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Okanogan County71stFair Annual Thursday, September 6th to Sunday, September 9th



71st Annual

Okanogan County Fair THursday, SeptEMBER 6

ALL DAY PUD Youth Pole Climb 9:00am Market Steer Judging-Steer Barn/ Market Swine Judging-Swine Barn/Rabbit Judging-Rabbit Barn 9:00-3:00pm Junior, Intermediate and Senior Horse Fitting and Showing Classes, Youth Halter Classes, and Riding Classes -Rodeo arena and North arena


9:00 Fitting and Showing classes-ALL Barns 9:00-3:00 Youth Western, Trail, English & Driving classes- North arenas 11:00 Jeff Martin/Magic-Rotary stage 11:00 Poultry Fitting and Showing-Poultry Barn 11:00 Mutton bustin-north end


8:00-12:00 Horse Games-Rodeo and North arenas 9:00 Fairgrounds open to the Public 9:00 FFA/4-H Livestock Judging followed by Agronomy judging 10:00 Round Robin Fitting and Showing Contest Small animals-South end 10:00 Joe Stoddard-Rotary stage 10:00 Cooking with a Propane Camp Stove Demonstration - Girl Scouts

Sunday, SeptEMBER 9

8:00 Worship with Nicole Unser and Cowboy church with Al Parsons-Rotary stage 8:00 Rabbit Barn Awards-Rabbit Barn 9:30 Parade of Champions-Rotary stage

10:00 FFA/4-H Produce Judging ContestHorticulture Building 11:00 Jeff Martin/Magic-Rotary stage 12:00 Longhorns-Rotary stage 12:00-3:00 FFA Tractor Driving Contest-by the Rodeo arena 1:00 Bottle Baby Calf Show-Beef Show ring 1:00 Market Lamb Judging-Sheep Barn 1:00 Joe Stoddard-Rotary stage

1:30 Grade and Purebred Breeding Class-Beef barn 2:30 Greg Johnston-Rotary stage 3:30 Mutton Bustin-north end 4:00 Joe Stoddard-Rotary stage 4:30 Little People Fitting and Showing-Sheep Barn 5:30 Jeff Martin/Hypnotist-Rotary stage 6:00 Mutton Bustin-North end

6:00 Lads and Lassies competition- Sheep barn 6:30 Cat classes and fashion show-Cat Barn 6:30 Youth Horsemanship Class-Rodeo arena 7:00 Fair Queen Pageant-Rotary Stage 8:00/Dark Fun Flix outdoor movie-south end of the fairgrounds 10:00 Fairgrounds close

12:15 Joe Stoddard-Rotary stage 1:00 Bottle Baby calf show-Beef show ring 2:00 Longhorns-Rotary stage 2:30 Jeff Martin/Hypnotist-Rotary stage 4:00 Joe Stoddard 4:30 Dynamic Duos Competition-Sheep Barn

4:30 Mutton bustin-north end 5:00 Adult Fitting and Showing-Sheep Barn 5:00 Nashville Stars-Rotary stage 6:30 Briana Renea-Rotary stage 6:30 Cat Fitting and Showing-Cat Barn 6:30 Mutton bustin-north end

7:00 ProWest Rodeo 7:00 Rabbit Agility-Rabbit Barn 8:30 Branch and Dean-Rotary stage 10:15 Mr Pickles Karaoke 12:00 Fairgrounds closed

11:00 Best Dressed Rabbit Contests-Rabbit Barn 11:00 Round Robin Fitting and Showing Contest-Large animals-South end 11:30 Longhorns-Rotary stage 12:00 Eating contests-Rotary stage 12:30 Jeff Martin/Magic- Rotary stage 1:00 Horse racing-Grandstand 1:00 Kay Sibley/Speaker/History of Orcharding dating back to 1850-Commercial building. Followed by: Carol Buswell/Educational

Specialist for Archives & Records/family history and census compiled since 1755 1:00 Team roping and Barrel racing-Rodeo arena 1:00 Mutton bustin-North end 2:00 Poultry Costume contest-Poultry barn 2:00 Nashville Stars-Rotary stage 3:00 Market stock auction-Berg Pavilion 3:30 Jeff Martin/Hypnotist-Rotary stage 3:30 Mutton bustin-north end 4:15 Joe Stoddard-Rotary stage

5:00 Brittany Jean-Rotary stage 6:00 Mutton bustin-north end 6:00 First Aid in the Outdoors Demonstration -Girl Scouts 6:30 Company Band-Rotary stage 7:00 ProWest Rodeo, Andalusian Dancing Horses with Tony Perez and Rancho Los Lagos 8:30 Jeremy McComb-Rotary stage 10:15 Mr Pickles Karaoke-Rotary stage 12:00 Fairgrounds close

10:30 Mood Swings-Rotary stage 11:00 Horse Races-north end 11:30 Lota Duarte-Rotary stage 12:00 Kids horse playday-rodeo arena

12:00 Sign-ups for Mutton Busting Finals 12:30 Mutton Busting Championship 12:30 Nicole Unser-Rotary stage 1:00 Fur and Feather Auction-Berg Pavilion

2:00 Okanogan County Fair queen coronationrotary stage 3:00 Fair closes

175 Rodeo Trail Road, Okanogan • 509-422-1621 • www.okfair.org

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Enjoy The Okanogan County Fair

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Queen Shelby welcomes you to the fair Katie Keane is candidate for 2019 The feel of fall is in the air and with the changes of the season, the preparations for the Okanogan County Fair is in full swing. “I am beyond grateful to carry the title of 2018 Okanogan County Fair Queen. I am 16- years-old and attend Liberty Bell High School as a sophomore. I have been a participant of the Okanogan County fair for 11 years, showing pigs and beef. I am currently the president of the Methow Valley Cascaders 4-H club. I enjoy spending time with my family, boating, skiing, wrestling and riding my horse. I am more than excited to represent the Okanogan County Fair this year at the many events and rodeos I will be attending. I hope you join

me to celebrate the 71st annual Okanogan County Fair,” said 2018 Okanogan County Fair Queen Shelby White. “Let’s Stirrup Some Fun!” There is only one candidate for the 2019 Okanogan County Fair this year, Miss Katie Keane of Tonasket. She will be a sophomore at Tonasket High School. Keane is heavily involved in several sports and extracurricular activities. She says


she has been an exhibitor at fair since she was old enough to sit on a horse. She takes pigs to the fair as well. The Fair Queen Committee invites everyone to the Okanogan County Fair to enjoy the food, celebrate the hard work of the county’s youth and adult exhibitors and to join them for the annual Fair Queen Pageant and Coronation.


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It’s a family affair at the fair



TONASKET — Harper, Wyatt and Bristol, brother and sisters, from Tonasket, are excited to be entering a steer, pig, bunny and chicken in this year’s Okanogan County Fair. The fair is something that is very important to the family. The children’s mother, Karen Latimer, has been involved with the fair since she was two-years-old. Latimer says that teaching her children the responsibility of raising animals that are completely dependant on them and how to manage their money, while reaping the rewards of their hard work, are all values she wants to teach her children through the experience of the fair. “The kids spend most of their summer days in with their animals in the pens. Whether they are working with them or feeding them. They always go out first thing in the morning and again in the evening before they eat their own dinner,” said Latimer. Along with raising the animals, the children have learned perse-

Karen Latimer/submitted photos

Right, Wyatt McDaniel, Harper Latimer and Bristol Latimer are getting geared up for the Okanogan County Fair. Above, Wyatt stands with his cow that he will show in the fair, and Harper hold her bunny, Jack. verance and patience. According to the children’s mother, waiting for fair to arrive is hard for the kids to understand. The kids love dressing their chickens and bunnies and making creative costumes for their animals. Raising animals brings lots of adventure and fun moments for the kids. “Early this spring, while having their cousins over, the piglets’ gate had been left open and the

tiny little things escaped. It was a wild race to capture them. It was hilarious watching the kids trying to get them back in their pen,” she said. The fair is a family event and one the Latimer family looks forward to every year. The kids are already thinking of what they want to take next year. “We love the fair, it’s a great learning experience for the kids and we look forward to it year round.”

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TONASKET — The brother and sister duo, Grace Cory and Lucas Cory, love this time of year, and are excitedly ready for the 2018 Okanogan County Fair. Grace, a junior and Lucas a freshman are part of FFA at the Tonasket High School. They are taking their pigs, Fiona and Gina. Prior to high school the two children entered their livestock through the Junior Open program. The children have always been apart of the fair, also taking jams, and entering photography. The Cory family said that Fair is a big part of their

life and they look forward to it every year. According to the Cory’s, routine is key for success when raising pigs. “We are learning to be independent, how to get up early, get the feed and start cleaning the stalls and be done before a certain time,” said Grace,“ I have learned a lot about responsibility from raising and showing pigs over the six years that I have participated in fair, I have only ever taken pigs, no other animal.” Lucas, who is also a wrestler for the Tonasket High School, is a bit more quiet than his sister Grace. According to his mother, Jenny Cory, he is less social and has grown

to be more outgoing and confident through the process. “Lucas is not at all, an all eyes on me kind of person, so being in the ring has been a huge deal for him,” said Jenny, “The fair has been very good for him.” Grace says that this is her fifth year and her family helps to make Fair experience possible. “Our family pushes us through so that we do good, and make us do everything ourselves, so that we can do it without them,” Lucas shared that there’s a lot of pressure building, as the fair gets closer, the pigs need to weigh in at least 230 pounds.

“Mine is fine but Grace’s pig is a bit behind,” said Lucas. The last time the kids weighed their pigs, which

was a sixteen day span between weigh ins, each pig had gained thirty five pounds. Both kids said that their

pigs have a very friendly personalities and are easy going and while it’s s a lot work and commitment, it’s worth it all.


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Kylar Anderson readies ‘Copper’ for the fair



OROVILLE — Last year Kylar Anderson made the transition from raising a chicken to exhibit at the Okanogan County Fair to a pig. This will be her second year of showing a pig at the fair. Having won a Reserve Champion for her chicken in the past, she followed up in 2017 with a Reserve Grand Champion with her pig. She has high hopes again this year with her new pig, Copper. But first, Copper needs to go on a diet. “He was within two pounds of not being eligible,” said Kylar, who was making sure her hog wasn’t getting into any of the other pigs feed and only got to eat his own. For now her pig and a couple others are being

boarded near Lake Osoyoos — they’ve even gotten to go for a swim in the lake on a hot summer day. In addition to making sure the pigs get fed and groomed, she also trains with them, getting them ready for the show ring.

Kylar, who paid for the piglet she bought in Curlew, also has to also pay for the pig’s feed herself, according to her mom, Kindra Anderson. For now, says Kylar, the pig is eating “regular” feed. It will be switched to

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“finishing” feed two weeks before the fair. While she made good money for her pig last year, she said selling the pig is the hardest part of exhibiting. “I was glad about the money, but pretty sad to see him go,” she said. Other Oroville kids raising pigs include Reagan

Kindra Anderson/submitted photos

Left, Kylar Anderson let the pigs go for a swim on a hot summers day. Above, Kylar holds her fair pig, Copper, when he was still a piglet. Whiteaker, Alex DelRosario and Kane and Brody Booker. Kylar’s little brother,

Colt, is showing a chicken this year, his third year of doing so.




That’s some pig

Gary DeVon and submitted photos

Klyar Anderson (above) trains with her hog, Copper, every day getting him ready for the showing at the fair. Other kids raising swine for the fair are (clockwise from top), Brody Booker, Kane Booker, Reagan Whiteaker and Alex DelRosario.

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Okanogan PUD is all geared up for the Okanogan County Fair! Join us at the Safety Trailer and Youth Pole Climb on Thursday and get a kid’s shirt! Come by our booth in the Agriplex to win prizes and learn more of what the PUD has to offer! Proudly serving our communities with dedication, integrity and professionalism since 1945

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County Fair - Okanogan County Fair 2018  


County Fair - Okanogan County Fair 2018