when all was in tune with the cycles of nature. His purpose is to assist us to manifest ideas and thoughts into concrete matter. Without the solid energy of Saturn this magazine would not be produced. However, Saturn’s energy can feel somewhat tiring as the part of our life he is visiting by transit feels strewn with obstacles that only hard labour will overcome. For example, if Saturn lands on Mercury in our natal chart, we are asked to work at and incarnate something concrete to do with our communication/learning skills. This would be an excellent time to put effort into writing a book or embarking on a new course of study.

realms of Air, or the “Thinking function” as described by Carl Jung. Uranian energy is fast, erratic and jagged, somewhat like being plugged into an electric socket. For example, if transiting Uranus lands on Mercury in your birth chart, you are likely to feel that your mind is being awakened by new inspiring ideas and thought forms. This can feel very exciting but can also be disruptive to sleep and relaxation. How can we each work with these energies in a lifeenhancing manner? Saturn in Virgo requires hard work and self-honesty (without judgement). He reminds us to keep grounded and healthy in our bodies, avoid excesses which throw us out of balance and remember that fun and humour are vital healing tools. Uranus in Pisces asks us to be innovative and make space for change and a further opening of our heart through using our mind in a new way.

Uranus, (Prometheus in classical mythology), brought fire to humans, despite incurring the wrath of Zeus, in an effort to raise us beyond our instinctual realms. Unlike Saturn, Uranus belongs to the mental

To find out what the potential impact of these two planets opposing each other is, as well as what’s coming in the next issue, read the EXTENDED VERSION of this article online at

Margaret Gray is a professional Psychological Astrologer with a consulting practice in Ireland, Hawaii and California. She teaches internationally both independently and on behalf of the CPA worldwide. Margaret is the book reviewer for the ISAR journal and a member of the APAI, ISAR and the Ast.Ass UK

Whilst in Ireland Margaret is based at Oscailt integrative Health Centre www. Copyright of Margaret Gray May 2009 No part of this can be reproduced without her written permission.

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  

       

   

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     

 

 

 






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By Edie O’Reilly

Some Like It Cool Summer time is the time when the element of fire is dominant due to the closeness of the sun to the earth. Some of us may be experiencing signs or symptoms of too much fire within our bodies. These symptoms would include increased anger and irritability, skin irritations such as rashes and acne, loose stools or diarrhoea, acid reflux, heartburn and infections. These are all signs that the fire element in your body has become too high, which is common during this season. If these symptoms aren’t taken care of they can lead to more serious illnesses that can have an effect on your health and well-being.

Ayurveda teaches us that we all have a natural balance of the 5 basic elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth). These elements will fluctuate and change depending on what we are eating, what we are doing, where we live, what our age is, and what season it is. While the elements are always moving, we can learn to be in tune with our bodies to counter the effects of them getting too high in our systems. It is only when these elements get too high that there is a concern for our health. In Ayurveda, we learn that the qualities of an element can be balanced by using their opposites. The qualities of fire are hot, light and dry. You can counter the effects of too much fire by choosing foods that have the opposite qualities such as cooling, heavy and moist. In general, foods that are naturally ripe or ready to eat will balance most people during a specific season. For example, melons are ripe during summer; they are cooling to the body, heavy due to the water content, and moist. Melons are a natural way to beat the heat. Here are some more ways to beat the heat: Cucumbers can be eaten or used •in body products to help cool down t he system. Vera is used for many body pro•ductsAloe and is best used in the summer time


when our bodies have extra heat. The aloe plant can also be consumed as juice or gel to aid in cooling down the body internally. Fresh Coriander is an herb that will •naturally cool down the system, especially


the skin. For any heated skin irritation, you can blend fresh coriander leaves with a little water or aloe gel to help in greatly cooling down and combating skin irritations. You can also assist the skin in cooling down by adding coriander to foods as a spice.

Any mint will help to cool •downMints the body. You can make a tea with fresh mint by boiling water in a saucepan. Then, once the water has boiled, turn off the heat and add the fresh mint leaves to the water. Never boil fresh leaves, as it greatly depletes the vital, medicinal oils found in the leaf. You can also add fresh mint leaf to salads, sauces or drinks. The rose flower is great for coo•lingRose down the body and again it has been used for centuries in beauty products. You can drink rose water or smell the essential oil of rose to aid the body in cooling down. Adding a tablespoon of rose water to fresh lemonade in the summer time will make a refreshing drink that will cool you down. leafy vegetables Now is the •timeGreen to eat salads. Green leafy vegetables are considered bitter and will greatly cool down the body. If you are feeling over heated this summer, having a fresh green salad with a variety of raw vegetables will help to keep the body in balance and will give you a kick of energy. There are many foods you can eat this summer to aid you with whatever ails you. Knowing what your body needs in each season can greatly improve your health and your overall energy levels.

Edie O’Reilly is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist trained in the United States and India. She offers consultations, body treatments, workshops and courses in Ayurveda.


14. Sen holistic


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Spirituality and the City Ash Matthews Shaman

Jane Dowling Reiki Master

Spirituality is seeing beauty and love everywhere. It’s nothing to do with what’s outside. It’s all to do with what’s inside, because you could go into the city and you could see a tiny little weed growing out of a big ugly concrete thing and it could just take your breath away. Or you could go into the country and if you’re not in that space, if you’re caught up in your problems or caught up in your pain and you’re not open, you might as well be anywhere. Spirituality is also about people and relating to people and the little surprising things that happen to you. A bus stopped right by my window the other day and as I looked at the passengers, I wondered whether one of them might have an important part to play in my life in the future, but we just didn’t know it yet.

10 Kevin Curtis Martial Arts Instructor

The people make the city and it’s them that bring the spirituality into it, and then through their energetic resonance they draw anyone who’s on the same wavelength or on the same vibration into the city to experience much the same levels of consciousness. You get any mixture of people that come together and it makes a unique consciousness. It’s like a painting. Everyone’s individual consciousness is like a different colour and then you mix the colours to create a new painting, and

In a city there is a concentration of energy more because there is a concentration of people more. Things and people in a city will mirror you quicker than anywhere else. Whatever’s going on within, will be slap bang in your face very fast. For me, this is one of the keys to a peaceful life. To understand that what is coming to us is a mirror and the mirror is only reflecting what is. For me, it’s very important to help to create a sacred space within a city. A place where you can find peace or relaxation, where your energy is your own, where you can find that inner throne and sit on it in a very peaceful fashion. It’s an oasis that we can keep coming back to, to clean ourselves, to relax, to take time out for ourselves, to just enjoy our own personal experience.

then that’s that particular city’s spiritual stamp or spiritual painting. And then you get the art lovers that come to look at that painting and they’re drawn to it and so they go and explore the art that’s created by the people and they add to it. So in that way it keeps changing.

Christopher McGann Student

I feel that my appreciation for the city grows with each day. City life for me is like a sort of divine dance: the days are like gentle cycles; each one characterized by a pleasant, subtle refinement of consciousness and well-being. The organization and structure of the city, though in stark contrast in essence with the delicious diversity and unpredictability of the marvellously multi-faceted beings it supports, provides a wonderfully stable and abundant means for the spiritual growth of which we are all so much a part. I greatly appreciate the shear access people have nowadays to a variety of interesting and wonderfully transformative techniques for healing and exploration of consciousness and spirit. I am enjoying immensely the unfolding of my life and I feel enthusiastic about the evolution of the creative process at large and the colourful, unprecedented and inspiring ways humanity is evolving!

Zuzana Vanzurova Carer

Antoinette Cronogue Creative Being

What I love about the city is the diversity between the madness and the peace within. You can choose to be peaceful or enjoy the city, the buskers, beauty of the parks, random days and random people you meet. The city and what you experience in it is a reflection of what you have created in your mind; no two people will see it the same. I believe that love and beauty reside in the heart of everyone, so that’s what I always see. If you think of someone, they’ll either text or you’ll bump into them. It’s amazing and wonderful. Dublin is fab; full of healing and challenges; a great place to grow and learn as a person. I love the city. I appreciate all the lessons I’m learning here from others and myself. I also love and greatly appreciate all the wonderful, loving friends I have in my life.

11 Living in the city might be the highest point of human evolution. Coming from a village, then living in a small town, a bigger city and ending up here in Dublin, I can see the difference in possibilities one has. Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu, want to do Yoga or Martial Arts, or listen to a lecture about many different spiritual movements, you can meet people who are on the same wave and can support your energy. That is what is so nice but so dangerous about city life. Spread your interest in between too many ways to develop yourself, and you may never properly use the one which is most suitable for you and that you need to put all your attention on to be beneficial. Don’t worry about missing something. Your mind is always bringing you to the places and people you can learn the most from.

For eleven months, Clare Mulvany travelled the globe meeting people who have stepped off the beaten path to make a greater difference. Starting out in Ireland, Clare travelled through Africa, India, Asia, the Pacific and the United States, with her laptop and camera helping her along the way. The result is One Wild Life, a book about her journey to discover people who change our world.



Positive Personality

Clare Mulvaney “I always say that it started with a fridge magnet, ‘WHATEVER YOU CAN DO, OR DREAM YOU CAN, BEGIN IT. BOLDNESS HAS GENIUS, POWER AND MAGIC IN IT’ and in many ways it did. I’d been running a Youth Leadership/Volunteer program with an organisation called Suas in Dublin for nearly three years. My particular role was working with university students. They would volunteer in schools in India and Kenya for 3 months during the summer, delivering educational services to schools. I’d bring them in on a 6-month program of personal development, and that in itself was a huge learning curve. I was 24 and I was majorly in at the deep end. That job and role prepared me for bigger challenges and the bigger picture and made me realise that the individual is a Change Agent and can have a lot of potential, particularly when combined with other individuals who are doing like-minded work. I was meeting a lot of young people who were interested in getting involved in international development work, who were getting involved with something, but didn’t really know how to and thought that you have to go and get lots of degrees to do it, or you have to have x amount of skills before

you go and do it, or that it only means working in the World Bank or the UN. And I was like, “No. That’s not true.” I was meeting people like Betty Nyagoha who works in a school in the slums of Nairobi, and I was meeting some other Social Entrepreneurs here in Ireland through my work in Suas. These people have incredible stories to tell but we don’t really here about them. There are modern day contemporary ‘Gandhi’s and ‘Martin Luther King’s, but they’re not role models which society looks up to. We think about international leaders like Mandela and even Bono, but they seem so removed from people, like they’re unattainable figures. Everyone’s a person, and everyone starts with a single step along his or her own journey. Everyone is a journey. So I thought, why don’t I tell those stories of individuals working overseas or working in development, working in Social Entrepreneurship? What do they do? How do they do it? Why do they do it? And what advice would they give to young people in particular about setting out on their own journey? I’d also read a book called Road Trip Nation a few months before starting out on this journey. It was about two young college students who drove around the

United States interviewing business leaders about their life story. It was a really interesting concept, but the focus was very much on the individual rather than the collective, and I wanted to show how individuals could make a change in a collective kind of way. I also wanted a much more international book. It’s the kind of thing were you put so much energy into it, but don’t know where it’ll end up. It was a long journey to get it from the point of idea to publication. It took nearly three years. You’re not sure if it’s going to be successful, so what you have to be clear about is: are your intentions pure and are your motivations aligned with your values? If your motivations are in anyway askew, that’s going to come out as tension within yourself. I feel it’s honest for me to say that my intentions were right with this. I really wanted some good to happen with it, and now that it’s created, now that I’ve actually held it in my hands, all this positive stuff is coming out of it.” Interviewed by Patrick Bridgeman

To find out more about Clare’s epic journey and the inspiring individuals and communities she met along the way, visit

17. Silva Method



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Irish Organic Herbs 14 By Alec Florence As we head into what we hope will be a warm and pleasant summer, we all need to get into shape so that we can get out in the warm fresh air and reap the benefits. Lots of us are looking to loose a few kilos and are starting to use diets and reduce the fatty food intake. Addressing the “flab” on the outside is important, but we also need to look to how we can improve our general feeling of well-being. We are becoming more than ever aware of the damage caused to our health by our environment and also by the processed food and drinks that we consume. Although naturaly detoxifying our bodies is a continuous process, toxins can build-up in our systems causing us to feel listless and run down.

Many detox programs exist but one that has stood the test of time is “Herbal Detoxification” – the use of herbs to fortify the organs involved in the removal of these toxins. Herbal Detoxification assists in the release of waste products, expelling them from the body through the skin, intestines, liver, lungs, kidneys and the lymphatic system.

Many of the herbs used to assist in detox are grown here in Ireland and Irish Organic Herbs are the first company to have pioneered the organically certified field-scale cultivation of these medicinal herbs in Ireland. From a traditional perspective there are good reasons for using certain herbs: Burdock is a blood tonic and aids liver function, Dandelion Root increases bile production and flow and aids fat digestion, and Barberry Bark is a liver stimulant and a digestive tonic. These herbs, along with Astragalus Root providing anti-viral, antimicrobial and immune support and also Milk Thistle and Fennell Seeds are all in “Liver Cleanse & Detox” – a blended tincture produced by Irish Organic Herbs. This formulation is beneficial for use as part of a 14-day detox-program and provides a strong support for the digestive system, the gall bladder and liver. This support helps in particular with problems such as wind, bloating and flatulence.   Acne can be a problem for many of all ages. Traditionally, an herbal blend which cleanses and detoxifies the body has been used by herbalists in the treatment of skin problems. Used preferably in combination with Echinacea, this herbal blend can also be helpful in addressing this condition.  The herbs used to produce Irish Organic Herbs’ “Liver Cleanse & Detox” are mainly grown locally on certified organic Irish farms and as with all detox programs you should consume plenty of water and reduce your intake of coffee, alcohol & bad stodgy foods. With summer upon us, now is the time for each of us to take control of our systems so that we can fully enjoy the long walks and lazy days! “Liver Cleanse & Detox” is available from health stores nationwide or at

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Fertility Complementary medicine can significantly enhance fertility. Experts from the College of Naturopathic Medicine highlight the different therapeutic approaches.

Roisin O Kelly Herbalist and Naturopath

Optimal health for both the male and female is the first priority; this can take several months to achieve. This may include guidance on a very healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, relaxation, positive thinking and meditation), herbs, castor oil packs, magnet therapy, acupuncture and/or reflexology. Each patient is assessed individually. The secret of success is to use many tools of natural healing for body and mind simultaneously. Alleviating stress is important because stress makes us more acidic and vaginal secretions need to be alkaline for sperm survival and hence conception. Conception, although natural, is extremely complex. Many variable factors are still unidentified medically. In simple words, most couples experiencing infertility often don’t know why the woman cannot get pregnant. The naturopathic herbal approach can be really successful but is best done under the supervision of a naturopath.


There are many great herbs for both male and female fertility; herbs for the male include Horny Goat Weed. Amusing as the name may be, goats that eat this herb have been observed becoming extremely virile and look for a mate immediately! Panax Ginseng is also a great herb for general male vitality; it improves circulation to the genitalia area and increases the ability to maintain a strong erection. Vitex Agnus Castus (Chasteberry) helps to regulate the woman’s menstrual cycle and balance oestrogen and progesterone levels. Take 30 drops on waking (as near 6am as possible as this is pituitary time). Damiana, Peppermint and Nettle improve sex drive. Mexican Yam and False Unicorn Root cleanses and tonifies the reproductive tract. Lady’s Mantle and Motherwort, as the names imply, boost the possibility of conception. Oats, Liquorice and Astragalus raise vitality and mood.

Celine Leonard Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Acupuncture is probably the most familiar of the treatments offered by Chinese Medicine. It has a 2000 year history of theory and commentary. It has become a staple in modern Fertility Treatment since it has been verified in trial after trial by Evidence Based Medicine. Its value is that it may be used on its own or as a valuable adjunctive treatment for women undergoing Assisted Fertility Treatments. It is best to attend a practitioner who specialises in Fertility Treatments. Acupuncture relies on the theories of Chinese Medicine to establish whether difficulty in conceiving is due to either a deficiency of resources or an obstructing condition such as Endometriosis. Pulse and Tongue Diagnoses are done to clarify what course of treatment is needed either to increase resources for pregnancy or remove obstructions. The practitioner always

seeks to correct any hormonal imbalance and maximise the potential for pregnancy. Studies have now shown how Acupuncture’s reputation for reducing stress and stabilising the hormonal system has been verified by clinical testing showing lowering of Cortisol levels and regulation of the Endocrine System. However, cutting edge practice also means Chinese Medical Theory is constantly being adapted to liaise with Western Medical treatments. It can also be used to help with commonly diagnosed Western Medical conditions such as Hyperprolactin Disorders, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or Recurrent Miscarriage because of clotting factors. However, since Chinese Medicine treats the whole person, the woman’s health and vitality is always improved by treatment, regardless of the outcome.


Linda de Courcy Nutritional Therapist

Our modern dietary habits can seem to be very convenient in this hectic world we live in, but as well as contributing to diseases like cancer and heart disease they can also prevent the reproductive organs of both men and women from functioning correctly, sometimes resulting in a couple being unable to conceive. Using nutritional therapy to help a couple conceive would usually take a commitment of six months, the ďŹ rst months would focus on boosting the immune system, detoxifying the body, regulating any hormonal imbalances and (if necessary) achieving weight loss. Other essential areas to focus on are moderate exercise and stress reduction (where appropriate). During this time the woman would begin to chart her cycles to see if and when she is ovulating. It takes the sperm and eggs about three months to

PL_Summer_09.indd 17

develop and mature so during the second three months an optimally nutritious diet would be maintained. Success rates with IVF approximate 27% and can decline with age, but making beneďŹ cial changes to our diet can, among other things, regulate menstrual cycles, stimulate ovulation and increase sperm count, motility and survival rate dramatically. Eating a healthy diet does not mean living on lettuce and cucumber. Good food is both satisfying and extremely tasty and goes a long way to helping the body heal itself and reproduce.

08/06/2009 04:56


18 Shiatsu means “finger pressure” in Japanese,

by Josephine Lynch Recently there has been Research completed on Shiatsu, which was carried out by Professor Andrew Long from the University of Leeds. The study looked at the effects of Shiatsu as experienced and reported by practitioner and client. The data was gathered from Austria, Spain and the UK. A total of 633 clients completed all four questionnaires. The first one immediately after their treatment, the second between 4 and 6 days later, the third after 3 months and the fourth after 6 months. The following were some of the reasons given for looking for a Shiatsu treatment: muscle and back pain, low energy and fatigue, emotional support, menstrual pain, to reduce use of medication. The study showed that Shiatsu helps clients feel calmer and more relaxed, and expressed feeling “physically more mobile, more able to cope with things, and more energised.” During the study, client’s symptoms were significantly reduced and these

where originally many blind people practised this treatment. It requires sensitivity and a heightened development of the ability to sense where a person is “holding”, which usually interferes with the very natural flow of Vitality. The Shiatsu treatment, like much holistic treatment, is to restore and invigorate the person’s own ability to be well.

reductions were maintained throughout the 6 month long study. Both new and regular users of Shiatsu felt more aware of this and felt that Shiatsu had helped maintain their health and said they were more hopeful that their problems could be helped. Interestingly, between 45% and 64% said they took more exercise and reported changes in their diet as a result of having Shiatsu and up to 32% had made changes in their working patterns. Clients were also asked about any negative reactions and (if so) how long they lasted. Up to 22% reported some negative response and when further questioned some 88% of these reported “transitional”

symptoms such as tiredness, headache, heightened emotions, which lasted no more that 2 days. The European Shiatsu Federation, which funded the study, strongly recommends that practitioners advise their clients of the potential of transitory adverse affects. Many of the findings of the research strongly suggest that Shiatsu has a place in public health care. Shiatsu helps to reduce client’s symptoms as well as supporting and educating people to make healthier choices. Recently the World Health Organization said that diet and exercise has a far greater effect on the development of cancer than our genes. This is good news as it confirms what many of us believe: that we do have a certain positive impact over our well-being. Looking after ourselves, with Shiatsu perhaps, can be a means to do just that. For more info and to read the executive summary of the report, visit

10. Shiatsu

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A Person of


By Patrick Bridgeman



He recently gave a talk here in Ireland, on June 1st, exactly 10 years to the day from when his loving and supportive wife Kazuko first published his original book Messages From Water. 3 billion copies in 45 languages later, having given over 1000 seminars in 75 different countries, he was finally ready to meet the Irish. I got up early one morning to phone him and his translator Fukiko in Japan for an exclusive interview as he prepared for his current world tour, including his first ever trip to our green isles. “I feel it’s a coincidence that we are interviewing today because today is the day we finished writing our new book entitled, A Person of Love and Gratitude.” I agree it is a wonderful coincidence, or maybe not a coincidence at all. As Dr. Emoto himself believes “synchronicities are signs from the 5th dimension,” which is a Utopia “somewhere over the rainbow” that we can catch glimpses of during meditation. The entrance to the 5th dimension can be found at the bottom of a rainbow, the likes of which have been following Dr. Emoto across the world, appearing over his water ceremonies and seminars. The basis of his work is simple; you take a few samples of water from different sources or having been influenced

by different stimuli such as words, music or emotions; you then freeze these water samples and photograph the crystals that are formed using a special microscope. The results speak for themselves; water that has been exposed to positive vibrations form beautiful symmetrical hexagonal crystal images, and water that has been exposed to harsh vibrations shows up as shattered or deformed blobs. Considering our human bodies and the planet itself are made up of 70% water, it starts to become clear just what kind of impact the positive and negative influences in our lives are having upon us. At the seminar, images of water crystals formed from the words “Mother’s Cooking” were compared to those of “Instant Food.” Of course the former was considerably more beautiful. Likewise, an image entitled “Do it!” was compared to “Let’s Do It!” showing how teamwork has a much nicer energy than dictatorship. “We need to understand water if we are going to understand ourselves.” He reminds us. “Personally, I can not live without music, because I’ve been listening to some kind of music ever since I was a foetus in my mother’s womb. My mother was the kind of person who

‘Love & Thanks’ water crystal

always liked to sing, so I took that into my blood. The water in my body always needs some kind of music. Depending on my mood, I would listen to different kinds of music, for example: Violin music or Piano, or sometimes I feel like singing a special type of popular Japanese song called Enka. Whenever I drink Irish beer, I’m sure that I will feel like singing Japanese Enka.” “I think if a person has a strong enough sensitivity or sensibility, they would immediately understand or feel what kind of music is needed for a person they see. Immediately they can find out what would be the best song for any particular person’s mood.” At the seminar, his slideshow suddenly stopped on a page with big bright letters followed by an exclamation mark, “Karaoke Time!” After the crowd finished laughing, Dr. Emoto led us all in a unique rendition of Danny Boy. The power of music had been made apparent to us earlier in the seminar by a moving image music video of the water crystals formed under the influence of Madam Butterfly. He then

went on to demonstrate harmonious and destructive combinations of musical notes, relating the disharmony between certain people as a clash between their vibrational resonances. On the bright side, he said, “Everyone can change their tune if they need to, to make harmony among people.” Changing our frequency can help in many areas of our life. “From the Hado point of view, everything has a vibration and each of us has our own specific vibration or Hado. In order to avoid getting infected by some infectious disease, for example, we have to raise the power of the immune system in our body, and this immunity can be the result of our feeling of Love and Gratitude. Love and Gratitude to Hado is the best immunity for us.” As I consider the effect our feelings have on things outside of us, he agrees that the

mood of an artist or writer, musician or chef when they are creating something for others will infuse their creation and affect their audience. “I have published a book called, Nutrition Food Study of Hado, which I co-wrote with a specialist on nutrition. We found out that when we make a hamburger with a joyful feeling, or a very vengeful angry feeling, the result is totally different. The one with the joyful feeling has a much greater power to boost the human immune system. We checked the result with a special vibration-detecting device called an MRA (Magnetic Resonance Analyser).” So it seems that love really is the secret ingredient. “Absolutely!” It makes me think of big gatherings of people at music events and spiritual celebrations, and how the combined energy of the group would have a bigger effect on the individuals present. “When talking about a group energy, if a person decides to be in this group, then the energy will be multiplied so many fold, but if a person is reluctant to get into this group, then it will not have as much of an affect as the ones that join more actively.”

“70% of our physic al body is water, so that means we are mostly water. And it is important to take a very close look at water and think of the question of what water actually is.”

Radiation leakage well water before prayer

Radiation leakage well water after prayer

Tap water before prayer

Tap water after prayer

As part of his research, Dr. Emoto has been re-examining the theories of Einstein, in particular E = MC2 (Energy = Mass multiplied by The Speed of Light). “I’ve changed the words but not the meaning (Energy = Number of Humans multiplied by The Vibration of Consciousness).” Like an iceberg, most of our potential is hidden below the surface in the inactive parts of our DNA. Scientists recently discovered a water pole in the centre of our DNA and Dr. Emoto feels that by developing a better relationship with the water in our body, we can tap into our full potential and activate our true selves. Since all vibration is involved in this process and a big part of Dr. Emoto’s research involves placing words on water samples to see their effect, I ask if the name you give a child affects the person they grow up to be. “Yes. I think that each person’s name has some kind of significant meaning and connection to a person. I didn’t have this kind of idea a long time ago, but recently I feel the name is very important.  For example, Einstein in German


means “One Stone” (Ein is One and Stein is Stone). My mother’s name is Kazu Ishimaru (Ishi means Stone and Kazu is One).  There’s some kind of similarity in those names.” When I asked if he has ever put his own name on water sample, he replies, “We have done an experiment where instead of showing just “Masaru Emoto” we showed the words “Masaru Emoto Water” to a bottle of water with Japanese tap water and the result was amazing.  Even though we used tap water, it formed such a beautiful crystal and usually tap water has no chance to create a beautiful crystal.  I feel a little bit bashful about this.” Dr. Emoto believes that “Water is a messenger from God” and its message is one of Love and Thanks. In fact, Love and Thanks seem to be the most powerful words to use and they created what Dr. Emoto considers “the most beautiful water crystal I’ve ever seen.” He uses specially influenced water to heal people of various physical, emotional and mental conditions and I wonder if we were to offer a worldwide prayer of Love and Thanks, does he feel that it could have a major effect, not just on the water of the world but on

every part of the world? “Sure.  I think so, because water is the source of everything in this universe, so I believe it will in turn affect everything in the world.” I wonder if we send Love and Gratitude to the Ozone Layer, could we repair the hole and make it healthy again?  He replies, “Yes, I think it is very possible.  I totally believe in that because the energy of Love and Gratitude is the original energy of the universe, so it should be able to fix the hole in the Ozone Layer.  Additionally, the ratio of Love and Gratitude is very important.  I believe the ratio should be 1:2 (1 Love to 2 Gratitude).  I believe this is the full meaning of H2O (Water).”  His prayers of Love and Gratitude have yielded amazing Before and After images of crystals from water that had been polluted and neglected, and touring the world offering blessings to the lakes, rivers and oceans of the world has become a regular part of Dr. Emoto’s work. He is currently the head of the I.H.M. General Research Institute and President Emeritus of the International Water for Life Foundation, a not for profit organization. On May 26, 2005, he spoke as a keynote speaker at a conference held in the United Nations Headquarters, conference room 1, organized by the Spiritual Dimensions of Science and Consciousness Subcommittee of the NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns. There he introduced the idea for Emoto Peace Project, “giving the book Messages From Water – Children’s Version to the children around the world for free in the hope that they find the importance of water and the true nature of us human beings.” “We are mostly water.  And it is important to take a very close look at water and think of the question of what water actually is.  We have to pay more attention to water and we have to focus on water much better and we have to study water.  Where does this water on Earth come from?  Does it always need to circulate in our Universe?  When we think about these kinds of questions, we will encounter the more profound deep theme of our existence itself.  For example: where do we come from?  What is the purpose of our being here?  Where are we going after we die?  When we can find the better answers to these kinds of questions, we will have no fear of death, and when we have no fear of death, our value system will totally change and we can live our life to the fullest and we can be more like humans and we can fulfil our purpose most affectively in this life.”

For more info and to download your own free copy of Messages From Water – Children’s Version, visit or or

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“Life is as simple and wonderful as you choose it to be�

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The New Humans By Patrick Bridgeman


“In this period of time, a large jump in evolution is occurring, moving people forward in their state of consciousness. As well as more evolved souls being born, it is also possible for those of us already here to evolve rapidly too. By clearing our energy at a DNA level, and then bringing in a new DNA, we can move forward in ways that up until now we may only have dreamt of. Our bodies will be lighter, our abilities more developed and our senses more perceptive. And as more and more people have the new DNA, whole communities will evolve and thrive at a much greater level of awareness, integrity and balance. There is a new series of essences and channelling available that can help to clear our current DNA and to bring in the new. This clearing helps us to resolve and heal patterns, tendencies and damage that have been held in our DNA and were caused by both our own and our ancestors lifestyles, habits and experiences. Once these imprints are cleared then the new DNA can come in, and we can have a fresh start at a higher level of consciousness.� Janine Thorp

This could be Heaven for everyone, but like any shift, this transition will have its’ moments of upheaval and settling. We’re going through a great spiritual detox which affects us on our physical, emotional, mental, social and energetic levels. What’s in harmony with the natural cycles of the universe will stay, and what’s not will simply fall away. So, if the world you live in is not based in love and respect for yourself, others and the planet we live on, it’s going to come tumbling down. What the world needs now, besides “love, sweet love,” are social and economic systems based in Integrity (with a capital “I” relating to the individual’s choice to act in accordance with their own inner-knowing and moral compass). We also need a deeper respect for our host planet, Mother Earth, and a more heartfelt connection with each other. These traits are found in New Humans, who naturally live a more balanced life in harmony with the cycles of life, the universe and everything. When I was a child, I dreamt of being a hero who would overthrow the corrupt villains who held the world in their evil clutches…in a galaxy far far away. I felt as if I’d been born in the wrong era and as I grew up, I noticed I was quite sensitive, my intuition and empathy were strong, and I knew things about the nature of reality and the workings of the universe that nobody had told me. I had nobody around me who could clarify if my feelings and understanding were correct, but as I started to read philosophical and spiritual literature, the authors confirmed and affirmed what I had already come to realise. Then, at a talk given by Janine Thorp about the channelled essences she works with, I heard the term “Indigo Children” for the first time and it struck a chord deep within me. As she explained the nature and probable life experiences of this particular type of incarnated being, a wave of relief washed over me. I was no longer alone. I realised I was part of a community of similar souls and part of something purposeful. I finally understood why I was particularly sensitive to other people’s emotions and why I got so enraged at in-

justices such as corruption, dishonesty and double-standards. I had ideas to make the world a better place and I finally felt supported by something big enough to achieve that change. “Indigos come in with a stronger sense of purpose and want to change things for the better,” she recently told me. “Their tolerance for that which is out of alignment with universal balance and law is lower than previous generations, and so they have to change things in order to make the world more compatible.” Although the new DNA that’s coming in is a step beyond Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children; with them, Evolution definitely took a step in the right direction. We are here to help guide mankind towards a possible heaven on earth, in a time where a conscious choice and effort must be made to ensure the continued survival of our species by embracing our divine humanity. This is seen as a world process, as we move from Chi-no-ri (characterized by polarities, separation, hierarchies, cycles, cause and effect, and material-centered) to Ten-no-ri, a holistic and universal time, when thoughts may be realised, and karma erased. At a recent talk given by Dr. Masaru Emoto here in Ireland, he mentioned that in general only 3% of a human’s DNA is activated. He also told us that scientists recently discovered a water pole in the centre of our DNA and he hypothesised that the way to activate more of our DNA is to send Love and Gratitude to the water in our body. Seeing the “water crystal” results of his research into how the physical and energetic dimensions respond to different thoughts, words, emotions and actions gives merit to his hypothesis. However, I feel that the added influence of a focused intention to consciously activate your DNA will bring about the transformation more quickly and effectively. This may be done as part of your meditation practice. The shift in our DNA can happen gradually or spontaneously. Your tolerance for artificial substances will lessen, affecting what you put into your body and surround yourself with. Your respect for nature and natural cycles will increase, affecting your home and work life and how you take care of the planet. Your empathy and telepathy will increase, affecting your relationships and how you communicate with others.

Your connection with your own higher self and other finer consciousnesses will become more clear, affecting your understanding of reality and the universe, and this can all happen within our lifetime. This future is available for everyone. We can all reach our full potential. It will happen for you when it happens for you and for others when they are ready, and it doesn’t matter if you are one of the first or one of the last as long as it happens. The more you’re true to yourself, the more your soul can incarnate and the more your vibration can raise and the more you can live your full potential. “It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.” Alan Cohen You’re probably familiar with the term Tipping Point, which explains how the energy of the many affects the energy of the few, or how the more stable energy affects the less stable energy. With that in mind, it makes sense to say that spending time with a group of New DNA Seekers will make it more easy for you yourself to shift your energy and make the evolutionary leap. Looking back over time, Neil Howe and William Strauss noticed how humans seem to repeat a generational cycle of four seasons every 80 or so years. The main characteristic of this present season is a generation of humans with a real need for a sense of community and connection, of banding together for the benefit of all involved. This is easy to see with the huge increase in mobile phones and online communities such as Facebook, as well as the various spiritual groups springing up all around the country such as the Buddha Bag meeting. It is no coincidence that humanity is making an evolutionary leap at this time in our history, during this time of galactic realignment, of new scientific understandings, of community, upheaval and hope. It is who we are. We’re survivors. And if we listen to our own inner-knowing, our true self will guide the way to our new hearts, our new minds and our new DNA.

For more info on Janine Thorp and her Channelled Essences, visit For more info on Indigo Children, visit and For more info on Dr. Emoto’s water crystal research, visit For more info on Neil Howe and William Strauss, visit

Spinology Non-therapeutic maintenance for the spine

By Michael Meyer

Spinology is a fairly new profession, having been founded in 1980 by Dr. Reginald R. Gold from London, England. The profession began in the United States when he noted a complete lack of attention to maintaining the spinal column on a regular basis. His observation also included the fact that very little emphasis was being placed on the function of the nervous system in relation to the spine. This, he thought, was the most valuable information for the general public and nobody was sharing it. The emphasis in Spinology is not on ‘fixing bad backs’ as that may not be possible with years of damage. The emphasis


is to assist the body in proper spinal alignment on a regular basis. It may take a decade or longer for spinal misalignments to cause enough damage to show symptoms. The choice then becomes one of continued neglect or maintenance.

Message of Spinology The philosophy of Spinology draws upon a broad variety of philosophical concepts, both classical and modern. Its truth does not belong uniquely to Spinology, for truth cannot become the exclusive property of any group. The practice of Spinology would appear, on the surface, to bear some resemblance to the healing arts practices of chiropractic, osteopathy and others, but such appearance is deceptive. Spinology is neither a therapy nor a healing art. Spinologists are not doctors. They do not diagnose or treat disease, or give advice or referrals about disease. The philosophy of Spinology recognizes that for human potential to be fully expressed, all aspects of bodily function must interact harmoniously. Such harmonious interaction is dependent upon the nerve

system, which integrates and coordinates every expression of life. The ultimate objective is to restore human beings to a harmonious unity of mind, body and spirit for the fulfilment of their life potential. Only when people are thus restored to harmony within themselves can they express all of their potential and achieve harmony with others for a better world. When a spinal bone, via some type of force, becomes misaligned, the holes between the vertebrae, where the nerve roots exit, become altered and this affects the delicate nerve root tissue. The body will attempt self-correction using the small muscles that attach to the spine. If successful, you resume normal function. If unsuccessful, you have what is known as a Spinal Occlusion. The tiny muscles attached to the occlusion will continue in their attempt at correction for years and decades. A Spinologist is specifically trained to palpate or feel the spinal muscles and detect these muscle fibres that are pulling or working to realign this vertebra. When the spinal occlusion is detected, a Spinologist will not be concerned with what specifically caused it, how long it has been present or what type of symptoms it may be causing. The body is failing at an attempt of self-correction and the Spinologist will simply assist by applying the non-manipulative Spinology Technique to encourage improved spinal alignment. The training is an intense, but fascinating two years part time to complete the academic portion. Graduation sees you as a Certified Spinologist with ties to the head school in Valencia, Spain where Spinology is a recognised manual practice profession as opposed to a therapeutic profession. The current class consists of builders, electricians, beauty therapists, human resource directors and tilers. There is no previous academic requirement as many people that would be brilliant Spinologists simply weren’t good at classroom work. We use the first three months as the trial period to see if the student can grasp and master the course work. This gives everyone who wishes to be a professional in a specialised field a chance to succeed no matter what past work/school experiences they have had.

Michael Meyer is a Certified Spinologist and Director of the European School of Spinology


European School of Spinology

Two year part time course Call: 085 7664 943 As a Certified Spinologist you will: • Set your own hours and fees • Enjoy a profession that assists everyone you work on without fail • Enjoy the income and respect of a professional in a specialised field • Be part of the fastest growing profession in the area of human performance • Have immediate employment opportunities upon graduation GAA Building, 1st Floor, Mill Rd, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Quantum Healing

Natural Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit Julie Williams (USA), Therapist and Teacher


Beat stress, be empowered, get motivated, inspired and creative.

eek y/weekend/w We run one da over all s at tre re g long drummin ar abroad all ye Ireland, and nal Certified sio es of Pr d. roun Circle ist and Drum Drum therap facilitator

151134 or Phone 087/9 m Retreats. yth Visit www.rhyth Rh ng mi our upco for details of

Quantum Healing is a new form of consciousness Medicine that promotes transformation at the source of the issue, producing immediate results with lasting change.

This powerful specialty works well with: Pain, Dis-ease, Chronic Conditions, Ancestral Entanglements, Depression & Anxiety, Emotional Patterns, Limiting Beliefs, Past Trauma, Addictions, and more…


Individual & Family Sessions by appointment Call 087 258 8385


Workshops: Dublin June 27 Introduction to Quantum Healing June 28 Family Constellations: emotional Inheritance July 18 & 19 Quantum Healing Weekend Workshop Oscailt, 8 Pembroke Rd. Dublin 4 Naas June 13 Introduction to Quantum Healing June 14 Family Constellations: emotional Inheritance Fairgreen Holistic Clinic, Naas, Co. Kildare

adore your pores

People spend a lot of time and money these days looking after their health. Mostly we are concerned about what we put into our bodies and try to eat a healthy nutritious diet of fresh, natural and organic foods. But we should also give thought to what we put on our bodies and how this can affect our health.

28 On average, women absorb 2kg of chemicals from personal care products in one year. Up to 60% of anything applied to the skin is absorbed into the body. So, it makes sense that the products we put on our skin should be as natural and organic as the food we put in our mouths. There are now a huge number of companies producing fabulous alternatives to all the conventional lotions and potions on the market. From eczema and psoriasis to teenage acne and rosacea, there is a product to suit every skin type and problem. The reason these products work is that

By Aoife Calnan

the companies producing them follow strict guidelines and only use ingredients of the highest quality. Every single ingredient is chosen with care for its nourishing effects. Some companies, such as German based Dr. Haushka and Weleda, go so far as to produce most of their ingredients to the same high standards as those they put into the homeopathic and anthroposophical medicines they make in the same facility. A vast majority of the herbs and plants used are grown on the company farms using biodynamic or organic means. Those not grown on site are ethically sourced. At the core of their products is the nurturing and healing benefits of the rose. They use various extracts of this precious plant from the wax to the oil to the fine water that comes from a very delicate distilling process. This means that you are being provided with much more than rich skin care - the circulation and metabolic activity of the body is stimulated along with the defence system of the skin, resulting in the skin protecting itself. A truly holistic beauty regime! The things that strike most people about natural skincare the first time they try it are the wonderful silky textures of the creams and oils and the fresh, sensuous and uplifting fragrances. There is something very wholesome about the aroma of fresh lavender, exotic coconut or zesty lemon on the skin. It awakens the senses and fills the mind with images of purple fields in Provence, white sands and palm trees and sun kissed lemon groves on Spanish hills. A company that knows all about the power of natural fragrances is another German company called Lavera. They have a

beauty regime to suit all skin types, full of gorgeous aromas. You just have to sample them and find your favourite to suit your mood, your personality or how you want to feel. They also have a full range of makeup that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and is available in co-ordinated natural colours. This is very good news as many women suffer from sensitivities to conventional make up. It is also comforting to know that while your skin looks flawless on the surface, the deeper levels are being repaired and renewed to create a flawless complexion even when the make up comes off. All this natural pampering makes us look and feel good on the outside but we have the added bonus of feeling good on the inside knowing that the products we are using are causing little impact on the environment. With all the ingredients being ethical, packaged in recycled and recyclable containers and also being biodegradable, they’re helping us do our bit for the future of the planet. So, if you want this feel good factor in you life, drop into your local health food store and try out some of the fabulous beauty products they have to offer. For one of the widest selections available, look no further than the newly renovated Evergreen Healthfoods on Mainguard Street in Galway city centre. They have all the above mentioned brands plus many more and friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you choose the perfect beauty regime for you.

5. Evergreen

Are You Tired Of... Are You Tired Of . . .



Skincare & Mineral Makeup Because Healthy, Beautiful Skin is possible with MyChelle Natural & Non-toxic

ямБnd MyChelle at Stockists & Customer Service: 0404 49840 - 085 105 4240


Positively newsworthy

By Patrick Bridgeman


Now is the perfect time to see if we are a glass half-full or a glass half-empty nation? Can we see the silver lining through the rain clouds? Certainly in the circles I move in there’s an increase in creativity, sharing and bartering. You give me a massage and I’ll give you some energy-healing. I help you set up your Dance Event and you let me attend free of charge. Any combination of commodities you can think of can work. Dinner parties are becoming the new eating out. Someone offers their home as a venue and everyone brings something to eat or drink. Every time there’s something different and the sense of community grows more and more with each meal. What a blessing we’ve been given in this ever-

changing universe of duality. Whether or not you can enjoy it depends on what side the duality you’re focused upon. I know from personal experience that when you’re knocked head over heels by an unexpected turn of events, the first place you can find yourself looking is at the negative, but thankfully I’ve been around the spiral of experience enough times now that I realise that within every upset is a gift worth receiving. So, now, when I find myself thinking, “Here we go again!”, it’s something to look forward to and welcome with open, loving, understanding arms. And with that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the obviously positive news from around the world…

Emily’s One of the Next Big Things University Student Emily Cummins has been named “Ultimate Save the Planet Pioneer” at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards 2008. Emily was recognised for her practical eco-friendly, ethical product designs - and it all started with a hammer - a gift from her grandfather when she was just four years old. Emily used to watch her grandfather while he crafted toys and jewellery boxes out of odds and ends. She was captivated by the notion that she could also create things using simple scrap materials and a few tools. “I loved the fact that we could make stuff out of seemingly random bits,” she remembers. This early interest soon blossomed into a serious ability to solve problems through clever design. Although Emily was only one of two girls in her wood and metalwork GCSE class, her very first invention earned her a regional “Young Engineer for Britain Award” in 2003 - a water carrier that enables people in the developing world to carry five times more than before. “I wanted it to be simple to manufacture, so that local people could produce it themselves, helping to reduce costs and create new jobs,” Emily explains. The carrier also won a “Sustainable Design Award”, which motivated her to begin working on her next project - a sustainable fridge. This is now being used by some of the world’s poorest people, who have no mains electricity to store medicines or food. Understandably, the device has earned her a second “Young Engineer for Britain Award”. Emily deferred her university place to travel to South Africa and Namibia. Emily says. “I was able to devote time to see how people actually live and what it’s like to live without electricity. I saw how resourceful people were and how we should be learning from them, not them learning from us.” Emily was awarded an Undergraduate Enterprise Scholarship from Leeds University and she is now a business student. Currently serving as an ambassador for the “Make Your Mark” campaign, she is helping other young people make their ideas happen too. Recently, Emily was recognised as one

of the “Future 100 Young Entrepreneurs of the Year”, while The Independent has coined her as “one of the next big things”. Website:

A Little Jar of Sunshine Jam jars just store plain old jam but Sun Jars collect and contain sunshine. This ingenious and delightful home lighting concept based on a design by Tobias Wong will automatically turn itself on when it gets dark and glow warmly with the days sunshine for about five hours through the night unless you switch it off, that is. The Sun Jar is also environmentally friendly, safe, wireless, fully portable and water tight, so you can take a jar of sun with you to bed, to your tent or to dinner on the patio. In fact, it can even be left outside in the pouring rain. Made to look like a traditional bell jar, it will sit on your windowsill, busily storing sunlight all day. Okay, in truth, the jar contains its own solar charging panel, an automatic light-sensitive on and off switch and a low-voltage bulb with a sumptuous orangey glow. The light is diffused by frosted glass, giving the appearance of sunshine radiating from the jar and for those of you who would rather bottle moonlight well, now you can, with a cool blue Moon Jar. Contact: +44 (0)20 7923  0011. Website:

Salt is the Solution Power towers - water tanks on stilts, surrounded by hundreds of mirrors that tilt on two axes - will follow the sun as it moves across the sky during the day and continue to track it over the course of a year. Beneath each tower will be a large tank, containing tens of thousands of gallons of molten salt. The salt, which is non-flammable and nontoxic, melts at 220 degrees celsius and can

be kept liquid at 290 degrees in an insulated “cold” storage facility. When electricity is needed, the salt is pumped out of the storage tank to the top of the tower, where concentrated sunlight heats it up to 565 degrees celsius. The hot salt then produces superheated steam and is piped into a series of turbines, causing them to spin and make electricity. The uniqueness of this solar system is that power can be generated even in periods of cloudy weather or at night, by using the stored thermal energy in the hot salt tanks. The containers are well insulated and could store energy for up to a week. The towers will supply 540 megawatts of heat and in turn, produce 250 megawatts of electricity - enough to power a city. “You take the energy the sun is putting into the earth that day, store it, capture it, put it into the reservoir and use it on demand,” explains Terry Murphy, chief executive of Solar Reserve, who plan to have their first molten salt solar power plant up and running by 2010. This breakthrough technology comes at a time when governments are actively seeking to promote renewable energy resources on an industrial scale. It will put solar power firmly into the race to become the world’s dominant electricity source. Economically competitive and not reliant on fossil fuels to operate, the process has zero harmful emissions and is oblivious to the increasing price of oil, gas, coal or other dwindling fuels. Website:

Positive Feedback We here at Positive Life love hearing about and experiencing all of the wonderful new products and practices, teachings and techniques, events and endeavours that are constantly being created, as well as all the positive Irish news stories, so if you have information that you think we’d appreciate, send us 100 - 200 words and a website address (where applicable) to


by Davie Philip In the last issue I introduced the notion of a Good Life 2.0, an aspiration for self reliance for the 21st century based on community systems. Ten years ago I met the late John Seymour, whose books on selfsufficiency inspired the classic TV sitcom ‘The Good Life’. On his small-holding in Wexford, John told me that he had come to the conclusion that it would be too difficult to sustain the noble effort of living off-grid and providing for all your own needs on your own land. Going solo wasn’t enough. His new thinking was co-sufficiency, selfreliant local communities that could work together to meet their needs and make the transition to a post-industrial economy not dependent on fossil fuel. These days a question we often hear is, “how long is this downturn going to last?” There’s a commonly held belief that it is only a matter of time before we get back to a ‘business as usual’ scenario. But what many fail to grasp is the ‘once in a species’ opportunity that these challenges offer us.

32 As well as ‘fixing the economy’, we need to radically decrease our dependence on oil, coal and gas. This means looking beyond the obvious, i.e. electricity supply or fuel, and looking at our food, health and economic systems. Today almost everything we do is dependent upon a non-renewable, climate-changing source of energy. Now, with the peaking of the global oil supply we are entering an era of new uncertainties. One thing that will help us in these challenging times is the building of local resilience. Resilience is the ability of a system to hold together and function in the face of disruption and shock. This means having the capacity to deal with adversity and the ability to develop new ways of doing things when current approaches no longer serve us. Because the possibility of breakdown in our social, economic and environmental systems may rise, we need to find ways to rebuild the resilience of our local communities.

We in Ireland are more reliant on imported oil for our energy requirements than almost every other European country. What we need is a ‘powerdown’ strategy to help us cope with these problems, while increasing our ‘well being’ in the process. Although the majority of the debate about energy futures and the transition to a lowcarbon economy has focused on supplyside replacements for fossil fuels, a lot of work has begun on looking at reducing our energy demand and exploring the prospects for building local resilience. The Cultivate Centre has developed a course to nurture community sustainability called Community Powerdown – Training for Leadership, Livelihoods and Local Resilience. The course provides the learners with the context of the global changes we face and offers pathways, new thinking and a set of tools that will enable them and their communities to make an informed response. The course can be taken as a weekend intensive workshop or as classes over a tenweek period. In addition to this, Cultivate are training trainers to deliver the course in their own communities and are now developing a week-long immersive learning experience delivered at the Cloughjordan Eco-village in North Tipperary. The Powerdown course supports and encourages the formation and development of Transitions Towns. These are communities that are characterised by creative, collaborative actions that nurture the building of local resilience through social, economic and environmental initiatives. At the 14th Convergence Sustainable Living Festival, recently held at Cultivate, the ‘Powerdown Show’ was launched. Ten short films produced by Cultivate for broadcast on the new Dublin Community Television Station, DCTV. The show is based on the ten modules of the Community Powerdown Course and is now used as a learning resource in the delivery of the course. The 10 episodes of the Powerdown Show, which are available from Cultivate on a stand alone DVD, are a fantastic resource for anyone interested in making the transition to a low carbon and re-localised future that is abundant, pleasurable, and most of all, resilient.

Davie Philip is the Education Manager at the Cultivate Centre for sustainable living and learning in Dublin and a member of the Village project in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary. He is currently the coordinator of the Transition Town Network in Ireland Contact

period piece


no wings no strings no gimmicky things The average woman uses at least 10,000 throwaway tampons and sanitary pads in her lifetime. Or, if she’s in the know, she uses just one Mooncup that lasts for years. No hassle with different absorbencies, no need to carry spares and no packaging, applicators or backing strips to dispose of every month. Popular with women worldwide, the Mooncup is safer, greener and cheaper.

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"In just a couple of months his concentration, memory, even his writing improved!" Daniel McCarthy, from Dublin, is 9 and he has been taking eye q fish oil supplements for the past four years.

‘When Daniel was five, he was quite hyperactive,’ says his mum Mary.

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taste or smell

Rude Health Show at the RDS the


Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th September Brought to you by the Irish Association of Health Stores, the Rude Health Show is the only combined trade and public natural health show in these islands, where your questions will be answered face to face by experts. Thousands of people from all over Ireland come to see and sample a huge range of exhibits from home and abroad. The non-stop programme of talks given by well-known speakers from the UK and Ireland over both days is a major draw, as are the food demos and tastings in the centre of the hall. Last year, crowds of people had to be refused entry to the talk given by Patrick Holford, and to avoid such disappointment again, this time he has agreed to speak on both days. Patrick Bridgeman met with him on April 30th during a break between Pat Kenny’s radio show and his own talk in the Tara Towers Hotel.

Positive Life: What do you think has been the biggest revelation in health and nutrition in recent years? Patrick Holford: I think, certainly, where I’m at, the most important understanding is that there’s a cluster of very common diseases and health problems which all hinge around a change in our internal biology. I call it, “Internal Global Warming.” Sometimes it’s called Metabolic Syndrome, and with it you get losing your blood sugar control, higher cholesterol, more resistance to insulin and raised homocysteine levels. So there are all sorts of indicators of a kind of internal global warming shift. And this is linked incredibly strongly to weight gain, Diabetes, heart disease and Stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, depression, Polycystic Ovaries and also under-active thyroid. So, rather than thinking of all of these as separate conditions, I think it’s now become very clear that they have a common cause. The essence of which is that we have moved a very long way away from our evolutionary design. In other words, we do not eat what we are designed to eat. At one level I could say that we need to eat exactly what we have always been designed to eat – that means whole, fresh, organic, unadulterated foods and fit meat and fish,

but there is a difference. The pace of life has definitely sped up and, with that, we have to process more information and change. That’s a drain on our brains and that’s why I think we need more brain-friendly nutrients, which include B vitamins, essential fats and phospholipids found in eggs and fish. So, a lot of people are saying that Obesity is driving a lot of these diseases, like Diabetes. But actually I think its this change in our biology, which is often shown by a loss of blood sugar control, that’s actually driving Obesity and Cancer and heart disease and so on. Last year, Obesity overtook smoking in America as the number one preventable cause of premature death. So, I think that’s really a big new understanding.

Positive Life: Which leads me on to another question: Where do you think we need to head with our research, our work, our behaviour, our understanding of health? Patrick Holford: What we need is a more system-based way of thinking and doing science, and it’s only when you step back and look at the whole pattern that you realise what the problem is.

Last week in the New England Journal of Medicine, they’re recommending taxing Sugar, because what’s becoming very clear is that one of the major drivers of these problems is not fat, it’s actually sugar. So, in the same way that alcohol and tobacco are major contributors to disease, and are taxed and cost the Health Service a fortune, I think that ultimately Sugar is going to have to be taxed so that sugary foods become more expensive and less attractive. Because ultimately what you need is to have Healthy Food: less expensive/more attractive, Unhealthy Food: more expensive/less attractive. That’s the bottom line. And there are a whole lot of fundamental principles relating to how we live. I mean, for example, if you go back to a time when everyone was a hunter/gatherer, that’s 200 generations ago, that’s all. It’s really not that much. And, of course, all food was organic; all food was whole, unrefined and so on. So its kind of crazy that now everyone is talking about fortifying white flour with the B vitamin, Folic Acid. And before that, it’s already fortified with B1, B2, B3... I mean, why not just not take it out in the first place? Positive Life: Have you ever thought of writing a Children’s Book about Nutrition? Patrick Holford: I have thought about it. I run a charity called Food For The Brain and we do work in schools, so sometimes I do assemblies for school kids. It’s very important early on to start to inform children about how that works. For example, often I say, “What are cars made of?” And they say, “Metal.” And I say, “What is your brain made of?” And they usually say, “Goo” or “Bogies” or something like that. And I say, “It’s actually made out of fat, and the best fats are from Oily Fish and Seeds.” And then I ask them, “What does your car run on?” And they say, “Petrol.” “So what does your brain run on?” And the answer is, “Sugar, but you have to have a steady slow-releasing sugar. So if you have ‘fast sugar’, you become very hyperactive. So you have a short burst of energy, then you crash.”

“I think that ultimately Sugar is going to have to be taxed

The most important thing is to give your child a variety or tastes, and prevent them developing a sweet tooth. Have fruit, nuts and seeds available for snacks, offer water when they are thirsty, and only diluted juice on occasion and coo over broccoli as much as you do over desserts. Seeds are so full of nutrients I recommend grinding them and adding to cereal such as porridge oats. Think of non-sweet treats when you want to reward your child. My book Smart Food for Smart Kids has lots of child-friendly recipes that they can help you make. It’s important to get them involved with food at an early age. There are some fundamental principles that really should be taught in school, and implemented in school. But actually, very often, the obstacle in getting real change in schools is the parents, because most of us are addicted. And sugar is actually addictive. It fulfils all the criteria for an addictive substance. So it’s one thing to tell people not to

so that sugary foods become more expensive and less attractive.” PATRICK HOLFORD

“WE haVE MoVED a VERy Long Way aWay FRoM oUR EVoLUTIonaRy DESIgn. In oThER WoRDS, WE Do noT EaT WhaT WE aRE DESIgnED To EaT.”

eat this, but if you’re addicted to caffeine or you’re addicted to sugar or whatever it might be, it’s actually quite hard to break. Positive Life: Do you have any suggestions for how to do that? Patrick Holford: I wrote a book last year called, How To Quit Without Feeling S**t, which addresses this issue. And in fact, my current book The Low GL Diet, which is all about how to eat to stabilise your blood sugar, is critical, because if you come off ‘high sugar’, you get blood sugar dips. There’s another way to look at this, which is: We’re designed to store sugar as fat. So if you were walking through the jungle and you came across a bunch of bananas, you only need a third of a banana to keep going, but you eat the whole lot. And those of us that are genetically able to store the excess sugar, as fat, would survive better, because they can store food for a rainy day. Many of us survivors are actually from the gene pool of people who are very good at storing excess sugar as fat. So these people really struggle with their weight. And what’s now happening is very interesting from an evolutionary point of view, because we’re learning that there’s no rainy day, so we just keep storing and storing and storing. But now what’s happening is that as people store more and more fat and develop this Metabolic Syndrome, it makes them age more quickly, die younger and also become infertile. So its almost like evolution will switch it the other way around. The first group we call ‘Survival of the Fattest’, and now we’ll probably move into a time where it’s ‘Survival of the Thinnest’. So it’s


quite an interesting swing. We need to practice moderation, especially for sweet and refined foods. That means eating a low GL (glycemic load) diet and learning how to combine foods so you feel full. If you follow a low GL diet your desire for sugar decreases. If you need to add a little, perhaps to a dessert, the one I like the most is xylitol – xylose is a natural sugar in berries, cherries and plums that tastes sweet and doesn’t affect your blood sugar so much. I mean, the other thing, from an evolutionary point of view, that’s obvious but shocking for many people is Milk. And it’s not that there’s anything wrong with milk from an animal, it’s just…The purpose of milk is to make babies grow very fast. That’s its job. Milk has 38 different growth factors in it, and they do two things. One is: they stimulate cells to grow rapidly. And the other is: when a cell grows rapidly, it normally is programmed to commit suicide. It’s called Apoptosis. And what milk does is it switches off the ‘suicide signal’ and it switches on the ‘growth signal’. So if someone has a Breast Cancer cell or a Prostate Cancer cell and drinks a pint of milk a day, they are specifically telling those cells to grow. So, there’s nothing wrong with milk for infants and, possibly, young children, but once you’re forty-something, a high dairy intake may increase your risk. And if you do have any cancer or pre-cancerous cells, there is no question that drinking a lot of milk will speed up the progression of their growth. Luckily there are plenty of healthy alternatives, such as Soy Milk, Oat Milk, Rice Milk and Almond Milk. I’ll tell you one other story, because I often hear people saying, “Well, can’t you get all the vitamins you need from a well balanced diet?” I was watching a program on Gorillas in London Zoo, and there was this Gorilla

and he was picking up these orange tablets. I think there were 4 of them. And the interviewer asked the Zoo Keeper, “What’s that?” And the Zoo Keeper said, “Well, that’s the Gorilla’s Vitamin C.” It looked like it was 2,000mg. And that’s pretty much what a Gorilla will eat in a natural environment, from fruits, leaves, berries and shoots. So my combined food and supplement intake of Vitamin C is about 2,000mg, and that is pretty consistent with evolution. But most people have 100mg. We don’t live in a tropical jungle, we live in a concrete jungle and we just don’t get what we need. Another example of that is Vitamin D. We’re actually designed to be naked, outdoors, and not living anywhere as cold as this. The south of France, maybe. Vitamin D is made in the skin in the presence of Sunlight, and we probably need about 30 micrograms. If you have half an hour outdoors everyday and you eat oily fish, which are high in Vitamin D, you might achieve 15 micrograms. So I supplement another 15, and that total of 30 micrograms is, again, much more consistent with what we’re designed to get. The most important thing when choosing a supplement is the dose. For example a good multivitamin should give you at least 10mcg of vitamin D, ideally 15mcg, plus 20mg of B6 and other B vitamins. Ideally you want about 10mg of zinc, 100mg of magnesium plus some chromium and selenium. Vitamin C is less important because you can’t get enough in a multi. I take two vitamin C tablets a day. If combined with zinc or black elderberry this provides extra immune support. For essential fat supplements you want about ten times more omega 3 to omega 6. Ideally you want about 500mg of EPA+DPA+DHA a day. Positive Life: What can people who come along to the Rude Health Show expect to hear you talking about? Patrick Holford: I’m going to talk about The Perfect Diet for the 21st Century. And I’m going to talk about how to lose weight, gain energy, slow down the aging process and reverse disease. Other top class speakers will include Jan de Vries, whose appearances on RTE’s Afternoon Show have made him a household name, along with Dr. Marilyn Glenville, Dr. Alex Richardson, Karen Ward, Jane Plant, Bernadette Bohan and many more. As well as plenty of great stands by companies such as Yorktest, Manuka Honey, eye q, cherry active and more. For more info


“I used to play badminton but I developed osteoarthritis in my knees which were extremely painful. After taking Paradox oil the pain in my knees settled and now I can enjoy life to the full”

mentation has rapidly taken Northern Ireland by storm and hardly a week goes by without the papers publishing a story about the amazing benefits that people are getting from these marvellous Omegas. This totally natural and totally pure product is now available on the shelves of healthstores and pharmacies right throughout Ireland.

“Paradox oil really helped all my aches and pains. It was a miracle cure for my son`s acid reflux and my great aunt`s psoriasis and arthritis”

This new and unique concept in stabilised Omega supple-


What the Papers Say,,,

These news stories include how “Plasterer Praises ‘Health Paradox’” – He was so pain ridden a year ago that he feared he would have to give up work. He said “My Wife was constantly coming home with some remedy or cream for me but nothing seemed to work” – All that changed when a friend recommended Paradox Oil- “I no longer feel like an old man with aching joints and I can certainly continue to do my job with no problems now which is great!” The Daily Mirror published another Paradox story about how - “Ulster Doctors Miracle cure change life for

01 5262705

three generations of one family.” In this story Carolyn O’Donnel, tells of how at 32 she felt she “was on her last legs, exhausted and in severe pain.” Her 13 month old son was in agony too with a reflux problem, unable to keep any food down and not sleeping, and trying to help them both was her Aunt Iris ,76 who was living with a severe skin problem that had kept her hospitalised for weeks at a time. Carolyn decided to try Paradox Oil, and says “ within two weeks it seemed to have cured everything that was wrong with me. I was astounded.”

See Paradox on Stand 77 Rude Health Show RDS 12th -13th September

Phyllis Hughes -Aged 78 Belfast

Caroline O’Donnell Belfast

She started then to add a little oil to her sons food, and explained how he improved. “It was unbelievable to see the change in Adam” and he is now a different little boy. She suggested her Aunt try it for the severe eczema that was baffling the specialists. “The Oil worked for my Aunt too, Once she started taking the Oil the eczema vanished after a few weeks, her arthritis in her spine is much improved and she can get up and about with little effort.” “We are like three different people”

Ask your local pharmacy or healthstore for Paradox Oil or check the website for stockists

You are what you eat 38

Every Friday night for as long as she could remember, Angie Jukes had tucked into a delicious Spaghetti Bolognese. However, after years of persistent and painful indigestion, Angie discovered that she was intolerant to it and that the traditional Italian dish was part of her ill health problems.

ANGIE SAYS… “It wasn’t like my indigestion was anything so serious that I had to take time off work, but I was worried it might be something more serious like ulcers or even cancer. I’d been seeing my GP on and off for five years and nothing really made it better despite taking the prescribed medication. Eventually a friend suggested my problem might be down to the food I eat, so after a bit of research, I decided to take a food intolerance test. It’s one of those tests where you send away a sample of your blood, and when I got the results back I was amazed at how many foods had come up as being a problem. Of the 113 foods it tested for I was having reactions to nearly half of them. Mainly, I was advised to stay off dairy, lamb, wheat and beef. Beef was something I was eating every Friday night in a Spaghetti Bolognese, so it all became clear and as soon as I began a new way of eating, my condition improved. I wasn’t feeling ill at work and my life really improved. I no longer get that feeling as if my chest is on fire and I am burning up inside. It has taken a while to get used to eating a new diet but it’s well worth it. I no longer need to see a doctor and I’ve lost over 4 stone in weight. Going from a size 16 down to a 10 has caused havoc with my wardrobe, but it’s a nice problem to have.”

THE TEST: Angie took a first step Home-to-Lab food intolerance test from Yorktest Laboratories. The test offers a Positive/ Negative Result from a small amount of Blood, which the customer sends off to the Yorktest Laboratory in the UK. In Angie’s case, her results identified a Positive, so she upgraded to the second step, 113 Foodscan. Using the same blood sample, this test identified the actual foods causing her food intolerance and the degree of severity. Part and Parcel of the service were two One-to-One telephone consultations with a BANT qualified nutritionist. FACTS 3 out of 4 people report getting better after taking a food intolerance test with Yorktest. Yorktest Laboratories’ Foodscan is the only food intolerance test with Allergy UK backing and the only test in Europe to have a Gold Standard clinical trial to it’s name.

Yorktest Laboratories, 25 Rectory Slopes, Herbert Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow. To take a food intolerance test please call 012022701 or visit the website

F i n d o u t i f yo u r d i e t i s c o n t r i b u t i n g t o yo u r s y m p t o m s Almost half the population has a hidden

home, your finger-prick blood sample is

sensitivity or intolerance to foods that can

analysed in our lab to accurately identify

lead to the symptoms of IBS. If you suffer

which foods are causing a reaction.

from bloating, take a look at the food that

An independent sur vey shows that 3 in 4

you’re eating. A YORKTEST foodSCAN

patients who changed their diet as a

may identify the foods you’ll benefit from

result of

avoiding. Taken in the comfor t of your

notable improvement in their condition.

the foodSCAN test saw a

come and see us € St9an ddis72 coat unt at 5 fo r Show re thrs al a He d e of the Rude Hea RD thhe L ivSing* inlt

Call now for a

FREE consultation

01 20 22 701 or visit

*Offer only available until 31st December 2007

Clearing a Path By Niamh Fitzgerald

40 Niamh is the owner of The Hydro Clinic and has worked with people suffering from digestive health issues for the past three years. Niamh is trained in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Colonic Irrigaiton. The Hydro Clinic has two branches in Dublin. For more information visit To book an appointment with Niamh, call the Oscailt branch on (01) 660 3872.

Having suffered with constipation for years, I decided to cleanse my colon using colonic irrigation, natural suppements and a radical diet overhaul. In two weeks (and with the aid of 6 colonic irrigation treatments) I lost over 15 pounds in weight which I believe was mainly impacted stool which had built up in my system. It made sense to me, if I wasn’t passing it, where else was it going to go? Having cleansed my colon I felt younger and more energetic. With a whole new outlook on life I decided to study natural healing and to help people control this uncomfortable symptom. The most common advice given for the treatment of chronic constipation is to increase dietary fibre and water consumption. I have found that while adding bulk and hydration to the stool is important in the treatment of constipation, it is only part of the solution to the puzzle. The colon is made up of three layers of muscle which lose their strength if they are not used on a daily basis. Also, once the contents of the colon reach over 5 pounds in weight the transverse colon tends to collapse or prolapse. It is much more difficult for stool to pass through a colon which is atonal and out of shape. Inversion board exercises or yoga postures like head or shoulder stands help to right the position of a prolapsed colon, but something still needs to be done to remove the years of build-up! Here’s the three step program that we use in our clinics:

1. Dietary changes • Plant based foods feed good bacteria and animal foods contain and feed unhealthy bacteria. Try to keep your diet 80% plant based and to eat smaller portions of meat. • Reduce or elliminate mucos forming foods, the two most mucus forming foods are cows milk and white bread. • Eat small amounts of starchy foods like potatoes and pasta, cook with aromatic herbs to help move them through your system. • Relace regular tea and coffee which are dehydrating with herbal teas and water.

• Add lubricating healthy oils into your diet. Use olive oil for dressings and coconut oil for cooking. • Nuts, seeds, beans and grains are high in fibre and beneficial, however they contain enzyme inhibitors which makes them difficult to digest. Soaking these foods overnight destroys enzyme inhibitors.

2. Natural Supplements • Magnesium is required for proper nerve and muscle function and one of the first symptoms of magnesium deficiency is constipation. I have found this suplement to be invaluable in the treatment of constipation. Take 300mg of Magnesium citrate at night. • Probiotics, or good bacteria, are needed to complete the process of digestion. Probiotics also importantly produce lactic acid which keeps the colon slightly acidic and in turn triggers a bowel movement. Take one capsule on an empy stomach (each containing 5 billion organisms with at least 8 strains). • Herbal cleansers: it is important to use something to help to break down the old hardened stool in the digestive system. Aloe vera is a simple colon cleansing herb which is gentle and well tolerated. We use a Master Herbalist blend of herbs to cleanse and tone the colon.

3. Colonic Irrigation While it is possible to achieve results through diet and supplements alone, colonic irrigation speeds up results and helps to reduce the side effects of colon cleansing (cramping, gas, bloating and headaches). Colonic irrigation removes the same amount of stool as about 20 normal bowel movements. The gentle action of the water also exercises the colon and helps to tone it. For chronic constipation, it is recommended that you have six treatments over the course of 2-4 weeks.

Note: All supplements mentioned in this article are available at Oscailt, 8 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4. A course of six colonics including the supplements are available at Oscailt for the special price of €500.

Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health

‘Health is the True Wealth’ Education and Training in Nutrition and Health Nutrition & Health Coaching (1 year)

Exciting new programme - learn to educate others how to optimise their health and vitality, control weight, choose and prepare good food

Certificate in Nutrition & Health (1 year) Explore food, nutrition and health issues, learn dietary counselling skills

The Beehive

Diploma in Nutritional Therapy (3 years)

A School for Contemplative Living

MEDITATION SUMMER SCHOOL Aug 7th – Aug 12th 2009 Maheramore, Co. Wicklow

In-depth, scientific and clinical study programme leading to a rewarding complementary healthcare profession

take some time out! recharge the batteries! meditation, awareness, good food, rests, walks, teaching, bodywork, sea air or swim!

Study weekends in Bray once a month For information on our programmes, brochure, open days, nutritional therapy clinics, phone 01 272 3003 or email


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Take Charge of your Life Wed. July 8th 7.30pm Blackrock, Co. Dublin

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An Evening with Brahmachari Shubamrita,

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28 Maya

envoy of Amma, the ‘Hugging Saint’.

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Enjoy a programme of spiritual wisdom, music and chanting. Allow yourself to relax and unwind in a simple guided meditation to help you reconnect with your own inner center of peace and joy.

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Admission free.

; ��,�<-:0�2��������<-003�9�� ���,�<.0� 2������������� ���������� ������� ��3 = ��� ������ ����� ���������������� ���������� �����,��� >����)���(�� ���?�07.4-.:/00�� 6�������,�����������/?������� �

Venue: Parish Centre, St.Phillip & St.James Church, Cross Ave., Blackrock, Co. Dublin Tea, coffee & sandwiches are available from 7pm. Info:

Paul: What does CRV mean, in simple terms? Lyn B: CRV is a science in how to connect the conscious and subconscious minds. The subconscious knows things beyond the normal senses; what’s happening now, plus what will happen in the future and what has happened in the past. Once you can access the subconscious mind, you have access to all that information. The CIA funded the research at SRI (Stanford Research Institute) because they discovered the Russians had psychic spies who were getting our classified information. The process itself was never classified. The fact that the Government was funding research, actually using remote viewers, had

Paul: Is there a particular case that shines out for you, above all others? Lyn B: There are actually three. One: I found Saddam Hussein had a stolen, US-made rocket aimed at Mecca and was going to kill all the leaders of the Arab world during Ramadan. Of course, he’d be “sick” that day, leaving him as leader of an Arab world jihad on America. That information was passed on, they found the rocket and it didn’t happen. Secondly: the Russians had an energy beam weapon that could blow a hole through a mountain! I volunteered to ‘step into’ the beam and found that ‘time’ was all screwed up inside it. I would see myself, forward and backward, through my entire life. Then, I

Remote Viewing &

In 1995, declassified CIA documents revealed the existence of a 23year, Top-Secret, US Army psychic spying program, codenamed Project STARGATE. The program developed and applied a technique called Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), a trained skill that enables a person to access information about objects, persons or events at any location in time or space. Lyn Buchanan, remote viewer and trainer in the original US Army unit, came to Dublin recently and provided us with this exclusive interview.


Project Stargate An interview with Lyn Buchanan (an ex-psychic spy)

By Paul O’Connor

a remote viewing unit, and was using them to spy on foreign governments and installations was ‘TOP SECRET-SAP’. Every government around the world has a psychic spying team of some kind. Even the Vatican, the mafia and Colombian drug groups have them. We’ve used CRV to find missing children, persons and evidence for the police. We use it in archaeology. The business world realised we could give projections about which projects will be successful. We’ve done space exploration, moon exploration and future developments. We’ve also found information for historians and writers. Some have come for the simple reason of using this for gambling and the lottery. In CRV, time is treated in exactly the same way as any other dimension. It’s as easy to say to a viewer, “Move five years forward or back in time” as it is to say, “Move five feet forward or back.”

would be ‘me’ again. It was the most beautiful and amazing thing I’ve ever seen. The third was a personality assessment on a practice target. My very first comment was, “Whatever bad thing you think this guy did, he didn’t do it. This guy’s innocent!” By the end of the session, I felt like I was glowing! I had never met anyone like this in my entire life. My monitor opened the feedback envelope. It was a simple sheet of paper. In the middle was written “Jesus”. I got a personality assessment on myself in the process. He didn’t condemn or praise me for anything I did. He just accepted me. It is life-changing to find out that God accepts you. That one session changed my life more than any other. Paul: What’s your hope for CRV? Lyn B: I hope it changes enough of humanity to make a difference. I live for that moment when a student realises they can actually do this! If I ever quit being amazed by it, well… it’s just not going to happen!

Lyn Buchanan is the author of ‘The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing’. Paul O’Connor is the Director of PSI: Pure Stream Information, the first professional remote viewing company in Europe. For training details contact Paul at or tel: 0878149663.

6 Remote Viewing *One-On-One Sessions* 0 8 5 -1 4 3 9 7 9 8


Life is a gift. It opens from within.






IN DUBLIN JULY/AUG/SEPT Speaking at Buddha Bag July 9th 7:30 PM €10

17Ͳ19October,2009 with

ExͲMilitaryIntelligencePsychicSpy,RemoteViewingTrainerand Authorof“TheSeventhSense:TheSecretsofRemoteViewing”.

One Day Workshops: Being A Light Worker ‡ July 18th: The Higher Self & You ‡ August 15th: Living Your Dreams ‡ September 12th: A Vision For Visionaries

All €100 Donation 10AM To 7PM @ OSCAILT

CRV is the only scientificallyͲvalidated, trained skill, that enables a persontoperceiveobjects,persons,oreventsatanylocationinspace or time. During this intensive 3Ͳday training you will learn the Basic CRVprotocol,anddiscoverhowCRVisbeingusedto: 


Working with Spirit, is the most natural thing once you understand that they always speak through your feelings! Learning to listen to, trust and follow your own inner guidance is the key to all good things. I have been a student/teacher of spiritual wisdom for 20 years, offering classes, workshops and conference presentations throughout U.S. Canada and Europe. If you’re ready to really awaken? “How empowered I feel since you helped me realize that I create everything in my own reality and am not a victim at all but in fact a powerful spiritual being! --Liz McCullagh. “Lou opened up a whole new world to me!” --Michelle O’Riordian


OSCAILT 8 Pembroke Rd. Dublin 4 016603872

CONTACT:PaulO’Connor[t:+353(0)878149663/] "Ifyoudidn'tbelievethatremoteviewing wasreal,youdidn'tdoyourhomework.  ͲMajorGeneralEdmundR.Thompson,


EFT Foundation Course Professional Training Course in Ireland starting again in September 09

Your Trainers: Margot Diskin and Clodagh O’Mara, two

Course Contents

skilled and experienced Advanced EFT practitioners and trainers.

œ Deep and gentle personal development in a safe environment œ Creative and powerful new ways of using EFT techniques œ Unlocking of your intuition œ Support and advice to set up your practice

œ Residential course over three weekends spread over three months in charming period house, nestled in private park, organic meals included. 087 9767281

Both facilitators are inspiring, perceptive and empowering individuals who will bring about deep and lasting change in the lives of participants while giving them new career prospects.

I have developed an incredible personal confidence as a practitioner. That’s only a beginning. I have begun to see EFT’s magic and hope to follow it for a long time to come. thomas, Foundation Course, Jan ’09

œ Professional Qualification in EFT (Level 1 & 2 included)

SummerRecipes Liz Nolan works as a Nutritional Therapist in Health and Herbs, Sea Rd, Galway City and also runs classes in wholefood vegetarian cookery from her home in Moycullen, 8 miles west of Galway City. Here are some of her favourite summer recipes…

Summer fruit crumble with walnuts

Cashew nut cream

This is a delicious way to use the wonderful varieties of berries we are blessed with in the summer months. If you make this at other times of the year, just use frozen mixed berries. Use all organic ingredients if possible. I have made this with coconut oil for a dairy free version but it is equally delicious made with butter. Coconut oil is a saturated vegetable fat but does not raise cholesterol and has anti viral properties. The body uses it efficiently for energy. If you want to you can use sweet eating apples instead of cooking apples, which need sugar. However, I often find that the flavour of Bramley cooking apples is infinitely better than eating apples when cooked.

This is a great alternative to cream if you are on a dairy-free diet. Cashew nuts provide a great source of protein. They need to be rinsed as they very occasionally have a mould on them, which can cause an allergic reaction. If you have time, soak the nuts for a few hours, but this is not essential.

Directions: 4 eating or cooking apples – add 1 dessertspoon of unrefined brown sugar per cooking apple 1 punnet of mixed summer berries – strawberries, blackcurrants and red currants work well 1 medium banana 75g (3oz) softened coconut oil or butter 100g (4oz) walnuts 100g (4oz) spelt wholemeal flour 100g (4oz) porridge oats 75g (3oz) soft brown sugar 1 tsp cinnamon A pinch of salt if using coconut oil


First, oil a round flan dish approx 12 inches in diameter. Peel and slice the apples and stew in a saucepan in a few tablespoons of water with the sugar (if using) until soft but still holding their shape. Pour into the dish and mix in the berries. Slice the banana over the fruit. If you have a food processor, process all the crumble ingredients together until they all clump together. Otherwise rub the softened oil or butter into the flour, oats and cinnamon with your fingertips until it resembles coarse breadcrumbs. Chop the nuts finely and add. Stir in the sugar and mix well to form clumpy lumps. Sprinkle the lumps of crumble topping over the fruit breaking up big clumps as you go. Bake in a medium oven – gas mark 6 or 200 electric for about 25 minutes until the fruit bubbles up through the crumble and browns nicely. Serve hot or cold with cashew cream, dairy cream or ice cream or custard.

Directions: 100g (4oz) raw cashew nuts rinsed and dried on kitchen paper 6floz apple juice ½ tsp vanilla extract Soya or rice milk 1 tbsp maple syrup or honey

In a processor or blender, process the nuts till they are finely ground. Leaving the processor on, gradually add the apple juice, maple syrup and vanilla. Add some soya or rice milk for a single cream type of flavour and consistency. Sweeten with a little maple syrup or honey. Serve with summer fruit crumble.

From September, Liz will be running Zest4life programmes (Patrick Holford’s weight loss programme) in the Galway area. For more information, ring 0868099604 or visit If you would like more of Liz’s recipes – ‘Almond, Apple and Celery Nut Roast’ and ‘Rainbow Coleslaw’ please go to



The Wellspring is a brand new health store Come in and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, featuring all the best in Vitamins, organic foods, friendly staff and new products at beauty products and sports nutrition and The Wellspring, Esmond St. Gorey! providing a wide range of knowlegeable advice for all your health needs. Rediscover the treasures of nature



As part of this philosophy we will be running a health clinic from the newly renovated shop with a range of therapies on offer including reďŹ&#x201A;exology,%DEN´S/RIGINAL/RGANIC cranio-sacral therapy, counselling, massage, facials, herbal medicine and more!



½NALLYARRIVEDONTHE On the sports front we have expanded our range of sports supplements and healthy MARKETANDCOMESINSIX weight control products and offer world leading TASTYVARIETIES brands such as USN, ReďŹ&#x201A;ex and PHD!

New completely NATURAL and AFFORDABLE lift. A Unique Therapy which combines Japanese and Indian Facial Massage, Facial Reflexology, Accupressure and Lymphatic Drainage.


This deeply relaxing treatment will also help Sinusitis and other conditions of theNEW face and head and reduce overall stress levels


letely NATURAL and AFFORDABLE lift. combines Japanese and Indian Facial Massage, Facial , Accupressure and Lymphatic Drainage. To book an appointment phone



Bernie on 087 907 7157 THERAPY NOW AVAILABLE HERE st as Massage. ost as aa Regular Regular Massage.

rmation LeaďŹ&#x201A;et available in Store

ntment phone phone Bernie Bernie on on 087 087 907 907 7157 7157 ntment


ment will also help Sinusitis and other conditions of the head and reduce overall stress levels.

olistic Body Body Massage Massage â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ Indian Indian Head Head Massage Massage olistic â&#x20AC;˘ Gift Vouchers â&#x20AC;˘ Gift Vouchers New completely NATURAL and AFFORDABLE lift. A Unique Therapy which combines Japanese and Indian Facial Massage, Facial ReďŹ&#x201A;exology, Accupressure and Lymphatic Drainage.

Same Same Cost Cost as as aa Regular Regular Massage. Massage. Information LeaďŹ&#x201A;et available in Store

To book book an an appointment appointment phone phone Bernie Bernie on on 087 087 907 907 7157 7157 To

This deeply relaxing treatment will also help Sinusitis and other conditions of the Face and head and reduce overall stress levels.

LLL#7J99=676<#DG<":B6>A/7J99=676<B::I>C<5<B6>A#8DB K:CJ:/DH86>AI!-E:B7GD@:GD69!I=JGH96N:K:C>C<H 8DCI68IE6JADC%-+&*,.*&-

Also available: available:â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ Holistic Holistic Body Body Massage Massage â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ Indian Indian Head Head Massage Massage Also â&#x20AC;˘ Gift Vouchers â&#x20AC;˘ Gift Vouchers

active balance clinic

In Ireland for over 25 years Amatsu is a Natural Japanese Therapy it is a gentle therapy that realigns bones muscles and ligaments. Also gets the cranio sacral/ digestive/emotional and nutritional system back into balance. As part of the Therapy we also use Therasage FarInfraRed Heated Massage Beds to enhance the treatment. You can Relax and Revitalise while 14 Jade rollers go from your feet to your head and the FarInfraRed heat will penetrate up to 6 inches into your body.


6L::@ANHE>G>IJ6AB::I>C<! ;:6IJG>C<7:6C76<H!BDK>:H! BJH>8!6C9<J:HIHE:6@:GH!

Other Therapies at the Clinic include

Bowen, Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head, Aromatherapy

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Holistic Holidays! One of the secrets to success in life is knowing when and how to rest. Summer holidays are a highlight of most people’s year and this year you’ll be glad to know there’s something on offer that really embraces the spirit of relaxation and recuperation. Holistic Holidays have operated yoga and therapy holidays in the constant summer biosphere of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands for a decade. With a 4 hour flight from Dublin, this is Ireland’s closest desert island. Our main man, Paul Congdon, went for one such visit and said it was lovely. Their formula is currently evolving to incorporate weeks of Life Change Holidays: helping you bring about the life you want. You can enjoy yoga, shiatsu, massage, reiki, reflexology and kinesiology, with never more than 10 guests per week. The yoga sessions are suitable for all standards, including beginners, with exceptional tuition. Sessions are in the morning by the pool in the botanic garden with the benefit of totally fresh ocean air. The exclusive Villa Isis was custom designed for small group therapy holidays, incorporating a high-tech lounge with panoramic ocean and island views. The villa is in a quiet location just outside the village of Tias, which offers many amenities, including tapas bars, restaurants, health-food shops and supermarkets. Breakfast is served every day, comprising, fresh fruit, cereal, yoghurts, local breads, conserves, soya and regular milks. Self-catering is available to individuals who wish to prepare their own food, and in-house catering is available on group weeks. Accommodation is viewable online. You can choose from a twin room with en-suite facilities, to a luxury suite or

dedicated single rooms. Direct Charter and scheduled flights are frequent and inexpensive. You can come any day, subject to an available flight and stay for as long as you like, although they do recommend a minimum stay of a week. There are places of outstanding natural beauty, unspoilt beaches, volcanic tours and cultural attractions well worth a visit. Lanzarote is a biosphere reserve with 300 volcanoes and three designated tourist areas. The road system is excellent with very light traffic and short journeys to beaches, attractions and shopping areas. Over the last 10 years they have conducted extensive research into Ancient Wisdom and new discoveries regarding the Quantum Field. Their first Life Change Holidays have returned rave reviews, with powerful breakthroughs experienced by people who are ready to look at the way they lead their lives. “Change arises from a voluntary commitment rather than any form of coercion. Often a situation arises whereby the challenge of external factors helps us to realise the necessity of considering new ways of making life more tolerable and fulfilling. We have come to such a point in time as the implications of world economics and systems, as well as planetary, solar and galactic oddities are forcing new circumstances upon us, not to mention the deeper meaning of the 2012 mystery which has predicted all of the above. Life change does not have to be inspired by ancient wisdom, quantum mechanics or insights into the human psyche, although in a wider context they are all very relevant. At a practical level, change is about having an open mind to new approaches that make life work for the better. Realising that there are powerful proven methods of changing your life, in any way you desire, is a compelling invitation to investigate. If you are not familiar with this subject, you would need an open mind. More importantly you would need to suspend any disbelief, as the first subscribers to Galileo’s new ideas would have done! Life Change Holidays are becoming an antidote to the planetary challenges we are all experiencing. They can help reduce suffering while manifesting what you want in your life.” For more info, visit or



When we step into shamanic practice, our hearts take us on an epic path of discovery, power, beauty and wisdom. It is the soulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;journey homeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, connecting us to the sacredness and magic of Life.

Training In Healing Shamanism 2009/2010 One Day Introduction To Shamanism - June 28th & July 26th, 2009 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Medicine Spiralâ&#x20AC;? Trainings: 1. Personal Shamanic Practice - Starts Sept. 11th-13th, 2009. 2. Professional Shamanic Healing Therapists (Certification) - Starts Oct. 2nd - 4th, 2009. (A Medicine Spiral takes 9 months approx.)

We touch the earth and rise gifted with healing, to become true caretakers of ourselves and of the earth. We see our greatest purpose and come to know the ecstatic joy that rolls

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Living In Protectionâ&#x20AC;? (2 Days).

like thunder deep in the centre of

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Shaman Divinesâ&#x20AC;? (2 Days).

our being and of all creation.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Power In A Sacred Universeâ&#x20AC;? (2 Days).

This is the pathway of the heart,

Advanced & Mastery Classes For Medicine Spiral Graduates (1 Day) Samhain-The Native New Year - Oct. 30th - Nov 1st, 2009.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;SlĂ­ An ChroĂ­â&#x20AC;?. -John Cantwell & Karen Ward-

Le brĂ­ na taise SlĂ­ An ChroĂ­ is the school of holistic-healing shamanic training founded and directed by John Cantwell and With the energy of compassion Karen Ward since 2005. The SlĂ­ an ChroĂ­ lineage is native Irish and is supported by that of the Inca (Qâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ero Indian, Peru) into which John and Karen have been initiated during fieldwork. Their model of shamanic practice blends ancient wisdom teachings and rites of initiation together with cutting edge breakthrough techniques for Energetic-Spiritual, Psycho-Emotional and Physical emergence. For more information contact us: or Email:, Tel: 01 670 4905.

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Distributors of organic and conventional whole foods to the

INDEPENDENT TRADE Contact Sales t: 066 9763800 f: 066 9763943 e: Â?'%%.>cYZeZcYZci>g^h]=ZVai];ddYhA^b^iZY

Positive Life Summer 2009  

Patrick Holford, Dr. Masaru Emoto and tales from an Ex-CIA spy! Positive Life, Ireland, Summer 2009.

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