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Clubs and Societies

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Headmaster’s Report00

As I sat down to write this report, I reflected on the last eighteen months of my time as Headmaster of King Edward VII School, and my thoughts turned to the School’s Mission Statement and how it could be applied and whether it was still relevant in the 21st Century. The Mission Statement begins with the phrase ‘In pursuit of this mission, we shall endeavour to draw our School body from all quarters of Society’. While this is indeed our aim, many of our patriotic Old Boys, seeking a good education for their children, send their sons to King Edward. We have also become the School of choice for many as we boast fine draw cards such as excellent educators and coaching staff, an impressive alumni of successful Old Boys, modern classroom facilities, a recently renovated Auditorium, immaculate sports fields, the Astroturf and a well equipped gymnasium. Our new indoor cricket practice facility will be completed by the end of March 2007. This enables us to attract a fine calibre of young men from a variety of backgrounds to form a truly multi-cultural environment which ultimately enriches us all. I continue to examine the various points as listed in the statement: While tradition plays an important role in the day to day running of our School, our learners continue to be neatly groomed, polite, well mannered and good sportsmen on and off the field. Many of our boys, we are proud to say, have excelled on the sports field and have on an ongoing basis, represented their province and country. 3

Our academic achievements remain consistent as well as notable. The 2006 Matriculation group achieved a record number of distinctions across all subjects and produced an 80% University exemption pass rate. A near full house pass rate was achieved for the second year running. Although I acknowledge academic achievement is of paramount importance I am also convinced that this needs to be balanced with sporting and cultural extra-mural pursuits. We aim to involve each of our learners fully in the many extra-curricular programmes that we offer in the afternoons and evenings. Maintaining sound moral values has never been an easy task. Both at home and within the School environment, positive interaction must occur in order to instil good behaviour, self discipline and socially acceptable moral values. A caring and secure relationship must be established between the boys and their primary care-givers in order for us to mould responsible young men to lead the next generation. From time to time, we have serious discipline issues arising at the School which need to be dealt with. It is of absolute importance that parents support the School and its staff in these matters in order for suitable action to be taken against delinquent behaviour and that transgressors are punished appropriately for their anti-social activities. Within our multi-cultural environment, we encourage learners to be socially and culturally aware as well as sensitive to the needs, beliefs and dignity of others. It is vital that a sense of responsibility is inculcated in the youth. It is necessary to have self respect, self confidence, self discipline and humility and to set aside time and effort to assist the less privileged in our society. While we fully embrace the commitments in time, money and effort made by the Old Boys of our School and the current parent body, we acknowledge that teaching in the 21st Century is more challenging than ever, accompanied by high stress levels and demands on free time. With this in mind I have engaged more teaching staff and we start 2007 with a learner to educator ratio of sixteen to one. I continue to appeal to our alumni to give back to their alma mater in order to build a strong new generation of leaders, sportsmen and businessmen to uphold the name of King Edward VII School. It is important that we have a strong sense of support and community among our educators, our parents, our Old Boys and our learners for the benefit and enjoyment of all in the present and for the future benefit of those yet to cross our threshold and become new members of our Edwardian family. Mr M C Fennell Headmaster



Staff 2006

King Edward VII School Staff 200700 Headmaster :

M C Fennell BA (Rhodes) HDE

Deputy Headmasters :

R J H Hansen BA (Pretoria) TTHD R G Erasmus BA, BEd (Wits) HDE

Heads of Department : W Groenewald BA Ed (UP) R T Craig BA (Wits) HED A J Mania BA (SA) HED (Wits) D L Hudson-Lamb PHd (UP) S Y Eales HDE (JCE) C Finlayson Dip Ed (Rhodesia) E Marx BA Ed, BA Hons (UOFS) S D Thorne (HDE) (JCE)

Academics Marketing & Bursaries Cultural Academics Admissions Director of Coaching Sports Director Hostels

Heads of Subject: T Motala PGCE (Unisa), B Comm (Univ of Natal) W Groenewald BA Ed (UP) S Pheiffer NDFA (Vaal Triangle Technikon) M de Kock B Ed (Hons)(RAU) HDE (Goudstad) P Ogier HED (Edgewood) E A Scheepers HED (NKP) A L Meyer BA (Natal) J Newman BA Ed (Wits) S Barnes HED (JCE) A J Mania BA (SA) HED (Wits) J Albertyn B Prim Ed (UP) B Ed (UP) M Fourie B Comm (UP) PGCE N S Ndlovu Diploma (HTTC) L Naidoo BSc Hons (Dbn – Westville) A T Gallucci H Dip Ed (JCE) J Kyte B Prim Ed (Wits) D Hudson-Lamb PHd (UP) C Finlayson Dip Ed (Rhodesia)

Accounting / EMS Afrikaans Art & Culture / Visual Art Biology / Life Sciences Computers Design & Technology English Geography Guidance History & HSS Information Technology Information Technology isiZulu Life Orientation Mathematics Mathematical Literacy NS / Physical Science Physical Education

Teaching Staff : P Acton BA (Wits) H Dip Ed (JCE) M Barrett BA Fine Arts (Hons), English MA (Wits) W Bieloszabski PGCE (Wits) I Boardman BA (Hons) Rhodes G Boqo BA Ed (RAU) L W L Bragin H A Charlesworth BA (Natal) HDE L Crous BSc HDE (OVS) B Ed (Hons) (RAU) N A Drury BAFA (Wits) HDE (Wits) A S du Plessis HED (PU) P J du Plooy HDE (Wits / JCE) S Fourie BA Ed (Wits) N Gordon H Dip Ed (JCE) A Grant BSc (Rhodes) N Groenewald NHED (RAU) 6

M Hancock HDE (JCE) R Hillowitz BA(Hons)(Unisa) HDE (Wits) R Holmes HDE (Wits) G Jackson BSc (UCT) HED M Julyan R Larangeira BA Ed (Wits) E le Grange BA Hons (Stellenbosch) A Machos BA (RAU) PGCE (RAU) E B Mahlangu B PAED (Zululand) B Ed (RAU) STD (Zululand) S Marvell BA Ed (Wits) N Mbele HDE (Wits) A Meyer (neĂŠ Stevens) BA (UP) NHD (Pta Tech) E Minnie HOD (PUvirCHO), BA (PUvirCHO) B Molefe HDE Mathematics (Wits) B Northcroft L Oswald BA, PGCE (Rhodes) S Parseramen HDE (TCE) K Pringle UED (Natal) BA Hons (Natal & Unisa) P Ramputla Teaching Diploma K Robertson NTSD (Natal TC) A Schumyn BA (Potch) THED (Potch) J Tee BSc(Med) Hons (UCT), BSc Sports Science (RAU) M van Jaarsveldt BA (UP) HOD (UP) BEd (UP) A van Staden BA (Ed) Hons (UP) Y I Wadee BSc (UCT) Part-time: H Wilson, S A Sirakis, J Passmoor. Administrative Staff : Mesdames E Carstens, l Dale, P de Jong, E Evans, Y Finn, J Kelly (Rowing Admin), P Knight, M Prentice, D Reineke, Y Roberts, H Roux, P Vanko and K Wessels. Business Manager: Mr I Sim Estate Manager: Mr F Matthee Governing Body: Chairman: Vice-Chairman: Members:

Learner Representatives: T Ndaba D Rimmer P Thahane

K Whyte H Pedro S O J Baxter W Davidow C Garrun A Laher M Marsh M Thompson Mrs A Vilas

Non-Teaching Staff : Mrs E Carstens Co-opted Members: Mrs N Bucibo N Darroch J Faber The Hon Justice Jajbhay I Sim

Staff Representatives: Mrs L Crous Mrs A Gallucci S Thorne

Mothers' Committee: Mrs P Peyper


In Memorium00

Roy Hedley Corbett Mr Roy Hedley Corbett served as Headmaster of the School for the period 1963 to 1977. He served in the Air force during World War II and taught Mathematics and Science at the School between 1946 and 1959 before leaving to take up the position as Vice-Principal at Vaal High and then as Principal of Greenside High. Mr Corbett, "The Boss" as he was affectionately known, believed that every single learner in the school played a vital role. He never allowed anyone to ever let up or to think that they were unimportant. He treated us like men and ensured that we never forgot our dependence on our fellow learners. He ran the school without fear or favour. Meritocracy and participation were his underlying principles and there were no exceptions. During his tenure as Headmaster he would patrol the corridors, his gown flapping behind his ever-increasing stride and the word spread like a bush fire - "the Boss was on the move." He was a passionate Headmaster keeping a continual eye on his beloved school whether it was from the side of the sports field in his tweed jacket and deer stalker, in the Memorial Garden accompanying his wife while she tended the roses, walking his dog on the fields in the late afternoon, challenging incorrectly attired learners or sitting on his verandah watching the boarders attempting to cut across the fields on their way to an illicit swim on a Saturday afternoon in the absence of sporting fixtures. As an outstanding Educator in the field of Mathematics and Science, he believed that it was not possible to be a scientist or mathematician unless you believed that it was good to learn. He believed that it was the highest value to share your knowledge, to share it with anyone who was interested. He was a firm yet fair disciplinarian, with the ability to throw chalk with amazing accuracy and power at any inattentive or disruptive learner! He inspired learners and instilled in them the belief that tomorrow depends on them. He was a good man and will be fondly remembered. Kieran Whyte



In Memorium00

Obituary - Jarrod Grantham It is with sadness that I pay tribute to Jarrod Steve Grantham who died unexpectedly on 19 September 2006, only 9 months after completing his Matric at King Edward VII School. Mischievous, lively, larger than life, spontaneous are just a few of the special memories I have of Jarrod. He played Third Team rugby but one remembers him for his loyal, passionate support of the "Reds", his School and his friends. He was kind-hearted and generous of nature; a friend who shared his feelings. Jarrod was not always 'good' but very quick to say sorry. Jarrod's creativity and flair in the art field enabled him to soon establish himself in a career at Hunt Lascaris where he left a lasting impression. To quote from a tribute his friends there made to him : 'He came into our lives and stole our hearts!' We shall miss his sense of fun, enthusiasm and warmth. Mrs S Barnes



Farewell – Allyson Meyer Allyson (or "Ally" as she is fondly known) started her career at King Edward VII School as a relief teacher in 1993. After a few 'relief stints', she finally became a member of the permanent staff in January 1995. During her time at King Edward Allyson made her mark in many areas of the School where she instituted many changes and 'firsts' as we shall see from her list of accomplishments listed below. Firstly, I would like to reflect on what Allyson meant on a personal level to the staff and learners at the School. She is honest, forthright and at times can be rather blunt (if she deems it necessary). However, Allyson's magnificent sense of humour and off-the-cuff hilarity is most entertaining. Her anecdotes are usually hilarious, sometimes shocking but never boring. Mediocrity is not a term I would associate with Mrs Meyer! Allyson's pursuit of excellence and perfection is evident in the successful Debating, Public Speaking, Magazine editing and English teaching that took place under her watchful eye and guiding hand. Allyson also likes to break new ground. She was the first woman staff representative on the Governing Body of the School – a post she held for two years. Allyson has a keen love and appreciation for wild life and likes to relax and unwind as often as possible on their game farm. In addition she enjoys motorcycling with her husband and can often be seen on the back of one of their motorbikes on the weekend Allyson is a kind and caring friend as well as a committed and dedicated teacher and mentor to the many young men who have been fortunate enough to have known her. We wish her a happy and productive retirement from teaching. We hope this will be an opportunity to enjoy some new pursuits. We thank you for the time, effort and affection you have given to King Edward VII School. We will miss you and your laughter, your stylish dress and your wicked and often subtle humour. As you are a talented lady we have put together a CV of your many talents and accomplishments throughout your stay with us:• • •

Involved with tennis for two years. Involved with KESFAM. Helped in the Library for four years. 11

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • •

Entrance interviews for new learners. Entertainment – staff teas and gifts. Catering for Rugby and Athletics home matches. Athletics – timekeeper, graduating to recorder and then to announcer. School Magazine – editor of sport's section to overall editor for the past 8 to 9 years. Strenue Magazine – editor from 1998 till it went online in 2006. High School liaison for The Old Edwardian Magazine. Involved in Public Speaking and Debating from 1994 – 2004 and in charge in 2006. In charge of Sacee Debating from 2001. Also adjudicated Inter-house Debating, SACEE Debating and Best Speaker competitions. Ran the English Olympiad. First woman Staff representative on the School Governing Body. Subject Head of English since 2001. Started the Scrabble Club. Grade Tutor for Grade 11 for two years and Grade 12 tutor for six years as well as organising many parent's and information evenings for the Grade 12's. External Matric Orals moderator and Grade 12 Cluster leader for 6 years.

Arlene Mania

Andrea Meyer (nee Stevens) Andrea Meyer joined the School in January 2005 as a Geography and HSS Educator. She immediatley became involved in the academic, cultural and sporting aspects of the School having taught Grade 8 English, HSS and Geography to Grades 10, 11 and 12. From a cultural perspective Andrea was involved in Grade 8 Public Speaking, the WESSA Quiz and the History General Knowledge Quiz. She also helped with the Matric Dance. On the sports field she was involved in both rowing and tennis in a managerial position. On her leaving the School at the end of 2006 to join her husband in Kwa-Zulu Natal she left a void that was difficult to fill in terms of her energy and contribution to the school, learners and sportsmen. Her contribution was highly appreciated and we wish her well in her current post at Danville Girls' High. Jeanette Newman


Robyn Hillowitz Robyn, or 'Ms Hill' as she was affectionately known by her learners, joined the staff in March of 2006. A much needed breath of fresh air, Robyn brought her own unique style and energy to the English Department and was soon actively involved in the school. Robyn was no stranger to the School. As a student some nine years ago she did her training at King Edward under Fiona Kampmann and myself. At the time we knew that she would be an excellent educator and we were not proved wrong! We wish Robyn all the best in her new venture and thank her for her valuable contribution to the School. Allyson Meyer

Marna Fourie Marna Fourie joined King Edward at the beginning of 2006 and although she only taught here for the year we were sad to see her leave. Marna taught Information Technology to Grade 10 and Economic and Management Science. She was always well prepared in both her subjects. She was an enthusiastic educator and inspired the learners in her classes. On the sports field she was responsible for coaching hockey. Marna will be teaching at Hoerskool Linden in 2007 and our best wishes accompany her at her new school. Jan Albertyn


Paul Ogier Paul joined King Edward in 1999. He taught Mathematics for 5 years and was involved in the Computer Department. He became the Head of the Computer Department in 2001 until his departure in September 2006. Paul has always been actively involved in the School, teaching Computer Literacy, being in charge of the Stock Market Game for six years, coaching swimming, discus and the Fifth to Seventh Rugby teams. Paul decided to leave teaching in 2006 to pursue his and his wife’s business interests. However, we are fortunate as he continues to maintain the School Network, which he has been in charge of since 2001 and he is in charge of the School Administration System (Reach and Teach and EduAdmin). Paul’s ‘larger than life’ personality is very much a part of the School and his continued involvement at King Edward means that we have not been deprived of his, at times, ‘off the wall’ sense of humour and lively comments. Paul has the ability to defuse tension which is inevitable at the end of a term when there are deadlines for marks and reports and we are grateful for his having agreed to stay on and be of assistance to the Staff. Allyson Meyer

Estelle Carstens Estelle Carstens was a parent at King Edward VII School for five years and her second son matriculated at the end of 2006. Estelle joined the King Edward staff at the beginning of 2004 as the Admission Secretary and leaves us at the end of 2006. With her outstanding organisational and administrative skills the Admissions office was soon very effectively run. Her involvement with the parents and the Department of Education on admission matters were always dealt with professionally. As Admission Secretary she assisted with the promotion of the School, Scholarships and Bursary examinations, Open Day and keeping the School learner data up to date. As a parent she was also intensely involved with the water polo section of the School. During 2006 Estelle was elected onto the School Governing Body as the Public Staff representative. Estelle, thank you for your input and contribution you made to the School and we wish you all the best with your future endeavours. Rolf Hansen 14

Prefects 200600

Front Row (left to right): Second Row (left to right): Third Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right): Absent:

J Hamann (Head Prefect), G dos Santos (Deputy Head Prefect) T Ndaba, N Gonsalves, D Arendse, T Leggae, M Pappas, W McLaughlin, S Shezi B Borsboom, C London, R Maclachan, S Simons, M Rachidi, M Mavi, W Chalklen K Peyper, C Vounnou, O Holland, R Boatwright, P Thahane, M Steinhobel D Koller 15

Merit Honours 200600

Gold Medals Academic Excellence Awards The recipients must have been awarded medals in Grades 8, 9 and 10 as well as Academic Colours in Grade 11 and maintained this standard in Grade 12. Gold medals were awarded to the following boys : M A de Villiers, M I Heydenrych, O Holland, M Pappas, R J Peché and J M Stewart.

Cultural Awards Debating Society : Best Speaker of the year : Proxime Accessit :

P Thahane W Chalklen

Dramatic Society : Best Actor of the year (The Plate) : Greatest overall contribution to the success of the Society (The Sword) :

R Scott M Pappas

Magazine : English : Editor’s Prize : Proxime Accessit :

I Khan & M I Heydenrych R J Peché

Afrikaans : Redakteurs Prys : Proxime Accessit :

J Hamann B Cilliers

isiZulu : Editor’s Prize : Proxime Accessit :

P Thahane S Majola

Library :

No award

Service Awards : These awards are given for service and loyalty in those areas of the School not recognised elsewhere in the award system : R Boatwright M de Villiers M Heydenrych

Water Polo and Dramatics First Aid Computer Centre


Premier Awards 200600

Desmond Davis and War Memorial Scholarship In March 1919, Mr H J Hofmeyr, Chairman of the Governing Body, and Mr Desmond Davis, the Headmaster, proposed that a memorial be erected to those Old Edwardians who had been killed on active service during World War One. A magnificent response to the appeal for funds made it possible to erect the War Memorial in the School quadrangle, and left enough in the fund to finance a War Memorial Scholarship. After the death of Desmond Davis in 1960, funds contributed by Old Edwardians in his memory were added to the trust fund of the War Memorial Scholarship. From this fund is made the annual award now known as the Desmond Davis and War Memorial Scholarship. This is the Premier Award of the School. It is worth a total of R120 000-00 over four years. It is awarded to a scholar (i.e. someone with Academic Colours) who has made a significant contribution to many facets of the life of the School. O Holland is the recipient of the 2006 Desmond Davis and War Memorial Scholarship for the following achievements : Academic :


Cultural :

Dramatic (House Plays 2004 / 2005) Chess "B" Team

Sporting :

Cricket 4th XI Rugby U16C Athletics U16B Squash 2nd Team

Other :

Prefect Head of School House

H J Hofmeyr Scholarships (Proxime Accessit) Mr H J Hofmeyr served on the School's Governing Body from 1907 and was its Chairman for twenty five successive years. Upon his death in 1937, money was left in trust for the creation of a fund which now finances three scholarships and three bursaries. A fourth bursary, the Old Edwardians / HJ Hofmeyr Bursary, is financed partially from this trust and partially by the Old Edwardian Society. The four HJ Hofmeyr Scholarships are awarded on the same criteria as the Desmond Davis and War Memorial Scholarship, although one of the recipients does not necessarily have to be a scholar, but he must have a First Class Pass. Each is worth R66 000-00 over a period of three years. The recipients of the H J Hofmeyr Scholarships for 2006 are : R J PechĂŠ, M Pappas, J Hamann and P Thahane.


Premier Awards 2006 cont . . .00

R J Peché Academic :

Colours Gold Medal

Cultural :

Colours World Knowledge Quiz Olympiad Young Historians Conference Debating – member of Sacee team 2005 and 2006 – Colours Chess Public Speaking English Olympiad

Sport :

Second Team Tennis

M Pappas Academic :

Colours Gold Medal

Cultural :

Cultural Colours Dramatic Society Public Speaking Debating English Olympiad

Sport :

2nd Eight Rowing

Other :

Prefect Deputy Head of House (Buxton) First Aid Vice President RCL

J Hamann Academic :

First Class pass

Cultural :

Debating Public Speaking Dramatics

Sport :

Second Team Water Polo First XV Rugby – Team Blazer

Other :

Head Prefect Head of Hostel – Gordon House


P Thahane Academic :

Top 10

Cultural :

Colours Public Speaking – Best Speaker 2006 Debating – Member of 2005 / 2006 Sacee team - Colours History Olympiad History General Knowledge Quiz Member RCL

Other :

Prefect Junior City Mayor 2005/06 on Johannesburg City Council Served on the Johannesburg City Council Committee


Summa Cum Laude00 (Those who have achieved the distinction of holding colours in all three facets of the School's awards : Academics, Cultural and Sport.) S D Hansen Academic Debating Swimming

1975 1976 1976

M Stamper Academic Debating Basketball

1987 1987 1988

L van der Walt Academic Dramatics Swimming

1979 1979 1979

N G Elvin Academic Chess Athletics

1988 1989 1989

*C D Hossack Academic Dramatics Athletics Basketball

1980 1980 1980 1980

R Fuller Academic Debating Rugby

1989 1989 1989

J Quail Academic Squash Debating

1989 1989 1990

*S D Geffen Academic Business Society Water Polo

1990 1990 1990

I P Kaplan Academic Business Society Table Tennis

1990 1990 1990

D Smollan Academic Business Society Rowing

1991 1990 1991

R J Agar Academic Dramatics Hockey G C Baars Academic Debating Athletics Rugby

1982 1981 1982

1981 1982 1981 1982

D Marketos Academic Chess Business Society Basketball Rugby Athletics

1983 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984

B Berridge Academic Debating Basketball Athletics

1984 1984 1985 1985

S Summers Academic Debating Athletics

1991 1991 1991

*C Hallowes Academic Dramatics Hockey

1985 1985 1985

G Dollman Academic Dramatics Cross-Country

1995 1993 1993


K A Hofmeyr Academic Debating Water Polo

1994 1994 1994

T J Carmichael Academic Hockey Dramatics

1996 1997 1997

R T Nel Academic Choral Society Rugby

1994 1994 1994

J R Pietrzak Academic Debating Athletics

1996 1996 1997

G P Basford Academic Cross-Country Debating Dramatics

1995 1995 1996 1996

P N Laver Academic Debating Rowing

1997 1997 1998

M G Stewart Academic Swimming Water Polo Debating Dramatics

1995 1995 1995 1996 1996

G R Jaspan Academic Athletics Hockey Dramatics

1997 1997 1998 1998

G P Ponte Academic Rugby Athletics Debating

1998 1999 1999 1999

S C Tashe Academic Athletics Debating

1999 1999 1999

J R Ripley-Evans Academic Dramatics Athletics Cricket

2000 1999 1999 2000

1999 1999 2000

2000 2000 2001

R T Wykurz Academic Basketball Athletics Dramatics Business Game

1995 1995 1995 1996 1996

K E Ziervogel Academic Hockey Dramatics

1996 1996 1996

R K E Douglas Academic Cross-Country Debating Dramatics

1995 1995 1996 1996

W Krzychylkiewicz Academic Basketball Debating

1996 1997 1997

S C Cook Academic Cricket Debating

A G Saunders Academic Rowing Debating

1996 1996 1997

G K Jennings Academic Dramatics Basketball 21

M C Legg Academic Swimming Debating Dramatics

2000 2001 2001 2001

D McHendrie Academic Water Polo Dramatics Debating

2002 2002 2003 2003

M Riba Academic Choral Society Shooting

2000 2000 2001

I Zhang Academic Choral Society Shooting

2002 2002 2003

G Z Smerczak Academic Dramatics Debating Athletics

2000 2000 2001 2001

*D W D Rimmer Swimming Water Polo Academic Debating

2006 2006 2006 2006

W Tshabangu Academic Choral Society Athletics Rugby Dramatics

2001 2001 2001 2002 2002

*This distinction obtained in his Grade 11 year


Matriculation Results00

Matriculation Results 2005 First Class Pass (*Scholars) Ansari M M A * Aucamp R J J Barnard R N Bata N Biffi L A Britz B O * Brockway W J Changa M Chokoe T S Collins D B * Courtney M A Diale L Du Preez E Emmanuel E Fok A * Gerber N M * Goddard C J * Govender T J * Hulley R S Hutchinson C * Ismail M Mabaso L M S MacRoberts C J Mbatha M A T McCann B C Muller C D Nana V * Naran R Y Ndlovu S * Oelofse D K Oosthuizen D J Pearton C T Peterson W Pieterse I M Stroucken N S Tau M A Van der Vyver G R Wiggett M A

Mathematics, Biology, History English, Afrikaans, Biology, Geography Afrikaans Afrikaans,History Biology, Geography English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Science, Biology, Geography, Business, Economics Art Art Geography History Afrikaans, Biology, History English English, Afrikaans, Science, History, Art English, Afrikaans, Biology, Geography Afrikaans, Mathematics, Science, Biology, Geography History Afrikaans, Biology, History English, Afrikaans, Art English, Afrikaans, History Biology Afrikaans Afrikaans, History English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Science, Biology, Geography English, History, IsiZulu Afrikaans, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Additional Mathematics English, Afrikaans Afrikaans History English, History, IsiZulu


Senior Certificate with Endorsement Bapela K P Bini D Bobat Y A Brewer T J Chilvers C Q Chittenden S A - English, Afrikaans Collins D B Cooke S G Coombes M G Costa M M G Da Silva F Dankworth C R Ferreira C O Ferreira D A Glass D – English Gumede D S Hill S T C Hope T Kgobe S – IsiZulu Le Roux G – Mathematics SG Lebese K Leeuw G M – Afrikaans London R M Maleka N J Maleka T P – IsiZulu Manentsa T – History Manuel J L Mariri K – IsiZulu Mazibuko E S McHugh G N Meer M Mills L D Mlambo S Mofokeng T Moja T Mokoena T S T Molefe T Moletsane L Naegeli S L Ncube C U Ndou H T Nkuhlu B B L Nkungu S B K Patricio D

Penaluna G I Peters C R Qwabaza Y Raphunga J T T Roberts S I - Geography Seita K Shimmon L A Slawson D J Smit J L Stow D D - Afrikaans Sutherland S M Tapala M S Thomas G R Thornton-Smith R P Vilas G J Whyte B P Wilson G R Youngman A M - English


Senior Certificate Baai X M – IsiZulu Banoo M Z Borthwick C Carter D J Denny T J Dobrowsky N A Dube P M Dunlop B W Gilfillan M Gloss M R Gumede S N Gumede S Harris D R Kalamula F Kolarik S M Lu C Madiseng T M Mahlatsi G Malope T Mazaiwana AT Maziba T F Meiring D Meiring R Meyer J P Molloy C Moseamedi T N T Motsamai K J Mulaudzi T B Mvinjelwa A Mweene M Nhleko L H Nkadimeng M N Nkungu L T M B Pharoe P Phillips L A Pinheiro P H D Sd B Robertshaw L A Sebona B Shearer R A Smith D J Stephenson R W Taverner-Smith G J Thomas G I Thwala M S Troxler G R C

Watt-Pringle C I Weinberg E P


The Representative Council of Learners00 As I look back on the RCL term for 2005/2006, I am truly amazed at the magnitude of work that was achieved in such a short space of time. Firstly, the changes in the RCL structure, as well as the positive utilisation of time spent in meetings were key to our success. As president of the RCL body I had the honour of working with the likes of Michael Pappas and Thami Ndaba in tackling the immense challenges facing the boys of King Edward VII School. My goal was to create an environment conducive to "free thinking". This was achieved with an incredible balance of seniors and juniors voicing their relevant constituencies' opinions with valour. I am impressed with the leadership qualities shown by councillors (particularly in the Grade 8 and Grade 9 group). I am anxious to see the development of their skills as the years go by.

The Representative Council of Learners Front Row (left to right):

Middle Row (left to right):

Back Row (left to right):

J Gray, P M Thahane (Treasurer), M Pappas (Vice Chairman), J Hamann, W Chalklen (Chairperson), T Ndaba (Secretary), M S Sim, B R Cilliers, C B Koller, X Ndaba J A Andraos, C Ponnusamy, K Owusu, D B Geldenhuys, S L Zungu, C A Rademan, F M Lekhwareng, J R Kurensky, J D Gay, N Dlamini G Gutu, M Nkosi, D U Biani, D W D Rimmer, C L Unamaca, C N Kazadi, J D Crichton, A L G Costa 26

We as the RCL were an effective medium between staff and pupils with pressing issues (such as a mirror in the bathroom, drinking fountain repairs, as well as the debate over soccer being played on the Reds field) being solved correctly. As President, I was privileged enough to attend the Regional discussion on RCL, the Youth Day celebration, as well as the workshop on substance abuse which taught valuable skills. It is my belief that although "achievements" were made by this body, it is vitally important to prolong the positive mentorship of the future leaders of the school through programmes and workshops whilst ensuring that the ethos of the school is maintained. I would like to thank Mr Sim, whose unquestionable help was always appreciated, Mr Marx, the tuckshop staff for the lunches, as well as special mention to Mr Fennell and Mr Hansen. There is no doubt that there are huge challenges to be faced, but as they have shown me this year through their approachable manner and advice, the core values are not to be forgotten. To conclude, I leave a message for the future: Carry on with the legacy left behind, be practical, instil a sense of pride in this body and create space for the future councillors. "Strenue" W Chalklen (RCL) 2006 / 2007 Members of the Body

President: Vice-President: Secretary: Treasurer:

D W D Rimmer O S Mokgatle K Owusu T Tsotsotso


Grade 11 Representatives K Asiedu-Darkwah, C Gutu, MJ Mbuya, OS Mokgatle, CM Pratt, DWD Rimmer, T Tsotsotso, SL Zungu

Grade 10 Representatives A Costa, SD Fraser, T Luthuli, N Mabe, K Owusu, SJ Scorgie

Grade 9 Representatives J Crichton, M Collard, TW Ferguson, C Greaves, J Jennings, LK Maseko, M Nkosi, J van Wyngaardt

Grade 8 Representatives R Da Fonseca, J Gabriel, G Gerrits, A Jackson, C Kazadi, S Laher, K Mvunyiswe, D von Pannier 27


It is the colour of fire. It is the colour in your veins. It is the colour of courage when the battle thunder rains. And when your spirit is tested and life is getting tight, It’s the colour of commitment that will see you win the fight. Good evening, Mr Fennell, honoured guests, members of staff, parents, but most of all, brothers. Five years ago we stepped onto the platform ready to embrace our future. We embarked on our journey with the infamous Red Machine. We were determined and our goals were set high. Some have been accomplished and some still lie unachieved. We inherited a legacy, a history, a tradition to keep the torch blazing to the best or our ability. And it is evident that we did not disappoint. We had an unquenchable thirst to strive for and achieve the ultimate‌one day to become fine gentlemen sculpted to perfection by this fine place. We embraced our difficulties and utilised our strengths. This School was our safety net, our solace, an arena for social, psychological, emotional and physical development. It has given us a sense of belonging and a sense of pride. We formed a band of brothers that will conquer the test of time. It was a sea of faith that sealed our fate. There we were and here we are, the hard yards in between. Brothers, today I stand before you with immense pride, knowing that we all came as teddies, but today we leave as bears. The year 2006 boasted a year of talent. There was a sense of enthusiasm in everything we did. Sport was the usual favourite, followed by cultural activities. The third and final sphere has not been forgotten: Academic subjects. These, at times, seemed non-existent to most of us. But, being the King Edward men that we are, we climbed to the top of this mountain, and that is where we stand today. As we near the end of our road, it is time to bid our farewells. We are reaching our final destination, and there are a few people who need to be thanked for being our pillars of strength and support throughout our journey. What would school life be without the endless screams and shouts, the complaints about noise, or those dreaded tests on Monday mornings? There can never be enough gratitude, or coffee, for what selfless individuals have contributed to our success as men. Thank you to all the educators at King Edward VII School. Thank you to my fellow learners. Thank you for making memories. Thank you for making history. But most of all, thank you for making the past five years unforgettable. They will forever be engraved on the hearts of everyone seated in this hall. Thank you to the prefects who put their lives and dignity on the line by risking the crossfire of water balloons exploding on the tarmac. Gino and fellow prefects, thank you for you continuous service. You have left big shoes to fill. To Mr Fennell and his two right-hand men specifically, thank you. The influence you have had on our lives has been invaluable. 28

It is the colour that hurts when you hurt for your School. It is the colour you stand for when you help a mate. And when you have called on all reserves and every ounce is spent, It is the colour of your heart, which gives that extra ten percent. After many years of admiring, after that very first Red step, it gave us a sense of understanding, a memory long kept. As my red brothers and I gaze into the crest, today will last forever, today is the final test. The goal my life has cherished becomes the day my life is afraid. This day we have dreamed of for so long becomes the platform where history is made. As I am surrounded by my companions for the very last time, I feel the red embrace. I am immortal for just one day, this day I can’t replace. So go now with your head held high. The battlefield awaits. Take the spirit from the friendships and the efforts of your mates. Enjoy these days, the laughter, the praise. But keep them in your heart. It is great to have been a part of King Edward VII. Be proud because you are forever Red. J Hamann


Inter-House Philips Cup 200500 ACADEMICS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

School Grimmer Robinson Davis Anderson Hofmeyr Crofts Hill

80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10

CULTURAL 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Davis / Crofts Hill Grimmer Hofmeyr Anderson School Robinson

31 28 26 18 16 14 14

Davis Hill Grimmer Anderson School Robinson Hofmeyr Crofts

99 95 63 60 58 51 46 31

SPORT 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

OVERALL WINNER 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Davis Grimmer School Hill Robinson Anderson Hofmeyr Crofts

180 159 152 133 125 116 94 82 30

National Colours Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

N Gonsalves, G Tune, E Mokobodi, B Borsboom M Smith, E Buys, B Sheldrake, D Rimmer, M Steinhobel, B Ryan, A Lotz

Front Row (left to right):

W Mclachlan, R Koller, Q Steyn, T Ballantyne, J Addington, J Haynes-Smart, C Vounnou, M Pappas S Mamorare, R Peche, A Fraser, P Thahane, R Phillips, J Oelofse, M Singh, M Mavi, T Wonderlik

Cultural Colours Back Row (left to right):


Colours 200600

Colours Men Front Row (left to right):

Middle Row (left to right):

Back Row (left to right):

R Maclachlan, S Devine, B Borsboom, N Gonsalves, J Carstens, D Jacobs, D Rutherford, S Simons, O Phakhati, A Rodrigues, A Mauvis S Seforo, B Ryan, S Spooner, R Fensham, G Worth, R Parkinson, M Daniel, K Peyper, S Wiggett, G Thompson, J Addington, M Loseby, T Legae, B Marais, M Overton, E Buys, O Patel, A Weir G Tune, M Middelton, R Panis, G Dos Santos, C Kolarik, S Landsdale, B Sheldrake, G Whyte, D Rimmer, M Steinhobel, C London, M Dunn, C Barrett, E Mokobodi, D Russell, J Prim, S Sulupha


Winners of the Mintek Quiz 2007 Left to right:

H Shen, S Simons, M de Villiers

H Shen receiving the Mintek Quiz Team’s Trophy H Shen was selected for the Southern Gauteng Mintek Quiz team which went on to win the National Competition 33

Prefects Camp 200600 The morning of October 18 2006 was a buzz of excitement and activity in the prefect’s room. Within sat twenty-two eager King Edward gentlemen all fired up for three days of leadership, learning and team work, a real opportunity for us to learn something new, try something different and see each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Finally the bus arrived, we boarded and within moments were off to the “Spirit of Adventure” in the Magaliesberg Mountains, where many before us had gone and triumphed and we intended to do the same. The journey may have been long, but the card games, constant jokes and Dane Jacobs and Josh Carstens throwing a friendly punch at each other in the back of the bus while Rob Scott ducked for cover amused even the bus driver. WE ARRIVE, literally throw our stuff out of the trailer and get going, meeting our tutors for the camp, our camp “director” and of course seeing our accommodation which to some was a horror especially the fact that the huts were more like tents and didn’t have “squish” comforters to lounge out in. Some lectures and talks which stimulated the minds of all, some small practical situations, some more talking and of course (vital to our survival) lunch! Shortly after lunch we were greeted with a challenge: to orienteer a course finding certain markings and making our way to the make-shift race course, where we learnt to put together a go-kart and race the other team. After some hair bend corners, some serious type skidding, dirt being thrown everywhere, the B team won! “Sorry A team, our dishes await!” We put together our best team and challenged the track record and after some real hard work, some major team spirit and a war cry, we came just 2 seconds off the time! Darn, maybe next time eh? Strolling back to camp made us realize the beauty of the place we were in and made our conversations even more interesting! For our efforts at the race course, we were given some RAW meat and RAW vegetables, to the disgust of most, only to be told how to cook them. After a rather rewarding potjie, we settled down, keen for the next day’s events. Thursday started with some real rock climbing, new to some and to others very scary, but through our support, nearly everyone made it, the one who missed out slightly has nothing to do with Sir Edmund Hillary… Some more leadership tasks, some practical exercises and we were grasping this idea. We sat down to discuss our objectives and goals for the next year, everyone participated with enthusiasm and suggested ways to help the school. A strong group was beginning to emerge. A highlight of the night was our very own James Addington playing the school anthem on the bag pipes, surrounded by King Edward men more proud at that moment than in any before that, with every new note a hint of a smile, a look that any man would know is of someone with pride and determination. 34

We were ready; Friday was the day, the day that the prefects were to pick their strongest team to run the obstacle race, trying to beat a previous time set by St David’s. The course lay ahead, a mix of running, jumping, climbing and team work. Our men fought hard and worked well, but were just off. Never the less, we were a stronger and more determined group than ever. After a sombre goodbye, we made our way back to the place we called home – King Edward VII School. The prefects would like to thank the School and Mr Fennell for letting us go on the camp as well as Mr Erasmus and Mr Hansen who accompanied us and provided us with some thought provoking sayings. J D Aylmer


Rotary Camp 200600 On the 29 September James and I were give the opportunity to attend a Rotary Camp at Hartebeespoort Dam organised by the Rotary Club of Rosebank. The Camp started with a briefing held at Bryanston High School. We were then divided into seven groups which we kept for the duration of the camp. We were surprised to hear that each group would be given a sum of R175-00 with which we were to buy our own food for the camp from the Pick ‘n Pay across the road. Finally, after a mini shopping spree it was time to depart to the campsite at Hartebeespoort Dam. On arrival, we were given time to settle in and to interact with the other Rotarians. In the late afternoon our lecturer, Michael Greef (the current C.E.O. of St David’s School), arrived and the work began. After the first session on the importance of communication it was time to prepare our own supper. It was now time to separate the ‘Jamie Olivers’ from the ‘Helpless cooks’. We were then given the rest of the evening off and more socializing occurred till about 23h00. On Saturday morning everyone woke up refreshed and “pumped up” for the day which lay ahead. Most groups had cereal for breakfast and fortunately the fear I had of eating another burned meal had disappeared. Mr Greef began the session discussing the role and importance of a leader in an environment. This led to talks on team work which then led to the much anticipated obstacle courses. When evening came we were told to make a banquet for which we would be marked. After eating cold, but at least not burnt food, we had a very enjoyable and entertaining talent show. The day’s tasks had created fatigue amongst all of us and after the talent show it was time to visit dreamland. Sunday came and we were finally taught the effects and importance of motivation. However, not everyone was motivated at the thought of returning to school the next day. A prize giving ceremony for the winning group concluded the course and after a long drive back home, it was sadly time to say good-bye to the new friends made during the weekend. James and I really did learn a lot from this experience and we would like to extend our gratitude to Mr Fennell, Mrs Mania and the Rotary Club of Rosebank for making this possible. T Tsotsotso and J Addington


Rhys Herbert Gr 11 37

Art Expo Speech00 Mr Fennell, Mr Whyte, Mr Andrew, Mrs Groenewald, Ladies and Gentlemen Good evening and welcome to the Annual King Edward VII School Art Exhibition. Tonight brings a finality to the three or four weeks that I, Mrs Phieffer and all the art students look forward to, and what a way to spend such an evening. Standing here, we are graced to be in the presence of not only magic and creative artworks, but with the very artists that created this work. King Edward has a long history, producing more famous and recognised artists than most schools and for this we can be very proud. Some names to mention would be artists such as the magic William Kentridge, a personal inspiration, he has exhibited all over the world with his latest work, Chambre Noire, being commissioned by the Deutche Guggenheim. Gregory Kerr, Brian Steinhobel, a famous industrial designer who has worked on the F1 racing cars, Professor Younge, Head of the School of Art at the Michaelis School of Art in Cape Town, and ex-teachers such as David Andrew, David Paton and Ulrich Louw. This has been quite a year for the Art Department with not only a growth in numbers but also enthusiasm: some of these juicy details I’d like to share with you. • The use of more sculpture equipment was shown, with the welder and kiln working overtime. • This year a third art teacher joined the Department; Miss. Barrett has taken some of the Grade 8 and 9 classes and her enthusiasm has resulted in some good work. • Art tours, of which the most entertaining was a visit to the BHP Billiton Art Collection where works by William Kentridge, Penny Soipis and others could be viewed. • A redesigning of the senior art class which is to be implemented in the new year, offering new and clever ways to store and exhibit art works. • A general increase in the standard of work as well as the numbers interested in taking art as a senior subject with over 20 registered for the next year. • Integration of the Photographic Society’s portfolio work into the Annual Exhibition as well as a redesign of the exhibition. Thank you to everyone who has made these successes possible. An evening such as this one could not have been possible without either the help or input of everyone involved. To our judge, Mr David Andrew, thank you very much for coming out here, judging the artworks and we are looking forward to your comments. Also, the Art Department would like to thank: • Mr Wilson for the use of his theatre to store most of the library. 38

• • • • • • •

To Mrs Charlesworth who has so willingly given up her library to become a gallery of sorts, for her support and enthusiasm to help. To Miss Minnie and Mr Eales for giving up their classrooms, moved their work and files in order for the library to become even more like a gallery.. The ground staff for the removal of the fans Mr Matjeni for his fetching and carrying from the Oriental Plaza. To Mrs Evans, the Mothers’ Committee and Roger for the catering. Vincent from Frame Connection. To the students who gave up their afternoons to help set up this exhibition, the Grade 11’s whose help was greatly appreciated, Ciaran Haynes, Simon Hough, Ciaran MacKivergan and Michael St Dare whose faces have become as common to the library as most of the artworks up tonight! To the art students of 2006, what a great year, thank you for your great work and dedication; without your work and enthusiasm an exhibition of this standard would not be possible. Tonight is your night, be proud of yourselves. To Miss Barrett and Miss Drury, thank you for your time and input not only for this exhibition but also through-out the year. With you on board, the Art Department will continue to grow stronger. And finally to Mrs Pheiffer, our head of art and senior art teacher, my co-curator, thank you for sharing my enthusiasm and visions of this exhibition, thank you for all the running around and finalising of the smaller details. The art students would also like to thank you for your ‘funky’ and witty character in class and your experimentation of projects and techniques. An ear always open to a new idea, for that and the support we receive from you, we thank you.

J Aylmer

Jed Aylmer Grade 11 39

Art Exhibition00 Our judge this year lies formidably with the greats. Mr David Andrew was a member of the King Edward VII Staff as an art teacher from 1987 to 1995. He then moved onto teaching in the Fine Arts Department at Wits University where after a few years of teaching studio disciplines and visual literacy among others, he became a senior lecturer and was promoted to Deputy Head of the Wits School of Art, a school that encompasses music, fine arts, dramatic arts, digital media and television. His most recent work was commissioned by Cell C and involved over 40 artists who were to display an artwork on buildings in the inner city, with a loose brief only that the “c” must be encompassed into the work.

His speech on the evening was as follows: It’s good to be back at King Edward VII School to see the most recent creative work from the Art Department. I am proud to have been associated with this art department for a number of years and I always enjoy my visits to the school and to the annual art exhibition. It is important that we recognize King Edward VII School as an institution that has made a considerable contribution to art education in Johannesburg and South Africa more broadly. If one thinks of some of the teachers who have taught here, and those who have been here as learners, many of them have invested a great deal of time in nurturing creativity at King Edward, while others have also gone on to do this at tertiary level and as artists in their own right. William Kentridge’s links to this school are well known, as is his established reputation as one of the most important international artists working today. Gavin Younge remains one of the most important South African artists of his generation. David Bunn has recently ended his term as the Head of the Wits School of Arts, the first school of this kind in South Africa. Others that come to mind are: Bill Ainslie Ulrich Louw Ron Harrison Margie O’Brien Sue Edey(Tuck) David Paton Lindsay Jaehne Brenden Gray Meredith Tabor

1963 1967, 1970-1976

1978-1985 1985-1989

Johannesburg Art Foundation Wits University

Woodmead, Wits Technikon/University of Johannesburg Design Centre

These are just some of the names – there are others. Of course the names of those who have been at King Edward as learners who have then gone on to do great things as creative people are too numerous to mention. As well as the professional artists there 40

are designers, film makers, those in the advertising industry, those doing creative work with digital technologies and those in engineering who often bring together the arts and sciences. One name to look out for is Robert Malpage who matriculated at King Edward in the mid 90s - he has had great success at the production company The Bomb Shelter where he works with Oscar–winning film maker Angus Gibson. Some of the best commercials you will see on TV are the result of his creative eye. But just as much as King Edward has continued to produce great creators in the visual field, I have always thought that the grounding that is provided in Grades 8 and 9, where everyone has access to an arts and culture programme, ensures that those going on to other professions have that creative edge instilled in them, and an understanding of how the arts cultivate humanity. This is crucial - and the challenge must be to sustain this part of the school vision and find ways of developing it further. Let’s have a look at what this exhibition begins to tell us about the state of art at King Edward. If Jean-Claude Labuschagne’s brilliant sculptural piece is anything to go by, the fundamental pursuit of creativity as something that is about intelligent recombining, or combining the familiar in new ways, is present in what the junior learners are experiencing. Labuschagne has given his piece the title Crakeyspigon – apparently a shortened version of a crabmonkeyspiderkomododragon! Labuschagne, on the evidence of this combination of goggled, fleshy-lipped human, and the appendages of many animals, is being encouraged to ask a series of “WHATIF?” questions that stimulate the desire to be a curious individual. At the same time, there seems to be a profound understanding of the basis for interesting sculptural form in-the-round. What we have in this playful and also slightly menacing sculpture is what I always look for in school exhibitions – a strong sense of learners being introduced to conventions for making and understanding visual culture, and then being supported in challenging these conventions in order to find new possibilities of transformed practice. In the Grade 10 works we see another feature of a strong art education programme – namely, projects that challenge learners to look and see with real intensity. If you go down to Miss Drury’s art room you will see a few stools, tables and other collected objects arranged informally in a pile of leaves. These are the remnants of a floorbased still-life arrangement she constructed for this Grade 10 project. What strikes me is the manner in which the Grade 10 group has grappled with this project - it is not dissimilar to one that we often give to first year Fine Arts students. The drawings of Themba Masemula, Logan Bismark, Samuel Bauer-Cope and Mlungisi Mkhize speak of the kind of commitment and dedication to resolving a large scale format that we would expect from the first year students. The parameters of the project are clear – it is about an intensity of looking and finding visual equivalents, a language if you like, for that which is in front of them. And they have done this with great success. Karel Nel and Alan Crump, two of my colleagues at the Wits School of Art would be proud of these drawings, particularly the understanding of differentiated surfaces. 41

Masemula’s drawing takes the crucifix, the overturned stool and other paraphernalia and through his intense looking, interprets these objects relationally to create a lively surface of visual excitement. The self-portraits by Ian Mussa and Jason Robinson, also in Grade 10, have a similar commitment and technical ability which translates into compelling drawings that speak of the inner person as much as that which we see on the surface. In Grade 11 there are a number of engaging works – and it is in this body of work that we find yet another feature of the kind of art department that I would like to encourage. I am referring here to a body of work within this greater grade 11 body of work by Jed Aylmer. It isn’t often that you come to a school art exhibition and discover a young artist grappling with so many different ways of creating visual knowledge. Aylmer explores all mediums at his disposal – on the wall we see a large self-portrait painting with a camera hovering above, or tied down onto a surreal landscape. A toilet-like object lurks dominantly in the gallery space, hinting at past histories and present challenges. A series of white masks stares out at us from behind a display case. A portrait of a woman in blue suggests something reminiscent of Picasso’s Blue Period. And a distorted face confronts us as part of the Tattered project. And yes, there are also photographs and an exam drawing. Here we have someone who is determined to explore as many different ways of creating visual knowledge. This is rare – and needs to be nurtured. Clearly, in this art department, this is what is happening. Spaces are made available for this kind of curiosity and ambition. At Grade 12 level Robert Must’s ungainly, spare, machine-like welded sculptures deserve a mention. Their scale is ambitious as is their emerging conceptual underpinning. I am also pleased to see that the Grade 12 exam drawings by Mothei Letlabika and John Nielsen entertain a mark making process that becomes more expressive and evocative. So often drawing at school level becomes constrained as something that is narrow and even lifeless. Nielsen and Letlikiba, together with some of the Grade 10 learners already mentioned, suggest that drawing is being treated in an altogether more imaginative way in this art department. I have mentioned just a few examples that caught my eye when I visited the exhibition yesterday – I could mention a number of others. But the examples I have referred to begin to point to an art department that nurtures the kind of abilities that Martha Nussbaum writes about in her Newsweek article “Cultivating Humanity” (August 2006): “The abilities associated with humanities and the arts are also vital, both to the health of individual nations and to the creation of a decent world culture. These include the ability to think critically, to transcend local loyalties and to approach international problems as a “citizen of the world”. And perhaps most important, the ability to imagine sympathetically the predicament of another person.” I would think that there are many examples of this ability present here tonight. She goes on to describe this ability as “… the narrative imagination: it leads us to be intelligent readers of other people’s stories and to understand their emotions and wishes” 42

What this art department is doing, again in Nussbaum’s words, is cultivating “… our students’ “inner eyes” - and to do this “…we need carefully crafted instruction in the arts and humanities, which will bring students into contact with issues of gender, race, ethnicity and cross-cultural experience. We need to favor an education that cultivates the critical capacities, that fosters a complex understanding of the worlds and its peoples and that educates and refines the capacity for sympathy. In short, an education that cultivates human beings rather than producing useful machines.” (pp.70, 71) I would hope that we all support Nussbaum’s call for a “cultivation of humanity” in our schools and broader communities and an acute understanding of how access to arts and culture education, and here I include all the arts disciplines, contributes to doing exactly this. Lastly, I would like to congratulate all the artists who have work on the exhibition tonight. Congratulations must also go to Susan Pheiffer, Natalie Drury and Mary Barrett who continue to ensure that visual arts education thrives in this environment. Another noteworthy feature of the exhibition is the presence of what seems to be a generative dialogue between learners and teachers. The work we see here is testimony to the dialogue that takes place within this community of learners. Susan, Natalie and Mary deserve enormous credit for sustaining and growing this learning environment. This school gallery space, and the school more broadly, is a space that speaks of the rich, reflective, rigorous and creative teaching and learning I encourage. It is a space where “intelligent and sympathetic reading of our own and others’ stories” is happening, where “inner eyes are cultivated” as a result of “carefully crafted and shared instruction”, where more complex understandings are generated, with the possibility for acting on these understandings being foremost. It is a space that I am sure Martha Nussbaum would agree, is playing an important role in “cultivating humanity”. Mrs S Pheiffer

Jed Aylmer Grade 11 43

English Creative Writing00 Editor’s Prize: Imran Khan and Mark Heydenrych Proxime Accessit: Robert Peché

My Heart is a Virgin Love is a bitch. Many people marvel at the rollercoaster ride that is love – the perpetual bond that makes lovers sick and happy at the same time, which involves whispers of sweet nothings, sheet-shaking sex and tears. What about never having loved? Spilt your coffee haven’t you? Movies, media and music love love. They really do. If it’s not Mariah Carey on seventh octave in a wedding dress, then it’s top Billing and their lavish wedding wonders. I’d like to know, no, I’d love to know what all the fuss is about. Relationships bring about sadness, angry fathers-in-law, suicide, bankruptcy, or worse, unwanted pregnancies. If that’s not enough, you get married and have the misfortune of seeing your wife reach sixty, and her boobs reach her knees. See how mean love is? I know what Felicia or Phil would say and you’re probably thinking it too – I’m a disgruntled 17- year –old, angry at love because it left me lonely. Damn straight. I’m really a romantic – I like walks on the beach, midnight embraces, looking up at the stars and pina coladas. That’s at least what my ad in The Star said. No one has replied yet, curse that Telkom. Besides, it’s only been in there for six months. I think I loved a girl once, but she blew me off like a wandering ant. I think if she said “eew” and puked on my shoe I would’ve been less hurt. Since then, I gave up approaching girls. February is never a good time for me either. It was V-Day this month and I took out my anger on the Choc-kits again. I hate that fat yuppie cupid. He flies about this month shooting B-grade plastic arrows at everyone but me. He thinks he’s SO special. I went to Eastgate to buy some Choc-kits and I was like an enraged bull. There was bright crimson everywhere. Hearts here and hearts there and I could’ve sworn I saw that lump of a cherub at Nando’s. The world succumbs to this marketing masquerade each year. We buy into, pardon the pun, all the various advertising and commercial “bullshit’ and feel immune to the costs of roses and chocolates and soaps all in the name of love! It all comes back to me being alone. I even tried doing what Ridge and Brook have been doing for fifteen years – but all I got was a smack from my cousin. Everywhere you look love is all around. Oprah talks about loving yourself first, Ricki Lake talks about who loved first and Jerry Springer talks about brotherly love, but in a different sense. Maybe one day I’ll find love, but right now, I’ll stick to being disgruntled, it’s way more fun. 44

After all, ‘tis better to have never loved at all than to have lost to love. Imran Khan Grade 12E

This essay was awarded a Gold Medal in the 2006 SACEE Creative Writing Competition and was read to the audience at the awards ceremony.

Shop till you drop … Dead! Shopping in the world today is murder – murder on one’s heels, murder on one’s credit cards, and to some unsuspecting bank tellers, murder to one’s self-esteem. Shopping malls throughout Jo’burg are teeming with inconspicuous villains and offenders who cruise the thousands of beige and white tiles sniffing out their next victims. People never realise that going to purchase some chicken pieces could end up with them being cold, limp and zipped up in a bag just like the poor poultry. If the price of strawberries at Woolworths doesn’t give you a stroke, then you’re bound to be dismembered by a speeding trolley with two children and an eighty-six-year-old with a walking stick at its helm – and we thought taxi drivers were bad! I was having a meal at the Spur the other day, when I witnessed “rump-rage”. There was a burly woman with red hair and a serious mullet, who looked like she was a prowrestler, burdened by thirteen cantankerous children, seated across from me. When the waiter, aptly named Memory, brought the lady her steak with onion rings, adverse to what she had requested, he was grabbed by the neck and very audibly smacked. My ears are still ringing, and I’m quite sure that Memory still has whiplash. As if getting past the meandering queues, dealing with the apathetic (or is it just pathetic) staff and trying to communicate the spelling of your name, a seventh time, to the clerk at Standard Bank isn’t hell enough, you have to make your way through the death mazes of undercover parking blocks. Finding a parking space is a lifelong mission itself, but then you have to deal with the impatient “younger generation” and their new sports cars, and also with the newly empowered black housewife and her parking dilemmas: who said driving a Range Rover was fun everywhere? Queues have a knack of ticking me off every time I’m in one. People don’t understand that those standing in a queue are aggravated, fed up, hungry and hurting in places they never knew they had, but what happens? You get the quiet type – they sigh every thirteen seconds, then you get the loud type – they crassly comment on the queue: “Can you believe this queue? It’s so long”. And with a hand of purple-stained talons, the blonde ambassador for Sterns claps her cheek, at which time the rest of the queue roll their eyes in their heads and think of inventive ways of eating those damn strawberries. Exhausted overdrafts, aching feet, gesticulating bimbos and clogged pores are very stressful and tedious, but all pale in comparison to children in shopping malls. I could 45

Ngcebo Ndlovu Grade 11 46

write a book about children-induced comas, head cramps, lost teeth and premature baldness, but the last thing people need is to hear about nasty heathen brats, because, like I told the blonde lady with the two-inch nails “WE KNOW!” I once witnessed a pregnant woman with a two-year-old eating the latest edition of Elle out the cradle of her right arm, a seven-year-old with his one finger in an undignified sign, and his other finger in a very undignified place, while her elevenyear-old curled and kicked and screamed and bit into her moisturised ankle, after she refused to buy him some poison. I’m kidding – it was only a toffee apple. She floated along the aisle smiling to herself; In some cases, as much as the children need a whipping, I think the parents deserve a kick up the … We will always need to shop, and shops will always need us to shop, but for just one day, I’d like to shop and see no children, have intelligent clerks, get a box of free strawberries, experience no violence and stand in no queues … okay, okay, I’ll wake up now. Imran Khan Grade 12E

This essay was awarded a Gold Medal in the 2006 SACEE Creative Writing Competition and was read to the audience at the awards ceremony.

Love I love you. Perhaps the three most powerful words in any language. Perhaps the most forgotten. Or rather than forgotten, the most misused. They are used instead of “You are beautiful”; even instead of “I am mildly attracted to you”; they even replace the baser desire of “I want to sleep with you.” They are words used too often and meant too seldom; words that have been raped of their meaning and used inappropriately. And yet they have not lost their power quite yet, for they stand out when used insincerely – that is now their power, to reveal the insincere speaker. Unfortunately, just as they have been sapped of their power by incorrect use, they have also been phased out from another direction. They are no longer used for their original purpose. Pages of beautiful poetry have been written, reams of prose, songs sung, dances prepared, masterpieces created, all of which could be replaced with those three simple words. They are also perhaps the most difficult words to say in the time when they should. Men have been driven mad with the need to say them to someone, but when they have steeled themselves and the moment is right, they sweat, they blush, they stutter, and they would rather be anywhere than where they had hoped to be for the past weeks. But when is the right time to say “I love you”? Is it when this person is the most beautiful, the most sensitive, the most intelligent person you have ever had the fortune to meet? 47

Perhaps. Or maybe it is when, if she were a piece of cloth, you would cut all your clothes from it so you could always have her wrapped around you. If she were a poem, you would read it every day just to feel the silken words pass your lips. If she were a hawk, you would hope to be a skilled enough falconer to tame her and keep her at your side forever. If she were a flower, you would smell her scent every time you walked past and she would be like the Prince’s rose – unique because she has tamed you. Perhaps it is when waking up every day is like Christmas morning, and the chance to speak to her, to breathe her scent, to hold her hand, or just to catch a glimpse of her, is enough to make your heart beat faster, to make your breath catch in your throat, to make you light-headed. Some people are lucky enough to have said those three words, to have had them reciprocated. For those who have not, perhaps you will someday feel that someone is your cloth, your poem, your hawk, your flower, your Christmas morning. And when that happens, you will know the words to say. I love you. Mark Heydenryck Grade 12E

*This essay was awarded a Participation certificate in the 2006 SACEE Creative Essay Competition.

Ross Cohan Grade 12 48

Indoctrination Indoctrination, or brainwashing, can be very dangerous. It leads to blind loyalty and a narrow-minded outlook. It’s used by tyrants like Bush and Stalin, by fanatical terrorist organisations, by inhumane creatures like Adolf Hitler. However, I’m not here to give a History lesson on the Nazi’s; anyone who does History will have heard enough about that already. No, I want to give you insight into the way in which I have been indoctrinated. A screaming V12 at 8500 rpm, a flash of red on the highway. Yes, a Ferrari. One thing I was indoctrinated to love from a very young age. Growing up in an Italian family, I didn’t have much choice in the matter on which Formula One Team to support. However, it didn’t take much persuasion for me to fall in love with the stunners from Maranello. Beneficial as this indoctrination was, I could be a Renault supporter for Pete’s sake, it was still a bit of brainwashing. Indoctrination can be light-hearted though, as in this example. However, there is nothing quite like being indoctrinated with two different viewpoints on the same burning issue. Yes, I am talking about learning to drive with my Dad, and learning to drive with my Mom. You see, my Dad is what you would call an enthusiastic driver who will happily overtake when the time is right. My Mom is what you would definitely call a granny driver. Two very different styles. If I’m driving with my Dad and I hesitate in overtaking a slow driver, he gets angry. If I’m driving with my Mom and I overtake a similar slow driver, she has a mild heart attack in the seat next to me. All I can say is Thank God she only drives a 1.6; I hate to think how frustrating she would be with more wasted power under the bonnet. Another main difference is what they tell me while I’m driving. My Dad will tell me useful things I can actually use to improve my driving like “watch out, there’s a taxi stopped further up the road”. My Mom on the other hand will dish out pearls of wisdom like “Oh No!” and after I frantically start braking and looking at the road to see what’s wrong will come “The Woollies sale is over!” Another favourite

Jean-Claude Labuschagne Grade 8 49

of mine is when I indicate to go into the left hand lane and then I discover that I can’t see my mirror because my Mom has lent so far forward in her seat to make sure she gets a good look in it. And then she wonders why I hate driving with her! Indeed, it was on a particularly bad day with my Mom, after she had lectured me for ten minutes on the evils of my overtaking methods, that I decided enough was enough. Coming up to a corner near my house that I know very well, I decided to have some fun. I took the corner whilst my foot was flat on the accelerator in second gear. The car was perfectly under control, so it was with a smile of satisfaction that I saw Mom’s foot hit the floor to depress a brake pedal that wasn’t there, and saw her hand rush upwards to grab the roof handle, all while she was screaming for mercy. Needless to say, she wasn’t very impressed, although Dad did secretly sympathise with me. So, if I am late meeting you somewhere, know that it was because my Mom won the battle and I was too scared to overtake a smoking truck doing 30k’s an hour on an otherwise deserted stretch of double lane road. Alternatively if I don’t make it at all, know that Dad won the battle and I followed the proud Peché family tradition of writing off my first car whilst thinking what a great Formula One driver I would make. Finally, if I ask for food during the day, have pity, it’s probably because my Mom refused to make me supper after she had heard this speech! Robert Peché Grade 12 E

This was the speech that Robert presented at the Best Speaker’s Competition in 2006.

‘Tis a mad world, my masters “Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright Round yon virgin mother and child Holy infant so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace” Darkness engulfs the Cape Flats, peace is at hand. Sleeping quietly in the cot, an innocent baby girl is protected by her devoted mother in the room next door. A sudden knock brings the mother to her feet. No reason for concern though, it’s her cousin. She notices his strange behaviour, the smell of alcohol clings to his breath. She tells him to keep quiet, the baby is sleeping. She keeps the lights dim, she doesn’t want her daughter to wake up. Tragically it is too dark for her to see his dilated pupils filled with a burning lust and rage. 50

The first blow is struck, sending her reeling backwards into the table. The sudden noise wakes the baby, who begins to cry. The mother is too shocked to scream and in no time her assailant is upon her. He draws a knife, the type of switchblade readily available in a gangster-dominated neighbourhood. The mother screams, but this ‘turns her rapist on’. He slashes and thrusts, violently ripping her clothes off her bleeding body. He admires her figure, and holds the knife to her throat, telling her to keep quiet. She begins to pray, silently, but no one can help her. All at once he is inside her, asserting his dominance with violent thrusts. A rush of pleasure overcomes him, as her writhing body struggles underneath him. He is finished with her, yet his worst deed is still to come. He moves into the room next door, where the screams of a terrified baby can be heard. The mother can do nothing, her broken body will not respond to the desperate pleas of her traumatised mind. The screams of the baby intensify as the man grabs her roughly and pulls her out of the cot. He throws her to her mother, taunting her with thoughts of saving her daughter. It is no use, he is too strongl. She can do nothing but scream as the man tears her baby apart. When he is satisfied he throws the baby, with a sickening thud, onto the table. He returns to the mother, beating her and raping her. He slices her breast with his knife, destroying the nipple that once nurtured her tortured baby. She begins to pray, not for life, but for death, for heavenly peace. She feels no more pain, her spirit has left her battered body. Finally her release comes as her murderer breaks her neck. The story makes headlines everywhere, people are appalled to think that a fellow human being could be capable of such an horrific act. Thanks to modern forensic science, the man is identified, arrested and convicted. Thanks to the ‘humanity’ of our justice system, this disgusting creature is only given a life sentence – 25 years in jail. ‘Tis a mad world indeed when our justice system seems more interested in protecting the criminal than the victim. They deserve no rights, no mercy. They should simply be shot and deprived of any funeral rights. If this actually happened these predators would think twice about their next meal. But hey, this won’t happen. As we all know, sunny South Africa is the land where crime DOES pay. Robert Peché Grade 12E Jed Aylmer Grade 11


Rhys Herbert Grade 11 52

Discoveries I am no Rhodes Scholar, but I know more than most. My life is not scheduled or timed, Because, I refuse to live like I’m blind. I I I I

have have have have


am, am, am, am,

lived with people in exotic locations and abnormal places, eaten food I’d rather push away. seen things no KODAK moment can capture, and, felt things no man can imagine.

an adventurer a traveller a scholar, and alive.

I have not seen the world, Yet, I am discovering parts of it. I am constantly learning and loving. I’m on a constant cloud nine And I have discovered the rare, unnamed Emotions. I I I I

have have have have

found found found found

life knowledge freedom …

Neil Tytherleigh Grade 11A Jed Aylmer Grade 11

The last lesson on a Friday afternoon Yes! Five minutes to go. I could almost smell the scent of the weekend … it seemed like an age to go. The clock loomed over me like a monster – dangerous. It seemed to take ages for each tick to be followed by its tock. I look around; the class oozes the smell of boredom. Four minutes. The pen in my hand feels heavy, as if asking to be put down. I take another look around and my eyes rest on the person next to me. I have the urge to laugh, but stop. If I thought I was bored, boy was I wrong! It seemed sleep was closing in on him, like a mist settling. Three minutes. I bring my pen to paper, but put it down. I’d finish it for homework; I had forty-eight hours after all. I quietly close my book. Two minutes. I look up again. The classroom is like a graveyard – scratch that – it is a graveyard. The only life is a boy sms’ing someone under his table. One minute. I look past him and a boy is slapping his head with his space case. I laugh, but the sound is drowned out by the noise of the bell. Freedom. St John Hunter Grade 8B 53

Arkaina St Jimmy has many minions But none as stealthy as Arkaina. Her shadow moves swiftly through the night Her blade shines, her gun shivers, A blackened past of love and hate Consumed by evil Looks that kill Majestic mind-powers The silent death Of the deadly, elegant, beautiful Arkaina Miguel Couto Grade 8B

Your love is life-renewing At times when I look into the sky I see your flawless gaze I linger upon your beauty Our eyes are locked into place. I am a wanderer in search of your touch, I am a drifter in search of your scent, I am a traveller in search of your voice, Please take me, my heart is for rent. The more time that I live without you, The more I pain to see you. For you I cherish a burning passion Your love is life-renewing. Ian Musa Grade 10

The awesome wonders you perform would fill books of several pages. My heart is utterly insatiable Our love shall grow over the ages. When I breathe, It is only because of you And when I dream I dream that our love shall be true. Please take me into your arms, Let us run towards the horizon You are my everything, my fire, You are my heart’s desire. Joel Pandaro Grade 9A 54

My favourite place My favourite place, my comfort zone, is my home. It is the place where I was born. This is the place where I am stationed to feed, grow and learn. My home is the command centre on a battlefield where I can direct my attacks against the challenges that face me. It is a bunker that only delays the inevitable. I prepare on these grounds because it is a safe house that protects me from the war, the real world, outside. It is a secure place where the rest of my army protects me. The concrete walls around me protect me against the hazards of the outside. My home is the means of survival. My home is the habitat where I can learn and grow so I may build a home one day. My family is an ongoing line of protectorates and everyone supports each other. When the young are still young, the old will protect and when the old are too old the young will support. This place is a gathering place of power, for the power of many is far greater than the power of one. When the outside world is harsh, this is the place where people will gather to seek comfort. My home is my haven. It is a place where I seek harmony within myself. A place where I can truly learn to understand what reality lies before me. Peace reigns in this place. It is the place where I learn how to be a better being. Its physical wall is far weaker than the forcefield that surrounds it. It is a place where I can discover my true power. The physical wall and shell around my home is easy to describe. These places within my home can be changed quickly and even the place can change. The home and place I speak of is not of a physical nature but more of an idea. Benjamin Phillips Grade 10G

What I will miss about South Africa I have sat on a deserted piece of rock on the top of Table Mountain at sunset, chased along narrow roads through the sublime Garden Route, cycled up Chapman’s Peak at sunrise. I have been chased by elephants and woken to the sound of roaring lions in the Kruger National Park. These are a few things which never cease to amaze me about South Africa, but at the same time are taken for granted in a country steeped in beauty. As I walk into my local deli on a warm winter’s morning I am always greeted by a smiling face and abundant friendliness wherever I travel. I will sincerely miss our pride and tradition which shapes our leaders of the future. I will miss our fighting to succeed as a nation and our will to create a better future for those less fortunate. I will miss our diverse religions, cultures and languages which mould us and define who we are. I will miss our ‘Proudly South African’ slang words like ‘Ja’, ‘Boet’ and ‘Howzit’. I will miss our proud heritage and our history which is vital in understanding how our country has progressed. I will reminisce about our serene white beaches and the colourful environment which surrounds us each day. 55

Clayton van Wyk Grade 11 56

However, what I will miss the most is our people for without them we would be like, so to speak, unseasoned biltong; no flavour or bite and no desire or lust to succeed. It is inevitable: people make a country and we can all make a better future for each other by caring. Marc Roper Grade 11B

Words, words, words! I’m so sick of words If I am so sick of words, what the hell am I doing sitting here trying to write down five hundred of the loathsome things? I guess I must account for my dislike of words and in light of this, I will painstakingly plod my way through a barrage of words. Words are a bunch of sounds and markings we use to express our feelings. However, is being able to express our feelings to others using words really that great? I speak especially of the feelings of hate that we feel for one another and the terrible things that it gives rise to such as racism, sexism and many other horrible words ending in ‘ism’. Words are also open to misinterpretation. A simple ‘I love you’ to end off a phone call to your good female friend can end up sending the wrong messages. She will either be overwhelmed and start avoiding you or she can start planning the wedding! Words are powerful. Too powerful. Just two of them can drive a grown man to tears. The two words ‘It’s over’ have been known to steer many youths full of promise to the noose. Words such as ’I declare war…’ can kill millions. Forget ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, how about ‘Words of Mass Destruction’? I absolutely hate the fact that some people think that knowing a lot of big words (or having a plethora of sophisticated words in their vocabulary) makes them extremely intelligent. Trust me, it doesn’t. Intelligence is about thinking. How people convey their thoughts is up to them. Artists convey their thoughts through drawings and sculptures. No words are required and they are paid thousands, even millions of dollars for their creations. It is said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. In light of this, can’t we draw a picture instead of writing a five-hundred word essay? A picture would convey more than the word limit. I suggest stick figures to prevent us from waffling. For me a smile, a frown, a scowl or a stare works perfectly. These expressions tell their own story. There are no subtitles, footnotes, annotations or analysis. The sound of a beautiful voice humming a wordless tune is much better than the extremely contrived lyrics of pop songs these days. The melody of a song carries a message far deeper than any lyrics can portray. 57

Right now the question on your mind must be “Where is this guy going with his essay?” The real question is “Where is this essay taking me?” and the answer to that is – everywhere and nowhere. These words are enslaving me like they are enslaving you. I spit in the face of who or what is oppressing me and so I spit in the face of words. This should be enough, so I will stop writing. Theo Wonderlik Grade 12E

I am Could this be real? This moment, this second The embodiment of my dreams This portrait of perfection Incomprehensible beauty Celestial smile, gentle air For now, all else is nothing This instant, this fragment of time Held in my heart and mind Forever I am… A flurry of emotions Desire, anticipation, longing, Nervousness, ecstasy Love… The hairs on my neck stand rigid A soft breeze heightening my senses. Her sweet smell, that arousing fragrance Supplements this dreamy reality. Her hands take mine Skin smoother than silk Soft, tender, wanting An invitation to … To what? My mind runs rampant Thoughts, voices Echoes that drone out all else, then Silence I am … Eyes meet anew A beauty only revealed now Those radiant, green pools Reflecting my deepest desires A smile, All doubts are washed away It is … real

Jason Nienaber Grade 10 58

First embrace, That First Kiss, That expression of love Unites us, completes me That emptiness inside That once was, evanesces I am… Whole. Jamie Cripwell Grade 11B

Untitled All life is but a lightning bolt Beautiful Powerful Ephemeral Brief Perhaps we should value each more highly. Mark Heydenrych Grade 12E

Until the end I’m not feeling inspired Although That’s a lie The inspiration’s there But I have no tool No brush to paint No chisel to sculpt Just this dull pen Just this blank page Guess it’ll have to do But somehow Even though it always did Now it doesn’t feel right My mind tells me it’s fine But my hands say This is wrong Who do I trust? The mind that gave The inspiration Or the hands Which guided the creation?

Michael St Dare Grade 11 59

Surely my hands know best But I always trusted upstairs My mind and my body Won’t agree which is right And I’m stuck in the middle Writing ‘til it ends. Mark Heydenrych Grade 12E

Pain To see a man weep over his dearest love A child over his parents To see the poor holding dear a pathetic scrap To see some almost-dignity In the eyes of those who are lost in themselves Is not that deeper than all pain Or stronger forever than the hidden happiness We mostly feel in ourselves? Oh, Earth! Neither your highest soaring Mountain Nor your deepest, greenest valley Can match the quiet perfection of your people’s Suffering. Mark Heydenrych Grade 12E

The smells of Africa As I strolled through the warm countryside with the green grass caressing my bare legs the sensual perfumes of the African bush flowers and the fruity scents of ripening fruits assailed my senses. I looked straight across to the horizon and I detected its reddish-orange scenery as the sun was setting. I began to take in deep breaths of the air, astonished at how beautiful nature is. I felt a rush of wind which cooled my perspiring body as I continued walking. Dark grey masses were composing in the heavens and a loud thunderous noise

Michael St Dare Grade 11 60

could be heard approaching. This is truly Africa with her unique and volatile moods. The air became filled with a sweet, dusty smell reminding me of the days of my childhood when we used to play in the sand. I fastened my shoelaces ‌ then it started raining and unsullied drops of water descended onto my head and trickled down my face and over my lips. A tangy, balmy aroma penetrated my nostrils. This is definitely my home, our home – Africa. Daniel Nkusi Grade 11A

Cairan Haynes Grade 11


Afrikaans Skeppende Werk00 Redakteurs Prys: J Hamann Hoogs Aanbevole: B Cilliers

Agter die Heining Daar is geen wolke in die lug nie, en die son bak hard op jou onbedekte vel. Die hemel kyk af op die mensdom en al hulle bose maniere. Die grond is bedek met gate en landmyne wat geen respek het vir lewe nie, maar steeds voel die mens geen verwyt nie. My lewe is 'n nagmerrie met bose magte wat aan my siel teug. Ek voel emosioneel gestremd en ek wil uitbars. My lewe is 'n gemors en elke keer wat ek asemhaal, brand my longe. Hoekom wil ek lewe? Wat is my doel? Is ek besig om 'n monster te huisves, 'n monster wat my lewe gaan vernietig. My brein werk oortyd, ek probeer om my emosies te prosesseer. Dit is soos kanker wat in my verstand insypel. Ek is besig om te kripeer en tog wil niemand my help nie. Hoekom het ek by die weermag aangesluit? Hierdie gedagte oorstroom my met haat, ek word beneuk en my lewe verbrokkel. Ek haat my lewe! Ek haat my teenwoordigheid en my bestaan. Die sirene dreun en dit weergalm in my kop. Ek kry hoendervleis en word bedek met angs. Elke dag word meer mense geskiet en vergas. Dit is elke dag se gebeurtenis. Die vyand word jou saligmaker, hy voltooi jou drome, jou drome vir satisfaksie om hierdie menslike teleurstelling te beëindig. My bors trek toe … Dit is weer daai tyd. Die tyd wat onskuldige mense hulle lewe opoffer vir ander mense se probleme. Ek gryp na my masker, maar dit is klaar te laat. My lewe is vernietig, ek gee nie meer om nie. Ek is lam en gedreineer. Dit is tyd om dood in die oë te kyk, my longe is vol gif. Dit voel asof hulle wil bars. Die pyn is net te veel, maar dit is my inspirasie, my inspirasie om my waardelose lewe te beëindig. As ek maar net nie so onkundig was nie. As ek maar net nee gesê het. Jean Hamann 12E

Anton Pieters Grade 8 62

David Wittleson Grade 8

Vasgevang deur omstandighede Tyd is iets wat ek nie kan verduur nie. Dit is iets wat my teenwoordigheid verteer. Ek haat dit, dit plaas my in omstandighede en ek dink terug … Ek is 'n monster en 'n bosemag wat teen mensdom draai. Ek is vasgevang deur omstandighede. Die suiderkruis se lig penetreer my siel en weerkaats 'n bose revolusie wat my versmoor. Ek is 'n feilbare persoon met gebroke beginsels en 'n gebuigde gees. Hoekom is ek wat ek is? Wat laat my streef om so te wees? Hoekom het ek geen emosie nie? Ek is nie tevrede met matigheid nie en dit lei tot my ondergang. Ek word beïnvloed deur bose magte en het geen sê oor my aksies nie. Daardie aand is 'n rolprent in my harsings wat oor en oor gespeel word. Dit herinner my aan my onmenslike aksies. Maar steeds is daar geen weerstand van my kant af nie. Ek word beheer deur die omstandighede waarin ek vasgevang is. Ek maak omstrede beslissings en dit gaan my vir die res van my lewe affekteer. Dit is 'n aand waar my negatiewe passie oorneem en dit besoedel my lewe. Ek word beïnvloed deur groepsdruk en dwelms. Dit maak my 'n koue persoon met onmenslike gedagtes. Ek lewe 'n lewe vol selfverwyt. Ek kom geen verwagtinge na nie, maar vernietig eerder iemand anders se lewe. Hoekom doen ek dit? Wat dryf my om mense te vermoor en te verkrag? Is dit my agtergrond? Is dit die samelewing wat my gedagtes besoedel het? Ek haat my lewe! Ek haat myself! Ek word beïnvloed deur groepsdruk. Ek word beïnvloed deur drank en dwelms. Ek word beïnvloed deur … Jean Hamann 12E 63

Illusie van Veiligheid Geagte Dagboek 13/02/1980 Vandag het ek sielskos nodig. My siel smag om my omstandighede met iemand te deel. Ek wil beter verstaan wat die oorsaak van my haat is. Vandag is ek skuldig bevind aan manslag … Vir die laaste paar jaar het ek onder skuilname gelewe. Ek is leeg en het geen bewyse dat ek lewe nie. Daardie aand het 'n deel van my uitgekom wat ek nie ken nie. My hande was vol bloed … Ek het geen rigting nie, ek sukkel om myself te wees. Ek is egosentries en ek is 'n spekskieter. Hulle het my kwalik geneem en onder huisarres geplaas. Ek het die persoon geword wat kinders nagmerries gee. Ek kan nie met myself lewe nie. Dit is tyd dat ek my lewe tot 'n einde bring. Ek skuld dit aan die samelewing. Ek is skuldig bevind en is leeg … Die loop is koud teen my kop. Ek is angsbevange en sweetdruppels loop teen my kop af. Dit is nou of … Jean Hamann 12E

Hou op kla oor Suid-Afrika, duime op! "Nooit, nooit en nooit ooit weer sal dit gebeur dat een man onderdruk word deur 'n ander man in hierdie pragitge land, Suid-Afrika nie." Die woorde van 'n naamlose persoon, geskryf op die agterkant van 'n openbare badkamer se deur. Suid-Afrika is 'n land met baie potensiaal. ‘n Land wat ‘n goeie bydrae kan bied in alle aspekte van die lewe. Die mense in Suid-Afrika is altyd daar om mekaar te ondersteun, sonder om na velkleur te kyk. Maar, hoekom staan Suid-Afrika uit? Die antwoord is maklik, ons kultuur. In ons land het ons elf offisiële tale! Dit is wat ons land so kleurvol maak. Wat ook belangrik is, is dat die verskillende kulture mekaar aanvaar en respekteer. Suid-Afrika is ook 'n asemrowende land. Van uitgestrekte groen velde en berge tot die stilte van die Karoo, met verskillende wilde diere. Suid-Afrika het ontelbare toeristeaantreklikhede, van Tafelberg tot die stadslewe van Johannesburg. Suid-Afrika se kus met sy onbestendige see en branders, is seker genoeg om enige iemand stom te laat staan. 64

Die enigste probleem is dat mense van ander lande na Suid-Afrika kyk met onkundige oë. Die wêreldleiers gee nie vir Suid-Afrika die krediet wat ons verdien nie. Hulle sit stereotipiese perke op ons pragtige land, wat ons amper verbied om te ontwikkel en miskien eendag ook 'n wêreldleier te wees. Dit is waar ons land en volk saamstaan. Ten spyte van stereoptipiese aanmerkings oor ons land (meeste Amerikaners dink ons land is net 'n bos met leeus wat vry rond hardloop), staan ons vir dit waarin ons glo op, en ons ontwikkel. Die passie wat Suid-Afrikaners vir hulle land het, is uiters ongelooflik. Ek glo solank SuidAfrika, ons kulture en ons moedertale in ons harte bly, so seker as die kranse wat antwoord gee, sal ons pragtige land 'n wêreldleier word. Barry Cilliers 12F

Dagboekinskrywing Liewe Dagboek Ek is 'n mislukking. Dit maak nie saak hoe hard ek oefen nie, ek kom altyd tweede. Is daar 'n punt om te lewe as ek 'n lewe lei waar ek nie kan wen nie? Dit is nie net die honderd meter nie. Dit is hy. Hy is altyd beter as ek. Hy weet ek is smoorverlief op haar! HY WEET! Sy is die son in my heelal, die lig aan die einde van my tonnel. Ma roep my, dit is etenstyd, "Ek is besig!" Verskoon haar, sy is ongeskik. Daar is net een ding wat ek kan doen. Ek moet my laaste tot siens sê aan hierdie dreinerende swart gat wat julle 'n wêreld noem, en HY, hy kom saam met my. Ek dink pa se geweer is nog gelaai. Tot siens wrede wêreld … Barry Cilliers 12F

Mark Pinheiro Grade 8 65

Wens jy was hier Hemelstraat 777 Die Aarde 0001 28 Februarie 2006 Liewe Pa Van die dag wat jy ons verlaat het, het ek elke aand op my bed gelê en God gevra hoekom dit gebeur het. Die tyd het dae, weke, maande en toe skielik 'n dekade geword. Elke dag het jou reuk minder en minder geword. Die geluid van jou stem in my kop het verdwyn en nou het ek net die ou foto’s wat in 'n boks lê waarvandaan ek jou kan herken. Ek het altyd gesê dat ek jou nooit sal vergeet nie, maar die lewe gaan aan en ons beleef elke dag nuwe dinge. Soos die lewe aangaan, so vervaag jou beeld. Ek het van 'n klein seuntjie tot 'n goeie man gegroei. Ek het my akademiese das gekry en ek kan die ding wat jy my so graag wou leer, naamlik om ‘n kar te bestuur, uiteindelik doen. Ek het alles geword wat jy wou hê, maar sonder jou, is alles onbelangrik. Ek wens jy was hier! Liefde Jou Seun Jonathan Jonathan Stewart 12E

Michael Cohen Grade 12 66

Ross Cohen Grade 12

Hou op kla oor Suid-Afrika …… Duime op! Dis Suid-Afrika, en dit is joune en myne. Dit is 'n pragtige land met ‘n volksregering en vryheid vir almal. Maar, daar is baie mense wat nie trots op Suid-Afrika is nie. Hierdie mense emigreer uit Suid-Afrika na lande soos Brittanje en Australië. Sommige mense moet dit vir werk doen, en hulle kan meer geld maak. Hierdie mense kan as avontuurlik gesien word. Ek dink hulle is baie dapper om 'n nuwe lewe te begin. Maar, daar is ook baie geleenthede in ons land, Suid-Afrika. 'n Mens wat emigreer, word gesien as 'n verraaier. Ek sal nie emigreer nie. Dit is nie baie beter in ander lande nie. 'n Mens wat emigreer, is 'n lafaard. Hierdie mense is altyd pessimisties oor Suid-Afrika en het geen liefde vir hierdie land nie. Ek moet sê dat dit jou besluit is om te emigreer, of nie. Maar, maak seker jy sal gelukkig wees. Dit is nie beter aan die ander kant nie. Vir my, is Suid-Afrika die beste. Ons moet kyk na al die goeie dinge in Suid-Afrika. Ons het een van die pragtigste lande in die wêreld. Ons het die vriendelikste mense in ons land, en die beste weer. Ons hou baie van sport, en ons kan baie trots op die Proteas en Springbokke wees. Suid-Afrikaners, hou op kla oor Suid-Afrika. Ons bly in die beste, vriendelikste land in die wêreld, en ek is baie lief vir Suid-Afrika. Duime op, mense! Robert Peché – 12E 67

Passie lei tot sukses Die treë na sukses is nie maklik nie. Jy moet baie hard werk, dit is altyd swaar en niks sal jou help nie. Maar jy kan dit doen. Jy moet dit net een tree per slag gee. En jy moet iets baie belangrik hê … Passie. Daar is iets wat meer as net die fisiese sy. Iets wat werklikheid en drome skei. Passie is die dryfveer van 'n mens, dit bestuur ons lewe. Daarsonder is ons net 'n leë dop. Ons leef nie die lewe nie, maar ons volg net die vervelige alledaagse roetine van ons geboorte af tot met ons dood. Maar die lewe gaan oor iets meer, dit bevat ook 'n geestelike komponent. Ons het drome. En ons volg dit met geesdrif. Wat is jou drome? En, wat sal jy doen om dit te bereik of te bewaarheid? Die enigste plek waar jy sukses voor werk kan vind, is in die woordeboek. Jy moet baie hard werk om suksesvol te wees. Wat jy saai, sal jy maai. Passie vat jou goed uitgewerkte redenasies weg en neem jou na 'n wêreld van geen beperkinge nie. Dit gee ons 'n gesindheid om nooit die woordjie nooit te gebruik nie. Dit moedig ons aan om grense te verskuif. En om altyd beter te wees. Ons streef daarna om groot en beroemd te wees. Wil jy beroemd wees? Wil jy 'n betekenisvolle erfenis agterlaat? Passie is die engiste ding, wat jou 'n individu kan maak. Die enigste ding wat niemand ooit van jou kan wegvat nie. Jou emosies. Jou ontroering. Dit is die skat van jou lewe. Jou tyd begin nou. Moet dit nie mors nie. Sukses se deur is nie gesluit nie. Al wat jy moet doen, is om die deur oop te maak. Het jy die moed om jou drome na te jaag? Michael Pappas 12E 68

Die belangrikste oomblik in my lewe Een van die belangrikste oomblikke in my lewe was die dag toe ek vir die eerste keer vir my skool se eerste hokkiespan gespeel het. Dit was in Maart 2005 tydens die Paasnaweek se hokkie-en rugby fees wat jaarliks by my skool plaasvind. Die wedstryd was teen Rondebosch Hoërskool vir Seuns, ons het die wedstryd vyf-drie gewen. Dit is altyd 'n groot eer om vir jou skool se eerste span gekies te word. Na die aanvanklike opgewondenheid, het my senuwees begin pla soos die spanning voor die wedstryd opgebou het. Ek was in graad elf op daardie stadium en was gelukkig om spanmaats te hê wat in graad 12 en baie ervare was. Behalwe vir die feit dat hulle my laat welkom voel het in die span, het hulle my op die veld ook moed ingepraat. Voordat die wedstryd begin het, het ons nie veel van ons opponente geweet nie. Ons was egter vasbeslote om ons eerste wedstryd van die fees te wen. Ons het geweet dat as ons tot ons volle potensiaal speel ons 'n goeie kans sou staan om die wedstryd te wen. Taamlik vroeg in die wedstryd, het ons die eerste doel geskiet nadat ons 'n kort hoek in die opponente se area afgedwing het. Rondebosh het kort daarna die gelykmakende doel aangeteken en tot my onsteltenis 'n verdere doel aangeteken binne minute na die eerste een. Ek was baie bekommerd dat twee doele in so 'n kort tyd by my verbygekom het en was vasbeslote om te sorg dat hulle nie nog doele sal aanteken nie. Voordat die fluitjie vir halftyd geblaas het, het ons nog twee doele aangeteken en het ek die verskeie pogings wat hulle aangewend het om ‘n doel te kry, gekeer. Die halftydtelling was drie-twee in ons guns. Die tweede helfte het goed vir ons begin en ons was gou vier-twee voor. Rondebosch het teruggeveg en nog 'n doel aangeteken voordat ons die finale doel van die wedstryd geskiet het om die wedstryd met vyf-drie te wen. Ek sal my eerste wedstryd vir die King Edward VII Skool se eerste hokkiespan nooit vergeet nie. Matthew Müller 12G

Cairan Haynes Grade 11 69

Die dood loop weer Ek haal lank, stadig asem. Iemand praat langs my, maar ek sien net sy lippe wat beweeg. Die bulderende geluid van die bomme was al wat ek kon hoor. "Een, twee, drie…….hardloop manne!" Ons spring oor die bult en storm vorentoe op onvaste bene. Ver, voor in die afstand, skreeu die masjiengeweer en mense val langs my soos vlieë neer. Maar ek hardloop aan, kan nie teruggaan nie. Skielik word alles stadig en doodstil. Ek hoor net die geluid van my hart wat klop. Ek val vorentoe en my kop slaan in die modder vas. Ek proe die suur smaak van bloed in my mond. 'n Man langs my kyk my in die oog, maar hy beweeg glad nie, terwyl die koeëls die heeltyd oor my kop vlieg. Mense skreeu, maar die koeëls het geen simpatie nie en ruk deur hulle borste. Die aarde suig hulle in.

Mlungisi Mkhizi Grade 10

Ek probeer opstaan, maar my bene wil nie beweeg nie. Dit word koud en alles is weer stil. Niks beweeg nie. Die donker vat my. 'n Paar dae later word ek in die spierwit kamer van 'n hospitaal wakker. Aan die begin het ek gedink dat ek in hemel was en dat die pragtige persoon hier voor my, 'n Engel was. Meeste van my vriende is dood. Ek is gelukkig. Ek word oor 'n week uit die hospitaal ontslaan en gaan sit buite op die trappe. Iets ruik verskriklik en ek draai om. Langs my sit 'n persoon in weermagklere. Waar sy arm moet wees, is daar niks nie en bloed loop uit die gat oor die vloer. Dis John, my beste vriend wat getref is deur 'n bom. Verward spring ek op en hardloop. Ek sien nog 'n persoon. Dis Malcolm. Ek dink hy lewe nog. Ek probeeer hom vertel, maar hy hoor my nie! Ek hoor weer die geraas van die bomme. Ek skreeu en hardloop, ek moet net wegkom. Die trok tref my hard en die donker vat my weer. Nuan van der Neut 12E


Findhornstraat 69 Raceview 1994 28 Februarie 2006 Beste Snoekie Genoeg is genoeg! Hou nou dadelik op! Ek het te veel gehad en nou moet jy wakker word! Jy is oud genoeg om met jou probleme te baklei sonder die simpatie van dwelms. Jy het vir my gesê dat dit net was om jouself reg te ruk! Die lewe is te veel vir jou met die dood van jou ma, maar dit het handuit geruk en nou is jy ‘n vieslike verslaafde. Ek vra jou nou mooi, gaan soek hulp by 'n kliniek. Praat met jou onderwyses, hulle kan jou daarnatoe stuur. Ek vrees vir jou lewe, jy mors dit op. Alles op! Stop nou, as dit nie vir my is nie, dan vir jouself, asseblief? Jy's beter en groter as jou probleme en met God en maats kan jy enige-iets deurwerk. Liefde Raymond Raymond Beckley 12E

Liewe dagboekie Dis verskriklik! Vandag het ek besef dat dit die laaste eerste termyn van my lewe sal wees! Omdat ek in Matriek is, beteken dit dat ek nooit weer op skool en vry sal wees nie. Dit sal my laaste keer wees dat ek 'n uniform, 'n skooluniform sal dra. Ek is bang om in die 'groot lelike" wêreld te gaan want ek is net 'n klein goudvissie in 'n groot see met haaie en walvisse wat almal groter as ek is! Ek voel asof ek myself in iets begewe het wat groter as ekself is, maar ek het hoop, hoop dat ek suksesvol sal wees in my stryd teen die lewe. Ek sal nie opgee nie! Alles sal uitwerk, ek het nie 'n keuse nie, ek moet wen, ek kan en sal definitief wen! Kom lewe, ek daag jou uit, jy sal my nie neerslaan nie, ek is sterker as jy! Ek is Raymond Beckley en ek sal die lewe oorwin, ek gaan iets van my lewe maak. Raymond Beckley 12E 71

Kaapse klopse Die Kaapse Klopse is 'n fees wat elke jaar in die Kaap herdenk word. Dit is 'n dag waar al die Kaapse mense in die strate 'n optog hou. Van die 31ste Desember 1834 het die mense van die Kaap elke jaar die einde van Desember in die strate 'n optog gehou en vuurwerke gebruik. Die musiek is 'n mengsel van Maleier en Hollands met 'n bietjie nuwe liedjies om dit modern te maak. Daardie tyd het die Karnaval elke jaar op die ingewing van die oomblik plaasgevind, maar in 1907 is dit gereĂŤl en georganiseerde groepe het deur die strate van die dorp geloop en almal het saam met die troepe gesing en dans. Dit is die enigste Karnaval waar sangers, akteurs en musiekgroepe saamkom en die Kaapse Klopse volg. Daar is mense van baie ander orkeste wat na ons land toe kom net om die karnaval te Solly Mola Grade 11 geniet. Baie mense noem dit die optog van kleur. Die klere wat hulle dra is so helder en gekleurd. Hulle loop met klein helder sambreeltjies en hulle gooi dit op en vang dit weer. Daar is duisende kinders wat agter die groepe aanhardloop en dit is een dag waar almal bly is. Deesdae is dit nie net 'n optog nie, maar dit is kompetisie vir baie groepe. Hulle doen hulle beste om die mooiste en pragtigste te lyk, want na die optog wen die beste groepe pryse. Hulle kom op televisie en almal hou daarvan om dit te sien. As jy wil sing en dans gedurende jou vakansie, moet jy 'n Desember Kaap toe gaan want elke Jan, Rap en sy Maat is daar of wil daar wees. Zaahid Lambat 10B

My gunsteling "band" Eendag toe ek saam met my ma na die winkel gegaan het, het ek die skok van my lewe gekry toe ek die brief buitekant die winkel gesien het. My gunsteling "band" kom na Suid-Afrika toe. Ek het my ma geruk na die brief toe en haar van die "coolste band" in Suid-Afrika vertel. Sy was haastig en wou gou-gou die inkopies klaarmaak en by die huis kom. Dis 72

toe ek my ma die groot vraag gevra het: "Kan ek asseblief na die 'System of a Down' se konsert gaan?" Sy het my vertel van hoe sy twee werke moet hanteer om kos te koop en gesê dat sy nie wou hê dat ek geld mors om 'n groep van die buiteland te gaan sien nie. Die volgende aand het sy met Pappa gepraat en hulle het gesê: "As jy elke dag na skool vir drie maande werk, sal jy die geld kry." Ek was so bly dat ek begin het om ons borde na die kombuis toe te vat en hulle te was, jy moes Ma se gesig gesien toe ek tien minute daarna al die borde klaar gewas het. Dit was die beste dag van my lewe op daardie koue aand drie maande later die aand van die konsert. Daar moes so drie duisend mense daar gewees het en jy kon die plesier op almal se gesigte sien. Hulle het begin sing en almal het mal geword, jy kon die sweet ruik en almal het dit geniet. Dit was 'n aand wat ek nooit sal vergeet nie. Nicholas Down 10B

Die ewige twis Jy kan om die hoek kyk, op skool, oral waar jy kyk, is daar ‘n twis. Hoekom is dit so? Is dit omdat mense nie die vrede kan bewaar nie? Is dit waarom baie mense kwaad is? Of is dit net iets om te doen? Dit lyk asof die wêreld oorlog voer. Vat die oorlog in Irak byvoorbeeld. Dink George W Bush rêrig aan massavernietiging of is dit sy suiwer lus vir die olie. Dit is soos die "land of the free" (alhoewel ons vry is) ons hande jeuk vir dinge soos oorlog en gevegte tussen mense. Op die gronde van King Edward VII School is daar ten minste een geveg 'n maand. Daar kan somtyds 'n bietjie oormatigheid wees. Hoekom is daar altyd 'n geveg of bakleiery? Kyk maar na die gewone nuusberigte. Ons eks-adjunkpresident Jacob Zuma. Hy is duidelik skuldig aan sy misdade en sy ondersteuners hou aan om te twis. Hulle het sonde gepleeg deur plakkate te verbrand, voëlvangers is aangeval en hulle het selfs 'n motor gekaap. Hulle is

Ian Musa Grade 10 73

kompleet duiwels! Jy kan nou aan jou ondersteuners geken word. Jy kan in huise gaan. Kinders twis, ouers twis, buurmanne twis. Die lys gaan aan en aan. In lande, bure, om die hoek, stegies, strate, verkeer, kleigronde, kantore en familie … almal twis. Waar jy ookal kyk, is daar altyd iemand wat ongelukkig is. Sal iemand in die wêreld die moed hê om op te staan en uit te skree dat ons moet stop? Matthew Davis 10G

Bestaan gelukkige gesinne nog? 'n Honderd jaar gelede was die pa die hoof Kagiso Nthodi Grade 11 van die gesin, die ma het by die huis gebly en die kinders het net skool toe gegaan en om die huis gehelp. Is 'n gesin met geen vryheid of eie opinie 'n gelukkige een? Ek dink nie dat daar ooit in die wêreld 'n gesin was of is wat een honderd persent gelukkig is nie. Deesdae is daar meer vryheid en die hele gesin het 'n sê oor wat aangaan. Die pa is nie meer net die broodwinner nie, hy kan ook met die huiswerk help. Die ma kan nou ook 'n goeie beroep hê om na die gesin te kyk. Die gelykheid in 'n gesin kan dit 'n baie gelukkiger plek maak omdat almal op dieselfde vlak is en geen ouer die gesin meer beheer as 'n andereen nie. Baie mense sal sê dat die kinders van vandag geen respek vir hul ouers of ander volwassenes het nie, ek dink nie so nie. In die ou dae moes kinders gesien word en nie gehoor word nie. Dis nie regverdig nie omdat kinders ook opinies het en dis nie gesond vir die ontwikkeling van jou verstand om in die toekoms jou eie keuses oor die lewe te maak nie. Ek dink dat kinders in vandag se lewe meer selfstandiger en kreatiewer is omdat hulle verbeelding nie meer beperk word nie. Omdat kinders ook regte het, help dit ons om vry te leef en beter groot te word. So, as jy vir my vra of gelukkige gesinne nog bestaan sal ek definitief ja sê, seker meer as wat daar in die verlede bestaan het. Matthew Cronje 11C 74

Maai wat jy saai Harde werk. Dis twee woorde wat nie in baie mense se woordeskat is nie. Daar is soveel mense in vandag se wêreld wat nie bereid is om hulle hande 'n bietjie vuil te maak nie. Wat het geword van die ou dae toe mense geglo het dat harde werk vrugte werp?

Bongani Ndaba Grade 11

In vandag se lewe is mense se slagspreuk eerder: "Dis nie wat jy weet nie, dis wie jy ken!" Maar dis mos nie reg nie! Daar is so baie mense wat hulle hele lewe lank hard leer en hard werk, maar hulle voel of hulle nêrens kom nie omdat daar een of ander ryk seuntjie is wat nooit eers 'n vak in sy lewe deurgekom het nie, wat jou posisie in die maatskappy kry. Net omdat sy pa, die baas al van kleins af ken. Maar al daardie mense sal een of ander tyd besef dat hulle meer afgebyt het as wat hulle kon hanteer en vir die mense wat hard geleer het om hulp vra.

Dink aan skool, as jy nie hard leer nie, sal jy druip, as jy nie jou vriende, die onderwysers of jouself respekteer nie, sal jy nooit 'n posisie van leierskap bereik nie. In 'n dissipline soos sport, moet jy hard werk om in die span te bly, ja miskien ken jy iemand en hy het jou gehelp om in die span te kom, maar as jy daar is, moet jy hard werk om jou bekwaamhede te ontwikkel en om fiks en sterk genoeg te word om op daardie vlak te kompeteer. So vir sommige mense is dit maklik om die span te maak, maar vir almal is dit moeilik om daar te bly. Hierdie is die lewe waarin ons leef, dis onregverdig, maar ons moet dit net aanvaar. Die beste ding om te doen, is om almal te behandel soos jy wil hê hulle jou moet behandel. Aan die einde sal al daardie harde werk definitief op een of ander manier betaal. Matthew Cronje 11C

Negatiewe aspekte van moderne tegnologie Moderne tegnologie het 'n noodsaaklike euwel geword. Die tyd vir sukkel is vir altyd verby. Alles gebeur in 'n oogwink. Daar is skaars tyd om 'n SMS-boodskyp of 'n e-pos boodskap te lees voordat die volgende een arriveer. Mense skryf nie meer lekker lang briewe nie. Die hedendaagse tegnologie bespaar tyd, maar maak staat op masjinerie en tegnologie vir die eenvoudigste take. Dit maak ons lui om te dink en kreatief te wees. 75

Moderne tegnologie verander so vinnig, masjinerie word baie gou oud. Moderne tegnologie het een van die grootste bronne van afval geword. Mense kry die beste en nuutste. Daar is nie 'n behoorlike plan om van ouer tegnologie op 'n verantwoordelike wyse ontslae te raak nie omdat die aarde nie kan voorbly nie. Die plastiese en sintetiese afval van moderne tegnologie kan nie afgebreek word op 'n natuurlike manier nie. Mense het te veel klem op moderne tegnologie geplaas. Mense spandeer baie van hulle tyd om die beste tegnologie te bekom, ons spandeer baie tyd om dit wat ons het in werkende toestand te hou. Die grootste invloed op kinders is dat hulle nie langer speletjies speel wat verbeelding en kreatiwiteit benodig nie. Daar word te veel tyd voor rekenaars en televisies spandeer en daar is te baie min tyd vir kinders om net kinders te wees. Interaksie tussen mense word afgeskeep. Darryn Müller 10B

Die kyk wat begeer Wie kan hom sulke skoonheid voorstel? My tuin het baie pragtige en inspirerende dinge. As die son opkom, is daar baie kleure in die lug. Die dou skyn in die môrelig. Daar is baie blomme in my tuin. Dit lyk soos die fynbos in die Karoo. Die blomme het verskillende kombinasies van kleure soos geel en wit en ander kleure. Die blomblare kom in baie vorms en groottes. Daar is 'n klein watervalletjie wat deur my tuin vloei. Voëls van verskillende kleure en vere kom kuier, daagliks in my tuin. My tuin is geskik vir meeste van die voëls en ek het klein eekhorinkies in my bome. Groot voëls, klein voëls, rooi voëls, grys voëls en 'n voëlsang fees wat die lug lekker vol maak. In die somer is die gras groen, die berge lyk net soos 'n skone kunsprentjie en roep die roofvoëls om fees te kom hou. Aan die onderpunt van die tuin sien 'n mens 'n klein dammetjie. Die kleure van

Michael Cohen Grade 12 76

die plante, die insekte, die natuurlike musiek en die visse in die water, maak 'n mens se hart vol. Die natuurlike stilte is van goue waarde. Die inheemse plantegroei laat die plek soos 'n paradys lyk. Die rotse en blare wat rondsweef, die bome en plante, die voëls en die visse, die dam en die berg voltooi die prentjie. Daar is kleure van die reënboog in die lug, dit lyk soos 'n stukkie hemel. My tuin lyk soos 'n Michaelangelo skildery. Jaishil Manga 10G

Die kyk wat begeer Die wêreld waarin ons bly, is vol pragtige dinge wat net wag vir ons om hulle te sien. As jy na die Noordpool toe gaan, sien jy eers die spierwit sneeu, maar as jy bo die sneeuberge kyk dan sien jy die ware oorsaak van al die aandag wat die Noordpool kry – die Aurora Borealis. Ander mense noem dit die Noordelike Ligte, alhoewel die skoonheid nie in die naam is nie, is dit die uitsig wat alles verraai. Duisende kleure skyn in die hemel soos juwele in die nag. Dit is sekerlik 'n natuurlike wonder. Eendag moet ‘n mens op die strand gaan loop om ons nasionale skoonhede te gaan sien. Die raaksien van mooi, mooi meisies wat die aandag van elke Jan Rap en sy maat trek met 'n swaai van hul heupe. Hierdie godinne het die mag om mense Jed Aylmer Grade 11 in hul voetspore tot stilstand te bring met net 'n fladder van hul wimpers. En die beste? Sjoe! Dis 'n ander ding. Mense kan net tuur na die wonderbaarlike balle wat soos koeëlronde spanspekke lyk. Om dit te voel, is soos om sagte vrugte te proe. Saterdagoggend is 'n tyd van baie opgewondenheid, want dis wanneer die King Edward VII Skool se roeispan en al die ander roeispanne in Gauteng kom roei op Roodeplaatdam. Om die roeispanne te sien as hulle in die water begewe en weer uitkom, is ‘n gesig wat niemand moet misloop nie. Daar is iets anders wat ons aandag verg. Die skoonheid van 'n baba se eerste glimlag. ‘n Baba is nog altyd oulik, maar nie soveel as wanneer hy sy lippe trek in 'n klein, gelukkige glimlaggie wat die hele kamer verhelder nie. En wie kan die trotse glimlag op sy ouers se gesigte vergeet as hy sy eerste woord sê. Dis 'n spesiale oomblik vir almal wat 'n hart het. Kwadwo Owusu 10G 77

'n Dag in die lewe van 'n King Edward seun 'n Dag in die lewe van 'n King Edward seun is soos die Suid-Afrikaanse Rugby. Ons het ons goeie dae en ons het ook ons moedelose dae. Ek hou baie daarvan as ons 'n lekker dag by my skool het! Dit is 'n lekker dag meeste van die tyd hier. As ons akademie so goed soos ons sport was, sou ons die beste skool in Afrika gewees het. Daar is een probleem, elke liewe dag in hierdie skool is al waaraan ek dink, net meisies! Dit is juis my probleem want al wat ek elke dag sien, is net seuns. Ek is darem baie dankbaar dat ek elke dag kan sê dat ek na een van die beste skole in Suid-Afrika gaan en ook dat ek nog nooit sulke vriendskappe in my lewe gehad het nie. Ek waardeer elke dag wat ek het.

Ciaran Haynes Grade 11

Robin Martins 9G

Die Hedendaagse gesin 'n Tipiese hedendaagse gesin bestaan uit ma, pa, twee tieners. Daar is die gesin waar beide ouers werk, skoolgaande kinders hul eie ding doen soos byvoorbeeld skool bywoon of nie, kattekwaad aanvang na skool, of kleiner kinders na naskoolsorg toe gaan tot hul ouers hul oplaai. Hoe jy ookal na die gesin kyk, baie kinders word aan hulle eie lot oorgelaat. Na werk, is die ouers te moeg om na die kinders om te sien. Ma wil haar sepies kyk, pa wil net ‘n bietjie ontspan, koerant lees of werk selfs laat, met die gevolg dat daar nie 'n ordentlike pot kos voorgesit word nie, sommer 'n toebroodjie of iets van die kafee en ons ken mos die gesegde wat sê: "'n Honger man is 'n bedonderde man." Daar is ook die gesin waar daar net een ouer werk en die ander hou dan toesig oor die huishouding. Die bejaardes en kleintjies het baie aandag nodig, soos byvoorbeeld besoeke aan die dokter, tandarts ensovoorts. Gedurende naweke, moet almal onthaal of vermaak word. Goed en wel vir die wat dit kan bekostig, maar wat van die minder bevoorregtes. Dit is dan hier waar die verveeldheid tot inbrake lei, diefstal, dwelms, leeglê en ander onplesierighede. 78

Daar is geen lewensgehalte nie. Die een ouer blameer die ander vir onverantwoordelikheid, daar is geen respek onder mekaar nie ‌ en dit gebeur nie net in die gesin nie, maar is alledaags in die samelewing. Yusuf Fredericks 11F

Die donkerste nag in my lewe Dit was die tweede Junie, 'n week voor my pa se vyftigste verjaarsdag. Ons wou vir hom 'n groot verrassing gee. Maar dit het nooit gebeur nie. Die nag wat ek nooit sal vergeet nie. Dit was omtrent tien uur in die aand. Pa het tot laat gewerk. Ek het pa buite met iemand hoor gesels. Ma het die deur oopgemaak om te gaan kyk. Maar wat het sy gesien? Vier mans wat rewolwers teen my pa se kop gehou het. Sy het histeries geword en om hulp geskree. Toe ek Jarred Kruger Grade 12 uitgegaan het, het die een my gevang. Hy het my so hard geslaan en my gewaarsku dat ek net moet probeer om hulp te kry of skree dan sal hulle my pa doodskiet. Ma het al hoe histerieser geword toe sy gesien het hoe hulle my pa geskop en slaan het. Die bloed het oor hom geloop. Sy het by hulle gepleit dat hulle die kar en enige iets wat hulle wou hĂŞ, kon neem, maar my pa moes vrylaat. Maar die mense was wild. Twee van hulle het na my ma toe gegaan en haar aan 'n boom vasgebind en gewaarsku om stil te bly. Een van hulle het pa na die kar toe geneem. Ek het stilletjies na my ma toe geloop om haar los te maak. Maar hulle was te vinnig vir my. Hy het my gevang en my saam met hom geneem en my vertel dat hy my gewaarsku het om niks snaaks te doen nie. Hy het sy rewolwer uitgehaal en net toe hy haar wou skiet, het pa sy rewolwer uitgehaal en begin skiet. In die oorlog het hulle my pa doodgeskiet en met sy kar weggery. Die nagmerrie sal nooit verdwyn nie. Dit is nou amper 'n jaar. Ma kry so baie hulp vir my. Maar ek bid tot God dat hy hulle eendag sal laat boet vir wat hulle gedoen het. Mubeen Mohamed 10G 79

My deurmekaar ouma! Sy kerm elke dag maar vernaamlik in die nag sy het nie spiere en geen maniere haar hare is grys en sy is altyd in die kombuis sy loop soos 'n skilpad en sy hou niks daarvan om te bad sy hou van tee en swem nie in die see dit is my deurmekaar ouma. Matthew Smith 8A

Jed Aylmer Grade 11 80

Kamohel Morgan Grade 11 81

Zulu Creative Writing00 Editor’s Prize: P Thahane Proxime Accessit: S Majola

Abesimame Bayazicelela Ukudlwengulwa Safa saphela isizwe esinsundu sibulawa ngabaholi nababusi baso. Silwane sini esabona intombazanyana yeminyaka eyishumi nanhlanu, ingane uqobo esanuka ubisi, sayibuka njengomama osekhulile? Sishimane sini esahluleka ukushela sabona kungcono ukuthi sizithathele into eligugu singayicelanga? Ukuthi abesimame bayazicelela ukudlwengulwa umbhedo nje osobala. Angikhathali ukuthi ubani uthini , asikho nje isizathu esingafakazela ukuthi abesimame bayazicelela ukuzwiswa ubuhlungu obungaka. Ayikho indoda eyazicelela ukugwazwa ngomkhonto obuthuntu ngisho nasempini. Kanjalo-ke akekho owesifazane ongacela ukuphucwa ubuntombi bakhe ngendlela ezwisa ubuhlungu njengokudlwengulwa. Abezifundo zobudokotela nochwepheshe bezodlwengulo bathi udlwengulo luyindlela yokucindezela abesimame. Lezi zilwane ezizibiza amadoda, ziziphathisa okwamabhubesi afuna ukucacisa ubukhulu namandla awo. Indoda edlwengulayo akusiyona indoda futhi yenza lokho ngenhloso yokuzikhumbuza ubukhulu bayo, ngakho-ke ukudlwengulwa kwabesimame akuhlangene neze nokuthi bayazicelela ngandlela thize ukuzwiswa ubuhlungu. Yizilima, ezinemiqondo emincane ezithi, “Cha bayazicelela ukudlwengulwa ngoba balinga abesilisa ngendlela abagqoka ngayo�. Umbhedo nje lowo ngoba izwe esiphila kulo lisinika sonke amalungelo okwenza njengoba sithanda ikakhulukazi mayelana nemizimba yethu. Ngalokho-ke abesimame banelungelo (elingamelwa enkantolo) lokugqoka izingubo abazithandayo futhi ezibajabulisayo bengenalo uvalo lokuthi ukhona owesilisa ongahle ababuke abone isimemo sokuzilahlela emzimbeni wesifazane athathe okungesikho okwakhe. Laba abahamba bekhohlisa abantu, bethi bazi amasiko angavumi ukuthi izintombi zigqoke ngendlela ezigqoka ngayo namuhla kodwa evuma ukuthi owesilisa enze intando yakhe ngom-

Cairon Mckivergan Grade 11 82

zimba womunye umuntu, ABANALO IQINISO! Alikho nje isiko elivuma ukuthi abantu mabaphathiswe okwezinto nje ezingenamizwa futhi ezingasile. Mandulo ngokwesiko lesiZulu, amantombazane , amatshitshi ayehlala evunule, eziqhenya ngobuhle bawo. Abesilisa bona babeziphatha ngothando nenhlonipho, bebuka amatshitshi enyathela kancane eziqhenya, ejabulela ukuba ngomama bakusasa. Namuhla izintombi sezihlale zizivalile ngaphezulu, noma-ke zinokugqoka izikhethi ezimfushane njengoba zithanda. Asikho isizathu sokuthi owesilisa, oyindoda uqobo azizwe elingeka uma ekubona lokho aze afune ukukhubaza lobo buhle abubonayo. Siphelile isikhathi sakudala sombuso wabesilisa kuphela. Abesimame sebekwazi ukuzicabangela; abesimame sebefundile; abesimame sebenolwazi ngamalungelo abo. Ilizwe alisaholwa ngabesilisa kuphela, abesimame, omama nezintombi sebengabaphathi bezimpilo zabo. Amadoda aziyo amalungelo awo, aziyo inhlonipho namasiko, bayakwemukela lokho futhi basebenzisana nabesifazane. Izinja ezaswela uthando, nokukhuliswa ngenhlonipho nokubaluleka komama, zikhetha ukubonisa ubudoda bazo ngokuphathisa omame ubuhlungu obumangalisayo. Abesimame abaziceleli ukudlwengulwa, bazicelela ukuhlonishwa nokuthandwa nokuphathwa ngendlela efanele. Indoda edlwengulayo akuyona INDODA! Puso Thahane 12E

Lesego Vorster Grade 12 83

Simon Hough Grade 11 84

Hhawu, ngaze ngazimosela ikusasa lami Zazisanda kuvalwa izikole, omunye wabangane bami wayenze umcimbi kubo evalelisa unyaka. Ngafica kugcwele kuthe mfi. Utshwala, amasoka kanye nezintokazi, ezinhle nokwenza. Ngathi ngifika nje ngezwa uSathani engihlebela endlebeni, ukuganga kungilinga. Ngangingazi ukuthi kulobo busuku idlozi liyongifulathela. Wawushisa lo mcimbi, ngithi ubani nongubani wasesikoleni sami wayekhona lapho. Ngisho noSindi imbala wayekhona. Isiphalaphala sentokazi esasinyibikilisa inhliziyo yami. Hhawu madoda, yayingixegisa amadolo le ntokazi, ingishaya kwamancane. Kuthe mangisabona, ngezwa inhliziyo yami igxumela entanyeni, ngase ngithola okokugeza umphimbo ukuze ngehlise izinga lokwethuka. Kwakuwubusuku obuhle, inyanga idilingene nezinkanyezi zigcwele isibhakabhaka. Kwakuwubusuku bothando. Konke kwakuhamba ngendlela, abantu bedanisa, umculo udlala kamnandi futhi utshwala bugcwele yonke indawo. Kwathi busahamba lapho ubusuku ngahlangana nomunye wabangane bami abakhulu, uSipho. “Hhawu, ndoda kanti nawe ulapha?” Waphendula wathi, “Uthi ngingasala kanjani ekhaya ngishiye umcimbi omnandi kanje? Cha-bo, musa ukuganga, woza sizothola ukuzijabulisa. Sasuka lapho esasihleli khona, ngamlandela uSipho, sasithela emuva kwendlu. Ngazimisela ukuthi ngibone ukuthi uSipho wenzani, kodwa ngisola ukuthi kukhona okushaya amanzi. Noma kunjalo, ngangisothandweni, ngizicabangela uSindi. Safika emuva kwendlu, kwelinye ihlashana, safika sama. “Kwenzenjani manje Sipho?” “Ungathuki ndoda, khululeka.” Wase ekhipha ipheshana elincane kanye nelinye elaliphuma encwadini yomfana. “Hhawu, insangu Sipho!” Angizange ngikholwe engangikubona. Ngangazi ukuth sengiqala ukuphuma endleleni, kodwa ngezwa isikhathi sivuma, ngadedela, wangingena uSathani. Kwathi emuva kwemizuzwana siqede ukubhema ngezwa ikhanda lingisinda, izinyawo nazo zazizenzela okwazo. Okwangimangazayo ukuthi ngangizizwa nginesibindi ngihamba phezu kwamafu. Ngesikhathi esifanayo ngazizwa ngimnandi noSindi ngimfuna lapha. Sathi sibuyela emcimbini ngaqonda ngqo kuSindi. Ngangishaywa uvalo kodwa kwakukhona okwakungidonsela kuye. Ewu, madoda lentokazi. Yayinhle ikhanya njengenkanyezi, umzimba wayo umuhle ugeleza njengomfula, amazinyo ayo emhlophe qhwa. Ngafika ngabulisa. “Sawubona Sindi.” Naye waphendula kamnandi.Saqhubeka saxoxa. Muhle khona angali, kodwa okwakuphuma emlonyeni kwakungumqondo wengani. Ngangiphoxekile kodwa ngangazi engangikufuna. Ngezwa kunomsindo kakhulu ngaphandle, ngase ngimcela ukuthi siyoxoxa kangcono . Kuthe lapho siqeda ukungena endlini wathatha isandla sami saqonda ekamelweni. Safika sahlala phezu kombhede, sabukana emehlweni . Ngezwa igazi lami lishisa. Sasesiqabulana, saqhubeka isikhashana, ngezwa imizwa yami ithinteka. Izinto zaqala ukushisa. Ngendlela engangidakwe ngakhona ngangingacabangi lutho.. Okunye nje angikukhumbuli. Ngavuka uSindi elele phezu kwesifuba sami sinqunu sobabili. Ewu madoda, ngangingakulindelanga-ke lokhu. Angikholwa nokuthi silisebenzisile ijazi lomkhwenyana. Ngagxuma ngokushesha ngafaka izimpahla zami ngaphela endaweni angizange ngibheke nasemuva. Ngangithukile, ngijabulile nakhona, kodwa phela ngangingazi ukuthi ngizakuvuma engasengikutshalile. 85

Michael Cohen Grade 12 Kwadlula izinyanga ezimbalwa ngiqhubeka ngempilo yami ngikukhohliwe nokukukhohlwa okwenzeka, ngisho noSindi kwadlula isikhathi ngingamboni. Kuthe lapho sisahleli ekuseni sidla ibhulakufesi nomndeni wami ngezwa kunqonqoza umuntu. Ngahamba ngayovula. Ngithe ngivula ngahlangana nobuso bukaSindi buswacile ehamba nomama ababili. “Sawubona ndodana, bakhona abadala?”. Ngakhanywa ngamathe. Umama wase eza emnyango waphuthuma washintsha uma ebabona. “Ngenani bakithi”, bangena, bahlala phansi. Uthe ubaba ebabona nje wavutha amalangabi wangibuka ngamehlo engulube. Kwakusobala nje ukuthi babezeleni laba omama. Ubaba wangibuza ngezwi elikhulu, “Sipho, kuyini lokhu?”. Ngahluleka ukuphendula. Inhlanzi yayisishelwe ngamanzi. Ngangizowukhomba umuzi onotshwala. Ewu, laze langishonela. Sifiso Mngoma 12D

Izingane Sezingumhlambi Kazalusile “We, mame! Liyephi elihle kakhulu? Inhlonipho, uthando, isiko, isintu nokuziqhenya sekwaphenduka iphupho nje”. Lawa ngamazwi abazali bethu achaza ukuthi thina ntsha sesaphenduka umhlambi kazalusile. Omame nobaba bethu abasizalayo bakhala mihla yonke le bechaza ukuthi intsha yanamuhla ayisafani nentsha yezikhathi zabo. Bathi intsha yanamuhla ayisalawulwa 86

ngabazali; ayisazifuni izifund zesiko; ubuntu; inhlonopho kanye nemvunulo abazifundayo futhi abazama ukuthi bazidlulisele kithina. Okhokho bathi mandulo intombi yayiziqhenya ngobuhle nangobuntombi bayo, ithi uma inyathela, kuthi, ntombi, ntombi‌ kucace ukuthi iyazithanda, iyazinakekela futhi izigcinile ngoba ingagijimeli kwezocansi ingakagani. Kudala intombi yayiyeka insizwa, ihambe isikhathi eside ize iphelelwe yisithende sesicathulo ishela. Kwakuthi-ke emva kwalokho bese intombi iyaqoma bese ithandwa, “ibhejelweâ€?. Ekudluleni kwesikhathi yayilotsholwa, yenziwe inkosikazi bese-ke ingena kwezocansi. Namuhla ngoba selilahliwe noma lakhohlwa isiko, izintombi nazo seziyashela uqobo, iyiqome insizwa, ezinye ziyazilobola, zithi zona ngokusho komthetho kahulumeni, zinamalungelo. Izintombi kanye nazo izinsizwa esezCillian Hennessey Grade 11 aphenduka izishimani nje nazo, sezigijimela kwezocansi ngoba azisabalaleli abazali bazo futhi azobaniki ngisho nethuba lokuthi bazichazele ukuthi umuntu kumele akhule kanjani ngokwesiko. Impucuko isisilethele okuningi okuguqula izimpilo zethu, zaba ngcono, kodwa lempucuko ize nemihlola namaphutha amaningi. Izingane sezaba namalungelo adlula awabazali, lokhu kuvimbele ukuthi abazali baziqondise izingane zabo bazifake emthethweni ngoba alisagotshwanga lisemanzi futhi selaba namalungelo lisemanzi nje. Abazali nokhokho bethu bazibona sengathi sebaphenduka umsenge osudliwa zimbuzana ezingabantwana babo. Lezi yizikhalo zabazali bethu. Bathi thina ntsha asisahloniphi ngoba sifuna ukuzenzela izinto ngendlela yethu; asisaziqhenyi ngoba singasagqoki izidwaba lapha eGoli, asigcini isiko ngoba siya kwezocansi singaganile. Konke lokhu kuyiqiniso, kodwa ingathi abazali bethu sebekhohlwa ukuthi nabo babebasha ngesikhathi esidlule. Nabo babenemibono yabo emisha engahambelani neyabazali babo. Nabo basuka emkhaya bayohlala eGoli, kwathiwa balahla isiko. Abazali bethu bakhohliwe yini ukuthi yibona ababeyintsha ngesikhathi sombuso wobandlululo lapha ezweni lethu; bakhohliwe yini ukuthi yibona ababebonisa indlela besilethela inkululeko kuleli lizwe? Sebewakhohlwa yini amazwi abokhokho bethu ababekhononda bethi izintombi zingagqoki amabhulukwe? Abazali bethu yibona ababeyintsha eyaphula imithetho eminingi, eyayingalaleli muntu; yazelusa. Nabo behluleka ukulalela izikhalo zabazali bayo. Izingane kazingumhlambi ongalusiwe-into nje ukuthi isikhathi esiphila kuso sihlala sishintsha futhi lokho angeke kwagcina. Izingane ziyohlala zinemibono yazo emisha 87

namaqhinga amasha, lokho akusho ukuthi isiko liyolahleka. Isiko liyalahleka uma abazali beyeka ukukhononda nokugcizelela ezifundweni zamasiko, uthando, ukuziphatha kanye nokuziqhenya ngokuba yibona. Puso Thahane 12E

Kaze Liyomshonela Nini? Kwakusekuseni kwesikabhadakazi, lapho yavuka indoda lena emnyama, ilishiyile igabede, iyisidlakela sendoda. Ivuke embhedeni iphonse amehlo koseduze kwayo; umuntu, intokazi enhle kuhle kwembali entwasahlobo, umama owabeletha izingane zayo, izinwele zakhe zizinde, zibomvu gebhu, ziyifanele ngoba ayimfushane nayo futhi impofu okombala lentombi. Ayibuke le ntombi ngezimbokodo zamehlo abomvu, abukhali. Kungene umqondo wokuthi kumele iyogeza izilungiselele ukuya kulesiya sigodi okuthiwa yindawo yomsebenzi. Lokhu akumkhathazi kangako ngoba kumele ondle umndeni wakhe phela. Avuke ageze umzimbakazi omnyama tsu, axubhe uthotho lwamazinyo amhlophe qwa, agobe, agqoke i-ovaloli yakhe eluhlaza okwesibhakabhaka bese ezikhandela itiye elimhlophe. Liyashisa livutha amalangabi, kodwa kumele aliphuze ngokushesha, kulungile ngoba linambitheka njengoju lwezinyosi. Athi uma eqeda aphume ngomnyango. Kumnyama phandle izinkungu ziphakeme, alikeqi izintaba ngale entshonalanga. Ishaye izinyawo le ndoda ize iyogibela ibhasikazi eliluhlaza elingathi ngamabhasan amabili abelethene. Lidume, likhafule intuthu emnyama okwamalahle lize liyomehlisa edolobheni lapho asebenza khona. Likhulu ibhilidi asebenza kulo. Ngaphandle libukeka lilihle, lakhiwe ngesitini esibubende kodwa ngaphakathi kumnyama kunephunga elisinda amakhala. Kugcwele ubulwembu ezindongeni. Usefikile unkabi emsebenzini, uselindile, ulindele izisebenzi zakhe. Kuphele imizuzwana elishumi elindile, ethi ukujeqeza ubucwebecwebe bewashi likanokusho legolide. Lithi nqo ihora lesikhombisa uma ethi nje uphonsa amehlo ngasemnyango‌ Buka wena zingena izintokazi zakwabo, zingena zihlukile ngemizimba nangemibala, zivunule ziyaconsa. Zigqoke izingubo ezimfushane zonke, ungathi zitshelene. Imilonyana ibomvu tebhu, izinwele zinde, zimnyama, zishisiwe wena owabona umsila wehhashi. Angisakhulumi-ke ngokusonyaweni, odade bafake ezinde lezi zicathulo ezicije okwepensela elibukhali. Uma zinyathela izintokazi kunyakaza ukhalo, ungafunga uthi ziyadonsa kanti ziyahamba ungathi kuzokhethwa unobuhle. Ziya emsebenzini nje. Bayafika-ke bonke, bangene babhalise amagama uma beqeda baphume ngokulandelana. Bayofuna amakhasimende uma bezihumushela. Emgwaqeni kuma ubucwazcwazi bemoto, obushayelwa ohloniphekile usomabhizinisi. Umdala, intanga yobaba balezi zintokazi. Kuyahletshwahletshwa umzuzwana , uyabona sekuvuleka isicabhasonyonyovu lolu olumbala omanzi obukeka umuncu. Phakathi intokazi, ihambile imoto‌ 88

Nya, nya, nya. Emuva kwamahora ambalwa bayabuya odade ngokushiyana, bayangena futhi esigodini, kulo leli bhilidi lomfokazi. Bayabhalisa ukuthi sebebuyile, bamnikeze imali abayisebenzile… Athathe imali leyo, akhumule ibhantshi newashi likanokusho phela umfokazi, agqoke i-ovaloli elinombala ophuphile, oluhlaza. Aphume ashone ngasezitolo. Athengele abantwana bakhe amaswidi, wena khekhe; shokolethi nobhanana, ashiye akukhohliwe nje. Ekhaya abantwana bazi ukuthi ubaba ungumeselane owakhayo nokhanda imigwaqo. Afike endlini, aqabule abantwana nomkakhe, abajabulele izipho ezilethwe ngubaba – iqhubeke impilo njengokujwayelekile. Izwe lifile! Puso Thahane 12E

Sasingekho Ebusheni Benu Bazali, Ake Nisiyeke Zaphelelaphi lezo zinsuku lapho intsha beyivikelekile ezintweni ezimbi zalomhlaba? Zashonaphi lezozingane ezathi uma zithunywa umuntu omdala, zigijime zizezidatshukelwe amabhulukwe? Waphelelaphi lowo muntu omncane owayehlonipha wonke umuntu omdala noma ngabe bekungasuye uyise noma unina omzalayo. Yashonaphi inhlonipho ezinganeni? Inkinga enkulu abazali ababhekane nayo namuhla ukuthi izingane zabo kanye nentsha yamanje ikhwela phezu kwendlu njengenja, inhlonipho into nje abangayazi. Njengoba ibhayibheli lisho ukuthi, “Hlonipha uyihlo nonyoko ukuze izinsuku zakho zande emhlabeni”, kanti nesintu sithi, “Ibusisiwe ingane ehloniphayo kuneyisayo”. Kuvele Claudio Sousa Grade 11 kubonakale ukuthi yini indaba intsha yamanje ihlale isenkingeni, ngoba isilahle inhlonipho kanye namasiko ayo, njengoba izibona seyiphucukile kunabazali bayo. Mihla nemihla sishiywa obhuti nosisi bethu ngenxa yalesisifo sengculaza. Uma uthatha ubheka, amantombazane amaningi angaphezulu kweminyaka eyishumi nesishiyagalombili asenezingane futhi uwabona edlala ngegeja kuziliwe, ngokuthi aya ocansini esasemancane. Iningi labantu abasha ulithola njalo ngempelasonto ezindaweni lapho kuthengiswa utshwala, idakwe ithi Prrr ebusuku,. Uzozwa seyithi 89

inamabhadi uma ilinyazwa. Izintombi ziyadlwengulwa ekubeni zihamba zizinikela otshwaleni. Ilizwe selilimele njengoba kunjena , kodwa intsha iyaphikelela ngokuthi , “Sasingekho ebusheni benu bazali, ake nisiyeke�. Ngokubona kwami, ayikho nje into elungela intsha yamanje. Akungcono zivele zibuyele emasisweni, sihlukane nezinto zesilungu, ngoba kuyacaca ukuthi zona akuzona ezabantu abamnyama. Kwakungcono ngezikhathi zabazali bethu ngoba bona babefundiswa inhlonipho besasebancane, umuthi ugotshwa usemanzi. Phela abazali bethu babefundiswa ukuthi umuntu omdala wayehlonishwa. Lokho kwakukuhle ngoba kwakuthi uma umfana eyohlola intombi yakhe, wayecela onyaweni , kusale amaphepha uma nje kuqhamuka umuntu omdala noma ngabe engamazi.Yayinganjengalentsha yamanje oyibona icabuzana kuwo wonke amakhona. Intsha kumele iyeke ukuba namakhanda aqinile, ike ilalele abazali ngoba nabo abafikanga kule minyaka abakuyo bengahlangananga nezinkinga intsha yanamuhla ehlangana nazo. Allen Sithebe 12G

Usizo Lwemfuyo Izinkomo zithandwa ngabantu futhi bazifuya zibe ziningi emapulazini abo. Kunemihlobo emibili yezinkomo: izinkomo zobisi nezinkomo zenyama. Izinkomo lezi zinika abantu izithako zemvelo eziningi futhi okuvela eceleni kuningi. Abantu basebenzisa izinkomo emigidini ekhethekile. Izinkomo zobisi zisiza abantu kakhulu. Zinika abantu ubisi, inyama, isikhumba namasondo. Izithako zemvelo lezi ziphenduka zibe ushizi, amasi, iyogathi njalo nje. Isikhumba siphenduka sibe zingubo ezinjengalezi: amajezi, amabhande namabhantshi. Amasondo anika abantu izinkomishi, ingcino netheketheke elitholakala ngokubilisa imisipha nezinselo zezilwane. Lezi yizinto ezivela eceleni. Abalimi basebenzisa izinkomo zobisi ukuthola umquba ukusiza izilimo zikhule kahle. Emicimbini yamasiko isebenzisa izinkomo zobisi ukulobola. Uma kunomshado sidinga izinkomo zobisi futhi zisetshenziswa njengomnikelo wamadlozi. Izinkomo zenyama zinika abantu izithako zemvelo ezinjengenyama emnandi, umnembe, isikhumba noboya bomsila. Isikhumba siphenduka sibe amagilavu nezicathulo ngoba izinkomo zenyama zinesikhumba esiqinile. Uboya bomsila buphenduka bube amabhulashi. Izinkomo zenyama zisebenziswa emigidini ekhethiwe ngoba zihlambulukile. Abalimi basebenzisa izinkomo zenyama ukulima izilomo ezinjengommbila nokudonsa izinto ezisindayo ngoba zona zinamandla. Izinkomo zobisi nezinkomo zenyama zidlala indima enkulu emazweni omhlaba wonke jikelele anjengeMelika noMzansi Afrika. Izinkomo zisiza abantu kakhulu futhi abantu ngeke baphile kahle uma izinkomo zingekho. Keenan Mayet 9C 90

Umemulo WamaKhaladi Mina ngiyikhaladi. Thina amakhaladi siba ngamadoda uma sineminyaka engamashumi amabili nanye. Amakhaladi aya esontweni bese ebuyela ekhaya edla ilantshi emnandi. Amakhaladi amema umndeni wonke nabangane bawo bonke. Uma beqeda baphuza utshwala obumnandi. Umndeni kanye nabogogo, obaba nomama basho izinkulumo bese kusho abangane, kugcine ngalo oseba yindoda. Uma beqeda lapho umndeni nabangane bakhipha izipho eziningi ezinjengemali, indlu noma imoto. Uma sesiqedile siyazibusa, siphuze sijabule sonke. Abazali balo osekhulile bayamvumela ukuthi ayohlala lapho afuna khona nokuthi aphuze utshwala. Thina amakhaladi sikubiza indoda uma wazi ukuzinakekela, uhlonipha futhi uma usebenza usiza abazali ngezinto zasendlini ezinjengokudla nezimpahla. Jarryd Sigamoney 9C

Umemulo Wesiko LaKwaZulu Leli siko lenzelwa intombazane uma isisezingeni lokuthi isingagana. Singasho sithi lenzelwa intombazane uma isineminyaka engamashumi amabili nanye, kodwa umzali ulenza uma ebonga ingane yakhe ukuthi iziphathe kahle. Omuliswayo uphiwa isipho. Lowo omuliswayo uhlala emgqonyeni ongasebenzi. Lapho ehleli khona kulengiswa icansi bese eyalwa-ke. Intombazane iyazitika ngezibiliboco nezithelo. Ebusweni igcoba ibomvu. Abantu besilissa abangeni kule ndawo. Uma uzokhulumisa le ntombi, kufanele ukhiphe imali. Ubaba wentombazane uyihlabela inkomo. Ngesikhathi kuhlatshwa kuyaculwa. Izintombi nezinsizwa azilali ngalolosuku. Kuyaculwa, kosiwe inyama ubusuku bonke.

Ronnie Motswaledi Grade 12 91

Kulengiswa insonyama eyosiwe okuzothi izintombi nezinsizwa zilokhu ziyisika kodwa uma uyisika kufanele usho igama lomuntu oyisika ngaye. Intombi isho igama lesoka layo nensizwa kanjalo. Entathakusa kubaswa umlilo unomgonqo aweqe kuyiwe emfuleni kuyogezwa khona. Lapho-ke emfuleni kuyaculwa, kusinwe, kosiwe inyama kudliwe nezithelo. Ngesikhathi samadina bayalandwa emfuleni. Lapho-ke izintombi nezinsizwa sezivunule ziyaconsa futhi ziyahuba. Unomgonqo abe esethelwa ngenyongo ambathiswe umhlwehlwe wenkomo abehlatshelwe yona. Ube esephumela esigcawini. Lapho-ke omuliswayo uphiwa imali kusinwe. Imali ifakwa ekhanda lakhe. Emuva kwalokho kuphume inyama yezithebe kudliwe. Khayelihle Maseko 9C

Mina Igama lami nguSt John. Isibongo sami nguHunter. NgiyiNgisi. Ngiwumfana. Ngineminyaka eyi-14. Ngihlala eHoughton. Ngihlala nomama nobhuti wami. Ngifunda eKing Edward VII. Ngifunda ibanga lesi-8. Ngiwumfana omfishane. Nginomzimba olingene. Esikoleni ngidlala i-chess. NgoMgqiblo ngiya ebhayisikobho. NgeSonto ngenza umsebenzi wesikole. Ngithanda amakati ami amabili, iphitsa nekhompyutha. Ekhaya mina ngidlala imidlalo. NgoMgqibelo ngidweba izithombe. Ngifunda izincwadi ezibhalwe nguJ.K.Rowing, uCornelia Funke, uMatthew Skelto, uRoald Dahl noKatherine Webb. St John Hunter 8B

Amalungelo Amalungelo abalulekile kakhulu lapha emhlabeni ngoba avikela abantu ezintweni ezibahlukumezayo emakhaya abo nasemisebenzini yabo. Abantu bonke lapha emhlabeni banamalungelo ngoba uHulumeni uthi amalungelo ayafuneka ukuze abantu baphile izimpilo ezamukelekile bafane nabo bonke abantu. Amalungelo maningi futhi uHulumeni ufuna ukuthi wonke umuntu awazi amalungelo akhe futhi awasebenzise uma kukhona umuntu omhlukumezayo. Kukhona amalungelo abalulekile kakhulu futhi awukwazi ukuphila uma ungenawo. La malungelo asiza wonke umuntu nabantu abahluphekile. Amalungelo abesetshenziswa kudala emazweni athuthukile aphesheya. La mazwe athuthukile athumela umuntu oyedwa ukuthi ayomela izwe lawo enkantolo yomhlaba, laba bantu abamela amazwe abo bayahlangana, banike le nkantolo yomhlaba igama elithi phecelezi United Nations (amazwe ahlangene). Laba bantu beUnited Nations bafuna abanye abantu ababuya kwamanye amazwe kuwo 92

wonke umhlaba babekhona ukuze bakwazi ukubona ukuthi abantu kuwo wonke amazwe emhlabeni banawo wonke amalungelo afunekayo. Laba bantu basiza nabantu abahluphekayo emazweni angenamali anjengawase-Afrika. Lapha ezweni lethu kukhona amalungelo amanye ahambisana namalungelo enziwe yi-United Nation. Abantu besifazane banamalungelo abo, izingane zinamalungelo azo, obaba nabantu abagugile banamalungelo nabo abavikelayo ngoba sebebadala. Amalungelo abaluleke kakhulu yila athi wonke umuntu unelungelo lokuthola ukudla, wonke umuntu unelungelo lokuthola amanzi, wonke umuntu unelungelo lokuthola indawo yokulala nokuthola umtholampilo ongakhokhelwa esibhedlela sikaHulumeni. La malungelo enza abantu abahluphekile bathole okuncane okuzobaphilisa.

Lesego Vorster Grade 12

Bakhona abantu lapha emhlabeni abangahloniphi amalungelo abanye abantu. Laba bantu bakholwa ukuthi abantu abahluphekile, abantu besifazane nezingane abanawo amalungelo ngoba bahlukile kunabo. Laba bantu bahlukumeza abantu abaningi futhi yibo abenza umhlaba ube yindawo embi. Manje sekukhona amaqembu alwela ukuvikela amalungelo abantu besifazane nezingane. La maqembu enzelwe abantu besifazane namadoda esimanje manje abona ukuthi abesifazane bayafana namadoda. La maqembu asizwa yimithetho emisha evikela amalungelo abantu besifazane. Le mithetho ibekwe yi-United Nations. Mina ngithi amalungelo abalulekile kakhulu futhi mina ngiyawahlonipha amalungelo abanye abantu. Abantu lapha emhlabeni uma bengafunda ukuhlonipha amalungelo abanye abantu, bangaphila kahle. Amalungelo ethu yiwo enza izwe lethu lisebenze kahle ngoba lenza abantu bezwe lethu bahloniphane futhi basebenzisane kahle. Uma amalungelo engekho abantu bonke bazophila ngokuhlukumezana futhi ngeke kube nokuthula emhlabeni. Themba Masemula 10A 93

Likuphi Ikusa Lentsha Yakithi? Likuphi ikusasa lentsha yakithi? Umhlaba wethu uyahlupheka futhi unezinkinga ezisongela ukubulala impilo yethu uma singenzi lutho. Noma kunjalo, akukubi konke okwenzeka kuwo. Intsha yakusasa inomsebenzi wokusiza umhlaba wethu. Umhlaba wethu uyathembisa izinto eziningi uma singasebenzela ikusasa lethu ngamandla aphindiwe. Ubumpofu buyinkinga enkulukazi emhlabeni wethu ngoba am% angama-25 awabantu ihlala ezindlini kodwa ayinamali yokuthwala imindeni yawo. Le yinkinga ngoba abantu abahluphekayo bakhetha ubugebengu ukudambisa izinkinga zabo. Laba bantu bayaphanga , bayatshontsha, bayadlwengula futhi bayabulala. Inkinga enkulu ngabantwana iyizidakamizwa. Abantwana bathengiselwa lezi zidakamizwa ezikoleni, ezitolo, nasemakhaya. Lokhu kwenza abantwana abaningi bathole lezi zidakamizwa kalula. Uma intsha yamanje ifuna ikusasa eliqhakazile, umhlaba wethu kumele ushintshe ukuze izidakamizwa nobugebengu kuphele. Ipolitiki idala izinkinga nayo. Izizwe ezahlukene zinemikhuba ehlukile. Lezo ezinamandla zifuna ukushintsha ezinye izizwe futhi le nkinga idala udweshu. Intsha ikhula ikholwa ukuthi ezinye izizwe azikhulumi iqiniso futhi ifunda ukuzonda lezi zizwe ngoba zihlukile kunayo. Umhlaba wethu uyahlupheka ngoba abantu bayazondana ngoba bewuhlanga oluhlukile. Udweshu lususwa yikuthi abantu abakwazi ukwamukela ukuthi sidalwe sahluka omunye komunye. Thina singabantu sidinga ukufunda ukwamukela abantu abahlukile kunathi ngoba nabo bangabantu. Amabhizinisi amakhulu asebenza ngamandla ukulungisa izinkinga zabantu abahluphekayo emhlabeni wethu. Wona anika laba bantu imisebenzi futhi uma abantu abaningi bethola le misebenzi bayabulahla ubugebengu, umhlaba wethu bese uba yindawo engcono kakhulu. Amacebo enziwayo anjengawe – “Let’s Play” Super Sport, asebenza ukuthuthukisa izinto ezinjengemidlalo ukuze ikakhulu abantwana, basuke emigwaqweni. Thina sidinga ukufunda ebantwini abafana nabe - Super Sport. Abantu abaningi emhlabeni bakhathele yilizwe lethu futhi bakhathazekile ngekusasa lentsha esithwe ubumnyama obugcwele emhlabeni. Yebo, sinezinkinga emhlabeni kodwa masikhumbule ukuthi thina singabantu, singasebenzisana ukulungisa izinkinga zelizwe lethu futhi thina singaqinisa ukuba intsha yamanje ibenekusasa eliqhakazile. Jamie Cripwell 11B

Sasingekho Ebusheni benu Bazali , Ake Nisiyeke! Amahlongandlebe wodwa aye athi, “Sasingekho ebusheni benu bazali, ake nisiyeke.” Uma abazali bengadlali iqhaza ezimpilweni zentsha, lokhu kuzoholela ekuphambukeni kwentsha. Mina ngikholelwa kulokhu engakufundiswa kona ekhaya, ukuthi indlela ibuzwa kwabaphambili. 94

Yebo, sasingekho ebusheni babazali bethu, kodwa abazali babo babekhona, mhlawumbe kungakho bekwazile ukuthi baphile, bakhule baze bafike kule minyaka abakuyo. Intsha yanamuhla isifa njengezimpukane, ngenxa yani? Ngenxa yokufuna ukuzilawula nokungathathi izeluleko zabazali. Isandulela ngculazi nengculaza kanye nezidakamizwa ziyiqedile intsha. Le nkinga enkenkethisa amakhanda yayingekho ebusheni babazali bethu ngoba intsha yangalezo zinsuku yayazi indawo yayo, kanti futhi iziyalo ezazibekwe ngabazali zazingaphikiswa. Kuyiqiniso ukuthi abazali bazi kangcono kunathi. Abazali bethu basibonele kuqala ilanga futhi kudala balidlula leli zinga esikulo njengentsha, ngakho-ke banolwazi ngempilo. Akuyona inhloso yabazali ukusilawula nokusitshela ukuthi siyiphile kanjani impilo yethu. Inhloso yabo kepha kungukusibumba ukuze sibe ngabantu abangcono kusasa ngokusibonisa indlela eqondile okufanele ukuthi siyihambe. Emuva komuntu wonke onekusasa eliqhakazile, ophethe isikhundla esithile futhi ohloniphekile, kunomzali omqeqeshile.

Ross Cohen Grade 12

EBhayibhelini kukhona isahluko esinesihloko esithi, “Indodana Yolahleko”, lapho kukhulunywa ngendodana yendoda ethile eyatshela uyise ukuthi isindala futhi isifanele ukuthi ingalithatha ifa layo. Le ndodana yalithath ifa layo, yaphuma ekhaya, yahamba, iqonde ezweni , ihlose ukuqala eyayo impilo. Ithe seyiziphilela iyodwa, yathola abangane abaningi ngenxa yokuba nemali futhi yase ikhangwa yizinto zomhlaba ezazingeke zimakhe. NgesiZulu kuthiwa, “okungapheli kuyahlola”. Kwaya kwaya... nemali, ngokunjalo yaphela. Kuthe seyihlupheka, ingenamali, ingenakudla futhi ingenamuntu engancika kuye, kwayikhani ikhumbula ekhaya kanye nothando lukayise olwngunaphakade, lona uqobo lwalo, eyalushiya emuva. Isifundo engasithola mhla ngiqala ukusifunda lesi sahluko ukuthi abazali bethu yibona kuphela abantu abangasipha uthando lweqiniso. Ukulalela abazali akubona ubulima, kungukuzithathela izibusiso. Akufanele neze ukuthi thina njengentsha sigijimele ukuzilawula, ekubeni sisengaphansi kwabazali. Washo oqotho wathi, “Ubude abuphangwa”. Sibusiso Majola 12G 95

Umgcagco Umgcagco ngumshado wesintu futhi ukulobola kuyinyathelo lokuqala elibalulekile kakhulu, ohlelweni lwawo. Ngizogxila kulo isiko lokulobola. Izindlela zokulobola kwaZulu ziningi, futhi zehlukile izigodi ngezigodi, kepha ngisazochaza indlela ejwayelekile ecishe itholakale kulo lonke izwe. Umkhongi uyaye afike emzini ekuseni, kepha hhayi ekuseni kakhulu. Akangeni ekhaya. Uma khona laphaya esangweni asho kakhulu ngephimbo athi, “Uthi ubani, kabani, angizomokhela umlilo kuwe, wena wasekuthinithini. Abasemzini bangazi nokuthi lidumephi, balibale ukufeza imisebenzi yabo. Umnumzana antungele sengathi akezwa, wadla umvimbandlebe. Kothi ngelikade sekuthetha izalukazi angeniswe umkhongi. Isikhathi sokuthi isuke ngempela-ke imidati yokulobola. Iza kahle indoda ingafuni nomntwana wayo ikhwele emthini. Yehliswe ngemali. Ivaleke umlomo kukhishwe ingqaqamazinyo abathi imvulamlomo. Uyavuleka umlomo ibanjwe isikhwehlela. Naso isikhwehlela sesoze sehliswe imali belu. Kuthi sekwenziwe konke lokhu, kubeyisikhathi ilandulayo, ihlanza okudala indoda, ithi ayinangane yona. Kothi ngelikade kubizwe intombazane kubuzwe ukuthi iyamazi yini lo mfokazi. Isimvumile sekuyisikhathi kuxoxwa udaba. Esezizwile izibizo umkhongi sekuyisikhathi ecela usuku lwabakhwenyana sebephiwa nokudla. Abakhwenyanai-ke bona sebeyocushiswa ukungena emzini lapha kuqala ukuhwalala. Kuphithizelwe-ke abasemzini bezishaya bezixosha izinkomo nabakhwenyana. Nomame bekikizela bebonga izinkomo zentombi. Umkhongi usezogedeza-ke ezibala ngemibala lezo akhuleka ngazo. Akulalwa ngalolosuku koze kuse kuthi quthu, kulaliselwa , kuxoxwa, kuhlatshelelwa, kudliwa, kusinwa, kweshelwa. Ngakusasa seziyobonwa-ke izinkomo kubonakale nokuthi kuseyizo ezabalwa ngumkhongi na? Usezozibonga-ke uyise ngokuba abahlabise abakhwenyana, kuphuzwe, kudlalwe, kubenjeya. Iyona-ke lena indlela evamile okulotsholwa ngayo ezweni lonke lapho kusadliwa khona ngoludala. Ukulobola kuhle ngezizathu eziningi. Kuvimba ukuba umuntu azifake ogibeni lomshado engenalutho futhi engekamiseli. Kwenza inkosikazi nomyeni wayo bahlale beziphethe kahle bahlale bengaxwayile bobabili. Sesibonile ubuhle belobolo nokuthi leli siko lenziwa kanjani. Emva kwelobolo kulandela amalungiselelo omshado. Sibusiso Majola 12G

Umemulo WamaZulu Intombi yayiyeka ukudla amasi uma isibona ukuthi isilungele ukwenda. Yayikwenza lokhu ukutshengisa abazali bayo ukuthi ayisengane, isilungele ukugana. Uyise 96

wentombi wayeyenzela umcimbi wokuyikhulisa obizwa ngokuthi “umemulo�. Kuhlatshwe, kwaziswe isigodi ukuthi intombi isikhulile. Kulo mcimbi intombi iyasina igqoke izingubo zabashadikazi kanye nomhlwehlwe wenkomo. Uyise wentombi uhlaba inkomo nembuzi kuphekwe ukudla okuningi, amahewu notshwala obuningi. Kunomculo nokusina okuningi, kucula abesifazane futhi kusina bona, amadoda ashaye indlamu. Intombi ikhishelwa phandle omama bakikize. Uyise uhlaba ukuze abonge indodakazi yakhe ngokuthi iziphathe kahle ngokugcina ubuntombi bayo. Konke lokhu kwenzelwa ukubonga amadlozi ngokumvikela kuze kufike kulesi sikhathi. Intombi iphiwa izipho eziphuma emndenini nasebanganini. Abantu besigodi bayibonga ngemali abayibophela phezu komhlwehlwe nasekhanda. Ngaleso sikhathi kuyasinwa kuyahlatshelelwa. Omama bazoyibizela enkundleni bayilaye. Msizi Nkabinde 9D

Izingane Sezingumhlambi Kazalusile Inhlonipho ishaywa indiva kulezi zinsuku. Izinsuku zomkhulu nokhokho sezashabalala. Izingane zakulezi zinsuku zihlobene nokuzilawula. Ukushintsha kwesikhathi kushintshe izinto, nelanga seliphuma ngenye indlela manje. Izingane zamanje azifani nezakudala, nendlela eziziphatha ngayo seyashintsha. Inhlonipho yona yebo isekhona kodwa kancane kancane iyancipha. Indlela izinto ezenziwa ngayo iyishintshile intsha. Intsha yanamuhla ayifani neyakudala, ayiboni izinto ngokufana futhi iningi layo ayiyikhathaleli impilo nobuhle bayo. Isihlushwa izinkinga eziningi ezingafani nalezi zentsha yakudala. Kulezi zinsuku izinto ezifana nezifo, izidakamizwa notshwala yizo izinto ezihlukumeza intsha ngoba izinikele kuzo.

Nqobile Ntsele Grade 12 97

Ukushintsha kwesikhathi nokwenziwa kwezinto ngendlela ehlukile kubangele ukuthi intsha ifune inkululeko eningi, yingakho isiqala nokuzilawula. Isikhathi sesahamba kwashintsha nezinto, nokucabanga kwentsha uthande ukushintsha kanye nokuhamba kwaso. Intsha eningi isiphila impilo esheshayo. Ukushayelwa kwezimoto, ukuphuza utshwala nokuya ocansini kusheshe kujahwe. Okuyishwa ukuthi lezi zingane zisheshe ziguge, ngoba zijahe imikhuba emibi zisencane. Amalungelo ezingane azinike inkululeko eningi intsha. Lokhu kuvele kwayinika imvume yokuzilawula. Akuselula ukukhuza ingane noma uyishaye uma ingezwa ngoba isikhuselwe ngamalungelo ayo futhi inakho nokukubophisa wena mzali. Amalungelo ezingane ayayisiza intsha ukuthi ikwazi ukuthuthuka kodwa kusuke kube inkinga ngoba zonke izingane zisuke zifune ukuziveza emphakathini ngokwenza izinto ezingalunganga, njengokukhulelwa, ukubhema nokuphuza zisencane. Okuyinkinga ukuthi izingane zingena ezintweni ezinjalo ngoba amalungelo azo azinika inkululeko eningi yokufuna ukubona noma ukuzama izinto ezingalunganga. Imithetho yabazali nayo seyathanda ukuthamba. Abazali nabo bayayinika intsha inkululeko yokuzilawula. Abazali sebesaba ukushaya izingane ngoba bangase baboshiswe yizingane zabo. Akuselula ukukhuza ingane kulezizinsuku ngoba uma uyitshela lokhu, iphendula ngeyayo indlela. Imithetho yabazali ayisaqinanga njengaleya yakudala eyayilandelwa. Amantombazane asekwazi ukungena ebusuku ekhaya engagqize qakala, ayabhema futhi aphuza ukudlula oyise, kodwa ukupheka do! Ukuzzibusa kwentsha kuyohlala kukhona, kodwa uma intsha ingazama ukusebenzisana kanye nabazali, isimo sezinto singabangcono. Umuntu uyazikhethela indlela afuna ukuyihamba kodwa impilo elandelwa yintsha yanamuhla ibolile. Ilanga ungathi lithanda ukuyishonela le ngxenye yabantu ezweni. Sifiso Mngoma 12D


KESFAM00 This year KESFAM has continued, as it has been doing for many years, to encourage among all members of the King Edward Family an awareness of the plight of people in our community, and to create a social conscience to aid these people and bring them comfort and help in areas where it is needed. KESFAM is a charity organisation controlled by the School whereby the boys carry out various fund raising projects on a competitive basis. Each class elects a Business Manager who is then responsible for organising and overseeing these activities. Money is thus collected by way of raffles, pizza-eating evenings, selling of memorabilia, etc. and the School then decides where the proceeds are needed most in our community. KESFAM is a vital association within the School, which helps to promote the development of a moral sense and creates a realization amongst the boys of those less fortunate than themselves. We are blessed with so much and recognise the need to counter-act the selfish attitude that is slowly breeding in today’s society. There are so many other institutions that may have benefitted from the accumulation of these funds, but for KESFAM to truly flourish it will need the energy, enthusiasm, and unflagging support of the entire King Edward Family. Mrs A Gallucci


Chess00 Educator in Charge : Captain : Vice-Captain :

Mrs L Crous W McLaughlin R Phillips

Chess remains an extramural activity that is well supported by the learners at King Edward VII School. Once again our representation at Chess fixtures had to be increased to accommodate a Chess Club that is bursting at the seams. We now have three teams participating in the 5-A-Side Tournament and two teams participating in the Gauteng High School Chess League. Despite this, there are still boys who are not included in official fixtures. The A team is still placed in the top three Chess-playing schools in Gauteng, and as I had predicted in last year’s report the B team has improved remarkably, despite the fact that this team is only in its second year of existence. The team spirit amongst the boys is great, and extremely motivating, and at times I think envied by many other schools. Our Captain and Vice-Captain have done an excellent job in assisting with the general administration of the Chess Club. We wish them well for their matric results, and for their hopes and dreams for the future. They will be missed. This year yielded two Colours awards. Congratulations to Raymond Phillips and Jason Oelofse on their achievements. Their contribution to the success of the A team was pivotal. 5-a-Side Tournament Results: SCHOOL



13 FEB 20 FEB 6 MAR 13 MAR 27 MAR


13 FEB 20 FEB 6 MAR 13 MAR 27 MAR


13 FEB 20 FEB 6 MAR 13 MAR 27 MAR 100

KES – A TEAM Against 1 0 2 3.5 0 KES – B TEAM For Against 2 3 3.5 1.5 4 1 0 5 2 3 KES – C TEAM For Against 0 5 1 4 4 1 1 4 4 1

For 4 5 3 1.5 5

5-a-Side Individual Results [A Team]:

5-a-side Played 4 5 5 5 5

W McLaughlin J Oelofse R Phillips M Bagheri C Rademan

5-a-side Won 2 4.5 5 2 4




For 5 4.5 9 5 10

KES – A TEAM Against 5 5.5 1 5 0

15 MAY 22 MAY 29 MAY 5 JUNE

For 7 5 2 10

KES – B TEAM Against 3 5 8 0

League Individual Results [A Team]:

League Played 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 4

W McLaughlin J Oelofse R Phillips MM Bagheri C Rademan Y Areff B Phillips S Hunter L Munnich O A Bagheri

League Won 2 5 4.5 2 3 4 4 2 3 3

The 2006 Chess season would not have been successful if it wasn’t for the contribution made by the following people: Mr Lawrence Ball for his time and dedication as coach, Miss du Plessis for her assistance during practices, Mr Ramphutla for making time available to help out with the B team and last, but not least Mrs Estelle Evans for preparing and providing all the eats and drinks which are so vital to the success of our players during League matches. The 2006 Chess Club has once again proven to be an absolute pleasure to work with. These boys represent a group of learners that are dedicated to and successful in Chess, but still manage to involve themselves in many other facets of King Edward life with just as much enthusiasm and triumph. Mrs L Crous 101

Chess 2006 Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

C Rademan, A Bagheri, W Mclaughlin (Captain), B Phillips, J Oelofse A-O Bagheri, L Munnich, R Phillips (Vice-Captain), Y Areff, S Hunter

The Choral Society00 Educator in Charge : Mrs N S Ndlovu This year came with new challenges such as participation in the Eisteddfod competitions, performing for the Military Association of Gauteng and the Bedfordview Old Age Home and merging with Jeppe High School for Girls' Choir for some activities. The formation of the King Edward Ensemble was a great success and took its listeners by storm especially when they sang one of their favourites, “Homeless�. The other activities we were involved in were the Annual King Edward Music Festival, where our CRU8 dancers, Waverly Girls' High School, Parktown Girls' High School, Parktown Boys' High School, Dr Beyers Naude School, Jeppe High School for Girls and King Edward VII Preparatory School gave the best of their performances, making our evening one to be remembered. The choir also performed at the Jeppe Girls' Music Evening and the Parktown Girls' Cultural Day. We entertained the Matric Mothers at their Farewell gathering. This year we performed different styles of music during the school assemblies, the Valediction and our last performance was at the Memorial Parade.


We would like to congratulate the following gentlemen on these achievements: Eisteddfod Competitions 1. S Mamorare 2. T Wonderlik 3. N Ndlovu and M Singh 4. King Edward Boys Choir

Solo Solo Duet

Colours were awarded to the following : N Ndlovu, M Singh and B Ward.


Diploma Certificate Gold Certificate Gold Certificate Silver Certificate

A Fraser, S Khoza, M Letlabika, K Mafu,

I would like to thank all the choir members for their commitment and for making their School proud of this year’s achievements and the following educators for their unwavering contribution and their assistance in the activities that took place this year: Mrs Boqo (the ensemble and choir), Miss Oswald (the training and organisation of choir activities) and Mr Ramputla (the ensemble). Mrs N S Ndlovu

Choir 2006 Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

M Letlabika, M Mavi, B Ward, S Khoza, S Mamorare, A Fraser, T Wonderlik, K Mafu B Mapukata, J Gray, L Manana, A Mathebula, C Unamaca, N Ndlovu, M Singh, B Zondo, J Gabriel, L Maseko 103

Debating and Public Speaking00

Public Speaking 2006 was a particularly good year for King Edward Public Speaking and Debating. A few highlights which come to mind: Puso Thahane as the Individual Best Speaker. His style is compelling, interesting and dynamic and he did not disappoint on the night, achieving an A symbol in both the prepared and unprepared sections. The adjudicator commented that his belief in his subject was obvious and that he spoke with sensitivity. The Trophy Team of Robert Peche, Imran Khan and Warren Chalklen were well matched and they interacted with and supported one another well during the evening. My thanks to all the Educators in the English and History Departments and the learners for the hours of hard work that they committed themselves to in order to make the Public Speaking Festival successful.

Public Speaking 2006 Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

I Maphike, P Thahane, I Khan, R Peche, T Wonderlik M Pappas, O Mokgatle, M Tshabalala, D Rimmer, M De Villiers, N Tytherleigh, T Tsotsotso


Debating The year began with the annual Inter House Debating Festival which was ably adjudicated by Mr Jonathan Passmoor and Mr Kali Illunga. Their adjudications were insightful and the boys gained much value from their comments and advice. The usual rivalry was evident between the day and boarder houses and the debates were lively and entertaining. The Sacee Team of Puso Thahane, Imran Khan and Robert Peche faired well during the course of the year. Many hours were spent in Room 17 discussing strategy and expanding our knowledge on current affairs. Mock debates were held on a range of topics and my thanks to all those ‘unsung’ heroes in the Debating Society whose support during the year was invaluable to the team. Theo Wonderlik spent hours selecting articles from the newspapers and filing them in the resource file along with information from the internet and magazines such as ‘Time’ and ‘Newsweek’. Our thanks too to James Fowkes who gave freely of his time to ‘workshop’ the boys and hone their skills. We entered two teams in the St Peter’s College Debating Festival and valuable experience was gained by Tswelopele Tsotsotso, Neil Tytherleigh, Dean Rimmer,

Debating 2006 Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

M Pappas, T Wonderlik, M de Villiers, P Thahane, W Chalklen, R Peche J Fischer, M Saunders, D Rimmer, I Khan, R Scott, N Tytherleigh, T Tsotsotso 105

Michael De Villiers and Theo Wonderlik. In addition to debating Theo and Michael attended the Sacee training workshop at the beginning of the year and were able to assist with the adjudication of debates. An invaluable skill which I hope that they will continue to make use of when they are at university. The team went through to the Gauteng Provincial Championships where they were eliminated in the quarter finals in a lively but difficult debate against St John’s. The motion – This House would have Jacob Zuma as the next President of South Africa and King Edward proposed the motion! Good Luck to the Debating Society for the 2007 season and I wish you many happy hours of argument, discussion and debate.

Best Speakers As we have come to expect from King Edward a high standard of speeches were presented at the Junior and Senior speech evening. Well done to Jero Massyn for winning the Junior Best Speaker Competition. His prepared speech was entitled ‘If you want to end a war, shoot the politicians.’ Callam Soligram was adjudged Proxime Accessit for his speech entitled ‘It’s great to be alive.’ The thirteen speakers who participated in the Senior Section entertained the audience with the excellent standard of both their prepared and impromptu speeches which made the task of the Adjudicator, Mrs Fiona Kampmann from St Peter’s College, very difficult. Thank you to all the speakers for the high standard of their speeches, the range of topics which they chose and for their hard work in preparing for the evening. A special word of thanks to the Master Chairs – Jaques Townsend and Michael Sanders. Their lively humour and ability to keep us entertained when a number of the speakers ‘disappeared’ while preparing their impromptu topics was a highlight of the evening. Puso Thahane was awarded Senior Best Speaker for 2006 and Warren Chalklen was adjudged Proxime Accessit. Sincere thanks to Ms Sam Marvell for adjudicating the Junior Best Speaker competition and Mrs Fiona Kampmann for adjudicating the Senior Best Speaker Competition. Colours Present position: R Peche and P Thahane New awards: M De Villiers, I Khan, D Rimmer and T Wonderlik Mrs A Meyer



Dramatic Society00

Summer Production: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Dale Wasserman This year’s play is one of the most powerful I have produced. It is essentially a tragic story, set in a mental ward, but high-lighted by moments of great humour and farce. The conflict between Randle P McMurphy (Robert Scott) and Nurse Ratched (Michael Pappas) provides the thread that runs through the story. The final scene in which she leans over the catatonic McMurphy on a gurney, saying quietly, “that’s just fine” is her final moment of triumph. But Mac has brought Chief Bromden (Ciaran Haynes) out of his silence and fear, leaving us with a moment of hope in the last seconds of the play. It has been great fun working with this team: I have enjoyed every moment, whether with the actors or the backstage boffins. I was privileged to have one of the strongest casts ever this year – one that worked hard and long, until they had the production at their fingertips. Memorable moments… “Behave yourself, boys!” Group therapy “Conductant” “I’m so-o-o tired” The Bull Goose Loony The final light on McMurphy… And there are many more that stay fixed in my mind; needing only a word or phrase to recall them. And finally, was McMurphy mentally disturbed or not…? Hugh Wilson

A word from Rob “McMurphy” Scott… What is this place? These people don’t know how to have fun – bunch of gutless wonders! They gotta loosen up a little. Billy can’t even say his own name, Harding is round the bend and Martini thinks he’s the man. I think it’s time for some changes. I am the new Bull Goose Loony and I figure if I’m bound to be loony, I may as well be the goddamn looniest one of them all! I’m used to being top dog and no nurse gonna break me down like she has all the other guys. Man, she needs to be taught a lesson. And I’ve got a good feeling about Chief Broom…think I can get to him, loosen him up, make him feel big again. One thing’s for sure – I ain’t leaving this place without making a difference…and that’s a promise! 108

Mr Wilson once again excelled himself with a riveting and very professional production of ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. It was a particularly demanding and challenging play for everyone who was involved, a large cast and plenty of lines to be learnt not to mention co-ordinating the actors, back stage cast and the other helpers, not a small feat. In his usual inimitable style Mr Wilson rose to the challenge and delivered a play that had some Grade 8’s going back three times to re-live the magic of the performance. It is this hard work, dedication and inspiration that lead to the important events after the cast took their final bows. As Mr Fennell asked the audience to remain in their seats after the end of the play, an air of excitement and curiosity took hold – trestle tables laden with food and refreshments were brought out and then the big announcement. Due to Mr Wilson’s creative genius and loyal, long-service to the King Edward Dramatic Society, the school made the decision to honour him by renaming The Tandem Theatre, "The Hugh Wilson Theatre" – the shiny, brass plaque outside the entrance to the theatre made it official! In case anyone was in any doubt as to why this honour had been bestowed on Mr Wilson, several long-serving members of the Dramatic Society spoke emotionally about the impact Mr Wilson had on their time at King Edward and the huge influence he has had on the many boys who had gone before them. It was a poignant moment honouring a man whose worth and importance to the school is immeasurable. Mr Wilson is a part of the rich tradition of this school and we are all so much better for it. Thank you Mr Wilson.

The back stage boys 109



Renaming the Tandem Theatre At a party on the last night of “Cuckoo’s Nest” the Headmaster announced that the Tandem Theatre would now be called the Hugh Wilson Theatre. What better occasion to honour a master than after one of this own great masterpieces? The Tandem was built from an old bicycle shed and developed into a stage for young talent. It has survived for over 30 years in this form due entirely to the work of one man: Hugh Wilson. After such loyalty and commitment, naming the theatre after its own father is the least we can do. We shall always remember Mr Wilson’s sanctuary and give his name the recognition it has deserved for so long. It is more than just a name; it is a tribute to a great man and the memorable moments that have built character in many a King Edward gentleman. To Mr Wilson: may your name be engraved on unforgettable memories of every person fortunate enough to work with you – or even just watch a play. Michael Pappas and Robert Scott

The Gala Performance As the sun set on Friday the 17th of March 2006, the cast of “Cuckoo’s Nest” began dressing, putting on makeup and frantically checking over scripts in anticipation for the big night – the night that brought all of the hours of practice together – the night where they would take all the advice from their teachers and shine – the night of the Headmaster’s Party. After the last successful night of the summer production, the cast returned to the Red Room to change and prepare their speeches. Returning to the theatre, Mr Fennell announced the name change to the audience, which was followed by some cast members’ speeches of their memories of Mr Wilson and their version of how magical 112

he really is. Then the cast was invited outside for the official unveiling of the plaque with Hugh Wilson Theatre engraved on it. Although used rarely in other facets of school life, the symbol of the King Edward VII crown adorns the plaque – most fitting for such a legend. The cast then mingled with educators and guests, reflecting on their experiences of the play and the enjoyment had by all. What a night! Jed Aylmer

Winter Production: Double Bill “Are You Watching?” This year the Winter Production provided both a senior and a junior production, issuing the debut of the junior team’s very contemporary piece called “Are You Watching”. Written in part by the cast themselves, the reality of the media influence is put across in a comical but very thought-provoking way. Basic costumes, props, lighting and rhythmic sounds combined to create a very effective and well-received performance. Media, the channel through which information is delivered, has drastically distorted the truth. As money controls all things, people’s morals change: there are two sides to the news, (but do we ever see both?) politicians play games with our lives, celebrities are not worth celebrating and romance is often not romantic – furthermore, nobody seems happy with their physical appearance. The message is, in fact, simple yet important – we cannot change what we see, but we can WATCH carefully, and this was the point that was skillfully delivered by this group of talented, energetic actors. Andrea L G Costa

From “Biloxi Blues” I’m in charge of you five young men during your ten week stay in beautiful Biloxi, Mississippi. It’s important that you know that I believe in the Old Army. And Old Army means push-ups. I hope you can all do legitimate push-ups. Returning home to your mommas and poppas with both balls intact is highly improbable. I speak from experience, as 113

you can see: these colourful ribbons on my chest testify that my government is grateful for my contribution – having donated a small portion of my brain to this conflict. The other portion…being protected by a heavy metal plate in the side of my head. This injury has caused me to become a smart, understanding and sympathetic teacher of raw young men…or the cruelest, craziest, most sadistic sonofabitch you ever saw! And THAT, boys, is something you will only know in ten weeks from now… Robert (Sergeant Tommy) Scott



Colours Present position: Colours are held by

W Chalklen D Koller M Pappas N Vounnou

New awards for 2006:

J Addington G Corder R Lombard C Rademan R Scott T Tsotsotso W van Zijl

Premier Awards of the Society Best Actor of the Year (The Plate) – R Scott – For outstanding performance as Randell P McMurphy in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, the corporal in “Biloxi Blues”, a player in “Story Theatre”, as well as a career stretching back four years. The Greatest Overall Contribution to the Success of the Society (The Sword) – M Pappas – For many years of work in nearly every facet of the society, particularly acting.

Annual Dinner The year was rounded off, as usual, by the Annual Dinner, held in the Hugh Wilson Theatre. I must express my thanks, and that of the whole society, to Mrs Pappas for looking after us so well during the course of the year and, now, for the Dinner. It is hard work catering in the theatre, but Mrs Pappas has done superbly well: the atmosphere was terrific. The Dinner contained the usual four toasts, and the evening ended with the presentation of the various skits and extracts. To all who were part of the society this year, thank you! Hugh Wilson


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Play The Marat / Sade by Peter Weiss Hewers of Coal by Joe Corrie The Happy Journey by Thornton Wilder Tail of Fire by T B Morris The Commission by Margot Jay Battle of Wits by N Williams The Bald Prima Donna by Eugene Ionesco The Effect of Gama Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds by Paul Zindel The Death of Bessie Smith by Edward Albee People are Living There by Athol Fugard Picnic on the Battlefield by Arrabel It Should Happen to a Dog by W Mankowitz Hope is a Thing with Feathers by R Harrity Fool's Errand by Chaucer / Margaret Wood The Laboratory by David Campton Ball Boys by David Edgar Story Theatre by Paul Silke From Equus by Peter Schaffer From the Birthday Party by Harold Pinter Hope is a Thing with Feathers by R Harrity The Death of Bessie Smith by Edward Albee Playmaker by Colin Hossack From Hamlet by William Shakespeare Fear of Heaven by John Mortimer Royal Hunt of the Sun by Peter Schaffer Pyramus and Thisbe by William Shakespeare The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard From the Crucible by Arthur Miller From Biloxi Blues by Neil Simon From A Few Good Men The Room by Harold Pinter Story Theatre by Paul Silke Fool's Errand by Chaucer / Margaret Wood The Three Knaves of Normandy by Constance Cox Flyboy by Yvonne Adrian From A Resounding Tinkle by N F Simpson The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard Royal Hunt of the Sun by Peter Schaffer Reunion by W St John Taylor Playmaker by Colin Hossack Goodbyee by R Curtis and B Elton Royal Hunt of the Sun by Peter Shaffer Fawlty Towers by John Cleese 117

First-Aid00 Educator in Charge : Captain :

Mrs A Schumym M de Villiers

Yet another busy year in the first-aid calendar has passed. This year was certainly filled with great obstacles and challenges for our team. The long hours contributed to this activity by all has definitely made it a successful and productive time. Our boys have given their consistent dedication during 2006. The rugby and hockey seasons kicked off this year with the Rugby and Hockey Festival in April. We had to deal with various injuries from nose-bleeds and sprains to fractures and serious concussions, not to mention the incidents relating to hockey ball bruises and astro-burns. The prepared and able first-aiders provided a smooth and effective service to all those who required it. The rugby season was particularly ‘hectic’ as we held many home games at our school, yet our team committed themselves to the best of their abilities at every fixture. Following the rugby season was athletics. The types of challenges encountered here were specifically related to hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), muscle sprains and shin-splints. The technique of strapping became useful in order to aid muscle spasms.

First Aid 2006 Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

M Mohamed, M Sanders, M de Villiers, O Mokgatle, P Govender E Phillips, V Harku, M Heins, L Munnich, J Shaw 118

Throughout the year committed juniors and seniors remained on stand-by every afternoon during sport practices, where many incidents were treated thus preventing unnecessary ‘bench-time’. Even during school hours injuries occur - for example one of the maintenance workers accidentally cut himself with a chain-saw. Our Educator and a few of our boys readily assisted the gentleman until he was escorted to hospital. There are a variety of learners who hold level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications. These are certificates which are awarded to those who attended a course provided by qualified NetCare paramedics. The practical training, strapping and situation management proved vital tools for the challenges with which we were faced. A few non-qualified boys joined to give their assistance to the team and also showed sheer dedication and were always willing to learn new skills. Lastly, I would like to thank all those who gave us their guidance and ongoing support: Mrs Schumyn who constantly made a presence to supervise every event and incident. Her interest and great motivation made First-aid less problematic and “hassle-free”. Mr Speechley and his team of physios, who gave their guidance and support to the school whenever they were called upon. Mrs Heins whose voluntary hard work and great skill was beneficial, not only to the patients, but to our first-aid team as a whole - your time given up for us is greatly appreciated! The greatest ‘thanks’ though must go to the boys: your spirit and enthusiasm has made this year great. All your hard work will not only benefit yourselves but those in your community as well. Keep it up! The experience you have gained is invaluable, as it will prepare you for the possible challenges later in your lives to come. All the best for the next season! M de Villiers First Aid Team 2006 : J Shaw, M Heins, P Govender, R Crossley, L Munnich, B Wells, T Ballantyne, A MacRoberts, T Molefe, G Rammutla, T Bobo, L Zambon, M Mohammed, O Mogatle, D Nkusi, E Phillips, B Lavin, M Christensen, K Gabe, P Harku and M de Villiers.


The History Tour Society00 This year the History Tour Society undertook two national tours. In February, the society made its way to diamond country and toured Kimberly and the surrounding area for five days. We visited several museums including the Kimberly Honourable Museum, where we spent three hours in the dark as yet another power failure was troubling this magnificent town. We camped at Rolfontein game reserve and our thanks must go to Timothy Hedges, our extremely knowledgeable tour guide, who looked after us and explained the different battles of the sites we visited. In August, our annual Dundee tour was yet again a resounding success. This tour was attended by Grade 10’s and Grade 11’s. It was a smaller tour group than usual, which resulted in a more personal level of battlefield explanation. We visited Talana Museum and battle site, Islandwana Museum and battle site, Rorke’s Drift Museum and battle site and the Dundee M.O.T.H Private Museum, which is the largest private collection in Africa. This is the second time we have visited this museum and the boys and I absolutely loved it. This museum has the original King Edward VII School crest that is worn on their blazers at school. Justin Fisher won the fishing competition with 3 small Black Bass. It was a unanimous decision that Otsile Mokgatle was the “Tour Idol” for 2006. Exciting plans have already started for 2007 with the society’s growing numbers and a week long trip to Dundee, and an overseas trip during the July holidays to follow Operation Overlord through Europe is in the pipeline. Thanks to all the boys who have been a part of the society for its three years of existence and welcome to the new members who begin Grade 10 in 2007. Mr L Bragin


Photographic Society00 Educators in Charge : Chairman : Deputy Chairmen :

Mr P Ogier and Mrs S Pheiffer J Aylmer C Heathcote, B Lavin, O Mokgatle and S Hobson-Jones

This year saw the Photographic Society grow as a whole and become a valued and respected part of school life. 2006 started on a high note with the purchase of two new Panasonic Lumix cameras, which were to be extremely useful throughout the hectic rugby and hockey season. Members began to appreciate these cameras and lines soon began to form at our Saturday “headquarters” (the Centenary Office) of people waiting to get hold of a camera to show what they could do. The result was some excellent photographs - in particular Scott Hobson-Jones and Bryan Wells took some great shots! The members’ hard work and dedication to the society was impressive. Even as the (very) early mist was clearing form the Reds field, the HQ was set up and members were already running around taking pictures. Well done!

Photographic Society 2006 Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

O Mokgatle, M Roper, J Aylmer, S Hobson-Jones St John Hunter, A Bagheri, K Kaseka, D Booth, B Wells 121

As the rugby season began to slow, the society began its series of lectures which aim to motivate the members to take better photographs and ultimately enjoy the art of Photography even more than when they began. The first lecture on Photography Basics went well and was well attended. The projects that were handed in were a result of hard work and practice. Well done to all! Keep up the great work! The second phase of the lectures started in late August with a basics lecture on Darkroom Skills. The members then moved onto cleaning the darkroom and producing their own photographs. The time is coming where we will see members walking around the school with shoe boxes, learning the art of pin-hole cameras. As the year started, the society formed an executive committee that was tasked with running of the day-to-day activities of the society. Well done to Craig Heathcote, Ben Lavin, Scott Hobson-Jones and Otsile Mokgatle who were made deputy chairmen. Special thanks must go those Educators and parents who helped in some way to the growth and betterment of the society. Thank you Mrs de Jong for your excellent management of the cameras and lending programme, to Ms van Eeden for the use of the Centenary Office during Saturday home games and to Mrs Charlesworth who has helped in the recovery of the “Photo of the Year� trophy which will be awarded at the Annual Art Exhibition. The society really appreciates everything you do. To the Educators in charge, Mr Ogier and Mrs Pheiffer who helped in the building, the running and the growth of the society, securing the cameras, organising and assisting members where ever you could, we thank you! And a final thank you to Craig, Ben, Scott and Otsile, who without doubt have made my job even more of a pleasure. Your dedication and ideas keep this going and for that I thank you. J Aylmer


Pipe Band00 Educator in Charge :

Dr D Hudson-Lamb

2006 has been a year of reconciliation for the Band. After losing many of our Senior players last year, the up and coming Juniors took it upon their shoulders to step in and fill the gaps. This they have managed to do superbly and we are looking forward to the 2007 season. James Addington has excelled at his duties as Pipe Major and the band has grown in stature over the past year. It is an honour and privilege to be associated with these unsung heroes who traverse the weather, religiously attending practice twice a week throughout the entire year. King Edward VII School hosted the Pipe Major Sandy Mallen Memorial and the Junior and Senior 100 Guineas Competitions as well as the Pipe Major George Ackroyd Competition. King Edward VII School held its annual Gathering on Saturday, 20 May 2006. Unfortunately the weather did not play along and the event had to be cancelled half way through the afternoon due to bad weather conditions. King Edward VII School was placed 4th in the Champion of Champions Band competition in 2006 and Timothy Ballantyne came 2nd in the Drum Major Regional Championship competition in 2006. Our gratitude goes to our dedicated and phenomenal Tutors: Chris Mulinder, Craig Herwill, Peter Bond and Mark Gouvea. It is a pleasure working with these professional and passionate Tutors whose passion for the school goes beyond the call of duty. Pipe Band results in the Novice Junior Competition Gathering Lyttelton Manor South Coast De la Salle St Benedict’s Pretoria Boys’ Benoni

Result 3rd 4th 4th 4th 4th 4th

The Amanzimtoti trip was once again a highlight and a big thank you to Mr Hancock for accompanying the Band to the South Coast Gathering. Colours were awarded to:

J Addington

Ranks for 2006: Pipe Major: Drum Major: Drum Sgt (Bass Section):

J Addington T Ballantyne Q Steyn 123

Drum Corporal: Drum Corporal: Drum Lance-Corporal:

J Haynes-Smart A Haniotis C Soligram

Dr D Hudson-Lamb

The King Edward VII School Pipe Band 2005 was a very promising year mainly due to two very talented learners joining the pipe core, and also to Chris MacRoberts and Andrew Fok who continued with the band this year. Although we did not defend our Regional Championship status, the year was filled with excitement and enthusiasm, especially on our annual tour to Amanzimtoti. This theme continued into the King Edward gathering even though the bad weather forced the retirement of the bands’ competition. Although the band was diminished in numbers this year and our performances at the gatherings not as good as last year, we prevailed and have all in all achieved a

Pipe Band 2006 Front Row (left to right): Middle Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

T Ballantyne – Drum Major, C Herwill – Tutor, M Gouveia – Tutor, J Addington – Pipe Major A Fok, J Haynes-Smart, Q Steyn, C Soligram S Gwabe, O Makgatle, T Hastie, C Soligram 124

satisfactory level of experience and growth that should see us do well in the next season. The pipers and drummers of the King Edward VII School Pipe Band would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris Mullinder (Pipes), Craig Herwill, Peter Davidson and Mark Gouvea for the time and effort put into the band. Without them we would get nowhere! Thanks also go to the parents for their support and faith during the year as well as the lifts to venues. Last but by no means least, we thank Dr Hudson-Lamb for her excellent organisation and support during the season. The King Edward VII School Pipe Band has been a proud tradition of the School for more than 60 years and we look forward to carrying this into the new season with determination and purpose.


The Junior City Council )

The Junior City Council Annual Report Educator in Charge: Councillors: 2005/2006: Councillors: 2006/2007:

Mrs A Mania P Thahane W Chalklen N Tytherleigh T Tsotsotso

(Junior Mayor) (Chairman - Welfare) (Chairman – Sponsorship) (Secretary – Sports and Recreation)

Junior City Councillors 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

N Tytherleigh, T Tsotsotso P Thahane, W Chalken

The young men who represent King Edward VII School on the Junior City Council have consistently distinguished themselves by being elected into office on the Executive and Management bodies of the Council. Puso Thahane was elected the second Junior Mayor from our school in as many years! Puso Thahane and Warren Chalklen are exceptional, gifted young men who took their leadership roles within the Council and the community it serves, very seriously. Through their tireless endeavours they changed the face and function of Junior Council, which is no mean feat. They were both instrumental in setting up KESCO which is intended as a complementary foil to KESFAM in as much as the focus here is on time and effort for 126

charity, rather than pure fund-raising. These two councillors will be a very hard act to follow. The current councillors, Neil Tytherleigh and Tswelopele Tsotsotso have started their year off well and we hope to see fine achievements from their tenure on Council. I thank Puso and Warren for their unfailing enthusiasm, co-operation, dedication and passion and wish our new councillors, Neil and Tswelo a productive and enjoyable term of office. Mrs A Mania

Junior City Councillors 2005/2006 (left to right):

N Tytherleigh, T Tsotsotso

Johannesburg Junior Council Report 2006 Term of office 2005/2006 When we were asked to write this report we jumped at the chance to once again dive into the beautiful world of Council and to divulge all its amazing successes, which we were fortunate to have been a part of. This is where nostalgia got us‌ Just over a year and a half ago we were introduced to a force of nature! Every second weekend at the very least, most times more, she took our lives by storm, whirling in on a tsunami of excitement, passion and enthusiasm. Organising, ordering, 127

asking and telling. Firing instructions left, right and every where else, like a conquering Napoleon, marshalling her countless resources like Alexander facing the might of Darius’ Persian Empire. Unstoppable in her stated passion to have FUN! Unforgiving if thwarted. Expecting instant obedience to her every hinted want which is always to HELP those in need; a formidable force of Nature. The general: JUNIOR COUNCIL. Don’t get us wrong she’s no spoiled, indulged brat, 80 years is quite an age and she just knows exactly what she wants, and recognises no earthly reason why she should be denied the opportunity to serve. That she wants it, has needed it for the past 80 years, now and for 80 more years to come, is enough. Infectious laughter, a cyclone of frantic activity, trying to cram a lifetime of happily serving into right now. Enthusiasm personified, passion, excitement, creativity, resourcefulness all flowing and blending into the fulfilment of every project coursing through the veins of this beautiful body. If we sound like proud councillors it is simply because… well WE ARE. Being given the opportunity to represent this great school on council was an achievement on its own, but being elected Junior Mayor and Chairman of Welfare respectively, was, as we both agree the most momentous and humbling achievement of our young lives. We were allowed the honour of serving on the Junior City Council, a delegation of 80 representatives from forty schools all around Johannesburg. As the official youth wing of the Metropolitan Council it represents the youth of our city, raising the level of social conscience and awareness on the factors affecting all citizens, especially the youth. Junior Council is primarily charity orientated and strives to lend a helping hand and bring light, love, awareness and good fortune to those less privileged than ourselves. The Council is comprised of approximately 80 pupils each assigned a responsibility in the committees or section 60’s within the council. These management committees include: Welfare, Civic Awareness, Contact, Culture committee, Youth Awareness, Sports and Recreation as well as a unique 80th Birthday committee. These committees undertook various projects during the course of our tenure. Some of the highlights of our term were as follows: • A tour of Soweto where we visited HIV and AIDS orphans at the Othandweni Children’s Home. • Kids Carnival where we treated more than 600 orphaned children to a day of fun and entertainment held at King Edward VII School. • Mr and Miss Jo’burg pageant; a night of glamour - the proceeds of which went to “Kids Haven”. • The Annual “Hand in Hand” project, a day dedicated to the senior citizens of Johannesburg organised by the Bnei Brith organisation. • The Annual National Childrens’ Day celebrations during which we were able to both communicate the needs of our nation’s children as well as celebrate the beauty of youth, and effectively negating George Bernard Shaw’s words that “It is a pity that youth must be wasted on the young.” • These were among our bigger projects while we had many other smaller equally significant projects, which taught us that giving and service extends beyond the monetary. 128

Council has taught us so much about our city, its beauties, its infrastructure its cogs and gears and especially its fuel and engine; the people, who are the driving force behind its diversity. We have come to be more appreciating of our privileged position through encounters with AIDS orphans, disadvantaged communities, senior citizens, business officials, politicians and even celebrities all of whom have been in some way or another involved in our projects. More so, Council has taught us the beauty that exists in people and the lessons we have learned from certain people this year will carry us through any obstacle in life. We would like to thank King Edward VII School for this opportunity and in particular Mrs Mania, our head of Council, mentor, therapist, friend and a second mother to the two of us, for your infinite support, advice and consideration during our term. Thank you for helping us realise our potential, live our dreams and achieve our goals; thank you for always lending an ear to our ideas, for your confidence in us and for your ability to think every detail down to an absolute tee. We will never forget all that you have done for us.

We would like to Congratulate all future Junior Councillors, representing this fine School and wish them the greatest success in their term. P Thahane and W Chalklen

Johannesburg Junior City Council report back from Tswelopele Tsotsotso Neil Tytherleigh and I have just experienced the fastest five months of our lives since our appointment onto the Johannesburg Junior City Council. Council thus far has not just been a learning experience but it has also been a highly enriching and fulfilling one. Our Council tenure began with weekly social events so that everyone could get to know each other and only in June did the real hard work begin on the various portfolios. I have been elected onto the Sports and Recreation Committee as the committee secretary. Our main aim is to inform, enrich and provide people with anything related to sport or anything recreational. Thus far my committee has been on track successfully hosting an Athletics day at Crawford Lonehill for a number of underprivileged children from Thokoza. Other projects that we plan on running in the next half year are a Soccer tournament, a Golf day, a Recreation painting project and a Soccer Ball drive. Being part of Sports and Recreation and Council in general has thus far really been enjoyable and I am sure that the remaining six months of my term will be just as “mind blowing� as my first part. 129

Johannesburg Junior City Council report back from Neil Tytherleigh Council for me has really been an awesome experience which has made me explore greater depths of my personality. I have been elected onto the Sponsorship Committee as the chairperson. Sponsorship is a new committee on Council (which was formed in 2005), and our general aim is to find sponsorship for various committee projects and for Council as a whole. Sponsorship is not just monetary in focus as we also look for sponsorship in certain material goods obviously relevant to the specific needs of the projects we undertake. Being in charge of Sponsorship is a lot of work but it is a position that I will never regret holding despite it being one of the most stressful portfolios within Council. In order to be successful one is required to push oneself to the limit in pursuit of achieving Council gains.

Junior City Councillors 2004/2005 (left to right):

P Thahane, W Chalken


KESCO Interact00 Neil and I are pleased to say KESCO (King Edward VII School Community Outreach programme) which was formed last year by Mrs Mania, Warren Chalklen and Puso Thahane has gone from strength to strength throughout this year. The support that we have received throughout the year has been absolutely great and it is a good indication that boys in the school are interested in the well being and upliftment of our community. Thus far the project that we have successfully completed was a visit on 21 September to the St Georges Village Old Age home in Bedfordview with the choir where we spent an afternoon entertaining and socialising with the some of the senior citizens of our community. Further projects that we are looking at running are a clean up campaign, a garden project, a clothes collection drive as well as a sport equipment collection which will be distributed to underprivileged people. In conclusion it must be said that KESCO has proved to be a success and we hope next year will see it extend even further and brighten more lives. T Tsotsotso and N Tytherleigh


Matric Dance00 After a tough set of prelim exams the King Edward Matric group found themselves in an equally tough air of anxiety and excitement, as the most important day on the Matric calendar drew closer. The morning of 19 August saw the break of a day which would culminate in a most incredibly memorable evening. Upon arrival in vehicles of all makes and ages; from a vintage Bentley, Aston Martin, the odd Hummer H2 and limousines in all shapes and sizes. The evening brought with it a walk through history and a timelessness that seemed fitting for a King Edward event. The King Edward gentlemen stepped out in style. Guests were treated like French royalty, as they proceeded to greet the Headmaster Mr Fennell, Jean Hamann and Gino dos Santos, Head and Deputy Head Prefect of the School respectively. These gentlemen, like all those who filled the Injabulo room were aptly crowned with beautiful women on the arms. There was an aura of excitement and joy as friends, partners, and teachers mingled and took photographs in a beautifully French decorated conference room that seemed like Paris in a bottle. As posh and formal as the guests were, all 'dropped a jaw' at the so perfectly recreated streets of ancient time France. After all the guests had made a grand entrance the night's proceedings were opened by Can Can dancers in authentic French style. The speeches by the Headmaster and the Head Prefect of the School echoed around the room leaving us with a feeling of ease and encouragement as they contained some humorous reflections on the years gone by as well as some valuable words of wisdom. The plethora of delicacies which were served at the buffet left many a boarder delighted and day boy equally impressed. This was followed by the Prefect / teacher waltz for which we had practised and awaited with much anticipation; this was somewhat of a 'rite of passage' as learners held the same teachers they had given much grief to over the years in their arms and handled the challenge with both charm and finesse. This was followed by a less daunting dance with our partners to grace the audiences with our moves. This soon ended and the temperature in the room was tuned up a notch when the entire Matric group was allowed to take to the floor. As the evening drew to a close, we came to the realisation that not only was this memorable night coming to an end but also our time at King Edward. The night closed with one powerful war cry which resonated around the room and left us with the promise to keep us united like an intricate thread that runs through our hearts as Edwardians. Sincere and heartfelt thanks to all those who made this memorable night possible for us; Mrs Groenewald, the administration staff and her very committed staff team. Merci‌ P Thahane & J Hamann 132


Media Centre00 Educator-in-Charge :

Mrs HA Charlesworth

The winds of change have swept through the Media Centre in 2006. The Media Centre has undergone much change. As classroom space is at a premium, both rooms in the Library have been converted into teaching areas: one of tables and chairs and the other of desks. Yet another area is allocated to pupils with special needs. At breaks and after school, the Media Centre is open to all pupils as usual. The Media Centre is still well used as a meeting place for parents, educators and learners. It has served well as an Art Gallery for the display of excellent Art at the end of the year. The Library provides for pupils who indulge in fiction. New novels are requested and enjoyed by all. There is a Library Prize for the one who has read the most books during the year. The ever popular copier is most useful when information from the reference books is needed for projects. In the afternoon, conscientious learners complete their homework in the quiet of the Media Centre. Glossy magazines and newspapers entice pupils in at breaks. Congratulations to Robin Must and Evan Lambris who have been awarded the Library Trophy for 2006. Of special note is their maintenance of the Audio-Visual equipment of the School throughout the year. Special thanks to the following members of Staff for their assistance during the year: Mrs Acton, Mrs Barnes, Mrs Mahlangu, Mrs Pringle and to the monitors who have worked so well. Mrs H A Charlesworth


The Moot00 As we live our lives through ever changing world politics, we tend to forget the idea that these changes affect every single one of us. “The Moot� is the King Edward awareness board that our young men walk past every day on their way to class. It is situated at the ground level of the senior stairwell where boys look at political cartoons or clippings on a weekly basis, taken from the Star newspaper. This board was started by Mr Hugh Wilson and as such I have tried to keep the idea of the moot close to its original mission statement. The Moot has broadened the awareness of our young men to such an extent that I am often asked by boys of all grades the meaning of some of the clippings or cartoons. I believe that this is an integral part of the all round education that King Edward strives for. My personal thanks must go to Mr Wilson as well as Zapiro, who provides us with large amounts of humorous insight into our world of politics. Mr L Bragin


Memorial Parade 200600

Officer Commanding D Rimmer

Second in Command W van Zijl

Company Sergeant Major M Middleton

Platoon Commanders D Cross, R Scott and J D Aylmer

Colour Party Flag Officer Colour Sergeant-Major Colour Sergeants

M Cronje M Scrooby R Hastie J Hardy

Sentries Commander Sentries

K Mbuku M Sanders J Carstens J Oelofse C Barrett

Aide de Camp

T Gwamanda D Jacobs


G Whyte

Wreath Orderlies

D Conradie B Smith R Lombard L Schmidt C van Heerden



Athletics00 Master in Charge: Captain: Vice-Captain:

Mr S Eales C Vounnou R Boatwright

This was by far King Edward’s worst athletics result since 2002. Two losses during the season to Pretoria Boys' and a third place at Inter-High, their worst position ever, made this an extremely disappointing season all round. There were some extremely fine performances and some long-standing records were broken, but a season that promised so much delivered very little. Pre-season training began during exams and was well attended by the athletes. The season began with five days of heats and the championships on the weekends. Rodrigues' record time of just over nine minutes set the weekend off to a good start. This was followed on Saturday with more record breaking efforts from the boys. The following Friday the traditional Inter-House relay took place. The meeting was comprehensively won by Davis House. The Open age group can be proud of their performances throughout the season, leading the team from the front and showing the juniors how athletics should be done at King Edward. Losing Vounnou early in the season placed pressure on other boys in the age group to perform which they did to the best of their ability. The boys had given five good years to King Edward athletics and it seemed a shame that the season should end disappointingly.


The U17 age group, although well represented, struggled to perform against the bigger boys' schools. Wattrus continued to impress at shot put regularly extending the school record. Unfortunately boys who were talented junior athletes chose not to compete in the age groups and the age group was often soundly beaten on the track. The U16 age group was extremely disappointing. As noted in the previous year’s report an age group that has a lot to offer did not turn out to athletics and produce. The few boys who showed the commitment must be commended and they did produce good results on the track. They were, however, found seriously wanting in the field events. The U15 age group continued with their fine start from U14 and if anything have improved. They totally dominated the track and field, often outscoring their peers from rival schools by 20 or more points. Their commitment to athletics can only be commended and with their continued participation the future is bright for King Edward athletics. The U14’s turned out in full force for the championship and showed that there is definitely a strong talent base within the age group. After some early season commitment issues the age group settled down and trained hard and turned in some very fine performances especially on the track. Their numbers increased throughout the season, which helped form a solid age group. The future looks bright and one can only hope they take their enthusiasm and improved commitment into the higher age groups. 139

The King Edward boys have shown that although we had a poor season, athletics is still strong and alive at the school. Through their commitment and effort they have continued to keep athletics at King Edward at a high level. Well Done! My thanks go to Mrs E Evans and all the mothers for their splendid catering. Messrs Thorne, Craig, Scheepers, Hancock, De Kock, Hansen, Faber, Marx, Grant, Tee, Miss van Staden, Mrs Malhangu and the student coaches. Without your help, efforts and assistance this successful athletics season would not have been possible. Thanks to Mrs Meyer for her announcing and the recording and scoring team of Mrs Barnes, Mrs Newman and Mrs Fourie. Mr Matthee and his ground staff for the many long hours spent working on the track and ensuring that our facilities were always of the highest standard on fixture days. The boys of School House for their help with the hurdles and many other tasks you were required to do during the season. C Vounnou and the Open Age Group for leading by example. Mr S Eales

Results Inter House Relay 1st Davis 2nd Hill 3rd School 4th Robinson 5th Grimmer 6th Hofmeyr 7th Anderson 8th Crofts

229 229 229 191 173 152 144 139

Championship Victor Ludorum: Runner up: U17 Champion: U16 Champion: U15 Champion U14 Champion:

C Vounnou R Boatwright B Bwalya N Dlamini M Nkosi W Coetzer



School Meetings King Edward VII School 548, Parktown Boys' High 246, Jeppe High School for Boys 218 (at King Edward) In the first inter-schools athletics meeting of the season, King Edward comfortably won the fiftieth tri-angular meeting between King Edward, Parktown and Jeppe. What makes the feat more impressive is the fact that in the fifty years that this meeting has been held, King Edward is still undefeated! King Edward VII School 464, Parktown Boys' High 233 (at Parktown) King Edward performed well to win by a comfortable margin. King Edward VII School 461, Pretoria Boys' High 543 (at Pretoria Boys') In the 64th meeting between King Edward and Pretoria, the traditional fighting spirit expected from both schools was shown in a closely contested meeting. Pretoria were too strong in the field. The first time in a number of years that Pretoria have won this meeting. King Edward VII School 429, Pretoria Boys’ High 390, Parktown Boys' High 216, Jeppe High School for Boys 157, St David’s Marist 99, St Benedict’s 89 (at King Edward) An excellent meeting with six schools participating showing that boy’s school athletics is alive and well. A closely run meeting between Boys' High and King Edward with King Edward emerging as winners on the day. Pretoria Boys' High 257, King Edward VII School 244, Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool 214, (at Pretoria) A good performance on a Wednesday in Pretoria. Very close between all three schools. "A" Invitation at St John's College Pretoria Boys’ High 430, Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool 430, King Edward VII School 403, Parktown Boys' High 316, Jeppe High School for Boys' 274, St Alban’s 211, St David’s Marist 195, St John's College 184 Another closely contested Invitation meeting. King Edward started poorly and were never able to recover. Disqualifications did nothing to further our cause. A poor day all round and our worst finish ever in the Inter-High meeting. "B" Invitation at King Edward VII Pretoria Boys High “B” 201, King Edward “B” 197, St Benedict’s 165, Parktown Boys' High "B" 114 An extremely close meeting, the way athletics should be. The meeting came down to the relays, where unfortunately we were disqualified in the age groups. Thanks to the “B” side boys for a fine effort.


Athletics Records 2006







300m Hurdles 100m Hurdles 80m Hurdles High Jump Long Jump

Shot Put


Triple Jump


OPEN 10,66s D Krossynski 2003

U17 10,8s D Krossynski 2002

21,8s S Berridge 1983 47,6s S Berridge 1983 1m 53,2s D Strang 1986 4m 01,4s M Rodrigues 2000 9m 02,8s A Rodrigues 2006 39,2s G Trebble 1990 13,2s G Trebble1990 D Malherbe 1996 1,98m S Sulupha 2006 W Todd 1996 6,93m J Grant 1996 14,51m N Vounnou 2003 60,12m B Johnson 1991 14,28m B Steyn 2000 42,76m E van der Merwe 1995

22,2s J Irwin 1999 50,1s K Hartnady 1996 J Irwin 1999 1m 57,8s M Rodrigues 1999 4m 13,3s M Rodrigues 1999

U16 11,1s A Sim 2000 D Krossynski 2001 22,7s J Irwin 1998 51,8s J Irwin 1998 1m 59,8s N Dlamini 2006 4m 17,4s M Rodrigues 1998 9m 39,8s M Rodrigues 1998

U15 11,35s K Moorcroft 2004

U14 11.65s T Photolo 2004

23,5s W Pizani 2000 52,5s B Tickle 1997 2m 04,2s M Rodrigues 1997 4m 17,4s M Rodrigues 1997

23,9s D Sinclair 2003 53,6s B Tickle 1996 2m 07,0s N Dlamini 2004 4m 34,0s G Hulley 1998

12,9s D Malherbe 1995

13,4s D Malherbe 1994

13,6s T Landsman 1998

11,4s J De Bruin 2005

1,98m S Sulupha 2005 6,82m J Irwin 1999 15,65m D Wattrus 2006 58,18m R De Jesuz 1999 14,07m B Steyn 1999 43,01 D Anthony 2002

1,90m S Sulupha 2004 6,74m T Maqungo 1996 14,05m B Boonzaaier 2004 58,11m D Bower 1994 13,51m K Moabelo 1996 42,41m M Sham 2002

1,85m J Beckerman 1995 6,34m D Cotter 2006 15,80m S Sellwood 2005 62,97m J Crichton 2006 13,32m D Cotter 2006 49,54m M Sham 2001

1,80m J Beckerman 1994 5,95m S Tashe 1995 14.13m D Sinclair 2003 50,28m J Ripley-Evans 1996 12,08m K Makgate 1999 41,61m A Marnewick 2000


Athletics Results Championships 2006 EVENT






300m Hurdles 3000m U16 3000m OPEN Long Jump U16 Long Jump OPEN 200m U16 400m U17 400m OPEN 800m U14 800m U15 Shot Put U14 Triple Jump U15

R Boatwright A Leeuw A Rodrigues G Ralph C Vounnou H Henson C Van Heerden R Boatwright B Foord A Leeuw W Coetzer W Coetzer

C Vounnou D Cross G Dos Santos K Kriel S Sulupha K Kriel D Rimmer C Kenny K Owusu M Ratcliffe A Jackson C Kazadi

D Jacobs J Botha A Fraser N Dlamini N Gonsalves N Dlamini M Sexwale A Rodrigues M Shernk D Patterson D Goedes K Owusu

A Fraser S Fraser T Phototlo D Jacobs T Phototlo S Maseko G Dos Santos B Fraser G Salgado A Perreira J Bales

43,2s 10m 09,7s 9m 02,8 5,77m 6,18m 23,3s 54,4s 53,6s 2m 34,2s 2m 08,1s 11,25m 10,85m

Long Jump U17 High Jump U16 Discus OPEN Shot Put U17 Triple Jump U15 Triple Jump OPEN Javelin U16 Discus U15 Javelin U14 High Jump U15 Long JumpU17

B Bwalya N Dlamini D Jacobs D Wattrus D Cotter S Sulupha K Kriel G Gussenhoven J Labauschange D Cotter B Bwalya

S Maseko P Noda M Ovendale M Sanders V Jobo R Boatwright J Sanders P Calitz Q De Kock J Meyer -

D Allan C Vounnou D Richa M Shuping D Jacobs J Wallis T White J Pottow N Mwale M Sanders

5,95m 1,64m 27,17m 15,39m 6,11m 12,90m 40,15m 38,09m 43,30m 1,70m 12,45m

800m U16 1500m U17 1500m OPEN 800m OPEN 800mU17 1500mU16 1500m U15 1500m U14 Javelin OPEN Discus U17 Triple Jump U16 Shot Put U15 High Jump U14 80 Hur U14 100 Hur U15 100 Hur U16 100 Hur U17 100 Hur U18 200m U14 200m U15 High Jump OPEN Javelin U17 Shot Put U16

N Dlamini W Wakefield A Rodrigues A Rodrigues W Wakefield J Botha A Leeuw D Sartor C London D Rimmer M Chilvers E Maghoma W Pearce K Owusu J de Bruin G Ralph M Cronje C Vounnou C Kazadi M Nkosi S Sulupha C van Heerden M Mkhize

J Oelofse D Cross W Thompson J Arnold R Rabinda C Vounnou M Boyd S Esterhuizen S Cobb M Jannsens M Sexwale S Maseko J Botha K Motsoko G dos Santos R Boatwright S Maseko D Cross M Ratcliffe V Botes D Haskins J Arnold N Dlamini N Mwale B Fraser S Cobb V Jobo P Noda S Maseko D Jacobs K Mvunyiswa M Shuping K Peyper D Butler J Saunders

D Cross A Maluleka M Loseby G dos Santos N Bester N Dlamini T Letheo J Pottow C Vounnou D Wattrus D Cross V Jobo T Scott A Pieters R Rabinda K Kriel T Gwamanda W Coetzer R Rabinda D Hitge J Arnold K Kriel

P Noda J Addington S Kubheka D Jacobs K Motsoko S Fraser W Matlakula M Shrenk D Jacobs D Richa D Allan C Gussenhoven K Holtzhausen N Dlamini M Roper K A-Darkwah V Jobo D Jacobs G Gloss J Barnard

2m 06,7s 4m 43,4s 4m 38,2s 2m 04,5s 2m 12,4s 4m 33,0s 4m 41,5s 5m 03,1s 53,51m 38,67m 12,30m 12,69m 1,60m 12,8s 14,3s 14,8s 14,4s 15,1s 25,6s 24,5s 1,95m 54,76m 12,16m








Triple Jump U15 Discus U14 400m U14 400m U15 400m U16 200m U17 200 OPEN Shot Put OPEN High Jump U17 Discus U16 Javelin U15 Long Jump U14 100 U14 100m U15 100m U16 100m U17 100m OPEN

D Cotter A Abreu K Mawa M Nkosi N Dlamini M Maghoma A Weir R Cromer-Wilson B Bwalya J Lewis J Crichton B Foord W Coetzer M Shuping H Henson M Maghoma A Weir

M Nkosi A Perreira W Coetzer A Leeuw K Kriel J Oelofse W Thompson C Vounnou M Cronje P Noda J Meyer A Pieters C Kazadi M Nkosi N Dlamini J Oelofse M Sim

M Shuping C De Vos B Foord J De Bruin G Ralph D Silcock R Boatwright D Jacobs D Searle J Barnard R Wells W Coetzer K Mvunyiswa R Rabinda K Kriel B Bwalya W Thompson

V Jobo K Spaan K Owusu G Salgado D Cross C van Heerden D Haskins R Boatwright S Maseko K Kriel W Dias A Jackson A Pieters E Ngulube S Scorgie M Cronje D Haskins

13,24m 27,90m 59,3s 54,6s 52,9s 24,9s 23,2s 11,41m 1,80m 32,94m 62,98m 5,28m 12,2s 11,7s 11,4s 11,4s 11,3s


Basketball 200600 Master in Charge: Educators: Head Coach:

Mr S Thorne Mrs J Newman and Mr L Mbele Mr Q Denyssen

Please can we get our ‘free throws’? I am sure I will be saying this until the cows come home. The referees can give us ‘free throws’ the whole game and we will still make a mess of it. Points for nothing and we don’t take them. This is what cost us some vital games this year in all the age groups. When will it stop, or should I rather say when will we start to get them? We will start to get them when we start taking our own time and start practicing it on our own and in our own time. Boys don’t realise that shooting baskets takes time and there are no instant results and it is a long process and takes a long time to get it right. I suppose boys are used to instant results as we have instant access to the internet, instant coffee, instant downloads and so and so on. So here is the challenge to you the boys: spend less time playing street ball and more time honing your skills like shooting. Then and only then will you start getting above 40% of your free throws, and then and only then will you start being able to play outside the key. Participation is always high at King Edward VII School and 2006 was no exception. Again we were able to put together 9 teams and for this the boys need to be complimented. We again, as stated last year, were probably able to put together 11 or 12 teams, but who do we play and where? With 11/2 courts it is amazing that we


can put together the teams that we do. Furthermore even if we had the opposition, where do we play and when? We need new courts and we need them now. If we had new courts, extra games with new opposition could be organised with minimal effort. However, where do we find the space and the money to build these courts as everything costs money. The coaches have done a wonderful job with their limited resources. To only have half a court every practice is hard work and is not conducive to good coaching and training. At any time there are 4 teams on a court and a half on a practice day. But our 'moans and groans' are being heard and we look forward to more courts in the foreseeable future. Basketball is still growing in South Africa and by the time this goes to press we will see the re-launch of the PBL (Professional Basketball League). This will go a long way to growing the sport. It looks as if there will be a Coastal Conference and Inland Conference with the winners playing each other. The proof will be in the pudding and we will all know by the end of 2006 what is happening. What I do know is that if Universities grow the sport, that is when we will see a mammoth interest in the sport develop because it is at University that we are losing Basketball players. If the Universities put all their weight behind the sport we will see it becoming a major sport in Southern Africa. My thanks must go to all those involved in basketball at King Edward VII School. Thanks to Mr Fennell for his continued support of basketball, to Mrs Newman for all her

First Team Basketball 2006 Front Row (left to right): Middle Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

T Mogapi, M T Rachidi (Vice Captain), J P Gray (Captain) I H Maghoma C L Unamaca, J M Gray, B Bwalya, S N Maseko K S Mbuku, K B McCoy, K H Katalundi 147

organisation as well as Mr Mbele for looking after the U15 age group so well. To Mr Matthee and Roger for all for the upkeep of the courts and organisation of tables, chairs and gazebos on game days. Further thanks to Mrs Evans for all the catering when hosting teams and meetings. Thanks to the parents for all their support and help during the inaugural King Edward / Sacred Heart Tournament. To all the staff who make up the RBL (Rainbow Basketball League) thanks for all the good work. A special thanks to Mr Marx, our Sports Director, for all his assistance and help during a busy season as usual. To Trends Clothing a further thanks for the design of our new Basketball Kit that is worn with pride by all our players: we are by far the neatest at any game. Mr S Thorne

First Team Basketball Manager: Coach: Captain: Vice–Captain:

Mr S Thorne Mr Q Denyssen J P Gray M Rachidi

The boys must be complimented on a season where they tried very hard and put in a lot of hard work. In spite of a 57% win ratio, lots of games were lost by very small margins and they were only outplayed once and that was by a very good St Albans team in their first meeting. We must also remember that this was a young side comprised of no fewer than 8 Grade 11 learners, which does bode well for the 2006/2007 season. So well done to a young and inexperienced side. However, we must also be realistic and state that a 57% overall win ratio is also a very average one and we must remember that King Edward VII does demand a high standard. A weakness of this team is that they could drop their heads at times and they lacked a killer, or could we even say on occasions, a fighting spirit. They showed great character by losing to a very good St Albans side by 13 points when in their opening performance against St Albans they were thrashed by 20 points in a short version of the game. The First Team of 2005/2006 also showed great character in the King Edward VII Tournament by winning 4 of their 5 games and only eventually losing to arguably the best side in the country, DHS, in the final. They therefore came second in a very prestigious tournament. Further highlights were King Edward VII beating St Benedict's 3 out of 4 times in the league as well as competitions. Another highlight was King Edward showing great character against Pretoria Boys' High School by beating them quite easily at the King Edward Tournament after losing to them by 1 point at the opening of their new courts. The annual DHS Tournament was again for this team one of highs and lows. The highs being qualifying for the A section by beating Westville and Gateway and losing narrowly to a good St Charles side. The lows came in the form of losing a key player, Brown, to an eventually diagnosed broken toe and Mogapi to a bad cut above the


eye. The spectators witnessed a great game between us and Kearsney College, eventual finalists, in a game that I think was the highest scoring game at the tournament. Here we lost 93 – 100. What was our downfall? Well, free throws again. If we hit at least 60% of our free throws we would have won comfortably, but with an average of well below 40% we were never going to do that. The last two games were a disaster without some players. We dropped our heads against Prince Edward and were beaten by an average side who played better basketball on the day. In the final game we threw it away to Dominican by trying to play their style of ball and allowing them to take their chances by putting no pressure on them when shooting. We therefore finished 8th out of 16 in the tournament and 8th out of 26 when you combine both sections. So was this trip worthwhile, I don’t know as it is hell getting down there and it is out of season for us by 3 weeks so we are always undercooked and out of practice when we get there. On the other hand Myles Delport from DHS organises a great tournament and it is the proper tournament. Will we tour next year? I don’t think so as it is out of season and the boys have other commitments. Furthermore it costs a great deal to get down there and puts further financial strain on all concerned. Besides that a great deal of the boys are involved in rugby/hockey tournaments over the same time. One doesn’t, in my opinion, go to a tournament to make up the numbers but rather to do well. The RBL went better for us and we had a 64% win ratio and the only teams we struggled against were St Alban's and the American International School. The team


therefore showed great consistency and managed to record some very good wins against some highly rated opposition. Credit must go to the boys for getting the start of the 2006 season off to winning ways by reversing a comprehensive loss to Jeppe at the end of 2005 by 13 points to a comprehensive win by 26 points at the start of 2006. Jared Gray, who captained the side, must be complimented on the manner in which he dealt with his responsibilities both on and off the court. He showed great maturity and never shirked his responsibilities. The real test came when we went on tour and here he ably assisted me in making sure that we were down there to play basketball. The players responded well to Jared and any instruction during the season was welcomed as well as completed. Thank you Jared, I hope you carry on with basketball as lots of fun is to be had. Team Blazer Awards : 2005/2006 J Brown, B Bwalya, J P Gray, J M Gray, K Katalundi, S Maseko, I Maghoma, K Mbuku, K McCoy, T Mogapi, M Rachidi and C Unamaca. The following boys represented the First Team for the 2005/2006 season: J Brown, B Bwalya, J P Gray (Captain), J M Gray, K Katalundi, S Maseko, I Maghoma, K Mbuku, K McCoy, T Mogapi, M Rachidi (Vice-Captain) and C Unamaca. Player Critique: Brown J – A highly competitive player who has all the attributes to become very good.Control your temper though Jermaine. Bwalya B – A young player with great hands and exceptional vision. A great deal is expected next season. Gray J P (Capt) – A strong leader who gave of his best. Work hard on all aspects of your game in the future. Gray J M – An able player who always made his mark. Katalundi K – Young member of the side who always tried hard. Matured as the season went on. Good luck in Grade12. Maseko S – a gifted player who carries the ball well. Concentrate hard during the whole game. You will be an integral part of the team next year. Maghoma M – Be patient, your time will come. However, seize the opportunity when it arises. Your role in the team next year will be vital. Mbuku K – Grew up a great deal through the season. You came into your own during the DHS Tournament; a lot will be expected of you next year. McCoy K – Big, strong and athletic. What more can we ask for? Work on your rebounds and temper for the 2006/2007 season. Mogapi T – A real team man who was proud to be part of the team and made his contribution felt. Thank you. Rachidi M (Vice- Captain) – a quiet young man who always did the right thing. Great on defences and hustled well. Unamaca U – A great team man who gave of his best on and off the field. You talk the talk well, now you need to start walking it, because we know you can.

Mr S Thorne 150

Second Team Basketball Manager: Coach: Captain:

Mr S Thorne Mr O Ndlovu (KP) K Mlambo

KP always does well with these boys. Unfortunately there are never enough games for these young men. Their enthusiasm was never dampened and they always gave of their best and often would play ‘loaded’ sides as one would see the same players playing for their school’s first team afterwards. Not too fair but this is what one has to become accustomed to. Although they had a very average season as far as second teams go it must be seen in the light of the composite teams that we played against. Other schools desperately need to get their house in order or don’t offer games, however, rather a game than no game. The team had a 57% win ration and showed great character in all the games played. There were some great games but the one that stands out is the game against St Stithians where they triumphed 71 – 6 and looked very good in doing it. On their losses I will stand up for them and say that they played composite teams, a ruling that will be brought up at the next RBL meeting. How can one represent two teams in one day? To the Grade 12's in the team, thank you for your service to the sport of basketball and well done. To the Grade 11 boys there are places up for grabs in the First Team; take them and good luck. The following boys represented the Second team for the 2005/2006 season: B Sibiya, P Tshabalala, K Mlambo (Captain), W Julies, C Moloi, Y Skaap, A Maluleke, T Ramong, X Gqolomo, Z Richter, D Nkusi and K Ntshangase. Mr S Thorne

U16 Basketball Manager: Coach: Captain:

Mr S Thorne K Ilunga D Allan

This team has a great fighting spirit and they have come a long way since U14 when they were thrashed by almost everyone. Ilunga did great work with them and they were never truly beaten by anyone even though they had a 58% win ratio. Their nemesis proved to be St Alban's and St Benedict's. But one must remember that on the occasions that they did lose that it was by a maximum of three points only. On the up side there were some great wins notably against American International, DHS and Bishop Bavin showing that on the day they could beat the best. A great deal will be expected from these boys when they move up to the open division as they can 151

go all the way, but hard work does lie ahead. This team must learn to turn those narrow losses to convincing wins in order to become a great side. Good luck for your open season. Allan and Mkhize proved to be the backbone of the side and the team often played around them. Dedlow gained in confidence and gave of his best, however, needs to work on his commitment. Simelane is a great ball handler and Ngwevela improved every day. Hannie and Gilbertson worked well for the rebounds and will be valuable in the open age group. Marolen has real talent that hopefully he can take up with him. Mr S Thorne The following boys represented the U16 team for the 2005/2006 season: D Allan (Captain), K Keating, Z Dedlow, J Fisher, T Photlo, N Simelane, T Mbele, P Noda, T Marolen, J Gilbertson, B Ndlovu, S Hannie, S Ngwevela, M Mkhize, C Groote, G Maghoma and F Sloth-Nielson.

U15 Basketball Manager: Coach: Captain:

Mr L Mbele J Bugugu L Absolom

What a truly talented team: with an 89% win ratio for the A team what more can be said. The B team did even better with a 100% win ratio. So to sum it up one can say that these young men had a truly great season. All credit must go to them as well as their coach, Junior, who is truly passionate about the game of basketball. For the B team there were no downs so one can only say well done and I am sure that many of you will force your way back into the A team. Good luck for the seasons to come and may you continue to enjoy yourselves. The A team only lost two games out of four by narrow margins to St Benedict's. However, they did have the last laugh by beating them in their last confrontation by a massive 34 – 14 which equates to a twenty point drubbing especially after a 4 point loss the Saturday before. This showed the nature of a great team, to come back after a defeat in the final of a tournament to beat them comprehensively the following week. Definite highlights were resounding wins over DHS and St Alban's college. The other results speak for themselves and can be reviewed in the results section of this report. All the players contributed to the team's success however special mention must be made of Lekgenyane who contributed greatly to the team's success. Golubovich proved to be a more than able sidekick and together they proved to be an awesome attacking force. A problem the team did have was getting back on defence. Absolom and Mwale proved to be extremely good ball handlers and were awesome in bringing up the ball. Mwale proved to be strong and decisive in attack and never shied away when he had to defend. Cotter, Jobo and Nkosi were strong on the rebound and never shirked from their responsibilities. Their physical presence will be needed in the higher age groups as it becomes a more physical game. 152

In conclusion congratulations must go to a good squad of players who were well drilled by an enthusiastic coach. However, you must remember never to rest on your laurels and work hard. The harder you work the luckier you will get. Mr S Thorne The following boys represented the U15A team for the 2005/2006 season: N Mwale, P Golubovich, L Lekgenyane, V Jobo, E Maghoma, N Nkwe, N Nkosi, N Mokoena, L Maseko, L Absolom, R Rabinda, J Jennings, M Mophosho, D Cotter and P Castel. The following boys represented the U15B team for the 2005/2006 season: C Larbi, T Letheo, M Moja, M Shuping, J Mpyanye, J Majuru, N Mathaba, L Kupa, F Yanguya, T Molefe and T Matlala.

U14 Basketball Manager: Coach: Captain:

Mr S Thorne Mr U Maquina and Mr S Thorne S Gray

A very average season was had by the U14 age group which totalled in a combined 50% win ratio. The A team won 40% of their games and the B team 60% of their games. However, their second half of the season, in other words their fourth term results are far better, if not excellent, proving that King Edward are slow starters. The reason I don’t count the fourth term's results is because it goes towards the following season. So in this case their results in the fourth term are compiled with the first term of 2007. Therefore it will read in the 2007 magazine as the 2006/2007 season. A bit confusing, but the season then flows and makes sense when they represent the First Team as in the fourth term no Grade 12's play as they are on study leave. The teams struggled and the highlights were few and far between, but as I mentioned watch these boys as they will turn it around and you will read their 2006/2007 results with glee. The highlight was definitely their third place out of six in the King Edward VII Tournament where they were never outplayed. So well done to them and their achievements. To all the boys congratulations as for most this was their first season of basketball as very few primary schools play the game. Remember to stick it out and practise your free throws and good luck for next year. Mr S Thorne The following boys represented the U14A team for the 2005/2006 season: K Sutter, K Mvunyiswa, C Neville, S Scarcella, D Raphunga, N Dlamini, S Nzima, S Gray, A Abreu, C Kazadi, K Gabashane, T Byrom and T Sham. 153

The following boys represented the U14B/C team for the 2005/2006 season: S Keswa, K Dlodlo, D Scholl, O Nameng, S Mofo, D Howard, D Moya, T Klein, P Cupido, P Sithole, B Reineke, L Thahane, O Moabelo, D van der Merwe, P Makapan, L Kipa and R da Fonseca.

Basketball Results 2005/06 Rainbow Basketball League Results Opposition St Alban's College St John's College The Glen High School Pretoria Boys' Sacred Heart College St Benedict's College St Stithians College St Peter's College Bishop Bavin American International School Jeppe DHS Results

1st Team L15-44 L42-55 W29-27 L17-25 W49-30 L30-36 W44-15

2nd Team No game

No game


L23-24 W44-38 W35-24 W49-30 W34-31 L29-32 W42-32 W42-35 No game Rained out W58-18 W98-18 W47-41

No game

L25-32 L31-32 W83-10

L54-64 L39-52 W23-21 W44-18 L26-43 Played 23 Won 14 Lost 9 Win 61%

No game

No game

U16A L20-27 L25-19 W38-30 W26-12 W15-12

L14-16 W18-16 L7 - 9

U16B No game

U15A W37-14 W23-15 W43-2 W22-10

U15B No game

U14A L21-3

U14B L6-8


W36-11 W19-6


No game


No game

No game

W29-18 W37-24 W64-12 W64-14 W36-31 L20-27 L23-37 W34-14 No game W88-17 W25-10 No Game W37-1

No game

No game

No game

No game

L16-18 W21-20 L25 -28 L25-27 No game No game W71-6 L26-27 W29-14 No game No Game W61-16 L21-25 W39-15

W24-16 No Game

No game

No game No game No game


No game No game No game

W38-16 No Game No Game No Game W35-15 No Game

Played 7 Won 4 Lost 3 Win 57%

W27-25 Played 19 Won11 Lost 8 Win 58%

Played 1 Won 1 Lost 0 100%

Overall win ratio = 66%


W30-9 W41-15

W36-27 W46-6 W25-18

L21-22 W15-13 L5-6 L14-21

No game


No game


W20-8 W15-9



No game No game L6-8

No game

W21-10 W20-13

No Game No Game

W50-38 L30-7 Played 19 Played 6 Played 10 Won 17 Won 6 Won 4 Lost 2 Lost 0 Lost 6 Win 89% Win 100% Win 40%

Played 5 Won 3 Lost 2 Win 60%

Played 1 Won 0 Lost 1 Win 0%



First Team Cricket SEPTEMBER HOLIDAYS 2005 Coach: Technical Advisor: Captain:

Mr E Marx Mr C Finlayson J Smit

Once again the season started slightly earlier than usual with Mr Marx and Mr Finlayson taking the First, Second and U16A team players for pre-season practices in the cement nets from the start of August. The four cement nets at the swimming pool were upgraded by laying new matting and the presence of two new bowling machines made technical coaching easier. In a somewhat different approach to playing cricket in the third term, the First Team started off the new season by playing three limited 20/20 over matches at CBC Boksburg, which would serve as good warm-up preparation for the following Michaelmas and Beckwith Cricket Weeks. In the first match against Cornwall Hill King Edward won the toss and decided to bowl first. The 20/20 format was quite new and we wanted to see how many runs were enough. The field was quite small and did not help the spinners. Three run out opportunities came along and all three were taken. The batting started off slowly but Jacobs batted superbly for his 57 not out. He was ably assisted by Vilas who scored a well-worked 15 not out. King Edward won by 6 wickets. Against Helpmekaar King Edward once again sent the opposition in to bat first. Helpmekaar were fast out of the blocks and had 60 runs without loss on the board after only 8 overs. Madiseng (1/17) and Van der Vyver (3/25) stopped the run flow. Carstens (1/18) and Marshall (3/19) nailed the final nail in the coffin. Two brilliant catches by Carstens and Madiseng assisted the bowlers well. King Edward progressed slowly and after 10 overs were 36/1, chasing 121 in the 20 overs. Landsdale hit an unbeaten 52 from 34 balls to steer King Edward to victory. He was ably assisted by Carstens (21) and Thomson who hit two fours in succession to wrap up the match. King Edward won by 6 wickets. The third match of the day saw St Stithians win the toss and sending King Edward in to bat. In a fast start King Edward scored at 8 an over, with Madiseng (71) and Jacobs (52*) playing freely to keep the run rate up. In the middle overs King Edward went to sleep but Landsdale hit 20 runs from the last over to put King Edward back on track. St Stithians tried hard and successfully to keep up the run rate. However, the darker it got, the more difficult it became to bat. In the end good bowling from Madiseng (2/11), Worth (2/19) and Thomson (3/15) and deteriorating light conditions prevented St Stithians from reaching the target. King Edward won by 53 runs. In the first limited 50 overs match of the season, King Edward won the toss against St Stithians College and decided to bat first. Madiseng (45) and Jacobs (19) started off 156

well and scored at 8 runs an over for the first 8 overs. With the loss of both openers the run rate dropped and only Smit kept the score board ticking over. A blistering 88 from 48 balls from Landsdale saw King Edward reach 225. St Stithians helped themselves to some indifferent bowling and scored at 6 runs an over. Once wickets started to fall the run rate dropped and some good bowling from Van der Vyver (3/29) and Worth (1/13) restricted the flow of runs to 184. King Edward won by 41 runs. A second warm-up match saw King Edward take on Westlake from New Zealand. King Edward batted well with Smit (46) and Thomson (50*) the main contributors in the total of 225/4. In a humdinger of a match, Westlake managed to hang on and made the last run with one wicket in hand. Madiseng (3/52) and Van der Vyver (2/34) bowled well. King Edward lost by 1 wicket. The following boys played: J Smit (Captain), J Carstens, K Demartinis, D Jacobs, W Landsdale, T Madiseng, D Marshall, D Patricio, G Penaluna, K Peyper, G Thomson, G vd Vyver, G Vilas and G Worth.

First Team Cricket Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

S Spooner, G Thompson, J Carstens (Captain), M Daniel (Vice-Captain), D Jacobs D Marshall, M Middleton, G Worth, W Landsdale, R Corns, C Barrett, S Landsdale, M McGillivray, S Manton, J Cripwell



CBC 20/20 Tournament TEAM




Cornwall Hill Helpmekaar St Stithians Weslake (NZ)

107/4 124/4 160/4 225/4

106/5 120/7 108/6 226/9

Won by 6 wickets Won by 6 wickets Won by 53 runs Lost by 1 wicket

(20 (20 (20 (50

overs) overs) overs) overs)

169/3 182/10 219/10 50/1

165/10 227/9 213/8 206/9

Won by 7 wickets Lost by 45 runs Won by 6 runs Rained out

(50 (50 (50 (50

overs) overs) overs) overs)

266/9 231/7 206/4 285/4

209/9 223/6 204/7 282/7

Won Won Won Won

(50 (50 (50 (50

overs) overs) overs) overs)

39/5 56/3 65/3

Won by 10 wickets Lost by 7 wickets Won by 32 runs

Michaelmas Week DHS Hilton College Michaelhouse St Charles

Beckwith Week North Area Team St David’s Marist Far West Rand Alberton Schools

by by by by

67 runs 8 runs 6 wickets 6 wickets

Chubb 8 Over Tournament Prestasie Alberton High Dinamika

104/0 37/8 97/5

(8 overs) (8 overs) (8 overs)

FOURTH TERM 2005 Coach: Technical Advisor: Captain:

Mr E Marx Mr C Finlayson JP Carstens

In the first match for the new team Randburg won the toss and sent King Edward in to bat. After losing an early wicket King Edward managed to score at 7 runs an over. Jacobs (39) batted well at the start and when he lost his wicket Wesley Landsdale took over and scored a superb 99 from 92 balls. Middleton (59*) and Spooner (33) ensured that King Edward made 294/8 in the end. Randburg never really looked like making the runs but Bekker (66) and le Roux (33) batted well. Thomson (2/18) and Carstens (2/31) bowled well and they were ably assisted by Daniel who took 3/41, restricting Randburg to 194/10. A well-polished performance from a new team. King Edward won by 100 runs. The second match saw Alberton win the toss and sending King Edward in to bat. After losing two quick wickets on a damp wicket Wesley Landsdale (54) and Daniel (30) batted well to keep King Edward in the frame. Carstens contributed well with his 29 in a score of 215/10. Unfortunately the batsmen who got in did not go on to make a big 159

score and the total of 215 looked an easy target. Alberton lost two early wickets but two dropped catches allowed the opposition to settle on a score of 107/3 after 25 overs. After tea Barrett (4/35) and Thomson (2/28) bowled superbly to restrict Alberton Schools to 189/10. In the second half the fielding was better and the team showed good fighting spirit. King Edward won by 26 runs. In Pretoria, Pretoria Boys' won the toss and decided to bat first. They lost a wicket on the seventh ball of the day but continued to score quickly due to some indifferent bowling by King Edward, bowling both sides of the wicket. At tea Pretoria Boys' had 123/3 and looked like making in excess of 250 runs. King Edward came back well after drinks to restrict Pretoria Boys to 207/10. Good bowling from Thomson (1/18), Carstens (1/33) and Jacobs (2/31) helped King Edward pull it back. Excellent bowling from Pretoria made scoring difficult and at tea King Edward had 65/3. Carstens (26), Thomson (31) and Middleton (27) looked like carrying the team through but an unfortunate run out and a stumping cost King Edward in the end. No batsman turned a good start into a big score and King Edward was bowled out for 171. An expensive lesson learnt, but hopefully one that will help the team perform better in future. King Edward lost by 36 runs. King Edward won the toss and decided to bat first against St John’s College. After a very slow start King Edward had 23 after 10 overs and 84/3 at drinks. Wesley Landsdale (36) and Carstens (82 off 77) immediately picked up the pace and put some pressure on the bowlers. Three quick wickets saw King Edward at 152/8 and in trouble. Worth (21*) assisted Carstens well in taking the score to 214/9 after 50 overs. Carstens played a superb captain's innings that will be long remembered. St John's lost two early wickets but kept the required run rate going thanks to some poor fielding from King Edward. However, the bowlers stuck to their guns and Worth (2/22) and Barret (1/20) bowled well in the middle. Middleton (2/8) came through when the chips were down and helped King Edward bowl St John's out for 196. King Edward won by 18 runs. In the last match of the fourth term St David's won the toss and decided to bat on a wicket they thought would be conducive to run scoring. After the first over it was clear that it would be very difficult to make a big score. Due to some excellent bowling from all bowlers, in particular Thomson (2/10), Carstens (3/32) and Worth (3/33), King Edward restricted St David's to 131/10. For the first time this season all bowlers bowled an impeccable line and length and made scoring very difficult. King Edward got off to a good start but once the spinners were introduced scoring on a slow turning wicket became very difficult. Wesley Landsdale (46) and Thomson (31*) batted well and steered the team to victory. King Edward won by 4 wickets.

FIRST TERM 2006 The year 2006 started with a very early tour to Grey High School in Port Elizabeth in celebration of their 150th celebrations. In the first match King Edward won the toss and sent Grey High in to bat. As this was a declaration match Grey High was very cautious at the start and good bowling from Thomson (12/3/15/1) and Barrett (6/3/4/2) ensured that Grey was struggling at 18/4. Some good batting in the middle of the innings saw Grey reach their total of 128/10 after 78 overs. A very tired King Edward went in to bat 160

and could not have had a worse start. At 13/3 things looked bleak but a superb knock from Daniel (66*), ably assisted by Thomson (20) helped King Edward to come within reach of the winning total when time ran out. Match drawn. On the second day King Edward won the toss and decided to bat first against St Andrew’s in windy conditions quite unfamiliar to the Highveld players. Jacobs (54) and Carstens (33) batted well in an innings where the batsmen struggled to come to grips with the slow pace of the wicket. King Edward ended with 188/10 after 74 overs. St Andrew’s never looked like chasing the target down and opted to play for a draw. This almost back-fired as a couple of wickets fell near the end of their innings. Carstens bowled well for his 4/31 in 14 overs. In the end King Edward did not have enough time to bowl their opponents out and had to settle for a draw. On day three King Edward won the toss and sent Selborne in to bat in the first limited overs match. Some excellent fielding helped to restrict Selborne to 131/10 after only 40 overs. Worth (3/31) bowled well and Wesley Landsdale took some exceptional catches, bagging five catches in the match. King Edward started off well but lost wickets at regular intervals. Once again Carstens (25) was the mainstay of the batting and steered his team to their total of 132/7. King Edward won by 3 wickets. On the last day of the festival King Edward was sent in to field first against Kingswood College on a hot day. In an innings where most bowlers struggled to find rhythm Middleton bowled well for his 4/26 helping restrict Kingswood to 180/8. King Edward started like a whirlwind and after an opening partnership of 77 runs looked set to win easily. Once again Jacobs batted well and aggressively for his 51. The match suddenly changed and at 97/6 and 128/8 it looked if the target was too big. However, Spooner (36*) and Marshall (20*) steered the ship home with some excellent batting. King Edward won by 2 wickets. On our return to Johannesburg a night game was played at the old Technicon grounds in Pretoria where King Edward lost the toss and Waterkloof decided to bat first in this day-night fixture. On a field that was slow Waterkloof managed to bat well and score at a decent rate. Good bowling by Thomson (2/25) and Corns (3/35) kept the Waterkoof batsmen in check and restricted them to 174/9 after 45 overs. King Edward never looked in trouble and great batting by Middleton (46), Carstens (43*) and Spooner (25*) helped King Edward (175/4) reach the target with 5 overs to spare. King Edward won by 6 wickets. 161

The second weekend saw King Edward undertake the bi-annual tour to Bloemfontein. In the first match King Edward won the toss and sent Grey College in to bat. King Edward bowled well in the morning session and at drinks Grey College had 90/0. After drinks the long cricket week King Edward had previously, playing 5 matches in 7 days, began to tell and Grey College scored at 6 runs an over to set a target of 240/5. Some indifferent bowling and poor catching contributed to the big score. King Edward started off slowly and only Daniel (16) looked like scoring runs. Wesley Landsdale (49) played an aggressive innings but in the end King Edward was bowled out for 143. It was a disappointing end to a good start earlier in the day. King Edward lost by 97 runs. Unfortunately the heavens opened during the Friday night which totally water logged the fields at St Andrew’s which saw King Edward return early to Johannesburg. Once back home the next match was against Pretoria Boys’ at home. King Edward lost the toss and was sent in to bat on a damp wicket which made scoring very difficult. Daniel (22) and Middleton (27) survived the early onslaught and batted slowly but steadily. At drinks after 25 overs King Edward had 88/4 and looked out of the game. After drinks Carstens batted superbly and scored an unbeaten 91 to steer his team to a total of 204/9. Pretoria Boys’ started off aggressively and lost some early wickets, yet still managed to maintain a run rate of 4 runs per over. At tea after 25 overs Pretoria Boys’ had 100/4 and looked like clinching the match. Corns, however, had other ideas and bowled superbly to take 4/33. He was ably assisted by Carstens (0/21 in 10 overs) and Middleton (2/29). Pretoria Boys’ were bowled out for 172 giving King Edward a win by 32 runs. In our first Johnny Waite match of the season Northcliff won the toss and sent King Edward in to bat. On a slow wicket that moved around a bit King Edward did well to score 190/10 in their allotted 35 overs. Carstens continued his good form with 42, while Wesley Landsdale started to find his form again with 36. King Edward bowled superbly with the first 8 overs going for 18 runs. King Edward then bowled 22 overs of spin, totally dominating the batsmen. Carstens with 3/25 and Corns with 2/7 broke Northcliff’s back, restricting them to 97/10. King Edward won by 93 runs. The next round Johnny Waite fixture was against Fourways High School. King Edward batted first and scored 193/7 in the allotted 35 overs. Wesley Landsdale excelled with a great knock of 60. The King Edward bowling was always going to be too strong and Barrett with 3/7 broke the back-bone of Fourways’ batting to reduce them to 57/10. King Edward won by 136 runs. In the next match against Parktown Boys’, Parktown won the toss and decided to bat first. King Edward bowled exceptionally well with Thomson taking 2/21 in a blistering opening spell. He was ably assisted by Corns (5/23) and Carstens (2/23). Parktown was bowled out for 127. During lunch there was a typical Highveld cloud burst and the match could only commence at 15:30, leaving King Edward 30 overs to chase the score or bat out the overs. However, what was about to happen only occurs in horror movies. King Edward managed to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory and was bowled out for 82 in only 25 overs! A very mediocre effort from a highly talented team who did not grasp the idea of declaration cricket! King Edward lost by 45 runs. 162

The third Johnny Waite match of the season saw St John’s College win the toss and they decided to bat first on a slow wicket. When rain interrupted play St John’s had 44/2 after 14 overs. On resuming the match the following day King Edward started off bowling well, but lost the plot somewhat when the spinners took over, allowing too many singles and twos to be taken. St John’s ended on 131/9, a reasonably reachable target if a team batted well. Unfortunately King Edward, for the second time in three matches, failed to get off to a good start and soon was in trouble with a score of 10/3. The First Team never recovered and was bowled out for 87. Another disappointing effort from a team capable of much better. Next up was the annual fixture at Jeppe Boys’ where a declaration match was played. King Edward won the toss and decided to bat first. After losing two wickets in the third over, Daniel (38) and Wesley Landsdale (49) batted well and scored at 5 runs an over. Unfortunately both lost their wickets just before tea and it was up to Carstens (37) and Middleton (34) to steer the team to a total of 222/10 in their allotted 60 overs. This left King Edward 50 overs to bowl Jeppe out. Worth (3/31) and Barrett (1/21) bowled well up front and Jeppe was in trouble on 109/6. Unfortunately our bowlers could not bowl at the wickets near the end and Jeppe survived for a score of 147/6 which lead to a tame draw. In a quick Wednesday afternoon outing to CBC Boksburg, King Edward was sent in to bat on a damp wicket with lots of grass on it. After a good start King Edward lost wickets at regular intervals, only Thomson managing to make a decent score of 36 to help King Edward reach 145/9 after 30 overs. CBC batted very slowly and never looked like chasing the runs. In the end they managed a couple of hefty blows, but it was not enough, giving King Edward a win by 48 runs. In one of the big disappointments of the season, Affies won the toss and decided to bat first. Due to some great bowling up front from Thomson (0/35 in ten) and Worth (0/13 in five) they struggled to score quickly. With the score on 106/6 Affies looked in big trouble, but a partnership of 105 runs in 101 balls turned the game around. Barrett bowled superbly in his last spell and ended with 5/39 in his ten overs, showing a lot of guts and determination. King Edward started off well, scoring at 4 runs an over for the first 5 overs and then lost too many wickets at regular intervals. At drinks with the score on 75/3 King Edward still looked in a good position, but two silly run outs put paid to our run chase. King Edward was bowled out for 126, with only Carstens managing a respectable sore of 41. King Edward lost by 97 runs. Unfortunately the last match of the season against St Stithians was rained out. A special word of thanks goes out to Mr Frikkie Matthee who prepared nets and pitches under very wet and difficult circumstances. You and the ground staff did a great job! Mr Roy Webber from Old Eds needs to be mentioned in this regard. King Edward was privileged to use one field on a Wednesday at Old Eds and we trust that the good relationship will continue for many years to come. Thank you to Mr Mike Fennell for his continued support and to Mr Cedric Finlayson for his tasks performed as Technical Director. Mrs Anne Vilas from Opal Sports supported us on numerous occasions and her support and sponsorship are highly appreciated. 163

The mothers once again did a magnificent job with the lunches and teas; something that has always been the norm at our School. Thank you to every mother involved, especially the mothers who took charge during the season under the guidance of Mrs Danielle Carstens. A special word of thank you to our loyal and quite brilliant scorer, Jamie Cripwell, who has served the first team for four years already. You have made many a summer’s afternoon enjoyable for the players and made the new boys’ jobs so much easier on the score board. Colours were awarded to: CA Barrett, DL Jacobs, WR Landsdale, GM Thomson and GR Worth. Team Blazers were awarded to: RG Corns, M Daniel, MS Middleton and SB Spooner. The following boys played: J Carstens (Captain), M Daniel, D Jacobs, S Landsdale, W Landsdale, M Middleton, G Thomson, S Spooner, D Marshall, G Worth, C Barrett, R Corns, S Manton, O Holland and C McIntyre.

FOURTH TERM 2005 TEAM Randburg Hoër Alberton Schools Pretoria Boys’ St John’s St David’s Marist

KING EDWARD 294/8 215/10 171/10 214/9 135/6

OPPONENT 194/10 189/10 207/10 196/10 131/10

RESULT Won by 100 runs Won by 26 runs Lost by 36 runs Won by 18 runs Won by 4 wickets

(50 overs) (50 overs) (50 overs) (50 overs) (60/50 dec)

KING EDWARD 123/7 188/10 132/7 181/8 175/4 143/10 204/9 190/10 193/7 82/10 87/10 222/10 145/9 126/10

OPPONENT 128/10 124/7 131/10 180/10 174/9 240/5 172/10 97/10 57/10 127/10 131/9 147/6 97/8 223/10

RESULT Match drawn Match drawn Won by 3 wickets Won by 2 wickets Won by 6 wickets Lost by 97 runs Won by 32 runs Won by 93 runs Won by 136 runs Lost by 45 runs Lost by 44 runs Match drawn Won by 48 runs Lost by 48 runs

(Decl.) (Decl.) (50 overs) (50 overs) (45 overs) (50 overs) (50 overs) (35 overs) (35 overs) (Decl.) (35 overs) (Decl.) (30 overs) (50 overs)

FIRST TERM 2006 TEAM Grey High St Andrew’s (Gr) Selborne Kingswood Waterkloof Grey College Pretoria Boys’ Northcliff Fourways Parktown Boys’ St John’s Jeppe Boys’ CBC Boksburg Affies

14 matches; 7 won; 4 lost; 3 drawn 50% win rate 164

SEPTEMBER HOLIDAYS 2006 As has become the custom at King Edward in the last couple of years, the season started slightly earlier than usual with Mr Marx and Mr Finlayson taking the First, Second and /16A team players for pre-season practices in the cement nets from the start of August. An intensive fitness programme was also run in the gymnasium under the watchful eye of Richmond. As the following results will prove, this was most probably the best decision taken at this early stage of the season. The First Team started off the new season by playing three limited 20/20 over matches at CBC Boksburg, which would serve as good warm-up preparation for the following Michaelmas and Beckwith Cricket Weeks. In the first match against Dr EG Jansen, King Edward won the toss and decided to bowl first. As it was the first time in the middle the bowlers faired quite well with Corns taking 2/14 in 4 overs. He was ably assisted by Thomson with 1/7 in 3 overs. King Edward then set about chasing 124 runs in their allotted 20 overs. Daniel batted well for his 37 and Wesley Landsdale scored a fast 27. King Edward won by 6 wickets, getting the last run with 5 balls to spare. In the second match against Jeppe, King Edward sent Jeppe in to bat first. Jeppe lost some early wickets through good bowling by Baikie (1/12) and Thomson (4/19). Arnold and Huyns then took Jeppe’s score to 126/6. King Edward started off well with Daniel (31) scoring freely. Wesley Landsdale batted well for his 37. Both these batsmen, however, lost their wickets near the end which put pressure on the new batsmen. King Edward, having to score 8 runs from the last over, fell 2 runs short, losing 3 wickets in the last over. King Edward lost by 2 runs. In the third match King Edward once again sent a team in to bat after winning the toss. St Stithians started like a house on fire and Platt batted superbly for his 77, helping his team to the impressive total of 159/2. King Edward started positively with Jacobs scoring an aggressive 49 before he was bowled. The highlight, however, was an extremely stylish and controlled 80 by Daniel who showed class and maturity that lead his team to a win. Thomson had to go in with King Edward still needing 6 runs from 4 balls. He duly hit a 6 from the first ball he faced to wrap up the match. King Edward won by 6 wickets. In another 20/20 warm-up match against Parktown Boys’ they were sent in to bat first. Parktown never looked like chasing runs as it was their first game in the middle. In the end Parktown ended up with 64/3 after 20 overs. Carstens bowled well. Starting with a positive frame of mind, King Edward scored fast, winning by 9 wickets. In the first match at the annual Michaelmas Cricket Week against Kearsney College King Edward won the toss and decided to bat first. King Edward was soon in trouble at 6/2. Sean Landsdale (52) and Wesley Landsdale (137) then came to the crease and took the game away from Kearsney. Sean scored his maiden half-century and Wesley his maiden century for the First Team. Kearsney batted well and looked like chasing the target down quite easily, but Carstens struck twice after drinks to turn the tide. Barrett (3/25) and Jacobs (2/12) also contributed with the ball to restrict Kearsney to 213. King Edward won by 71 runs. 165

Hilton College was sent in to bat and soon found themselves in trouble on 14/4. Thomson bowled magnificently without any success, but Baikie (5/16) and Carstens 3/15) broke the backbone of Hilton to restrict them to 146. King Edward then made the runs in the forty-third over, Jacobs (56) and Wesley Landsdale (36*) being the major contributors. King Edward won by 8 wickets. In the third match of the week St Charles College elected to bat first. After a shaky start they managed a respectable score of 233/8. Worth (4/31) and Wesley Landsdale (2/19) bowled well. King Edward then started like a house on fire with Jacobs scoring 75 runs from 56 balls. Wesley Landsdale (66*) and Carstens (44*) batted responsibly to reach the target with only 3 wickets down. King Edward won by 7 wickets. The last match saw King Edward face Durban High School on a damp wicket. Having batted on some friendly batting wickets earlier in the week and a change in the batting order did not help much as King Edward lost early wickets and ended on 96/6 when the match was abandoned due to rain. Match drawn. In the first match of the Beckwith trials week, called the Fidentia Week against the Gauteng Lions King Edward decided to bat first. Jacobs (67) batted well at the start of the innings. Wesley Landsdale (72) and Sean Landsdale (58) then continued the good batting to help King Edward to 304/6. Good bowling at the start restricted the Lions to 198/9. Thomson (2/26) and Corns (2/33) bowled well. King Edward won by 106 runs. Next up was St Stithians College who were asked to bat first. Thomson (2/18) bowled well at the start and after drinks, Baikie (3/38) and Wesley Landsdale (4/20) ploughed through the St Stithians batting to restrict them to 169. In the run chase King Edward lost two early wickets, but Sean Landsdale (72*) and Carstens (65*) batted well to steer King Edward to a 7 wicket victory. A sterner test lay ahead when King Edward met Alberton Schools in the third match. Alberton scored at a fast rate but lost wickets at regular intervals. Corns (3/30) bowled well to help restrict Alberton to 169. King Edward started off by making heavy weather of chasing the target by losing four early wickets. Thomson (72*) batted excellently to help King Edward win by 4 wickets. 166

The last day saw a highly motivated Randburg Hoërskool batting first and scoring 274/4 in their allotted 50 overs. Few spectators gave King Edward a chance of chasing down the score but an excellent 114* by Wesley Landsdale from 89 balls, ably assisted by Carstens (35), helped King Edward steer clear by 3 wickets. King Edward has now played 16 matches at the Beckwith Week in the last 4 years without being beaten! Well done boys, keep up the good work. Mr E Marx

SEPTEMBER HOLIDAYS 2006 TEAM Dr EG Jansen Jeppe St Stithians Parktown Boys’

KING EDWARD 126/4 124/8 160/4 65/1

OPPONENT 124/6 126/6 159/2 64/3

RESULT Won by 6 wickets Lost by 2 runs Won by 6 wickets Won by 9 wickets

(20 (20 (20 (20

overs) overs) overs) overs)

Kearsney College Hilton College St Charles College Durban High School

284/9 151/2 234/3 96/6

213/10 146/10 233/8 DNB

Won by 71 runs Won by 7 wickets Won by 7 wickets Match rained out

(50 (50 (50 (50

overs) overs) overs) overs)

Gauteng Lions St Stithians College Alberton Schools Randburg Hoërskool

304/6 172/3 171/6 275/7

198/9 169/10 168/10 274/4

Won Won Won Won

(50 (50 (50 (50

overs) overs) overs) overs)

by by by by

106 runs 7 wickets 4 wickets 3 wickets

12 matches played, 10 won, 1 lost, 1 drawn 83% win rate

Second XI Cricket Master in Charge: Coach: Captain:

Mr E Marx Mr M Julyan K Peyper

When they were good, they made the game look easy. All the boys are capable of bringing something to the game, and with a little more focus during practice would be able to reduce lapses suffered in games during the season. Everyone enjoyed their cricket and in most cases it was a team effort that produced a positive result. It was a pleasure to umpire games and see the standard of cricket played. The players need to remember that their own effort is their responsibility and should not let outside influences affect their performance. Good luck to the boys who leave the school. For those who remain, any improvement should see a good season ahead. 167

Thanks to the following boys who represented the Second XI: K Peyper (Captain), N Gonsalves (Vice Captain), J Riley, J Nielson, O Holland, B Holtzhuizen, B Marais, S Manton, C McIntyre, S Vasson, B Saunders, K Marshall, C Kolarik and D Marshall. Mr M Julyan Results

P 9

Grey College King Edward

W D L 4 1 4

143/10 (Vasson 4/34 Marais 2/19) 62/10 Lost by 81 runs

King Edward Pretoria Boys’

92/10 93/ 7 (Peyper 2/13 Marais 2/19) Lost by 3 wickets

King Edward Alberton High

236/10 (Riley 112 Nielson 28) 123/10 (Gonsalves 6/37) Won by 113 runs

King Edward Linden

184/ 8 (Peyper 73 Marshall 41*) 90/10 (Marais 4/26 Vasson 4/29) Won by 94 runs

King Edward Parktown

179/10 (Peyper 110) Did not bat Rain washed out play

Noordheuwel King Edward

150/ 9 (Marais 3/18 Riley 2/17) 60/10 Lost by 90 runs

King Edward Jeppe

294/ 7 (Gonsalves 109 Nielson 63) 157/10 (Gonsalves 3/20 Holland 2/1) Won by 137 runs

King Edward Affies

179/10 (Saunders 28*) 180/ 7 (Marshall 3/32) Lost by 3 wickets

St Stithians King Edward

145/10 (Peyper 4/39 Vasson 3/19) 149/ 6 (Nielson 51 Peyper 33) Won by 4 wickets 168

Name S Vasson B Marais N Gonsalves K Peyper

Overs 42 32 56 31

Name Innings K Peyper 9 J Nielson 9 N Gonsalves 9 J Riley 9

Maidens 2 3 7 1

Runs 171 136 182 123

Wickets 15 14 13 8

Average 11.4 9.7 14.0 15.4

N.O 0 0 0 0

Runs 259 205 177 172

High 110 63 109 112

Average 28.8 22.8 19.7 19.1

Best 4-29 4-26 6-37 4-39

U16 B Cricket Master in Charge: Captain:

Mr T Craig S Wesselo

The first match of the season was against the neighbours from down the road, St John’s. Their total of 110 could only be described as gritty, but as they would soon discover, we were not playing a five day test. In a thirty over game, the strike rate is all important. When the slog was on towards the end of the innings, our spinner Biddlecombe proved to be too much and ended up with figures of 5 for 15 from 6 overs. When the batsman’s eyes light up as the spinner starts his run up, you know that something is about to happen, and this it did. Having dispensed with their dangerous opening bowler, the 23 extras they conceded gave us a more than comfortable victory. The next match of the season should probably never have taken place. There had been heavy rain during the course of the week as well as the night preceding the game, so upon our arrival at Pretoria Boys’ High, we were confronted with a rather damp pitch that was full of venom (serious understatement). Fortunately for us we won the toss and elected to bowl. It will be a long time before I next see a Pretoria batting score card that reads five for six. From here they managed to get to 75 on a pitch that played more and more easily as the morning progressed. Our turn to bat and their bowlers were only too keen to have some revenge, a typical trait of the fast bowler. Fortunately for us, 75 was never going to be enough and we got there with four wickets in hand. It should be mentioned that the A team game on the pitch next door was called off due to dangerous conditions after having bowled two balls. Parktown was fun. Our batting was less than impressive and we only managed 103. Early on in their innings our wicket keeper, Fluffy Lewis, let one slip through the gloves and took it in the nose from our opening bowler. We soldiered on with ten men for a while whilst he decided whether or not to continue playing. He eventually decided that he was unable to continue, partly due to the fact that he was under much pressure from the moms at the side of the field, so we called on a reserve - Patricio Junior in Grade six at KEPS. Parktown had no objection to his fielding, so we tried to hide him at mid-on, all four foot nothing of him. The very next ball bowled was hit firmly to mid-on and the batsman immediately called for the run. Patricio swooped down on the ball alla Jonty Rhodes, scooped up and threw a rocket straight in the keeper’s gloves two inches above the bails, beautifully running the batsman out. Perhaps they should have read his cap more closely – KEPS 1st XI. Oh, by the Way Fluffy’s broken nose healed beautifully and he was back behind the stumps the very next game. Well done. Oh yes, we won the game. 169

The next game was against Jeppe. Their bowling and fielding performance was typical Jeppe. Lots of noise, aggression, but very little application to back it up. Wesselo silenced the field with a massive six that nearly landed in the Old Eds swimming pool. Funny how that works. 128 was always going to be too much, especially once Reid knocked over the top three batsmen for nothing. They landed up being all out for 40. Across the Henops to Affies for a match that we knew was always going to be difficult. Our opening batsmen of Greaves and Jajhbay got us off to a solid start of 56 at four runs to the over. The middle order needed to push this run rate higher for us, but some tight bowling from them prevented this. Reid and Biddlecombe at the tail knew that runs were the order of the day, and some mighty hitting from these two colossal players took us to a respectable 140. As well as Patricio (senior) bowled and as well as the team fielded, the score was just not big enough on a small fast field. The solitary loss of the season but the boys showed tremendous grit in their performance and can be very proud of their efforts of the day as well as of the season. They performed tremendously. Mr T Craig The following boys played: S Wesselo (Captain), Y Jajhbay, M Lewis, B Reid, C Greaves, C van Rooyen, Z Neethling, N Poggenpoel, S Scorgie, R Biddlecombe, T Patricio and, K Ramokhoase.

U14 A Cricket Master in Charge: Captain:

Mr S Eales S Piveteau

The U14 side of 2006 can best be described as a side with a large amount of potential who struggled to find their winning form until late in 2006. As with all previous years the turn out to the U14 trials was large and after a number of days of trials the side was chosen for their first fixture. Unfortunately their first taste of King Edward cricket was rained off. The following week the side travelled to Bloemfontein for our annual fixture. The boys performed well in a low scoring game and beat Grey College. The following day against St Andrews the weather played its part and the fixture was abandoned. The following week saw the side compete in a tough fixture against Pretoria Boys' in a close game they lost by 15 runs. Too many extras and some inexperienced batting cost the side the victory. The following week the side batted well and set up an excellent total against Parktown but the weather again played its part and the match was abandoned. Losses to Jeppe, CBC Boksburg and Affies in the following weeks did not do a lot to raise morale in the side. The boys struggled to play well as a team. Some good individual performances during this time could not help gel the team. True to the character of this U14 team, in their final game they came up against an unbeaten St Stithians side and finally put it all together and won convincingly. 170

A long winter break followed and the boys arrived back in early Spring ready to compete at the annual Charl Van Rooyen Festival to be held in Durban for 2006. The boys showed excellent character and played well in all four games; unfortunately they lost three out four games by the narrowest of margins. They returned to Johannesburg and finished the season with four excellent wins. A fine 151 by Piveteau against St John's would have to go down as the highlight of the season. Mr S Eales The following boys played regularly: S Piveteau, Q de Kock, D Sartor, M Pinheiro, K Mayet, J Thomas, S Dyers, A Jackson, D Mogotlange, L Friend, B Foord, J Labuaschange and K Maharaj.

U14B Cricket Master in Charge: Captain:

Mr R Erasmus J Andraos

The U14B Cricket Team enjoyed a very good season. This was a team that was always very competitive and the players were never prepared to give up. Special mention must be made of the captain, Andraos, whose organisation and commitment was outstanding – well done. One of the best things about this team was that they always enjoyed their cricket. I believe that many of the U14B cricketers will go on to play first team cricket in the future. I would like to thank the following people : 1 2 3 4 5

The parents for all their support and the encouragement that they give their sons. All the mothers who helped with the teas. The ground staff for preparing the facilities. Mr Marx for all his organisation. Most importantly I would like to thank the boys of the U14B Cricket Team. Your enthusiasm and commitment have been much appreciated. Well done!

Mr R Erasmus The following boys played: J Andraos (Captain), B Becker, K Maharaj, B Foord, K Lerena, S Dyers, S Cobb, K Rogers, S Sher, N du Plessis, L Zambon, J-C Labuschange, A Jackson and G Lindsell.


Cross Country00 Educator-in-charge: Ms S Marvell Cross Country continues to go from strength to strength and the Red runners have proved they are major competitors in the Cross Country League which takes place in the second term. Some of the junior runners moved up the ranks and joined the senior team, giving it a fresh impetus and compensating for the valuable senior runners who matriculated in 2005. Thanks to runners like Moloi, Fraser, Wakefield and Kabango (last year’s juniors) the senior team were able to hold their own amidst strong rivals. Rodrigues continued to amaze runners and spectators alike with his easy stride and outstanding results, namely coming first in three meetings and second in the other three races. This was a superb result. Many thanks go to Anthony for his hard work in training and preparing the athletes for their race meetings. The senior team came third out of the ten schools who participated in the elevenschool league.

Cross Country 2006 Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

G Dos Santos, A Rodrigues, C Moloi K Mvubu, S Fraser, O Kabango 172

The junior runners maintained the high standards they set for themselves in the 2005 season. They won every race meeting they competed in. This is a team of talented and focused runners whose persistence eventually resulted in their winning the overall League trophy for the second year in a row. Well done to these runners. A special mention needs to be made of Leeuw who achieved excellent places in his races. This year a few of our Cross Country runners also participated in the GDE League which took place in the third term. This league consisted of three qualifying meetings in which all the runners who participated qualified to take part in the Provincials which were held at the end of August in Heidelberg. Although none of our runners made it through to the Nationals, all of them were awarded medals for their excellent results in the qualifying rounds. Well done to the following boys who showed initiative and dedication in taking part in this extra programme: A Leeuw, O Kabango, C Moloi, J Botha, and K Motsoko. We have built up a core of strong, capable runners who are improving from year to year and who continue to give this sport a high profile within Gauteng. Well done to all the boys who took part and who make this sport such an enjoyable one in which to be involved. Thank you to each of you for your willingness, team spirit and general good humour. Thanks to Mr A Grant for his help and support in organising and co-ordinating the 2006 season. Ms S Marvell Junior First Team A Leeuw J Davids W Matlakula S Hutchinson J Botha K Motsoko (reserve)

Senior First Team A Rodrigues C Moloi S Fraser W Wakefield O Kabango



First Team Golf Master in Charge: Captain: Vice–Captain:

Mr L Bragin S Devine J Tripp

The first team golf side began their season in early January 2006. It was clear from the onset of the season that this golf team was a powerhouse in the Gauteng schools’ league. During the league preliminary fixtures, against Marion College (3-0 win) and Helpmekaar (3-0 win), the boys had risen to the top of group B and were closely matched against St John’s College. Due to inclement weather two of our fixtures were abandoned after just two holes were played. The St John’s fixture was a closely fought affair on Royal Johannesburg East Course back nine holes. Once again, weather came into the equation. The Versveld pairing had already won their match, Weir and Devine were at “Half” and the Hammond and Daniel pairing were “one up” with two holes to play. With the lightning meter not letting play resume, it was given as a King Edward victory through the Versvelds and Hammond/Daniel. Having claimed the top spot of group B, the quarter finals were played against Fourways High School at Houghton Country Club. The 3-0 win was a satisfying result in preparation for the semi-final fixture against our arch group B rivals, St John’s College. Again the fixture was played out at Royal Johannesburg on the back nine of the West Course. This semi final was even closer than the group stage fixture; having halved the first two matches, a playoff was imminent. The Versveld pairing was level going into the last hole of the match when the St John’s golfer chipped in for eagle and for the match. King Edward VII therefore finished Third in the Gauteng Schools’ League for the season. The International Schools’ Golf Tournament held at Sun City this year boasted top international schools from Africa and the United Kingdom. Of the 39 entries, we achieved a silver medal in 12th place overall. M Versveld was lying in second place overall after day one of play, shooting a 73 on the Lost City Golf Course. He ended 20th overall in the individual rankings. Players: S Devine: Colours 2006 (4 Handicap). Devine was a good captain. His overall ability at finding greens in regulation is awesome. Well done on a good season and all the best for the future. J Tripp: Team blazer 2005 (4 Handicap). As vice-captain Tripp did not play all of the fixtures. He is able to shoot a 65 on Friday and 80 on Saturday. An overall improvement in consistency will greatly increase his ability as a single figure golfer. M Daniel: Colours 2006 (1 handicap). Daniel is an extremely talented golfer. With his ability to strike a golf ball 174

sweetly and with a swing that is poetry-in-motion, he could choose golf as a professional career. His putting does tend to let him down on occasion. A Weir: Colours 2006 (1 handicap). Weir is a fine young sportsman who is gifted when playing golf. His approach shots are usually within birdie range but his lack of temperament is detrimental to his overall ability. With a more positive attitude, Weir is quite capable of achieving a playing card for the PGA. M Versveld: (1 handicap). A mature golfer for his age with an unbelievable ability of reaching greens in regulation. His short game is his most valuable asset and is quite evident when playing in individual competitions. He is a true golfer. I look forward to next season when he has bulked up and his distance increases. A Versveld: (scratch). A mature golfer for his age with an excellent golfing brain that would leave the average club golfer taking a double drop and Allan a birdie or, at worst, a par. Added to his scoring ability, Allan is a frightening opponent.

First Team Golf 2006 Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

A Wier, S Devine (Captain), J Tripp (Vice-Captain) M Versveld, D Hammond, M Daniel, A Versveld


D Hammond: (1 handicap). Mr Reliable. Daniel is able to walk onto a golf course and shoot level without blinking. His long iron and accurate wood play are the result of long hours of practice and training. I look forward to an exciting season with you next year. Provincial representation: A Versveld: U16 Boys Gauteng; Crown Mines’ Senior Club Champion M Versveld: U16 Boys Gauteng; SA boys. D Hammond: U16 Boys Gauteng. M Daniel: Foundation representative. A Weir: Eastern Foundation representative. S Devine: Foundation representative. The King Edward VII First Team of 2006 has opened the doorway to a formidable 2007 team. Thank you gentlemen. Mr L Bragin



First XI Hockey Educator in Charge: Coach: Captain: Vice-Captain:

Dr D Hudson-Lamb Mr J Coombes N Gonsalves D Koller

2006 has been a most memorable hockey season both on the field and off the field. The squad developed into a formidable, talented team and it was an honour and a privilege to be a part of this team. The Aitken Cup was contested over the long weekend in March and King Edward got through to the Final where we lost on penalty flicks to Jeppe Boys’. The players set and maintained a high work rate and standard of hockey. It was exciting to see how players developed and matured this season into a team that started believing in themselves and could come back from being down at half-time. The U/16’s also did us proud by reaching the Final of the Boden Cup but unfortunately lost to Parktown. A squad of 15 players was selected to go to the Ascension Hockey Festival at Grey High School’s 150th celebration in Port Elizabeth. This tournament set the tone for the season and the players realized that they were up against some of the best sides in the country. We lost 1 – 0 to Hilton College and 3 – 2 to Maritzburg College and won 4 – 0 against St Andrews Grahamstown, 2 – 1 against Queens College and 6 – 1 against Wynberg Boys’. The highlight of the March holidays was the King Edward VII Hockey and Rugby Easter Festival. At our Festival we managed to beat Grey Bloemfontein 1 – 0 in a thriller and all the other games were either drawn or won. All in all, this was possibly one of the most successful hockey seasons in King Edward VII School’s history and we were ranked 4th in South Africa. Thank you to Nicholas Gonsalves who was a wonderful captain and who led by example both on and off the field and to Darryl Koller who was a supportive ViceCaptain. Thank you to all the players for their contribution, dedication and loyalty and to all the Staff that helped namely: Mr Boardman, Mr Bragin, Mrs M Fourie, Mrs Gordon, Mr Holmes and Mr Marx. Lastly a special thanks to Jock Coombes who continues to share his love, passion and expertise with the players to help them to develop to their full potential. Thank you to Derron van Eeden, and all the Parents for their loyalty, help and support as well as Mr Matthee and the ground staff and all the outside coaches namely Arthur da Mata, Brad Britz, Richard Demartinis, Nick Gill and Brad Schroder. Also, thank you to Mr Fennell and Mr Wilson for their loyal support. Dr D Hudson-Lamb 177

First Team Hockey 2006 Front Row (left to right): Middle Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

S Spooner, N Gonsalves (Captain), B Gasparis, D Koller (Vice-Captain), J Prim M Loseby, S Wiggett, S Maseko, W Landsdale, M Middleton, S Landsdale, A Lotz R Fensham, B Marais, M McGillivray

Season Statistics Played 32

Won 23

Lost 2

Drew 7

Goals for 113

Goals against 29

Goal scorers: R Fensham 18, J Prim 18, D Koller 17, S Wiggett 14, S Spooner 12, M Middleton 12, N Gonsalves 5, M McGillivray 5, W Landsdale 5, B Marais 3, A Lotz 1 and R Diale 1. Goal average per game: 3.53 / 0.91. Colours were awarded to: R Fensham, D Koller, B Marais, M Middleton, M Loseby, J Prim, S Spooner and S Wiggett, Team blazers:

B Gasparis, A Lotz and M McGillivray 178

Provincial selections: U18A: U18B: U18C: U16A: U16B: U14A: U14B: U14C:

S Spooner, M Loseby, N Gonsalves, M Middleton and J Prim. B Marais, D Koller, R Fensham and S Wiggett. B Gasparis. M Smith, A Lotz (captain) and M McGillivray. R Biddlecombe, V Gasparis, S Scorgie, C Ponnusamy and T James. B Becker. D Leigh. G Mpopo.

South African selection: U/18: U/16:

N Gonsalves A Lotz and M Smith

Congratulations to all these hockey players and may you continue to grow in hockey.

Coach Review What a year! Through my years of coaching this group has been one of the easiest and the nicest with which to be involved. I would like to believe that the ethos and ethics of what King Edward Hockey is about and what we have been establishing over the previous 2 years, has caught up and paid off (as well through the other off-season programmes, events etc which we run). 179

Whilst demanding that we maintain the high standards of work ethic, high play percentages and mental application at practice and in games, which I believe the players are or should be capable of, I understand that this proves difficult under the pressure of 32 games in a short season. It will, and always does understandably have some difficult times in pulling through individually and collectively, but this group never backed off, never complained and never failed to rise to the challenge. This group has been a team in the true sense of the word: younger and older, good or bad, bad moods or good moods have all been accepted in the best interests of a common goal.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organisational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” These are uncommon results when one considers that King Edward Hockey is a Club and that over 20 Players were used in the First Team and never did any of these 20 not play their role and never did any of the so called ‘senior pro’s’ not make them part of the team. The above is high praise indeed for any group, any team/squad and any Club, and congratulations to the whole group of Matrics, Grade 11’s and Grade 10’s who played a role in the success of the King Edward First Team and King Edward Hockey as a Club. Play Appreciation & Understanding In coaching for education and development, and in trying to assist players appreciate and understand the game and variations of this depending on one’s own team, opposition, moments in play, and so on, this team was more balanced in being at the same level of hockey intellect and grasping tactical appreciation as a group better than others before. This process of being coached will always challenge the mind and will likely always be mentally demanding on the player, but I like to believe that the player leaves King Edward wiser, more appreciative and with a better understanding of the game as a result. In the 2005 report I wrote: Consider the game of hockey itself! At school level a 60 minute game : If an equal strength or tough game then typically approximately shared possession time, territorial, etc, i.e 30 minutes in possession. This implies that they have the ball for 30 minutes and are then required to defend for 30 minutes, i.e 50% of the game. For the 30 minutes that your team has possession and in basic terms with 10 field players then there is 3 minutes possession time for each player, i.e 5% of your playing time is on the ball. The other time your team is in possession you don’t have the ball, i.e for 27 minutes you don’t have the ball but should be contributing off the ball to combine and assist, i.e 45% is then off the ball when your team is in possession. 180

Summary 50% of play = defend 27% of play = off the ball in attack 5% of play = on the ball in possession (self) Players too often haven’t even thought of this which shows their lack of appreciation and understanding of the game. This outlines simply why defensive play structures are critical and why support play, combination play, leads and support off the ball in attack are key and why your (the individual) 5% role on the ball is critical to the team in keeping the ball / retaining possession effectively, so that we, the team, can achieve the goal of moving up field to try and score.

The above when put into context defines the game as being about: Passing Combining Space Off the ball leads/support to assist the passer Skill choice to keep possession (decision making) and obviously defending The above certainly outlines that the game is not about low percentage players who cannot create space, use space and combine as they then defeat the ultimate objectives of the team game in combining together to get the ball from one side to the other. We are slowly educating and achieving these ‘principles of play’ through King Edward and the fact that we are better than others in our team structures of play and roles in defence and attack helps us achieve results BUT still too many players are not fully comprehending to really achieve what we are ultimately capable of. In considering this I believe that King Edward in 2006 are another level up, and the appreciation and understanding of the game and one’s role, discipline, structure, combinations within, (whilst having to be ‘drummed home’ through the season) has been understood and achieved far better than before. 2006 Season Review The attached results document reflects the last 6 year’s results for your information. Comparatively 2006 is ‘very good’, and if we had been able to convert some of the draws into wins, that we should have, perhaps this team could have been the ‘best ever’. What was lacking perhaps was the BMT, the ability at crucial times to handle pressure, the ability when things weren’t going well to correct and manage the bad moments (individually and collectively). These aspects of play and the game were discussed what and how to do things, and it did improve, and I like to believe that these lessons will be remembered and each will be better in the future because of this. 181

I always say the best lessons, or perhaps the only lessons, are learnt through adversity, and consider … the best sailors never learnt on calm seas. I hope those leaving will continue to feel part of the King Edward Hockey family and follow the next group and join us when ever you can. The 2007 group have a hard act to follow, but with the ethics and ethos that prevails … who knows … perhaps an even better year, as the standards have been set and we will certainly aim to raise the bar. Well-done, thanks for a truly enjoyable season and thank you to each and every player for your contribution to King Edward Hockey and the 2006 First Team. Best wishes, kindest regards and the very best of luck. Thank You’s The Headmaster who attended, I think, every game and whose support, encouragement and understanding of sport in the balance of the whole is making King Edward the highest calibre and quality School around. Mr Hugh Wilson - he still attends as many home games as he can and it is always a pleasure to have him around. Mr Eugene Marx - well done as the Sports Director. Hockey certainly appreciates your efforts and contribution. Marq & Yvonne Roberts - organisers of The King Edward Hockey Festival par excellence, a fantastic contribution to putting King Edward hockey on the map yet again. Derron van Eeden – for the King Edward Festival and generally in the marketing of hockey and the School, many thanks. The Parents - a true contribution of support. I appreciate that ‘with eyes on your boy’ it is not always easy when times get tough, but thank you all for a huge contribution for being there for him and us. Arthur Da Mata - U16 Coach, for his passion, loyalty and dedication to King Edward Hockey, and as a ‘team’ (Arthur and I) I am most appreciative that the same message, same structures, same King Edward ethics and ethos is inculcated as this becomes the backbone and base of our King Edward Hockey Club. Well done and thank you. Dr Denise Hudson-Lamb - the biggest thank you for last as it has been the Doc’s vision of teamwork in getting King Edward Hockey structures in place that King Edward Hockey is where it is today. Congratulations, you can be very proud of what you have achieved for King Edward. It’s always a pleasure sharing the bad and good times with you, and the many laughs on the side line. Many thanks and I am looking forward to the next season. 182

Generally - those other Old Boys, other teams, boarders, etc who have proudly been associated with watching and supporting King Edward Hockey. Mr J Coombes Players having represented, in a match, the First Team 2006 2006 Caps M Muller (Gk) 15 + (unfortunately retired) B Gasparis (Gk) 15 + B Marais 30 + M Loseby 30 + S Spooner 30 + A Lotz 30 + T Patricio 2+ B Pennel 5+ N Gonsalves 30 + D Koller 30 + J Prim 30 + R Fensham 30 + M Middleton 30 + S Wiggett 30 + R Diale 5+ W Lansdale 10 + M McGillivray 20 + S Lansdale 5+ M Smith (Gk) 2+

Third Team Hockey Coach: Captain:

Dr D Hudson-Lamb M Robson

We started off the season aiming big. We were aiming for the elusive unbeaten season. We started off with a game against a Jeppe side that could have subbed their whole team at once. With much effort and tight defence we managed to hold them to a 0-0 draw. We suffered our first loss to a Parktown team that we hugely underrated. Even though we lost we still tried to have a good season. As the season went on we started improving, winning most games, losing about two other games in the season. The last game of the season against St David's, Inanda, it was the best our team played. We started playing as a tight unit and we managed to overcome them 4-0. In the end it was a good season. Next season we will again be looking for the unbeaten season. Special thanks to Dr Hudson-Lamb for all her hours that she put into our season. Also a special thanks to the whole team. M Robson 183

The following boys played: M Robson (Captain), N Stephanou, D Lloyd, V Naran, J Addington, S Zungu, T Nel, N Gordon, B Sangweni, M Mareya, K Motsoko, Y Skaap and G Gailey.

Fourth XI Hockey Coach: Captain:

Dr D Hudson-Lamb K Motsoko

As most of us came from the U16 age group and having played together it was not hard to play as a team. However due to most players moving from their initial positions, it made it hard to fire all cylinders and perform consistently as we needed to fully adapt to our new positions. Our season started off on a high with a 4-0 win over Potchefstroom. The first few minutes of good attacking hockey saw us create numerous chances against St Stithians; unfortunately we could not convert all of them, but we managed to score one goal. A lack of concentration saw us concede two goals in three minutes and going to half time 2-1 down. We continuously attacked in the second half and we scored the goal we wanted with only a few minutes to go to earn ourselves an unfair draw as we had dominated the game. The team did well as it only lost three games to Pretoria Boys’ High, St John's and Parktown Boy’s High. Generally a good season in which we would like to thank Dr Hudson-Lamb for organising our matches and also being our coach and Mr Marx for making the fixtures possible. K Motsoko The following boys played: K Motsoko (Captain), K Tladi, Y Nattan, Q Steyn, L Chao, L Salmon, N Tytherleigh, N Stephanou, T Tsotsotso, T Wonderlik, M Pappas and S Seforo.

U16 A Hockey Master in Charge: Coach: Captain:

Mr I Boardman Mr A Da Mata T Patricio

The U16A Hockey team had a very successful season winning 20 of their 25 games, scoring 110 goals and conceding only 13 goals.( Averaging 4.4 goals for and 0.52 against per game). The highlight of the season for me as coach was the way in which the boys improved with each practice and match, not only in their physical ability but also in their mental understanding and mature approach to each game. The season started with the Boden Cup Tournament. We moved through to the final with relative ease, winning all our pool games, beating Northcliff 12-0 in the quarterfinal and St John’s 6-0 in the semi-final. In the final we met a Parktown team 184

that managed to get on top of us early, not giving us an inch anywhere on the turf, and we struggled to fight our way back into the game. They scored 2 goals late in the game and were deserved 3-0 winners. The Ascension Festival this year was held at Maritzburg College. After beating Hilton 50 in our first game we lost to Michaelhouse, Maritzburg College and Westville in games where missed opportunities came back to haunt us. On the last day we beat Grey College 3-1, which lifted our spirits after a disappointing festival. During the second half of the season the boys played some superb hockey passing the ball around at will, often carving their way through the opposition defence with ease. We beat Parktown 2-0 (avenging our loss in the Boden final) and Westville 8-0 after losing to them earlier in the season. Other highlights were good wins against Pretoria Boys’ 5-0, St Stithians 5-0, CBC Boksburg 7-0, DHS 2-0, Northwood 3-0, St John’s 7-1, Potchefstroom 4-0, St David’s 3-0 and Krugersdorp 10-1. Well done to S Lansdale, M Smith, M McGillivray and T Patricio who, with good consistent performances, got First Team call-ups and performed admirably. Well done to the following boys who were selected for provincial teams: M Smith, A Lotz, Gauteng U16A;. R Biddlecomb, S Scorgie, T James, M McGillivary, V Gasparis, C Poonsammy, Gauteng U16B. Congratulations to you all and good luck at your relevant tournaments. Again well done to all the boys who represented the King Edward U16A hockey team. I think you can all hold your heads up high on a successful season and good luck for the coming years. I’m sure you will do your School proud. Mr A Da Mata The following boys played : T Patricio (Captain), T James (Vice Captain), S Scorgie ( Vice-Captain), M Smith, R Biddlecombe, K Warmback, B Reid, S Landsdale, N Down, V Gasparis, C Ponsammy, B Pietersen, M McGillivray, R Gassman and R Corns.

U16B Hockey Coach:

Mr I Boardman

We had a fairly good season. Our team had spirit, our coach was always behind us and encouraged us to use all we had and give 110% each game. Our tightest games weres against Pretoria Boys’; we played them twice and lost 4-1 in the first game and won 3-2 in the second game. We also had some successful wins against St John's, Randpark and St Stithians. A very special thanks to Mr Boardman for his help and for such a great season. C Coston & R Gassmann 185

The following boys played: R Gassmann, C Coston, N Bester, B Reid, M Graham, L Pontiggia, J Vassan, N Mlambo, R Corns, M Trefusis-Paynter and D Muller. Results Played Won Drawn Lost

15 8 2 5

U15A Hockey Educator in Charge: Coach: Captain:

Mrs N Gordon Mr R Demartinis T White

The 2006 U15A Hockey season was again a great success. The season started off with a tough game against Pretoria Boys’ High, which we lost 1-0. After this disappointing start the boys trained hard and their abilities started to show. In the games to follow we only suffered two more defeats, one to St John’s and one, in a much disrupted game, against Krugersdorp High. Other than these two games the boys put together some great results against Parktown, Jeppe and St Stithians. To top off the season the boys performed well, once again, against Pretoria, this time beating them rather comfortably. This game really put the whole season together and demonstrated, to both me and the boys, just how far they had progressed. I would like to thank all the boys for a really enjoyable season, even though it was frustrating at times! Mrs N Gordon The following boys played : T White (Captain), G Matlaweng, M Gill, K Makhanya, M Hempel, J Barnes, G Bryce, J Beehan, V Gasparis, B Williams, S Paulo, B Vilas, M Rattcliffe, L Lloyd and W Wrede.

U15 B Hockey Educator in Charge: Coach: Captain:

Mrs N Gordon N Gill P Bindon

This team had a wonderful season, losing only 2 games the entire season. The team had a wonderful spirit, and while having fun when they played they, at times, looked better than the “A” side. The main reason for the side’s success was their ability to pass 186

the ball and play as a team, something very rarely seen in a “B” side. Another strong point was their basics that improved considerably throughout the year. As coaches we worked particularly hard in these two areas of the game and it really showed. The team did have a weakness though as we did not have a strong left half, or left link. Keswa played left link the whole season and has good skills, but panics on the ball. He will, I feel, develop into a nice player as he gains confidence. Left Link was filled by Watts, Mokobodi and Nxasana; all with different strengths. Nxasana keeps nice and low and is therefore a good tackler. However he struggles when in possession of the ball, but in his last two games he proved to be the best of the three. Mokobodi was a good marker but lacked enthusiasm and ability on the ball. Watts was a more allround player than the other two, however Nxasana seemed to catch up with him at the end of the season. Castels was quite brilliant at right half using his speed to great effect. He also reads the game very well. Fourie is a solid defender who tackles very well and has good skills and good communication; he does however get caught too high up the field, and on many occasions this cost us a goal. Israel was very quick and developed his skills considerably this season, often picking the ball up from the back and making brilliant runs into the middle of the field. This was his first season playing hockey and I believe he is a player to watch for the future! The links were only at their strongest for three games the whole season. Keswa was the weakest of the four, however Scott was injured for most of the season and when he did come back I moved him up to the “A” side. Bismark was a very accomplished player. He had all the skills to use when needed and got stuck in very nicely with a very good work rate and good distribution. He was a vital member of the team! N Gill The following boys played: K Hlophe, N Watts, J Castel (Vice-Captain), M Israel, D Fourie, S Keswa, C Edwards, L Bismark, M Laird, G Bryce, P Bindon (Captain), L Scott, L Mokobodi and M Nxasana.

U14A Hockey Report Master in Charge: Coach:

Mr R Holmes Mr R Holmes

The 2006 season once again saw the emergence of a highly promising group of young men to compliment the present ranks of excellent hockey players at King Edward. We are exceptionally fortunate to have talented players entering the school and thus allowing us to continue with the tradition of excellence on the sports field. Initially the team experienced a few teething problems but as the season progressed these young men matured into a formidable team. The early season Ascension Festival proved vital in terms of player identification and team strategies. 187

Results for this festival were: King Edward VII vs Grey College(Bloemfontein) : lost 1 - 3 King Edward VII vs St Andrew’s College (Bloemfontein) : lost 1 – 2 King Edward VII vs Maritzburg College : lost 0 – 5 King Edward VII vs St Alban’s College: drew 0 – 0 King Edward VII vs Glenwood High School: drew 1 – 1 These results unfortunately do not reflect the exceptional hockey played by our boys. Results for games throughout the season: Opposition Pretoria Boys' (1st game) Jeppe High School for Boys Potchefstroom High School Northcliff Northwood (KZN) DHS (KZN) Krugersdorp St Stithians Queens High Westville Boys' (KZN) Parktown Boys' CBC Boksburg Randpark Pretoria Boys' (2nd game) St John’s St David’s

Result lost won won won won won won won drew won drew won won lost won won

Score 0–3 3–2 5–0 4–0 2–1 1–0 4–0 4–0 2–2 1–0 1–1 3–0 4–0 1–2 5–0 3–0

Finally I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the many parents who supported the team throughout the season. Your continued encouragement is greatly appreciated. Mr R Holmes The following boys played: D Cookson, B Reineke, L Zambon, M Torrente, D Geldenhuys, G Gerrits, H Hadjiyannis, D Leigh, D Metcalf, G Mpopo, C Neville, W Pearce, M Pinheiro, K Rogers, D Sartor, P Faure, B Becker and C Olsen.

U14C Hockey Master-in-Charge: Coach: Captain:

Mr R Holmes Mrs M Fourie D Dawkins

For many of the boys it was the first time that they had ever played hockey, but as the season progressed they were becoming “pros”. We started off the season with not enough boys to make up a team and for our first two games we had to “borrow” 188

players from the B team. The boys enjoyed the game and started to spread the word and soon we had more than enough players. We have played 8 games this season of which we won 4 and drew 1. Some games had their fair share of excitement and disappointment, but I am sure the boys came out stronger and wiser. Goals were scored by: D Plasket (3), L Trower (4) and J Whittaker (3). Congratulations boys on a job well done. Good luck for the next season and keep up the good spirit! Mrs M Fourie The following boys played: J Albertyn, J Bosman, C Boyd, M Christensen, D Dawkins (Captain), A MacRoberts, N Mazibuko, C McLeod, K Nayager, D Plasket (Vice-Captain), D Schulze, L Trower and J Whittaker.




Open Rowing Master in Charge: Coach: Captain:

Mr A Grant Mr A Grant & Mr R Gilfillan O Phakathi

The Open age group started by leading the Club well in September at our training camp at Roodeplaat. Unfortunately the group lacked numbers and we put together a First Eight and a Four on the camp. The First Eight gradually improved through the season. Their best performance before the December break was finishing 2nd at Gauteng Champs behind St Benedict’s. The crew went on to beat Selborne in the “B” final at the school's boat race in Port Alfred in an unbelievable race. This is a tie with the School's best performance in this event so far - we were very pleased to come home with the bronze medal. St Andrew’s College from Grahamstown won the event. The Second Eight squad had a quiet initial part of the season. In their first race (Gauteng Champs), they just missed the A final of the First Eights race – a noteworthy performance.

First Eight 2006 Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

R Panis, O Phakathi, G Dos Santos E Mokobodi, M Sanders, G Gailey, A Gittins, J Addington 191

In the second half of the season both Eights toured to the Buffalo Regatta in East London as well as the Eastern Cape rowing champs as an unofficial entry. In the ECRA champs we were 4th in the First Eight and 3rd in the Second Eight. The First Eight was placed 7th in the Buffalo regatta and the Second Eight were 5th. A little disappointing - but the week of training in East London did pay off for SA Champs two weeks later. At SA Champs we finished with a bronze medal in the four – their best result of the season. In the First Eight, the 4th place achieved doesn’t quite do justice to the race that our crew had. There was half a second separating 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Well done to the First Eight. Overall, a good season with steady improvement throughout. We are glad that the crews peaked at SA Champs – especially the First Four. There is no doubt that each boy put his all into the season and after a well deserved break, the new senior Open group will hopefully lead the Club into the September camp later in the year. Special mention must go to Edwin Mokobodi who represented South Africa in the U19 World Championships in Amsterdam in a coxless four. Mr A Grant

U16 Rowing Coach:

D Kearns


First Four 2006 Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

R Panis, O Phakati, G Dos Santos J Addington, E Mokobodi

Overall, the group showed mixed results. To me it showed more talent than our results reflected. The season started off fairly well at the September camp - though most boys hadn’t quite done the preparation work that they needed to, to set off on a really good footing. In the first few regattas the fours showed some promise and they had some good placings. At the first regatta held at Roodeplaat on 22 October, the “A” four ended up 3rd behind St Benedict's and St John's. The “B” four raced very well and won their first race of the season convincingly. At Gauteng Champs, the boys ended off on a better note, the “B” four slipping to 2nd in a nail-biting finish. This good depth in the fours helped us pull off a bronze medal at Gauteng Champs in a very close race. The second half of the season kicked off with our camp at Roodeplaat before school started in January. The boys trained hard and certainly were quite determined to turn things around. I was encouraged that a few of the boys had clearly done some training during the December break. They were a bit unlucky with equipment breakages in the first few regattas - but did have a few performances that they should be proud of. At the final regatta of the season, the South African Schools rowing championships, the group made two finals. They ended up 5th in the U16A fours and 7th in the Eights event. 193

Overall a frustrating season, but the boys showed a passion for the sport that will fuel them to take next season on with enthusiasm. There is a lot of talent in this group, and as difficult as the season was, I enjoyed coaching the boys and will watch them keenly as they move into the open group. If they do the work, the results will follow them. Good luck and thank you D Kearns

U15 Rowing Coach:

B-J Mulder

The U15 age group showed great promise at the start of the season but their weakness was that they were physically a little under prepared for the camp. This unfortunately put them on the back foot for the initial race part of the season. The Gauteng Rowing Championships results were as follows: “A” double – 2nd “A” Quad – 4th “B” Quad – 4th “A” Octopul – 4th The January camp went very well. The boys returned fitter than they had earlier in the year and some of the boys did much better ergo scores. A few boys showed great improvement and before long both octopuls started moving better. The A and B quads were finishing fourth in all the races up to SA Champs. The “A” double scull finished 2nd at VLC and this bode well for the up and coming regattas. The octopul was also starting to really come along and the crew was happy with their progress. As a coach, I found it difficult to coach as we had about 25 boys during the January to March half of the season but from the Club's perspective, it is a good trend to have so many boys involved. At the General Smuts Regatta at the end of January, the A Octopul won their race and the B octopul came in a respectable second. The “A” quad also got a third behind St Benedicts. The age group definitely pulled themselves together towards the final week of the season. We held a mini camp just before the weekend of Wemmer Sprints to try and get the boats on top form before SA Champs. Wemmer Pan arrived and the octopul produced a very good result as they just missed 2nd place. Morale increased and I was confident that the boys could go on and produce a good result at SA Champs. At SA Champs, to our disbelief the “A” octopul tipped in the rough water at the start and couldn’t race. This was a huge disappointment for the boys. The “B” octopul competed well and placed 6th. The “A” quad finished 11th. 194

There were also some solid performances in small boats from some of the boys in the B octopul in doubles and sculls – but, unfortunately none of them managed a placing in the top eight. Overall a good season and I am pretty sure that they will improve into next season if they work hard before camp. B-J Mulder

U14 Rowing Master in Charge: Coach:

Mr A Grant Mr D Howard

2006 was a year that will be remembered by the U14 boys, parents and all who contributed to the overall success of the group. This year saw the coming together of many ‘new boys’ who worked extremely hard for every result they obtained in their new sport. They are indeed a good group of talented boys, who showed their true potential when it counted. The U14A Octopule, the top boat at the time, began with a shaky start - finishing far behind the pack for most of the pre-season. During this period, they showed their true grit and determination as they put all they had towards their main goal of competing in the South African Championships in March. With an almost surreal sequence of events before the final race at the SA Championships, they managed to pull off a win over Parktown Boys' to take the title of SA Champions in that event. The remainder of the U14 age group competed as a B Octopule and was also competitive. They managed to make the A final (top 8 crews in SA).


Many of these boys were ‘knocking on the door’ of the A crew and all-in-all the Club showed good depth at this level – something that is essential for the success of the club in the long run. Overall it was an extremely successful and enjoyable season in terms of racing and ‘learning the ropes’. These boys have a lot to offer the future of the King Edward VII Rowing Club, and we wish them the best of luck to pursue their goals for the seasons to come. Mr D Howard




First XV Rugby Coaches: Captain:

Mr C Finlayson and Mr E Scheepers D Jacobs

Despite recording ten victories and one draw in the 17 games played the season can be regarded as reasonably successful. The inexperience of the side was often evident during the course of the heavy match schedule. It was pleasing that many of the players made significant progress and when at full strength the School Fifteen always proved to be a competitive outfit. The opening match of the season against Pretoria saw two nervous sides sizing each other up in an evenly contested game. However, an inexplicably spurned number of kickable penalties did little to help the cause. In front of a large and vocal crowd on a muddy patch the School played enough positive rugby to comfortably account for Jeppe in what is always an awkward clash.

First XV Rugby 2006 Front Row (left to right):

Back Row (left to right):

G Thompson, V Meyer, D Rutherford, D Jacobs (Captain), J Carstens, C Kolarik (Vice-Captain), C Vounnou, C London S Simons, J Arnold, D Jooste, B Bwalya, M Cronje, K McCoy, J Hamman, J Riley, B Borsboom, R Parkinson, S Manton 198

On to the Easter Festival. Despite enjoying a 22 point lead at the break the team almost succeeded in botching this effort before edging out Graeme College. In a nailbiting encounter the School was held up centimetres short of the line in the dying seconds to be denied victory by Grey. A competent Hilton side was kept at bay by a second half defensive commitment which was total, ending the Festival on a satisfying note. One of the most complete performances of the season resulted in an emphatic win against Potchefstroom. The annual weekend clash against our visitors from Durban followed. The team had time and space to demonstrate some skills against Northwood while the victory over DHS owed much to spirit and tenacity. A mid-season slump followed. An indifferent and lacklustre display resulted in a narrow loss to St Stithians while the formidable visiting Westville Fifteen demonstrated why they were up with the best in the country. A win that looked likely to be routine in the first quarter went away with the side scarcely managing to string a phase together: they came away with a fortunate draw against Parktown. The manner of the tame loss to Marais Viljoen sadly suggested a lack of physical commitment. Then the injury depleted team was comprehensively outplayed and outmuscled by Pretoria. At this critical stage of the season it was to the School’s credit that they rediscovered their will to win. Industry and courage and a sufficient display of skills accounted for highsiding St John’s in a hardfought match. The School proved too strong in a scrappy midweek encounter against St David’s. Two awkward midweek games followed. Sufficient cohesive passages of play and a collective defensive effort overcame Selborne. Some lapses in the defensive alignment almost proved costly in a 199

tense game against Union High, the team just shading the visitors to close the season on a winning note. Among the forwards the scrumming proved to be adequate and at times they were fairly combative up front. The lineouts generally found their target providing sufficient quality ball. Although the backs lacked serious pace and firepower they made up for it with a capacity for hard work – at their best they demonstrated some flair while never shirking their defensive duties. All teams have shortcomings. In general continuity was a problem, ball retention and effective release were not always a feature of their game. The team lacked competitiveness at the breakdown while a quality fetcher would have added another dimension. Added to this the converting of kickable opportunities provided some dreadful statistics. On occasion disregard for job descriptions and some independant thinking contributed to ordinary performances. The First Fifteen of 2006 worked hard at practice enduring some tough training sessions without complaint. It was a season of mixed fortunes but one in which the players can look back on with some satisfaction for their efforts. Most of the end of the season selection are available for 2007 and can look forward to a successful year of rugby. Mr C Finlayson Regular members of the team were: D Jacobs (Captain), J Arnold, B Bwalya, J Carstens, M Cronje, J Hamman, D Jooste, C Kolarik, C London, S Manton, K McCoy, V Meyer, J Riley, D Rutherford, S Simons, G Thompson and C Vounnou. B Borsboom and R Parkinson’s appearances were limited due to injury. Colours were awarded to: B Bwalya and C Kolarik. Team Blazers were awarded to: B Borsboom, M Cronje, J Hamman, D Jooste, C London, S Manton, K McCoy, J Riley, S Simons, G Thompson and C Vounnou. Summary of Results: Pretoria Boys’ High Jeppe High School for Boys Graeme College Grey High School Hilton College Potchefstroom Boys’ High Northwood Durban High School St Stithians College Westville Boys’ High Parktown Boys’ High HS Marais Viljoen Pretoria Boys’ High


6 – 17 31-0 25 – 24 21 – 24 12 – 0 47 -3 45 – 5 19 – 16 16 – 21 8 – 20 12 – 12 8 – 22 18 – 43 200

St John’s College St David’s Marist Selborne College Union High School Played: Won: Lost: Draw: Points for: Points against:


12 35 17 30

– – – –

9 3 3 29

17 10 6 1 362 251

Third & Fourth Rugby Masters in Charge: Captain:

Mr R Erasmus & Mr T Craig S Shezi

The Third and Fourth rugby teams of 2006 were given a mandate at the beginning of the season. The essence of this mandate was as follows: they were to play enterprising, high paced, skilled and exciting rugby. The ball was to do the work and there would be very little place for the individual over the team requirements. Further to this, a call was made to the players to play with the pride that best epitomises King Edward rugby. The Third XV never quite fulfilled the mandate. Not through lack of effort, but the team never seemed to quite click in order to attain the levels of continuity and pattern that was being asked for. The season’s results are testament to the fact that we struggled to find our rhythm. Pretoria Boys' High were too much for us physically (twice) and this is further evidence that we were never quite able to come to grips with our style of play. The remainder of the seasons opponents saw King Edward triumph, but not to the extent that we should have. Having said this, the win against Marais Viljoen saw our enterprising game plan succeed over their dated pattern of bigger boys bashing it up. The Fourth XV were different. No matter which players nor the combinations on the field on the day, there always seemed to be a big pack providing quality ball to a backline that could make effective use of the ball. This XV played a brand of rugby that was a joy to watch and even more enjoyable to play. The lessons learnt during the course of practice were taken to the field and executed perfectly. Mandate fulfilled, and then some. The big pity of the season was the two defeats to Pretoria. Perhaps best summed up in that they were simply better than we were. 201

Despite the losses to Pretoria, credit is to be given where credit is due. The boys did play with pride and were always keen to give of their best. They practised with the right attitude, to have fun, and took this attitude onto the field of play. A special mention must go to Shezi, the squad captain, who was inspirational in terms of his commitment to rugby and all that it encompasses. The expression "lead by example" would not be misplaced when it comes to the role played by this young man throughout the season. As for the squad of 2006, a tremendous group of boys who were a pleasure to work with.


Pretoria L 10-18 L 0-22

Jeppe W 28-0 W 47-3

Potch W 28-0 W 61-0

Northcliff W 26-3 W 37-0

De la Salle St Stithians Roosevelt W 22-7 W 20-5 NG NG W 22-10 L 7-25


Parktown W 27-5 W 46-8

Cornwall NG W 35-5

Marais W 25-10 W 33-0

Randpark W 74-0 W 64-5

Pretoria L 5-12 L 0-29

St John's W 20-15 W 50-5

St David's W 64-0 W 47-3

Our thanks to the players for their commitment to King Edward rugby, the supportive parents, the First Aid, the ground staff, referees and the organisers of the 2006 rugby season. Mr T Craig The following boys played : R Boatwright, R Calvert, D Christelis, J Coetzer, N Deale, K Fritzenkotter, Z Gingcana, S Goodburn, M Groenewald, T Gwamanda, B Harris, C Haynes, D Hitge, B Holtzhausen, K Joseph, J Jullies, M Madibo, D Martin, C Morris, P Nkolokosa, L Oosthuizen, J Oelofse, R Panis, C Rademan, B Ryan, B Sanders, L Schmidt, H Scott-Crossley, M Sim, A Speechly, S Shezi, W Thomson, D Treges, J Tripp , D Wattrus, G Whyte and G Wright.

Fifths to Sevenths Rugby Coaches: Captains:

Mr M de Kock, Mr G Jackson, Mr M Hancock, Mr R Cameron and Mr T Dunn W Thomson, G Gloss, D Rimmer, R Parkinson and C Pratt

On the whole this was a season of which the boys can be immensely proud. There were one or two disappointing factors, but these were quickly overshadowed by all the success and enthusiasm of the boys and the teams they played for. With all the injuries and boys frequently being called up to higher teams, we struggled to keep the same team week in and week out, often even having different captains. However, I am proud to say, as you can see from the results, that the boys really pulled together and played as teams. 202

We had brilliant wins against St John's, St Stithians, Parktown Boys' High and Jeppe High School for Boys. We followed these up with a hard fought victory against Sandown who always provide tough opposition. The disappointments of the season came against Pretoria Boys' where we had our only losses of the season. The boys need to change their mind set that Boys' High can’t be beaten. Well done to all the players on a brilliant season, and to the coaches well coached! The season was a pleasure to be part of! Mr M Hancock Results : Fifth Team vs St John's vs PBHS vs Marais Viljoen vs Sandown(1st) vs Parktown Boys' vs Highlands North(2nd) vs St Stithians vs Jeppe vs Bryanston (2nd) vs PBHS


54 – 0 12 – 29 52 – 5 14 – 0 31 – 5 5–0 20 – 13 66 – 0 22 – 0 3–5

Sixth Team vs PBHS vs Marais Viljoen vs Cornwall (2nd) vs Parktown vs Roosevelt (2nd) vs St Stithians vs De La Salle vs Queens (2nd) vs PBHS L


0 – 29 7–7 32 – 5 48 – 0 68 – 0 65 – 0 31 – 7 22 – 0 10 – 28

Seventh Team St Stithians PBHS PBHS Parktown Highlands North(3rd)


55 – 0 7 – 54 0 – 48 55 – 22 31 - 5 203

U16A Rugby Master in Charge: Captain:

Mr M Julyan P Noda

The U16A Team started on a high full of enthusiasm, and finished the season on a low after some close but disappointing results. The boys need to remember that no matter who the opponents are, every game needs to be approached in the same manner, heads need to be held high and that a game can still change if a positive attitude is maintained. Rugby is a team game and you need to be on the field for your team. Trust, belief and faith in your team-mate’s and your ability is very important. Two games stand out this season, namely Parktown where teamwork, discipline and structure were all evident for the full 50 minutes and Westville where 100% effort was given only for us to run out of time and fall short by 1 point. The team never really gelled but every boy had their highlight which I’m sure they will take with them and expand upon next season. Thanks go to the parents for their constant support and to the boys for their effort. Mr M Julyan

U16B Rugby Master in Charge: Coach: Captain:

Mr M Julyan Mr J Tee S Wesselo

The U16B Team had a mixed season, where although they were competitive in all fixtures, they failed to follow on the success of the previous season when they were unbeaten in all but one match. The record for the 2006 season read Played 14, Won 8, Lost 6, for a total win rate of 57%. The season would have had a different complexion had the team been able to hang on to win tight games against DHS, Westville and St John’s; we led in all of those games, but failed to finish off the opposition. The season was disrupted by the continual changing of players as a result of injury and inconsistent form, however, this also led to the discovery of some outstanding talents. A number of the players involved with the U16B’s this season showed that they have the ability to go on to bigger and better things, and I look forward to seeing them make a significant contribution in the open age group next year. Mr J Tee The following boys represented the U16’s U16 A M Mkhize, J Saunders, J Barnard, P Noda (Captain), P Harvey, D Peterson, K Kriel, T Magor, J Alford-Smith, D Cross, H Henson, N Morris, C Gunning, T Photolo and G Ralph. 204

U16 B (* also played A) L Mvulane*, M Carstens*, T Basson, N Simelane, S Wesselo*(Captain), M Vicente, A Nizetich*, J Scott, M Lewis*, C van Rooyen*, K Ramokhoase, T Mojanaga*, T Marolen, N Dlamini* and L Mhlawuli*. U16 C (* also played B) M Mphahlele, D Curtayne*, G Tracey, M January, G Pretorius*, S Areington, L Letshabo*, I Hughes*, D Biani*, J Joubert, M Sham*(Captain), Z Neethling*, W Brand*, J Fisher*, S Terblanche, K Scheepbouwer* and J Botha. U16 D & E (* also played C) L Mnisi*, J Lewis*, R Cameron*, R Fraser*, V Scholl, J Massyn, D Farrar, M Tarr, M Jordaan, W Gailey, S Purbhoo, T Masemula, B Richardson, J Gilbertson, R van der Westhuizen, J Armstrong, B Borsboom*, M Baxter*, D Allan*, M Watson*, C Majuru, P Mokhanda, N Bester, K Campbell, T Mbele, K Rogers, K Ramothata, S Ngwevela, J Dodd, J Rodda, J Wallis, R Knipe, W Ledwaba, S Fraser and K Maphange. Summary of results School Pretoria Boys' Queens Bryanston Jeppe Potch Boys Northcliff Northwood DHS St Stithians Highlands North Westville Roosevelt Parktown Boys' Sandown Marais Viljoen Rand Park Pretoria Boys' St John’s St David’s

Played Won Drew Lost For Against

U16 A 14 – 25

U16 B 6 -17

12 – 8 6–0 35 – 0 9 – 19 13 – 15

32 – 20 29 – 0 24 – 10 (A) 55 – 0 7 – 10 19 – 13

10 – 11

8 - 12

29 – 9

26 – 5

11 – 7

0 – 29

12 – 29 15 – 12 (A) 0 – 24 26 – 28 47 – 0

19 – 13 14 – 0 (B) 5 – 17 22 – 7

7 – 24 7 – 27 12 – 13

12 4 0 8 154 180

14 8 0 6 306 180

U16 C 0 – 25

12 10 0 2 194 83 205

U16 D 0 – 32 19 – 19 (A)

10 – 3 (B) 7-0 51 – 0 15 – 6 (B)

27 – 5 13 – 0 (A)

11 8 1 2 316 103

U16 E 0 - 19 39 – 0 (B)

22 – 0

48 – 0 29 – 5 (B) 22 80 34 31

– – – –

5 (A) 0 10 (A) 5

0 – 22 31 – 5

12 - 24

3 1 0 2 51 43

U15 A Rugby Coaches: Captain: Vice-Captain:

Mr S Eales J De Bruin V Jobo

The U15 age group turned out in large numbers to their pre-season training, evidence of their passion and enthusiasm for rugby. And they did not disappoint as an age group, winning 80% of the fixtures they played in. The U15A's started the season poorly with a loss against Pretoria Boys' due to poor discipline by the boys on the field followed by a narrow win over Jeppe in poor conditions. They did show excellent character to come from behind at half time to win the fixture. The Easter break was a welcome break and allowed the boys to re-focus and they returned with new energy and attitude. A convincing 39-0 win against Potchefstroom Boys and 76-0 against Northwood, prepared the side well for a tough game against DHS. The backs received excellent ball from the forwards and exploited DHS's weakness to come away with a comfortable win. Probably our most physical fixture of the season followed the next weekend against St Stithians. Physically stronger, they turned over a large amount of ball in the midfield, but excellent defensive patterns and some clinical finishing ended their aspirations. The boys followed this win with an excellent result over Westville Boys' the following weekend. A hard fought win over Parktown Boys' and the side were clearly playing some fine rugby and were well prepared for the season run in of Marias Viljoen and a return fixture at Pretoria Boys'. The side had gone 7 games unbeaten and faced a tough Marias Viljoen fixture on the Saturday. In a tough match King Edward started off better and were able to play the ball from the tackle and scored points through some excellent continuity. The second half was a different affair and the opposition tightened the game and made it very difficult for King Edward. Marais Viljoen led until just before the final whistle and repelled wave upon wave of attack from the home team. In the last minute King Edward were awarded a penalty on the ten metre line. Our fly half stepped up and placed the kick between the poles to take a hard fought victory. 206

Poor individual play against Pretoria Boys' the following week, saw the team lose a close fixture after leading for a large portion of the game. Lessons must be learnt so that similar mistakes aren’t made in 2007. Wins against St John's and St David’s ended off a fine season by the U15A side who won 83% of their matches. Two boys were chosen to represent the U16 Golden Lions Team. An age group with tremendous potential. Teamwork and discipline are of the utmost importance if this side is to develop further and continue their fine run of results. Well done on a good season and good luck in the senior age groups. Mr S Eales The following boys played: J De Bruin, V Jobo, B Mentor, K Owusu, P Callitz, M Nofal, R Kunneke, S Esterhuisen, M Shuping, J Kurensky, J Crichton, J Meyer, R Wells, M Nkosi, N Mwale, A Padi and J Oakes. Results vs Pretoria Boys’ vs Jeppe vs Potchefstroom vs Nothwood vs DHS vs St Stithians vs Westville vs Parktown Boys' vs Marias Viljoen vs Pretoria Boys' vs St John’s vs St David’s

0 – 17 12 – 9 39 – 0 76 – 0 30 – 13 13 – 7 27 – 5 26 – 13 16 – 15 5 – 10 22 – 13 29 – 7

U15B Rugby Coach: Captain:

Mr S Eales K Berrange

A great season was had by the U15 B rugby side who won ten of their fourteen fixtures. A number of these victories were by large scores in excess of 50 points. A closely run one point game against Pretoria Boys' could so easily have been a victory. A better performance in the first half against DHS could have seen an even better record. Heavily depleted by injury when they played Westville the boys were beaten, but they did their School proud and never gave up. A number of these boys came on as replacements for the A side and never looked out of place. Their commitment and determination to learn never wavered. Well done men on a fine season. Mr S Eales 207

The following players made up the B Team: D Whyte, G Honey, A Perriera, C Gussenhoven, J Oakes, C Montgomery, G Hopgood, M Moloto, D Overton, K Berrange, A Padi, A Macdonald, A Leuner, A Leeuw, R Rabinda, L Mkhize, J Van Wyngaardt, D Cotter and J du Preez. Results vs Pretoria Boys' vs Jeppe vs Potchefstroom vs Northcliff U15A vs Northwood vs DHS vs St Stithians vs Westville vs Parktown Boys' vs Marias Viljoen vs Randpark U15A vs Pretoria Boys' vs St John’s vs St David’s

21 – 22 18 – 0 67 – 0 13 - 0 26 – 0 7 – 17 25 – 12 5 – 12 12 – 7 52 – 0 26 - 21 7 – 28 33 – 20 37 – 0

U14 Rugby When reviewing the U14 rugby season, one cannot help being in two minds. One that is thankful for the best results overall this century for boys in this age group. Together with a sound set of results from the A team, and a B team that scored prolifically, it would appear to be a successful group. And so it was. But on the other hand the group as a whole failed to play the King Edward pattern of running rugby, as well as consistently erring in not looking for supporting players and passing the ball to colleagues in a better position. This fault was particularly pronounced in the A team which had several players with exciting skills that were seldom exercised because team mates consistently failed to pass timeously and consequently many promising moments were squandered. The age group on the whole displayed resolution in the face of adversity as displayed by the A team who defended 208

stoutly against St Stithians and St John's. There were disappointing exceptions to this when the C team played poorly against the Bryanston and Highlands North A teams, and the B team capitulated against Westville. The group for the most part practised assiduously and there were more than 80 players at the last practice when they knew the remaining fixture consisted of three matches. The coaches were grateful for that, but they were disappointed by the dozen or so players, although skilful, who thought that they did not have to practise regularly, or worse still not from the start of the season. A King Edward E & F team player's lot is not a happy one. What with infrequent matches, normally against higher-rated sides from the opposition, and a team unsettled by injuries or illness in the higher teams, and the need to accommodate 122 players for the 90 available positions with a restricted playing programme, it is not easy to play coherent rugby. Not unexpectedly the F team won only one match out of four, but the E team's only reverses came narrowly at the hands of the Bryanston B team and the Sandown A team. They must take great satisfaction from twice overcoming Pretoria Boys' High. I sincerely hope that all E & F players continue playing in future seasons, not only for your enjoyment, but for the sake of King Edward rugby and its competitiveness. The C & D teams proved to be difficult to coach. There were a number of players who accepted advice and criticism with equal disdain, and failed to carry out the game plans. I hope these players will change their attitudes in future seasons, because I firmly believe that a King Edward C team should almost be invincible. The 2006 version certainly was not, despite being superbly captained by Carl Freimond. When the mood took them they were a delight to watch. I have already alluded to their two worst failures. Their season's highlight was the manner in which they dispatched all of their Johannesburg large boy school opponents with consummate ease. The disappointment of the D team's programme was their inability to score against Jeppe on a wet field, despite dominating the whole game. However a valuable lesson was learnt in that I doubt if any of those players will again disdain a penalty in front of the posts when the score is 0-0. The B team played well all season except for the inexplicable display against Westville. It is a long time since a King Edward U14 side scored more than 400 points in a season. The highlight of your season was coming from behind to defeat the previously unbeaten Pretoria Boy's High team. Many of the players are on the threshold of graduating to the A team to witness Prasti, who captained the side with aplomb, being rewarded with an A team position at season's end. Cobb, Antonio, Gray, Sutter, Piveteau and Pieters could be the next graduates. 209

The A team was prodigiously talented having few weaknesses other than selfinflicted ones. They were always eager to listen, but not so forthcoming when they had to deliver that which they had been taught, despite being successfully led by David Jordaan. It was unforgivable for them to squander a 155 advantage against 14 Pretoria Boy's High players in the first match. Then after 30 minutes of dominating a strong Jeppe side nearly let them off the hook. The game against St Stithians was not much better when you let them back into the game. And then you let Pretoria, in the return game, dominate you in the first half. In the second half you dominated in all but the scoring. You must be merciless in converting position, possession and physical domination into points. You cannot afford to not do so in future seasons. It was maybe because you did not play as a team, but as 15 individuals. Players must make a concerted effort to amalgamate into a team, then you will be virtually invincible. Your predecessors, the 2005 side, found U15 rugby a different kettle of fish and so will you. I wish you luck. The age group lacked reliable consistent goal-kickers, only Dyers, Erasmus and Last were reasonably successful. Of the 222 tries scored only 113 were converted, and not because the tries were all scored in the corners. In the 15-15 A team draw with Pretoria a conversion was missed from right in front of the posts. Kicking is a question of practice. I hope sufficient players will take the trouble to practice in the off-season. When it gets to rugby season there are other priorities. That and a certain lack of aggression were the weaknesses of the 2006 vintage. They are both correctable. My thanks for the season are extended to: The coaches Mr Thorne, Byron Leggett, Wakule Tshabangu, Glenn Caley, Mr du Plooy and Fintan Lawler. The parents for their constructive and responsible support. 210

The first-aiders and the referees. Frikkie Matthee and the Grounds Staff. The Mothers for the refreshments. And primarily to you the players: A Team: Abreu, Jordaan (c), Clinton de Vos, Kazadi, Whyte, Owusu, Labuschagne, Goedes, Maree, Holtshausen, Jackson, Fraser, Asiedu-Darwah, Nape, Foord and Coetzer. B Team: Domaingo, Prasti (c), Dlodlo, Cobb, Spaan, Gradidge, Gray, Antonio, Sutter, Piveteau, Scott, Dyers, Rodrigues, Mvunyiswa, Sham, Pieters and Scott-Crossley. C Team: Bairstow, McLaren, du Plessis, Freeman, French, Freidman (c), Mocke, M L Smith, Shepard, van Heerden, von Pannier, Mogotlane, Last, Dlamini, Calvin de Vos, Patterson, Bales and Lerena. D Team: Letcher, Mapukata, Poco, Ford (c), Masebe, Knodl, H Klein, Pollard, Bakker, de Bruyn, Mbishe, Linsell, M C Smith, Cupido, Sher, Friend, Mawa and Matintela. E Team: L Thompson, de Kock, Witelson, Coute, de Robbilard, Tabak, Meyer, Erasmus, T Klein (c), van der Walt, Newman, Andraos, Beneke, Watt-Pringle, Tickle, C Smit and Kroll. The following also played: Phillips, Raphunga, Rilityane, Saunders, Schrenk, Sepuru, Sithole, van der Spuy, Burbridge, Byrom, Dafonseca, Dean, van der Merwe, Fletcher, Lambert, Makapan, Makitla, Mavu, Moabelo, H Moyo, D Moyo, Nkwane, Booth, Botes, Esterhuizen, Scoble, Miller, Mnqebisa, C Thomson, Lebotschy, Toye, Boyes, Maharaj and de Klerk. Mr J Faber


U14 Rugby Results - 2006 A Pretoria Boys' High Bryanston Queens Jeppe Potchefstroom Northcliff Northwood Durban de la Salle St Stithians Highlands North Westville Roosevelt Parktown Cornwall Hill Sandown Marais Viljoen Rand Park Pretoria Boy's High St John's St David's

Played Won Drawn Lost








7 *0

24 38

8 24

5 10

3 0 0

11 3

3 0 0 0 15

31 37 *45

69 10

27 66 *13 50 34





*22 25 *5

0 7 20













7 34 36 277

3 0 5 79

12 *20 12 54 36 403

5 7 10 0 0 88

36 *12 0 49 47 356

12 10 1 1

14 12 0 2




*29 0

0 0

15 *17

10 0

*0 38 *5

5 7 24

7 52 10 10 0 0 48 0 119 217


14 10 0 4

11 7 1 3


7 *7

3 22




0 *38 *5



17 7





54 6 4 0 2

Total 49 88 7 60 29 29 29 83 16 127 10 58 0 119 11 44 18 22 0 108 32 0 60 20 6 40 29 5 34 160 7 5 24 13 14 126 20 32 17 36 50 185 7 119 5 89 1393 502 31


* Denotes a game against a higher rated side of the opposition



43 4 1 0 3

61 44 2 15


First Team Squash Coach: Master in Charge: Captain:

Mr D Hendrikse Mr E Marx W Daniels

The 2006-season has once again been a hugely successful one of which the players can be truly proud. For the third consecutive year the First Team has won both the Gauteng League as well as the Gauteng Top Schools Tournament, after which they represented Gauteng at the SA Top Schools Tournament at Epworth, Pietermaritzburg. At this prestigious tournament King Edward ended second in their group, but unfortunately lost both the next two play-off matches, causing them to end a respectable 4th place overall. ST ANDREW’S FESTIVAL The year started off with a First Team tour to St Andrew’s School in Bloemfontein. The tour began with a match against Grey College. If this was any other sport, the opposition would have approached the fixture with a sense of trepidation but perhaps Grey’s squash suffers at the hands of the other sporting codes. They produced a young side which looked as if they were going to be a pushover. However a pushover against Grey is most unlikely. We lost the opening two matches and proceeded to make heavy weather of the remaining four matches, eventually winning four matches to two. The afternoon match saw us pitted against Wynberg Boys’ High School who are tipped to be the South African champions this year with a star-studded team comprising four national players and two provincial players. Our five and six were comfortably dispatched and it appeared as if the writing was on the wall, yet Russell played tremendously gutsy squash, narrowly losing 2-3. Kubheka played marvellous squash to win 3-2. Dunn had a chance at 7-1 up in the fourth to go to 2-2 yet he lost his nerve (understandable against the South African number 8). Daniels produced a magnificent performance to win 3-2 in a marathon hour and a half match. The result was that we lost 2-4, yet it could easily have gone the other way. Queen’s College provided a very uneventful fixture due to fatigue from the previous two Friday fixtures beginning to set in and the boys were feeling emotionally drained from previous efforts. It was an unremarkable fixture which we eventually won 4-2. The same can be said for the afternoon match with one exception: the number 1 and 2 from Menlo can be described as sheer class; they treated us to a show of how the game should be played. The fixture ended in a 3-3 tie with our depth, or rather lack thereof, costing us dearly. This fixture should have been won. St Andrew’s School had to be called off mid-way through due to very heavy rainfall. Imminent road closures in the Free State necessitated a hasty departure from the tournament, the result of which saw the last fixture not being concluded. It was poised on a knife edge with King Edward being 1-3 down with two to go; two matches which 213

we fancied we could win. We will have to wait and see later in the year. The tour can be described as being a success, not necessarily from a results point of view, but from an experience viewpoint. The players learnt a lot and now need to take these lessons into the remainder of the 2006 season. GAUTENG SQUASH LEAGUE The First Team started the season off well by making a clean sweep in their first match. King Edward played against one of the toughest teams in the league and won all their matches convincingly. Unfortunately the Northcliff High School team was not at full strength due to injuries to two players, but our boys still performed well and managed to wrap the match up without any hiccups. During the annual double-header the First Team performed very well against Northwood High School and made a clean sweep without dropping a game. Kubheka lost only 1 point and Russell only lost 2 points. A good all-round performance by a polished team. The match against Durban High School was much more of a contest with Wesley Daniels playing against the Kwazulu-Natal U19 no. 4. In a tight contest he managed to pull through in the 5th set. Both players played enterprising squash but also let the opponent into the match through silly errors. The other players cruised to victory for yet another faultless display of squash! Next the First Team played against a very weak Greenside High School team that only offered any resistance at number 1. In a fixture that only lasted 90 minutes the King Edward First Team wiped their opposition off the court, scoring 135 points to their opponents 20. This was an unfortunate fixture where the opposition could surely benefit from playing against weaker teams. Is it possible that the time has come for the top teams to play double headers to ensure a tough and competitive super league? In a long anticipated clash, the First Team played against a keen and motivated Parktown Boys’ High School team that had just returned from a tour to Australia and Malaysia. The match of the afternoon was the clash between Daniels and Dodd. In a very entertaining match Dodd came out tops beating the King Edward number 1 convincingly, but having had to work for his points. In the other matches King Edward was just too strong on the day, taking all matches by three games to nil. A welldeserved win for our First Team! King Edward arrived at Jeppe High School for Boys full of confidence and it showed in the match. All players won convincingly to keep the League hat-trick dream alive. Well done to the players! The following match saw our First Team play against St John’s College on a cold Friday afternoon, but unlike the weather, St John’s met with a very hot and determined King Edward team. Russell won his match without dropping a single point and Kubheka only dropped 1 point. Daniels and Dunn only conceded 3 points each. Well done to the First Squash team and we were all looking forward to the Top Schools Tournament on the weekend of 26-27 May. 214

GAUTENG TOP SCHOOLS SQUASH TOURNAMENT King Edward’s First Squash Team pulled a rabbit out of the hat this year for a hat-trick of wins over the last three years in the Gauteng Top Schools Tournament when they went undefeated for a third year running in this elite Squash Tournament that determines Southern Gauteng’s Top Team in Squash. Playing without their number 1 player, Daniels, who was representing an U17 SA Team in Malaysia, King Edward was not given much chance to succeed in this tough Tournament. Six highly motivated players however had other ideas and took their opponents to the cleaners. In the first match against St Stithians College all five players, as well as the reserve, won their matches convincingly, only dropping 2 games in the match. Dunn only dropped 4 points and Kubheka 2 points in their matches, having had to play one position up as the number 1 was not playing. The second encounter against Parktown Boys’ High School was much closer with the reserve player, Hardy, losing in 5 sets. Bothwell then put King Edward on the board with an emphatic win, only dropping 2 points in the process. Russell and Kubheka then wrapped the match up with convincing wins in their two matches. The last match against Northcliff High School turned out to be an anti-climax as their number 3 had to withdraw due to flu. All the King Edward players won their matches, the highlight being the match between Dunn and Moss, which Dunn won in grand style by 3 games to 1. Congratulations to a King Edward VII School Squash Team who represented their School with pride and passion. A special word of thanks goes out to the ever supportive parents and Devon Hendrikse, the coach, who guided the team to victory. King Edward travelled to Pretoria to play an unbeaten St Alban’s College team brimming with confidence. It was soon clear that King Edward would prevail and some excellent squash by the First Team once again proved that King Edward was the team to beat in the league. Well done to the players! King Edward hosted St Stithians College in the last fixture of the season knowing that a win would secure the double for a third year in succession. With Daniels back from his Malaysian Tour, the team were back to their best and wrapped the match up 20-0. Russell and Kubheka only lost 4 points in their matches with some emphatic wins. Congratulations to the First Team who secured the double consisting of the Super League and the Top Schools Cup. This now left one more hurdle: winning Top Schools South Africa. SQUASH CHAMPIONSHIPS During the first week of the third term the annual King Edward VII School Squash Championships were held at Old Eds. The Junior section was won by de Kock and the Senior squash champion for the third year running is Wesley Daniels. Well done to our champions! TOP SCHOOLS SOUTH AFRICA King Edward VII School First Squash Team took part in their third consecutive Top Schools Tournament from Friday 4 August to Monday 7 August 2006 held at Epworth in 215

Pietermaritzburg. This is a tournament in which the top squash school in each of the 9 USSASA regions take part. We left School at 11:15 on Thursday morning and arrived back at School on Monday evening at 20:15. The team was accommodated in the boarding establishment at Epworth and all the boys behaved exceptionally well on and off the squash court. They were congratulated on their behaviour and dress by Tournament Director, Mrs Sally White. During some matches their patience was really tested by some very dubious calls by their opponents, but their behaviour was always exemplary and true to King Edward tradition. The first match of this prestigious event was against St Andrew’s School, Bloemfontein. Having just finished a three hour examination, our boys steeled themselves for a very challenging match against the number two seeds of the tournament. In a tightly contested rubber King Edward went down by four matches to one. However, the result is flattering towards St Andrew’s as both Kubheka and Dunn lost their matches in the fifth set. Certainly matches that could have gone to us if Lady Luck smiled on us! Saturday proved a much better day as King Edward first demolished Kimberley Boys’ High without dropping a game and then beat Selborne College convincingly by four matches to one. The next fixture against St Charles College would determine which team would end second in our pool behind St Andrew’s. In an entertaining fixture King Edward soon went up by three matches to none, practically clinching the rubber. Eventually St Charles clawed their way back into the match and managed to win the last two matches, giving King Edward the runners-up spot behind St Andrew’s. Play-offs for the finals were done on Sunday afternoon against Wynberg Boys’ High School who had spent the morning resting thanks to a bye. In two excellent displays of passion and guts, Russell and Kubheka managed to steer King Edward ahead by two matches to one. In surely the best match of his life Kubheka fought cramps, intimidation and self-doubt to outlast and out-bleed his opponent in the fifth game! Unfortunately our top two players could not keep the momentum going and went down to Wynberg, giving them a three-two victory. The last match of the tournament saw King Edward take on Framesby Hoërskool from Port Elizabeth. In a bizarre match, King Edward soon found themselves up by two matches to none and two games to none. This meant we needed just one more game in match 3 to clinch the third spot. However, this proved a bridge too far and King Edward went down by three matches to two, effectively moving us down to fourth position. The stars of the team were certainly Russell (5-5) and Kubheka (4-5). Between the two of them they kept us in the matches and only lost one match, Kubheka going down in five sets to St Andrew’s. Unfortunately the highest trees catch the most wind and Daniels had to play the top players in the country, making his week very hard. I have no doubt that he will be up to it next year, having gained one year’s experience and strength. 216

Without looking for excuses, I believe that our boys have played hard and given of their best but were unfortunate not to end in the top three. We are confident that we can achieve a place in the finals next year and bring the bacon home! A special word of thanks goes to Devon Hendrikse who worked hard to get our players in shape for the tournament. We also appreciate the support and help from the White and Russell families during the tournament. All your efforts did not go unnoticed! PROVINCIAL REPRESENTATION The following players represented Southern Gauteng or Easterns at the annual IPT tournaments during the July Holidays: W Daniels M Dunn S Kubheka D Russell K Biassoni C Grimbeek Q de Kock


Southern Gauteng U19A Southern Gauteng U19A Southern Gauteng U19A Easterns U19A (No. 3) Easterns U16 Easterns U16 Southern Gauteng U14A

(No.1) (No.2) (No.3)


Wesley Daniels performed extremely well during a South African Junior Squash Team’s visit to Malaysia during May this year.

At the U17 Penang International Junior Championship Wesley reached the final where he lost to the Indian No 1 player. Wesley started as an unseeded player at No 31 in the Championship and on his way to the final beat the no 15 seeded player as well as the 217

No 2, No 7 and the No 3 seeded players. In this process 3 of his victims from Australia are currently ranked 3, 4 and 7 in Australia. The second tournament was the Milo All Stars International Junior Championship with 610 entries, 114 entries in the U17 age group. It is no surprise that this is the biggest junior tournament in the world. Wesley reached the quarter-final where he was beaten by the No 1 seeded player: the Pakistan No. 1 U17. In the earlier rounds Wesley managed to beat the No 9 and No 5 seeded players to end up in seventh place. The SA Team’s manager, Mrs Sally White, praised Wesley for his tenacity and fighting spirit on the court, as well as his good manners and sportsmanship. School Awards were given to the following players: 2005 Position: Colours: Team Blazer:

W Daniels and M R Dunn S J Kubheka

New Awards 2006: Colours: D C Russell Team Blazer: A D Bothwell and J C Haynes-Smart Mr E Marx



1st Team W4–2 L2–4 L 6 – 17* W4–2 D3–3 NO RES. L 8 – 17* W 20 – 3 W 20 – 3 W 18 – 2

2nd Team

W 17 – 0

W 10 – 0 W 20 – 0 W 12 – 7

W 15 – 6 W 17 – 3 W 20 – 0 W 20 – 0

W 20 – 2 W 20 – 0 W 18 – 3


WO W 14 – 3

L 5 – 14 WO W 17 – 8





W 20 – 2

W 17 – 0

L 8 – 17

L 2 – 17

W 20 – 0 W 20 – 0

L 4 – 19 W 19 – 3 W 20 – 0 W 20 – 0

W 18 – 3

W 20 – 0

WO W 17 – 0

W 15 – 2 WO W 17 – 0

W 17 – 6

L 6 – 12

WO L 4 -14

W 18 – 5 W 20 – 0 WO

W 12 – 6 W 17 – 0 WO


L 4 – 14

7 6 1 0 86%

6 3 3 0 50%


W 17 – 3

W 20 – 0* W 19 – 4* W 16 – 6* L9– 15*

23 17 4 2 74%

7 6 1 0 86%

7 6 1 0 86%

5 5 0 0 100%


6 5 1 0 83%

Soccer00 Masters in Charge: Coach: Captains:

Mr N Groenewald and Mr S Parseramen Mr K Peyper S Simons and K Peyper

In general the season was short and the team had to make the most of every opportunity, which was not difficult as the team was both enthusiastic and passionate about their sport. The Kloof Tour The tournament attracted 32 schools and the whole experience was enjoyable and interesting for both the team and the masters. The hosts, Kloof, arranged that the opening match was to be played against King Edward. Naturally nerves abounded – on and off the field as it was their first time of playing together as a team! On the blow of the whistle, our team took control with the result that we spent the opening 15 minutes in the opponen’ts half with our wings showing up strongly. Unfortunately, during the second half, our opponents had one blistering opportunity and finally cracked our defence in scoring the only goal. Played 4

Lost 2

Won 1

Drew 1

The St David's (Inanda) Tournament As defending champions, we had to face the pressure of the participating teams wanting to relieve us of our status! We lost against St John’s (0-1) and St David’s (0-2), and then won two consecutive games against St Peter’s (2-0) and Cornwall Hill (3-1). Played 6

Lost 2

Won 3

Drew 1

Fixtures Our first home fixture against Benoni was impressive. Nkosi scored some exciting goals and we won 4-1. Against Highlands North, missed opportunities (and lack of match fitness) saw us lose 1-3 but the team showed real tenacity fighting back. Played 4

Lost 1

Won 2

Drew 1

I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Kevin and Penny Peyper for sponsoring the first team sporting bags, and for their unselfish commitment and support during the season. Also, to all the parents who supported out team at the Kloof Tournament. Finally, grateful thanks to Mrs Evans for preparing the drinks for the respective teams. Mr N Groenewald Colours: K Peyper and N Africa 220

First Soccer 2006 Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

T Marado, S Mgoma, S Simon, V Meyer, K Peyper, T Legae, J Riley C Greaves, L Makabo, C Heroldt, S Clifton, J Neilsen, D Koller, S Vorster, R Corder


Swimming00 Educator in Charge: Captain: Vice-Captain:

Miss J Kyte K Parkin M Overton

The 2005/2006 season started off well with a new coach, Miss N Drury, who brought renewed enthusiasm and structure to swimming practices. The Inter House Competition was once again held during school hours. Each house was well represented and the learners gave of their best. The spirit and sportsmanship reverberating around the pool was a clear indication that it was also enjoyed by the boys. Results of the Inter House Swimming Relay Gala 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Anderson Davis Crofts Hill Grimmer Hofmeyer Robinson School

149 142 140 126 111 105 79 71

This year we continued with the tradition of holding the School’s Championships in the evening. It was held on Thursday 23 February 2006. A few of our top swimmers were unable to attend and no records were broken this season. Attendance amongst the junior age groups was a pleasure to see, but credit must be given to the U15 age group. Their participation was greatly appreciated. Winners of Championship trophies in 2006: 200m Championship Freestyle Trophy 400m Championship Trophy 200m Breaststroke Championship Trophy 200m Backstroke Championship Trophy 100m Butterfly Championship Trophy 100m Open Backstroke Championship Trophy 100m Freestyle Championship Trophy 100m Breaststroke Championship Trophy Individual Medley Championship Trophy Junior Championship Trophy Senior Championship Trophy

D Rimmer M Steinhobel M Steinhobel K Parkin M Muller M Overton / K Parkin B Borsboom M Steinhobel G Whyte M Trefusis-Paynter M Muller

Garth Tune's achievements continue to grow. In 2005 he represented Gauteng Schools at USSASA National Aquatics in Durban. He received gold medals in all of his 5 events. He broke the SA School records in the 50m and 100m Backstroke and 100m 222

Butterfly. The 100m Butterfly record had stood since 1986. Garth represented South Africa at the Mare Nostrum Tournament in Barcelona (Spain), Canet (France), the Fina World Champs in Montreal (Canada) where he did personal best times in both the 50m and 100m Backstrokes. The list goes on and the School congratulates Garth on achieving full Protea Colours. We also congratulate Francois Retief and Aaron Jackson for achieving provincial colors.

Swimming 2006 Front Row (left to right): Middle Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

W Brand, M Steinhobel, G Whyte, M Overton, G Tune, D Rimmer, B Borsboom T White, F Retief, R Hastie, L Letshabo, D Overton, G Montgomery, J Lewis J Kurensky, G Prout, D Whyte, K Da Costa, D Geldenhys, R Richards, N Marchant, P Newman, A Watt-Pringle

Colours were awarded to: D Rimmer Team Blazers were awarded to: J Aylmer, R Richards, M Steinhobel and G Whyte. Special thanks to: • All the staff members who contributed to a successful season: Miss N Drury, Mrs N Gordon, Miss L Naidoo, Mrs Y Wadee, Mrs M van Jaarsveldt, Mr P du Plooy, Miss R Minnie, Miss S Marvel, Miss R Hillowitz and Mrs A Schumyn. • All the parents who supported both teams throughout the season, not to mention providing lifts on many occasions. 223

• •

All the swimmers for their contribution to the season. Mrs Evans and the Mothers’ Committee for always providing the after gala refreshments.

Miss J Kyte


Tennis00 Master in Charge: Captain:

Mr G D Jackson R MacLachlan

The 2006 Tennis season was a real test for all of our teams who were promoted into higher leagues in the first term after winning their respective leagues in the last term of 2005. Certain teams were promoted three leagues up after convincing wins. The competition was always going to be tough for our players, especially for the First Team who once again were playing in a highly competitive premier league. Our First Team was hoping to win half of their fixtures in the premier league. Of the six fixtures we played, the First Team only managed to win one, and lost one by a narrow margin. Nevertheless, our position in the top league is guaranteed until next season, even though our results were rather disappointing. The determined fighting efforts of our players on court, their sportsmanship and their insatiable desire to win were always evident. Defeats were met and handled with respectful dignity and sportsmanship. The captain must be commended for his leadership and the manner in which he held the team together throughout a difficult league season. His tenacious approach to the game was a good example to all the players in the team who will hopefully carry that attitude forward in years to come. The league season was hampered somewhat by the unavailability of some key players in vital matches, and by certain players not being in top form despite hard practice. Despite this, it was heartening to see the emergence of younger talent who generally did not disappoint when they were given the chance to play at the highest level. The First Team continued to play arranged fixtures during the second term. Their performances against traditional rival boys’ schools, (including those against three Durban Schools) were excellent. A defeat by Pretoria Boys’ High School was our only defeat. Players seemed to find their form and new players made a great impression. Serote and Pyne-Mercier deserve mention in this regard. Roper found form and was


superb throughout the second term with never-say-die match performances. It was always a pleasure to be associated with this team. Their enthusiasm and hard work was most rewarding. The highlight of the season was undoubtedly the Wayne Ferreira Challenge Tournament that was held at the Ellis Park Stadium. This is a regional tennis tournament; the finalists qualify through a regional knockout competition. We were knocked out in the ultimate game by St Stithian’s, but were lucky to be wild-carded into the finals based on our good record up to that stage. We landed up in the B section of the tournament among a total of sixteen schools in the tournament. In the round robin group section we managed to finish second to St Benedict’s. We then defeated Potch Gym comfortably in the semi-finals to advance to the final against St Benedict’s. Although we lost to them, the event was a great and memorable experience for our boys who showed that our school could mix with the best in the country on the tennis courts. We are well proud of our tennis players as in our one and only previous appearance at this tournament, we ended second last. Six teams competed in the leagues this year. The unfortunate effect of rainy weather made a large impact on disrupting and causing the cancellation of too many fixtures in the first term. However, all of the teams gave good accounts of themselves in the matches that were played. No team finished bottom of their league, and therefore will not face relegation. The Fourth Team did well in winning their league, and will therefore be promoted to a higher league to be played at the end of the year. It is heartening to see the enthusiasm amongst the juniors. Practices were well attended with up to thirty players attending on our four courts. The first three teams practised at Old Ed’s courts under the coaching of Johan Nel whom we thank for his efforts and interest. Our U15 team competed in the Pretoria Boys’ High Tennis Festival in August. We are privileged to be invited to this prestigious event as only the top tennis playing schools in the country are invited. The team disappointingly lost all of their matches but learnt a lot from the experience. It does however cause a degree of concern because of the lack of depth of tennis players at our school. We thank the following Educators who were constantly willing to give up their time to accompany our teams to matches, and to show an interest in the sport: Mrs Wadee, Miss van Staden, Mrs le Grange, Miss Barrett and Miss Stevens. Thanks also go to Mr Marx for his ongoing help in confirming matches, his support and encouragement. Not least, I thank the parents of our players who attended their son’s matches and those special people, Mrs Harris who kindly and voluntarily brought food and drink for all at our home matches, and Mrs Evans for the catering, and Roger for keeping the catering room clean and organised. First Team practices and matches were played at the Old Ed’s Club so we thank the Club for the use of their superb facilities. Team Blazer: N Bester Mr G Jackson 226

The following boys played: R MacLachlan (Captain), M Roper, L Harris, J Alford-Smith, M Boyd, N Bester, T Serote and D Pyne-Mercier. Results Team 1 2 3 4 5 6

Played 6 6 5 6 6 6

Won 1 2 0 4 2 1

Lost 5 3 3 1 1 3

Tennis Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

M Roper, R Machlachan, L Harris M Boyd, J Alford-Smith, N Bester, T Serote


Draw 0 1 2 1 3 2

Table Tennis00 Master In Charge: Coach: Captain:

Mr N A Groenewald Mrs N Pennell E Mauvis

Congratulations to all the learners that participated in the 2006 season and made it one of the most memorable. The school trials always bring a buzz amongst the Grade 8’s. Most of them, in some way or another, had played Table Tennis at primary school or at home. This year saw the exhibition of many talented players. We did, however, encounter some obstacles in that two schools withdrew, although this didn’t deter the spirits of our enthusiastic boys, and the coach managed to use the available time to iron out a few problems of technique. This hard work and consistent practice paid off. The boarders showed great determination and tenacity, and impressed with their outstanding performance. Seforo played one of the best matches against King David (Linksfield) which is notable, considering that this school had dominated the league. Mauvis showed excellent leadership and was chosen to represent Eastern Gauteng in the Nationals. The coach, Mrs Pennell, and I attended a coaching course at the Boskruin Community Centre which was a valuable contribution to our skills. Finally, I would like to thank Mrs Pennell for her unselfish and continual contribution to the school, and to Mrs Evans for providing refreshments. Mr N Groenewald The following boys played: E Mauvis, Y Skaap, S Seforo and M Pather

2006 Table Tennis Results vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs

King David Linksfield Jeppe John Orr Randburg Hoër Jeppe Boys’ Abbott College Hyde Park King David Victory Park Yeshiva

lost won won won won won lost won won

3-7 10-0 10-0 8-2 10-0 10-0 4-6 7-3 8-2



Open Water Polo First Team Master in Charge: Coach: Captain:

Mr P du Plooy Mr P Vanko B Borsboom

The First Team under the firm and talented coaching of Peter Vanko have brought a new aspect to the game realising that to be one of the top sides in Gauteng needs dedication, hard work and total commitment. This was evident at the start of the season with the regular tour to SACS in Cape Town where we made it to the quarter finals. After the departure of a few key players the team still had enough experience to proceed through the first part of the season without any major hiccups with noticeable victories over some of our major rivals such as Jeppe and Pretoria Boys' and narrow defeats to St Stithians, St John's and Parktown Boys'. At the beginning of the year with the second half of the season ready to get going, the team were still working towards their goal to do well in the Festival a few months away with victories over all the main local opponents except St John's. The First Team Festival was once again the ultimate success to round off a promising future that saw victories against tough opposition. Despite the loss to Selborne in the quarter finals it was once again evident that King Edward is a team not to be written off and ranks amongst the top five water polo schools in South Africa. At present the team is ranked 2nd to St John's in the Province, the only school that can and does regularly beat their First Team in local competition. Again the parents of water polo need to be congratulated and thanked for their tireless energy in the success that this tournament has become – certainly the best boys' tournament in the country. Colours were awarded to: B Borsboom, D Carstens, M Steinhobel, M Overton, D Rimmer, B Ryan, E Buys, C London, G Whyte and B Sheldrake. Team Blazers were awarded to: R Hastie, L Oosthuizen, M Cronje, R Richards and G Prout. We also need to congratulate B Borsboom, M Steinhobel and D Rimmer who were selected to play in the U19A Gauteng team, R Richards who was selected to play in the U19C Gauteng team, D Carstens, B Ryan, E Buys, R Hastie and B Sheldrake to play in the U17A Gauteng team, L Oosthuizen and G Whyte to play in the U17B Gauteng team for the SA Schools' tournament played in December 2005. Mr P du Plooy 229

The following boys played for the First Team 2005 - 2006: B Borsboom (Captain), C London, D Carstens, M Overton, M Steinhobel, E Buys, M Cronje, R Hastie, L Oosthuizen, D Rimmer, R Richards, B Sheldrake, G Whyte and G Prout.

Waterpolo First Team 2006 Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right):

B Ryan, M Steinhoblei, G Whyte, B Borsboom, D Carstens, D Rimmer, M Overton R Richards, R Hastie, L Oosthuizen, M Cronje, B Sheldrake, E Buys, G Prout

Second Team Water Polo Master in Charge: Coaches: Captain:

Mr P du Plooy Mr J Passmoor and A Irumba Gareth Thomas

The Second Team was a team of great potential and achieved good results, the most noticeable being a victory over St John's – their first victory against this team in five years. The motto of the team was one of "fun under no pressure" and this was portrayed throughout the season by the majority of players from the Grade 12 group who just wanted to play polo and have fun. The talent shown by the team was of a high quality. Other notable victories were over tough opposition including St Stithians, Pretoria Boys' and Parktown Boys'. The team was unbeaten against the top rivals in the local competitions but were very disappointing at the annual Second Team Festival held at St Stithians by not making it through the round robin stages. Mr P du Plooy 230



Waterpolo Tournament 2006

The following boys played for the Second Team, 2005/2006 Gareth Thomas (Captain), Graham Thomas, S Sutherland, M Gloss, J Harvey, R London, B Whyte, T Brewer, D Collins, T Ballantyne, D Viring, B McCann, D Stow, M Gilfillan, K Parkin, V Meyer, M Gibson, S Clifton, J Hamann, K Ryan and J Arnold.

Water Polo Tour to Hungary and Holland Twenty-three of our best water polo players returned from a two-week tour of Hungary on 11 October 2006, ready to challenge for honours back at home. The Tour ran from 26 September to 11 October. During that time a combination of current First Team players and future First Team hopefuls had the opportunity to hone their skills in what is commonly regarded as the strongest water polo playing nation in the world. The training was gruelling and the matches intense, but there was still sufficient time to further cultural horizons and take in some of the sights and sounds of Europe. Four days were spent in Budapest during which time we were hosted by the BZSC Water Polo Club. From there we made the short trip to Eger, where we spent a further 4 days training. One of the highlights of the time in Eger was the opportunity to watch a Hungarian Cup quarter final match, which was duly won by the home team. Thereafter, we endured two plane trips and 15 hours of travel to finally arrive in Holland, at the KVNB training centre in the Zeist forest. There we had the privilege of being coached by both the Dutch Men's and Women's national team coaches, as well as testing ourselves against some area representative teams. On their return home the players were exhausted from all their training, but once they had recovered, we will expect them to impress in the coming season. This tour was an excellent step forward for King Edward Water Polo, and we believe it has ensured the strength of our water polo teams for a number of years to come. To all of the friends that we made on the tour, we thank you for your kindness and your competition, and hope that you will allow us to return the favour in the near future. Mr J Tee

U15 Water Polo 2006 Coach: Captain: Vice Captain:

A Divaris D Overton T White

Most of the U15A team have been playing together since Grade 6, which makes this our 4th year together. Our coach, Tony, who is an ex-SA goal keeper has helped to improve our game in every aspect and made the game one we really enjoy. He has motivated us, keeping the game enjoyable while training us very hard at the same time. This year four of our boys were chosen to represent Gauteng: D Overton, 233

W Brand, D Whyte and G Montgomery. One of the contributing factors to our success as a team this year has been that we are all firm friends. We were runners-up at the Parktown Tournament earlier this year. We flew to East London in September to take part in the Sterrenburg Cup. We had hoped for a better ranking at this tournament. History repeated itself once more at Parktown towards the end of the year when we won the silver medal at the Indigo Tournament, losing once again in a very close match to our greatest Gauteng rivals, St John's College. We did, however, beat them in a match on their home ground a few weeks later. A wonderful spirit and sportsmanship has developed between the members of the two aforementioned teams and we hope that this will continue throughout the years to come. This U15 team has demonstrated a determined sense of commitment and talent and we hope that they will continue to improve on their journey to the open age group. A special thank you to Tony Divaris who has been both a coach and mentor to the U15 boys and a very big thank you to the U15 parents for their tremendous support and dedication to both their U15 team and the Water Polo Family. D Overton The following boys played: D Overton (Captain), T White, G Montgomery, W Brand, D Steinhobel, D Whyte, K Da Costa, G Mc Cann, A Watt-Pringle, P Newman, J Kurensky, S Ryan and J de Bruin.

U14 Water Polo Master in Charge: Coaches: Captain:

Mr M Hancock B Leggett & D Shunn A Watt-Pringle

The 2006 U14 Water Polo season kicked off in the first week of the term with a meeting on the first day of school. The boys were introduced to me and their two coaches Daniel Shunn and Byron Leggett. Training commenced the next day. The boys started by learning the necessary skills to play and master the game of water polo. The boys who played water polo previously proved to be a vital addition to our team: R Charmers (KEPS), J Springer(KEPS), A Watt-Pringle and D Geldenhuys. After just one and a half weeks of training we played our first fixture against Jeppe. Unfortunately we lost both games and it was apparent that we were in for a tough time. This was not as a result of a lack of hard work but rather the fact that almost all our boys had only just started playing water polo while the other schools, especially the private schools, had been playing since Grade 6. Heavy losses followed to St Stithians and St John's, but we only lost narrowly to Parktown and St David's. We were able to beat the schools who had started water polo in Grade 8 and this included Rand Park, Crawford and Affies, but it became apparent that we had to put in a lot 234

more work! We participated in the annual Ken Short Tournament at Jeppe against all the top water polo schools and we finished a disappointing 17th. In the off season the coaches came together and drew up a pre – season training programme for the boys to follow in the off – season, with a huge emphasis on fitness and ‘toughening up’. This training seemed to benefit the boys and we started the second part of the season a lot more confident and determined to do our school proud. The fourth term started with the B team suffering a heavy loss to St Peters in what was a complete mis-match. There followed a string of results which the boys can be proud of: we still lost to St John's and St Stithians but the scores were so much closer and we were no longer the easy team to beat anymore, no teams scared us anymore and this can only benefit us for future seasons. A good indication of our improvement came when we drew with St David's, a quality water polo side that had convincingly beaten us in the first term. Good wins over St Benedict's and Crawford were recorded. Our season ended with a disappointing 17th place in the annual Grey Bloem Tournament which was a real let down as the team was hoping to do a lot better. At the end of the season the boys had a win ratio of 40%, but with their development that we have already seen this can only improve. All in all I think the boys have a lot to learn but they can not be faulted for their enthusiasm and dedication. I really mean it when I say that these boys will only get better and better. Some of you still need to learn the value of team work and must realise that when you sit on the bench you are covering for your team and your friends. Thank you to the coaches for the season and to the parents who helped out, especially Mrs Watt-Pringle and Mr Bairstow who were simply incredible. Thank you to Watt-Pringle for captaining the side in what were some difficult situations. Well Done! And lastly well done to: A Watt-Pringle, D Lambert and J Letcher on making the U14 Gauteng A and B teams Mr M Hancock The following boys played: D Lambert, C Bairstow, C Beneke, J Letcher, J Rogers, D Metcalf, A Watt-Pringle, R Shepard, L Thompson, J Lebotschky, D Geldenhuys, C De Vos, L Mapukata, A MacRoberts, J Pollard, I van der Walt, D Fourie, M Torrente, M Tickle, A Abreu, G Gerritz, J Springer, R Charmers, T Msiza, M Watt-Pringle, D Wise, D Newman, N Msweli and V Singh.


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Mrs A Mania

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