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Recycle Your Used Cooking Oil in Auburn

Holiday Styrofoam Block Recycling

Christmas Tree Recycling

All Year

December 26, 2017-January 2, 2018

January 8-12, 2018

EASY! Recycle leftover cooking oil for free! HOURS Seven days a week, during daylight hours. LOCATION Les Gove Park, 910 9th St SE South of water spray park. Tank is marked “General Biodiesel”. • Used cooking oil only (no motor oil) • Pour slowly over grated top • Close lid • Take home your containers • Leave area clean


Residents who live within the city limits of Auburn can recycle their Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene) blocks for free. Collection carts will be located at Les Gove Park, 910 9th St SE, in the south parking lot (J St SE & 12th St SE). Open during daylight hours.

Is it Styrofoam? • Look for the #6 or EPS symbol. • Clean, white blocks only. • NO packing peanuts, cups, plastic wrap, food trays, foam sheeting or any other plastic.


Out! . F.O.G

and grease out Help keep fats, oils d landfills. an of the sewer system All cooking oil will be recycled into low carbon fuel by

Everyday Collection

Residents who live within the city limits of Auburn can recycle their Christmas tree and organic wreath at their curbside or alley for no additional cost.

Who can participate? Waste Management and Republic Services customers: • Single-family • Apartments • Mobile Home Parks • Businesses who have compostable service.

For collection information and guidelines visit website below.

Styro Recycle, LLC 23418 68th Ave S, Kent 253-838-9555 |

For more information on events visit click on Upcoming Events or call 253-931-3038, option #2 2005354

B erks h ire Hathaway H omeS ervi ce s No r thwest Real Estat e Calvin Gligorea Branch Manager

Bimal Bath 509-322-5777

Chuck Barrios 206-841-9101

Philip Baskaron 206-255-3400

Carly Boyd 206-778-3092

Monica Bracken 206-321-1047

Marlene Burns 206-948-5829

Duane Coleman 206-818-1706

Shafiq Daqeeq 206-372-3431

Larry Davis 206-949-3434

Dawn DubĂŠ 206-396-8926

Paul Bui 206-495-8342

Jan Glenn 253-261-3025

Gina Galando 253-350-5106

Victoria Gulsvig 206-818-8038

Joan Hanson 206-949-4811

Deidre Hicks 253-898-1964

Len Huber 206-930-8079

Michele Hunt 206-334-7449

Rhonda Ingalls 253-332-9941

Cathy Jacobs 206-755-4840

Tom Jacobs 253-854-9400


Zdenka Kalezic 206-407-4404

Lisa Kimball 253-223-7444

Sakater Sandhu Jasmine Santana 206-766-0551 206-422-5618

Stephen Kitajo 206-972-9721

Cris LeCompte 206-595-7422

Cindy Lucas 206-714-9716

Devin Lucas 253-736-4597

Team Lyman 253-709-0913

Renny Moeun 206-489-74208

Florence Ong 253-347-0510

Tracie Pentzold 206-920-1063

Mary Saucier 253-639-8608

Melanie Scott 253-261-8882

Becky Seelow 253-797-4645

Cindy Smalley 206-841-9101

Karen Stevenson 206-251-6200

Denise Tholl 253-740-6986

Thomas Ulep 206-250-3845

Joy Urakawa 206-669-6868

Emily Royce 253-219-0244

Teresa Saenger 206-510-8407

Elizabeth Waloweek Lorelei Windhorn 253-569-1058 253-217-6173

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Holiday Wrap - December 22nd 2017