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This is just the beginning... Home is where THE HEART IS ~ Proverb After the last issue I felt a little nonplussed, where to next. I felt like I had reached a plateau of sorts, all seemed uncertain, so I asked for a little guidance. I felt into my next steps rather than think about them, feeling being the new way forward as the head is more of a practical device. It led me to excitement; if I felt excited about something, then that would be my guide to do it. A book popped into my hands one day by Elisa Medhus, about losing her son to suicide and her connection with him now. It’s our main feature and is such a cool story. In our interview we learnt that the human shift that is coming is happening gracefully while seemingly chaotic. It’s a simple journey from head to heart, not so far really but huge in terms of its impact on how we live. Feel into your life and allow this to be your guide and as you feel, feel more, it expands always. So many good articles in this issue, I will let you feel into whichever ones call you. Until next time, stay in your heart, home is where the heart is. paul congdon, Publisher


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Earthsong A more human-friendly existence


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Elisa & Erik Medhus Mother and son share wisdom from the spirit world


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eats n’ treats Delectable Delights If you’re in the mood for indulgence, check out the adorable Cake Room, located on 19A Main Street, Blackrock, Dublin. This popular café serves breakfast, lunch, drinks, coffee … and of course, a dazzling array of cakes. Their reputation for high quality service has earned them a welldeserved place in customers’ hearts.

All Shouk Up For a dining experience with a difference, we highly recommend Shouk, an Eastern Mediterranean restaurant in Drumcondra, north Dublin. Shouk is tucked away in a beautiful redbrick Victorian building that just oozes character. Our advice? Try the mezze platter. You won’t regret it.


caring cosmetics YOPE’s New Hope Polish cosmetics brand YOPE is releasing three gorgeous new hand creams: ginger and sandalwood, tea and mint, and salvia and green caviar. “They contain 98% natural or low-processed ingredients, most of which are valuable oils and plant extracts,” explains YOPE creator Karolina Kukli n´ ska-Kosowicz. You can’t say nope to these beauties.

The Ría Organics Energising Day Cream provides essential all-day hydration. Certified COSMOS-Organic, this unique rosehip blend is packed with hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Ría Organics is planting its own organic roses this spring to produce rosehip oil for its products.

enticing escapes

Naturally Cleaner Teeth

Delve Into Delphi

Irish brand Happy Humphry is fully committed to delivering great dental care products with excellent customer service. Their 100% Natural Activated Charcoal Powder is derived from coconuts – one of nature’s most powerful healing sources – and their activated charcoal is 100% natural with no chemicals and no fluoride. Happy days!

In need of revitalisation? Look no further than Delphi Adventure Resort’s fantastic Spring Cleanse Retreat, a yoga weekend designed to de-stress and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. This retreat runs from April 13th – 15th. If you can’t make it, don’t worry: Delphi will hold another retreat in September. CAKE ROOM

Authentically Irish

Hemp is a source of nutrients unlike any other, containing all the families of essential fatty acids. ImproveMe CBD Oil is filled to the brim with nutritional and health promoting properties.


Soul Rejuvenation Saol Beo has created an inspirational retreat this May in the beautiful Inistioge, Co.Kilkenny. This will include accommodation, freshly prepared vegan meals, guided yoga, meditation, Feng Shui classes, a Beauty Ritual workshop and of course, plenty of time to explore the breathtaking surroundings of Inistioge. For further information please contact Tara at

Unlock Life’s Magic Jody Mountain’s new online course – The Body Consciousness Training – is aimed at awakening our bodies’ cellular wisdom. She will also offer a transformational retreat at The Boghill Centre in Co. Clare from May 26 to June 1. Here, mystical movement, music, breath and Ancient Bodywork will reignite our essential wisdom.

Davidji’s Wisdom While training under Deepak Chopra, Siobhan McKenna of met Deepak’s then lead educator, Davidji. She is now thrilled to bring Davidji to the Velvet Strand, Co. Dublin, for a unique meditation workshop from April 13th–15th. Positive Life readers can avail of a ¤50 discount off a standard price ticket. Visit and use the discount code PHPLDJI.

save the date Our Mantak Moment Grandmaster Mantak Chia will teach in Dublin for the first time in May 2018, leading two fascinating workshops: ‘Foundation/Basic Practices’ and ‘Sexual Alchemy: Healing Love Practices’. We are thrilled to be welcoming him to Positive Nights


on Thursday May 17th. This unique opportunity to learn from a living Tao Master is not to be missed.

Mind-Body Unity Join world-leading health expert and best-selling author Dr. Gabor Maté for a very special two-day workshop in Cork, starting on June 30th. Dr. Maté will share his insights and wisdom on mental health, stress, addiction, trauma, health, ADHD and childhood development disorders. Register here:

health in focus Full Blooded Linda O’Connor founded the private blood testing company Bloodworks in 2013 after undertaking years of research into phlebotomy. Bloodworks now offer over 3,000 tests, ranging from basic health screenings to genetics testing, with no consultant request required. The services of a holistic doctor and counsellor are also available to all clients.

Heal With Dheai


Chaga Cheers For a healthy brew with a difference, try Chaga tea. It has a deliciously rich earthy flavour similar to coffee, but those who try it report feeling energised yet calm. Chaga Tea Ireland’s founder Philip says, “Chaga mushroom is known as the ‘King of Mushrooms’, and with good reason. I haven’t had a cold or flu in four years.”

Mooji’s Invitation The renowned spiritual teacher Mooji recently released a new book called An Invitation to Freedom. If you are longing for a profoundly clear and direct guide to Self-realisation, Mooji’s Invitation is for you. In this radiantly alive pocketbook, he will lead you into the recognition of your own infinite Self.

Dheai Ilsaaid is a general Oriental practitioner and author with extensive training in acupuncture, Reiki, massage, iridology and more. He addresses health issues from every aspect: emotionally, physically, structurally and functionally. Dheai treats children under the age of fifteen for free. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Contact him on 086 077 7700 to arrange an appointment.

Improving You Cannabis CBD Oil or CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a nutrient compound found in the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa.



1 Healing Teddies, Healing Fears CHILDREN DELIGHTED BY VERY SPECIAL ‘HOSPITAL’. by Aisling Cronin

Anyone who has spent time around young children will know that the relationships they form with their favourite toys play a key role in shaping their understanding of the world around them. They are often able to express new emotions and explore unfamiliar concepts through playtime and the power of their imaginations … and when something happens to their beloved teddies, it can affect them deeply. This January, NUI Galway celebrated its thirteenth annual Teddy Bear Hospital event. This special event

aims to help children become more comfortable when interacting with doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. The event is run by the university’s Sláinte Society, which invited over 1,300 local school children between the ages of three and eight years old to attend this year. Over 200 medical and science students volunteered to compassionately ‘treat’ teddy bears suffering from a range of injuries and ailments, with the aim of educating the children who attended and easing

any fears that they may have had about medical equipment. The teddy bears even had their own specially designed X-ray and MRI machines!

“Over 200 medical and science students volunteered to compassionately ‘treat’ the children’s teddy bears.” It is essential for medical practitioners who work with children to cultivate qualities such as empathy, patience, humour and kindness, so there is little doubt that the students who volunteered for the event also learned a great deal by welcoming the children and ensuring that they did everything they could to provide them with a positive, relaxed environment. Ríona Hughes, NUI Galway’s Societies Officer, described the Teddy Bear Hospital as “a magical opportunity for the Sláinte Society to invite the children and their teddies to campus and provide a valuable learning experience for all.” It certainly seems as though the kids were treated to a magical day – in addition to witnessing their teddy bears’ hospital treatment, they were supplied with a bouncy castle, face painting sessions and a dazzling display by the university’s juggling society. At the end of this wonderful event, the smiles on the faces of those involved said it all.

2 A Garden With a Message HOW ONE MAN IS TRANSFORMING COMMUNITIES by Aisling Cronin


“Gardening changes people’s lives – it shows the alchemy and the art of Mother Nature.” As the world continues to change at a rapid pace, communities all over the world are in need of guidance and inspiration. Luckily, a growing number of grassroots citizen-led endeavours have provided a shining glimpse of what is possible. One man in South Central Los Angeles – an area that has too often been marked by deprivation and violence – is determined to make a difference through his urban gardening initiative, Gangsta Garden. In 2010, Ron Finley was inspired to start growing vegetables on an empty strip of land outside his home. He grew

a wide range of nourishing fruits and vegetables that were not available in his neighbourhood. His neighbours soon began to express their interest in the produce he was growing, and Finley knew that there was a great thirst for knowledge about gardening and healthy living in his area. Since then, his work has gone from strength to strength. The Gangsta Garden includes crops such as bananas, artichokes, onions, Jamaican sweet potatoes, and cotton. Tree stumps in the garden offer seating to passers-by, inviting them to taste some of the

produce. Local children and families are always encouraged to visit and learn more about how to nurture the crops. Finley regularly holds gardening workshops and talks all over the world to help spread the Gangsta Garden’s message of self-sufficiency and community resilience. “Gardening changes people’s lives – it shows the alchemy and the art of Mother Nature,” he has explained. “I’m proud that people are building and reconstructing their lives and their communities.”

3 Saving People, Saving Rainforests THE INDONESIAN CLINIC MAKING A DIFFERENCE. by Aisling Cronin A pioneering health clinic in rural Indonesia is demonstrating how the health of the rainforest and the health of local people can be addressed as deeply interconnected issues. The clinic is called Alam Sehat Lestari, meaning ‘healthy everlasting nature’. It is located in Sukadana, an area of southwestern Borneo where the average income is $13 a month, government healthcare is difficult to access, and the local people have often been forced to turn to illegal logging as a way of earning much-needed cash. However, Alam Sehat Lestari is successfully addressing these problems by offering health care incentives that encourage the community to protect their rainforest. One way in which this is done is by offering ecologically friendly work opportunities to patients as a non-financial method of paying for their

medical treatment. In addition, the clinic offers a variety of organic gardening and reforestation programmes, while remaining deeply committed to its central goal of providing high-quality, low-cost medical care. It also helps train aspiring doctors and nurses.

“The clinic aims to turn local loggers into forest guardians.” Sukadana is located next to the beautiful Gunung Palung National Park, a treasure trove of biodiversity that is home to 2,500 wild orangutans, amounting to 10 percent of the world’s entire remaining population. The preservation of this vital area is of the utmost importance to Alam Sehat Lestari. The clinic is guided by an ethos

that recognises the many intersections and commonalities between human and environmental health. It aims to ‘turn local loggers into forest guardians’.


2 Kindling for the Heart’s Light A BIG-HEARTED B&B. by Alison McEvoy

positively newsworthy the little things 1 A Monastery with a Difference AN INSPIRATIONAL TALE FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. by Emmett Mullaney and Alison McEvoy One of the things I love about teaching yoga is the people I meet. They are my lifebuoys on the ocean of life which keep my spirits afloat. The wind was chattering through the windows one morning when this story-snapshot arrived into my inbox from one such person. Immediately uplifting, it set an upbeat tune to the days that followed; “A motorcycle whizzed past, almost knocking me to the ground. Jumping out of the way, I found myself face to face with a pack of snarling dogs. A monk nearby sniggered at my predicament and then went back to staring at his smartphone.

“The reward was just seeing the smiles on the faces of the people we were helping.” Was this really a monastery? It looked like no monastery I’d ever seen before. Then again Thabarwa Meditation Centre in Thanlyin, Myanmar, is no ordinary place. Founded in 2008 by former wealthy merchant, Ashin Ottamasara, who renounced his life as a businessman and became a monk, the centre started life as a large countryside tent about an hour

outside the capital, Yangon. Free food and healthcare were provided to the poor, the sick, the mentally ill and the destitute. Today, a town of over three thousand people has blossomed. There are several cafés, two hospitals, an acupuncture clinic and various monastic buildings spread out over the settlement. Everything bar a couple of restaurants is run on a non-profit basis. Our crew of international volunteers brought patients to acupuncture appointments, washed patients incapable of doing so themselves, gave art classes to local kids, helped with the communal dinner and went with the monks into Yangon, collecting alms. The reward was just seeing the smiles on the faces of the people we were helping. In no time a glow of contentment replaced the apprehension I’d encountered on arrival and by the time I left, motorcycle fumes and barking dogs no longer held sway over me. And the monk with the smartphone? He just smiled at me and went back to his YouTube mantras...”

I trundled off the bus, dazed from my three hour journey. Xavier would soon be there, smelling of croissants, and we’d drive along the country road towards the mouth of Loug Derg. I make this journey monthly - a pilgrimage of sorts - for a course in the quaint, ruin-dotted town of Killaloe. French couple Xavier and Amélie run the B&B where I stay. Each month Xavier collects me from the bus stop, ten minutes out of town. Despite his fragmented English and my barelyfunctioning French, we have pieced together much about each other. He, for example, was born on Ile D’Yeu (‘God’s Island’), off the coast of Brittany. His forefathers, too, were pastry chefs. He loves dance music. He has a bad knee. By the time he comes to collect me on Saturday morning he has already been pastry-making for several pre-dawn hours.

“my heart is warmed each month by my visits to their home... [building up stores] of gratitude, trust and love” Sunday evening we gather in the hallway to say goodbye before Xavier drops me back to the bus stop. Amélie gives me a set of keys in advance, as they’ll be visiting Ile D’Yeu next month. It’s the end of his working day which started at a staggering 2am. My ‘regulars’ discount, collecting and dropping me, trusting me with the run of the place while they are away, are offered out of pure generosity with no gain in mind. In December I found a Christmas card and a box of festive tea-bags wrapped with a gold ribbon in my room. Inside the card Amélie wrote how lovely it was to know me and how great a person I am. The truth is, my heart is warmed each month by my visits to their home, where I experience simple acts of kindness again and again, building up stores in my heart of gratitude, trust and love.

spirituality & the city FROM YOU, FOR YOU Lauren Kelly Snowdrops are blossoming, cherries are sweetening, air is softening; the beauty of nature is reawakening. Spring, a beautiful reminder of how enchanting change can be. The winter storms of life may have struck your heart, windswept your dreams and drowned the magic of your soul, yet still, here you are, ready to bloom. Flowers can’t grow without rain. Each drop of water deepens a tree’s roots. Allow spring to help you take your time of pain and turn it into your own sense of beauty. Planted deep in the wounds of your winter were seeds, waiting for this magical moment to grow into exquisite flowers. They can cut down all of the stems but that will not stop spring from coming; no adversity will stop you from blossoming. The darkness has passed, the light is coming, it’s time to live your life in full bloom, young wildflower.

Bob Robinson It’s hard to talk of spring in a city without seasons. The summer is a saucy tease, and winter is a no-show. I’d like to say back home in Scotland we do weather properly, but honestly the Dublin approach seems far more civilised. I choose to measure spring from the day I don my shorts: a watershed of great significance for me and my knees. On that day I wake from hibernation, my body breathes its first unstifled breath and I become myself again. More than myself – I am connected to the world in a hairy-legged embrace. And when I walk with spring in my step to the sunrise of a fierce-mild morning, when the eyes of every second passerby flit down in puzzled judgement at my glorious shins, I thank God I never moved to warmer climes than Dublin, or I would surely be a nudist by now.

Joseph McGuire 2017 was challenging! Enforced life changes; the ending of a precious long-term relationship and a return to the parental home; feelings of shock, grief and anguish. Sometimes life hits hard to wake us up. In reality I’d been in a fog, having lost touch with my spirit and any strong sense of guidance or deep awareness. With the good life stripped away, it was sink or swim time. Returning to meditation and solitude began to rekindle feelings of deep trust in life and my ability to connect with a loving and joy-filled source. A feeling of gentle and unforced realignment has been taking place, renewing and restoring a state of appreciation, gratitude and joy. Taking small steps, slowing down, opening the heart to new friends, connections and adventure. A new year beckons with open arms and a beaming smile! A time for recreating, recreation, and above all, renewal.

Karen McCarthy Fresh air, a deep breath, greens and blues, and never ending sunsets. Everything feels possible in spring. We are renewed by the rebirth of the external world around us, and if we let it, it can make way for an internal renaissance. I’m walking down the canal, bearing witness as it comes in to full bloom, where families of swans remind me of the tale of the Children of Lir. Change is beautiful. But we must remember it often comes after the darkest day. Take notice of the stunning and seemingly effortless changes that are happening in nature around you, and try to tell me that any changes you want to make in your life are not possible. Change comes from within, but it is greatly influenced by our surroundings. So open yourself up and reflect the spring that is in the air.

Yasia Leiserach Singing lifts my heart on any kind of day. All through the winter dark, this trusty friend, song, has brought a constant sense of deep nourishment and possibility in amongst the most quiet and sometimes difficult inner spaces. Even when inside me was nothing but silent dark, the singing voice acts like a thread to something beyond it all. I never trained as a singer. I sing simply because I love it and because song belongs to us all. And now the sun, these light-filled mornings and approaching spring. There is a change in the songs that want to be sung: a reflection of the gradual shift from deep quiet into the gradual uprising of energy that comes with the spring and that vital relationship between rest and renewal. Once I again I find the dark has been the necessary companion of the coming Light.

Owen Fox Greetings, I’m in a beautiful park generously doused with sunshine, birds chirping, trees and children playing. Springtime is generously sharing her bounty. It’s definitely a time of renewal and reawakening. However, what strikes me most about the theme of renewal is the feeling that life is constantly renewing in every passing, fleeting, delicate moment. Life is constant change, always moving forward in a beautiful stream of ‘nows’. We never need be stuck. We always have this opportunity to renew and share a different fragrance and vibration with the world. The word ‘renew’ fills me with hope and gladness for this gift. It reminds me of the fact that we are all delicious, gorgeous creators and co-creators, creating together... Constant change. Constant renewal. Constant creation and recreating ourselves. Constant hope, potential and blessings for fun, love, joy and whatever our hearts desire. Thank you life.





by Anna Cole

‘Guilty feet have got no rhythm.’ The longer I work with parents, and the longer I am a parent, the more I realise that we all feel truck-loads of guilt. We instinctively don’t want our children to get hurt. Ever. We ardently wish we could make a perfect life for them. But, unfortunately, we don’t have the power to protect our children from all the hurts we wish we could: the loss of a beloved family member that knocked you, and them, for six; the move you did for work and the dislocation to your child’s schooling; or perhaps you stayed put, but the class bully picked on your child; maybe you got sick and haven’t been able to be there as much as you’d like; perhaps violence or impoverishment in your neighbourhood has affected your child, or perhaps, like many of us, you’ve been through separation or divorce and worry about the impact of that on your child. You will be able to add to this list, I am sure. So here’s the headline: it’s not possible to make our child’s life perfect. And the good news is: it’s also not necessary. Children come with a simple, elegant way of recovering from hurt, which I will discuss in our next issue. Right now I want to focus on what we as parents can do to help ourselves so we can best help our kids. The first thing you need to know is that you have done your best. It’s not your fault things got hard, but it is your responsibility to do something about it. Take your regret to your Listening Partner (for more information on Listening Partnerships and how to find one, see the link in ‘resources’ below). In your Listening Partnership you can cry, tremble, shout and rage about the things you regret. Shed those tears. They are the rain that falls and makes the flowers so sweet in the spring. Share the dark thoughts you have, then leave them behind, and when you start feeling bad again, go back and have another Listening Partnership. You have the right to be

pleased with yourself, and that’s what your child wants for you. They don’t want you feeling awful. They want you to play. They want you to be there with them, present and relaxed. Most often, the voice inside our head that digs at us about our imperfections and screw-ups is our parent’s voice, so you can also go back in your Listening Partnerships and reclaim

“You have the right to be pleased with yourself, and that’s what your child wants for you.” the upper hand you may not have had as a child. Tell your listener: “I am a good person, I am doing my best.” This time around, you get to fight for your dignity. Fight for the precious person you are. Take on the powers that be who judged you and found you wanting. A lot of our contemporary fears and regrets tap into our childhood, when for years and years we lived with adults who didn’t know what to do with their grown-up stresses, and often blamed us for them. Another perspective that’s important to remember is that when we were young and people were hard on us, or scary things happened, the hurt went in, and it stayed. As we become a parent, what happens when we notice that our children have been hurt and we want to help them, is that we may start to think: “Oh my gosh, my poor kid. They’re going to be saddled with this for the rest of their lives.” Actually no, they’re not. That dark outlook most likely goes back to early experiences from your life when you were left alone with your hurts. Using Listening Partnerships, slowly but surely

you can begin to thrive and learn more from your daily experience. You can learn tools that will empower your child to keep working on whatever it was that happened, until they are fully powerful, cognisant, capable, warm human beings. That could take time, but one day at a time is just fine for bringing a child through almost any kind of difficult experience. So the future is promising. The spring flowers look bright. It wasn’t a tragedy that your child got hurt. Yes, it had effects, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. There’s emotional work to be done, and you can build the support to do that work. And life gets more fun as you do. Enjoy the Spring!

Try this: In a Listening Partnership try saying sorry to your child. Tell other people how sorry you are about what happened. Tell yourself sorry. Get silly with your kids over dinner time. Let manners go and instigate a throwingpeas-on-each-other’s-plate food fight. See if tensions melt and laughter rolls. Get from today to tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be grand, showy or magic.


Anna Cole, PhD is a parent, researcher, writer and educator. She has taught at universities in London, Sydney and Brighton, and is a certified Instructor with Hand in Hand Parenting. She teaches classes, both inperson and online, for parents of young kids as well as pre-teens. You can register for her next online class for parents of pre-teens at:





It’s that time of year: new buds coming alive, new babies being born into the animal families, new warmth approaching. We all look forward to the old and the cold falling away, and the new and the warm taking over the consciousness of new life. We look forward to vacations, flip flops, bikinis and barbecues. We look forward to being free from heavy coats and wool scarves and bulky shoes. The most important of these new beginnings, above all else, is the new beginning within each of us. What story of the old and the cold are we ready to rewrite in the definition of Us?

“When I value myself, I come through for myself all the way and everyone else does, too.” Many of us are still battling with ourselves: some parts of us want it and other parts of us don’t. We know we want money, but we also want to be humble


and not greedy. We know we want to create health, and yet part of us believes we have no control over our own health. All of us must be integrated toward a clear decision about what we want, so the new planting of Us can take seed with a clear direction. Another new beginning: When I value myself, I come through for myself all the way and everyone else does, too. Many of us are subconsciously burdened down with old religious and ancestral beliefs that when we actually come forward powerfully for ourselves that we have to pay a price: others will judge me, I will have to trade something else that is important to me to get this thing I value, or others will abandon me because I am too powerful and they perceive themselves as not being that powerful. But the biggest attack against the nurturing of our personal soil and growth is this: we simply do not believe we are our own creators, and therefore it must be someone Else’s fault we are not thriving and growing the way we desire. Or it must be someone Else’s responsibility to give us the shot, the chance, the opportunity, and if they don’t, our creation is stifled. No, we must, as the single blade

of grass demonstrates, rise from the soil on our own accord. We must gather the nutrients available to us and, with purpose and choice, push through effortlessly to reach the sun that gives us life. Only then can the Universe work with us, partner with us, and send back to us the growth and new creation we are desiring. The thing you want, wants you.... but only if you align yourself with it first. Then, like any good relationship, you can find each other in harmony. So in this time of new beginnings, be clear about what you want, be sure ALL of you is on board wanting it, feel love all around it, and hold your focus on it. Only then will you push through to the realisation of your creation. You had the power all along, Dorothy! Blessings, Dee Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television and the stage for over 30 years (E.T., Cujo. The Howling). Her book, Bright Light, tells that tale and shares the spiritual lessons she has learned from a life of acting.




Being of service is something that should feel joyful and fulfilling. If it does not, that is a clear sign that your motive may be to please someone, not to truly serve. Being of service feeds our soul, while people pleasing depletes us. When you are being of service, your actions are authentic and nourish you. You know that you are making a difference in someone’s life. You know that you are creating kindness and spreading goodness. But when you find yourself driving to someone’s home to deliver a meal, or walking someone’s dog, or doing whatever favour you have offered to do, and you begin to feel resentful, even angry, then you are probably motivated by people pleasing. Your motive is negative and so is the energy you bring to the task. People pleasing depletes us because we are giving away our power. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you feel that your intention and motive might be people pleasing: • Am I acting out of a lack of self-love? • Am I doing this because I lack self-esteem or feelings of self-worth? • Am I worried about what this person will think of me if I say ‘no’? • Do I think this person will love and accept me for doing this favour? • Do I respect my own boundaries while doing this? • Am I seeking personal validation as a good person while doing this?

If you discover yourself to be a people pleaser, exhausted by constantly saying ‘yes’ to others, you may want to look for the sources of your behaviour in your childhood conditioning. Did your family, your teachers, or other role models tell you constantly to be a good girl or good boy? Or perhaps, they told you that you are a good boy or girl.

“Give yourself the time to check in and ask yourself on a soul level whether this is really what you want to do.” The intention of being perceived as ‘good’ or wanting to appear ‘good’ - by doing things because you do not want to offend someone or simply because you think you should - brings negative consequences. The ‘shoulds’ in life get you into trouble because then you are not listening to what your soul is calling you to do. Your intention and motive and your soul are not aligned and this causes disharmony in your life. The next time someone asks something of you, promise yourself that rather than just automatically responding ‘yes’ out of habit, you instead say, “Can I

get back to you about this?” Give yourself the time to check in. Discover whether you really do have the time and space to help. Ask yourself on a soul level whether this is really what you want to do. Cultivate the new habit of really listening to that deep, self-loving voice inside yourself. Learn to listen to your soul’s voice and also to your body; if something doesn’t feel right there, say ‘no’. Coming from a place of pure service and compassion, you do not want validation, and so you become comfortable with saying “no” and setting clear and healthy boundaries. It does take time to change old habits, so be patient and kind with yourself as you explore your intentions and your motives, and step back from being an automatic ‘yes’ person. The more you come into alignment with your soul’s voice, the more you develop self-love and true self-worth, and the more whole, peaceful, energetic and happy you will be. When confronted with an opportunity to serve, step back for a moment and affirm yourself by repeating, “I am worthy. I am enough. I am at peace.” Then listen to the inner voice that tells you whether to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, the voice that understands the difference between truly being of service, and merely being a people pleaser.



by Ann Hill Now in its twelfth year, the summer phenomenon of Earthsong is a wellestablished part of the calendar for anyone looking for an old-fashioned, fairy-tale experience to restore their spirit in the middle of the year. The music, dance and arts camps have earned a host of positive feedback for their carefully held environment of play and self-discovery. The camps run for either three or nine days in beautiful rural locations in Clare and Tipperary. Each day is filled with a feast of workshops in all areas; from rainforest songs and family constellations to drum and circle dances, astrology and much more. Everyone camps together in small circles around a central fire where all the cooking for the camp is done and new friendships are forged across the flames. Earthsong camps are unique in that their ethos of no alcohol, no drugs and a tightly held night-time curfew make them a safe and idyllic place for parents and children. It has become increasingly common for several generations of families to come to Earthsong together,


often travelling from different countries to share time and all the ingredients of lifelong memories. These days the founder of Earthsong, John Bowker, often hears that people are coming to the camps simply for the pleasure they take from the beautiful outdoor environment, as much as for the activities on offer.

“…a ‘nature reserve for humans’, a place with enough innate safety and kindness that our natural playfulness and curiosity can come out again.” “In some way the camps seem to offer people a way to find what they were missing, even when they hadn’t realised it. There are so many workshops on offer, but people are likely to tell me how much it meant to them to have a chance to chop wood and carry water - to do those tasks which actually feel very meaningful that we rarely have a chance to do,” John explains. These days perhaps one of the most unusual elements of the camp is that, as an electricity-free zone, there is

no access to phones or screens on-site. People may use their phones in the carpark if necessary, but with the camp philosophy of ‘be here now’, you will never see a phone or screen in use on the field. Unexpectedly perhaps, the lack of digital life is not experienced as a loss but rather as an asset. With children busy playing and creating all day, teenagers occupied with workshops and conversations and open-hearted adults all around, it feels safe to encounter life without any buffers or escapes. For Bowker, returning to a more human-friendly way of living is what Earthsong is all about. He calls it a ‘nature reserve for humans, a place with enough innate safety and kindness that our natural playfulness and curiosity can come out again.” He references the work of Su Hart, one of the teachers at Earthsong who has lived with the Baka rainforest people in Cameroon: “Su explains how in the rainforest, the tribe must be able to hold silence to ensure their survival. You must listen to the forest to find your food and to know if there is any threat. But in our culture, we are so burdened by noise it means we must shut down, we must block out the world so we are not overwhelmed. But there is a cost to shutting down, if it means we might not hear our own needs or hear what our children or partners are telling us.” Earthsong gives that chance to open up again - a safe place where we dare to hear everything around us and everything within. Standing high on a hill, with only the earth below and the sky so close it seems you might touch it, there are only sounds of children laughing, birdsong, someone chopping wood, a distant drum. Listen to the Earthsong field and it will tell you; you are safe here, the tribe is happy, everything is well. There will be four Earthsong camps in Ireland this summer. For tickets and more information visit



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boundlessly AN INTERVIEW WITH MIRANDA MACPHERSON. by Aisling Cronin Miranda Macpherson is a spiritual teacher, author and workshop leader who was born in Australia and now lives in San Francisco. Following a struggle with depression during her early teens, she embarked on a journey of healing, growth and self-realisation. Her remarkable achievements include establishing the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in London and teaching at the Feminine Wisdom School in San Francisco.

“Boundless love is who we really are in our deepest heart.” Miranda has many years of experience in bringing together people of diverse backgrounds and guiding them to explore profound spiritual truths. She will be visiting Newry this May for a special residential weekend workshop organised by the Positive Living Network.

What are you most looking forward to about your trip to Ireland? I’ve been coming to Ireland on a regular basis for eight or nine years. The thing

that always draws me back is the beauty of the Irish soul. One part of my spiritual practice involves the use of sound and chanting … and when you get a room full of Irish people chanting – wow! The lyricism and soul in the Irish culture is really palpable.

What is the most important thing to know about your teaching of boundless love? When I say ‘boundless love’, I’m not just using a flowery term. When I say ‘boundless’, I mean that there’s no ending and no beginning. Boundless love is when your sense of separation gives way to the experience of nothing but love. The significance of this is, it ends the spiritual drought. It ends the fear. It ends the loneliness. It ends the lack. It connects us to what we most need in order to thrive. Boundless love is who we really are in our deepest heart, prior to any conditioning we may receive.

I hear you have two new books coming out this year. Can you tell us a bit about them? Yes, on the 1st of May, there’s an audio book coming out called Meditations on Boundless Love. For someone that might not be able to come to one of my retreats, this is a four-CD set where I take people

through the practices I teach. And in November, I will have a new print book called The Way of Grace: the Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation. Both are published by Sounds True.

Can I ask what you feel the quality of grace is? To me, grace isn’t just a beautiful state that fills your heart – though it certainly is that. Grace is the living presence of God, or the Mystery, or whatever you want to call it. Grace is what causes the planets to move and the plants to grow. Grace is also the power that transforms us. It usually moves through the ‘spiritual technologies’ of forgiveness, of kindness, of love and compassion, of really challenging our beliefs and our ego identity. Lastly, grace is a way of being. It is an elegant, connected, peaceful way of moving through life.

You can listen to our full interview on SoundCloud – just search for ‘Positive Life Magazine’ to find us. Miranda’s residential weekend retreat will take place in the Dromantine Retreat Centre, Newry, Northern Ireland, from the 11th to 13th of May 2018. To learn more about the workshop and book your tickets, visit For more information about Miranda’s work, visit

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a connection


by Aisling Cronin

International shaman and sound healer Maan Kantar was comfortable in his financial career until the year 2007, when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour that completely transformed his life. This experience ultimately left him with a burning desire to pass on the art of sound healing to others and help them to awaken to their true nature. We spoke to him to learn more about his remarkable journey and his debut book, Awakening the Healer Within. Can you tell us about your background, and how you first became interested in sound healing?


I am half French, half Lebanese and I’ve lived in Ireland for nine years. I had a conventional career in finance and achieved all the markers of success that modern society asks of us – the material wealth, the power – but I always felt in my heart that something was missing. My tumour was the crisis that forced me out of my comfort zone. I found myself asking: why did I get this disease? How did this happen? The first thing I had to do was to meet all of the false identities that I had in my being: who I am, what I am, how I am defined by my position and material wealth… I looked inside for answers. It took four years of working hard on my physical and emotional self before healing started to happen.

“Sound is the sacred staircase through which the soul can enter the body.” Why do you feel that sound can play such an important role in the healing process? Before my sickness, I was living, but I wasn’t my true self. I discovered that everyone has a deep soul purpose that needs to emerge, and I had a great passion for helping others to discover it. I find

that many people are not willing to do that – partially because they are scared of going within, and partially because of social constructs that can actually block people from going within. But music can really touch people’s hearts. With certain types of music, you can actually move people into their inner core, free of mental and cultural barriers. This is why I say that sound is truly the sacred staircase through which the soul can enter the body. Sacred music and mantra can bring you a sense of deep peace and connection.

Can you tell us about your book, Awakening the Healer Within? I wrote the book so that people anywhere in the world would be able to access its information by ordering it on my website or on Amazon. My ultimate goal is not for everyone to come to me, but to go on their own journeys to becoming their true selves. The book is designed to help with that – for example, certain chapters on emotional and generational healing are designed to help ancient memories come to the surface. The book is a call to action and a call to empowerment. I also set up a YouTube channel offering free tutorials, so that anyone who wants to learn these powerful techniques can do so. My number one piece of advice to people is: start listening to yourself, connect with nature, and your life will change. Maan’s book ‘Awakening the Healer Within’ received honours at the London Book Festival in 2017. To buy a copy, or to learn more about Maan’s work, visit:

ward urs A ook o n o H B ndon at Lo stival Fe 2017

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cloona cure

ESCAPE FROM THE EVERYDAY IN CO. MAYO. by Aisling Cronin There is a fascinating story behind the foundation of Cloona Health Retreat in Westport, Co. Mayo. The retreat house was originally a mill. The parents of Dhara Kelly – Cloona’s current owner – began their journey of renovating the old Cloona mill in 1969 by inviting a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks to visit the building. These monks had lived in Britain since the Chinese invasion of Tibet, and their aim was to establish a Buddhist community centre in the West of Ireland. However, the Irish government rejected the monks’ visa applications, which led to a change of direction for the project. Today, Cloona is a dedicated detox retreat centre that offers weeklong residential programmes all year round. When I visited in February, I was immediately impressed by its idyllic location. The centre is located a short driving distance away from the bustling town of Westport. Croagh Patrick – which has itself been a legendary retreat and pilgrimage destination for many years – is a prominent feature of the surrounding landscape. The gentle rolling hills and tranquil environment around Cloona made it easy for me to leave my city worries to one side and relax into the atmosphere of seclusion and peace. The retreat programme includes meditation, yoga lessons, wheatgrass, juice fasting and two invigorating walks

per day. During their free time, guests can book individual healing sessions that include massage, facials, reflexology, Seiki, Tuina and Tibetan sound therapy, to name a few.

“The tranquil environment around Cloona made it easy for me to leave my city worries to one side.” In the mornings, we enjoyed a serving of citrus fruit and a shot of wheatgrass for breakfast. Apples were provided for those who could not eat citrus fruits. Six glasses of water per day were also recommended. However, we were discouraged from consuming food and water at the same time, as Dhara told us that this could interfere with the digestive process. Lunch was served in a small cottage near the main retreat house. Resident chef Isabelle prepared such wonderful food that even while on the detox programme, we never felt deprived. My personal favourite was a delicious broccoli, spinach and kale soup that was served to

us on our first day, garnished with tahini and coconut milk. Isabelle’s carrot and tomato soup was also very popular. Even the locally-sourced lettuce was crisp, tangy and bursting with a flavour that can rarely be found in supermarket lettuce. If you visit Cloona and want to learn how to make these amazing dishes yourself, Isabelle offers cooking demonstrations every Thursday evening. There is also a beautiful garden to the side of the main retreat house, complete with a labyrinth. One of the things I enjoyed the most about my time in Cloona was our labyrinth walk on Tuesday morning. Before entering the labyrinth, we picked up a stone representing a burden we wanted to release. We walked slowly and reverentially into the centre of the labyrinth, where we laid the stone down. On the way out of the labyrinth, we were encouraged to run, shout, hoot and holler – to let loose, be a little bit silly, and celebrate having released our burden. When I left, I felt thoroughly refreshed and ready to commit myself to cultivating healthier habits. If you are looking for an effective way to kick-start your passion for healthy eating and improve your overall wellbeing, Cloona Health Retreat is the place to be.




Positive Nights Apr 25, 2018 Bringing Dating Back | Dublin Women's Sacred Sexuality Apr 26—27, 2018 The Red Tent | Wicklow Sacred Sexuality, How We Love Apr 27—29, 2018 2-nights of Tantric Bliss | Wicklow Weaving the Beloveds May 4—7, 2018 Boutique Couples Retreat | Sligo Fragrance of the Lotus Apr 19, 2019—Oct 4, 2020 Year Long Immersion & Teacher Training | Europe 01.901.4322

what is


neo-tantra? COMPLIMENTARY ASPECTS OF THE OLD & NEW. by Dawn Cartwright

“ The Munis, girdled with the wind, wear garments soiled of yellow hue. They, following the wind’s swift course, go where the Gods have gone before.” ~Excerpt from Ke´sin Hymn, 10.136 of the Rigveda, as translated by Ralph T. H. Griffith


Some of the earliest written evidence of Tantra appears in the Rigveda, the oldest of the Vedic Texts, dated roughly between 1100 and 500 B.C.E. The Ke´sin Hymn, 10.136 of the Rigveda, describes dust-clad munis who cavorted with the wind. The muni, known for their pursuit of ecstasy, engaged in practices far outside the Brahmanical norm; defining evidence of an early Tantra tradition.

Defining Tantra Tantra is a vast and controversial subject – to define it is a challenging task. Many elements of Tantra are also found in other Hindu and Vedic paths. Yet when we take the view that ecstasy creates the cosmos, Tantra is a path rich with possibility. The origins of Tantra date back to the Upper Paleolithic Period, nearly 28,000 years ago. It is rooted in reverence for the microcosm-macrocosm view of fertility and the birth of the universe. The earliest traditions, much like the muni, were closely connected to nature. The Tantra sutras, revealing the secrets of existence, were songs sung by the wind, trees, rivers, oceans and mountains. These songs were translated by great mystics into Mantras, Yantras and Tantras. The tradition we are most familiar with today is Neo-Tantra, the ‘new’ or ‘revived’ version of Tantra. Neo-Tantra is known for its embrace of sexuality: a perceptive that has drawn a great deal of controversy and scepticism. The Christian repressive attitudes prevalent even in India have enforced a separation between the spiritual and physical. Neo-Tantra weaves threads between the the sexual and the spiritual, the human and the divine, demonstrating, in very beautiful ways, that each exists in the other.

Scholars, Mystics & Lovers “The Tantras most often tend to prefer more esoteric subjects: speculations on the nature of the Absolute, cosmogony, the creative nature of sound and word, micro-macrocosmic equivalence, the powers of speech, communication and handling of mantras, symbolic interpretations of words and names, construction of and initiation into mandalas and worship of deities therein.” ~Teun Goudriaan, History of Indian Literature Volume II

To explore Tantra is to experience a mystery that constantly unfolds without end. To understand Neo-Tantra and the ways this new tradition is complimentary to the classical traditions, it’s helpful to understand three perspectives: the scholarly, the classical and the new. The Scholar To the Tantra scholar, the Tantras are commentaries on the original Tantra sutras, and are often found to be more in-depth and more coherent than the original sutras themselves. The Tantras reveal an esoteric world known only to Tantra adepts. The Mystic To the practitioner of the classical form, Tantra is one aspect of Mantra, Yantra, Tantra. Mantra is sacred sound. Yantra is sacred geometry. Tantra refers to the methods used to merge the practitioner with Mantra and Yantra. Initiation through a guru is a key element of the classical path. It is said the power contained in Mantra, Yantra and Tantra comes to life when received through guru initiation. The Lover To the Neo-Tantra practitioner, Tantra is the weaving together of sexuality and spirituality. The quest is to experience the beloved as divine. Neo-Tantra includes classical Tantra themes and practices, woven together with modernday sexology, humanistic psychology and bio-energetics.

Complementary Elements & Gifts Often believed to be in conflict with one another, Tantra in its classical form and Neo-Tantra are in fact complementary. The classical form of Tantra brings gifts of focus, dedication and devotion to the Neo-Tantra practice, while Neo-Tantra brings confidence, energy awareness and self-revelation to the classical practice.

CLASSICAL TANTRA ELEMENT: THE GIFT Yantra Focus Awakens new neural pathways, making it possible for sexuality to reach new levels of pleasure and connection. Mantra: Dedication Teaches the modern-day lover the value of sustained attention and the benefits of commitment.

Tantra/Puja: Devotion Reveals the transcendent quality of giving and receiving. Seeing the divine in everything. Merging with the divine in the beloved. NEO-TANTRA ELEMENT: THE GIFT Sexuality: Confidence Increases tapas, the fire of transformation, grounding the classical practices in the human body. Bio-energetics: Energy Awareness Releases physical tension in the body, unlocking the free flow of Kundalini energy. Humanistic Psychology: Self-revelation Bridges the inner experience with the outer reality. Tools for self-honesty, maturity and responsibility.

“The classical form of Tantra brings gifts of focus, dedication and devotion, while Neo-Tantra brings confidence, energy awareness and self-revelation.” The wisdom of Tantra in its classical form offers important structure and guidance to the Neo-Tantra practitioner. NeoTantra practices bring new vitality to a mystical path rich with tradition. The two go hand in hand, following the wind’s swift course toward ecstasy. Dawn Cartwright is a Tantric visionary, sacred writer, world traveler, and innovator in bio-energetic Tantra fusion. Dawn will offer The Red Tent: Sacred Sexuality for Women, April 26th - 27th 2018, and 2 Nights of Tantric Bliss, April 27th -29th 2918, in Wicklow. Weaving the Beloveds for Couples will occur during the May Bank Holiday Weekend on the Wild Atlantic Way. Fragrance of the Lotus Tantra Teacher Training will begin on April 19th, 2019. To book your place, go to:


insights from the


Just twenty years and fifteen days after he was born into this world as Erik Rune Medhus, Erik took his own life and entered the afterlife. Departure Just twenty years and fifteen days after he was born into this world as Erik Rune Medhus, Erik took his own life and entered the afterlife. His family initially plunged into a deep grief and bewilderment, but when Erik’s soul began to make contact from the beyond, a whole universe of spiritual understanding on the nature of life, death and the afterlife unfolded into their lives.

Reconnection Erik’s mother Elisa had been raised by two atheists and had become a physician. She was a complete sceptic when it came to notions of life after death and of anything outside the scientific realm. The gift which lay in the aftermath of her son’s death was the unravelling of her scepticism about the spirit world. For her Erik helped Elisa to make the journey from ‘sceptic to believer’. After various encounters had occurred between Erik and his family members, Elisa decided to have a channelling session with Spirit Translator Jamie Butler. As time went on, Erik and Elisa realised that the reconnection they were now making, and all that had happened in Erik’s life, was part of a soul contract they had made with each other; “One of the most interesting answers to the ‘why’ of all the pain and suffering I experienced in my life as Erik I didn’t figure out until much later…I was supposed to be a guide and help humans, and the compassion, empathy and listening skills I gained during my life were important for me to become a better

one… [It] came down to the spiritual contract my soul had picked for itself.” (Erik Medhus, My Life After Death)

Wisdom-sharing Soon after Erik’s death, Elisa set up a blog called Channelling Erik®. The blog aspired to provide a community of loving support and an outlet for those experiencing pain and grief. Erik began taking part, visiting blog members and sending messages through Jamie. The nature of their soul contract began to crystallize – together they would blog, make videos and write books, bringing the wisdom of the afterlife to the earthly plane to help people live happier, more loving lives and to have faith in the great return to LOVE which awaits us after death.

Continuation of life after death The fear Erik sensed in his loved ones, due to the belief that death was the end, was something he wanted to help them with. He wanted to assure them of there being a consciousness that remains after death and to enable them to understand death as a ‘transition’ rather than permanent separation. This work with his family was the beginning of his role as a spirit guide to help release humanity in general from the fear of death. In his book My Life After Death, Erik shares the entire story, in incredible and often humorous detail, of his death, his funeral, meeting with deceased family members who help guide him to the other side and coming to terms with his existence as the essence of himself as a spirit – a being of pure energy. He tells of his life review, where he is supported by a

team of spirits who help him to uncover the love, understanding and forgiveness in himself which often eluded him during his life on earth.

“We can bring the vibration of the heavenly realm into our earthly experience by becoming more willing to feel and express LOVE.” Impressions of Erik on earth Among the many interviews and discussions where Erik shares insight from heaven, on some of the most perplexing questions we have as humans, there are some in which Erik’s voice can be heard. In others, various orbs of lights have appeared. These impressions of sound and image which Erik makes are not apparent during the live recordings. Every so often one is discovered in retrospect and brought to Elisa’s attention. Eventually, Elisa became intrigued enough to send these impressions to audio-visual experts for analysis. The result of analysis found that the sounds had left no voiceprint and yet were nonetheless audible on the playback. This confirmed that the voice was not a human voice. For those that knew him, they recognise the tone and pronunciation as Erik’s own.


Connections with Ireland The Channelling Erik blog community continues to extend, stretching across the Atlantic with members in Ireland linking into the fold of this supportive group. Elisa and her daughter Kristina Braly visited Ireland recently to attend the wedding of a blog member in Dublin. Having flown into Shannon, they rented a car and drove along the ‘scenic route’ to the capital. They video-blogged the entire trip on YouTube, taking in the views from the Cliffs of Moher, the ring of Kerry and even kissing the Blarney stone. We spoke to Elisa and Erik, through medium Veronica Drake, to hear what Erik had to share with Positive Life readers in Ireland. The following are snapshots from that conversation. ®

On LOVE: LOVE is the universal language in heaven. The soul expresses LOVE in feelings. Erik tells us that we can bring the vibration of the heavenly realm into our earthly experience by becoming more willing to feel and express LOVE. To stop, breathe and be in the experience of LOVE during challenging times, creates a much more compassionate existence on earth. On the heavenly plane no effort is needed, as the energy of LOVE is all-pervading. Here on earth, to make this moment to moment choice to act from the experience and energy of LOVE is part of a wider shift involving the whole of humanity.

A shift which Erik assures us will occur ‘gracefully’, gently and yet powerfully in 2018.

On Brain versus Mind: The Brain is like a computer, it uploads everything which happens to us. It memorises all of the mandates we are given as a child by our parents, teachers and caretakers. It is where all our ‘programming’ is stored - all those statements telling us who we are and how we are meant to be. Think ‘little girls wear pink’, and ‘big boys don’t cry’. The Mind, on the other hand, is our energetic connection to the soul. The mind has the potential to think for itself once an individual chooses the spiritual path. When a person evolves and enlightens, the mind awakens. The mind then enables us to be conscious of CHOICE. There are choices available to us as to who and how to be, outside of the options given to us by the programming of the brain. Most significantly, an awakened mind allows us to CHOOSE LOVE instead of fear.

On emotion: According to Erik, a mistake which humans often make is thinking first and feeling second. More often than not it goes like this: we think a thought - that thought evokes an emotion - this emotion generates our decision to act in a certain way. So let’s say someone doesn’t reply to

your email. You start thinking variations on the theme that this person doesn’t care, they just can’t be bothered. Cue anger, bitterness and frustration. These emotions require an outlet – namely angry, embittered actions. These actions will no doubt cause more of the same to come into being. Instead, Erik advises us to feel first. We can CHOOSE to tap into our intuition and emotional intelligence first. We can CHOOSE to allow a true emotional connection with ourselves to occur and for these emotions to generate our thoughts and thus guide our actions. Our choice to be guided by emotional authenticity with ourselves – while it can be scary and make us feel vulnerable – is the route to a more authentic and compassionate life. You’ll find Elisa and Erik’s blog sprinkled with offerings like these; serving the curious and the questioning among you, giving support to those whose will to live is wavering, and providing connection for those in need of comfort and understanding who have experienced the tragic death of a loved one. Erik continuously reaches out with answers from heaven and messages of insight, hope, wisdom and encouragement.

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interview with



by Maire Ni G


“The original Tao is…a spiritual technology - not based on a belief system, but on facts.”

Master Chia, tell us about your early years and how you found the Tao?

How do you think Universal Healing Tao practices can help Westerners?

I was born in Thailand which has a big community of Chinese people. They know the simple theory of Yin and Yang and how to eat according to the Tao. I saw people doing Qi Gong and Tai Chi in the park and sitting in meditation. When I was small I was interested in all of these things. One day I was sitting with my friend and we were saying we don’t believe in chi. We had read a lot of kung fu novels and were saying it’s not real. A man came over and said, “My master can show you the energy.” The next day we made an appointment to meet him. That’s when I met my master, who taught me the whole Tao practice. He came from China. I was lucky to learn from him the Inner Alchemy part.

The way of the Tao is very much for modern people. Taoism is scientific - it starts from Chinese medicine, astrology, understanding the physical, the body, nature, physiology. Now Westerners are discovering so many new things, and this goes hand in hand with the Tao practice. The original Tao is not involved with religions, but with energy transformation and moving meditation. We call it a spiritual technology - not based on a belief system, but on facts. You don’t have to believe in God in order to do something with your own soul and spirit.

What was the first thing your master taught you? He sat me down and pointed to my navel and said to focus on it. So I went home and I focused on the navel and I found that the energy moved. I took one whole night and I couldn’t sleep because there was so much energy moving. And the next day I went to see him and he said, “You have a very good karma with this type of practice, you pick it up very quickly.”

Taoists have an interesting view on sex, can you tell us about that? The Tao discovered that sexual energy is our best energy. They found that arousal, orgasm, love and compassion energy can heal. Often times people don’t know that love and sex have to combine together. When you put them together it multiplies and becomes a love vibration.

What’s the best Taoist secret your master shared with you? There are many of them! Nowadays we have mobile phones, TV, movies,

Facebook - we have so many things to draw our minds out of our bodies. In the Tao we say you need to learn to get back to your body and mind wisdom. When you learn to turn inwardly like with the Inner Smile meditation, then you understand how much you are draining your organs. The first step people have to learn is how to go inwardly and create energy.

What message do you have for people in Ireland who want to practice the Tao? The Tao is very simple. When you understand the Tao, you have a better, healthier life - a happier life. And you enjoy life! If people are smart enough to invest time and energy in their health, they are never broke. Learn how to invest in your health, take care of yourself, learn how to practice to get more energy, to make yourself healthier - that is the major key. Grandmaster Mantak Chia will be teaching two workshops in Dublin from May 18th 22nd; ‘Inner Alchemy – Tao Basics’ and ‘Sexual Alchemy - Healing Love’. Open to beginners. On May 17th, he will also be our very special guest at Positive Nights during his trip to Ireland.

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by Davie Philip

“Everyone shines, given the right lighting. For some, it’s a Broadway spotlight, for others, a lamp lit desk.” Susan Cain “David was a quiet wee laddie,” according to someone I went to school with whom my mother met recently in the Scottish town where I grew up. Although I now intentionally live in community and work as a group facilitator, I definitely have introvert tendencies. In an extrovertdominated culture that appreciates the loudest and most outgoing, how do we ensure that the voices and contributions of people who are not as comfortable putting themselves out there are valued? Over the years I have managed my social awkwardness and overcome a fear of public speaking and am now very comfortable addressing and working with large groups. That is, as long as the focus is on sustainable community or another topic that I am passionate about. Outside of my bubble I can lose my flow, be very quiet and sometimes be severely inhibited.


It was Carl Jung who first coined the terms introvert and extrovert, to describe his observations that people tend to be energised either by going inward in quiet reflection, or outward and are invigorated through interactions with people. Of course, it is a spectrum and our personalities and ways of navigating the world are a lot more complex. It is commonly perceived that all introverts are reserved, constantly quiet, and unsocial, however they are actually a very diverse group with a lot to offer the world.

“It is commonly perceived that all introverts are reserved, constantly quiet, and unsocial, however they are actually a very diverse group with a lot to offer the world.” I recommend reading Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking. It outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each temperament and the positive aspects of being an introvert. Cain cites research in biology, psychology, neuroscience and culture to explain that introversion is both common and normal, and notes that many of humankind’s most creative individuals and leaders throughout history were introverts.

Supposedly, at least one-third of people are and most fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum and can function in both introverted and extroverted ways. Introverts innovate and create but dislike self-promotion; rather than speaking out they prefer observing and reflecting on what is being discussed and favour working on their own over working in teams. They are an important part of any community and a deeper understanding of their special needs and gifts can help us to design new ways to engage people which allow both temperaments to shine. In the work I do as a group facilitator, it is essential to be aware that people function differently depending on where they are on the introvertextrovert spectrum. Susan Cain claims that traditional group work is designed for extroverts and can disadvantage introverts. Just as a good facilitator needs to be able to work with people with different learning styles or who hold different values, they also have to consciously design meetings which ensure that the gifts of all are shared. Cultivate regularly organise ‘Art of Facilitation’ courses which build the capacity of people to facilitate groups and host transformational conversations in their community. These provide participants with new processes to better design meetings and participative events with the introvert in mind and help ensure that meetings are not disrupted by one personality type either dominating or withdrawing. Davie Philip ( is a facilitator and trainer at Cultivate and is based in Cloughjordan Ecovillage ( For more information on The Art of Facilitation see

“Sunshine vitamin” (even in Ireland!)

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by Nutritionist Eva Killeen


Cooking is in vogue. A growing number of people want to try out imaginative recipes and impress their friends with something delicious. But how many of the recipes on our TV screens and blogs are healthy? They can be laden with processed foods which do nothing to address Ireland’s burgeoning waistlines and rates of disease like type 2 diabetes. However, there is also a movement that grows apace with every bit of new research confirming how many of our twenty-first century diseases can be related to our diet and lifestyle. People have a growing interest in food that genuinely supports and promotes health. They want to be able not just to eat at home, but to dine out and be presented with a great choice of healthy and exciting

dishes that are bursting with colour and fresh flavour, as well as delivering the nutrients needed for vibrant health. They also want to see food choices available which reflect their own dietary preferences, intolerances and health concerns.

CNM’s food-based approach to health Whether people want to learn how to make healthy and delicious food for themselves and their family, or to equip themselves for a culinary career in a new era of enlightened healthy catering, CNM’s Natural Chef Course in Ireland will be answering a need.

CNM is the natural health training college already famous for its holistic food-based approach to health. Food is one of the most important natural tools we can harness to help the body regain balance, so all CNM Diploma students, whether they are learning about nutrition itself, herbal medicine, acupuncture or any other therapy, are taught to understand and respect the therapeutic power of organic, minimally processed food. CNM was established twenty years ago this year in Ireland and the UK. Every year we train hundreds of students for successful careers in natural health. Since the launch of the CNM Natural Chef Course in London a couple of years ago, it has proven highly popular.

“All CNM students are taught to understand the therapeutic power of organic, minimally processed food.” We soon received requests for the course to be offered in Ireland, and since Ireland is my home country, I couldn’t be more delighted to introduce the course to Dublin in 2018.

Unique training CNM’s Natural Chef Diploma Training is different from any other Chef or Healthy Cooking course. Firstly, students gain an understanding of how the body functions. They see how food choices impact our immunity, cognitive abilities and energy levels. They learn about food therapeutics to enhance health generally, and specific ways to support different organs. Of course, they also acquire the normal cooking and chef skills needed to create delicious food that satisfies

these criteria. After every class there is an assignment to be done at home. Towards the middle of the course, they begin their internship so they can put their newly acquired skills into action in a professional setting. The course concludes with a business module to help would-be entrepreneurs turn their knowledge into a successful career. All this can be done part time, usually over a 10-12 month period. Our students learn the nutritional and therapeutic value of individual foods and will know the answers to questions such as: How do I make sure that I am providing enough protein from a healthy source? How can I increase the vitamin B12 content for a vegan dish? What herbs can be included to increase immunity? What are the best gut-healing foods? What mood-lifting ingredients can I include? What spices can improve circulation and induce warmth? They also learn techniques for preparation, cooking and storage to fully benefit from the power of nutrition.

It’s for all food lovers You don’t need any prior culinary or nutritional experience to join the course. You just have to be passionate about food and health. Some people take the course purely for their own interest. More often, it’s about a career change or step up the ladder, with students having a business plan in mind for running a food business such as a café, restaurant or spa, working as private chef, developing their own healthy food catering business or working as a cooking instructor, product developer, recipe writer or food blogger. CNM’s course equips students to make a success of their chosen culinary career. The business planning class is an important part of the course. Professionals such as nutritionists, naturopaths, nurses or fitness instructors also find it a useful qualification to further develop their existing businesses. Eva Killeen is the director of CNM’s Natural Chef Diploma Course, which launches in Dublin this year at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. To find out more about training with CNM for an exciting career as a Natural Chef, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Acupuncturist or Homeopath, or to attend a Short Course, visit or call 01 672 5036.

Become a CNM Natural Chef College of Naturopathic Medicine

Study part-time Dublin

Diploma Course includes: Food fundamentals Natural Chef techniques Food for Health Therapeutic menu & recipe writing Building a culinary career CNM is Ireland’s leading college for natural therapies

d out more! n fi to g in n e v E n e Attend an Op 01672 5036


the cult of


by Hans Wieland Chilli Peppers, Bell Peppers, Hot Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Cayenne Peppers, Spanish Peppers, Red Hot Chili Peppers - what have they all in common? Confused? Ok, the last ‘variety’ the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a funk-rock band from Los Angeles is only around since 1983, and all the others have nothing in common with black pepper (Piper nigrum), but are in fact all species of the genus Capsicum. Commonly we distinguish between the sweet and mild peppers and the hot and more pungent chillies, the topic of our article. Most of our common chillies come from one species, Capsicum annum, which was first cultivated in Mexico at least 5,000 years ago. The cult story of chillies begins with Columbus, who thought he found the (black) pepper and continues with the colonial trading power of the Portuguese bringing the chilli everywhere, leading to India becoming the biggest producer. The Aztec word of the native Nahuatl was chilli, which means red. Botanically speaking all peppers are fruits; however, they are correctly considered vegetables

“The beauty of growing it yourself is in the choice of varieties, from mild to super-hot.”

in a culinary context. The success story of the chilli is remarkable as the world production and consumption is now 20 times that of black pepper, the other major pungent spice (On Food and Cooking, p 418). Hungary has its Paprika, Spain its Pimenton, Italy its Peperoni and in China chilli is a major spice in Sichuan and Hunan, but Mexico remains the most advanced country when it comes to chilli culture, it being a major ingredient in Salsas. At Neantog Kitchen Garden School we grow it mainly to produce our own sauces (see recipe below). The beauty of growing it yourself is in the choice of varieties, from mild to super-hot. What makes Chillies so special? It is Capsaicin, the active chemical ingredient, contained in the placenta, the tissue that bears the seeds. The variety and the growing conditions - high temperatures and the length of the season - contribute to the amount of capsaicin produced. The heat of a chilli is measured on the Scoville Scale in Scoville heat units (SHU), or capsaicin concentration, named after its creator, US pharmacist Wilbur Scoville. SHU values range from 0 in a sweet bell pepper to 2,000,0002,200,000 in a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion or Carolina Reaper. Naturally, there is the burning sensation in our mouth which for some is pure pleasure. How to grow chillies As Chillies love heat and light, it makes them an ideal crop for growing in

polytunnels in Ireland. Some varieties are also suitable for pots in a conservatory. Two or three plants yield more than enough for a family for a year. Chilli peppers require a long growing season and are best sown from early February until mid-March at the latest. I sow them in modules on a heat propagator at 20 degrees Celsius. Once they have germinated I transfer them to 7cm wide pots using potting compost. Three or four weeks later they can be potted on to 1 litre pots. In early May in mild areas or in mid- to late-May in cooler areas I plant them into the polytunnel spaced 50cm apart and staked, to prevent them from falling over when the branches get heavy with fruits. Apart from regular watering, there is little else you need to do. Chillies can be harvested throughout the summer whenever required. All chillies start off green and then turn into their final colour. Green chillies are a little less hot. Towards the end of the growing season in October I usually harvest all the remaining chillies and dry them in the kitchen. They will last for well over a year. Here are my favourite varieties: Jalapeno, (C. annuum), a classic from Mexico, with bullet shaped fruits, green to red and medium hot (2,500 – 8,000 SHU) Ring of Fire, Cayenne type, (C. annuum), long, thin, pointed pods, (30,000 – 50,000 SHU) Tabasco, (C. frutescens), named after the Mexican state Tabasco and also the name of the Louisiana produced hot sauce, (30,000 – 50,000 SHU). The chilli for the fermenters to make their own variety of the famous sauce. Habanero, (C. chinense), from Cuba, small bell shaped, yellow, orange or red, (100,000 – 350,000 SHU) Numex Twilight (C. annuum), the best windowsill chilli I’ve grown; tiny, upright fruit that start purple and ripen to bright red, perfect for those without a garden, ( 30,000 – 50,000 SHU)

NEANTOG CHILLI SAUCE: For 250ml you need: • 6 small red chillies (we love Jalapeno, Cayenne and Ring of Fire) • 5 cloves of garlic • 40 grams ginger • 1 stem of lemongrass

Chop the chillies, garlic, ginger and lemongrass very finely (use gloves!), mix with the rest of the ingredients. Bring to the boil, reduce heat and let simmer for around 15 mins, then add the arrow root powder dissolved in water and bring to the boil to thicken. Fill in hot into sterile glass bottles, close and let cool.

• 175 ml of cider vinegar

Hans Wieland has worked and taught at The Organic Centre for over 20 years. In May he is ‘retiring’ to Neantog Kitchen Garden School in Cliffoney, again joining his wife Gaby Wieland, herbalist and naturopath. The couple offer a range of courses and workshops in food growing, fermenting, foraging, cheese making, healthy cooking and baking.

• 175 ml of water

• Juice of 1 lime/lemon • 175 grams of brown sugar • 3 tsp sea salt

• ½ tsp of arrow root dissolved in 2 tbsp of water





by Tony Keogh

“The coupling of beetroot with raspberry, just like the union of courgette and barley, bridges the merging of the seasons.” It’s time to shake off the winter coat Spring has finally sprung. As the days get longer so too does the list of fresh ingredients on offer. The marriage of the passing winter and the awakening spring is celebrated in this dish. The coupling of beetroot with raspberry, just like the union of courgette and


barley, bridges the merging of the seasons. This dish is surprisingly easy to make. Please do not be put off by the list of ingredients. A bottle of raspberry vinegar or a pot of tahini are two ingredients that you will return to again and again. Metal rings can be

purchased in any kitchen store or large supermarket. The punchy salsa is very versatile and will find a comfortable home in many settings, from a sandwich filler to a salad dressing.


Ingredients for the cream sauce

Ingredients for the salsa

375 grams barley 1,350 ml stock 200 ml white wine ½ head (5 cloves) garlic finely minced 10 grams fresh thyme finely chopped 2 leeks 1 courgette 30 grams corn flour dissolved in 50 ml water 150 grams firm tofu Dijon mustard 2 bay leaves

1 large onion finely diced 1 packet of vacuum packed beetroot Pinch of chili flake 10 ml raspberry vinegar 500 ml stock 5 grams chopped fresh dill 50 ml apple juice 20 ml tahini Seasoning

100 grams of pumpkin seeds, toasted Juice of one lemon 100 grams frozen peas, thawed 4 scallions finely chopped 5 grams of freshly chopped mint 15 ml white wine or cider vinegar Seasoning 10 ml apple juice

METHOD 1 Start with the cakes; rinse the barley and add it to a medium heavy based pot, along with the wine, the stock, the bay leaves and the thyme. Bring this to a boil for about 10 minutes and then lower the heat and leave it to simmer for a further 40 minutes. 2 Quarter the leek lengthways and slice it thinly. Sauté it in a small saucepan in a little oil until it becomes translucent and soft. Quarter the courgette lengthways and slice it into little quarter moons. Fry these off in a little oil in a medium frying pan and set them aside with the leek. 3 In a blender, puree the tofu, cornflour mixture and mustard. When the barley is tender, fold the tofu mixture through it. Season it to taste with salt, lemon and black pepper. Remove the bay leaves. 4 Line an oven tray with parchment paper. Using a metal ring or a large scone cutter, shape mounds of the barley mixture onto the parchment into around 8 large discs - they will hold their shape. 5 Bake these in pre-heated oven at 200 degrees for around 20 minutes. 6 To make the sauce; sauté the diced onion in a little oil until soft. Add it to a blender along with the beetroot, chili flakes, raspberry vinegar, stock, dill, apple and tahini. Blend the sauce until it is velvety smooth. If the sauce is grainy it can be passed through a sieve, if it is too thick add a little water to thin it out. 7 To make the salsa; roughly pulse all the ingredients together in a food processor. Do not over blend - you want to maintain a rough texture. 8 Flood a serving plate with a little sauce, top with a cake and top the cake with a dollop of salsa.

short & sweet 43

Nature’s Answer THE YOUTH-BOOSTING ALGAE. by Kumiko Kumagai However hard we try, we’ll never be able to turn back the clock and get the looks and figure we had when we were younger. Nature, however, may be able to help slow things down. Chlorella is a type of green algae that grows in fresh water. Those in the know have been taking it for many years for its claimed health benefits. Recent research has helped back up these claims and it appears nature really has provided a means to help us look and feel at least a little bit younger.

Scientists have found chlorella may have an ability to prevent the breakdown of a substance in skin called elastin. As its name suggests, ‘elastin’ is what gives our skin its elasticity. As we get older, we begin to lose elastin and wrinkles form. By helping to prevent the breakdown of elastin, chlorella may be able to keep wrinkles at bay. Research has also shown that chlorella could have a role to play in reducing weight gain by limiting the increase in size of the body’s fat cells,

which is normally seen when eating a diet high in fat. Luckily, you don’t need to go wading through ponds to benefit from the algae, as leading brand Sun Chlorella is now available in granule form – to be added to smoothies and shakes – or as tablets. It is available from Horan’s Health Store, Nourish Health Food Stores and other good independent health stores.


Evolving Into Sustainable Healthcare OUR COLLECTIVE MISSION. by Stephanie Mines, Ph.D

High-Tech Vitamin C WE TALK TO JONATHAN ORCHARD. by Alison McEvoy Unlike most mammals, human beings do not produce their own Vitamin C. We rely on our own prudence to make good food and supplement choices to ensure we receive enough of this peppy nutrient. I spoke to Jonathan Orchard of Abundance and Health who specialises in high performing nutrients about Altrient C, their state of the art Vitamin C supplement. As it stands, Vitamin C has a limited absorption capacity when ingested by the human body. Any existing digestion issues will furthermore diminish the body’s absorption capacities. So, while some of us may have been diligently taking our Vitamin C orally, it still may not have been arriving at its desired destination – the bloodstream.

“You are guaranteed almost complete absorption with zero energy required by the body to process or digest…” Jonathan shared the story of one man who helped vanquish the barriers facing Vitamin C in the body. Les Nachman began taking high doses of Vitamin C intravenously when diagnosed with heart failure in 2002. Incredible improvements in his health followed. Upon recovery, he began researching ways to bring the full impact of Vitamin C directly into the bloodstream without the need of an IV drip. His investigations led him to Liposome Encapsulation Technology (LET). Altrient Vitamin C is encircled within tiny liposome spheres which protect and carry the nutritional content of Vitamin C, completely intact, through the small intestine and into the blood. You are guaranteed almost complete absorption with zero energy required by the body to process or digest, and none of the gastric distress that large doses usually create. All science aside, we’ve known for a long time that Vitamin C is extremely good for us. Antiviral, antibacterial, pro-collagen and elastic skin…and with LET in the mix, now there are more reasons than ever to reach for the Vitamin C.

My early childhood was a test of my will to be. I could not count on the people around me to nurture my spirit so I had to find ways to do that independently, even as a small child. I found my own creativity and a relationship with Spirit that evolved out of my inner quest to make sense of the senseless. I found joy and encouragement in the inner world I developed; it kept me alive. Becoming emotionally self-sufficient launched me into a passion for what I now can call sustainability. Though I did not know it at the time, I can now see that I was being trained to be a voice in the Sustainable Healthcare movement that is crucial for a climate changing world. My personal quest has become collective. Sustainable Healthcare will be modelled and taught at the conference I have convened for 2019, Climate Change & Consciousness: Our Legacy for the Earth (CCC19). Prior to CCC19, I am creating a number of pre-conference events featuring Sustainable Healthcare for A Climate Changing World. The first of these will be in Oregon, at the Ananda Laurelwood Center, from June 11 – 16, 2018. Here, participants will experience both the arts and energy medicine as fundamental healthcare resources that anyone, at any stage of life, can utilise. In the spirit of empowerment and celebration, we will draw forth our innate gifts to live vibrantly and claim our personal and our collective climate justice.

Taoist Abdominal Massage CLEANSING FROM THE CENTRE. by Maire Ni G I’ve always been intrigued by bellies their contours, their contents and the navel, our first connection to the world. More recently I’ve been in awe of the medical benefits that Chi Nei Tsang, Taoist abdominal massage, can offer. Chi Nei Tsang literally translates as ‘working the internal energy of the organs’. And that it truly is!

“Chi Nei Tsang is a way to release the accumulation of tension, worries and stresses which build up over long periods of time...”

45 Having experienced many various treatments down through the years, I’ve experienced nothing quite as powerful as Chi Nei Tsang. I’ve never felt as cleansed and clear internally, nor slept so well after a treatment. The perceptible effects of it lasting for days and weeks. The Taoist sages of ancient China observed that humans often develop energy blockages in their internal organs which result in knots and tangles in their abdomen. The navel centre has been referred to as ‘The Medicine Field’, as all of the organs can be accessed through pressure points. Through navel diagnosis and deep massage, many ailments can

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be alleviated, particularly stress related conditions, stomach problems, infertility and nervous tension. Chi Nei Tsang is a way to release the accumulation of tension, worries and stresses which build up over long periods of time and are seldom dispersed. I’m really excited that we are beginning a certification training in Chi Nei Tsang in Ireland this June with a Senior Universal Tao Instructor who has written books with Mantak Chia on this subject. A first for Ireland.

General Oriental Practitioner (not a medical doctor)

Dheai Ilsaaid is a General Oriental Practitioner and author of the book Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy. Treating any medical problem naturally whether it is emotional, physical or structural with the help of Acupuncture, Yoga, Hypnosis, NLB, Reiki, Meditation and Mindfullness. Children under the age of 16 are treated free of charge. (must be a accompanied by an adult) Workshops and lectures also available. |

For an appointment or to purchase the book please contact Dheai on 086 0777700


“Oily fish, avocados, olives and flaxseeds are rich in omegas as is Udo’s Oil, my favourite source.”

46 Embrace Good Fats TIPS FROM A FITNESS EXPERT. by Alison McEvoy Top Irish fitness coach Pat Divilly helps people make healthy lifestyle changes. He believes effective long-term results are best achieved through thoughtful planning and changes to one’s nutrition and exercise; “First up I tell clients to understand ‘why’ they want to make a change. What is the underlying reason? By recognising and embracing this, they find it easier to keep going when they feel challenged. Next, I get them to set themselves a roadmap; a 90-day goal broken up into manageable chunks as if they are on a journey. If getting more exercise is part of this, they find something they enjoy doing. If starting from scratch, I advise baby steps e.g. a twenty-minute walk per day. When into a rhythm and routine, I get them to build their time and pace up by an extra 1% per day. Nutrition is key to good health so it’s important to cook as much ‘real’ (unprocessed) food as possible. Omega (‘good’) fats are essential to the body’s wellbeing, especially the heart, brain and eye function. I’ve been taking them since I was a teenager. Oily fish, avocados, olives and flaxseeds are rich in omegas as is Udo’s Oil, my favourite source. It’s organic and packed full of good fats and more. I add it to soups, smoothies and dressings, and drizzle it over salads or foods I’ve just cooked.” More of Pat’s tips feature in ‘The Udo’s Effect’ which is available in health food stores and pharmacies. Find your local retailer here:

A moment of high momentum TIME FOR ACTION GUIDED FROM WITHIN. by April Danann This is one of the best times to work on personal goals! We are between eclipses so you may find yourself in a state of flux at the moment; after all, we are living on a planet whose consciousness is rising. We can use this powerful energy to open doors, create space and gain momentum for our projects. But there is more… this is also the perfect time to select an area of our lives and remove the blocks. There is no time like the present to access and get to know how to use your intuition as the perfect companion to all your decisions, concerns, issues and wellbeing - and to take that a step further by choosing an area of your life where you feel stuck and getting to work on it, using intuition as your guide. Last time, we chatted about some of the key aspects to discovering ways to find that inner voice and working more deeply with our intuition. With all of the activity in the heavens, this inner compass will be heightened and easier to hear for many of us. Best of all, the areas where you are blocked will stand out to you and force you to take action of one sort or another. So, if we know all of this, why not take charge and look at becoming unstuck this year? Here are a few suggestions to get you making progress again; • Increase exercise to remove physical blocks • Drink herbal teas with rose, calendula, hibiscus or saffron to raise consciousness • Incorporate 15 minutes a day of positive thinking to shift your energy You can only go up from here……Ready, set, go!

April Danann

★★★ ★★ ★★★

Wellness Yoga Retreats

Food Scientist/Naturopathic Nutritionist/ Medical Intuitive/Family Herbalist Apple Cider Vinegar - with the Mother, barrel fermented in West Cork CLINIC - Internationally known Medical Intuitive & Naturopathic Nutritionist KOMBUCHA - made only from herbs - raw & unfiltered NATUROPATHIC NUTRITION - advice on how to maximise your bodys full potential WORKSHOPS - Wild Fermentation, Healing with Herbs, Gut Health and Well-Being

Experience a unique cleansing weekend,designed to lighten and cleanse the body. Clear and calm the mind. De-stress and rejuvenate from the routine of everyday life. €

Enjoy a weekend of hibernation and revive through deep relaxation and meditation. Rest back into the relaxed, silent ground of being and realise your own awareness. €

2 nights Bed & Breakfast in the 4* Hotel • 3 course evening meal each evening A mid-afternoon smoothies • Daily yoga, relaxation techniques & meditation sessions with Kenneth Ryan • Spa treatment worth up to €50pp or a seaweed bath • 2 Complimentary hours in Delphi Spa’s Thermal Suite

Limited spaces on retreats, book early to avoid disappointment.                  * Early Bird Rates.

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Gluten free Dairy free Vegan Caffeine free Delicious Super convenient Contains 1.5g turmeric per cup

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Turmerlicious for your Tummy AN ANCIENT, INSTANT PICK-ME-UP. by Alison McEvoy

The medicinal plant known as Turmeric has been used for centuries in healing home remedies. Revered in ancient India, Turmeric is the holder of a whopping 46 synonyms in Sanskrit – valiant and glorious titles like ‘The One whose face is light and shining’ and ‘Defender of Diseases’. Indeed, Turmeric has long been a friend to humanity. Maggie Howell, Creator of Turmerlicious, began experimenting in her kitchen in 2016, devising fare for her five boys to include this heroic herb. She’d heard of Golden Milk - Ayurveda’s ‘honey and lemon’ type drink for coughs and colds - and, after many experiments, Maggie came up with a recipe. Her formulation not only tasted good but was an intelligent fusion of ingredients to help the body absorb and digest the hundreds of healing compounds held within Turmeric. With cacao for taste and chilli for oomph, one of her earliest Turmerlicious varieties was born – The Chilli Choc. This is a vegan, dairy, nut, gluten, GMO

and preservative free blend of Turmeric, coconut milk powder (Turmeric, being fat-soluble, requires the presence of fats for absorption), ginger, cinnamon, chilli and black pepper (spice digestion aids), cacao and coconut sugar. After a time of sharing this drink daily with her family, she noticed an increased calm, the healing of her and her son’s eczema, and another son reported that his evening drink helped him to study. It became apparent that this was something worth sharing with the world. Today, varieties include Chocolate, Vanilla and a new Spice Only mix which is sugar-free. Pop one into your handbag or man-bag, and with the addition of boiling water, you’ll be instantly sharing in a drink which has been giving health throughout the ages.

“…an intelligent fusion of ingredients to help the body absorb and digest the hundreds of healing compounds held within Turmeric.”


Get Your Omegas Sussed HEALTHY OILS WITH A DIFFERENCE. by Aisling Cronin In recent years, public awareness about the amazing health benefits of omega oils has grown rapidly. One Wicklow native, Keith Symes, has combined his passion for promoting healthy oils with his entrepreneurial spirit. After forming the successful Wicklow Rapeseed Oil company a number of years ago, he felt drawn to establish a sister company called Sussed, which focuses on the production of pure, natural products. “I have always been very active and I’ve always been into healthy eating,” he explains, “so that is what inspired me to set up the company.” Sussed currently offers three products: Healthy Heart cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil; a 2-Calorie spray; and Healthy Heart Plus, a

combination of algae oil and cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil. Sussed’s algae oil is obtained from a pure and controlled environment. While omega oils can be obtained from fish products, algae is considered to be a healthier source, as it is free of the environmental contaminants and pollutants that are sadly present within our planet’s oceans. Sussed’s rapeseed is also sourced directly from trusted farmers, as the promotion of

sustainable farming practices are a core value of their business. “We are planning to release a range of bars in the near future,” Keith says. “The first one we intend to launch is a sports nutrition bar, which would be eaten before, during or after a workout.”



Power Full. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY • SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED • FULL SPECTRUM Our advanced TurmaForte® Full Spectrum Turmeric reflects the intelligence and natural balance of the whole plant and optimises its potent therapeutic benefits. Clinical research has shown TurmaForte® Turmeric reduces the experience of joint pain of users by 86.2% within just 21 days.*

*Madhu K, Chanda K, Saji MJ (2013) Safety and efficacy of Curcuma longa extract in the treatment of painful knee osteoarthritis: a randomized placebo-controlled trial. Inflammopharmacology. Apr;21(2):129-36.

The experts in female nutritional health.. Available from and leading health food stores across Ireland


Find Wholeness with Nutrition BOOSTING FEMALE HEALTH. Wild Nutrition’s founder and nutritional therapist, Henrietta Norton B.Sc. Dip NT, has personally formulated every one of Wild Nutrition’s products to provide truly holistic and bespoke supplement formulations for the whole family. “Nutrition changed the course of my life. I suffered with chronic endometriosis during my twenties. Each month I would nearly pass out with the pain. To add insult to injury, the doctor told me that I would never be able to have children. So I went to see a nutritional therapist who specialised in female health. I listened. I changed my diet. It changed my life. Today I’m a mother of three. I know how important it is to ensure you are nutritionally supported to weather the challenges that life can present. Combining a deep understanding of

nutritional science and traditional practices, I have formulated each product within our range to support and nourish your wellbeing through each stage of your journey.” More than 50 independent studies have shown vitamins and minerals in their Food-Grown® supplements to provide far greater bioavailability and retention. These studies show that our body’s mechanisms recognise them with greater ease than many synthetic

forms found in the vast majority of other supplement brands. Wild Nutrition raised a glass in January this year to celebrate their fifth birthday, and would like to say thank you to everyone that has supported them along their journey so far.


Seasonal Goodness TIPPERARY’S UNIQUE ORCHARD by Aisling Cronin The health benefits of apples have long been a part of our everyday lore, as exemplified by the old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Con Traas, owner of The Apple Farm in Co. Tipperary, can attest to the widespread appeal of the fruit. The farm was originally established in 1968 by Con’s parents, and has gone from strength to strength ever since. It now produces a wide range of juices, lemonades, apple cider vinegar, sparkling juices and jams. The farm also offers small cases of the much-coveted Con’s Cider,

which has a production run of just 10,000 bottles each year. The Apple Farm’s activities don’t stop there. They also run an on-site camping and caravan park which runs from May to September each year. Con explains that the presence of the orchard is a major aspect of the campsite’s appeal. “We have a lot of regular visitors who come to us year after year to stay a week or a fortnight,” he says, “and we often attract people who are looking to stay for a night or two en route to Rosslare or the West.”

In addition to its famed apples, the farm also produces pears, plums, sweet cherries, strawberries and raspberries. These fruits are always grown in season. Con explains that the act of following this natural seasonal rhythm is very important to the farm’s ethos, “because it means we always have something different and fresh to offer.”


Holistic Dentistry PUT YOUR BEST SMILE FORWARD. by Dr David Hefferon Good Oral Health is an essential part of overall well-being. The scientific literature shows that the early signs of certain diseases can appear in your mouth, so it is essential that all sources of inflammation in your mouth be treated in a holistic manner.

“...the type of material you choose for your holistic and cosmetic dentistry… is a very important consideration.” Gum disease can affect, and be affected by, what’s going on in your gut - meaning gum health and good nutrition also go hand in hand.

When it comes to the role of dentistry to keep you well, the type of material you choose for your holistic and cosmetic dentistry, and the interactions between those materials in your mouth, is a very important consideration. As a Fellow of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, I recommend the safe removal of mercury fillings. Mercury is known to be the most poisonous, non-radioactive naturally occurring substance in the world, with no safe level recorded by the World Health Organisation. I have trained in the ‘Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique’ (S.M.A.R.T) and now Mercury fillings can be replaced with either BPA free white ORMOCER restorations or Ceramic/ Zirconium inlays or Crowns. We also offer Zirconium implants, as Zirconium is more inert than some Titanium alloys

and are less likely to react with any other metals in your mouth. The jaw joint also plays a role in your overall structural stability and an imbalanced jaw can contribute to Headaches, Migraines, Tinnitus, Fibromyalgia and Fatigue. To address some of these issues I offer nonextraction, orthopaedic orthodontics. All of these matters will be taken into consideration during a holistic dental consultation. You will also be walked through the full range of cosmetic options available to help you put your best smile forward in life. Indeed, my motto is that the mouth is where your inner smile meets your outer smile.

Spirituality & The Cit SHORT AND SWEE T

Braco’s Embrace


THE GAZING GURU. by Aisling Cronin

The extraordinary Braco has touched hearts all over the world with his understated, heartfelt approach to assisting people’s spiritual growth. Born in 1967 in Zagreb, Croatia, Braco initially pursued a conventional high-achieving career. However, his life changed forever when he met the great healer Ivica. Their supportive friendship helped Braco to find peace, harmony and a profound sense of purpose. Following Ivica’s death in 1995, Braco began to follow in his footsteps by aiding the people of his community in any way he could. Braco’s peaceful Gaze and his powerful Voice have since brought comfort and solace to spiritual seekers in Germany, the United States, Mexico and many other countries. He will be visiting Dublin for the first time as part of the Health, Wellbeing and Natural Therapies Expo in the RDS, Dublin, on the 28th and 29th of April 2018.

“At the upcoming event in Dublin, each visitor will receive a free Braco DVD, which itself is a powerful way to connect to Braco,” his team shared with us. “His Gaze seems to work with people regardless of culture, religion, nationality, lifestyle. It simply does not care about our differences and reaches us where we are simply humans. Even celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Matt Bomer and Donna Karan have found a deeper meaning in Braco’s Gaze.” Further details about Braco’s visit are available at: BodyMindSoulEventsIreland. To learn more about the mysterious gazing guru, be sure to check out his website.

One of Ireland's biggest Health, Well-Being and Natural Therapies Expos Is taking place in Dublin in April 2018. Experts from the world of Health, Well-Being and Natural Therapies will descend on Dublin for this huge Holistic Expo.

Enlighten Up! Health, Well-Being & Natural Therapies EXPO

Also in attendance will be Braco The Gazer. Braco, for the past 15 years, he has gazed at 10,000 people a day who claim that his gazing has profoundly impacted their lives!

RDS - Hall 4 - Dublin

So, Enlighten Up, join us in the RDS

28th & 29th April 2018


Wilderness Lodge Retreat Centre Glenmalure - Co. Wicklow

Professional wanting to swap busy-ness for stress-free productivity? Parent or business owner figuring out how to manage everything? HR or L&D Lead seeking a differentiator to raise employee performance and innovation? The Wellbeing Gym’s vision is to help individuals and enterprises to discover mission, give it attention and take action according to their values.

Large Conference Hall and Self-Catering Apts. Available all year for Residential Retreats and Personal Development Workshops. Discounts for large group bookings up to 16 people

We provide offline and online training and coaching programmes to busy individuals, small business or larger corporates to uplift well-being, performance, productivity and innovation Our pragmatic tools enable anyone, regardless of skills, to design the life they want. Our Academy provides short talks, half-day workshops or longer action-coaching programmes. Each is designed to embed longlasting change. We find a blended approach works best so have created an online micro-learning school.

Contact us at Telephone: 0404 46839 / 087 262 5549 Email:

Olivia is a gifted energy healer trained in multiple healing techniques including Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Ancient Rainbow conscious Healing. Clients absorb the high frequency healing energies within sessions. Benefits include reduced stress, decreased physical aches and pains,relief from grief and loss and other deeply rooted emotional issues. Treatments also assist females with fertility issues. Clincs held daily in Tralee,Killarney Killorglin and once a month at Harvest moon center in Dublin. Investment 60 euro per hour long session. Energy healing candles are also available on Olivias’ website


Wilderness Lodge


EMBRACE THE MOUNTAIN SPIRIT. by Alison McEvoy I spoke to Frank Quinn recently about the journey which led him into the Wicklow wilds, his spontaneous decision one morning, and what the Wilderness Lodge he created there has to offer. “My Story and the Wilderness Lodge began 10 years ago. I was out walking with a charity hillwalking group. While in the wild valley of Glenmalure that weekend I stayed in the Coolalingo B&B Farmhouse Accommodation. The next morning I noticed a ‘For Sale’ sign on the next door property. On the way up the road leaving the valley that morning, I said that I would buy the property if it was alright with my Neighbour.”

“After a day in the mountains you should go home with a lot of mountain spirit.”

It wasn’t until returning from an expedition in Antarctica that Frank seeded the idea that would turn that property into the six homely, self-catering apartments and cosy cottage that is the Wilderness Lodge. It was a Mountain Leadership program in the wake of his expedition which set Frank thinking about the notion of leadership. “I thought I would make the world a better place by helping to make everybody a leader in their own right,” he recalls. Trekkers, hillwalkers or groups interested in the outdoors, a challenge, fun and relaxation can undertake self-guided journeys, building confidence and character, from the doorstep of the Wilderness Lodge

along majestic routes through forests, over hills and mountains, down into valleys, around lakes and across ancient settlements. Frank, a veteran of marathons, treks and climbs, is well aware of the benefits of the outdoors on the body, mind and spirit. Through the invitation which the Wilderness Lodge offers, he “would like to make the world...a more healthy, balanced and peaceful place.” He is assured that “after a day in the mountains you should go home with a lot of mountain spirit.”

error, but Michael feels that the resulting product was well worth the effort. There is no doubt that Vegus has achieved some incredible things. A staggering 90% of their first-time customers buy from them again, and every year for the past nine years, the company has had to double its production. Broccoli sprout juice contains a potent natural substance called

sulforaphane that has been extensively researched by scientific institutions all over the world for its reputed health benefits. Michael advises those who are interested in learning about these benefits to simply Google sulforaphane and make up their own minds.

Mighty Juices TAMING THE BROCCOLI BEAST. by Aisling Cronin Michael Reynolds – founder of Vegus Juices – has a truly pioneering spirit. His passion for helping people to experience the amazing benefits of raw broccoli sprouts, without any of the risks, led Vegus to become the only company in the world to successfully create a raw broccoli sprout juice. The reason no other company has achieved this feat indicates just how difficult it is. “Broccoli sprouts are absolutely wonderful cornucopias of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, but the problem is: fresh sprouts can be dangerous,” Michael explains. “They have a very short shelf life and an unfortunate tendency to become contaminated with e.coli and salmonella. So I set out to find a way to make fresh sprouts available without the risk, using all kinds of pasteurisation techniques, until eventually, I found a way to do it.” He and his colleagues had to go through a great deal of trial and


56 mindful

movement SPRING TO LIFE WITH NATURE. by Alison Canavan

If you have been following my journey with movement, you will know I’m a fan of change when it comes to the physical. I always need variety and sometimes a challenge. However, more recently I have been doing some deep diving, and during the winter months I felt a strong pull to connect with nature. For me the winter months are the gestation period preparing us for rebirth into the spring. Getting out daily for some light and air is so important as we enter springtime to help nourish our body, mind and spirit. Connecting with nature is deeply nourishing for us because we mirror nature, and when we tune into it, our bodies respond accordingly. Just think about how grounding works. Have you ever taken off your shoes in your garden or the park and walked barefoot? Does this connection with the earth make you feel better? An increasing number of scientific studies show us that ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’ has real health benefits. The Earth is like a gigantic battery that contains a natural, subtle electric charge - a special kind of energy present in the ground. When we connect with this energy, it carries information

“Connecting with nature is deeply nourishing for us because we mirror nature.” and helps align us with the greater network of intelligence of our planet. Nature shows us how to effortlessly move with change even during difficult times like the harsh winters. I must admit I’m in awe of Mother Nature and recently on my daily walks I have been inspired by the beautiful daffodils and snowdrops emerging with colour, vitality and new life into the world. For me, this time of the year signals a fresh start and new growth. As human beings, we often get lost in the chaos and speed that modern living brings. Very rarely do we stop and take a moment to notice the world around us. Just like our phones, we need to be recharged. We can plug into Mother Nature and she will happily do that for us. As the sun grows stronger and infuses new life into nature, let it do the same for you. When we move our body more mindfully, we get more from it because our bodies are intelligent and they know

when you are connected. We can all exercise mindlessly, but is that really honouring ourselves and our bodies? If you want to reap the real rewards from exercise, tune in to yourself. Try walking in nature and taking some deep breaths to tune in. Look around and really take in everything that is happening. From the new buds on the trees to the fresh grass growing, the signs of life are everywhere. The new spring flowers are carpeting the ground, bringing new life, and the cells in your body respond to this, ready to be reawakened. Consider this the childhood stage of life – and just like a child, get out, play and have fun. Walk daily and take in the changes both in yourself and the world around you. Notice how walking mindfully changes your experience. Record your walks in nature using a gratitude diary for what you see each day, helping to connect your body, mind and spirit in a fresh new spring exercise.

Distributed by: Life’s Great, Unit J3 Drinan Enterprise Centre, e tri inf ifes reat ie te :


rds, C Dub in



Interviews, Talks, Mini Workshops & Movies Tantra, Holistc dating, and coming up Mantak Chia, May 17th. HOLISTIC EVENTS POP UP VENUES AROUND DUBLIN Powerscourt Centre, 59 South William Street, Dublin 2

For Schedule and to join our Mailing List see:

Connect with Nature


New Zealand Available from health stores and independent pharmacies nationwide and


Truthseeker IF ALL WE HAD WAS FAKE NEWS. by Elva Carri

Living in a time some have referred to as ‘post truth’, what does this mean? Why does it matter? And can we turn the tide? In a great video explaining Post Truth, the Rubber Bandits quote the definition as, “Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.” Boiling it down, facts don’t have the same effect on us as calls to our feelings and personal experiences.

Seeking Truth Around Us We have so much media to reinforce personal beliefs that we are highly and constantly at risk of these beliefs feeling like the truth. Everyone, wherever they lie on the political spectrum, has a responsibility to seek out truth. Who and what we believe ourselves to be has been appealed to and entertained to our detriment by news outlets, regardless of which one we choose. Many on the left guffawed at the idea of Trump as president and they did so along with their news source of choice. I’m not sure as many sought the truth in how and why he rose to the top. The majority did not seek out why so many people were so desperate for such a huge change. Ignorance was hilarious bliss until it was too late.

“When it comes to digging into our own opinions and beliefs and really hearing others, empathy and compassion are difficult…But they’re the best tools we’ve got.”

Seek Truth in Yourself

Being Truthful

In order to dig deeper, beyond bias, we have an even harder task: to seek honestly the truth of who we are. What we believe, what has happened in our lives, and what we aspire to be, all inform our selfidentity. Sadly, it takes only the slightest challenge to our sense of self to unsettle us to the point of rage or extreme upset. Who we are is all we have at the end of the day, and we must be sensitive to that. But we need to listen in a way that is so open it will almost certainly be uncomfortable. Know that abortion is something that upsets you on an existential level, allow yourself to find the very thought of it utterly wrong, and yet, bravely consider the other sides. We have two great tools to aid us in this: empathy and compassion. These are often portrayed as lovely, soft, warm qualities. They are not. They call us to rid ourselves of assumptions and forget the life we’ve lived - what could possibly be more difficult? When it comes to digging into our own opinions and beliefs and really hearing others, empathy and compassion are difficult, hurt like hell and take huge strength. But they’re the best tools we’ve got, to know ourselves truly enough to think beyond ourselves.

Last but not least, we must practice truthfulness! In the Baha’i faith there is a quote, “Truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtues.” If our words and actions look kind, but lack the effort real truth and sincerity take, can they really land with the impact we’d desire them to have? It’s not easy to be truthful all day every day, but if we can practice it in cases where it’s hard to but where it seems to not really matter, I believe it will help us work that muscle enough that when the time comes when it is important, we’ll be ready and able to do it. I also believe people forgive mistakes much easier than they regain trust, so let that help make it easier for you to risk the truth. The truth isn’t always the nice option - to speak or to know - but if we fail at the smallest hurdles, what hope have we when it comes to walls? I believe you can do it though - and that really is the truth. Elva Carri is the founder of GirlCrew. Twitter: @elvacarri


60 diary of

a voyager FOLLOW YOUR HEART: THAILAND by Sigita Paliukaitė

During my stop in historical Ayutthaya, I met an American woman who said something which clung to the narrative of the rest of my travels in Thailand; “Community is important, connection is important.” Soon after, I arrived in Kanchanaburi. In a simple raft house on the edge of the town I slept for five days like I’ve never slept in my life! Not only because of gentle rocking of the river but also the healing sensation in that place where you can actually sense the balance of life. The river inhabitants there live in complete harmony with their human neighbours. I woke up every morning with a feeling of ease, as if something inside me was untangled after each night’s sleep. As I travelled farther, in Sangkhlaburi near the Myanmar border, I met an inspiring Burmese woman who explained some of their ways of life to me; children in school are taught to be conscious of their surroundings and their imprint on the planet by taking care of the natural world around them; the women of the town look after single, young mothers; the doctor makes weekend visits to the poor and elderly who can’t get to the hospital; the local baker taught children from underprivileged families to bake sweets, and now, in the market, those children sell their goods, instead of falling for

the temptation of ‘easy’ money of drug trafficking. It was a beautiful, exemplary community. Everybody volunteered their time and skills not only for their own town but for the minority villages around as well.

“It didn’t come as a big surprise to ‘hear’ that…all my heart wanted was to go deeply inwards and finally find that love and forgiveness.” In Northern Thailand I spent my weeks in mountains, waterfalls, elephant sanctuaries and jungles, stuffing my belly with delicious foods….until I got it all out of my system and felt the need for depth. You ask, the universe provides. I was having breakfast, chatting to a young guy about books, when out of nowhere he told me about this monastery, high in the mountains, where it’s possible to go and stay without prior arrangements. And so I did. When I met the monks they were filled with so much light, peace and contentment, flowing out of them like rivers, embracing me, caressing me. They’re very easy on you in the monastery

and leave you quite flexible. The teacher told us not to take in anything without questioning and confirming it within, from any teachers or teachings. You go silent for as long as you wish to, if at all. I did six days. Silence itself proved to be the biggest challenge - the chatter in my mind never stopped, and in fact it was the most perfect way to see and hear it. The abbot calls it monkey mind, but I’m pretty convinced I’ve got the whole zoo in there! On the third day I felt that my heart opened spontaneously. The feeling of love cascaded in and out of me like waterfalls; all was love. How strong and overwhelming it felt. So many times I kept swallowing loud sobs throughout the meditation sessions, not allowing my ego to make a spectacle out of this beautiful experience. I left the monastery with an aching heart but knowing that my work there was done. I asked my heart what it wants from me, and listened to the answer very carefully and attentively. All it wanted was self-love. It didn’t come as a big surprise to ‘hear’ that it didn’t care that much about seeing, meeting, doing and experiencing - all my heart wanted was to go deeply inwards and finally find that love and forgiveness. But my travels are far from over… and something, something so delicate, so subtle, but yet vital, has changed inside me with no return.

YOPE products range includes new liquid soaps with brand new fragrances: GINGER & SANDALWOOD, TEA & MINT and SALVIA & GREEN CAVIAR.






For dry and rough skin. Herbal scent including sage extract. Adding green caviar provides valuable nutrients.


Green tea extract with anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates microcirculation and boosts skin regeneration. Enriched with organic shea butter.

GINGER & SANDALWOOD Warm oriental scent, for dry, chapped skin. Nourishing olive oil and shea butter.



Gentle, regenerating and nourishing liquid soap, smelling of fresh ginger and sandalwood. It contains natural ginger root extract.

Peppermint tea fragrance soothing skin irritations. Japanese green tea extract containing Vitamin C & K.


SALVIA AND GREEN CAVIAR Rejuvenating and smoothing, it has a fresh herbal aroma. Sage extract has anti- inflammatory properties and algae extract, rich in vitamins and minerals.

‘Our new hand creams have the same wonderful properties as the lotions: they moisturize and nourish your delicate skin. They contain 98% natural or low-processed ingredients, most of which are valuable oils and plant extracts.’ Karolina Kuklinska-Kosowicz, the creator of the YOPE

More about YOPE


key transits in

vedic astrology WHAT TO EXPECT IN 2018. by Calodagh McCumiskey

62 The planets travel around the sun at varied speeds and rhythms. Saturn is the slowest, taking 2.5 years to move through each sign. Rahu and Ketu, the north and south nodes of the moon, take a year and a half in each of the 12 signs. Jupiter spends one year and the Sun spends one month in each sign. The moon travels 13 degrees, ten minutes daily. Mars, Venus and Mercury take 1.88 earth years and 224 and 88 days respectively to complete their rotations around the Sun. All of the celestial bodies bring their own dynamics and effects as they transit through each sign, causing havoc for some and enabling others to shine and thrive in the same sign, depending on the houses they occupy and other planetary variables in your personal chart. Planets are like people. Some get along and some don’t. Some bring out the best in each other and others bring challenges which can be blessings in disguise. The slower moving planets – Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter – bring about deeper shifts in the world and our lives. Saturn, the slowest moving of the nine key planets in Vedic Astrology, is most influential. Where Saturn goes, serious work happens. It encourages you to take responsibility for the areas of your life related to the house in which it is placed. Sagittarius is the sign of dharma, right action, truth, justice

and spirituality. As Saturn continues its transit in Sagittarius in 2018, this planet of business and industry will bring strong economic and industrial expansion around the world. Hard work will pay dividends. Standards of authority will be tested and ultimately strengthened. Leaders and teachers will be challenged to walk their talk. On a personal level, Saturn will make us slow down, think twice and look at our beliefs and values before we

“Planets are like people. Some bring out the best in each other and others bring challenges which can be blessings in disguise.” act. Saturn does well in Sagittarius, but it brings discomfort to Sagittarius and owner Jupiter. The spotlight on justice will challenge authority and structures that are not meeting standards. This prompts us to look at our behaviours and bring the best of ourselves to every situation.

Saturn in Jupiter’s fire sign will also cause extremes in weather, increasing drought and floods around the globe. We can also expect more fires. Like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu give results related to karma. They bring change. Rahu is in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn throughout 2018. This will bring unsettled feelings deep within and a tendency to take some things too seriously and miss what is truly important. Jupiter – the planet of expansion – in Libra, the sign of balance, until October 2018 calls us to find balance within, in relationships and the wider world. Business related to relationships and partnerships will grow as people work to balance their own and other’s needs and grow partnerships. Industries related to beauty, style, fashion and the arts will expand. 2018 will bring many possibilities and powerful growth potential, both spiritually and in the outer world. Stay connected, grounded and focused, using common sense as your guide, and you will shine through. Calodagh McCumiskey is the director of Spiritual Earth in Rocklands, Co. Wexford.


‘2018 is a powerful year for spiritual empowerment and action’.

Join Australian based channel and teacher, Alexis Cartwright, and learn how you can optimise the energies of 2018 to expand and accelerate everything you touch. Come along to this one-day event to propel you on your path to personal and spiritual freedom. Bookings essential.

Alexis will also be delivering this series of workshops while she is in Ireland. Trance Channel - Thursday, May 3rd. Morning session: 10.00am - 1.00pm. Evening session: 2.00pm - 5.00pm. Alexis’ Trance Channel sessions provide you with an opportunity to receive divine healing and a channelled reading about your journey of ascension. A maximum of seven people can participate. Interdimensional Doorways: Saturday May 5th, 10.00am - 5.00pm. During the Interdimensional Doorways event, Alexis will teach you how you can rapidly accelerate your path to personal and spiritual freedom. Alchemy Workshop: Sunday May 6th, 9.00am - 12.00pm. During the Alchemy Workshop, you will work with Alexis’ Healing with Alchemy set and learn powerful meditation and grid work procedures that will trigger an alchemical healing response within you. Dragon Power & Raven Power: Sunday May 6th, 2.00pm - 5.00pm. Alexis will discuss your divine ‘Raven Power’ and ‘Dragon Power’. Your Dragon Power supports your kundalini, enabling it to rise into your heart chakra. Your Raven Power supports you to open your third eye chakra on a profound level.

Positive Life Spring 2018