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The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Motto: “You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do”. All the way from Santa Barbara, California, Bragg products available include Apple Cider Vinegar, Liquid Aminos, Sprinkle, Salad Dressings, Drinks and Books.


Australia’s Number one natural product for eczema is now available in Ireland. Hope’s Relief is the most potent natural cream available and assists in relief from itching, dryness and symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.


Badger is a small family-owned company nestled in rural New Hampshire.

They blend organic plant extracts, exotic oils and butters and beeswax, and make healing balms, lip balms, and other personal care products that work and feel remarkably good. Badger is a total mind, body and spirit experience.


Australia has the world’s oldest and highest number of flowering plants exhibiting its’ tremendous beauty and strength, whilst being relatively unpolluted.


The Igennus core range comprises pure EPA omega-3 isolates derived from pharmaceutical-grade anchovy fish oil, based around the therapeutic and unique properties of EPA in health and disease. Various EPA-based products are available for adults and children, including a pro-EPA plant-derived alternative for vegetarians and vegans. The range includes complementary supplements, providing nutrients that are synergistic with EPA in several key areas of health. Igennus products are expertly formulated from the highest quality, natural raw ingredients at therapeutic doses to provide demonstrable improvements to health.

Flower essences are produced by imprinting a flower’s unique vibrational healing signature on to a carrier solution. They are used to treat imbalances at a high level, bringing about an emotional and spiritual balance in the whole person.


Harmony’s Ear Candles are made with Certified Organic Cotton cloth and the highest quality food grade wax available. Dr. Harmony provides the largest variety of aromatherapy options, a USA patented safety tip, and burnline label for your safety.

Beginning here now…

This is just the beginning...

“Love is in the air” ~ John Paul Young

Our personality in in this Aaravindha Himadra wrote in his latest “Ifpositive you smile when no one else ispast; around, you really it.” ~ Andy Rooney “Nothing has happened theissue it happened inmean the Now. Nothing will ever book a quote on love fromitawill master he met Himalayas on how love is seldom happen in the future; happen in in thethe Now.” ~ Eckhart Tolle understood . “Most it is an emotion in fact emotions when lovethat BRAIN. IT’S gotbelieve me thinking. In ourwhen research this issue,arise I discovered is THE lost. Love is a state of limitless presence, a free availability to the high will.” Are whenPRESENT you smileMOMENT. your brainAll releases endorphins: dopamine and the spiritual teachers talk about it.serotonin, It’s you feeling that? It evokes in me a sense of freedom, freedom from needing another and this happens your smile is real or fake. in turn mentioned in our whether magazine all the time. Thich NhatENDORPHINS Hanh loves it, and lovely human to fulfil my needs, and it invites all of us to truly connect and see who make you feel SMILE chemicals. Feel What better,isand this leads spoke about it good. repeatedly onand hisrelease recent visit to Dublin. so special we are. “You have to love yourself” used to sound like a cliche, now I get it. Love the to another about it? SMILE that releases chemicals, and on it goes. NICE SEQUENCE. divine presence within yourself, know it, live from it and be it. When you do this, your way through our newyou issue and keep smiling into 2012. “What about the What areOur going to issue do inand thelove future?” allSO elsesmile becomes as it truly is:past? perfectly beautiful. spring are in says THANKS to Patrick Bridgeman for being a brilliant editor so far my mind. “Isn’t that juicier? Come on, man. Think, imagine, worry, getand the air, enjoy dear reader. Until June.

welcome Actually, to our new editorI’m Katie Roche. excited.” Mind, grand. Thanks for thinking of me though. Happiness of the our lovely reader.my KEEP paul congdon, Publisher This summer I’m season restingto inYOU, the NOW, navigating lifeSMILING. from here, paul congdon, Publisher centred, balanced, spacious, aware, free of thought. In the present, a different energy flow is available to us - clearer. Try it this Summer. NOW. What? Next. paul congdon, Publisher

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44 Spring Winter Vibes Eat, drink and be aware Vibes Superb speakers, celebrations and food that loves you back. 66 Positively Positively Newsworthy Going green taking strides Newsworthy Positive pizza andand terrific technology. 1010 Spirituality Spirituality and City of love and synchronicity. & the Citythe Paths of Tales serendipity

time the awakening your authentic self. CNM GetA fit for for winter 41212 Astrology Summer Vibes Out and aboutof and in store.

Attraction Life a ridesay? and it’s time to be thrilled. Astrology What do theisplanets 61414 Positive Positively Newsworthy Running, feasting and camping. Shui Energy clearing: fall in Fall home. 1616 Feng The Powers of Raw inwith loveyour with juicing 10 Spirituality and theFood Citylove Turning Points. 19

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Meditation Your body loves you, learn to love it back. Positive Home Secrets of a feng shui goddess

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spring vibes “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” ~ Leo Tolstoy


learning with love

challenges. What’s amazing is the speed at which clients testify to the positive effects. Check out the training this May. stravershypnosis.com

Jump for Joyfulness

The Celtic Weave

April 3-5, Waterford Joy Incarnate is a three day programme running with The Star Transmissions to facilitate remembrance of your highest divine nature and learn consciousness keys and physical practices to open up to joy.

April 11-12, Dun Laoghaire A two day workshop with advanced energy medicine practitioners Prune Harris and Jyotish Patel. The Celtic Weave is a system of the human energy anatomy and communicates from the cellular level to the interpersonal, the individual to the collective - good for you and good for us!


Learning From the Best


Seminars.ie continue to bring great speakers to Ireland to inspire and motivate us all. In the coming months, learn to harness the power of love with Brian Weiss and delve into the mystery of relationships with Dr. Menis Yousry.

Learn & Love the Land The Organic Centre have some great stuff on their schedule for spring. If you want greener fingers, check out their polytunnel workshop, growing for restaurants and urban gardening for small spaces.


Changing with Havening May 23-24, Dublin Paul McKenna described the Havening techniques as a practice that’s going to change the face of therapy. The techniques are a psychosensory therapy, designed to help people overcome a wide spectrum of


Mindfulness in Donegal

mother meera

Aoife Valley of Inner Haven offers weekly classes, one-to-ones and residential retreats for mindfulness. She also facilitates courses for groups, including youth groups

and secondary school students and has worked in conjunction with Donegal’s Education Centre and the HSE. innerhaven.ie

products with purpose You’re Sweet Enough SÁMAS

Stevia is a superb, healthy alternative to sugar. The stevia plant is so sweet that you need very little and it’s even reported to be suitable for diabetics. Wicklow company Dr. Coy’s stock it in packaging so stylish you won’t even need to put it in a sugar bowl!

Attract Luxury When it comes to the laws of attraction, wouldn’t it be helpful to really feel the luxury in order to attract more? Test out this theory in the gorgeous SÁMAS Spa in Kenmare, designed to be an ‘Indulgence of the Senses’ and in blissful, scenic surroundings. parkkenmare.com


Graceful Gift

Brighten Up Breakfast Pour yourself a big bowl of sunshine for breakfast with one of Iswari’s new tropical mixes; an instant, raw breakfast mix made by simply adding water. Chomp down on some chia, flax, lucuma powder, coconut flour and buckwheat along with the sunny extras of mango, pineapple or acai. iswari.net

Zenamid The Zenamid is a beautifully designed new Irish product; a meditation pyramid that’s as easily set up as it is stored away. It’s great for people who want a special place to realign or take a break and its energy is designed to bring users to higher meditation states, tune chakras and enable heightened spiritual awareness. zenamid.com

relaxing reflection Ayurveda & Meditation Retreat

sarah mclean

Healthy Holiday May 18-25, Croatia Andrew Smith tells us Healthy Holiday is “...about living healthily in a nice, peaceful atmosphere, with good food, good company, some exercise and a chance to reflect and renew.” It’s taking place in Croatia but for those who want something closer to home, there’s a weekend in Wicklow coming up in June. ajsmith@iol.ie

attending an event or trying

a product or workshop listed here? tweet your experience to


Oh-so Wonderful in Wicklow

Meath March 19-20, Cork March 21 Mother Meera, a revered avatar of the Divine Mother will give Darshan in both Meath and Cork this March. Receive a silent bestowal of grace and light through Her gaze and touch. Places are limited so registration is advised but free. mothermeera.ie

celebrate together Conscious Concert March 28, Dublin The Conscious Concert is an opportunity to come together, connect and celebrate sacred spirituality in an inspired atmosphere. The line-up is a blend speakers and musicians and includes author of The Immortal Self, Aaravindha Himadra and devotional singer, Sudha. consciousconcert.ie

Magic in Meath

June 18-21, Cork Need to plan the perfect getaway? Participate in a Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat with meditation expert Sarah McLean and Vedic Master Suzi Von of Om Yoga Events this June at the stunning Castlemartyr Resort.

April 17-19, Wicklow Osho is a form of meditation with five stages and a focus on being dynamic and active. This April, head off to Wicklow to perfect your practice with Slí na Bandé. If you’re new to Osho, they recommend coming along to three of their classes in Dublin beforehand.




May 9-10, Dunderry Park Gateways of the Mind returns with a superb line-up of shamans, healers and teachers to share their wisdom on the importance of reconnecting to our true self and stepping into our personal power to change the whole world.

positively newsworthy good news from around the globe

1 NASA Takes the Pressure Off By Elva Carri NASA granted permission to feel like your problems are very small and easy to let go of this January by releasing the largest photograph ever taken. The 1.5 billion pixel image is of the Andromeda galaxy, our closest galactic neighbour. YouTube user daveachuk created a video from the image that takes you deep into and across the galaxy, eventually pulling back to reveal it in its entirety, its place in relation to Earth, and finally its place within the night sky as we see it. Similar to the Pale Blue Dot speech by Carl Sagan, which appeared in the 2014 TV show ‘Cosmos a Space Time Odyssey’, NASA’s image is not only visually captivating and blissfully glittery, but

“Somewhere in a galaxy a scrillion light years away, someone might be taking our photo this very second” expansive and inspiring, taking us on a journey through our very real and beautiful heavens.

I don’t know about you but it makes me less worried about deadlines or whether I ate the right food or not today, and more concerned with this tiny gem we live on and our very simple, basic responsibility to look after it and each other. In a universe so big and bold and gorgeous and breathtaking, what could be more important than making sure we take care of all its ingredients? Turn off lights you don’t need, walk to work, take the time to be lovely to someone and smile, because somewhere in a galaxy a scrillion light years away, someone might be taking our photo this very second too. nasa.gov

2 Good Work! A new study titled ‘The Values Revolution’ found that almost half of UK citizens want a job that helps the world by contributing positively to improving society and the environment. As well as this, 81% want improved business practices including more transparency and accountability. “62% of millennials want their career to have a positive impact on the world. And 53% would work harder if their organisation was making a difference to others.” 42% of respondents reported wanting to work for an organisation that had a positive impact on the world. 44% said meaningful work that benefitted others was more important than a high salary. The ‘Values Revolution’ was more apparent in those born between 1981 and 1996, suggesting parents of this generation have raised some wonderful humans or that people born between these years have taken on all the information about the world that’s available to them and seen that they have a part to play in improving things for others not just themselves. It will be interesting to see if this apparent shift in priorities in our professional lives puts pressure on workplaces to look at their principles and how this relates to employee engagement and job satisfaction in order to ensure they can hire and hang onto the best candidates. The study was carried out by Global Tolerance, a global social change consultancy, and surveyed 2,126 individuals across the UK.

4 Tiny Guitar-Playing Gymnast Ballerina You may remember Lily Mae, a special and very strong little girl who the Irish community rallied about to help support in her fight against cancer. In December 2012 attention was brought to her following the release of the song Tiny Dancer recorded with a host of Irish artists including Paddy Casey, Mary Black, Mundy and a 250-strong choir to raise money and awareness.



3 Pepperoni with Extra Kindness Please A pizza place in Philadelphia recently added a new option for customers. For $1, you can add a Pay It Forward slice to your order. Every time a customer chooses to do this, they also write a message on a colourful post-it and stick it to the wall. People in need of a slice of a pizza but lacking the funds can grab a slice if they want to, and people in need of some love and positivity can browse the messages. The owner says they’ve sold over 8,400 Pay It Forward slices and, with 30-40 people paying it forward every day, he says he never has to turn anyone away anymore.

Sales of 65,000 made it second only to Live Aid in charity single sales on our island, going straight to number one and charting in countries all across Europe. Elton John himself even appealed to his own fans to buy and support it. The wealth of positive support and well wishes from the public was no doubt an aid to Lily Mae and her family both financially and emotionally in such a difficult time. So it was with great joy that in July 2014, much of Ireland’s press released the happy news that Lily Mae had been in remission for over nine months. It’s now over 15 months. The little trooper is now thoroughly enjoying perfecting the arts of ballet and gymnastics and has recently taken up guitar, hopping out of bed at 5am on the morning of a trip to the US to play the Frozen Disney song for her parents with beautiful focus and the sweetest smile. Not only that, but she’s helping to raise support and awareness for the NMTRC, a group of 18 universities and children’s hospitals, appearing as the guest of honour at an event in January. On their Facebook page, Lily Mae’s parents noted their gratitude for people’s continued support and talk warmly of the doctors involved in her recovery.



8 5 Positive Technology While we like to think of the simple life as a beautiful thing that will bring us peace and bliss, there’s no denying the amazingness of technology. I’m certain I spend so much time on devices that I must be part robot by now, but I also have a very long list of the exhilarating and brilliant ‘real life’ moments it’s brought me. Two recent technology stories stood out as particularly uplifting to the Positive Life team.

the world, I also needed to ensure that the people around me grew too. Every year since I was very young, I would collect the money I got for my birthday and sponsor an additional child’s lunch for the entire year at the Kikambala Primary School, until a feeding program was introduced.” His aim was to raise $40,000 and he raised over $50,000! Ottawa tech firm eSight also did something incredible. They developed computerised glasses that allowed Kathy Beitz, a legally blind woman, to gaze at her newborn baby. eSight’s company founder Conrad Lewis has two legally blind sisters who have the same condition as Beitz and it inspired him to develop the technology. Kathy’s story spread quickly around the world. Mums and Dads everywhere attest to how special and profound that moment you first see your child can be, and we all seemed touched that technology could give someone this moment in their lives.

“They developed computerised glasses that allowed Kathy Beitz, a legally blind woman, to gaze at her newborn baby”

Kenyan student Salima Visram is the inventive designer behind the ‘Soular Backpack’, school bags for kids that harness solar energy to allow them to power lights to study when it gets dark – without the dangers of kerosene lamps. “From the age of four, my parents ensured that my siblings and I understood the complexities of poverty, and that as I grew as an individual and learnt more about

indiegogo.com/projects/the-soular-backpack | esighteyewear.com

TOM GALLIGAN ACCESS BARS FACILITATOR Access Bars are 32 points on the head that when lightly touched, clear all of the limitation you have about different areas of your life and body like: money, aging, sexuality, joy, healing, creativity plus many more. In this one day Bars Class you will learn the basic tools of Access Consciousness and receive and gift two Access Bars Sessions. At worst, it will feel like a great massage and at best, your whole life will change!

BARS CLASSES Tom is also available for Private Sessions Saturday 28th February 10 - 6pm in the Lantern Centre Dublin 2 Saturday 11th April 10 - 6pm in the Lantern Centre Dublin 2 Saturday 2nd May 10 - 6pm in the Lantern Centre Dublin 2 Class Cost - €240 Repeat - €120 Contact: +353 87 2513322 Email: tomgalligan@gmail.com www.accessconsciousness.com

“After learning the Bars, I am so much happier, my depression has vanished. The Bars has created amazing changes in my life for the better.” George C.W.

Lomi-Lomi and Hot Stone Massage Bio-Energy, Acupunture, Reiki Solfeggio Sound Healing Energy Healing and many more exciting Therapies

Professional Instructors Training Course in Tai Chi & Qi Gong Commences 28th February 2015

Workshops & Training Therapy and Workshop rooms for rent

Learn to teach Tai Chi & Qi Gong in a Professional, Coherent & Grounded way. Bring its benefits into your life and the communities. Supplement your livelihood while helping others. No previous experience required. For details please go to: www.jadesuntaichi.com or Email: info@jadesuntaichi.com


Gary Collins: 087 2287708 Neal Traynor: 087 9085684

“Six Word Secret” Qi Gong Retreat ZollIno, SalenTo, PuGlIa, ITaly | 28th March - 3rd april 2015 Combining the powerful effect of sound on the human energy system with the principles of Qi Gong. Learn to use a special combination of breath, sound, colour, and Qi Gong movement to clear pathogenic Qi and revitalise your body’s main internal organs.

www.naasholisticcentre.com contact@naasholisticcentre.com 087-052 8192 / 087-353 3579 25 North Main Street - Naas Co Kildare

The course is open to newcomers and practitioners. The only prerequisite is the desire to heal and grow. We also provide One to One Training, Group Classes, Workshops, Seminars & Sponsored Programs.

spirituality & the city Synchronicity & Serendipity

Kritika Ashok Director at Incredible Ireland

Courtney Davis Sacred Artist

Somebody once said, “Coincidences are a sign you are on the right path”. If that’s true I am definitely on the right path. I am not one to believe in signs and omens per se, yet I seem to get an almost obvious one in my face! I was sitting in a café waiting for a friend. A lady came up and started telling me about my partner, his mother, the company I worked for, who to watch out for, my impending travels and more while I sat in shock. I had never met her.I had no clue how she knew some of those things. I had gone to bed the night before to sleep on whether I would keep my company going or change tactics and I certainly was not expecting this advice to come the following day! In case you are curious, she told me to have faith and stick with it until August! If you hear of a lady telling a random girl about herself in a little café in Harold’s Cross, please connect me with her, I would love to speak to her more!

On a day visit to London a few years back, I was sitting on top and at the front of a bus going through the East End. I was thinking about someone I hadn’t seen for a while and put out the thought that it would be lovely to see her again. The bus swerved as a van pulled in front of it, on the back was the girl’s initials. Stepping off the bus, someone called my name and turning around I saw the girl step off the same bus. If the Gods want it and it’s good for your evolution, you and it will be divinely supported, truly blessed and guided by a higher hand!



Simon Scriver I have an unusual surname and have never met any Scrivers outside of my own family. However I had heard of an author with that name. I had wondered if there were connections there somewhere but had never made efforts to find out. One day at work I was called into an important meeting and what did I see in the room? Her book. It was also related to the area I work in. It prompted me to finally get in touch. I didn’t know whether I would even hear back but I did. We messaged back and forth and decided to compare family trees and see if there are connections somewhere. Seeing how families and people are connected and our histories and ancestries are so often interesting stories themselves – I’m looking forward to digging some up. totalfundraising.ie | oneinfour.ie

Ann Marie Laverie Primary School Teacher & Craftsperson Myself and my cousin were travelling around Australia at the same time but neither of us were in contact and didn’t know where the other was at any given time. Having stopped in Noosa, myself and my friend decided to stay a couple of extra days to watch a triathlon that was to take place. When we finally decided to head back on the road, we left our hostel. The rain was belting down, and with big back packs on, we walked to the bus, heads down. I walked straight past the other passengers and deposited my back pack. Standing in line I heard a voice I thought I recognised, only to turn around and be face to face with my cousin Neil! Cousins who didn’t see each other regularly at home, travelling the vastness of Oz on our own timetables, meet on a bus in Noosa, Australia! facebook.com/deantalegra1


John Bowker Founder of Tribal Spirit Drumming, Earthsong Camps and Stone Circle Builder It’s 20 years since I met my good friend Robert Green, and he’s been my right hand man in many adventures since those days. We met at a Local Employment Trading System market in Clare. Robert had been living in the UK and had bought himself a Djembe drum and was desperate to learn to play it. He moved to Ireland to be with his girlfriend but was depressed, thinking he would never find an African drumming teacher in the west of Ireland. But at that market, he found my drum teacher details listed and made a beeline for me. Also at that market was a fundraising raffle and to his great surprise, he won a painting of a stone circle. He was a stone circle fanatic – as was I – although he didn’t know it at the time. It wasn’t until a few years later when he and I had become good friends, that he finally noticed who the painting was by though it had sat on his mantelpiece for years - me. tribalspiritdrumming.org | okonosinging.com

Kerry O’Neill Intuitive & Mindfulness Consultant Energy Healer I was travelling for three years, until one day I had a burning desire to stop, rent a house and be still. I decided to visit friends nearby and when I arrived, one told me she was leaving for two months and asked if I would like to stay in her house. But I got a chest infection and had to stay home to rest. I could not meditate, read or watch movies, I just sat on the balcony each day and watched the ocean. I began to see, hear and feel more of my surroundings until I felt I was actually part of them. Sounds blended together to form a celestial orchestra and one day, my hands began moving involuntarily, in small rotations and I began to see shapes of light. It was as if this was opening the reality that I was in, to see into another reality. Over time, I began to see all the tiny fabrics that make up all things and how all “things” are connected to each other through light and vibration. Such wonder to see the worlds in this way. kerry@bluntworks.net

positi ve astrology

dawn the authentic you awakens.

By Andrew Smith


As Spring dawns, the end is in sight! The end to this Tempest of Transition! An end to a profoundly intense period of five years - wherein you have witnessed not only the creation of an alternative paradigm, new cosmic categories and several new dimensions of reality, but a testing of the fabric of your conscious reality at all levels. No one has been left untouched. The matrix has crumbled. Every system created to enslave your consciousness within fear and uncertainty has been challenged; every sector of society; the entire foundation of civilisation; the core beliefs held as a culture; these life transformative impulses have touched every single living individual. Seismic – to sum up in a word! The distractions aren’t working anymore as the neurotic wheel that has bound you to guilt, unworthiness, avarice, greed and flattery stops spinning. You have experienced a great leap of spiritual advancement, which by divine force has ultimately blessed you with a more conscious life. You are no longer able to hide out from your unique natural perfection, pretending you are unworthy. You are no longer able to assert your unlovability as you have discovered that what you are is love itself. You can see so clearly that there is no ‘you’ here and ‘love’ over there as it is this very paradigm that has been burned up in the fires of transmutation. You have to smile though, as the heaving and hauling adrift a tumult of waves and the heart wrenching drama fuelled ‘Fair City’ scenes draws to an end. The universe does have a sense of humour. The kundalini arousing dance between the iconoclast, Uranus, and the tiny icy dwarf, Pluto, central in ushering the reawakening of the sacred feminine, climaxes on March 17 th, a non-celestially significant day, abstractly chosen to

celebrate the symbolic creation of our current patriarchal social framework, as St. Patrick is credited for banishing from our shores the divine feminine in the form of the snake! The end of any healing process is an ideal time to reflect on the last vestiges of whatever has been rubbed raw. As Chiron rises in front of the Sun during March, access through the thinning Veil, to what lies beyond in the shadow lands and the Akashic records, is made possible. You don’t even have to sit in a deep meditative state to access that wisdom, so lucid are the images that dance through your mind. Trust. That’s all. You are being encouraged to dig even a layer deeper into any unconscious patterns, as you are shown how you have become too comfortable with your well-known and obviously ancient patterns that keep you in separation from All That Is. The mood changes as Uranus rises ahead of the Sun from 7 th April. Endings always feel a little disorientating, akin to moving out of a quasi-ayahuasca induced hypnogogic trance into a more lucidly alive state. It is like the bewildered feeling you get almost as you walk into the light having spent some hours within a cave. In practical terms it means that you cannot return to the old conditions as your mind is hungry for the new. This divinely awakened quantum gateway is highly energised and will unleash powerful, higher-dimensional energy serving to prevent you from hiding your unique and natural perfection. You are being pushed not to hide from and avoid the outside world. The chaos created during the Tempest has helped you to wake up, as it has left you naked before the truth of your illuminated essence. You have the opportunity to experience that you were never broken and never needed to be fixed. You have always contained the ability to fully step into

“...April and May reflect a time wherein you can cut loose and free your soul, as you are inclined to act with complete integrity in each moment of your life...”

Highlights of Spring’s Cosmic Activity Mar 3rd Thank the Lord as Jupiter trines Uranus Mar 8th Dream-like as Chiron rises ahead of the Sun Mar 17th The End of the Tempest Transition as Uranus squares Pluto Mar 20th Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Pisces Apr 4th Lunar Eclipse in Libra Apr 7th Authentic freedom as Uranus rises ahead of the Sun Apr 18th Arian New Moon May 4th Checking your new reality as Saturn trioctiles Uranus May 18th Taurean New Moon May 19th Mental stillness as Mercury Retrogrades in Gemini May 21st Spiritual wealth as Jupiter quincunxes Pluto

this world and participate right here and right now. Therefore the months of April and May reflect a time wherein you can cut loose and free your soul, as you are inclined to act with complete integrity in each moment of your life, as the desire to sacrifice your authenticity in favour of acceptance and approval is quelled. Within you resides a core that remains unaltered by the opinions and beliefs of other people. It is a core that you must tap into if you are going to find your true power. To live your truth means you have to follow your intuition. This can be frightening especially if it leads you away from a path that others want you to walk. It may feel that risk is required but really that is an illusion because by listening to your inner guidance system - your intuition - means that you have to get out of your head and listen to your gut. Hold fast to your dreams. You have access to the courage and strength that surges through your veins. You know what the right thing to do is. So let this moment be the ground from which all of your future actions and intentions manifest. Love is here. Love is now. Light is here. Light is now. Andrew’s private practice is in Blackrock, South Dublin. Email him on dastroc@gmail.com for further information on consultations, workshops or classes. Join him on facebook.com/andrewdhsmith or tsu.co/dastroc for daily updates.


the less confidence you experience in the When I go into creation process. And then the pattern of an audition, I limited creation begins again. have to have I mean, I couldn’t walk into the confidence Mr. Speilberg’s office without any within me that I confidence and book E.T. You can’t even can deliver a good have successful love making without read. I have to have confidence. And yet, we ask the Universe confidence in my to deliver to us when we aren’t confident healing that I can in the trust within ourselves to create it, make a difference or to handle the creation when we do. So, in someone’s life by the information that the Universe, being the very wise director comes through. I have to have confidence before I even sit down to write this article. it is, must experience your confidence to manifest your desire. The one common principle in all these So, how does one create confidence? adventures: I have learned to trust my channel. Always and without question. That is, of course, quite the opposite of what we have been taught. The definition of confidence is: full trust. And yet, our society has educated us in the belief that we can never trust our own judgment, and God forbid we really trust anyone outside of ourselves; and it is actually impossible to trust ALL energy. Quite a conundrum, don’t you agree? If creation takes confidence, and confidence is trust, and we are taught we can’t trust, then we can never be the confident vibration that creates. Ergo, the more you go into your THE EXCiTinG VibRATion oF You. mental mind to reason, figure and stay safe, By Dee Wallace


thrill of it

It is time to be thrilled. It is time to be thrillingly creating who we are. When we combine peace, joy, love and fun with the thrill L_summer_12_d1.indd 19 of the ride, everything comes together in a ball of creation that is unstoppable! Many of us associate ‘thrilling’ with scary, and that can be a ride! It can be a fun one if you are on a roller-coaster but a tedious one if you are living on the edge financially, or in regards to your health. The challenge is to connect the true thrill of easy, effortless creation as the excitement we love, and break the electrical charge around needing struggle and sacrifice that creates the experience of stressful living. The Universe and our belief systems are giving us plenty of opportunities to experience that. When we perceive stress as a bad, debilitating thing, our beliefs support the breakdown of our bodies due to “stressful living.” When we embrace all the opportunities we are creating, and all the experiences we “get to handle” and all the ideas we have the opportunity to move on – when we choose the perspective of a joyful, exhilarating ride that is thrilling, stress becomes a positive that feeds us and nurtures us. And we get to choose


‘I mean, I couldn’t walk into Mr. Speilberg’s office without any confidence and book E.T.’

that perspective. We also get to choose the balance we need, and to hold our lives in balance when we can feel we might be going into a little overwhelm. The key in all this is remembering that we are in control of directing all the energy around this, and choosing to create a new, thrilling and exciting change around doing more, and doing more of what we want, and choosing the perspective that absolutely anything we do can hold that electrical charge because we take the time to create the connection. The easiest and most accurate way to live in this space is to ask ourselves the four basic questions that are the cornerstones of joyful creating: » Am I loving myself in this moment and experience? » Am I loving everybody, the world and the Universe in this moment? » Am I living in this moment right now, not the past or the future? » Am I aware that I am my own creator right now?

This is called The Circle of Life, and when that circle is a complete flowing one, our understanding of everything expands

meet in harmony, and create the child, a.k.a. the creation. The divine idea/ instinct/guidance must be taken out into the world with power by the masculine to successfully create. When that happens, confidence is truly in place. So, ask yourself: do I have a lot of great, inspired ideas that I never do anything with? If the answer is yes, know that you need to balance the masculine so you have more power to deliver your ideas to the world. Or do you push and work and strive doing ANYthing, just to try and create, without a lot of success? Stop and take time to nurture your feminine. Allow your channel to open and receive divine guidance, and then use the power that is in place to radiate that out. Then the creation is automatically in place, and confidence is reinforced. Confidence is not something you get. Confidence is the vibration of knowing that you are. Be the knowing of the Creative Force that is you, and confidence is a no-brainer. Literally. Dee Wallace has worked author, teacher, continually. When oneas oran more of those dancer and actress in film,the television and cornerstones fall away, circle collapses the over years (E.T.,When Cujo, The intostage itselfforand we30 may falter. the Howling). book, tells that circle is inHer flow, weBright break Light, the old patterns tale shares spiritualand lessons she has andand create newthe synapses neural learned from a lifecreate in acting. pathways which our realities in


www.iamdeewallace.com more joyful, conscious ways. We become more aware, every minute, that the choice to have it, is the choice to be it. We are, literally, The Circle of Creation.

“And isn’t that joyful? To know we can always create the perspective and charge of joy.”

05/06/2012 12:17

And isn’t that joyful? To know we can always create the perspective and charge of joy. Say it with me, “I am the electrical charge of thrilling, joyful creation. I am the electrical charge of the Universe!” As we create our own thrilling, loving charge, we create the Universe being that also. What an honour! What a responsibility! What a gift! We get to create the world, and be born anew in it! Awesome! Dee wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television and the stage for over 30 years (E.T., Cujo, The Howling). Her book, bright Light, tells that tale and shares the spiritual lessons she has learned from a life in acting.


Eckhart Tolle Belfast

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positive home


space clearing Inner space, the final frontier.

By Amanda Collins

Spring is one of many powerful times to create fresh new energy in your home, to welcome positive energy and let go of the old. Space Clearing is the art of cleansing and consecrating spaces and an effective technique for clearing and revitalising the energy in buildings. Other potent times to clear space are whenever seasons change, days of new or full moons, after illness, after visitors you did not feel good about, after stress-inducing changes or transitions in life, and after a remodel. Everything in the Universe is comprised of energy, and that energy in places you live, work, shop and socialise can have far-reaching effects on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. If an argument, divorce or robbery occurs in a home, and that

energy does not get cleared, it can build. An accumulation of clutter, frequent arguments or broken objects may signal its presence. But clearing a house energetically can help you fall in love with it once again, support you in getting back on track emotionally, regaining your interest in life and the future and aid clearing the way for prosperity and productivity in business.

How to Space Clear Protect your own energy before clearing your home. Visualise surrounding yourself in white light that grows and expands further outside your body, sealing you in a protective cloud. Be sure that children and pets are not present. You can choose several modalities of clearing such as playing a singing bowl and

burning sage. Or you might walk around clapping your hands, singing or chanting in the space. Go into each corner and follow your intuition about moving into closets and under tables – wherever you feel the need for cleansing. Open all doors and windows to allow fresh air to circulate. Meditate and ground yourself. Call upon your guides, angels, ascended masters, ancestors – whomever you feel will assist. Light a candle and state your intention: What would you like to achieve during this space clearing? Perhaps “May my space be filled with love energy for the highest good of all.”

“...clearing a house energetically can help you fall in love with it once again”

Start inside the house with your back to the front door. Face into the home, which should be as clear, clean and tidy as possible before you start. Once you begin, continue clockwise through the house. Clear space with the powerful purifier of love in your heart, and use sounds such as a bell, chimes or a singing bowl. Burn sage, sweetgrass or cedar. If you are burning herbs you will need a container, such as an abalone shell or clay bowl, to hold your smudging material. Add some sand to the bottom of this shell or bowl. The sage stick does not need to flame – the smoke should rise straight up to the divine. If you prefer not to use smoke, a spritz such as sage or rose spray is a viable alternative. At the end of the clearing, seal in your positive intention, thank your spirit guides and ask that the smoke and sound vibrations carry all negative energies away. Visualise the house surrounded in a ball of white light and place a water fountain at the front door or front gate. Keep doors and windows open for as long as possible, and give thanks for your life and home. InternationalFengShuiSchool.com AmandaCollins.com


What if being overweight is not the problem? What if your weight is a symptom of another problem? Do you wish you could transform your power struggle with food, make peace with your body, release weight and keep it off? If so I can help You release what is weighing on you! Weight Loss Solutions Programmes Empower you to Transform your relationship with food, body and weight by helping you to achieve balance from within. Excess Weight happens when food is used as a tool to distract from thoughts/feelings/situations that you Believe are uncomfortable or difficult. My Individualised Comprehensive Approach is Inspiring, Dynamic, and Innovative.

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Centre for Mindfulness


Kalyana Centre is a small Meditation Centre in the heart of Dingle, offering silent meditation retreats. They are led by Eva Bruha who is the resident teacher or by other invited qualified mindfulness teachers May 10th to 15th 5 15th 5 –day retreat on Compassion at Teach Bhride, Tullow, with Dr. Linda Lehrhaupt, Frits Koster and Eva June 27th to July 3rd 6-day 3rd 6-day silent retreat ‘The Way to Happiness’ September 18th to 22nd 4 4 day silent Hill walking retreat For detailed information and programme, please see www.kalyanacentre.com or contact Eva Bruha at admin@kalyanacentre.com phone: 066 9152610 or 087 2712662 | address: 40 John Street., Dingle

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Havening, also known as Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy (ADT) is going to change the face of therapy across the world. If you want to be an excellent therapist, you can’t afford not to learn this breakthrough approach.” Paul McKenna

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positi ve meditation

befriend your



transform your relationship with your body. By Sandy Newbigging

One unexpected benefit of meditation is the befriending of your body. If you are engaged in a fight with your physical form, it can limit your body’s ability to be in balance and enjoy brilliant health. Explore these two principle realities – firstly, that your body is working in your best interests and secondly, that you are not your body. 1 Your body is working for you Battling with your body can be tiring and lead to feelings of confusion or frustration. When your body is presenting physical discomfort as opposed to functioning as you want it to, it is common to feel your body is against you. But your body is constantly responding and adapting to the mental and emotional climate in which it exists. It is always working in your best interests and doing everything it possibly can to heal and sustain life. Accepting this gives you the right attitude to self-heal. If you believe you are broken then you tend to look to find a lotion, potion or pill to find relief. But if you know your body is adapting to survive, you naturally look within your own mind and life to find the potential causes and solutions. Assuming your body has your back, useful questions to ask yourself might include: What is my body trying to tell me with this physical condition? How might my body be adapting to help keep

“As a natural consequence, your body experiences superior levels of rest” me safe? How might my body be mirroring something in my mind or life? I invite you to appreciate the wonderful work your body is doing to help you stay alive and then make whatever changes your body needs to return to balance. 2 You are not your body You know you have a body because you are aware of it. By this rationale, there is a physical aspect of you, your body, and a non-physical part, your conscious awareness. To heal your relationship with your body, it pays dividends to view your body as the temporary home for the eternal consciousness that is your real Self. Learning to be consciously aware with a regular meditation practice connects you with the aspect of your Self that’s beyond the body. As a natural by-product,

it becomes very obvious that you are not your body. Remaining self aware, you experience your still silent spacious consciousness that never gets sick and is perfect, whole and completely calm, now and always. You discover that you don’t need to wait for your body to change or heal before you can access stunning states of being like peace, love, joy, contentment and freedom. Quite remarkably, by resting in your real Self, by disengaging the mind and engaging consciousness, you become able to calmly co-exist with your body in any physical condition. Within the context of self-healing, experiencing your real Self is paramount. By being calm now, your body is subjected to far less stress. By letting go of excessive thinking and being aware of your Self, your body also benefits from improved communications within the body and mind. Instead of your body being bombarded by a host of angst-mongering negative thoughts and emotions, there exists an inner climate of calm and clarity. As a natural consequence, your body experiences superior levels of rest and becomes more able to perform optimally. sandynewbigging.com facebook.com/minddetoxman

positive beauty

A client came to me after noticing a pattern in her relationships. She would commence by giving much but later resent that she was doing more of this than the other person. People either started to take her for granted, become angry with her or she would pull back or create arguments. In exploring this, we looked at her vulnerability and what could she share of this, instead of her usual habits.

“The more you open up as yourself, the more attractive you become” A young man came to ask for help with his girlfriend. She would spend hours getting ready to go out. She was insecure in how she looked and would try on lots of clothes and make-up options to cover up what she thought were her flaws. “She is so beautiful and cannot see it,” he told me. If I had worked with her, we would have explored ways to practise being her true self in group situations and how her make-up and dress can be in harmony with this. A mentor, Faith Nyquist, asked me a question when I embarked on beauty training, “When is a woman most beautiful?” “I do not know,” I answered. “When she is totally herself,” she replied. Carl Rodgers, the famous psychologist, said after years of working with clients “What is most personal is most universal.” What you think is your personal shortcoming, when shared, you realise others have similar fears and concerns. Rene Brown in her TED talk ‘The Power of Vulnerability’, says “What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.” I admire Nigella Lawson, her voluptuous and beautiful appearance. During her public divorce there was even more beauty in a face that showed pain and stress. She seemed to me more touchable and lovable. So why does vulnerability seem scary? Why does it feel easier to protect with a wall around us? Sharing deeper


the beauty of vulnerability Permission to be totally yourself. By Mary Berkery

aspects of ourselves seems risky in a world that can seem hard and cruel, and perhaps there are few role-models who lead in this.

Tips on being true 1 Choose who you share with Vulnerability is tender and deserves care. Practise with someone who will not judge, or interrupt. This person can be a close friend, family member, a coach or counsellor. 2 Ask for what you need Create a context for sharing authentic conversation by asking if the other person is willing to listen. You can also request that they do not offer any advice unless you ask for it. The purpose of vulnerability is not problem solving, it is about exposing and releasing. 3 State your feelings If you feel nervous or ashamed, commence conversation by stating that. That’s ok. The key ingredients are authenticity and intimacy, allow yourself to be seen.

4 Watch judgments Be aware of judging or analysing feelings. Allow anger, sadness or tears be there without censoring or editing how they are expressed. 5 Love you Find that nervous person inside. Love their heart, shyness, warmth, their passion and tenderness. Let them know it is ok to speak and be heard. If someone judges or ridicules, it is a trait of their character and not yours. Tell yourself you are loved for who you are. The more you open up as yourself, the more attractive you become and others will be more relaxed and real with you, you give them permission to do so in your brave and beautiful steps of vulnerability.

Mary Berkery works as a professional life coach and speaking educator. mary@maryberkery.com

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magical earthsong Nature is waiting.


By Ann Hill

Nature is waiting. By Ann Hill

Earthsong Camps are a series of gatherings held during the summer in Ireland each year. They are the creation of drum teacher John Bowker and his band of merry women and men who dedicate themselves to getting every detail of this eclectic experience just right. Going to Earthsong is like taking a trip to India or Antarctica or the moon. You might think you’ve been somewhere like it, but once you go you know there is nowhere like it at all. The Camps are a delicate mix of down-to-earth living on the land as well as a kind of cosmic road-trip around the universe of creativity and joy. The Camps are strictly non-electric, bringing you back to a simpler every day life, and free from all drugs and alcohol, so whatever magic happens, it’s created by the beauty and vision and authentic creativity of all who attend or are involved. It is these uniquely strict boundaries that make Earthsong such a safe space for the wild and gentle human spirit to run free. The heart of the Earthsong

ethos, is that a group of human beings come together in agreement to live together consciously for a week. Each day is filled with workshops in a variety of disciplines including drumming, dance, song, the arts, healing and transformation in more ways than you could think of. Everyone lives co-operatively, camping in circles of 15-30 people around central fires where food is cooked together for the week. Each circle becomes your homestead, and some of the people you meet will become the people whose hands you hold while crossing roads for the rest of your lives. This summer four camps will be running at two different venues in Ireland. Co. Clare Camps The venue in East County Clare is a site which has been specially managed for hosting camps. It’s a beautiful, secluded location with a private swimming lake, stone circle and an atmosphere of wildness

and beauty that makes it the perfect container to hold a deep retreat. Healing Drum Camp, June 6-13: Healing Drum is aimed specifically at those who have some experience of Earthsong or Tribal Spirit Drumming weekends. As the Camp is small in size and suitable for adults only, it offers a very intimate healing space. While there is an emphasis on drumming, a wide variety of indigenous cultural healing tools are offered to create the possibility of deep transformation. Enjoy the Sweat Lodge, Native American chants, Dance of Life, Sharing Lodge and more. The safety of the camp allows a very playful spirit to come out and this sense of play skips through the whole week and lights up the journey for everyone. “Healing Drum Camp gave me sanctuary after some difficult events in my own life to be with people in a safe group dynamic where my expressions of grief were accepted as easily as my joy and enthusiasm. The connections I made with people have

from the garden, a café with straw bale chairs, a crèche for the babies, a river to wander by, woods to stroll and chat in, big tops and marquees where open-hearted people are playing, singing, dancing and listening. Both of the Tipperary Camps offer a rich menu of workshops which run all day, with an individual programme for children, tweens, teenagers and adults. Dance Camp, July 4-12: Dance Camp is an upbeat and joyful week of celebration of everything music and dance. Some of the highlights on offer this year include Heartsong, Flamenco, Gong Bath, 5 Rhythms, Kirtan, Belly Dance, Family Drum, Singing from the Heart, Laughter Learn & Grow Flamenco Gong Baths Drumming Kirtan Singing Heartsong Laughter Yoga Sweat Lodge Native American Chanting Yurt Making Experiential Astrology And lots more

Slow Down at Earthsong Reground in nature No electricity Experience community No alcohol or drugs Sit, sing, share, walk or talk Family camps Adults only camps

stayed with me – it is impossible not to bring them away with you.” – Ruth. Midsummer Solstice Camp, June 17-21: The Midsummer Solstice Camp is a celebratory camp which captures all the joy and mischief of this time of year. While the camp runs for six days, tickets are available for any number of days from three or more, making it a perfect camp for anyone who wants to dip their toes into the enchanted Earthsong pond for the first time. The Midsummer Solstice Camp is open to adults and accompanied teens.

Some of the offerings include Heartsong, Dances of Universal Peace, Rainforest Chants, Dance of Life, Sauna, Beginner Drum and Experiential Astrology. This year the Camp will place a giant standing stone on a ley line and the week will be celebrated with a Midsummer Firedance. “This camp is the perfect way to celebrate the summer solstice. It was free-flowing and high energy with drum sessions in the stone circle, dancing and singing, swimming in the lake. It was a lovely way to experience the fun and human connection of a weekend festival without the usual messiness that any event where there is alcohol and a lot of people usually entails.” – Ruth. Co. Tipperary Camps In Tipperary, the Earthsong Camps are hosted on a beautiful organic farm which is transformed into the type of village that fairies might live in for the weeks of the camps. There is a shop selling vegetables

Yoga, Firedance, Trance Drum and dozens more. At the heart of the Camp is the beautiful village green where each evening a band of what seem like fairy folk play instruments for all to dance or listen to while the sun goes down over the Tipperary hills. Harvest Camp, July 18-26: Harvest Camp offers all the joy of music and song and also many opportunities for deep personal transformation work. This year’s workshops include Heartsong, Family Constellations, Heart Mapping, Liberating Voices, Sound Healing, Yurt Making, Sacred Clowning and very many more. “Going to camp each year has been one of the most beautiful gifts I have been able to give myself and my children. It is hard to put it into words. More so it is a feeling – of wonder, magic, merriment, community, depth, laughter and connection to ourselves, each other, the planet and Source energy. It brings me hope that the planet can heal.” – Nichola. earthsong.ie

• • • • • • •

1 Week Healthy Sun Holidays in Croatia 18th - 25th May and 12th - 19th October Cost €550 inc (ex flight) Weekend Nutritional Retreats in Ireland Wicklow 27th February Wicklow 19th June Sligo 11th September Cost €295 Book 1 month in advance - €245 Learn how to prepare healthy nutritious meals Energise with live juices and smoothies Enjoy yoga and body movement Experience your sacred space within Re-connect with nature - inspiring morning walks Take time out for ‘you’ in beautiful surroundings Leave rejuvenated and inspired For more information and bookings call Andy on 087 2549383 or Breda on 086 3785356 Email: ajsmith@iol.ie

The Celtic Weave - A journey of learning, healing, empowerment and transformation. Join Prune Harris and Jyotish Patel, Advanced Practitioners of Donna Eden Energy Medicine, and learn to use the power of the Celtic Weave energy system.

In this workshop learn about your Energy Anatomy and the 9 energy systems, and how to: • Activate the Celtic Weave in its power, balance and harmony • Identify which energy systems are blocked and stagnant • Balance these energy systems in the class and at home • Transform your health, your relationships, your life and your world

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himadra Invitation to an immortal perspective.

Interviewed by Elva Carri Aaravindha Himadra is the author of ‘Immortal Self’, a book that tells the story of his journey to the Himalayas to visit the masters of the Amartya tradition; a spiritual community he explains as ancient, reclusive and predating any other religious or spiritual belief. He describes how one of the masters came to

him in a vision as a child, how he was later approached by one in a marketplace in India and how he finally made the journey after another vision called him to do so. In his book and through his teaching, he divulges the sacred lessons he learned there.

don’t access our creative intelligence. If we’re healthy, we take problems on in a way that challenge our intelligence and we find ourselves becoming more focussed and more capable. The more profound the problem, the closer we are to our essential nature. Do you think love is the guiding force behind all things? I think love is the first and last mystery in our lives. Love occurs as your natural state of being when you give up all resistance to the truth of your being and you’ve no doubt experienced it at different times in your life. When we move everything out of the way, all of the emotional distortions, what we realise is this pure desire to be of the one. If we give it no resistance, we experience that as the currents of bliss, and the reason we experience this is because we are in a state of love. That’s the foundation for everything. That’s the foundation for enlightenment.

25 If you could teach everyone in the world one thing... Something we’ve always had, and that is our ability for compassion. In the east it’s called Karuna and different than what we sometimes think of as compassion in the west – as a kindness or empathy. Compassion is an ancient spiritual art which requires us to become very present and acknowledge the moment. And this is something anyone can do. What is now? Where are we? What is going on right now? And if we feel truthfully into our condition, we can feel our difficulties and our hopes. If our hopes are based on illusion, they’ll feel like a weight, but if they’re based on our essential nature, they’ll feel as light as a feather. You’ve said before that problems aren’t against us but for us... Problems if anything are very much like an invitation, you might say the divine gives us problems, in order to bring us closer, because if we don’t have problems, we

On Immortality “The moon gazes into the sea below; it sees its image in every wave. It mistakenly imagines itself to be a wave. In truth—it is not there!” These waves are merely our potential lives cycling through their endless would-be-forms inside the dreaming power of our one great Intelligence. The gazing moon, our psyche, is all the while, secretly empowered by the one sun compelling our path from behind our curtain of thoughts—quietly thinning away our mortality to return to us to an everlasting life. The sea beneath the moon is merely our dreamt sense of things. And you’re speaking at the Conscious Concert, do you have any advice for people attending? A way they can prepare? Don’t focus on what you can achieve but what you can let go of, so you can truly enjoy the experience. The Conscious Concert as I’ve seen it brings about a kind of festivity that we need so much in this world. We need a place where we can laugh together and enjoy each other and listen to each other and open our hearts. My feeling is that what we do for ourselves, we do for the world – what we do for the world, we do for ourselves. And these kinds of things are a perfect opportunity to exercise that. Aaravindha is speaking at the Conscious Concert Ireland, taking place in the RDS, March 28th 2015. aaravindha.com | consciousconcert.ie

positi ve person ality


26 exploring your

edges An HonEST RETREAT in koH SAMui.

By Victoria Mary Clarke My visit to Vikasa was most assuredly serendipity at work. A friend said ‘Let’s go to Thailand’. I closed my eyes, imagined golden sands, sunshine and super cheap Thai massages and said ‘Yes, let’s.’ When she told me that she had chosen a lovely yoga retreat called Vikasa, I didn’t argue. Just before I arrived, I discovered that my good friend Kerry O’Neill, a healer from Dublin, was working there, so I deemed it to be a sign from the Universe that we were going to the right place. From the website I learned that Vikasa is perched on a cliff, with spectacular ocean views, an infinity pool, and an assortment of different rooms, from the traditional wooden beach hut to a super smart one with bathtub and telly, which was the one I chose. I also learned that the owner was a Latvian ex-DJ called Konstantin Miachin who had decided to change his life, embrace a healthy lifestyle and spread peace and love through what he calls ‘the evolution of yoga’. There would be yoga classes twice a day as well as meditation, gong baths, Oolong tea ceremonies and a buffet brunch and dinner included in the room price, which seemed excellent value, starting at 60 euro per night.

You may well be on the right track spiritually speaking, but that doesn’t mean things turn out the way you picture them. When I arrived at Vikasa, it was late on Christmas day and everything was dark. The restaurant was shut and all I could see was that there were no lifts, only a lot of steps. Knackered, and in need of comfort, I bought white bread, plastic cheese and crisps from the 7-Eleven and washed them down with cheap red wine in my room. In the morning, there were more alterations to my mental picture. It rained. Torrential rain, from a dark grey sky. And I spent 24 hours puking and otherwise eliminating, in a most uncomfortable manner, and wondering what the Universe was teaching me. I counted 120 steps from my room to the restaurant, which I reasoned was enough exercise, no need for yoga. At 10.30, they served an exquisite breakfast, so every morning I ate fresh papaya and pineapple and watched the yogis sweating as they dragged themselves up the steps. Occasionally, I got out my mat and did some gentle stretching by the pool. One day, I realised that I couldn’t write this review without trying a yoga class. A truly gorgeous Thai girl called Alisa who exuded love energy was teaching, so I hauled my ass to her class. And boy was

“Knackered, and in need of comfort, I bought white bread, plastic cheese and crisps from the 7-Eleven and washed them down with cheap red wine in my room.” it tough. Really, really hard. Much of what she suggested for the beginners I found impossible, despite 30 years of practice and also being a yoga teacher. A fact which injured my pride quite considerably, and my pride could not be soothed by Thai massages, even if they did feel amazing. And I understood what the Universe was teaching me. Yoga can be about serene, gentle stretching and taking it easy but it needs to also be about challenging oneself and exploring your edges. And no place, not even Thailand, will ever be exactly as you pictured it. Which is why you need yoga to keep you flexible. vikasayoga.com | victoriamaryclarke.com


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the universal code THE 11:11 PHEnoMEnon FEATuRinG DAn MiLLMAn.

By Gráinne Tyndall

Have you been seeing the numbers 11:11 or 1:11 every time you look at your digital clock or computer? Are you continually seeing numbers in sequences like on car registration plates or on billboards? Do you have a favourite number that almost seems to follow you around? As a Numerologist, I experienced countless (excuse the pun) clients asking about this phenomenon. When a number repeats, it is a cosmic signal. It is the Universe’s way of directing your attention to a major issue or theme that needs to be addressed or acknowledged. Scientists and researchers are taking a keen interest in this occurrence with regards to 11:11 and many feel the increased awareness of numbers is representative of a greater global consciousness and connection awakening. The number 11 is the fi rst of the Master Numbers in Numerology and relates to higher spiritual awareness and awakening. 11 represents intuition, and for me demonstrates the importance of male/female balance. Seeing 11:11, or ‘11’s in general indicates you’re developing an awareness of synchronicity; your mind is opening, you are developing spiritual consciousness. You may notice yourself being more drawn to spirituality, science, metaphysics and nature. I decided that I wanted more information on this and had the opportunity to speak with worldrenowned Numerologists Dan Millman and Margaret Neylon. dan MillMan, nuMerologist and author of the peaCeful warrior. Numerologist Dan Millman is the author

28 of 16 books published in 29 languages. His works include ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’, ‘The Life You Were Born To Live’ and the upcoming ‘The Hidden School’ due to be published in 2016. Recently Millman and his wife decided to downsize and simplify their lives, giving up cars in favour of public transport, walking and bicycling. He prefers to live moment to moment with many projects going on, including facilitating a trampoline clinic for a circus school, as every 69-year-old man does! I began by asking Millman about the life purpose system he uses in ‘The Life You Were Born to Live’. He derived it from a mentor in 1985 from just 20 pages

of notes. Initially he found the method hugely beneficial to learning more about his family and friends and knew he had to share this ancient wisdom. He believes that Pythagoras was the true father of Numerology; which he taught in the Mystery Schools around 500 BC. These teachings were passed down verbally as it was a system that was considered sacred. I was keen to find out if Millman felt there was a parallel with the 11:11 and conscious awakening phenomenon. He felt that this correlation was more to do with what we draw from it ourselves. He also rather bemusingly mentioned that he does not know if he actually believes in the system he promotes. His wife Joy

shares the same viewpoint regarding her practice of Astrology, but wonders is this because she is a Capricorn! “Nothing actually has innate meaning. I believe we make up our meaning. We can read into things and draw our own wisdom from things; draw upon our own subconscious wisdom. They’re the training wheels for our own intuition.” I questioned Millman on what one kernel of wisdom he would like to give to Positive Life readers. “Life comes to us in waves that we can neither predict nor control, but that we can learn to surf. Joy comes, and disappointment can equally come. Gaining insight to the innate value of the challenges of daily life is like spiritual weight training. We must be trusting the process of life unfolding.” Would numbers play a bigger

“Even when the sky appears at its darkest, know that the sun shines upon you, that love surrounds you”

route, but can continue to do so into our later years, it can help us to know ourselves better. He notes that we shouldn’t use numbers as a crutch, but as a means to get to know ourselves better. In signing off he shared some wisdom from ‘The Laws of Spirit’, “Even when the sky appears at its darkest, know that the sun shines upon you, that love surrounds you, and that the pure Light within you will guide your way home. So trust the process of your life unfolding, and know with certainty, through the peaks and valleys of your journey, that your soul rests safe and secure in the arms of Spirit.” dan’ s final book of the peaceful warrior trilogy will be out in 2016. peacefulwarrior.com

the Meanings in 11:11 11 is the first of the Master numbers in numerology. Relates to higher spiritual awareness, awakening and intuition. Demonstrates the importance of male/ female balance. The number one is representative of us, in essence we are all one.

part in our shift? “People are looking for various ways of understanding themselves better regardless of the life path they chose.” He refers to years he calls ‘the trying 20s’, where we try any

Margaret neylon, nuMerologist Margaret is the bestselling author of ‘Angel Magic’ and ‘It All Adds Up’. She has been working in the holistic healing field since the mid-90s, and has had weekly spots on Today FM with Ian Dempsey for many years. When I asked Margaret about the number 11, she told me she feels it is about our connection with earthly and heavenly planes; almost like having one foot on the earth and one in the heavens, as above so below. Many people born on the 11th day or with ‘11’s in their date of birth may have possibly had a challenging time coming onto earth and therefore may have difficulty with remaining grounded, but an ability to connect easily with spirit. Seeing reoccurring 11s is also what she calls an ‘angel nudge’ for us to take notice of and be aware that this all boils down to the choices that we make. When I asked about her opinion on the increasing occurrences of the number 11, she said she felt that numbers are symbols that existed before language. We each have an innate knowledge of what numbers mean

nuMerology low down froM grÁinne

If you are seeing: 111 = Major wake up call! 222 = Your dreams are manifesting so keep the faith. 333 = The ascended Masters are close by helping you in all forms of Creative Expression. 444 = The angels are near and supporting your dreams. 555 = Major life changes are coming! 666 = Balance thoughts between your material and emotional worlds. 777 = Believe in Miracles! It’s all happening for you. 888 = Harvest time…everything you have worked towards is here. 999 = End of a big phase in your life and time to continue healing and preparation. 000 = Your situations have come full circle with hidden blessings. Pray and give thanks.

and it activates an awareness of what we possibly are destined to experience. The year 2000 was particularly significant as the number 2 is about choices and about freeing ourselves of the shackles of disempowerment. In many ways it was a time of Renaissance where we began to make conscious choices about life on earth. margaretneylon.com Gráinne Tyndall is the resident numerologist for both TV3 and 4FM, a regular columnist for women’s way Magazine and the bestselling author of ‘Angel wisdom for kids’.


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a single

tantric gift practices to unite heart and body.

By Dawn Cartwright Extraordinary gifts await the single person who embarks on the Tantric path. Clarity, self-love, strength and luminescent attractiveness effortlessly appear in those who learn to harness the most life-arousing of all energies, the sexual, in solo practice. The Tantric iconography includes images of two deities, Shiva and Kali. We see Shiva in repose at Kali’s feet, her right foot upon his heart. Shiva is our body, inert without energy. Kali is energy itself, bringing life into lifeless matter. Heralding two ports of entry onto the Tantric path – the body and the heart – these two practices revive and join the two in you, as a gift to yourself. Remember, without Kali, there is no Shiva. And without Shiva, no Kali.

Tantra Heart Practice Place your hands on your heart. Notice the rise and fall of your body as you breathe. Inhale 2-3 seconds beyond what is habitual, as you expand your heart into your hands. Exhale slowly and without force, as you pull your navel toward your spine and slightly upward. Focus your attention on the sensations in your heart. When you feel ready, open the door to love. Allow your attention to melt into your heart as you make a connection with the subtle feelings of love and connection. Continue the breathing practice as you allow feelings of love to come into focus in your heart. How does it feel to meet love outside the typical relationship context? After 10-15 minutes, turn your attention to your breathing once more. Allow the feelings of love and elation to fill your body. Breathing in, fill your body with love. Breathing out, let go, feel more. Continue 10-15 minutes, then lie down and drink in what you have experienced.

31 “Allow your attention to melt into your heart as you make a connection with the subtle feelings of love.” Tantra Body Practice Close your eyes. Relax your body and turn your attention inward. Place your hands on your navel. Notice the rise and fall of your body as you breathe. Challenge yourself to inhale 2-3 seconds beyond what is habitual, as you expand your navel into your hands. Then, exhale slowly and without force, as you pull your navel toward your spine and slightly upward. Focus your attention on the sensations in your navel and pelvis. Relax, melt your shoulders away from your ears. Let your knees fall open. Soften your jaw. If you find yourself distracted by thoughts, breathe more deeply, exhale more completely. Then, when you feel ready, open the door to your physical sexual feelings. Allow your attention to melt into your lower belly and genitals as you make a connection with the subtle feelings of sexual arousal. Continue the breathing

practice as you allow feelings of sexual arousal to come into focus in your body. Relax the sexual muscles, meet yourself with openness and acceptance. How does it feel to meet your sexual energy outside the typical sexual context? After 10-15 minutes, turn your attention to your breathing once more. Allow these feelings of sexual aliveness to fill your body. Breathing in, fill your body with sexual arousal. Breathing out, let go, feel more. Just as Kali, pure energy, fills Shiva, the inert, your energy fills your body. Continue 10-15 minutes then, lie down and drink in what you have experienced.

Dawn Cartwright is a Tantric visionary, sacred writer, world traveler, and innovator in bioenergetic Tantra fusion. Dawn will teach, ‘Sacred Sexuality, How We Love, 2-Nights of Tantric Bliss’, in the Wicklow Mountains, May 8th-10th, 2015. dawncartwright.com

one planet

good life 2.0

living Supporting the planet supporting us.

By Davie Philip

Our planet provides everything we need to flourish. However, since the 1970s humanity has been consuming natural resources at a rate that exceeds the Earth’s capacity to sustain us. It is estimated that to support everyone’s current lifestyle globally we would need 1.5 planets. There are, however, significant differences between rich and poor countries; if we all lived like an average American we would need five planets. According to WWF’s Living Planet Report, Ireland has the 14th largest eco-footprint in the world. An Ecological Footprint is measured in global hectares (gHa), the area of productive land and water required to support our consumption and deal with our waste. To communicate the impact of this in an easily understandable way, our footprint can also be represented by how many planets would be needed to support us. On average in Ireland our Ecological Footprint is just over six global hectares per person, and if everyone lived like us we would need three planets to sustain us all. Of course we only have one planet, so we are threatening the Earth’s ability to provide an accommodating environment to support everyone’s wellbeing into the future. This is only a resource accounting tool, but calculating your footprint can help measure our efforts as we make the transition to a way of life that ensures that we live within the planet’s limits. Recently, the Cloughjordan Ecovillage, which has 140 residents, had its Ecological Footprint measured by Dr. Vincent Carragher of the Tipperary Energy Agency. Along with the University of Limerick, he has developed a rigorous Community-Based Ecological Footprint assessment tool. The analysis shows that the Ecovillage has a footprint of 2 gHa per person, which is a third of the national average and equates to just over the capacity of one planet. Our objective in having the footprint analysis done was to benchmark our activities and give us a measure that


“...one of the surprising reasons for our low footprint was our high level of social cohesion and our ability to work together.” we can work at reducing over time. This was very important to do, as the Ecovillage is now a destination for learning about how a community reduces its carbon emissions and its environmental impact. You would expect us to have a low footprint, with 6.5% of all of Ireland’s ‘A’ rated houses and 2.5% of the ‘B1’s in the Building Energy Rating scheme, our own farm, renewable energy heating district system and a car share club, but one of the surprising reasons for our low footprint was our high level of social cohesion and our ability to work together. With climate change now seen as one of the greatest areas for us all to do better in, we require examples of what can be done to transition to a low-carbon society. To ensure a planet that can sustain life, we

need to take immediate positive action to improve health, social, environmental and economic wellbeing. New technologies may contribute, but this will be best done through strong communities that can build resilience and be able to collaborate to reduce consumption, protect and restore biodiversity and learn to live on one planet. Cloughjordan Ecovillage offers free tours at 3pm each weekend, leaving from Sheelagh na Gig bookshop on Main Street, Cloughjordan, Tipperary. thevillage.ie Davie Philip is a group facilitator and trainer who manages the Community Resilience programme at Cultivate Living and Learning. He is based at the Cloughjordan Ecovillage and is a board member of GIY Ireland. davie@cultivate.ie

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Feel Like You Don’t Deserve Or Are Not Worthy

Lack Of Confidence In Work Or Social Situations I have worked successfully to overcome these difficulties with many clients.

To book a free 15 minute clarity call contact Grainne on 087 629 7207 or eftdublin@gmail.com For more details, please go to www.grainnemoneill.com

“I think the magic of it is that you can’t see anyone and they can’t see you. ”


dance your

socks off FouR wAYS To noT GET A HAnGoVER.

By Samuel Bishop “You might as well be dancing around naked like a mad yoke with your eyes closed in your own bedroom.” A few weeks ago I found myself in a pitch-black, Dublin city centre basement at 7pm on a Wednesday, surrounded by pumping techno. Not only could I not see anyone, I had no idea who was there. Only if I looked deep enough into the darkness could I make out silhouettes of fellow attendees. This was my first experience of the Soda Bread Box, the no-lights, no-alcohol, no-dress-code dance session new to Dublin. I think the magic of it is that you can’t see anyone and they can’t see you. This isn’t about hooking up, or meeting new people, it’s about full-on dancing, in whatever way your body and mind want to take you – a whole new experience. And it’s just one of a number of alcohol-free events that I have had the pleasure of trying out over the past year. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not here

to advise you what not to do; some of my favourite moments have been spent with a creamy pint in hand. What I am keen to point out is that there is a drastic lack of social spaces that do not require you to buy an alcoholic beverage. So when new spaces and events pop-up that challenge the way of life wherein heading to the pub more often than not means leaving locked, it’s all the more important to shout about them and celebrate them. The Funky Seomra is probably the most well-known. With a healthy food stall, massage, games, art, and of course hours of great tunes, it now takes place in Dublin, Galway, Belfast and Cork. dancefree.ie Morning Gloryville is the eager newbie having kicked off here last year. It happens monthly, on a Wednesday morning and it’s nuts, probably the craziest possible way to start your day. It starts at 6am and you’ll fi nd an aerobics style MC, brilliant 90s tunes, colourful lycra, yoga, massage, fruit juices and smoothies. There is NO chance of falling back to sleep after this experience. It’s as invigorating as a dip in the Irish Sea. facebook.com/morninggloryvilledublin

While these three high-octane dance events don’t happen in every town in Ireland, dance co-op alcohol-free nights now take place across the country in community halls and other spaces. It’s great that people are focussing on moving from an out-of-date, unhealthy tradition towards a positive, healthy, inclusive future. They challenge the status-quo and the general acceptance that it’s okay to get locked. And it’s why we created Paddy’s Day Unlocked, a new, family-friendly, alcohol-free event for St Patrick’s Day, taking place after the parades have finished. We first held it in Limerick in 2014 with great success; more than six thousand people came through the doors to see the choirs, dancers, bands, DJs and performers. We want to demonstrate an alternative story to the one that Ireland is known for now. One which does not rely on alcohol as our key ingredient, main identity or selling point! Ultimately, Paddy’s Day Unlocked is a chance to unlock Ireland’s potential by showcasing the best of our culture. happenings.ie Samuel is events coordinator at Happenings & Street Feast. You can connect with him on Twitter at @samue1

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What is your body saying?

Take a moment to listen... I am the Lungs

I am an important organ because I allow for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, so your vitality is dependent


on me. I am also responsible for distributing Qi around the body and so when I am functioning properly I give sharpness to movements and allow for good reaction times. I also play an important role in releasing attachments to the past as we release each breath. So when you ‘hold on’ to things in your life, your breathing becomes shallow and you feel suffocated and unable to grow.

I am the Wrist

I am a complex character because I have such close ties to the hand, which is one of the most expressive parts of the body. I have to be very flexible and precise which requires a lot of intelligence, so it is little wonder that the stomach controls me. The stomach represents the conscious mind, and so when you starting thinking too much and especially when your thinking becomes rigid and narrowminded, then I become rigid. If you can’t ‘stomach’ your life and what is happening around you, then you will start having indigestion and I will ache and degenerate.

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BodyTalk - Healthcare designed by your body. BodyTalk addresses the whole-person and their wholestory, using the entire context of their life to improve their health. Dr John Veltheim is the creator of the BodyTalk System, a chiropractor, traditional acupuncturist, philosopher, Reiki Master, lecturer and teacher.

natural medicine

36 ditch the

diet mindset Tune in to instincts and energies.

By Colleen Kennedy Everyone seems to be an expert on food and fitness lately, and while this may have unleashed some great scientific information at our fingertips, it is not always the right information to apply to all circumstances. Between the cyber world, bookshelves, health food shops and pharmacies, how do we know what to eat anymore? Why are we not listening to our own instincts on what suits our bodies? Biochemically, we are not all the same, so surely we all shouldn’t be eating the same diet. There is no such thing as the best diet for everyone.

While the science of some diets can appeal to certain sectors of the population, a good start is to begin to understand your own constitution, your own unique biochemical makeup in an ever-changing environment. The art of being able to adapt to your environment and to use your foods to rebalance and support your essence dates back to the Chinese system of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Indian system of Ayurvedic Medicine. Both of these cultures use a system of energetic and constitutional analysis. How our body responds to particular foods, activities,

“How our body responds to particular foods, activities, emotions and how we interact with other living organisms, all play a role”

emotions and how we interact with other living organisms, all play a role in determining the best way to bring balance back to our lives, including what we eat. The Chinese work from a system of Yin, Yang and the five elements. The Ayurvedic model is based on tridosha, or three types - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Both systems understand how food and herbs can interact with our physical and psychological processes. Here is a small look at the three Ayurvedic types, aspects that may indicate which one you predominantly are and some things to consider including or removing from your diet on seeing how you’re reacting to them. 1 Vata (Air): The Vata person is prone to neurological disorders, coldness and dryness. Foods and herbs that have a cold, dry and rough quality will aggravate Vata. Dry crackers, raw vegetables, dried fruits and beans should be limited. Vata needs warm, moist nourishing food, with a

sweet energy. Complex carbohydrates and root vegetables have a sweet energy. Fruits like bananas, avocados and sweet fruits like peaches and berries are good, as are oils, nuts and seeds. Ginger, cinnamon, cumin and black pepper are all good spices to use for Vata 2 Pitta (Fire): Pitta is prone to heat, inflammations, acidity and thirst. Foods that are warming, sour, spicy and salty are to be avoided in high Pitta conditions. Foods that are cooling, sweet, bitter and astringent are beneficial to balance Pitta. White meat and fish are better than red meat, as are sweet and bitter vegetables like leafy greens, cabbage, sprouts, cucumbers and asparagus. Herbs like coriander, mint, fennel and turmeric are beneficial. 3 Kapha (Earth): Kapha is prone to mucous; colds, congestion, oedema and arthritic disorders and can put on weight easily. So mucous forming foods like dairy, fats, cold foods and excessive sweet and salty food will aggravate Kapha. Warm, spicy, bitter, astringent foods that are dry in nature will benefit Kapha. Use rye and millet, all leafy green vegetables, stewed apples, white meat and all beans except kidney


Simple Steps for Today 1 Eat moderately, until you are almost full, then stop. 2 Don’t drink large amounts during the meal, so as to enhance enzyme activity. 3 Chew well and slowly. 4 Reduce refined sugars which can cause fermentation in excess. 5 Don’t eat when stressed or on the run. 6 Enjoy your food! 7 Don’t forget to move! Exercise is key to a happier food life.

beans. Limit refined grains, white rice, wheat, beef, seafood, avocados, bananas, oranges, grapes and salt. Chilli, ginger and pepper are useful to disperse the dampness and congestion in Kapha. Since people are always a combination of these types, though usually one more predominantly, and




may have other considerations and sensitivities to contend with, it’s a good idea to get a full consultation from a Naturopath, who can fine tune your plan to you and explain the types in more detail, helping to identify which you are. There is an art in adapting these energetic models with our functional medicine model and this is where the true uniqueness of treatment lies. True nourishment is both how we receive our food and transform our food. So we could be eating the “best diet” but still not feeling great. Guilt about eating certain foods will do nothing to enhance the digestion of that food, and will probably make it worse. So try these simple approaches, tune in to your constitution and start connecting to the types of food that suit you best and visit a Naturopath, Herbalist or Nutritional Therapist for a full consultation. Simple approaches to a better food life begin in simple preparation and combinations. Colleen Kennedy graduated in Herbal Medicine and Naturopathic Nutrition from CNM and lectures in Herbal Medicine at CNM Galway and Dublin. For information on CNM courses in Natural Therapies available nationwide see naturopathy.ie

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34 oRGAniC TRuST

the wonder of therapeutic horticulture PoSiTiVE FooD

By Hans Wieland

and independent living skills. The project garden includes a polytunnel and is grant aided in 2012 by the National Lottery with the specific purpose of ‘improving physical and mental health.’ The Senses Garden at The Organic Centre has become a well-copied feature, and Helen McCauley - who works as a ‘garden therapist’ in Cregg House - got many ideas from there. “The use of raised beds helps our gardeners using wheelchairs to fully participate in the garden project. Our sensory beds and flower gardens offer a restful place for all our other service users to enjoy through vision, smell, taste, touch and sound,” she says.

Gardening is a wonderfully flexible medium that can transform lives, and, working radish (Raphanus sativus) which seen firstin TheThe Organic Centre, I have “occupies a far more exalted position in Oriental cultures” (Joy Larkcom) than ineveryone, hand how gardening can help European food circles, seems to be making regardless of age or disability. a comeback this year. “We are starting to see radish appetisers, roasted radishes We all have heard people say, and other musings with the vegetable on “Gardening is therapeutic,” butofthe HSEmenus”, says Andrew Freeman, president restaurant consulting firm AF&Co. funded Community Food Project (CFP) Radishes are super2004 healthyto 2011 proves I coordinated from Gut health is becoming an increasingly that with the figures: since popular areafollowing of our physical selves to be taking good care of and radishes are a starting with the CFP, participants have secret weapon against bad bacteria and funguses in our guts. They contain natural reported 67% better health, 91% more isothiocyanates, such as mustard oils, active,which 78%helpimproved fitness and 81% less to protect our digestive system DiSCoVER FLAVouR SERiES, PART onE: SHARP and are also responsible for the sharp, stressed. One of the other findings was pungent, peppery flavour, ranging from By Hans Wieland mild in the case together of white icicles to very hot that gardening provided ‘mental what is therapeutic horticulture? in red globe and other pigmented varieties. health gains forarethose with specific Radishes extremely powerful and Therapeutic Horticulture is the Radishes are easy to Social grow anywhere when it comes to nutritional benefits. difficulties.’ (J.P. Burke: Growing in “They contain Loaded with the important minerals Radishes are one of the first vegetables formal name given to the use of plants potassium,2007 calciumEvaluation and iron they are full to harvest fresh in April, even grown Confidence, Report) natural andflat. gardening to promote personal of vitamins A, B1, B2 and 100g can provide in a pot on a balcony in a city For a Researchers at Bristol andnearly all yeardevelopment, 25% of the daily recommended intakeUniversity of continuous, round supply isothiocyanates, healing, health and Vitamin C. Radishes contain mostly water of these delicious ‘sharp devils’, sow University of London conducted research wellbeing. such as mustard (94%) and therefore 100g of them contains every two to three weeks from March to only 15 calories, which makes them an ideal September, one centimeter deep, every fi ve which suggests that friendly bacteria which oils, rehabilitation which help food for slimming diets. centimeters, in rows of ten Itcentimeters can be part of a person’s are common in fertile soil cause brain apart, or else broadcast. The seeds will to enable them to recover a difficultour tofrom protect germinate in a few days and these plants cells to produce the beneficial chemical love temperatures of 12-15° C in ain sunny time their lives such as drug addiction, radish, orange and walnut digestive system” spot. In early spring you can cover with a serotonin. It also highlights the importance salad bereavement or physical injury. light fabric or veil if it gets too cold at night. Radishes are multi versatile in salad of gardening organically without using It’s most important to keep the soil moist dishes, explore by varying the recipe It can help clients to learn newBell, skills, and as lack of water makes them too sharp and varieties are Cherry Long White below: chemicals and toxic sprays. sometimes hollow. You should be able to Icicle, French Breakfast and China Rose. 1 bunch of radishes, trimmed and has been shown to slow down the progress The CFP has also been working with harvest 4 to 6 weeks after sowing. Radishes My personal favourites are autumn/winter washed a degenerative illness. Acquiring are so easy to grow and soof rarely suffer maturing mooli varieties likenew daikon or 2 tbsp olive oil Therapy Department of the Occupational from pests or diseases that they’re also an neptune. Mooli radishes are crisp, pure skills can also improve the chances of 1 tbsp white wine vinegar ideal crop for children to get into growing. white 25cm long roots and mild in flavour. the Mental Health Services in Sligo. The 2 organic oranges, peeled and sliced finding employment. If you want to try something extraordinary, 30g walnuts gardening project, as part of a needs-based Radishes for all seasons grow Munchen Bier radish, which are 2 garlic cloves grown for their very spicyphysical seed pods and the Radishes come in numerous varieties, Other benefits include increased therapeutic programme in the hospital, tops can be eaten as leafy-greens! varying in size, shape, colour and crop Sesame seeds social interaction, opportunities duration. Categorised intoactivity, spring/summer has supported a wide range of individual 1 tsp of dry sherry and winter radishes, theyfor are also often theorganiccentre.ie celebrating 20 years voluntary work and social now inclusion. Sea salt and freshly ground pepper goals, e.g. relaxation, exercise, socialising, classified as red, black or white. Popular of organic growing and education. (Thrive 2011) motor skills development, motivation

d d em to op an a ga co ga gi an


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ov d sk u st b re ev su

ga do to to ac h C p

Iw su D a Cr in

positive food

a spring in your

spelt Warm spelt bread and vegan cheeses. Recipe by Tony Keogh, head chef at Cornucopia. Introduction by Erika Doolan, nutritionist and restaurant consultant.

I’ve recently joined the team at Cornucopia and I was excited to be there for the introduction of some great vegan cheeses to the menu. Cornucopia have produced their very own, delicious ‘Cashew Blue’ and a vegan brie. Cashew Blue is created with a fermentation process that involves a lot of love and care to ensure both flavour and texture are perfect. It contains lots of highly nutritional ingredients such as miso, sauerkraut and spirulina. Sauerkraut is a fermented food, an excellent source of vitamins C, B and K and rich in magnesium and folate. Folate is a source of vitamin B9 which is great for improving mood and

concentration. Sauerkraut has been widely eaten for centuries to treat stomach ulcers, and its effectiveness for soothing the digestive tract has been well established by numerous studies. Spirulina is a great source of B vitamins, important for

mental health and energy levels. If you call in to Cornucopia, add one of my cold pressed, raw juices for a micronutrient boost for your body and soul. We have included a recipe for Cornucopia’s spelt bread to compliment

“Cashew Blue is created with a fermentation process that involves a lot of love and care”

Photo credit: emma brereton

41 our cheeses. A delicious and excellent alternative to wheat, spelt is a light, fluffy bread, and its nutrients are easily absorbed. Therefore, many find it easier to digest. Some people with lots of health issues report feeling better eating spelt rather than common wheat. Because spelt has gluten however, it is not appropriate for those with a gluten allergy. If you’re a coeliac grab yourself some gluten free bread from your local health store as an alternative. But for everyone else, this recipe is super simple, very nutritious and an excellent source of iron, niacin and vitamin B6.

Spelt Bread 460g spelt flour 18g baking powder 200g seeds 1 tsp salt 40 ml molasses 20 ml sunflower oil 350-400 ml water

1 Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Sift the flour and baking powder into a large bowl. Add the seeds and the salt. 2 Whisk together the remaining ingredients and fold them into the flour and seed mixture. 3 Using a wooden spoon or a pair of clean

hands combine the mixture well. 4 Place it into a greased 2lb loaf tin and bake for about one hour. 5 To check for doneness, knock the bread out of its tin and gently tap the base. If it sounds hollow it is done, if not put it back in the oven for another five minutes or so. 6 Allow it to cool on wire rack when finished and serve with some of our vegan cheeses and a nice light spring salad. Perhaps some thinly sliced cucumber, red onion and rocket dressed in a little wholegrain mustard. cornucopia.ie

psyCH K


CHANGE tHE softwArE of your miNd ANd priNtout of your lifE “recognise your divinity, discover your greatness and become the peace you seek” psyCH-K originator rob williams

rEGistEr Now BAsiC worKsHop

you can now easily, effortlessly and verifiably hardwire powerful new subconscious beliefs Create long lasting change and exponentially improve your joy and success in every day life Beyond willpower, Affirmation & positive thinking

Ian Spicer Certified Instructor AUSTRALIA

duBliN JuNE 20tH & 21st

duBliN HolistiC CENtrE tuition €415 / €355 with partner

I know PSYCH-K energy-balancing technology is effective because it radically changed my life. More important, over the last few years I have heard from hundreds of people around the world who have used PSYCH-K to successfully take change of their lives.” Bruce lipton, ph.d, Author the Biology of Belief

www.lifeforceevents.com • +61 414 426 486 • ianspicer@gmail.com • www.psych-k.com

short & sweet


Mystery in the Mundane DEEPEninG AwAREnESS AnD EXPERiEnCE. By Jody Mountain Who are you? Outside of our learned identity and societal roles, ancient wisdom offers ever-deepening perceptions of who we are as human beings. In one sense, you are the combined energy of all your experiences, sensations, impressions, thoughts, emotions, hopes and dreams — the accumulated energy of every moment you’ve ever experienced. On another level, you are the Great Mystery of Life Itself, opening its eyes to the world through your unique perceptions.

In Ancient Hawaiian Mysticism, these varying depths of seeing are called ‘Kaona’. In our lives, we inhabit many different ‘Kaona’ depending on which level of ‘reality’ we attend. We can focus on ‘the daily grind’ or we can choose to deepen our awareness into the Mystery, even in the most mundane of situations, by observing the Source from which we approach things. All perceptions are ‘true’ and even useful, on the levels at which they exist,

but in any given moment taking our attention to the rhythms of our breath, heartbeat, sensations, colours, shapes and impressions within and without, can begin to bring us into alignment with the Mystery of Life in our cells. Here, we enter the realm of the unknown, the realm of infi nite possibility. As you open this listening inside yourself, you may notice a shift in your external experience. In this profound practice, we more fully embody our essential resonance, unmasking the Mystery, which reveals itself in all that we meet. lineageoflight.com


eriksessences.com sells extraordinary essences from the Sea creatures, Dolphins, Whales and Butterflies made and energised directly from Source, by the Beings of Light who are themselves the channels for these life energies. No living creatures are used in the production of these essences, for they are very pure and potent, and the energies come directly from SOURCE. Contact details Erik Pelham, Cook’s Farm, Tothill, ALFORD, Lincs., LN13 0NJ, England. Tel: + 44 (0)1507 450382 erik@eriksessences.co.uk www.eriksessences.com Butterfly Essences bring deep positive transformation improving the quality of life. Sea Essences bring deep healing and wellbeing to us in relationships. Dolphin and Whale Essences support us on many levels and bring greater wellbeing to our lives.

Instant Chocolate Breakfast How CouLD iT bE HEALTHY? By Jason Linton About three years ago, I started experimenting with superfoods. I wanted to create the perfect breakfast. Firstly, it had to taste divine. Secondly, it had to be nourishing; combining protein, slow burning carbohydrates, and rich in nutrients. Last but not least it had to be quicker than quick, it had to be instant! Oh and it had to contain chocolate. So why all this bother about a breakfast? I’m a foodie, I don’t settle for anything less than gourmet. If it’s not sending fireworks of flavour, forget it. Secondly, I know that I don’t want to be battling a sugar crash at 11am. I want a quick recovery from my morning yogathon, I want my brain to feel like the supercomputer it is, and I want to be ready to run away from a tornado should it happen to fall upon us. However, I also don’t want to be cooking the carotenes out of it, or faffing about in the kitchen peeling bananas and burning pans. So, armed with almonds, loaded with lucuma, and charged with chia, I set forth to create the world’s healthiest and quickest breakfast solution. First came the chocolate hit. Then the super powers of maca and hemp were sought to complete the trilogy. Shezzaam! Round one was complete. Feeling even more fruitful, this year I returned to the lab in order to take the alchemy to a more tropical dimension with acai, mango, strawberry and pineapple now tickling my morning taste-buds. Perfect for me, perfect for sharing with you. iswari.net

For Margaret’s books, workshop dates and information on readings: www.margaretneylon.com

Margaret Neylon of Angelgate

Nurturing Nutrition More than just food. By Jonathan Keenan Nutrition has always been recognised as a vital factor for maintaining health. It is only in recent years, with the influence of fast food, ready-made-meals and highly processed ingredients that we have lost this wisdom. Proper nutrition offers many benefits, including boosting the immune system, clearing out toxins, promoting weight loss, and revitalising your body. To accelerate healing and actively treat a wide range of conditions, many people are exploring a more holistic approach to wellness. This includes; massage, acupuncture, energy therapies, yoga and nutrition. It can even take the form of therapeutic meals, taking sensitivities into account and creating dishes on the basis that food is medicine. Juicing and portion controlled meals with nutritious foods and herbs are proven to help normalise digestion and improve metabolism, which assists in weight loss and a wide range of lifeenhancing benefits. While dietary changes often start with the goal to lose weight, proper nutrition is just one aspect of it. We must also understand what thoughts and emotions contribute to this and empower this side of ourselves too to give ourselves truly holistic benefits with truly holistic results. It’s part of what gave us the urge to create a place where you can give yourself the best start, support, ideas and enjoyment to make the whole process an uplifting experience. creaconlodgewellnesscentre.com

Evolution of Healing Dissolving limitations. By Flish McCarthy Since reading Gary Zukav’s Seat of the Soul in the 90s, I have been studying and using the emerging Energy Medicine therapies. I moved to Colorado seeking sunshine and change and I found both in Denver. While living on the edge of the magnificent Rocky Mountains, I volunteered my Reiki skills to support others in healing. As I had used several of EM’s biofield therapies to assist my own recovery, I was a passionate volunteer. It was through my volunteer work that I discovered the holistic nursing board certified (AHNA) Healing Touch therapy. I was impressed by its commitment to a code of ethics as well as its standardised practice. The essence of Healing Touch (HT) therapy is that it is a heart centred energy, directed with grounded intention and was developed by a nurse in Colarado whose ambition was “to have a pair of healing hands in every hospital ward.” Taught in the barrios of Peru and Chile by Irish nuns, university hospitals in the US, the Netherlands and amongst the Tamil speaking natives of India, HT is a leading light for many holistic and traditional medicine practitioners alike. A teacher of mine described her vision of the future of health care; when confronted by a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenge, a person would have a team of support working alongside traditional medicine professionals, to bring the person back to health and balance. Let’s imagine a community of healers working together for the common good of all. energymedicineIreland.com




Dr. Chocolate MAkE An APPoinTMEnT wiTH DR. CoY’S. By Aaron O’Donohue


Yogic Healing New training beginning April 18th 2015 in Dublin. Upcoming introduction workshop Saturday 21st March Time: 9.45 - 11.45 Harvest Moon Centre, 24 Lower Baggot St. The Sat Nam Rasayan training is for anyone who wants to •

heal others with powerful tools

integrate silence and calmness into your life

develop awareness and intuition

• learn more about meditation By developing your meditative mind you come to a state of expansive awareness and ultimately to a state of silence. In this transcendent state of consciousness you have the capacity through your awareness to bring about healing. By studying Sat Nam Rasayan you enter a deep and wonderfully rich journey in consciousness. For all information on the training and upcoming workshops email HarKiratKaur0013@gmail.com Mobile: 086 3722653 Web:www.satnamrasayan.ie

“In stillness lies the sound, which is the creative existence of God. Whoever masters the stillness and the silence and can read it gets all the knowledge that exists” Guru Dev Singh

A healthy lifestyle is more than avoiding or incorporating specific foods for a few weeks. For better wellbeing, strive to get more sleep, as the body goes into repair mode. Drink enough water, bodies need to be hydrated. Get some daylight, it helps our circadian cycle; light in the morning stops the production of melatonin and we wake up quickly. And ensure you’re exercising. For more balanced energy levels for all of the above, reduce sugar in order to avoid roller-coaster peaks and troughs in blood sugar and insulin levels. Alison Stroh, founder of Wicklow-based company Dr. Coy’s Health Foods, saw a gap for a truly healthy snack, when her research showed that snacking is where we frequently slip up in trying for better nutrition. In 2012 she approached Dr. Johannes Coy, an award-winning German oncologist, to propose offering chocolate with certified health benefits to the Irish market. She also recruited her brother to assist in building the business. The company participated in the Supervalu Food Academy programme and has been supported by Enterprise Ireland. Based on medical research, Dr. Coy’s offers an innovative, patented “nutritional chocolate bar” which has lower effects on blood glucose levels compared to chocolate containing sugar. The bar is high in fibre and vitamin E and is gluten and lactose free. With 45% cocoa it also won blind taste tests. The company believes that any nutrition regime should be sustainable and enjoyable and both founders practise what they preach with their young families. drcoys.ie

Shiatsu 101 A Shiatsu student introduces us to the technique. Shiatsu, meaning ‘finger pressure’ is an ancient form of Japanese therapy which uses acupressure to rebalance energy and promote self-healing. A Shiatsu practitioner may use fingers, thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet during a treatment, to activate innate self-healing mechanisms within the patient, resulting in a heightened sense of wellbeing in body, mind and spirit. I was first introduced to Shiatsu by a friend of mine who gave me a voucher for a treatment. I went along to the session and found I came out relaxed yet rejuvenated and I slept great that night. I continued going for treatments for a number of months and felt great relief both physically (I had suffered with back pain) and emotionally. Shiatsu College Dublin were holding a foundation course, so I decided to enroll on it with no other expectations than to do the two day workshop. However, once I attended the two days, I was hooked! I found the whole experience fascinating. I loved the teacher, the techniques being taught and the benefits that the treatment could give. I’m now a student on the Certificate in Japanese Massage and am enjoying the learning so much. I love the fact that the learning is experiential and based on body work and while there is theory to be learned, it is not too intense. Another advantage is that it is continuous learning assessment so I don’t have to worry about an exam at the end. On a personal, level I believe the course has already been a great benefit, and has given me more self-awareness and confidence. shiatsu.ie


Why Camelina? An ALTERnATiVE oiL wiTH HEAPS oF oMEGAS. By Aoife Rogers

COLOUR OF SOUND INSTITUTE www.colourofsound.org

MEDITATION, YOGA, THERAPY & HEALING with mantra, chant, gongs, tuning forks, singing bowls, drums…



Soul Medicine Individuals - Groups - Ceremonies - Courses

I usually start the day with a big bowl of porridge drizzled with camelina oil, honey and some fruit or nuts. As I’ve also gotten into juicing lately, along with the rest of the country it seems, I’ll always add a tablespoon or two of Camelina into whatever delicious concoction I’ve come up with. It works more like a supplement in a juice as it’s packed full of Omega 3s, 6s and 9s and gives you your RDA of essential fatty acids. And I’m a great fan of adding a splash of it to salads and soups amongst other things. Because of its taste and its health properties, it’s a great supplement to numerous recipes and a brilliant substitute for other oils or butter in baking. The nutty flavour is something I love in baking my own breads. Way back when I fi rst used camelina oil, I had taken it on as a skin care product. I had quite bad dermatitis and had heard it’s great on the skin with its incredibly high amount of Vitamin E. I’d apply it directly to the affected area as well as taking a couple of teaspoons fi rst thing in the morning and quickly saw results. Newgrange Gold recently got certified by Bord Bia’s Origin Green for its sustainability and eco-farming practices and, in my mind, this too adds to the story of Camelina, a super oil produced in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. newgrangegold.ie

Homeopathy & the Chakras 28th March, Dublin An interactive one day workshop of exploration open to students and practioners of homoeopathy. and for anyone with an interest in the subject

Soul Medicine Circles Last Thursday Each Month Group work exploring healing connections in spirit, in community with shamanism, tantra & homeopathy No experience required Consultations available in Dublin & online declan@soulmedicine.ie declanhammond.com 01 202 0018

Results That Resonate Studies on a frequency therapy. By Tony Nec You may well be one of many people taking medication prescribed by your doctor for pain and while western medicine is a great option, it’s also good to know that there are proven natural alternatives that work quickly to alleviate pain without the side-effects. Millimeter Wave Therapy (MWT), a form of resonance frequency therapy, has been extensively studied and does this very well. A meta-analysis of 13 studies of MWT was published in the Journal of Evidenced-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine by the US National Institutes of Health and concluded that MWT was effective in the treatment of headache, arthritic, neuropathic and acute postoperative pain and relief lasted from hours up to days after the session. A typical treatment programme with MWT involves 10 sessions each lasting 15 minutes. The frequencies are transmitted by a device connected to headphones while listening to soothing music. The most commonly used parameters of MWT are Extremely High Frequencies (EHF) between 30 and 70 GHz and extremely low power densities, less than 10 mW cm−2. In one study of the MWT involving 39 patients, pain relief happened during the first treatment session. During the course of MWT all patients gradually reduced and then completely stopped their previous medication of opioid drugs.

Lovely Leitrim Please note, you may not want to leave. By Elva Carri Driving to Leitrim from Dublin, even the journey felt like part of the retreat. Setting off feeling like I’d been busy for way too long, I popped on some shouty hip hop and got myself to the motorway. By the time I was winding my way around regional roads, and finally onto the last stretch; something similar to a road but with a gorgeous, grassy spine, I was peacefully singing away to something much more folksy and mellow. The cabins are sleek enough to feel contemporary and still sweet and simple enough to be cosy, earthy and grounding. Your carbon footprint becomes softer as soon you enter. Ard Nahoo

An improvement of night sleep, appetite and intestinal function was also registered after MWT in 36 patients with 32 reporting an improvement in quality of life. colourofsound.org

is EU Eco Flower certified and they make it easy to keep those principles in mind as you potter about the temporary home that you’ll never want to leave. Sitting in the hot tub overlooking rolling hills didn’t make coming back the following day any easier. Noeleen is the chief in charge at Ard Nahoo and bursting with the greatest energy. It must be from the amazing juices they make, I think to myself, but she tells me it’s down to the yoga. One of the most exciting things I found out was they’re starting 200 hour residential yoga teacher training this July. So if you were about to book flights to India or Thailand, hold off until you check out Ard Nahoo. Residential yoga teacher training in Ireland is a rarity despite the popularity of yoga these days and I can’t imagine there are many places you’d slip into the best mindset for it more easily than here. ardnahoo.com

Sonas Health Foods Newcastle West Open Mon-Sat 9-6pm, late opening Thurs 7pm Everything wholesome and natural for you, your family and home. Specialist in Gluten-Free and other dietary needs. Health and wellbeing advice. Friendly and Professional Service.

31 SonAS

Fresh Gluten-Free and Grain-Free Baking, Local Organic Salads and Greens. Tel: 069 78944 info@sonashealthfoods.ie www.sonashealthfoods.ie find us on Facebook

“What if the journey to being the infinite being you truly are, is the greatest adventure you will ever go on? If you had the steps to being…would you take the journey?” As part of Access Consciousness®, Dr. Dain Heer has created a unique series of classes on the elements of being that are designed to empower you to know that you are the creator of your life and living.

Join Dr. Dain Heer for an evening on

A Taste of Being

12tH MarcH @6:30pM (event stArts At 7pm) clyDe court Hotel, BallsBriDge, DuBlin.

contact: Diva - 083 180 7396 diva@accessconsciousness.com www.drdainheer.com/tasteofbeing

Want to get started nOW? Join Dain’s Free Google hangout series www.beingyouclass.com/Hangouts

Sonas Health Food Store CHATS wiTH ownER RoSEMARiE bEnniS. By Elva Carri Rosemarie got into healthy eating as a teenager. Attending a boarding school where she said the food wasn’t great and there was never enough of it, she says she developed a love for home economics and biology and really got into food and nutrition. Later, when she trained as a yoga teacher and studied reflexology, the nutrition part of things kept coming up as important components. So when someone suggested that a health food store would be a great asset to Newcastle West, she jumped at the opportunity to open one with support from Aileen Dinane. She said there was no business plan and she’s had to learn on the job and continues to educate herself on anything helpful for people coming into the store. GAPS (Gut and Psychology/Physiology) nutritional protocol is her latest big passion. “I would be in school constantly if I could,” she says laughing. When I asked about her favourite things in the shop she listed coconut oil for its taste and its health benefits, and some nut butters they stock. She also said she’s finding the use of chia seeds very interesting, mentioning using them instead of eggs in baking and as a thickener. And what keeps her going running her own business? Trying to remind herself of a little mantra, “May I be open to what comes my way today.”

51 Sonas will be moving to No. 9 The Square, Newcastle West this spring. sonashealthfoods.ie

yoga for Kids FoCuS AnD Fun FoR LiTTLE onES. By Cristin Tighe As parents, you can choose from many different children’s activities, so why would you choose yoga? In my experience, because it’s one of best to develop healthy bodies and minds. Yoga is fun, engaging and helps kids focus and calm down – while infusing self-worth. Physical poses grow strength, flexibility and confidence while yoga also teaches valuable lessons about being mindful and present. What happens in kids’ yoga class? Children playfully explore through breath, stretching, jumping, twisting, bending, balancing, focussing, singing, being upside-down and relaxing. Whether children arrive tired or overactive, yoga helps to bring balance with vitality. It differs from a lot of other options in that it’s non-competitive, children don’t need to do more, better, faster. Practising poses develops awareness so they can access strengths and areas to improve but without self-judgment or comparison. Yoga’s framework and ethos lends itself to positive transformation, without the pressure. It provides quiet, perspective and rest – something that is as welcome to many children as it is to adults – and yoga stimulates the calming parasympathetic nervous system. Introducing or offering the possibility to your child you may want to let them know a few things. Our classes often begin with bells or breathing, and include yoga poses and songs - many of which are theme-based – fun and empowering themes like jungle or courage! Relaxation includes visualisation techniques like

imagining walking on a beach meditation or even a foot massage. We also include games, art or a chance to teach their friends. wellwithin.ie | kidsandyoga.com

Naas Holistic Centre THE SToRY bEHinD THE SPACE. By Elva Carri

5 Days Wellness Escape to Cilento Coast, South Italy Thursday 30th April - Monday 4th May 2015 LiSA STACk €595pp including all meals and accomodation in a 4 Star Hotel with pool, airport transfers included.

A day excursion on the coast with an evening buffet on the seafront of Santa Maria di Castellabate to conclude this amazing experience. Included in your package: Meditation Qi gong Fresh Juices Healthy Meals Relaxation Peace and Calm Qi Gong and Meditation with Shaolin Lay Monk Colin Dempsey Lisa Stack, Host & Event Planner 087-943-7228 Lisa@wellnessescapes.ie www.wellnessescapes.ie www.facebook.com Wellness Escapes

In 2014, Olivier and Yvonne, co-owners of Naas Holistic Centre, met through a series of fateful coincidences that resulted in the pair deciding to open a space where therapists and clients could blossom into their highest potential. Olivier originally studied mathematics, “… which I believed to be the only absolute science at the time. I graduated as an Engineer in Applied Mathematics,” and now describes himself as a natural healer. Having spent considerable time developing his skills, he is now passing these skills onto others through workshops as well as restoring clients back to full health. Yvonne, a Dublin native, began her healing journey when she was initiated into Reiki. Yvonne had never experienced Reiki before attending the training and says she didn’t know much about it, but felt a strong intuitive urge to train and notes that this strong intuitive guidance is what has driven her towards many different healing modalities and experiences. When I asked if there were any therapies or treatments they were particularly excited about, they mentioned Solfeggio sound healing. “It’s still relatively new in Ireland. During a session, the client lies on a massage plinth while the therapist uses solfeggio tuning forks on and around the body, concentrating on the auditory system and energy centres in the body.” Yvonne is a pioneer of this therapy in Ireland and Olivier attests to the benefits of it. If they could give you just one tip each for healthier, happier lives, Olivier says, “Do everything from a place of love.” Yvonne says, “Listen to your heart, follow your gut.” They both agree five hugs a day is an equally good alternative. naasholisticcentre.com

Journey into the Light Author of ‘Taking Heaven Lightly’. By Róisín Fitzpatrick

On a bright morning in March 2013, I met with Dr. Bruce Greyson, a leading medical expert in near death experience research, with one question, did I have a near death experience? Exactly nine years to that day, my life was transformed. In an incident that left me in intensive care, I questioned, “Is this the last day of my life?” Suddenly, in one instant, I was drawn out of my body and surrounded by a brilliant light which refracted everywhere into tiny glistening sparks of ignited energy. I was enveloped by a love that was so real, pure and blissful. Mesmerised, I realised that “I” still existed, even though I was not in my body. Yet, I felt more alive. This place was more real than anything I had ever experienced. I remained there, free-floating, weightless and serenely peaceful. The experience of this euphoric love was so incredibly enthralling that I found it extremely difficult to come back. After speaking with Dr. Greyson for some time, he smiled as he leaned forward and said, “You have something valuable to share with people.” I discovered that ‘Heaven’ lies within each and every one of us. Through connecting with this light, we can create joy in our everyday lives. Imagine what your life would be like if you could feel and experience this powerful light and pure love in your everyday life? Or during challenging times how it

53 would feel to allow yourself to connect with this infinite eternal light? Each one of us is more powerful than we can begin to imagine, the only question is, how brightly do we wish to shine? RoisinFitzpatrick.com

Mini Meditation for Balance Take a moment to find your equilibrium. By Sri Annatta

The quintessence of happiness right now, whilst the turmoil of the world keeps passing by, is to realise that all the outside phenomena are not a part of you and never need to be. Sometimes explained as egotistical, the opposite is true. If you’re not touched and upset by outside phenomena it’s much easier to help those around you with loving kindness. Right now, with all sorts of media hyping things up, wouldn’t it would be nice to be able to remain within your own equilibrium? This is a nice starting exercise to cultivate such a state of mind. Sit quietly and make sure you’re comfortable, to the extent you won’t fall asleep but can remain in this posture as long as you feel necessary. Follow the breath as it naturally occurs, the whole path of the breath. Now concentrate on a specific part of the nostril where you can actually feel the flow of breath. Can you feel your concentration become focused? Try to do this to the extent that it is as if you are the steady point of focus. If thoughts arise watch how they come into existence and fade away. This will eventually extinguish them. Now let the words “letting go” reverberate within you.As you come out of this meditation do a few full yoga breaths and while breathing out, imagine a heavy burden being lifted off your shoulders. sriannatta.nl

short and sweet

The Aquarian Teacher

KRI level 1 with I-Sky 220 hour Kundalini yoga teacher training program starting September 2015 in Dublin During this course you will: Learn the Ancient Science of Kundalini Yoga. Challenge yourself. Confront self-imposed limits. Touch your soul. Experience your highest, purest consciousness. Gain the knowledge & confidence to build a more peaceful and creative life.

Further information contact Linda on 086 3240140

54 Growing Stronger Finding magic in the madness. By Linda Martin After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, I tried various ways to treat it and somehow ended up on a yoga mat in Galway at six am one morning, chanting, with a teacher dressed head-to-toe in white. I remember thinking, “This is mad.” But over the course of that day, I began to change my mind. Instead of my usual lethargy and naps, I felt energised and active for the first time in months. So I started to practice kundalini yoga in 2008; easy to learn, simple to do and it works! The inquisitive side of me wanted to learn more though so within two months I was signed up to do the teacher training with i-SKY, the original kundalini yoga training programme in Ireland. During teacher training, I was guided and supported through a transformative process that helped me make the positive life choices I needed for me to heal along the path to helping empower others to do the same. At the end of that process I really surprised myself and became a teacher. The satisfaction I get each week from seeing the faces of my students soften after just a three minute breathing exercise is hard to describe but so rewarding. Through teaching a weekly class, my personal yoga practice has grown stronger, as have I. So much so, that now I find myself organising the same program that helped me so much, witnessing the transformative process in others and seeing them light up the faces of their first students at the Dublin Open Day. I’m so looking forward to the next one. i-sky.net

dublin@i-sky.net www.i-sky.net



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