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Volume 17 • Issue 4 • May 2012 • £5.50

THE INSIDE STORY We review all the action and performances as polo returns to London’s O2 Arena

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Bollywood, and jolly good This photograph shows Bollywood star Neha Dupia throwing the ball in for the start of the third annual Asia Cup Polo International Day on Saturday 17 March this year. The tournament, which is played for the chance to win the Ajit Singh Medtia Trophy, is the curtain-raiser to the Mumbai polo season, which runs for a month until mid-April. Held at the city’s only polo club, which sits within the confines of Mahalaxmi Racecourse, the Amateur Riders Club hosted a visiting team featuring the Maharaja of Jaipur, Ireland’s Niall Donnelly, Polistas owner Johnny Lynn and India’s own Abhimanyu Pathak. They played an all-Indian team, watched by a large crowd and some notable faces in the VIP area. The day, designed by consultancy firm The Sen Group, proved popular with the Maharaja of Jaipur, who wants to hold a similar event at his own club, which is set to join a series that will also travel to Singapore, Dubai and England. w Read more about the day on page 60 w Neil Sen is chairman of the Sen Group, which is the parent company for polo organisers Celebrasian. Those wishing to learn more about polo in Mumbai and the Indian event he has planned in Berkshire this June – or to see what other photographs he has – can reach him on 07969 954919 or via email at

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Ciren’s call impossible to resist for Kuldip Dhillon

Diplomatic Dhillon looks to the future Expected to be confirmed as Cirencester Park’s new chairman this month, Kuldip Singh Dhillon reflects on the course of his life to this point, on a dramatic period at the polo club over the winter, and on how he hopes to spearhead positive change in the future

Herbert Spencer at Cirencester Park Polo Club


Photographs by James Mullan and Herbert Spencer

t has been quite a journey for Kuldip Singh Dhillon, from his birth in the Sikh holy city of Amritsar, to his youth in an immigrant family selling from market stalls, to his life today as a wealthy international businessman and acting chairman of one of the UK’s “big four” polo clubs. The ever-dapper Kuldip, 62, is expected to be confirmed as chairman of Cirencester Park Polo Club (CPPC) at its Annual General Meeting this month. CPPC is England’s oldest polo club, founded in 1894 on the historic Bathurst estate in Gloucestershire, whose president is the ninth Earl Bathurst. Kuldip and I have been good friends for years. I always called him “Sooty”, as many of his other polo friends did, which he happily accepted without taking racial offence. He always called me “Herbie”, which I have

This ebullient Sikh makes no bones about his humble beginnings in India and is indeed proud of how the immigrant Dhillon family built its fortunes. Kuldip was born on 31 July 1950 in Amritsar, the Punjabi city that is home to Sikhism’s holiest shrine, the Golden Temple. Dhillons trace their ancestry back to Hari Singh Dhillon, the 18thcentury Maharajah of Amritsar and Lahore, powerful leader of the Jat Sikh sect. “Our 20th century Dhillons were a farming family and my father also served in the Patiala Lancers where he played polo,” said Kuldip. “My polo came much later.” He was only five years old when the family emigrated from

“We have had our problems but, the fact is, we are sorting out the club’s finances” – Kuldip Dhillon never liked. So when we met at the club last month to talk about his life and his plans for CPPC, I suggested a names pact. I would henceforth call him Kuldip, in deference to his new positions as club chairman and a steward of the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) – so long as he drops the Herbie and calls me Herbert. He laughingly agreed. 28

Polo Times, May 2012

PT p28-33 Kollin Dhillon Profile JM MB PJ.indd 2

India to England, settling in Warrington near Liverpool. “My father started in the demolition business and, in the family’s early years, we also had market stalls selling clothes,” he said. “I went to state schools, but skipped university

to work in the family businesses.” Eventually the Dhillons moved into real estate and, as they grew prosperous, purchased an estate in Cheshire. “We lived near Cheshire Polo Club and watched matches there. A fellow Sikh, Colonel Kuldip Singh Garcha, was over from India and playing there at that time. He talked me into taking polo lessons, even though I didn’t even ride at the time.” Kuldip was 28 when he took up the sport, buying his first four ponies from Terry Hanlon – oldies that were very good “teachers”. He eventually achieved a two-goal handicap and played with his own team, which he called Satnam, a Sikh greeting meaning “one true god” (sat, truth, and naam, name). Over the years Kuldip’s Satnam team competed at all levels of polo including in the high-goal Gold, Queen’s and Warwickshire cups. High-goal success eluded them, but they won numerous low- and medium-goal tournaments including the Archie David, Dollar, Cheltenham, National 8-Goal and CPPC 12-goal. “One of Satnam’s earliest line-ups was me, former Olympic show jumper Johnny Kidd, American musician Stewart Copeland and Tim Keyte from New u Zealand,” Kuldip recalled. Right (Cirencester Park’s new men): Dhillon with the ninth Earl Bathurst, president of the club, and executive polo manager Tim Keyte

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UK high-goal predictions 2012

Which teams have g As all eyes turn to the Cartier Queen’s Cup this month, we have a closer look at the team line-ups and ask a number of well-known polo personalities who they think will clean up in the UK high-goal this summer season

George May talks to those in the know

Photographs by James Mullan and Andrew Tobin


lthough the teams for the Cartier Queen’s Cup at Guards and the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup at Cowdray Park are yet to be absolutely confirmed, our preliminary list of high-goal contenders (right) gives a strong indication as to who will be playing in the UK this summer. Since first publishing the list in the March issue, Polo Times has discovered some of the additions to teams with players that were then only listed as “TBA”. Excitingly, we have also learnt of two more potential entries that are still being finalised and which, if confirmed, will be likely to include a number of British professionals. We can’t say any more at this stage but, as we went to press, at least one of these sides was looking very likely to get the go-ahead. Another largely British line-up, Salkeld, returns to the fold and, as it stands, are the only team to be fielding exactly the same foursome as last year. With Luke Tomlinson and James Beim representing Nick Clarke’s side, one would expect them to do well – last year they reached the Gold Cup semi-finals. Meanwhile, Luke’s brother Mark has a team for the whole of this season, with Karan Thapar making the decision to play his Aravali side in both the Gold and the Queen’s Cups. Right: Zacara’s winning Gold Cup patron in 2011, Lyndon Lea


Polo Times, May 2012

PT p34-37 high-goal predictions JM PJ MB.indd 2

British brothers George and Charlie Hanbury will be returning with David “Pelon” Stirling to field their El Remanso side. Seven-goaler Guillermo Terrera will be joining them, playing in England for the first time since 2010 after suffering with serious illness throughout 2011. Terrera played with the Hanburys earlier this year in Argentina but this will be the first time that he’ll be representing their team in England – in previous years he played for Talandracas. Three-time Gold Cup winners Dubai, who endured a poor season by their standards last year, are reportedly set to include Australian Alec White as their two-goaler (see page 54) as they field a drastically changed side. He replaces Ollie Cudmore, who has reunited with the side that played in Sotogrande last August, Prince Bahar Jefri’s Richard Mille. It is understood that last year’s Gold Cup winners, Zacara, will be joined by fourgoaler Manuel Plaza de Ayala this season. With all three of last year’s team’s pros, Hilario Ulloa, Ignatius Du Plessis and Gonzalo Deltour, going up to nine-goals, eight-goals

and seven-goals respectively at the end of last season, patron Lyndon Lea made the decision to drop Deltour, who is now absent from the high-goal in 2012. How well Plaza de Ayala will perform remains to be seen but it looks like a clever signing, as he plays off a six-goal handicap in Argentina.

“Ellerston have contributed so much to UK polo in the past, so it’s fantastic to see them back” – Howard Hipwood Edouard Carmignac returns this season with current Queen’s Cup titleholders Talandracas. However, Facundo Sola, who took the UK highgoal by storm last year, has been replaced by young South African Chris Mackenzie. Sola will play alongside Javier Novillo Astrada for Sumaya this summer. James Packer’s Ellerston will attract plenty of attention this season as they return to the UK high-goal for the first time since 2008. However, Polo Times has learned that Packer will sit the Queen’s Cup out, with Iñigo Zobel taking his place, and only play in the Gold Cup. The side could prove interesting with the talented Gonzalito Pieres and John Paul Clarkin forming the core of the team, joined by three-goaler Tomas Garbarini (see page 72). They’ll be hoping to be back with a bang. With Gonzalito Pieres moving over to Ellerston, younger brother Nico has filled his boots in the La Bamba de Areco lineup. Facundo and Nico Pieres have plenty of experience playing together, most notably for Tortugas Open winners Ellerstina in the 2011 Argentine Triple Crown. They are joined by British five-goaler Max Routledge, who rarely disappoints and is always well mounted. Emlor are not expected to field a high-goal team this year as patron Spencer McCarthy is taking a year away from the top level to play with his son James. The team will be seen playing the 12-goal Victor Ludorum tournaments, as well as some low-goal. u

20/4/12 15:44:00

UK high-goal predictions 2012


got what it takes?

England international Nacho Gonzalez thinks both Dubai and Les Lions, pictured here contesting the 2010 Queen’s Cup final, will be strong challengers again in 2012

El Remanso George Hanbury Charlie Hanbury David Stirling Guillermo Terrera

2 4 9 7 22

Lora Piana TBA Augustin Nero Lucas James TBA

0 6 8 8 22

Sumaya Ahmad Aboughazale Facundo Sola Javier Novillo Astrada Matias Vial

1 7 8 6 22

Aravali Karan Thapar 0 Mark Tomlinson 6 Eduardo Novillo Astrada 8 Marcos di Paola 7 21

Enigma Jerome Wirth TBA Juan Martin Nero Matias MacDonough

1 3 10 8 22

Piaget Joaquin Pittaluga Magoo Laprida Negro Zavaleta Stefano Marsaglia

7 8 7 0 22

Talandracas Edouard Carmignac Chris McKenzie Lucas Monteverde Milo Fernandez Araujo

0 5 9 8 22

Dubai Tariq Albwardy Ignacio Heguy Adolfo Cambiaso Alec White

La Bamba de Areco Jean-François Decaux Nico Pieres Facundo Pieres Max Routledge

0 7 10 5 22

Richard Mille Bahar Jefri Tomas Garcia del Rio Pablo MacDonough Ollie Cudmore

1 7 10 4 22

Thai Polo Harald Link 0 TBA TBA TBA 22

Les Lions Matt Perry Agustin Merlos Sebastian Merlos Joachim Gottschalk

3 9 10 0 22

Salkeld Nick Clarke James Beim Luke Tomlinson José Donoso

0 7 7 7 22

Zacara Lyndon Lea Ignatius Du Plessis Hilario Ulloa Manuel Plaza de Ayala

1870 Adrian Kirby Francisco Elizalde Polito Pieres Jaime Huidobro

1 6 8 7 22

2 8 10 2 22

Ellerston Tomas Gabarini 3 Gonzalito Pieres 10 John Paul Clarkin 8 James Packer (Gold Cup) 1 Iñigo Zobel (Queen’s Cup) 2 22

PT p34-37 high-goal predictions JM PJ MB.indd 3

Polo Times, May 2012

1 8 9 4 22


20/4/12 15:44:16


Gaucho International 2012: London’s O2 Arena

Argentina pay the penalty Whilst Scotland celebrated a win over Ireland in the enjoyable early game, it took a late comeback and a nervy penalty shootout for England to claim an unlikely victory in their emotionally charged game against Argentina

James Mullan at London’s O2

England Argentina

15 15

Photograph by Matt Cheetham of KK Communications

England won 1-0 on penalties


here was a carnival atmosphere at the O2 late this March, as England beat Argentina for the second consecutive year in the fixture, despite never having the lead at any point in their Test Match. From four goals down, and chasing the visitors throughout, England somehow forced a draw in a frantic final chukka, which meant the game was decided by spot hits from 20 yards. However, the winner-takes-all shootout was reminiscent of Liverpool’s Carling Cup


Polo Times, May 2012

PT p38-43 Gaucho JM PJ MB.indd 2

25/4/12 10:44:58

Gaucho International 2012: London’s O2 Arena


triumph over Cardiff City in February, when the team in red eventually won, despite missing their opening two penalties. With the weight of almost 8,000 supporters inside what was formerly called the Millennium Dome, only the hosts’ captain Jamie Morrison was able to stay cool under the pressure. He scored, meaning Argentina’s blue-shirted captain Nacho Figueras had to score to take the shootout to sudden-death. Figueras had played magnificently, producing a stunning turnaround in his form from a disappointing arena debut last year, scoring in every single chukka and from all round his horse as he wowed the crowds. However, his penalty attempt was laughable and England’s players, fans and almost-hoarse commentators celebrated wildly. No one will have been more relieved than Morrison himself, who will see his penalty heroics as redemption at the end of an otherwise below-par performance. He cut a frustrated figure at times, particularly in the second half, when ironically he surrendered the penalty-taking duties to teammate Maurice Ormerod after several disappointing misses. Ormerod was a surprise inclusion by the HPA in the England side, as was Berkshirebased arena four-goaler Gavin Turner, but the pair stepped up admirably – at least from an attacking perspective, landing all of England’s second half goals. However, arguably the increased freedom enjoyed by Nacho Figueras this year was an indication that the English defence wasn’t

Figueras proved this year that he’s not just a pretty face, scoring six stunners so solid. Perhaps we underestimated the role played by Tim Bown in 2011, when the nononsense English number two marked the Ralph Lauren model out of the game, and used all his experience as an umpire to shut him down without being blown for foul play. This year, England’s number three Morrison was at times left to do much of the defending on his own. He did this to increasingly good effect in the second half, gradually minimising the formidable threat of Argentina’s virtually unknown ringer, Juan “Chino” Leiva, as well as helping to force a couple of key penalty ones going forward. But, with Figueras swapping with Oscar Mancini to play in the midfield, u Left: Argentina’s captain Nacho Figueras squares up to England’s hero Jamie Morrison, the only player to keep his nerve in the decisive penalty shootout

Polo Times, May 2012

PT p38-43 Gaucho JM PJ MB.indd 3


25/4/12 10:46:29


International Series, Buenos Aires

Hosts rise again on Easter Sunday Argentina underlined the quality of their players and horses by winning the overall International Series title, while a team of four Brits – playing as the Rest of the World – were the surprise package at Palermo, finishing second

Alejandro Comero in Buenos Aires

Photographs by Sergio Llamera


fter three action-packed days of play, Argentina triumphed in the first edition of the International Series at La Catedral del Polo – Palermo – winning all of their games against the Rest of the World, Brazil, and Chile with an expansive display of four-man polo. The two words that come to mind most readily to describe this young team from Argentina – Matías Torres Zavaleta, Juan Zubiaurre, Juan Ruiz Guiñazú and Facundo Sola – are bold and courageous. Their intention to play winning polo was evident from the beginning of their opening game against the Rest of the World who, despite their ambiguous name, were made up exclusively of English players – Mark Tomlinson, Malcolm Borwick, Ollie Cudmore and Charlie Hanbury. The British quartet, who played their own ponies at Palermo, impressed in the latter stages of the tournament to secure second place, but they simply couldn’t stop the rhythm of the Argentine play in their first game. Led by most valuable player Facundo Sola, who


announced his presence on the world polo stage by winning the Cámara de Diputados on the same ground in December, Argentina cruised to a 12-6 win in that match. After Chile thrashed Brazil by seven goals, 11-4, in the other game on the first day of play, the tournament looked to be heading towards a duel between the young hosts and Chile, who boasted the experience of José Donoso and Jaime Garcia Huidobro in their ranks. However, the second day of the competition did not go entirely to the form book. Argentina did not disappoint as they continued their excellent play against Brazil, but the Brit boys in the Rest of the World produced an excellent performance to shock Chile. Well mounted and well prepared, Malcolm Borwick and Mark Tomlinson controlled the pace of the game. Borwick, the experienced English back, once again demonstrated his surgical precision from penalties and he scored

three from 60 yards as England won 9-6. For Argentina, several perfectlyweighted long passes and clever combination play involving Sola and 24-year-old Guiñazú

two games in four days, Argentina faced the last day of competition on Easter Sunday with optimism: only a catastrophic defeat against Chile could snatch away the title. The Rest of the World knew that a win against Brazil

in the first game of the day would give them a small chance of winning the overall title, if Argentina slipped up later, and they responded with their best team performance of the tournament. Cudmore and Hanbury helped to control possession and generated plenty of attempts at goal in a very one-sided contest. Borwick scored six goals and Cudmore helped himself to three as the Rest of the World ran out comfortable 11-4 winners and

The British quartet, who played their own ponies at Palermo, impressed in the latter stages of the International Series to secure second place ahead of Chile and Brazil were the highlights of an entertaining 15-10 win against a spirited Brazil side. With most of the horses tired after playing

kept alive their slim title hopes. This set up a nervy final match for champions-elect Argentina who, despite an u

Polo Times, May 2012

PT p44-47 International Series JOS MB JM PJ.indd 2

25/4/12 11:02:11

International Series


Rest of the World ratings Alejandro marks the Brits on their performances throughout the International Series, based on their effectiveness in terms of handicap



Ollie Cudmore (4): The 22-year-old youngster was solid throughout. Playing in this kind of international competition will only help him to improve, and he showed that his instinct and speed of thought are already very good. He was very well mounted and played a brilliant game against Brazil, scoring three goals and connecting with his teammates with a string of superb long passes. After winning the Copa Diamante in 2011 with his teammate and friend Charlie Hanbury, this second place in the International Series means another step forward in Ollie’s promising career.



The victorious Argentine team of Facundo Sola, Juan Ruiz Guiñazú, Juan Zubiaurre and Matías Torres Zavaleta lift the International Series Trophy at Palermo

Charlie Hanbury (5): Arguably, the style of play of the team did not suit him and he did not have the opportunity to show his true quality. Having said that, some of his ponies were among the best at the tournament and this made a huge difference against Chile, which was his best game. He performed brilliantly against Jaime Garcia Huidobro, when Charlie's inside knowledge of how the Chilean plays was obvious for all to see. His experiences at Palermo will certainly help to nurture his undoubted talent.



Mark Tomlinson (7): It was a pleasure to watch Mark linking up with Malcolm Borwick and setting the tempo of the team's play. He continually moved his side from defence to attack with seamless ease, while capitalising on his opponents' mistakes. Mark's high point came against Chile, when he played José Donoso out of the game with a tough defensive performance. His ponies were in excellent shape, which was crucial in the later games.



Seven-goaler Facundo Sola, the tournament's most valuable player, shows off his incredible athleticism during Argentina's win over the Rest of the World

Malcolm Borwick (6): Consistently the best performer for the Rest of the World throughout the tournament. Although he struggled to link up with his teammates in the first match against Argentina, experienced Malcolm took the lead thereafter and produced some excellent modern polo. His measured movements kept the opposition away from the ball and he scored 15 of the team’s 26 goals, with only six from penalties. If he continues to play at this level, there would be no surprise if his handicap goes up at the end of the year.

Polo Times, May 2012

PT p44-47 International Series JOS MB JM PJ.indd 3


25/4/12 11:02:55


How to spend it

Dress like a pro on and off British lifestyle clothing brand Joules has re-affirmed its commitment to polo by signing up for another year as official outfitters to the England team. Not only will Joules shirts be worn by Messrs Tomlinson, Beim, Borwick and Gonzalez at this summer’s big Test Matches at Cowdray Park, Beaufort and Guards, but the Market Harborough-based company has also launched the 2012 Official England Polo Collection, so that polo enthusiasts can also look the part on and off the field. The range includes a gilet (pictured top left, £89.95), cap (bottom left, £24.95), hooded polo sweater (top right, £79.95) and the England playing shirt (bottom right, £59.95). Joules CEO Tom Joules said: “We are thrilled to be working, once again, with the England polo team in 2012. The history of polo and the importance of the sport today means that our designers could bring to life the heritage of the king of games. “We wish the team all the best for the season ahead.” For more information visit

Photographs by Joules

Clothing – Joules Polo Collection

Fine dining – The Palm

Jewellery – Christie’s Jewels for Hope

As focus shifts from the American high-goal season to the English summer season, there seems no better time to try a piece of classic Americana right in the heart of London. The Palm Restaurant in Belgravia offers the taste and feel of a classic New York

A charity auction in Geneva this month offers a rare opportunity to purchase a range of much sought-after pieces from some of the world’s most exclusive jewellers, including Cartier and JAR. The Jewels for Hope auction at Christie’s on Monday 14 May will see 70 pieces from the private collection of philanthropist Lily Safra go under the hammer. The most desirable item is a pair of 19.43 and 19.16 carat pearshaped diamond ear clips, pictured right middle, expected to fetch in the region of £3.5m. Other lots include a diamond and emerald Eglantine necklace by Cartier, top right, a Ruby Camellia brooch by JAR, below, and a stunning collection of ruby, diamond and Sapphire rings, bottom right. All proceeds from the auction will go to charity.

steakhouse with lashings of prime beef, lobster, creamed spinach and cheesecake. The original Palm Restaurant was set up by John Ganzi (the great-grandfather of American patron Marc Ganzi) in New York in 1926. There are now over 29 restaurants around the world and the London location opened in 2009.

See for more

From £40 per head for a hearty meal 74

Polo Times, May 2012

PT p74-75 Spend it JOS JM MB PJ.indd 2

20/4/12 11:26:39

How to spend it

the field

Fashion – The Asprey Polo Silk Square Regular polo sponsors Asprey have unveiled an elegant ladies accessory that will allow you to show your allegiance to the King of Games long after you’ve left the hustle and bustle of the field and the mud of the stables behind. Ideal for the polo after-parties (which will be coming thick and fast now that the English season is upon us) the polo silk


Motors – Audi A4 quattro

Everything a polo player needs from a new car During last year’s English polo season, it seemed that you couldn’t walk around any of the country’s most famous grounds without stumbling upon a horde of impressive-looking, beautifully polished Audis. Remarkably, the luxury German car manufacture has upped its sponsorship of the English game even more in 2012, with the recent announcement that it will sponsor International Day at Guards, the Beaufort Test and an event at Chester Racecourse (see News for more).

square combines fashion with a love of polo. The 90cm by 90cm navy silk twill square is bordered by hand-rolled hems and features a screen-printed design, which includes a polo stick, polo belts, and many common equine bells, whistles and other paraphernalia. From £285

Watches – Jaeger LeCoultre Grande Reverso Ultra Thin SQ Famed Swiss watchmaker Jaeger LeCoultre has released a limited-edition version of one of its classic timepieces that will make you look the part in your local polo clubhouse this summer. The Grande Reverso Ultra Thin SQ encases all of the character, style and durability of the classic Reverso watch, but in a more light-weight package. The Reverso was first released in 1931, very much with the polo player in mind. Famously, the watch-face can be flipped (or reversed) to protect it from damage during high-octane battles on the polo field, before being restored to its full glory once the match has ended. The limited-edition Ultra Thin SQ, of which only 50 have been made, boasts an 18 carat gold case and an alligator leather bracelet. The openwork dial shows off all of the intricate inner workings of the much sought-after timepiece. From £5,000

PT p74-75 Spend it JOS JM MB PJ.indd 3

This will certainly make its presence at the summer’s most glamorous events even more apparent and if you want to join Audi’s polo revolution look no further than the extremely functional A4 allroad quattro. Billed by Audi as a “go-anywhere car”, the elegant and spacious saloon is the car of choice for the England team this summer. The 490 litres of boot space makes the quattro ideal for transporting all of your polo gear, while it can tow up to 4,190 pounds for anything you can’t fit in there. With a top-speed of 130mph and a 0-60 time of 6.6 seconds, it can certainly move a bit too. Powered by Audi’s legendary quattro technology, the allroad quattro is equally at home on the motorway, taking part in offroad pursuits, or simply looking good by the polo field. What else do you need? From £31,380 Polo Times, May 2012


20/4/12 11:27:11


Sir Charles Williams keeps a keen eye on proceedings from beside the pony lines

Oliver Williams, a winner last year

Kate Godfrey and Sophia Simons

English five-goalers Roddy Williams and Max Charlton

Melissa Lilley, Bobby Dundas and Steph Targett

Barbados Open finals day; 18 March 2012 Lion Castle Polo Ground, St Thomas – Barbados

Local guests

Winners framed in “watch-gate” saga There was joy for England’s Jack Kidd and Ollie Taylor at the presentation ceremony for the 10th Barbados Open this March, when they lifted the island’s most prestigious trophy and each received silver picture frames as the sun set on the stunning new venue for this year’s final. Nevertheless, eyebrows were also raised, because the runners up took home sparkly Bulova watches each that looked to be worth considerably more. Polo players can be a fickle bunch but they had a point – if the Bulova side were always going to receive a watch from their sponsors, whatever happened, then why not award them before the tournament? However, the new location for the final (moved from Clifton to Lion Castle) was seen as a great success, with the large well-equipped ground-side clubhouse providing the perfect home for the late-night after party that followed. Typically raucous, players, sponsors and fans mingled and danced to the sultry tunes of DJ Patris Gero, who was flown in especially from St Barth’s.

The party in full swing in the superbly equipped clubhouse

w Read how Kidd and Taylor won with their CIBC First Caribbean side on page 50 Matt Darwin and Aurora Eastwood

George Gemmell

w Photographs by James Mullan The finalists line up to receive their prizes as the sun sets

Bobby Dundas and Dave Allen


PT p80-81 Sidelines 1 JM PJ MB.indd 2

20/4/12 18:15:01

The jubilant Chile players soak everyone in champagne at the prize giving

Jeff Evelyn

England captain Mark Tomlinson

Sir Charles Williams and Howard Taylor

Spectators chill out on the sidelines

Chile vs England Test Match; 25 March Club de Polo San Cristóbal, Chile

Lionel Soffia, president of Federación Chilena, and match sponsor Alfonso Ossa

Anything but Chile

Tournament organiser Karen Kranenburg, Ollie Brown, Max Charlton and Rebecca Walters

DJ Patris Gero Jack Kidd warms up

The England team received a warm welcome in Chile in late March. They were beaten 11-9 by their hosts on the field in their second Test, but enjoyed a fantastic time off it. w Photographs  by Felipe Poblete Gamboa and Federación Chilena de Polo

A spectator re-fuels with burgers and beer

Lucy Taylor consoles injured local patron Bruce Bayley Chile coach Tono Iturrate, right, alongside the commentators

A polo fan multi-tasks, reading and watching

The national anthems

Cole Porter tribute evening; 19 March Holders Festival Season, Barbados

Joe Stilgoe

Broadway’s big hits Tamara Fox, Dave Allen, George Fox and Steph Targett

On the weekend of the Barbados Open final, the 19th annual two-week Virgin Atlantic Holders Season got underway at the Kidd family’s beautiful polo venue and plantation mansion, near the island’s West Coast. On the night PT was there, amongst guests eulogising about the performances was 90s comedian Russ Abbott. w Photos by Matt Darwin and James Mullan The breathtaking Holders setting

Jack Kidd Hannah Waddingham

A reluctant-looking Bajan goal-judge

PT p80-81 Sidelines 1 JM PJ MB.indd 3

Simon Crotto, Martin Fewster and Philip Tempro

20/4/12 14:32:22


 13/4/12 11:31:08

PT May 2012 preview  

PT May 2012 preview

PT May 2012 preview  

PT May 2012 preview