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Summer 2014



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PORT COQUITLAM RECREATION COMPLEX Jon Baillie Arenas & Wilson Centre 2150 Wilson Ave. V3C 6J5 604.927.7970 HYDE CREEK RECREATION COMPLEX 1379 Laurier Ave. V3B 2B9 604.927.SWIM


LEIGH SQUARE COMMUNITY ARTS VILLAGE The Outlet 2100-2253 Leigh Square V3C 3B8 604.927.8400

The Gathering Place

1100-2253 Leigh Square V3C 3B8




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PROGRAM REGISTRATION INFO Leisure Guide Contents: Staff make every effort to ensure the information listed in this guide is accurate. Misprints due occur and situations change; The City of Port Coquitlam reserves the right to make changes as required.

Active Living


Adult & 50+ Programs


Arts & Culture




Birthday Parties


Children’s Programs


Community Contacts




Preschool Programs


Recreation Facilities & Park Sites Map


Schedules Section


Special Events

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Summer Day Camps


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Youth Programs


Parks & Recreation Staff Directory

Cancelled Classes: Program registrations are checked during the registration process. Programs with low registration will be cancelled and the registrants informed. We try to inform registrants at least 2 days prior to the program start date. All cancelled classes receive a full refund. To avoid disappointment, please do not wait to the last minute to register.

Director of Parks & Recreation

Barry Becker


Deputy Director of Parks & Recreation

Larry Wheeler


Waitlists: Waitlists are important. They let us know we need to add additional classes if possible based on facility and instructor availability.

Manager of Parks & Services

Todd Gross


Statutory Holidays: Registered programs are not held on statutory holidays unless otherwise indicated.

Manager of Parks, Plannng & Design

Ron Myers


Area Recreation Managers

Glenn Mitzel Marilyn Jollimore

604.927.5180 604.927.7927

Facility Booking Clerk

Sonia Rockwell


Facilities Services Coordinator

Dean McIntosh


Photos: We visit programs and take photos. At times we use these photos for promotions. If you have any objections to a photo of you or your child being published, please let us know. Aquatic Registrations: Not sure what level to register in? Has it been over a year since their last swim lesson? If so, drop by for a free evaluation to ensure your child is registered in the correct level. Participants can only be registered for one swimming lesson set at a time. You may register your child for the next lesson set only after the completion of the lesson set they are currently registered in. You child may be withdrawn if registered in more than one lesson set or registered in a future lesson set prior to the completion of their current lesson set. Aquatic Combined Classes: In an effort to provide a greater variety of Aquatic lesson times and in order to avoid cancelling classes, we may be required to move your child to another time in order to combine two classes. Refunds – Experience It! If you are not completely satisfied with your program experience, please contact customer service at, 604-927-PLAY (7529) to withdraw you and refund you or credit your account the prorated balance. Full refunds will be given for withdrawals prior to the program start date. Specialized or co-sponsored programs may be exempt from this service guarantee as fees are paid to a third party. Examples are materials, books, certification fees etc. have been. You may not re-register in a program you have withdrawn from.

Program Coordinators Active Living & Sports

Nathan Taylor


Adult & Access Services

Robert Sullivan

604 927.7925


Sherry Patrick


Arts & Culture


Children Services

Janis Dancs


Community & Civic Events

Sandra Battle


Health & Wellness

Shelly Alford


Volunteer Services

Deanna Hall


Youth Services

Chris Eastman


YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION: The personal information you provide during the registration process is collected and used under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. The information is used for only the purpose of administering recreation programs, informing you of our services and benefits and for statistical puposes. If you have any questions regarding the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, please contact the Parks and Recreation Office at 604-927-7900.

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970


Summer 2014 ACCESSIBLE RECREATION FOR ALL The City of Port Coquitlam Parks and Recreation Department has a comprehensive offering of tot, children and youth programs. We make every effort to make our programs accessible and inclusive to the entire community.


To ensure the safet y and enjoyment of all participants and staff we ask all parents read the following information.


hildren require additional support for a variety of reasons. Examples include, but are not limited to, Autism, physical or mental limitations, behavioural issues, aggression, language barriers etc. It is important to remember our program leaders are responsible for the entire group and cannot spend extended periods of time focusing on the specific needs of one child. Also important is our leaders do not deal with your child every day, so what may be routine for some parents could be extreme for our instructors. It is important to choose a program appropriate for your child. Our daycamps are active, often hectic, noisy active programs, which go for long walks, take public transit, interact in busy public settings and often have an ever-changing schedule. This type of program, is not appropriate for children who cannot cope with the program agenda. Leisure Buddies assist participants with tasks like focusing on the task at hand, re-direction, ensured involvement, explaining, assisting and group inclusion. Our Leisure Buddies do not provide personal care such as changing, toileting etc, nor can they administer medications. Parents registering children with needs in any of our programs are required to complete the Leisure Buddy Request form, available at any customer service desk or online at Completed forms can be returned to any customer service desk or emailed to


Staff require 2 weeks’ notice to find an appropriate volunteers

Support is not guaranteed; if support cannot be found, the participant will have to withdraw or transfer to a more appropriate program

Support is very limited the first week of summer programs (July 2-6) along with Spring & Christmas breaks

Participants are eligible for up to 2 weeks of support; support is based on demand and available resources.

Participants are matched with a Leisure Buddy on a first come first served basis

It is up to staff discretion whether or not a participant can attend a program without support.

These sessions are for families who require/request support to understand the process and what can be expected from Leisure Buddy support. We will also discuss the Leisure Buddy application and placement process, who Leisure Buddies are, what they do, the focus of the program leaders, who should have support, etc… Please register with Customer Service at any Rec facility, online at, or by phone, at 604-927-PLAY. For more information on program support or Leisure Buddies, please contact Cierra Grisewood, at or 604-927-7974. Port Coquitlam’s Parks and Recreation Department offers an Individual Subsidy Program for those experiencing financial hardship. The program provides a maximum subsidy of 50% (to a maximum of $50) for one program or membership per person per quarter. The Parks and Recreation Department welcomes patrons of all abilities. Should you require assistance to participate, we admit your assistant or support person into our programs and drop in activites for free. Personal Assistant Subsidy applications are available from Customer Service. Parks and Recreation staff process Canadian Tire Jumpstart applications. For application criteria, visit Jumpstart applications are available from Customer Service.

Hyde Creek Admission Rates - effective June 1, 2013 Age Group Tots (0-3yrs)

Single Free

10 Pass Free

20 Pass 1 MONTH 3 MONTH Free Free Free

6 MONTH Free

9 MONTH Free

12 MONTH Free

Children (4-12yrs)









Youth (13-18yrs)









Adult (19-59yrs)









Seniors (60+)









Family (2 adults + kids)









AQUATIC SPECIAL EVENTS All ages are welcome! The City of Port Coquitlam Aquatics holds an activity led swim every week! Our Games Guru and fantastic aquatic volunteers will guide children of all ages through aquatic based games and activities. Tu W F

1-3pm 1-3pm 1-3pm




Canada Day



Robert Hope


Aug 4

BC Day


Aug 4

Robert Hope


Sep 1

Robert Hope


Aug 23-Sep 12 CLOSED due to

Annual Maintenance Shutdown

For Centennial, Routley and Sun Valley Pool, please visit

Robert Hope Centennial Hyde Creek

Mid-Summer Surprise Swim

Come out for our mid-summer surprise swim with games, face painting, music and much, much more! The theme for our swim will be released on July 2 via Facebook and Twitter. For information on our swim, be sure to “Like” us on Facebook at PortCoquitlam or follow us on Twitter at . Jul 25

F 1-5 / 6-8pm Robert Hope

Doggie Paddle

Enjoy the end of the summer with your Pooch, during our inaugural Dogs Only Swim. The City is offering three locations to choose from, (depending on the size of your dog!) Swims at Routley and Sun Valley are geared towards smaller breads, while our swim at Robert Hope is geared towards larger breeds. Only dogs will be permitted in the pool during this swim. Admission is by donation. For more information, please visit Tu Sep 2 4-6pm Routley & Sun Valley Th Sep 11 6-8pm Robert Hope


Canadian Swim Patrol

Wilderness First Aid

The Canadian Swim Patrol program provides enriched training for those who are ready to go beyond learn-toswim. Swim Patrol is made up of 3 levels (Rookie, Ranger, and Star) that continue to develop participant’s swim strokes and provide the skill foundation that prepares them for success in the Society’s Bronze medal awards. Each level of the Canadian Swim Patrol program has three modules: Water Proficiency, First Aid, and Recognition & Rescue. Swim Patrollers work on content appropriate to their ability and interest.

This 50-hour course offers the basics to for those who live, work, or play in remote areas and environments where medical attention is difficult to access. Candidates will learn techniques to overcome the elements with limited resources in order to offer effective first aid. For more information, please view our Fall Leisure Guide, being released on August 6, 2014.

Starts in September Mon & Wed 6-7pm

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



Experience It!


Summer 2014 Preschool & Parented Opportunities BEGIN & SWIM

Begin & Swim is a recreational introduction to learning and play. Participants will be engaged in activities in the gymnasium and in the pool! For those interested in participating in a classroom setting beforehand, consider registering for our Kinder-Begin program too! Participant Information Forms must be completed prior to the program start date. Please send your child with a light snack, lunch, and dressed in their swimming attire.

POWER HOUR (3-6yrs)


This program is geared towards children 5 years of age and younger and their parents. It offers parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their children interacting in a relaxed and fun environment. Every Wednesday features our Rubber Ducky Swim with over 2500 Ducks floating in the warm leisure pool. Hyde Creek M,W,F Jun 30-Aug 22 9:30-11:30am $3/parent & tot $1.50/extra child or adult


Come out to our Rubber Ducky Swim where 2500 Rubber Ducks will be floating in our warm leisure pool. This is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time swimming with your toddler. Hyde Creek M Jun 30-Aug 18 12:30-2:00pm W Jul 02-Aug 20 9:30-11:30am $3/parent & toddler $1.50/extra child or adult


Take some much needed time out for yourself! Our staff will entertain your child with fun in the pool and colouring while you get that workout in that you deserve! Remember to bring a bathing suit, snack and towel. Register early as space is limited. Hyde Creek T, F Jul 04-Aug 22 9:25-10:40am $6.25/class

KINDER- BEGIN (3-5yrs)

Kinder-Begin is a recreational introduction to learning and play in a positive, active and happy atmosphere. Participants will be engaged in classroom activities and play. For those interested in participating in activities and in the pool, consider registering for our Begin & Swim program too! Participant Information Forms must be completed prior to the program start date. Please send your child with a light snack and lunch. Hyde Creek 117286 W-F 9-11am 117287 M-F 9-11am 117288 M-F 9-11am 117289 M-F 9-11am 117290 M-F 9-11am 117291 Tu-F 9-11am 117292 M-F 9-11am 117293 M-F 9-11am 117294 M-F 9-11am

Jul 02-04 $30 Jul 07-11 $50 Jul 14-18 $50 Jul 21-25 $50 Jul 28-Aug 01 $50 Aug 05-08 $40 Aug 11-15 $50 Aug 18-22 $50 Aug 25-29 $50

Hyde Creek 117295 W-F 11am-1pm 117296 M-F 11am-1pm 117297 M-F 11am-1pm 117298 M-F 11am-1pm 117299 M-F 11am-1pm 117300 Tu-F 11am-1pm 117301 M-F 11am-1pm 117302 M-F 11am-1pm

Jul 02-04 $36 Jul 07-11 $60 Jul 14-18 $60 Jul 21-25 $60 Jul 28-Aug 01 $60 Aug 05-08 $48 Aug 11-15 $60 Aug 18-22 $60


Is your preschooler an aquatic all-star who can’t seem to get enough of the water? Pre-register your child in this instructor led playtime in the pool. Participants will learn a water safety skill each day, play fun aquatic games, and practice Red Cross Preschool swimming skills. A formal level assessment will be completed on the last day. Please come prepared with a light snack and water/juice for our 15 minute ‘snack break.’ No nuts allowed. Hyde Creek 117258 M, W-F 10am-12pm 117259 M-F 10am-12pm 117260 M-F 10am-12pm 117261 M-F 10am-12pm 117262 M-F 10am-12pm 117263 Tu-F 10am-12pm 117264 M-F 10am-12pm 117265 M-F 10am-12pm

Jun 30-Jul 04 $60 Jul 07-11 $75 Jul 14-18 $75 Jul 21-25 $75 Jul 28-Aug 01 $75 Aug 05-08 $60 Aug 11-15 $75 Aug 18-22 $75

Children & Youth Aquatic Programs AQUA ADDICTS (7-9yrs)

Is your child hooked on swimming and can’t seem to get enough of the water? Participants will learn new water safety skills, learn aquatic sports like water polo, and practice swimming skills. A formal level assessment will be completed on the last day. Please come prepared with a light snack and water/juice for our 15 minute snack break. No nuts allowed. Participants must have a Swim Kids Level 2 ability or greater. Hyde Creek 117266 M, W-F 10am-12pm 117267 M-F 10am-12pm 117268 M-F 10am-12pm 117269 M-F 10am-12pm 117270 M-F 10am-12pm 117271 T-F 10am-12pm 117272 M-F 10am-12pm 117273 M-F 10am-12pm

Jun 30-Jul 04 $60 Jul 07-11 $75 Jul 14-18 $75 Jul 21-25 $75 Jul 28-Aug 01 $75 Aug 05-08 $60 Aug 11-15 $75 Aug 18-22 $75


Private or semi-private instruction for preschoolers to adults. Private lessons are 30 minutes in duration and are offered by our certified Water Safety Instructors. The session is geared towards the individual’s need and ability. Dates and times correspond with regular lessons Private $20/30 mins Semi-Private $27/30 mins


These lessons are designed based on our private lesson format but with a consistent instructor. Additional classes may be added upon request. To avoid disappointment, please have special requests made with at least one month’s notice. Dates and times correspond with regular lessons 5 sessions / $103.25 10 sessions /$205.75


Registration Note for Parents

Please be advised that it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to register children in the correct level of our swim program. Instructors assess all students on the first day of lessons to ensure that they have been placed correctly. In the event that a child has not been placed correctly, s(he) may be permitted to transfer to an alternate level, based on program availability, at the discretion of the aquatic staff. If no spots are available in an appropriate level, the child may be withdrawn from the program at the discretion of the aquatic staff for safety reasons.

What you should know about Swim Lesson Registration: Not sure which level to register in? If you’re unsure what level your child should be registered in or it has been over a year since their last session, drop by for a FREE evaluation. One of our qualified instructors will assess your child and recommend the appropriate Red Cross level for enrolment. Not Progressing? If your child has been in the same Red Cross level for 3 lesson sets, within a 6 month period, and has not progressed to the next level, we will provide the child with one private lesson. We also offer other programs that may be more suited to the needs of the child, including Performance Enhancers. Cancelled Classes: A minimum of 48 hours before a class starts, lessons may be cancelled where there is insufficient registration. We will attempt to find space in the next available class or issue a full refund. Maximum Number of Registrations: Program participants can only be registered for 1 swimming lesson set at a time. You may register your child for the next lesson set only after the completion of the lesson set they are currently registered in. Your child may be withdrawn from a program(s) if registered in more than one lesson set per session, or if registered in future lesson sets prior to the completion of the lesson they are currently registered in. Waitlists: If the class you want is full, get on the waitlist! Classes with waitlists may replace any classes that have been cancelled. Combined classes: Combined classes are being offered in an effort to provide a greater variety of class time options to families. In order to avoid cancelling a class, we may be required to move your child to another time in order to combine 2 classes with low enrolment. Program fees: Program fees cover access to Hyde Creek for participation in Swimming Lessons only on the dates and time listed. Program fees no longer allow participants to use the facility before, or after their lesson. Parents/guardians are welcome to watch their children participate in their lesson; however, program fees do not include parental/guardian use of the facility before during or after their lesson. As space is limited in the pool area during swimming lesson times, all individuals wishing to use the leisure pool, and hot areas may do so for a fee of $2 per visit between the following hours: Mon-Fri 4-7pm; Sat & Sun 9am-12pm

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



Experience It!


Summer 2014

Swimming Lesson Opportunities SWIMMING LESSON SCHEDULE

Customized Swim Programs

You can now view our up-to-date lesson schedule on-line at or check program availability at

Wanting to register into an aquatic program, but the course dates and times are not working for your busy schedule? Hyde Creek Aquatics will set up a customized swim program to cater your individual needs. Please contact the Recreation Programmer – Aquatics at 604.927.7955 for more information!

2300 Reeve Street, Port Coquitlam located in Gates Park


Indoor Swim Lesson Dates @ Hyde Creek Saturday/Sunday (Set 1)

June 28 – July 20


Monday/Wednesday (Set 1)

June 30 – July 23


Tuesday/Thursday (Set 1)

July 3 – July 24


Saturday/Sunday (Set 2)

July 26 – Aug 17


Monday/Wednesday (Set 2)

July 28 – Aug 20


Tuesday/Thursday (Set 2)

July 29 – Aug 21


Tuesday Only

July 8 – Aug 19


Wednesday Only

July 2 – Aug 20


Thursday Only

July 3 – Aug 21


Monday – Friday (Set 1)

June 30 – July 11


Monday – Friday (Set 2)

July 14 – July 25


Monday – Friday (Set 3)

July 28 – Aug 8


Monday – Friday (Set 4)

Aug 11 – Aug 22


Outdoor Swim Lesson @ Robert Hope & Centennial Monday – Friday (Set 1)

June 30 – July 11


Monday – Friday (Set 2)

July 14 – July 25


Monday – Friday (Set 3)

July 28 – Aug 8


Monday – Friday (Set 4)

Aug 11 – Aug 22



Port Coquitlam

Physiotherapy & Sport Injury Clinic at Hyde Creek Recreation Centre • ICBC & WCB Claims • Personal Training • Pool Classes • Acute & Chronic Pain Treatment • Intramuscular Stimulation (MS)

Monday - Friday 8am - 7pm Please contact our office for more information about our services at:

604.945.6644 or email

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



Experience It!


Summer 2014


Adapted Aquatic Opportunities HYDROTHERAPY CLASSES Port Coquitlam Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic offers advanced physiotherapy for the whole family from chronic pain and post surgery to sports, auto and work-related injuries. A unique service offered is their hydrotherapy classes held Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:55-11:55am at Hyde Creek. For more information, contact 604.945.6644 or visit

Take A First Aid Course, Save A Life


Tidal Wave Aquatics is an exciting and unique program offered by Kidsfirst Physio. While the positive impact of physical exercise in the buoyancy and resistance of water is well documented, we have added an extra plus to our program. Under the personal supervision of Brenda Horton, B.S.R. P.T. (reg), MCPA, carefully trained youth assistants who work directly with the children in the water offer one-on-one ratio of assistance to each child. Each specifically prescribed pool therapy program is developed and maintained by Brenda, yet presented with the unsurpassable enthusiasm and energy of the youth. The benefits of this combination to those involved in our pool program are unmistakable. The unique socialization atmosphere provided develops a bond that makes the “therapy” even more fun, appealing, and valuable to the children. Participants must undergo a physical assessment to determine need and appropriate physiotherapy plan prior to approval for the program. For more information about Tidal Wave Aquatics or to book an initial assessment visit, contact Kidsfirst Physio at 604-463-7537 or email to


Courses offered include:

The Canucks Autism Network provides year-round, innovative, high quality sports, recreational, social and vocational programs for individuals and families living with autism, while building awareness and capacity through community networks across British Columbia.

• Emergency First Aid

I CAN SWIM (4-6 yrs & 7-15yrs)

• Standard First Aid • CPR

The I CAN Swim program can accommodate a maximum of 5 participants (diagnosed with autism) per class with the goal of teaching basic swimming skills and introducing water safety. Each half hour lesson covers basic swim skills, however levels are modified to accommodate the varying abilities of the participants. The instructor, coaches, and volunteers support participants to ensure that each child is challenged appropriately based on their ability. Returning in Fall 2014! For program information and how to register, please contact Ali Gorsak at 604.685.4049 (ext. 210) or visit

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



Experience It!


Summer 2014 Adult Opportunities



Adults, are you looking for some time to relax and unwind? Soak in the hot-tub, lounge in the leisure pool, or socialize in the steam room and sauna during our adult oriented drop-in program. Our aquatic staff will be pleased to serve you “Mocktails” and a light snack on the third Tuesday of every month while you enjoy different themed music. Please note: Length swimming only available Thursday evenings from 9-10pm. Hyde Creek Tu, Th 8-10pm

Jul 03-Aug 21 Reg. Admission

Therapeutic Massage


Come try out something new! With flippers, a snorkel, and mask, players zip around the bottom of the pool with modified hockey sticks! This is a great alternative to swimming lengths, plus it is fun, and a great workout. All equipment is provided. Participants should be able to swim several lengths and be comfortable underwater. Hyde Creek

Tu Jul 08-Aug 19 9-10:10pm Regular Admission


Lea Hartley R.M.T. Registered Massage Therapist at Hyde Creek Recreation Centre I.C.B.C coverage available with doctor’s referral For appointment

call 604.927.7954 or 604.306.9742

Don’t let your kids show you up at the pool! Through the Red Cross Adult Program, you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in swimming and water safety in a safe and enjoyable environment. Develop swimming skills through participation in aquatic activities and sports according to your individual interest and goals.


This is a two level program that teaches basic swimming skills, introducing swimming with a focus on increasing comfort level and confidence in the water through floats, glides, kicking and introduction to front swim. Work with your Water Safety Instructor to set goals and develop your swimming skills. 117254 117255

Th, Tu Jul 03-24 7:15- 8:15pm $48.30 Tu, Th Jul 29-Aug 21 7:15- 8:15pm $55.20


This program is aimed at swimmers who have mastered the basics of learning to swim and are ready to focus on developing and improving their strokes and increasing their distance. This course builds swimmers confidence and improves their performance in any stroke that they would like to learn. 117256 117257

Th, Tu 8- 9pm Tu, Th 8- 9pm

Jul 03-24 $48.30 Jul 29-Aug 21 $55.20


Healthy is easy!

• Best Fries & Chicken Strips in town • Daily Lunch Special • Catering available for small and large group meeting Birthday Party Catering also available Call John & Hana

604.941.2022 1379 Laurier Ave.



Simon Fraser Aquatics (SFA) has been providing swimmers with quality training and competitive experiences since 2002. In September 2012, they partnered with the City of Port Coquitlam to lead our Masters Swim Programs. Led by their Head Coach for the Masters’ program, Kerry Turner, SFA has made a long term commitment to the successful development and enhancement of the Masters’ program. Program participants now also have an opportunity to compete through SFA at regional, provincial and national level competition! For more information on SFA, visit


Participants who hold a six month, nine month, or annual facility pass will have an option to pay an additional $2 for each practice they attend. Prior to each practice, participants will be required to swipe their pass and make the $2 payment at the Customer Service station.


Participants will have an option to purchase a season pass at a cost of $6 per session. This option is ideal for those who are committed to training two to three times per week! This non-refundable option will be pro-rated, meaning that participants can purchase a season’s pass mid-season. Centennial 117274 M, W Jun 30-Aug 27 7:30- 8:30pm $102 117275 Th, Tu Jul 03-Aug 28 7:30- 8:30pm $102


Masters Swimming is a great way for adults to stay in shape and improve their swimming skills! Through our partnership with Simon Fraser Aquatics, we offer programs for both beginners and advanced. Our NCCP Swimming and Triathlon coaches provide you with structured workouts and season planning. If competition is your goal, we can provide you with the opportunity to race as well!

For the MASTERS SWIM SCHEDULE see PAGE 31 in the pull out SCHEDULES SECTION in the centre of the guide


Sign up today for a Masters Card Punch Pass and enjoy savings of $2 per session! A Masters Card allows for easy drop-in access to the program while saving you money each time you swim! Masters Card $80.00 / 10 Punch Passes Drop In Admission $10.00 Per Session


Finished adult swimming lessons and not sure where to go from there? Interested in swimming Masters, but feeling a little intimidated? We now have a program designed to refine the strokes you learned in adult swimming lessons and bring you to a level where you will feel comfortable in the regular Masters program. Prerequisite: Ability to swim 15m of front crawl and comfort in deep water. Centennial Tu, Th Jul 03-Aug 28 7:30-8:30pm $8.00 w/ Masters Punch Pass $10.00 Drop In Admission


Once you have mastered the beginners program, come join the rest of the group. Our coaches will work with you to develop a plan to reach your goal. Whether your goal is increasing endurance, speed, technique or general fitness – we have the plan for you! Centennial M-Th Jun 30-Aug 28 7:30-8:30pm $8.00 w/ Masters Punch Card $10.00 Drop In Admission

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



Experience It!


Summer 2014 Aquatic Fitness & Mobility Classes Hyde Creek Recreation Centre offers a variety of drop-in and pre-registered Aquatic Fitness and Mobility Classes. Aquatic fitness provides a low to no impact workout, which means you will not subject your body to additional wear and tear. You will strengthen your muscles while improving range of motion and your cardiovascular fitness. Our instructors offer a variety of modifications to increase or decrease the difficulty of moves, while offering a self-paced workout so that participants can focus on their own personal goals.


LIGHT-FIT (All Ages)

Foster your baby’s natural love of water while you enjoy a challenging aquatic workout. A swim diaper for baby is required, a bathing suit and/or diaper shirt (onesie) is also recommended for baby. Baby should be able to steadily hold head up before attending. Recommended for babies 6-24 months (and their mommies!). Low/Medium Intensity Hyde Creek 117252 Tu Jul 08-Aug 19 11:30-12:15pm $62.48


Finally PreNatal Aquafit is here! Because so many mommies to be already have toddlers, we have decided to combine the prenatal with the Mom & Tot class so you don’t have to worry about child care. A toddler floatation device will be used so mom’s arms don’t get too tired. Recommended for pregnant women and/ or women with toddlers between one and two years of age. Low/Medium Intensity Hyde Creek 117253 Tu Jul 08-Aug 19 12:30-1:15pm $62.48


Enjoy the invigorating benefits of a shallow water workout. Water provides a great workout while strengthening your bones and muscles. Start out with a warm-up followed by 40 minutes of calorie burning, high-energy aerobic water exercise to music. There is also a muscle toning and flexibility segment for 15 minutes using noodles and dumbbells. Medium/High Intensity M,W,F Jul 02-Aug 22 9:30-10:30am Reg. Admission

The perfect combination of gentle yet effective water workouts. Light-Fit is designed for people who have arthritis and want to improve joint mobility, tone muscles and improve posture in a fun group setting. Low Intensity Tu,Th Jul 03-Aug 21 8:30-9:30am Reg. Admission

DEEP-FIT (All Ages)

This workout has no impact on the joints and is great for those who want a power workout that is fun and safe. This deepwater workout consists of jogging, running and a multitude of exercises, while participants wear jogging belts or hydro buoyancy cuffs. Medium/High Intensity Tu Jul 08-Aug 19 9:30-10:30am Reg. Admission Th Jul 03-Aug 21 7-8pm


Water Running is a great form of cross training and an excellent way to deal with and prevent injuries. It allows an injured athlete to recover without losing fitness. It can also help improve running form while decreasing the risk of sustaining injuries due to running on hard surfaces. A great alternative to running on a treadmill — especially in rainy weather! Medium/High Intensity Sa Jun 28-Aug 16 8:15-9:15am Reg. Admission M, Tu, W June 30-Aug 20 7-8pm Th Jul 03-Aug 21 9:30-10:30am


Maintain and improve your functional movements through guided exercise in water. Water exercise has been shown to provide the resistance necessary to build muscle and cardiovascular fitness, while keeping joints healthy and mobile. It is also key in maintaining fitness levels when recovering from an injury. Low Intensity M,W,F Jun 30-Aug 22 10:45-11:30am Reg. Admission


Enjoy the warm water that helps you to relax stiff joints while you strengthen your bones and muscles. Designed to increase muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Low Intensity RETURNING IN FALL 2014

CUSTOMIZED AQUATIC FITNESS TRAINING The City of Port Coquitlam, through our instructor Carla, offers specially designed Aquatic Fitness classes for your personal, team or cross training needs. Carla’s mission is to assist you to optimize your training, reach your potential, and see results. Flexible scheduling, group and team rates available! As this is a customized program, it is ideal for everyone - from those wanting an introduction to Aquatic Fitness instruction to high level sport teams wanting to complement their current training. For more information, check out our website:


Aquatic Leadership Courses Hyde Creek offers the Lifesaving Society and Red Cross programs required to become a Lifeguard and


Swim Instructor. Provided below are the

Did you know that training to become a lifeguard and swim instructor can also earn you high school credits towards graduation? Just bring in a copy of your award to your school counselor.

courses required to become qualified to apply for an Aquatic Leader position with the City of Port Coquitlam!

How To Become An Aquatic Leader

Bronze Cross: Two Grade 11 credits Lifesaving Instructor:

One Grade 11 credit

National Lifeguard:

Two Grade 12 credits

Assistant Water Safety Instructor: Two Grade 11 credits Water Safety Instructor:

Two Grade 11 credits

BRONZE STAR (8-12yrs)

Are you between the ages of 8 and 12 years and wanting to start your Lifeguard training now? This Lifesaving Society certification course is for those who want to get a head start on their training, but are not old enough to begin Bronze Medallion. Those completing the Bronze Star program may enter into Bronze Medallion before they turn 13. Topics covered include personal safety, first-aid, and fitness. 117240 117241

M, W Jul 07-16 11am-1:30pm $75 W, F Aug 06-15 11am-1:30pm $75


Learn basic lifesaving skills for real-life scenarios that are applicable to almost any situation! Learn to save victims from choking, bleeding and hypothermia! Manual and candidate fees included. 117242

Tu, Th 11am-3pm

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970

Jul 08-22 $173.25



Experience It!


Summer 2014 BRONZE CROSS (13yrs+)

Learn advanced lifesaving skills such as team rescues, as well as advanced CPR techniques to save children and infants. After this course you will be equipped with the knowledge to help victims of a wide range of accidents. This is a pre-requisite for NLS and includes CPR - C certification. Candidate fees included. 117243

Tu, Th Jul 29-Aug 12 11am-3pm $136.50


This program develops instructional ability by focusing on how to effectively plan, teach, and evaluate the Red Cross Swim Program. This is the final step to becoming a Water Safety Instructor. There is an optional teaching component runs from August 18-22 from 11:30am-3:30pm. 117247

This is an instructional course designed to teach new lifeguards how to teach the Canadian Lifesaving Program from the Ranger level right through to Bronze Cross. Manual and candidate fees included.


The National Lifeguard – Pool Option® (NL) award builds on the skills, knowledge and values that the Lifesaving Society teaches in its Canadian Swim Patrol, Jr. Lifeguard Clubs and Bronze Medal awards to develop the practical skills and knowledge required by lifeguards. NL pool option trains lifeguards in safety supervision and rescue in a pool environment. Manual and candidate fees included. 117244

Su-F Aug 17-22 9am-4:30pm $358

Tu-F Aug 05-08 10am- 4:30pm $250

Recertification Courses Don’t let your awards expire! Hyde Creek offers the recertification courses required to maintain current awards. Register early to avoid disappointment!


The objective of the pre-certification clinic is to provide NL candidates an opportunity to review NL skills and knowledge and to provide education on new information before the start of the recertification clinic. Candidates must bring their pocket mask, whistle, fanny pack, swim suit and previous NL card to class. 117250 Sa 8am-6pm

This recertification course provides instructors with new program updates pertaining to the Red Cross Preschool, Swim Kids and Youth/Adult programs. Please bring your WSI & AWSI manuals, stroke chart, and previous WSI card to class.

This program is designed to provide you with the leadership to instruct individuals how to swim, develop a water-wise attitude, and learn water safety skills. This is the first step to becoming a Water Safety Instructor. Manual and candidate fees included. 117245 117246


Aug 16 $100



M-F Jul 07-11 9am-3:30pm $275 M-F Jul 28-Aug 01 9am-3:30pm $275


A recertification program for current or recently expired lifesaving instructor ticket holders. 117251

Su 4-8pm

Aug 10 $105

M-F Aug 11-15 9am-3:30pm $325




W 5-9pm

Jul 30 $98

VOLUNTEERS WANTED Have you completed your Assistant Water Safety Instructor course and are looking for an opportunity to expand on your aquatic skills? Volunteering with the City of Port Coquitlam is a great way to gain hands-on experience in a variety of leadership roles while bettering your community. Volunteering has numerous benefits and is a great way to achieve personal success. Experience gained also looks terrific on a resume and can prepare those looking for employment opportunities.

If interested, please contact: Deanna Hall Program Coordinator, Volunteer Services 604.927.7906

First Aid & CPR Training Basic first aid knowledge is a life skill that every adult should know. First Aid and CPR training is mandatory in many work places, but is also applicable to an individual’s daily life. Knowing basic first aid including CPR can save a life! Hyde Creek offers hands on training, supported by a variety of training materials including mannequins, AED trainers, bandages, barrier devices and inhalers. We also follow the latest international guidelines as outlined by our certified Lifesaving Society and Red Cross instructors.


CPR - C (14yrs+)

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) trains rescuers in the skills and knowledge needed to assess and provide basic life support to patients with airway, breathing, or circulatory emergencies as well an awareness of the risk factors that contribute to heart disease. This is the recognized course for health care professionals and lifeguards! 117234 117235

Su 8am-3pm Su 8am-3pm

Jul 06 $80 Aug 24 $80


Emergency First Aid (EFA) is one of the most popular first aid courses! Using hands-on training and practice this basic first aid course will give you confidence to respond effectively in an emergency. Emergency First Aid trains rescuers in the skills and knowledge needed to assess and provide basic life support to patients with airway, breathing, or circulatory emergencies as well as how to manage external bleeding, heart attack, and stroke. This course includes CPR-A certification. 117236 117237

Su 8am-5pm Su 8am-5pm

Jul 06 $105 Aug 24 $105

Candidates should bring their pocket mask, previous First Aid Manual and previous SFA certification card to class.


Standard First Aid (SFA) contains comprehensive training covering all aspects of first aid and CPR-Level C! Whether you need training for employment or simply want to be prepared to respond to life-threatening emergencies, this course will give you the skills and knowledge to act with confidence. Through practical activities, you will learn to recognize and treat injuries including head & spinal, softtissue, facial, abdominal & chest, burns, bone & joint, and other common medical emergencies. 117232 117233

Su 8am-5pm Su 8am-5pm

Jul 06-13 $155 Aug 24-31 $155


Su 8am-5pm

Aug 10 $80

CUSTOMIZED FIRST AID COURSES Do you own a daycare, are a school administrator, or simply have a group of friends who want to take a first aid course together? Hyde Creek Recreation Centre offers customized First Aid and CPR training to fit your busy schedule. Gather a group of 6 or more individuals and we can create any of the following full and recertification courses to cater your needs: • Standard First Aid • Emergency First Aid • CPR Level A, B or C

First Aid & Cpr Recertification Courses CPR-C RECERTIFICATION (14yrs+) Candidates should bring their previous CPR-C certification card to class. 117239

Su 8am-1pm

Aug 10 $50

• AED Customized courses are based on instructor and facility availability. Requires 6 or more participants. Please provide at least 1 months’ notice if you are interested in customized First Aid or CPR training. For more information contact the Recreation Programmer— Aquatics @ 604.927.7955.

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



Experience It!

Summer 2014


Experience It! Health & Wellness


(12yrs +)

For ADMISSION RATES see PAGE 32 in the pull out SCHEDULES SECTION in the centre of the guide

Gates Park Instructor: Tammy 116798 M Jun 02-23 7-8pm $28 116796 M Jul 07-28 7-8pm $28 116797 M Aug 11-25 7-8pm $21


The goal of these sessions is to get the new and nervous comfortable in the weight room. Just scan as you go and let the Weight Room Supervisor know that you are part of the group.

Beth, our certified Personal Trainer who specializes in the over 50 population, will design a weight training and stretching program to meet your health needs. Just scan as you go to any of the following sessions. 1:45-3pm Hyde Creek ongoing 6/$60 12/$100


The Weight Room Supervisor will show you how to use the weight room equipment efficiently and safely. Purchase your session with the cashiers and show the receipt to the Weight Room Supervisor during any of the following times. 3-5pm 6-7:30pm 1/$15


Jul 09-30 $34 Aug 06-27 $34



(12yrs +)

Shock your body and mix up your routine. Resistance.Interval.Power. Plyometrics. Endurance.Diet. This fitness formula will utilize high-intensity endurance training, Mixed Martial Arts and interval cardiovascular training to specialized music. Anyone can follow and enjoy these branded classes taught by Certified R.I.P.P.E.D. instructors. Instructors: Tue-Stephanie & Thu-Tammy (Drop-in $8.00 if space available) Call to register for a FREE trial class on July 3. Hyde Creek 116765 Th 8:15-9:15pm 116768 Tu 8:15-9:15pm 116771 Tu 8:15-9:15pm 116769 Th 8:15-9:15pm 116772 Th 8:15-9:15pm 116770 Sa 8:15-9:15am 116773 Sa 8:15-9:15am

Jul 03 Free Jul 08-29 $28 Aug 05-19 $21 Jul 10-31 $28 Aug 07-21 $21 Jul 05-26 $28 Aug 09-23 $21

(12yrs +)

This dynamic, rhythmic, powerful and graceful flows will challenge you to improve your strength, endurance, stamina and flexibility. Leave feeling energized. Yoga experience required in this intermediate level class. Instructor: Moira (Drop-in $10.50)



Hyde Creek M-F Sa &/or Su

Hyde Creek 116749 W 7-8pm 116750 W 7-8pm

Hyde Creek 116757 M 7:15-8:15pm 116758 M 7:15-8:15pm

M &/or W 9:30-10:45am Hyde Creek Tu &/or Th 8:30-9:30pm Hyde Creek ongoing 6/$60


This yoga class is suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. The focus will be on proper body alignment and balance. You will improve your concentration, flexibility, strength, energy, and vitality. Please bring a yoga mat and wear flexible, loose clothing. Instructor Rose Marie (Drop-in $10.50)

Jul 07-28 $34 Aug 11-25 $25.50

(12yrs +)

Change your body by improving your posture, building core strength and producing long and lean muscles. You’ll stand straighter, feel stronger and become more flexible. (Drop-in $10.50 , if space is available, for participants who have completed at least one session) Hyde Creek Instructor: Daphne 116742 Tu Aug 05-26 6-7pm $34 Hyde Creek Instructor: Elisabeth 116744 Sa Jul 05-26 10:45-11:45am $34 116745 Sa Aug 09-30 10:45-11:45am $34


(12yrs +)

Experience this combination class of yoga and pilates. Feel the benefits of the different styles. All levels of fitness are welcome to participate. Instructor: Lorraine (Drop-in $10.50) Hyde Creek 116761 Th 7:15-8:15pm 116762 Th 7:15-8:15pm

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970

Jul 10-31 $34 Aug 07-28 $34



Created for those who live in downtown Port Coquitlam and would like to exercise close to home. You will be encouraged to go at your own pace during these back to basic drills. A variety of equipment will be used to keep the classes interesting and fun. Classes are held outdoors and all fitness levels are welcome!

YOGA - IYENGAR (12yrs +)

Summer 2014 ZUMBA (12yrs +)


Zumba is a fun, electric class that will not only give you a great workout but also teach you classic Latin and Asian dance moves. Join the party and you will come out of class feeling amazing! Register to try a FREE class on July 2 (Drop-in $8.50) Classes held at Hyde Creek MULIT LEVEL Instructor: Adela 116774 M Jul 07-28 10:45-11:45am $28 116775 M Aug 11-Aug 18 10:45-11:45am $14 LO IMPACT Instructor: Claudia 116777 M Jul 07-28 7:05-8:05pm $28 116778 M Aug 11-18 7:05-8:05pm $14 116789 W Jul 02 10:45-11:45am Free


116787 116779

W Jul 09-30 10:45-11:45am $28 W Aug 06-20 10:45-11:45am $21

BEGINNER LO IMPACT Instructor: Andrea 116793 W Jul 02 7:05-8:05pm Free 116782 W Jul 09-30 7:05-8:05pm $28 116783 W Aug 06-20 7:05-8:05pm $21 MULIT-LEVEL Instructor: Claudia 116804 Th Jul 03 7:05-8:05pm Free 116805 Th Jul 10-31 7:05pm-8:05pm $28 116806 Th Aug 07-28 7:05-8:05pm $28

Experience It! Bike Programs

Dry Floor Drop In INLINE HOCKEY (16yrs +)

Drop in to play an pick up inline hockey game. Mandatory player equipment includes: CSA approved helmet with face cage, gloves and shin guards. Goalies free to the first two interested participants, City goalie equipment available to use, inline skates supplied by goalie. Rec Complex M 9-10pm

Jun 30-Jul 28 1/$4


Practice your hockey skills and score a goal or two with family and friends. Floor can be divided to accommodate different ages. Youth goalie equipment supplied to the first two interested participants. Mandatory player equipment includes: CSA approved helmet with face cage, gloves and shin guards. Rec Complex M, W, F Jun 30-Aug 1 9:30-11am 1/$2


Enjoy a variety of sports set up in designated areas at the Rec Complex: ping pong, soccer, floor hockey! Rec Complex M, W, F Jun 30-Aug 1 11:30am-1pm 1/$2

For the DRY FLOOR DROP IN SCHEDULE see PAGE 34 in the pull out SCHEDULES SECTION in the centre of the guide

Everyone remembers the exciting accomplishment of learn to ride a bike. Our First Gear program is for kids looking to remove their training wheels and pedal a two wheeler on their own; program provided indoors, and also includes road safety information. PoCo Rec. Complex

LITTLE SPROCKETS 2nd GEAR (4-6yrs & 7-10yrs)

Learn to steer and break with confidence! Ride on different types of surfaces, including small ramps and teeter tooters and maneuver through obstacle courses. Participants discuss and practice road safety and hand signals within the secured east parking lot. PoCo Rec. Complex

Little Sprockets Summer 2014 Scheudle Program Dates

1st Gear 9 to 11:30am

1st Gear 12:30 to 3pm

2nd Gear 9 to 11:30am

2nd Gear 12:30 to 3pm

Jun 30-Jul 4




$100 117343




Jul 7-11




$125 117344




Jul 14-18




$125 117345




Jul 21-25




$125 117346




Jul 28-Aug 1




$125 117347




Aug 5-8




$125 117348




Drop In Ice Programs Drop in to one of our many daytime hockey programs at the Recreation Complex!


M-F Aug 18-22 10:45am-12:15pm 1/$4 4-5:30pm 1/$4 M-F Aug 25-29 1:45-3:15pm 1/$4

R/S/P 4-12yrs

Tu, Th 3:15-4:45pm Th 3:15-4pm

Sep 2/4/9 1/$2 Sep 11 1/$2


M, W Aug 18, 20, 25, 27 10:45am-12:15pm 1/$6.5 Tu-F Sep 2-5 11:45am-1:15pm 1/$6.5 M-F Sep 8-12 11:45am-1:15pm 1/$6.5


Tu, F Aug 19, 22, 26, 29 10-11:30am 1/$6.5 Tu, F Sep 2, 5, 9, 12 10-11:30am 1/$6.5


Th 10-11:30am Th 10-11:30am

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970

Aug 21, 28 1/$6.5 Sep 4, 11 1/$6.5



LITTLE SPROCKETS 1st GEAR (4-6yrs & 7-10yrs)

Summer 2014


Conditioning Hockey Camps

Prepare for the upcoming hockey season! Committed to player development, Doug Harding and his instructors will conduct pre ice discussions, followed by 1.25hrs of intense, high caliber on ice training specific to each level. Camps will focus on stride, balance, and weight transfer, acceleration, stickhandling and shooting. Full gear and water bottle required. For detailed information on Doug Harding go to:


NOVICE (5-8yrs) PoCo Rec. Complex 117392 M-F 9-10:30am

Aug 18-22 $100

ATOM (9-10yrs) PoCo Rec. Complex 117386 M-F 5:45-7:15pm

Aug 18-22 $100

PEEWEE (11-13yrs) PoCo Rec. Complex 117393 M-F 7:30-9pm

Aug 18-22 $100

Skating and Hockey Camps

The City’s Parks and Recreation Department is excited to support minor sports groups by offering an economical option for hockey parents. During the week long camp, the City’s new hockey development program Mastering the Basics, provides an opportunity for male and female hockey players to focus on technique, basic skating skills otherwise known as the fundamentals of hockey. These skills are broken down to their basic level and taught progressively to help skaters build a solid skating foundation. Verbal and hands on corrective feedback is provided by two highly qualified staff to a maximum of 15 participants. For more program details go to


For more program details go to PoCo Rec. Complex 117406 M-F Aug 18-22 12:30-4:30pm $160 117408 M-F Aug 25-29 12:30-4:30pm $160



PoCo Rec. Complex 117409 M-F 4:45-5:45pm

Join us for a week of fun! New and intermediate skaters will be divided into two groups to learn or strengthen basic skating skills taught by our qualified and enthusiastic instructors! 1.5hrs of daily on ice learning and games, followed by off ice physical and creative activities. Rentals included in program price.

Aug 25-29 $60

Crazy about hockey and want to learn how to play, then join us for a week of fun! Boys and girls will learn the basics of hockey and strengthen existing skating skills for 1.75hrs ice each day. Camp geared towards those who can skate forward independently and with control! Our qualified hockey instructors will focus on skating, stick handling, puck control and positioning followed by a scrimmage at the end of each day. Off ice session includes hockey trivia and physical activities. Rentals included in program price of program. For more program details go to PoCo Rec. Complex 117399 M-F 2-4:30pm 117405 M-F 2-4:30pm

Aug 18-22 $100 Aug 25-29 $100

Private Skating and Hockey Lessons PARKS & RECREATION PRIVATE & SEMI PRIVATE LESSONS Want to learn how to skate, strengthen an existing skill or prepare for the upcoming hockey season, our experienced and qualified instructors can help all ages; call 604 927-7929 to book individual or multiple lessons starting August 18th.


Prepare for the upcoming hockey season with Doug Harding! For more information call 604-927-7929. PoCo Rec. Complex 117368 M 7:30-8am 117369 M 8-8:30am 117371 Tu 7:30-8am 117372 Tu 8-8:30am 117374 W 7:30-8am 117375 W 8-8:30am 117377 Th 7:30-8am 117378 Th 8-8:30am 117380 F 7:30-8am 117381 F 8-8:30am

Aug 18 $35 Aug 18 $35 Aug 19 $35 Aug 19 $35 Aug 20 $35 Aug 20 $35 Aug 21 $35 Aug 21 $35 Aug 22 $35 Aug 22 $35

Experience It! Drop-In Sports Effective June 30, 2014

Youth/Adult Programs are for 15yrs and older. Youth 13-14 are allowed under the supervision of a paid adult. Programs are subject to change in order to reflect the needs of the community. Classes may be cancelled.


A fun racquet sport which combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. The sport is played on a court with the same dimensions as a doubles badminton court. The game is played with a hard paddle and a polymer wiffle ball. Recreational M & W 10am-12pm


Participants will be responsible for rotating and promoting fair play. Racquets and shuttles are available for rental at the front desk. Private lessons and camps are also available. Youth/Adult Tu 10am-12pm W 8-10pm Th 12:30 -2:30pm Family Sa 3:15-5:15pm All Ages Su 1:45-3:45pm

Youth/Adult/Family - Recreational

The focus is on fun! Bring your own racquet – we provide the birdies. From beginner to advance play.

VOLLeYBALL – Advanced & competitive players only

Advanced players with a strong volleyball background. Please call 604.927.5218 or email for more information Competitive Su 6:15-9pm Youth/Family Tu 7:30-9:30pm

BASKETBALL (15yrs +)

Basketball is being held on a drop-in basis for those 15yrs +. Bring your friends and come to the gym at Hyde Creek. 18 players Max Recreational Su 4-6pm Tu 5:15-7:15pm Th 7:30-9:30pm


Practice all year around! Grab your racquet and play racquetball, squash or walleyball any time of the year. Hyde Creek has one racquetball and one squash court. Racquets are available for rental at the front desk ($3.40 per session) Courts can be reserved from 8am – 10pm, Monday through Sunday, up to 7 days in advance, 1 hour per person per court each day. Regular drop-in admission rate apply. Private and regular lessons are available. Call 604-927-5218 for more information


Hyde Creek Recreation Centre offers a variety of drop in programs for all levels. Programs are designed to provide an opportunity for individuals, groups and family’s to get together on a regular basis and participate in semi organized activities. Visit page 34 for a drop-in schedule. Regular drop in admission applies.


Can’t make one of our scheduled tennis, squash or badminton programs? Contact us with your current skill level and availability and we will try to match you up with a group at your preferred time. Private one-on-one lessons are also available. Lessons are subject to instructor and court availability. Please call 927-5218 for more details.


Come out for some fun in the sun while playing your favorite sport of volleyball! Form or join a team for Port Coquitlam’s 2nd Annual R4s Coed Grass Volleyball Tournament at Minnekhada Field (across from Hyde Creek Recreation Centre). Fun and prizes to be had for all levels of play. Reverse 4 rules format. Contact James at 604-250-2149 if you need to join a team. We can put you touch with others who are looking to form a team. 117026    

Sa         Aug 16 9am-6pm          $100/team

Register On-line

Call 604.927.7946 and reserve for space today!

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970


Summer 2014


TENNIS F.A.S.T. CLINIC (16yrs +)

TENNIS 2.0 CLINIC (16yrs +)

Our Fun Adult Starter Tennis (F.A.S.T.) clinic introduces 1.0 to 1.5 tennis players to the basic fundamentals of play as well as rules and scoring, to get you to serve, rally and score. We use a new system of learning through progressions so tennis is easier and not as frustrating to learn. Make up lessons (on Wednesdays) may be needed due to wet weather. Tennis racquets are available upon request.  Tennis BC Certified Coach and Experience Coach to lead the clinic. For detailed information contact Chill Yin Lee, Tennis Coordinator at 604-944-6943 or e-mail: Gates Park 116811 M 6-9pm 116812 M 6-9pm 116813 M 6-9pm 116984 Tu,Th 9am-10:30am 116985 Tu,Th 9am-10:30am

Jun 23-30 2/$65 Jul 7-14 2/$65 Jul 21-28 2/$65 Jul 8-17 2/$65 Jul 22-31 2/$65

Terry Fox Park 116987 Tu,Th 6-7:30pm 116988 Tu,Th 6-7:30pm 116989 Tu,Th 6-7:30pm 116990 Tu,Th 6-7:30pm

Jun 17-26 2/$65 Jul 8-17 2/$65 Jul 22-31 2/$65 Aug 5-14 2/$65

This course is designed to help participants improve their consistency in rallying by focusing on impact point and proper footwork. Players will further develop skills and ball controls necessary to challenge opponents to be consistent in common situations including baseline, serve and return, approach, and net play within 3/4 court. Participants will be taught how to receive a variety of shots including deep balls, short balls, and wide balls. This course is for players 2.0, or for those who have successfully completed 1.0 - 1.5 program. Make up lessons (on Wednesdays) may be required due to weather conditions. Tennis BC Certified Coach and Experience Coach to lead the clinic. For further information contact Chill Yin Lee, Tennis Coordinator at chill@recwest. ca. Terry Fox Park 117061 Tu,Th Jun 17-26                7:30pm-9pm       2/$65 117062 Tu,Th Jul 8-17                   7:30pm-9pm 2/$65 117063 Tu,Th Jul 22-31                 7:30pm-9pm 2/$65 117064 Tu,Th Aug 5-14                7:30pm-9pm 2/$65

For YOUTH & CHILDREN’S SPORTS CAMPS Please see page 43


monthly swims Courtesy of Westminster Savings Hyde Creek Rec Centre 1379 Laurier Ave, PoCo


First Sunday of each month between 1-3pm

Children & Youth Sports Programs Racquet Sports JUNIOR SQUASH – Introductory for children/youth (6-15yrs)

Interested in trying a new sport? Squash is a great activity for anyone. Come out and see what people are calling the fastest growing sport in North America. A great way to get some exercise and have fun doing it. Equipment provided if needed. Hyde Creek 116879 Sa 9-10am

July 5-26 4/ $52

JUNIOR SQUASH – INTERMEDIATE for Children/Youth (6-15yrs)

This program has been created due to the large number of juniors who have completed the introductory junior squash lessons. Learn advanced skills and tactics through drills and game situations. Hyde Creek 116881 Sa 10-11am

July 5-26 4/$52



Tennis players will develop and enhance their tactical and technical skills of serving, rallying, and volleying. Fun drills, games, singles and doubles play. Last day will be a fun tournament! Tennis BC certified and experienced coach to lead the program. Make up lessons may be required due to weather conditions.  For further information contact Chill Yin Lee, Tennis Coordinator at   Gates Park 117023 Sa 9-12pm 117025 Sa 9-12pm Terry Fox 117022 Sa 9-12pm 117024 Sa 9-12pm

Jul 26- Aug 5 4/$115 Aug 2-23 4/$115 Jul 26-Aug 5 4/$115 Aug 2-23 4/$115

Experience It! Martial Arts ITF TAEKWON-Do

Learn the original Taekwon-Do which includes non-contact sparring, Patterns, Board breaking and Self Defence. Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday at Blakeburn Elementary or on Monday and Wednesday at Kwayhquitlam Middle School.

Blakeburn classes are under the supervision of Master Instructor Hal Lipscombe VII Degree Black Belt as well as Mr. Chris Law VI Degree Black Belt. Kwayhquitlam classes are run by Corey Schellenberg, VI Degree Black Belt and student of Master Lipscombe’s for over 23 years. Master Lipscombe has been teaching Taekwon-Do through Port Coquitlam Parks and Recreation for over 23 years and Mr. Schellenberg for close to 20 years. Children classes are for 8 years and up. Contact Master Lipscombe at 604-466-2143 or Mr. Schellenberg at 604-945-7761 Training Fee only payable at the beginning of the first month with registration fees and Uniform costs payable at the beginning of the second month.

The Port Coquitlam Karate Club is a member of JABKA. Our motto is “Confidence through knowledge”. We emphasize fitness and conditioning while teaching practical self-defense and sparring. We promote self-discipline and self-confidence. Instructor: Sensei Kyle Matthew. Call 778-893-5953 for more information. Hyde Creek M & W Juniors ongoing Juniors Adv.ongoing Adults ongoing

3mth/$119 6:30-7:30pm 7:30-8:30pm 8-9:30pm


Check out this great Olympic sport that has created a buzz around our centre. Learn techniques, get some exercise, and have fun in this martial arts program that teaches self-discipline and promotes selfawareness. Tu/Th                         beginning June 12th 6-16yrs +   6:30-7:30pm  2 mths/$85 16 yrs +      7:30-9pm     2 mths/$85 Family rates available. Call 604-465-8328 for more information or registration

Kung Fu (traditional wushu) is one of the oldest martial arts in the world, dating back before 2000 BC. Kung Fu learners can expect to improve their physical conditioning, self-defense skills, discipline, confidence, as well as learn the philosophical values of the martial arts and its way of life. For more information or to register call 604-764–8630. 5-16 yrs Wed & Fri Sat Sat

ongoing 4-5:30pm 2-3:30pm 3:30-5pm

1 mth/$50 Hyde Creek Hyde Creek Hyde Creek

The Half Marathon Clinic will prepare runners for the Trail River Run on Sept 21. This is also great training for the Victoria, Portland, and Kelowna half marathons or any other half in the Fall. Fitness testing, gait analysis, strength training, and stretching help make these clinics a complete package for all runners. Must have a minimum 10k base to start this program. Hyde Creek 1147 Su         Jun 29-Sep 14                        8-10am    $120


Hyde Creek Recreation Centre is the host site of this year’s run on September 21, 2014. This scenic route runs of packed trails through the lush forest, along beautiful rivers, and with some of the most spectacular views of Burke and Golden Ears mountains. This trail and dyke run is the flattest and softest course in the lower mainland. Early bird fees take effect until July 20, Regular fees take effect from July 21- Sept 7 and late fees take effect from Sept 8-21.

Children (8yr & up)             7-8pm        $50 per month Adults       8-9:30pm    $60 per month




Give the Gift of Health & Wellness!

Parks & Recreation Gift Cards are available in any denomination and can be used toward any Parks & Recreation program or service. Purchase Gift Cards at the Port Coquitlam Recreation Complex, Hyde Creek Centre or the Leigh Square Community Arts Village. For more information please call 604.927.7900

Walkers 116875 Su           7am    1/2 MARATHON 116876    Su           8am    10KM 116872   Su        8:10am   5K RUN 116878    Su     8:15am  

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970

Sep 21 Early $38 Regular $43 Late $58 Sep 21 Early $38 Regular $43 Late $58 Sep 21 Early $24 Regular $28 Late $44 Sep 21 Early $18 Regular $24 Late $38



From June 3, 2014 up to including September 4, 2014 Summer classes will be at the Mabbett Room at the Port Coquitlam Recreation Complex (2150 Wilson Avenue, Port Coquitlam) for all students.


Running Programs And Races

Summer 2014

Celebrate Canada Day Fishing Derby, Lions Park 8 – 11:30am

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 Castle Park Canada Day Celebrations Opening Ceremony - 12 noon Firework Finale - dusk

Experience It! Active Living WHAT WILL YOU FIND AT POCOMOTION.CA? The website was created to promote greater awareness of the PoCoMotion movement and to provide a reliable resource to community residents with respect to healthy living. Residents who visit the website will be able to access information about:

Check out Check out the Healthy Resource Centre! Got questions about healthy living? Do you want to live a more active life? Want to know how to get started?

We can help! Come and check out the Healthy Resource Centre at Hyde Creek Recreation Centre The Centre provides leisure

• GETTING ACTIVE, including how to get started, active places within the community and strategies to overcome common barriers to daily exercise • Eating Healthy, including general guidelines, recipes and tools to assist in the daily consumption of nutritious foods • Keeping Active at Work, including easy ways to stay fit at work, managing stress and incorporating healthy meetings during work time • Events & programs to support your healthy lifestyle, including the opportunities that already exist in the community as well as those that are upcoming • Links to health related tools and resources, including Provincial and National Health Authorities and reliable fitness/nutrition sites, and • Information about current/past initiatives and how organizations and individuals can become involved with PoCoMotion.

For the WALKING SCHEDULE see PAGE 32 in the pull out SCHEDULES SECTION in the centre of the guide

awareness opportunities and healthy lifestyle education on topics such as active living, healthy eating, and preventing health problems. A new electronic kiosk is also available to locate information and find programs that are currently being offered within the community. Make the Healthy Resource Centre your one shop stop for all of your active living needs and begin to feel the benefits of a healthier life! Call 604-927-7983 for more information

WALKERS WANTED Interested in starting up a walking group? Call 604-927.5218 or email for more information.


Active is Easy!

Summer Walking • Hyde Creek walks meet in the lobby at 1379 Laurier Avenue, 604-927-7946 • Downtown walks meet in the Outlet lobby at 2100-2253 Leigh Square, 604-927-8400 • Wilson Centre walks meet in the cafeteria at 2150 Wilson Street, call JoAnn at 604-927-7970 • Hyde Creek/Wilson Centre Women’s Group walks meet in the parking lot at each respective facility, call Pippa at 604-941-8465 • In the event of poor weather walks may be canceled. Please call ahead to confirm your walk. • All fitness levels are encouraged to participate. Leaders will decide on duration of walks depending on participant fitness levels.

Places to Walk Handbook

With the warmer weather on its way, there has never been a better time than now to lace up the sneakers and explore your community. This new handbook highlights 18 different walks around the City that are suitable for walkers of all abilities. Pick up your copy at one our recreation facilities today or download any of the individual walks from

Hyde Creek Water Shed Society

FREE Nature Walks Get connected with nature! Learn about the wide range of native vegetation Port Coquitlam has to offer and its importance to the local salmon-bearing creek. Identify and learn about removal of the invasive plant species that decimate native plants, trees and local wildlife.  Visit for more information on the Hyde Creek Watershed Society.   Hyde Creek Recreation Centre 115038 Sa May 24 10:30am-12pm FREE (registration required)

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970


Summer 2014 Outdoor GYM CIRCUIT at Gates Park/Traboulay POCO trail


Nordic Walking CLINIC (low cost)

Have you ever wanted to try out Nordica walking? Now here is your chance to try out this exciting way to burn up to 46% more calories over regular walking. Urban poling is a full body aerobic workout that will strengthen your muscles and improve your stability, balance and posture. Pole provided. (Maximum 10 participants) Wilson Centre 115042       Sa         May 31                  10:30-12pm            $6 Hyde Creek Recreation Centre 116816      Sa         Jul 19                    10:30-12pm $6 116817     Sa          Aug 16                  10:30-12pm                   $6

PoCo Plant Walk

This walk is perfect for the garden and nature lover. Tour the city gardens and learn valuable gardening tips from city experts. Leigh Square 115054 Thu 6:30- 8:00pm

Jul 10 $3

PoCo Heritage Society Heritage Walks and Tours

Contact 604-927-8403 or check for more info


Come out for an orientation of the City’s outdoor gym equipment located in Gates Park. Led by a certified personal trainer you will become familiar with each piece of equipment so that you can create your own workouts. An overview on the fundamentals of stretching and exercising safety will be included. Classes meet at the entrance to Gates Park adjacent to the tennis courts. Gates Park Outdoor Gym 115041 M 7-8:30 pm 116882 W 6:30- 7:30pm 116883 Sun 1-2pm

July 14 $5 Aug 13 $5 Sep 21 $5


Is your family looking for a fun and exciting way to get active this summer? The City of Port Coquitlam is offering a series of programs and events that will get the whole family moving.  Children, youth and adults will be introduced to a range of sports and activities that will encourage a physically active lifestyle.  Events will take place in local parks and before community event such as Cinema Under the Stars. For a list of event dates, times and locations visit us online at


Want to enjoy the benefits of resistance training without the costs of a gym membership or a drive to the local gym? Check out Port Coquitlam’s newest addition to help you support your active lifestyle. This new outdoor gym circuit features: • 13-units of outdoor exercise equipment arranged in a circuit type fashion including units that are wheelchair accessible • 3 new exercise pods designed to give you a full body workout located along sections of the Traboulay PoCo Trail between Gates Park and Lions Park. • Instructional signage for each unit demonstrating proper usage. And is FREE to use! Call 927-5218 or visit for more information

Cinema Under the Stars Jul 11 – Sun Valley, 9pm Aug 25 –Gates Park, 8:45pm

*Note – movies to be announced.

Experience It! Parent Participation Drop In Programs

Bring the Family for Some Active FUN!

Port Coquitlam’s coolest family attraction the Kids Play Zone. Located in the Blue Arena at the Recreation Complex beside the Terry Fox Library! This giant indoor playground includes: Ride on Cars and Toys, Bouncy Castles, a Sports Zone & a Toddler Territory. *Parents/Guardians must accompany children into the PLAY ZONE and are responsible for the supervision and behavior of their children. Ratio adult per child: 1:4

Drop In 3-10yrs. $6/Drop In 1-2yrs. $3/Drop In Under 1 year FREE! Groups 1-2yrs Groups 10 or more $2.50/child 3-10yrs Groups 10 or more $5/child *Great for Day Camps and School Groups – Must pay in one sum to get group rate.

Please call 604.927.7970 to book your group.

Rules •

No Food Or Drink Is Permitted On The Arena Floor –Please Use The Bleachers/Front Lobby

Shoes Must Be Worn On The Arena Floor.

Castle Rules • • • • •

Children Must Be 3 Years Old To Use The Castles Children Similar Age/Size Walking Feet Only Remove Shoes Stay Away From Blowers Thanks for Keeping the Playzone a Safe Place to Play!

FREE Drop In Recreation Program Lions Park M-F 3-5pm


Run, Jump, Giggle, and Play! This program offers families the opportunity to have a whole lot of fun with a free play sports atmosphere! Stations will be set up for your use including soccer, floor hockey and other active stations, a small ball pit, and fun ride on toys. Get out of the heat and into the cool air for summer fun with your friends and children. Hyde Creek F Jul 4- Aug 23 9am-12pm Drop in $3/each $5/2 children

In the Park Program (3-10yrs) FREE

(Please note children 7 and under must be supervised by a guardian 13 years or older. Weather permitting – Heavy rain program will be cancelled)

M Tue Wed Thu Fri

Soccer Fun and all things sports Crafts & Games - Chalk play, colouring, bocce ball and more Connecting through Play and Imagination Day Stories Galore and More– 4-5pm (July 19 – Aug 13) Theme Thursdays- Bugs, Super heroes, Nature Water Games – Sponges, water balloons, water games

Stories Galore and More will be at Children Services Staff team will welcome Sun Valley Mon 1-2pm you at at Lions Park Picnic Shelter with smiles, laughs and fun. Come ready to *In the Park will not connect through play with families and run in heavy rain friends! Look for the In the Park sign!

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



Come on down to ride, jump and play in

10yrs & under Tue & Thu June 3-Aug 7 9:30am – 1pm

Summer 2014 HAND IN HAND SUMMER (1-4yrs)


In the Mabbett Room at the Poco Rec Complex you can enjoy summer crafts, games, songs and social interaction. A great time to spend with your toddler and meet other parents with children of the same age group. Infant brother or sister is welcome to attend. Fun themed weeks and a great indoor space to play. Registration reguired. PoCo Rec. Complex – Mabbett Room Weekly 9:15-10am A BUGS LIFE 116887 W, Th, F Jul 2-4 $12 DINOSAURS 116888 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 7-11 $20 PAINT, PUTTER AND PLAY 116889 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 14-18 $20 PETS WITH PAWS 116890 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 21-25 $20 COOK WITH ME 116891 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 28-Aug 1 $20 ALL ABOARD, CHOO CHOO 116892 Tu, W, TH, F Aug 5-8 $16 BIRDS AND BUTTERFLIES 116893 M, Tu, W, TH, F Aug 11-15 $20 FARM LIFE 116894 M, Tu, W, TH, F A ug 18-22 $20 Daily 9:15-10am A BUGS LIFE 116895 W Jul 2 $7 116896 Th Jul 3 $7 116897 F Jul 4 $7 DINOSAURS 116898 M Jul 7 $7 116899 Tu Jul 8 $7 116900 W Jul 9 $7 116901 Th Jul 10 $7 116902 F Jul 11 $7 PAINT, PUTTER AND PLAY 116903 M Jul 14 $7 116904 Tu Jul 15 $7 116905 W Jul 16 $7 116906 Th Jul 17 $7 116907 F Jul 18 $7 PETS WITH PAWS 116908 M Jul 21 $7 116909 Tu Jul 22 $7 116910 W Jul 23 $7 116911 Th Jul 24 $7 116912 F Jul 25 $7


COOK WITH ME 116913 M Jul 28 116914 Tu Jul 29 116915 W Jul 30 116916 Th Jul 31 116917 F Aug 1 ALL ABOARD, CHOO CHOO 116918 Tu Aug 5 116919 W Aug 6 116920 Th Aug 7 116921 F Aug 8 BIRDS AND BUTTERFLIES 116922 M Aug 11 116923 Tu Aug 12 116924 W Aug 13 116925 Th Aug 14 116926 F Aug 15 FARM LIFE 116927 M Aug 18 116928 Tu Aug 19 116929 W Aug 20 116930 Th Aug 21 116931 F Aug 22


$7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7

NEW for Summer


Kinder-Begin is a recreational introduction to learning and play in a positive, active and happy atmosphere. During this two-hour program, participants will be engaged in classroom activities and play. For those interested in participating in activities in the pool, consider registering for our Begin & Swim program too! Participant Information Forms must be completed prior to the program start date. Please send your child with a light snack and lunch. Hyde Creek 117286 W, Th, F Jul 2-4 9-11am $30 117287 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 7-11 9-11am $50 117288 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 14-18 9-11am $50 117289 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 21-25 9-11am $50 117290 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 28-Aug 1 9-11am $50 117291 Tu, W, TH, F Aug 5-8 9-11am $40 117292 M, Tu, W, TH, F Aug 11-15 9-11am $50 117293 M, Tu, W, TH, F Aug 18-22 9-11am $50 117294 M, Tu, W, TH, F Aug 25-29 9-11am $50


Begin & Swim is a recreational introduction to learning at play. During this two-hour program, participants will be engaged in activities in the gymnasium and in the pool! For those interested in participating in a classroom setting beforehand, consider registering for our Kinder-Begin program too! Participant Information Forms must be completed prior to the program start date. Please send your child with a light snack, lunch, and dressed in their swimming attire. Child drop off will be in Program Room 2, and pick up will take place on the pool wharf. Hyde Creek 117295 W, Th, F Jul 2-4 11am-1pm $36 117296 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 7-11 11am-1pm $60 117297 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 14-18 11am-1pm $60 117298 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 21-25 11am-1pm $60 117299 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 28-Aug 1 11am-1pm $60 117300 Tu, W, TH, F Aug 5-8 11am-1pm $48 117301 M, Tu, W, TH, F Aug 11-15 11am-1pm $60 117302 M, Tu, W, TH, F Aug 18-22 11am-1pm $60

Transition Program READY, SET, GO SUMMER (2.5- 5yrs)

Ready, Set, Go is a program that will assist your child in becoming comfortable being on their own in a classroom setting. We encourage parents to gradually transition from being in the classroom to off having a break while their child enjoys playing with the toys and equipment under the supervision of a caring Recreation Leader. We ask that parents remain in the building during this program. PoCo Rec. Complex 117019 M, Tu, W, TH, F Aug 25-29 9:15-10am $25

Experience It! Preschool Programs Afternoon Sports Programs (3-6yrs) For the Little Athlete!

Sun Valley, Routley, Lions Park M,W,F 1:15-2:15pm

Neighbourhood GOLF TOTS (3-6yrs)

This active class will develop gross motor coordination thru simple golf skills. Your child will have a chance to experience the movements used for putting, driving and maybe a hole in one while playing other games to keep them active. Please bring water bottle to class. For summer session please note: parents/guardians need to remain on the site for safe concerns. Lions Park 116970 W, F 1:15-2:15pm

Jul 2-4 $10


This mini sport program is a chance for your preschooler to try out this popular sport. We will learn basic concepts, team work and fair play. A great opportunity to play the game in a fun and cooperative setting. Please bring water bottle to class. For the summer sessions please note: parents/guardians need to remain on the site for safe concerns. Lions Park 116971 M, W, F 1:15-2:15pm Sun Valley Park 116972 M, W, F 1:15-2:15pm Routley Park 116973 M, W, F 1:15-2:15pm

Jul 7-11 $15

Jul 21-25 $15

Aug 18-22 $15

HOT SHOTS (3-6yrs)

Let’s run. throw and jump so we can take part in sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, and more. This program includes fundamental movement skills that help children develop physical literacy and an introduction to the wonderful world of sports. Program includes relays, races and mini games to make the program fun while learning. For the summer sessions please note: parents/guardians need to remain on the site for safe concerns. Lions Park 116980 M, W, F Jul 14-18 1:15-2:15pm $15 116982 M, W, F Jul 28-Aug 1 1:15-2:15pm $15


This active class will develop gross motor coordination through simple lacrosse skills. Your child will learn to scoop and shoot and play other games to keep your preschooler active. All equipment provided. Please bring water bottle to class. For the summer session please note: parents/guardians need to remain on the site for safe concerns. Lions Park 117017 W, F 1:15-2:15pm

Aug 6-8 $10


Little athletes will be introduced to T-ball skills and rules with an emphasis on sportsmanship, having fun and being active. We will also add some other activities just to keep the class moving. Please bring water bottle to class. For the summer session please note: parents/ guardians need to remain on the site for safe concerns. Sun Valley Park 117018 M, W, F 1:15-2:15pm


Imaginations will soar and creativity will be encouraged to run wild in this fun play camp for preschoolers. Different fairytale stories will be highlighted each week with a chance for your preschooler to act out the story and create crafts to help with the play. PoCo Rec. Complex – Mabbett Room 116974 Th Jul 3 1-2:30pm $9


This program is designed to stimulate young minds through exposure to different artistic materials and projects. Children will work on theme based crafts and fun and interactive games over the course of these session. PoCo Rec. Complex – Mabbett Room 117016 Tu, Th Jul 22-24 1-2:30pm $18

SCIENCE LAB (3-6yrs)

Mix, bubble and Play with science for fun and facts. Let your little scientists imaginations soar with great experiments each day. Learning will take place through exploration, discovery and hands on activities. PoCo Rec. Complex – Mabbett Room 117012 Tu, Th Jul 15-17 1-2:30pm $18

Aug 11-15 $15

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



PLAY OUTSIDE and get 60 MINUTES A day of Active Play!

Summer 2014 September Programs


Playschool (3-5yrs)

General Interest



Come get active for 60 minutes in the Sports Hall. Running, jumping and throwing. Relax and enjoy your lunch packed from home. Then time to use the creative side by exploring daily themes. Aug 25 -Rescue Hero’s, Aug 26 - Fairly Tales, Aug 27 - Science Lab, Aug 28 - Circus Kids Aug 29 - Insectmania.

PoCo Rec. Complex 116975 Tu, Th 1-2:30pm 116977 Th, Tu 1-2:30pm

Check out our Kinder-Begin Program that runs 9am-11am barcode 117294. Hyde Creek 117309 M, Tu, W 11am-1pm

Aug 25-29 $50


Look out - crew working!! Bang, build and create! Let your little builders hammer and create new contraptions each afternoon. We will utilize a variety of materials to build group and individual projects. Please wear play clothes to class. The only limit to this class is our imagination. PoCo Rec. Complex – Mabbett Room 117004 Tu, Th Jul 29-31 1-2:30pm $18

DINORIFIC (3-6yrs)

If you have a preschooler who is fascinated by these prehistoric creatures, then this is the program you have been waiting for. Through stories, crafts, songs and games we will explore and discover all about dinosaurs. PoCo Rec. Complex – Mabbett Room 117020 Tu, Th Aug 19-21 1-2:30pm $18


This program will get the kids interested in not only nutritious and delicious recipes, but cooking fundamentals. Learn how to stay safe in the kitchen, measuring ingredients, setting a table, and much more. Each day your child will have fun preparing nutritious snacks. Fee includes program supplies. Please bring an apron to keep your child’s clothes clean and a container to take the treats home in. Jul 8-10 $18 Aug 7-12 $18

Performing Arts DANCE TOTS - HYDE CREEK (2-8yrs)

While enjoying movement your child will learn the fundamentals of dance and explore creativity and imagination in a fun and educational environment. Program progresses from Tiny Tot Dance through Levels 1, 2, and then Let’s Dance Club. For information please call Annette at 604.612.9044. Hyde Creek TINY TOTS 117281 Sa 9-9:30am 117283 Sa 9:30-10am LEVEL 1 117284 Sa 10-11am LEVEL 2 117282 Sa 11am-12pm HIP HOP/GYMNASTICS 117285 Sa 12-1pm

Jul 5-Aug 23 $49 Jul 5-Aug 23 $49

Jul 5-Aug 23 $66.50 Jul 5-Aug 23 $66.50 Jul 5-Aug 23 $66.50



Playschool is a daily planned program providing preschoolers with skills and awareness through recreational and educational play. Your child will grow and develop through a variety of activities that emphasize social, physical, intellectual and emotional development while using the recreation centers variety of resources. The theme focus is on healthy active living. This program is governed by municipal procedures and guidelines. Children MUST be toilet trained by the program’s start date. For scheduled payments on a credit card, please call 604927-PLAY to register. HYDE CREEK PLAYSCHOOL Hyde Creek 117476 Tu, Th Sep 16-Dec 18 9:30-11:30am $324 REC COMPLEX PLAYSCHOOL PoCo Rec. Complex 117477 M, W, F Sep 15-Dec 19 9:30-11:30am $492 117478 M Sep 15-Dec 15 9:30-11:30am $182 117480 W Sep 17-Nov 26 9:30-11:30am $196 117479 F Sep 19-Dec 19 9:30-11:30am $196 AFTERNOON CENTRAL PLAYSCHOOL Central Elementary 117481 Tu, Th Sep 16-Dec 18 1:15-3:15pm $324 117482 Tu Sep 16-Dec 16 1:15-3:15pm $182 117483 Th Sep 18-Dec 18 1:15-3:15pm $196

Experience It!

Hyde Creek Indoor Pool Schedule

1379 Laurier Ave. 604.927.SWIM Effective: June 28 - August 22, 2014 Lap & Leisure Pool









Leisure Pool




Open - Close (Limited Space in Leisure Pool during Lesson Time)

Lengths Swim (min 3 lanes) Scheduled Programs (Limited Lap & Leisure Pool Space) Lesson Only Time (Lap pool Closed) Adapted Swim Time

6-9am 12-1pm 9-10pm

6-8:30pm 12-1pm

6-9am 12-1pm 9-10pm

6-8:30pm 12-1pm 9-10pm

6-9am 12-1pm

9am-12pm 7-9pm


9am-12pm 7-9pm


9am-12pm 7-9pm









8-9am 12-1pm




Underwater Hockey Rubber Ducky Swim Preschool Oriented Morning


9-10:10pm 12:30-2pm





Youth Oriented Night

8-10pm 8-10pm



Adult Oriented Night

Schedules subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact 604.927.SWIM.

Masters Training Schedule - Centennial Outdoor Pool - effective June 30 - August 29, 2014 MON





Masters Swim 8-9pm

Masters for Beginners 8-9pm

Masters Swim 8-9pm

Masters for Beginners 8-9pm

Aquafit Fitness Schedule - effective June 30 - August 22, 2014 AM






9:30-10:30am Cardio Combo

8:30-9:30am Light-Fit

9:30-10:30am Cardio Combo

8:30-9:30am Light-Fit

9:30-10:30am Cardio Combo

10:45-11:30am Adapted Fit

9:45-10-45am Deep-Fit

10:45-11:30am Adapted Fit

9:45-10:45am Deep Fit

10:45-11:30am Adapted Fit

7-8pm Water Running

7-8pm Deep Fit



8:15-9:15am Water Running

11:30-12:15pm* Mommy Moves® Mom & Baby 12:30-1:15pm* Mommy Moves® Mom & Me / Prenatal 7-8pm Water Running

7-8pm Water Running

* Pre-registration required. Please see seasonal fitness brochure for your personal schedule, descriptions and levels for each class.

Age Group

Hyde Creek Admission Rates - effective June 1, 2013


10 Pass

Tots (0-3yrs)



20 Pass 1 MONTH 3 MONTH Free



6 MONTH Free

9 MONTH Free

12 MONTH Free

Children (4-12yrs)









Youth (13-18yrs)









Adult (19-59yrs)









Seniors (60+)









Family (2 adults + kids)









604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970


Summer 2014 Summer 2014 Walking Schedule MON



Hyde Creek Women’s Group

9:30am Noon



Wilson Centre



Wilson Centre Women‘s Group Downtown

Please call ahead for updates and to confirm scheduled walks at 604.927.7983 Check out for more information.

OUTDOOR POOL SCHEDULES Sun Valley Wading Pool 3700 Hamilton Street MON






Parent & Tot Swim


1-3:15pm 3:30-4:45pm 6-7:30pm

1-3:15pm 6-7:30pm

Open Swim




Effective: June 21-August 31, 2014


11-12pm & 12-1pm

Schedules subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact 604.927.SWIM.

Routley Wading Pool 1570 Western Drive MON

Effective: June 21-August 31, 2014





SAT 1-3:15pm 3:30-4:45pm 5-6:30pm

1-3:15pm 5-6:30pm

Open Swim Parent & Tot Swim





11am-12pm & 12-1pm

Schedules subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact 604.927.SWIM.

Centennial Outdoor Pool 3050 Chester – Situated at Aggie Park, between Shaughnessy and Oxford, off Lougheed. Effective: June 27-August 31, 2014 MON






1-4:45pm 6-7:30pm

1-4:45pm 6-8pm



11am-12pm &12-1pm



Open Swim


For June 21 - 26 & September 2 - 11 an alternate schedule can be found online at Schedules subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact 604.927.SWIM.

Robert Hope Outdoor Pool 2137 Lamprey, just off Western Drive MON





For June 21 - 26 & September 2 - 11 an alternate schedule can be found online at Schedules subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact 604.927.SWIM.




1-5pm 6-8pm

Open Swim Rentals

Effective: June 26-Sept 5th THU

11am-12pm & 12-1pm

Experience It! Hyde Creek Centre - Summer Fitness Schedule Effective: July 2 - August 24, 2014 MON







Spin Lesley J/Amanda 9:30-10:30am Body Sculpt Mary 9:30-10:30am

Spin & Sculpt Leslie 9:30-10:30am

Yoga Susanne 9:45-10:45

Yoga Susanne 10-11am

50+ Spin Jen K 10:45-11:30am

Fit-N-Fifty Beth 12-1pm

Fit-N-Fifty Leslie 12-1pm

Spin Express Jen K 4:45-5:30pm

H.I.I.T. Omega 9:30-10:30am



Power Spin Jen K 9:30-10:30am

Spin Express Amanda 4:45-5:30

Step & Sculpt Jen T 9:30-10:30am

Yoga Mary 9:30-10:30am

Spin Express Leslie N 9:30-10:15am

Core Attack Leslie J 10:35-11:05am

Spin & Core Aubyn 10:30-11:30am Free Class 11:45am12:45pm

Fit-N-Fifty Leslie 12-1pm

Fitness Area CLOSED for maintenance AUGUST 23 - September 8, 2014 Body Sculpt Aubyn 6-7pm

Yoga Moira 6pm

Spin Express Leslie N 7:15-8pm

Power Spin Amanda/Rebeca 5:45-6:45pm Body Sculpt Marice 6-7pm Spin Express Jen T 8:15-9pm

Spin Express Aubyn 8:15-9pm

Spinning 101 Jen/Jocelyn 6-6:45pm


Yoga Susanne 7:15-8:15


Pass Holders can Reserve a Spot for Fitness Classes!

• Reservations available 25 hours prior to class start time. • Pass payment required upon reservation. • Pass credits available up to 30 minutes prior to class start time.

FITNESS CLASS DESCRIPTIONS Spinning 101 50+ Spin Spin Express Spin & Sculpt Power Spin Step & Sculpt Body Sculpt Yoga Fit-N-Fifty Free Aerobics H.I.I.T.

Reservation Procedures

12yrs and up encouraged to participate

Light-Moderate 30 minutes of cycling ends with strength & stretch Designed for zoomers 50 years and better to build up to 30 minutes of light-moderate indoor cycling All levels 45 minute cycling class All level 45 minutes of cycling ends with body sculpting exercises High intensity cycling class Intermediate step with body work All levels class-A basic warm up and a variety of equipment are used to work the entire body All levels welcome (Yoga mat required) Light to moderate 50+ variety class Student Instructor, please confirm day of class by calling 604 927-7946 High Intensity Interval Training - All levels will love this tabata style class

• 1 person can reserve for 2 pass holders. • Maximum of 2 spots per phone call. • 1 month reservation suspension after 3 no shows per phone number. • Maximum of 1 class reservation per day. • Leaving during class to sign up for another class is prohibited. Class must be completed before signing up. Guarantee your spot in your favorite spin class. Registration is now available for 10 bikes per class. 4 classes for just $20!!!

Dryland Fitness, Weight Room & Drop In Gym Sports Admission Rates 10 Visit Pass

20 Visit Pass





Single Adult All-Inclusive Youth/Senior

1 Month Pass

3 Month Pass

6 Month Pass

9 Month Pass

12 Month Pass













Rates are subject to change. Payment plans are available on monthly passes. * MONTHLY PASSES INCLUDE FREE CHILD MINDING FOR 1 HOUR FOR 1 CHILD PER DAY (legal guardian).

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



Step & Sculpt Mary 6-7pm

Summer 2014 Hyde Creek Gymnasium Schedule Effective: June 30 - August 31, 2014 MON





Parent Participation Programs (0-6yrs)


3:15-5:15pm Family

1:45-3:45pm All Ages

9:30-11:30am Time for Gym

Gym & Swim (7-10yrs)




10am-12pm adult/youth


7:30-9:30pm Family/Youth NEW


5:15-7:15pm NEW

Pickleball Youth/Adult



7:30-9:30pm Youth/Adult

8-10pm adult/youth

1-3pm 12:30-2:30pm adult/youth

6:15-9pm Competitive 7:30-9:30pm NEW



Youth Drop in Gym





GENERAL INFORMATION FOR DROP-IN SPORTS PROGRAMS • Drop-in spots can be reserved up to 25hrs in advance for Badminton, Basketball, Pickleball and Volleyball. Please call 604.927.7946 to reserve your space. • Youth/Adult Prorams are for 15yrs and older. Youth 13-14yrs are allowed under the supervision of a paid adult. • All ages and family programs require adult supervision (16yrs+) for participants under 14yrs. • Open Gym time is available for patrons 15yrs+. • Food is not permitted. Beverages must be in non-breakable, resealable containers. • Please wear clean and non-marking footwear. • Sports equipment may be signed out from reception. Picture ID is required • Youth/Adult and All ages drop-in gym times are unsupervised or have a volunteer leader Programs are subject to change in order to reflect the needs of the community. Classes may be cancelled.

Summer Arena Drop in Schedule MON


Jun 30-Aug 1 9:30-11am Drop in Ball Hockey All Ages - $2


Jun 3-Jul 31 PlayZone* 9:30am-1pm 3-10yrs - $6 1-2yrs - $3 Under 1 year FREE

Jun 30-Aug 1 11:30-1pm Drop in Sports All Ages - $2 Jun 30-Jul 28 9-10pm Drop in Inline Hockey 16+ yrs - $4

Jun 30-Aug 1 9:30-11am Drop in Ball Hockey All Ages - $2 Jun 30-Aug 1 11:30-1pm Drop in Sports All Ages - $2



Jun 3-Jul 31 PlayZone* 9:30am-1pm 3-10yrs - $6 1-2yrs - $3 Under 1 year FREE



Jun 30-Aug 1 9:30-11am Drop in Ball Hockey All Ages - $2 Jun 30-Aug 1 11:30-1pm Drop in Sports All Ages - $2

* Group rates available call 604.927.7970 for pricing and to book.

Hyde Creek Weight Room Schedule Effective: July 2 - August 24, 2014 Public


















Adult Only










To Attend Public Hours: Must be minimum 15 years (13 & 14 years with parents) 12 years of age and under are not permitted in the weight room. To Attend Adult Only Hours: Minimum 18 years and pay adult admission rates. To Attend Youth Hours: Be 13 years and over. Recommend Youth Weight Room Orientation. 12 years and younger are not permitted in weight room. *Everyone in the weight room must pay admission and wear a wrist band on their wrist. CLOSED for maintenance * Additional youth time during school breaks 12-3pm (except Mon & Wed)

AUGUST 23 - September 8, 2014


Experience It! Birthday Parties & More

Children Programs

Port Coquitlam! Where children love to PARTY! Hyde Creek Recreation Centre Parties Food Options for Hyde Creek Parties: Order your next kids birthday party food with Hyde Creek Cafe, please call 604.941.2022 to book/order your food!


Kids can cook and create great snacks and mini meals for all to enjoy. Kitchen safety and healthy eating will be a focus of this course. Fun treats make this a great experience for learning. Come be the next Master Chef in the City of Port Coquitlam. PoCo Rec. Complex – Mabbett Room 117007 Tu, Th Aug 5-7 10:15am-12pm $18 117011 Tu, Th Jul 15-17 10:15am-12pm $18 Exploring the exciting world of science! A variety of science facts will be shared. Theme days include: Scientific Symphony, Sticky Science, Fun in the Sun and Heat and Bubbles. PoCo Rec. Complex – Mabbett Room 117231 Tu, Th Jul 22-24 10:15am-12pm $24 117229 Tu, Th Aug 19-21 10:15am-12pm $24

SWIM, MOVIE, PIZZA (7-12yrs)

What a cool way to spend a Friday evening! Enjoy swimming with your friends in the pool and then kick back and watch a video while you munch pizza. Register early, as numbers are limited and it fills up quickly!

Jul 11 $15 Aug 8 $15


Want to help plan NFF- Nothing But Fun Events? Join the Kidz team. Sep 9th Nov 4

Many different parties to choose from – All for the FUN of it! Services/Parks_and__Recreation/ Birthday_Parties.htm

For REGISTRATION please call Customer Service 604-927-PLAY (7529)

Check online at to see if spaces are available under Follow the link: Programs – Children Programs – Birthday Parties.

SCIENCE ZONE (5-10yrs)

Hyde Creek 117013 F 6:30-9pm 117015 F 6:30-9pm

Still have questions; please visit our Birthday Party link below for more info.

3-5pm 3-5pm




Let’s get ready to tumble! Come explore the Program Room & then off to the Sports Hall to enjoy running, jumping & climbing. $125/ 12 Guests no food


Celebrate with 60 minutes of active time in the Sports Hall. Running, jumping and throwing. With games and activities led by the rec attendant. One hour in the Program Room to celebrate, play and explore. Please note for 7-10 YRS that this party is located in the program room at Hyde Creek. $125/ 12 Guests no food

CRAFTORAMA (3-10yrs)

Let’s get messy, a great way to leave the mess with us. One special craft for each guest: bird house, picture frame, door changer. Celebrate, play & explore! Pls. note for 7-10yrs that this party is located in the program room at Hyde Creek.

$125/ 12 Guests no food

SPLASH PARTY (7-10yrs)

It is party time! Then it is off to jump in the pool for an hour of public swimming. Come celebrate with a splash. Sa 4-6pm $125/ 12 Guests $140/ 15 Guests


Celebrate with your friends by jumping into the pool then hanging out to watch a movie. We provide pizza, drinks; G/PG rated movie and admission to a public swimming. Jul 18, Jul 25, Aug 15, Aug 22 6:30-9:30pm $225/ 12 Guests includes 2 pieces pizza and 1 drink

Port Coquitlam Rec Complex Parties Sports Galore (3-10yrs)

60 minutes of actives activities on the arena floor and then celebrate with presents in the green room. We provide sticks or a soccer ball. If you choose to play ball hockey mandatory equipment is CSA approved helmet. Do not have a helmet? – rental fee is $1. 117537 Su Jul 6 1-3pm 117538 Su Jul 20 1-3pm $250 12 Guests includes 2 pieces of pizza and 1 drink $200/12 Guests No Food

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



General Interest

Summer 2014



• Reg. on-line for kids mini-rugby (non-contact) • Summer 7-aside & touch reg. For info Go to


• Registration for boys & girls field lacrosse For all programs go to

HOCKEY • Registration for new players at Rec. Complex May 24th For more info go to

Experience It! Best Ever Day Camp Programs

MAKING LIFE MEMORIES! The Best Part of Your Summer!

Our Recreation Leaders are:

For more information on program support or Leisure Buddies, please contact Cierra Grisewood; at or 604.927.7974.

• Experienced, qualified, caring and Fun!

• High Five Certified • Committed to quality recreation programs and the healthy development of children.

We care about the health and safety of your child: After registering for summer camp, please complete and submit the Parent Information Form on, or before the first day of camp. The program Information Form can be obtained from one of the Customer Service desks within one of the facilities or online at

Our Recreation Attendants: • Love working with children • Knowledgeable about the High Five Principles and guidelines and have proven leadership skills. • Certified in First Aid & CPR.

Campers enjoy: • Action packed days full of adventure, Connecting Through PLAY and friendship building activities • Being creative, curious and energetic.


Please pack a lunch, snacks, and drinks and water daily for our full day camps.

All our camps are PEANUT-FREE. Campers must be minimum age at start of camp; for Jr.Sneakers Camp children that are 5 years old must be entitled to enrol in grade 1. PLEASE NOTE: Schedules are subject to change – Outdoor adventures may move inside due to rain. Programs will not operate on holidays. Hyde Creek Pool will be closed August 23 – September 13. Our Day Camps will swim at outdoor pools during the last week of camp.

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



Please read page 2 to get additional information on support for your child or youth prior to registering in ouR programs

• Certified in Standard First Aid & CPR

Summer 2014

(3-6yrs) The name says it all! This program will include all kinds of crafts, games and silliness that will keep you laughing and busy all morning long. Bring a snack and a smile :) Please have a Participant Information Form filled out and returned to the Poco Rec Complex prior to the start of the class. PoCo Rec. Complex – Mabbett Room M,W,F 10:15-12:15pm




116933 W, F Jul 2-4 10:15am-12:15pm $20




M, W, F Jul 7-11 10:15am-12:15pm $30


M, W, F Jul 14-18 10:15am-12:15pm $30


M, W, F Jul 21-25 10:15am-12:15pm $30


M, W, F Jul 28-Aug 1 10:15am-12:15pm $30


W, F Aug 6-8 10:15am-12:15pm $20


M, W, F Aug 11-15 10:15am-12:15pm $30

A BUG’S LIFE 116940

M, W, F Aug 18-22 10:15am-12:15pm $30



3 Days/$30 Drop In Fee: $12

M, W, F Aug 25-29 10:15am-12:15pm $30


W 10:15am-12:15pm F 10:15am-12:15pm

TEDDY BEAR PICNIC 116944 116945 116946

M 10:15am-12:15pm W 10:15am-12:15pm F 10:15am-12:15pm

JUNGLE SAFARI 116947 116948 116949

M 10:15am-12:15pm W 10:15am-12:15pm Th 10:15am-12:15pm

COLOUR BLAST 116950 116951 116952

M 10:15am-12:15pm W 10:15am-12:15pm F 10:15am-12:15pm

PETS WITH PAWS 116953 116954 116955

M 10:15am-12:15pm W 10:15am-12:15pm F 10:15am-12:15pm

RESCUE HEROS 116956 116957

W 10:15am-12:15pm F 10:15am-12:15pm

Aug 6 $12 Aug 8 $12

PIRATE ADVENTURE Jul 2 $12 Jul 4 $12 Jul 7 $12 Jul 9 $12 Jul 11 $12 Jul 14 $12 Jul 16 $12 Jul 24 $12 Jul 21 $12 Jul 23 $12 Jul 25 $12 Jul 28 $12 Jul 30 $12 Aug 1 $12

116958 116959 116960

M Aug 11 10:15am-12:15pm $12 W Aug 13 10:15am-12:15pm $12 F Aug 15 10:15am-12:15pm $12

A BUG’S LIFE 116961 116962 116963

M Aug 18 10:15am-12:15pm $12 W Aug 20 10:15am-12:15pm $12 F Aug 22 10:15am-12:15pm $12

MAGIC, BUBBLES AND fun 116964 116965 116966

M Aug 25 10:15am-12:15pm $12 W Aug 27 10:15am-12:15pm $12 F Aug 29 10:15am-12:15pm $12

Looking for Kindercrew Camp? We are now offering Kinderbegin Summer and KInderswim Summer this year at Hyde Creek in place of the Kindercrew Camp. Please see General Programs in the Preschool Program Section on Page 28.

Experience It! ONE THURSDAY ADVENTURE HYDE CREEK (5-10yrs) & (7-10yrs)

Each day we have a bus heading to a different location in the Lower Mainland for a full day of exciting activities and adventures. Price includes bus rental, all admission fees and recreation leadership by qualified staff. All trips travel by Thirdwave bus with a professional driver.

(5-7 yrs)

Hyde Creek – Sports Hall

Jump into adventure and build friendships each and every day! Junior Sneakers is designed to meet the energetic needs of 5 – 7 year olds! Your child will enjoy arts and crafts, games, and outings to keep them happy, active and healthy. This great camp includes all admission costs, recreation leadership by qualified staff and the Thursday One Day Adventure out trip. Junior Sneakers is located in Program Room # 2 at the Hyde Creek Recreation Centre. Each day children need to bring a bag lunch, sun screen, swimsuit & towel, snacks and appropriate clothing for the weather. Jr.Sneakers camp is PEANUT-FREE. Please fill out a Participant Information Form prior to the start of camp. Form should be submitted to the Hyde Creek Customer Service Desk.

W, Th, F 9am-4pm

Jul 2-4 $99

Tu, W, TH, F 9am-4pm

Aug 5-8 $132

ZOO ADVENTURE Out Trip: Greater Vancouver Zoo

EXPLORE INSECTS Out Trip: Cultus Lake 116827 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 7-11 Waterslides



WATER, GIGGLES AND SMILES! Out Trip: Bridal Falls Water Park


M, Tu, W, TH, F Aug 11-15 9am-4pm $170


M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 21-25 9am-4pm $170

SPLASH AND LAUGH Out Trip: Bridal Falls Water Park

116830 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 28-Aug 1 9am-4pm $165

(5-10 yrs)


Th 8:45am-4pm

Jul 10 $35


Th 8:45am-4pm

Jul 17 $35



Th 8:45am-4pm

Jul 24 $40



Th 8:45am-4pm

Jul 31 $35


BIRDS, BEARS AND 116828 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 14-18 BUTTERFLIES 9am-4pm $165 Out Trip: Grouse Mountain

BACK IN TIME Out Trip: Cultus Lake Waterslides

Jul 3 $35



ROCKS, GOLD & MINERALS Out Trip: Brittania Mines 116831

Th 8:45am-4pm


M, Tu, W, TH, F Aug 18-22 9am-4pm $165

CIRCUS KIDS Out Trip: Vancouver Circus School 116834

M, Tu, W, TH, F A ug 25-29 9am-4pm $165

Hyde Creek 117178 Th 8:45am-4pm

Aug 7 $35



Th 8:45am-4pm

Aug 14 $40

GROUSE MOUNTAIN (5-10yrs) 117180

Th 8:45am-4pm

Aug 21 $35



Th 8:45am-4pm

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970

Aug 28 $40






Hyde Creek LET’S TALK SCIENCE Out Trip: Science World


Summer 2014 CAMPS AFTERNOON GYM & SWIM CAMPS (7-12yrs)

Looking for half day camp options for your child? Send them to a fun afternoon of sports like soccer, basketball, floor hockey, and group games in the gym and free supervised swimming in the pool. Children will play sports in the gym from 1 - 2pm and then play and swim in the pool from 2 - 3pm. Drop off in gym and pick up on Pool Wharf.

(7-10yrs) Jump into adventure and build friendships each and every day. Sneakers Campers will enjoy a week of games and active time, arts & crafts and spend the afternoon splashing away at the Hyde Creek or Centennial Pool. This great camp includes all admission costs, recreation leadership by qualified staff and fun volunteers, and the Thursday One Day Adventure out trip. Sneakers is located in Community Room 2 at the Hyde Creek Recreation Centre. Each day the children need to bring a bag lunch, sun screen, swimsuit and towel, snacks and appropriate clothing for the weather. Please fill out a Participant Information Form prior to the start of camp. Form should be submitted to the Hyde Creek Customer Service Desk. Sneakers camp is PEANUT-FREE. Bring on the Summer FUN!


Hyde Creek - Community Room #2

SCIENCE BLAST Out trip: Science World

ROCKS, MINES & SCIENCE Out trip: Brittania Mines

SAFARI FUN Out trip: Greater Vancouver Zoo

INSECTMANIA Out trip: Cultus Lake Waterslides

COLOUR EXPLORE Out trip: Bridal Falls Water Park

OUTDOOR EXPLORERS Out trip: Grouse Mountain




W, Th, F 9am-4pm

M, Tu, W, TH, F 9am-4pm

Jul 2-4 $99

Jul 7-11 $165

M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 14-18 9am-4pm $165

BACK TO THE FUTURE Out trip: Cultus Lake Water Slides 116861

M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 21-25 9am-4pm $170

SPLASH BLAST Out trip: Bridal Falls Water Park 116863


M, Tu, W, Jul 28-Aug 1 9am-4pm $165




Tu, W, TH, F 9am-4pm

Aug 5-8 $132

M, Tu, W, TH, F Aug 11-15 9am-4pm $170

M, Tu, W, TH, F Aug 18-22 9am-4pm $165

LIFE’S A CIRCUS Out Trip: Vancouver Circus School 116867

M, Tu, W, TH, F A ug 25-29 9am-4pm $165

Register On-line

Hyde Creek 117071 W, F 1-3pm 117072 M, W, F 1-3pm 117073 M, W, F 1-3pm 117074 M, W, F 1-3pm 117075 M, W, F 1-3pm 117076 W, F, M 1-3pm 117077 W, F 1-3pm

Jul 2-4 $20 Jul 7-11 $30 Jul 14-18 $30 Jul 21-25 $30 Jul 28-Aug 1 $30 Aug 6-11 $30 Aug 13-15 $20

EXTEND A CAMP SERVICE (6-12 yrs) Extend a Camp Service provides additional care before and at the end of camp to better accommodate your schedule. This service is available for programs running out of Hyde Creek Recreation Centre. Extend a Camp operates from 8:00-9:00am (light breakfast included from 8-8:30am) and 4:005:00pm only (light snack included). This service is for registered day campers. Hyde Creek – Weekly 8-9am & 4-5pm 117078 W, Th, F Jul 2-4 $27 117079 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 7-11 $45 117080 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 14-18 $45 117081 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 21-25 $45 117082 M, Tu, W, TH, F Jul 28-Aug 1 $45 117083 Tu, W, TH, F Aug 5-8 $36 117084 M, Tu, W, TH, F Aug 11-15 $45 117085 M, Tu, W, TH, F Aug 18-22 $45 117086 M, Tu, W, TH, F Aug 25-29 $45

Experience It!


Leigh Square offers week long art camps for children every summer – a unique mix of the arts, recreation and memorable experiences! Children explore their creative side while experimenting with various visual and performing arts. All camps include a mix of games, play, walks to the park and beyond, along with fun art activities. Please bring snacks and a lunch. Register: or call 604.927.PLAY (7529).

Awesome Art Camps (4-6yrs) ART BLAST (4-6yrs)

Get ready to blast off and explore outer space through artistic experiments and the style of abstraction! Go beyond your imagination in the composition of shapes and forms, and learn how to use balance, repetition, color, texture, and various materials for 2-dimensional works of art. Leigh Square W, Th, F 9:30-11:30am

Jul 2-4 $36/3


Get friendly with nature, as we learn about art through the elements of our environment. Appreciate the world around us exploring wildlife and landscape through drawing, painting, casting, engraving and more. Leigh Square W, Th, F 1-3pm


Jul 2-4


Exercise your imagination, vocal cords, and body in an artistic way with this musical fusion of song, motion, dance and visual art-making. The young performers will learn to express themselves through vocal and dance games and routines, 2-dimensional drawing and painting, and even a dance party!


The carnival is in town, so step right up and transform your imagination into artistic celebrations. Color composition will be emphasized through drawing, painting, sculpture, print-making, multimedia, maskmaking and more! Leigh Square M, Tu, W, Th, F Jul 21-25 1:00-3:00pm $60/5


Join the pirate arr-t adventure as we search the seas for creative treasures! Tell pirate stories with theatre games, improvisation and visual creations including drawing, painting and sculpture. Leigh Square M, Tu, W, Th, F Aug 18-22 9:30-11:30am $60/5


Dig up your creativity as we discover the old world through new creations. Unlock the past by making ancient ceramics, faux fossils, cave paintings, cultural artifacts and more. Leigh Square M, Tu, W, Th, F Aug 18-22 1:00-3:00pm $60/5

Leigh Square M, Tu, W, Th, F Jul 21-25             9:30-11:30am            $60/5

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



Hyde Creek – Daily 8-9am & 4-5pm 117094 W Jul 2 $12 117188 Th Jul 3 $12 117189 F Jul 4 $12 117190 M Jul 7 $12 117191 Tu Jul 8 $12 117192 W Jul 9 $12 117193 Th Jul 10 $12 117194 F Jul 11 $12 117195 M Jul 14 $12 117196 Tu Jul 15 $12 117197 W Jul 16 $12 117198 Th Jul 17 $12 117199 F Jul 18 $12 117200 M Jul 21 $12 117201 Tu Jul 22 $12 117202 W Jul 23 $12 117203 Th Jul 24 $12 117204 F Jul 25 $12 117205 M Jul 28 $12 117206 Tu Jul 29 $12 117207 W Jul 30 $12 117208 Th Jul 31 $12 117209 F Aug 1 $12 117210 Tu Aug 5 $12 117211 W Aug 6 $12 117212 Th Aug 7 $12 117213 F Aug 8 $12 117214 M Aug 11 $12 117215 Tu Aug 12 $12 117216 W Aug 13 $12 117217 Th Aug 14 $12 117218 F Aug 15 $12 117219 M Aug 18 $12 117220 Tu Aug 19 $12 117221 W Aug 20 $12 117222 Th Aug 21 $12 117223 F Aug 22 $12 117224 M Aug 25 $12 117225 Tu Aug 26 $12 117226 W Aug 27 $12 117227 Th Aug 28 $12 117228 F Aug 29 $12

Summer Art Camps

Summer 2014 Awesome Art Camps For Youth (11-14yrs) BEYOND THE LINES (11-14yrs)

Transform elements of art into graphic illusions. Experiment with a variety of methods and materials to bring artwork to life through value, shape and contour in 2 and 3 dimensional forms. Learn to perform visual tricks with art using perspective, space, pattern and exaggeration. Leigh Square M, Tu, W, Th, F Aug 25-29 1:00-4:00pm $75/5

(7-11yrs) MUSICAL THEATRE STARS: SHREK (7-11yrs)

Tuesday Drop In Adventures Leigh Square

Leigh Square is teaming up with Theatrix to perform the exciting play of Shrek! Experience different characters, design sets, create your own costumes and props, and come play in the world of theatre. On the last day of class, children will perform for parents and invited guests. Leigh Square M, Tu, W, Th, F 9:30am-4:30pm




Jul 7-11 $150/5

ART IN MOTION (7-11yrs)

Use physical activity to express your creativity! Get active and let loose with your art as we discover the style of abstraction and expressionism through color, movement, texture and feeling. Young artists will also experiment improvisation and learn collaboration skills. Leigh Square M, Tu, W, Th, F Jul 28-Aug 1 9:30am-4:30pm $150/5

SO SURREAL (7-11yrs)

Go beyond your imagination and think differently and create Surrealist and Fantasy art by bending the rules of line, shape, form, space, color and texture. Experiment with materials and methods such as drawing, painting, print-making, clay, sculpture and even merino wool felt-making.

Can’t commit to a week of summer camp? Why not come on out for one day! Try different art mediums and activities.

M, Tu, W, Th, F Jul 14-18 9:30am-4:30pm $150/5


SHAPE IT! (7-11yrs)

Create movement, texture and color with the elements of sculpture! Young artists will explore the methods of relief, modelling, constructing and casting as they sculpt and create with wire, paper, stone, sand, found objects and plaster. Turn trash into treasure! Leigh Square Tu, W, Th, F 9:30am-4:30pm

Aug 5-8 $120/4

CLAY ALL-WAYS (7-11yrs)

Young hands guide clay and create formations of figures, ceramics and pottery. Through the methods of pinching, pouring, coiling, slab, armatures, learn the different ways to shape, change, and transform clay! Leigh Square M, Tu, W, Th, F Aug 11-15 9:30am-4:30pm $150/5

“What I liked most about this class

– you can express your attitude in art.” - art camp student


Tu 9:30-11:30am

Tu 9:30-11:30am

7-11 Years


Tu 9:30-4:30pm



Aug 19 $32/day Jul 29

Jul 15

Tu 9:30am-4:30pm

Aug 5

Tu 9:30am-4:30pm

11-14 Years


Jul 22

Tu 9:30am-4:30pm



Tu 1-4pm

Aug 12

$17/day Aug 26


This program is for kids who have already taken the INTRO lessons and wish to further their squash skills. Come out and take your game to the next level. Equipment provided if needed. 117068 M-F Jul 7-11 10:30am-12pm $60 117069 M-F Aug 25-29 10:30am-12pm $60



This camp is designed to help young people develop their volleyball skills, knowledge and enthusiasm for the game. There will be an emphasis on bumping, setting, serving and digging. Hyde Creek Gymnasium 117042 M-Th 9-12pm

Jul 21-24 4/$75


Hyde Creek Gymnasium 117043 M-F Jul 28-Aug1 9am -12pm 5/$80 117044 M-F Aug 11- 15 9am -12pm 5/$80



Combine both the Badminton and Multisport Camp and SAVE BIG. Friday will be a full day of Multisport for those who signed up for morning badminton. Camp will take place indoors and outdoors. Hyde Creek Gymnasium 117159 M-F Jul 28-Aug 1 9am-4pm $ 155 117160 M-F Aug 11-15 9am-4pm $ 155 *Children registered in a morning and afternoon camp will be transferred to the next program and supervised over lunch at no extra charge.

Enjoy a supervised outing rain or shine on the PoCo trails and Bike Park! Emphasis on trail etiquette, road safety, including hand signals and shoulder checks, use of gears, and controlled riding in a group. Bike and helmet supplied by participant and program fee includes bike gloves. Participants must be able to ride with confidence to register for this program. PoCo Rec. Complex 117515 M-F 9-11:30am

Jul 21-25 $125


This program reinforces the benefits of teamwork and skills development, giving participants the confidence and social skills necessary to succeed in sport and life. Participants will learn the basics to play badminton, walleyball, racquetball, squash, pickleball, volleyball and a variety of other sports. Camp will take place indoors and outdoors. 117157 117158

M-F Jul 28- Aug 1 12:30pm-4pm $ 80 M-F Aug 11-15 12:30pm-4pm $ 80


Interested in trying a new sport? Squash is a great activity for anyone. Come out and see what people are calling the fastest growing sport in North America. A great way to get some exercise and have fun doing it. Equipment provided if needed. 117065 117066

M-Fri 9-10:30am M-Fri 9-10:30am

Jul 7-11 $ 60 Aug 25-29 $ 60

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



Keep the kids busy during the Summer Break. Learn to serve, receive, and play the game. Emphasis is on skill development and learning the rules of play. This camp is limited to 18 players to maximize individual attention and game supervision. Friday morning will be a multisport program taking place indoors and outdoors.

BIKE PROGRAMS Trail Blazers (7-12yrs)

Players will learn progressive tennis with scaled down racquets, courts, and balls. Our coaches will encourage the FUNdamentals of tennis and progress them to more challenging games. Players will learn about scoring, sportsmanship, rally, serves and volleys. Tennis racquets are available for use.  Fridays (or Sat, Aug 9) may be used as a makeup due to rain day.  For detailed information please contact Chill Yin Lee, Tennis Coordinator at 604944-6943 or e-mail: GATES PARK 7-12yrs 116991 M-Th Jul 7-10 9-12pm 4/$115 116992 M-Th Jul 21-24 9-12pm 4/$115 116993 Tu- F Aug 5-8 9-12pm 4/$115 116994 M-Th Aug 18-21 9-12pm 4/$115 5-8yrs 116995 M-Th Jul 7-10 1-3pm 4/$75 116996 M-Th Jul 21-24 1-3pm 4/$75 116997 Tu-F Aug 5-8 1-3pm 4/$75 116998 M-Th Aug 18-21 1-3pm 4/$75 TERRY FOX 7-12yrs 116999 M-Th Jul 14-17 9-12pm 4/$115 117000 M-Th Jul 28-31 9-12pm 4/$115 117001 Tu- F Aug 12-15 9-12pm 4/$115 117002 M-Th Aug 26-29 9-12pm 4/$115 5-8yrs 117005 M-Th Jul 14-17 1-3pm 4/$75 117006 M-Th Jul 28-31 1-3pm 4/$75 117009 Tu- F Aug 12-15 1-3pm 4/$75 117010 M-Th Aug 26-29 1-3pm 4/$75

Summer 2014

Youth Summer Camp – Hyde Creek (10-14yrs) Hyde Creek’s got the cure for the summertime blues! Register early as this camp always sells out! Price includes admission costs, equipment rental, transportation, and supervision. Bring a bag lunch, drink, sunscreen, swimsuit and towel, and appropriate clothing. BBQ lunch is provided for Thursday adventures only. *Out-trip locations are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Additional waivers may need to be signed*

STAND UP PADDLING 117417 Activities Include:

W-F JUL 2-4 9am-4pm $105/$100 with YAC Waterslides, beach BBQ, Stand Up Paddling (3 day week)


117423 M-F AUG 11-15 9am-4pm $175/$170 with YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, waterslides, beach BBQ, Paintballing *NOTE: on Friday each child will be provided 100 paintballs. More paintballs can purchased on site at a cost of $10 per 100. This is a cash only sale.*



117418 M-F JUL 7-11 9am-4pm $175/$170 with YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, waterslides, Beach BBQ, Paintball *NOTE: on Friday each child will be allotted 100 paintballs, and if they wish to purchase more they can, and must bring cash with them on the day of – cost is $10 per 100 extra paintballs*


117424 M-F AUG 18-22 9am-4pm $175/$170 with YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, waterslides, beach BBQ, Inflatable Waterpark


117419 M-F JUL 14-18 9am-4pm $175/$170 with YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, waterslides, Beach BBQ, Playland


117420 M-F JUL 21-25 9am-4pm $175/$170 with a YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, hiking, waterslides, Beach BBQ, Bumper Boating


117421 M-F JUL 28-AUG 1 9am-4pm $175/$170 with YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, waterslides, beach BBQ, Go Karting


117422 Tu-F AUG 5-8 9am-4pm $140/$135 with YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, waterslides, beach BBQ, Banana Tubing (4 day week)



117425 M-F AUG 25-29 9am-4pm $175/$170 with YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, waterslides, beach BBQ, Go Karting

Do you have a youth with special needs? Contact our Access Services Department at 604-927-7974 and ask about our FREE Leisure Buddies support program for our camps. Registration required. Full Week: $175 or $170 when you purchase an annual Youth Access Card (YAC) which gives you discounts off every camp you go to for a full year! Holiday 4 Day Week: $140 or $135 with a YAC Holiday 3 Day Week: $105 or $100 with a YAC

Experience It!

Youth Summer Camp – Rec Complex (10-14yrs) Tired of playing x-box and want to get outside to have some fun? Register early as these camps always sell out! Price includes admission costs, equipment rental, transportation, and supervision. Bring a bag lunch, drink, sunscreen, swimsuit and towel, and appropriate clothing. BBQ lunch is provided for Thursday adventures only. *Out-trip locations are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Additional waivers may need to be signed*


117426 Activities Include:

W-F JUL 2-4 9am-4pm $105/$100 with YAC Waterslides, beach BBQ, Banana Tubing (3 day week)



117428 M-F JUL 14-18 9am-4pm $175/$170 with YACard Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, waterslides, beach BBQ, Paintballing *NOTE: on Friday each child will be provided 100 paintballs. More paintballs can purchased on site at a cost of $10 per 100. This is a cash only sale.*


117429 M-F JUL 21-25 9am-4pm $175/$170 with YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, hiking, waterslides, Beach BBQ, Bumper Boating

117431 Tu-F AUG 5-8 9am-4pm $140/$135 with YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, Waterslides, beach BBQ, Stand Up Paddling (4 day week)


117432 M-F AUG 11-15 9am-4pm $175/$170 with YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, waterslides, beach BBQ, Go Karting


117433 M-F AUG 18-22 9am-4pm $175/$170 with YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, waterslides, beach BBQ, Inflatable Waterpark


117434 M-F AUG 25-29 9am-4pm $175/$170 with YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, waterslides, beach BBQ, Paintballing *NOTE: on Friday each child will be provided 100 paintballs. More can purchased on site at a cost of $10 per 100 extra paintballs. This is a cash only sale.*


117430 M-F JUL 28-AUG 1 9am-4pm $175/$170 with YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, waterslides, beach BBQ, Playland

YOUTH ACCESS CARD (YAC) Pay only $10 a year & get discounts on our camps & other registered programs

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



117427 M-Th JUL 7-11 9am-4pm $175/$170 with YAC Activities Include: Vancouver park/beach, waterslides, beach BBQ, Go Karting


Summer 2014

Skateboarding Lessons



Got your new board and want to learn how ride it like the pros? This intro course will teach you the basics of riding a skateboard comfortably, and orient you to your board and the skate park. Bring water, snack and sunscreen. You also need your own skateboard and safety equipment. Helmets are mandatory! There is a max. of 7 participants per course so our instructors can provide the best coaching for your age and skill level. Classes may be postponed due to rain or special events. Railside Skate Park (Lions Way) 117435 S, Su Jul 5,6 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC 117436 S, Su Jul 12,13 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC 117437 S, Su Jul 19,20 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC 117438 S, Su Jul 26,27 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC 117439 S, Su Aug 9,10 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC 117440 S, Su Aug 16,17 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC 117441 S, Su Aug 23,24 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC 117442 S, Su Aug 30,31 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC



Got the basics down and want to start getting a little more gnarly on your skateboard? Level II will boost your skills and confidence, and let you tap into your full potential. Learn new tricks and get more comfortable on different terrains. Bring water and a snack and your own skateboard, and safety equipment. Helmets are mandatory! There is a max. of 7 participants per course so our instructors can provide the best coaching for your age and skill level. Classes may be postponed due to rain or special events. Railside Skate Park (Lions Way) 117443 S, Su Jul 5,6 1-3pm $45/$40 with YAC 117444 S, Su Jul 12,13 1-3pm $45/$40 with YAC 117445 S, Su Jul 19,20 1-3pm $45/$40 with YAC 117446 S, Su Jul 26,27 1-3pm $45/$40 with YAC 117447 S, Su Aug 9,10 1-3pm $45/$40 with YAC 117448 S, Su Aug 16,17 1-3pm $45/$40 with YAC 117449 S, Su Aug 23,24 1-3pm $45/$40 with YAC 117450 S, Su Aug 30,31 1-3pm $45/$40 with YAC

YOUTH ACCESS CARD (YAC) Pay only $10 a year & get discounts on our camps & other registered programs


Want to personalize your skateboard training? Private 1:1 lessons allow you to focus on whatever it is you want to learn! Two solid hours of direction and supported practice will provide the opportunity to improve your skating regardless of your current ability. Bring your own board and safety equipment. Helmets are mandatory. Classes may be cancelled & rescheduled due to rain or special events. Railside Skate Park (Lions Way) 117451 F Jul 4 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC 117458 F Jul 11 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC 117459 F July 18 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC 117460 F July 25 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC 117461 F Aug 8 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC 117462 F Aug 15 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC 117465 F Aug 22 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC 117466 F Aug 29 10am-12pm $45/$40 with YAC

Experience It!

All parents please read page 2 to get additional information on support for your child or youth prior to registering in our programs. If your youth has special needs and requires additional support in a registered Parks & Rec program please contact Cierra Grisewood at 604-927-7974 or visit

Youth Supervisors Team HYDE AWAY YOUTH ACTIVITY CENTRE (Northside) 604-927-7962

OFFSIDE YOUTH ACTIVITY CENTRE (Southside) 604-927-7938

Looking to sponsor or donate to a Youth Program, please call 604-927-7981


Please see pages 44 - 46 for Youth Summer Camps



“The Hyde Away” at Hyde Creek Rec Complex (Grades 7-12) 1379 Laurier Ave. 604-927-7962

Get discounts on most of our registered programs and FREE admission to our Open Gym sports programs, FREE billiards, foosball, air hockey & ping pong at both our youth activity centres! Available for purchase at the Recreation Complex and Hyde Creek.

Get your annual $10 Youth Access Card and enjoy unlimited billiards, ping pong, & foosball, X-Box, computer access, dodgeball, basketball, and more! We’re here to help you out with your homework or resume, and are always there if you want to play sports or games, or if you need just need to talk. M-Th F, Sa

5-9pm 5-10pm

Free The Offside at the Rec Complex (Grades 7-12) 2150 Wilson Ave. 604-927-7938 This inclusive drop-in youth centre is for kids in grades 6-12. Chill with your friends, get help with homework, and have fun! Your $10 Youth Access Card, gives you FREE unlimited billiards, ping pong, foosball, X-Box Kinect, computer access and board games. Our Youth Leaders are always there to talk to you about whatever is on your mind. Tu-Th F, Sa

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970

5-9pm 5-10pm



Coordinator: Chris Eastman 604-927-7981

Summer 2014 General Interest


Spending time at home alone because your parents are working or they’re busy running errands? This workshop is designed to provide the skills you need to safely look after yourself. Interactive lessons and scenarios will help you and your parents feel more confident when you are home by yourself.

Youth Registered Programs YOUTH OUT TRIPS



On the road again! Swing by Hyde Creek at 5:15pm and our staff will shuttle you out to a beach for some fun in the sun playing Frisbee, volleyball, soccer, or just chilling with friends while catching some rays. NOTE: Registration for these 3 summer out trips is mandatory and a waiver must be completed by parents. Program will be cancelled due to bad weather. $2 per drop in, or FREE with your $10 Youth Access Card. Hyde Creek 117555 Tu Jul 15 117556 Tu Jul 29 117557 Tu Aug 5 5:15-8:45pm $2 / Free with YAC


This great cardiovascular workout improves hand-eye co-ordination, concentration, mental focus and stamina. It is a fun and competitive activity that builds self-confidence. This intro Foil class teaches the basic actions of the sport, and progresses to fencing bouts quickly. Equipment is provided. Wilson Centre 116818 Tu 6:30-7:30pm 116819 Tu 7:30-8:30pm 116820 Tu 6:30-7:30pm 116821 Tu 7:30-8:30pm

Jul 8-29 $55 Jul 8-29 $55 Aug 5-26 $55 Aug 5-26 $55



Give the Gift of Health & Wellness!

Parks & Recreation Gift Cards are available in any denomination and can be used toward any Parks & Recreation program or service. Purchase Gift Cards at the Port Coquitlam Recreation Complex, Hyde Creek Centre or the Leigh Square Community Arts Village. For more information please call 604.927.7900


Hyde Creek 116849 Tu Jul 8 6:30-8:30pm $27/$22 with YAC 116850 Tu Aug 12 6:30-8:30pm $27/$22 with YAC Poco Rec Complex 116851 Sa Jul 12 2:45-4:45pm $27/$22 with YAC 116852 Sa Aug 16 2:45-4:45pm $27/$22 with YAC

Learn the skills you need to provide safe child care. This course is recognized by the Canadian Red Cross Association. Students learn about child behavior, first aid, emergency responses. Certification issued upon completion of the tested material. Hyde Creek 116848 Sa, Su Jul 12, 13 1:00-4:30pm $55/$50 with YAC 116824 Sa, Su Jul 26, 27 1:00-4:30pm $55/$50 with YAC Poco Rec Complex 116825 Sa, Su Aug 9,10 1:00-4:30pm $55/$50 with YAC


Cyber Safety focuses on teaching kids how to recognize warning signs, safe and unsafe situations, and skills they need to make safe choices when using the computer or social media. Learn to identify predators, safe surfing, and response to online bullying. NOTE: This is not a technical or software computer course. Poco Rec Complex 116584 Sa 2:30-4:30pm 116853 Sa 2:30-4:30pm

Jul 12 $25 Aug 23 $25

Experience It! YOUTH BULLY PROOFING(7-11yrs) This child safety program is preventative and proactive, so kids can avoid being bullied, or learn how to stop it. Scenarios and role playing activities reinforce the message of understanding and the dangers of stereotyping. Learn to respond to cyber-bullying, and how to support others that are bullied. Hyde Creek 116855 Tu 6:30-8:30pm 116856 Tu 6:30-8:30pm 116857 Tu 6:30-8:30pm

Jul 8 $25 Aug 19 $25 Aug 26 $25

DROP-IN GYM (11-18yrs)

Is there a sport you want to play? Shoot, pass, save, bump, throw, catch, spike, slam, dribble,. You name it, we can probably accommodate it. Basketball, floor hockey, dodgeball, soccer, badminton, volleyball. Talk to a Youth Leader for more information. Bring your own ball or other equipment, and a toonie for the drop in fee. The $10 Youth Access Card gets you FREE Drop-In Gym for a full year! Citadel Middle W ongoing 6-9pm $2/free with $10 YAC Hyde Creek F,Sa ongoing 7-10pm $2/free with $10 YAC

Join youth staff for food and fun at the PoCo Rec Complex every Friday from 6 to 8pm this summer. Activities include a hot dog barbeque, board games, basketball, street hockey and other outdoor games as we take over the back parking lot of the PoCo Rec Complex for our very own block party! (Donations for the Food Bank are graciously accepted) Poco Rec Complex Parking Lot F July 4- Aug 29 6-8pm FREE

Register On-line

There is a FREE Youth Volunteer Leadership Orientation session to provide detailed information about the Youth Leadership program, and to determine if this course is right for you. 116039 May 27 116040 Jun 26 7-8:30pm

Rec Complex 7-8:30pm Hyde Creek



Drop in to play a pick up inline hockey game. Mandatory player equipment includes: CSA approved helmet with face cage, gloves and shin guards. Goalies free to first two interested participants, City goalie equipment available to use, inline skates must be supplied by the goalie. Rec Complex M                  9-10pm

Jun 30-Jul 28 $4

This four day course will teach you valuable leadership skills and provide you with hands on volunteer experience. Learn about teambuilding, leadership development, programming, conflict resolution, working with people with special needs, customer service, and communication. Once trained you will have the opportunity to volunteer in various departments throughout the City. A free criminal records check is mandatory, and a form will be provided upon registration. Registrants are expected to be available to volunteer up to 40 hours in the summer, and will also have the opportunity to be mentors and Youth Assistants for later trainings. Volunteer hours are available for graduation. Registration includes Youth Access Card. 116041 W-Sa Jul 2-5 $110 / $105 w YAC

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970





Summer 2014 Wilson Wilson Centre Centre Services FACILITY RENTALS

The Wilson Centre does have rental opportunities during non-operating hours. Wilson Centre is ideal location for parties, weddings and other celebrations. For rental information, please call Sonia, at 604-927-7903.

Food services

The Wilson Centre offers a


Those 50 years and better can join the Wilson Centre for a $18.75 annual fee. Members have subsidized registration and activity fees with access to events.

number of adult programs, activities and services for the entire community. Membership is limited to those 50 years and better; and provides a number of benefits including lower registration fees and access

ADULT / 50+

to a number of services.

in Port Coquitlam. We provide kitchen service, drop in and registered active and social activities as well a health and wellness services.















For more info on catering, please contact Rob, at 604-927-7925.


foot clinic


To register for the foot clinic, call, 604-927-7970.

Members pay $1.00 per drop in activity or $8.25 for an entire month of activities. Non-members pay $2.50 per drop in activity. Non-members can drop in for a maximum of three visits. All registration fees are inclusive of all taxes. Member prices shown first, followed by non-member prices if applicable.

Come visit us at 2150 Wilson Avenue,

Wilson Centre food services provides home made lunches, baking and special meals to members and the public. The kitchen is primarily volunteered based, which allows for reasonable rates and great friendly service. Wilson Centre Food Services also provides reasonably priced catering for Wilson Centre rentals.


Be sure to keep up to date on the Wilson Centre happenings. A bi-monthly newsletter is printed and available at the Wilson Centre and other Port Coquitlam Recreation Centres. The newsletter lists our special events, services, lunch menus, trip schedules and other important info.


Available on-line at centre


Visit us on-line at www.portcoquitlam. ca/wilsoncentre for up to date info on programs, services and events. Download your newsletter and program guide.


A podiatrist will provide members with the care and attention their feet may need on the last Thursday of each month. Applicable fees will be charged.

blood pressure clinic

Members can have their blood pressure checked for free. Drop in to the Wilson Centre on Wednesday 10-11am


Edwin Fung, a registered Denturist will provide Wilson Centre members with free denture check-ups and denture maintenance advice and its impact on your health. Call 604-464-7779 to book your appointment.

Experience It! Community Volunteer Services for Seniors 604-927-7919 CVSS offers outreach services for senior’s that are isolated & homebound. Community Volunteers Provide: Shop By Phone Grocery Program: This program is available to: seniors & people under 50 with limitations who require assistance living in the Port Coquitlam area who cannot get out to shop for themselves. Volunteers take your order over the phone & shop for you at Safeway. Delivery charge $3.50. Visiting Program: This program matches volunteers with a lonely, homebound senior 50+ who has little or no support in the community to provide a weekly (1½ hr) home visit or a trip outside for friendship and companionship. Visiting volunteers do not provide transportation. Telephone Reassurance Program: A volunteer will call a homebound senior once a week for a friendly chat and reassurance. Information and Referral: CVSS staff will provide assistance to inform you of senior’s resources and services in the community.

Volunteers are the vital link to the success of our programs. Volunteers receive orientation, and ongoing support. For volunteer inquiries and opportunities call, 604-927-7919. For volunteer inquiries and opportunities call, 604-927-7919.



This class is designed to improve cardiovascular endurance with low impact aerobics, improve muscular strength, balance and coordination and increase flexibility. Higher impact options are also provided to those that would like to challenge themselves. Hand held weights and thera bands are offered for resistance. Wilson Centre M/W/F ongoing 8:45-9:45am Members $3.10 drop in $58/20 visits

This class incorporates core training using body weight and the use of dumbbells for resistance, building up gradually. The second half of the class will focus on more complex training and the use of therabands for resistance. Modifications are provided to progress or regress the difficulty of the exercise. You will also learn beneficial tips for a stronger core. Wilson Centre 116643 F Jul 11-Aug 22 10:15-11:15am $40.40/$55.10





A recreational exercise program for people striving to mobilize, strengthen and increase their fitness level. This is a sit down class and it consists of warm-up cardio, strengthening with bands or lightweights and stretches. W/F ongoing 10:15-11:15am Members $3.10 drop in $58/20 visits Enjoy a variety of sports set up in designated areas at the Recreation Complex: ping pong, soccer, floor hockey! Rec Complex M, W, F       Jun 30-Aug 1      11:30am-1pm    $1/$2


Join Maricella for an innovative hour of cardio fitness. This class will work out every part of your body with extra emphasis on problematic areas such as lower back and core. The class will also focus on muscle strengthening, cardio weights, and bands. This full body workout will definitely give you something to sweat about in a fun and comfortable environment for everyone, no matter what your fitness level. Wilson Centre 116808 Tu Jul 15-Aug 26 9-10am $25.70/$40.40


Latin Inspired dance fitness a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time! Wilson Centre 116668 M Jul 7-Aug 18 6-7pm $34.65 116666 Sa Jul 12-Aug 23 9-10am $40.40

Join Maricella for an hour of fitness with a bit of flare. You will be taken through a variety of new age dances from belly dancing, jazz to hip hop and more. All while getting in your cardio workout. No dance experience is necessary! Come out and enjoy the fun. Mabbett Room 116807 Sa Jul 12-Aug 16 9-10am $22.05/$34.65 (50yrs +)

Developed in collaboration with BC Womens’ Osteofit & the Fraser Health Falls Prevention Initiative, Get Up & Go! is an entry level exercise program for seniors with balance/mobility impairments who would otherwise be unable to attend a community based exercise class. This safe and gentle exercise program is designed to improve strength, balance and coordination as well as functional ability. Activities are modified for individual ability. Taught by a registered Osteofit instructor. Wilson Centre 116646 Th/Tu Jul 10-Aug 21 11am-12pm $47.80/$75.10


Pilates classes focus on creating a connection of breath and movement, using the abdominal muscles and spine. Each class develops from the previous one, enabling students to move through various exercises at various levels. It is an ideal complement to any other physical practice. Classes are done on mats on the floor. Good mobility and the ability to get up and down off the floor easily required to participate, beginners welcome. Wilson Centre 116665 W Jul 9-Aug 27 10:15-11:15am $29.40/$46.20

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970


ADULT / 50+

LEISURE CONNECTIONS PROGRAM This is an exciting integrated social recreational program for people 60+ with mild to moderate memory loss. This innovative program is provided in a welcoming, positive, and energized environment. An interview & application process is required.

Active Living & Sport

Summer 2014


This class is for those that are working on projects and would like the support and instruction from the teacher. Bring your projects you are working on or would like to start. The instructor will provide instruction, support and help with watercolour, charcoal, pastels, or prisma-pencil. Wilson Centre 116660 Tu 9-11:30am

Jul 8-Aug 26 $54.60/$84


This course is designed to assist those wishing to expand their watercolour techniques and how they will implement these into a variety of subjects including flowers, trees, street scenes, and much more. It is encouraged for individuals to bring in their own images to paint from that will reflect their personal interests, but some may be provided for those that do not.

ADULT / 50+

Wilson Centre 116659 Tu 12-4pm

Jul 8-Aug 26 $87.40/$134.40

Wilson Centre 116658 Th Jul 10-Aug 28 6:30-9:30pm $65.50/$100.80

This workshop will focus on storm-crashing waves coming out of the fog. You will then add a fog-enshrouded headland and a few flying gulls to complete the scene. All supplies and photos will be made available, and there are no pre-requisites. This is a watercolour workshop. Wilson Centre 116661 Sa 9am-4pm

Jul 12 $36.75/$51.45


This image should make a nice compliment to the ‘Surf’s Up’ workshop in that this will detail a sole pine tree hanging on to a cliff’s edge with a distant misted shore to set it off and add a little depth. All supplies and photos will be made available, and there are no pre-requisites. This is a watercolour workshop. Wilson Centre 116662 Sa 9am-4pm

Aug 9 $36.75/$51.45

Health & wellness STROKE RECOVERY GROUP • • • • • •

Exercise Programs Speech maintenance Education on stroke prevention Programs to develop memory skills Social and recreational activities Opportunities to restore dignity, selfworth • Improve independence and hope Companionship • Caregiver support information Drop in for questions or call Deanna 604942-2334 M ongoing 11:30am-2:30pm Membership + $20/year


Wilson Centre Technology Program



Aimed principally at landscapes, this course will address painting methods necessary to improve your skills in composition, whether painting Winterscapes, seascapes or landscapes. It is encouraged for individuals to bring in their own images to paint from that will reflect their personal interests, but some may be provided for those that do not.

General Interest


Learn the basics about creating spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel, including how to format tables, sort information, and utilize basic formulas to better orgranize your finances and your life. Wilson Centre 117315 Th 6-8pm

Jul 10-Jul 17 $21/$35.70


Covering Windows XP/Vista/7, this course will teach you the basics of using Microsoft’s operating system for everyday tasks, as well as the skills you need to set up your system up in a way that works for you. Please note that this class will not cover Windows 8 Wilson Centre 117316 Th Jul 24-Jul 31 10am-12pm $21/$35.70


Intimidated by your new Apple tablet? This is the course for you! Starting with the absolute basics (where’s the on button?), this course will walk you through everything you need to know to get started using your iPad, regardless of your skill level. Wilson Centre 117317 Tu 4-6pm

Aug 12-Aug 19 $21/$35.70


Bring your questions for the instructor about your iPad or learn new tools in navigating your iPad. This is a drop in class you do not have to register to participate.

Thu 6-8pm

July 31 & Aug 28 $1/$2.50

Experience It! Health Talks

Health & Wellness


Join Mike for a half hour session to learn more about what Home James has to offer. Home James provides seniors with safe and reliable accompaniment to medical appointments and the freedom to enjoy social activities.


Seniors have the opportunity to sit one-onone with a Nurse, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist to receive an individualized assessment and recommendations. Wilson Centre Tue Jul 8 FREE Registration is required contact 604-587-7866 to register.


A gentle self-paced program for those with limited mobility; perfect for those who utilize mobility devices such as a wheelchairs, scooters or walkers. All exercises are done while sitting in a chair or standing utilizing the wall or chair for support. The instructor will adapt poses to suit the individual. Learn to practice Yoga for your needs along with breathing exercises and meditation for your well-being.


This class is for anyone whose joints and connective tissues have become less mobile through illness, injury, aging or neglect. This class will help improve joint flexibility and help re-lubricate joints through a quiet, meditative practice of deeply held postures. This is a perfect complement to your active, yang practice or athletic endeavors to give you greater flexibility and help prevent injuries. Open to everyone. Wilson Centre 116645 Th 6-7pm

Jul 10-Aug 28 $42/$63

Jul 17 FREE


Open to all levels. Strengthen, stretch, tone and relax. Hatha yoga is the classical form of yoga postures and breathing that revitalizes the body physically and mentally. It is an uplifting practice that increases muscle tone, improves flexibility and concentration, detoxifies the vital organs and allows you to experience a state of deep relaxation. You can always make classes easier or more challenging for yourself by following the teachers’ cues for variations and modifications of the poses. This class is for all levels, however it is recommended that you can easily get up and down off of the floor. Wilson Centre 116654 W 1-2:30pm

Jul 9-Aug 27 $44.10/$69.30


Restorative yoga is thought of by many as ‘active relaxation’. It is specifically designed for when you feel fatigued, weak or stressed from daily life. The props used while practicing the various restorative yoga poses are designed to provide support and be conducive to total relaxation. Additionally, each of the restorative yoga poses moves the spine in all directions, putting into practice the ancient yoga idea that a healthy spine promotes well-being. All levels are welcome and all props are provided for the class. Wilson Centre 116657 W 9-10am

Jul 9-Aug 27 $29.40/$46.20

Register On-line

Is your mind constantly racing between thoughts of yesterday and worries about tomorrow? Are you concerned that you may be compromising your memory and missing golden opportunities in momentsgone by? If so, join this enlightening session where you will learn 3 simple meditations that you can easily integrate in your daily routines. Greater joy and inner peace awaits you! Wilson Centre 116697 W 10-11:30am

Jul 23 $5.50/$8


We can learn a lot from monkeys. Monkeys teach us how to be limber in life, modelling social connections, fun and flexibility. Join this fun-filled session to discover essential principals for developing social, spiritual and creative intelligence. Sure to inspire your heart and tickle your funny bone, bring a friend along to double the fun! Wilson Centre 116698 Th 1-2:30pm

Aug 21 $5.50/$8


Join Eric Huffey, volunteer from Prostate Cancer Foundation B.C as he goes over the prostate gland, where it is, what it does, some statistics regarding prostate cancer, treatments available, how it is detected and why it is so important to get it checked regularly. He will also share his own story of prostate cancer. Wilson Centre 116718 W 10-11am

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970

Jul 30 FREE


ADULT / 50+

Wilson Centre 116794 Tu Jul 8-Aug 26 9:30-11am $44.10/$69.30

Wilson Centre 116696 Th 11-11:30am

Summer 2014 Seasonal Specials

Performing Arts LINE DANCING

Calling all ready, willing and enthusiastic line dancers of all levels! Bring your dancing feet and a smile and join one of the best line dance classes around! Rhythms we dance are: Country Western, Cha Cha, Rumba,Tango, Samba, Mambo and Waltz. Wilson Centre 116655 M Jul 7-Aug 25 10-11:30am $19.10/$29.40


A 3 week workshop for those who are thinking of taking up Line Dancing & for Beginner Line Dance students who wish to practice their dances. Wilson Centre 117500 Tu Jul 15-29 10:30-11:30am $14.17/$22.05

ADULT / 50+


This course offers students basic terminology and techniques, correct posture, shimmies and correct way to layer and isolate movements. The instructor will break down the moves and help you understand the art of Belly dance and take your dancing to a new and exciting level. This is a great opportunity to stay in shape while practicing one of the most exhilarating styles of dancing. Wilson Centre 116738 Tu Jul 8-Aug 26 5:30-6:30pm $21.85/$33.60


Join us in an exhilarating cardiovascular workout that increases flexibility while toning and contouring your body. You will learn how to isolate underdeveloped hip muscles in order to reach physical strength and self-confidence. Everybody is welcome! Wilson Centre 116739 Th 6-7pm


Jul 10-Aug 28 $21.85/$33.60


Kick off the start of summer down at the Wilson Centre for a delicious summer bbq and great entertainment! This is an outdoor event weather permitting. Wilson Centre 116800 F 12:30pm

Jul 11 $13


Join the Wilson Centre for an afternoon of food and speakers. To raise money for the ‘GoGo’ grandmothers campaign. Canadians have raised an astonishing $16.5 million for African grandmothers through the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. Resources from the Campaign are invested directly at community level, with grassroots organizations that provide grandmothers and the children in their care with supports that include food, educational supplies, uniforms and school fees, medical care, HIV counselling and testing, adequate housing and bedding, counselling and support groups, home visits, and much more. Enjoy a vegetarian cold buffet. We recommend a $5 dollar donation all proceeds go towards the GoGo Grandmothers, Enjoy a great meal and support a great cause. Wilson Centre 117314 Th 12:30pm

Aug 14 $8


This event is held every 2 months to celebrate member’s birthdays. Entertainment, snacks, refreshments and cake make this a party to remember! Members with birthdays, register for free! Wilson Centre 116664 Th Aug 28 2pm Birthday person FREE Members $2 Non-Member $4

Register On-line

Food Skills for Families

Food Skills for Families is a healthy eating program aimed to teach and encourage healthy cooking in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Food Skills is open to everyone. The program strives to enhance cooking confidence and skills with a focus on improving healthy eating choices, fruit and begetable consumption. The program that has been professionally designed by dietitians and educators to encourage participants to make healthy food decisions. Please bring a container to take food home. 117500

Th 6-9pm

May 29-Jul 3 FREE

Leigh Square Community Arts Village The Outlet 2100-2253 Leigh Square (on McAllister between Mary Hill & Shaughnessy)

WALK IN SERVICE ONLY Mon, Wed, Fri 9:30am-6:30pm Tue, Thu 9:30am-7:30pm Sat 9:30am-5:30pm Sun 11am-5pm

Experience It! LEIGH SQUARE COMMUNITY ARTS VILLAGE 2253 Leigh Square The Leigh Square Community Arts Village encourages and facilitates community development through arts, culture and heritage within Port Coquitlam. Serving as a cultural meeting place, a 21st century community arts centre. Leigh Square is home for exhibitions, programs, special events, music, dance, workshops and festivals throughout the year. Interested in having an exhibition or program at Leigh Square? Share your ideas with us – see exhibit and program proposals online at or contact us at T: 604.927.8400 or E:

Gathering Place Living Room NEW HOURS OF OPERATION



Tue, Thu


Mon, Wed


Tue, Thu














Summer Art Camps Leigh Square offers week long art camps for children every summer – a unique mix of the arts, recreation and memorable experiences! Children explore their creative side while experimenting with various visual and performing arts. All camps include a mix of play, games, walks to the park and beyond, along with fun art activities. Please bring snacks and a lunch. Register: or call 604.927.PLAY (7529)


PLEASE SEE PAGES 41 & 42 for Summer Arts Camps details


A FESTIVAL OF ARTS, CULTURE & ENTERTAINMENT Leigh Square Community Arts Village 2253 Leigh Square, Port Coquitlam For more information: or contact 604.927.8400. Bring on the heat with Port Coquitlam’s Summer in the City Arts Festival, a celebration of community arts and entertainment! Watch sizzling stage performances and popular Hollywood films. Buy farm fresh food and say hello to your local neighbours, farmers and artisans. Bring your family and friends for fun, summer experiences each week at the Farmers Market, Village Vibe Performing Arts Series, Music in the Park, and Cinema Under the Stars – all FREE events taking place at Leigh Square and local parks. *Note: Performers for outdoor concerts and films are subject to change. Please check website for updates.

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970


Summer 2014 FARMERS MARKET HIGHLIGHTS: Port Coquitlam Farmers Market

“This is where it happens, at the Market, connecting community around the table, reflecting the rhythm, the passion, uniqueness and diversity, nourishing the mind, body and soul.”

Calling All Backyard Gardeners!

Would you like somewhere to sell your excess flowers, vegetables and fruit? The Port Coquitlam Farmers Market is offering this opportunity to community gardeners and anyone with an over-abundance of produce. From dirt to dinner plate in less than three days! The Port Coquitlam Farmers Market is a lively, fun filled event that provides you with direct contact to local farmers and food producers. Come together with us on Thursday afternoons to meet, greet and enjoy shopping for fresh in-season produce and baked goods while listening to local entertainers; all in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Thursdays, June 5 - September 25 3 -7pm Leigh Square Community Arts Village





Multi-Cultural Day, Cooking Demo at 4:30pm, Member Appreciation Day 4


Literacy Day with the Library, Kids Book Exchange

First Nations Displays, Bannock Demo at 4:30pm


Cooking Demo at 4:30pm

31 Pirates Day

28 Seniors Tea

Zucchini Races (while supplies last) or Bring your own zucchini. Farmers’ Appreciation Day,

Strawberry Tea, Cooking Demo at 4:30pm 24


11 Veggie Day, Member Appreciation Day

26 Flower Day



7 Aug

19 Bike Day

10 Art at the Market, Member Appreciation Day


$10 Gift certificates are available.

Please contact Kathy Marven, Market Manager, at or leave a message at 604-467-7433.

Opening Day

Farmer’s Market Gift Certificates Be a Friend of the Market for $10 and receive market shopping coupons. You will be eligible for market specials at participating vendor booths on Member Appreciation Day, the first Thursday of each month.

Official Opening: Thu, Jun 5


If you are interested please contact Kathy Marven, Market Manager, at or leave a message at 604-467-7433.

Pie Day - Best Recipe wins!

Mediterranean Feasts, Cooking Demo at 4:30pm 25 Teddy Bear Picnic, Food Bank Day (Market Closes at 6pm), Community Soup Bowl—join in soup-making ($2/bowl)

*Theme Days Subject to change without notice but the Farmer’s Market will run rain or shine.


Doggie Days, Cooking Demo at 4:30pm

Experience It! Village Vibe Performing Arts Series Move to the Beat! Village Vibe Opening July 5 2-4pm

Dancers will set the stage on fire with electrifying performances featuring hip hop, contemporary, rhythmic gymnastics, jazz, ballet, Scottish country dance and more! Start the summer with afternoon entertainment that delights the whole family. Featuring: Mellado Dance Elite, Coastal Edge Dance, Origami Rhythmics, Johara, Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Village Vibe performances are presented in Leigh Square on the outdoor stage every Saturday afternoon in the summer and are FREE for the community. The 2014 Village Vibe will feature Dance and emerging dancers for the month of July and Music and emerging musicians for the month of August. Village Vibe provides an opportunity for local artists to gain experience in front of a live audience and celebrate their

an open call each fall and chosen by a community selection committee. All ages

July 12 Dancing in the Square – FREE LESSONS!

welcome. Rain or shine. Leigh Square Sa 2-4pm

Come enjoy an afternoon of Dancing in the Square! First watch the professionals demonstrate the dance, enjoy a FREE dance lesson step by step and then put your new found skills into practice and take it away! Each Saturday in July will feature professionals from a different local dance studio whom will showcase and teach three dances each week. Wear comfy shoes! Leigh Square Sa Jul 12, 19, 26 2-4pm

Jul 5-Aug 30

*Performers are subject to change without notice. Check latest updates on, facebook or call 604.927.8400 for more info.

Join professional dancers from Arthur Murray Dance Studio for the Waltz, Rumba and Merengue!

July 19 Dancing in the Square – FREE LESSONS!

Join professional dancers from Encore Dance Academy for hip hop, jazz and the dance-exercise phenomenon that is sweeping the nation—Zumba!


Let the music begin! Come enjoy a FREE musical performance in the Square! Everyone Welcome! Leigh Square Sa Aug 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 2-4pm

Aug 2

Music in the Square: Ranj Singh is where Indian rhythms and melodies meet Western folk-rock. Rani instrument of choice is a 12 string acoustic guitar and has performed for over 30 years with headliners including Jan Arden, Matthew Good and 54-40. A unique experience in listening. Visit him online at http://www. Maddy Rodriguez, a song writer since she was 13, is influenced by James Taylor, Elton John, Billy Joel, and by Latin artists, La Oreja de Van Gogh, and Maῆa. You won’t want to miss this passionate and talented fusion. Visit Maddy online at

Aug 9

Music in the Square: The Land of Deborah is described as “feel good folkpop” with influences ranging from Simon & Garfunkel to ABBA to Joan Baez. The Prevailing Westerlies are a four part harmonic dream. The Prevailing Westerlies have been described as having a folk style and create all their own arrangements with the use of acoustic guitars, keyboards, occasional electric bass and percussion. You’ll be blown away by their original and masterful harmonies that showcase them as veterans of the craft.

Join professional dancers from Caydance in the latest European dance-exercise sensation—Bokwa! Also enjoy Latin Linedancing and the Argentine Tango.

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



talents. Performers are selected through


July 26 Dancing in the Square – FREE LESSONS!

Summer 2014 Village Vibe Performing Arts Series cont... Aug 16

Music in the Square: Rhythm and Cello is ready to quell your folk, rock, reggae and Latin music cravings on acoustic guitar and cello. John Welsh and Stephanie Glegg meld their musical and songwriting talents with vocal harmonies to produce an eclectic sound that appeals to everyone. Visit them online at http:// Tri-City School of Music is located in downtown Port Coquitlam, just off Leigh Square. Come out , support and enjoy the talents of Tri-City School of Music’s finest performers in voice, guitar, violin and piano. Visit them online at

Aug 23


Music in the Square: Joyce Island has been compared to Fleetwood Mac, Patsy Cline and according to Discorder, she has “the confident swagger of Tom-Pettystyled Americana.” Joyce Island’s music can be heard on CBC, as well as college and community radio stations and is steadily gaining recognition. She’s a girl that rocks and you don’t want to miss her. Visit her online at Sleuth is comprised of four well-dressed, talented and energetic musicians, exploring indie-pop tropes with a backlog of literary, artistic and musical references to support soulful lyrics. Visit them online at

Aug 30

Music in the Square: Payton Riley brings the promise of a refreshing new kind of country pop. Her cheery, strong voice and playful lyrics compel the listener to think of other new country stars like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. Visit her online at Gavin Kade is an emerging artist who tells stories through song and spoken word. Musically, they have been described as acoustic-folk-pop—writing and singing heartfelt songs about life on life’s terms. Musical influences include but are not limited to John Butler Trio, Kimmya Dawson, Ani Difranco, and Lumineers which we see come to life in passionate vocals and smooth guitar.


Music In The Park Enjoy the summer with an afternoon performance FREE in Lions Park every Sunday at 2 pm. Music in the Park features the finest professional musicians from across Metro Vancouver playing a variety of genres including jazz, pop, rock, blues, folk, world fusion, and contemporary. Performers are selected through an open call each fall and chosen by a community selection committee. All ages welcome. FREE. Lions Park Sun

Jul 6-Aug 31


*Performers are subject to change without notice. Check latest updates on, Facebook (Leigh Square Community Arts Village) or call 604.927.8400 for more info. Please Note: In the event of rain, venue location will be changed to Leigh Square.

NO CONCERT AUGUST 17 July 6 Bed of Stars is the outlet for the passionate and talented Evan Konrad, a twentytwo-year old prodigy from BC. Konrad is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and vocal perfectionist, his influences draw heavily from swooning chanteurs such as Rufus Wainwright, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. After spending his formative years absorbed in assembling homemade bedroom recordings, he drew the attention of Juno-nominated producer Daniel Victor. Since then, his first album I Fell In Love In The City has been getting great radio play. Visit him online at http://

July 13 Company B Jazz Band is a lively vintage jazz and swing band featuring a female vocal trio, who blend excellent musicianship, an evident love for performing, spontaneity, a sharp image, and just the right amount of humour. Company B Jazz Band has had the pleasure of performing for listeners and dancers of all ages and has released 3 albums to date. Visit them online at

July 20 Lesismore With Lesismore leading lady on vocals, Leslie Harris, listeners are transported to dark and sultry jazz clubs of times past. Don’t miss the chance to catch her Diana Krall and Norah Jones-inspired melodies in this stunning outdoor setting. Visit them online at

July 27 Jeff Gladstone and the Bad Ideas. Drawing influence from outlaw country, early blues and calypso, The Bad Ideas weave together songs about forbidden love and lost minds. Jeff Gladstone pens the songs, plays the upright bass and sings from the heart. Todd Biffard plays drums and percussion, and Steve Charles fills in the guitar. Think Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Jonathan Richman. Visit them online at http://www.

Experience It! Aug 3 New Orleans Ale Stars’ instrumental music is steeped in traditional jazz, with an added touch of Irish music, a few Bop tunes, a smattering of Australian jazz classics and some band originals to their innovative brew. New Orleans Ale Stars’ have 4 CDs to their credit, the first of which won the Jeff Healey award for best Traditional Jazz Album in Canada in 2007. New Orleans Ale Stars are about the best time you can have without actually being in New Orleans! Visit them online at

Ticket Printing

Aug 10

Cinema Under The Stars

Double Helix fuses original instrumental jazz with the best elements of rock, blues, folk, pop and traditional styles. As brothers, Double Helix core members Tony and Peter Chotem have been playing guitar together for almost 30 years. Their original compositions draw their listeners into an evocative imaginary world of musical ideas spanning several decades and fusing elements of diverse musical styles. Visit them online at

For an unforgettable Friday night experience, start your weekend off with an outdoor movie night this summer! Leigh Square will showcase recent movies on our 26ft tall enormous silver screen at Sun Valley and Gates parks, so pack a picnic, bring a blanket and round up some friends or bring the whole family out to Cinema Under the Stars! Sponsored in part by: G&F Financial Group.

Aug 24

Aug 31 Gabriel Palatchi Band is an original fusion of latin jazz, tango, klezmer, cuban and funk music. The band was formed in Mexico in 2010 and since then has included in its membership talented international musicians from Cuba, Mexico, Canada, France, Uruguay, England, Russia, Peru, Spain, Argentina. Palatchi has received international acclaim for his first album entitled Diario de Viaje (Travel Diary) and continues to make big ripples in every scene he shows up in. Visit the band online at

In the event of rain, film will be moved to the following Friday. Films subject to change so check on website or call 604.927.8400 for confirmation. Please note that some films are not appropriate for small children. Status updates will be noted on Leigh Square’s facebook page.

Register On-line

• .12¢ per ticket, 6 bright colours • No print job too BIG or small • Quick turnaround - Delivery available 604.468.9403 Ticket printing supports Port Coquitlam Theatre Society’s Community Artists Scholarship Fund

NEW CHILDREN’S ARTS TAX CREDIT (CATC) NOW AVAILABLE! The Canadian government has implemented a new non-refundable tax credit based on eligible expenses paid for the cost of registration or membership of your child in a prescribed program of artistic, cultural, recreational or developmental activity. Up to $500 in expenses may be eligible per year per child under the age of 16. For more information on the new children’s arts tax credit visit eng/media.asp?id=4114. Now it’s easier for families to register kids for arts programs along with fitness and sports.

Get active in the ARTS!

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970



Sister Says is an original indie-pop duo formed by siblings Gillian and Robert Thomson who also perform as a trio with their guitar player Lonny Eagleton and occasionally play with a drummer. Sister Says’s music is genre-bending singersongwriter soul, with a raw indie edge. Their influences include: Joni Mitchell, The Beach Boys, St. Vincent, Billie Holiday, The Talking Heads, and Hip Hop. Visit them online at http://www.sistersays. com.

Every 2nd Friday Jul-Aug Jul 11 9pm Sun Valley Park Monsters University Jul 25 9pm Sun Valley Park Despicable Me 2 Aug 8   8:45pm Gates Park The Amazing Spiderman 2 (2014) Aug 22    8:45pm Gates Park Thor 2

• For any event, any location

Summer 2014 Visual Art Exhibitions June 5 – July 7 Mystique: An Expression of Paintings and Photography Exploring the Mystery and Intrigue in Nature’s Creativity - Ken McRae and Therese Lydia-Joseph 2D: Painting and Photography Opening Reception: Thursday June 5 at 7:00pm

The images in Ken McRae’s work are micro interpretations of Mother Nature’s beauty. Photographed in a studio environment, under controlled lighting conditions, Ken’s imagery is surreal, vibrant and has meticulous attention to detail. Therese Lydia Joseph’s paintings portray strength, energy and perseverance, qualities taken from the dandelion, a plant despised by many. While many people spend decades digging up, poisoning, burning and cursing the dandelion, Therese finds beauty in its strength.

July 10 - Aug. 11 Incubating Stories: Kevin Godsoe and Mary Bennet 2D: Painting and Mixed Media

Mixed media artists Mary Bennet and Kevin Godsoe present Incubating Stories, an exhibition exploring the diversity of life and experience. Kevin’s work involves ephemeral aspects of memory, emotion and experience. The artist’s mannequins, act as a focal point in his images, symbolize an androgynous figure - a stick figure, a modern primitive throwback to ancient rock art representing all human kind. Mary’s connection for working on this project came when she learned that the same gene is switched on in baby birds learning to sing as with humans learning to speak. Her painting/collage mixed media representations of bird’s nests began to explore particular birds and their nests. She is fascinated with the diversity of size, shape, method of building the nests, mating, laying of eggs, brooding, hatching and “child-rearing” habits of birds. These paintings exhibit this captivation and with materials in various nests and the diversity of life around her.

Aug. 14 - Sept. 22 Aquazone: A Retrospective, Diane Roy 3D: Fiber Arts

Aquazone, a retrospective of Diane Roy’s art making from 1980-2000.. The title Aquazone refers to a marine metaphor that can be seen as a moment of respite from the flow of confusion in which we live. Concerned with the fate of our world and the creatures that inhabit it, Diane Roy’s art promotes thought about the consequences of our behavior on the marine environment and the alarming impact it has as it reverberates around the world.

Drop In Programs


Artist open studio – Drop in sessions

Facilitated by Friends of Leigh Square and open to Leigh Square members, these drop-in sessions are designed for emerging to mid career artists working in a variety of mediums. Open Studio offers a chance to meet, interact and share ideas while working on any project.No need to pre-register. Tu Leigh Square 10am-1pm FREE to watch but participants need to be a member (see website for application or visit Leigh Square)


Experience the creation of “Instant Sonic Art.” Musicians perform compositions and freely improvised pieces with an emphasis on listening and reacting spontaneously to other players and the overall sound that is produced.  New musicians and listeners are welcome to drop in! Info: 604-789-3456. otgensemble Every 2nd Tue      Jul 8, 22 Leigh Square Aug 5, 19 7-9pm     FREE




Jun 5 6pm Northside Walk from Kinsmen Hall Jun 19 6pm Downtown Walk from Heritage at Leigh Square


Jul 3 Jul 17

6pm Mural Walk from Heritage at Leigh Square 6pm Downtown Walk from Heritage at Leigh Square


Aug 7 10am Southside Garden Walk – Start at Terry Fox Library and end at Heritage

Aug 28

at Leigh Square 6pm Mural Walk from Heritage at Leigh Square

Please drop in and bring your visitors to Heritage at Leigh Square this summer. Volunteers are on site: Mon to Fri 10am-5pm Sat and Sun 12-3pm For more information about Port Coquitlam Heritage and to register for any of our programs call 604.927.8403.

Experience It! Terry Fox Library

Find us on Facebook for the latest updates

2470 Mary Hill Road For information call 604-927-7999

All programs are FREE but may require registration. Please contact Terry Fox Library for more information.

Hours of Operation


Introduce kids to the love of books and language with Storytime! Children and caregivers will enjoy interactive stories, songs, rhymes, and more. Storytime prepares children to learn to read. Everyone is welcome.

W Jul 2-Jul 30 10:15-10:45am free Sa Jun 21,Jul 19, Aug 16 11:00-11:30am free


1st Wednesday of every month. Children are welcome to come in pyjamas and bring a stuffed toy. All ages welcome; no registration required. W Jun 4,Jul 2,Aug 6 6:45-7:15pm free


Find us at the Port Coquitlam Farmer’s Market at Leigh Square. Once a month we will take our stories, puppets and songs over to the kid’s corner.


Fri & Sat



Closed until Thanksgiving



Andrew and his assistant Rocky the Raccoon have been entertaining audiences, for as long as Rocky can remember! Together, they make a magic duo that is not to be missed. Their special brand of fun, energetic magic is sure to bring laughter to your summer.

M 3:30-3:45pm

Jul 7 free


Come and jon us for crazy crafts, icky edibles, rude reads, terrible trivia, and a toilet paper toss! For kids 7 to 10. Please call to register.

M 2:00-3:00pm

Jul 14 free

Come have fun with us!

Th Jun 12, Jul 10, Aug 14 4:00-4:30 pm free


We have the Lego you bring the ideas! Lego Club is a fun program for children age 5 to 10. Lego isn’t just for boys – don’t forget that girls are welcome too! Everyone Welcome.

W Jul 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 3:30-4:30pm free

Before there was internet, tv or video games, people would entertain themselves by telling and listening to stories. Use your imagination to journey to worlds near and far. For kids 5 to 12. Tu 7:00-7:30pm

Tu 2:30-3:30pm

Jul 22 free


Audiences will decide the fate of our improvisers as they play games and tell stories in this exciting show. Together with our cast of performers, the audience will help to create a one of a kind adventure that is entirely inspired by their suggestions.

F 2:00-2:45pm

Aug 1 free


Ahoy, Mateys! The Purple Pirate be on your horizon. He has a treasure box full of laughs and pirate magic that is fun for the whole family. Come one, come all and laugh with BC’s friendly privateer!

F 2-2:45pm

Aug 8 free



The Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience brings live milking and calf feeding demonstrations out to the library!

Jul 8 free

Summer Reading Club Wind up with Uzume Taiko at the Leigh Square Bandshell. Celebrate your summer of reading with Uzume Taiko. Pick up your SRC medal and experience the heart-stopping pulse of Japanese taiko drums.

M 11-11:30pm

604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970

Aug 25 free



Mon to Thu


As part of the 2nd Annual MAGIC Festival in Port Coquitlam the Terry Fox library is proud to host award winning magician Alex Seaman. Alex’s “Magicalious” show is filled with audience participation and comedy. Kids will help Alex return an overdue book and discover the real magic in imagination!

W 3:30-4:15pm

Jun25 free

Schools out. What are you reading? Come find out about the hottest new books, and enjoy a tasty breakfast on us. For ages 12 + Registration is appreciated M 10:00-11:00am

Jun30 free


Hosted by the Terry Fox Library’s Teen Advisory Group (TAG). Ages 12+ Tu 7-8pm

Ju l8-Aug 12 free



Come watch one of this summer’s hottest new movies. Contact the library for movie titles. For ages 12+

F 2-4pm

Registration for this program begins May 12. Sa 2-3:30pm

Jun14 free

ADULT SUMMER READING CLUB Why let kids have all the fun? Join the Adult summer Reading Club at the Terry Fox Library and get a chance to win some awesome prizes! Drop by the library for a great book and sign up at the same time. The more you read the more chances you have to win! Registration begins June 9.

Come and discuss books, play games and meet new people at our weekly meet up. Snacks will be provided.

Finding ways of exercising and maintaining your memory is important as we age. This workshop, presented by the Council of Senior Citizen’s Organizations of BC, will explain how our memories function and how they change, provide tips for improving your memory, and advice on when to seek professional help.



Jul 18, Aug 15 free


Need help? Join us for a free half hour session to get you started. We can help you learn about the Internet, Facebook, eBooks, Email and more. Choose to learn on your own laptop, handheld device, or use a library computer. Call or ask at the Information Desk to book a personalized half-hour appointment.


Practice English in a friendly, social situation. Presented in partnership with SHARE Family and Community Services. Drop in; no registration required.


Find out who won the Terry Fox Library teen SRC prizes. It might be you! Enjoy some snacks, games and good times with other teen SRC member.

Thu Jun 5-Aug 28 10:30am–12pm free


Upgrade your reading, writing and vocabulary skills. Registration is ongoing through Coquitlam Continuing Education. Call or drop by the information

Tu & Th Jun 3-Aug 28 12:30-3:45 pm free


Make new friends, read interesting books and practice English in a fun environment. Adults upgrading their reading skills or learning English are welcome to join. The books discussed vary from ELSA level 2-5 according to the reading levels and interests of the group. Call or drop by the information desk to join. Second Friday of each month. F Jun 12, Jul 11, Aug 8 2-3pm free


Fourth Wednesday of each month. New members are welcome to join this informal book discussion group. For further information, please call Kim at 604-942-9598 or email

W Jun 25, Jul 23, Aug 27 7-8pm free


Friends make a difference! Friends are volunteers who promote library services in the community. They support library programs and fundraising activities in cooperation with library staff. Learn more by calling the library for more information

W 7-8pm

Dates TBA free

Registration is appreciated.


Tu 7-8pm

Aug 26 free

Register On-line

Experience It!

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604.927.SWIM • 604.927.8400 • 604.927.7970

Leigh Square & Donald St. Shaughnessy St. & Lions Way Wellington St. & Grant Ave. Coquitlam Ave. & Flint St. Laurier Ave. Nacht Ave. See Map Coast Meridian & Kebet Way Hemlock Cres. & Pinemont Ave. Shaughnessy St. & Lions Way Lamprey Dr. Western Dr. & Audrey Dr. Mary Hill Road & Wilson Ave. Confederation Dr. Westwood St. & Nacht Ave. Shaughnessy St. & Nacht Ave. Confederation Dr. & Eastern Dr. Lincoln Ave. & Hamilton St. Riverside Dr. & Po Ave. Taylor St. & Morgan Ave. See Map 2580 Shaughnessy St. Wellington St., S of Lincoln Ave. Patricia Ave. & Graham St.

Oxford St. N of Greenmont Ave. 1379 Laurier Ave. #1100-2253 Shaughnessy St. 2580 Shaughnessy St. 2150 Wilson Ave. 2470 Mary Hill Rd. 2150 Wilson Ave. 2571 Mary Hill Rd.



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Summer 2014 COMMUNITY & SERVICE GROUPS BC Registered Music Teachers Liz Munro ........................... 604-937-3117 Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver ....... 604.876.2447 CFUW Coquitlam Diane ................................. 604.937.5018 Canadian Celiac Association 604.736.2229 Community Policing /Victim Services ................ 604-945-1550

YMCA Childcare .................. 604-931-3400


PCRM Ringette Association

Origami Rhythmics ................ 778.863.4187 PoCo Figure Skating Club ... 604-641-8500 PoCo Lightning Speed Skating Club Ellen Thiel ......................... 604-936-9289 PoCo Marlins Swim Club PoCo Tennis Club Joe Collins ........................ 604-377-4060 Rowing Inlet Rowing Club Adrienne Adair ................... 778-554-3197 Soccer Fraser Valley League Thomas Mills ..................... 778-355-3875

Centennial Stamp Club Wolfgang Richter ............... 604-941-9306

Alouette Pony Club ............. 604.462.0809

Community Volunteer Connections .................... 604-529-5139

Baseball Men over 30 Steven Rizzo ..................... 604-944-6161

Soccer PoCo FC .................. 604-944-2901

Crossroads Hospice ........... 604-945-0606

Baseball Minor Ron Matthews ................... 604-340-2762

Softball Minor David Roeseler ................. 604-464-4525

Baseball Slo Pitch Don Keserich ..................... 604-616-2727

Tae Kwon-Do Hal Lipscombe .................. 604-466-2143

Bowlers Club PoCo 50+ Karen Fuessel ................... 604-942-5244

TAG Trampoline & Artistic Gymnastics Club ................. 604-468-0121

Bowling Council 5-pin Youth & Adult Brian Madaski ................... 604-942-5244


Cheerleading: Vancouver All-Stars Liz Gigante-Ulrich…………. 604-464-8272

ArtsConnect Sherry Carroll .................... 604-942-3260

Hockey Female Gurpreet Natt .................... 604-942-0991

Art Focus Artist’s Association Val Bordian ..................... 604-942-0537

Hockey Minor Judo Club Dave Speight ..................... 604-465-8328

BC Artists in Healthcare Society Linda Thiessen .................. 604-941-8091

Elks Lodge 49 Jeff Freeman ..................... 604-942-1345 Friends of Deboville Slough David Mounteney ................ 604-941-2498 Girl Guides of Canada Info line ............................. 1-800-565-8111 Greater Coquitlam Crisis 24 hour info Call .................................... 604-540-2221 Hyde Creek Watershed Society Call .................................... 604-461-FISH Kinsmen Club of Pt. Coquitlam ............... 604-464-7811 Knights of Columbus Eric Whalley ...................... 604-465-4464


Society for Community Development Call .................................... 604-777-2394 St. John Ambulance Tri Cities Branch ............. 604-931-3426 Tri Cities Area Women’s Society ............. 604-941-6311 Tri-City Chamber of Commerce Call .................................... 604-464-2716 Tri City Soroptimist Club Bea Kelly ........................... 604-945-7071

Lincoln Toastmasters Maple Creek Watershed Society (Coquitlam) ...................... 604-942-4740 Navy League Cadets Old Age Pensioner Organization Branch 21 Betty ........................... 604-936-6300 PoCo & District Hunting and Fishing Club ............... 604-942-9772 PoCo Community Gardens Marco Alessandrini ............ 604-945-0335 PoCo Garden Club Pippa Van Velzen .............. 604-941-8465 PoCo Lions Club Gord Graves ..................... 604-941-5140 Rotary Port Coquitlam Centennial Joanne .............................. 604-250-0060 Share Society ...................... 604-540-9161 Scouts Canada (PoCo Area) 604-936-3495


Jujitsu Steven Ow ........................ 604-552-3068 Lacrosse Box (Masters) Lacrosse Field (Masters) Lacrosse Jr. B Jim Ros .............................. 604-942-1541 Lacrosse Minor Fred Lachlan .................... 604-944-0842 Lacrosse Sr B Randy Clough .................... 778-846-3325 Lacrosse Sr C Terry Kirstiuk ..................... 604-435-9976 Lacrosse Junior A & Inermediate A Reg Thompson .................. 604-942-9150

Soccer Women’s ................. 604-291-7511

Blue Mountain Quilter’s Guild Wendy Squires .................. 604-941-5945 CDMF Performing Arts ........ 604-468-2622 Coastal Sound Music Academy Angela Crocker .................. 604-552-2762 Friends of Leigh Square Society Paul Schuley ..................... 604-927-8400 Port Coquitlam Heritage & Culture Society Brian Hubbard ................... 604-927-8403 Suite “E” Lifedrawing Association Myda Schmidt .................... 604.469.1911 Second Story Theatre Jonathon Chambers............ 778-285-0109 Port Coquitlam Theatre Society Gayle Manktelow ................ 604-468-9403

Lacrosse Intermediate B Jim Ross ........................... 604-942-1541

Theatrix Youtheatre Society Deborah Solberg ............... 604-939-6992

Old Timers Hockey ............. 604.942.7167

Wild West CanCan Dancing 604-942-3042

Summer Celebrations….. Celebrate Canada Day Fishing Derby, Lions Park 8 – 11:30am

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 Castle Park Canada Day Celebrations Opening Ceremony - 12 noon Entertainment all day Free Firework Finale – dusk. Event

2014 Summer leisure guide  
2014 Summer leisure guide  

A complete listing of community programs, groups and events for this summer. Available all through this Port Coquitlam Leisure Guide .