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RESOURCE GUIDE Using the body and mind to enhance quality of life in aging While education is certainly an active part of an adolescent and young adult’s life, it typically ebbs as one’s professional life becomes established. Learning is a notion that is oftentimes overlooked once retirement has come and gone. And yet lifelong learning keeps a person flexible in thinking and promotes creativity and neuroplasticity. Village Concepts, a Washington state third generation family-owned and operated company, has incorporated lifelong learning into the enrichment programs at all of its retirement communities. Called “The Evergreen Program”, all folks are introduced to the series upon movein, and encouraged to participate in its many facets throughout their stay. This program, when fully appreciated, supports the Village Concepts

philosophy of “bringing retirement to life.” The Evergreen Program uses four building blocks to ease a new person into the series: BUILDING BLOCK 1: Starting with the idea of adaptability, the person is encouraged to make small changes in his/her daily life in order to promote brain growth and the appreciation of differences. This may include shopping at a different store, listening to different kinds of music, or visiting with neighbors. BUILDING BLOCK 2: The next area of focus is the notion of creating and maintaining a positive outlook and gratitude. Seminars emphasize starting a gratitude journal, writing thank-you notes, and rewiring the brain to focus on the

positive. BUILDING BLOCK 3: Movement and exercise has shown to enhance mood and memory while maintaining or improving health. Classes weave in different methods of exercise to include strength, stretching, cardiovascular, and balance training. BUILDING BLOCK 4: The final building block builds on all of the previous seminars and adds in the challenge of “reimagining yourself.” Oftentimes younger adults set aside their own dreams and goals in order to focus on family and career, never to return as they settle into retirement. This exciting block challenges folks to revisit past goals or create new ones; staff assists in seeing the goals through to fruition. Far beyond the typical life enrichment program, The Evergreen Program disputes the idea that older citizens are happy just playing Bingo and watching television. The ultimate goal is to provide an environment where residents can live, not just exist.

Welcome to Village Concepts of Auburn! Brannan Park Retirement Assisted Living & Memory Care

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...senior resource guide Why Everyone Should Plan for Long-Term Care want to rely on their children for care, but a lack of planning for paid care often leads to exactly that result.

(Family Features) Research suggests that most Americans turning age 65 will need some form of assistance with everyday activities, known as longterm care, as they grow older. The amount of care needed will depend on many variables, including overall health, cognitive functioning and home environment.

2. IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT YOU A choice to plan or not plan will likely have a big impact on family and friends who may also be informal caregivers. Statistics show that most long-term care is provided by family members or other loved ones.

Age is a strong predictor of the need for help, and because women live longer on average, they are more likely than men to require long-term care. Factors such as a disability, injury or chronic illness also increase the chance that long-term care will be needed.

Take the time to make clear your preferences for what kind of help you value most and where you want to receive it. Family and friends will feel better knowing that you are thinking about your needs - and theirs - by planning for long-term care.

Three simple steps can help you start planning for care you may need as you age. 1. KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT Most people know they should save for retirement, but many don’t know exactly what expenses to expect. An often overlooked area is long-term care, a broad set of supports for everyday tasks like dressing or eating. While most of this care is provided by family members and friends, sometimes older adults and their families get these services from providers like home health aides, area agencies on aging or

3. BETTER ACTIVE THAN REACTIVE residential providers such as assisted living or nursing homes. Understanding long-term care is the first step in creating a plan. Key things to know include: • A person who lives alone is more likely to require long-term care than one who can rely on a spouse or partner for help with daily tasks. • Long-term care is expensive and represents a major uncovered risk to

your retirement savings. • Medicare does not pay for longterm care services or supports with some minor exceptions. Neither does your employer-based health insurance or Medigap. • Most people prefer to receive longterm care at home; their odds of doing so may be improved by making home modifications to reduce the risk of falls. • Many Americans say they do not

Mountain View Cemetery offers pre-planned cemetery arrangements that considerably ease your family’s burden when a death occurs. Pre-planning allows you to discuss all your options in a comfortable setting, when emotions and stress are absent.

Be proactive. Staying at home is great, especially if it has been modified to help you avoid an injury and continue to care for yourself. However, it won’t happen without taking steps to ensure you can get the supports you need at home. Start thinking about ways to maintain your independence, safety and care needs. For more information and resources to develop a care plan, visit longtermcare.gov.

2020 Mountain View Drive Auburn WA 98001 253-931-3028 Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

www.mtviewcemeteryauburn.com 1981770

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...senior resource guide


Ten essentials to consider when choosing your retirement home

7. Health care Do you have special health-care needs? Find out if there is a doctor or nurse on site.

2. Housing Establish your budget and stick to it. Are electricity and heating included in the rent?

8. Food Does the menu appeal to you, and is the mealtime schedule convenient? Being able to look forward to your meals is a reasonable priority.

5. Accessibility Would you like to live near your children? And which businesses or services do you want close by? 6. Assistance Does the home offer the kind of assistance you need? This is important if you require help to take a bath or to get dressed in the morning.

We take pride in the care we give, and appreciate your votes in making us your favorite senior community! Stop by for a tour and see what we have to offer.


• 24 Hour Awake Certified Staff • Home Cooked Meals • Assistance with Daily Living • Medication Assistance • Activities and much more!

1. Licensing Check that the retirement homes you visit are licensed.

4. Security Are there fire sprinklers in your apartment or a security guard in the building? What do you need to feel safe?

15843 SE 256th Street Covington, WA 98042 253-631-5600 tele

We may not be the biggest, but we are the best!

When choosing a retirement home, be sure to give some thought to these ten criteria. After all, finding the perfect place will take some shopping around.

3. Facilities Assess your level of autonomy. Do you need a lift or a wheelchair ramp?

24 Hour Senior Care Home

Ruthaven Senior Care Home Yahn & Son Funeral Home & Crematory www.ruthaven.com

email: ruthaven@comcast.net

Yahn & Son Funeral Home Established in 1924 - Family Owned & Operated & Crematory Offering two chapels and a recep

9. Cleaning How often are the rooms cleaned? Are pets allowed?

Family owned and operated since

facility suit any need. Located b 1924. to Facilities and professional service to suit anyCemetery need. Mountain View on W Onsite Chapel, Reception Room Valley Highway. Serving all faiths. and Crematory.

10. Recreation Is there a fitness center, swimming pool, social activities or library? Will you be able to pursue your favorite sports and pastimes?

Rob & Jane Perry

Take the time to compare the services and facilities of each home you visit. Better yet, why not ask a family member to go with you?

Call us to learn about Te r r y Ya h n ~253-833-8877 Ro b P e r r y the benefi ts of O f f i c e : ( 2 5 3 ) 8 3 3 - 8 8 55 7 7 West • FValley a x : ( 2Highway 5 3 ) 8 3S, 3-1799 preplanning your Auburn WA 98001 5 5 W. Va l l e y H i g h w a y S o u t h • A u b u r n , Wa s h i n g t o n 9 8 final wishes. w w w. y a hwww.yahnandson.com nandson.com




See how affordable living comes to life at Auburn Court. From active community rooms to an array of activities, we’ve created a place where seniors can enjoy new friendships and a renewed zest for living.


(844) 592-7424 102 10th St NE | Auburn, WA 98002 housing4seniors.com | Like us on


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...senior resource guide

3 Ways Pups Can Improve Seniors’ Health (Family Features) Furry friends can play a significant role in pet owners’ lives. The old saying goes, “dogs are man’s best friend,” and research shows they may be more than that. In fact, they just might be the key to keeping seniors active. According to a study conducted by the University of Lincoln and Glasgow Caledonian University in collaboration with Mars Petcare Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, dog owners 65 and older were found to walk over 20 minutes more a day than seniors who did not have canine companions at home. The study documented three key conclusions: 1. Dog owners walked further and for longer than non-dog owners. 2. Dog owners were more likely to reach recommended activity levels. 3. Dog owners had fewer periods of

sitting down. “Older adult dog owners are more active than those without dogs and are also more likely to meet government recommendations for daily physical activity,” said Nancy Gee, human animal interaction researcher at Waltham. “We are learning more every day about the important roles pets play in our lives, so it’s no surprise that pets are now in more than 84 million households. It’s great to recognize how pets can help improve seniors’ lives.” Walking with your pup can help both the pet and owner get in shape. Pets can keep older adults active and even help them meet the recommended public health guidelines for weekly physical activity. According to the study, on average, dog owners more often participated in 30 minutes a day of moderate physical activity and achieved 2,760 additional steps.

However, the benefits of pet ownership go beyond physical activity. It’s no secret that pets provide companionship. From reducing rates of stress, depression and feelings of social isolation, pets can play a significant role in improving people’s lives, which ultimately can make pet owners happier and healthier. Not only do pets serve as companions in their own right, studies have shown that dog owners can get to know their neighbors through their pets. Pets can even help facilitate the initial meeting and conversation, which may come as no surprise for many dog owners who have chatted with others while walking their dogs. For older adults who live alone or in a group facility, having a pet is also a great way to build relationships with others.

As senior citizens are celebrated on upcoming days that acknowledge older adults, it turns out living with a pet can be a healthy choice for seniors in more ways than one. For more information on the benefits of pet ownership, visit bettercitiesforpets.com.

Prestige Senior Living Auburn Meadows & Expressions at Enumclaw

Living, Loving, & Thriving T ri riv ivi vin iing ng


www.lifelikedentureswa.com For your convenience a second loaction is open in Federal Way! Westhill Court Office Condomimiums #8 33516 9th Ave. S. Federal Way

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory related illnesses can be very overwhelming. We’re here to help.

We are offering these FREE informative events to provide support and education. Reline

D Dementia Drugs: Facts and DEMyths Thursday, October 26 at 2:00pm




Repairs starting at

Although there is no cure for Alzheimer's, there are many drugs on the market used to treat symptoms of dementia. Learn the most common medications used for dementia care and non-drug alternatives.


Call to schedule a free consultation

Thursday, November 23 at 2:00pm

National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month

November is Alzheimer’s disease awareness month. Learn what valuable resources are available to you in the community and what you can do to help others and their families living with Alzheimer’s.

Bring in this ad to receive



Thursday, December 28 at 2:00pm

Behavior Change in Dementia - The 4 A's

The 4 A’s: Anxiety, Agitation, Anger and Aggression are some of the most common behaviors associated with individuals living with dementia. Learn why these behaviors occur and what you can do to improve your quality of life and theirs.

NEW DENTURES Limited to one use per customer.

25052 – 104th Ave SE Suite G • Kent WA

East Kent Dental Complex Across from Red Robin


(253) 813-8000

We are hosting events at both locations. For more information and to RSVP, please call 253-333-0171 (Auburn Meadows) or 360-825-4565 (Enumclaw).

Michael Holden, L.D., D.P.D. Denturist

Prestige Senior Living Auburn Meadow 945 22nd St NE Auburn, WA

Expressions at Enumclaw 2454 Cole St Enumclaw, WA




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...senior resource guide

First Students-in-Residence Program in Northwest Rachel Kirkman, Wesley Homes www.wesleyhomes.org

Highline College Director of Special Projects Charis Hnin.

Five Highline College students are participating in the first Wesley Homes Students-in-Residence multigenerational program.

“Highline was very enthusiastic about housing students in our apartments,” said Stapleton, “and Wesley has been building strong intergenerational programs. This level of engagement really shows our commitment to keeping our residents involved and supporting the greater community.”

“This is such a distinctive program,” said Wesley Homes Director of Sales and Community Relations Lynn Stapleton. “Students at Highline College are living on our Des Moines campus and interacting with residents by volunteering. It’s a win-win for both Highline and Wesley.” Over the last few years, both Wesley and Highline College entered into periods of transformation and needed housing solutions. Wesley Homes Des Moines is in the midst of redeveloping the entire south side of its 42-acre campus. This redevelopment occurs in phases over several years and will replace The Gardens, the five-story apartment building. Until then, vacancies are expected. Wesley Homes needed a solution to fill those short-term vacancies. Highline College, now a four-year degree institution, needed student housing during a time when rental prices are continually rising. Plans are in place to build a dorm, but that housing is two to three years in the future. Stapleton and Wesley Homes Resident Services Administrator Lisa Meinecke began developing the details of a housing program with their team. They took their proposal to

“There’s a power to having a mixed population, a synergy that occurs,” said Meinecke. “Residents get to hear first-hand what the younger generations think today. The students get to see that seniors are pretty cool. The program just fosters a greater understanding between generations.” Though Highline College initially evaluates the students for the program, the rental agreement is between Wesley and each student. In addition to paying $250 per month for their studio apartments, the students must be age 18 or over, currently enrolled at Highline College, pass a background check and tuberculin skin test by Wesley and spend 10 hours a week volunteering with residents. Those hours can include meals in the dining rooms, technology time, off-campus outings, fitness classes and more. The students’ monthly fee includes private rooms with a microwave and a refrigerator, one meal per day, utilities, Wi-Fi, housekeeping twice a month, free parking, access to on-campus fitness centers and spas, a storage locker and other amenities.

Have you ever thought of pre-planning your funeral? PLEASE CALL OUR PRENEED FUNERAL COUNSELOR

Make it easier for those you love.

Serving Families for 60 Years 713 Central Ave N - Kent, 98032 (253) 852-2620 | www.marlattfuneralhome.com Owned & operated by Kim & Cindy Marlatt

Parkside Retirement Community


2902 “I” St. NE., Auburn, WA 98002

2902 “I” St. NE., Auburn, WA 98002 (P) 253-939-1332 (F) 253-939-5216 (Phone) 253-939-1332 www.parksideretirement.com

(Fax) 253-939-5216   

Home-like atmosphere

www.parksideretirement.com Affordable pricing Caring and dedicated staff

Value-Driven Assisted Living Care

Now accepting Medicaid!*

“Serving the Valley since 1972”

Medicaid units availability may vary. Please contact the Administrative Office for details.

    

Home-like atmosphere Affordable pricing Caring and dedicated staff Medical Transportation Wide range of activities

Value-Driven Assisted Living Care 1986232

“Serving the Valley since 1972”


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Auburn Senior

Activity Center

Serving individuals Age 50 and Over

RECREATIONAL EDUCATIONAL OUTDOOR SOCIAL NUTRITIONAL ACTIVITIES CLASSES ADVENTURE OPPORTUNITIES SERVICES & Dine outs, local Arts and crafts, Kayaking, Card games, PROGRAM tours, theatre, day trips, extended travel

computer, financial planning, workshops, lectures

hiking, walking, zip line

book club, games, weekly movies, volunteering, billiards, music and dancing



Silver Sneakers, aerobics, Daily lunches Blood pressure yoga, tai chi, table tennis, and salad bar, checks, foot volleyball, cooking classes, care, dental zumba, line Meals on cleanings, dancing, Wheels, Senior massage, bootcamp Savers Pantry wellness classes committee


Themed parties, holiday celebrations, city events

Spotlight on Rome & Explore Tuscany October 4-19, 2018

Presentation February 15, 2018 at 1:30pm

Book Now & Save $200 Per Person

Double $5,686 $5,486 Single $6,846 $6,649 Triple $5,606 $5,406 Rates available for Explore Tuscany portion only – starting at $3342

For complete details contact Rocky Kirwin | (253) 931-3016 | rkirwin@auburnwa.gov

AUBURN SENIOR ACTIVITY CENTER Monday- Thursday 8am-9pm | Friday 8am-5pm 808 9th Street | 253-931-3016 | www.auburnwa.gov/seniors

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Senior Resource Guide - 2017 Auburn