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OCTAGONAL PAVILLION- SHADY REST PLACE (PALPA) By: Amit Pokhrel The octagonal pavillion is a unique architecture as well as to restore the construction techniques which was done at that time to make a city beautiful. This kind of structures help us to understand our construction technology and material as well as the aesthetic concept of making city more attracted.

figure: octagonal pavillion (sital pati) The salient features:  Sitalpati, a famous public square now pavilion. built by Khadga Shamsher.  It is a unique mid 20th century modern architectural structure located at palpa.  It has been influenced by mughal architecture.  When not rented, the pavilion is available, at no charge, to all park visitors.  Due to the welcoming nature of the facility, as well as its proximity to additional features such as nearby restrooms, parking and playground equipment, it is an extremely popular location for a diverse cross-section of the community  the most prominent landmark  Often affectionately referred to by its admiring fans as "weird" or "offbeat", the Pavilion's eccentric appearance fits in very well, in a city that prides itself on  a group of local Pavilion-restoration supporters organized a grassroots effort to save the structure from demolition

Because of the unique shape of the shelter, it garnered a great deal of both media and public attention. "It will be a departure from the usual rectangular-shaped shelters built in parks in the past Striking in appearance, the pavilion's a typical octagonal shaped roof stretches skyward, attracting the eye for around. Designed to be rustic in appearance Restrooms/places 

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Weather damage to pavilion roof, Consequently the roof has degraded to a very poor condition allowing substantial moisture infiltration by the elements. Additionally, the stone surrounding the buttresses has become loosened and is separating from the concrete beneath it. "It's important to preserve significant architecture landmarking restoration and preservation of the Pavilion are needed by locals as well as by Historians Raising awareness and gathering local support.

Structurally, an octagonal shape with architectural texture with different conceptual methods as well as a stone covered landmark. structurally strong, but preservation lacks and due to that, this kinds of structure will be lost if possible attention was not given by local community and historians and by cultural and traditional respectively

Octagonal Pavilion "Sital Pati"  

A description on Sital Pati which is located at Palpa, Tansen Bazaar, NEPAL

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