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LIVING The newest decorating ideas, gardening tips and lifestyle guide to Whidbey Island, 2019. A supplement of the Whidbey News-Times and South Whidbey Record.

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Lively Landscapes builds walls that last Luc d’Aignault is an artist. Not with pencil or paper, but with the hands he uses to carefully shape the land into the vision held in his mind’s eye. He can spend hours thinking about, talking about and working with rocks — what color they are, how many “faces” they have and how they sit together once they’ve been stacked into a sprawling wall. His Langley-based company, Lively Landscapes, offers a variety of services, including landscaping, trail building, excavator work, digging horse graves, making the land ADA-accessible and blackberry bush removal. “I’ve done a ton of blackberry removal,” d’Aignault said. “I always thank the blackberries for keeping me afloat.”

His passion, however, lies in building rock walls.

“I like the permanence of the rock wall,” he said. “If it’s done properly, I know they’re going to outlive me.” D’Aignault describes rocks as “craggly like teeth” and a rock wall as a “marriage between the earth and the rocks.” “I like taking all the pieces of the rocks and making them a team,” he said. “Each rock has its space in the wall. It’s fun to find that rock a home.” The sign of a good, well-built rock wall is one that can withstand harsh weather


fine furnishings

conditions and stay solid over years of wear and tear, he said. “Rock walls that I’ve built, you could smash a car into, and the car is going to get messed up,” he said.

Stone walls can come in several varieties, according to d’Aignault. There’s dry-stacked and ones that use mortar. The size of rocks can vary, as can the types. Whidbey Island has many glacial erratic type of rocks, d’Aignault said, and Anacortes is good for blue-green ones. Much of the final look of a rock wall is up to personal preference. Building a rock wall takes some time. D’Aignault works with clients to map out a project, helping them visualize their desired look. “My biggest thing is I always like to meet who I’m making the wall for,” he said. “I like to hear directly from the horse’s mouth.” Consider several factors when thinking about getting a rock wall made,

d’Aignault said. First, a budget. He usually charges by the job, and the price depends on the square footage of the wall and the type of rocks used. He also takes into consideration how


An enticing selection of common and uncommon • plants ••


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CUSTOM SOFAS, LOTS OF BAR & COUNTER STOOLS, GARDEN ART, LONG DINING TABLES, HUNDREDS OF KITCHEN CHAIRS American Alder tops, drawer sides and frames • Plywood drawer bottoms Mortise and tenon joinery add strength • Fluted dowels add strength and longevity • American Alder veneered side panels • English dovetail drawer construction • Whisper-quiet full extension metal ball bearing drawer slides Adjustable glides on the bottom of legs

Hours: Mon - Sat 9:30-5:30, Sun 11-4 919 Riverside Drive  Mount Vernon, WA 98273 www.nwff.com  (360) 424-8455 4 | Island Home Living

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Lavender Wind Whidbey Island

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Rock walls feasible the job is. The more risk, the higher the cost. The type of rock used can be half the cost of the entire project, he said.

D’Aignault describes himself as an artist, perfec-

tionist, flexible, a good teacher, college-educated and a family man. Professionally, his work is classified as dry stone masonry, meaning he doesn’t use mortar to lay the stones together. He’s worked in the business for nearly 20 years and worked for himself since 2005. He’s proud of his excavator that he uses to move heavy items and said it’s like an extension of his hand, complete with a “thumb” for grabbing. Since his company is small, he prefers to work with clients who he can keep in close contact about the progress of the job, he said. “I like working with the customer,” he said. “I enjoy what I do.” n Plagued by blackberry bushes? D’Aignault has some advice to fighting the stubborn plants. First, blackberry bushes need to be dug out by the roots. He uses specialized machines to make sure the deepest roots are pulled out. Then, he suggests putting another type of hearty invasive plant in, such as grass or clover, that will prevent the bushes from returning. He doesn’t use pesticides, due to his concerns about salmon. Be sure to keep mowing over the grass or clover as it grows.

Luc d’Aignault sits on a rock wall he built about 10 years ago. The wall is a dry stack, local glacial erratic granite wall, he said. He likes to get his rocks from a variety of places, such as bluegreen ones from Anacortes and the darker “black ace” rocks from south east of Whidbey. His current project on his property uses South Whidbey local granite. His trusty excavator does the heavy lifting as he navigates the controls.


Dream it. We’ll help you do it. Wherever you’re headed in life, we’ll help you get there. Choose from a wide selection of products that fit your life, whether you’re buying your first home or planning for retirement. Our bankers will work alongside you to find solutions that fit your goals today and into the future. Clinton | 8786 SR 525 | 360.341.5238

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More than a community bank. A community oƒ banks.

HeritageBankNW.com | 800.455.6126 | Member FDIC

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Getting smart Five ways to upgrade your home with new tech


FULL SOUND No matter the size of your home, you can create the ambiance of a concert hall with the latest technology. Even the slimmest electronic pianos today have the potential to retain a sophisticated keyboard touch and authentic timbre of a grand piano.

You cut the lawn, pruned the plants and trimmed the trees. You cut the lawn, pruned the plants and trimmed the trees. You cut lawn, the plants and the What you with the waste? You cut the theshould lawn, pruned pruned thedo plants and trimmed trimmed the trees. trees. What should you do with the waste? What What should should you you do do with with the the waste? waste?

THE RIGHT LIGHT You can set the right mood for the right occasion in every room of your house by creating programmed scenarios through a smart lighting system. A smart lighting app can also improve home security, making your home looked lived in while you are away.


GREATER CLIMATE CONTROL Heading to the airport but forgot to adjust your thermostat? Want your home to be a comfortable temperature when you arrive home from work? Next-generation, smart thermostats offer you the ability to get a better handle on climate control while potentially lowering your utility bills.



SMART LOCK Give your neighborhood watch group a deserved break and consider investing in smart lock technology. You’ll be able to control your home’s entry points from anywhere through a compatible app, which will also notify you of possible break-ins and tampering. Whether you have guests staying at your place and need to let them in before you get home, or you forgot to lock your front door before leaving the house, a smart lock can offer you convenience and peace of mind.


New technology has the power to make your home safer, more comfortable and better suited to your family’s needs. So, if you’re planning to make some home updates, consider these great ideas for incorporating the latest technologies.

BEEFED UP ENTERTAINMENT You can go beyond a standard home theater and gaming area with the installation of a projector that offers a great quality picture, long-lasting brightness and a fully connectable interface. (StatePoint)

Compost it. Recycle it. Chip it. Compost it. Recycle it. Chip it. But please Compost it. Recycledon’t it. Chip Chipburn it. But it. please don’t burn Compost Recycle it. it.

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6 |

KNOW WHERE YOU CAN BURN OUTDOORS: KNOW YOU CAN BURN OUTDOORS:banned In IslandWHERE County, Washington state permanently In Island residential County, Washington burning yard debrisstate and permanently land-clearingbanned waste in KNOW WHERE YOU CAN BURN OUTDOORS: burning residential yard debris and land-clearing Coupeville, Freeland, Langley and Oak Harbor. waste in KNOW WHERE YOU CAN BURN OUTDOORS: In Island County, Washington permanently Coupeville, Freeland, Langley state and Oak Harbor. banned In Island residential County, Washington burning yard debrisstate and permanently land-clearingbanned waste in PROTECT YOUR HEALTH: burning residential yard debrisand andOak land-clearing Coupeville, Freeland, Langley Harbor. waste in PROTECT YOUR HEALTH: Burning natural vegetation produces pollutants that are Coupeville, Freeland, Langley and OakairHarbor. Burning natural vegetation produces air pollutants that are harmful, especially for children, the elderly and those with PROTECT YOUR HEALTH: harmful, especially for children, the elderly and those with asthma, respiratory illness or heart disease. PROTECT YOUR HEALTH:produces air pollutants that are Burning respiratory natural vegetation asthma, illness or heart disease. Burning vegetation produces air pollutants that are harmful, natural especially for children, the elderly and those with harmful, especially for children, the elderly and those with asthma, respiratory illness or heart For disease. cleaner, healthier alternatives to burning, asthma, respiratory illness or heart disease. For cleaner, healthier alternatives burning, call the Northwest Clean AirtoAgency at call the Northwest Clean Air Agency at nwcleanairwa.gov 360-428-1617 , visit nwcleanair.org For cleaner, healthier alternatives to burning, For cleaner, healthier to burning, ,alternatives visitwaste nwcleanair.org or360-428-1617 call local solid department. callyour the Northwest Clean Air Agency at callyour the Northwest Agency at or call local solid Clean wasteAir department. 360-428-1617, visit nwcleanair.org 360-428-1617 , visit nwcleanair.org Island Home Living or call your local solid waste department. or call your local solid waste department.

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Our basic philosophy at the family-owned Westgate Homes has been constant since the day it opened almost 50 years ago. In our Home Center we can handle any size project from a 907 sq. ft. home to a large 2800 sq. ft. home. We provide land/home packages and have several financing options available including FHA and VA programs. This makes the dream of owning your own home possible for almost everyone. In a very real sense when you invest in a home from Westgate Homes, it is our family doing business with your family.

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BRUCE A. BELL Forestry Mulching It took about five minutes. Five minutes and the machine cleared a 50-foot by 20-foot wall of man-high black berry bushes and small trees. All that was left was a layer of mulch. “You can’t beat that,” laughed Clinton property owner Troy Yale. “I was going to do it myself; it probably would have taken me a week.”

Yale hired landscaper Bruce Bell to clear a few acres of his rural property off French Road. Like many parcels on Whidbey, it’s overrun with heavy brush and invasive species, including blackberries. He wanted them gone but didn’t want to overly tear up the property either. Bell was a natural choice.

The South Whidbey business owner has earned a reputation for “green” land-clearing practices, specifically with his forestry mulching machine. Attached to a rubber-tracked loader, the device resembles a street sweeper but behaves like a lawn mower on steroids. Its large steel teeth make short work of brush and trees up to 12 inches thick, yet the machine is still small enough to weave in and out of heavily forested areas. What’s left behind is a mulch that can be as fine as “sawdust,” Bell said. The machine is an alternative to heavy machinery that

can do a similar job but at a heavier environmental price — usually the removal of a top layer of soil — and without the clean up. After clearing, property owners usually have to pay for removal of debris and or burning. The forestry mulching machine requires neither. “You’re getting the best of both worlds,” Bell said.

Goats are the super-green method of property clearing, one that many on Whidbey have turned to. But these living, breathing munching machines can’t take down larger trees, and their work takes time. Bell says he can usually clear an acre in about two hours.

Bell set up shop in 1994 after a long career in retail sales. He bought the forestry mulching machine about 12 years ago as way to break into the clearing business, but doing it in what he says is a more environmentally friendly way. “It’s really important to me to better Whidbey Island,” he said.

While private property owners make up the bulk of his business, he’s also been employed by organizations such as the Whidbey Camano Land Trust. Jessica Larson, a land steward for the nonprofit, said Bell was hired to clear about five acres for the Dugualla Bay restoration project on North Whidbey and about three acres for restoration of the Waterman Property on South Whidbey.

Larson said Bell’s work was desirable for several reasons. Saving a layer of top soil and avoiding the need to burn aligns with the trust’s environmental values. Similarly, the machine is small enough that it can avoid native species; Bell took the time to walk through the properties with land trust project leaders to mark plants that should be spared. The result was successful, selective clearing. Larson also noted that blackberries are no fun, not for the organization volunteers who often are tasked with their removal, or herself. It’s tough and grueling working that takes a long time.

“They’re kinda the bane of my existence,” Larson said with a chuckle.

Along with the forestry mulching machine, Bell also has a flail mower on an excavator that produces a similar result. It’s attached to an extendable arm that can reach places the forestry mulching machine can’t, such as steep inclines or slippery hillsides.

Bell’s business is based in Freeland, but he does work all over Whidbey Island. He can be reached at 360-331-6254.

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Decorating made easy

Decorating your house doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. Two Whidbey Island professionals with experience making homes look good offer some easy tips and tricks for those looking to upgrade their homes. • Rebecca Robinson with Windermere Real Estate/Whidbey Island has plenty of experience making houses look their best. She is a broker, Realtor and an accredited staging professional, which means she knows how to transform a home from drab to spectacular with her tried and true decorating methods. • Sarah Jean Muncey is the merchandise manager for home goods and gifts at Bayview Farm and Garden and is also a designer. Muncey’s name may be familiar to locals, as she hosts the morning show “What’s Up Whidbey” by Whidbey Telecom. Here is their advice:

Tips and tricks to make your house look put together while expressing personal style. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your house look good.

A good place to start your home decorating journey might be with the mantra “less is more.” For some people, parting with unnecessary items can be really difficult, Robinson said, but getting rid of extra clutter can bring peace of mind as well as a space that’s easier to clean.

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The first thing people see when

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“Area rugs are a great way to define a space,” Robinson said. She especially likes adding in rugs to open-floor plan houses because “it makes walls without walls.”


“It’s been said a million times by every designer you’ve ever met, but it


A room before and after decluttering and decorating. In the after photo, the room appears bright, spacious and is pleasing to look at. Photos provided by Rebecca Robinson.

Still haven’t seen the light?

Landscape & House Plants Fruits & Veggies Home & Garden Decor Quality Soil Mixes Bark & Mulch Crushed Rock & Round Rock Flagstone, Blocks & Pavers Gardening Supplies Yard Waste Disposal We Deliver! EW EY N S GR DB 8

Define spaces



• • • • • • • • • •

entering a house is lighting, according to Robinson. There is a wide variety of lighting options to brighten up your house, including lamps or expanded natural lighting. But beyond that, there are choices in what tone, brightness level or bulb style, all of which can change the mood of a room. Mirrors are another option to reflect light and make a space appear bigger, Robinson said.

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Decorating will always hold true. Paint can completely change a room,” Muncey said in an email. Choose a bright, clean shade to make a room feel larger or choose a darker shade for an accent wall, she said. She highly recommends people use primer; it really does make a difference, Muncey said. Robinson also emphasizes the importance of paint and said it’s an easy way to redecorate. “It’s probably one of the cheapest things you can do to change up a look and get the most impact for the least amount of money,” she said. But people should start with a test

patch before redoing an entire wall, she said, such as a two-by-two square with the new color. This allows people to see how it looks in all manner of light and test whether the color dries an unexpected shade. “Live with it for at least a couple of days,” Robinson said.

with items you cherish and considering how the space makes you feel is important, according to both Robinson and Muncey. Adding in plants can bring in a breath of life and oxygenate your space, Muncey said. Decorators can repurpose cherished items as well. Perhaps you have a driftwood collection that would also make excellent decor.

Pops of color


Vases, artwork, pillows, picture frames are all good ways to add in pops of color, Robinson said. Color can draw the eye in and add a touch of personal expression. Knobs and handles can also be swapped out.

Love your space

Loving where you live, filling your house

Stumped for ideas? No artistic eye? There’s no shame in getting inspiration from outside sources, such as Pinterest, do-ityourself videos and online stores. Bargain hunting is another way to save money and spark inspiration. But if all else fails, consider bringing in outside help. “Maybe have some friends over and have

Decorating can be a fun project that results in a satisfying space to live. Robinson utilized several of her decorating tips here.

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a decorating party,” Robinson said. “Have some wine and cheese and invite your friends that have taste if you don’t.”


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North Puget Sound Association of Realtors 2018 AWARDS

Every year, the North Puget Sound Association of Realtors® honors a select group of outstanding people from the membership and the greater community. We are proud to recognize these leaders for their dedication to their industry and their contributions to the communities they serve, protection of private property rights, education, fundraising and other charitable work.

REALTOR® of the Year:

Affiliate of the Year:

Rookie of the Year:

Paige Bates

Marty Lehr

DiAnn Sager

RE/MAX Acorn Properties

Chicago Title Company

RE/MAX Gateway

Realtor Community Service Distinguished Service Award: Award Susan Cooper

Erik Mann

NextHome Preview Properties

Citizen of the Year:

Mike McClaughry MVPD (ret.)

Windermere Whidbey Island Oak Harbor

Award of Excellence Recipients The “Award of Excellence” is a service provided to the members of the North Puget Sound Association of REALTORS® for the purpose of honoring members of the Association who have achieved certain and specific high standards of qualification. The “Award of Excellence” is to recognize REALTORS® for their outstanding contributions to the Association and the real estate community.

Gold Award Recipients Bert Clay John L Scott Anacortes

Karen Everett

Coldwell Banker Bain

Scott Friedl Keller Williams Western Realty

Dominic Pettruzzelli Keller Williams Western Realty

Kathi Phillips

RE/MAX Acorn Properties Oak Harbor

Bronze Award Recipients

Silver Award Recipients Shawn Danley Windermere Skagit Valley

Sara Fish

Lee Ann Dean

NextHome Preview Properties

NextHome Preview Properties

Terri Neilon

RE/MAX Acorn Properties Oak Harbor

Kristen M-M Tuttle Steve Zimmerman

Designated Realtor Gold Award Recipients

NextHome Preview Properties

Team Gold Award Recipients Terri Neilon

RE/MAX Acorn Properties Oak Harbor

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Brown McMillen Real Estate

Amber Soria Soria Real Estate

The Mayo Home Team

Anya Mayo RE/MAX Gateway Jacki Mayo RE/MAX Gateway



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Hello, neighbor.

Whidbey Telecom is the trusted, local provider of internet, voice, security and entertainment services. We make home technology simple and worry-free so you can live life fully. APPROACHABLE EXPERTISE

We make our products and services easy to understand and use, making sure technology never distracts from life.


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