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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Juniors invade Poacher 2017 PAGES 3-5

Spitfire flypast wows the crowds PAGE 5

A day to remember

...for Beavers, Cubs, Rainbows and Brownies

by xxx by Holly Sloan by James To end Traynor a fantastic day at Junior Poacher, 2,000 Beavers, Cubs, Rainbows and Brownies joined together in the main arena for the closing ceremony. Brought into the arena by stilt walkers, the Beavers, Cubs, Rainbows and Brownies screamed

delightfully as they swang their neckers, a colour of orange and pink illuminating the arena. Many of the young people who attended Junior Poacher are the future legends of Poacher 2021, and all cheered in enthusiasm at the prospect of coming back

for the week in four years’ time. After thanking the leaders and staff who made the day possible, our young visitors were left enchanted by a magnificent firebreathing display by Code Red. Mollie, 7, from 1st Wragby Brownies described it

as very good. “I love the way they use the fire to help them dance, it was amazing,” she said. The word amazing was used repeatedly to describe the experience, alongside fun, fantastic and epic. We look forward to seeing all who attended Junior Poacher again in 2021!

2• Thursday, August 3, 2017

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bushcraft and more for Poacher juniors

by Hamish Arnold Junior Poacher had crowds forming outside the gate before 10am yesterday morning, all ready and raring to go, excited for their day of activities. Spirits were high amongst our young participants, as shown by the beach ball that was passed

around between groups while queuing, receiving cheers everywhere it went. In the Skill Zone, Beavers, Rainbows, Cubs and Brownies were learning bushcraft, and various skills that could be vital if you need to survive in the wilderness.


They learnt about the different types of fire, when you should use each one and the three things that every fire needs, as well as how to make paracord bracelets and their uses. After that, they put up a tarpaulin as a shelter and tried out a hammock to see what

it would be like to sleep under the stars. Finally, they were shown how a camp shower works, to complete their survival training. Michael and Harry, both 8, from 11th Washingborough Cubs have been looking forward to Junior Poacher ever since their

leaders booked the activity day. They said that they enjoyed camping, but had never seen a jamboree like this before. They were enjoying their activities and are looking forward to Poacher 2021, when they will be Scouts and able to do all of the activities on site.

Your favourite movie legends

by James Traynor

Campers on the Movie Legends Subcamp have been dressing up as their favourite movie characters all week. But what about those who aren’t camped on Movie Legends? Who are their favourite movie characters? Emily from Derby Dambusters, Comic Book Legends likes the Joker from the Batman films. She thought he was creepy and interesting and people were quick to judge make judgements without knowing his past. Owen on the other hand likes Batman best. He said he liked how successful he was despite having limited super powers. Catrina from Rock Legends likes Simba from Lion King. “For a lion, he can sing really well. He overcomes his fears and saves the day,” she said. Harry Potter characters were very popular. Eve from 13thLincoln Birchwood, Story Book Legends, preferred Fred and George Weasley, while Madison from 3rd Boston chose Harry himself. However, Janet from Rock Legends went for Ron Weasley. She admired his ability to smile and find humour in all situations, much like many Scouts and Guides I’m sure!

Young and old A Guide group would like to find the youngest and oldest campers on site. 5th Beverley (Wesley) Guides thinks it has the youngest - four-weekold Corey. He would like to meet the oldest camper. Email newspaper@

4•Thursday, August 3, 2017

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Balloons and slides delight by Jake Dixon

Yesterday more than 2,000 Beavers, Rainbows, Cubs and Brownies descended on the showground for Junior Poacher. They had loads of different activities to try out on their day visit with some of these being found in the Junior Poacher Creative Barn. Darcey, 7, and Leah, 6, from Cherry Willingham Rainbows thought Poacher was awesome. They had just made stress balloons, one of the more popular activities in the barn, which they really

enjoyed. They were overwhelmed by the size of Poacher but said: “All the activities here look so cool, we really want to come back for Poacher 2021. It’s one of the best places we’ve ever been to and coming back would be the bestest thing ever!” Marcus and William, both 8, from Messingham were really impressed by their first look at Poacher. They said: “Everything is so cool and the big slides look really fun. “We can’t wait for the next Poacher so we can be here for the whole

week.” The boys were enjoying the chance to try out loads of new crafts which they could take home and show their families. Amongst these were mosaic coasters, emoji ping pong balls, face masks, sand art bottles, glass painting and door hangers. Nathan, 9, Sam, 6, and Harry, 8, were also making use of the crafts on offer which they said were really fun. Like all of the younger participants they couldn’t wait for Poacher in four years time.

Oscars, R2D2 and minions at movie subcamp

by Hamish Arnold

It’s Lights, Camera, Action on Movie Legends subcamp, as they have all been working hard building brilliant gateways. 6th Scunthorpe and CITAM Schools Kenyan Scouts have gone all out for theirs, featuring Optimus Prime, Chewbacca and Captain Jack Sparrow amongst others on their spectacular gate. Scout parents donated paint and the leaders decided which movie character to include in

their gateway. After four evenings of cutting and painting, it was finished and they should be proud of their work. The main wooden frame of the gateway is now at its fourth Poacher, having been recycled and repainted in 2004, 2008 and 2013. Another gate that catches the eye is that of 24th Lincoln Saxilby Scouts. With its golden Oscar statues, and moving clapper board, leader Amy Gilbert has plenty to be proud of, she said: “It took a couple of

evenings to paint, after our Group Scout Leader cut the shapes out.” The frame of the gate consists of pioneering poles in an inverted ‘U’ shape. If you want to meet Kermit and Miss Piggy, then head over to 1st Keyingham Scouts and 1st Molescroft Scouts, with their Muppet Show themed gateway. The brains behind the operation were Andrew Sharpe and Joe Burrow, who had their gateway planned and constructed in two

weeks. With the help of parents, it looks great with an Oscar statue and lights that bring the Muppets to life. They were thrilled to have

Bear Grylls come and visit their group, and their gateway got the Chief Scout’s seal of approval. Bear couldn’t resist doing some pull

ups on one of the poles, testing the strength of the structure. You’ll be glad to hear it withstood Bear’s weight and is still holding firm.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


A day of fun-filled madness by Holly Sloan The adventure zone was full of energetic and interactive activities for the young Junior Poacher attendees to take part in. These included Quad Bikes, Inflatable Activities, Bungie Trampolines and Bumper-boats. Beaver Scout Riley, 6, from 11th Grimsby had a brilliant time on the Quad Bikes. He said: “You needed to go all the way around in a circle and the first one to get back is the winner. It was really fun and I came in second place”. Part of the adventure zone was to discover the Galapagos and Aldabra giant tortoises. Rainbow

Guide Faith, 6, from 4th Lanth loved being able to stand in the cage with the tortoises, who were nearly bigger than her. She said: “They were really bumpy and hard. The tortoise seemed very nice, they looked like they weren’t going to hurt us and they were really really cute”. The inflatable activities were particularly popular in the adventure zone, and Brownie Guide Georgia, 9 from 3rd Nettleham said: “It’s really cool because it’s a new experience for us because I’ve never been on anything like this before”. To add to a day of fun-filled madness, the Beavers, Cubs,

Rainbows and Brownies were also welcomed to the Poacher fairground. Chatting to Cub Scout Warren, 9, from 10th Ilkeston about his adventures on the fair ground, he said: “On every camp I’ve been to there hasn’t been a fairground, this is the first time. It is epic!” The young people were also treated to a magnificent lunch-time Spitfire display. Cub Scout Joshua, 9 from 4th Ashby Scunthorpe was glued to the Spitfire as it soared across the sky. He said: “I thought it was awesome because of all of the tricks it was doing, like the back flip, and it was putting on a really good display”.

Eyes to the sky

by Abbie McFarlane

Yesterday Poacher 2017 was treated to a display from a Spitfire. A Spitfire is a plane that was used in the Second World War. The Spitfire was the only plane to be continuously manufactured throughout the war. The aircraft is often thought of as the main

RAF fighter plane of the time. Now there are only about 54 able to fly which means we were especially lucky to see one here at Poacher. Pilot Steve Jones wowed crowds with loop the loops and barrel rolls in the WW2 air craft. This plane was built in 1943 but flew as good

as new. The spitfire approached from the north of the site and started with a very high and wide loop the loop. After a quick turn round, another loop the loop was performed at the other end of the showground followed by a flip. After circling around again other

tricks were performed like tilting from side to side. The flips and loop the loops continued in an incredible sequence. Before the display, Cubs Lewis and Fraser, both 9, from 1 st Ancaster Scout Group, were really excited. Fraser said: “I think it will be lots of fun to watch the tricks

in the sky.” After the show, Lewis, 7, a Beaver from the same group, said: “That was so cool! I loved all the big tricks”. Ashleigh and Abbi, both 11, Felicity, 14, and Charlie, 12, from 1 st Rudheath Guides (Historical Legends Subcamp) all thought

the display looked extremely dangerous but really exciting. “I was quite worried when the pilot did the loop the loop but it was amazing to watch,” said Ashleigh. Abbi agreed and said: “I could never be a pilot because I’m scared of heights but it was really impressive.”

6•Thursday, August 3, 2017

Making friends by Abbie McFarlane

The Story Book Legends subcamp has grabbed their participants book, line and sinker. The subcamp staff held an ‘Alice’s descent into Wonderland’ slide on Monday night. Young people and leaders were able to throw themselves down the slide in a bivvy bag as if they were Alice chasing the white rabbit. This activity has been planned for every evening so campers can celebrate their ‘unbirthday’ all week. This isn’t the only fun activity available for Story Book campers. Just outside the subcamp HQ a medieval-inspired bean bag game has been set up. Scouts Eleanor, 14, James, 13, and Lucy, 14, from 17th Kettering had challenged each other to a competition with the game. “You have to throw the beanbag

Wet, wet, wet

Heading off site to the Water Village you have the opportunity to take part in sessions of Bell Boating, Canoeing and Sailing. We think this selection of photos show everyone had a splashing time yesterday!

through the hole in the middle of the plank, the loser has to buy us a drink from the tuck shop!” said Eleanor. The subcamp is also hosting two groups of Finnish Scouts for the week. The international Scouts are celebrating 100 years of independence for Finland. Back home they’ve been having celebratory events and

themed camps. Some of the Scouts had been involved with parades as part of the country wide celebrations. Here at Poacher they’ve most enjoyed making new friends and being in a different environment to their forestry home. 16th Norwich Sea Scouts have been getting in the swing of things at the subcamp. The whole group

dressed up as characters from ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. The Scouts suited up in orange boiler suits and headed over to the HQ. They explained the links they found between Scouting and the book as the characters have to unite for a common goal. With their Green Lake inspired gateway, these Scouts are hard to miss.

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Winding down by Holly Sloan What better way than to wind-down after an energy-filled day of activities than to spend the evening at the Poacher cinema? On Monday night, Scouts and Guides came together to enjoy a cinema screening. Discussing what it is like to watch a film while on a camp, Luke, 15 from 27th Carrabane Scout Group in Ireland, Movie Legends subcamp said: “It’s so surreal and different, I’ve never seen a film on a camp before. There are so many more modern things here than on a normal camp

so it’s nice”. The cinema itself has been ran by Christopher Preston, Quarter-master and ex-Cub Leader from Rock Legends subcamp for the last five Poachers. When asked why he keeps coming back to look after the cinema, he said: “Because I like working with the young people. The young people are absolutely fantastic”. He added: “I want to be involved in it even though I’m really busy, it’s just brilliant seeing young people enjoy themselves”.

Dance all night by Holly Sloan

Anyone who has been to the 10 to 13 disco will know that the exhibition hall becomes a hub of energy with Scouts and Guides coming together to have a dance to their favourite songs. From Little Mix to Gangnam Style, the Macarena to the Cha Cha slide, there is something in there for every Scout or Guide to enjoy! We spoke to Imogen, 12, Kaia, 11 and Olivia, 12 from 1 st Immingham Guides, Storybook Legends subcamp who told us about their experience of the Disco.

They said: “You can go in and chat with your friends, you can have a dance, meet new people and its really fun”. When we asked how they felt about having a disco on camp, they said: “A disco on a camp is really great because you can meet new people… I just really love music and I love having it around [to listen to]. I met someone in there who was really cool because he just kept dancing and dancing!” Meeting new people is a big theme of Poacher 2017, and what a better way to do it than with a boogie!

Dates reunited Two leaders who were set up on a blind date at Poacher 2013 have been reunited. Franky, of Radcliffe Guides, and Dylan Lawrence, of Grantham District, first met four years ago after an appeal in the newspaper called ‘Franky needs a

Fitty’. The Radcliffe Guides put out another advert this year for Franky and another blind date was set up with Dylan. All went well and a second date was due to go ahead last night at Grantham District.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Talent search goes on

by Abbie McFarlane

After 90 auditions, Poachers Got Talent was as competitive as ever. The Tuesday night semi-final was filled with 11 acts of guitars, magic, Rubik’s cubes and more. A massive congratulations must

go to finalists Taylor and Bailey, a hip-hop act, and musicians Molly and Lexia. Taylor and Bailey are a hiphop dance act and performed ‘perfect extensions’ during their performance. “I really didn’t expect us to win but I’m so happy,” said Bailey. Father Gavin

was so impressed he channelled his inner Craig Revel Horwood with “fab-u-lous darling!” Molly and Lexia strummed and tapped their way through with an amazing performance of Valerie. The twins have been playing together for six

Subcamp Birthday Street Party Thursday 5-6pm

years. “Usually I play a whole drum kit but it’s a bit hard to bring that on camp” said Molly. “It was brilliant” said Jess, 10 and Connie, 13, from 7th Lincoln Guides. Bethan kicked of the show with ‘Burn’ from Hamilton. Irish fiddler and dancer

Ella and Rose, singer Kayleigh and singer Freddie followed. The judges were also treated to something different with Sam, 15, completing five Rubik’s Cubes in 78 seconds. Alfie and Harvey also wowed with their magic trick and Hannah and Kim from Wisconsin

amazed with their individual acro-dances. Arthur and Katie had “vocals absolutely on point” according to judges with their guitar and singing act. “The whole night was fantastic” said Abigail,12, from 3rd Wisbech Guides on Movie Legends.

Double Celebrations by Jake Dixon

Wragby Scout Group on Comic Book Legends subcamp have some very special guests staying with them this week at Poacher. They have some Norwegian Scouts

camping with them, promoting the message of unity and friendship that Scouting is built around. Anders, one of the Norwegians, said “Our group has been to Poacher before, with other Scouts, so we knew how good it

would be. We had a summer camp in the UK last year for a week, and also a week in home hospitality, which we eally enjoyed.” They had a 2 hour plane journey into Birmingham Airport before getting a bus to Poacher.

Dancing to make friends by Holly Sloan

We'll be having our evening meal as a street party. Subcamps will share the road closure plan. Poacher FM will be broadcasting live from the subcamps during the hour playing each subcamp’s party playlist travelling round on the Birthday Buggy. Please bring your radios out into the streets to enjoy the tunes! We'll sing happy birthday to everyone who has celebrated a birthday this week and to Poacher itself. They will be lots of birthday party fun to join in with on your subcamp...

There ain't no party like a Poacher party!

One of the themes of Poacher 2017 is to make new friends, and as the international tent has shown, dance is one of the best ways to bring people together. No matter what language you speak, what country you are from or whether you are a Scout or a Guide, the language of dance is universal to all. With

traditional barn dance music played live by The Little Band, we watched the flurries of young people and Leaders join the international tent, having been enticed in by their entrancing music. We spoke to Kieran, 10 from 1st Kirton Lindsey Scout Group, Historical Legends subcamp who was a bundle of energy when he joined in with the barn dances.

He said: “We’ve been having a really good time and I liked the dancing. It’s something different that I have never done before and I think it’s nice to do something new”. Other events at the international tent have included bellydancing and tomorrow at 7pm there will be an international quiz.

8•Thursday, August 3, 2017

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Your news and messages

Keiran and Callum Selby and Fin and Isla Harris have been camping with 1st Market Deeping Guides and are enjoying the whole Poacher experience. They can’t wait until the next Poacher when they will be old enough to take part.

Roslyn Dunse from the 10th West Lothian Girl Guides was enrolled at Poacher on Tuesday. The rest of the group celebrated with grass confetti! Pictured here is Milly, Guider Vicky Walker, Roslyn, Evie, Sophie.

The IT team would like to thank you all for your cooperation. They say they have found laptop 5 - and it is still alive. Happy 18th birthday to Niamh Myatt-Turner on Rock Legends.

to Aimee Blows on 1st Spilsby Guides on Comic Book Legends. Happy 18th birthday to Niamh from West Yorkshire South Senior Section.

Happy birthday to Hannah Ward on 1st Frodingham Guides. Poacher 2017 is her sixth Poacher - her first one was in 1996 at four months old. Happy 14th birthday

Have you visited Poacher FM yet? If not, why not? Visit them to get your Poacher challenge card signed and let them know about birthdays and special occasions!

Movie Legends chiefs Alan and Claire are not afraid to get stuck in with the jobs that need to be done. 1st Bassingham Scouts would like to thank them for trying to keep our services running. Happy 11th birthday to Alfie Bradshaw. of 1st Deeping St James Scouts. He was dropped at Poacher on Saturday after being in A&E the previous day after falling off his bike.

Happy 22nd birthday Nick Jephson, on Storybook Legends subcamp, from Gus, Matt, Pete and all the Scouts from the 125th Derby Scout Troop.

Singer and dancing group through to talent final by Jake Dixon The last semi-final of Poacher’s Got Talent 2017 kicked off with a bang last night as nine more acts took to the stage with the hope of impressing the judges and securing their place in tonight’s Grand Final. After an awesome night of entertainment, the two acts that were put through were singer Ellie from Boston Explorers and dancers 7th Crosby Guides. The judges thought Ellie “absolutely owned it” and she said she was really happy. She said: “As a young leader I loved being cheered on by my group and hearing them all screaming for me.” The judges said 7th Crosby

were absolutely brilliant and energetic. They said: “We couldn’t stop watching!” The dancers thought it was absolutely amazing to be in the final. “We can’t believe it,” they said. “All of our hard work has paid off.” A massive well done to Scottish dancers, Kate and Hannah; singer Felicity; flute players Ellena and Sophie; singer Chloe; singer and dancer, Orla and Millie; french horn player Alex and diablo act Loan for putting on a great show. The judges have also decided on the Wildcard places. The full list of finalists can be found at your subcamp headquarters.

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Daily Arrow, Thursday 3rd August  

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