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APRIL 26, 2019

Top-rated joint replacement specialists. And the world’s premier proving ground. At CHI Franciscan, you’ll find the region’s top specialists in orthopedics and sports medicine. Our patient outcomes for total knee and hip replacement surgeries are ranked among the top in the nation. And you’ll find all this in locations across the Puget Sound. Find out more at chifranciscan.org/ortho.


APRIL 26, 2019



ith the constant demands of everyday life competing for your attention, it’s easy to forget to take time to check in on your own wellness. Whether that it be taking five minutes out of your day to relax, breathe and center yourself, or just remembering to eat something every morning, your health is important and you owe it to your friends, family and yourself to take your wellness seriously. It is with this in mind that Sound Publishing hopes to offer you this helpful guide, full of tips and information that can help you continue to stay healthy throughout your busy schedule. Inside you will find information on local medical, health and wellness companies that can assist you in maintaining your physical and emotional wellbeing. Also contained within this special publication are a number of informative articles on everything from battling everyday ailments like influenza and allergies; to stress management and the importance of a well-balanced breakfast. And let’s not forget about the upcoming Healthcare and Medical Expo set for May 4 at the Kitsap Mall, where attendees will be treated to a wealth of information from local medical experts on a spectrum of contemporary wellness issues. Kitsap Living’s Health and Wellness in Kitsap is your guide to staying fit as a fiddle here in Kitsap County.

Kitsap County's VA Choice Doctor of Audiology. Free consult for Vets

2635 Wheaton Way | Bremerton, WA 98310 Ph: 360-373-2571 | Fax: 360-479-4970 www.simplyhearaudiology.com



APRIL 26, 2019

Healthcare & Medical Expo



e invite you to attend the Healthcare and Medical Expo May 4th from 11AM-4PM at the Kitsap Mall. (in center court) Kitsap has state of the art medical services and we want our community and outlying counties to be aware of the gem we have in our own back yard! Currently in Silverdale, Harrison has an expansion being built to meet the needs of tomorrow. In addition, there are many Surgery Centers, Clinics, Naturalists, Eastern Medicine, Stem Cell, Specialty Medicine and Preventative Care! We have a VA Clinic under construction! There is no need to go any further than Kitsap for all your medical needs or concerns. You can stay in our local hotels, bed-and-breakfasts or Airbnb’s while you or your loved ones are recovering from a procedure.

All while enjoying beautiful inlets, bays, or just walking the shores of the Kitsap Peninsula, or other land trails. We are truly a place to relax and heal. We have many Kathleen Gordon amenities in Kitsap including shopping at our malls, Mom and Pop shops, destination shopping, and businesses for the arts. Experience great food from a tiny diner, to large restaurants, authentic restaurants and eateries. Our goal is for Kitsap and outlying Counties to see what Kitsap has to offer and bring business tourism to Kitsap County, which promotes a healthy prosperous community. At the Healthcare and Medical

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Dr. Robin Fiscus, Audiologist, as owned and operated Simply Hear in Bremerton, Washington since 2013.

Expo, you will be able to hear from and ask the expert’s in their field questions in addition to finding resources. Speakers will begin their topics at 11 AM in center court of Kitsap Mall and be available to speak with you at their booths. Kitsap has a focus on Health and Wellness that offers the best of care. We will provide multiple booths with medical representatives and doctors, for you to reach out and speak to the specialists on site! This will include Oncology, Orthopedic, Cardiac Care, Family Medicine, and so much more. There will be hearing and eye testing and much more! This event is sponsored by CHI Franciscan, Acupunture and Wellness, Equilibrium, and Kitsap Physical Therapy. Thank you to our organizers, Silverdale Chamber of Commerce, Kitsap Mall, Kitsap News Group, and Kitsap County for your efforts in promoting our medical community! If you are in the medical profession or a medical support business and wish to be a part of this expo, please contact Silverdale Chamber of Commerce at 360-692-6800


Harrison Hospital, CHI Franciscan Dr. Peter Lundbad Concussion Care

11:30 AM

Acupuncture and Wellness Bob Doane Secret of Longevity


Kitsap Physical Therapy Dave Damon Assistance Getting Back to Work After Injury or a Condition

12:30 PM Equilibrium Dr.Fisher Anxiety and Depression 1:00 PM

Harrison Hospital, CHI Franciscan Dr. Peter Lundbad Concussion Care

1:30 PM

AM Acupuncture and Wellness Bob Doane Most Important things for Vitality


Kitsap Physical Therapy Dave Damon Assistance Getting Back to Work After Injury or a Condition

2:30 PM Equilibrium Dr.Fisher Anxiety and Depression

Kathleen Gordon President, CEO Silverdale Chamber of Commerce

We are the region’s top source of custom hearing aids and we take immense pride in tailoring our solutions around each individual. At Simply Hear, we understand the challenges associated with hearing loss, and we’re here to help you work through them, to live the fullest possible life. Our primary goal is always to provide you with the hearing solutions that allow you to continue doing the things you love. We emphasize custom hearing solutions no matter what type of lifestyle you lead or what your level of hearing loss may be.

Many Veterans are affected by hearing loss and tinnitus. Simply Hear is the VA Choice Preferred Provider for Kitsap County. If you have served in the military, you may qualify for hearing healthcare benefits and disability compensation from the VA. Dr. Fiscus is an outstanding Audiologist, recognized by the American Speech and Hearing Association, and she also has an exceptional penchent for helping people hear better while saving money. Paid for by: Simply Hear

The staff at Simply Hear will be happy to help you navigate the paperwork required to apply for the best hearing instruments - whether it is filed through an OWCP claim for PSNS workers, or a Washington State Labor and Industry noiseinduced hearing loss claim, or renewing your old VA technology. She is also very fun. Her business is her passion, however, when not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband while cooking unique new recipes with hard-tofind ingredients from her enormous library of wild and off-the-wall cookbooks.


Vice president: Terry R. Ward General manager: Steve Perry Regional Advertising Director: Eran Kennedy

Editor : Nick Twietmeyer Creative artists: Bryon Kempf, Raquee Rivera

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APRIL 26, 2019




We would like to share with you a few of our vendors that you may wish to visit: Kitsap Physical Therapy Acupuncture & Wellness Center, PS Equilibrium Natural Health, LLC Harrison Medical Center Oncology Ortho/Spine Cardiac ED FBC (Women’s and Children) TDC WSO FMG Family Medicine Residency and Sports Med

MAY 4, 2019

Hope Clinic Harbor Audiology

11am to 4pm at the Kitsap Mall

Denture Essentials Country Meadows, an Encore Community Immediate Clinic Poulsbo

Speakers will cover topics such as :

InHealth Imaging, LLC

● Anxiety

Kitsap Family Wellness, LLC

● Assistance

Kitsap Physical Therapy & Sports Clinic Life Wave Stem Cell Phototherapy

& Depression |Dr Fischer, Equilibrium

with Getting Back to Work after Injury or Condition|Dave Damon, Kitsap Physical Therapy

MCS Counseling Group

● Concussion

Monica Batchelor Independent Bemer

● Secret

Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue Silverdale Wellness Center Blood Works

Care | Dr Peter Lundbad, CHI

of Longevity | Bob Doane, Acupuncture and Wellness

● Most

Important Thing for Vitality | Bob Doane, Acupuncture and Wellness

Silverdale Farmers

Call the chamber office for more information 360-692-6800 • silverdalechamber.com

Best Western Plus Silverdale Beach Hotel Melaleuca Country Meadows, an Encore Community

Kitsap has State-of-the-Art Medical Services


Silverdale Dandy Lions-Eye Testing




APRIL 26, 2019

Silverdale Pediatrics 9910 Levin Rd Ste #200, Silverdale 360-692-8588 www.silverdalepediatrics.com

Silverdale Pediatrics, PLLC and Niran Al-Agba, MD would like to welcome

Dr. Nurse Nikki Banks... Coming Summer 2019.

Niran Al-Agba, MD

Nikki Banks DNP, CPNP


2601 Cherry Ave, Suite #206, Bremerton, WA 98310 Phone: (360) 373-1250 Services: Specializing in Department of Labor Federal hearing lost injury claims. State of Washington Labor and Industries hearing los injury claims. We are proud to announce that we are currently fitting ground breaking techology:

Dr. Rachael Shannon, Dr. Amy Becken Tina Koths, Eva Gagnon, B.A.

• The first internet base hearing instrument on the market. • Developed their own chip that is 50x faster than Inium technology called Velox platform. • First hearing instrument given FDA approval to say it reduces background noise and improves speech understanding.

Please Call for an Appointment (360) 373-1250 | www.KitsapAudiology.com |


APRIL 26, 2019



Must-know health tips for faster flu recovery STATEPOINT


ith last year’s flu season having been associated with 80,000 deaths -- one of the deadliest in decades -- focusing on immune health is important.

There are essentially three stages of the flu: incubation -- the development of the virus within your body; infection -- when most symptoms are strongest; and convalescence -- as your body recuperates from the virus. “Most people are familiar with vaccines to prevent the flu and remedies to relieve symptoms. There is less awareness about the recovery stage, when your body is weakened by the virus and at risk for other ailments,” says Dr. Fred Pescatore, renowned natural health physician. Last year, a study found adult patients had higher risk of heart attack after an influenza diagnosis. To ensure proper recovery, Dr. Pescatore is offering the following tips.

INCREASE AIR MOISTURE Adding moisture to the air can help reduce congestion and soothe the throat while recovering from the flu. Using a humidifier in dry rooms can ease symptoms. Also, try a face steam. Begin by boiling a pot of water. Remove it from the heat and bring your face close while draping a towel over your head to breathe in the steam. This is an easy at-home remedy that you can put your own spin on by adding herbs and oils. Dr. Pescatore recommends drops of peppermint to open up the nasal passages even more.

GET REST You may be feeling better, but you’re still recovering. Even when symptoms ease, your body and immune system are in a weakened state. It’s tempting to jump right back into your routine, but you still need

extra rest and hydration.

DRINK HERBAL TEA Drinking herbal tea is one of the easiest ways to soothe lingering symptoms. “Licorice tea makes for a great-tasting recovery tool. It has a sweet flavor without the sugar of other sweet teas. In addition, licorice supports immunity, which is what you need at this stage of the flu,” says Dr. Pescatore.

ADD A SUPER-ANTIOXIDANT A new peer-reviewed study shows that supplementing with the natural super-antioxidant Robuvit (Ro-boovit), French oak wood extract, supports flu recuperation. Participants in the study took 300 mg of Robuvit daily for three weeks once their flu symptoms ended. Researchers found that after 10 days, participants who supplemented with Robuvit experienced increased postflu strength, enhanced attention and concentration and better sleep quality.

(c) auremar / stock.Adobe.com Paid Advertistment

Dr. Robin Fiscus, Audiologist, as owned and operated Simply Hear in Bremerton, Washington since 2013.

“There are few products on the market that support your immune system during the recovery period, yet it is one of the most vulnerable health periods, particularly for seniors. This is exciting news for anyone looking for a safe, natural way to recover faster from the flu,” says Dr. Pescatore. Robuvit is backed by more than a dozen studies showing its benefits for natural energy, flu recovery, detox and sports performance. For more information, visit www.robuvit.com. “The body is under stress during a bout of flu. Inflammation is up and oxygen levels and blood pressure can drop. Helping your body recover fully is important,” says Dr. Pescatore.

We are the region’s top source of custom hearing aids and we take immense pride in tailoring our solutions around each individual. At Simply Hear, we understand the challenges associated with hearing loss, and we’re here to help you work through them, to live the fullest possible life. Our primary goal is always to provide you with the hearing solutions that allow you to continue doing the things you love. We emphasize custom hearing solutions no matter what type of lifestyle you lead or what your level of hearing loss may be.

Many Veterans are affected by hearing loss and tinnitus. Simply Hear is the VA Choice Preferred Provider for Kitsap County. If you have served in the military, you may qualify for hearing healthcare benefits and disability compensation from the VA. Dr. Fiscus is an outstanding Audiologist, recognized by the American Speech and Hearing Association, and she also has an exceptional penchent for helping people hear better while saving money. Paid for by: Simply Hear

The staff at Simply Hear will be happy to help you navigate the paperwork required to apply for the best hearing instruments - whether it is filed through an OWCP claim for PSNS workers, or a Washington State Labor and Industry noiseinduced hearing loss claim, or renewing your old VA technology. She is also very fun. Her business is her passion, however, when not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband while cooking unique new recipes with hard-tofind ingredients from her enormous library of wild and off-the-wall cookbooks.



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With healthcare costs at an all-time high, Americans are taking a hard look at things like access, efficacy, and overall expenditure for our medical care. As reported by the World Health Organization, the US ranks 37th out of 191 countries for healthcare performance based on the health of citizens, responsiveness of the healthcare system, and fairness in financing. Alternative medicine has been growing exponentially to address the needs of many people who cannot afford access to our current system, or who simply haven’t found satisfactory treatment. People are looking for better outcomes with fewer side effects outside of pharmaceutical, surgical or other invasive interventions. Enter the oldest form of medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The subject of skepticism and debate, the effectiveness of Chinese medical treatment is difficult to question in the face of millions of people who credit TCM with their health success. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine comprise the core tenets of modern TCM with their roots of knowledge and strategy reaching back 23 centuries. To put this in perspective, modern Western medical roots date back just a few centuries with surgery taking a leap forward during World War II and pharmaceuticals being developed less than a hundred years ago. While Chinese medicine cannot usurp the role of Western Medicine in saving lives in acute situations, it does attend to the needs of quality living by regulating areas including digestion, sleep, mood, pain, and mental acuity. The growth of TCM use in the US and the world is

APRIL 26, 2019

Take a Look at TCM

indisputable. Although exact numbers of TCM users are elusive, a 2007 census from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) estimated 3.1 million US adults used acupuncture in the previous year. This number is tripled from 10 years previously. In 2014 the World Health Organization estimated 80% of the world population was using herbal medicine.

When Robert Doane opened his Poulsbo clinic doors in 1997 with wife Anne Doane, it was with the dedication to helping as many people as possible to live healthy, vibrant and pain-free lives. To qualify as a practitioner of Chinese medicine, Robert and Anne each completed a 4-year Master’s program in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Their status as Diplomats of Oriental Medicine from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) not only qualifies them in Acupuncture, but also in Chinese Herbal Medicine. This is a distinction important when considering which practitioner you want to work with. Post degree work, Robert went on to apprentice for years under masters of the medicine in their own right, Dr. Richard Tan and Dr. Zhang Wei Yan. The cupuncture and Wellness Center, built in 2004, has since been serving the needs of not only the Pacific Northwest, but has additionally become a learning

Paid for by: Acupuncture & Wellness Center

center for practitioners in over 40 countries. Physicians and Chinese Medical practitioners have come to study under the tutelage of the Acupuncture and Wellness Center to improve clinical outcomes for their patients. Under the rigors of Western scientific study, we still have yet to identify the exact mechanism of how acupuncture works. This is also true of many pharmaceuticals we use. Despite this, the trend is growing to integrate TCM with mainstream US healthcare. Major hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic offer TCM treatments as part of their services. Locally, Swedish Hospital and The University of Washington Department of Family Medicine offer acupuncture services as a part of their care. Major healthcare providers Kaiser and CHI Franciscan also make available acupuncture services for cancer care and pain management. Across the nation emergency rooms are turning to acupuncture to help in the fight against the opiate crisis. Traditional Chinese medicine has landed in the US healthcare system providing for the gaps in access to health attention, care outcomes and cost effectiveness. If you or a loved one are not satisfied with your current state of wellbeing, your options for care are more diverse than ever before. Talk with your healthcare provider about how TCM can augment your existing medical care.

APRIL 26, 2019



Over 21 Years of Restoring People’s Lives & Vitality Largest Chinese Medical Clinic in the United States Methods Taught to Practitioners & Doctors in Over 40 Countries (360) 394-4357


Healthcare & Medical Expo Guest Lecturer Robert Doane The Secret to Longevity 11:30 to 11:55 AM The Most Important Thing for Vitality 1:30 to 1:55 PM


Kitsap Mall May 4, 2019






APRIL 26, 2019


Why Breakfast Really is the Most Important Meal of the Day STATEPOINT


ou’ve probably heard the saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” While there is some conflicting research that questions the importance of eating breakfast for weight loss, many other researchers conclude there are, in fact, many benefits for starting your day with a morning meal. Briana Rodriquez, a Registered Dietitian with Jenny Craig, offers the inside scoop on breakfast and why there’s still truth in that old saying, especially for those trying to improve their health.



Misty Molina

ARNP, CNM Now booking appointments for the newest member of our team beginning June 1st, 2019.

9750 Levin Rd NW Silverdale WA 98383 360-307-7202

20700 Bond Rd Poulsbo, WA 98370 360-697-2199


“Breakfast literally means ‘breaking the fast,’” Rodriquez explains. “Blood sugar, also known as glucose, powers your muscles and brain. After 7-9 hours of sleep, blood sugar is naturally low and you need to replenish your energy stores.” But what if there’s no time to spare in the morning? Rest assured, there are quick, easy breakfasts you can grab on-the-go.

WHY BREAKFAST MATTERS Although skipping meals or eating very little in the morning may seem like a surefire way to lose weight, Rodriquez explains it’s not so simple. “When you skip breakfast, you’ll likely overcompensate later, eating your largest meal at night because you’re extremely hungry. And that’s not good if your intention is weight loss.” Making breakfast your largest meal of the day, also known as “front-loading,” can lead to a healthier weight. “Since digestion slows during sleep, latenight calories are less easily metabolized and will likely be stored instead of used as energy,” Rodriquez explains. “A balanced, substantial breakfast works with your metabolism at its peak, helping support weight loss efforts naturally.” An added bonus? Weight loss isn’t the only potential benefit of having a good breakfast; a 2013 study published in

“Obesity” suggests other health gains in addition to weight loss, such as decreased risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

HOW SHOULD YOUR DAY LOOK? The quality of food you eat also matters. Here’s an example of what Rodriquez suggests a typical day look like: • Breakfast and lunch should be satisfying, protein-rich and include a small amount of healthy fats and carbohydrates. Think: an egg and veggie scramble with a piece of fruit for breakfast or chicken with veggies and pasta alongside a green salad for lunch. • Dinner should be light and include a lean protein and lots of non-starchy vegetables. Rodriquez suggests decreasing carbs in the evening. Think: meatloaf with veggies or something like Jenny Craig’s Three Cheese Macaroni with Broccoli and Carrots. • Snacks are an important part of the equation too. Rodriquez recommends snacks under 200 calories, spaced between meals. Choose something with protein and fiber to help keep you feeling full. Think: a small apple with a teaspoon of nut butter, or nonfat Greek yogurt with a handful of berries. Consider weight loss programs that embrace the science around the body’s natural circadian rhythm, such as Jenny Craig’s newest program, Rapid Results, to help optimize metabolism and accelerate weight loss. Also, look for programs that offer satisfying breakfasts with just the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The Jenny Craig program offers over 20 chef-crafted, nutritionist-designed breakfast items. For more information, or to book a free appointment with a personal weight loss consultant, visit jennycraig.com. Eating breakfast may improve your health in more ways than one. The next time you’re rushing out the door in the morning, don’t forget to grab something good to eat -- your body will thank you!


APRIL 26, 2019



4 Simple Hacks to Beat Seasonal Allergies A

gist. “But even when the weather seems quiet, allergens can be present and contribute to illness. For example, when rain begins and washes pollen out of the air, mold spores can climb and cause allergy problems.”

There are steps you can take to proactively dodge allergens and mitigate debilitating symptoms, according to the experts at AccuWeather.

Get relevant information about weather and allergies in the palm of your hand so you can avoid the worst of it, or make necessary preparations when you can’t. One useful tool is AccuWeather’s daily allergy index, which is available on AccuWeather. com and on the free AccuWeather app for iOS and Android. Stay in-the-know by frequently checking the app, which is also a good source of other weather-related tips, educational resources and information.


llergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. and more than 50 million Americans suffer from them each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When it comes to spring allergies, you don’t need to anticipate the season with dread.

CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE Are you a morning bather? Experts say that if you suffer from outdoor allergies, you would be wise to switch to evening showers. This will rid your hair and skin of pollen, so you don’t bring it to bed with you. No matter what time of day you shampoo and scrub, you’ll want to wash your linens in hot water, to remove as much pollen as possible.

STAY IN-THE-KNOW From dry winds blowing tree pollen into the air, to wet, rainy days causing dust mites and mold to thrive, weather has a huge impact on the spread of allergens and, subsequently, the way you feel, say experts. “Spring allergies are driven by trees and grass pollen, and different people will have their own reactions. If you do suffer from spring allergens, a cold front passing through can bring some relief,” says Alan Reppert, AccuWeather senior meteorolo-

200 hr Teacher Training starting Sept. 27th

$200 OFF w/Early Bird Pricing Learn More at: www.devotedyogi.com/kitsap or call (425)894-4355

PROTECT INDOOR AIR Fresh air may sound appealing, but opening your car and home’s windows is a fasttrack to a high pollen count indoors. For a breeze, stick to air conditioning, as fans can kick up dust and pollen into the air.

(c) pathdoc / stock.Adobe.com

as the best time to venture outdoors by consulting digital apps like AccuWeather before leaving the house.

This spring, don’t let sniffles, sneezing and wheezing get the best of you. For a more comfortable season, check the weather often and take proper precautions.

CONSIDER YOUR WARDROBE For those times when you must be out and about on high-pollen count days, wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect yourself. A scarf or mask over your mouth and nose can be useful when symptoms are severe. When you get home, be sure to remove outerwear, including shoes, in your mud room or foyer so you don’t track allergens throughout the house, particularly in areas where you sleep and spend the most time. You can make smart decisions about your wardrobe as well

Affordable Laser Treatments Are Now Available in Kitsap County

Individual Icon and Enlighten Laser Treatments Between $70 and $450. Depending on the Service and Length of the Procedure.   

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Facial Spider Vein Clearance

Call 360-394-6466 now to book a FREE consultation. Use the Code SPRING19 and receive 30% off. 20700 Bond Road NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370 l




APRIL 26, 2019


5 Ways Children Benefit From Creative Playtime STATEPOINT


hen kids pretend to be their favorite superhero, it may look like sheer fun at first glance, but experts say that imaginative play also benefits children in a number of substantial ways. “From building confidence and self-perception to offering children an opportunity to practice communication and language skills, pretend play is vital to child development,” says Keri Wilmot, a pediatric occupational therapist and an expert contributor to TheGeniusofPlay.org.

Courtesy of the Genius of Play

Stellar Comfort Zero-gravity Position


Watch TV



Visit your local Authorized UltraComfort™ Retailer


3520 KITSAP WAY, BREMERTON 360-377-5582 • 1-800-533-5311

www.arnoldshomefurnishings.com Mon-Fri: 9:30am - 6pm Sat: 9:30am - 5:30pm • Sun: 12pm - 5pm

How can creative play help your child thrive? Here are five important benefits, according to The Genius of Play, a national movement providing families with the information, inspiration and hands-on ideas they need to make play an important part of their child’s day.

ENHANCED LITERACY: Some of the same mental connections that take place when a child is first learning to read are employed in the world of pretend. Whether it’s a banana that becomes a phone or a towel being used as a cape, grasping symbolism in the world of play can pave the way for children to better recognize that each letter of the alphabet represents a sound. Encourage kids to use the everyday objects and toys around them to build a world of creativity and fun. LEADERSHIP SKILLS: From a very young age, playtime experiences can have a major impact on the development of children’s leadership skills. In the case of superhero play, the act of taking on a powerful persona offers kids an opportunity to assert themselves and gain self-confidence, while creatively constructing their own story lines. Through play, parents, teachers and mentors can help

foster these attributes in children.

MOVEMENT: Movement helps children hone their coordination, balance and motor skills. Associating exercise with fun can set a precedent for a lifetime habit. What’s more, physical activity encourages better eating and sleeping habits. Be sure your kids have a safe place to play indoors that lets them burn off all their energy. When the weather is nice, take the fun to the backyard or a nearby park, where the possibilities for pretend expand. PERSEVERANCE: Known as the “Batman Effect,” a 2016 study published in “Child Development” found that kids stay better focused on a task when they are pretending to be their favorite superheroes or characters. Through play, you can encourage your children to channel the bravery and perseverance of the superheroes they admire most, giving them the emotional tools needed to thrive in a challenging world. EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT:

Role play offers children an opportunity to explore their emotions, both good and bad, while building compassion. Children can channel frustration, anger, fear and triumph into the worlds, characters and storylines they create, learning to manage these emotions in healthy ways. For more child development tips and play resources, visit TheGeniusofPlay.org. There may be times when you’d prefer your child finally change out of his or her superhero costume. But by letting kids explore their creativity, you can help them reap the benefits of this type of play.


APRIL 26, 2019



Tips to Guard Against Bites and Burns This Summer STATEPOINT


or families -- and everybody else for that matter -- protecting skin should be a top summer priority. After all, there is no shortage of summer skin woes you’ll want to avoid. From protecting skin from sun to repelling disease-carrying insects, here are some top insights that will help you and your family enjoy a safer, more comfortable summer.


ing NO-AD Naturals Clear Mineral Formula SPF 50, which is developed with naturally sourced active ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, offers broad-spectrum UVA/ UVB protection and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Oxybenzone- and Octinoxate-free – both of which are chemicals considered harmful to coral reefs – this is also a good choice for the eco-conscious. Parents take note: the line, which offers great value, also carries pediatrician-tested versions for kids and babies.

When it comes to sunscreen, it’s important to understand and follow sun safety guidelines. Fewer than half of moms (48 percent) knew the correct amount of sunscreen to apply to the face and body while at the pool, lake or beach, according to a NO-AD Sun Care-commissioned survey on sunscreen. The correct amount of sunscreen to be applied -- or reapplied ‚Äì is at least 2 tablespoons. More alarming still, the majority of those surveyed (54 percent) believe the proper time to apply sunscreen is as soon as they start feeling their skin burning.

Other safe sun habits include limiting time in the sun, especially between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m, and wearing long-sleeve shirts, pants, hats and sunglasses.

Experts say that parents should apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to themselves and children 15 to 20 minutes before going out in the sun in order to give it time to bond to skin, and then reapply at least every two hours or after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating and immediately after towel drying. Unfortunately, 17 percent of moms were unaware that after an initial slathering of sunscreen, they needed to reapply it following extended exposure.

Consider streamlining skin protection with a two-in-one combination such as BullFrog Mosquito Coast SPF 50 Continuous Spray Sunscreen + Insect Repellent, which is DEET-free, Oxybenzone- and Octinoxate-free, and a good choice when you want to pack light or send kids to camp or sports with a simple sunscreen and insect repellant solution.

Beyond application, the type of sunscreen you use matters, too. Luckily, there are quality products at great value, which means you don’t need to skimp on the amount you apply or reapplication. For example, NO-AD has been protecting families for generations at an affordable price per ounce. And for those who want to avoid added fragrance, parabens, alcohol, retinyl palmitate, BPA and dyes, consider try-

BITE-FREE SUMMER Summer days are full of outdoor fun in backyards, parks, baseball diamonds and more. And any time you and your kids are outdoors, you are at risk for insect bites. Unfortunately, a bite can carry risks beyond discomfort. Mosquitoes can carry Zika, West Nile, Dengue Fever and Chikungunya viruses.

(c) famveldman / stock.Adobe.com

Family Practice Areas of specialization:

• Fatigue • Women’s & Men’s Health • Pediatrics • Pain Management • Colonics • Allergy Elimination • Colon/Liver Cleansing • Annual Exams

You can also dodge mosquito bites by wearing loose long sleeves and pants, particularly on hikes, and by keeping your yard free of any standing water. By knowing the facts, you can better ward off bites, burns and other summer skin pitfalls.

Ruth Urand, ND

At the core of Naturopathic Medicine, is the belief that once obstacles to cure are removed and systems are supported the body is able to heal. It is not defined by specific treatment methods or modalities, but is characterized by 6 principles.The physicians at Sound Naturopathic Clinic are experts in natural medicine. We are a family practice offering primary care medicine for everyone from infants to elders. At Sound Clinic you will receive a highly individualized treatment plan and follow-up care that is easily accessible.

20270 Front St. #103 • Poulsbo 360.598.6999 Like us on Facebook


Voted the Best of North Kitsap, six years in a row



APRIL 26, 2019


5 Great Ways to Relieve Stress And integrated Bluetooth audio lets you connect your device wirelessly to this particular model, so you can also kick back and relax and listen to your favorite music through its powerful stereo amplification system.

LAUGH: Laughter reduces physical and mental tension. So when you’re feeling stressed, spend time with friends who make you laugh, turn on your favorite tv show or see some stand-up comedy. Even just smiling can trick you into feeling happier, so if the real laughter isn’t forthcoming, consider the old adage - - fake it ‘til you make it.

(c) milanmarkovic78 / stock.Adobe.com



FIT4MOM is dedicated to providing strength in motherhood by providing classes, resources and support for mamas throughout every stage of motherhood. Through FIT4BABY’s prenatal fitness classes, Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Strides 360, Body Back and Our Village, women have the opportunity to connect with other moms in an environment that encourages and supports motherhood. Classes offered in Silverdale, Bremerton & Poulsbo. Find our schedule at kitsap.fit4mom.com and to sigh up for a class.



tress is a daily part of life but, left unchecked, can be bad for the body, mind and soul. Here are five great ways to reduce tension, relieve stress and feel better.

PRACTICE YOGA: Yoga is a powerful stress reliever as it combines the benefits of stretching, meditation, controlled breathing and exercise all in one package. It’s as simple as unfurling your yoga mat when stress runs high. While studios are easy to find these days, there are plenty of free videos you can find on YouTube when you need to de-stress on your own schedule and at home. PLAY MUSIC: Music can reduce stress, particularly when you are the one playing it. But first you need the right gear. Consider this: these days, you don’t need a grand-sized home to get the grand piano experience. The slim design of digital pianos, such as the PX-S1000, makes it possible to get the feel and sound of a grand piano in a compact design.

TAKE A HIKE: Spending time in nature can reduce stress, ease anxiety and boost feelings of happiness according to the American Heart Association. What’s more, the exercise you get on a hike or other outdoor adventure will boost endorphins, working to trigger positive feelings. Just be sure you take along tools to help you navigate the trail and avoid bad weather. High-tech wearables, such as the Casio Pro Trek PRG650Y-1 watch, will keep both hands free for ease on the trail. Designed for comfort and durability, this watch features Triple Senor technology that tracks bearing, altitude/barometric pressure and temperature. TACKLE YOUR TO-DO LIST: Is the source of your stress a growing to-do list? Pick an item, any item and tackle it today. You’ll feel so much better afterward. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing an item off your to-do list. If it helps, start with the easiest item first. The sense of accomplishment will motivate you to keep going. Whether it’s playing music or going on a nature walk, reducing stress will help you feel happier and boost your sense of well-being.

APRIL 26, 2019



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Post-Concussion Syndrome Can Pose Serious Risk for Student Athletes — Get Expert Treatment

Sittser in white playing defense, voted most improved player after recovery.

Sittser in black at League, she took 2nd place after recovery.

Ysabel Sittser was a shining high school athlete. A longtime wrestler, she had various athletic accolades, including being named the most valuable player on her swim team. But her athletic career was cut short two years ago when she suffered a concussion during a wrestling match her sophomore year.

She also learned that her headaches were the body’s way of getting her to shut down and get the cognitive rest she needed. Because concussions can result in neurometabolic impairment or neurochemical abnormalities, the brain requires cognitive rest — abstention from any mental challenges.

Like many other athletes, Sittser had a general assessment on the sidelines — and was released back to sports a week later. For most people, recovery from a concussion (also called mild traumatic brain injury or mTBI) is relatively fast. But for some, it can cause significant, long-term deficits. Sittser, who was not retested for post-concussion signs, soon began having daily headaches.

Concussions are common in school athletics and in recreational sports. However, researchers estimate that about half of the 3.8 million annual sports-related concussions go unreported.

concussion symptoms include headaches, fatigue, dizziness, balance issues and trouble concentrating. Other frequent symptoms may include mood disturbances, sensitivity to light and sound, and sleep problems.

“I couldn’t do anything an entire spring and summer,” she says. “But I’m back to my life now and I can function again. I never would have gotten better without my concussion team.”

The sports that see the largest share of concussions are football, lacrosse, girls’ soccer, boys’ wrestling and girls’ basketball, according to Dr. Peter Lundblad, family physician and sports medicine doctor at Northwest Family Medicine Residency based at CHI Franciscan’s Harrison Medical Center.

KPT now has two teams, located in Bremerton and Poulsbo, who are certified in post-concussion management. Each two-

But other sports can result in concussions as well — and in fact, you don’t have to be an athlete to be injured.

Parents, coaches, athletic trainers and teachers need to be aware of the symptoms and make sure the injured athlete receives the proper assessment and treatment quickly. Because sports concussions are unique, they require a multidisciplinary approach. It’s important to seek treatment from a team that has the expertise and training in concussion management.

“I started having this irritating headache every day about half way through the day but I kept going to practice,” she says. For the next year, as she continued to see numerous specialists including a neurologist, her headaches progressed to daily incapacitating migraines. They were so crippling that she had to stop going to school and spent most of her time in her darkened room avoiding any visual or auditory stimuli. “I couldn’t function. I was dizzy, confused and in pain all the time,” Sittser says. “I also became depressed because I couldn’t do my daily tasks or play sports. I started having cognitive issues, I couldn’t remember things or focus on anything. I started to have passive suicidal thoughts, I just wanted the pain to stop.” It took a year, but Sittser finally received the proper assessment for post-concussion syndrome and a treatment regimen — after her family learned that Kitsap Physical Therapy (KPT) had a team who are certified vestibular and concussion management specialists and are trained in evidence-based protocols for treatment.

person team assesses patients for neurocognitive and vestibular functioning, and then prescribes evidence-based interventions. The assessments include, among other things, cognitive performance, vestibular status and activity tolerance.

“One of our goals in rehab is to reduce the risk of a second impact. Often when it occurs the second impact is not related to sport and may be due to slowed reaction time or impaired attention, says Jennifer Edwards, KPT physical therapist who is part of one post-concussion management team. “We also worry about kids falling behind in school because of visual and/or cognitive problems. We can help improve oculomotor function as well as cognition to improve school and work performance.”

“It doesn’t have to be a hit to the head, but can be something that creates a jolt to the head,” Dr. Lundblad says. “There’s also usually a rotational component or body motion.” He says that individuals who suffer concussions usually realize something doesn’t feel right immediately or within a few minutes. They typically feel foggy, dazed and/or stunned. “There’s some degree of altered sensorium and then the person will develop any number of symptoms,” he says. According to the American Institute of Balance, the most common initial post-

“If your student athlete still has trouble concentrating and has other cognitive deficits that don’t get resolved after the first few weeks, physical and occupational therapy can be very beneficial,” says Erin Jackson, KPT occupational therapist who works on the team with Edwards. “Sometimes the complaint can be quite subtle, like feeling they can’t concentrate at school or being nauseous in the car. These are things that can be easily missed, and adults need to be aware of them.” The Kitsap Sports Concussion Clinic located in Silverdale is the first of its kind in the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula regions. Dr. Lundblad and his colleague Dr. Eduardo Garza specialize in athletic related concussions. They strive to properly diagnose them and work together with a team of providers that often include KPT’s concussion specialists for treatment of student athletes who are suffering with postconcussion syndrome. Now student athletes can get the expert help they need right here in their own community.

Sittser says, “I am so thankful to Dr. Lundblad and the KPT team, they helped me to understand my condition and encouraged me through treatment, they literally saved my life.”

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APRIL 26, 2019


BACK PAIN SLOW YOU DOWN Back pain is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. and is estimated that 60-80% of the population will experience back pain in their lifetime. It is the 3rd most common reason for doctor visits and is estimated to cost Americans $50-100 billion annually in health care costs. Most episodes of back pain are mechanical and will respond to conservative treatment. The McKenzie Method (MDT) is a safe and effective evidencebased protocol of treatment that has become a standard of care for musculoskeletal conditions of the spine and extremities.

Do you or someone you know have back pain….we can help!

An MDT certified therapist will: • Determine a treatment strategy based on response to movement • Education on self care to help ensure full recovery • Restore tolerance to all prior activity and participation • Help to self manage pain in the event of a future episode

For more information visit KitsapPt.com or call today for your FREE consultation BREMERTON 360) 792-1015

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