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3 C A M R A C E


ANY CARBON MAST PERCENTAGE C100 C80 C60 5.8 rigs a 400RDM All other sizes need to be rigged on SDM masts.


AC-K 4G What it’s all about? Take all the goodies from a full on competition slalom sail, put them in to a manageable package and you’ve got the AC-K. Featuring a medium sizes luff pocket, a sweet smooth rotating 3 cam set-up combined with a lot of low-end power to get planning nice and early. The AC-K is a high speed powerhouse, that is easy to handle, and sits ridicules light in your hand when you are out racing against the guys. What’s new for 2014? The new AC-K went more user-friendly and less extreme for this new generation of development whilst retaining the performance and high speed this sail is known for. Massive changes were needed to preserve the old, but more towards the new less demanding sail. The mid and top section of the leech has been opened up, to allow the sail to work with less downhaul tension. Less downhaul tension equals less tension in all of the sail body, increasing depth of profile and giving the user an easier feeling on the water with better control. Overall the sail feels lighter and easier to use than before, but with the same performance and stability qualities of the past! Available sizes: 5.8 – 6.4 -7.2 - 7.8 – 8.5 – 9.4

BATTEN PROFILE A batten 2,3,4,5 batten 1,6 & 7


Once the sail is rigged, batten 1, 6 & 7 need to have good tension to obtain the profile as in the diagram. Batten 2 to 4 need to have just enough to remove some wrinkles. On batten do not get the profile in the batten as B, but make sure it has some tension. It will help to have a bit more acceleration.







On every sail you will find a graphic like this. Next to it you will find 2 triangles. These are the real scale length you extension needs to be. So place your extension next to the triangles as in the graphic. This is the most accurate way to get the perfect length to set your extension. The ACK can be tuned for power, only by ajdjusting the outhaul. Below it’s shown which panel to look at for the correct downhaul.



nd on



wi str

ht lig







20cm Loose Area

Point-7 ACK requires neutral outhaul in light wind and +2cm positive in strong wind. With the sail fully downhauled, and the front of the boom connected to the mast, with out pulling on the clew, the back of the boom should be 4cm away from the clew (X to B). For the lightwind setting, leave 2cm from the end of the boom. boom(A). If you are over powered you can pull the tension to the max. boom (B)

TIPS The sail could work on every mast, but if you want to have the sail to work at 100% of it’s efficiency, a Point-7 mast is the reccommended choice. Your sail feels heavy or unstable: 1.Put more downhaul on. 2.realease more outhaul. Sail feels underpowered: Release outhaul only.. Sail feels heavy on your front hand: 1.Move harness lines forward. 2.Release outhaul Sail feels heavy on your back hand: 1.Move harness lines back. 2.Apply more outhaul. Why do some sails use a short mast and longer extension? The sail will feel lighter in handling. The softer mast will better absorb chop and waves for more control in stronger winds. In light wind, the rig will feel lighter to pump to get on plane.

Downhaul. The Pro Tuning Design is the perfect extension length for the average downhaul setting for your sail. You can pull 1-2 cm extra or less either side of this. The Leech of the sail should fall away as the graphics above dictate. This panel needs to get loose, 20cm from the first vertical line of stiching as shown on the diagram. After finishing to downhaul you can stow the rope in the mesh pocket located on the inside of the tack fairing, located at the bottom of the luff pocket.

The Black metalized monofilm produced in the US, completely blocks the suns UV-Rays. The damaging effect of the UV, which normally burns transparent monofilm, is thus eliminated. The added metalized particles help to reflect heat from the sun and added thickness of the material guarantees durability. The overall look of the sails will therefore not change. Rinse your sail after sailing on salty waters.

Ac k rigging guide 2014  
Ac k rigging guide 2014  

AC-K 3 Cam AM racing windsurfing sail. Wanna show off some real speed to your friends? Read this!