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volume 14,

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<< Emma Logan, of Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy in Port Angeles, demonstrates how to properly use a foam roller. She tells us what foam rolling is, how it’s used and why it hurts in her story.

Pages 10-11

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Early intervention crucial to stroke outcome BY TRISH TISDALE FOR CLALLAM 2 FIRE-RESCUE

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States and the leading cause of serious, long-term disability, according to the American Stroke Association. More than 140,000 people die each year from stroke in the U.S. In Washington, the state Department of Health reports that strokes kill more than 2,500 residents each year. Others survive, but with significant, costly disabilities. Certain risk factors increase your chances of having a stroke. Some factors are beyond your control, such as age, sex, genetics and ethnicity; however, many unhealthy habits also increase your chances of having a stroke — and those are things you can change! Lack of exercise, smoking and drinking too much alcohol all increase your chances of having a stroke. Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes also can increase your risk for stroke. By treating these conditions, you can

lower your risk of stroke. TIME IS CRITICAL A stroke, also called a “brain attack,” occurs when an artery that carries oxygen

and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by a clot or ruptures. Ischemic strokes account for 87 percent of all strokes. These occur when an artery to the brain

is severely blocked, stopping blood flow to the brain. When brain cells are starved of oxygen — even for just a few minutes — they begin to die. This can lead to brain damage or even death. Acting fast is crucial to stroke survival. Clallam 2 Fire-Rescue Fire Chief Sam Phillips noted, “Early identification of stroke symptoms followed by rapid treatment and transport are critical to minimizing the effects of a stroke.” People often ignore or deny the symptoms of a stroke, which can delay their transport to a hospital and receiving early medical interventions. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of a stroke can help enable a rapid response and treatment of potential stroke victims. Many people who experience a stroke die or are disabled because they didn’t receive the appropriate medical treatment in time. Treatment must be started within three hours from the onset of symptoms or, in some situations, up to six hours. STROKE continued on 5 >>

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<< STROKE continued from 4

The faster the stroke is treated, the more likely the person will recover. According to the Department of Health, people who are treated within 90 minutes of their first symptoms are almost three times more likely to recover with little to no disability. For the common ischemic stroke, clotbusting medication (tPA) must be administered within 4.5 hours from the time the patient was last seen “normal” — the time before the onset of symptoms. “Stroke treatment is time-critical,” Phillips said. “The sooner patients are treated, the better their chances of survival and recovering function.” DON’T IGNORE THE SYMPTOMS Common symptoms of a stroke might include sudden onset of: •  Weakness or numbness in the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body • Confusion •  Trouble speaking or understanding •  Trouble with vision (in one or both eyes) •  Dizziness or trouble walking •  Loss of coordination •  Severe headache with no known cause

If someone has these symptoms, perform the FAST Assessment. FAST is a simple acronym to help determine whether a person might be having a stroke: FAST is a simple acronym to help determine F — Facial droop: Ask the person to smile. whether a person might be having a stroke: Usually one side of the face is drooping or difficult to move. The person will usuF — Facial droop: Ask the person to smile. ally have a crooked smile. A — Arm drift: Ask the person to raise A — Arm drift: Ask the person to raise both arms. both arms. S — Speech: Ask the person to repeat a simple An arm might drift downward or is phrase. weak and cannot be raised fully. S — Speech: Ask the person to repeat T — Time: When did the symptoms start? When was a simple phrase. the person last “normal”? Is the speech abnormal, slurred or difficult to understand? Does the person understand you? T — Time: When did the symptoms Treat other medical conditions, such as S — Smoking: Don’t smoke. start? When was the person last “normal”? high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Clallam 2 Fire-Rescue officials are If stroke symptoms are present, time is diabetes. available to speak about stroke prevention of the essence. A good place to start is to follow the and risk factors to organizations and Call 9-1-1 immediately. “ABCs of Heart Health.” groups within its jurisdictional boundarA — Aspirin: Aspirin might help ies. LOWER YOUR RISK reduce your risk for a stroke. If interested, contact the fire district’s While some stroke factors are out of Check with your doctor before starting administrative offices at 360-457-2550. your control, it is up to you to maintain a aspirin, and only take as directed by your healthy lifestyle. health care professional. Trish Tisdale is a volunteer EMT with Make some lifestyle changes to help B — Blood pressure: Control your Clallam 2 Fire-Rescue in Port Angeles. lower your risk of a stroke. blood pressure. She has been an EMT since 2003 and Eat a healthy diet, maintain a healthy C — Cholesterol: Manage your choles- also has served as a firefighter, rescue weight and exercise regularly. diver and wildland firefighter. terol.

Act F.A.S.T.

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Let’s take a look. Peninsula Daily News/Sequim Gazette


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Runners to hit Peninsula roads, trails BY OLYMPIC PENINSULA NEWS GROUP

Two big races are coming up again on the North Olympic Peninsula: Rhody Run 2017 and the North Olympic Discovery Marathon. Get those running/walking shoes broken in and brace yourself for these distance heats charged with passion, camaraderie and athleticism. RHODY RUN 2017 Known as “The Run that Cares for the Runner,” Jefferson Healthcare’s 40th annual Rhody Run is slated for Sunday, May 20. Starting at 11 a.m., racers from all over the Peninsula and beyond will walk, jog or run along a course that starts at Fort Worden State Park. The 12k USATF-certified course starts and finishes at the same point and covers a loop through rural Port Townsend with views of mountains, woods and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The demanding course consists of mixed flat, hills and roads. A Kids Sprint (ages 9 and younger) starts at 9:30 a.m. that same day. Registration is on-site. The 1/2 Rhody Run 6k Race starts at 11:30 a.m. This race also starts and ends at Fort Worden. For adults, registration is $35 through May 17,

with online registration ending at 5 p.m. that day. Registration is $15 for kids 17 and younger; $25 for seniors 65 and older; and $25 for active duty military. Packet pickup and day-of registration is between 8:45 a.m. and 10 a.m. for the 12k and between 8:45 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. for the 6k. For more information, visit NORTH OLYMPIC DISCOVERY MARATHON A Boston Marathon qualifier with a USATFcertified course, the North Olympic Discovery Marathon (NODM) has a distance and speed for everyone. Taking place Sunday, June 3, there are different starting points for different NODM races, but all events finish at the City Pier in downtown Port Angeles. The marathon course follows the Olympic Discovery Trail through Sequim Bay State Park, across the Johnston Creek trestle, through downtown Sequim, over the newly repaired Dungeness River Railroad trestle bridge and through farm and country with mountain views. It finishes with a 5-mile stretch along the shores of the Salish Sea. RACES continued on 7 >>

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Serving Serving Clallam Clallam County County since since 1971, 1971, Peninsula Peninsula Behavioral Behavioral Health is the region’s primary resource for mental Health is the region’s primary resource for mental health health services. Last year over 3,300 men, women, and children Serving Clallam County since 1971, Peninsula Behavioral services. Last year over 3,300 men, women, and children Serving Clallam County since 1971, Peninsula Behavioral received psychological services Health is the region’s primary resource for mental health from an Health ispsychiatric the region’sand primary resource for mental health received psychiatric and psychological services from an services. Last year over 3,300 men, women, and children expert staff including MDs, nurse practitioners (ARNPs), services. Last year over 3,000 men, women, and children received psychiatricMDs, and psychological services from an (ARNPs), expert staff including nurse practitioners social workers, nurses, case expert staff counselors, including nurse practitioners (ARNPs),managers, received psychiatric andMDs, psychological services from an social workers, counselors, nurses, managers, social including workers, counselors, nurses, case case managers, expert staff MDs, nurse practitioners (ARNPs), and other professionals. and other professionals. and other professionals. Serving Clallam County since 1971, Behavioral social workers, counselors, nurses,Peninsula case managers, We are committed to offering you quality, specialized care. We committed to you quality,for specialized care. Health the region’s primary resource mental health and other professionals. We are are is committed to tooffering offering you specialized care. We look forward working with you quality, in understanding your We look forward to working with you in understanding your services. Last year over 3,300 men, women, and children needs and fostering progress toward your goals. Welook are committed offering youyou quality, specialized care. We forward to to working with in understanding your needs and fostering progress toward your goals. received psychiatric and psychological services from We look forward to working with you in understanding your For an appointment, needs and fostering progress toward your goals. an please call 360-457-0431 fostering progress your goals. expertneeds staff and including MDs, nursetoward practitioners (ARNPs), appointment, or visitFor us atan For an appointment, social workers, please counselors, nurses, case managers, For an appointment, call 360-457-0431 please call 360-457-0431 Helping People Grow please callprofessionals. 360-457-0431 and other or visit us at Change. or visit us orand visit us at We are committed to offering you quality, specialized care. We look forward to working with you in understanding your Helping People Grow Helping People Grow needs and fostering progress toward your goals. and Change.

2017 North Olympic Discovery Marathon runners take off at 7 Cedars Casino in Blyn.

Peninsula Daily News/Sequim Gazette

<< RACES continued from 6

Healthy women make thriving communities.

Four legs (mountain bike, kayak, road bike and 10k run) in Port Angeles. Registration now open. •  Valley of the Trolls 4, Trolls Gone Hawaiian: Saturday, Aug. 25. Half-marathon, 10k or 5k at Troll Haven-Bandy Farms in Sequim. Registration open through day of race. •  CrabFest 5k Fun Run: Saturday, Oct. 7. 5k at City Pier in Port Angeles. Registration closes Sept. 30.

INTERESTED IN LEARNING HOW TO LIVE A MORE ACTIVE, PAIN-FREE, HEALTHY LIFE? MELT® Method a self-treatment, soft tissue technique using small balls and a soft foam roller may be the answer. The nervous system cannot relax and heal properly when it is receiving signals of pain. MELT® is used to treat an array of issues, such as stiffness, achiness, tension, digestive issues, arthritis, and neck and low-back pain. Achieving and maintaining healthy fascia is the missing link between fitness and medicine.


The health of our community is nurtured by the health of our people. That’s why delivering excellent care drives everything we do. With nine locations throughout the region, Jefferson Healthcare is your community healthcare provider. Our experienced care providers, state-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical technology give you access to the best care, right here at home.


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The marathon walk starts at 6 a.m. at 7 Cedars Casino in Blyn. At 7:30 a.m., the marathon and the marathon relay start at the casino. The half marathon takes off at 8:30 a.m. from Storm King Soccer Fields, 1240 N. Barr Road in Port Angeles. At 9 a.m., the 10k starts at Deer Park Overlook/Buchanan Road in Port Angeles, and the 5k starts at the City Pier at the same time. Between 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., as the racers are crossing the finish line, there will be music, a beer garden, food, awards, massages, a shirt exchange, photos, beachcombing and more. There also is a kids marathon at the City Pier Saturday, June 2, at 4 p.m. For a breakdown of registration fees or more information about parking, packet pickup and age groups, visit Other North Olympic Peninsula races happening this year include: •  OAT Run: Saturday, April 28. Half-marathon or 12k on the Olympic Adventure Trail in Port Angeles. Registration closes April 27. •  Irrigation Festival Fun Run: Saturday, May 12. 5k or 1-mile walk/ dash in Sequim. Registration at 8:30 a.m. day of race. •  GOAT Run: Saturday, Sept. 8. Full-marathon, half-marathon or 50k on the Olympic Adventure Trail in Port Angeles. Registration opens April 1. irrigation-festival-fun-run •  Big Hurt: Saturday, Sept. 22.










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Babies communicate, connect with sign language © TWO LITTLE HANDS

Baby Signing Time instructor Danielle Mills teaches a Baby Signing Time class at the Port Angeles Library.


American Sign Language (ASL) has been one of the principal means of communication for the deaf since the early 1800s. Now, the practice of teaching sign language to children who can hear is gaining popularity nationwide. Baby Signing Time is a parenting tool that can help children ages 0 to 5 learn to communicate with others before they develop the ability to speak full sentences. With this age range, too, we can include those who might have speech delays. Baby Signing Time is used because signing helps children of all ages and abilities communicate and connect with the people they love. Research shows that infants and toddlers who sign: •  Are less frustrated •  Learn to talk sooner •  Have larger vocabularies than nonsigners •  Scored higher on IQ tests at age 8 Signing is a powerful learning tool.

Courtesy photo

Once a child begins to talk, signing continues to offer important educational benefits. When signs and words are used together, auditory learners hear the word, visual learners see the sign and kinesthetic learners can use their hands to

make the sign. In other words, signing creates the perfect storm that can trigger a surge in language learning and cognitive development. Research shows that preschool and elementary children who use signs and finger spelling:

•  Expand their vocabularies more quickly •  Develop more positive attitudes toward reading •  Learn letters, numbers and sight words more easily Signing helps children with special needs. Children who have autism, Down syndrome, speech challenges or language delays often use signs as a primary means of communication or to simply clarify their speech. Signing opens the door to meaningful social interactions with parents, teachers and peers. Baby Signing Time instructor Danielle Mills’s childhood was spent surrounded by sign. “My mom, who is now an ASL interpreter, learned the language alongside her deaf sister,” she said. “Only recently, though, have I come to understand its true value.” When she found Baby Signing Time online, Mills said, she was inspired to learn more about signing and to teach her little one the art. SIGNING continued on 9 >>


The Fifth Avenue, located at 500 W Hendrickson Road Breakfast: 7:30a.m. - 9:00a.m. Lunch: 11:30a.m. – 1:00p.m. Drop-ins welcome

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MARCH 2018



Peninsula Daily News/Sequim Gazette

“What I love the most about these classes is watching a toddler learn a sign for the first time and the smile on their face showing how proud they are of themselves.” — Danielle Mills,

Baby Signing Time instructor

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Avery Mills signs “I love you” at the age of 2½. Photo by Danielle Mills

<< SIGNING continued from 8

“Now that he’s almost 3, he loves ‘Signing Time,’ ‘Potty Time’ and ‘Treeschoolers.’ We started watching the shows when he was 6 months old and by the time he was 12 months old, he knew more signs than I did,” Mills said. “I had to start watching the shows closer to understand what he was saying. Now he can talk clearly and when I am not totally sure on a word he’s saying, he uses every sign at his disposal to get me to understand him. “While (Avery) still has tantrums, I believe signing has cut that in half. I have enjoyed this journey of watching him communicate so much that I decided I wanted to teach Baby Signing Time classes to help more parents enjoy communicating with their children before they can talk.” In her classes, Mills uses a lot of movement, toys and songs to make learning ASL fun and easy. “What I love the most about these classes is watching a toddler learn a sign for the first time and the smile on their

face showing how proud they are of themselves,” she said. “I am teaching baby sign language not only to the babies and toddlers in class but especially to the parents because they will be their children’s biggest teachers at home.” Mills, who also has a background in math tutoring, outdoor education and massage therapy, offers Baby Signing Time classes in Port Angeles and in the Carlsborg area. She has been teaching baby sign language for one year. The next class series is “First Signs” and starts May 1, 2 and 3. The series runs for four consecutive weeks, and each class session is about 20 to 30 minutes long. The series cost $80 for one child with parents ($20 for each additional child).  A DVD and CD is included with tuition. ​To hold a spot in class, fill out a registration form online at www.babysigning A deposit of $20 is required with registration. For more information, visit www.

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INJURY PREVENTION FOR THE RUNNER CAUSES OF INJURY: •  Decreased lower extremity flexibility •  Weak foot and hip muscles •  Poor foot mechanics •  Increased lateral patellar tracking •  Hyper/hypo mobility in the spine •  Training errors


Many clinicians, coaches and trainers often instruct people to foam roll (or use roller massage sticks) on their muscles before and after exercise. The goal of such tools is to perform self myofascial release (SMR) to one’s musculature. This is a form of self-massage. HURTS SO GOOD When using a foam roller, a person uses their own body weight to apply pressure through a muscle onto the roll. When using a rolling massage stick, a person applies pressure to their muscle through the stick, using their arms. According to an article in The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy titled “The Effects of Self-Myofascial Release Using a Foam Roll or Roller Massager on Joint Range of Motion, Muscle Recovery, and Performance: A Systematic Review,” SMR has been shown to have beneficial qualities for improving muscle flexibility, muscle recovery and overall exercise tolerance and performance. Current evidence suggests that foam rolling a muscle will improve muscle flexibility and joint range of motion. The deep pressure of the foam roll or rolling massage stick increases local muscle temperature, brings more blood flow to the area and breaks up scar tissue and fascial restrictions between layers of soft tissue. It helps to break up adhesions between layers of fascia, according to an article from Current Sports Medicine Reports. When rolling or working on tight/sore muscles, you will experience discomfort or pain. Think of it like the pain you get while stretching. It should be uncomfortable but not unbearable, and when you are done it


MARCH 2018



Motion and strength at the hip affect the knee and ankle! Poor knee and hip mechanics decrease efficiency of the stride and increase the risk for injury.

should feel better. One important implication of this property of SMR is that it helps improve muscle flexibility without impeding muscle function. It is widely suggested that static stretching prior to performing aerobic and high-intensity exercise will change the muscle structure and decrease the power and force of a muscle. Using a foam roller as part of a preexercise routine might help to improve joint range of motion and promote proper biomechanics with the exercise without diminishing muscle performance. Pre-exercise SMR appears to be most effective when preceded with a lower extremity dynamic warm-up. HOW TO FOAM ROLL By using your body weight, you will apply pressure through your muscles to regulate areas of increased muscle tone or tightness. It is important not to roll over bony areas, such as your knee, or areas where you have an open wound or injury (unless instructed by a medical professional). Always roll in line with the muscles and at a slow pace. When you roll over a tight, painful area (muscle knot), slow down the speed and stay on top of this area for about 20-30 seconds or until you feel the area release. If it is too painful to stay on top of this area, then decrease the force by unweighting the area. When you are finished rolling, make sure that you drink plenty of water, just like you would after a massage. DIFFERENT TYPES OF FOAM ROLLERS There are different types of foam rollers available. The distinguishing difference between types of foam rollers is the stiffness. Some research demonstrates a stronger

WHAT CAN YOU DO? 1. Dynamic warmups 2. Static stretching after workouts 3. Foam roller 4. Strengthening 5. Regular shoe analysis and purchase 6. Not progressing training more than 10 percent per week 7. Physical therapy to analyze biomechanics Emma Logan demonstrates how to use a foam roller.

— Beth Sandoval, director of physical therapy, Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy

Photo provided by Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy

effect of foam rolling on muscle tissue flexibility when using a firmer foam roller; however, when a person’s muscles are very tight, they tend to be very sensitive, so a softer foam roller is more tolerable. Some foam rollers have knobs on them, which are intended to increase the intensity of deep tissue massage. Again, this might be too intense for sensitive, tight muscles. Overall, the most important factor when foam rolling is that the person foam rolls for a sufficient length of time, about one minute per muscle group. HOW MUCH SHOULD I FOAM ROLL? Current research suggests the optimal prescription for pre-exercise foam rolling to be between two and five sessions of 60 seconds each, and to use the rolling massage stick for two to five sessions of 1-2 minutes each. It appears that the firmer, or more rigid, the foam roller, the greater the physiologi-

cal benefit. Use of foam rolling or a rolling massage stick also is very effective as a post-exercise routine. It is hypothesized that SMR improves muscle flexibility through “increases in intramuscular temperature and blood flow due to friction of the foam roll, alterations in muscle-spindle length or stretch perception and the foam roller mechanically breaking down scar tissue and remobilizing fascia back to a gel-like state,” according to The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy article. Foam rolling is most effective at improving muscle range of motion and maintaining gains when combined with prolonged static stretching after highintensity exercise. Thus, a person could use foam rolling to reduce muscle stiffness immediately after exercising.

WHAT ELSE CAN FOAM ROLLING DO? Self-myofascial release has been shown to reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness, following high-intensity exercise. Delayed-onset muscle soreness is the result of muscle breakdown during highintensity exercise. Foam rolling can target the damaged connective tissue rather than muscle tissue and decrease a person’s perception of pain without adversely affecting the muscle performance. Foam rolling might also help to facilitate increased blood flow, increased rate of lactate removal and improved oxygen transport to the fatigued muscle.

FOAM ROLLING continued on 11 >>

FOAM ROLLING continued on 12 >>

Peninsula Daily News/Sequim Gazette

<< FOAM ROLLING continued from 10

Foam rolling consistently after highintensity exercise will help to maintain muscle flexibility over time.

Peninsula Daily News/Sequim Gazette

Foam rollers can come in different lengths that vary in stiffness. Above is a short, textured roller that increase the intensity of the massage. At right, a runner foam rolls on a longer, softer foam roller, which can be more tolerable for people with very tight and very sensitive muscles. Above photo by Laura Lofgren. Right photo from Wikimedia Commons



MARCH 2018


following exercise and improve post-exercise recovery rate. This might improve muscle recovery It does not affect muscle performance rate following high-intensity exercise. and thus can be applied to a pre-exercise Research suggests foam rolling for routine as well. between 10 to 20 minutes following exercise One of the most important benefits of to reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness. foam rolling or using a rolling massage Foam rolling at least 20 minutes per stick is that a person can regularly perday, for up to three days following highform this intervention on themselves at intensity exercise, will continue to reduce their convenience without the need for perceived muscle pain. assistance or a trained professional. Self-myofascial release also appears to These are very handy and cost-effective have benefits for people who don’t exercise. tools to improve your muscle flexibility to An article from the Journal of Human facilitate appropriate biomechanics when Kinetics stated one study examined the exercising. effects of foam rolling on cardiovascular This will allow a person to improve health of the general population. their overall exercise tolerance and progThe study shows that foam rolling aug- ress their sport-specific performance. ments arterial growth and function within Foam rolling can have many benefits for soft tissue and results in vasodilation, per- exercising and non-exercising people. haps creating a cardiovascular health It is safe and does not have any negabenefit. tive effects when used with proper form. Thus, foam rolling, or use of a rolling When thinking about proper form, be massage stick, might be beneficial for aware of alignment, range of motion and people who do not participate in regular tension. Listen to your body. exercise. It is recommended to consult with your Emma Logan demonstrates how to use a foam roller. The pressure from her Self-myofascial release is commonly rec- physician or physical therapist and get right leg on her left thigh increases the intensity of the massage. ommended and prescribed as a self-main- approval before starting self-myofascial Photo provided by Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy tenance strategy for people who exercise. release. Foam rolling and the use of rolling masFor more information about foam rollsage sticks has been shown to improve ing, visit Emma Logan is a physical therapist who was born and raised in Maine. She received joint range of motion, decrease perceived athletic-performance/foam-rolling-forhas worked at Therapeutic Associates Physi- her doctorate of physical therapy in 2015 pain and delayed-onset muscle soreness athletes. cal Therapy in Port Angeles since 2015. She from the University of Vermont. << FOAM ROLLING continued from 11

Swing fore Spring !


b D


With golfing season here, it’s time for 50+ golfers, baby boomers and seniors to learn how to adapt to the loss of some of the range, mobility, and flexibility that comes with aging. Thankfully there are also some benefits to aging – like retirement and more free time to golf.

HYDRATE | Golf is a physical activity with plenty of sun exposure. Golfers need to hydrate regularly while walking through 18 holes.

AWARENESS | When preparing to swing, make sure no one else is close by so they do not get hit by the club. Help others avoid injury by yelling the traditional warning “Fore” when a ball goes in a direction it should not. DRIVE CAREFULLY | Drive carefully if using a golf cart. Like any moving vehicle, carts can be dangerous and cause injury. Follow all course guidelines when using carts. STRETCH | Though golf is not a high-intensity sport, it is possible to pull and injure muscles. Stretch both the upper and lower body before the round to prepare for the walking and sudden movement that comes with swinging clubs.

Safety Hidden in Plain Sight!

If you do happen to injure yourself on the golf course this spring, get your tune-up at Sequim Health and Rehabilitation. We’re ready to help you get back on your feet with our seven-day-a-week therapy department and outpatient therapy services.

room! Visit Our Show



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11 E Runnion Rd., Sequim, WA Lic.#BYDESGI944MG


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FOAM ROLLING EXERCISES TO TRY CALVES: Roll foam roller from your Achilles to the back of your knee slowly. Make sure to roll to both the inside and outside of the calf to get both heads of the gastrocnemius muscle.

THORACIC SPINE: Support foam roller on the outside your neck with your hands. muscle above the knee. Starting with the foam roller Slowly roll up the outside of in the middle of your back, your leg toward the hip. roll up to the top of your shoulder blades and to the GLUTES/PIRIFORMIS: bottom of your rib cage. Start with the foam roller in the center of the glute/piriforQUAD/HIP FLEXORS: Start mis that is going to be rolled. TRAPEZOID STRETCH: Place ankle across knee of Lying on the foam roller vertiwith the foam roller on the cally, clasp your forearms the side you are stretching muscle above the knee. together or straighten your and slowly roll glutes. Slowly roll up toward the arms out at shoulder height. hip. As you roll your body to the HAMSTRINGS: Start with Bring the leg that is not being rolled out to the side to the foam roller under your leg right, your arms go to the left under the “Also coming in 2018” section. (your head should also follow and above the knee. help control pressure. She wants to say that we have a Sweat Lodge and Wellness Path coming your arms). Slowly roll toward your soon This motion should form a glutes. IT BAND: Start with the

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trapezoid shape with your arms. Repeat to the opposite direction. You can hold the stretch or alternate back and forth. *NOTE: Remember to foam roll when your muscles are warm. Before a workout, do a light warm-up routine. After a workout, your muscles should be warm enough to properly foam roll. Keep your abdominal muscles lightly contracted during rolling. — Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy


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Our mission is to provide Behavioral Health Treatment Services to native and non-native individuals and their family members. Healing our community one member at a time!

OFFERED NOW: Intensive Outpatient Treatment | Intensive Relapse Prevention Group | Co-occuring Groups | Addiction-free Pain Managment | Wellbriety Group | Assessment Services | Intake Process | Women's & Men's Groups | Shuttle Transportation | Behavioral Health Services | Monthly Treatment | Continuing Care Klallam Counseling Services NOW offers acupuncture to our clients as part of our DBT treatment integration Coming soon: Anger Management Services

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MARCH 2018


INTERTIDAL Clallam County water cleanup efforts demonstrate progress INTRIGUE BY JACOB MELLY



PILLAR POINT SHELLFISH BED UPGRADES Twenty-seven acres of shellfish beds off Pillar Point County Park in Clallam Bay were reclassified by the state Department of Health (DOH) from “conditionally approved” to “approved” on March 1. This improvement means the beach will no longer close to shellfish harvest every fall due to the threat of bacterial pollution. Pillar Point County Park offers opportunities for Olympic Peninsula residents and visitors to easily access the outdoors and forage for shellfish — no hiking involved and no boat needed. Cleaning up marine waters near the park has taken many years, many participants and plenty of work. The area first failed water quality standards in 2012, and groups as diverse as the Makah tribe, Clallam County Parks Department, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, Environmental Health Services, Boy Scouts,

Mayo Clinic Trained Orthopedic Hand Surgeon Serving the Peninsula Since 2001 Then... Jake, Regina, and Tristan McGovern

• PillarPoint.html • PICProject.html • • • • Clallam Marine Resources Committee, Streamkeepers of Clallam County and more have all dedicated time and effort to keep an eye on the beach, document sanitary conditions and study trends in water quality. The sheer amount of resources that went into returning these shellfish beds to an “approved” status brings to mind the old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Dungeness Bay and the rest of the East Straits Shellfish Growing Area have seen plenty of changes in water quality and shellfish growing area classifications over the years. In recent decades, many acres of shellfish beds have been closed or restricted to harvest around Dungeness Bay. Some areas became “conditionally approved” (closed during more polluted parts of the year) while others became “prohibited” (closed to harvest year-round).

DUNGENESS BAY WATER QUALITY This notion holds true elsewhere in Clallam County. 2/23/2018 - Submit copy - FinalEFFORTS on 15page) >> 3.25 continued X 3.75 (1/8 HLS



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<< EFFORTS continued from 14

In 2003 alone, 1,400 acres of shellfish growing area changed classification for the worse. The problem of bacterial pollution continued to grow, limiting access to natural resources, threatening commercial and recreational shellfish harvest and prompting creation of a Shellfish Protection District — a local advisory group with special tools and programs to help solve water quality issues — in eastern Clallam County. Various players mobilized to address water quality problems and all their time, effort and resources have produced results: •  The Jamestown S’Klallam tribe and the state Department of Ecology have studied the range of pollution sources in Dungeness Bay to better guide cleanup activities. •  The Clallam Conservation District has led the charge to keep runoff associated with agricultural operations and excess irrigation from reaching streams, rivers and marine waters. •  Clallam County Environmental Health has applied state laws requiring regular septic inspections and maintenance to help keep human waste from impacting waterways. •  The DOH and the Jamestown S’Klallam tribe have continuously monitored water quality in and around Dunge-

Jacob Melly of Clallam County Environmental Health takes a water quality sample from Meadowbrook Creek near Dungeness Bay. Photo provided by Jacob Melly

ness Bay. In 2015, DOH upgraded the classification of nearly 700 acres of Dungeness Bay shellfish growing area. POLLUTION IDENTIFICATION AND CORRECTION PROGRAM A major push to build on past successes

and improve water quality now comes from the Pollution Identification and Correction (PIC) Program. Various partners have teamed up to investigate and correct sources of bacterial pollution: •  Streamkeepers of Clallam County monitors water quality near the mouths of

streams and rivers that discharge into marine waters, so that decision-makers can direct limited resources to those waterways most in need of attention. •  Clallam County Environmental Health and Jamestown S’Klallam tribe conduct targeted water quality sampling on priority streams to root out areas with high concentrations of fecal coliform bacteria and investigate surrounding land uses and activities. •  Craft 3 provides “Clean Water Loans” to qualifying homeowners for the repair of failing septic systems. •  The Clallam Conservation District provides technical assistance to farmers and even offers a cost-share program where financial resources prevent needed septic system repairs. •  The Washington State University Extension Program orchestrates efforts to address pet waste issues — an often dismissed yet widespread problem. NON-POINT SOURCES OF POLLUTION The PIC Program aims to address nonpoint sources of pollution (those seemingly benign conditions spread across the landscape that together combine and compound to produce effects on a grand scale). Take pet waste, for example. EFFORTS continued on 17 >>





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MARCH 2018


Balanced nutrition for a healthy dog taking the sum of what is given from 100. These are examples of two top-selling foods from a popular website: So, the canned food is better, right?


Today’s guardians are interested in longer, healthier lives for their pets. Frequently asked questions include, “How much should I feed my dog?”and “Is this a good food?” How much food depends on the individual canine. Significant factors include weight, age, breed, activity level, gender, intact or neutered and lifestyle. Look objectively at your dog’s rib cage, spine and hips. If the bones are prominent, easily seen or counted, and the waist is exaggerated, then the animal is thin. If not, run your hand across each area and see if you can feel the bones without uncomfortable pressure. Is there a clear waistline, looking from above? Is there a curve between the rib cage and back legs? If the answers are yes, then your pet is likely at healthy weight. If not and the bones are hard to feel, there is no waist line and there is a flat line from the front legs to the back legs, your dog is overweight.

Well, let’s look at the moisture content: 10 percent versus 75 percent. Removing the moisture produces a dry matter basis for comparison. • Subtract the percentage of moisture from 100 to get the percentage dry basis. • Take the percentage of protein divided by the percentage of dry basis to get dry matter protein.

fiber, vitamins and minerals and ensure back-up glycogen production. Too many or low-quality carbohydrates LET’S TALK CARBS mean stored fat, low energy and not Where the calories come from might be enough protein to build and maintain more important than how many calories tissue. your pet gets. As an example, grilled cheese on whole Food is a balance of protein, fat and car- wheat bread has some protein value, but bohydrates. if you ate that every day, you’d more than Dogs need quality protein to build cells likely gain weight. and maintain tissues and lean muscle. Physiologically, dogs don’t need more Fats supply energy, fatty acids for cell than about 14 percent of their diet to be growth and transportation for micronutri- from carbohydrates. ents. The ancestral, or natural, diet profile Carbohydrates from whole foods provide compared to commercial “premium” diets

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Are these foods bad? Look for whole foods in the ingredients — named meat proteins over generic meat groups, such as chicken, not poultry; salmon, not fish; vegetables, such as carrots, not beet pulp; and grains, such as quinoa, not rice flour. NUTRITION continued on 18 >>

A Holistic Approach to Healthcare

Combining the best of traditional medicine and evidence-based alternative options to help your body find balance.

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MARCH 2018

Wondering how your brand compares? Commercial pet foods display a “guaranteed analysis” label listing the product’s minimum protein, minimum fat and maximum fiber and moisture content. While fiber is a component of carbohydrates, a total carbohydrate content is not listed. Recognizing that these are approximates, find the carbohydrate content by




looks like this:


Joseph L. Price, PhD 360.683.4818

How does this help? Keeping in mind the ancestral diet profile, look for an approximate ratio for your dog’s food. Here is the comparison:

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A Pillar Point County Park sign was installed during the summer of 2017. Photo provided by Jacob Melly

•  Avoid feeding wildlife to discourage waste concentration in sensitive areas. In the case of Pillar Point County Park, no “smoking gun” was ever discovered as the lone cause of the high pollution levels in 2012. Still, water quality improved markedly in lock step with increased eyes on the beach and park improvements, such as new fencing and signage. Water quality in and around Dungeness Bay seems poised to follow suit. The PIC Program has already uncovered various problems. Some — as in the case of non-conforming septic systems — have been corrected. Various small streams already benefit from improved water quality and deliver fewer bacteria to marine waters. PIC Partners will continue to pursue a “pound of cure” for Dungeness Bay. Meanwhile, all of us can apply an “ounce of prevention” in our daily lives to even greater effect. Please note that, in addition to bacteria, various conditions, including biotoxins, can also make shellfish unsafe to eat. Check the state Department of Health’s Shellfish Safety Map at, or call the Shellfish Safety Hotline at 1-800-562-5632 for more information. Anyone collecting shellfish in Washington should observe Department of Fish and Wildlife harvest guidelines, found at

•  Pet waste doesn’t belong on the ground but bagged and placed in the trash. •  Regular septic system inspections protect water quality and can actually save money by preventing costly repairs later.

Jacob Melly has been the water quality specialist with Clallam County for one year. He studied film and math at The Evergreen State College and environmental science at Huxley College of the Environment on the Peninsulas.

<< EFFORTS continued from 15

From the individual’s perspective, it might not seem like such a huge deal. Yet, at the landscape level, all the pet waste sitting on our lawns, sidewalks and streets makes up a major source of pollution just waiting for a good rain to wash bacterial bombs into storm drains, ditches, streams, rivers and bays. PIC work is detective work. Using indicators such as fecal coliform bacteria in water samples, PIC partners can narrow the search for pollution sources down to the stream segment or neighborhood level. Beyond this point, unfortunately, science is not always as linear as we’d like. If this were television or a movie, a lab coat-clad Benedict Cumberbatch, examining a hair follicle under a microscope, might exclaim, “Eureka! It was the lady with the gray parka that didn’t pick up after her spaniel in the park!” Occasionally, pollution investigation does lead back to a particular failing septic system or obvious source. More often, we have to look around at multiple potential contributors and address them holistically. HOW TO HELP A few simple principles can guide us in our quest for clean water: •  Vegetated buffers along streams and rivers help protect them from contaminants mobilized by heavy rains and storms. •  Barriers, such as fences, help keep farm animals away from stream corridors.


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We are leading providers of long-term skilled nursing care and short-term rehabilitation solutions, located right here in your community. With our full continuum of services, we offer care focused around each individual in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment.

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• Neutral 3rd party mediators will guide you through the communication and negotiation process. • Restore and strengthen your relationships. • Gain knowledge of the other parties’ needs and interests. • Together create your own agreements.

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MARCH 2018


portions. Dogs can safely lose 1 to 3 percent of their body weight per month. Have a target in mind. Take measurements or weigh your pet and keep track. For daily caloric guidelines, visit www.petobesity Make changes to your dog’s diet slowly to avoid digestive distress. Adding fresh foods to dry food diets or changing dry foods with significant changes in component percentages should be done in increments of 15 to 20 percent. Treats are not free. They should be considered part of the daily meal equation, with their protein, fat and carbohydrates included. They don’t need to be limited to any one group. Use all three groups in the same proportions as the meals. No-salt, no-molasses dried foods are excellent choices, as they travel well, can be broken into small bits and are readily found. Limit fruit and high-sugar vegetables, << NUTRITION continued from 16 such as carrots. Put treat portions in bags so when they’re empty, you stop. Avoid any form of wheat, corn and soy. Note: Always consult your veterinarian before making Fats also should be named sources, such as chicken fat, changes to your pet’s diet. sardine oil and flax oil, not a generic animal fat or fish oil or vegetable oil. EXERCISE Note: If it’s hard to pronounce, it’s probably hard to Exercise is too important to not mention. digest. When those doe eyes are pointed your way, try a walk, Use the information to your advantage. If your brand a game of fetch or tug, or any activity that changes the has healthy ingredients but is heavy with carbohydrates, focus from food. In the training world, getting treats is consider adding meat to balance the protein percentage. the same as getting paid. Don’t pay for little to nothing; Fat has more than twice the caloric value of protein or it’s too expensive. carbohydrates, so add quality fats to your dog’s meals Dr. Ava Frick, a mentor, says that for dogs, food is thoughtfully. about the moment, not the volume. Lean meats can equate to 30 percent fewer calories Hopefully, this voluminous information helps with and 60 percent more protein for the same ounce. many meaningful moments. Carbohydrates should be complex, not refined or processed, so they still have nutrient and fiber value. Vicki Swann, canine nutritionist, believes in nutrition as a foundation for health. She has been a student of canine WEIGHT MANAGEMENT nutrition since the 1990s and holds a Bachelor of Science in Ruling out medical issues, modify an underweight or wildlife biology and a certificate in canine nutrition. She overweight dog’s diet by adding or removing portions. moved to Port Angeles and started Fido Foodie in 2016. To Start slowly at 15 to 20 percent total daily meal learn more, visit her website,





Fit Fo Life r

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Com p Cen uter ter

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kl Pic

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e te n u

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FOODS THAT DOGS (AND CATS) SHOULD NEVER EAT Pet owners should recognize the common foods the ASPCA and other pet welfare organizations list as the most likely to contribute to pet poisonings worldwide. •  Chocolate: Chocolate contains methylxanthines, which are found in cacao seeds. When ingested by pets, methylxanthines can cause excessive thirst and urination, panting, vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal heart rhythm, and seizures. Serious cases can be fatal. •  Grapes/raisins: Grapes, raisins, sultanas and currants, whether raw or cooked, can cause kidney failure in dogs. •  Hops: When ingested, hops can cause a rapid heart rate, anxiety, vomiting and other abdominal symptoms. Essential oils and tannins in hops also can cause high fever when pets ingest them. •  Macadamia nuts: These nuts can cause depression, vomiting, tremors and hyperthermia in dogs. •  Milk and dairy: Do not give dogs and cats milk to lap up, and avoid giving them high amounts of cheese and other dairy foods. Pets do not possess significant amounts of lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose in milk. •  Onions/garlic: Onions contain an ingredient called thiosulphate, which is toxic to cats and dogs. The ingestion of onions and onionrelated foods can cause a condition called hemolytic anemia. •  Xylitol: Keep pets away from sugarless gums and candies that contain Xylitol, which also might be used in toothpaste. The substance causes insulin to release in most species, which can lead to liver failure. — METROCREATIVE

(SW corner of 7th & Peabody)

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Different dentists for dental implants BY L. SCOTT BROOKSBY SEQUIM ADVANCED DENTAL

Dental implants have been around in various forms for centuries. Only in the last 50 years, however, have they come to provide reliable replacements for natural teeth. In the mid-1960s, an orthopedic surgeon named Per-Ingvar Brånemark accidentally discovered that titanium cylinders placed gently into bone and then left undisturbed for three months could actually bond to the bone. While discussing this finding with some dentist friends, they decided to see if titanium cylinders could be used as replacement teeth. Initial experiments were done in dogs. The implants were placed in the jaw of the dog using a very gentle technique and then allowed to rest in the

jaw for three months. When the implants were exposed, a hook was attached and they were able to lift the dog completely off of the ground. Although today this seems cruel to us, it clearly demonstrated that the titanium cylinders could bond to bone and withstand substantial forces. Since that time hundreds of thousands of dental implants have been placed in the mouths of people who were tired of floppy removable replacement teeth. Research has been conducted all over the world at numerous dental facilities. The success rates have been between 90 and 97 percent over the last 50 years. Put simply, a dental implant is a titanium cylinder with threads or a rough surface that is gently placed in the jaw.

Bodhi Tree Yoga

Titanium is a bioactive metal which, when undisturbed, is able to basically trick the body into believing that it is a tooth. The body therefore bonds directly to the implant surface with a bond that is even stronger than to natural teeth. Crowns or attachments are placed on the implant and screwed into place with retaining screws, which thread into the top of the implant. There are four different types of dentists who do dental implants: •  A prosthodontist is a dentist who is specially trained in the highly detailed area of placing teeth on top of dental implants. A prosthodontist has had at least two additional years of training and is highly skilled in dental implant restoration, crowns and bridges, dentures and

other areas requiring a much higher level of skill to restore the mouth. Prosthodontists are often able to help a patient save teeth that would otherwise be lost. Some prosthodontists also are trained in the surgical preparation and placement of dental implants. These surgical prosthodontists can provide most, if not all, of the services required by their patients. •  Oral surgeons are specially trained in surgical preparation and placement of dental implants. They deal with the more complicated surgical requirements of some dental implant patients. They do not provide replacement teeth to go on top of the implants. This work is referred to either a prosthodontist or a general dentist. •  Periodontists are specially trained in the surgical preparation and placement of dental implants. They deal with problems that can later arise if the implants are not kept clean. They provide treatment to teeth that are suffering from gum diseases, and they are often very effective in preventing the loss of the

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Dr. Scott Brooksby, doctor of dental surgery, has been practicing as a prosthodontist since 1990, and as an advanced surgical prosthodontist since 1996. For more information, visit

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teeth in the first place. •  General dentists are sometimes trained in various aspects of implant dentistry. Their level of expertise can vary from no dental implant training or experience to advanced training. The general dentist provides for the regular dental needs of most patients. When the needs of the patient are more demanding, referrals are often made HEALTHY LIVING


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March 16 - April 9, 2018


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Special Sections - Healthy Living Spring 2018