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Second Edition, First Trimester, 2011

Featuring Yvonne Burhannan  Maria Carizza  Shyaire Ganglani  Jessica D'Angleo  and many, many more! 

Published three times yearly

Photo Credit: Waikiki Sunset , (Cover, pages 2, 8, 14, 20, Back Cover) Kazuhiko Teramoto Photo Credit: Clouds and Ocean, Barbados, (page 1) Jens Karlsson Photo Credit: Puppy Love (page 5) Photo Credit: Great Ocean Road, (page 6) Andrea Shaffer Photo Credit: Blue Ocean, (page 7) Spettacolopuro Photo Credit: Sleeping Couple, (page 9) Google Images Photo Credit: The Lazy Days Are Over, (page 10), Scarleth White Photo Credit: Erotic Couple, (page 12) Google Images Photo Credit: Ripples, (page 16), Midnight Reflections Photo Credit: Snow Covered Bush, (page 19), Martin Pettitt Photo Credit: Rose, (page 21), Joaoa Photo Credit: The Best Thing One Can Do When It's Raining Is To Let It Rain, (page 23), Kris Bradley Photo Credit: Mt. Pinatubo's Eroding Caldera, (page 25), Iron Chef Balara Photo Credit: Humpback Whale Tail and Iceberg in Labrador, (page 26), Natalie Lucier

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January Kellie Elmore Aiswarya Gopan Iris Orpi Shayaire Ganglani Emily T. Kelly Hay Luke Prater Tom Baker

All Rights Reserved Š by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

First Kiss by Emily T. Only sounds Are those Of crickets And rain Drops slide down Foggy windows Leaving long Clear streaks From A Daughter To A Mother by Aiswarya Gopan You gave birth to me and brought me into this world You watched over me, fed me, read to me, and sang me lullabies You taught me how to take my first steps, held my hands through it all As I learnt how to put one foot in front of the next Letting go of your grip, when you were sure I wouldn’t fall You made sacrifices for me, putting my joys before yours All the time driven by a dream to make my life better than the life you had Molding me into the person I am today Infusing life into me with every lesson you taught You have cried infinite tears of joy, through all phases of my life No words would be sufficient to thank you for all that you have done for me Mother, you have been the best teacher I could ever ask for For you taught me how to live my life, and be proud of who I am today For that, more than merely bringing me into this world, I will forever be indebted to you As only a daughter can be towards her mother I am humbled yet liberated as I confess the love I have for you For everything you have been to me – my strength, my meaning, my maker, my mother

My first kiss Wasn’t meant To be Like this It was meant To be sweet Tender Loving Not fast Hasty Empty Unemotional Entirely wrong.

Purple Reign by Tom Baker Our relationship is flawed; dysfunctional but I never meant to cause you any sorrow We are once again two lonely souls adrift in the cosmos Funny but it seems that u’re alone like me It’s not written in stone that we must stay that way So here I sit in my lonely room Wishing you were here again and all mine It’s just another manic Monday Another sad day after a lazy week’s end but I never meant to cause you any pain Hate that I’m the reason you cried For the tears in your eyes if they’re tears of sorrow Cut me to the core and I don’t want to continue hurting you Why do we scream at each other I fantasize about forgiveness when we’ll be one again We all want the stuff that’s found in our wildest dreams Remember at the beach caught in the down pour? I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain We vowed then to stay married forever, no matter what cause Something ’bout the clouds and you mixed Now the sun is out but now we are miserable This condition I got is crucial We were always meant to be together; wedding rings attest Everybody always told me good things come 2 those who wait My prayers were answered in you I prayed that I could have u all 2 myself God heard my prayer and sent you to me All the other kids would love to love you but you’re my little private joy

Opposites attract, they always do my social butterfly I was the kind of man who’d rather stay at home Selfishly I didn’t want to share you with the world Vous etes tres belle I was blinded by your beauty and so was he The beautiful ones, they hurt u every time I forgave you now you forgive yourself and come back If I could just look u in the eye And tell you how much I miss you, want you, love you If I was your one and only friend Would you forget the past and be my wife again? I get so discouraged, I never see you anymore Tears of joy will pour down when once again we embrace then Let’s kiss with one synonymous notion A marathon of sad thought traverse my mind Nothing can stop this lonely rain from falling Not unless you drop everything and run back to your man Rain is wet, sugar is sweet Whenever we make love so are you; my arms miss you so I’m blinded by the daisies in your yard Still captivated by the aroma of your nectar How come you don’t call me anymore Wait, I see you there coming up the steps, opening the door The most beautiful girl in the world Wanting to still and always and forever be mine I only want to see you bathing in the purple rain Let’s start anew again forsaking all others because

Magic In The Backyard by Kellie Elmore Soft spoken eyes, infectious laughter, her spirit so young, a dreamer, a doubter On the dewy grass beneath the sun, sun-kissed cheeks, dreams ready to run Curly blond locks, sweet dimpling smile A wonderland awaits in the mind of a child For all that she sees, through innocent heart A whimsical journey only she can take part

What A Lie by Shyaire Ganglani Look at me. I lied. Watch me as I fall. Try to pick me up and realise that I’m broken. That the pieces fall everywhere. Mock me as I crawl away. Taunt me in the corner. You don’t need stick and stones. You’ve got words. The world has words. Throw them at me piece by piece and watch them cut my soul. Watch me bleed the liquid hurt. Watch me as I fall apart. Piece by piece, word by word, Look at me; I’m broken.

Pinks and purples illuminating her sky, she looks to the heavens, lays back with a sigh She takes up her journal and begins to pen coloring the pages with what she puts in Capturing the essence of all that she sees The sweat on her neck now cooled by the breeze The dew on the grass and sun in the sky Just she and her pen and swatting at flies She tells the pages a story that’s hers and makes her backyard magic with words Painting fairies and princes from flowers and trees Penning perfection with grass-stained knees

So by Iris Orpi So you want me to talk to you about loneliness. So you want me to tell you how cold the days are even at high noon and how hollow the darkness of the nights unable to hide the glowing green eyes of brokenness, how I wake up each morning in a state of panic because the world ahead has no warmth in store for me and go to sleep each night with my heart heavy as lead. So you want me to tell you emptiness is a centipede with a hundred feet that noiselessly tread the cracks on the walls of my soul that used to be a dam of abundant emotion in which I used to dip my fountain pen for ink. So you want me to explain how whispers bounce off the ear drums of the deaf. So you want me to explain a painting to the blind.

But I have no reason to, and there are no words in any language or any dictionary translation of silence to describe how much I miss you.

Living Upside Down by Kelly Hay I’m living upside down in a right side up world being tossed and tumbled about, like in a dryer with no off switch having been left for far too long heart battered and bruised, I emerge soul singed and wrinkled. And yet still you try to fold me vainly attempting to smooth life’s creases with your hand, an exacting science, precise measurements, a life molded to fit into a drawer of your own choosing. Who is this demographic god and can he be slaughtered? Maybe I would rather be hung up, air dried or casually tossed upon the floor to stretch out. We should all refuse to be folded, trimmed, shaped, mended to fit someone else’s framed box.

The One With The Curls by Luke Prater What became of my summertime girls? On that field grazes a cow what became of the one with the curls? This malaise like a flag, it unfurls on that field lazes a plough what became of my summertime girls? Through Winter, desolation uncurls those people and places are gone, now what became of the one with the curls? What became of her sweet smile of pearls? I need dreams to help me along, now what became of my summertime girls? I’m far from these fanciful whirls the maze up ahead asks me: how? What became of the one with the curls? The Ladies have all met their Earls ach! Wo ist meine Frau? What became of my summertime girls? What became of the one with the curls?

February The poems featured in February are romantic, sensual and erotic. The language in several of the poems this month are for those 18 and above only and are NSFW.

Yvonne Burhannan W. I. Boucher 1ManView The Reason Why You Come Jessica D'Angelo ShadowMandoll Butterfly Effect Tom Baker

All Rights Reserved Š by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

I Want Chocolate by Jessica D’Angelo I want a man called Chocolate who takes me to the heights of ecstasy with one tiny lick I want a man called Chocolate who can excite me even when still wrapped up in his coat I want a man called Chocolate who can transport me to Heaven as he melts in my mouth so slowly I want a man called Chocolate who can come in so many varieties white, dark and milky I want a man called Chocolate who can be bought for so little yet is always my prince lying naked in my hands.

Passion Fruit by Shadow Mandoll His lips against mine, I feel so erotic. The sweet smell of fruit, something exotic. His hand reaches down, to my warmth hidden low. His fingers move gentle, he touches me just so. I scream out in pleasure as my orgasm comes near, It’s building inside of me, I’ll explode I do fear. He stops just short of climax, it hurts; I want to scream. Now he’s smearing it across my chest, whipped cream. He licks and flicks his tongue, I’m on the verge, I want to come. He gets on top, so fast, and slides himself inside, I scream and yell “Oh God Yes!” my delight I can’t confine. He pumps so hard and fast, I cannot stop the rush. I scream his name and claw his back, my ecstasy can’t be hushed. He comes so hard, my mind explodes, the end is here at last. We lay in bed, legs in-twined, until the after glow has passed.

Mating Call by The Reason You Come Chest on chest, mouth on mouth, arms wrapped around Their bodies while the heat flows through their veins Tongue now upon neck to the beating sound Of the Siren’s call that love’s priest ordains As the music to which lovers should dance; They shake and gyrate with naked desire Take advantage of this off’ring of chance Writhing, burning, on the hedonist’s pyre Hips in fluid motion grind against him Already giddy, he tastes her with ease The heat inside him boils close to the brim She pushes him away; she’s just a tease Surrounding them, raw carnal smell is strong Wet lips are felt on flesh the whole night long

Erections vs. Wetness by Butterfly Effect Is there a name for the joy of making erections sprout from my essence? I love how embarrassed he gets from not being able to conceal his reactions to my sensual seduction Legs swaying back and forth in anxious anticipation With thoughts of falling into a dark mind blowing hole of drowning sensations His eyes close as his bar grows warming his inner thigh Veins are plumpy pulsating making him spit creamy leaks wetting his boxer briefs Squirming as he tries to gain control of his magic wand yearning to cast spells Slowly licks his lips while watching her breasts waltz from every bounce in her switch Leaning over sticking her bottom to the air She confesses in his ear her desires to ride him Instantly his stick leaps. Mmmmm… he thinks, “I can’t wait to see that, ride me please” My arousal is not easily hidden either… pay attention Lips swell engulfing my button as she grows Juice on the mountain peak bless my panties Changing positions in my seat only makes more of a mess… antsy Steam from my dewy damp place gives off a strong sweet aroma that drives his senses crazy The girls sit up straight choosing him with their pointy nips Quietly sighing from the intense, pleasuring pain created from the bra rubbing my Hersey kisses Envisioning the hardness behind his zipper makes my sweat… glisten Panting with laborious flutter… Can’t stop complaining of the weather inside producing hot flashes much like heat invasions So, are you still unable to see my arousal? just wait until I get up from my seat my skirt is sticking to me

Fantasies by Yvonne Burhannan This mind has turned into another mode Day dreaming of fictions never told Unending love making is about to unfold So prepare for a love making poem… Only in my dreams am I free With you laying on side of me Gentle lips touching each cheek As your tongue explores my body for something to eat… Time has no meaning in my sleep Moment by moment Each breathe makes my heart beat Anticipation now rises within these sheets… Kissing my breast Licking away all the stress Whispers of untold love kills realities caress Massage my thighs to make me feel blessed…. Now sex away everything that causes pain Bringing my soul out of rain Feeling each stroke gives release to this restrain But only fantasies will this remain. Thoughts Of You by 1ManView Moisten droplets, ease past swollen lips, Wet panties lowered, Knees rise toward bosom, Heated fingertips slide in slippery feminine sweat… Desire consumes loins, As thoughts of you rekindle the passion we shared last night, Intertwined as one…

Even Alone She Thinks Of Me by Tom Baker Venus In Lace by W. I. Boucher

You reveal yourself night after night But you have no idea I sit in the dark tonight And watch your silhouette climb on the bed

My sweet venus in white lace bound tight to the warm earth by the silken cords of desire

My senses are on high alert My eyes tell my brain start a riot Causing an uprising in my loins

burning passion’s chains bind her wrapped round her racing heart My goddess and slave of love

I gaze at you as your nipples peek through Your slender fingers as you caress your breasts Massaging you swollen nipples

she wakes the hungry beast that by her touch may tame she bends it’s will to her needs

I reach down quietly for my sensitivity At the same time you reach for your juicy tenderness Your back arches and I hear a sigh.

she softly calls out my name warm as a summer breeze she beckons me come closer

My lips form a smirk as I listen intently To the symphonic rhythms and sounds of fingers and damp lips A sound I’ve only before heard when it was my fingers

an invitation to worship deep her flawless alabaster temple in that secret perfumed grotto

Moonlight draws my gaze again to your still hard nipples Slowly I lick my lips wanting a nibble for myself Anus clenched your finger slips inside; I want a taste

heaven nestled safe between those smooth and graceful twin pillars of her supple thighs

What’s that I smell? Is it lusty musk in the air? You roll on your stomach and spreading eagle Thrusting yourself into the palms of your hands

to drink my fill of ambrosia made drunk by that spring flowing so pure for me alone

I imagine it is my fingers causing you to moan Your hips move faster your breathing more shallow I faintly hear you deeply utter my name rolling over and collapsing The deed is done. Off to dreamland now that you’ve cum I close my eyes and play the scene again in my head And I smile now my deed is done, knowing I’m in my wife’s fantasies.

March Shirley Alexander Hailey Kim Indu Prakash Cofiboi Emmanuel Ibok Maria Carizza C. Dominique Gibson Olivia

All Rights Reserved Š by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

I Should’ve Died In My Sleep Last Night by Maria Carizza I said I’d be okay when you leave. I would’ve prepared myself before then. What started in an instant can be cut off just as fast. Yeah, I’ve heard of that a lot… … from myself even. So why now does it still hurt? I said this would’ve brought about a good poetry or prose but the words just don’t fit. Or was it my heart that slipped? Screw my heart. Bash my head. In the end, this will still be the end. Yeah, I lost it. I lost you. I lost me. What I have left are what-ifs and could-have-beens. Crap. I’m the one to lose again and I’m the one I should blame. In my ears, Evanescence is playing. Inside, all of me is breaking. My head is clouded, my eyes teary. The words just fall away from me. I said I’d be ready when you leave. So why the hell do I still grieve? I lost grip. It came to me that before it started, I lost already. I close my eyelids ’cause they got heavy and I wait for my tears to fall freely.

Dark Side Of The Moon by Shirley Alexander There was a time, I could shine. When I thought of you, I could shine. I stand alone under night heaven; feel light on my upturned face. Does it glow if you are not watching? I might have been this moonlight, a reflection of your distant fire. But, I became the dark face and she, your moon. Somewhere inside, a new light burns. It is a world without phases, a place where day welcomes night and returns to warm the morning. I stand alone under night heaven. There was a time, we could shine. There was a place, I could burn. Wings spread, a wiser phoenix will rise from the ashes of your fire. Do you shine if I am not watching?

Meditation by Emmanuel Ibok Loving kindness protect you wherever you are whatever you do; keep you safe like a baby in the mother’s arms; show you love undiluted like the universe; prevent you from fears and negativity, the type that creeps in at night to kill the soul in the morning. Loving mercy forgive you forgive me too forgive us all and reverse the hands of karma and nemesis those ones we unintentionally call on ourselves. Let the soul be lifted and let the body nourish from it. Positive energy to guide you to your goal where we’ll meet to celebrate successes In peace.

Moving On by Indu Prakash But that day, turned everything around I heard you talking to your friends about me You were telling them sick things and How it I was the easiest of all his preys Your words felt like knives piercing me You were a wolf in a sheep’s clothing I realized that you were just pretending You saw me, and I could see it In your eyes that you were not sorry But you came running after me apologizing And how you were just joking around, And I said ” How could you do this to me, I thought I knew you, Just leave me alone, And don’t ever come into my life again” I felt deserted I never imagined we’d end like this Darkness creeping into my life As I realized that everything was gone The girl in the mirror was betrayed, and she cried herself to sleep But then again, finding out now was easier And I want you to know that I’m moving on.

Realize by Hailey Kim I’ve never thought about the people I’ve hurt, Just always the one that hurt me, Never thought about the people I’ve left, Just always the ones that left me, Ever about the people I’ve betrayed, Always the ones that betrayed me, Always thought about the ones they did wrong, And never confronted mine, Why is it that I realized now, On the front step of my house, Is it the dark earthy sky that is giving me time to conceive, about the dozens I have done wrong, And never about me.. As I am sixteen, But It feels like I’ve already lived more than half of my life years, Maybe it’s just the difficulties, That’s only made me feel this way, Further more, I know I’ll meet light, I visualize my soon-to-be present, But I have to admit, That the way there is pretty opaque, I not only believe, but I see the soon-to-be future, lying so close to my toes, Closer than feet, tipping over the edge of the water

Midnight by Cofiboi where dreams awake and reality slumbers the moon smiles and the stars, fiery like candles burns away the remnants of day night stands proud and the sun hides behind the cloak of the blackest of skies dawn still sleeps midnight i lay beside you silent, like a shadow i plant a kiss, yet you do not stir outside, the wind whispers your name and we are still midnight black, like satin, flowing freely smooth like the still waters cold like december sleep slowly creeping, like my fingers combing your hair midnight you wake and smile teeth like diamonds gleaming in the dark you take me and i, you midnight the wolves howl and i moan deep. deeper into the darkness silken kisses, masking the hunger that night awakened at midnight.

For Prayers Were Sung by C. Dominique Gibson Singing Prayers, For the hopeless wanderer For in his nomadic beauty, There is strength in his tireless search for nothing Reality has escaped him, His shadow replaced the man he used to be, A man who came to believe in nothing, Because he stopped dreaming Or, perhaps because his dreams, Had awakened before being realized Premature birth of things that died before coming into fruition Lungs barely formed to breathe in life’s fuel‌ hope of the human spirit Pray not for his direction, Nor for that nonexistent thing for which he searches, Pray for those lost dreams that faded before he could grasp them, Before he could hold them in his arms or express to them his love, Pray because his dreams died long before he will, And that he lost the very heart, That would afford them a proper burial.

Colors Of Nature by Olivia Pick up a rainbow and a few metallic shades: The Sun takes from Red to Yellow, The Sky that forms the backdropFrom Blue till Violet, Sometimes, it reaches till Red. The nature takes the shades of GreenAlso, Brown- that’s obtained when all colors are mixed. That all colors when absorbed produce Black, And when reflected, form White, is not “logic”, but a Science. Look above yourselfGolden is Sun’s fiery rays, Silvern is the cool Moonlight. The Stars are the Gemstones precious, Diamonds and all the colored ones. The meteors maybe the mineralsThe shooting ones, the white metals.. The burning ones- the yellow metalloid; Asteroids the other ores, The Comets maybe the shining crystals!! Birds, Butterflies, Worms, FlowersTake all colors and shades possible.. Humans although take from beige to dark brown, Seldom shows the gravity of containing all within themselvesThey appear to be hollow’ ones devoid of any color at all!!

April Prinsesa Musang Cha's Palette iBeingMe Tim Moss Joel Fagerberg Redragonfly Kimeko Shera Farrar Te'Kia Miller Vikram Parmar

All Rights Reserved Š by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

Last Night by Cha’s Palette Here comes the rain, pouring down my window Tapping on my pane, lingering are my sorrows For every drop of rain, tears run down my cheeks And all the memories coming back, they are making my heart sick I write our names on my window’s mist And there, at the back of my mind, our final kiss Painful yet sweet; Passionate yet so tormenting Afterwhich, a smile across my lips, so deceiving I sat alone in this dark, empty room Looking for solace against my self-made doom As I hug my pillow tight, I think about you and me Wishing it was you I’m holding, instead of mem’ries Rain pours, tears fall; Memories come to life As I say goodbye in this cold, dark night…

Two Stars by Joel Fagerberg Stars entangled in space time fabric wrapped around us like bed sheets like each other’s arms on a cold week day morning An eternal supernova explode light to give to each other and the world unremittingly and natural this magnetic energy between us The universe is simply shocked inspired smiling in response to our interwoven rays that shine in every color and forever shine brightly You pull me in and I pull you closer because the way we understand each other travels faster than light ever could

Shadow Of The Night by Tim Moss I can sense it I can feel it’s Lurking shadow Following me Throughout the night It haunts me Wishing for the morning light And waiting for it to fall upon me Throughout the day The shadow stays away For light it hates But it stays up late Now with no ones help I am faced by myself To fight this shadow Or bow down low But I can’t fight A might That is greater then me But I won’t be The known But rather the unknown I shall be, And let the shadow of the night, Kill me softy

Sunday Morning by Kimeko Shera Farrar Lift me up a little higher So I can see over the Monday morning blues that are already starting to set in And I can move beyond the mistakes I made last week Heal whatever problems are testing my faith In my body, my mind, my spirit Because I desire To have the physical strength to handle whatever obstacles are sent to make me stronger I desire To have enough wisdom to make decisions untainted by present circumstances or worldly desires I desire To be filled with enough patience and peace to wait on what is meant for me Lift me up a little higher Not so I can rise above others And not so I can be more than I need to be But so I can pull as many as possible up with me And they can benefit from the journey I have been promised and I will have your favor Because I shied away from greed, selfishness and pettiness I give all I have with every heave of my chest and bat of my eyelash I will not get tired, I will not give up, I will not give out So in the end I can be lifted up a little higher

A House Turned To Ice by Te'kia Miller No longer is there any warmth in our home Walls decorated in frosty ice Cracked where angry fists hit in frustration My face just as cracked, bruised from the recent encounter I once knew your heart to be warm A place to lay my head, to lay my love Something has hollowed you out Replaced a loving spirit with a foul spirit Ice now courses through your veins Vile words of acid burn through me My heart healed over and over Frets constantly not knowing when you’ll strike again It has grown heavy with scar tissue How much more it can take I know not Dark stares from glassy eyes Are void of light Alas we’ve become mere shadows Moving through the halls Of a house turned to ice

Beautiful by Vikram Parmar BEAUTIFUL is‌ being perfectly real to follow your dreams to be what you are meant to be to fly around in thoughts forgetting the droughts sleeping under stars, vanishing scars watching it rain for hours a laugh like flowers wanting to go through it all over again, still loving the pains scattering light, the first fight to have a feeling that possesses, to be alone in recesses taking action, reaching perfection

thought of you, like morning dew your eyes, your smile, nothing venile to witness you, a myth that came true ;D you in the morning, cautiously warning to breathe you, in the hue to grow old with you to die with you to *** seek you an enchanted hope,out in the blue! BEAUTIFUL is – ME with YOU. *** To seek you is to seek me for myself.

Love by Redragonfly When you sing under the moonshine And the wind blows soft it’s voice Make the leaves dance with each other Like nature can feel everything Your heart is in love

And you, You are my rainy summer My winter sun My autumn touch of gold My spring happy songs

Maybe sometimes you will cry all day Trying to keep the heart from breaking Hurting your self for many reasons without explanation And drop your tears down to the earth It is love, too

I Love you For better and worse No reasons For everything No questions Just loving you And only you …

There’s definitely no sense Just doing and doing what you want Love has no reason Love has no why No who no how No question Everytime everything is changed Being different for me and you Something old something new Someone stays another moves Never be silent for the streets Time passes away with no care But one still in heart Loving is like lighting the darkness Lie down body in blossom Feel the air touch the hair Let anything flow anyway

She by iBeingMe Sitting at a table she writes what’s in her heart sharing words of love, pain and friendship that tear her apart but every word she writes is true about her empty soul and the way that her life spirals out of control making her question what she must have done to be treated as she is by life because she can not see anything she’s ever done to be worthy of such pain I know she’ll find happiness again.


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Poetic License: First Tri-Annual Issue 2011  

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