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Friday, October 25, 2019


FALL 2019


The Difference Between the Flu and a Common Cold By Laura Nencetti, Wesley Health & Home Care Flu season is around the corner. Despite our best efforts, sometimes we get sick no matter what. How can we know if what we have is the flu or just a common cold? They are both respiratory illnesses and share many similar symptoms. The simplest way to look at it is that, generally, flu symptoms are more intense. In comparison, colds are usually milder. People with colds are more likely to have a stuffy or runny nose, a sore throat, slight aches and a more gradual onset of symptoms. People with the flu are more likely to have chills, fever, headaches, shortness of breath, chest discomfort and weakness. These flu symptoms also tend to occur much more rapidly than cold symptoms. Young children, people 65 and older and pregnant women are more at risk for flu-related complications and are advised to see a doctor or health specialist as soon as symptoms appear. For more information on what to do for cold or flu symptoms, visit In either case, it is always best to avoid contact with others, stay home, get good amounts of rest and drink plenty of water.

• Get a flu shot and stay at least three feet away from anyone who is coughing or sneezing. • Keep hands away from face, mouth and nose.

• Clean communal surfaces daily, and wash hands after touching communal surfaces. • Wear surgical gloves when caring for someone who is ill. • Encourage others to trash their own tissues. • Keep your lips off infected partners. • Give sick sleeping partners their own pillow, and have them sleep on their own side. • Keep windows closed. The circulating air won’t provide protection. • Store toothbrushes out of sight. • Avoid sharing food with infected people, and do your own dishes. • Get sufficient sleep, avoid stress and relax. • Don’t bother taking immunity-boosting supplements or prophylactic Tamiflu. The zinc in cold-shortening candy shortens the length of a cold, not the flu. For those considered at high risk for complications, seeing a doctor if when flu symptoms begin or if severe flu symptoms develop, such as a persistent fever shortness of breath or fever. Of course, the best suggestion if to get the flu vaccine.


Friday, October 25, 2019

Auburn Reporter

...senior resource guide Can boosting your brain lengthen your life? By Expressions in Enumclaw Your most useful tool, your brain, needs to be challenged just like your muscles do to stay strong. As we age, it’s important to keep the mind sharp and active – studies have shown an active brain can ward against dementia. Here are some fun ways to keep your noggin in shape. PLAY: Many teens are loath to hearing that playing video games kills brain cells and are bad for our health. But what if that wasn’t exactly true? Recent studies show some video games challenge the brain and promote healthy aging. Playing an active video game like Nintendo Wii not only offers physical benefits, but it can increase attention span, sharpen reflexes and improve your ability to quickly process information.

Board games, puzzles and card games have similar benefits. The National Institute on Aging says that certain games stimulate brain cells, keeping neural pathways in shape. Find a game requiring plenty of concentration, reasoning and memorization such as Yahtzee, Scrabble, Pinochle and Sudoku. Once you’ve mastered one, move onto the next. READ: Reading isn’t just a peaceful way to spend an afternoon – studies show it can help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. In fact, many people of all ages find that reading the newspaper daily at a set time, over coffee or breakfast, for example, will keep you informed and educated about the world and improve your brain health. Another great way to keep your nose in a book is to join a book club. The scheduled reading will keep you Established in 1924 - Family Owned & Operated on track, and you’ll enjoy the added benefit of socializing with fellow readers. Offering two chapels and a reception LEARN: It’s never too Family owned and operated since facility to suit any need. Located below late to learn something new. 1924. Facilities and professional Whether service to suit anyCemetery need. Mountain View on West it’s learning to Skype to stay connected with Onsite Chapel, Reception Room Valley Highway. Serving all faiths. far-away family or learning and Crematory. a new recipe from a friend, challenging yourself yields many benefits. Studies show Rob & Jane Perry that learning as we age helps Call us to learn about Te r r y Ya h n ~253-833-8877 Ro b P e r r y reduce cognitive decline the benefits of O f f i c e : ( 2 5 3 ) 8 3 3 - 8 8 55 7 7 West • FValley a x : ( 2Highway 5 3 ) 8 3S, 3 - 1 7 9 9associated with aging and preplanning 5 5 W. Va l l e y H your i g h w a y S o u t h •Auburn A u b uWA r n , 98001 Wa s h i n g t o n promotes 9 8 0 0 1 a healthy self-imfinal wishes. age. Many colleges encour-

Yahn & Son Funeral Home & Crematory

Yahn & Son Funeral Home & Crematory

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age older adults to sit in on classes and “audit” them, giving you the benefits of learning without the added stress of exams. EAT: Just as the body needs fuel, so does the brain. You’ve probably heard that a diet based on lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats can provide a lot of health benefits, but such a diet can also improve memory. It’s not only about what you eat, but also what you don’t eat. Fish such as salmon, tuna, trout and mackerel provide a brain-boosting dose of omega-3 fatty acids. And, try to limit calories and foods high in saturated fats. To learn more about Expressions at Enumclaw, call (360) 825-4565 or Auburn Meadows, call (253) 333-0171 or visit






In today’s economic environment we could all use a little bit of luck. Enjoy all the best amenities Prestige Senior Living Auburn Meadows has to offer!

Give them Fresh Breath for Everyday!


OFFICE EXAM For New Clients (Save $38) (1 per household)


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$777 Move-in fee • $7 First month’s rent Savings of up to $4,000 Don’t miss out! Offer expires November 8.

Call (253) 267-8936 to schedule your tour today! Prestige Senior Living Auburn Meadows 945 22nd St. NE Auburn, WA 98002

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Friday, October 25, 2019

Activity Center

Serving individuals Age 50 and Over


Dine outs, local tours, theatre, day trips, extended travel, in-house recreational classes



Kayaking, hiking, walking, book club, zip line, bike games, weekly riding movies, volunteering, billiards, music and dancing



Silver Sneakers, aerobics, yoga, tai chi, table Daily lunches Blood pressure and salad bar, checks, foot care, tennis, volleyball, cooking classes, dental cleanings, pickleball, line dancing, Meals on Wheels, massage, bootcamp Senior Savers wellness classes Pantry committee

SPECIAL EVENTS Themed parties, holiday celebrations, city events

It is time for our annual Holiday Dinner. St. Nick may even stop by for a visit! Come join us for a ham feast!

Tuesday, December 17 Auburn Senior Activity Center First Seating: 11am Second Seating: 1pm Double: $3,099 | Single: $3,999 | Triple: $3,069 Presentation Meeting January 26, 10am

Suggested Contribution: $4 for ages 60+ | $6 for those under 60

Please purchase your ticket by December 10 to avoid $5 administrative charge. AUBURN SENIOR ACTIVITY CENTER Monday-Friday 8am-8pm 808 9th Street | 253-931-3016 |



Friday, October 25, 2019

Auburn Reporter

...senior resource guide 4 Ways Medicare Part D is Changing in 2020 changes happening in 2020 will impact your bottom line. Read on for a brief summary of the changes that will If you have Medicare and are looking for ways to save on affect each stage of coverage next year. the ever-increasing cost of medications next year, consider Deductible Stage adding a prescription plan known as “Part D.” By making You may need to pay more before your plan kicks in. A medications more affordable, Part D plans can help you deductible is the amount you need to pay before your plan stay on track to achieve your 2020 health goals. starts paying its share of the cost. Next year, the deductChoosing the plan that’s best for you can seem daunting at ible could be as high as $435. That’s an increase of $20 first, so familiarizing yourself with how Part D plans work from 2019. is essential. First, compare how much you can expect to pay Initial Coverage Stage as you go through the “four stages” of a plan’s coverage, Your plan may cover more of the cost before you reach as the cost of your prescriptions will increase or decrease the “Donut Hole.” During this stage, you pay a set amount depending on the phase you are in. Then, find experts that for your medications. Your plan covers the difference. In can help you make an informed decision about the plan 2020, the initial coverage limit is up to $4,020. That’s an that will work best for you and take time to learn how the increase of $200 from 2019. Coverage Gap Stage You will receive higher Memory Haven Sumner is a small, secured discounts for branded and memory care community since 2014 with 2 generic medications. You cottages with 13 residents in each cottage. will receive a 75 percent discount when purchasing We offer private rooms with private a brand-name medication. bathrooms, showers and one on one care For example, if your medifor your loved ones. cation costs $100, you will only pay $25. If you need WE’RE GROWING! a generic, you will never Opening another memory care cottage in pay more than 25 percent Summer 2020! of the total cost of the drug. For a tour please call MJ at In 2020, you will remain in this stage until your total (253) 750-0552 out of pocket costs of your 5107 Parker Rd E covered medications is $6,350. Sumner, WA 98390



Catastrophic Stage You will only have to pay a minimum amount. Once you reach this stage, your costs will remain the same through the year. During this stage, you pay $8.95 for brand-name drugs and $3.60 for generics, or 5 percent of retail costs, whichever is higher. Next Steps If you are currently enrolled in a Part D plan, be sure to check the Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC) mailed by your plan. The ANOC details how these and other 2020 changes may impact your wallet next year. You can also go to for more detailed information about these changes, where you’ll find a free easy-to-use tool that will help you compare plans and choose the one that works best for you. Don’t let Open Enrollment pass you by. Compare plans now and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget - this may save you money next year.

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State law provides two tax benefit programs for senior citizens and the disabled: property tax exemptions and property tax deferrals. Yet more than 26,000 qualified seniors and disabled persons have yet to register for the exemption, and only 1 in 100 of those eligible for deferrals are currently enrolled. Details of these two programs are provided below. The process of applying is fairly simple. Under certain circumstances, you may be eligible for a property tax deferral or exemption.

Senior Citizens/Disabled Exemption Qualifications: • • • • • •


Annual household income of $58,000 or less Own and occupy a house, mobile home, condo or co-op 61 years of age by December 31 of the previous year, or Retired because of disability, or Veteran with a 100% service-connected disability You are a widow, or widower, or state registered domestic partner at least 57 years of age whose spouse or state registered domestic partner had an exemption at the time of death. Once qualified, you continue to benefit from the exemption but any change in circumstances must be reported to the assessor to avoid penalties. For information, call 206-296-3920 or the Senior Center.


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Friday, October 25, 2019


...senior resource guide Straight Talk About Funeral Pre-Planning By Clair Ferris, Founder, Funeral Alternatives

I have a pre-paid funeral plan. How can I be assured my funds are safe and will be there when I die? Washington State requires monies pre-paid for funeral plans be placed in an approved third-party depository. Funeral homes are not allowed to hold these funds in their own accounts. There are two types of plans: trusts and insurance policies. Trusts are generally used for shorter term plans where a death is pending. Funeral insurance policies are the preferred and easiest method of funding funeral plans. When a policy is written, the consumer makes the check out directly to the insurance company. If paid by credit card, the funeral home has a limited amount of time to issue a check to the Insurance Company. For the consumer’s protection, the person making the plan will receive the policy directly from the insurance company. This confirms the money has been deposited in his/her behalf. Is my plan guaranteed not to cost me more upon my death? The State requires the funeral home to clearly disclose whether your plan is “guaranteed” or “non-guaranteed.” A guaranteed plan is one that will protect the survivors from having to pay any additional costs for the items listed in the guaranteed portion of the contract, which is called the

“funeral goods and services selected.” It discloses the actual services and merchandise selected in advance. With a guaranteed plan, the funeral home is then obligated under contract to provide these items upon death. There will also be a separate section in the contract that outlines items not guaranteed. These items, called “cash advances,” include things such as death certificates, obituaries, clergy honorariums, state sales tax and other items that are paid in your behalf by the funeral home. These items are not guaranteed. Can I make changes to my plan before death? Yes, you can. You have total control over your plan. You can make any change you want prior to death. After death, however, the funeral home is obligated to provide the services and merchandise that you selected. Other family members cannot make substantial changes after the death has occurred. The State has laws in effect to protect your choice of disposition (cremation or burial) from being altered by others. For those planning in advance, this provides an assurance that they will receive what they want without interference. Learn more about options available to you and your family, or receive help establishing a plan ahead of time by calling us at 206-212-4377. We are here to help.

Have you ever thought of pre-planning your funeral? PLEASE CALL OUR PRENEED FUNERAL COUNSELOR Make it easier for those you love.


Our Family Helping Your Family for over 60 Years.

713 Central Ave N - Kent, 98032 (253) 852-2620 | Owned & operated by Kim & Cindy Marlatt



We listen to your needs, answer all of your questions, respect your choices, and take care of all the details.

• Upfront pricing. • Preplan and save

Locations in: • Centralia • Lacey • Tumwater • Federal Way

• No salesmen or sales fees • Variety of plans available

By choosing funeral or cremation arrangements in advance, you ensure that your family and friends know your We listen to your needs, desires that time comes. Plus, R when WINNEall of your questions, Voted BEST answer you free them unnecessary stress. respect your choices,from and in 2019 take care of all the details. We’ll help you navigate important FEDERAL WAYyour LOCATION: 31919 6th Ave. S, Federal Way, WA 98003 Locations in Centralia • Lacey • decisions now, loved ones Visit so our NEW location! Tumwater • Federal Way 31919 6th Avenue, Suite 200 • Federal Way 98003 don’t have to later. 206-212-4377 206-212-4377


Friday, October 25, 2019

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...senior resource guide

Mountain View Cemetery offers pre-planned cemetery arrangements that considerably ease your family’s burden when a death occurs. Pre-planning allows you to discuss all your options in a comfortable setting, when emotions and stress are absent.

2020 Mountain View Drive Auburn WA 98001 253-931-3028 Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.




Dentures 25052 – 104th Ave SE Suite G • Kent WA East Kent Dental Complex Across from Red Robin

Reline $225

Repairs starting at


Dental Insurance Welcome

Implant Dentures In House Lab


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Friday, October 25, 2019


...senior resource guide With Hospice, You’re Not Alone By Melinda Moore, Wesley Hospice Marie Meyers, daughter of Wally Meyers, wasn’t sure what more could be done for her father once his health began to decline. The assisted living staff recommended hospice. “I didn’t know much about hospice, and I thought it meant that my father only had a few more weeks to live,” said Meyers. She and her sisters learned that choosing hospice means that loved ones get more individualized support. Wally’s physical and emotional wellbeing and his general comfort were a top priority in hospice care. “We were surprised that some residents of hospice can actually graduate off of hospice care because of how much

it can improve their quality of life,” said Meyers. “We met with the hospice team regularly. We were initially worried that meeting routinely with them would mean prolonging the agony of having to face death,” said Meyers, “but it quickly became clear how helpful this part of the process was.” The hospice staff helped the family understand the process of dealing with the passing of a loved one, as well as what Wally was going through physically and emotionally. They informed the family of what they could expect and gave recommendations based on the hospice team’s expertise and what the family agreed would be best. Meyer’s was reassured when she frequently saw the chaplain, a hospice volunteer or other hospice team members by her dad’s side during her visits. They helped her father maintain a human connection with spiritual and emotional support. “Their spiritual support helped me look at the situation as ‘I’m just part of this process, and this process is okay. It’s part of God’s plan,’” explained Meyers. This peace of mind better prepared for her father’s passing in 2018. “It allowed me the clarity to get things in place for his funeral and even helped me think about what I could do to help the rest of my family through the process of grieving.” Meyers sees hospice as a

crucial support network to help with the process and encourages families to ask questions. She added that the follow-up with the chaplain has been great, and she still hears from the chaplain occasionally, even months later. “[Hospice] really helped me deal with the fear that goes along with losing a loved one,” said Marie. “I can’t imagine how it would have been without their security and support, but with hospice, you’re not alone.”



Full and Partials Same Day Denture Reline Most Dental Insurance Accepted DSHS Medicaid Accepted

Auburn Denture Services

1268 E Main Street, #5, Auburn WA 98002


Office Hours: By Appointment


Friday, October 25, 2019

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Memory Care in Kent

…where …where it’s it’s home home and and you’re you’re family! family!



ƒ ƒee Weatherly Weatherly Inn Inn at at Lake Lake Meridian Meridian is a state-of-the-art assisted is a state-of-the-art assisted living living community for individuals community for individuals with with Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s and and dementia. dementia.

Weatherly Weatherly Inn Inn at at Lake Lake Meridian Meridian Means Means aa One-of-a-Kind One-of-a-Kind Place Place


Duane Duane & & Elane Elane

Residents Residents enjoy enjoy aa home-like home-like setting setting with with space space to to stroll stroll securely securely in in specially specially designed designed surroundings. surroundings. Enclosed Enclosed outdoor outdoor courtyards courtyards create create aa peaceful peaceful place place to to enjoy enjoy fresh fresh air. air. Our Our classic classic town town square square creates creates aa nostalgic nostalgic experience, experience, complete complete with with aa beauty beauty salon, salon, ice ice cream cream parlor, parlor, storefront, storefront, bus bus stop, stop, and and aa 1948 1948 Dodge. Dodge. Providing Providing Premier Premier Memory Memory Care Care Permanent Permanent Residency Residency Short Term • Short Term • Day Day Stay Stay

Call Today for a Tour! 253-630-7496 Call Today for a• 15101 Tour!SE 253-630-7496 272nd St., Kent, WA 98042 • 15101 SE 272nd St., Kent, WA 98042 Close to Hwy 18 on Kent-Kangley Close to Hwy 18 on Kent-Kangley

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Senior Resource Guide - 2019 Senior Resource Guide