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Join the day of giving! Change lives in your community!



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Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits


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Change lives in your community.

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The Kitsap Great Give?

What is the Kitsap Great Give? The Kitsap Great Give is an annual day of giving during which anyone, anywhere can go to www.kitsapgreatgive. org and donate as much as they want to as many registered nonprofits as they want in a single transaction. All the nonprofits registered are 501(c)(3) charities based in or serving Kitsap or Mason counties and it is totally free for the nonprofits to participate. In 2018, we embark upon the fifth annual Kitsap Great Give! Each year has been a record-breaker and last year, nearly 4,000 donors raised $1.63 million dollars for nonprofits based in or serving Kitsap and/or North Mason Counties. Those dollars changed lives of our community members and since last year, nonprofits participating in the Kitsap Great Give have touched the lives of community members in a positive way over 1 million times. You are the key to investing in our community and giving this amazing gift to our local nonprofits! You and the thousands of other residents on the Kitsap Peninsula can go to www. kitsapgreatgive.org on April 24, and change lives in your community. The minimum donation is $10, and when thousands of people give $10, it adds up to some pretty big numbers.

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Why should I bother to donate online on April 24? There are over 300,000 reasons to take part on April 24. Those 300,000+ reasons are the residents of Kitsap and North Mason County! The nonprofits in our counties touch the lives of every resident in one way or another. Even if you don’t know they exist, or don’t use them, those organizations are working to make life better for all our residents in ways you might not expect. Many people don’t realize just how many nonprofits there are in Kitsap and North Mason, or the impact that they make in our community. This year we have 314 nonprofits participating. Those organizations are all charitable organizations – they don’t make a profit – they exist to serve others. They feed the hungry, house the homeless, help victims of sexual assault, help children learn music and sports, help animals find homes, provide school supplies for kids, honor veterans, preserve public lands, support parks, teach kids leadership, and much more! This is your chance to join in, change the lives of your fellow community members, and share your resources with the causes that matter most to you. You can research those nonprofits at www. kitsapgreatgive.org.

One of the most exciting reasons to give on April 24, is that, unlike any other day of the year, if you donate to nonprofits via the Kitsap Great Give, our sponsors will add money to your donation! This year, our sponsors have provided $180,000 for us to give to nonprofits on top of your donation! For instance, if you donate $100 to a nonprofit through www.kitsapgreatgive.org that day, the nonprofit may actually receive $110 or more dollars. All participating nonprofits that receive a donation on April 24 will get part of the Bonus Bucks.

in, and donate to as many registered nonprofits as you want in a single transaction. That’s it! The minimum donation is $10, there is no maximum, all your donations can be tax deductible, and you can choose to cover the credit card processing fees if you want to. If you are nervous you’ll forget or won’t have time on April 24, you can schedule an email reminder, or you can fill out the donation form now, and we’ll wait until April 24 to process your donations! All the descriptions of the registered nonprofits are already online at www. kitsapgreatgive.org and you can read all about them now, if you like.

In fact, YOU can even donate to the Bonus Bucks on April 24, and your donation will be split We’ll keep a running total in among all the nonprofits! real-time of the total amount Just go to www. Communities are raised so far; so you can kitsapgreatgive. check in throughout the stronger when we stick org, and choose day and check on how “Bonus Pool” from together, so join in the day of your favorite nonprofits the Leaderboard are doing. giving and help change lives in dropdown menu. Communities are our community. So how exactly stronger when we stick See you April 24. together, so join in does it work? the day of giving and www.kitsapgreatgive.org It’s pretty simple. help change lives in your From 12:00 a.m. to community. See you on 11:59 p.m. on April April 24! 24, you can go to www. kitsapgreatgive.org, research registered nonprofits you are interested

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Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits

The Kitsap Community Foundation By: Kol Medina, CEO The Kitsap Community Foundation, in partnership with our Presenting Partner, the United Way of Kitsap County, is pleased to produce the Kitsap Great Give. We don’t make any money off of hosting it, it’s just one of the things the Foundation does to meet our mission – connecting people who care with causes that matter.

Helping Our Community With The Kitsap Great Give Kitsap and North Mason are an extremely generous community! With 314 participating nonprofits, the Kitsap Great Give provides a chance to showcase just how generous this community is. Last year, we raised $1.63 million for Kitsap, and changed lives in our community. We can’t wait to see what our community will do this year! If you are new to the Kitsap Great Give, then go to page XXX and read all about it.

Grants & Scholarships Kitsap Community Foundation is YOUR community foundation. Our purpose is to improve our community by working to improve the nonprofits in our community, working to increase philanthropy in our community, and providing leadership in our nonprofit sector. We started making grants to nonprofits in 1999. Since that time, the Foundation has distributed more than $6.5M in grants, contributions, and scholarships.

KCNE In 2015, Kitsap Community Foundation, Olympic College Foundation, and United Way of Kitsap County co-sponsored the Kitsap Center for Nonprofit Excellence (“KCNE”). KCNE was founded to provide deeper, regular, and more integrated continuing education to our county’s nonprofit community. Our hope is for KCNE to grow

into a multi-faceted provider of trainings, networking opportunities, and leadership development for Kitsap County nonprofits. You can find out more at www.kcnestrong.org.

Kitsap Strong We also helped found Kitsap Strong, a collaboration started by Kitsap Community Foundation, The Suquamish Tribe, United Way of Kitsap County, and the Kitsap Public Health District. This is a long-term collective impact initiative focused on preventing and mitigating the impacts of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), thereby alleviating inter-generational poverty throughout our community. Kitsap Strong will create longterm beneficial change in our community. You can find out more at www.kitsapstrong.org.

Growing Your Endowment How do we make all of this happen? Mainly it happens through an endowment of money – think of it like a rich kid’s trust fund, except that it is for you – for the entire county. This is our central program, in which we work to grow an endowment of money that will provide grants to and programs for the nonprofits in our community FOREVER.

Your endowment is now at about $12 million and growing! There are many ways you can contribute to the community endowment. • You can donate through the Kitsap Great Give (choose Community Endowment Fund). • You can become a Legacy Leader by naming the Foundation in your will. • You can open a scholarship, or start your own fund. We have a number of different types of funds to help you give back to your community in a way that works best for you. Explore how we can help you invest in your community forever on our website, www.kitsapfoundation. org or by contacting Kol Medina, President and CEO at kol@kitsapfoundation.org or 360698-3622. Let us partner with you in your personal philanthropy!

We have always been about the difference we can make in our community & how best to help those in need. Our mission is to mobilize community resources to improve people’s lives through leveraged investments, collaborative partnerships and capacity building initiatives. One way we work to increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another is by hosting www. volunteerkitsap.org. VolunteerKitsap is our virtual volunteer center. We recruit potential volunteers to register so they can connect with opportunities. We work with organizations to build their volunteer needs & events so volunteers can connect with them. This is our event management tool for our annual Day of Caring. We encourage youth to use this as a way to connect to opportunities for work experience, and earning their service hours for graduation as well as scholarship opportunities. As your local United Way, we work to be a community builder, connecting people to the larger community through philanthropy and volunteerism. By being connected – Living United – we will win the fight for the health, education, and financial stability of all in Kitsap County. Your investments make the difference. Thank you for making United Way of Kitsap County one of your Great Give designees.


Change lives in your community.

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 5

How Communities Prosper By Ani Gatz As a child, I lived in Texas for several years, near my grandmother, whom I called “Memaw”. Her family came to the Southwest by way of Appalachia, and Memaws are of the utmost importance in that culture. It was no different for me, and my memories of summers spent with Memaw remain vivid. During a West Texas summer, shade is a precious commodity, and one of my favorite activities when the afternoon sun scorched the back of the house was roller-skating down the concrete ramp on Memaw’s shady front porch. The ramp was for my uncles, both of whom had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and were therefore wheelchairbound. I don’t remember my uncle Danny, but uncle Billy was one of my favorite people in the world. One summer afternoon, he rolled out onto the porch and played his harmonica while one of my sisters and I roller-skated down the ramp, giggling as we tumbled into the prickly brown front lawn. “I remember when we got this thing and Mama cried.” He said. “Why would she cry over a ramp?” I asked. “Because it was so expensive. But the MDA helped us get it, or maybe it was people from the church, I can’t remember. It made her happy that people helped us.” “Who?” I wondered. “The Muscular Dystrophy Association.” “Who are they?” “Just people in the community. I mean, they are a group, but local people belong to it here and they help each other out.

Just nice to have a helping hand.” He went back to playing his harmonica. I still didn’t understand why Memaw cried. I was very young and had no real concept of finances, death, or disease – Uncle Billy’s dead body was the first I ever touched (back then, the life expectancy for Duchenne sufferers did not go past the 20’s).

“Why do you do this?” She wanted to know. At the time, I did not have the words to articulate the impact nonprofits had had on my life, how they are such a precious, needed, wonderful part of communities. I couldn’t explain how those nonprofits are really just people – people who help other people because they care. They are the communities we live in helping themselves. They are

Please donate to Kitsap Community Foundation on April 24 to help the Foundation pay for the costs of producing the Kitsap Great Give!

Not until many years later did I begin to understand how much someone with Duchenne needed. Oxygen tanks, hospital beds, wheelchairs, lower counters, feeding equipment, a van with a wheel-chair lift, concrete ramps granddaughters can rollerskate down – the list is long. Then there is the necessary family support– mental, emotional, and most certainly financial.

My grandparents were not rich. The cost of helping their sons live and die was overwhelming, and having Uncle Danny spend his last days in an assisted living facility broke Memaw’s heart. She once told me it was Danny’s dying wish that Billy be able to live out his life at home. None of that would have been possible without the MDA, churches, and other local nonprofits that eased the pain and burden my family felt. As I grew into a young woman, Memaw taught me that giving to a community was every person’s undeniable human responsibility and nonprofits like the MDA were a regular part of life. In my early twenties, I had no money to give, but as Memaw had taught me, I volunteered for local

Support the Puget Sound Navy Museum Foundation during the Kitsap Great Give!

The PSNM Foundation supports: • Fieldtrip scholarships for low income schools! • Educational programs reaching 10,000+ • members of our community each year! • New exhibits annually! • AND MUCH MORE!

holding out a hand for donations. They are people – just like you and me – people who have grouped together to make our little corner of the world a better place.

nonprofits frequently, and a friend was dumbfounded when I did not attend a party because I had to volunteer.


As you discover the many nonprofits in Kitsap and North Mason County that help keep our community going, remember that these aren’t just organizations with names and websites

Join us in the Kitsap Great Give, even the smallest amount of money helps, and you aren’t just giving to a cause. You are changing the lives of real people – people like my Uncle Billy.

By donating to the Community Endowment Fund you help Kitsap Community Foundation make grants to local nonprofits

645 4th Street, Suite 101 • Bremerton, WA 98337 (360) 782-1058


Coffee For Hope Documentary A documentary about changing the world for homeless youth. www.coffeeforhopefilm.com

There is no simple solution for teen homelessness – that’s where the Coffee Oasis comes in. Our film follows several homeless youth in their daily lives, chronicling their goals & challenges, as they work with the Coffee Oasis staff towards meaningful life changes. Your support will help us finish making this important and timely film. By donating, you provide these teens with a platform to share their stories; you give the Coffee Oasis the recognition they deserve; and you further their reach to more youth throughout the nation.


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits

Invest In Your Community! Join us for 24 hours of online giving.

Tuesday, April 24 Our sponsors will boost your dollars!

The Kitsap Community Foundation will send you a tax receipt reflecting the nonprofits you have chosen to donate to. All donations will be processed immediately.


Thank you

Nonprofit Number & Name

Total (min. $10 per organization)

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

...and find out more.

Nervous about donating online? That’s OK, just find the nonprofits listed in this ad, fill out the form on this page, cut it out, and mail it to: Kitsap Community Foundation Attn: Kitsap Great Give PO Box 3670 Silverdale, WA 98383 *Be Sure To Include A Return Address So We Can Send A Receipt*

I wish to remain anonymous VISA



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Call 360.698.3622 with questions.

Find out more about the Kitsap Community Foundation at www.kitsapfoundation.org

Check enclosed (made out to Kitsap Community Foundation)

Please bill my

t i s i V www.kitsapgreatgive.org Give to the Kitsap Community Foundation Did you know that the Kitsap Community Foundation makes $0 from hosting the Kitsap Great Give? That’s right, while you can donate to us as a participating nonprofit if you want to, we don’t make money from hosting this event. We do this because it is part of our mission: “Connecting People Who Care With Causes That Matter” The funds we use to host the Kitsap Great Give come from our Operating Fund. By donating to us, you enable us to continue hosting the Kitsap Great Give. Help us help Kitsap by choosing the Kitsap Community Foundation in the Kitsap Great Give. Go to www.kitsapgreatgive.org and select “Kitsap Community Foundation” or write in our nonprofit number on the form to the left

Give to the Kitsap Great Give Bonus Pool The Bonus Pool is what makes the Kitsap Great Give so special. Every dollar donated to individual nonprofits is boosted by the Bonus Pool dollars. If you want to help every single nonprofit in the Kitsap Great Give, then you can donate to the Bonus Pool and your dollars will be distributed to every single nonprofit that receives a donation. By donating to the Kitsap Great Give Bonus Pool, your money will: • Help every single nonprofit receiving a donation • Encourage others to participate • Help offset credit card processing costs Go to www.kitsapgreatgive.org and select “Kitsap Great Give Bonus Pool” or write in “Bonus Pool” on the form to the left

Change lives in your community.

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 7

The Kitsap Great Give Prizes In order to make the Kitsap Great Give more fun for everyone involved, a number of prizes will be given away during the event. All of the “prizes” are special donations that will be made to the winning nonprofits. Check out the prizes below and try to help “your” nonprofit be a winner!

Kitsap Community Foundation Board of Directors: Early Bird Prize - $1,000 $1,000 prize for the nonprofit that raises the most money by 9:00 a.m.

The Power 90 Prize: Sponsored by The Macomber Family This is a brand new prize! We call it the Power 90 Prize because a Sounders game is 90 minutes and you have 90 minutes to win the prize! The prize is full access to a Sounders Suite for 16 people, and 7 parking passes for the Sounders Game, Sunday August 12th at 5 pm against Dallas FC! Prize will be awarded to the nonprofit that has the largest cumulative dollar amount donated online during the 90 minute BKAT broadcast 6-7:30 pm on April 24*. Suite may be used by the winning nonprofit at their discretion. (food not included)

The Point Casino and Hotel, Suquamish Clearwater Casino: Most Unique Donors Per Category - $500 The nonprofit that has the most unique donors by 11:59pm on April 24 in the following categories will receive $500 added to the total they receive from the Kitsap Great Give. Bonus pool dollars are not added to the prize money, it is an amount tacked on at the end after bonus has been calculated. Categories are: • Animal • Arts & Culture • Basic Needs • Community Improvement • Education • Environment • Health • Human Services • Youth Development

BNY Mellon: Golden Tickets - $250 per hour from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Each hour from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., $250 is added to a randomly chosen donation.

Disclosure: The prize(s) that may be awarded to the eligible winner(s) are not transferable, redeemable for cash (where applicable), or exchangeable for any other prize. All prizes are subject to verification following the event. By participating in the Event, participants agree to be bound by the decisions of Foundation personnel. Persons who violate any rule, gain unfair advantage in participating in the Event, or obtain winner status using fraudulent means will be disqualified. If the conduct or outcome of the Event is affected by human error, any mechanical malfunctions or failures of any kind, intentional interference or any event beyond the control of the Foundation, the Foundation reserves the right to terminate this Event or make such other decisions regarding the outcome as the Foundation deems appropriate. All decisions will be made by the Foundation and are final. The Foundation may waive any of these rules in its sole discretion. *Offline donations DO NOT COUNT towards Early Bird or Power 90 Prize. All participating nonprofits are eliglble for Early Bird and Power 90 prizes. Appearance on BKAT is not a requirement. **A “unique donor” is defined as an individual PERSON donating to a nonprofit. The prize is not for unique donations. A donation is a transaction. We are measuring the actual donors, NOT the number of transactions. For example: - An individual donating to a single nonprofit with multiple credit cards still counts as only one unique donor. - An individual donating to a single nonprofit with one credit card and many transactions, still counts as only one unique donor. - An individual donating to three different nonprofits counts as a single donor to *each* of the nonprofits they donate to. ***Prize money is not used to calculate bonus pool amounts, prizes are tacked on to your total at the end, after bonus has been calculated. Please call 360.698.3622 with any questions.

The Live Telecast on BKAT Tune into Bremerton Kitsap Access Television (BKAT) on the evening of April 24, between 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. to watch a live telecast of the Kitsap Great Give! During the telecast, you can meet the people who organized this event; watch interviews with 5 of the nonprofits that are taking part in the Great Give; receive updates on the event’s fundraising total; and listen to some great music! What and where is BKAT? Each year,

BKAT cablecasts hundreds of community based programs to approximately 50,000 households throughout Kitsap County. BKAT is a P.E.G. Access television station airing Public, Education and Government programming on Comcast Channel 12 and WAVE Broadband channel 3. Learn more about BKAT’s broadcasts and trainings at http://www. ci.bremerton.wa.us/bkat/.

Need Help Donating Online on April 24?

GO TO THE LIBRARY! All of the Kitsap Regional Library branches are open for the Kitsap Great Give on April 24 during the hours listed below. The staff at the library are trained and ready to help you take part in the Kitsap Great Give using a computer at the library. Don’t forget that the Library itself is taking part in the Great Give and would appreciate your donation. Kitsap Regional Library, Silverdale Public Library 3212 NW Byron St #101, Silverdale, WA 98383 (360) 692-2779 Opens at 1:00 PM Kitsap Regional Library, Sylvan Way Public Library Sylvan Way, 1301 Sylvan Way, Bremerton, WA 98310 (360) 405-9100 Opens at 1:00 PM Kitsap Regional Library, Poulsbo Public Library 700 NE Lincoln Rd, Poulsbo, WA 98370 (360) 779-2915 Opens at 1:00 PM Kitsap Regional Library, Kingston Public Library 26159 Dulay Rd NE, Kingston, WA 98346 (360) 297-3330 Opens at 1:00 PM Kitsap Regional Library, Downtown Bremerton Public Library 612 5th St, Bremerton, WA 98337 (360) 377-3955 Opens at 1:00 PM Kitsap Regional Library, Port Orchard Public Library 87 Sidney Ave, Port Orchard, WA 98366 (360) 876-2224 Opens at 1:00 PM


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits


Thanks to our Donors & Members WWW.BIARTMUSEUM.ORG

ƐƐŝƐƚŝŶŐƚŚĞŚŽŵĞůĞƐƐΘƉŽŽƌŽŶ ƚŚĞ<ŝƚƐĂƉWĞŶŝŶƐƵůĂĂƐƚŚĞLJǁŽƌŬ ƐƐŝƐƚŝŶŐƚŚĞŚŽŵĞůĞƐƐΘƉŽŽƌŽŶ “We exist to assist the homeless and needy on the Kitsap ƚŽǁĂƌĚƌĞƐƚŽƌĂƚŝŽŶŽĨďŽĚLJ͕ŵŝŶĚΘ ƚŚĞ<ŝƚƐĂƉWĞŶŝŶƐƵůĂĂƐƚŚĞLJǁŽƌŬ Peninsula, who desireƐƉŝƌŝƚƚŚƌŽƵŐŚŚƌŝƐƚͲĐĞŶƚĞƌĞĚ change, to experience the love of ƚŽǁĂƌĚƌĞƐƚŽƌĂƚŝŽŶŽĨďŽĚLJ͕ŵŝŶĚΘ WƌŽŐƌĂŵƐ͘ Christ and restoration of body, mind and spirit.” ƐƉŝƌŝƚƚŚƌŽƵŐŚŚƌŝƐƚͲĐĞŶƚĞƌĞĚ ������ � ����ere��e s���e ���� � � � WƌŽŐƌĂŵƐ͘

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MISSON Walk in the Light International is committed to transforming Burkina Faso through sustainable community development. To see Burkina Faso break free from physical, mental, social, and spiritual poverty; empowering people to follow Jesus and make disciples, who transform West Africa.

Help us help them…our �e��h�ors �� �ee��

zŽƵƌĚŽŶĂƚŝŽŶƐĂůůŽǁƵƐƚŽƉƌŽǀŝĚĞ͗ Your donations allow us to provide: �e��h�ors �� �ee�� • for ĂLJƌŽŽŵ͗ĂƐĂĨĞ͕ĚƌLJƉůĂĐĞĨŽƌŵĞŶ͕ǁŽŵĞŶĂŶĚĐŚŝůĚƌĞŶƚŽƌĞƐƚ • A Dayroom: a safe, dry place men, women and children to rest and get connected through zŽƵƌĚŽŶĂƚŝŽŶƐĂůůŽǁƵƐƚŽƉƌŽǀŝĚĞ͗ ĂŶĚŐĞƚĐŽŶŶĞĐƚĞĚƚŚƌŽƵŐŚĞĚƵĐĂƚŝŽŶĂŶĚĐĂƐĞŵĂŶĂŐĞŵĞŶƚ͘ education and case management. • ĂLJƌŽŽŵ͗ĂƐĂĨĞ͕ĚƌLJƉůĂĐĞĨŽƌŵĞŶ͕ǁŽŵĞŶĂŶĚĐŚŝůĚƌĞŶƚŽƌĞƐƚ • men, ŶKǀĞƌŶŝŐŚƚ^ŚĞůƚĞƌ͗ĨŽƌϮϱŵĞŶ͕ǁŽŵĞŶ͕ΘĐŚŝůĚƌĞŶ͕ŽƉĞŶϳŶŝŐŚƚƐ • An Overnight Shelter: for 25 women, & children, open 7 nights per week. ĂŶĚŐĞƚĐŽŶŶĞĐƚĞĚƚŚƌŽƵŐŚĞĚƵĐĂƚŝŽŶĂŶĚĐĂƐĞŵĂŶĂŐĞŵĞŶƚ͘ ƉĞƌǁĞĞŬ͘ • Nutritious meals 3 days per week at various locations throughout the County. • ŶKǀĞƌŶŝŐŚƚ^ŚĞůƚĞƌ͗ĨŽƌϮϱŵĞŶ͕ǁŽŵĞŶ͕ΘĐŚŝůĚƌĞŶ͕ŽƉĞŶϳŶŝŐŚƚƐ • EƵƚƌŝƚŝŽƵƐŵĞĂůƐϲĚĂLJƐƉĞƌǁĞĞŬĂƚǀĂƌŝŽƵƐůŽĐĂƚŝŽŶƐƚŚƌŽƵŐŚŽƵƚƚŚĞ • Clothing, hygiene items, shoes & outdoor gear. ƉĞƌǁĞĞŬ͘ ŽƵŶƚLJ͘ • Life restoration through Case Management, Work Apprentice Volunteer Program (WAV), GED prep • EƵƚƌŝƚŝŽƵƐŵĞĂůƐϲĚĂLJƐƉĞƌǁĞĞŬĂƚǀĂƌŝŽƵƐůŽĐĂƚŝŽŶƐƚŚƌŽƵŐŚŽƵƚƚŚĞ • ůŽƚŚŝŶŐ͕ŚLJŐŝĞŶĞŝƚĞŵƐ͕ƐŚŽĞƐΘŽƵƚĚŽŽƌŐĞĂƌ͘ ŽƵŶƚLJ͘ and classes like Developing Your Hope and Resume Building. • >ŝĨĞƌĞƐƚŽƌĂƚŝŽŶƉƌŽŐƌĂŵƐůŝŬĞEĞǁĞŐŝŶŶŝŶŐƐ͕ŽƵƌŶŽŶͲ ƌĞƐŝĚĞŶƚŝĂů • ůŽƚŚŝŶŐ͕ŚLJŐŝĞŶĞŝƚĞŵƐ͕ƐŚŽĞƐΘŽƵƚĚŽŽƌŐĞĂƌ͘ ƉƌŽŐƌĂŵ͕ĐůĂƐƐĞƐůŝŬĞĞǀĞůŽƉŝŶŐzŽƵƌ,ŽƉĞĂŶĚZĞƐƵŵĞƵŝůĚŝŶŐ͘ • >ŝĨĞƌĞƐƚŽƌĂƚŝŽŶƉƌŽŐƌĂŵƐůŝŬĞEĞǁĞŐŝŶŶŝŶŐƐ͕ŽƵƌŶŽŶͲ ƌĞƐŝĚĞŶƚŝĂů ƉƌŽŐƌĂŵ͕ĐůĂƐƐĞƐůŝŬĞĞǀĞůŽƉŝŶŐzŽƵƌ,ŽƉĞĂŶĚZĞƐƵŵĞƵŝůĚŝŶŐ͘

New name. Same commitment.

A Nonprofit Gallery

Bainbridge Arts & Crafts is now The Art Project—a nonprofit gallery with deep roots and bold dreams, illuminating our corner of the world through gallery exhibitions, art education, and community outreach since 1948.

Formerly Bainbridge Arts & Crafts

Please support us on April 24 at KitsapGreatGive.org! The Art Project | 151 Winslow Way E., Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 206.842.3132 | gallery@theartproject.org

Learn more about our programs at theartproject.org.

Change lives in your community.

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 9

Great Give List of Nonprofits 1. 21st Century Men

5. Albers Vista Gardens

Men helping men, by listening and sharing their life experiences.

Provide inspiration for gardeners and learning opportunities about sustainable horticulture.


2. Abraham’s House abrahamshouse.org/

We take in donations and give them away FREE.

3. Admiral Theatre Foundation admiraltheatre.org/

Kitsap’s Premier Live Entertainment & Events Venue - Celebrating 75 Years.


6. All Teens Matter www.allteensmatter.com/

Provide Christmas to 13-18 students in Kitsap County.

7. American Financial Solutions www.myfinancialgoals.org/

We ease financial distress through education and counseling.

4. Agape Unlimited www.agapekitsap.org

Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment, Transitional & Permanent Housing, Licensed On-Site Childcare.

8. American Red Cross Serving the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas www.redcross.org

Preventing and alleviating human suffering with volunteers, donors and partners.

9. Arts & Humanities Bainbridge ahbainbridge.org

Support cultural community and provide powerful arts education for children.

10. Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network bainbridgebarn.org/

BARN provides tools, training, and community focused on hands-on crafts.

11. Bainbridge Chorale www.bainbridgechorale.org/

We present concerts, youth choral programs and community outreach events.

12. Bainbridge Cooperative Nursery School (BCNS) www.bcnspreschool.org/

A child-centered preschool, fosters social, emotional, and creative growth through art.

13. Bainbridge Island Boys Lacrosse Association www.bainbridgelax.com/

We are a Lacrosse program for boys in grades K-12.

YWCA of Kitsap County serves over 6,000 domestic violence survivors and their children annually.

Spirit of Life Lutheran Ministries Thanks You for Your Support of its community outreach ministries of: LifeCare Community Foodbank and Little Doves Children’s Learning Center through the Kitsap Great Give & for the opportunity to serve our neighbors in South Kitsap County for 25 years!!

3901 SE Mullenix Road | Port Orchard WA 98367 www.spiritoflifelutheran.com | 360.876.5094

YWCA KITSAP COUNTY- 905 Pacific Avenue, Bremerton, WA 98337 ywcakitsap.org CELEBRATING OUR 70TH YEAR IN KITSAP COUNTY! and the 30th Anniversary of the ALIVE Shelter.

Thank you for participating in the Kitsap Great Give!

Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits





Great Give List of Nonprofits continued

14. Bainbridge Island Child Care Centers www.biccc.org

A nurturing, stimulating, compelling place where children prosper and thrive.

15. Bainbridge Island FC www.bifc.net

Participation, education, development and enjoyment are the cornerstone of BIFC.

16. Bainbridge Island Friends of the Library

17. Bainbridge Island Historical Museum

20. Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA)

Collects, preserves, and shares the rich history of Bainbridge Island.

BIMA is a cultural hub connecting arts, education and community.



18. Bainbridge Island Land Trust

21. Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation

Preserving and caring for our natural lands. For Everyone. Forever.

Enhances community by supporting a thriving system of parks & trails.



19. Bainbridge Island Mountain 22. Bainbridge Island Rowing www.bainbridgerowing.org Biking Club/Gear Grinders Bainbridge Island Rowing promotes all Team facets of the rowing sport. www.geargrinders.org

Supports mountain biking and the Gear Grinders Mountain Bike Team.

23. Bainbridge Island Senior Community Center biseniorcenter.org/


Enriching Seniorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; quality of life through advocacy, services, and activities.

Conducts book sales to fund library programs, build an endowment.

Bainbridge Island Child Care Centers 502 Cave Ave, Bainbridge, 206-842-6525. www.biccc.org "BICCC provides an atmosphere and environment conducive to every child's continued growth and development with respect for each child's uniqueness in development, culture, family and self."

We have been in operation for over 40 years!

Mission Early Life Speech & Language provides intensive speech therapy for children age 2-7 struggling with speech delays, at no cost to families.

Vision All Washington children will have the verbal communication skills needed for success at home, in school and in life. Our goal is to open a speech therapy clinic in the Bremerton area this year. The funds we raise here through the Great Give, will go to opening a new clinic and hiring a Speech Language Pathologist to work with the kids who need our services. Not only do we provide intensive speech therapy for kids ages 2-7, we offer free parenting classes for our kids parents so they can carry over what the child learns at Early Life Speech & Language into the home. We are currently serving 224 kids and plan to increase that to 244 kids this year by opening the clinic in Bremerton to add to our clinics in Spokane, Seattle and Walla Walla.

Change lives in your community.

24. Bainbridge Island Special Needs Foundation www.bispecialneedsfoundation.org

Offers adults with developmental disabilities a place to create community.

25. Bainbridge Island Sportsmen’s Club

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 11

27. Bainbridge Performing Arts www.bainbridgeperformingarts.org

Educate, perform, and inspire: community focused performing arts.

28. Bainbridge Public Library (BPL) www.bainbridgepubliclibrary.org


Provide a healthy environment for Member’s & Non-Member’s sporting activities.

26. Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands Association bainbridgeometepe.org

BPL operates and maintains a vibrant space for everyone.

29. Bainbridge Schools Foundation


BSF funds teacher support, academic support, and innovation in BISD

BOSIA builds relationships between Bainbridge and Ometepe, enriching both communities.

We support youth with free counseling, internships, tutoring & additional support.



BASIC increases housing stability with essential outreach services and programming.

32. Best Dental Help

We provide services to prevent dental decay in children.

33. Bloedel Reserve www.bloedelreserve.org

A place where people come to connect with nature.


All of the money raised through Kitsap Great Give goes to support scholarships! We created a scholarship program that we are working to grow. Last year, twenty percent of our applicants applied for financial aid, and because of the Kitsap Great Give we were able to fully fund the program! Help us to continue to make a difference in the lives of young people regardless of their means.



Saving lives and bettering our community drop by drop.

35. Blue Star Banner Program www.bluestarbanner.org

Seeks to enhance patriotism throughout Kitsap, Mason, Clallum & Jefferson Counties.

36. Boys & Girls Club of Bainbridge Island www.bi.positiveplace.org

Help kids and teens manifest their great futures.

37. Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound www.bgcsps.org/

Youth development ages 6-18 Bremerton, South Kitsap, and North Mason.

Interrupting the cycle of homelessness in Kitsap County. We have over 1,100* homeless minors.

“U” Can Save A Youth Within 48 HRS From Potential Criminal Activity!

As wild spaces move further from the everyday awareness of mainstream society, our culture is losing its understanding and relationship with nature. Wild Society envisions a future in which communities maintain respect, gratitude, and stewardship for all life on earth. Our goal is to create and support social tools that build these values through a deep understanding of the natural world.

34. Bloodworks Northwest

Our Mission

Wild Society is a wilderness education nonprofit based in western WA that provides weeklong backcountry hikes, workshops, and community events centered upon a love for the natural world. We work to establish relationships between human hearts and the everyday wild.It is increasingly common today for people – especially children – to spend most of their life indoors.

Our programs use adventure, inquiry, and natural history to awaken a sense of awe and wonder. We strive to teach people about the living world with the aim of offering not only knowledge, but the seeds and tools to grow powerful and lifelong relationships with nature. We want everyone to be able to enjoy and learn from the mountains. That is why we are doing everything we can to make our programs accessible to all people.

tory ing o grow


Cultivating Wonder and Belonging in the Natural World

ps day

tude, tools

30. Bainbridge Youth Services (BYS)

With Your Donation You Can Help Us Serve & Provide For Our Homeless Youths A Brighter Future We have a 48 hour window to save a youth from breaking the law or prevent them from being lured into human trafficking. Keeping homeless youth in school is key. We provide 1,000 food bags per month, containing breakfast, lunch, a snack, & dinner, which we deliver to 23 locations. We also provide clothing, jackets, socks, sweatshirts, pants, tops, hats, gloves, new shoes & undergarments as needed. Having our youths feel good, look good will give them the confidence they need to persevere. Giving through the Great Give will assist us in funding our “Shelters Endowment”. Empowering our youths to continue their education is a “Win, Win”, for all of our communities. We are solely run by volunteers and funded by our community. 100% of your donation is used directly to provide for our at-risk teens and youth.

Learn more about us at www.standupforkids.org/kitsapcounty /standupforkidskitsapcounty @standupforkidz1 Ref:Kitsap.Gov*


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits

Flotsam and Jetsam Garden Club of Hansville educates members and the community in good horticultural practices. We promote the objectives of beautification, native plant conservation and environmental stewardship. We are one of the largest in the state with almost 200 members and are in our 50th year. We meet once monthly to exchange news and learn from other members and expert speakers.


Peninsula Services

has been providing quality employment options for adults with disabilities since 1971. We are All Shred, The Gift Garden, Servmart, Grounds Maintenance at PSNS and Bangor, Shelf Stocking at area on-base Commissaries, and have placed people at community jobs all over the county! Please think of us when you give. Call us at (360) 373-1446 for info about these projects as well as our Vocational Services team that matches community employers with participants ready for a job.

Your Gift Today Can Give Someone A New Life Tomorrow!

Mission statement “Provide the opportunity for permanency to all children.”

Join us in creating an environment on Bainbridge Island in which the arts and humanities flourish. Arts & Humanities Bainbridge is an independent, not-for-profit organization serving the people of Bainbridge Island with community programs and cultural services for artists, educators, cultural organizations, and patrons of the arts and humanities.

Community and Family Services Foundation serves foster families throughout Washington state with the majority of our homes in the Kitsap County area. Since our agency began in mid-2000 we have been honored to play a part in the adoption of over 300 children and are looking forward to another year of finding permanency for kids. We would like to thank our community for the support we’ve received and promise to continue our work for Washington’s children in care.

SERVING ALL OF KITSAP COUNTY FOR 14 YEARS Offering adults who have intellectual disabilities a place to create community. • Monday to Friday activity-based program • DSHS approved Respite Provider

• Served by Kitsap Access • On and off-campus activities

We appreciate yours support and your inquiries.


Our Programs Amy Award for Emerging Artists Arts in Education Consortium Bainbridge in Bloom Garden Tour

Bainbridge Island Film Festival Musical Cameratas Poetry Corners Public Art Program

Our Services Bainbridge Cultural Calendar Currents Magazine Cultural Reps

Creative Professionals Roster Directors’ Forum Marketing Kiosks

www.ahbainbridge.org | admin@ahbainbridge.org | 206.842.7901

Change lives in your community.

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued

38. Bremerton Backpack Brigade bremertonbackpackbrigade.org

The BBB provides weekend food support for at risk children.

39. Bremerton Central Lions Charitable Foundation bremertoncentrallions.com/

Grants for individual, capital and community projects.


www.kitsapgreatgive.org 13

40. Bremerton Community Theatre

43. Bremerton Historic Ship Association

46. Bremerton Symphony Association

Provide the ultimate live theater experience for both audience and actor alike.

Naval Heritage education and memorial recognition.

We bring communities together by sharing a passion for music.


41. Bremerton Foodline bremertonfoodline.org

Enriching lives of those in need with food assistance and more.

42. Bremerton High School (BHS) Pay It Forward Scholarship www.bhspayitforward.org

Generous scholarships for mid-range, low-income grads willing to help others.


44. Bremerton Jaguars Youth Track & Field Club www.nlcda.com/

Help Bremerton kids grow in a positive way through sports.

45. Bremerton Schools & Alumni Foundation www.bremertonsaf.org

We help Bremerton students succeed through scholarships and classroom grants.


47. Bridges To Life bridgestolife.org/

Rehabilitate releasing prisoners to break revolving door cycle of crime.

48. C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation www.castforkids.org

We give children the opportunity to go fishing.

49. Camp To Belong WA camptobelongwa.org

Reunite brothers and sisters separated in Foster Care!

Serving Those In Need In Our Community For Over 100 Years Hot Meals Showers Laundry Clothing Bank Food Bank Emergency Services Winter Shelter

The Salvation Army Bremerton 832 6th Street, Bremerton 360-373-5550


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits

Help break the chains of isolation that surrounds so many in the community by funding programs at Faith In Action. Since 2001 Faith In Action had been supporting seniors, people with disabilities in North Mason and beyond. We provide rides, friendly phone calls and visits, minor home repairs, house and yard work, advocacy, referrals and operate a free medical lending library utilizing a volunteer work force. In addition we operate The HUB a multi-generational center that provides 100 monthly nutritional, educational, fitness and life betterment opportunities for those in the community. We are a place where seniors their family, friends and neighbors can come to find hospitality, unity and belonging. Give hope to those who spent their days in isolation and can now come and find joy through friendship and community belonging. Come alongside Faith In Action and make a difference in the life of a senior or person with disabilities in the community. For more information please call Beth at 360-275-0535*2601

The Kitsap Great Give, May 5th. Donations can be made at: kitsapgreatgive.org

SHEPHERDS BIBLE COLLEGE Equipping ministry leaders through local churches We offer Bible Diplomas, Associate of Christian Studies and Bachelors of Biblical Ministry degrees; all include mentoring by local church pastors.

www.shepherdsbible.org | 206-550-3612 We were formed in 2003 as a service arm of the Emmanuel Apostolic Church (EAC) which has a 38-year legacy of providing support and resources to the community. Our mission is improving the quality of life for individuals and families in West Bremerton through comprehensive services and partnerships. Our vision is a strong, sustainable community where disadvantaged children, families and businesses achieve their highest capacities. Through decades of work, we have become major stake holders and advocates in the community. We have earned a high degree of community trust. We currently operate the Opal Robertson Teen Center in the heart of where Bremertonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s neediest and underserved residents live.

Visit Us At Our New Marvin Williams Recreation Center Location At 725 Park Avenue

If you are interested in volunteering for one of our programs, contact us at 360-377-6000 or info@ newlifecda.org for more information! www.newlifecda.org | 802 Dr ML King Way, Bremerton, WA 98337)

Your gift makes transformative cancer retreat programs available at no cost for all and provides a safe haven where healing can begin.


Transforming lives affected by cancer, inspiring healthy living for all harmonyhill.org

"Improving Lives and Restoring Hope" West Sound provides intensive outpatient treatment services for individuals and families who are affected by substance use disorders. Beyond that, we also have short term and transitional housing options as well as Case Management and assistance in overcoming life barriers. We also have an intensive educational / vocational program that assists individuals in gaining employment or enrolling in school.


Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center family services and immigration legal services available


ď ą


Change lives in your community.

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 15

Great Give List of Nonprofits

53. Catholics United for Life


50. Canterbury Manor

54. CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) of Kitsap County

Provides affordable housing & services for independent seniors.

Guiding a new generation to know and honor God.

51. Carden Country School

55. Celebrate Life Parenting and Pregnancy Support Services


Impacting youth for the culture of life.




Helping K-8 find joy through hard work, cooperation, fun, compassion, and empathy.

52. Catholic Community Services of Western Washington


Impacting families with material assistance, education, training, and referrals.

56. Central Kitsap Food Backpacks 4 Kids www.ckfoodbackpacks4kids.com

Provides weekend meals for school children at risk of hunger.

57. Central Kitsap Food Bank www.ckfoodbank.org

Provide food at no cost to people in financial crisis.

58. Central Kitsap Medic One Foundation www.ckfr.org

We fund essential equipment for outstanding quality emergency medical care.

59. Central Stage Theatre www.cstock.org


Housing, healing, hope, for the poor and vulnerable.

Bremerton Backpack Brigade

Serving the first needs of the child so they may learn. Bremerton_backpack_brigade.com We are excited to be a part of the P.O.Box 2533, Bremerton WAGreat 98310Give!

Each week backpacks of nutritious food so including milk,learn. fresh Serving the first needs of the child they may

fruit and vegetables are sent home to over 320+ children in More than the childrenElementary in Bremerton elementary needhalf from allyoung six Bremerton schools. schools receive free or reduced price breakfasts and lunches Community support makes this work possible! each day For some those are the most nutritious meals they will Bremertonbackpackbrigade.org - P.O. Box 2533, Bremerton WA 98310 receive that day, for others it’s the only meals they receive. Visit our website or Facebook page to learn more about our program. Help us send nutritious, kid friendly, food home on weekends to those children in need.

The West Sound Art and Music Association (WSAMA) is a charitable organization, established ‘to produce and present world-class art and music in novel ways.’ Our main event is West Sound Ukulele Festival October, located in Bremerton. westsoundartandmusic.org • WESTSOUNDARTANDMUSIC@GMAIL.COM 360-361-8000 • 1140 NW COMYN RD. POULSBO, WA 98370

Central Stage Theatre offers performing arts inspiration for all generations.

60. Children of the Nations cotni.org

Raising Children Who Transform Nations in Africa and the Caribbean.

61. CKHS Alumni Association www.ckhsalumni.org

The Alumni Association supports the students of CKHS.

62. Clear Creek Trail www.clearcreektrail.org

Restoration & Maintenance of the Clear Creek Habitat and Trail.

63. Coffee for Hope www.coffeeforhopefilm.com

Coffee for Hope is a nonprofit documentary about Coffee Oasis.


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued

64. Collar of Hope www.collarofhope.org/

Rescue, rehabilitate and adopt homeless, abandoned, abused & sick dogs.

We accept Washington Apple Health, Medicare, Veterans Choice Program, all major insurances, and offer a sliding scale discount for qualifying patients. We offer primary medical care for patients of all ages, preventive and restorative dental services, behavioral health counseling, substance abuse treatment , and on-site pharmacies. BREMERTON 6TH STREET MEDICAL/DENTAL CLINIC 616 Sixth Street Bremerton, 98337

BREMERTON WHEATON WAY MEDICAL CLINIC 2508 Wheaton Way Bremerton, 98310

BREMERTON - ALMIRA MEDICAL/DENTAL CLINIC 5455 Almira Drive NE Bremerton, 98311

POULSBO MEDICAL CLINIC 19917 7th Ave, Ste 205 Poulsbo, 98370

PORT ORCHARD MEDICAL CLINIC 320 South Kitsap Blvd Port Orchard, 98366

PORT ORCHARD DENTAL CLINIC 1950 Pottery Ave, Suite 170 Port Orchard, 98366

BELFAIR MEDICAL/ DENTAL CLINIC 31 NE State Route 300, Suite 200 Belfair, 98528

KINGSTON MEDICAL CLINIC 25989 Barber Cut Off Rd NE Kingston, 98346

Accepting Employment Applications www.pchsweb.org/careers/

1-360-377-3776 www.pchsweb.org Join us on Facebook!

65. Community and Family Services Foundation www.cfsf.net

Foster home recruitment, training, licensing, placement, wrap, respite, case aide.

66. Community Endowment Fund www.kitsapfoundation.org/

An undesignated fund for the greatest need.

67. Community Frameworks www.communityframeworks.org/

71. Cultural Arts Foundation Northwest www.cafnw.org

Support local adult artist and students through grants and scholarships.

72. Diamond Dusters Fastpitch Organization www.diamonddusters.org

Personal and athletic development of young women through fastpitch softball.

73. Dispute Resolution Center of Kitsap County www.kitsapdrc.org

Strengthening Kitsap County by promoting communication, cooperation, and collaboration.

74. Dominion Historical Workboat Association www.dominiontug.org

Dedicated to restoring a historic tugboat and supporting maritime education.

Community Frameworks creates affordable homes to make strong, resilient neighborhoods.

75. Downtown Bremerton Association

68. Concern for Animals

Supports continued revitalizing of downtown Bremerton and our city as a whole.


Delivers assistance to low income families with pets in need.

69. Cribs for Kids cribsforkids.org

Providing cribs to needy families to reduce unsafe sleeping.

70. CRISTA Camps www.cristacamps.com

Transforming lives and developing leaders through memorable, Christcentered experiences.


76. Early Life Speech & Language www.earlylifespeech.org

Intensive, FREE speech-therapy for children (2-7) struggling with speech.

77. Easterseals Washington www.easterseals.com/washington/

Redefining disability for the 21st century.

78. EBC - West Sound babycorner.org/ebc-west-sound/

Gives basics to children in need, helping them thrive.

Change lives in your community.

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 17

79. EduCulture

83. Fetu Ta’iala Project

Connecting place and taste to where we live, eat and learn.

Fetu Ta’iala Project: Education + Wisdom = Endless Opportunities


80. Episcopal Retirement Communities Foundation episcopalretirement.org/foundation/

Resources Supporting of affordable senior housing and the dedicated staff.

81. Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance West Sound Chapter www.evergreenmtb.org

Trail building and maintenance, advocacy and education, Let’s’ ride!

82. Faith In Action fiaws.org/

We support independent living for our senior and disabled neighbors.


84. First Teacher www.firstteacher.org

Providing research-based early childhood parenting education through parenting newsletters.

85. Flotsam and Jetsam Garden Club of Hansville www.flotsamandjetsamgardenclub.com/

Promote best horticulture practices through community service, speakers, and scholarships.

86. Fort Ward Community Hall www.fortwardhall.org

Promote historic preservation in the Fort Ward National Historic District.

87. Friends of Bainbridge Island 90. Friends of the Farms friendsofthefarms.org/ High School Sailing bhssailing.net

Provide resources and support to promote high school sailing.

88. Friends Of Newberry Hill Heritage Park www.friendsofnhhp.com/

Preservation, restoration, education, and recreation in Newberry Hill Heritage Park.

89. Friends of Silverdale Library To provide expanded reading opportunities for the Central Kitsap community.

Farmland protection and creating a locally focused food system.

91. Friends of the Manchester Library www.manchesterwa.org

We own and operate the building housing the Manchester Library.

92. Girl Scouts of Western Washington www.girlscoutsww.org/

Builds girls of courage, confidence and character.

93. Girls on the Run of WestSound www.girlsontherunwestsound.org

Inspiring girls to be healthy, confident and joyful through running.


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued

94. GO on the Mission goonthemission.com/

Go On The Mission lifts children out of poverty globally.

97. Greater Hansville Community Center

100. Hansville Helping Hands and Cemetery

103. Healthy Start Kitsap (HSK)

Provide educational and social opportunities to residents of Greater Hansville.

Free Cemetery plots for Hansville Citizens and tombstones.

Provides a guided path to healthy pregnancies and independent living.


98. Habitat for Humanity of Kitsap County www.kitsaphabitat.org

95. Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Kitchen at Family of God Lutheran Church www.myfamilyofgod.org

Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Kitchen is a feeding program for anyone in need.

96. Great Peninsula Conservancy www.greatpeninsula.org

Great Peninsula Conservancy protects natural habitats and open spaces forever.

Helps low income families build their own homes.

99. Hallowed Grounds Cafe www.silverdale-umc.org/

Provides a weekly meal to homeless/low income people.


101. Harmony Hill Retreat Center www.harmonyhill.org

Wellness education and healing retreats for families affected by cancer.

102. Harrison Medical Center Foundation www.chifranciscan.org/harrison-foundation.html Making Healthcare Better for our Community


104. Helpline House www.helplinehouse.org

Social service organization serving residents of Bainbridge and North Kitsap

105. Hilder-Pearson PTA 1.7.5 www.facebook.com/HilderPearsonPTA/

Working for the welfare, safety, education and care of children.

106. Holly Ridge Center www.hollyridge.org

Serves children and adults with differing abilities throughout Kitsap/N.Mason.

Change lives in your community.

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 19

Proud To Be a Presenting Partner childhood trauma and education attainment are at the heart of everything we do at United Way. We fight for the Education, Health and Financial Stability of everyone in Kitsap County. The Kitsap Great Give is one more It warms the heart to know that the funds way to help our safety net of health and human raised on one designated day of giving The service agencies provide for those most in help support the hard-working, need. Together we can lift individuals overall mission of dedicated nonprofit network of and families out of poverty and create agencies and charities throughout the network of nonprofits, a better life for their children. Kitsap County. The overall Kitsap Great Give is a growing opportunity to enrich all of our lives, including participating charities, donors, and the community as a whole!

For the fifth year, United Way of Kitsap County is proud to be a Presenting Partner for the Kitsap Great Give on April 24, 2018. This annual event is an inspiring opportunity for all of us to step up to support our community in the ways that we personally find most important. We want to especially thank the Kitsap Community Foundation for their work in organizing and managing the Kitsap Great Give. And we extend our gratitude to the many sponsors who contribute to the local matching pool of dollars. Thanks to the overwhelming support from Great Give donors over the past five years. The

mission of the network of nonprofits, United Way of Kitsap County, and the Kitsap Community Foundation is to attack the root problems that effect those living in poverty and work to lift the entire county.

United Way of Kitsap County, and the Kitsap Community Foundation is to attack the root problems that effect those living in poverty and work to lift the entire county.

As a Presenting Partner alongside the Kitsap Community Foundation, we are invested in the Kitsap Great Give’s matching funds pool. We pledge that every dollar donated to United Way on April 24 will be invested in programs that help people in our community who are struggling to survive. Housing,

Celebrating 27 Years of Joy in Learning!

We want to thank you in advance for partnering with United Way and the Kitsap Community Foundation on this special day of giving, whether as a donor or a Great Give Sponsor. Your participation in Kitsap’s Great Give re-energizes our strong and vibrant community safety net, giving a much-needed spring boost to our efforts to provide for the most vulnerable among us. We are grateful to have you on board!

Carl E Borg III Executive Director United Way of Kitsap County


Promoting Employment for Disabled Veterans and Adults with Developmental Disabilities. 4195 Wheaton Way · Bremerton WA 98310 377-5454 www.katkitsap.org


419 983

CHOICE IS IMPORTANT! Many people wish to have choices in their lives. Choosing KAT for your services is a good choice.

 

• K-8

• Challenging, Christ-centered curriculum with specialists in French, Music, PE and Art.

• 5:1 average student to teacher ratio


     

Come visit KAT and expand your choices!


PLEASE GIVE Generously During the GREAT GIVE



Promoting Employment for Disabled Veterans and Adults with Developmental Disabilities.

www.cardencountryschool.org 206-842-6510 • admin@cardencountryschool.org

Many their servi

4195 Wheaton Way · Bremerton WA 98310 377-5454 www.katkitsap.org


419 983

CHOICE IS IMPORTANT! Many people wish to have choices in



Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued

114. Island Time Activities

122. Kids Discovery Museum

Saving a Forest, Salmon Stream, Watershed and Wildlife Habitat.

Help people with intellectual disabilities build relationships, self-esteem, and life skills.

Interactive childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s museum serving Kitsap County and the greater Puget Sound.


111. Ink Release

107. Holy Trinity Parish



A spiritual home and resource for all people in Kitsap County.

108. Horse Harbor Foundation, Inc. www.horseharbor.org

A lifelong horse rescue sanctuary and equine educational center.

Free laser tattoo removal of gang/prison and other troublesome tattoos.

112. International Living Future Institute living-future.org/

We serve as a think tank for green building solutions.

113. International Youth Soccer Exchange Association

109. Housing Resources Bainbridge www.housingresourcesbi.org

110. Illahee Forest Preserve

We provide and maintain affordable housing opportunities on Bainbridge Island

Sponsor youth to travel and understand diversity while playing soccer.

Celebrating 10 Years!


115. Island Volunteer Caregivers (IVC) www.ivcbainbridge.org

Helps seniors, disabled and others with tasks to remain independent.

116. IslandWood islandwood.org/

Provides exceptional learning experiences and inspires lifelong environmental and community stewardship.

117. Jackson Hall Memorial Association

Maintains Jackson Hall for youth development programs and community use.


123. Kids In Concert (KIC) kidsinconcert.org

KIC offers free strings and percussion classes to Suquamish-area youth.

124. Kingston Cares www.kingstoncares.org

Collaboration to provide services to hungry children and homeless people.

125. Kingston Cooperative Preschool (KCP) kingstoncooppreschool.com

Cooperative Preschool which provides early education for children and parenting classes.

118. Jewel Box Theatre

126. Kingston High School Athletic Boosters

Live Community Theater offering 6 Main Stage Productions a year.

Ensure success of our athletes and strength of our programs.

119. Joshua 1:Nine Ministries

127. Kingston High School Band Boosters



Using baseball to connect we mentor, educate and feed Dominican youth.

120. KCNE


Quality trainings tailored for Kitsap nonprofits.

121. Keta Legacy Foundation, Formerly Mountaineers Foundation mountaineersfoundation.org

People connecting with and protecting healthy ecosystems.



Keeping the Kingston High School Buccaneer Band - Playing for you.

128. Kingston High School Fine Arts Boosters Advocate and fund raise for Kingston High School fine arts

129. Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Club www.kingston-nkrotary.org

We take on challenges in our community and beyond.

Change lives in your community.

130. Kitsap Alliance FC kitsapalliancefc.com/

Develop youth soccer and players to the highest level

131. Kitsap Animal Rescue and Education nwkare.org/

EDUCATE. ADVOCATE. REHABILITATE. Educating people for the sake of pets.

132. Kitsap Applied Technologies www.katkitsap.org

Providing employment training for disabled veterans and developmentally disabled adults.

133. Kitsap Arts & Crafts

www.kingstonfestivalwa. org/

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 21

137. Kitsap Children’s Musical Theatre

144. Kitsap County 4-H Youth Development Program

Provide youth an outlet for leadership development through theatrical experience.

4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential.


138. Kitsap Chordsmen singkitsap.org/

We share our joy of singing with the Kitsap community.

139. Kitsap Community & Agricultural Alliance (KCAA) kitsapag.org

Provides education and advocacy for agricultural on the Kitsap Peninsula Over 300 nonprofits in

Kitsap and North Mason County participating. Research the nonprofits at www.kitsapgreatgive.org

Funding renewable college art scholarships for Kitsap High School students

134. Kitsap Audubon Society www.kitsapaudubon.org

Engage families with birds, wildlife, nature and the environment.

135. Kitsap Cancer Services www.kitsapcancerservices.org

KCS helps people living with cancer in Kitsap County.

136. Kitsap Child Care and Preschool www.kitsapchildcare.org

We provide quality developmentally appropriate education and care for ages 12mos-5yrs.


145. Kitsap County Historical Society kitsapmuseum.org

Kitsap History Museum celebrates 70 years of preserving County history.

146. Kitsap County Medical Society Foundation kcmedical.org

Protecting and Improving the Health & Well Being of Kitsap County Residents.

147. Kitsap County Parks Foundation www.kitsapfoundation.org/ kitsapcountyparksfoundation

Maintain and improve Kitsap’s 10,000 acres of precious public lands.

148. Kitsap County Search Dogs www.kitsapsearchdogs.org

Search-Rescue and Recovery K9’s, providing hope and closure.

149. Kitsap County Stampede Top Hands Organizes, sets up and promotes the Kitsap County Stampede.

140. Kitsap Community Aid Fund


Assist people who hit walls trying to get assistance.

Students Grow in Mind, Body and Spirit

141. Kitsap Community Foundation www.kitsapfoundation.org

Increasing the culture of Philanthropy in Kitsap County.

142. Kitsap Community Resources (KCR) www.kcr.org

Provide Housing, Employment & Training, Head Start, WIC, AmeriCorps and more.

143. Kitsap Connect (KPHD)

Outreach and engagement services to those most vulnerable in our community.

Saint Cecilia Catholic School

206-842-2017 • www.saintceciliaschool.org 1310 Madison Ave. N., Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued

150. Kitsap Foster Care Association www.kitsapfostercare.org

Trains and supports foster families, adoptive homes and relative placements.

151. Kitsap Great Give Bonus Pool kitsapgreatgive.org/npo/kitsap-great-give

Increasing amount of matching money for Kitsap Great Give nonprofits.

152. Kitsap Humane Society

153. Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center KIAC

156. Kitsap Mental Health Services

KIAC helps vulnerable immigrants integrate and participate in American life.

KMHS provides recovery-based behavioral healthcare for people of all ages.


154. Kitsap Legal Services

157. Kitsap Opera

Matching low-income residents with free attorneys for advice civil legal.

To provide professional Operatic entertainment to the West Sound region.



155. Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation

158. Kitsap Peninsula Dance Theatre

STEM Education, Nautical Experience, Teamwork, Memories. Come sail with us.

Supportive environment to explore dance, and expand horizons of youth.



159. Kitsap Pines Chapter of Sweet Adelines International


KHSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; vision is that every adoptable companion animal has a home.




We are a school based dental sealant and oral health education program providing services to children of low income families in Kitsap county. Our mission is to Prevent Dental Decay in Children.

Support Boys and Girls playing the fastest sport on two feet! NK Lacrosse is an all-volunteer organization teaching the original American sport to players in the north end of Kitsap county.

Developing musical excellence and building community that harmonizes the world!

160. Kitsap Pride Network kitsappride.org

Celebrate, support, and unite the LGBTQ+ community in Kitsap.

161. Kitsap Regional Library Foundation www.krl.org/foundation

162. Kitsap Rescue Mission kitsaprescue.org/

Provides services to homeless individuals to bring about personal restoration.

163. Kitsap Rowing Association www.kitsaprowing.org

KRA lets you get in a shell and row!

164. Kitsap Rugby Football Union www.kitsaprugby.com

We promote Rugby in Kitsap County.

165. Kitsap Sailing and Rowing Foundation www.kitsapsailingrowing.org

KSRF provides sailing and rowing opportunities with instruction and equipment.

166. Kitsap Sexual Assault Center www.ksacservices.com

Advocacy, therapy for victims of sexual assault and other crimes.

167. Kitsap Strong www.kitsapstrong.org/

Building Adverse Childhood Experiences awareness, building community, and building resilience.

Provides financial support to enrich library resources beyond public funding. New Beginnings Closet provides resources to foster parents, adoptive parents, relative providers, FAR clients and low income families in Kitsap County and surrounding areas. We rely on donations and volunteers to support this work. New Beginnings Closet is also supported and endorsed by Kitsap Foster Care Association, and Fostering Together. For hours, donations, or volunteer information contact Jeanie Johns 360-265-3398.

Change lives in your community.

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 23

168. Kitsap Tennis & Athletic Center

172. Lindquist Dental Clinic for Children

Family fitness center with an emphasis on aquatics & racquet sports.

Non-profit dental clinic for low income Puget Sound children.


169. Knights on Tour

Knights On Tour supports BHS choir students vocal music education.


173. Lutheran Community Services Northwest www.lcsnw.org/bremerton/

We provide senior support and caregiver services to promote independence.

170. Leadership Kitsap www.leadershipkitsap.org

Strengthening communities through servant leadership. We Educate. Prepare. Connect. Serve.

171. League of Women Voters www.lwv-kitsap.org

LWV works to strengthen democracy through voter registration and education.

174. Maasai Women’s Education & Empowerment Program (MWEEP) www.maasaiwomen.org

Provides educational opportunities for Maasai girls and women in Kenya.

175. Madrona School www.madronaschool.org

Madrona School provides Waldorf Education infancy through 8th grade.

176. Make Some Noise: Cure Kids Cancer - Northwest www.makenoise4kidsnw.org

We raise private donations to fund childhood cancer research & awareness.

179. Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation

waystohelp.multicare.org/mary-bridge-foundation All children receive quality care, regardless of ability to pay.

180. Master Gardener Foundation of Kitsap County (MGFKC) www.kitsapgardens.org

177. Manette Park Improvement Project

The MGFKC raises funds for Kitsap’s Master Gardener program.

Raising funds to redevelop Manette Park to Bremerton community.



178. Martha & Mary

181. Meals on Wheels Kitsap Provides healthy, nutritious meals and more for Kitsap County seniors.


Senior healthcare and housing.

Kitsap County Medical Society

The purpose of All Teens Matter is to help provide a Christmas to low income, homeless high school students in our county ages 13 to 18. The need becomes greater and greater as the economic crisis continues. They receive a stocking, tree, 4 to 6 gifts, and even a complete dinner for their whole family. Please consider donating as you can for Christmas to All Teens Matter to put a smile on a teen’s face to send the message they are worthy and not forgotten by the community around them.

The Mission of the KCMS is to: • • • •

promote the art and science of medicine promote the care and well being of patients protect and improve the health of the public serve and provide leadership for the membership of the Society

Please check out our links to the Kitsap County Medical Society Alliance and Foundation to learn of their success, charitable giving, community support and upcoming events! Thank you for your interest in the Kitsap County Medical Society! Call (360) 689-2928 | kcmsmed@gmail.com | www.kcmedical.org

DONATIONS NEEDED AND ACCEPTED: Bras - Make-Up - Razors - Coats - Pillows - Shoes - Belts Mp3 Players - Senior Pictures Towels - Books - Art Supplies Jeans CDs - Sheets - Back Packs - Coats - Blankets Scarves Dresses (Every Day And Prom) - Games (Board, Video), Candles - Socks Slacks Hats - Skateboards - Snowboards - Shirts/Blouses Bikes - Underwear - Curling Irons Dishes - Comforters - Pre Paid Cell Phones - School Supplies

Lanette Duchesneau, President, All Teens Matter 360-710-2761 ▪ www.allteensmatter.com 2144 11th Street, Bremerton, WA. 98312-3849 Port Gamble S’Klallam Foundation

Island Time Activities (ITA) empowers people with intellectual disabilities to lead lives of meaning and selfdetermination, by providing opportunities and guidance to build relationships, learn and practice life skills and to be involved community members. Empowering people with intellectual disabilities to participate in local events, have a job, and interact socially, ultimately produces a stronger, more inclusive community, which is good for us all. Contributing to Island Time Activities through the Kitsap Great Give will help us continue to offer personal development, one-on-one mentoring, and public access for our members who live in Kitsap County. Visit our website or Facebook page to learn more about what we do and how you can get involved. Thank you for your support! 206.842.5594

Your support helps us to make our programs all they can be. We thank you for all that you do for our members.

Working to increase the understanding of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe’s rich cultural heritage with people who reside in the Puget Sound area and visitors from far and wide. The restoration and maintenance of Heronswood Botanical Garden is an exciting focus of our work. We invite you to join us in this effort through a donation today!


Thank you! (360) 297-9623




Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued

189. Native Horsemanship Youth Program www.nativehorsemanship.org

Free horsemanship lessons for lowincome and/or special needs youth.

182. Mid Puget Sound Fisheries 190. Naval Undersea Museum Enhancement Group Foundation www.midsoundfisheries.org/ Works with communities to restore streams and beaches for salmon.


183. Mission House

The Foundation provides vital supplemental financial support to the Museum.

Setting people free from addiction through the power of Jesus.

191. New Beginnings Closet


184. Morrow Manor - the Campaign to Build Brighter Tomorrows

Provides free new and used clothing to the Kitsap community.

197. North Kitsap Lacrosse Club 205. Olympic College nklax.org/


198. North Kitsap Options Program Parent Group

206. Olympic Mountain Rescue

Gets kids involved in the great sport of lacrosse!


Supporting Options, our districtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only alternative K-8 public education program.

199. North Kitsap Schools Foundation www.nkschoolsfoundation.org

Supports top-quality educational opportunities for North Kitsap students.

192. New Day Ministry

200. North Kitsap Soccer Club

Build & maintain housing for domestic violence survivors and families.

Provide free meals and other services to the homeless, elderly, children, and families.

Provide affordable, positive environment which produces highly skilled and motivated team players.

185. MultiCare Health Foundation

193. New Life Community Development Agency

201. North Kitsap Trails Association

Building Solutions for a Better Life.

Organize, plan, build and maintain public North Kitsap trails.



Hospice brings compassion and comfort for patients and their families.

186. My Jewels of Hope www.myjewelsofhope.com

Makes and sells jewelry for funding Cancer research at UWMC.

187. NAACP-Bremerton www.naacpbremerton.com/home

Advocate for political, educational, social and economic equality for all.

188. National Multiple Sclerosis Society


Financial assistance, information, education, scholarships, wellness, research, support groups, referrals.



194. North Kitsap Boys & Girls Club bgcsc.org/snohomish-clubs/north-kitsap-club/

Offering North Kitsap kids a safe place to be.



202. North Mason Resources nmresources.org

Connect individuals with resources to improve quality of life.

195. North Kitsap Fishline Food 203. North Perry PeeWee Association Bank and Supportive Services northperrygators.com www.nkfishline.org

Keeping vulnerable residents of North Kitsap safe from hunger and homelessness.

196. North Kitsap High School Band Boosters Provide NKHS Band a funding source for music education.

Providing quality athletic instructional programs, promoting teamwork and Building self confidence.

204. Northwest Derby League northwestderbycompany.com

NDC is an adult womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Roller Derby league.

We help Olympic College students achieve their educational dreams.


OMR provides mountain rescue and education services to the community.

207. Olympic Neighbors www.olympicneighbors.org/

Creating Home and Community for People with Developmental Disabilities

208. One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary www.oneheartwild.org

Animal/Equine Assisted Counseling, Animal Sanctuary, School Programs, Volunteer Program.

209. Our Girls Empowered Through Mentoring and Service our-gems.org

Mentoring group for young ladies to realize their full potential.

210. Ovation! Performing Arts Northwest www.ovationmtb.com

Serves the community through quality performing arts and education programs.

211. Partnering For Youth Achievement (PYA) www.mountzionbremerton.org/

Works with DSHS in gang reduction intervention/prevention. Brings community resources together.

212. PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap www.pawsbink.org/

Helping local pets and their people build life-long, loving relationships.

Change lives in your community.

213. Peacock Family Services peacockfamilycenter.org/

Support early childhood development through enriching care and family services.

Collar of Hope is an all volunteer, foster-home based, all breed, nonprofit dog rescue. We are committed to helping homeless dogs find their way into permanent loving homes as a valued member of the family. We depend on your donations to help make this happen for our friendly four legged friends. Please help us , help these wonderful loving creatures who are looking for their new forever home.

Our website is www.collarofhope.org Please check out our site for more information.

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 25

214. Peninsula Cancer Center Foundation

215. Peninsula Community Health Services

216. Peninsula Music and Arts Society

Women Cancer Survivors’ Bridge to Wellness: Survive & Thrive.

PCHS provides affordable quality healthcare across Kitsap & Mason Counties.

Promotes and supports visual and performing arts in Kitsap communities.





We’re here to provide resources and guidance to anyone interested in becoming involved with youth and adult rugby in the Kitsap area. KRFU is committed to training new coaches, developing youth and adult athletes, sponsoring events, and promoting the values of volunteerism, athleticism, teamwork, camaraderie and sportsmanship.Through the generosity of its donors, KRFU is able to provide scholarships to cover the cost of registration for those in need. Please help us continue to support and grow the sport of rugby and donate today. 3250 Spruce Ave Bremerton, WA 98310 (212) 555-0123

Thank you for participating in the Kitsap Great Give! Support local history and art

Albers Vista Gardens is a non-profit botanical organization created for charitable, cultural, scientific, and educational purposes. Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted. Become volunteer of Albers Vista Gardens! We offer our supporters the opportunity to participate in the mission of the garden through volunteerism.

(206) 779-3112

info@albersvistagardens.org www.albersvistagardens.org


Sidney Museum and Arts Association Interested in local Interested in local history or the arts? history or the arts?

 Volunteer opportunities  Volunteer opportunities  Two local museums  Two local museums  Sidney Art Gallery  Sidney Art Gallery  Art Scholarships  Art Scholarships

“Exposure to cultural institutions, like museums and performing arts centers, brings you higher levels of engagement with the arts, greater tolerance, historical empathy, as well as better Exposure to memory cultural and institutions, educational critical like museums and performing arts centers, thinking skills.”

202 Sidney Avenue Port Orchard, WA 98366 360-876-3693 Sidney Avenue State &202 National Historic Building Site Preserving History ~ Promoting Art Port Orchard, WA 98366 www.sidneymuseumandarts.com 360-876-3693

brings you higher levels of engagement State & National Historic Building Site with the arts, greater tolerance, historical empathy, as well as better Preserving History ~ Promoting Art

Operation Xtreme is CRISTA Camps’ week-long and weekend camps for military kids, 100% supported by donors like you. Sons and daughters of service members often face frequent moves, uncertainty and family stress. Military kids who go through the deployment of a parent suffer higher levels of anxiety than their civilian friends. An opportunity to go to camp allows them to step out of their routine, connect with other kids in their same situation, and experience healing and support through camp. Your gift will show military families in our area that you support them, and that together, we can make a difference in the lives of their kids. cristacamps.com


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits


Great Give List of Nonprofits continued

217. Peninsula Services peninsulaservices.org


We provide community based employment services to persons with disabilities.

Schooner Fiddler’s Dream

Our mission is to celebrate our region’s artistic, cultural and historic maritime heritage through exhibition, education, and helping people of all ages and abilities to have a hands on nautical experience. S.T.E.M. Dockside Education Program

Please Give to Youth Maritime Education www.kitsapmaritime.org

218. PNW UDT SEAL Association pnwudtseal.org

Joy-filled education on Bainbridge Island. Grades 1-8 • Kindergarten Preschool • Parent-Child 206-855-8041 • madronaschool.org

Support retired Navy SEALs’ families, and disabled and homeless Veterans.

219. Pony Up Rescue for Equines

220. Port Gamble S’Klallam Foundation & Heronswood sklallamfoundation.org/

Preservation and promotion of S’Klallam culture the Tribe’s work, including Heronswood botanical garden.

221. Port Gamble Theater Company portgambletheater.com

Historic theater, supporting our community through the arts and education.

222. Port Orchard Friends of the Library

Financial support for Library programs benefiting youth and the public.


We rescue, rehab and rehome horses within Washington state.

THANK YOU… ...for supporting Meals on Wheels Kitsap! We depend on community support to provide healthy and nutritious meals, socialization, safety checks and more to seniors throughout Kitsap County. Make a donation through the Kitsap Great Give on April 24th and say YES, I want to provide nutritious meals, friendship and other critical services that help homebound seniors to remain healthy and safe in their homes. Your contribution of: $5 provides a nutritious meal to a homebound senior for one day $35 provides a daily nutritious meal to a homebound senior for one week $150 provides a daily nutritious meal to a homebound senior for one month $1,825 provides a daily nutritious meal to a homebound senior for one year All gifts are welcome. For more information, contact Meals on Wheels Kitsap at 360-377-8511 or visit www.mealsonwheelskitsap.org.

Proudly serving more than a meal since 1973

Change lives in your community.

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 27

223. Port Orchard Kiwanis Scholarship Trust Fund

224. Poulsbo Community Orchestra

226. Poulsbo Lions/Raab Foundation

227. Poulsbo North Kitsap Rotary Foundation

Provide scholarships to graduating high school seniors in South Kitsap.

Performs free symphonic music concerts for the West Sound community.

Various community needs for the needy. Scholarships and Diabetic education.

Making a difference in communities, locally and globally, since 1976.





225. Poulsbo Historical Society poulsbohistory.com/

Maintain and Preserve Poulsbo and North Kitsap’s unique heritage.



FOUNDATION Supporting Emergency Medical Services for You!

WWW.CKFR.ORG 360-447-3550

Rescuing, rehabilitating, and caring for llamas for the rest of their lives. Stillpointe Sanctuary is always looking for volunteers to help out with chores at the farm: manure scooping, llama feeding, support with training, walking llamas, trimming toenails, shearing, building shelters, fencing and clearing (firewood available for FREE!). Other ways you can help are donating. We are always in need of hay, supplements, medicines and building materials (please contact us for specifics). Monetary donations of any amount are also an important way that you can contribute to helping the llamas. PO Box 3320, Silverdale WA 98383-3320 (360) 813-3213 info@stillpointesanctuary.org | stillpointesanctuary.org

Hunger Hurts… our neighbors come to us when they

don’t know where their next meal will come from. Thanks to you, the Bremerton Foodline has been helping hungry people in the great Bremerton area for 38 years.

You can help children smile with healthy snacks so they will do well in school! You can help a family know they will have a meal on the table tomorrow! You can make a senior’s life better with nourishing food to maintain their health! Invest in your community by donating today to help with our “2018 Healthy Food for U” program initiative by making a contribution to help your neighbors.

$20 for a Summer Kids Bag of good snacks and easy to prepare foods when school is out $25 for Senior Nutrition Supplemental Bag with fresh veggies and fruit $50 for a Family Food Basket with extra proteins & produce $100 for a “ Friend” sponsorship of locally sold produce $500 for a “Full Plate” sponsorship for one family for a year

Helping put food on the table! 1600 12th street Bremerton | WA | 98337 360.479.6199

Men Helping Men

By listening and sharing their life experiences and simply having fun.

How you made it, can save and or change another life. Programs, retreats, conferences, events, activities, coaching, teaching and mentoring. Creating Better Men for the 21st Century

21stCenturyMen.org | info@21stCenturyMen.org | New times with new approaches

Abraham’s House is a 501 c3, non-profit organization dedicated to helping fulfill the needs of people both physically and spiritually. As people from the community donate items to Abraham’s House, these items are given back to the people in the community free of charge after attending an optional praise and worship service at 10:30am each on most Saturdays. We give 80% of all donations away to needy families and individuals free of charge in the following ways: Saturday give aways, veterans give aways, Christmas presents for local nursing homes, Christmas children’s toy drives, back to school drives and give aways, festivals of giving for local indian reservations, trucker appreciations give aways, assistance to foster parents, assistance to drug and alcohol recovery clients, victims of domestic violence and disaster relief. 335 Wycoff Ave N, Bremerton, Washington abrahamshouse@icloud.com | Call (360) 405-0488 www.abrahamshouse.org


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits

228. Pregnancy Resource Services of Kitsap

229. Puget Sound Navy Museum Foundation

230. Puget Sound Restoration Fund

231. Q Youth Resources (Q Center)

Free pregnancy tests, education, supplies for pregnant women and children

Supports Museum exhibits and educational programs with voluteers and finances.

Working throughout Puget Sound to restoring iconic marine resources and a healthy ecosystem throughout Puget Sound.

We provide education, community, and support to LGBTQ youth.





232. Rescue Every Dog (R.E.D.) www.rescueeverydog.org

Serving communities while saving the lives of exceptional companion animals. Peninsula Dance Theatre needs help raising scholarship funds for our company dancers. Many of PDT’s Company Members will attend Summer Programs during our off season in order to keep their training strong. Many camps that our dancers will attend can cost up to $5000 in tuition, travel expenses, room and board. Last year we gave over $1500 in scholarship funds to our students. This year we hope to do more however, our organization has not earned enough to support scholarships in our budget this year. With the support of the Kitsap Great Give we hope to be able bring in funds to support summer dance camp scholarships for our dancers.

"Promoting excellence in education" Benefiting the students and staff in Central Kitsap School District. Grants are designed to fund training for the students and staff or to purchase equipment and materials to expand learning in the classroom.

Contact- Sue Corey at 360 779-2433


Your contribution is verymuchappreciated

Serving years, help helpus usserve servefor foranother another5050totocome. come. Servingour ourcommunity community over over 50 50 years,

Our church, originally intended to be a gymnasium, is in need of an update. Your pledge to our capital The time haswill come transform our beloved building an our evenparish more dignified house ofenergy prayerand in campaign do to more than remodel ourchurch church. It willinto ignite with renewed whichour to raise hearts and mindsby to God. Yourus donation capital campaign will do and moreservice than remodel enrich spiritual experience bringing closer to toour God in faith, community, to others. our church, it willYour ignitegift ourwill parish with enrich ourinspiritual experience by bringing us help us renewed continueenergy to do and God’s work our community.

closer to God in faith, community, and service to others.

Follow us on Facebook or www.htcbremerton.org to learn more about our parish.

Your gift will help us continue to do God’s work in our community. Learn more about our parish at www.htcbremerton.org and follow us on Facebook.

Change lives in your community.

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 29

233. Rotary Club of South Kitsap

236. Royal Family Kids Camp, Poulsbo Camp #8

240. Seabeck Conference Center

244. Senior Services for South Sound

We are the “fun club” that makes a difference!

Making moments matter for foster children.

We serve those who serve others.

Improving the lives of adults as they age.



234. Roxy Bremerton

237. Safe Kids Kitsap County

Raise funds/awareness for refurbishment/maintenance of the Historic Roxy Theatre.

Working together to keep Kitsap kids safe from preventable injuries.



235. Royal Family KID’s Camp, Bremerton #46 bremerton.royalfamilykids.org/

Confronting abuse and changing lives of Kitsap County foster children

238. Salish Sea Expeditions www.salish.org

Experiential marine science education for middle and high school students.

239. Scarlet Road


241. SeaShare

245. Sharenet

SeaShare distributes seafood to food banks in Washington and nationwide.

ShareNet fights hunger and poverty issues in northernmost Kitsap County.


Scarlet Road provides exit solutions and support for exploited women.

246. Shepherds Bible College

Goodwill provides free employment training and adult basic education.

Provide higher education to equip ministry leaders through local churches.


206 913-7484



243. Seeds of Grace

247. SidebySide:South Africa

Building sustainable, organic gardens to feed God’s Sheep.

Provide feminine hygiene education and reusable, environmentallyfriendly hygiene kits, to underserved communities.

Bainbridge Island Mountain Biking Club The Bainbridge Island Mountain Biking Club supports mountain biking activities on Bainbridge Island. One of our primary missions is to raise funds for and support the Gear Grinders Middle School and High School mountain bike team. The Gear Grinders team is a club sport (part of the Washington Student Cycling League) and all of its funding for coach training, rider development, transportation, equipment, and other supplies comes from membership fees and donations. The current activities of the BIMBC include fundraising for Gear Grinders’ equipment and skills training, and promoting mountain biking on Bainbridge Island.


242. Seattle Goodwill



BIMBC: John Benjes, jbenjes@hotmail.com



The Friends of the Silverdale Library need your help! In 2017 we supported 42 programs benefiting over 8,000 Kitsap children and family members.

We appreciate your donations of gently used books and/or media!

Weekly book sales fund a multitude of reading programs for all ages and build critical funds for the new Central Kitsap Library in Silverdale.

Please call/email for more information or to schedule a donation David Bonnett 360-710-4963 / bonnettde@gmail.com Daniel Warzynak 702-499-7486 / dwarzynak@yahoo.com



Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued

248. Sidney Museum and Arts Association (SMAA) www.sidneymuseumandarts.com

Preserving local history through storytelling and promoting Pacific Northwest art.

249. Silver Ridge Elementary PTA silverridgepta.my-pta.org/

Supports the education of our students as a community.

250. Silverdale Rotary Club Foundation www.silverdalerotaryclub.org

We unite community leaders who believe in Service Above Self.

251. Silverwood School www.silverwoodschool.org/

An independent elementary school which challenges and cherishes our students.

253. Soroptimist International of Greater North Kitsap (SIGNK) signk.org/

Women helping other women and girls to be their best.

254. Soroptimist International of Port Orchard siportorchard.com/

252. Soroptimist International of Greater Bremerton Area

Soroptimist works to improve the lives of women and girls.

Women at their best, helping women+girls live their dreams.

Free employment resources: counseling, professional resumes, interview training, and job placement.


255. Sound Works Job Center

256. South Kitsap Band Boosters www.skbandboosters.com

Supports the SKHS Marching Band.... musically, academically, socially and financially.

257. South Kitsap Helpline www.skhelpline.org

Provides critical services to those in need in our community

258. South Kitsap Public Education Foundation www.skpef.com

Enhance public education in South Kitsap School District at all levels

259. Space Craft Presents www.spacecraftpresents.org

Building community by empowering and celebrating the talent of emerging musicians.

Serving our community locally & abroad, since 1976.

THE LIBRARY THAT BAINBRIDGE BUILT Bainbridge Public Library is proud to participate in Kitsap Great Give! Your support helps us maintain the library’s building and grounds to make BPL an important space to all ages for decades to come. Thanks to the sponsoring partners and generous donors who support Kitsap’s vital nonprofit community!

1270 Madison Ave. N, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 www.bainbridgepubliclibrary.org

100% of donations go directly to service projects including community outreach, youth scholarships and Poulsbo Rotary brings together people like you who want to use their domestic violence abuse prevention.

expertise for good. People whose sense of responsibility inspires them our community. Help Rotary support to give back to their community.

Learn more about our Rotary Learn more at us on mission by following Facebook or visiting our website at poulsborotary.org www.poulsborotary.org

Change lives in your community.

260. Special Olympics Washington Peninsula Area specialolympicswashington.org

Transforms lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities through the joy of sport.

261. Spirit of Life Lutheran Ministries spiritoflifelutheran.com/

Provides spiritual, nutritional and developmental services to meet intergenerational needs.

262. St Vincent dePaul Society, Poulsbo Provides emergency aid to anyone in North Kitsap demonstating need.

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 31

263. St. Cecilia Catholic School www.saintceciliaschool.org/

We develop children’s minds, bodies and spirits through education.

266. Stillpointe Llama Sanctuary & Educational Organization

270. Sustainable Bainbridge sustainablebainbridge.org


Rescue/rehabilitate llamas & alpacas. Educate in 4H and the community.

264. St. Vincent de Paul Bremerton www.svdpbremerton.com

267. Stillwaters Environmental Center

Offering person-to-person service to individuals in need.


Sustainable Bainbridge serves as an incubator for new sustainability initiatives.

271. Teen Reach Adventure Camp (T.R.A.C.) www.teenreach.org

T.R.A.C. provides camping/year-round mentoring for teenage foster children.

265. Stand Up For KidsBremerton (SUFKS)

Engage families and communities for the health of Puget Sound.

Assist Homeless and At-Risk Teens’ efforts in improving their lives.



269. Suquamish Community Kitchen

273. The Art Project

www.standupforkids.org/kitsap county/default.aspx

268. Summer in the USA


We provide nutritional dinners and community to our neighbors weekly.

272. The Arc of Kitsap and Jefferson Counties Advocates for people with disabilities at the local, state and national level.


Provide access and connection to the visual arts in Kitsap County.

Every child deserves a home but as you read these words there are nearly 2,000 children living homeless on the streets of Kitsap County. 

We are in a real fight against homelessness.

Will You Join Us?


Help us provide compassionate family development counseling;  a pathway to family stability; a place to call home.

Learn more at kcr.org

When you make your Kitsap Great Give donation, thank you for remembering KCR and those we serve. 


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits

Great Give List of Nonprofits continued

274. The Changing Scene Theatre Northwest changingscenenorthwest.org

Fringe theatre organization dedicated to original works and the classics.

275. The Coffee Oasis

277. The Hometown Band www.hometownband.org

Brings together musicians that play concert music for the community

278. The Island School theislandschool.org

Engaging curriculum and socialemotional learning in kindergarten through fifth grade.

279. The Lesser-Known Players www.lesserknownplayers.org

281. The Lord’s Neighborhood Diner thelordsneighborhooddiner.com

Provides a Saturday meal, day shelter, clothing and sanitary facilities.

282. The Paul Linder Educational Foundation

Provide educational grants to enhance learning activities in CK Schools.

283. The Salmon Center


We specialize in small-house, blackbox experimental, unknown, and controversial works.


276. The Compassionate Friends of Kitsap County

280. The Local Food Trust

284. The Salvation Army

We grow our culture and community through investments in local food system.

We serve the poorest of the poor without discrimination.

The Coffee Oasis is changing the world for homeless youth.

Support group for bereaved parents.


We bring salmon and people together for all generations.


285. Their Voice www.their-voice.org/

We educate, network, and advocate for companion animals.

286. Tracyton Community Library

Provide information, education and recreation for our patrons.

287. Tracyton Pee Wee Sports Association www.tracytonpeewees.com

Nonprofit youth organization offering Football, Basketball and Baseball programs.

288. Tracyton Scout Parents’ Club Troop 1506 www.facebook.com/tracytonscoutparentsclub/

Provides property, facilities, and support for Tracyton BSA Troop 1506.

Fetu Ta'iala Learning Center Education + Wisdom = Endless Opportunities

We wanting to serve theirtheir neighbors with seniors, persons with disabilities Weconnect connectpeople people wanting to serve neighbors with the elderly, disabled or or those needingassistance assistance to maintain andand quality of life. those needing maintaintheir theirindependence independence quality of life. No fee services include: include: No fee services Transportation for • Transportation for medical medical or or therapy therapyappointments appointments & errands • Life-enrichment activities Errands • In-home In-home services services such such as as light light housekeeping, housekeeping, help help with with yard yard care care or or pets pets • Respite Respite care care and and companionship companionship www.ivcbainbridge.org 206-842-4441 Thank youfor foryour yoursupport! support! www.ivcbainbridge.org 206-842-4441 Thank you

The Poulsbo Lions Club’s nearly 100 members are dedicated to helping those in need, and to creating an environment that allows our members to enrich their own lives by helping others. 18920 4th Ave NE, Poulsbo, Washington poulsbolions.blogspot.com infopoulsbolions@wavecable.com

Pacific Islanders are often overlooked in educational research. Among students of color, they have the highest dropout and suspension/expulsion rates along with the lowest academic achievements in Washington Schools. They are underrepresented and underserved by our Washington educational system. Our students deserve educational equity and need our help to realize their potential. Fetu Ta'iala Learning Center (FTLC), or Fetu Ta'iala (for short) is a grassroots nonprofit organization committed to education equity and to close the academic and opportunity gaps for disadvantaged and underserved students with a focus on Pacific Islander students in Washington schools.

Q Youth Resources is an all volunteer organization that works with educators, mental health professionals, Kitsap school districts, and trained volunteers to provide a rich community of support and resources for LGBTQ youth. Donations will help our organization sustain our youth leadership program, Drop-In activities, special events, and educational outreach to LGBTQ youth. LGBTQ youth need safe, dedicated spaces, like the Q Center, to meet their unique needs and celebrate their identities. The Q Center, open Friday nights for youth ages 13-18, provides education, community, and a safe space for queer and allied youth. The Q Center, has far-reaching and powerful impacts on youth. "The Q Center was part of the reason I had the courage to come out. I was offered amazing advice and provided with a wealth of information of sexuality, identity, and gender"- Q Center Youth.

Follow The Q Center on Facebook : www.facebook.com/theqcenter Visit our website at qyouthresources.org Contact theqcenter@qyouthresources.org

Change lives in your community.

289. Turning Pointe Domestic Violence Services www.turningpointe.org

Turning Pointe Shelter for Domestic and Sexual Abuse Survivors.

290. Twin Lakes Youth Camp www.twinlakesyouthcamp.org

Youth oriented fun, rustic camp promoting responsible environmental stewardship.

291. United Way of Kitsap County www.unitedwaykitsap.org

We focus investments that build a flourishing and healthy community.

292. Vadis www.vadis.org

Providing job training, placement and ongoing support for people with disabilities.

293. Village Green Foundation www.kingstonvillagegreen.org

Completing capital funding for our newly constructed community center.

294. Vinland Lutheran Preschool


Prepares children for kindergarten and a lifetime of learning.

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 33

297. Wall of Hope


Connecting people who care with causes that matter.

298. Warren Avenue Pee Wees www.wapeewees.org

Provide positive, safe environment for kids to play organized sports.

299. Washington Explorer Search and Rescue, Kitsap Unit www.kitsapesar.com

Provide trained searchers to find missing people and evidence.

300. Washington State Science & Engineering Fair (WSSEF) wssef.org/

Providing exceptional opportunities to grades 1-12 by ‘Promoting Future Scientists and Engineers’.

301. Washington Youth Academy Foundation www.wyafoundation.org

Helping high school dropouts succeed in academics and life.

302. Weaver Foundation Georgia Mattson Memorial Shelter www.gmweaverfoundation.org

295. Violet Sees

Provides an environment unparalleled in safety, advocacy, empowerment and support.

Provides funding for children’s glasses to treat and prevent blindness.

303. West Sound Academy

296. Walk in the Light International

WSA is a college-preparatory International Baccalaureate school for grades 6-12.



WITLI brings whole-person development to communities in Burkina Faso.


304. West Sound Art and Music 309. West Sound Youth for Christ www.westsoundyfc.org Association (WSAMA) www.westsoundartandmusic.org

WSAMA brings performance and learning opportunities to our diverse community.

Seeking community transformation through holistic, relational outreach to young people.

305. West Sound CoderDojo

310. Western Washington Center For The Arts 1 (WWCA)

Educate, influence and promote an innovative and vital technology economy.

Live theatre productions, kids’ theatre, acting classes and live artistic performances.


306. West Sound Technical Skills Center Foundation www.westsoundtechfoundation.org

Provide educational opportunities for West Sound Tech Students through Scholarships.

307. West Sound Treatment Center westsoundtreatmentcenter.org

Behavioral health treatment and supportive housing for individuals and families.

308. West Sound Wildlife Shelter www.westsoundwildlife.org

Wildlife rehabilitation and educational outreach throughout the western Puget Sound.


311. Wild Society wildsociety.org

Building relationships with nature through backcountry camps and classes.

312. Wolfle Elementary School PTA www.nkschools.org/Domain/669

Helping students, families, and teachers thrive at Wolfle Elementary School

313. YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties www.ymcapkc.org

Strengthens communities through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

314. YWCA Kitsap County www.ywcakitsap.org/

YWCA is Kitsap County’s only domestic violence service provider! Seeds of Grace has been given a building and acreage! This property will be the new HQ, where example permaculture and aguaponics will be on site. The inside of the building will be offered as community space for other nonprofits in the area to utilize - organizations like AA, Boy and Girl Scouts, 4-H and others will be allowed free use. We will be offering our Garden Gnome Digest, a monthly class for adults as well as Garden Gnome Jr, a summer camp and after school program for kids. With the improvements we make, this location will again become a desired venue for weddings, private parties and other community classes. We will begin renovating the building in April and transfer our all operations to our new home in May. Your Great Give donation will help make this happen! dreambigaskbold.org| SEEDS OF GRACE, P.O. BOX 5071, BREMERTON, WA 98312 | OR YOU CAN CALL OR TEXT: 360-797-5605


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits


Puppet Museum Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re talking about us... HOURS Wed-Fri, 10a-4p Sat, 12p-4p First Friday Art Walk ADDRESS 280 4th Street Bremerton, WA PHONE (360) 479-6226 www.facebook.com/ KitsapHistory/

Our mission is to share with our community the art of puppetry in many cultures. We will be celebrating our twentieth birthday later in the year. watch for our celebration. All money we receive is to continue our mission of celebrating the art of puppetry through creative, historical and cultural experiences for all ages.


19160 Front Street NE | PO Box 127 Poulsbo, WA 98370 360-779-7500



Change lives in your community.

www.kitsapgreatgive.org 35

The Kitsap Great Give Sponsors The Kitsap Great Give would not be possible without the generous support of the event’s sponsors. Together these sponsors donated $180,000! Please shower the sponsors with your thanks, appreciation, and business. The largest sponsor, and the event’s Presenting Partner, is the United Way of Kitsap County. Kitsap Community Foundation, is extremely thankful for United Way’s sponsorship, partnership, and dedication to improving our community. The Lead Sponsors of the event are Bridge2Bridge, which is our local Pepsi distributor, the A.Y. Petter Fund at the Kitsap Community Foundation, Port Madison Enterprises and the Suquamish Tribe, and two anonymous donors. We are thankful for their deep support of the Great Give and our community. Without the major assistance of the event’s Media Sponsors, the Great Give could not possibly succeed. We are deeply grateful to the Sound Publishing group of papers (Bainbridge Review, North Kitsap Herald, Central Kitsap Reporter, Port Orchard Independent, etc.), the Kitsap Sun, West Sound Home & Garden Magazine, Hyper Effects Media, Mattress Ranch, and Bremerton Kitsap Access Television (BKAT). The next level of Sponsors are the Kitsap Credit Union, author Susan Wiggs, and Orchard Foods Corp (our local Taco Bells and KFCs). We thank these Sponsors for making a substantial donation to the event and doing what they can to make it as successful as possible. Counted as Supporters of the Kitsap Great Give are Tim Ryan Construction, Columbia Bank, Land Title Company, the Averill Park Fund, the Point Casino, Puget Sound Energy and two anonymous donors. Finally, the following organizations sponsored prizes that will be given away during the event: BNY Mellon, Clearwater Casino, The Point Casino, and the Kitsap Community Foundation Board of Directors. Without all of these Supporters and Prize Sponsors, the Great Give would not achieve its goals. Kitsap Community Foundation and the 314 nonprofits taking part in the Kitsap Great Give deeply appreciate the support of these generous sponsors!

Please shower the sponsors with your thanks, appreciation and business.


Join the Day of Giving! 24 Hours, 314 Nonprofits


Two years ago, Josh was homeless. Today, he’s on track to graduate from the Olympic College welding program and pursue a career in a field he loves. He couldn’t have done it without support from community donors, who fund scholarships and emergency assistance for students in need. For Josh and hundreds of other students each quarter who need a helping hand, your gift on April 24 during the Kitsap Great Give can truly transform a life.


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Kitsap Great Give - 2018  


Kitsap Great Give - 2018