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Š Tirana Design Week 2015 & POLIS University

Curators: Saimir Kristo & Eranda Janku Collaborators: Socia Jojiç, Joana Dhiamandi, Ermal Bezhani Assistance: Gerdi Papa & Dea Buza Designer: Julia Janku








Tirana Design Week 2015

Official Opening Ceremony Venue: National Museum of Tirana

Pecha Kucha Night Vol.01 Venue:

Destil Hostel

TDW @Tirana pa makina Venue:

Scanderbeg Square

Pecha Kucha Night Vol.02 Venue: 8

Destil Hostel

TDW Competition Winner Project Venue:

Scanderbeg Square




Giuseppe Mincolelli

From 1997 is Professor at the Industrial Design course and, from 2001, also at the Industrial Design thesis laboratory at the Architecture faculty of the University of Ferrara. He is also a teacher and consultant about product design and quality development for various private education and certification companies, as Certottica in Belluno and Enaip in Varese. He published his works, projects and scripts on several specialised reviews.

Born at Naples in March 1966, lives and operates in Florence. He owes to the classical studies his passion for the language, intended as an instrument for the interpretation and construction of reality, extended from literature to the spatial-morphological field during his degree in Architecture and the specialisation degree in Industrial Design received at the University of Florence. After a collaboration, from 1989 to 1992, with several design studios, he started his own professional activity in 1993. His office, whose operating field is focused on the product, interface and interior design, realised projects and products for several companies, as Ducati Sistemi, Lifter ,Marconi, Mondadori Informatica, Novalux, Pramac, Powersoft, Sweda, Tab, Selex, Imer. From 1994 to 1997 was invited for conferences about product design and production process during the Industrial Design and Technology courses at the Universities of Florence and Ferrara. 11


Matteo Ragni Matteo Ragni, graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. With Giulio Iacchetti in 2001 he was awarded with Compasso d’Oro ADI for the disposable biogradable spork “Moscardino”, which is now part of the permanent design collection at MOMA New York.

Ragni recently won the Wallpaper Design Award ’08 with Leti, a table lamp/book end produced by Danese. In 2008 he founded TobeUs: brand of wooden toy cars handcrafted in Italy, a brand that wants to be a manifesto for consumer’s awareness. With TobeUs he regularly organizes workshops and exhibitions. Recently he published with Corraini “Camparisoda: l’aperitivo veloce futurista: da Fortunato Depero a Matteo Ragni”, and “Wallpaper celebrations”. In 2012 he won the National Award for Innovation “Prize of Prizes” for the project W-eye. At the end of 2013 a celebratory exhibition about his work entitled “Matteo Ragni: Almost 20 Years of Design” was held at the “Italian Cultural Institute of Toronto”. In 2014, with Giulio Iacchetti, he won the second Compasso d’Oro ADI for the series of Montini manholes.In 2015 he gets invited with the role of representative of italian design to the Tianjin Design Week edition with a solo exhibition: Design for Better Days, a show photographically narrate by Max Rommel. 2015 is time for the Good Design Award prize awarded to the HUB system designed for Fantoni. Today, along with his activity of designer, he teaches, he works as an architect and an art director. 13


Atelier Crilo

Atelier Crilo is an interdisciplinary studio focused on architecture, co-founded and directed by Cristian Farinella and Lorena Greco. They develop unique solutions to design issues and provide with the same accuracy and precision a large range of services for design development and 3D Visualization



Neil Denari Denari is principal of NMDA, Neil M. Denari Architects Inc., and Interim Chair of the AUD at UCLA. In 2015, he was elected to The College of Fellows of AIA. Among his many awards is the Los Angeles AIA Gold Medal, received in 2011. His work has been included in many exhibitions, including the solo show “The Artless Drawing� in 2010 at Ace Gallery LA and the 2013 group show New Sculpturalism at MOCA Los Angeles. His work is permanently held by eight major museums around the world. With NMDA, Denari works on building projects in North America, Europe and Asia. In 2012, NMDA won first prize in the New Keelung Harbor Service Building competition. Denari lectures worldwide and has been a Visiting Professor at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, and UC Berkeley among other schools and was the Director



Jason Payne Jason Payne is principal of Hirsuta and Associate Professor of Architecture at UCLA. Committed to the synthesis of scholarship and practice, Jason Payne ranks among the most influential designers and educators in his generation (X.) A member of the inaugural class of Columbia University’s “Paperless Studio” Payne’s work reflects the paradigmatic shift from traditional to digital methods and sensibilities in architectural design.

His research and practice engages two problems central to discourse and scholarship in the field: 1) theorizing architectural form as it is impacted by developments in computation, and 2) advancing architecture’s capacity to absorb principles from other fields. Reflected in projects, writing, and teaching, these lines of inquiry have played a measurable role in moving discourse on computational design from early technophilic origins toward a larger cultural appeal. Projects such as Purple Haze (2006 MoMA/PS1 finalist) and NGTV™ Bar (2006 AIA Design Honor Award) exemplify this impulse, as do such texts as “Hair and Makeup” (Log 17,) “The Agony and the Ecstasy” (with Sanford Kwinter, From Control to Design,) and “Subpop” (ACSA Proceedings.) Recent projects Raspberry Fields, Rawhide, and Planetesimal Series I and II and the texts “The Ambivalent Object” (Project Two) and “Projekti Bunkerizimit” (Log 31) reinforce Payne’s position at the leading edge of contemporary architectural thought. 19


Elisa Leoncini Principal of “Elisa Leoncini Architetto” Architectural Practice Born in L’Aquila on 06/03/1984. Graduated in 2007, she won the grant for Erasmus project in Madrid, Spain. In 2012 she received her second degree in Architecture at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, faculty of Architecture “Ludovico Quaroni”.

In 2009 she worked in Explora the Museum of Childhood in Rome. She founded the association of self-construction and during the earthquake emergency in L’Aquila she built with the team temporary structures like playground and shared areas for relaxing and for studying. She also attended the Master on Buildings’ energy efficiency in Florence, center ABITA. Elisa moved to London in 2012 where she was employed by Elips Design architectural practice. While in London she also worked at the Victoria and Albert Museum, museum of childhood in London. In 2013 she won the work grant Leonardo Da Vinci at the studio Urban Ecosystem in Madrid. In 2014 she worked at the Interior Department at Christie’s auction house in South Kensington, London. In 2015 she moved back to Rome where she graduated as a BIM Manager and she founded the firm “Elisa Leoncini Architetto”. Her main skills and field of action evolve around the design of spaces for children. 21


Danica Karaicic

Flora Goticcelli’s (MArch Danica Karaicic) main field of interest concerns the inter-space between fashion design and architecture. In her research, she strives to challenge the conventional ways of thinking about these two practices, as the outlines of these two fields of design became unstable, ambivalent and flexible



Sweet Art

Photography Exhibition by Peter Nientied & Julia Janku


Glass Design

“Transcripting Tirana” Workshop Final Exhibition

Young Balkan Designers Moving Exhibition


Food Design

“Sustainable Food & Interactive Design” Workshop Final Exhibition

Greetings from Tirana

Workshop Final Exhibition 26

Made in POLIS

Product Design Exhibition

Visualisation Design Workshop Final Exhibition



Sustainable Food & Interactive Design

Lead by: Giuseppe Mincolelli (Italy) Assistance: Julia Janku

Visualisation Design Lead by: CRILO (Italy) Cristian Farinella & Lorena Greco Assistance: Joana Dhiamandi


Tirana Dress Me Up

Lead by: Danica Karaicic (Serbia) Assistance: Sonia Jojiรง & Eranda Janku

Never Ending Community Table Lead by: Stephan Pinkau (Germany) Assistance: Gerdi Papa


Transcripting Tirana

Lead by: Thoma Thomai & Joana Dhiamandi (Albania)

Greetings from Tirana Lead by: Matteo Ragni (Italy) Assistance: Joana Dhiamandi


Play Tirana

Lead by: Elisa Leoncini (Italy) Assistance: Egla Luca

ProvoActions Lead by: Juljan Veleshnja (Albania)



Symbols of Tirana

In collaboration with the Municipality of Tirana Lead: Sonia Jojiรง Assistance: Dea Buza



INTRODUCTION Tirana Design Week and the Albanian Ministry of Culture have the pleasure to invite architects and designers up to 40 years old in an open idea competition for the ‘‘Design Catalyst’’. The competition focus is to create temporary installation space for Mother Teresa Square, providing suitable setting for public gathering and different activities, but most importantly act as a social interaction tool within the square. This document describes the objectives, terms and conditions of the competition, with a brief description of the site. All the submitted projects will be reviewed by an international jury, composed by representatives of the Ministry of Culture of Albania and experienced professionals. The jury will select five final projects, where the wining project will have the opportunity to be realized during Tirana Design Week.

side that was moved to the entry of Tirana National Airport during the Vizit of Pope on October 2014. On the east side of Mother Teresa Square you can find the Archaeological Museum, and Qemal Stafa Stadium behind it. South of the square you can find Tirana’s Grand Park (Parku i Madh) the site of the artificial Lake of Tirana, a weekend favorite attraction for many families. Mother Teresa Square owns a strategic position, since it is peceived as the bridge towards Tirana’s Grand Park. The presence of the Public Universities and the big amount of students makes urgent need for a new design element that would humanize this important square by provoking social interaction, which is lacking now.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS The competition is international, open and anonymous. All submitted projects should be project design ideas for a temporary pavilion with a mixed use, revitalizing the whole area around the site in terms of design and function.


The total surface of Mother Teresa square is 1300 m² while the ‘‘Design Catalyst’’ area itself should be maksimum 30 m². It is the second largest square in Tirana and takes its name from the most famous ethnic Albanian woman, Mother Teresa. There was a small monument on her honor in the square, a modest statue at the left


The competition is open to Albanian and International participants entering the competition individualy or in a group composed by maxium five members. Students, architects, and designers are invited to participate to this competition.










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1st Prize - “Tree of Memories” by Mastara Studio 36


2nd Prize - “Reaction” by Michał Wasielewski 38


3rd Prize - “Z-Blocks Fof Tirana” by Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss 40


Honorable Mention - “Himmeli House” by Christian Schunke 42


Honorable Mention - “Island Call” by Luís Soares 44



Tirana Design Week 2015  

TDW is a biennial event that bring a series of happenings to the city, aiming at the exchange of knowledge between professionals at a nation...

Tirana Design Week 2015  

TDW is a biennial event that bring a series of happenings to the city, aiming at the exchange of knowledge between professionals at a nation...