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Arts and entertainment for the Eastside May 2011

Beauty trends

What’s hot in makeup this spring? Update your look for the season.

Cooking with Chef John Howie Come inside the Seastar owner’s kitchen and pick up one of his favorite home recipes.

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5 IN HOWIE’S KITCHEN | Recipes from a world-class chef 7 KIDSTAGE | Village Theatre’s KIDSTAGE program goes home 9 MAKEUP | Spring trends from the runway to the Eastside 13 EATING RIGHT | A Bellevue teen makes nutrition simple 15 COMEDY | Faizon Love on starring in ‘Couple’s Retreat’ movie 16 OUT & ABOUT | Don’t miss the Chinese Acrobats of Hebei 17 ASK ROSE | How to get out of a car like a lady 18 LOUD & ABOUT | Hey I’m different, haven’t you noticed?



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The Scene is a publication of the Bellevue Reporter. 2700 Richards Rd. Suite 201, Bellevue WA, 98005. 425.391.0363

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Dear Eastside, It’s May and you know what that means. It’s time to completely come out of hibernation (if you haven’t already). To help you make the most out of the season, get the latest trends in spring makeup, straight from the runway to you, in our cover story (page 9-11). Make some fiesta food with Chef John Howie (page 5) and get the scoop on arts and theater offerings on the Eastside (page 7).

Whatever you do, remember to rejoice in the warming weather, and maybe even break out your skirts and sandals. The dream of barbecues, baseball games, camping trips and sunshine isn’t too far away. But in the meantime, you have a Pacific Northwest spring to enjoy.

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Photo by Mark Malijan

Behind-The-Scene: May issue cover shoot with former “America’s Next Top Model” stylist Rosaline Hampton and photographer Chad Coleman.

Gabrielle Nomura, Assistant Editor

the bite

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What Chef Howie makes at home Step inside the Bellevue restaurateur’s kitchen for his favorite taco recipe Story By GABRIELLE NOMURA With a wife and son who favor south-of-the-border flavors, Chef John Howie says he pretty much makes tacos or salsa at least once a week. If not, his family goes out and gets Mexican food elsewhere. His recipe for spicy Poblano shredded chicken tacos with mexi-slaw is a healthy choice: low in fat, high in protein with lots of fresh vegetables. “Make sure you allow the meat to slowly simmer as it will become very tender, allow all of the juices to incorporate into the meat and the flavor will be incredible,” says Howie, owner of John Howie Steak at The Bravern and Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar in Bellevue and Seattle. Howie suggests a cold Tecate with a slice of lime, or a Cadillac Margarita to drink. For side dishes: “I like whole beans not refried, so I like to make whole black beans with chipotle and lime crème, or whole pinto beans with queso fresco,” he says. For dessert, he loves either fried ice cream or fresh pineapple and watermelon with a squeeze of lime. “I love to cook, but mostly I love to eat, so everything I do, all the recipes I have, are meant to taste great – look good, but taste great,” he says.

More information: If you’d like to be a recipe tester for Howie’s cookbook coming out next fall contact publisher Jody Dorow at jody@

Recipe ingredients

Serves 4 • 12 6” white corn tortillas – warmed in a pan • 1 ½ lb. spicy shredded chicken breast – recipe follows • ¾ cup queso fresco cheese – crumbled • ¾ cup salsa • 2 cups Mexicali slaw – recipe follows • 12 lime wedges (1/8th squeeze)

Chicken filling ingredients

• 12 oz. chicken breast – trimmed of fat and sinew • 1 quart chicken broth • 1 Tbsp. + 1 tsp. oregano – dried • 2 tsp. salt – kosher • 1 tsp. black pepper – fresh coarse ground • 1 bay leaf • 1/3 cup olive oil • 1 tsp. garlic – minced fine • ½ cup white onions – medium chopped • 1 ¼ cup Roma tomatoes – diced 1/2’’ • ½ cup Poblano peppers – roasted, skinned, cored, chopped coarse • ½ tsp. Chipotle powder

Make spicy Poblano shredded chicken

Inside the chef’s kitchen at home as he makes chicken tacos. Photo by John Howie.

Place chicken breast, chicken broth, half of the oregano, salt, pepper and the bay leaf into a pot and turn heat onto medium-low. Bring to a simmer by turning heat down to low. Continue to cook until the internal temperature of the chicken is 180 degrees. Remove chicken from the broth and strain. Save the broth until needed. Cool the chicken so you are able to handle it without burning your hands. Shred the chicken into 2-inch long pieces. Roast the Poblano peppers over an open flame, lightly charring the exterior. Place into a mixing bowl, cover tightly with plastic wrap. Let sit for five minutes. The skin should peel off the meat of the pepper. Continue to skin the pepper, and then remove the core and seeds. Coarsely chop the remaining pepper meat; hold until needed. Heat the olive oil in a large pan, over medium-low heat. Place the garlic and onions in heated oil. Sauté until both are slightly tender. Add the diced tomatoes, the reserved chicken broth and all remaining ingredients. Bring to a simmer, then add the shredded chicken.

John Howie. Photo by Chad Coleman. Turn heat to medium and stir often. Let the mixture simmer for 15-20 minutes or until most of the juices have absorbed into the chicken. Hold warm until served.

Mexi-slaw ingredients

Yield: 3 cups • 2 ½ cups green cabbage – julienne sliced, 1/8” x 1-3’’ long • ¼ cup red radish – shredded, using the medium cheese shredder • ¼ cup cilantro – fresh, sliced, chopped very coarse • 1 Tbsp. jalapeno – fresh, seeded, very thin cross-slices

Make the slaw

Place all ingredients together in a bowl and toss until completely mixed. Transfer, hold refrigerated until needed.

Make the tacos

Place the white corn tortillas in a sauté or grill pan and heat until light marks appear, hold warm. Place the meat evenly into the tortilla. Top with cheese and salsa in that order then top with the slaw and place on the plate. Garnish with the lime slice and serve. Three tacos per person.

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Fresh from the farm.

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Peak-of-the-season produce, bouquets of blooms and specialty treats every Tuesday from 12–6:30pm. Enjoy an afternoon sampling fine pastries, classic kettle corn and live music. Starting May 31st.

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h st

the arts

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Young performers return home to First Stage Theatre Story By GABRIELLE NOMURA


obb Hunt, Village Theatre Executive Producer, has not had too many complaints about holding KIDSTAGE shows in Bellevue’s Theatre at Meydenbauer Center for the past nine months. Sure, it cost money to pay for stage hands, but the shows sold well and drew in children and teenagers from Bellevue eager to sing, dance and act. The whole organization and people at Meydenbauer are fantastic, but it wasn’t home, Hunt says. Now, he says, it feels like the KIDSTAGE program is back where it belongs — in Issaquah. Last month, First Stage Theatre reopened for show business after years of planning a much-needed renovation. The curtain rose on the opening show “13” – a former Broadway musical about the difficulties of adolescence – April 7. Crews had been working on the $3.1 million project since last summer: molding, wainscoting throughout the building, restoring the 1940s neon sign perched on the façade and making the building Earth-friendly with a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. Built on wood blocks instead of a foundation, the historic theater, whose storefront dates back to the city’s beginnings, had been sinking into the ground. During its 98 years, it had also started to deteriorate. The rebuilt space is not only a rehearsal theater for actors and a place to test out and refine original works, but also makes an ideal classroom. “It’s a small theater and an appropriate learning environment for kids to learn,” Hunt says. Inside, the theater features seats that fold-up against the wall like bleachers. Actors use well-lit dressing rooms instead of the cramped trailer they once used. New technology makes up the control booth, including a state-of-the-art sound system. While shows such as the annual SummerStock musical for ages 8-18 will continue to be performed in the larger, Francis J. Gaudette Theatre, the renovated facility will be used for an ever-growing youth program that draws children from across the Eastside and Seattle. First Stage is where many future stars perform in their first productions. Numerous alumni go on to Broadway, national tours and other professional theater. “In some ways, we give kids the kind of training they would get at Cornish [College of the Arts],” Hunt says.

Village Theatre First Stage facade. Photo by Celeste Gracey

Front (L to R): Jennifer Arends (Little Ti Moune) Back (L to R): Alyssa Balogh (Aska), Carlie Watson (Agwe), Jamie Kate Davelaar (Erzulie), Sarah Arpin (Papa Ge). Photo by Sam Freeman

Skills for theater ... Skills for life KIDSTAGE is uniquely designed to use theater to build critical life skills in each participant. In KIDSTAGE classes and rehearsals, techniques encourage creativity, collaboration, problem solving, concentration, public speaking, and a strong work ethic. While some students are on a path to Broadway, all students are improving their futures and increasing self-confidence through involvement in KIDSTAGE and the Teen Apprenticeship Program.

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the cover


BEAUTY TRENDS A celebrity skin-care expert, an ‘America’s Next Top Model’ stylist and a Nordstrom beauty director weigh in on makeup. Story By GABRIELLE NOMURA | photos by Chad Coleman Hair & Makeup by ROsaLine Hampton Models: Rebekah Baker, Johanna Feehan & Cathy Vu


ink blossoms and lush greenery sprouting from the earth aren’t the only vibrant colors of May; the makeup that models wore for the spring collections in New York Fashion Week last September showed that an eye-catching palette was in store for the season ahead. Now, the weather is finally warmer, and it’s time to brighten up your look. From the shows of Diane von Furstenberg to Marc by Marc Jacobs, juicy lips in coral, hot pink and red took center stage on the runway. Minimal makeup with a pop of neon eye shadow was another favored look for models wearing Oscar de la Renta, Peter Som and Derek Lam. With a reemergence of the 1970s showing up in various designers’ collections, the flashy style makes sense. “When I think of the ‘70s I think of bold lips; use a cherry red to put this trend into action,” says Joelle Russo, Northwest beauty director for Nordstrom. “Pair it with a metallic eye, and you’re ready to go.”

Get the look

The metallic and neon shades that have made a mark on the fashion scene may seem too adventurous for some. But, when used correctly, the result is a fresh, modern approach to the season. Achieve it by picking a focal point to highlight, the eyes or lips, and then go from there, Russo says. For eyes, select a bold liner in cobalt blue or plum purple for example, and a neutral eye shadow. Swipe a bronze shadow over the lid to finish. The eyeliner provides the pop of color. For lips, choose NARS or MAC cosmetics; both companies have products that combine color and gloss all in one. If you really want to be a hipster, go with coral.

“We saw it all over the runways,” says Russo, who recommends experimenting with the color on cheeks, lips, eyes or nails. Of course, makeup alone doesn’t complete a spring look. Top it off with hair that’s shiny and bouncy. Russo recommends Frédéric Fekkai’s glossing shampoo, conditioner, cream and spray to glam up your locks (available at Nordstrom, 100 Bellevue Square, and

The super stylist

These bright, shiny spring trends were brought to life for the May issue of The Bellevue Scene by Eastside stylist Rosaline Hampton. She used a conceptual, high-fashion approach for cover girl, model Rebekah Baker (above), and more ready-to-wear looks on models Johanna Feehan, (in coral) and Cathy Vu (in hot pink and purple) pictured on pages 10-11. “Spring makeup is all about pop-colored lips and vibrant, violet eyes. Bright shades like wild orchid and tangerine are super hot right now,” Hampton says. Hampton has 13 years of industry experience as a stylist with celebrity, TV and Hollywood clientele. She worked on “America’s Next Top Model” and was featured in Allure Magazine’s 2011 January issue as a “Top Makeup Expert/Transformer.” But it’s not just movie stars and models who benefit from her expertise. She owns a boutique image consultation business (hair, makeup, wardrobe) at 188 106th Ave. N.E. Suite 400 in Bellevue ( Drawing upon her clients’ past experiences, lifestyle, goals and ambitions, she creates their signature looks. “Every aesthetic and material choice sends a message to the world, and the world responds accordingly,” says Hampton, who assists her clients by helping them create an [ more beauty on page 10 ]

10 | | may






image that accurately represents their best self. That way, “they are better understood, valued and respected,” she says. Her business maintains an upscale, personalized experience where women can come in and be taken care of from head to toe through different services, including a $100 makeup lesson to teach clients tricks of the trade and how to apply current looks, such as this year’s spring trends.

Healthy skin, flawless makeup

But before the lipstick or eye shadow can go on, the face already has to be beautiful – by maintaining healthy skin. “Many clients walk in my door and ask me to take away or reverse something they don’t like about their skin,” says Kate Somerville, whose namesake clinic has become renowned in Los Angeles ( “Usually, what they don’t like could have been avoided by staying out of the sun,” Her celebrity clients include Kate Walsh, Paris Hilton, Felicity Huffman, Jessica Alba and Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Somerville’s skin-care line is also sold by Nordstrom. External protection is the most important element for healthy skin, and it’s as easy as using a moisturizer or lip balm with SPF. Somerville learned the hard way. “My mother was part Native American; I inherited her olive complexion and penchant for sun worshipping,” she says. “In my 20s, I loved to bask in the rays at the beach as my mother had. Yet in my early 30s, I started to notice lines around my eyes, forehead and chest.” To remind yourself what healthy skin looks and feels like, observe your underarms, thighs, lower back (anywhere with limited exposure to the sun and other environmental factors). The skin there tends to be smooth and soft, with fewer lines, wrinkles, spots or other stamps of damage. To maintain this natural vitality, Somerville’s “Skin Health Pyramid” promotes five basic principles: protect, hydrate (by drinking water and using moisturizer), feed (with topical vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential oils), stimulate and detoxify (use appropriate cleaner for skin-type and limit caffeine, alcohol, sugar, added salt, meat and processed foods). The trick is to make skin care and makeup work together. Here are Somerville’s tips for making that happen: - Cleanse your face before and after makeup application: Get rid of all makeup, dirt and debris. - Those who wear a lot of makeup may want to use a cleansing brush, or wash twice. - Use a mineral makeup base for sun protection. “I use the Jane Iredale brand; Jane pioneered the concept, but there are other good ones out there, including Bare Escentuals,” she says.




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Top 6 makeup must-haves 1. Guerlain Terracotta “4 Seasons” bronzer. Perfect to finish your look 2. A bright, floral perfume like “Love, Chloé” with notes of orange blossom, pepper, hyacinth, iris, lilac and wisteria 3. Tom Ford lipstick in “True Coral,” color of the season 4. Nails: Deborah Lippmann’s “Naked for my fingers.” Elongates the look of the fingers and gets feet peep-toe-heel ready 5. Nars Illuminator in “Laguna” for a bronze glow 6. Kate Somerville “360 Tanning Towelette.” The perfect self-tanner towel. Mess and odor free. Stays on skin for up to 10 days


5 4 6

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The Road to Life . . . Good Coffee, Good Food, Good Wine and Good Company

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Best Italian Dining on the Eastside tucked away in the Crossroads District


Now serving gluten-free pasta • SPAGHETTERIA ITALIAN DINING AT









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Free Valet Parking Voted Bellevue’s Best Happy Hour and Best Lunch by 425 Magazine | 700 Belleuve Way NE, Suite 50, Bellevue, WA 98004 | 425.455.0181








eating right

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Skip the tortilla and the 290 calories | Healthy advice from a Bellevue teen



hipotle Mexican Grill is a classic lunch or dinner spot in Bellevue. It’s right downtown, just off Main Street, which means you’re constantly running in to friendly faces that you know – a comfortable social setting. The Wednesday night I visited, about 60 percent of the customers were teenagers, around my age. I ordered a burrito, ate in the downstairs seating and when I left I was quite satisfied with my meal, feeling that I got my money’s worth for the $5.85 I paid for a chicken burrito. But, as a “Fit Kid” food Getting a burrito bowl at Chipotle in downtown Bellevue is a healthy option. Photo by Chad Coleman. critic, let’s talk about what I really ate. I got a chicken burrito with And lastly, skipping the sour cream will save you 120 vegetables will give you 30 percent of sour cream (120 cals), cheese (100 cals), calories of little nutritional value. your daily vitamin C for only 20 flour tortilla (290 cals), pinto beans (120 extra calories. By doing these minor changes, I could save 400 Heijer’s adjustments cals), tomato salsa (20 cals), freshcalories, making my meal only 460 calories for my new The meat choices all are increased the meal’s raised natural chicken (190 cals), rice burrito bowl. excellent, naturally raised, (130 cals) and veggies (20 cals). My My adjustments would increase vitamin A, vitamin with no hormones or fiber and vitamin A and C, burrito weighed in at 1.318 lbs, with C and fiber intake, while decreasing the amount of processing. The steak is a while decreasing a total of 860 calories. little lower sodium and higher sodium, making it a healthier meal. However, after reviewing the The steak will cost 25-cents extra, so the new steak in iron than the other choices. sodium, making it a nutritional facts from the restaurant, burrito bowl will be $6.10, but still a value. As for salsa, going with the healthier meal I know I can get the same great green tomatillo salsa will be Overall, Chipotle is a great place to get a healthy taste and make it much healthier with a balanced meal at a reasonable price. These simple lowest in sodium, highest in few simple adjustments. changes will provide a healthier lifestyle and still Vitamin C and 10 calories more, but First, the flour tortilla has no nutritional it’s got a kick to it. So, if you are like me and provide great taste. Enjoy! value, so getting a burrito bowl will cut down on 290 cannot handle “picante,” then go with the fresh tomato Dominique Heijer is a sophomore at Bellevue unnecessary calories. salsa at only 20 calories. Next, the black beans have lower sodium and higher Adding the salad amount of lettuce to your bowl will High School. She reviews local restaurants to find fiber than the pinto beans, so getting black beans add only 10 calories, but give you 80 percent of your the best nutritional value options for your meal. will be a better nutritional choice. Throwing in fajita vitamin A, and 30 percent of your vitamin C for the day.

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Real Love Amid sass, charm and feisty four-letter words, this ‘Elf’ star shares meaningful insight STORY BY GABRIELLE NOMURA Faizon Love doesn’t mind letting it all hang out. Literally. For example, the standup-comedian-turned-actor proudly wore his birthday suit for the movie, “Couple’s Retreat,” and backed his booty up on “The Wendy Williams Show.” While some actors work on perfecting “their craft,” Love is just comfortably himself and the camera can’t get enough. At his first audition, he told the producers their script was BS, delivered something better and was enthusiastically hired. While he’s recognized for his size, charming smile and various funny movies (“Elf,” “Friday”), he may not be as recognized for his intellect, directing, writing and his goals to weave black and multicultural characters into mainstream Hollywood. The gentleman, who was gracious enough to be interviewed while stricken with the flu, spoke passionately at length, asked if he was boring me and thanked me afterward (“for being so pleasant”). What a guy.

scene: Ever been to the greater-Seattle area before?

FL: Seattle is a great place, the birthplace of Quincy Jones, Jimi Hendrix and technology.

scene: Yeah, but what about Bellevue?

FL: I love Bellevue. It’s a secret place. You have to be invited to Bellevue. I think I’m going to end up moving to Bellevue. Last time I was in the Pacific Northwest I was looking for property there. Am I boring you?

scene: Not in the slightest. You’re known for your killer

smile and infectious laugh. Do you get attention from the ladies a lot? FL: That’s too funny. I was married at one point. My wife didn’t think I had an infectious smile.

scene: Tell me about how you got into standup?

FL: I was living in San Diego. I would talk about everybody’s mama. I loved Freddie Prinze Jr. and Richard Pryor. I didn’t like Bill Cosby at first, I was more attracted to Eddie Murphy because he was talking s**t and I thought it was cool. But now I realize he’s one of the greatest comedians of all time. He was talking s**t too, but in a subtler way.

scene: Can I hear your Cosby impression?

FL: The people came around here and ate all the chicken winggsss. Gabrielle, I’m tryin’ to talk to you. I prank call people with that all the time. ‘Who do you think this is fool? It’s Bill Cosby.’

may 2011 | | 15

scene: How did you land your first movie gig?

FL: My first audition was for “Street War.” My people called and they said, ‘We have an audition for you.’ I said, ‘What do I do at an audition?’ They told me I just read the paper. I took the paper home, read it, and said, ‘This is some (BS).’ I went to the audition. They said just read the paper, and I said I’ll give you something else. We did the scene and he said, ‘You’re hired.’ I played “Wazo.” I was a driver in the getaway car.

scene: You’ve done everything from standup, to off-

Broadway to film to writing and directing. Is there a medium you prefer? FL: Writing and directing. I’m trying to take the ‘black situation’ out of the black situation in movies. When you see a film and there’s black people, it’s like ‘aww ... Here we go.’

Faizon Love is coming to the Parlor Live Comedy Club on June 9-12. For tickets and more information go to and Black stories are not just for black people, they are for everybody. For example, there hasn’t been a really good movie about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death. In terms of black stories in film, we’ve got slavery and comedy up the wazoo. I want to make films with multicultural characters. If you see “Star Wars,” for example, you’re not like, ‘Aww, it’s about to get down’, like when you see black films. Speaking of that, I met George Lucas a couple weeks ago, and everyone was like, ‘What did you say?’ But it’s George Lucas. You don’t say anything. You listen. He took a Western and put it in space. I want to take black films out of the niche.

scene: You mentioned Dr. King. When I

called you, I noticed that the outgoing ring is one of his speeches. Is he a hero of yours? FL: He is to everyone I think. He’s one of the great Americans who gets played down so hard. Very hard. Talk about a person who stood for everyone and stood for peace...

scene: What are some other issues in film or

TV that are important to you? FL: Television is so bad. Even the news sucks. They’re telling me what Kim Kardashian wore that day, someone who makes sex tapes? There’s so many other women out there doing jobs, doing things for the community, interesting things. Doctors trying to save breast cancer victims. Women trying to deal with schools. But Kim Kardashian?

scene: What’s Will Ferrell like? You worked with him in the 2003 movie “Elf.” FL: Huh-ster-i-cal. We had just been in

rehearsal. I went to the trailer and he knocks on the door and it’s him in his elf uniform. He comes and sits down and he’s like, ‘You think we’re going in the right direction with this?’ I just start laughing. I thought he was putting me on, but he was playing it straight. I told him yeah, I really liked the script. But that uniform was so ridiculous. There was a lot of stuff we were able to do in just one or two takes, bam-bam-bam. scene: Is it true that when you filmed Blue Crush in 2002 you overcame a fear of water? FL: They took care of me. I got on location and was like, are there sharks in there? They said Faizon, taste the water. I said, ‘It’s salty.” Whenever it’s salty, there are sharks (meaning there are always sharks). The Hawaiians are not scared of them. After that, I would be on my board, there’s a shark right there, it’s going by, but I don’t have to see it.

scene: You went naked for “Couples Retreat.” What was

that like? FL: True story. They wanted to get this special sock and bring in a special lady to help me with it but they didn’t have one in my size. They wanted to fly one in but they didn’t have space on the plane. It was a mess. I asked everybody if they minded and they said they wouldn’t. Jason [Bateman] (actor, director and producer) was all for it. The day before we shot that scene, my ex-girlfriend took a picture of me naked on the dock. It’s funny because that picture is now all over the Internet. Google Faizon Love and it will pop up.

scene: How does it feel that millions of people have now

seen you in your birthday suit? FL: It’s kind of cool because I’m the fat guy and normally he doesn’t get to be naked in movies.

16 | | may

out & about



and Tim Rice. The rock opera highlights the struggles of Jesus of Nazareth and Judas Iscariot during the last week of Jesus’ life. It features a vibrant score of chart-topping hits like “Superstar” and “I Don’t Know How to Love Him,” The production is timeless and tremendously powerful. Call for ticket prices. Village Theatre, 303 Front St. N., Issaquah, 425-392-2202.

An Eastsider’s guide May 1

May 1-15 The Chinese Acrobats of Hebei are masters of agility.

May 8-9

“Art of Jazz”

A reprise performance of the SRJO’s well-received concert. The show will feature an all-star dectet of players performing pieces by Seattle composer Bob Hammer, nationally acclaimed Marty Paich and Gerry Mulligan, and SRJO co-director Michael Brockman among others. 7 p.m. Tickets: Adult, $38; Senior, $34; Youth, $15. Kirkland Performance Center, 350 Kirkland Ave., 425-828-0422

May 6-14

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Treat yourself to an evening of frolic, buffoonery, trickery and enchantment as the Bellevue Youth Theatre presents Shakespeare’s delightful comedy, 16661 Northup Way, 425-452-7155

Chinese Acrobats of Hebei

Witness the ancient art of Chinese acrobatics straight from its place of origin – the Chinese province of Hebei. The acrobats are masters of agility and grace combining Chinese traditions, incredible acrobatics, stunning costumes, Chinese props, and a beautiful music soundtrack. May 8 at 3 and 7 p.m; May 9 at 1:30 p.m. Tickets: Adult, $30; Youth, $20. Kirkland Performance Center, 350 Kirkland Ave., 425-828-0422

May 11-July 3

Jesus Christ Superstar

The groundbreaking theatrical masterpiece by legendary writing team Andrew Lloyd Webber

April Surgent: Into the Surface

Surgent is one of Seattle’s most promising glass artists. Into the Surface is her largest installation to date. A 14-foot wall, comprised of more than 100 individual glass panels, each intrically engraved layer by layer, captures urban life as it unfolds. Native Seattle sound and video add to a rich multi-sensory experience. Bellevue Arts Museum, 510 Bellevue Way N.E., 425-519-0770

May 1-15

The Furniture of John Cederquist

Cederquist explores the relationship between reality and illusion in his functional furniture pieces. Ingeniously constructed and infused with vivid imagery that shifts viewpoints multiple times, Cederquist’s works engage not only the eye, but the mind. Bellevue Arts Museum, 510 Bellevue Way N.E., 425-519-0770

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the voice

may 2011 | | 17

Ask Rose

Dear Rose, Is it OK to eat French fries with my fingers? – Being a lady Dear Being a Lady, In a casual setting, it is OK for a lady and a gentleman to simply pick up their French fries with their fingers, or they can use a fork. You should never slather your fries with ketchup or other sauces, to avoid dribbling on oneself or on the table. If the French fry is too large to be consumed in a single bite, you should not put the half-eaten piece back on your plate. Instead, keep it in your fingers or on your fork until ready to eat it. If you and the other diners are sharing a dipping sauce, simply pour a small amount of the sauce on your plate, replenishing it as the need arises. Do not dip your fries into the communal sauce bowl after every bite. A lady or a gentleman never double dips. ........................................................................


Dear Rose, How does a woman get out of a car gracefully, wearing a short dress and beautiful Jimmy Choo high heel shoes? – Always in Style Dear Always in Style, The car maneuver can be challenging. While celebrities may be happy to reveal all when emerging from a motor vehicle, a lady knows that getting out of a car without flashing her underwear is a crucial skill to learn. After you open the car door, edge your bottom all the way along the back of your seat, until you are balancing on just the corner. Swing both legs out of the car together (below eye level) and place them firmly on the ground. Use both of your hands to push down on the seat behind you and stand up. If you happen to have a gentleman handy to help you out of your car, follow the same steps, but use just one hand to push yourself up and the other to take his hand in order to propel yourself forward. Following these easy steps will ensure that you are graceful, stylish and a lady!

Dear Rose, How should one react to a rude person? I was recently at a cocktail party where another guest, who I barely know, made a comment to me that I found to be very offensive. I left without saying a word. – Still Fuming Dear Fuming, A lady and a gentleman should always count to 10 before reacting. Instead of rising to a rude remark, always do your best to diffuse the situation with a big smile and say “Oh, that’s not a very polite thing to say!” When asked an offensive question, try saying, “I don’t feel I need to answer that” while also smiling. The tone of your voice should be light, and make sure that your smile shows that you are refusing to feel offended. Your eye contact and spoken words should make it very clear to this rude person that this is a conversation that you are not prepared to have. Leaving the conversation was the right thing to do, to avoid saying something in the heat of the moment that you might later regret. And by all means, we all need to learn how to control our anger in all situations, to avoid making a fool of ourselves. ............................................................................... Dear Rose, What are the rules for handwritten communication versus electronic? – Courteous Dear Courteous, General rules of courtesy apply today to the use of our increasingly complex and varied means of communication. Above all, we must always respect the time and privacy of others. Certain etiquette rules are appropriate for each situation. Written notes are still required when you are expressing sympathy for a loss, answering a formal invitation or sending a personal thanks or personal thoughts. Emails and faxes are useful for urgent announcements, messages too long for the telephone, business and political letters, lists, clippings, pictures and documents. The rule for texting is very simple. One should only resort to texting when it is inconvenient for one party, or the other, to answer one’s phone. Rose Dennis has 14 years experience as a tenured college professor at Edmonds Community College, teaching classes in Fashion, Retail, Marketing and Business Management. She can be contacted at


We make our various truffles, crèmes, chiffons, caramels and

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turtles in small batches to ensure freshness. Each piece is then scooped, fashioned, dipped, decorated and packaged by hand. There is simply no other way to ensure quality and freshness!

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Arlon Rosenoff

May 11 - June 5

Art in Bellevue 425.283.0461

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Prior to opening Amore Chocolates on July 2003 we decided that we wanted our chocolates to be known for their freshness and taste! This meant that they could not be mass produced, pre-packaged and sitting on shelves. Therefore, we determined that our product would be made using only fresh, natural ingredients using no preservatives or artificial additives.

137 106th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004 425.455.0343 Mon-Fri 10 AM - 6:30 PM Sat 11 AM - 5 PM • Sun 12 - 4 PM

18 | | may

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Cleans for the cleaning-woman woman


loud & about

andals and socks guy, I’m not like you, I’m different! I mean, I am different also, in a different way. I am surprised you haven’t noticed the difference! Pemco insurance used to be the ultimate in quiet Northwest chic, back when understatement was king, HEIJA NUNN and gazillionaires wore frayed khakis without a trace of smug, self-aware irony. Having a Pemco safe driver sticker on your bumper made you different in a cool way. You were a member of a special club that not everyone could join. Those days are over. Now Pemco believes we are all the same; a little different, yet conveniently organized into anemic stereotypes decorated with back-handed compliments designed to appeal to our inner-snob. But Pemco forgot about me. I guess they don’t like my kind of different, or is it my sameness that bothers them? Maybe Pemco thinks a silly Eastside Mom like me couldn’t possibly understand complicated Seattle concepts like N.P.R., recycling and Belltown. It seems my Northwest Profile isn’t invited to the popular ad

party and yet month after month Pemco happily takes my money, while shining a celebratory spotlight on anyone but me, even Sasquatch. Sure, it is possible Pemco avoided profiling me for my own protection like they’re an insurance company or something, but call me high-risk, I am going to take the plunge and share the dirty little secret that defines me anyway: Ignored Northwest Profile #425 Spotted: stocking up on Mr. Clean Magic Erasers at Target Car: Embarrassing Diet: What’s your point? Just spit it out. Song: Riding Dirty It’s a race against the clock fueled by the sudden and disturbing realization that it is Tuesday, again and already! Sweat drips off her furrowed brow as she races through the house scooping and sweeping and stashing and stealing repeated glances at the clock that just won’t stop ticking! Soon she will offer not-so-innocentbystanders an “engraved invitation” to join her cause. Heija Presents: My Ignored Northwest Profile #425 Cleans for the Cleaning-Woman Woman, you’re just like me, a little crazy. You know it’s a privilege to pay someone to clean your house every other week, so

every other Tuesday morning you pre-clean the toilets, sweep the floor and desperately scan the whole house for anything humiliating. The house has to be clean to get really clean, right? You cross your fingers that today will be the day that the team (yes, it takes a whole team!) will arrive at the end of the appointment window so that you have time to wash all of the dishes instead of having to stash pots in the dishwasher ... again. But just like the last time, and the time before that, the doorbell rings right as you remember the room you forgot. Wanna say Hiya to Heija? Follow her on Twitter (@Heija) Friend her on Facebook or relax, sit back, and silently judge her life in the flickering glow of your computer screen at her blog The Worst Mother in the World (

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THE scene

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Bridle Trails - Bellevue $2,475,000

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4 bedrooms | 5.25 bathrooms 4,860 SqFt | Private Acre Lot 2 Master suites - one on the main Bonus room | Media room Sport court | Covered patio | Koi pond

West of Market - Kirkland $1,429,000

Bridle Trails Craftsman $1,275,000

4 bedrooms | 3.5 bathrooms 4,160 SqFt | 7,650 SqFt Lot Stunning New Craftsman Superior quality construction Lavish master suite | Bonus room

4 bedroom Suites | 4.5 bathrooms 5,060 SqFt | Shy Acre Lot 2008 Rambler with bonus over garage Luxury master with sitting room Covered entertainment deck

Bridle Trails - Bellevue $998,000

Microsoft - Redmond $995,000

4 bedrooms | 3.75 bathrooms 4,440 SqFt | 1 Acre Lot Pike’s Peak Gated Estate Gorgeous, private setting Vaulted master with marble bath

4 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms 3,974 SqFt | 6,400 SqFt Lot Custom built in 2006 Generous master with deck Expansive media room

Downtown Kirkland $935,000-$959,000

Houghton - Kirkland $798,000

4 bedrooms | 2.5 bathrooms 3,020 SqFt | 8,885 SqFt Lot Gourmet kitchen opens to family room Spa-like master suite Gorgeous yard with putting green

4 bedrooms | 3.5 bathrooms Two Luxury Homes Walk to the Waterfront! Main floor guest suite Generous great room | Elevator 474075

Tiger Mountain - Issaquah $1,498,000

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