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DECISIONS...don’t make them, that’s my advice. Ok , I will expand a tad. Allow your life to lead you where it leads you and then, from a place of inspiration, your decisions will Be like a detective working on~ a Andy case – the case “If you smile when noeffortless. oneinelse around, you really mean it.” Rooney “Nothing hasbecome happened theispast; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever being your life, and follow the clues and take the lead from what unfolds. Let go happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.” ~ Eckhart Tolle and allow life togot leadme youthinking. where it will. BRAIN. IT’S In our research this issue, I discovered that

whenPRESENT you smileMOMENT. your brainAll releases endorphins: dopamine andit.serotonin, THE the spiritual teachers talk about It’s

TRUST. This issue we had to trust in the power of things arriving just when they and this happens your smile is real or fake. in turn mentioned in our whether magazine all the time. Thich NhatENDORPHINS Hanh loves it, and needed to and they did. We’re delighted to have spoken to MOOJI for this issue, a make you feel good. SMILE and release chemicals. Feel What better,isand this leads spoke about it repeatedly on his recent visit to Dublin. so special lovely soul, telling us that I AM is where it’s at. I AM, the rest is just chatter. I AM to you’re another that releases on chair it goes. NICE SEQUENCE. about it?all SMILE glad here lovely readers andchemicals, I wish you a and fireside this Autumn as SOenjoy smile your way through newyou issue keep smiling 2012. says “What about the past?our What areand going to do in theinto future?” you this issue.

THANKS to Patrick Bridgeman being a brilliant editor so far my mind. “Isn’t that juicier? Come on,for man. Think, imagine, worry, getand

welcome to our new editorI’m Katie Roche. excited.” Actually, Mind, grand. Thanks for thinking of me though. paul congdon, Publisher Happiness of the our lovely KEEP This summer I’m season restingto inYOU, the NOW, navigating lifeSMILING. from here, paul congdon, Publisher centred, balanced, spacious, aware, free of thought. In the present, a different energy flow is available to us - clearer. Try it this Summer. NOW. What? Next. paul congdon, Publisher


Contentment Contentment 4

Autumn Vibes Nut butters, organic deliveries and exotic adventures

46 Positively Winter Newsworthy Vibes Eat, drink and be aware Autumn’s inspiring stories and stats 610 Spirituality Positively Newsworthy and the City It’s theGoing little green thingsand taking strides 1012 Astrology Spirituality the City Tales of lovetruth Spaceand and stillness to speak your

Commit creation CNMAttraction Get fit for winter 41214 Positive Summer Vibes Out andtoabout and in store.

Shui TheWhat linksdo between Fengsay? Shui and Chinese medicine Astrology the planets 61416 Feng Positively Newsworthy Running, feasting and camping.

Makeof worry your friend, your mindwith is looking 1619 Meditation The Powers Raw Food Fall in love juicingout for you 10 Spirituality and the City Turning Points. 20 Positive Beauty Dressing for dates, choosing your true colours

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Positive Home Secrets a feng shuiSmith. goddess Astrology A New Dawnofby Andrew 22 Peter Tadd Relics of love, gemstones from the Buddha 14 Rude Health Preview Dance Hidden gems old favourites. 20 The Law of Attraction with the and universe 24 Mooji Can you really be happy for no reason? Of course! 16 Positive Personality Monk Cheongwol comes to Ireland. 23 Dee Wallace The best performance of your life 27 Tantra What is Tantra? And where does it fit into your day? Please use the information 19 Confi dence Know that are. 24 Ireland 2012 Be where it’syou happening Thanks to our advertisers, we can provided 28 Juicy Gossip Freshly squeezed, expert tips from Erika Doolan give Positive Life magazine in this publication as a to you 20 Identity Who arePack you,your really? 27 Positive Power suitcase, we’re moving recommendation onlytotothem, better If you’re talking 30 Positive Personality Tantra Maat on how you are absolutely essential for FREE. mental and physical health. We 23 Reborn Julia Szvath travells to Costa Rica. let them know we sent you their way. 2832 Davie Reshape Brainhas Reading will change your life Philip Your Open source a lot tothis offer strongly advise you to consult 24 Breathing SpaceEarly Making Monday mornings magic. regarding provided health Pleaseyour usedoctor the information 3334 Samuel Positive Beauty to bed, early to between rise... radical and mainstream Bishop The great stuff happening concerns that you may have. The in this publication as a 27 Feng Shui for Peace and Health The home’s heart. views expressed by contributors 3436 CNM Awareness &inInsight Explore the world inside you Participating your quest for health recommendation only to better and advisors do not necessarily 28 A Thriving Economy A revolution of consciousness. mental and physical health. We 39 Fruitful Endeavours Growing fruit because it’sthe easy represent the views of the 36 Embracing Change Be the arrow and not target strongly advise youstaff. to consult publication’s 30 Good Life 2.0. Collaborating for the future we want. 40 Autumn Recipesthe Warm upOpen with an immunity-boosting super-stew your doctor regarding health 39 Yoga Saves Day your mind, body and soul 3343 Short Gardening the Soul Thechanting nurturing of freeing Nature.fears concerns that published, you may have. The and Printed, packaged SweetLife 2-step at benefi home ts and 40 The&Good 2.0success, Movers and shakers viewsdistributed expressedin byIreland. contributors 3554 Lars ToMuhl Feel Rock, and roll Beand Beautiful the journeyPositive of a soulself-image. and advisors do not necessarily 43 Hans Wieland Bread matters represent the views of the 36 Politics of Partnership Vote ‘Yes’ for Love. publication’s staff. 44 WinterPersonalised Recipes Aduki bean stew and seaweed salad 38 CNM weight loss. 47 Short & Sweet Hearts, happiness and homeopathy Printed, published, packaged and 40 Summer Recipes Healthy salads and cooling teas. 19 12

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Beginning here now…

This is just the beginning...


Short & Sweet

Bliss, Trust and Transformation.

distributed in Ireland.

autumn vibes “I sang of leaves, of leaves of gold, and leaves of gold there grew” JRR Tolkein Bottles of Positivity Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre is an Irish oasis of relaxation, rejuvenation and healing that offers multi-day silent retreats and detox programmes alongside their therapies and classes. And to further restore you from the inside out, they cater to your tastes with fresh nutritional juices, Eastern Therapeutic Cuisine and Ayurvedic meals.


Yoga Yourself to Portugal 20-25 Sept The Yoga Salon are like a nomadic, pop-up yoga tribe who want to bring you on adventures at home and abroad. By involving yogis, artists, musicians, creatives and anyone curious about being alive, their trips will feed the very fibre of your being. Next stop? Portugal!

Happy Holistic Smiles morning glory


Weed Out The Good Stuff

Keen, Clean & Nutty

Hemp juice is a powerful superfood and nutritional supplement and the benefits people are seeing from it are off the charts! ‘Healing With Hemp’ create their juices right in the crops with mobile juicers and frozen within minutes to retain every bit of goodness possible.

Keen make some of the tastiest nutbutters available. Try hazelnut butter with cinnamon, pecan butter with maple and for those of you with a sweet tooth, almond butter with vanilla pods. Use them in baking, on toast or simply with a big spoon and a glass of coconut milk. Do try to be nice and share though, even if it’s really hard.

Organic Delivers There’s no denying that organic products taste better but it can be harder to get your hands on it when doing your weekly shop. So, Absolutely Organic decided to make life a little easier, offering over 600 products online with delivery all over Ireland and free delivery within Dublin.

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Holistic at its core means to treat all parts of a person, so let’s not forget our teeth. Going the dentist may not be your favourite activity, but offer qualified dental services with a holistic approach to make you more comfortable and get you grinning again.

Meditative Morocco 5-12 Oct Step into the sunlight and breathe. Join Michael Ryan on a transformational yoga and meditation retreat in beautiful Morocco. Michael comes highly recommended with Hot Press listing him as the instructor in Dublin they’d most highly recommend if they could only pick one.

experience Amma’s Embrace

31 Oct-1 Nov 2014, Dublin Humanitarian, spiritual leader, social reformer and hugging saint Amma will

31/08/2014 13:51

spirit of folk

soon be in Dublin to host a series of programs and talks to get you inspired, feeling the love and spreading peace. Enjoy meditation, music, Indian food and of course, a hug. |

International Day of Peace 21 Sept The UN International Day of Peace takes place Sunday 21st of September and is the perfect opportunity to celebrate peace, share it, cultivate it internally and bring with us into the next day and maybe even every day until next year.


learn Wisdom 2.0

Sept 16-18, Dublin A conference described as where the “technology and contemplative communities come together”. They’ve had founders from Facebook, Twitter and eBay in conversation with experts in yoga and mindfulness and this will be their first European event. Think Web Summit meets inner and outer world peace.

Hawaii Here

in Hawaii. Lousie Kleu brings you a taste of it in Ireland this autumn with workshops, certified courses and retreats to restore and rejuvenate your being and your practice.

21st Century Dowsing 27-28 Sept, Dublin Dowsing essentially means a way of finding something out but there are many ways to tap into this. Practitioner Elizabeth Brown describes it as both an art and a practice and will introduce you to the hows, whys and benefits in a modern world.

Workshops: 27-28 Sept, Dublin | 4-5 Oct, Cork Lomi Lomi massage is an exotic therapy used for deep healing and personal transformation and originates

Take-Up Tai Chi Just because we’ll be indoors more now, doesn’t mean we have to be less active. But if you’re looking for a change from your weekly matcha-yogalates-triatholonaleos class to keep up with fitness and wellbeing, Tai Chi offers a restorative alternative to help centre your energy, balance and bring you peace.


Dublin’s Angel Author lomi lomi


An engaging book that surfs the waves of angelic wisdom perfectly for new age gods and goddesses. Victoria Mary Clarke has written it in a practical, no nonsense way and the wisdom shining through is on the money. Fresh, funny, and a little bit sparkly. Read it and buy one for a friend, they’ll thank you.

Folking Brilliant 19-21 September, Meath If you don’t want to let go of that festival feeling just yet, there’s one more waiting to capture your imagination. Spirit

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 5

of Folk is a two-day, family-oriented festival that celebrates our rich ancestral traditions, including folk music, storytelling, games and crafts.

Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa & Matthew Schoening 14 Sept, Dublin As part of their debut sacred music European tour these beautiful souls are offering two events over the course of one very special day; a Kundalini Yoga and Mantra workshop followed by a music concert with Yoga, Mantra and Meditation throughout the day.


Grown Up Debs Ball 4 Oct, Dublin Drag that gúna or tux out of the closet because you’re about to get to re-do your debs! Let your inner teen out with a champagne reception, dinner, DJ and professional photos to take home on the night. Booking a limo and extreme nerves when inviting a date optional. All profits to the Irish Cancer Society.

What’s the Story? 10 Sept | Monthly Morning Gloryville, the craziest, most delightful event ever invented for mornings. This now monthly gathering combines yoga, raving, coffee, massages and more to kick start your day pre-work. Keep an eye on Facebook for future events.

Attending an event or trying a product or workshop listed here? Tweet your experience to @PositiveLifeMag

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positively newsworthy good news from around the globe

“The Philippines

has invested in 100,000 electric taxi tricycles in an effort to reduce urban pollution.”

1 Getting better all the time It might not feel like the world is getting better. More communication, more of the time with headlines that want to grab our attention means we might feel like things are not so good right now. But the Huffington Post recently compiled a list of some of the many ways the world is improving. Here are just a few. Caring for Our Environment: The Philippines has invested in 100,000 electric taxi tricycles in an effort to reduce urban pollution. Women’s Rights: As of July, Saudi Arabian women can vote and run in municipal elections. And a recent UN

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 6

decision means that women can now seek asylum due to gender-based violence. Improving Health: Over 1000 children die of Malaria each day in Africa, but a pharmaceutical company is awaiting approval on a drug that could be the world’s first malaria vaccine and it may be available within a year. This could mean a huge amount to children and parents all over Africa. New Ideas: Every day people are coming up with new and innovative solutions; like the four MBA students from McGill University in Canada who are proposing insect farming as a solution

to ending world hunger and are testing their concept in a pilot program in Ghana breeding palm weevils. Every little thing you do helps, and every big thing you do helps. This is only the very tiniest round up of the amazing things happening out there. One thing I’m sure of is that almost everyone is doing their absolute best to make the world better in some way or another. So love those you meet for the way they’re approaching it, be nice to yourself and be nice to them because there’s still room for lots and lots of progress in every direction, and that’s exciting.

31/08/2014 13:52

2 Our Greatest Teachers In his book ‘My Spiritual Journey’, the Dalai Lama notes that the negative feelings that arise from “enemies” are the real element of tension we must confront and not the challenging people themselves. He says that if we truly want to progress, we must regard our enemies as our best teachers. You also may be familiar with Abraham Lincoln’s line, “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” It seems that differences between us become the barrier to friendships and unity all too often, but lots of people take big steps to overcome that and in doing so, lead by example. Recently two notable instances have occurred. In a campaign where the hashtag ‘#ArabsAndJewsRefuseToBeEnemies’ emerged, Jews and Arabs came together to share messages of peace and stories of how their differences had not prevented them becoming friends and families. In another move towards unity beyond differences, a new religious centre has opened in Berlin to bring Christians, Jews and Muslims together in prayer and to learn from one another.

3 The Smallest Gestures “Since every end is always a beginning, we can say that is a story that begins again after 74 years of the life of a man.” Four years ago, a woman named Shalla Monteiro was given a poem by Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho, a homeless man she approached in Brazil. Though neither of them knew it at the time, they were about to become firm friends and very important to each other’s lives. In learning that Raimundo had always wanted to publish a book of his poetry, Shalla set up a Facebook page for him and began to publish his work, or ‘mini pages’ as he likes to call them. He built up quite the following. Not only was Raimundo touched to be able to share his work somewhere, it resulted in his family discovering his whereabouts for the first time in years and his brother inviting him to come and live with him. In July of this year, the delightful news came out that after support pouring in from all over the world for his work, his life and his story, Raimundo’s first book is now close to being published.

4 The Courage to be good


We’ve all probably been in situations where there was an opportunity to do something good for someone else but something held us back. Maybe this was the right decision at the time, or maybe afterwards you contemplated, like I have many times, why you didn’t take the opportunity that arose. Sometimes these events arise and although ‘being good’ seems so simple in theory, we quickly ‘react’ in a different way or come up with all kinds of reasons not to follow through in a positive way. Some new studies indicate that mindfulness meditation may be part of the key to bridging the gap between what we’d like to do in those moments, and what we currently do. In one study published by Psychological Science and titled ‘Meditation Increases Compassionate Responses to Suffering’, it was found that people who took an eight week mindfulness meditation course were “significantly more likely than a control group to give up their waiting-room seat for a person on crutches. “We utilised a design where individuals were confronted with a person in pain in an ecologically valid way. If, as suggested by Buddhist theorising, meditation enhances compassionate responding, participants who completed a brief meditation course should more frequently act to relieve this person’s suffering.” Not long later, a second study appeared, ‘Compassion Training Alters Altruism and Neural Responses to Suffering’ also published by Psychological Science and with similar findings. People who had practiced a mindfulness-based “compassion meditation” for seven hours over a two week period were more likely to give money to a stranger in need than those who hadn’t. After completing their training, the meditation group also showed noticeable changes in brain activity, including in networks linked to understanding the suffering of others.

“being good seems so simple in theory…”

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 7

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5 A School of Friendship Some months ago, I used a dating app to try and find a few new pals. I changed the settings to invite other single girls out there to head out dancing together, “Maybe we’ll meet men out there,” I thought, rather than sitting at home on the couch. I expected a few girls might like the idea. I did not expect I’d have a hundred messages within a day. This happy little adventure quickly evolved into over a thousand women in groups around Ireland who amaze, inspire and teach me things me every day. Sure there’s so many activities I’m exhausted from fun, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! Within our private Facebook groups in Dublin, Meath, Belfast, Cork, Limerick, the South East and Galway, we’ve shared stories and troubles and laughed our heads off. And it quickly became not just single women, but all women. Word about the group got out through friends and colleagues and pretty soon there were activities of every kind imaginable planned. But the most impressive thing has been seeing people jumping to each other’s aid whenever it was needed. I’ve seen girls support each other online, but I’ve also seen people visit other members they didn’t know in hospital, or meet them for a walk and a chat after a hard day. With over 700 girls in the Dublin group, I can’t even keep track of the moments that have made me well up anymore. It’s lovely.

“This happy little adventure quickly evolved into over a thousand women in groups around Ireland who amaze, inspire and teach me things me every day.”

If you suffer from any of these: IBS l Bloating l Digestive Problems l Migraine Headaches l Joint Pain l Itchy Skin l Eczema l Fatigue l Low Mood

you could have a Food Intolerance.

Option 1

For more information call Yorktest

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01 20 22 701


Food&DrinkScan Branding Options

or visit 31/08/2014 13:52


27,938 tampons and applicators were found on our world’s beaches in 2013.* Mooncup is available in Ireland from Boots, independent health food stores and online. Better for you and your beach. *Ocean Conservancy 2013


ALCHEMY of voice

Angelic Sound Healing Processes with

Stewart Pearce

These workshops and one-to-one sessions inspire sound healing and leading edge spiritual intelligence, to enchant the compassion of the heart, body and soul to super-coherence. For many years Stewart has worked internationally as a

Master of Voice, Sound Healer, Angel Medium guiding people through the transformation and magic of the song of their soul.

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spirituality & the city The Little Things

Tomm Moore Oscar Winning Director The last little thing that made my day was at ComicCon in San Diego. It’s an amazing and bewildering event with 150,000 attendees every day for four days, usually dressed in everything from the standard comic nerd gear of t-shirts and shorts to full blown costumes of favourite characters. I was there to promote our new feature film Song of the Sea which is opening in the US in December and also to sign our new book about the design work that went into our first feature film, The Secret of Kells. It was a pleasure to see a long queue each day waiting to get a drawing from me and the producer Paul Young. But the highlight for me, the little moment that made me smile was that in the queue was a young woman dressed as the character Aisling from The Secret of Kells. It was so nice to think that our work had inspired someone to dress as one of our characters at such a huge event usually dominated by massive multimillion dollar franchises and properties. That really was a nice little smile for the day.

“Sometimes,” said Pooh, “the smallest things take up the biggest space in your heart”. I have just returned to Dublin after a beautiful, refreshing weekend in my parent’s home in Co. Cavan – a weekend where I took the time to appreciate the ‘little things’ in life – quality time with my parents, long walks in the countryside, connecting with nature, my Mum’s home cooking, playing hide and go seek with my niece, hugs, chocolate, basking in the warmth of the evening sunshine – these are just some of the things that made me smile this weekend. All too often I notice that I move through life at full speed, forgetting to appreciate the ‘little things’ and not remembering that these are in fact everything I need to be happy. Instead of getting caught up in what I don’t have and striving to achieve something or other, I know I must really make a conscious effort from now on to remember that I already have everything I need. I must appreciate ‘the little things’, for they are in fact big.

Lily Walton, Mother of the Creators of Voya, Aged 93 My motto in life is, “You have to keep going to keep going”. I love my garden and my son Michael visits to help with it. He’s a champion vegetable grower. He’s always winning prizes for them. I went with him to some of the competitions and even won Glamorous Granny at two of them! I’m 93, but I don’t class myself as old. I have a young outlook. I go to the over 60’s club and did a lot of charity work with them. We were on the TV twice for all the work we did. We liked to put a smile on people’s faces and so would go around entertaining in the old people’s homes singing songs. It was a giggle! I love to have my Voya seaweed bath. When I tell my friends, they say, “Seaweed! Lillian!” And my little treat - a glass of Bailey’s.


Emma Cooper Student Development Advisor

Omied Hallam Volunteer Coordinator & Croquet Coach I’m fond of a game of croquet and now I do coaching with a lot of people. I spend a lot of time with them and I like to have a bit of a laugh with them so when I realised one of

the women I coach bakes, I hinted that I’ve been doing a lot of coaching with her now so, she might want to bake me something. I told one of the other men she was baking me a cake so he brought me in one the next day. Brilliant. So I texted the initial baker to let her know he’d brought me one already, at which she declared, “Alright! Bake off!”. There’s currently five people ready to get involved with a bake off all just to make me cakes. And compete of course, but that’s an important part of the coaching really isn’t it!


“I believe when we work hard and are grateful for what we have, we are rewarded in life.”

Doireann Barrett Founder/Owner of The Gluten Free Kitchen Company


The Little things end up being life’s big events. For me receiving an email from Sally McKenna of McKenna’s Guides recently asking me could she forward our details onto the event organisers of Electric Picnic to include my product to trade at the three day event has been the highlight of 2 and 1/2 years of hard work, dedication and lots of sacrifices including lost time away from my son to create one of Europe’s first and Ireland’s only dedicated gluten and wheat free restaurants. The excitement it’s created that my company will be trading in the ‘Theatre of Food’ amongst some of Ireland’s highly respected food critics, traders and chefs has had me smiling for weeks and has also given me the strength to keep working hard at developing a much needed service for the many people who find it challenging to eat out safely. I believe when we work hard and are grateful for what we have, we are rewarded in life. And this was one of my little rewards.

Tony Lawless Holistic Health Coach & Therapist A couple of weeks ago a regular client of mine dropped in for a session, relating to a back issue that she is working on. During the session it came to light that she was also having sinus issues which were causing headaches. When we finished working with her back I had a couple of spare minutes before my next client. I made a remedy up and asked her to take it daily. On Saturday of that week I was surprised to see 8 fresh organic eggs, still in their straw, sitting in a box at my front door. Since then I have enjoyed a regular supply of eggs and blueberries fresh from her allotment. We all possess different talents and when they are made available with a good heart the power of the deed is magnified greatly and enjoyed by all parties involved.

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 11

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positi v e a strology


pause and reflect Autumn 2014 brings space for stillness. By Andrew Smith The changes just keep on coming as the ‘Quickening’ continues until March 2015! This autumn’s celestial tides are much calmer than they have been in recent months, affording us an opportunity to pause, reflect and enjoy the fruits of the seeds that have been planted over the past three years. During this time a portal to your higher Self has been opened up enabling you to cut old cords, to face your past, to speak your truth, to stand your ground, to seek out others who share the same vision, to go beyond the limits of the existing

order, and to weave new pathways. With the waning of August and opening of September, we will experience a brief continuation of the deconstruction themes of eliminating deep seated issues from within us and within our society as we face the continuing exposure of scandal and deceit in the affairs of those invested with power in religious, educational, political, security and social institutions. As the turning point in the seasons at the Equinox is reached, you will feel the collective mood lighten as there is

an invitation to shift like the new season upon you. The 25th September provides an excellent time to risk setting far reaching goals. The opportunity to fully blossom is something to b e freely grasped and to do that you need to detach from external, limiting, past conditioning, and feel confident to move towards the unknown. Unfettered from the beliefs, judgments, possessions, and social/religious norms, the soul that has emptied itself may be filled with the nectar of divine inspiration. After all, who can be more at rest than the person of single intention?

If this sounds strange simply imagine listening to someone giving a speech who never paused for a breath! Not only is it exhausting to keep concentrating on the constant stream of words issuing forth from the speaker’s mouth, whatever nuggets of inspiration the speaker is sharing with you will eventually become lost within this unending and ultimately monotonous stream of sound from which you will eventually crave relief from. Likewise with music it is important to

Highlights of autumn’s cosmic activity Sept 5

Cleansing of impurities as Jupiter quincunxes Pluto Sept 14 Mercury enters his Shadow Phase Sept 23 Libran ingress/autumnal equinox Sept 24 Libran new moon Sept 25 Innovation abounds as Jupiter trines Uranus Oct 4 Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio Oct 8 Arian lunar eclipse Oct 16 Rebirth of the Cosmic Mind Oct 23 Scorpion ingress and solar eclipse Oct 25 Mercury direct in Libra Nov 10 Mercury exits his Shadow Phase Nov 22 Sagittarian ingress and new moon Nov 27 Turmoil as Saturn octiles Pluto

No small task, I hear you say, especially given the busyness of our lives! Therefore a great grace is needed to elevate your soul beyond the myriad distractions of a deconstructing world. So too are stillness and reflection. Rarely do we, as a society, encourage the recollection of our senses or give homage to the inward reflection of our soul. And yet, pauses are inherent within nature. In music, for example, the spaces between notes are often as important as the notes themselves.

provide spaces, allowing the listener to absorb each musical phrase before the next one starts. October is an invitation to exhale deeply in gratitude for this opportunity to be held in the darkening season where you are being prompted to once again journey within and to replenish your body and spirit. The dark offers you the support to go unconscious and to travel through other worlds. For the third time this year, Mercury, the planetary archetype that reflects your Mind, will

“October is an invitation to exhale deeply in gratitude for this opportunity to be held in the darkening season…” PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 13

move from a Water Sign back into an Air sign. You live in four worlds – the world of feeling (or Fire), the world of body (Earth), the world of thought (Air) and the world of emotion (Water). The ancients call these worlds, the elements. In creating reality you need a balance of all four worlds. It is the combination of your thoughts (Air) and emotions (Water) that creates what you feel (Fire). Those feelings are ultimately your beliefs and perceptions, which orders the sequences of DNA inside your body (Earth). In turn your DNA codes the matter surrounding you, be it a person, an ideal or an event; and it is those ‘things’ which are what your feelings are all about!! As Mercury moves from Water back to Air, you have the opportunity to reflect on the quality of your emotional (Water) mind (Air), therefore the realities that you live within. Thought alone lacks the potency to create your reality, in the same way that your power source, emotion (Water), needs a guidance system to direct its energy. The coupling of thought and emotion creates your feelings (Fire) and it is your feelings about ‘stuff’ that directly impacts your reality (Earth) and creates feedback from your world which in turn generates further thoughts and emotions! Not only does your destiny change with both your thoughts and your emotions, the feelings that are created by those thought-emotions change the environment around you, which in turn transforms you at a cellular level, raising your vibratory nature to a higher level, again supporting you to raise the level of your awareness. To do this, all you need to do is to hold space, go inward and to continue to change the limiting thought forms that lie deep within by asking yourself better questions. This is the gift of October’s retrogradation. The autumnal months reflect a time of rest to allow yourself integrate what has come out of this great healing, and allow the medicine of your discoveries to deepen into your being. Remember that your life has become abundantly rich with opportunities and you are living within a cornucopia of possibilities, no longer bound by the limitations of your past thoughts. Andrew’s private practice is in Blackrock, South Dublin. Email for further information on consultations, workshops or classes.

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positi v e attraction

the less confidence you experience in the When I go into creation process. And then the pattern of an audition, I limited creation begins again. have to have I mean, I couldn’t walk into the confidence Mr. Speilberg’s office without any within me that I confidence and book E.T. You can’t even can deliver a good have successful love making without read. I have to have confidence. And yet, we ask the Universe confidence in my to deliver to us when we aren’t confident healing that I can in the trust within ourselves to create it, make a difference or to handle the creation when we do. So, in someone’s life by the information that the Universe, being the very wise director comes through. I have to have confidence before I even sit down to write this article. it is, must experience your confidence to manifest your desire. The one common principle in all these So, how does one create confidence? adventures: I have learned to trust my channel. Always and without question. That is, of course, quite the opposite of what we have been taught. The definition of confidence is: full trust. And yet, our society has educated us in the belief that we can never trust our own judgment, and God forbid we really trust anyone outside of ourselves; and it is actually impossible to trust ALL energy. Quite a Flowingdon’t freely in blissful conundrum, you agree? If creation success. takes confidence, and confidence is trust, By Dee Wallace and we are taught we can’t trust, then we can never be the confident vibration that creates. Ergo, the more you go into your mental mind to reason, figure and stay safe, What else could possibly be left I want to talk about Being Creation. to ‘do’ or ‘know’ if we truly know we are You are. And when we move into total the creators of us? But if we do insist acceptance that this is an absolute on keeping that belief, we have to keep truth, our bodies, minds, emotions and ourselves creating the lack and the struggle consciousness shift into a powerful creation machine that is basically fool PL_summer_12_d1.indd 19 proof. Sound too good to be true? Then it will be...for you. Those of us who joyfully choose to commit to the creators that we are, create the lives we want because we create ourselves first. We choose to be the God that chooses the thought, chooses the emotion (even though we may not ‘feel’ that way in the moment), chooses the and that keeps the very drama going that open heart, and chooses to hold the we are insisting we want to let go of. Kind focus no matter what. We are the Gods of like being addicted to alcohol or sex or that are in charge of our creation, and drugs; we can become addicted to ‘getting then the One Energy rushes forward to better’ or ‘getting there’, as opposed to support that. knowing; we are already there. Here are all the things we need to The patterns of having and not remember about being The Creator of Us: having, getting and losing etc. show up because we create, and then we stop. This 1 It’s not a dream or a theory. It is law. happens most easily at the moment when 2 It must be chosen now and in each we have finally created something we want, moment of now. then we coast and stop creating! Every 3 There are no dualities. There is the moment we are creating, consciously or Oneness of Creation and Joy and unconsciously, and therefore we must stay Love. Period. in Conscious Creation. 4 There is nothing else to fix or know. Get up and direct your day. If you That’s it. We are complete. It’s done. fall down, pick yourself up, get yourself

and the magnetism within each. Like procreation, the masculine must come together with the feminine IN BALANCE, meet in harmony, and create the child, a.k.a. the creation. The divine idea/ instinct/guidance must be taken out into the world with power by the masculine to successfully create. When that happens, confidence is truly in place. So, ask yourself: do I have a lot of great, inspired ideas that I never do anything with? If the answer is yes, know that you need to balance the masculine so you have more power to deliver your ideas to the world. Or do you push and work and strive doing ANYthing, just to try and create, without a lot of success? Stop and take time to nurture your feminine. Allow your channel to open and receive divine guidance, and then use the power that is in place to radiate that out. Then the creation is automatically in place, and confidence is reinforced. Confidence is not something you get. Confidence is the vibration of knowing that you are. Be the knowing of the Creative Force that is you, and confidence is a no-brainer. Literally.

continuous creation ‘I mean, I couldn’t walk into Mr. Speilberg’s office without any confidence and book E.T.’

Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television and the stage for over 30 years (E.T., Cujo, The Howling). Her book, Bright Light, tells that tale and shares the spiritual lessons she has learned from a life in acting.

14 19

out. Choose the reaction and the creation of the reality of You. Direct yourself to Know, to Be Clarity, to Be Health, Be Wealth. Be everything your heart desires. Know it’s not only possible but that you deserve it because

“Those of us who joyfully choose to commit to the creators that we are, create the lives we want...”

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 14

05/06/2012 12:17

you create it that way, consistently and continuously, ever-flowing. Take a moment to relish and experience the freedom of that. Be the frequency of Grace and the balance of masculine/feminine and child energy in the radiation of your light. Be the love for yourself that is the Creative Force. Celebrate you, my magnificent and open-hearted friends and people I love. Dee Wallace has worked as an author, teacher, dancer and actress in film, television and the stage for over 30 years. (E.T., Cujo, The Howling). Her book, Bright Light, tells that tale and shares the spiritual lessons she has learned from a life in acting.

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in just one daily capsule

Available in Pharmacies and Health Food Stores.

Trusted by Irish families for over 15 years.

positive home

classical feng shui &


By Amanda Collins

Home is the foundation of everything. That’s why it’s so important that your home supports ThE lINkS health, peace andBETWEEN TWO hEAlING ENERGIES. well being. I invite By Amanda Collins you to connect to your home just like you would connect to a person. Listen and pay attention to how you feel in your home. Ask yourself, do my spirits raise or fall when I walk in my front door? Whatever the answer is, things can always be done to improve the energy with a little knowledge and love. Sleep is vital for rejuvenation, so let’s start with some tips for a good night’s sleep. Place your bed so you have a full view of the door, but don’t place it directly under windows. If possible, don’t sleep with your head against the toilet wall. Solid, wooden, supportive headboards and natural mattresses are best. The bedroom is a place for rest and romance, not work or exercise. Remove Energy Stimulants that have high amounts of electromagnetic energy like TVs, digital clocks, computers, and telephones. Clear all clutter from your bedroom and under your bed. Bedroom furniture should have rounded edges, not sharp. If you have an en-suite bathroom, make sure the toilet lid is down and the door is shut before you settle down for the night. Cactus and dried flowers, however, are A couple of hours before bedtime, not recommended. Place happy photos dim the lights to help your inner incorporate all eight limbs of Chinese Classical Feng Shui is an ancient art and and images of you and your family around, clock move towards sleep. Natural soy, medicine into their lives; acupuncture, science developed in China over 4,000 and surround yourself with art you love paraffin-free candles are also a sensual herbology, bodywork, nutrition, I-ching years ago and shares philosophical roots and things that inspire you. Decorate with and soothing way to calm the spirit. Use astrology, Feng Shui, exercise and with acupuncture. Feng Shui reveals how calming colours such as agoverning pastels andall aromatherapy to further relax the body; meditation. The principles to balance the energies of any given space earth tones. try lavender or gardenia. eight limbs are considered to be universal to assure health and good fortune for the The centre of your home Create Just a special sleep are ritual. Spend and intimately connected. Theseisprinciples inhabitants. as needles used in considered area nature so it’s important aacupuncture couple of minutes down your of are based onthe theHealth interactive of to treatwriting the energy patterns to keep it clutter and open. Consider worries yin and yang, the free dynamism of the five the bodyortoanything improve you the flmust ow ofremember energy and using an of airwater, ionizer and purifier. Add for the next dayhealth, so yourclassical mind can let Shui go of elements wood, fire, earth and therefore your Feng anxiety. Have some tea, meditate, metal, and perceiving and accessing Qi uses items from theherbal five elements; earth, do gentle a walk, in a gratitude (chi) quality and flow. metal,yoga, water,take wood and fiwrite re to balance the journal take a warm bath. invisibleorenergies in your home. Bringing Keep ininto mind: mirror at the foot the elements ouraspace also helps us of anyone’swith bed is not advisable, reconnect the natural orderespecially of things. children. It willmedicine make thehas child too active Chinese served at beds are not advisable itsnight-time. people wellBunk for thousands of years, for childrenin either. The childhealth on theand bottom succeeding maintaining feels andreducing the childillness on top does bothcompressed preventing and specific plants that purify the air, such not haveits the ground support needed, among clientele. Traditionally, a which as Boston Ferns. Try to spend some time can lead to confusion andtostress. Make sure Chinese doctor was paid maintain enjoying Mother Nature at least once a day. artwork in children’s bedrooms does not their clients’ overall health and to prevent illness. It was expected that all clients Aim to create a clutter-free kitchen depict fighting cartoon characters. of traditional Chinese doctors would with a sense of freshness and lightness. Have an abundance of plants in Adding a mirror above your stove will your home; they’ll improve air quality.

chinese medicine The Tao Te Ching also suggests using Feng Shui to maintain balance and well being in your life. Feng Shui is the only one of the eight limbs of Chinese medicine that is not of the physical body but of the environment. If we experience balancing in our physical body with acupuncture and herbs, yet step into homes that are chaotic or messy, this can throw us back out of balance. Having a home that is calm and peaceful will help us to rest, relax, and restore our vital energies. When analysing the energy blueprint of a home using Feng Shui principles, we examine time and space. We read the building from the year it was built, to the direction and the exact degrees it sits and faces. We look at the surrounding areas such as the location of mountains and water, the proximity of freeways, graveyards, and so on. We then use calculations to arrive at a detailed analysis of the quality of Qi, yin/yang and the five elements to see how we can bring the building and put you in the power position when you residents back into harmony. In Chinese are cooking. Placing the colours blue or medicine, the analysis is similar, but of black near or on the refrigerator has been the physical body. scientifically proven to help suppress When examining the home to bring Clearwe alllook random magnets itappetite. into balance, at what’s called the and replace them with a single trigram map. These trigrams arepositive associated affirmation: love my bodythe and feed it natural with magneticIdirections, five elements healthy and theirfoods. corresponding colours, human Keeptypes, a bowl of fresh fruit on the personality body parts, related counterand andnumbers. grow fresh herbs, and greenery illnesses in theThe window. Eat fresh, organic food and Northwest Trigram for example processed foodfather/husband with little chi value to iskeep related to the main minimum. a sacred eating inathe home. It Create also has to do with theritual, decorate the parts table with fresh physical body of head andflowers, lungs, bless yourintestines food, andand show formetal, it. To large thegratitude element of conscious eating, always eat dinner sosupport if the person who lives in this house at the table, not sitting watching issitting experiencing breathing problems, we television! would immediately find out what is going Inspiring health affirmations on in that part of their home. The areas and will alsoallow help you live in harmony. Try elements us, through Feng Shui, to repeating: bring our wellbeing back into balance from I listen to my body’s messages with love. a beautiful angle. I nourish my mind, body, and soul. I am healthy, whole, and complete.


feng shui for peace16 and health

‘surround yourself with “Feng Shui love is the and only art you one of the limbs things thateight inspire you.’ of Chinese medicine that is not of the physical body but of the environment.”

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Noirin Callanan Psychic Intuitive Natural Energy Healer 20 years experience

Are YOU searching for; a Clarity on your soul’s journey. We squeeze exotic natural fruits and vegetables without preservatives and deliver them to your door. We take the work out of enjoying a vitamin rich glass of pure juice. Why put impurities in your body if you don’t have to! Where you can have juice dropped off at your door weekly, biweekly or monthly. Tutti Frutti Fresh Juice Delivery also comes in handy if a loved one isn’t able to shop for themselves. Send the best “get well” gift basket of Freshly Squeezed Juices. Perhaps you are having a party and want only our exotic blends. Tutti Frutti is a dynamic entity that is sustained by pure loving intentions and a commitment to excellence. Be sure to tell a friend... Tutti Frutti juices and smoothies Enniscorthy Road, Ferns, County Wexford Tel: 0539367314 Mobile: 0877584077

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For details please go to: or Email: Instructors: Gary Collins 087 2287708 neal Traynor 087 9085684

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The TARA APPROACH is an integration of Western neuroscience with Jin Shin, a Japanese meridian based touch system. As a survivor of shock and trauma Stephanie Mines, Ph.D. has created this approach from her years of research, study, and work with clients.

10% off all treatments for a limited time only. Simply refer to this advert when contacting us. Conor Kelly is an Integrative Health Practitioner based in Dublin. He specializes in: - Biodynamic Cranio-sacral Therapy - Acupuncture (Balance Method) - Chinese Herbal Medicine - Sports Therapy

CO. MEATH, IRELAND September 26-30, 2014

FINDHORN, SCOTLAND September 13-19, 2014

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For more information visit Conor’s new website:

Dr. Mines, author of We Are All in Shock will be teaching two foundations courses in the UK and Ireland this September.

CONOR KELLY Integrative Health Practitioner

Healthcare professionals in all fields, parents, and the general public are welcome.

t: +353 (0) 85 7552 581 | e: |

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positi v e meditation

make worry work for you 19

Worry is one of the most common distractors during meditation. Thoughts of concern can grab your attention and before you know it you’re lost in a myriad of worstcase scenarios invented by your mind. It can distract you from your day, make sleep less than easy and due to the mind-body connection, even hold you back from good health. But you can make it work for you, rather than against you.

2 See the worry thoughts, don’t be the worrier Whenever you notice that you’ve been caught up in your mind worrying about something I recommend you move into a space of self-awareness. Step back inside yourself to see the worry thoughts and acknowledge that they are there, instead of being the worrier. You have a mind, but you are not your mind. You are the calm, conscious awareness that is aware of your mind so you can benefit from coming out of the entanglement in your thoughts, to instead be the awareness that’s aware of them.

2 Acknowledge that the worry is positively intended Believe it or not, your mind is always doing its best to keep you safe and happy. Having started observing your mind, you can see that the intention of the worry is actually

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 19

the harmony of thinking and being. By Sandy Newbigging

positive. Your mind is trying to help you to pay the bills, experience more love, achieve goals that are important to you and so much more. By acknowledging that the worry is positively intended, you can get into a better frame of mind; moving from concern to the clarity you need to move towards what you want.

2 Thank the worrisome thoughts for trying to help Leading on from tip number two, it can really help to actively thank the thoughts for trying to help. This may appear to be counterproductive when you may believe you want to get rid of the worry but by thanking the thoughts for being present within you, you can automatically stop resisting them, let go, reduce stress and even experience inner calm.

2 Get our of your head and into the moment When you are more self-aware and present, you create a space within your being that allows you to access your intuition, creativity and wisdom – which are all necessary for finding creative solutions for moving forward in a peaceful and productive way. To get back to the now, I find a simple reality check works perfectly. Tune in to a sound that’s been happening that you

were previously ignoring, notice what you are physically touching that you were not aware of, or look to notice things in your peripheral vision that you hadn’t previously seen. By bringing your attention to here and now you will often discover that what you were worrying about isn’t actually happening right now. It only appeared to be happening now because you had been thinking about it.

“Your mind is always doing its best to keep you safe and happy.” By seeing the worry thoughts and no longer being the worrier, acknowledging that the antics of your mind are actually positively intended and even thanking your mind for trying to help, you naturally stop resisting the tendencies of your thoughts and can begin to learn to live in harmony with your mind. This healthier relationship with the thoughts can help you to discover the solutions you need to overcome any challenge you may face. Sandy’s no.1 best-selling book ‘Mind Calm’ is out now.

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positive beaut y

dress to express 20

show off who you are. By Mary Berkery

What do you wear to show who you are in the world? Are you aware that the clothes you wear give an impression of who you are in that day or time of your life? As relaxed, sporty, as male or female, as comfortable in your skin, business-like, cared for, creative, bohemian, natural and approachable. Recently, I had the privilege of visiting Drimbawn house in Mayo. It’s owned by the Wilson Family and the grounds open for two days each year as part of the Clew Bay garden trail. While there, we were taken on a magical journey through roses, woodland garden and shrubs. I was stuck by the beauty and grandeur of it all. While looking into the centre of plants, I could see that a flower has no inhibitions, no sense of being small or tall or less or more than another. They truly show off who they are, from calendula to iris to exquisite rose. I believe that we are the only beings on earth that have a choice about what we wear each day. Maybe Adam and Eve had a part to play by feeling shame and

covering themselves! However, our clothing can truly enhance the human form in the way it drapes the body. Colours chosen can highlight eye, skin and hair colours. For this article, I was asked to write about how to dress for an important date or a first date. So instead of making rules on what to wear or not wear, I have put together some guidelines to take into consideration when dressing for any occasion. Overdressing vs. Underdressing Many people under or overdress. You probably want to look well but at the same time not appear as if you have been preparing all day. I suggest something that you feel comfortable and relaxed in with some colour added in a bag or shoes. And men, make sure to polish those shoes and have a crisp shirt or t-shirt under that jacket. Wear Your Size A bigger shirt will hide the shape of

“A flower has no inhibitions, no sense of being small or tall or less or more than another. They truly show off who they are.”

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 20

your body and a smaller one does no justice either to your lovely curves. For larger female bodies, a website called is worth looking at. They sell online and have very nice relaxed and feminine pieces that would suit any occasion Know Your Colours Make sure your outfit does not clash. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t wonderful colour blends. Often a cool colour is good with a warm color for example, compliment red with purple or blue with yellow … however red and yellow do not go in the same way. There are some good sites on colour co-ordination and coordinate-colors provides a helpful guide. Enlist Help Get an opinion from a friend or professional you trust when it comes to finding what suits you or when purchasing a new garment. When buying, a good rule is to get one good item per year or as per your budget. This could be a nice jacket or pants or dress. This can then be mixed with less expensive pieces. Do not bow to what fashion dictates either. Check out local vintage shops and see what ageless gems are hiding there! Lastly, remember also to wear a smile on your heart and as I’ve heard said, “be yourself, everyone else is taken.” |

31/08/2014 13:53

Celebrate Your Style! Call into Crimson Boutique for -

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Unique Fashion Finds Chic Pieces Irish Designers A Welcoming Environment with a Personal Touch

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Februar y - November 2015

Monthly weekend modules

information & enrolment:

Jai Kartar Kaur 087 333 9642

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relics of

wisdom & compassion



Loving kindness resides in every person’s heart and is the basis for respect, peace and happiness both individually and globally. The mission of ‘The Maitreya Loving Kindness Tour’ is to bring the blessings of spiritually potent relics from the Buddhist faith to as many people around the world as possible, through events that encourage respect, openness, happiness and conditions for peace. The tour presents each of us with spiritual objects; tangible products of wisdom and compassion. These are ‘ringsel’ or pearl shaped crystals that miraculously appear in the cremated ashes of realised masters and saints from as far back as the historical Buddha and some of his direct disciples, and from as recently as 2002. The relics on this tour were kept safe in monasteries, temples and in private hands. Ringsel are not only associated with the transition of death however. This tour includes ringsel that fell like rain out of the sky during a ceremony to the Buddha of Purification, Vajrasattva. The effects of these relics is not only that they fill our senses with beauty but some attendees report unexpected and lasting healing. Others are moved so deeply that they are unable to express it in words. My co-host Tich Walsh felt a lasting smile of the Buddha.

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 22

Ven Choden Rinpoche has said, “Being in the presence of the relics is the same as being in the presence of the actual, living Buddha himself… People should understand this is what is happening.”

“loving-kindness is the way forward to understanding self and the meaning of life” Teri Gram gave his thoughts at a 2003 event in San Francisco, “I think everyone can benefit from seeing the relics because you can’t put a religious title on love, or God, or anything, you know we all have just come together to pay our respects to the god that is within ourselves as well as in others”. But their magnificence and very

existence present a question about reality itself. Reality is the basis of Buddhist inquiry. The Buddha, that is, all the Buddhas that have existed and the future Maiterya Buddha, will continue to awaken our collective consciousness to the true nature of Mind and the meaning of Existence. All have expressed a singular theme; that loving-kindness is the way forward to understanding self and the meaning of life, and that the heart and the mind are one. Buddhism is full of beautiful terms on the path of enquiry into reality. Samsara refers to the cycle of death and rebirth in the material world and also the flow between worlds. Teachers are venerated as ‘rinpoche’ meaning ‘precious ones’. The direct path to enlightenment is called ‘vajra yana’ – ‘the diamond vehicle’ and the mind of the Buddha is also often referred to as diamondlike for its purity and strength. Whether we call it Buddha Nature or Holy Spirit, everyone of us has this essence. Entrance to the events of the tour is free, all that is required is an open mind and a pure heart. People can stay as long as they wish and there are large areas for sitting and meditation. Gracing the event in Cork this November, we are honoured to have Ven. Lama Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche, the spiritual director of Jampa Ling in Cavan, to confer blessings with the relics. Cork, 14-16 November

31/08/2014 13:53

Lars Muhl Thurs 30th October

Evening Talk 7.30 - 9.30pm Sat 1st November

Full Day Workshop 10am - 4.30pm Venues: Talk - Stillorgan Park Hotel Workshop – Thomas Prior Hall, Dublin 4 Fees: €35 (Talk) €99 (Workshop) €120 (Talk & Workshop) Lars is a visionary and mystic & author. After his sister’s death in 1960, Lars at 10 years old, developed ESP. He was suddenly able to see through other people and share their pains and worries. Later in life this multidimensional sensitivity was reopened, but in a much more positive way. During the seminar and workshop, Lars will explore the deeper meanings behind astral travel, out-of-body and kundalini experiences, reincarnation, the Essenes, and the Aramaic New Testament. Attendees will be invited to explore their own healing abilities and tap into their own archetypal knowledge base.

Jane Stephenson Tel: +353 (0)86 241 7106 Book online

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 23

31/08/2014 13:53


Interview by Paul Congdon

Sri Mooji is a disciple of Advaita master, Sri H.W.L. Poonja or ‘Papaji’, as he is affectionately known by devotees. Mooji’s path through life has brought him through many experiences and led him to dedicating his life to the calling of the Heart. He warmly spoke to us about truth, consciousness and the challenges each one encounters in life as a person, and how to transcend them by the grace and light of the inner Being. What do you feel is the true nature of consciousness? Consciousness is life itself. It is the functioning and perception of life as the manifest world of names and forms and all sentient beings including our own existence. In India, the true nature of consciousness is said to be Satchidananda. ‘Sat’ means existence, ‘chid’ is consciousness, and ‘ananda’ is pure bliss or transcendental happiness. Its most profound aspect is its play as the natural sense ‘I am’ or ‘I exist’, which is the untaught way of knowing ourself as being.

What is the ‘I am’ practice? I don’t generally give practices as they

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 24

tend to imply that truth is something other than what and where we already are, to be reached after some striving. However, if one could be offered, it would be to just rest in and as the natural and effortless feeling ‘I am’. Don’t add anything further to it nor allow it to connect up with any concepts, thoughts, feelings or intentions. If a thought comes, be aware of it but don’t engage with it. Just remain one with the sense of being and stay present as that. Anyone from any religion or background can do this simple exercise and it will strengthen the sense of intuitive presence—the divinity within. Even people who have never meditated or read any book on spirituality find that they begin to experience some kind of vibration, a deepening silence and stillness as the attention begins to turn away from the field of sensory information and rests in the emptiness of presence. Avoid expecting anything or using your imagination. With a little practice you will soon find that you are able to remain here quite naturally. This unmixed awareness is already introducing a certain spaciousness inside, a deepening tranquillity, joy and intuitive sensitivity. The more you do it, the more you will love and value it.

What is one thing from your master, Papaji, that really sticks out for you? One thing that Papaji always advises is simply to keep quiet. This is the most simple and profound pointing because our tendency is to follow whatever thoughts come. If you are in the habit of running off with your thoughts you will soon run into trouble in the form of some kind of chaotic, agitated state. When the mind arises, don’t just follow it out of reflex or habit. Instead, be aware of the unmoving space in which phenomena arise and be one with that. Papaji is total experiencing and immediacy. He is always coming from emptiness, so he is not predictable. He is not a teacher who expounds any philosophy. Papaji simply points to the direct experience that truth is, without any frills. That is the potency of my master.

31/08/2014 13:54

25 When the mind comes up with erratic thoughts, should we stand up to them? Or should we simply rest and watch as awareness? First, recognise your place as the awareness itself. Without awareness, even the perceiving of thoughts could not arise. There would be no experience, for awareness is the root of all. This is often missed because, like a reflex, the attention goes out to the ‘crime scene’, and then we comment and get caught up in this story rather than being aware of the untouched witness. There is a great and immediate power in just staying as presence. It is a most profound pointing, for when this guidance is followed, thoughts lose their magnetism and bypass your attention and you quickly come to a beautiful place of rest within your own being.

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 25

Thoughts are nothing to be afraid of. They only become powerful when you identify with them as a person. As you begin to observe thoughts instead of identifying with them, they rapidly lose their power and your mind returns easily to the natural state of presence, which is always here in you. But when the attention goes towards the mind’s projections, you become distracted. Through the exercise of remaining as the formless perceiver, it becomes self-evident that you are witnessing from and as presence itself. Thought activity, particularly psychological thought activity, just loses its appeal and fades away in the light of true self-recognition. This is experienced as a great relief and freedom from the spells of the ego-mind. Remember this: all problems are

personal. We only have problems because we identify so personally with our thoughts. Thoughts by themselves are powerless; it is our identifying with them that gives them significance.

What advice do you give people who are going through some tough times or whose minds are running the show? Well, I would not want to try and do anything with the mind, because the mind is just impossible. The mind also grows with confl ict; the more you try to fight it, the more reality and strength you give it. Simply let it play and you remain as the impartial and detached witness. When attention and presence are one, mind is nowhere to be found. Mind has no power by itself. It runs on phantom

31/08/2014 13:54

“When attention and presence are one, mind is nowhere to be found. Mind has no power by itself.”

a play of transience. As this is grasped, one unexpectedly finds oneself in and as the state of untroubled being behind the fickle facade of personality. All that you conceive of as yourself and your life is a passing show. You must recognise yourself as the witness of each and every move and be one with that unmoving seer. Develop the habit to stop identifying. Perceive but don’t identify personally. These are powerful tablets of understanding and as soon as they are swallowed, they begin to release their power inside your being. Their effect is tremendous inside the human spirit. Your world opens up into a new universe as you continue to flower into wisdom and perfect understanding. We cannot continue trying to solve things through the mind alone, for it is saturated with conditioning. Sometimes I say that you have to be the cow that jumped over the moon. You have to be that one who jumps over the moon-mind and transcends its pull. It’s not difficult at all. Actually it is quite easy, but only if you are ready and open enough to try. Most fortunate is to find a teacher who makes it very simple for you to see what is obvious, yet obviously missed. Once you recognise truth, a great unburdening is experienced and a mystery begins to unfold. This is the greatness of satsang. It’s not setting you on a course for freedom in instalments. There is immediacy here—quicker than Zen!

What is humanity’s role in all that is? power. If you are interested in the mind, it gets empowered by your attention. If you have no interest in the mind, it is hardly noticed. This is a simple thing, but it is something that the whole world misses. As soon as you discover that you can witness the mind’s functioning with detachment, you are free of it. The trouble is that in the moment when it is pulsing, we believe what it is throwing at us, and when we believe it, we believe it into existence and are then caught up in its traffic. A thought without belief has no power, it doesn’t even register, but a thought with belief can create huge suffering. The mind is one baby you don’t need to pick up whenever it cries for attention. As you grow in the simple way that I point out—to remain as the ‘I am’—you will start to see all this more clearly. Your ingrained psychological thoughts will crumble away. Mind’s seeming power will

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 26

diminish quicker than you can imagine as you discover your true position as the unchanging awareness. If you take life too personally, then you will have trouble with your mind. When you are impersonal, the mind becomes your friend and everything flows as harmony.

How do our readers step into that way of being and living? When you have a strong sense of personhood, it’s very difficult to step out of that. But with guidance, we are able to see that the idea we have of who we are is only a phenomenon inherited from conditioning. Who you think you are is only the idea you have about yourself at any given moment. Nothing is fi xed here. It’s the nature of ideas to come and go. We have had many different identities throughout our life. Which version is true? Well, actually none of them. They come and go just like clouds in the sky—

My truest answer would be that humanity’s role is to become aware of our true nature. A human form is a great gift of consciousness, for in this form we can see, feel, meet and be one with God—the supreme reality. Life becomes fully alive when we discover, beyond the shifting sands of the mind, that our inmost reality is unborn and imperishable awareness. Every other role is only a role in temporality. All that we perceive is passing, impermanent. To discover one’s true nature outshines every other achievement or attainment. Are not all human beings searching for lasting happiness and peace? We have different ways of searching for this, but underlying all the urges and impulses in the human kingdom is the search for the eternal. Satsang is your chance to discover this in and as our own timeless self.

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what is


By Dawn Cartwright It appears at the edge of sleep. In moments of intense feeling. In the breathless space when you let go. It is the life hidden in this one; a secret life of astonishing beauty that also experiences us. And responds. A love affair of cosmic proportions. The Tantric path, complex and varied, opens the space for the experience of this hidden life in everything we do. According to scholar, Robert Brown, “The idealogical aspect of the Tantric vision is the cosmos as permeated by power, a vision wherein energy is both cosmic and human and where microcosm and macrocosm correspond and interact.” It’s an approach, an attitude that encompasses beautiful, joyful and delightful guidance and steps to take to tap into a joyful field of experience within all aspects of your life. HOW TO TANTRA – THE PRACTICE Begin right now, where ever you may be. While there are many Tantric meditations and practices that require you to sit silently in a quiet place, Tantra, in its essence, is about engaging with life just as it is. Therefore, you, as you are, wherever you are, is already the perfect place to be. Even 3-10 seconds works. While it’s helpful to have an hour or more to dedicate to your practice, finding time can be the biggest stumbling block to starting. Daniel Odier, Ph.D., a renowned Tantric Master, encourages his students to engage in short, 3-15 second, practice sessions to get over the time hurdle. Some find these “micropractice” sessions done frequently are even more effective than one long session. SCAN YOUR BODY Give yourself a few minutes to mentally scan your body and notice how you feel. Where do you feel relaxed? Where do you feel tension? Take your time. Meet your body and how it feels with acceptance and compassion, every sensation is a jumping off point for exploring the life hidden in this life

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 27

27 “Some find these “micro-practice” sessions done frequently are even more effective than one long session.” – no exceptions. CHOOSE ONE SENSATION AND FOCUS While scanning your body, you probably noticed a sensation that was interesting to you in some way. Focus your attention there. Get closer, feel more. Imagine climbing inside the sensation to get even closer. GO DEEPER You may be holding tension you weren’t even aware of – allow yourself to relax. Steadily soften the muscles around the sensation, until your whole body is relaxed. NOTICE What do you notice about the sensation now that tension has been released? How does your body feel? How do you feel in general? Scan your body again. What do you notice?

START AGAIN The Tantric practice is often a spiral of concentric circles, plunging deeper and deeper as more and more is revealed. Now that you are more in contact with the sensation that first captured your attention - get even closer. What happens when you feel within the feeling now? When you release deeper layers of tension in your body and mind? DEEPLY RECEIVE When you feel complete, take a few minutes to absorb what you have discovered in your practice. Let go, sink into your body and the support underneath you. Savour the life hidden in this one. Dawn Cartwright is a Tantric visionary, sacred writer, and innovator in bio-energetic Tantra fusion.

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juicy gossip Why the world has gone mad for juice.

By Erika Doolan Juices to Choose

Over the last six months there’s been a noticeable surge of people part taking in 3–5 day juice detoxes and lots of new juice companies sprouting up everywhere. But why has the world gone mad for juice? Every health authority recommends consuming five to eight portions of fruit and vegetables each day yet it can be tricky to incorporate a variety of them into our daily diets. Strapped for time, and often money too, most of us take the easy route and could take more consideration of the live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants that our bodies require to thrive. Juicing offers a way to do this.

5 Reasons To Juice – The Delicious Cycle 1 Introducing your body to a whole new world of delicious nutrients can be fun. They say change is as good as a holiday and this is like a holiday for your body. It offers an alternative way to consume the vegetables you don’t love the taste of but know are good for you and remains one of the easiest ways to ensure that you are consuming your daily quota of nutrients, micro nutrients, vitamins and naturally occurring enzymes. On top of that, natural, raw fruit juices are easy to digest, meaning you’ll actually imbibe more goodness than if you merely munched on an apple or an orange.

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 28

2 Great juices flood your bloodstream with a high dose of loads of good stuff and you’ll find this will give you a boost in all sorts of ways. I always feel brand new afterwards; cleaner, leaner, lighter, glowing skin, shiny hair and my energy levels soar.
Juicing advocates also report fewer sleepless nights. All of this makes it easier to make more good decisions; a delicious cycle rather than a vicious cycle. 3 If you haven’t been very healthy over the last few months or years juicing is a fantastic way to detox and nourish your body to give it a kick start. It gives your body a chance to heal itself; eliminating toxins and making the most of the valuable vitamins and nutrients at its disposal at the same time. 4 Raw fruit and veg contain high levels of plant chemicals known as phytonutrients, which have been shown to improve and maintain heart health and help with inflammation. Naturally occurring plant compounds called flavonoids and anthocyanins are also in abundance and help our bodies defend against oxidative cellular damage. 5 Some foods, such as meat, wheat and processed foods can cause your body to produce acid, meaning your body may need to work a bit harder to keep the pH

The Juice Factory Erika’s Juice Factory supply 3–7 day cleanses that are not only nutritionally balanced but also some of tastiest going. They’re available in 55 cafés, restaurants and shops nationwide off the shelf too so they’re easy to get your hands on. The Punnet Health Store & Punnet Food Emporium James and Darragh have taken the initiative to getting Ireland cleansed and encouraging healthier, more fulfilling lifestyles. Cornucopia Erika has been working with restaurant owner Deirdre McCafferty and have come up with mighty plans for bringing juicing to a another level in the coming months. Keep your eyes peeled. Western Green A Clonakilty based company selling juicers, water filters and accessories and even a nifty little manual juicer. GreenValu Another great supplier of juicers as well as products and accessories for sprouting and even offering juicing and sprouting workshops. Stillorgan Orchard A juice programme doesn’t mean you have to stay home. If you’re heading out for breakfast pop along to the Stillorgan Orchard for a juice treat. Juice 2 Go They offer a range of different packages and deliver all over Ireland. Choose from a 5 day, 3 day or Kickstarter Cleanse to get you going.

31/08/2014 13:55

29 “I always feel brand new afterwards; cleaner, leaner, lighter, glowing skin, shiny hair and my energy levels soar.” levels of your blood balanced, alkaline diets and juicing give your body a bit of a stress relief from constantly working to keep your pH level as they should be.

What to Expect Days 1 and 2: If it’s your first time doing it, Day 1 can be easy but it’s Day 2 that separates the men from the boys! Toxins start leaving your body, withdrawal symptoms kick in and you may feel slightly hungry. Day 3: You will already start to feel the benefits and will likely be hooked and want to continue to day 5! I lost 6lbs over 3 days and felt leaner, lighter and my mind was clear. My tummy felt flatter and I began craving healthy foods. Continue your light exercises each day; the best surprise is how much energy you have. You will suffer side affects associated with the detox taking place in your system and this can include headaches, nausea, skin breakout, colds and flu. These are most likely a sign that it’s working and to forge on through, but if you’re concerned, do of course get medical advice.

Pro Tips If it’s your first time on a juice programme, add in fruit like apples or pineapples but going forward, juice lots of veggies.

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 29

My favourite juicer is’s masticating juicer, it provides the best quality juice at a reasonable cost. Juicing involves substituting meals for raw, organic fruit and vegetable juices but you should also drink lots of water,

Important Info 1 Young children should avoid juice cleanses but juices and soups are still a great way to sneak loads of greens into their diet.

2 Anyone with candida and diabetes should consult their General Practitioner before juicing it up.

3 Long term juicing is not recommended

due to no protein or fibre intake so please juice wisely, or add these in with your juices!

4 It’s important to remember that juicing isn’t a substitute for medical treatment; if you are unwell, recovering from illness or have any concerns, consult your doctor first.

herbal teas, and broths, made with fresh vegetables, herbs and spices. A super-juice with concentrated benefits is hemp juice; rich in carotenoids, mineral nutrients and chlorophyll and believed to act as a great anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotectant, it’s often used as a therapeutic nutritional supplement. Another great green is wheatgrass. It contains the full spectrum of B vitamins, as well as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium. It’s also a source of protein, supplying all of the essential amino acids but in a form that your body can use really efficiently in the blood stream and tissues. A huge number of advocates purchase pre-made, nutritionally-balanced juices. This saves on time but also ensures that your program contains the right balance of vitamins and nutrients. After a juice programme, continue with a ‘maintenance plan’ to sustain the effects of your great new burst of health. Erika is an expert on juicing and supplies fresh, raw juices from her website. She’ll be speaking at the Allergy Expo this October detailing the hows and whys of incorporating raw food and juicing into your daily lifestyle. |

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positi v e personalit y

tantra maat a joyful appetite for life.

By Paul Congdon

Tantra Maat, author of ‘An Irish Tale of a Modern Mystic’ explained to us that she wrote this book because she fell in love with the Irish people and that it was in this culture that she returned to herself. She shared some thoughts with us on where we are all at now, globally and individually, and how to best navigate this time.


Are you a healer? I’m a system restorer, I don’t use the word ‘healing’, mostly because there’s an undercurrent in that that we’re not ok, that we need to be fixed. I’m psychic so I have the ability to read people and there’s something catalytic in those readings and I noticed it begin to stimulate something where clients began to restore themselves or their sense of self, so if that’s healing, ok. I would say that healing for me is restoration, rejuvenation and capacity – restoration of the system, rejuvenation of the system’s basic function, and then the capacity for your own being, like a weight lifter. What does peace mean to you? Peace is a state of being not a state of circumstance, that’s simple. But peace and truth is an organic system where you’re in response rather than reaction. You’re in ‘being there’ rather than being at the effect of something, you don’t have a sense of being disturbed even when you’re disturbed and it’s fabulous. To be awake is to be almost like a ballet dancer poised for the next move. I don’t think peace is ‘Ohm’ or a narcotic-like state of, “No matter what happens I’m fine,” because while that’s true, I’ve seen very peaceful people take a stand on some very powerful things. Do you think there is only one of us? I would say yes but here’s where that idea falls short; each of us is a unique essential aspect of the whole. Oneness has many fractals, many aspects of the same thing, but all unique and essential. Even when I was young I could always tell when I would read somebody that there was never another one of them. I’ve never read two the same ever. As I grew older, I could see how everyone was essential, not just unique but essential. And a most important thing at the moment is that every human being knows this, that without them, a composite of complexity cannot exist, it just can’t exist.

“This is a wonder based creation... we should be walking out the door in awe every day, just blown away” What’s your latest nugget of wisdom or your thing at the moment? It’s ok to have fun now. Something’s over and it’s ok to let it be over. It’s just ok. It’s ok to have the past be over. It may be a few years before we ‘get’ that it’s over, but right now it’s just ok to have it be over and take care of yourself. Do you have a daily practice? No, I just live. But there is a little cute thing I’ve been doing with my groups and the result always stuns people, especially if you’re upset or nervous or depressed. Get smiley faces stickers and whenever you feel that something made you smile or you smiled for no reason, put a sticker on the calendar. Pretty soon people start saying, “I would have thought I would put no smiley faces on and now I’m putting them on everywhere.” So I say just get a bigger calendar. Our system is looking for the laughter, it’s looking for the joy and if we just nudge it a little bit, it’ll prove itself to us. What do you want for the world? This is a wonder based, creation, this is a creation where we should be walking out the door in awe every day, just blown away by sunsets and elementals chewing our toes or whatever it is and I want us to have our awe back. I want us to be thunderstruck and enchanted and magicked and have none of it be what we’ve been told – that it’s something to fear and something to run from and to be dull and plain and boring and frightening. It’s not what a human being was designed to be.

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 30

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New Tea Room Now Open at The Stillorgan Orchard

The GreenValu masticating Juicer is Irish Designed and truly excels at juicing wheatgrass, leafy greens, all fruit and vegetables.

New Breakfast Menu available from 8am

including: Breakfast Crepes, Healthy Juice of The Day, Daily Smoothies, Full Irish, freshly baked crossiants, scones & pastries,

Extensive tea & coffe selection Free Parking- Free Wi-Fi

Affordable at €195

Simple to use, simple to clean, rinses under the tap to clean

True masticating juicer low speed of 85 rpm

Irish Designed with local support and service

Transportable weighing only 4kg

Same day or over night delivery

Order online at or call us on 01- 5444336 Monday to Friday

Meet the new neighbours... Mr and Mrs Green Unique Green Superfood Blends Specially Customised for Men and Women Gluten free - No added sugar - Vegan

Mr Green Mix is a blend for men of 12 superfoods • Increases stamina and libido • Increases sperm count and sperm mobility • Boosts the immune system • Supports detoxification Contains Spirulina, Yellow Maca, Blaca Maca, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Chlorella, Cinnamon, Reishi Mushroom, Acai, Turmeric, Wheat Grass and Mucuna. Mrs Green Mix is a blend for women of 15 superfoods • Supports hormonal and reproductive systems • Eases PMS • Increases libido • Balances sugar levels Contains Spirulina, Yellow Maca, Wheat Grass, Acai, Black Maca, Ashwagandha, Reishi Mushroom, Cinnamon, Tulsi, Cacao, Shatavari, Turmeric, Kelp, Chlorella and Moringa.

Also new in our range:

Breakfast Topping with Coconut & Breakfast Topping with Acai Available in all health food stores PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 31

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good life 2.0

common ground open-source living from woodland to web. By Davie Philip

Sharing with others and working together is hard-wired into our very being yet the dominant social and economic systems we depend on are actually working against our ability to collaborate. However, a fresh approach for taking care of our shared resources is emerging. ‘Commons’ originally referred to land or resources belonging to the whole of a community but the age-old concept is now being supercharged with new ideas from the open-source software community and the cooperative movement. The commons is a social practice for meeting our needs outside of the market. It is estimated that there are 2 billion people around the world who are currently managing land, forests, fisheries, water, seeds and creative knowledge as commons. These commoners are not only the users and beneficiaries, but also the co-creators and stewards of these shared resources.

The Process A commons is not so much about resources themselves but more about how we work together and relate to each other. It’s a conversation about who we are and how we act. It involves taking your life into your own hands, rather than being dependent on markets to sell you what you need. Commoning allows people to make decisions and take action to shape the future of their own communities.

The Principles There is no blueprint for building and maintaining a commons as each place and community varies so much. Although all are unique, certain principles underpin all commons; participation, fairness, inclusiveness, transparency, co-operation, stewardship and concern for the common good. With these principles, commoners negotiate their own rules of usage, assign responsibilities and entitlements, set up monitoring systems and introduce penalties to prevent abuse of the commons.


The Practice There is a lot of commoning going

“Certain principles underpin all commons; participation, fairness, inclusiveness, transparency…” on these days, from Transition Town initiatives, land trusts, co-housing, community farms to community energy projects. Open-source software communities have created the infrastructure that allows the Internet to work, which is itself now one of the great enablers of the commons. Open source has spread from software to hardware and new sets of technologies have emerged from this culture of collaboration and sharing. There are open-source plans for everything from cola drinks to cars. Open source hardware utilises the digital fabrication machines of FabLabs (small-scale workshops offering digital fabrication) to allow us to make almost anything. To really address the many social, economic and environmental challenges we face, more of us will have to act like commoners and be involved in the art of commoning. If we are to make the changes that we need to make to adapt to climate

change, or to connect with each other in deeper ways and strengthen our resilience, we may need to rethink the commons.

And You If you want to be part of rethinking this topic, the FabLab and co-working space in Cloughjordan Ecovillage, is organising a series of events this September in Dublin, Limerick and Cloughjordan based on the question, “How can a commons-based collaborative economy strengthen the resilience of our communities?” and will feature international thinkers to bring us some to some new insights. Davie Philip is a facilitator and trainer who manages the Community Resilience programme at Cultivate Living and Learning. He is based at the Cloughjordan Ecovillage and is a board member of GIY Ireland.

Dawn Cartwright

Sacred Sexuality How We Love Dawn Cartwright October 3rd - 9th, 2014 & October 10th - 16th

6-nights of Tantric Bliss in Wicklow. It is rare but not impossible to feel the erotic ebb and flow between dreams and desires. To experience, in the meeting of two hearts, the ache of joy now touched. There are those who say the experience of falling in love is the dissolution of the ego - for an instant. Pleasures surface from long forgotten depths and something new, that has always been, is born. We encounter the unmasked self and flourish in its blaze. The Tantric dedicates his or her life to extending that instant into hours and days, until love is lived, unmasked, without end. Secluded in the wilds of the Wicklow mountains, we'll explore the mystical realm of Tantra, sacred sexuality and love. You're invited, singles and couples welcome. A second week has been added October 10-16! 086.3578604

Hall 4, R.D.S Dublin 25th - 27th October 2014 Demonstrations | Lectures | Therapies | Exhibits

Helping you to be inspired

For further information: T: Mary 01-2859294 | E: mindbodyspiritdublin PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 33

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cracks of opportunity where the light enters Ireland.

By Samuel Bishop

34 When a tree falls in the rainforest, a gaping hole in the canopy illuminates the forest floor below. Plants scramble and compete to get prime position. They strain from all sides to reach the light; a frantic battle within the once peaceful forest. This opportunity for new life comes about from the demise of one ancient tree. Granby Park, a temporary park built in central Dublin last year was a crack of new life within the Dublin landscape. When in 2012 we began to consider the project, we found opportunities in the urban jungles within the city. We considered cracks that had developed within Irish society; religious, financial, educational, social and political institutions where the the integrity had begun to crumble, one after the other. But it created a chance for fresh ideas to be inserted into the fabric of the conventional. Granby Park was a way to insert creativity and light into the city to demonstrate ‘what could be’. Granby Park was considered a radical project but dedicated and committed collaboration with the local community and the council ensured that it eventually became a concept that was adopted by the mainstream, even appearing on this year’s Leaving Certificate! At the ‘cracks’, the edge between the

radical and the mainstream seem to be the place with the greatest potential for effective change. A focus on meaningful collaboration, strong vision and trust will ensure that ‘edge’ projects continue to become integrated into our everyday lives. Below are are some of the best projects from around Ireland. School for social entrepreneurs Beginning earlier this year in the Fumbally Exchange, a co-working space in central Dublin, the school brings together 25 budding social entrepreneurs to show them how to design the solutions to affect change. New St Gardens Opened by President Higgins in June, New St Gardens is a community-built park in Waterford city. Edel Tobin spotted a chance to turn a slice of wasteland into a thriving and vibrant community space, and enlisted a team to make it a reality. Burren Beo Ireland’s first landscape charity, Burren Beo, promotes and supports the sustainable management and use of the unique landscape and heritage of the Burren. It’s a brilliant model that involves all local stakeholders. Also in the Burren, The Burren College of Art recently announced a new ‘Dean of Possibilities’!

Uplift Uplift is a new, campaign-based organisation which aims to promote social justice, defend fairness, protect rights, preserve the planet and deepen democracy. Soar The founders of Soar aim to empower young people to thrive, believe in themselves and fulfil their true potential through facilitating workshops on self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Coder Dojo Probably one of the most talked about tech initiatives to develop in Ireland in the past two years, the founders saw an opportunity to inspire and educate through learning to code in a peer-to-peer situation. It’s created an unstoppable movement of talented developers and empowered young people. I’ve often heard this quote from Buckminster Fuller: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” We simply need to insert these new models into the cracks in the old to progress the transition to the world we’d like to see. Samuel is events coordinator at Happenings & Street Feast. You can connect with him on twitter at @samue1

“the edge between the radical and the mainstream seem to be the place with the greatest potential for effective change.” PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 34

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Body Mind Soul Events Ireland

EMMETT Technique Practitioner Course A unique muscle release system to treat core musculoskeletal problems.

59 emmet technique

“Since learning the EMMETT Technique I am using it with as many patients as I can. The increased range of movement and the pain relief they receive is amazing” Dr Liz Garthwaite – Specialist in Chronic Pain Management New Practitioner Courses in Ireland 2014: Dublin: 11th & 12th September 2014 Galway: 20th & 21st November 2014 Or attend an EMM-Tech short course for your 1 day introduction. For more information contact Hilary on (+44) 7766478211 for further details on dates and venues around Ireland and the UK.

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 35

GATEWAY 2 YOU Body Mind Soul Holistic Festival 4 & 5 October Inishowen Gateway Hotel Co. Donegal

Body Mind Soul Holistic Festival 8 & 9 November The Guildhall Derry City

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prescribe or participate? A COllABORATIvE APPROACh TO hEAlTh.

By Avril Ivory (M.Sc)

As individuals, we can make really positive, personal decisions in how we approach our health. As it becomes clearer that lifestyle factors have a massive impact on our health, more of us are exploring different ways to wellness. Catering to current understandings, there is a new approach in healthcare called the ‘Functional Medicine approach’. This is utilised by medical doctors, particularly in the states where it originated from but it is used by many nutritional therapists and naturopaths in Ireland too. At the College of Naturopathic Medicine, we teach a Naturopathic approach but are also heavily influenced by the Functional

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 36

Medicine teachings and there are shared philosophies between the two. The key concepts are that the focus is on a wellness centred model rather than a disease centred model. The person is treated, not the disease. The root cause is addressed rather than the symptoms. The approach is a personalised one, it seeks to empower patients and engenders collaboration with the practitioner to return the person to health. A practitioner looking from a functional medicine perspective looks at elements such as communications in the cells, transformation of food, repair and maintenance of structural integrity, elimination of wastes, protection and

defence, transport and circulation, oxidative stress, inflammatory processes, absorption of nutrients and microbial balance in the gut. Then they look to see what the imbalances are in these functions to find the best ways to bring them back into balance. When we choose to attend a practitioner who adopts this approach, we are choosing to collaborate in remaining well or recovering, we are choosing to participate in our healthcare, as opposed to only adhering to something prescribed. This choice requires more energy and effort because we may need to make changes, small or large, to the way we eat, sleep, exercise,

31/08/2014 13:55

manage stress, engage social support, manage our work/life balance etc. It can be a fantastic path to choose and evidence suggests many of us are now taking our health into our own hands in this way. The bonus of the extra efforts on your part, is that you are likely to experience more benefits than just an eliminated symptom. If, as a reader, you are choosing this path, it can be really helpful to attend a Naturopath or Nutritional therapist. You can also start the ball rolling yourself by reading, studying, exploring and discovering all the ways to wellness and what way would work best for you. Nutritional therapist and CNM lecturer, Anne Darcy, who practises the Functional medicine approach says, “With each of my patients, I establish what their health goals are, then find what their inspiration and motivation for change is. I help them to identify and remove any roadblocks they may have to this change and give them the information on what they need to do to be well. This will empower them to make the choices they need to make every day to be healthy. With each person, I set healthy goals and

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 37

“I establish what their health goals are, then find what their inspiration and motivation for change is.”

use the good feelings the person gets from achieving each goal to motivate towards the next. The willingness to change diet and lifestyle will largely determine the successful outcome but ‘People just want to be well’ and can get fantastic results working like this. I also really encourage them to surround themselves with people who will support them in their goals. The value of social support cannot be underestimated.” For each of us, our path to wellness is as unique as we are as individuals. There is no better day than today to sit down and start evaluating your health goals, your roadblocks, the tools you need for change, who might help you with change and to begin the journey to long and healthy lives. Avril Ivory (M.Sc) is the academic director of the College of Naturopathic Medicine. CNM train Natural Medicine practitioners to best international practise standards all over Ireland. Courses include diplomas in Nutritional therapy, herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Naturopathy as well as short courses.

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positive food


Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour Yoga Alliance at Yoga Sacred Space studio Wicklow 2015-2016 Courses

in Th hand rega

Taking applications now. Full schedule of daily classes. Yoga and Healing Retreats September 13th - One day retreat at Clonskeagh Castle, Dublin 10am -5pm Bhakti love yoga flow, chanting sacred mantra and cranial sacral therapy Hands on healing for all with a delicious raw food lunch. In a charming setting. €80.

Our next one day workshop is at Blackhill Woods retreat in Abbeyleix Co. Laois on 27th September 10am - 5pm. €90 each session. It’s a rich inspiring healing day !! For more information please call 087 987 8424 or log on to

“Gard fund I coo that start repo activ stres that heal diffi Confi

Univ whic are c cells serot of ga chem

the O the M gard thera has s goals moto PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 38

31/08/2014 13:56

the wonder of therapeutic horticulture By Hans Wieland

positive food

and independent living skills. The project garden includes a polytunnel and is grant Gardening is aided in 2012 by the National Lottery with a wonderfully flexible medium the specific purpose of ‘improving physical and mental health.’ that can The Senses Garden at The Organic transform lives, Centre has become a well-copied feature, and, working and Helen McCauley - who works as a in The Organic Centre, I have seen first‘garden therapist’ in Cregg House - got hand how gardening can help everyone, many ideas from there. “The use of regardless of age or disability. raised beds helps our gardeners using We all have heard people say, wheelchairs to fully participate in the “Gardening is therapeutic,” but the HSEgarden project. Our sensory beds and funded Food Project (CFP) theCommunity cherry on top. flower gardens offer a restful place for all I coordinated from 2004 to 2011 proves By Hans Wieland our other service users to enjoy through that with the following figures: since vision, smell, taste, touch and sound,” starting with the CFP, participants have Avoid frost pockets. This is A friend once told me that he had lost his provide shelter through hedges or wind very important andshe can’t really be fear of heights by climbing a big cherry breaks. says. reported 67% better health, 91% more compromised because late spring frost tree to get to those sweet forbidden fruits! Improve your soil with well rotted active,Eating 78%fruits improved less flowers and you lose your can damage straight fromfitness the tree orand 81% compost or farmyard manure by digging bush is probably the best advertisement in or filling your plant hole or mulching stressed. One of the other findingswhole wascrop. If you have a sloping garden, around for growing them organically. The flavour don’t plant your fruit at the bottom. your tree. Well drained soils are Choose a sunny side. Fruit does best and aroma of freshly picked strawberries, best. that gardening together provided ‘mental what is therapeutic horticulture? in a sunny position, part shade is ok, but figs, plums and pears eaten on a warm Choose your rootstock according to healthsunny gains for anything those coming with out specific longer periods of shade have to be avoided. growing space: M27 produces a dwarf tree day beats of a Social and Therapeutic Horticulture the are more fridge or cold store. And I believe growing Blackberries and currants up to 6ft, has a good life spanis and is fairly difficulties.’ (J.P. Burke: Growing in tolerant of a little shade.formal name given fruit is generally easier than growing hardy, but needs staking for life, whereas to the use of plants vegetables,2007 becauseEvaluation fruit bushes and Report) Not in a windy spot. Areas exposed MM106 will produce a semi dwarf tree up Confidence, andforgardening to promote to strong wind are not great fruits. trees need far less attention, don’t take to 20ft and willpersonal need 3-4 years to produce. University and Flowers, fruit and branches can be aResearchers lot of maintenanceat andBristol will generally development, healing, health and Varieties and Taste damaged by high winds so avoid them or give you a good harvest. Fruits are a great University of London conducted research wellbeing. low fat source of nutrients, vitamins When growing fruit organically, important that antioxidants. Not only choose varieties with a known disease which and suggests friendly bacteria which that, children love the sweet taste and and hardiness to avoid It can be part ofresistance a person’s rehabilitation are common in fruit fertile fresh or dried make soil a greatcause healthy brain disappointment and look for the best to enable them to recover from a difficult “Growing fruit to sugary sweets. taste. Cox Oranges perform poorly cells toalternative produce the beneficial chemical in Irish go for Charles time in their lives suchconditions, as drugsoaddiction, is generally How to start? Ross or Ard Cairn Russet. If you like serotonin. It also highlights the importance bereavement orRaspberries physical try injury. Autumn Bliss and A vast array of fruits can be grown very easier than of gardening organically without using easily in pots, containers, gardens and Allgold. Elsanta strawberries are in my It can help clients to learn new skills, and orchards. Some are ideal for small spaces; opinion the juiciest, and if you haven’t chemicals and toxic sprays. growing like strawberries or potted raspberries. tried White Alpine strawberries “you has been shown to slow down the progress The CFP ofhas alsoand been working with A few bushes currants gooseberries haven’t lived”. Be adventurous and plant vegetables, of a degenerative Acquiring will yield enough for a family. Most of us a figillness. tree, an apricot tree or new a grape vine the Occupational Therapy Department of can find a space in our gardens or around in a polytunnel or conservatory. because fruit skills can also improve the chances of the house to grow fruit and late autumn However, you should also be the Mental Health Services in Sligo. The bushes and finding employment. is a good time to get started. prepared for the fact that you won’t be gardening project, as part of a needs-based the only one who’d like to eat the fruit! If trees needOther farbenefits include Tried & Tested Tips you don’t want to share with or loose your increased physical therapeutic programme in the hospital, whole crop to birds, plan a fruit cage and Fruit trees and bushes ideally like a less attention.” activity, social interaction, protect your cropopportunities with a netting. slightly sloped facing and sheltered has supported a south wide range of individual site, preferably with a loamy, freefor voluntary work and social inclusion. goals, e.g. relaxation, exercise, socialising, draining soil. (Thrive 2011) motor skills development, motivation



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C day-car disabili embrac to offer opportu and aut a polytu gardeni continu gardeni giving o and sea S overcom difficul skills. F upon w starting broad b reducin eventua sunflow T gardeni down in to allow to parti activitie has man Centre i project

I would support Daniel G a big tha Cregg Ho informat

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Photo credit: Sammy Murphy


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positive food


from within boost immunity and grow your inner garden!

By Deirdre McCafferty, recipe by Tony Keogh

A tasty way to boost your immunity this autumn and winter is with some warming stews, bakes and soups and by adding some wonderful tummy friendly fermented foods to your diet. Currently, we’re big fans of the vegan brie and cashew blue cheeses created for Cornucopia by Tony Keogh. Healthy fermented foods help populate our digestive tracts with the bacteria that help protect us from the inside and help you grow your inner garden. Changing seasons, shorter days and colder, wetter weather can all add to the challenge our immune systems face so our thoughts for recipes now naturally turn to health boosting meals. Here we have a great recipe for a vegan, Irish style stew, with a twist – lots of spices! It’s chock-full of other immune boosting ingredients too; seaweed with its iodine, kale with its antioxidants and oats with calming, supportive, nerve boosting qualities. Irish style stew with seaweed, kale, ginger and oats Serves 4 -6

Photo credit: Sammy Murphy

For the base of the stew

Sunflower oil 1 large onion roughly chopped 2 carrots, peeled and grated 2 sticks of celery plus leaves finely chopped Thumb sized piece of ginger finely chopped Dessertspoon of sesame oil 2 bay leaves 5 cloves of garlic 1 finely chopped chili ½ teaspoon of Chinese five spice 70 ml shoyu 1 tsp Dijon mustard 1 level teaspoon of smoked paprika Dessertspoon of nutritional yeast [optional]

For the body of the stew

100g whole oat groats, (these can be soaked overnight to speed up the cooking time) 1 medium parsnip peeled and cut into small dice 1 small head of celeriac about 350 grams chopped into small dice 200g button mushrooms Two leeks, halved lengthways and cut into 2 cm pieces 300g of firm tofu cubed into 1 cm pieces 200g of fresh kale, rinsed, finely chopped and blanched for 1 minute in boiling water 50g of arame soaked in hot water and drained 20g of flat parsley

This recipe can be made gluten free by replacing the shoyu with tamari and by omitting the oats and adding a dessertspoon of cooked brown rice to each bowl of stew just before serving.

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“The dish is chockfull of other immune boosting ingredients too; seaweed, kale and oats.” 1 Pre-heat the oven to 220 degrees. Rinse the oat groats under some cold water and then cook them in a small saucepan in three times their volume of water. Next, heat the oil in a large saucepan and add the onion, carrot and celery. Stir vigorously for a minute before adding the next six ingredients along with a few dessertspoons of water to stop the mixture catching. Leave to simmer over a medium heat. 3 Coat the celeriac and parsnip in a little sunflower oil with a pinch of salt, spread them onto a large baking tray and bake in the top of the oven for about 15-20 minutes, they will need to be stirred half way through to prevent them from sticking. 4 Add a litre or so of water and the smoked paprika to the onion carrot spice mix and leave it to simmer over a medium heat. In a medium sauce pan, along with a dessertspoon of oil and 200 ml of water sweat the leeks until soft. 6 Coat the mushrooms and tofu in a little oil along with a pinch of salt. Spread them onto a roasting tray and bake in the oven for about 10-15 minutes. 7 Remove the bay leaves from the sauce base. Add the mustard and nutritional yeast (if you are using this) and puree the mixture using an immersion blender. You may need to add a little water at this stage depending on how thick the sauce base is. 8 Season and stir in the cooked celeriac and parsnip. Strain the leeks, retaining the cooking liquid. Stir in the tofu and mushrooms. Depending on how thick the sauce is you may need to stir in some of this cooking liquid. Stir in the kale, seaweed and chopped parsley, bring to a simmer and serve. Cornucopia are now offering an online order system so you can get more lunch time convenience. Order online and collect at the quicktill between 12 and 2 to beat the queue!

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classifieds Dublin



Healing Mind, Body & Soul

An Bhean Feasa Health Shop

Ellen Holmes I.T.E.C.

METAMORPHOSIS (Individual sessions and workshops), REFLEXOLOGY (Covered by VHI, AVIVA, Laya Healthcare)

Organic food, bodycare, supplements, herbs, books, CDs, household and Clifden Health and Therapy Centre offering Kinesiology, Holistic Balance, Food Testing, Shamanic Healing.

Where beauty and relaxation go hand in hand. Treatments Include: Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Facials, Make up (specialising in wedding parties), Private make up lessons. Graduate of Holistic Centre of Excellence.

For more information and bookings contact Cora Lavin 087 687 8696 Ranelagh, Dublin 6

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Terri Conway (095) 30671 info@clifdenhealthandtherapy. com for more information or for an appointment.

C.I.B.T.A.C., A.R.C.H.T.I.

Ellen 087 8392766/

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short & sweet


Yoga Dreams Quietening the chatter of the monkey brain. By Noeleen Tyrrell One of my favourite sayings is that ‘Life is a gift, not a problem to be solved’. I find it so empowering to think that everything we encounter, whether it’s good or bad, is reaffirming that we are alive and that everything is an opportunity. It is not always easy to remember this when things get tough, but through the practice of heart centred yoga, we train ourselves to remember just how special and precious we and our lives on this

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planet are. We all create our lives. Our thoughts create our actions and our actions define who we are and create our reality. We literally live our dreams. In yoga practice, we harness our thoughts so that we are consciously moving towards our goals and not blocking our path or getting in our own way. It allows us to find ‘head space’, quieten the chatter of the ‘monkey brain’ and

instead listen to the ancient sound of our inner voice, the voice that comes from the deepest cave of our heart. You are more powerful than you can imagine and you deserve everything that you can dream of and more. I have been teaching yoga for a long time and am still overwhelmed at how the practice can transform people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My invitation to you is to get on your mat and have the courage to listen to your heart and to live your dreams no matter what the odds.

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Is ANXIETY or STRESS Affecting your Confidence? Acquire the Skills Required Guided Mindfulness Meditation, Coaching Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy N L P, Strategic Visualisation, EFT Pluralistic Solution Focused Approach Re-group, re-build, re-gain confidence With Certified Trainer & Experienced Therapist

LIFE Architect Anna Casey chpa, icf, riai.

Miracles & Magic Adopt a miraculous new perception. By Stewart Pearce Miracles occur when human discernment marries with divine reasoning. Miracles happen when we make intercession to the Source and the Angels, requesting that they intervene in our human predicament. Miracles are experienced when the magic of Divine Love is expressed, and in a trice, universal force flows, distorting the space-time continuum, providing a moment of accelerated Kairos – a fissure in time when the light of the miraculous pours through, creating magical opportunities for radical change. Recently I was in New York, creating expansion for the Angels of Atlantis project, determining how the collective consciousness of the city could open further to these remarkable Light Beings. During this visit I was called to consult an extraordinary client, currently working for the United Nations. Post consultation, the client invited me into the Chamber of the UN, to listen to a debate concerning Global Sustainability. The debate was intense, with notable ecoscientists, and environmentalists vociferously engaged in a nihilistic argument of how the earth is moving towards the edge of a precipice – to global destruction. Suddenly, like a flash of super nova, a beautiful Pakistani woman rose, and in forthright tones spoke of the fact that nothing new was being introduced, and that this was not a time for rhetoric, but a time for Miracles. For ten minutes she spoke about the nature of miracles and magic, requesting that if we gave as much energy to our dreams, as to our fears, we would change Global consciousness. This miracle radically defined, that a change of perception may revolutionise current opinion. |

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Dun Laoghaire & Wexford 20% discount with this ad

086 682 3940

Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Medium, Tarot Reader Joanmarie Doran Dip Hip & PLT

What is it you need? - Connect with a loved one that has passed on - Connect with your past lives - Guidance using the Tarot - Help with: > Anxiety, Panic Attacks > Giving up smoking > Weight control > Insomnia

Joanmarie has been working as a spiritual guide for over 20 years

Healing doesn’t mean that damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives. Private consultations or group books available for Tarot. e.g. Birthday parties etc... Tarot readings available by phone and email. For more information email: Dublin - Kilkenny 086-8382895

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A Mindful Workout Fascial fitness and fluid movement. By Dani Gonzalez Ares

Zenga™ is the one of the newest forms of movement to reach Irish shores this year. Launched in Ireland by Complete Body Movement – Ireland’s largest and only training centre for Stott Pilates™ instructor courses, as well as offering the Irish fitness industry the only teaching training course for Total Barre™; a ballet barre instructor’s course. Zenga workouts are functional, combining strength, endurance, flexibility and dynamic stability of the entire body and thus resulting in a lower risk of injury. It encompasses the body’s natural rhythms developing more ease in our day to day activities and sport and becoming complimentary to many other activities. It is a blend of old and new concepts in mindful movement and combines modalities such as pilates, yoga, dance, meditation, developmental movement patterns, along with current scientific exercise research from areas such as fascia and myofascial lines. ‘Fascia’ has become the new buzzword or trend in fitness and is often referred to by physical therapists and fascial specialists as ‘the tissue of movement’. Zenga programmes are designed to improve the quality of out fascia, helping to restore it to its maximum potential. Zenga workouts will appeal to those looking for mindful movement for stress reduction and wellbeing and is suited for all levels of clients, from de-conditioned, post-rehabilitative clients to word-class athletes or performers. We’ll help you on the road to heightened awareness, enhanced elasticity and creating a more youthful, resilient, fluid body.

Why People Are Healthy The story of Dr. Lawrence Woods Dr. Lawrence Woods is a doctor, philosopher, author, and bio-mechanical engineer. He was born and raised by his Irish parents in New Jersey. At a young age, his youngest brother was diagnosed with a terminal illness and as a main carer for his brother, he witnessed a plethora of the latest treatments, therapies, and surgeries, none of which would save his brother. Guided by his younger brother, Lawrence set off on a thirty year journey through conventional and alternative care to study why people are healthy. His journey led him to the understanding of body mechanics and its relationship to maximising human awareness and potential. Lawrence believes that your body structure is an essential link to your health and yet all too often overlooked. He feels that by changing simple things, people are capable of freeing themselves from discomfort and attaining a more robust body than they ever imagined possible. Rather than masking symptoms, he believes in getting to the root of the issue. The problem is frequently a movement pattern breakdown. Modern conveniences, technology, seats, cars etc. have all permitted us to adapt insidiously to our lifestyle, so Dr. Woods created a product that helps you re-adapt positively and take active steps in changing your movement patterns, simply by sitting down.


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Let Life Flow Freely MOvING FORWARD IN hAPPINESS. By Trish Banks

Food is Medicine wellness • accommodation • massage • cafe Classes & Wellness Therapies Creacon Lodge offers a wide variety of services including yoga, massage, readings, meditation, acupuncture, energy healing, multi-day silent retreats and detox programs, and more! Delicious Therapeutic Cuisine While you are here, boost your health, immunity, energy and target specific areas with our fresh CON LO nutritional juice blends and delicious A eastern and Ayurvedic meals. Open daily. Stop in for tea, fresh juice, a class or a meal!




I can say with confidence that Reflective Practice Training (RPT) can change your experience of life because it did so for me. RPT can be broken down into three component parts that when combined actually make up a practice that is so much more. The three elements are; a context for general unhappiness, a simple technique for dis-identification and a format to follow for positive and lasting change. The fi rst is the kind of unhappiness you experience when everything in your life is going great, you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve and have the wealth and possessions you wanted, yet you still find something is missing. It’s the loneliness you can feel in the midst of a loving relationship and the quiet feelings that can’t be explained away by any external circumstances. The identifications we all have to our roles, our status, our intellect, our bodies and even our emotions can mistakenly be assumed to be who you are. RPT teaches you to fi rst see where you’ve placed your sense of self and step back into a deeper place that is the authentic self. Lastly, being able to instigate positive change, this comes from having a new perspective and following a formula that applies to any aspect of your life you want to change. It’s a simple formula but not necessarily an easy one. First comes awareness, then comes will. But RPT helps you understand where your will gets stuck and what steps can be taken in order to free it. It’s as practical as it is mystical.

Creacon Lodge



WELLNESS CENTRE New Ross, Wexford 051 447 666

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Sacred Sound

Creating Frequencies of Love & Healing with Mildred Ryan Workshops and Training Sacred Chant and Toning Singing Bowls, Crystals and Colour

NEW - Golden Steps to Enlightenment - Book, workshops and on-line support

FREE ebook and MP3 downloads

Sacred Sound Training and Retreats Dublin, October 2014 Finland, November 2014 Sunny Cyprus – Spring 2015 “Empowering people to heal and create lives full of love, joy and vitality”

Phone Mildred at 01-4935035 Email:


Roisin Kenny Spiritual Guide

Reiki Master NLP Practitioner

New Directions in Life Find Your True Purpose and New Direction in life Clarity and Insight to help you to change and move forward For Life Choices, Spiritual Direction and New Deeper Understanding of You. Consultations include a Bach Flower Remedy chosen specifically for you

For Consultations or to attend a Spiritual Gathering, Self Empowerment and Divine Feminine Workshop in Ireland, please contact Roisin for further information. Our Divine purpose is to be our True Power Our True Power is to be the Divine Feminine Our Sacred Well on Earth is the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Master Spirituality by You Sacred Earth Divine Power “Roisin shares a wonderful integrity, beauty and strength in her bright presence and work. The guidance that she brings through is clear, accurate and empowering.” - Caroline. 086 0572325 email Telephone and Skype Consultations available

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By Raymond Lambert David Berceli is the founder of a method called Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). He created TRE from his experiences of living many years in war-torn countries of Africa and the Middle East where he witnessed fi rst-hand the results of confl ict on local populations; especially women and children. He is now providing specialised recovery assistance to large populations affected by natural disasters as well as assisting staff of international relief agencies and organisations. TRE is an approach that deliberately uses the body’s innate process of involuntary tremoring in a safe and controlled way to physically release the effects of stress and other unresolved negative events. This natural process our body offers us is common to all mammals. Zoo animals and humans are the only species it’s no longer used by to heal and tap into the genius resources that our body contains. The method of TRE is to use a series of simple exercises to allow us to tap into this healing ability. It does not require talking about or recalling past events and does not require the ongoing assistance of a therapist for the vast majority of people; meaning the process can be used on your own on an ongoing basis to support and enhance other approaches too. Understanding the purpose of these capacities our bodies have allows us to make use of this natural processes rather than suppressing or shutting them down and missing out its inherent benefits to assist our recovery.

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Take a Deep Breath OPEN TO INTuITION TO EMBRACE ChANGE. By kate Curtis In numerous cultures, there have always been ways to access what are known as altered or enhanced states of consciousness and these methods are still practiced in many parts of the world. Different systems of breathing help to reach these states enabling us to access parts of our minds otherwise locked off. Holotropic Breathwork is a system developed by Dr. Stanaslov Grof in the 60s that helps facilitate this for deep transformational healing that anyone can incorporate into their lives. Dr. Gorf created the method after he observed how the breath was used within many ancient civilizations. Deep healing and deep insights can occur when we open our hearts and this can help make that happen. With the hectic, high energy of modern, Western culture, the closure of our hearts seems to have come about in order to survive a harsh, fast world. Our intuitive natures are not as honoured as they once were, by ourselves or by society. The beauty of nature and of Mother Earth is far removed and as such the ability to maintain this open heartedness can be challenging. Never has there been such a need for groups and communities of people who are able to access these states of innate wisdom which will help to guide them. By holding this energy within ourselves, we can also help to keep ourselves and our loved ones well and strong during times of change, and transformation. 速


Amma in Dublin Spiritual Talks, Meditation, Live Music and a Very Special Hug from Amma

NATIONAL SHOW CENTRE Friday 31st October & Saturday 1st November

ADMISSION FREE Call: 085-1881377 Reg. Charity No. CHY 15299

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Listen Your Way to Peace Calmerceuticals™ before pharmaceuticals. Self-love and self-care are very much neglected in this time of ultra-busy lifestyles but just twenty minutes of sonic guided meditation can soothe the brain to a calm, peaceful state. Calmerceuticals, created by John Levine and Alexandra Wenman, offer this deep meditation in an easy-to-use and portable form. John Levine, using his background in psychology, engineering and the physiology of hearing, was the first to compose relaxation music to settle the brain into Alphawaves. With Calmerceuticals, he teams with holistic therapist Alexandra Wenman, whose soothing voice and long experience in Theta Healing support many on their path to wellbeing. Together, they combine music and guided visualisations in the first three CDs of the Calmerceuticals series. How does it work? Science shows that Alphawaves produce ‘happy chemicals’, including serotonin and betaendorphins. These soothe the stressful brain Betawaves, helping the nervous system to calm the body and still the mind on the journey to rest and renewal. Benefits brought about from this include feelings of profound relaxation, greater confidence and personal empowerment,

increased clarity, joy, freedom and awareness, physical healing, enahnced creatived, a more open heart, improved realtionships and resolution of some psychological and emotional difficulties! Try a few minutes each day and keep a diary of the benefits to help you track it.


Emmett in Ireland A personal journey. By Hilary Campbell-Martin

In 2009, I travelled to England for Modules 1 and 2 of the EMMETT Technique with the originator of the therapy, Ross Emmett. I knew very little about it. I had seen the course advertised in a magazine and something about the name resonated with me. A fellow therapist had studied several of the modules and I was intrigued. I wasn’t sure what to expect. When Mr. Emmett came out to teach, a number of things struck me. He was very confident, very male, very Australian and he had cool hair! For the first hour I listened to him speak about his life and how his experiences shaped his work. I thought, “Ho hum, another bloke telling us (mostly female therapists) how great he, and his technique was.” Then I watched him work – and it was a life changer. Immediately I saw that Ross became someone else once he began to work on a student. It was as if a bubble appeared around them, only he and the student existed. I saw changes happening within students’ bodies that defied explanation. “It can’t work that quickly”, I thought but it did and it does! I began using the moves from Modules 1 and 2 immediately, integrating them into my existing therapies. I was getting results that both my clients I found astounding. I found

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 49

myself able to correct issues in minutes rather than over a series of weeks. Once I qualified in all 6 Modules, Ross asked me to teach the EMM-Tech course and in 2011 he asked me to join the instructing team for the UK and Ireland. I am continuously inspired by the changes I can help other therapists create with their clients.

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In these one day classes you will learn the basic tools of Access Consciousness. Would you like to have more freedom in every area of your life?

Self-Healing Creative WorkSHopS with Sarah Codd A six week journey in finding your life purpose. We live in a wonderful world of colour and through Aura - Soma and art we will explore our unique talents and gifts.



For Reiki Healing, Aura - Soma readings and course bookings Tel: 01 2843856 or 086 6667658

BARS CLASSES Saturday 30th August 10-6pm in the Lantern Centre Dublin 2. Saturday 13th September 10-6pm in the Lantern Centre Dublin 2. Saturday 18th October 10-6pm in the Lantern Centre Dublin 2. Saturday 15th November 10-6pm in the Lantern Centre Dublin 2. Cost €160 - Repeat €80 Mobile: +00353 87 2513 322 Email: ALL OF LIFE COMES TO ME WITH EASE, JOY AND GLORY

Come see us at the Allergy & Free-from Expo in October.

It flares up after food. You’re not sure why Food Detective® is a home test kit used to detect and treat food intolerances.

Treatments available from our Therapy Room

In just over 40 minutes it can check for (IgG) antibodies against 50 common foods - all from a fingerprick blood sample. Testing is followed by an Elimination & Rechallenge Diet over a 12-week period.

If you’ve questions about the test?

Email or text (086) 348 3592 Need help designing your new diet? Why not work with a nutritional therapist (

Order Food Detective on (€79.95 +P&P)

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Deep Tissue Massage Aromatherapy Massage Indian Head Massage Sports Massage Tui Na Reflexology Hopi Ear Candling Kinesiology / Allergy Testing Homoeopathy Nutritional Therapy Bach Flower Therapy Craniosacral Therapy Health Food Store & Therapy Centre 5 Lower Main Street, Arklow, Co. Wicklow

Health at Hand Arklow Phone/Fax: 0402 41869

31/08/2014 13:57

Theta Healing An easy fearlessness. By Paul Congdon

Theta Healing fits into the mind/body therapies as a complementary or alternative health modality. It is both therapeutic and self-help and aims to assist with physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Using a meditational process that accesses the ‘theta’ brainwave, the practitioner prays for their client to receive unconditional love to assist in the healing changes they desire. Another way of expressing this is that they ask God, The Energy That Moves in All Things, Source or The Creator for the healing to take place. Intrigued? I definitely was which

set me to make an appointment to visit with Laura Mason. Laura has trained with the founder of the process Vianna Stibal in the US and offers trainings here in Dublin as well as one to one sessions. Through a question and answer process called ‘digging’ we endeavoured to find out beliefs I’m holding on to that no longer serve me. During the session, Laura frequently repeats a question requiring you to state something you’re afraid of, and asking “And what would happen then?” It’s very effective as it challenges the mind to see that really, your fears are false evidence

appearing real and you see that nothing would happen, it just is. Laura is a very intuitive practitioner and you really get the sense that she cares and knows what she is doing as the session unfolds. It’s a great therapy to expose beliefs that no longer serve you and to allow you to move forward towards your goals. If you feel like letting go of some things, then this is a lovely process and a lovely practitioner who can help.


Let the Fun Begin! Two tips to bring playfulness back. By Dr Dain Heer

Dr. Dain Heer facilitates classes, workshops and seminars on Access Consciousness® and a healing process called The Energetic Synthesis of Being. He has written multiple books including Being you Changing the World. He offers tools that empower people to move beyond limitations and into the life they truly desire. Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Responsibilities. Obligations. Expectations. Too much to do and not enough time to do it? Many of us lose our playfulness as we grow older and life becomes an obligation, but the good news is, you can bring it back. 1. Be Willing To Receive: Most of us were not taught to receive. We were taught to give, to do and to work hard. How different would your life be if you

PL_Autumn_2014 NYC.indd 51

were willing to receive? How much more joy would you have? Every molecule in the Universe desires to contribute to you and when you are willing to receive it, you become fully alive. 2. Nurture and Care for You: When was the last time you did something that was nurturing for you and your body? Would you be willing to start now? One hour a day and one day a week, give time to this. Choosing to care for you is one way to embrace the joy of living and it increases your capacity to receive. Even these two small steps will help you begin to embrace the joy of living and allow yourself to receive. Take time to do what is fun and nurturing for you and life will go from obligation to celebration. So are you ready to play? Let the fun begin!

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short and sweet


MEDITATION, YOGA, THERAPY & HEALING with mantra, chant, gongs, tuning forks, singing bowls, drums… WORKSHOPS & PRACTITIONER TRAINING IN DUBLIN

Beeja Mantras Step-by-step sound healing at home. By Tony Nec Chanting Beeja mantras is an effective form of sound healing therapy. Beeja mantras are short, one syllable Sanskrit word-sounds. The word ‘beeja’ means seed; ‘mantra’ means mystical sound. We have seven main chakras and it is possible to open, balance and awaken each chakra using your voice. Each chakra has a beeja mantra associated with it. The sound vibrations harmonise the chakras creating vibrant health and wellness. Using your voice to tone the chakras is an extremely powerful technique. As a daily practice, vocal toning is one of the most simple, easy and effective therapeutic tools you can use. It’s free, and fully mobile, so you can do it anywhere, anytime! »» Step 1: Bring your awareness to the root chakra around the base of your spine. »» Step 2: Chant the beeja mantra ‘LAM’ quietly in your mind. »» Step 3: Take a deep breath and sing or say the mantra on any note three times for 5-10 seconds each time, feeling the vibration in the chakra. »» Step 4: Repeat this process for each chakra: Sacral chakra, below your navel, chant VAM. Solar plexus chakra, above your navel, chant RAM. Heart chakra, centre of your chest, chant YAM. Throat chakra, around your throat, chant HAM. Brow (third eye) chakra, between your eyebrow, chant OM (AUM). Crown chakra, top of your head, chant silently OM (again). »» Step 5: Take some deep breaths in and stay silent. »» Step 6: Descend through the chakras repeating the above process

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Quiet Time Alone A secret spot is waiting for you. By Elva Carri I love people, they’re my favourite. I also love being on my own, that’s my other favourite. I love talking and listening and learning, and I love silence and being alone with my wandering thoughts left undisturbed. Living in Dublin, one of these is much more better catered to than the other, to the point that sometimes I wonder how there isn’t a single ‘silent café’ here. I’m not sure that’s even a thing, but if it isn’t, it ought to be. But not to worry, a quiet space is waiting, not too far from here. Glenstal Abbey have long run a guesthouse that offers a peaceful atmosphere, with evening supper taken with no talking, but listening to a book read aloud. But they also offer something special for total solitude. Nicknamed ‘The Godpods’, these little capsule-like structures are nestled cosily into the scenery. The rear windows peek into the magical edge of the woodlands and the front onto expansive fields, mountains, trees and big sky. Guests tend to take a week or more here as it takes time to settle into silence. Sort of like a sound and people detox, the first day or two can take some adjustment – though you can choose to take meals with other guests and the monks. There is no end to the beautiful grounds to explore while there and still have time to type away at that book you’ve been writing, paint, meditate or simply wrap up in the feather duvet, on the big cosy arm chair, next to the wood-burning stove and daydream.

exercises bring a feeling of well-being within just a few minutes of starting a class. Breathing slows, the movement flows, and the mind, body and energy responds by finding the organs and places where there is stress and imbalance to transform and nourish itself with fresh new energy. At its heart Tai-chi is based on three simple principles that create these effects. 1 Relax your body: This allows the breathing to deepen, the nerves and blood to flow smoothly, and cells to open and close to bring health. 2 Calm your mind: This gives the every-day mind some rest, it allows the awareness mind to see and listen to what is really wanted or needed, and it allows the imagination and other parts of your amazing mind to emerge and bring about true creativity. 3 Balance your Self: This is the main key to help the body and mind and all other parts of ourselves and others to be treated fairly and with kindness.

Tai-Chi, in 1-2-3 And the secret fourth ingredient. By Charles Thackaberry Tai-chi has a reputation for bringing relaxation and healing to nearly everyone who has tried it. It’s seemingly easy going

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Simple as they may sound and healthy as they may be, they will be useless without one other principle! 4 Practice: To practice and use these principles is not that easy. To use them in a class, at home, at work, at play is a very real challenge. Tai-chi is not for the faint-hearted but it is for anyone who wants to bring more good in to this world and who are interested in doing that from the inside out.

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“I knew instantly that I was no longer alone.”


the law of light The story of a soul. by Lars Muhl

Lars Muhl was only ten years old when he had his first spiritual experience. His little sister’s death at the age of 6 opened him up to a new sensitivity which left him able to see through people and feel their pains and worries.

I realised that grown-ups would feel a certain way, but then act completely differently. It was a very frightening experience to be 10 years old and to be able to see how seldom there is alignment between feelings, thoughts, words and acts in other people. I couldn’t understand why things were not in alignment. At 15 I received a mysterious parcel. Inside was Hazrat Inayat Khan’s little book of aphorisms “Gayan, Vadan, Nirtan”. There was no note and I never discovered who sent the parcel, but that book became the first glimpse into my spiritual path. I just opened the book at random and read these words: “If you will come forward to greet us, we will bow down and lift you up”. I knew instantly that I was no longer alone. Since then I read anything and everything spiritual I could get hold of. My public life grew. I began writing and singing music, and I spent more than thirty years living the show-biz life. It was a way for me to be in the world, to find an identity, to make a living, and be accepted by the

norm. But behind this façade lay my real identity and my search for answers. I spent as much time as possible reading and studying the world’s mystics and religions. I even learnt Aramaic to get to the real heart of the Bible. But out of nowhere, I became unwell and even doctors were mystified. No one could even name what I had, let alone cure it. For three years I lay on a bed unable to do anything. Until a caring friend who held out hope for me me put me in touch with ‘The Seer’. It is astonishing that with one phone call, I was completely healed. I decided that I had to find this magic man, and after an adventurous journey around Europe I found him and became his apprentice. It was under his guidance that I learned that one cannot just read and obtain knowledge without practicing it in real life. Through The Seer I learned what my real life-purpose was, so in that way I, a 45-year-old man, was reborn. Since that moment, I have been practicing healing, prayer, out-ofbody-experiences and much more. My sensitivity has been reawakened, but now in a much more positive way. In 2007 I began to ‘see’ the crystals that are a net of light, that keep our reality together. I also see the crystal formations that hover over every soul, and tell the story of who that soul really is, and what its purpose is. I invite you to step into your own crystal portal, and experience what a vast and multidimensional reality we are all part of. Lars Muhl is author of numerous books including ‘The O Manuscript’ and the forthcoming ‘The Secret Teachings of Yeshua’. On the 1st of November, Lars will host a workshop in Dublin on ‘How to Work with the Law of Light’, preceded by an evening exploring his work, in conversation with Andrew Smith, on the 30th of October.

Gluten-free for the effort-intolerant.

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The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Motto: “You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do”. All the way from Santa Barbara, California, Bragg products available include Apple Cider Vinegar, Liquid Aminos, Sprinkle, Salad Dressings, Drinks and Books.


Australia’s Number one natural product for eczema is now available in Ireland. Hope’s Relief is the most potent natural cream available and assists in relief from itching, dryness and symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.


Badger is a small family-owned company nestled in rural New Hampshire.

They blend organic plant extracts, exotic oils and butters and beeswax, and make healing balms, lip balms, and other personal care products that work and feel remarkably good. Badger is a total mind, body and spirit experience.


Australia has the world’s oldest and highest number of flowering plants exhibiting its’ tremendous beauty and strength, whilst being relatively unpolluted.


The Igennus core range comprises pure EPA omega-3 isolates derived from pharmaceutical-grade anchovy fish oil, based around the therapeutic and unique properties of EPA in health and disease. Various EPA-based products are available for adults and children, including a pro-EPA plant-derived alternative for vegetarians and vegans. The range includes complementary supplements, providing nutrients that are synergistic with EPA in several key areas of health. Igennus products are expertly formulated from the highest quality, natural raw ingredients at therapeutic doses to provide demonstrable improvements to health.

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Flower essences are produced by imprinting a flower’s unique vibrational healing signature on to a carrier solution. They are used to treat imbalances at a high level, bringing about an emotional and spiritual balance in the whole person.


Harmony’s Ear Candles are made with Certified Organic Cotton cloth and the highest quality food grade wax available. Dr. Harmony provides the largest variety of aromatherapy options, a USA patented safety tip, and burnline label for your safety.

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Positive Life Magazine Autumn 2014