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January 2019

Two important measures for all students and schools on Feb. 12, 2019 ballot Renton School voters will decide on two important measures to support student learning on the February 12, 2019 ballot. Even with approval of the two-item package, tax-rates for district property owners will continue to decrease. Read more about each measure, and how tax-rates will continue to decline, in this brochure. Building for Excellence School Construction Bond will allow for important construction and improvement projects at nearly every school. Also on the ballot is a much-needed, additional elementary school in the fast-growing northeast (Highlands/Sunset) area of the district.

Renton School District Tax-Rate (per $1,000 of assessed property value) With Approval of Both Measures $5.39 $4.99 $4.61



2019 Tax Rate*

2020 Tax Rate*

Education & Operations Replacement Levy provides nearly 19 cents of every dollar spent in classrooms and schools each day (nearly $56 million/per year). The Replacement Levy will renew the district’s current three-year levy which expires in 2019. This is not a new tax: Voter approval is required to continue this important source of funding, which contributes to student success and classroom/teacher support. Renton School District tax-rates will continue to decline even as voters approve these two measures. Because of improvements in property value assessments, tax-rates for Renton School District citizens have steadily declined over the past few years.That tax-rate reduction will continue over the next several years even as voters approve the two measures on the Feb. 12, 2019 ballot.

2016 Tax Rate

2017 Tax Rate

2018 Tax Rate

*Estimated decrease in Renton School District tax rate from 2018 to 2020 is $1.09 per/$1,000 of assessed value:

That means the owner of a median priced home of $378,000 will save more than $412 per year in taxes. Decreasing tax rates are due in part to increases in assessed property value, reducing district tax-rates for individual taxpayers.

two Important election measures for all

Renton students now and into the future!

Your Vote Counts! Mail Your Ballot by Feb. 12, 2019 Merasure 1: Building for Excellence School Construction Bond

Measure 2: Replacement Education And Operations Levy

This measure allows building a muchneeded additional elementary school to accommodate growth in the northeast (Highlands/Sunset/Hazen High) area of the district. And improvements and renovations to nearly every school in the district.

This Replacement Levy provides local funding for local schools ($56 million/ year) spent in classrooms for student learning. • Classroom Materials • Maintain Class Size • Teacher Salaries • School Support Staff • School Cleanliness & Maintenance • School Bus Transportation, Fuel and Maintenance • School Lunches • Music, Theater, Arts • Athletics • Much More This is not a new tax: It replaces a measure voters approved in 2016 and expires in Dec. 2019

• Additional Elementary School • Additional Learning Spaces at High Schools • Safety and Security at Schools • Roofs • Boilers, Heating, Cooling Ventilation • Classroom Climate Controls • Turf & Tracks at Renton Stadium and Hazen & Lindbergh High Schools • School Ballfields/Playgrounds • Much more

Voters can reduce the number of portable classrooms at elementary schools If approved by voters, the School Construction Bond measure will allow the construction of a muchneeded additional elementary school in the fast-growing northeast section of the district (Highlands/ Sunset area). The new school will mean fewer portable classrooms are needed at district elementary schools. The work can be completed all while district tax-rates continue to decrease. See what's listed for your neighborhood school at

Renton School District Tax-Rates Will Continue To Decrease! Because of improved property values these measures will not increase district tax-rates. Even with approval of both measures, the combined total district tax-rate will drop to $3.52/per $1,000 of assessed value; that’s down from the current tax rate of $4.61/per $1,000 of assessed value:

A savings of $462 per year for the owner of a $400,000 home.

Military veteran now spends holidays teaching Renton students Beth Schwaigert, a fifth-grade teacher at Highlands Elementary School, enjoyed the holiday season like many of us, with her family and friends here in the Puget Sound area. But just a few short years ago, Beth was spending Christmas at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait, serving as a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army. For two decades, Beth served her country with tours in Korea and deployments in the Middle East. In 2014, she retired from the service to start a new life and career as an educator. The transition was a bit daunting: “For 20 years, I’ve known where to go and what to wear,”

said Beth. She had already earned bachelor’s degrees from Pacific Lutheran University and Gonzaga University. For her next career, she returned to school to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching from City University. Beth has now taught children at Highlands Elementary School for three years. And, she's also a product of the Renton School District having attended Campbell Hill Elementary, Dimmitt Middle School, and graduated from Renton High School.

Students in Renton Schools helped others and learned valuable lessons during the holidays Teaching children to care for others is as important as ensuring they learn reading, writing, mathematics, science and other school subjects. During the holiday season, students in elementary to high school worked hard to ensure others were cared for and felt some holiday spirit. Like Dimmitt Middle School students who visited Merrill Gardens retirement village to sing Christmas carols and bring residents some holiday joy. Renton Park Elementary School students collected over 3,000 donation items for the Renton Food Bank. Hazelwood Elementary students held a toy drive collecting boxes of new toys. Some students even chose to give up their own toys to help those less fortunate. Students across the district are learning at a young age about the importance of helping others.

Sports programs, Stadium and high school field turf and tracks, elementary playfields and more, all impacted by Feb. 12 election measures Sports, athletics and student activities are all very important to a student's growth, development, self-esteem, and self-discovery. School sports programs, like the girls bowling team from Hazen High (pictured), are made possible thanks to continued voter support of Renton School District's Education and Programs Replacement Levy. Our current levy expires in Dec. 2019, and voters have the opportunity to replace the expiring levy on Feb. 12, 2019 election ballot. Also on the ballot is the School Construction

Bond measure which will replace field turf and tracks at Renton Stadium and Hazen and Lindbergh high schools. Playfields at elementary and middle schools will also be upgraded if the bond measure is approved by voters. Voters can continue these programs on the two equally-important measures on the Feb. 12, 2019 ballot. Even with support, Renton School District tax-rates will continue to decrease. Read more at

We can only improve if we’re listening to, and engaging, those we serve Public and private organizations can only improve if they are listening to, and engaging, the people they serve. In Renton School District, we’re working to continuously hear from students, staff, families and our communities, so that all who serve students, are working to improve.

Hearing the voice of youth Student representatives from all district high schools recently had a chance to share their insights and wisdom with district principals. A panel of eight students from all district high schools were guest speakers at a principal’s monthly meeting. The students shared what connects students to classrooms and schools; what they expect from their teachers; what teachers can expect from them; and how schools, from elementary to high school, can improve to ensure students get a good education and move on to productive, successful lives. Quotes from the high school students included: • For most teachers, their expectations of us is based on our expectations of ourselves.

Hearing from our communities Citizens throughout Renton School District can learn more about the upcoming measures on the Feb. 12, 2019 election ballot. Whether you have children or grandchildren in the district, the measures on the ballot impact the education of our children, our community’s future, property values and more. Three identical presentations are planned at different areas of the district, with one close to you: • Thursday, Jan. 10, 6-7 PM, Lindbergh High School (cafeteria) 16426 128th Ave SE, Renton

• Most teachers want us to succeed and go on to happy productive lives. • I’ve learned a lot about myself and life doing community service projects.

• Wednesday, Jan. 16, 6-7 PM, Renton High School (library) 400 South 2nd Street, Renton • Thursday, Jan. 17, 6-7 PM, Hazen High School (cafeteria) 1101 Hoquiam Ave NE, Renton

• I would tell my elementary-aged self to 'stop pressuring yourself and trying so hard to succeed for everyone else. You’re going to be fine, and eventually, happy.

Hearing from families on how to better connect home and school Honey Dew Elementary families recently met to have meaningful conversations with each other and share insights into parenting, their hopes and dreams for their children and family, and how schools and families can work together to improve

student learning. More than 30 Honey Dew families attended a Community Café, designed less like a meeting and more an opportunity to learn from one another. The diverse group of families had candid conversations about the anxieties of parenting, factors that cause students to be late to school, and other school and non-school topics. Something that resonated with everyone in the group, is the hope and desire that their children are happy, healthy, successful, and well-cared for by all the adults in their lives. Events like the Community Cafés are part of Renton School District’s Core Values of improving family and community engagement.

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Renton Specials - Renton School District January 2019