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Morning Erection's First Edition, Third Trimester, 2010

Featuring David Jones  Shelbie M. Moore  Prinsesa Musang  Yuuki Chan  and many, many more! 


Published three times yearly

Photo Credit: Fall'n Leaves, (Cover, pages 2, 8, 13, 18, Back Cover) Michael Simon Vasques Gil Photo Credit: Just A Moment! Snow Crystal, (page 1) Elif Ayse Photo Credit: Sunlight Through Redwood Forest (page 4) Phault Photo Credit: A Single Tear, (page 5) Lisa Humes Photo Credit: First Sunrise Of 2009, (page 6) Nattu Photo Credit: Cape Royal, North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, U.S. (page 14) Steve Dunleavy Photo Credit: Crash!, (page 15), Randy, Son Of Robert Photo Credit: James Bond Island, (page 16) Jo@net Photo Credit: Snow Magic, (page 24), Katmere

Ishabelle Manalo 3 Blaga Todorova 3 Emma Cassabaum 4 Vanessa I. Flores 5 Valencia Monroe 6 Yuuki Chan 6 Judy Marie Santiago 7 Dawn Gibson 9 SeeNote 9 Helen Howell 10 Meghan Lee 10 Cherlyn Cochrane11 MoZaic 11 Shelbie M. Moore 12 SaFire Mirza 14 David Jones 15 Karina Sparks 15 Isamar Sparks 16 Rockhead 16 Kimberly LaRocca 17 Sina Saberi 17 Callmeams 19 Prinsesa Musang 19 Charles Wm. Martin & Toni L. A. Cross 20 Shannon SaFire 21 Desiree 21 Adrienne 22 Ms. Peaches 22 Tom Baker 23, 24

September Valencia Monroe Blaga Todorova Emma Cassabaum Vanessa I. Flores Yuuki Chan Ishabella Manalo Judy Marie Santiago

All Rights Reserved Š by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.


Beyond Reasonable Doubt by Ishabelle Manalo When you say that you want me Do you mean you want only me? Or does everybody else hear The lines you whisper in my ear? This moment, I know you’re mine Everything is more than just fine But later will things be the same? Will you call out someone else’s name? Tonight, you’re promising me tomorrow, But will the new day bring me sorrow? Will I find you in the arms of another? Do you really want me unlike any other? Today you can tell me you’ll stay But who knows when there’ll be a day That you would not want me anymore. What would the future have in store? When you say that we’re meant to be Do you think of me when you say “we”? Am I the real object of your affection? Or am I just an egoistic satisfaction? How can I believe in you completely Or in the words you say so sweetly When every time I look into your eyes I can see the enticing look of lies. I want to fall without hesitation And believe you without any question. Give me sign, something to believe in, And I won’t stop myself from falling.

Shush by Blaga Todorova I could see the shy smile hiding on your face. I could hear the sigh of pleasure ready to abandon your lips. I could feel the urge to say the words out loud, filling the static. I know you want to declare, to mark, to announce … I know. But… Shush!!! Don’t tell anyone I let you hold my hand! Don’t reveal the secret of the temptation we shared! Don’t display our vulnerable hearts in the bright sunshine! Don’t… not yet! Just… Shush!!! Hold the heaven we found for you and I, let us taste it before the eyes open and see the gray. Keep the comfort, the hunger that we fed with beauty, let us breathe it, before the outside world stains it with ordinariness, with poison of everyday routine. Shush!!! You have to!!! Tell me some more stories about magic, be my “always” even for a bit, even just for today . Tomorrow we can tell the world about us, but now please …just “Shush” and listen to the music that plays, every time you come near to share a kiss …..

Life’s Quilt by Emma Cassabaum Every life is a patchwork quilt. Each as unique as the next, No two are ever the same. They begin the same: a fragile and plain piece of cloth. As childhood floats by, Memories are constantly sewn on. Each memory a patch. Vibrant and individual, Each memory stands out from one another. As years roll by, More and more patches are tacked on, Some are horrid and dark, But there are always more cheerful ones. The quilt of life becomes worn down, A little dirty and worn thin. Perhaps a patch has been completely destroyed. Even at the end of the quilt’s life, Or rather life’s quilt, The patches never cease to keep us warm.

Cry by Vanessa I. Flores Left alone in the shadow of guilt, Left alone in the room of pain. He, She, We, cry. Cry for the children who need help. Cry for the adults who don’t know how to love or only know how to show their affection through the strong lash of a belt and can no longer cry tears of joy but rather cry tears of anger and frustration. We. Cry. Cry for the souls who have lost their way in this tunneled world of life. Cry for the minds who are unable to form thoughts for themselves and are pressured into a form of social acceptance and pride. For the minds who can not freely present themselves because socially, they would be considered “weird” or “freaks”. He. She. We. I. Cry. For those who have lost their way among the land we call home.

Forgetting Lovely Queens by Valencia Monroe It makes me sad to see how she gives up her crown and forgets that she is a queen. That she likes to be loud and seen. She turns in her real hair for that fake hair. It hurts me that she doesn’t care. She has been told that she is not a diamond, but glass. How she is proud and glad to show her breast and ass. It hurts me that she smiles in pride to be called a “bitch” or “ho”. Oh how it maltreats my soul. She submit her body as a mans toy. While he whispers in her ear she’s his “Pride and Joy”. I cry because of the sight that I have seen. It makes me sad to see how she gives up her crown and forgets that she is a queen.

Darkly by Yuuki Chan Before the moment of flowers Petals tumbling through the haze of gray Beyond the realm of pain Tears stealing away more than grooves and channels etched perchance into skin Weave through rain And you are rain falling gently into the quiet that babbles between Two lovers Fill the spaces between fingers Emptiness that runs to the promises of yesterday bent haphazardly at the core Bent but never broken.

Breathe by Judy Marie Santiago When the morning cuts the night, I’m still learning to breathe again. Our memories fill my empty, silent room, And as sleep, my lonely refuge lets me down, That’s when I pull my worn out guitar out of the case, And a tune is born out of the deafening silence. When the sun corrupts the day, I breathe in circles—in despair. Tried to waste time in the noisy, crowded avenues, But your face screams the hell out of my mind. Sing myself a song, just to let go, Sing a happy one, never our own. When the light finally gives up, It’s the hardest moment to breathe. Everyone’s tired, but never my heart. Staring at the sun as it sets, I wish I could pull the clouds away, Saw the wall, got a pen and started to write in rhyme.

When the darkness embraces the struggling sky, You said breathing is finally over—it’s time to die. I can never accept my loss—you’re all that I own. Misery beholds my downfall; won’t you save me from the cold? Alone in this night, I hold a pencil tight, Even if you won’t come alive, I’ll risk a sketch of your like. You are the thought behind the music my guitar plays, Behind every song I sing, every poem I write, And every picture that could ever exist in my mind— But my heart tries to kill. And if they say love is an art, I say, you are. You are both my ease and my pain. My life has been about you—you are the reason for this. I breathe for you. Won’t you let me breathe again?

October Helen Howell Cherlyn Cochrane Shelbie M. Moore Meghan Lee Dawn Gibson SeeNote MoZaic

All Rights Reserved Š by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

Tell Them by Dawn Gibson Tick tock Goes the clock Seconds, minutes, Hours to days. Eternity waits with each breath you take Are you ready to go? None of us knows The hour, the day, The time. In one moment You will find everything left behind. Then it’s too late You’ve sealed your fate Please don’t wait… Tell them you love them. Now. While you still have the chance.

In Love’s Light by SeeNote In Love’s light, I find myself. Unobscured, And with a splintering conscience. A veiled passion no longer disguised Finds me depraved and insolent Standing alone foremost and within A room where the walls are both boundless and absolute. I turn away to avoid Love’s reproach. I am Revealed and displayed for truth’s sake Instinctively scowling with downcast eyes. Searching not for the blissful dole of Love’s impatient gaze I recoil and voraciously ensconce the rapture I have come to embrace; Clinging to the agony it has wrought. Any pursuit of celestial adoration has long subsided And since been substituted with earthly inclination. I’ve made an acquaintance of simple satisfaction And it has been enough for me. Still no affinity is forged without compromise: My intricacies have not afforded me any exception. The blinding illumination beyond my closed eyelids has dimmed to a subtle glow. I am left alone again, to my own device.

Let It Be Known by Helen Howell To be awake but not awakened and, oh, this is a merry life that keeps one in the mire of reality’s conspiracy. And then there is the light but no enlightenment and knowledge but no wisdom and love but no loving. Peace is there somewhere but no peacefulness because it cuddles up to joy and hides in discontent. Let it be known I know how great we are to live this farce and play-act with intensity the simulated genuine. But of the genuine who knows if ere upon a dusty shore if will rise in true force, effect, and stand as one triumphant? Let it be known I don’t know but maybe in a future time there’ll be a misfit speck of past that shows I should have known. The awake, enlightened, wise, the peaceful and the joyous, all specks within the folds of time that one day will make a … whole!

Heart Beat by Meghan Lee This pen is my vein This ink is my blood This thought is my pulse Badump Badump This page is my memory These words are my legacy This hour is short Badump Badump When the veins are collapsing When the blood has run dry When the pulse beats no more Badump Badump When the memory has faded When the hour is up This legacy lives on Badump Badump

Autumn’s Seduction by Cherlyn Cochrane

These Three Words by MoZaic

The leaves, stripped of their green, now brilliant shades of orange and red, fall slowly to the ground – their bed once more, never again to be seen. With a gentle hint of summers end, and a breeze carrying a fall shiver (just enough to make me quiver) Autumn is here, it transcends. The darkness from nightfall shrouds the moon; the shadows move and creep, prowling around those that sleep there is no light peaking from the clouds. Autumn brings beauty, and it brings fright two opposing forces balanced at one time. For it is breathtaking and sublime, and it brings those that wander the night.

These three words powerful and sweet speak volumes much louder than crowds & softer than whispers These three words cause hurt & pain cut deeper than razors leaves wounds open wider than the Atlantic These three words I can’t live without hearing or feeling expressing or receiving These three words are reserved only for you the one the only the one I need the one I want the one I give it to freely you These three words I Love You

Why I Write by Shelbie M. Moore Someone once asked me “What do you want to do with your life?” I thought and said, “I want to write” “Write what?” they asked Here’s what I responded I don’t want to write what’s been written I don’t want to create a story that everyone’s heard I want to be original I want to be important I want my mind to matter over my body I want to be judged for my allusions, motifs, and hyperboles I want to be known for the rhythm my tongue makes As it literally rolls under my words I want to influence using only my vocabulary I want to have a dream I want to make women feel phenomenal I want to write by any means necessary

I want families to read my poems on holidays I want grandmothers to recite my stories by heart I want to be remembered for the talent I possessed I want to be known for my intellect, creativity, and smile A smile I’ll show at every Performance, book signing, slam, or presentation And whenever a child grabs a biography of me I want one quote engraved in their memory “All Shelbie wanted to do is write So that’s how she spent her life”

I want to make people feel every cliché ever written by an author or poet I want my readers’ blood to pump I want to make their adrenaline sprint through their veins as their heart physically skips beats I want people to blink back tears and think of their lovers as I recite words such as “Everyone has their flaws but yours are so microscopic I don’t feel the need to point them out” I want my phrases to build marriages And comfort divorces I want my rhymes to make a guy reminisce on that one special kiss That makes him regret every mistake he’s made I want to piss off the men and women who’ve wronged me and I’ll use their tears to fill the ink in my pen

November David Jones Rockhead Kimberly LaRocca Sina Saberi Karina Sparks Isamar Sparks SaFire Mirza

All Rights Reserved Š by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

Listen Dear Heart by SaFire Mirza Someone should tell the heart to give up The battle ended before it even begun Lines have already been drawn White flags hung out to dry Someone should tell the heart Destiny cannot be averted You tried switching the scroll Piercing the lines of your hands But here you are standing in the same place saying the same words feeling the same pain Smiling the same smile wiping the same bitter sweet tears dreaming the same elusive dreams You will walk on the same path jump over the same old fence Breathe in the familiar scent of grass wet with dew smile wistfully at the orange glow crunch the same autumn under your shoes wrap the same scarf entwine the same gloved fists Dream the same elusive dream together‌ and fear being left alone.. catch the breath in your dry throat hear the heart gallop miles per second

Someone should tell the heart to not make itself bleed to not try to foolishly avoid the inevitable to not run away you will look back.. Someone should tell the heart where the souls are connected letting go would render you incomplete living alone is not an option and if it is made a choice you will be one of those ghosts who did not listen to their Heart.

Stained Glass by David Jones

You Should Have Said No… by Karina Sparks

Fingerprints On my window Reflecting Stained glass Randomness Blurring The light of day Like frosted Memories Reaching out From my past Seeking to touch My psyche One last time

You should have said no You should have stayed by my side you shouldn’t have been blinded by fake love you shouldn’t have stayed and not walk into her arms do you not see the tears run down my cheeks? Do you not see my love for you? Do you not see the mistake you are making? You walk away with my heart in your hands it breaks into pieces with each step you take towards her… as you walk into her open arms my heart finally dissolves into dust but in the end is she worth it?

Goodbye by Isamar Sparks

Captured by Rockhead Like you counted The hairs upon my head You caught Every single tear I shed Like you separated My transgressions from me You spread your arms wide And sacrificed yourself for me You rose upon my life Like the sun With healing on your wings You sent your rain down Love poured down From your eyes to mine Enraptured and captured I bask in all of You

Here we are, under the rain with tears running down my face with pain growing on my chest as my hands hold my heart silently falling apart holding back not to regret I won’t forget the endless nights here we are with a gaze of no love a gaze we could no longer hide hold me for the last time let me hear your heart here and now as the cold wind blows my hair it whispers hope tears born on those eyes who saw my soul here we slowly turn away leaving a memory behind as we softly say goodbye.

My Last Day by Kimberly LaRocca I would wake up a little late Open my eyes Gazing upon your face Make love to you Without saying a word Not worry about What could be heard I would call in sick Enjoy the day Take a walk on the beach Or by the bay Hold your hand Our fingers intertwined Me in your heart You on my mind I would make a meal For you and I Feed you by hand Sitting by your side Wash your feet Late that night Silently gazing In your eyes I would promise you My love always And that id never leave Forever stay We’d live this way eternally, id say That’s how I would spend My last day

Basic Decency by Sina Saberi We don’t have to talk with words Our actions speak in many colors Our manner shows what our inner holds And speaks so loud though we keep it hither We show our inner, out in the open Our outer lies though, at times, it’s okay We speak of lies, of blue and purple Our heart but glows with golden orange I lie not now, I have never ever ! To me at times; to you but never I utter none, though I do quite often So close you ears, keep your eyes wide open I play my part, I spill my heart I do it every single minute Just open up and read my message Rip your soul and feel me damaged I’m here today and I’ve become What my thoughts are; what my actions are See what I do and that’s who I am That’s who I am; so, nice to meet you!

December Prinsesa Musang Adrienne Callmeams Shannon Shaefer Ms. Peaches Desiree Charles Wm. Martin and Toni L. A. Cross Tom Baker

All Rights Reserved Š by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

My Invisible Scars by Callmeams You made me promise not to tell All the time you put me through hell Made me feel like it was my fault Made me ashamed that I didn’t make it halt What about your promises broken Some aloud and some unspoken To love and protect me and keep me from harm It seems everyone was blinded by your charm But I know the truth behind your lies I see the sinister in your eyes You I love and you I hate To others I can no longer relate Torn asunder, my soul battered My scars invisible, like I never mattered

After You by Prinsesa Musang The rain fell earnestly as I go back to the door that opened the room I had left for so long, for fear and uncertainty. I cannot see you. There is nothing here but empty spaces, and I let out a small sigh, both of frustration and satisfaction. You had always been my despair and my delight. The silence, and coldness, that I see here, coming back now, wreathed around me like a long lost friend, as I see myself reflected in the mirror we put up ourselves, tiny, and broken as the last fragments of the mirror fall into a crash‌ and I see the real me pretending to be strong, pretending what happened was not real.

Within Heaven’s Arms by Charles Wm. Martin and Toni L. A. Cross this child that you see cannot cry again nor wait for promises to be kept alone in the dark shivering for fear a blue map of bruises pale tender skin holding an old doll as ragged as her dreams praying to a god known only from a tv show god, please make me good so my momma won’t be mad no more sorry i’m so bad but as she prayed an angels voice whispered my dear child you did nothing wrong at all

she snuffled her tiny nose and blinked blue watery eyes her shivers skittered away like mice into the corners she could not believe her eyes for in front of her kneeling near was the glowing form of an angel whose voice was soft and clear be it a dream or substance of light her life was changed in a moment that night for the angel caressing with wings of white said softly rest now my child have no fright for tomorrow i shall show you such wondrous sights the way things should be all wrong made right beauty pulled out of pain tormented souls made whole and sane

If You Were You by Shannon Schaefer If you were a river I’d be your canyon Holding you close But letting you run free If you were a wave I’d be the moon Pulling you in When you need to crash If you were you And if I was me I’d love you forever Just wait and see If you were a carrot I’d be your dirt Keeping you safe And helping you grow

Raindrop Memories by Desiree Our clothes were soaking wet From running through the rain If you were a pencil I’d be your paper Giving you a space To tell your story If you were you And if I was me I’d love you forever Just wait and see Times when you’re dark I’ll be your light Brightening up The whole night sky Times when you’re unsure I’ll be your certainty Adding exclamations To your question marks If you were you And if I was me I’d love you forever Just wait and see

Still he kept smiling And kept on dancing Raindrop memories to never forget When the rain passed, so did he But the footsteps he left Will always remain But even though it looks As rain has faded It’s never ever really gone And so I’ll keep running outside forever Waiting for the raindrops To wet his hair To drench mine as well And kiss my cheeks Like I wanted to kiss his too

One Thousand Hearts by Adrienne I want to make you smile even when your frown seems permanently set in place I’ll pour all my love into you until all the pain in your heart is erased Without truly knowing or questioning why I find all the answers right there in your eyes I could try, but I could never find an understanding more clear Then the understanding between our souls that draw us here Even in September through all the fall, winter, and spring Your love makes it feel like summer through all the Joy and warmth you bring To feel your lips as sweet as honey suckle against mine It stops every thing around me, literally every second in time You illuminate my world brighter then the sun could ever be More precious then any jewel, star, or stone to me I wish I could love you with the love of a thousand hearts I’d fill them all with you every part But I hope the one heart I have will do Because no one will ever love you the way that I do

A New Me by Ms. Peaches Revelations of realizations Make me see the realities Of what it means to become The greatest me that I can be Blessing unknown obedience To the one up above bring me Full circle to a place I once Previously started but now Again I head back in that direction Only I move forward without Haste or feelings of judgment From ones who know nothing Of what it is that makes me me!

Love Is Not A Feeling by Tom Baker Love has been romanticized and emotionalized People have bought into the lies That love is a feeling or emotion Feelings come and feelings go and Emotions can change like the tide or the wind But love, true love Is not a feeling but an act of your will Love is committed and truly unconditional People have embraced the deception Not realizing love is anchored, steadfast and not whimsical or flighty Feelings are based on an outside force Emotions can be swayed by hormones or public opinion Love however, is always there, always willing; always forgiving Love is a practical decision, an act of will Love is not based on what you do for me That’s just happiness Love is not determined by how you look today That’s just lust Love doesn’t depend on what I do for you That’s just affection Love should not be worrisome or anxious That’s just fear True love comes from within. A thought, a choice Love is NOT a feeling but it is a conscious decision An act of volition An act of your will Love is not a feeling… who do you truly love?

The Dance by Tom Baker Swaying, twisting A glimmer, a shimmer You move and you turn You’re blue then you’re orange Waving, twirling A slither, a glide I watch as you step slowly then You dart and you dash Rolling, jaunting A scurry, a trot Intoxicating, entranced, I can’t look away Mimic the daylight, parting the dark You’re dancing, your light On my wife’s naked flesh I watch the shadow of your flame Enjoying the motion, the beauty Of the candle’s naughty dance

Forsaken by Tom Baker

Vastness Of Space And Time by Tom Baker

Alone, abandoned in the rain Resting on this cold park bench The wind whips by without a word Picks me up and carries me away Time creeps by as I grow older My flesh withers and my skin wrinkles

Cold Devoid of form Dark and foreboding It’s massiveness is beyond infinity

Sol plays less and less with me now I miss its warmth and comforting touch I miss my family and friends scattered all over The times I remember spent just hangin’ around Help me, I’ve fallen and can’t get back up Such is the life of a leaf at this time of year…

Beautiful Spherical brilliance the way light travels Celestial wonderment Quantum leaps and gravitational bounds Heavens Stars a billion here and a billion there A billion galaxies; nebulae, stars, planets Rocks will declare the glory even if you won’t.


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