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In Honor of Our Veterans



November 2019


Saturday, November 9, 2019

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On Veterans Day, put out your flags, cheer the marchers at parades, and go to tributes. But when you wake up the next day, Nov. 12, remember that it’s still Veterans Day for our veterans — and it will be every day of their lives. — Gen. Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.)


The Daily World

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Leonard Airhart Jan. 27, 1924 — Oct. 13, 2012 Len graduated from Aberdeen High. School, lived in Aberdeen and raised four children there. He was active in the community and the Aberdeen Museum from its inception to his death. “I went in the Navy on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 1942. I was given 3rd Class Aviation Mechanics Mate. I was sent to Clinton, Oklahoma where I was put into the hydraulics shop for Fleet Air Wing II. At that time it was one of the top-secret Navy air bases. We had mother ships and the first drones. The drones were made of plywood. When they took off they dropped their landing gear and they weren’t to be brought back. It was tried as our answer to the Kamikaze Japanese. They would carry a torpedo underneath, and a 500-pound bomb where the pilot would normally sit. Mother ships — PV2’s, which were a Vega Ventura bomber. Very little wing, and one hell of a lot of motors. They had two big radial motors on them. When we came in to land, we came in at 5,000 feet. When the end of the runway disappeared from the nose, the pilot just cut the throttle. We just settled right down, because it would not glide without the motors running. I didn’t appreciate flying in them.

Charles Aubert U.S. Navy 1967-1971 Vietnam

David Aubert

U.S. Navy 1991-1995 Desert Storm

Kenneth B. Anderson U.S. Navy 1967-1969, Vietnam



“We had to train to set up our radio hydraulics gear which controlled our drones. You laid on the floor and watched all of the little instruments, and you adjusted them so that the plane would fly level. The adjustments were a bunch of about 25 tiny turnbuckles. It turned out that we had the first TV units. In the nose of each of the drones we had a camera, and in the mother ship we had a receiver, which showed the picture so we could see what was going on in front of each of the drones, but only one at a time. One mother ship could take care of six drones.”

Donald William Davidson Jan. 14, 1924 – May 15, 2010

Cmdr George Aubert U.S. Navy 1940s WWII

Don was born in Aberdeen and graduated from Weatherwax High School and Grays Harbor Community College.

PFC Donald L. Barton

U.S. Marina Corps, Second Battalion Platoon 268

“In February of 1943 I took a bus from Montesano to Fort Lewis. On Feb. 12, 1943 I was at Ft. Lewis, Washington entering the U. S. Army Air Corps.” After seven transfers he was trained as a Radio Technician. Then five more transfers and off to Natal, Brazil, then finally Ascension Island. George R. Augir

U.S. Army 96 Inf. 1944-1946, Philippines, Okinawa

2208 Roosevelt Aberdeen (360)532-0220

Michael Barkstrom

U.S. Army Special Forces Vietnam 1967-1970



Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Daily World



Joseph C. Black

U.S. Air Force 1942-1946, Germany

Herbert Beck

Loyal Blumberg Jr. U.S. Marine Corps Japan 1944-1946

U.S. Marine Corps Reserves USA 1959-1965

Front: Ulric Branshaw, U.S. Navy, WWI, WWII, Navy Reserve Left: Richard Branshaw, U.S. Navy, After high school in 1946 Right: Robert Branshaw, U.S. Navy near end of WWII and in Korea

Arica J. Brumbaugh

Harold Burnett

U.S. Army 1951-1954 Korea

U.S. Navy 2001-2005 NYC 9/11/01, USA

Richard Blumberg

U.S. Air Force 1967-1989

Our work is not about houses...’s about people.

Honoring all those who served Everyday is Veterans Day at Grays Harbor Transit Windermere Real Estate

101 South Broadway • Aberdeen • 360-533-6464 837 Point Brown Ave NW • Ocean Shores • 360-289-3373

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David F Brown

PFC Frank E. Burns

Albert Chicano

Robert Clark

U.S. Navy, 1966-1970, USS Sacramento AOE1

U.S. Army Europe 1941-1945

U.S. Army 1944-1946, Okinawa

U.S. Air Force 1962-1966

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Ray Burns

Carl E. Carlson

U.S. Air Force 1965-1969, Vietnam

U.S. Army 1944-1946, Philippines

Michael Cundari

Ralph J. Dale

Pharmacist Mate 2nd class U.S. Navy USS Lenowee 1944-1945 Iwo Jima, Okinawa, South Pacific, Marina Isl.

U.S. Navy 1943-1946, South Pacific

THANK YOU VETERANS! Today… and every day… Rognlin’s, Inc. is grateful for our military service personnel past and present and the families who support them.

Wayne Rognlin U.S. Army



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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Linda and I met in San Diego while we were both serving in personnel assignments on different naval stations, almost 50 years ago. We were introduced by a mutual friend and got married nine months later, just after Linda was discharged. I was so used to her being able to get on base, I forgot to put her name on the wedding guest list at North Island Naval Air Station. The Marine at the gate almost didn’t let her on the base on the day of the wedding. It all worked out, and it still is! Walt Ebel Ocean Shores

USN Corpsman Wargame Exercise


The second night we had a medical emergency.

As a Navy Corpsman, HM1 I was selected to go with a Marine air squadron as their corpsman, on temporary duty. Once we got to Denmark on a NATO war game exercise, I came under the command of a totally irresponsible and unreliable senior medical officer (reservist). He told us he was there to party and have a good time, not to bother him unless it was a major medical problem. He told the other corpsmen to also have a good time. He then left leaving some numbers where he might be reached.

A British aircrew member had chest pain while on a helicopter. He was brought to medical where I triaged him and treated him for heartburn. His symptoms resolved but we kept him overnight to monitor his condition. We could not locate our medical officer. The next morning the colonel in charge, came to see how the patient was doing. “Where was and where is your Medical Officer.” He indicated that he knew all that had gone on the night

The colonel said he would go get him, for me to continue sick call. About an hour later the MD came in and told me he was fired and was going to an aircraft carrier off the coast. The other Corpsmen, especially the senior HM1 who was in charge also received reprimands. We then got a new top-notch surgeon from Chicago who took over and ran a tight ship! He put me in charge over more senior people and told me to get things organized and run a tight

medical unit. We had some very challenging medical experiences while we were there, even saving the life of one our Marines! When I left there, I received a very complimentary letter of commendation from him. Serving our Marines was truly inspiring! Louie Figueroa USN 197-1983 in the United States

H A P P Y V E T E R A N S DAY T O A L L M I L I TA RY B R A N C H E S . At home or abroad

cit y of

ABERDEEN washing ton Thank You Veterans For Your Service

before. I offered to go get him. He and the rest of the reserve corpsman who took his lead, were still sleeping in the room next to us at 10 a.m.


We really care about what you’re going through, and we show it with personalized, thoughtful service. Above: CWO 3 USA RET Tommy Poplin and Petty Officer E-4 Coast Guard Andrew Poplin.

POPLIN CONSTRUCTION, INC Aberdeen City Hall 200 E. Market 360-533-4100

Build a better future. Supporting North Beach Schools!

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Licensed Funeral Directors & Licensed Embalmers

Honoring Our Veterans

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421 State St. • Aberdeen


Grays Harbor, LLC

Prop. Management • 360-533-1906

Art Sartwell & Tara Wentworth U.S. Air Force

The Daily World Alexander Ghilarducci left high school at the age of 17 to join the U.S. Navy in 1944 to serve his country during World War II. After training he was assigned to the USS Piedmont as a machinist. Alex completed Navy Diving School in Pearl Harbor in 1946 and earned the rank of Third Class Petty Officer before his discharge in 1948. He then returned to high school at J.M. Weatherwax in Aberdeen, graduating in June 1948. He then joined Harbor Plywood in Hoquiam until he was called back to service for the Korean Conflict. He was assigned to the USS Essex at Bremerton Naval Ship Yard and became a shipfitter. He served four years and four months and was discharged in 1955. He returned to the Harbor and worked at Evans Plywood for several years, but then became a logger until retirement in 1989. He was a volunteer fireman in Central Park for years, a life member of the Aberdeen Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post No. 224. He was a longtime member of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Aberdeen. He had three children: Janice, Michael and Jeri. He was married to Charleen (McConnell) for 56 years, until she passed in 2005. He died in 2015.

Lt. Col. Donald E. Howell entered the Army in 1950 serving in Korea and Japan during the Korean War. He was honorably discharged from the Army and continued to serve in the Army Reserves then Washington National Guard. Lt. Colonel Howell retired from the Washington National Guard in 1987.

My brother, Llewellyn (Louie) Larson, was born to Charles and Irene Larson on Aug. 28, 1923, in Fargo, North Dakota. In 1929, Louie’s dad hopped freights to Hoquiam to work at Polson’s railroad camp. After he had enough money, he sent for his wife and four kids: Louie, 6, Verna, 5, Phyllis, 2½, and Ellsworth “Oddie,” 1 ½. In Hoquiam High School he lettered in baseball, football and wrestling. During sports seasons he hitchhiked 15 miles, rain or shine. After graduating in 1941 Louie joined the Navy. He was home from boot camp on his 18th birthday and that was the last time we saw him. Louie joined mates on the USS Neosho, an oil tanker. In the battle of the Coral Sea the ship was refueling the aircraft carrier USS Lexington when the enemy struck, May 8-10, sinking the Neosho, the Lexington and the aircraft escort USS Sims that lost most of its crew. Later Louie’s father and mother received the government letter, “We regret to inform you your son is missing in action … “ We all still love you, miss you. and as we used to say all the time as kids “bet you two bits.” You were a great kid, wellliked by all. Phyllis Piercey (Louie’s sister) Hoquiam High School, Class of 1944 Lacey

William R. Dalrymple

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Randy Dutton

U.S. Marine Corps 1965-1967 Vietnam (Killed in Action)

CDR, SC USNR - Retired. U.S. Navy U.S.A. August 1978 to July 2003

Lowell W. Eaton

Linda & Walt Ebel

Martin I. Ekman

Harvey A. Engler

Jim Evans

Louie Figueroa

U.S. Army, 1943 - 1945, Island of Leyte, Philippines

U.S. Navy 1964-1968, Vietnam

U.S. Navy, 1967-1971

U.S. Army 1966-1969 Germany



Cpt. Stephen Eickhoff

U.S. Marines 1998-2002, USA, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar

U.S. Marine Corps 1950-1952 Korea

U.S. Navy 1972-1983, USA



405 W. Heron St. • Aberdeen 1-360-539-0090

Zac Tornquist Army National Guard Veteran



The Daily World

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Robert E. Fisher

Bob Ford

Howard Ford

Jeff Ford

U.S. Navy 1941-1945, USA

U.S. Navy 1964-1967 USA, Newfoundland

U.S. Navy 1941-1945, USA Ship in the Pacific

U.S. Army 2002-2015 Kuwait, Afghanistan

Keith R. Gerhardt

Rick Germeaux

Alex Ghilarducci

John C. Gustafson

U.S. Army 1942-1945, Pacific Theater

U.S. Navy 1974-1976 Beirut, Lebanon

U.S. Navy 1944-1948 WWII, 1951-1955 Korean Conflict.

U.S. Army 1966-1970 USA, Vietnam


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The Daily World Arnold Eugene Lowe entered the Navy on Aug. 20, 1943. His training at Farragut, Idaho began in Oct. 1943. After finishing his training at Farragut he was sent to San Diego, California for a short R & R. He then shipped out on an oil tanker to the Aiea Naval Base located on the island of Oahu. While there he was assigned to a company called FRUPAC (Fleet Radio Unit Pacific). In his own words “I was an IMB operator in the Navy. I typed up Japanese decode books that the language officers put together. I was a Specialist 1 third class petty officer.” He remained at Aiea Naval Base for the duration of the war. He came home Jan. 1946 and later was honorably discharged May 3, 1946. On June 24, 2019 my dad celebrated his 95th birthday. He still lives at his home and has great stories of his Navy career. Janyce Taylor

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Alice Lenore Malinowski was born on March 23,1918 in Rock Springs, Montana, where she graduated from high school in 1936, and went on to nurse’s training She received her degree in 1941, and enlisted shortly thereafter in the Army. She was stationed in San Francisco, California, and Fort Lewis before shipping overseas to England. She served as a lieutenant in the 103rd Evacuation Hospital in Europe. Her unit arrived at Omaha Beach in Normandy a few days after D-Day, and followed the troops up the cliffs to set up their canvas field hospital. They moved through France, Belgium and Germany from July 1944 to April 1945.

Dallas D. Greer

Alexander Hall

U.S. Navy Sea Bees 1973-1993 Puerto Rico, Spain, Guam, Okinawa, U.S.A.

U.S. Marines, Corporal 1942-1944

Lt. Col. Donald E. Howell

Max Hudson

After VE Day in 1945 she left the Army and moved to Aberdeen. Nov. 14,1953 she married Edward Malinowski. Alice belonged to American Legion Post 5. This is a letter submitted by Charles Richard McClain of Montesano from his mother Rosie to his father Charles Delbert (Del) McClain. The letter was included in the book “Since You Were Away: World War II letters from American Women on the home front” by Judith Barrett Litoff and David C. Smith published in 1991. Snoqualmie Falls Aug. 14, 1945 My Darling, The whole world is full of joy and expressing it in some way or another this evening. I know it’s the ending of great suffering and pain of war. Darling, I can’t celebrate remembering the one I know can’t come back (yet). Maybe it will be all washed away when you are home again. Anyway, we can start counting our 180 days backwards and know before the end of that time, God willing, we will be together again. For all our lives, we can be together again. Today I cried and thanked God for the end of this war and I shall continue to pray this shall be the end of war for all time. That our children will learn kindness, patience, honesty and the depth of love and trust we have learned, from all of this, with out the tragedy of war. That they shall never know hate, selfishness and death from such as this has been. I don’t suppose I will be able to mail this letter for two days as everything is closed and people are going mad, but then, why not … All my love and kisses, Your wife and sweetheart, Rosie

U.S. Army 1950-1952 Korea & Japan

U.S. Army 1965-1967 Vietnam

Robert Inglin

Alfred Izatt

U.S. Navy 1944 -1946

U.S. Navy 1944-1945, South Pacific, Okinawa

James Tyler Jackson (left)

Dion D. Johnson

U.S. Army 1987-2008 Iraq

STUFF A STOCKING FOR A LOCAL HERO From now through December 1st, stop in and pick up a free Christmas stocking to decorate and stuff with Christmas cheer. Return the stocking, and we will send or deliver it to a a local hero.

U.S. Air Force 1988-1992



Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Daily World

The Daily World

Saturday, November 9, 2019




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Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Daily World

Shawna L. Johnson

Wesley D. Johnson

Marvin Kennedy

Llewellyn Larson

Lt. Col. Anthony S. Laier

Spec. 4 Charles J. Laier

Jonathon Lock

Patrick Lock

U.S. Navy 2002-2006 Afghanistan & Iraq

U.S. Army 1967-1969, Vietnam

U.S. Army 1989 - Present, Iraq

U.S. Army 1962-1965 USMA, Westpoint New York

Shawn Lock

Arnold E. Lowe

U.S. Marine Corps 2013-2017 Japan, USA

U.S. Navy 1943-1946, WWII, Island of Oahu

Huey Malone

William McClelland

U.S. Navy, 1957-1960 USA, Moffet Field & Ream Field


U.S. Air Force 1965-1969, Korea

U.S. Army 1940-1945 Europe

U.S. Navy 1941-1942, Coral Sea

U.S. Marine Corps 2010-2014, USA

U.S. Navy 1988-1992 Gulf War, Desert Storm/Shield

Sgt. Timothy A. Lytle

Dick De Maris

U.S. Army Company B 81st Brigade 1991-2010, Iraq.

U.S. Navy 1965-1967 Hong Kong

Ron Merila

Charles D. McClain

U.S. Navy, USS Savage, DER-386 1966-68 Vietnam

U.S. Navy, 1943-1945, PC588, Solomon Islands, Bougainville

The Daily World Pride, honor and privilege, to me describe what is to serve my country as it has been with my families beginning with the Revolution War in which my great-great-greatgreat-grandfathers Capt. Robert McClain, NC militia and Tidence Lane, TN Vol. served. Then skipping a few wars, which a few family members served when I was a young kid, I visited my grand-uncle William H. Lierle who served in the Spanish American war, A Co. 2nd Nebraska Vol. Inf. And I never thought to ask him about the war. Now onto WW2 with my Dad, Charles D. McClain USN on PC588 serving in the Solomon Islands, Caledonia and Espiritu Santo. The ship was on its way to Iwo Jima when the ship blew an engine and had to go back to Caledonia for repairs and that is where Dad was at the end of the war. He felt very honored to have served although you would not know it by what he said about his time in the Navy — “I was the most even tempered person in the Navy, pissed off all the time.” Then there is my father-in-law George R. Aurgir and cousin Frank Burns. If you watched the movie “Hacksaw Ridge” you watched the story about them. George was in the Co. B 96 Inf. Div and Frank was with the 77 Inf. I had three cousins in Korea — one in the Army and two in the Navy. I was off Quemoy, Matsu in Formosa Straits 1959 and Vietnam 1961 aboard the CVA Lexington. The last of the family to serve is my nephew Carlos Santini with the 3rd in Iraq. Over 230 years of family honor, family pride, serving the U.S.A. people.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

We Honor Veterans Today & Every Day Thank You For Your Service

Thank you to James Holden

Charles Richard McClain Montesano

(father of estimator Jimmy)

Charles R. McClain

YNSN U.S.N.R. 1957-1963 Lexington CVA16. Japan, Philippines, Vietnam

Cap. John D. Mustard

National Guard 1955-1961; U.S. Army 1962-1967, USA, Vietnam

Donald H. Mustard U.S. Air Force 1950-1954, Korean War

Corporal James E. Mustard U.S. Army 1943-1945, Philippines, KIA

for your service to our country. James Holden Air Force

Serving the Pacific Northwest since 1959!



For your service, discount to all current and former military. CWO4 Robert E. Mustard U.S. Army, 1943-1945 U.S. Coast Guard, 1958-1975

2nd Lt. Stanley P. Mustard

U.S. Army Air Service, Pursuit pilot, 1917-1918

*with proof of service



Saturday, November 9, 2019

Young men were sent to war in the 1960s, not by choice, but because of duty. I remember arriving on southern station in the spring of 1966. Water was like glass, land so flat you couldn’t tell where it met the sea. Then suddenly the sky erupted into smoke and dust as far as the eye could see. I had never experienced anything like the effect of a B-52 bomb drop. We were at war. I remember the long 30-day patrols, the three-section watches, getting three to five hours of sleep each night through

The Daily World

the duration, refueling and replenishment at sea, a near collision during one of those operations, going into shore for gunfire support, watching the tracers and explosions at night, going on 24-hour Swift boat patrol, being part of the whale boat boarding party, checking Vietnamese identifications and their fishing boats for contraband. I remember the look in their eyes, and I never thought they felt we were their saviors. We went into the ports of An Thoi, Qui Nhon and Da Nang for briefings. Then there was the time one of the enginemen came topside and told

the aft lookout to watch as he dived over the starboard side into the Formosa Straits. The lookout, with his sound powered phone, told the bridge; the Officer of the Deck ordered “hard right rudder” cut the engines and we picked him up. Our patrol was shortened as we took him to Chi Lung, Taiwan where Navy personnel took him for evaluation. These and many other memories were suppressed and seldom mentioned for the next 30 years. Upon returning home in 1968 this country was becoming polarized by that war. I returned to school the following year, just in time to be present when protesters stormed through the UW campus buildings and then marched onto

the Seattle freeway. Other images during that time became etched into our minds such as the summary execution of a Viet Cong, a burnt young girl running from a napalm bomb explosion, another young lady in despair kneeling over a fallen friend at Kent State University and that final image of people boarding the helicopter to escape Vietnam. We fought a war we didn’t understand and were ill trained to fight, a war that eventually lost public support in this country. I also think we never had the support of people we thought we were there to help.

interviewed participants on both sides of the conflict. The book they wrote was entitled “The Tunnels of Cu Chi: A Harrowing Account of America’s Tunnel Rats in the Underground Battlefields of Vietnam.” For those who would choose to read it, their perspective of the war would be forever changed. The other great piece of information is the PBS 10-part series entitled “The Vietnam War.” Ron Merila, SM3

He did his duty and was very proud to have had President Kennedy as his Commander in Chief. Steve Perry Elma

USS Savage DER-386 1966-68

Two British journalists visited Vietnam in 1985 and

Robert Henry Davidson Feb. 2, 1922 – May 5, 1984

111 Commerce Street, Aberdeen, WA 98520 Phone: 360-533-5957

With Respect, Honor and Gratitude. Thank you Veterans for your service.

My dad, Jerry Perry, served in the 8th Division as a LRRP grant and said he walked from one end of Germany to the other and had many stories to tell us kids — especially about all the wild pigs he encountered along the way.

Bob was born in Aberdeen and graduated from Weatherwax in 1940.


Jerry Perry

U.S. Army 1961-1964, Germany, 8th Division

U.S. NAVY VIETNAM 1968-1970

He attended Santa Clara University, the University of Kentucky and graduated from Washington State University with a degree in civil engineering. He was drafted in 1943 into WWII and served in the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. He was in Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s engineering headquarters in the Philippines and Japan. He was awarded a bronze star.

Amy Ramey

U.S. Air Force 1999-2019 Bosnia, Afghanistan, Germany

Major Michael Raykowski

U.S. Air Force, 1995-Present, Japan, Korea, Qatar, U.S. Guam, Iraq, Afghanistan

FURNITURE 2 GO 102 W Wishkah St, Aberdeen, WA 98520 (360) 533-2878 Hours: Mon - Sat 10-5:30

IN HONOR OF OUR MILITARY, MILITARY/VETERANS NEVER PAY SALES TAX *must have military id or proof of service

He was later the mayor of La Grande, Oregon.

The Daily World In 1959, when I was 6 years old, my father, Marvin T. Pegg, retired from active duty after 20 years in the Navy, retiring as a Chief Aerographer Mate (weatherman). One of my favorite stories my Dad told was being aboard the carrier, USS Bonhomme Richard, and he had released a forecast of 70-knot winds across the deck, which meant moving a lot of equipment and planes. His XO asked him what he based that forecast on and my Dad explained his reasoning. The XO told him he couldn’t base the forecast on what

Dad told him and told Dad to change the forecast. Dad said he would but that the XO would have to sign it. Sure enough, they got into a severe storm and lost several plans overboard. The XO never questioned him again. My Dad passed away in 2007 at the age of 88. Thirty-five years after my Dad retired, I retired as an LCDR in the Navy Dental Corp, with 20 years of combined service in the Air Force, Oregon Air National Guard and the Navy Reserves. I began my military service in 1974, enlisting in the U.S. Air Force and

trained as both a sheet metal specialist and air conditioning specialist. After 12 years of enlisted duty (Active Air Force and Oregon Air National Guard), I accepted a commission in the Navy Reserve and served my last 8 years based out of Naval Reserve Station Seattle. I consider my decision to serve and to retire as one of the best I have ever made. I would certainly do it again. Duane W Pegg Grayland

Saturday, November 9, 2019

At 18 years of age, after high school graduation, I joined the U.S. Navy and served from April 1962 through June 1966. The service helps you grow up and become a responsible adult. In addition you learn how to take orders, spend your money wisely and get along with your fellow sailors. This country would look much different if the draft would not have been abolished. If everyone who graduated spent two years in the service immediately after graduation we would have a stronger country where our freedom is appreciated. History is vital since it


tells the story of how we gained our independence from England and the untold cost in lives up to the present time. My service during Vietnam was seen very differently than previous wars. Returning home the public was very angry at us veterans. They saw people killed and were ready to fight or spit on you for serving. Innocent people are killed in wars but we were not there to kill civilians. I have never regretted serving in the U.S. Navy for my country. Allen Shores Aberdeen


CELEBRATING THE HOME OF THE FREE During this season of celebration and remembrance, my agency is proud to help protect your American Dream.

Thank you to all who served in the Arm Forces 310 N Montesano St, Westport, WA 98595 (360) 268-7021

! u o Y k n a h T

Alex Kluh, Agent Alex Kluh Agency 323 W Heron St, Aberdeen Bus: (360) 532-1223 Shannon Pauley, Customer Service Representative Alex Kluh Agency 323 W Heron St, Aberdeen Bus: (360) 532-1223

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To all those who have served…



Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Daily World I’m 95 years old and live in Ocean Shores.

Harbors Home Health & Hospice We make home an alternative... When you need home health care you can rely on Harbors Home Health & Hospice

I am a proud veteran of World War II. I was born in Germany and lived there until I was 14 years old. Since my family was Jewish, we were warned to get out of Germany when Adolf Hitler came into power. My father, mother, brother and I immigrated to Brooklyn, New York to escape Hitler’s cruel treatment of Jews, gypsies and homosexuals in Germany. When my brother and I graduated from high school, we went to the Draft Board to join the United States Army. The Draft Board told us we could not volunteer because we weren’t citizens, but they could draft us! Within two weeks we were drafted. My brother was sent to the Far East as an aerial photographer, and I went to England and France to help push Hitler out of France. Since I spoke German, I was used as a spy in European drinking establishments. I would wear civilian clothes and sit in the bars chatting with the German soldiers. They would talk about their activities of the day and what they would be doing in the future. I then would report that information to my superiors in the U.S. Army. At the end of the war in 1945, I was one of the American soldiers who help liberate the concentration camp at Dachau. I will never forget what I saw there; how human beings were treated by the Nazi soldiers still makes me so sad. After Hitler killed himself and the war was over, I was part of the Counter Intelligence Corps. The CIC interrogated former Nazis to make sure they wouldn’t slip away into the government. My German language helped me get that job, and there I worked with Henry Kissinger. Hitler was the greatest murderer in the world. If America had not gotten into the war, Hitler would have won, and where would I be? When people thank me for my service, I reply, “Thank you for what? I was just doing my duty. I’m glad to fight for America, by God!” Arnold Samuels U.S.Army From 1942 to 1947 England, France and Germany

Now Hiring Full Time & PRN Nursing Staff!

Clyde A. Risley

U.S. Army 1943-1946 European Theater

Floyd Ruggles

Ambassador for Peace Medal U.S. Navy Seabees, 1950-1954, Guam, Korea

Skilled Nursing • Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy • Physical Therapy Certified Home Health Aide • Medical Social Worker

201 7th St. • Hoquiam • 1-800-772-1319 24 hour answering for established patients | Medicare Certified

Robert L. Russell

U.S. Navy, 1953-1976, South America, Japan, China, Philippines, Alaska, Europe

Louis Sajec

U.S. Army 1939-1945 Morocco, Africa, Sicily, Northern France, Rhineland, Central Europe

The Daily World I spent a year and a day in Vietnam, 1968-1969. I was stationed at Danang, Tan My and the last seven months at a small detachment called Cua Viet on the southern edge of the DMZ. We lost 20 sailors on the Cua Viet River during that seven months. This is something I cut out of a newspaper 20 or 30 years ago. I’m assuming the ” frozen long ago” refers to Korea but one could sub ” jungle or desert.”

“Whatever we were in that frozen long-ago and whatever we are now, we are bound as one for life in an exclusive fraternity of honor. The only way into our ranks is to have paid the dues of duty, sacrifice and valor by being there. The cost of joining, in short, is beyond all earthly wealth.” William Swantek, USNR Hoquiam

Nine veterans memorial projects receive funding The Governor’s Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee (VAAC) has selected nine projects to receive funding for veterans’ memorials in communities across the state. Community organizations, non-profits, cities or other municipalities submitted applications detailing how they would use the funds to honor veterans or their families in their community. The projects receiving funding are:

· VFW, Edmonds Post 8870 for the Edmonds Veterans Plaza. · Northshore Schools Foundation for a monument to students who died in armed conflicts. · Town of Concrete for memorial markers honoring military service men and women. · Spokane County to help restore the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. · City of George for a Memorial Flagpole Monument at City Hall. · Town of Coulee City for the Coulee City

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Veteran’s Memorial. · Washington Gold Star Mothers for a Gold Star Families Memorial Monument along the I 5 corridor. · American-Vietnamese War Memorial Alliance for the Auburn Vietnam Memorial. · VFW, Fletcher-Wittenborn Post 9106 for the Forks Gold Star Families Memorial Monument. Grant money is raised through the sale of Veterans Remembrance Emblems<https://www.


html>. The emblems include campaign ribbons or military awards, and are stickers that can be placed on Washington license plates. The VAAC is authorized to disperse funds for direct costs of contracting, contract administration and project administration related to: projects that pay tribute to living and deceased veterans; upkeep and operations of existing memorials and; land acquisition and construction of new memorials.

Thank You!

Pirate’s Cove would like to thank all of our veterans for all they do and all they have done.



Good Times, Good Food, Good Drinks & Good Friends!

At the junction of State Route 109 & Highway 115 - Located just outside of beautiful Ocean Shores

(360) 289-4400 798 Ocean Shores Blvd NW Ocean Shores Washington 98569-5018

2294 State Route 109 Hoquiam, WA (Hogans Corner) 360-289-0170 WARNING - This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product. For use only for adults TWENTY-ONE and older. Keep out of reach of children.

HONORING K-9’S & THEIR HANDLER’S FAMILY with no cost cremation and urn of their choosing.

Serving ALL Families, Cemeteries & Funeral Homes Local Business Serving Local Families

We have received several K-9’s from JBLM with service & tours of duty history. We have also provided services for APD and HPD K-9s

The canine Veterans are just as important to us at Petland as are the human Veterans we honor at ACA and GHM.

In association with Aberdeen Cemetery Association, Inc.

2212 Roosevelt St. • Aberdeen • (360) 533-1350


Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Daily World

Norm Scrimgeour

Darrell Scrimgeour U.S. Navy, E4 1959-1965, Pacific

C.P.O. Todd Scrimgeour U.S. Navy 20 Years - Retired - Global

Arnold Samuels

U.S. Navy WWII to Korea, Pacific

U.S. ARMY GERMANY 1942-1947

Ted Sidor

U.S. Army China & Europe

William P. Thomas Sr.

Allan Shores

U.S. Navy 1948-1952, Guam

U.S. Navy 1962-1966 Okinawa, Hawaii & Vietnam

Spencer E. Stamper

U.S. Army 1959--1962, U.S.A. & Greenland

William Swantek

Harold Warren

Charles Watkins

Richard Wenham

U.S. Army Finance Corp Specialist 3rd Class 1956-1958 USA

U.S. Navy 1965 - 1969 Vietnam

USNR Vietnam 1968-1969

U.S. Marine Corps 1952-1960, Korea, Kaneohe, HA. Okinawa

Cameron Scrimgeour E3 U.S. Navy Active

Kenneth S. Schiler

U.S. Navy, 1980-1984. U.S.S. Hewitt DD966, Gulf of Oman, Philippines

Reese Wade

U.S. Army 2003-2008 U.S. Army Reserves 2008-2010 Iraq

Elsie Ekholm-Witt

U.S. Army WAC Medical Corp 1945, USA


Thank You for your Service Our mission: Serve our community with high value utility services at the lowest pratical cost.

Hours of Operation Weekdays 8:00-5:00 PO Box 480 2720 Sumner Ave Aberdeen, WA 98520 360-532-4220 800-562-7726

The Daily World

Saturday, November 9, 2019



Lester Miller

Served in the US Army from 1965-1975, 2-Tours in Vietnam

Jeff Williams

U.S. Army 1967-1971 Vietnam

Gordon Williams U.S. Marine Corps 1985-1990


Free Estimates Call 360-532-7335

Roger Williams

U.S. Army 1938-1945 Europe

Clifford P. Woodward

Aviator, USNR Retired 1942-1969 WWII Pacific, Korea

We specialize in more than just roofs. We also do Decks, Doors, Windows and Siding. REFERENCES AVAILABLE 360-532-7335 522 E. Market St. Aberdeen, WA 98520


Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Daily World

10% Off

Discount to all veterans in Service Dept. Good at either Five Star location. Thank You For Your Service! *Must provide coupon and proof of military service, either military ID or DD214. Coupon expires 12/31/19.

Locations: Chevrolet Buick Toyota 360-532-0650

212 S. Boone Street Aberdeen, WA 98520

Ford Lincoln Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 360-533-3673

711 East Wishkah Street Aberdeen, WA 98520


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Veterans - Veterans Day 2019  


Veterans - Veterans Day 2019