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Washington Park Amphitheater


Ways to produce instant results PP&R has the opportunity create new partnerships to provide enhanced programming in Washington Park to improve the visitor experience. SW Kingston Drive. The community liked the idea of reducing dependence on cars in the park. The Master Plan recommends closing SW Kingston Drive to private auto use like other major parks do on Sundays or weekends. The best way to see how such a road closure impacts users and adjacent roadway systems is to test it. An event can be organized in association with Sunday Parkways, or created as a special Washington Park event to let visitors walk, run or bicycle the 1.5-mile parkway, car-free. Survey participants to learn about their experiences and event popularity. Amphitheater. The community asked for additional free concerts and cultural events at the amphitheater to attract a variety of communities to the park to share cultural knowledge and experiences. The amphitheater, a unique and beautiful setting for concerts, will receive a new bandshell or roof structure, for improved acoustics and sun and rain protection for the musicians and performers. A support building, located behind the hedge, will give musicians and performers a backstage room, restroom and storage. The hedge will be trimmed to restore the views to downtown and Mt. Hood. The flat lawn around the stage will be improved for drainage to keep that area dry. Accessibility improvements were recently made to provide direct access to the upper level of the amphitheater through the Rose Garden.

“The Amphitheater is a gloriously beautiful setting. I can’t imagine a more beautiful setting for concerts.” Bandshell.

Frost Amphitheater | Stanford

A covered stage extends seasonal usage and improves acoustics.

Bike Sunday.

Lake Washington Blvd. | Seattle

Temporarily closing roads to autos creates a fun new way to experience the park.


-Washington Park Master Plan outreach survey results 71

Washington Park Master Plan Update - November 2017 Draft  
Washington Park Master Plan Update - November 2017 Draft