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CHIC TEAK Even timeless teak has its fashions, Patrick Driessen owner of Java Teak explains. “Simple, classic style is always popular. The conventional Bistro table, for instance, is a constant bestseller. Its plain design comes in many sizes and shapes - there’s something to suit everyone. Summer entertaining means umbrellas are always big sellers. The practical market umbrella comes in a huge range of colours and sizes. Teak can be chic and with new containers coming in regularly before Christmas there are a range of up-to-the-minute items available for you or for a gift.” New items in-store include a range of benches to suit many outdoor requirements. One favourite is the Box Bench, not only does it look gorgeous, but the lid opens to reveal a storage space for small items. For those looking for a classic bench to complement their outdoor living, the San Francisco bench is the perfect two to three-seat option. Another great addition to any garden is the 80 - 100-year-old antique benches - adding a piece of history. The popular Luyten bench is a bench designed by Lord Luyten in the 1920s, has an Art Deco look but it sits well in almost any setting. Teak benches have a longevity and quality that means they sell to more than just the homeowner. Schools like Diocesan and St Kentigern have Java Teak benches and they’re a common choice as a memorial bench. The comfortable teak summer loungers turn up in hotels across the Pacific. Steamers and sun loungers go to Rarotonga and Fiji, and folding chairs are always in demand with the resorts. JAVA TEAK has moved to Grey Lynn located in a huge 700m2 of showroom with plenty of PN parking. Come and check us out. F JAVA TEAK, 406 Great North Road, T: 09 520 5224 or M: 0274 866 441, www.javateak.co.nz

86 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2015

TIMELESS DESIGN AND LONGEVITY IN INTERIOR DESIGN “Good interior design is not about the singular passions of the designer. It’s all about the client and how the design meets their needs; both in terms of beauty and functionality”, says interior designer, Luciana Borges. “Having over 10 years experience in the interior design industry, both here and internationally, I understand this. An experienced designer can help clients save time and money by knowing how to liaise with contractors and being aware of the pitfalls to avoid. I work, on average, on over 20 projects each month - both big and small - and I am adept at making things easy for my clients. My incentive is always to save my clients time and money, deliver a great finished product on budget and on deadline, and to iron out any problems so that there are no headaches at their end.

Luciana Borges of Borges Design

“I like to create spaces that exhibit a sense of style and functionality that will last the test of time. Design is what I live and breathe. I have fresh ideas and a fresh mind with a dash of European flair when it comes to creating great living spaces. “Timelessness is a creative fusion - where bold modern elements meet the more subtle forms of the natural world - plain colours; simple, uncluttered, bold lines; wood; stainless steel; tile and stone - all combine to create something magical. A pleasing elegance can also be enhanced and maximised by the use of natural plants and other sculptural elements.” “At the end of the day, it is all about the client. Tell me what inspires and I will help you PN shape the aesthetics and functionality of it.” F BORGES DESIGN AUCKLAND, T: 0800 800 002, www.borgesdesign.co