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north sound living vol 4 #1

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north sound living vol 4 #1

Planning your move Congratulations – you’ve decided to move to North Puget Sound, one of the most beautiful regions in the Pacific Northwest. Nestled between the waters of Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains, the North Puget Sound area maintains a small-city atmosphere with plenty of outlying rural beauty. But before you arrive, you’ll need to get moving! Whether down the block or across three time zones, it can be a hectic, even traumatic time for you and your family, as well as the friends, relatives and neighbors left behind. The move may be a personal choice or required to further your career. Either way, scheduling the required steps and keeping everyone and everything organized will go a long way toward making the transition a more pleasant chance for change.

price. A non-binding estimate is usually only an approximation of time and cost. Federal law limits moving companies from charging more than 10 percent more than the non-binding estimate. Never sign or accept any order for a moving service unless the amount is clearly displayed on each page of the written estimate, and make sure the pickup and delivery dates and times are clearly specified in writing. Movers will charge considerably less for the following: » Normal hours » Weekdays » End of month

Planning Your Move

You can reduce the number of hours that movers will need to do the job by moving items from back bedrooms closer to the entrance they’ll be using to load. Move delicate items into the garage or into a separate room together so your fragile pieces won’t be mishandled. Remember that all moving companies provide compulsory insurance based on weight. The insurance does not, however, take into account the actual value of an item, so optional insurance may be a good idea to protect especially valuable pieces. You may want to move your most valuable or irreplaceable sentimental items by yourself. Plan a garage sale or call a local charity before the actual move date to get rid of items that you no longer need. You may also consider shipping some items in the mail if they will not be needed for several months. Since movers charge by weight, it may

Start by simplifying your move: you’ll save time by creating and sticking to guidelines. First, decide whether you will move yourself, hire a professional to pack and unpack your belongings, or maybe something in between. If you decide on the services of a pro, searching the Internet or looking in the Yellow Pages are logical first steps. After you know which companies are available, talk to friends and neighbors who have used professional movers in the past. References are always the best way to go. Prices will vary. The basic cost of a professional move is based on the weight of your household items and the time required moving them. Get several estimates from a few companies to help determine what may be worth paying for, or worth doing yourself. Once you pick your mover, you should get a binding estimate that holds the mover responsible to make the move for a specific 6

Volume 4 - No 1 • North Sound Living

north sound living vol 4 #1 be less expensive to ship items such as offseason clothing than to transport them. (With fuel surcharges, this may not always be the case.) Consider leaving heavy items like storable books and bowling balls with friends who will be making the trek to visit the new house. Think also about what you might need to prepare for: snow blowers may not always be necessary in Skagit County, but gardening tools may. Generators are always a good idea.

Moving and Your Taxes

Be sure to keep all of your receipts from every aspect of the move in a place where they can’t get lost while packing. Most moving costs may be tax deductible. (Check with your accountant or the IRS on how deductibility applies to your move.) The IRS normally accepts many of the following items as legitimate deductions: » Travel, meals and lodging incurred during the move. » The actual move of household items, including reasonable expenses for storage. » Costs incurred while searching for a new home, including travel, meals and lodging. » The cost of disposing of your former home and acquiring a new one. The best thing about writing off moving expenses is that the deduction is taken above the line --meaning that new residents do not have to worry about itemized deductions that can quickly dash any hopes of a big tax refund. The biggest hurdle is that it’s hard to qualify. To determine who’s eligible, the IRS has set up two tests. The IRS lets you take this deduction only if you are moving because of a job. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a new job, the same job or your first job ever. The first challenge is the 50-mile test, meaning, the distance between your new primary job and your former home must be at least 50 miles greater than your old commute. So if you used to live 10 miles from work and your new office is 45 miles from your old home, you fail the test and cannot deduct your moving expenses. However, if your new office is 65 miles from your old home, this makes your new commute 55 miles longer and you pass the first test. The second test is designed to verify North Sound Living • Volume 4 - No 1

that you moved for work. It requires that tions for services you won’t use after you be employed full time in the general the move. area of your new job location for at least » Add automatic bill pay services 39 weeks during the 12 months following for credit cards so you don’t miss a your move. This means you are allowed to payment. switch jobs as often as you’d like after the » Contact banks and credit card move to make up those 39 weeks. And if companies online or by phone to your employer transfers you again or lays update your address. you off, the IRS won’t hold it against you » Create a budget for moving expenses and will waive the 39-week test. such as trucks and insurance, The rules are slightly different (and boxes, cleaning services and utility more beneficial) when you own your hookups so you’re not stuck paying own business, or if you have been out of for such services long after you’ve the workforce or worked part-time for a settled into your new place. substantial period of time. (The IRS does not offer a definition of “substantial.”) During the move: If you’re a sole proprietor or a partner, » Keep a master list of phone and web you can simply transfer yourself (nice!) addresses for your credit and bank and deduct the cost, as long as you meet accounts. the 50-mile and 39-week tests as well as » Keep your financial records with a third test that applies to self-employed you. people. » Be sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned The third test requires that you work your old house and haven’t left any full time in that area for at least 78 weeks important financial documents during the 24 months after you move. behind. If you’re just re-entering the full-time » Consider providing your new workforce, you can claim the deduction address to the next tenants so they even if you don’t have a job when you can forward important documents move. But your new job and your former to you. residence have to be at least 50 miles apart, and you must still pass the 39-week test. If After the move: you’re a married couple fi ling jointly, only » Consider adding one or two local one spouse needs to meet both the time credit card or store accounts. and distance tests. » Close any credit accounts you don’t use. » Monitor your statements to make Forwarding Your Mail sure you’re no longer being charged If you haven’t already done so, pick up for services you’ve cancelled. Change of Address form from your local A particularly useful checklist for this U.S. Post Office or change your address purpose can be found at: online yourself at: Make sure your important mail doesn’t credit-card-news/assets/relocationend up in the trash or the wrong hands. moving-checklist.pdf Providing the Post Office with the proper moving date ensures nothing will be lost or left behind. Be sure to include the names Moving with Children of everyone who will be moving with you Moving is a stressful time for everyone. to the new address. The experience can be especially upsetting for children. According to a clinical psychologist, the unpredictability of the Your Credit Cards and Banking If you already have a definite address move and the loss of control over comfortwhere you will be moving, plan ahead able surroundings can compound the and let all your credit card companies and situation for children. Parents can ease their child’s strain by: banks know where and when you will be » Giving advanced warning of impormoving. tant dates vital to the move. » Explaining where you are moving, Before the move: and why, in the simplest terms. » Cancel automatic billing or deduc7

north sound living vol 4 #1



Caring for the Children

Selecting appropriate child care for your infant or young child can seem as overwhelming as helping your teenager select a college or university. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is safe and happy in a childcare environment that is fun, educational and nurturing. Whether your child’s daily care setting is center-based care, a preschool or someone else’s home, there are specific guidelines to follow to ensure that your child is receiving quality, professional care suited to his or her developmental needs. Most important in determining the type of care that will best meet your child’s needs is to have a solid understanding of your child’s temperament, likes and dislikes, health, interests and behavior. For an infant under one year of age, careful attention should be given to your child’s need to be nurtured and held, any special

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health needs, and the type of person you want to care for your child during the first year of his or her life. For an older child, developing play and learning styles, interaction with other children, intellectual curiosity, and the need for individualized attention should be considered. Before choosing a care setting, you should be aware of the options available including cost, location, and reputation. Skagit County provides helpful information for newcomers to the area on selecting the appropriate type of care for your child.

Moving with Pets

Relocation isn’t just stressful for people; it will be equally stressful for your pet(s). Pets, as with humans, are very sensitive to changes in their surroundings. Remember that pets think the house is their territory: seeing the house become gradually emptier may agitate them. Moving companies will not move living things; they will be your sole responsibility. There are numerous ways to help them adapt to their new environment. Pre-planning is crucial for your pet. Know what it will take for them


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Âť Allowing the children to unpack their own belongings to increase their sense of security in the new home.



 Highlighting for them the benefits of where you’re moving in ways they can understand.  Using maps and pictures to make the move seem more tangible to them.  Assigning specific responsibilities, based on age and ability level.  Having them sort through their own belongings to discard any unused or broken toys.  Making a family decision on which charities will receive charitable donations.  Giving each child a package of postcards to address and distribute to their own friends so they will have mail waiting for them at the new home.  Having the kids memorize the new address (and phone number) as they label boxes.  Giving each child a diagram of their new room so they can decide on how to arrange the furniture.  Providing each child with plenty of boxes for their valuable treasures.  Providing them with special packing cartons for the prized possessions they will carry on moving day.


Volume 4 - No 1 • North Sound Living

north sound living vol 4 #1 to be comfortable during each stage of the move: before, during and after. Above all, be aware that every state has laws regarding animal entry, and Washington is no exception. Your pet must comply with established health regulations. Before making moving arrangements, take your pet to its regular veterinarian for a health checkup, vaccinations, and to inquire about entry permits and sedation. Be sure to obtain important documents, such as your pet’s health records and rabies tags. Ask for a referral vet in your new area. Animal entry laws may be especially difficult when moving from foreign countries. Depending on the country you are moving from, your pet may be quarantined for up to as long as six months for health inspection. In these cases, you may want to consider leaving your pet with a relative or a friend. Unless you’re traveling a very long distance via airplane, it is recommended that your pet accompany you in your car. If your pet, especially a cat, isn’t used to car travel, take it on short rides around the block several weeks beforehand and then gradually increase the distance. This will

help condition your pet to the space in your car and more importantly, to the motion of the car. Although you may be able to train your pet to sit still and not move around, it is safer and sometimes makes pets feel more secure to travel in a pet carrier where they have a flat surface to lie down. Getting them accustomed may take several short trips. Once they realize they will always be traveling with you, regardless of where, their stress level will be reduced. Some pets may never become accustomed. Consult your veterinarian about medication or sedatives to reduce or eliminate motion sickness, constant agitation and crying. Make sure each of your pets is wearing their proper collar with ID and rabies tag before you leave. Also have all of their health documents in one convenient place. You’ll need to pack a suitcase for your pet. If you’re planning to stop at a hotel/motel along the way, call ahead to find out which ones permit pets. Make reservations as opposed to stumbling upon one on the road. Have a leash on hand to move your pet from the car, and remember that other animals may be present at rest stops.

On The Road

Avoid feeding or giving your pets water for several hours before your drive. It is important that you are attentive to your pet’s well-being. If they are uncomfortable in any way, make a stop. Remember to leash them before letting them out of the car. Plan to make frequent stops for feeding and resting. Plan to feed your pets once daily or just a few small meals during rest stops. Even then, you must remember that cars trap heat far too quickly: NEVER leave your pet alone for more than a few minutes, particularly in hot weather. On a summer day of only 85 degrees, for example, even keeping the windows slightly open won’t stop the inside temperature from climbing to 102 degrees in 10 minutes and 120 degrees in 20 minutes. Don’t risk your pet’s well being.

Pet Licensing

A pet license from the county is your best assurance for the safe return of a lost pet. Skagit and Whatcom counties require licenses for all adult dogs and cats residing within the county limits. Individual cities



CALL RICK MERRILL Attorney, 24/7 425-259-4972



north sound living vol 4 #1 may require additional licensing. A license is required regardless of whether the pets are kept indoors or outdoors. Dog tags are not only required within City limits but also help bring wandering, lost or stolen dogs home. Find the local department that takes care of licensing nearest you. In Anacortes, the Finance department of the City of Anacortes takes care of dog tag yearly renewals. Bring in your dog’s name, breed, weight, rabies tag #, dog’s birth date, vet name and your contact information. Cost is $5 for spayed/neutered, $15 for intact. The Finance Department is open Monday through Friday except holidays. Office Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm; call 360-293-1900. In Mount Vernon, register or license your pet by contacting the city Records Division Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. Proof of rabies vaccination and spayed-or-neutered verification is required. Email: Animal Control/Parking Enforcement at jackif@ci.mount-vernon.; call: 360-336-6271. In Whatcom County, dogs that are kept within city limits are required to have a license and rabies vaccination, and a certification of vaccination signed by an accredited veterinarian showing that the vaccination does not expire prior to the expiration date of the license must be provided upon request. Visit the Whatcom County Humane Society ( for details at Whatcom Humane Society, 3710 Williamson Way, Bellingham, WA 98226. call: 360-7332080. It is against the law to allow your dog to roam off your property, and owners are responsible for any damages and must pick up all droppings. Persons aged 65 years of age or older are entitled to reduced pet license fees if their dog or cat is spayed/ neutered. All domestic pets are forbidden at public swimming beaches and dogs in Skagit County must be leashed on a maximum 8-foot leash at all times, except at designated off-leash dog parks. The good news is that there are more and more dog parks springing up.

Washington State Ferries

Washington State boasts the largest ferry system in the United States, serving eight counties within Washington and the Province of British Columbia in 10

Canada. The ferry system is an essential part of western Washington’s highway network. Twenty-eight ferries cross Puget Sound and its inland waterways, carrying over 26 million passengers to 20 different ports of call. From Tacoma, Washington, to Sidney, British Columbia, up and down the Sound, they act as a marine highway for commercial users, tourists and daily commuters alike. For a listing of routes and schedules, visit http://www.wsdot. or call 888-808-7977.

Marriage Licenses

If you’re planning your move due to a wedding, you’ll need to apply for your marriage license here. Marriage Licenses in Washington are applied for at the county level. In Skagit County that would be at the County Auditor’s office, County Administration Building, Room 201, 700 S. Second Street, Mount Vernon. By mail, Skagit County Auditor’s Office, P.O. Box 1306, Mount Vernon, WA 98273 or call: 360-336-9311. Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) Requirements: » Both parties must be 18 years or older unless parental consent is confirmed by a judge authorizing a Superior Court Waiver. » The cost for a marriage license is $60. Payment must be made in cash. The application for the license can be downloaded from the Auditor’s website at: or call 360-336-9311. » A witness is not required. » If you’re divorced, the divorce must be fi led and made final before applying for the license. No blood test, identification, birth certificates or divorce papers are required. Washington State law requires that grooms and brides must wait at least three full days after the application is fi led before the marriage ceremony can be performed. The license is only valid for 60 days. Under state law, a minister or priest from any church or religious denomination, or any Washington State judge or justice can perform the marriage ceremony. For a listing of judges and justices, please consult the County governmental listing in the telephone directory. The cost of a marriage license is $62. The fee must be paid in cash. Volume 4 - No 1 • North Sound Living

north sound living vol 4 #1

North Sound Communities Snohomish County

Snohomish County is located on Puget Sound, between Skagit County to the north and King County (and Seattle) to the south. Physically, the county covers 2,090 square miles and is the 13th largest county in total land area, providing vast amounts of open space and recreation opportunities for the people who live here.


Arlington began as a lumber town populated by shingle mills, sawmills and logging camps. Today the city serves as the northern gateway to the scenic Mountain Loop Highway. The historic quality of its downtown has been saved with the preservation of many original buildings that contributed to its small-town charm. An impressive new museum featuring the town’s early years is located behind the historic log Pioneer Hall on acreage complimented by a picturesque pond. The museum contains artifacts typical of earlier life in Arlington and the Stilly Valley. Situated near the banks of the Stillaguamish River, Arlington offers a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities including fishing, river rafting and hiking. Future plans for Arlington include incorporating parts of the Centennial Trail System with walking, jogging, biking and horseback riding trails. The trail was initially designed to provide one-day treks to points of interest in Skagit County in the north and King County in the south. North Sound Living • Volume 4 - No 1

Arlington is also home of the Air Station Museum and stage for the annual Northwest Experimental Aircraft Fly-in during the second full weekend of July. The event is the third largest Experimental Aircraft show in the county, featuring hundreds of aircraft from ultra-lights to antique. The event also features daily aerobatics shows.


Darrington is nestled at the base of the rugged North Cascade Mountains, protected by mountain barriers, including Glacier Peak (elevation 10,541 feet), the highest point in Snohomish County to the Southeast. This community was initially established as a night camp for the wagon route that linked the Monte Cristo mines to the Puget Sound. The Stillaguamish River surrounding Darrington provides summer and fall recreation. Hiking is also popular on Whitehorse Mountain (elevation 6,303 feet), the site of one of the lowest elevation glaciers in the lower 48 states. Mt. Baker Snoqualmie Forest had severe rain in October 2003, which has caused some trail washouts in some of the wilderness areas beyond Darrington, with some camping areas rendered inaccessible for several years.

Granite Falls

Situated in the shadows of Mt. Pilchuck, Granite Falls is a perfect stop before or after a mountain excursion. Turn-ofthe-century architecture, unique local eateries and shops and a distinct Western foothills atmosphere contribute to 11

north sound living vol 4 #1 the charm of this tiny community. The town’s historical society maintains what is left of the original town site, with signs marking the locations of various establishments and mine works. The town itself is dotted with relics of its past, such as antique machines and artifacts. Of special interest is a 16-foot log from a Douglas fir that many locals believe may have grown from a seedling that began life in the year 875. The rings from the log serve as a circular timeline. The Big Four Ice Caves and the ghost town of Monte Cristo are popular summertime destinations. The ice caves are actually tunnels formed in the permanent ice of the avalanche snowfield below Big Four Mountain. These caves are beautiful but can be extremely dangerous if warning signs for off-limits areas are not heeded; strict adherence is advised.


Established in 1877, Marysville was named by early settlers for their former home of Marysville in California. Visitors can get a glimpse of pioneer life in


the 1884 hand-hewn cedar home of the Gehl pioneer family, which now sits in Jennings Park. The interior of the house has been furnished as a typical farmhouse of the 1880s with a wood - burning stove and rustic furniture. Marysville hosts a number of fun festivals, the largest being the Strawberry Festival in June (, which has grown into a 10-day event and draws visitors from all over the Puget Sound region. Marysville is immediately adjacent to the Tulalip Indian Reservation. At Mission Beach, visitors can view a longhouse, totem poles and canoes as well as small buildings used for tribal living and ceremonies. The Tulalip Tribes have also recently developed Quil Ceda Village along the I-5 corridor near. The Tulalip Casino has quickly become the premier gaming Mecca as well as a showcase for Northwest art and Tulalip Indian culture. Visitors are greeted by rushing waterfalls, four fountains and numerous ponds. The adult playground is open seven days a week.

World-famous tulip fields and crops blanket the valley in the spring. Flocks of Canadian geese, snow geese and trumpeter swans can be seen overhead in the winter. Bald eagles soar overhead year round and great blue herons stand along the miles of shoreline. Although it’s located midway between the cosmopolitan cities of Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., Skagit County can feel like going back in time to the farm and wide open spaces – that is, until you’ve seen the clever ways its small businesses and industry work to maintain and preserve that feeling. Named for the Indian tribe originally in the region, Skagit County is focused primarily around the Mount VernonAnacortes metro area. The estimated population in 2002 was 111,064, and by the most recent shown total (115,700 as of 2006) there was an increase of 12.3% percent from the 2000 census of 102,979. The area continues to grow today.


Anacortes is described as “the crown jewel of Fidalgo Island”, is easternmost of the San Juan Islands and jump-point to the Stanwood rest of the archipelago. Fidalgo, the “driveStanwood is one of the Puget Sound to” island, is accessible by bridges from area’s fastest growing cities, with its the east and from Whidbey Island to the population having nearly doubled since south. It is also home to the Washington the year 2000. Settled in 1866 as a trading State Ferry terminal, serving the rest of post at the mouth of the Stillaguamish the San Juans and Sidney/Victoria, British River, Stanwood retains its heritage as a Columbia. small community of Scandinavian roots. Incorporated in 1891, the port city of The Pearson House Museum houses Anacortes could best be described as “The many of the area’s artifacts. City within a Park.” Anacortes boasts 12.5 Visitors will want to explore Stan- miles of saltwater shoreline, four freshwawood’s specialty shops and restaurants. ter lakes, surrounded by and inclusive of Beautiful Camano Island State Park 3,000 plus acres of city-owned forestlands is always a popular place for boaters, and city-owned parks. The favorite gathcampers and beachcombers. Twin City ering place for locals is Washington Park Idler’s hot rod club sponsors a car show (220 acres) that juts into Rosario Strait on that attracts over 500 vehicles on the last the western edge of Anacortes, offering Sunday in June. territorial views and outstanding sunsets. Locals recommend a visit to the tiny Industrially, Anacortes has deep roots village of Silvana on Highway 530 in the fishing industry and currently (Pioneer Highway). Silvana is a great serves as home berth to Washington’s place to grab a bite to eat and check out largest fishing fleet. Salmon canneries even more antiques. began in the 1890s, followed by sawmills, box mills, and pulp and plywood mills. As those industries declined, two petroleum Skagit (pronounced: skä’jet) refineries were built at the edge of town to County turn Alaska crude into fuel, maintaining In northwestern Washington, the the area’s blue-collar aura. But then boat powerful Skagit River flows westward builders migrated in, and that industry through the heart of the Skagit Valley popped up where mills and canneries once toward the beautiful San Juan Islands. Volume 4 - No 1 • North Sound Living

north sound living vol 4 #1 stood. By the early 1990s, retirees, urban refugees, and developers had started snapping up century-old houses and undeveloped land. Suddenly Anacortes was more than a place to pass through to get to somewhere else. Chamber of Commerce director Mitch Everton was quoted about how visitors so often come to his adopted hometown: “First they buy the boat, then they visit Anacortes, then they move to Anacortes.�

MT VERNON‌ Amazing vistas of farmland, mountains, river valleys, and islands await you in Mount Vernon! Just a 60-mile drive north on I-5 from Seattle or an 80-mile drive south from Vancouver, B.C., Mount Vernon is a charming mix of an historic river front town, a bustling community, and the promise of outdoor adventure. Whether you enjoy boutique shopping and fine dining or kayaking, biking and hiking, Mount Vernon is a great place to visit. Enjoy a trip through one of many working family farms or photograph some great watchable wildlife. Mount Vernon boasts a number of city parks, cultural and historic experiences, and festivals throughout the year. Mount Vernon hosts the world famous Skagit Valley Tulip Festival each April, as well as the Skagit Highland Games, Shakespeare Festival, and many more.

Burlington City

Built at the intersection of I-5 and State Highway 20 as well as the meeting point of the north-south and east-west railroads, Burlington has fulfi lled its mission as the transportation hub of Skagit County. When settlers established the community in 1882, Burlington was nothing more than a dense forest. The city was incorporated nine years later (1891) and has grown to become a distribution center for loggers, farmers and manufacturers throughout the Northwest. Today, Burlington has evolved to become the major shopping destination in Skagit County, boasting an upscale outlet mall, 14-screen cinema complex, and the area’s premier Auto Row. Bordered by the Skagit River, the waterway provides fishing and other recreational opportunities all year long. The links style 27-hole Avalon Golf Course is just a few miles north of town.

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Located 23 miles east of Sedro-Woolley along Highway 20 and nestled in the rugged foothills beneath Mount Baker, Concrete is the gateway to the recreational opportunities of the North Cascades. The city earned its name as the home to the Superior Portland Cement Plant, which produced more than 40 percent of the cement used to build the Grand Coulee Dam. Today the town’s efforts are focused on renovation and transforming the industrial site into a recreational playground. Concrete’s visitor center displays the salmon “taxi� system where migrating salmon are transported by trucks around two dams and then released to complete their natural life cycle.


Deposits of coal and iron brought settlers to Hamilton at the turn of the North Sound Living • Volume 4 - No 1

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north sound living vol 4 #1

Welcome to the Bellingham Mt. Baker region! As the President and CEO of Whatcom County Tourism, I am pleased to introduce you to Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism and our extensive information resources. As you become familiar with your new home, I encourage you to stop in our office, located in the “Lighthouse” just off I-5 at exit 253. The Bellingham/Mt Baker region is truly a refreshing change, whether it’s a vacation destination or your new home. Our network of members help us provide in-depth information to visitors about what to experience, where to shop and how to take advantage of local services. In addition, our office works with local residents on a daily basis to find similar information, plan business meetings and social gatherings, seek event planning resources, and help entertain out-of-town guests. Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism is the number one source for ideas about where to hike, charter a fishing boat, discover farms and culinary delights, step onto a whale watching cruise, find one of the many parks or just provide you with accurate maps. Our goal is to facilitate the exploration and appreciation of the many attractions and services throughout the region – which not only enhance our desirability as a visitor destination, but also improve the quality of life for those of us who live in this beautiful area. Come visit us at 904 Potter Street; visit our expansive Website at or give us a call at 360-671-3990. We look forward to meeting you and serving your needs! Loni Rahm President & CEO Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism

The Bellingham Chamber of Commerce & Industry Welcomes You! The Bellingham Whatcom Chamber of Commerce & Industry is Northwest Washington’s largest business organization. Its membership represents businesses of all sizes from all over the County. The goals of the Chamber are: creating a strong local economy; promoting the community; creating networking opportunities; and representing the interests of business with government. The Chamber is a diverse organization that offers a variety of services to its members and community. Chamber activities include a monthly Business After Business, a monthly breakfast, and annual Economic Forecast, the Spring Business Trade Show, ribbon cuttings, an annual business awards banquet, and a variety of important membership programs. The Chamber also produces many of the community’s largest festivals and special events. Bellingham and Whatcom County, located at the northwest corner of the US, offer a diverse business community, outstanding natural beauty, proximity to two of the largest markets on the west coast, and a wide range of housing options, from premier ocean-view estates to thrift y urban living to homes on large acreage. The area also has several 2 and 4-year educational options, including Western Washington University, quickly becoming one of the best liberal arts schools in North America. The presence of thousands of students and faculty also brings with it recreational and entertainment opportunities for a wide variety of tastes, including a host of national options at the Mt. Baker Theater, a first-class museum, hiking, skiing and snowboarding, and much more. On behalf of the 190,000 people across Whatcom County, we welcome you to our community, and invite you to stay, relax, and enjoy what we believe to be the very best community in the country. North Sound Living • Volume 4 - No 1


north sound living vol 4 #1


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last century, but it was the abundance of timber and the lumber industry that provided the fuel for the town to flourish. At its peak in the early 1900’s, Hamilton had a population of over 2,000 and served for several years as the western terminus of the railroad. The city lost many of its early residents by the triple blow of floods, the closing of the mines and changes in the timber industry. Today Hamilton survives as home to approximately 300 residents who instead make their living through farming and dairy.


Known far and wide as the home to the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival each year during March and April, this picturesque waterfront community is on the National Register of Historic Places and has been dubbed “The Best Tiny Town in Washington� by numerous visitor and tourist publications. Home to less than 800 full-time residents, LaConner was established in the 1860’s as a trading post along the commercial waterways of the Pacific Coast. That burly image changed in the 1940’s when the town became the destination of artists inspired by the community’s natural beauty. The best views of the area are available from the top of Rainbow Bridge. Views south from the bridge capture the city’s waterfront, while visitors looking north are treated to the panoramic view of the Skagit Valley farmlands. Residential neighborhoods in LaConner have been limited to planned developments on Fidalgo Island on the far side of the Rainbow Bridge.


The city of Lyman may be small, but it originated in vivid history. Like many of the cities and towns in the Washington Territory, Lyman was named for its first postmaster, B.L. Lyman in 1909. The actual city limits totals less than one square mile, with 13 percent of the landmass under water. One out of every 10 persons in Lyman—and one out of every eight families—live below the poverty line. The 400-plus people living in Lyman are divided into 105 families and 161 households.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is the largest city in


Volume 4 - No 1 • North Sound Living

north sound living vol 4 #1

BURLINGTON‌ At the Junction of I-5 and Hwy. 20 in Beautiful Skagit County Burlington, Washington, located at the junction of five scenic byways, is your destination for action, adventure and sightseeing. Here you will find a true sampling of all nature has to offer. With Vancouver BC to the north, the North Cascade Mountain range to the east and upper Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands to the west, Burlington is the perfect home base while exploring all Skagit County has to offer. Within a 30 minute drive in any direction visitors will enjoy access to civic and untamed parks, mountain hiking trails, downhill skiing or snowboarding, boating and other water recreation opportunities, wildlife encounters, world-class fishing, bird-watching, tulip fields, whale watching adventures, strolls on the beach as well as a hundred other ways to stretch the imagination. Unspoiled farmland is one of our most important resources. Here you will find berry fields bursting with color, dairy farms, and an unlimited variety of locally grown products. You will find many dining establishments feature these locally and organically grown favorites. In fact, you may find the dining options so plentiful, you may want to stay an extra day! The City of Burlington itself was plotted in 1890, although even by then entrepreneurs had recognized the value of laying foundations on which to build their futures in merchandising, farming and milling. Served by the Great Northern railway system and fueled by ambitious men looking to carve themselves a place in the developing wilderness, Burlington quickly became a crossroads of the Skagit Valley. The Burlington Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in October, 1961. Its founders had in mind that this small town that rose from a forest floor would someday become a shopping and business mecca. Burlington has indeed evolved into the premiere destination in which to own a business in the Skagit Valley. To promote and strengthen business, the Chamber of Commerce has placed emphasis on development of the local economy, educational efforts with regard to economic matters, and encouraging tourism. We welcome you to shop our historic downtowns, outlet shops and extensive retail offerings while you explore Skagit County. Located at the junction of I-5 and Hwy. 20, you will find everything you need, and want, right here! Burlington is truly the crossroads of the Skagit Valley. We hope to meet you soon! Burlington Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center 111 S Cherry St/PO Box 1087 Burlington, Washington 98233 (360)757-0994

North Sound Living • Volume 4 - No 1


CityofStanwood Washington

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.BTTBHFr#PEZ5SFBUNFOUT )BOEBOE'PPU4QB5SFBUNFOUT The City of Arlington is located in Snohomish County approximately 10 miles north ot the City of Everett and 41 miles north of the City of Seattle. While retaining a small town atmosphere in )BJSr'BDJBMTr8BYJOH a rural setting, Arlington is conveniently located near larger metropolitan interests. #SJEBM1BDLBHFT



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north sound living vol 4 #1

ARLINGTON‌The Gateway to Adventure! Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade mountain range is the city of Arlington. The surrounding area is bursting with an endless number of activities that will let your senses explode. Early settlers thrived on the banks of the Stillaguamish River, and today thousands of people annually enjoy this serene, natural wonder at one of several waterfront parks. The Centennial Trail runs through Arlington and stretches south to Snohomish and soon will extend north to the Skagit county line across the Stillaguamish River. It follows the scenic route of the old Burlington Northern railroad line. The trail is ideal for walking, biking and horseback riding and other non-motorized use. Arlington began as a lumber town populated by shingle mills, sawmills and logging comps. Today the city serves as the northern gateway to the scenic Mountain Loop Highway. The historic quality of its downtown has been saved with the preservation of many original buildings that contribute to its small-town charm. An impressive new museum featuring the town’s early years is located behind the historic log Pioneer Hall on acreage complimented by a picturesque pond and interpretive center. The museum contains artifacts typical of earlier life in Arlington and the Stilly Valley. Arlington is the stage for the annual Northwest Experimental Aircraft Fly-In during the second full weekend of July. The event is the third largest Experimental Aircraft show in the county, featuring hundreds of aircraft from ultra-lights to antique. The event also features daily aerobatics shows. For more information and event schedule, contact the Arlington-Smokey Point Chamber of Commerce; (360) 659-5453 or visit our website at: For a great opportunity to meet the business community in the Arlington and Smokey Point area, please join the Chamber of Commerce the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Medallion Hotel at 12:00pm. Please note that the August luncheon will be a barbeque at Legion Park. Along with our Auction and Golf Tournament, the Arlington-Smokey Point Chamber holds networking events and Business After Hours through out the year. Arlington-Smokey Point Chamber of Commerce




Hands SchoolBox, nd lutions, DBA ednesday July 7 So ng ni ar ye At Pacific Le asses offered every W 11 ars. cl es 5 through th for children ag On Science 18 through st fered for 10 through Augu nit Studies of th (once a week). U l ai Tr n go 12 re Westward O ly 22nd through August social Ju arts, science, e 13 year olds ge ua ng la h, th at ut m r ho fo ug g ro s th torin On-going tu gh school credit classe through 12. 1 hi studies plus l year round for grades al summer and offers School Box pplies. su educational

885 360-40ly3m-8 pic Ave.

314 N. O A 98223 Arlington, W

Welcome To

Downtown Arlington North Sound Living • Volume 4 - No 1


north sound living vol 4 #1

MARYSVILLE... Northern Snohomish County is an area made up of many entities, from cities and shopping centers to farms and rural lands. The communities of Marysville and Tulalip, we are very proud to say, presents you with the best of both... Located just north of Everett and south of Skagit County’s Mount Vernon, our region has a delightful mixture of everything one may hope for. Long known as “The Strawberry City” Marysville can boast of numerous relaxing city and neighborhood parks, including Comeford Park, Jennings Nature Park, the Ebey Waterfront Park and Boat Launch and Kayak Point. For shoppers, there are many centers, including Marysville’s Lakewood Crossing, Gateway Shopping Center, Historic Downtown Third Street and Mall and the Seattle Premium Outlets and Quil Ceda Village. Those who occasionally crave the casino atmosphere need go no further, either. The community of Tulalip offers the best in 5-Star facilities and amenities with their Tulalip Casino, Hotel, Amphitheatre and more nearby. With our region surrounded by mountain ranges, rivers, lakes and bays, Marysville/Tulalip is an outdoor paradise as well. Hiking, climbing, kayaking, rafting, fishing and golf are all popular sporting pastimes for many of our residents and visitors. Our year-round mild, though occasionally rainy, climate makes being outdoors a pleasure virtually any time of any season. Those who wish to learn more about our area’s history can check out The Marysville Historical Society in Downtown Marysville, as well as the Norwesco Telephone Museum and Gehl House. In addition, the fabulous Tulalip Museum, opening in 2010, is sure to give all a beneficial education and enlightenment as well. An integral part of our two communities is our own Greater Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Center. The only Chamber of Commerce in the world that concurrently serves two sovereign nations, we provide so many things, including the finest in information and assistance to those who have need. Some are visitors and newcomers who come in for a map, information, directions, or other services. Others are residents looking for local newspapers, coupons or to utilize our renowned Business Card Wall. Still others are the myriad of businesses, individuals, media and political figures who utilize our Chamber regularly to help with issues that affect us in many ways, from taxes to our quality of life. In short, while our motto is "The Voice and Resource for Business", we are truly the "Voice and Resource for Everyone!" Come visit our Chamber, located in Quil Ceda Village at 8825 34th Avenue NE, Suite C, Tulalip WA 98271. Or drop us a line at or 360-659-7700. We look forward to meeting you and helping with your needs. At Your Service, Caldie Rogers President/CEO The Greater Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce


Volume 4 - No 1 • North Sound Living

north sound living vol 4 #1 the Skagit County area, and by 1997 had been voted “most livable small city in the United States” by a national demographics publication. Maintaining its small-town atmosphere along with a high standard of infrastructure has created great appeal to families looking to find the best of all possible worlds for their children. Sitting alongside Interstate 5 between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. in Canada, it’s an easy drive to all that those two major cities have to offer, while still surrounded by nature with the San Juan Islands nearby on beautiful Puget Sound, and the Cascades to the east. Mount Vernon’s history began when only two men came to the Skagit river to stake a claim for themselves. Logging nearby was soon facilitated by a channel widening the river, aiding travel and trade. In the 1880s, the community was named for George Washington’s Mount Vernon, and continued to grow, eventually leaving logging for farming, which is still a large part of the area’s industry. Mount Vernon today produces nearly half the beet and brussel sprouts seed in the world, and nearly all of the Chinese Kale, Chinese cabbage, and Chinese Mustard for the nation. But it’s the acres of tulips and other flowers produced each spring which visitors flock to see during the Skagit County Tulip Festival. In town, you’ll find historic buildings with early 20th century architecture, plenty of retail shopping, with room for retail growth and new business.


name stuck, but was eventually distorted to Sedro. Philip Woolley, who created the next town over, was more successful with naming rights when he purchased 84 acres north of Cedra six years later. The two sharply rival towns feuded economically, but finally merged in 1898 to serve the growing population of settlers that included more than 2,000 employees of a coal processing plant. Stuck on both names, a hyphenation was the result, and Sedro-Woolley came to be.

Whatcom County

The northernmost county in Washington contains 2,151 square miles that border on British Columbia to the north, Okanogan County to the east, Skagit County to the south and the Straight of Georgia to the west. Long before it was discovered by Europeans, Whatcom County was home to four major Northwest Coast Indian nations: the Lummi, Nooksack, Samish and Semiahmoo. The area was claimed by the Spanish in 1775 and subsequently by Russia, England and the United States. Bellingham Bay was named by Captain George Vancouver of the British Navy during his expedition into the waters of Puget Sound in 1792. Fur trappers and traders were the first non-Indian residents to settle the rugged territory, followed closely by the Hudson Bay Company. The trading company operated in the area from 1825 to 1846. In the early 1850’s, a tremendous amount of building took place in California after the San Francisco fire and lumber became scarce. Word of dense stands of Douglas fir brought Californians north to Bellingham Bay. The ambitious settlers found an impressive and strategically located waterfall, referred to by the Lummi Indians as What-Coom, meaning noisy, rumbling water. It was the perfect place to build a lumber mill and establish the region’s first permanent settlement. The area’s rapid settlement prompted territorial legislature to create the County of Whatcom in 1854, which then included all of present-day Skagit, Island and San Juan counties.

Known as the Gateway to the Cascades, Sedro-Woolley sits on the banks of the Skagit River along Highway 20 at the western edge of the majestic Cascade Mountains. Its historic downtown is a trip back in time with brick buildings fronted with comfortable wood benches beneath old-fashion light poles. Pictured on buildings throughout downtown are painted murals, many inspired by Darius Kinsey, a world famous photographer of western scenery, logging and railroads. Sedro-Woolley’s history is born of stubborn determination for a name, as well as prosperity. Founded in 1884 by Mortimer Cook, the town’s first postmaster, he discovered that the territory already had a Bellingham town named Cook, and eventually settled Located on Bellingham Bay with Mt. on Cedra, the Spanish word for cedar. That Baker as its backdrop, Bellingham is the North Sound Living • Volume 4 - No 1

last major city before the Washington coastline meets the Canadian border. Bellingham is 85 miles north of Seattle and an hour south of Vancouver, B.C. Transportation links connect the community to the nearby San Juan Islands and Victoria on Vancouver Island. Bellingham has an active waterfront port that supports fishing, boat building, shipping and marina operations, and its airport is due for expansion in 2008. Squalicum Harbor is the second largest in Puget Sound, with 1,900 pleasure and commercial boats moored. Passengers depart from Bellingham on ferries for whale watching cruises, tours to Victoria on Vancouver Island and cruises to the San Juan Islands. Bellingham is home to Western Washington University on Sehome Hill, where students can take in a sweeping view across the bay to the San Juan Islands. Visitors bound for Alaska depart on the Alaska Marine Highway System ferries from the Bellingham Cruise Terminal in the Historic Fairhaven District. There visitors can spend long afternoons in 1890s brick buildings full of frontier history, wander among shops offering hand-crafted prod-

UI%SJWF/&tMarysville, WA 98270

360-653-1717 Fax 306-659-4512 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Income Limit Restrictions Apply Must be 62 years of age or older or disabled.


north sound living vol 4 #1 ucts, and enjoy local restaurants that serve fresh seafood plus art galleries featuring Northwest artisans. The truth about Bellingham is that it holds the best of all possible worlds: many options in housing, culture and lifestyle while maintaining a firm sense of community; wonderfully close proximity to nature, outdoor recreation and fresh local produce and seafood; and a convenient jumping-off point for travel. Its growth rate has continued in recent years for all that is right about it.

Birch Bay

There are families from Washington State and Canada who have summered in Birch Bay for generations. Located on a shallow, crescent shaped bay, this beachside community offers a range of year-round recreation for families or couples looking for a get-away from the hustle and bustle of big towns, and 25% less rainfall than surrounding areas such as Bellingham. There are also plenty of perks and community for those interested in retirement here.


Their motto is “Where America Begins!” Located on the Canadian border, the friendly little maritime town of Blaine is virtually surrounded by water. Just 35 miles from Vancouver and home to the “Peace Arch” between the two countries, it provides an array of attractions and activities, including a yearly boating regatta and the number-one and number-three rated golf courses in Washington state;


Loomis Trail Golf Club and Semiahmoo Golf & Country Club. Blaine has grown 21 percent in population since 2000, the greatest increase in Whatcom County of all its cities. Beautifully framed by Mt. Baker to the east and Semiahmoo Bay and Georgia Strait to the west, it is the busiest border crossing point between B.C. and Washington. Blaine High School made Newsweek Magazine’s list of the top five percent of high schools in the country.

by the U.S. Department of Education. Rich in settler history, Pioneer Park in downtown Ferndale provides the perfect wooded setting to one of the finest collections of original pioneer log cabins in the Northwest. Situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, Ferndale has plenty of fishing, 12 outdoor parks, and lovely scenery. Events such the Annual Scottish Highland Games, Civil War Reenactments, and Harvest Festival bring the community together. The Lummi Indian nation also runs a beautiful resort Everson Incorporated on May 4, 1929, the and spa with casino for a little excitement hamlet of Everson sits at the foot of the along with your relaxation. Cascade Mountains and on the shores of the Nooksack River. The business commu- Lynden nity continues to cater to the farming and Ideally located between Mt. Baker and logging industries that employs the major- Puget Sound, this quiet community adds ity of its residents. City Park is adjacent to its own touch of Dutch heritage to the West Main Street, while the aptly named uniquely Western Washington experience. Riverside Park plays host to a variety The picturesque 72-foot high windmill of festive events throughout the year, featuring moving blades provides the highlighted by the summer and harvest backdrop for many pictures in downtown festivals. Lynden and is also the anchor for unique shops, an indoor canal and the community theatre. Ferndale The area surrounding is the town’s This quaint town is located just a dozen miles north of Bellingham on the banks of industry: its dairy, raspberry, strawberry, the Nooksack River. Ferndale was founded and blueberry farms are central to its in the mid-1800’s, having been renamed yearly festivals, as well as becoming a from “Jam” (due to the logjam in the river) national source of fresh organic produce. by a school teacher who admired ferns that The town was named by Phoebe Judson grew around the original school house. in honor of the poem Hohenlinden by T. Nowadays, Five of Ferndale’s schools have Campbell, but Judson changed the spellreceived National Awards of Excellence, ing, “so it would look prettier.” and Ferndale’s Native American education program has been recognized nationally

Volume 4 - No 1 • North Sound Living

Hardware Sales Family Owned Since 1962 Left to right: Lacey George, Brittney George, Rich George, LaDonna George, Alta McClellan, Jerry McClellan and Ty McClellan

When Max and Alta McClellan bought Powder Sales in Bellingham, Washington back in 1962 - a company that sold dynamite to loggers, miners and road builders - the expression “booming business” meant more to them than most folks. The store’s name changed in 1971 to Hardware Sales, after the business expanded and moved across the street. After Max’s death in 1997, Alta with her son Jerry, daughter LaDonna, and grandsons Rich and Ty, became the driving force behind Hardware Sales. And now with Lacey & Brittney on board, Hardware Sales boasts 4 generations currently working in the family business! Over the years Hardware Sales has worked hard to become one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier hardware suppliers. Whether it’s plumbing or electrical materials, automotive or garden supplies, house wares or hand trucks, hand or power tools, fasteners or fencing, padlocks or paint, cable or chain - we have them all, and much, much more! In addition to specializing in commercial and homeowner hardware, we have an Industrial Sales Division that caters to our corporate customers, a Rental Department which offers competitive rates on almost everything we sell, and an Office Furniture Division which carries the largest selection of used office furniture in the Pacific Northwest!

north sound living vol 4 #1 Smart ways to save mone on summer home improvement projects (ARA) - With summer in the air, you're just itching to get that home improvement project going. It's a great time to install a rain garden, improve storm-water runoff in your yard, redo your windows or siding, or even change the look of one of the rooms inside your house with new paint and furniture.

No matter what project you have on your summer to-do list, you're going to be shopping for supplies, and depending on how large your project is, the price can add up quickly. Here are some tips to get your home improvement projects going, while keeping a bit of extra cash in your pocket: » DIY - If you have any handy talents, you can save a lot of money by doing the project yourself, or by only contracting out part of the work where a professional might be required. If you aren't certain about installing a wood floor in your living room or are in need of landscaping ideas for around your back porch, head to your local library and check out several books on the topic for background knowledge.

only can you get discounts for free shipping, or reduced prices at more than 1,200 online stores, but you will also get a check back in the mail for a percentage of what you purchase online. » Look for contracting specials - If you do need to hire a contractor to help you with your project, look online to find specials being offered this summer. You can also find coupons for discounts in home improvement newspaper tabs or in the back of the phone book. Some of the more popular coupon topics include insulation, siding, windows and doors and roofing projects. » Stage your project over time - You might discover your project is too much to handle - both physically and financially - in one season. The best recommendation is to break it down into mini projects. For example, if you want to landscape the entire yard, consider concentrating first on a vegetable garden or a flower garden that outlines the house. One advantage to breaking down a huge project is it allows you to discover how much maintenance and upkeep work you need to do on a yearly basis. You may discover you want to revise later stages of the project and make them maintenance free.

this time of year, as homeowners want to get their families settled before the next school year begins. If you are thinking of selling your home in today's tough market, the experts recommend completing a few projects that will help your home look its best and stand out from the crowd. According to Lou Manfredini, Ace Hardware's home expert, these projects don't have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time. "There are four easy and inexpensive projects that I recommend every homeowner complete before they stick that 'for sale' sign in their front yard." Improve curb appeal Curb appeal is, quite simply, what prospective buyers first see when their car pulls up to your house. According to the National Association of Realtors, half of all buying decisions are based on curb appeal. "Your mother's advice holds true here - nothing is more important than a good first impression," says Manfredini. "Strong curb appeal will help set a positive tone for the rest of the house."

Walk out to your sidewalk and take a look at the front of your house, checking for anything that needs to be cared for. A good first step is to update your exterior hardware, including house numbers, which often become dirty and dated over time. Today there are several great options on the market that incorporate some color » Negotiate work agreements with As the summer gets started, fast forward and style, like Hy-Ko's Large Ceramic Tile your friends - Having more hands your imagination to this fall where you Address Plaques, which can be customon deck to help with the work will are enjoying that new room inside the ized to your home. make the job go much faster, but you house, or are sitting on your refinished don't have to hire the help. Offer your deck and admiring your backyard with its Another quick project is to replace your friends a trade - maybe you'll take fresh gardens. And you should feel a smile mailbox. Choose one with a more modern, them out for dinner. Or volunteer spreading across your face as you remem- sleek design such as the Postmaster Amboy your services on one of their home ber how much money you saved on your Mailbox in black, which looks great on any improvement projects. Just make house and is easy to install. This updated project. sure they understand the trade fi xture, although small, can do wonders before the work gets started so you Courtesy of ARAcontent for the overall curb appeal of your home. don't abuse your friendship. » Put cash back in your pocket when purchasing supplies - You can find Four simple projects to help great deals on supplies from leading sell your home fast home improvement retailers including Home Depot, Ace Hardware, (ARA) - You may have noticed an increase American Blind, Lumber Liquidain the number of "for sale" signs around tors and many more using online your neighborhood, and for good reason: coupons and discount codes through And at, not Studies show that home listings increase 26

Create a luscious lawn Green, lush lawns always receive a lot of attention. Help your lawn reach its full potential by providing it with the proper fertilizer and grass seed. "My best lawn care advice is to use Scott's Super Turf Builder with Summerguard," says Manfredini. "Beyond helping your lawn grow, this product absorbs water so you don't need to Volume 4 - No 1 • North Sound Living

north sound living vol 4 #1 water as often. As an added bonus, it also your home, visit or helps to controls pesky insects." stop by your neighborhood Ace Hardware store. Manfredini also recommends making sure that your lawn receives between one Courtesy of ARAcontent and one and a half inches of water per week, including rainfall. Groom your garden Nothing compliments a great lawn more than a well-manicured garden. After the cold winter months, gardens and flowerbeds can be left looking unruly. Prospective buyers are searching for outdoor spaces where they can enjoy spending time, so it's important that you tidy up these areas. An easy way to do this is by spreading new mulch. Traditional mulch is a great option, but if you are looking for something that will last, consider Rubberific Rubber Mulch, which will last for 10 years. "Homeowners should also trim and prune shrubs and trees to create a refined look," says Manfredini. "A 'jungle theme' makes your house look unkempt." This project is made simple with Black & Decker's easyto-use Electric Hedge Trimmer.

Creating an outdoor living room (ARA) - For leisurely entertaining this summer, take full advantage of the great outdoors and extend your living space by creating an outdoor room. Why not have an outdoor living room with comfortable seating for all or your friends, or a space where you could fire up the grill and dine out under the stars? Adding a level, low maintenance surface, like a patio, will give you not only the pleasure of living in your outdoor space, but of loving it too.

A great way to create this space is by installing pavers, bricks, or stone to create beautiful patios and paths. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, it can be as easy as installing a winding path to connect your home to your garden or creating a space for a cozy bench to watch the birds splashing in the bird bath.

Finally, give your garden a pop of color by planting inexpensive annuals, such as Pavers come in many different shapes, marigolds and snapdragons. sizes and colors, offering you ways to customize your ideas to match your house Spruce up with paint and landscaping. Once you have your patio or walkways installed, you can make Now that the exterior of your home is your backyard inviting and appealing all looking great, spend some time on your summer long. Here are a couple of fun, interior. "Interior painting is one of the easy tips: most inexpensive and simple projects that homeowners can do," says Manfredini. » Find sturdy, comfortable seating that "And, it makes a huge difference!" will withstand the elements for years to come. Try wrought iron, wood, or Choosing neutral paint colors over bold even resin (often made from postones won't distract prospective buyers and consumer bottle waste such as milk will help them visualize making the space containers) for low-maintenance their own. Equally important to the color options. These are readily available is the type of paint you select. Ace Paint in your local garden or specialty recently launched a new paint called Royal stores. Finest, which is the first paint to combine ultimate stain resistance and environmen» Seating is even more comfortable tal friendliness. Royal Finest is made with with the quick addition of colorful Scotchgard Protector from 3M, so stains cushions and throw pillows. Swap and scuffmarks wipe right off. It is also these out for a change of scenery and low-odor, low VOC and GREEN WISE store pillows in a clean, dry space certified, so you know it's eco-friendly. (like a garage or storage bench) when not in use to extend their lives. For more tips and advice on updating North Sound Living • Volume 4 - No 1

» Plant flowers, herbs, and vegetables in containers to add a pop of color to your outdoor living spaces. Keep these lush and lively all summer by planting seedlings in a good quality potting mix like Miracle-Gro Potting Mix with Moisture Control. » Keep unwanted grass and weeds from popping up between the pavers by using Ortho GroundClear. This weed control can be used early in the season between the pavers to kill the weeds you see popping up, and will keep new weeds from growing for up to one year. What a great way to spend less time working and more time enjoying your yard! » Use an edger to trim the grass around the walkways and the edge of your patio for a more finished appearance. » String some twinkle lights for a festive party atmosphere and use inexpensive, solar powered yard lights to illuminate your outdoor spaces. These usually require little or no installation; just stake in the ground along paths or in pots for added interest. With the addition of patios or paths and a trimmed, designer look in your backyard, you'll be able to enjoy spending time in your outdoor living space, and not have to worry about a lot of maintenance to keep it looking beautiful. Start living in the outdoors and loving it. Courtesy of ARAcontent


north sound living vol 4 #1

Education Tips on finding the right scholarship opportunities

that award more than $800,000 total in scholarships for those interested in pursuing a creative arts education.

- Qualifying for a scholarship but not bothering to apply for it makes about as much sense as walking away from money left on a table to fund your education.

There are countless specialized offerings, including those aimed at minorities in general, African-Americans and Hispanics in particular, faith-based listings, government sites, individual college, corporate, military, union, fraternal organization offerings, and untold numbers of others.


A simple Google search reveals the number of available scholarships. Granted, it takes patience and perseverance to plow through the exhaustive lists. And once you unearth a scholarship you qualify for, you are in for a barrage of paperwork. However, the task is not more onerous than fi lling out the paperwork necessary to obtain a student loan. The incentive of eliminating or reducing your tuition liability should propel you along when paperwork piles high. "Many scholarships go unclaimed," says Fred Hamilton, director of Student Financial Services at The Art Institute of New York City. "The initiative and persistence that will get you over the hurdle of paying for your tuition will serve you well as you go forth into the world of work. Future employers will likely take notice." The Art Institutes schools offer four scholarship competitions including The Best Teen Chef Competition, Passion for Fashion Competition, Art Institutes/Americans for the Arts Poster Design Competition and Storytellers Photography Competition 28

It's important to realize you don't need a 4.0 grade point average to land a scholarship. Here is an example of an opportunity you might not expect to find: Xerox offers a technical scholarship limited to minority students. If you qualify, it would be a financial break, plus a possible foot in the door on the way to a career with a well-known corporation. The first hurdle is locating a scholarship that's right for you. Take a personal inventory, including your ultimate career goals. Your high school guidance counselor will be aware of local and state offerings, but the richest source is the internet. There is no need to pay a fee to locate appropriate scholarships among the 13,500,000 listed on Google or any other site. For free help, go to and click on Parents. Other free sites include and (click on Scholarship Search). Go through the online listings in small gulps, then come back Volume 4 - No 1 • North Sound Living

north sound living vol 4 #1 later and resume where you left off. You will be encouraged when one or more listings leap off the page, seemingly created just for you. "Our goal is to make it possible for students to enroll in our school and get the benefits of a career-focused education," Hamilton says. "We can guide them to sources of funding, but if they come to us having researched and landed a scholarship, everyone's job is that much easier."

tips that help parents keep their kids active and engaged while the weather's warm. Here are a few ways to help you and your child make summer vacation fun and educational:

Start the summer off "write" - Kids who write well tend to read well and vice versa, which can be a powerful combination that gives them a big boost in school. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, exercises like writing, which requires reflection, To learn more about The Art Institutes are actually a big deal for little minds. By schools, visit teaching young children to remember and evaluate their experiences each day, you're Courtesy of ARAcontent developing their decision-making and problem-solving skills. An added bonus? You're helping them (and you!) identify some of the activities they love most.

into one-of-a kind bookmarks. To explore all the fun, educational summer activity ideas, visit and click on the 'Play + Learn' tab ? and be sure to check back each week for new tips. Source: Target

Boost Your Child's Brainpower this Summer

What to Do: Work with your children on various projects such as scrapbooking, (Family Features) When that last school bell writing a neighborhood newsletter, or rings, kids celebrate the end of classes and making a picture book. the beginning of a long, lazy summer. But for many kids, the end of the school year Get out, get active - We all know that also marks the beginning of summer brain sports and outdoor activities can help your drain - and it could do them more harm kids stay healthy and fit, but did you also know that they can boost brain power? than you think. Children's advocate Richard Louv says According to the National Summer Learn- that today's kids are suffering from NDD ing Association, all students experience - Nature Deficit Disorder - because they're learning losses when they don't engage in spending so much time indoors. Outdoor educational activities during the summer play stimulates kids' creativity. Plus, it's been shown to improve their stress levels, months. their confidence, and their learning and social skills. Âť Students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do at the beginning of the summer.

Âť Most students lose almost three months of grade-level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the summer months. Âť Low-income students also lose more than two months in reading achievement.

What to Do: Take a nature hike, grow a backyard garden or sign your children up for organized sports leagues or camp. Fun in the sun . . . with books - Kids who read throughout the summer perform better in school, no matter where, when or what they read. Studies also show that when kids read for fun (and especially when they read books that match their reading level and interests), they become better readers and are less likely to forget all the good stuff they learned during the school year. Kids who read frequently and have easy access to books also are more competent and resilient in risky situations.

So what's a parent or guardian to do to help kids avoid summer brain drain? As part of its ongoing commitment to education and to inspiring parents and caring adults to nurture a child's love of learning, Target is partnering with the renowned Search What to Do: Start the summer with a trip Institute to offer a summer-long series of to your local library; read outside by the light of the moon; or turn bits of nature North Sound Living • Volume 4 - No 1


Burlington Little School

Where Children are Nurtured to Become Lifelong Learners



Burlington Little School


360-757-8257 29

north sound living vol 4 #1

Medical/Senior Living Several national publications have pinpointed the Northwest corner of the US as one of the top locations for seniors who want to fully take advantage of retirement during their Golden Years. Skagit and Whatcom counties complement the spotlight with offerings that preserve an active lifestyle regardless of age. United General Hospital 2000 Hospital Drive Sedro-Woolley, WA 360-856-6021 United General Hospital has been a vital part of the community for more than 40 years, serving Public Hospital District 304, including Burlington, Sedro-Woolley, Bay View, Samish Island, Concrete, Marblemount, Clear Lake and portions of Mount Vernon. The staff at United General prides itself on providing personalized care in a quiet, healing environment. In addition to an excellent staff, the hospital embraces state-of-the-art technology to ensure quality and safety. From the new digital mammography and linear accelerator in the cancer care center, to the fully computerized sleep disorders center, and the wireless, voiceactivated communication systems, United General is bringing big city technology to its friendly, rural setting. Services at United General include comprehensive cancer care, an emergency department staffed with specially trained doctors and nurses; a diagnostic imaging center with everything from X-ray to MRI; a variety of surgical services; cardiac and 30

pulmonary rehabilitation; physical and occupational therapy; and the only certified diabetes education program in the area. The hospital also offers Wellness 360, a community education program that emphasizes all-around health. Classes provide information on nutrition, exercise, stress management and many other health-related topics, as well as screenings and risk assessments. United General hosts an annual woman’s health fair and other special events for the public. Inexpensive ways to lose weight and stay fit

Inexpensive ways to lose weight and stay fit

(ARA) - Trying to lose weight could cost you a lot of money - gym memberships, special diet foods, exercise equipment for your home or even hiring a personal trainer.

But there are ways you can lose weight without spending a lot of money. You will still need dedication, time and a willingness to make changes in your life to achieve your goal. Here are some inexpensive ways to lose weight and stay fit: » Start a neighborhood walking club. Invite neighbors who have dogs to come along. Or join a local pick-up game of dodgeball, basketball or racquetball. At the most, you'll need the equipment for the game. Set a weekly time for games and a daily time for the walks. Having other people involved will help encourage you to continue moving and exercising. Volume 4 - No 1 • North Sound Living

north sound living vol 4 #1

Skagit Hospice

rmServing Skagit, Island, San Juan and Snohomish Counties, provides a life-affi l, medica the with ing climate for individuals and their families, helping them illness. iting life-lim a social, emotional and spiritua l concerns that arise during or Hospice can help improve quality of life for any age, whether in your home or home, nursing facility, living assisted your family’s, an adult family home, live can client hospice the service, lized persona even a hospita l. With caring, every day of their remaining life to its fullest, in comfort and dignity. highest The Skagit Hospice Services Care Team is dedicated to achieving the g allowin times all at quality of life through the alleviation of pain and symptoms, uIndivid life. of months the person to maintain control and dignity in the final y care alized plans of care for each patient are carried out by a interdisciplinar training c specifi ongoing receive ees specially trained care team. Hospice employ and are experts in their respective discipline. Your Hospice Team would include: ed » Expert Pain and Symptom Management under the guidance of a register nurse and the patient’s physician. » Family Services Coordination for referrals to available community financial and legal resources along with support counseling as desired by trained Medica l Social Workers. » Skilled Persona l Care such as baths, skin care and nail care my Hospice Care Aides. » Spiritua l Services by chaplains trained to work with those experiencing grief and loss. » Support and Respite Care by specially trained volunteers. the » Grief Support Services throughout the termina l illness and following patient’s death. Hospice care is offered to adults, children, and infants living with life limiting Parkinconditions such as Cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, stroke, ALS, . debility and , disease liver or son’s, end-stage heart, lung, kidney, r, Anyone can request an information session with a Hospice Care Team membe counones, the person with the life-limiting condition, family, friends, loved r, call selors, clergy. If you would like to meet with a Hospice Team Membe more for website our Visit 1-800-894-5877 or email information

North Sound Living • Volume 4 - No 1


north sound living vol 4 #1 » Add healthy ingredients that benefit your body to your daily menu. For example, relaxing with a cup of natural tea can help you reduce body fat and increase your metabolism rate. Oolong tea contains rich amino acids and cellulose, which can help lower your cholesterol levels. Green tea leaves contain vitamins C and E and a good amount of fiber. If you prefer black tea, its benefits include help with digestion. » Drinking a cup of tea (without the sugar or cream calories added) after each meal will help you slowly dissolve fat in your body. Premium tea leaves give you the best quality and best taste. Teawan (www. has both quality tea and teaware products from Taiwan. You can choose tea bags or loose leaf options, depending on your preference. » Do your own home workout. Grab a full jug of laundry detergent and use it for some lifting. If you're looking for something lighter, fi ll a plastic bottle with water to use as a weight. Start dancing around your house and in no time you'll break a sweat. This is great for cardiovascular exercise, and enjoyable if you can crank up your favorite tunes. » Borrow a fitness video from the library and tone your body with the experts. Repeat the video several times and then switch it for a new one from the library. If you have cable or satellite television, tune into some of the fitness channels for different programs. You'll find styles ranging from yoga workouts to belly dancing to step aerobics. Set specific times each week to run through a 30-minute workout. » Clean the house. Pushing a vacuum at a rapid pace is good exercise. So is scrubbing floors or bathtubs. These activities also are good for toning muscles. Don't let money keep you from accomplishing your goal of losing weight and getting fit. If one exercise or activity gets boring, switch to another to keep your 32

workout fresh and to target different muscles. And organize a plan with a friend or family member so you can help keep each other on task to accomplishing both of your goals. Courtesy of ARAcontent

Post-Workout Protocol Experts Say Post-Workout Routines Are Critical for Summer Exercise (Family Features) As summertime workouts heat up, proper post-exercise cool-downs become even more important. Whether you are a weekend warrior playing in local summer leagues or a serious runner getting ready for fall marathon season, warmer weather activities increase sweat, break down muscles and deplete the body of electrolytes and other essential nutrients. While most people know what to do before and during a workout to keep their bodies fit during the warmer summer months, many fall short when it comes to following a proper post-exercise routine.

» Refuel Smart: After a tough workout, grab a nutrient-rich drink for maximum benefits. Henry shared, "It's essential to get protein back into your body to help rebuild and repair muscles. Ice-cold chocolate milk, such as protein fortified low-fat Rockin' Refuel from Shamrock Farms, tastes delicious and helps your body recover after exercise with 20 grams of protein and nine essential nutrients -- making it a great on-the-go choice after a game or workout." » Take A Breath: Take a few minutes to relax and reflect on what you have accomplished. Whether you are focused on fun, fitness or both, keeping an eye on and acknowledging where you have been and where you want to go can be a great motivator. Remembering simple tips can help maximize your summer workout. For more information on the healthy benefits of refueling with chocolate milk, please visit Source: Shamrock Farms

Fitness expert Lorrie Henry says, "What you do after your workout is just as important as a pre-workout routine, especially during the summer when people tend to be more active." Henry has shared some of her post-workout tips to help everyone have a fun and healthy summer season: » Cool It: Take the time to cool-down after an intense workout. Spend the last five to seven minutes of the workout on a lower speed or intensity to return your heart rate to normal, and consider walking the last two minutes on a treadmill. » Stretch Out: Avoid next day soreness and stretch your muscles immediately after exercise. Do the basic arm and leg stretches and move your joints by rotating your wrists, ankles and neck a few times. » Keep Track: Write down what you did during the workout (i.e. miles ran, fitness classes attended, etc.) to help keep you on target with your fitness goals. Volume 4 - No 1 • North Sound Living

north sound living vol 4 #1

Recreation Boredom is never an option if you live in Skagit or Whatcom County. Whether it’s wagering on the roll of the dice, or retracing the colorful path of the founders who carved this area from the wilderness, the opportunities for entertainment in Skagit and Whatcom counties can satisfy any need for diversion. Gambling Skagit Valley Casino Resort /%BSSL-BOFt#PX 360-724-7777, 877-275-2448 Operated by the Upper Skagit Tribe on land adjacent to I-5 at Bow, halfway between Everett and Bellingham, The Skagit is one of the region’s newest destination resorts. All the fun and excitement of a 28 million dollar Las Vegas-style casino in a friendly atmosphere, with concerts and events, more than 650 slot machines, table games and a generous player reward program.

Save money while loving and caring for your pet (ARA) - Pets are members of our families. They are our best friends and love us devotedly.

Pet care can be a major line item in the family budget, as food, medicine, grooming tools and toys aren't cheap. But there are ways to save money on pet supplies while keeping your pet North Sound Living • Volume 4 - No 1

healthy, happy and looking good. Âť Check the mailbox for fliers, inserts and community newspaper ads from pet stores in your vicinity. You may score a discount on food, treats or grooming from a neighborhood merchant or a national chain. Âť Look in the back of your local area phone book for coupons, which are typically valid for a long period of time. If you check the phone book when it first arrives at your house, you may have an entire year to redeem some of the discounts. Âť Contact the companies that manufacturer your favorite pet brands and sign up for their mailing list. Be sure to include your e-mail address. That way, you'll be able to receive coupon codes to use online as well as coupons for preferred products to bring to your local brick and mortar store. Âť Keep up with preventive maintenance, and shop online for prescription pet medicines through Most online pet pharmacies offer free shipping, and you can save even more with pet prescription coupons that are valid for heartworm medications, flea and tick preventatives, and more. Âť Use the power of the Internet to save on most pet items. 33

north sound living vol 4 #1 The exception to the rule is pet food, which is often too costly to ship because of weight. Shopping online allows you to browse different stores, comparing the quality and prices for all of your pet supplies, like a bed for your dog, a tank for your fish, toys for your cat or a kissing mirror for your bird - just to name a few. When you use to find coupon codes for pet products, you can save money on the purchase, or get free shipping. Âť Buy food in bulk at the discount stores. Yes, you will have to find an appropriate storage space, but the cost per ounce will be much cheaper, and you'll also save by not making as many trips to the store. Âť Take care of your pet's grooming at home whenever possible. If that won't work for your family, consider asking your groomer if there is a customer loyalty program for discounts on services or treatments. Âť Make sure your pet gets the appropriate amount of exercise, which contributes to overall well-being and cuts down on potential vet bills. Happy pets make happy pet owners, and you can be even happier by combining pet care and cost-reducing strategies.

Like a small and constant drip, the thought just won’t go away. It’s always there- lingering, probing, insisting. You push it away. You’re so busy. There isn’t time. It just isn’t realistic. And then you give in- just for a moment, you picture yourself sailing. You imagine the feel of the wheel in your hands, the sound of the boat slicing quietly and beautifully through the water, and you can actually smell the saltwater‌.ahh, saltwater- the smell that is akin to purification of the soul. The great Pacific Northwest, home to the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands archipelago, beckons you. The time has come to learn how to sail! There are several options for learning to sail, taking into account time, money, and learning preferences. Many of the dozen or so Pacific Northwest sailing schools from Bellingham, Washington (north) to Seattle (south) offer weeklong live-aboard courses. For an entire week, you’ll be immersed in a wealth of information about boats and their systems, charts, rules of seamanship, and cruise planning. Best of all, you will learn how to harness the power of the wind with a beautiful cruising sailboat. The live-aboard courses give you ample “helm timeâ€? to practice new found skills, so you truly understand both the theory and application. Days are spent sailing with an instructor and a few other students. During the evenings you’ll have the opportunity to explore many of the beautiful islands, quaint ports and marina resorts. One of the greatest advantages of the weeklong course is that you can learn the steps of sailing from beginning to becoming a “bareboat certified skipperâ€? while enjoying a fabulous vacation out in the islands. If you’re short on time, weekend courses are offered by all the schools in the area. These classes can take you through the steps of sailing in three weekends. Some schools have the option for you to take the weekend courses as you are able, so you don’t need to commit to three weekends in a row. Continued next page

Courtesy of ARAcontent




+6>5;6>5 :,+96>663,@ 34

817 Metcalf Street, Sedro Woolley, Wa 98284

 -H_ Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:00-6:00

*36;/05.;/,>69205. 6<;+669:7,9:65-69 @,(9: Volume 4 - No 1 â&#x20AC;˘ North Sound Living

north sound living vol 4 #1 Learning style is another consideration. I have often heard women remark that they just can’t learn to sail from their husbands/boyfriends, etc. It isn’t surprising given that men and women often have different learning styles. Sailing instructors have taken note, and there are now some all-women courses available, taught by female instructors. Of course, there are the traditional male/female courses for singles or couples, or a mix. For those who prefer more individualized instruction, private lessons are a viable, albeit more expensive, way to learn. When choosing the course and school that is best for you, there are several questions you should ask. First, it is important to find out if the school offers certification through a legitimate institution such as the American Sailing Association or U.S. Sailing. This will ensure that the course material covers everything you need to know to have fun and sail safely. (A “certification” from ASA or US Sailing is often a requirement to charter a boat.) Second, smaller class sizes, ideally no more than four students plus your instructor, will give you more time at the helm and more opportunity to practice your skills. Third, inquire if it’s a live-aboard course, including whether the boat will return to the same harbor each night. You’ll benefit by a variety of different ports and coves each night to learn the critical skills of docking, anchoring and picking up mooring buoys. You can learn to sail! The prize? Besides turning off that annoying drip in the back of your mind, you will have the knowledge and skills to charter a live-aboard sailboat to cruise majestic waters and vacation in the islands of the Pacific Northwest, and beyond. In the wise words of Mark Twain, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” By Kathryn Ritter Ms. Ritter grew up in the Northwest and learned to sail in the San Juan Islands. She is married to a sailor and loves all things wind, water, and fiberglass.


SAILING SCHOOL Weeklong, Liveaboard Learn-N-Cruise !"#$%&'()"#'*++,'+-./)#$%&'01+'2.+3043"/4#'54%'6"4%'72/4%829'()":// 3);./+0+'<;+#$34%'54$/$%&'<22)3$40$)%:2'=42$3'54$/$%&'01#)"&1' =4#+>)40'?14#0+#'?+#0$@$340$)%A'B<2,'@)#'()"#'!"#$%&'"()*&+,-,).'CDEE'F@@AG


?H<IJKI' CD&7892@$,")36&139%$4& 5#"<&ED&F&CG&522$&

/0&123#4&"5&'3,6,).&7892662)92 :2&92#$,5;&<"#2&=3#2>"3$&'?,@@2#4&$%3)&3);&"$%2#&49%""6&,)&$%2&!"#$%A24$B


w w w .s a n j u a n s a i l i n g .c o m North Sound Living • Volume 4 - No 1


north sound living vol 4 #1 This issues advertisers Albert’s Red Apple .......................................................................................14 Anacortes Museum .................................................................................... 12 Annie’s Pizza ................................................................................................14 Book Shelf, The ............................................................................................ 20 Burlington Chamber of Commerce ......................................................... 16 Burlington Little School............................................................................. 29 Cascade True Value .....................................................................................14 Comcast ...........................................................................Inside Front Cover Darrow’s Carpet Plus ................................................................................. 18 Favorite Pastimes ........................................................................................ 21 Flowers by George Inc. ............................................................................... 20 Follman Agency, LLC................................................................................. 16 Hardware Sales ........................................................................................... 25 Madison’s Jewelry ....................................................................................... 18 Merrill, Rick .................................................................................................. 9 Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce ................................................... 13 North Cascade Cardiology ........................................................................ 36 Oliver Hammer ........................................................................................... 34 Rick Merrill ................................................................................................... 9 San Juan Sailing .......................................................................................... 35 School Box, The ........................................................................................... 21 Silvana Meats, Inc. ...................................................................................... 19 Silvana Mercantile Co. ............................................................................... 19 Skagit Hospice ..............................................................................................31 Skagit State Bank ............................................................. Inside Back Cover Skagit Valley Casino ....................................................................Back Cover Spa & Salon at Medallion ........................................................................... 20 Spa Violet Ray ............................................................................................. 19 Technology One .......................................................................................... 20 The Bridge Assisted Living ........................................................................ 37 The Book Shelf............................................................................................. 20 The School Box ............................................................................................ 21 Tony L Hewlett, DDS .................................................................................. 18 Tulalip Chevron ............................................................................................ 4 Tulalip Smoke Shop ...................................................................................... 4 United General Hospital .............................................................................. 3 Warren Jewelers ............................................................................................ 8 Willow & Jim’s Country Café .................................................................... 19 Windsor Square Apartments .................................................................... 23


Volume 4 - No 1 • North Sound Living



ALL YOU CAN EAT! Blue Ă&#x2013;yster Cult

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Country Night with Buckaroo Blues Band

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Dean, Frank & Sammy Vegas Rat Pack Live

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Craig Morgan

Friday, August 13 at 7 & 9:30 pm Reserved Tickets: $25 $22 with Rewards Card Buy Show Tickets Service Charge Free at the Casino Cashier Cage

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Casino opens at 9 am daily. Must be 21 or older with valid ID to enter casino, buffet or attend shows. *Management reserves all rights. Rewards discounts cannot be combined with any other offer. Tax and gratuity not included.


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