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March 18, 2011 [11]


REDMOND ROTARY SHARES Service Above Self - A snap-shot of Redmond Rotary’s service to the community

The Ride


Changing Lives in Our Community One Mile at a Time Cadillac of bicycling tours - fully supported! 5-Day 300-mile recreational ride at your own pace. • Raise money to make a difference for families in our community. • Your gear transported to each night’s destination. • Catered breakfast, dinner & snacks throughout the ride. • Support rest stops every 15-20 miles. • Hot showers available. • Expert mechanic available before, during & after each day’s ride. • Camping venues provided, or optional list of hotels. • Ride limited to the first 100 registrants - meet new friends.


RIDE with the sun on your face and the wind at your back. Experience the fun, excitement, fellowship and adventure on this 300-mile bicycle tour across beautiful Washington State. Enjoy the splendor of the Cascade Mountains, the majesty of river canyons and the beauty of rolling wheat fields. This premier, fully supported ride is limited to the first 100 riders. RED-SPOKE is a recreational touring bicycle ride. You are encouraged to go at your own pace and stop when you want to enjoy the sights and attractions along the way. Leave your daily routine behind for five days of bicycling fun from Redmond to Spokane on a fully supported bicycle tour sponsored by the Redmond Rotary. Known as the Cadillac of bicycle tours, RED-SPOKE starts with a fully catered breakfast at the Redmond Town Center Marriott. From there we take excellent care of you by transporting all your belongings to the night’s destination, and providing hearty breakfasts, dinner


and snacks throughout the ride. Enjoy the nightly entertainment at pre-arranged camping venues or take advantage of a list of optional hotels. Either way showers await you. A local expert mechanic is available before, during and after each day’s ride to be sure your bicycle is in peak working order. Mechanic services provided by R & E Cycles. Each Red-Spoke participant is required to contribute or collect a minimum of $625 ($525 for team members or additional family members) in addition to their registration and optional transportation fee.

REDMOND ROTARY is a nonprofit service organization and a member of the Rotary International. (Tax ID #943168972) For the past 20 years Redmond Rotary has been sponsoring this successful fund raising event and first class bicycle tour.

Redmond Rotary’s RED-SPOKE Poster Art Contest Redmond Rotary’s 2011 Red-Spoke kicked off with an art contest at local schools to find this year’s Red-Spoke poster design. Judging the many creative entries is never an easy task, but one entry captured the hearts of the judges. Congratulations to first place winner, Annie Kim, of Redmond High School. Redmond Rotary is planning to announce the 2012 Redspoke Poster Contest winner in late 2011. So, kids, put your artist caps on and start working on next year’s design!

2011 Poster Contest finalists (Left to Right) Ted Daschle, Kristi Nakata and Annie Kim from Redmond High School, with their art teacher, Mr. Steven Okun.

[12] March 18, 2011


Service Above Self A snap-shot of Redmond Rotary’s service to the community


Meet Xander

Hopelink thanks riders of Redspoke for their part in helping people and changing lives. We wish them a safe trip across the state this July.

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mentally and emotionally he’s a wellbalanced and, more importantly, a happy little boy. He will often surprise you with sayings such as “I like ‘em big…I like ‘em chunky” (from Madagascar II) or “5…..5 dollar foot long” at the most entertaining times. At Little Bit, he loves the big orange tractor, the bell at the front desk, and of course, his horse, Cowboy. From very early on, Xander had issues with strength, endurance, and balance, just to name a few. At four months, he was diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease, a

Representative Representative


Xander is an amazing, almost fiveyear-old boy, whose two-handed wave and big grin from the back of a horse will make your heart do flip-flops. His father, Martin, says Xander is “blessed with great hair, an incredible sense of humor and the ability to constantly surprise us at every turn.” Like other boys his age, Xander loves Thomas the Train, goes to school on weekdays and plays with his family and friends when he gets home. Xander enjoys anything in the water so he spends as much time as possible in the pool. While he may have his physical challenges,

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March 18, 2011 [13]

Redmond Rotary Shares

potherapy a short 10 months ago, his ability to balance and hold himself up are progressing remarkably. His core strength has improved, and his fine motor skills continue to evolve. In the past several months, he’s even started to crawl, a huge milestone, and

something that his family never thought would be possible. Sarah, Xander’s volunteers, and the staff at Little Bit look forward to seeing Xander sitting with his Dad in the waiting room every Wednesday. For all of them Xander represents success, a little boy

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who pushes himself every single day. As Martin perfectly describes: “My complete and total love of Wednesdays is defined by a little boy who could, or better yet, can, and the horse that supports him, pushes him and loves him…” Ride on, Xander!


room, Sarah helps Xander stretch his hips, and strengthen his upper and lower body with exercises and games. Out in the barn, Xander works on sensory issues like touching and feeding the horses. During Hippotherapy sessions, Xander rides his horse Cowboy facing forward, sideways and backwards all the while playing catch and other fun games. Changing positions while Cowboy is moving challenges Xander’s body awareness, balance and motor planning. Even though he’s receiving important therapies, he gets to enjoy a positive, rewarding and most importantly, fun activity! Martin notes, “We quickly realized that [Hippotherapy gave Xander] the opportunity to enhance his ability to balance, build core strength and improve fine-motor skills while not over-burdening his already taxed body.” Since Xander started Hip-


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diagnosis that means Xander’s body is unable to process food and oxygen into energy efficiently and correctly, affecting how all of the major organs and parts of his body function. Although he had several major hospitalizations during his first two years, recently he’s been on a positive and forward trajectory. Xander’s parents, friends and family are extremely grateful for this progress, but the work never stops. He still isn’t able to walk and his speech can be challenging to understand. Martin explains, “A diagnosis is only the first stop on the journey that is loving and raising a special needs child. Xander has an army of specialists on the medical side as well as the therapy side, including several PTs, OTs, and SLPs.” That is, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech

Language Pathologists. The treatments sometimes exhaust him and his body. After learning about Hippotherapy and attending a Rider Showcase, the family was convinced it was something they wanted to try for Xander. So began their tenure on the wait list. Unfortunately, because of the growing demands for equine assisted therapies and for Little Bit’s programs in particular, Xander and many others wait for upwards of two years. In an effort to combat this wait, Little Bit has embarked on a Capital Campaign to better serve our current riders and to significantly reduce our wait list. In July of 2009, after two long years on the wait list, Xander finally started coming to Little Bit. Every Wednesday during the quarter he works with his occupational therapist, Sarah, both on and off the horse. In the therapy


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Service Above Self A snap-shot of Redmond Rotary’s service to the community

[14] March 18, 2011



Service Above Self - A snap-shot of Redmond Rotary’s service to the community

My Trip to Africa

Many of you know that I went to Africa a few years ago to do Polio immunizations in Ethiopia. You may also remember that Rotary took on the task of eradicating Polio from the world. With all but four countries clear of outbreaks, the goal is so close. In Africa, only Nigeria is considered a Polio-endemic country. But because the borders are so porous, immunizations continue on the roads leading to the surrounding countries. Thus returning to Ethiopia one more time became a reality. Most of us considered Polio a thing of the past, with no cases in the United States for decades, except for the occasional one being carried in from an affected country. The world is so close to total eradication. All of Africa could be declared Polio free within a couple of years.

While in Ethiopia, we visited The Cheshire Clinic where over the years they’ve straightened the legs of thousands of kids stricken with Polio. This year was different. Instead of focusing on only Polio victims they’ve had to change their goals; not enough kids with Polio! Now they do artificial limb replacement for kids and adults who have lost limbs due to accidents or land mines. I got the chance to play soccer with a little boy with two artificial legs he lost due to a land mine. He beat me… In a country that is one of the poorest in the world, it isn’t hard to find people in need. What we did see was points of hope scattered around the country. An example is the Project Mercy, a school and hospital in one of the poorer areas of Ethiopia. Here 1600 kids attend school, K through 12, some walking two hours to get to school. They serve breakfast and lunch, and 90 orphans live on campus. Project Mercy received a grant from Rotary to help build the hospital. North of Addis Abba in the rural mountain area, Rotary collaborated with World Vision to build a water system to serve several villages. A spring on the hillside was captured and two large holding tanks and thousands of feet of water pipe directed the water to various locations. Each location had faucets for getting water, watering troughs for the animals, and

four clothes washing tubs with waste water containments. When we did Polio immunizations about 330 kilometers south of Addis Abba near a town called Soddo, the kids also received measles shots. The ground work set up to eradicate Polio, has now expanded to do other things, including measles immunizations and keeping medical records for all the children. All these things wouldn’t have been possible without people like you contributing to various Rotary Clubs around the world. Each of you should be proud to be part of the solutions, providing vital services to small rural communities all around the world. Next time you start up a long steep hill on your bike, remember you helped a little girl thousands of miles away. It will make the climb a little easier. Hope to see you on RedSpoke again.

Tim Arnold


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