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We see things in children they have yet to see in themselves – strengths, symphonies, civilizations, truths, voices.

awaken Together, we nurture. empower discuss mentor debate challenge practice shape motivate reflect reinforce inspire

Every day, a passionate community of teachers, parents, coaches, staff, and administrators works together to draw forth our students’ voices, to seek truths, and uncover talents –

in classrooms, on stages, in studios, and on athletic fields – and everywhere life takes them.

We believe learning is about opening up – not to just one thing, but to everything. To possibility and doubt. Excitement and uncertainty. For only then do we discover who we really are. Moments of discovery are what we live for. When children articulate exactly what they’re thinking or feeling. When a piece of literature stirs something deep within them. When a line of code comes to life. When a furrowed brow turns into wideeyed understanding. When something in their head, heart, and spirit clicks and connects. And they speak, write, lead, perform, and sing – with a voice we always knew was there.

Together, we are Porter-Gaud.


From the earliest grades to the Upper School, our students learn from faculty members whose love for their subject areas is infectious. Small classes mean that lessons are student-centered, interactive, and discussion-based, so students don’t just absorb ideas, they question them, define them in their own terms, and apply them to their own lives. Lively curiosity is nurtured as an essential tool in building knowledge and understanding.


Theatre, music, and the visual arts empower our students with imagination, creativity and problem-solving abilities. From the pottery wheel to the stage, awakenings occur across all grades, expressed in colors, chords, and melodies. At a time when so many schools are reducing arts instruction, we are expanding arts classes and extra-curricular activities, because here, artistic growth plays a pivotal role in each student’s education.


The Cyclone Athletics program is an essential component of the Porter-Gaud experience, which seeks to develop the whole student—in mind, body and spirit. From intramurals in the Lower School to bantam level and competitive varsity sports, students understand the importance of physical activity and learn the vital life lessons of perseverance, sportsmanship, and teamwork. In our pursuit of excellence, Cyclone Athletics also builds school pride and unity, while teams serve as ambassadors across the city and state.


Faith and honor permeate every aspect of campus life. From our character education program - born out of Judeo-Christian principles - to the honor code students cherish and protect, we want every member of the Porter-Gaud community to value integrity, respect, patience, tolerance and humility. Our Episcopal identity and the WATCH (Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character, and Habits) philosophy of our founder Dr. Porter in 1867 still anchor us today and inspire students to integrate these values into their daily lives and challenges.


Peek inside any of our labs or classrooms, and you will see students fully engaged with technology. Laptops, iPads, robots, and digital microscopes are used daily by our students across multiple disciplines. Students code and build apps, software, and social networks to solve real-world problems. As home to the only four-year, secondary computer science program in South Carolina, we inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and responsible digital citizens.


Porter–Gaud is where students grow beyond expectations. We know our students as individuals. We recognize their strengths and their challenges, and we tailor their experience to their needs and abilities. Then, we challenge, nurture, and inspire them with unlimited opportunities in the arts, athletics, and community service to uncover talents and unlock passions they never knew they had. The result: Thoughtful, intelligent, and compassionate graduates prepared to forge their own path.

OURMISSION Porter-Gaud School is an Episcopal, coeducational, independent, college-preparatory day school with a diverse student body. We acknowledge the sovereignty of God, recognize the worth of the individual, and seek to cultivate a school community that endows its citizens with a foundation of moral and ethical character and intellect. Porter-Gaud fosters a challenging academic environment that honors excellence in teaching and learning, respects differences, expects honesty, and applauds achievement. The School strives to create an environment that nurtures and protects what we value most in our children: their FAITH, their CURIOSITY, their TALENTS, their INTEGRITY, their HUMANITY, and their DREAMS.

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