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Whidbey Island Health Care Guide • 2017

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2017 • Whidbey island Healthcare guide

Dr. Kristine Jarrell, Board-Certified Audiologist Voted Whidbey Island’s most trusted audiologist four years in a row! Dr. Jarrell has been serving the Whidbey Island community with quality hearing care since 1995 and specializes in helping individuals and families cope with hearing loss. She provides a full range of audiological services and is dedicated to providing her patients with affordable, customized hearing solutions using state-of-the art technology.

DR. KRISTINE JARRELL Owner & Board-Certified Audiologist

Audiology and Hearing Aid Services



20 N.W. Birch St., Coupeville, WA 98239








31775 SR20, Oak Harbor, WA 98277 360.544.5843

*Offer valid with same day purchase of regular priced glasses. All deals include frame (selection applies) and basic lenses. While supplies last.

Whidbey island health care Guide • 2017

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Don't underestimate need to care for baby's teeth Parents and caregivers may be underestimating the importance of dental care for children’s “baby teeth.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 63 percent of children ages 2 to 4 see the dentist at least annually. Most dental benefits cover preventive care visits twice a year with no out-of-pocket costs, and these visits are important for small children. Baby teeth, also known as primary teeth, play an important role in a child's overall healthy development. If cavities begin and are left untreated, they can become painful and possibly infected. Loss of these teeth prematurely may impact eating, speaking, learning and self-esteem. Baby teeth help guide the way for permanent teeth to erupt into proper position. “Tooth decay is preventable. The investment of only a few minutes each

day on the part of parents and caregivers, coupled with regular dental checkups, goes a long way in creating healthy smiles to last a lifetime,” says Dr. Diane Monti-Markowski, a clinical program director. She offers these oral hygiene tips for those caring for small children: • Plan to have your child visit the dentist by his or her first birthday or within six months after the first teeth appear. • As a child’s teeth start to come in, brush them gently twice a day with a child-sized toothbrush and water. • Begin flossing a child’s teeth daily when there are two teeth that touch. • Do not put your baby to sleep with a bottle of formula, milk, juice or any other liquid other than water. • Consider introducing toothpaste for children 2 and older and who are able to follow directions to spit after brushing. The American Dental As-

sociation recommends using fluoride toothpaste about the size of a grain of rice for children younger than 3 and a pea-size amount for children 4-6. By age 3 or 4, your child should be able to brush with your supervision. • Make brushing fun. Let your child pick out the color of his or her toothbrush. Play a favorite song or set a timer to help children understand that good brushing takes about two minutes twice a day. For detailed questions or concerns about a child’s oral health, consult a dentist. “Adults can also reinforce the importance of oral health by their attitudes,” adds Dr. Monti-Markowski. “Encouraging good habits and showing a positive manner when visiting the dentist can lay the foundation for children to maintain healthy teeth throughout their lives.”


There's no time like now to visit The Dental Place

“What if I haven't been to a dentist in a long time?” That’s a question frequently asked of the doctors and other caring staff at The Dental Place. “You're not alone,” is the answer. For whatever reason, many people delay getting dental care, but they shouldn’t let that prevent them from starting now, before a problem develops. Many people will wait until they have an urgent concern before they go to the dentist. At The Dental Place, the goal is to reduce the risk of flare-ups, or detect issues while they are small and easily managed. Helping people establish

The Dental Place

Scott B. Waletzko, DDS

their comfort zone with a routine "dental home" is one of the motivations for the care providers at The Dental Place. A common malady is a broken tooth, and the question, of course, is “what do I do?” No worries. Small chips in the teeth can be repaired with a toothcolored filling. Larger breaks may require a crown, which is a strong porcelain-type cap to protect the outside of a tooth. If a broken tooth is damaged beyond saving, there are replacement options your dentist can explain to you at the time of your appointment. Call today, and the professionals

at The Dental Place can explore what works for you. Sponsored Content


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275 SE Cabot Dr B204, Oak Harbor, WA 98277 Phone: (360) 675-2284 smilewhidbey@gmail.com

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2017 • Whidbey island Healthcare guide

4 ways you can maximize health benefits Often, employees enroll in medical insurance plans for protection against unpredictable events or serious health concerns that may result in expensive medical bills. Getting the most from your benefits requires understanding coverages and deductibles, as well as taking advantage of voluntary benefits.

Here are some ways:

AVOID SURPRISES. About 91 percent of adults in the United States are confused about what

their benefits cover, according to a recent Harris poll. Review your plan so you understand the care and services covered. Be prepared to pay any copayments or deductibles the plan requires before receiving care. Before scheduling appointments, ask for a cost estimate for the appointment, tests or service. PREVENTIVE DENTAL AND VISION. Many voluntary plans, such as dental and vision, offer preventive exams, such as routine cleanings and vision exams, that are fully covered. That's because these preventive exams help to maintain

and improve overall health and help reduce health costs. Voluntary coverage is affordable and many plans offer added incentives. For example, coverage for LASIK, dental, vision and hearing benefits can increase from one year to the next for those who continue to enroll and use their benefits. Members could earn monetary rewards to use for dental, vision, LASIK, orthodontia and hearing benefits, care materials and services simply by using their benefits and keeping the benefits paid out under a specified amount. MEDICAL SCREENINGS.

Routine health screenings, such as mammograms, immunizations, colonoscopy procedures and prostate cancer screenings, which may be covered fully or in part by your medical coverage, can help you stay healthy and lower health care costs. GET PAID TO SAVE. Many employers encourage employees to save money by matching a percentage of the amount the employee contributes to the plan. If available, enroll in a health savings account or flexible spending account to set aside money to pay for health care costs. Remember, these accounts are not a substitute for the coverage provided by voluntary benefits.

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Hearing Health Services providing personalized care Have you ever wondered, “Why do hearing aids cost so much?" According to the medical professionals at Hearing Health Services, one reason is because manufacturers are continually conducting extensive research, which is expensive. However, that research allows them to develop state-of-the-art technology, which makes hearing aids more sophisticated and user-friendly for patients. Also, different levels of technology complexity come with difference price points.

An experienced audiologist — doctor of audiology (Au. D.) — is key to understanding this technology, correctly assessing a patient’s needs and providing custom-fitted, quality hearing aids that will address hearing loss and help change lives. Which leads to another key question, “How do I find a great audiologist?” One way is to ask your friends and other doctors for references and referrals, and also to consider community recognition awards.

Dr. Kristine Jarrell, a board-certified audiologist at Hearing Health Services, has provided personalized hearing care services for more than 22 years. Dr. Jarrell is committed to excellent care and patient satisfaction. Her patients love her — she has been voted Best of Whidbey Top Audiologist four years in a row! Whatever level of care and hearing aids you need, Dr. Jarrell will help you discover the joys of hearing again.

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Whidbey Island Healthcare Guide • 2017

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Chiropractic care can restore body function, reduce inflammation, pain

IRG Oak Harbor Physical Therapy We Offer: • •

One question frequently asked of Dr. Toby Panattoni is, “what is chiropractic care?” Chiropractic care, according to Dr. Panattoni, is a manual procedure that is designed to move the joints in the body to restore function and to possibly reduce inflammation and pain. “A chiropractic manipulation is a highly controlled procedure that rarely causes discomfort. Patients often note positive changes to their symptoms immediately following treatment,” he says. Another question Dr. Panattoni regularly is asked is, “How often should I go to the chiropractor?” “The frequency of or need for chiropractic care depends on the severity of the injury,” Panattoni explains. “Daily aches and pains may only need one or two treatments to resolve where a severe car accident may require daily treatment for several weeks and then reducing care as the injury heals,” Dr. Panattoni says. “Severe injuries may take over a year of regular care before they resolve," he says. "Just like going to the dentist, maintenance care as defined by you and your chiropractor is usually recommended and can vary from once per week, once a month or once every six months.”

• • • • • • • •

Manual Therapy Geriatric Rehab Gait Analysis Ergonomic Analysis ASTYM® Sports Performance Kinesio Taping Pre & Post Surgical Rehab Spine Rehab Industrial / L&I Rehab

We are proud to accept VA Benefits and all TriCare plans

Andrea Wood, PT, DPT, Clinic Director 275 SE Cabot Dr., Suite A-05 Oak Harbor, WA 98277 360.914.5504 l IRGPT.COM

Dr. Randy Carr offers fullservice dentistry for kids and adults. Using a gentle, Sponsored Content personalized approach, Dr. Carr and his team do their best to help you relax. Dr. Toby Panattoni

Dr. Toby Panatton

Dr. Toby Panattoni Dr. Toby PanattoniChiropractor Dr. Toby Dr. Panattoni ADVANCED -Panattoni COSMETIC Relief today… AToby better tomorrow

Relief today… A better tomorrow

f today… A better Relief tomorrow today… A Mon, better tomorrow Wed,


& Fri Mon, Wed, & FriMon, Wed,10am—6pm & Fri Dr. Toby Panattoni


Chiropractor Chiropractor Mon, Wed, & Fri WISDOM TEETH - IMPLANTS

Relief today… A better Relief tomorrow today… A better tomorrow

10am—6pm Mon, Wed, & FriMon, Fri Dr. Wed, Toby&Panattoni 10am—6pm 10am—6pm

www.oakharbordentistry.com Dr. Toby Panattoni Chiropractor P: 360-279-9955 P: 360-279-9

10am—6pmDr. 10am—6pm Toby Panattoni Chiropractor Relief today… A better tomorrow

Relief today… A better tomorrow

270 Chiropractor SE Cabot Drive #4, 270 SE Cabot Drive #4, Chiropractor Mon, Wed, &Cabot Fri Mon, SE Wed, & Fri Drive etter Relief A better tomorrow P:today… 360-279-9955 360-279-9955 SE tomorrow Cabot Drive 270 SE #4, Drive #4, P: 360-279-9955 270 Cabot 270 SE #4,Cabot Drive #4, P: 360-279-9955 Oak Harbor, WA 98277 Oak Harbor, WAP:98277 F:SW 866-922-2457 F: 866-922-2 10am—6pm 10am—6pm 8thWA Avenue Oak Harbor • (360) 240-0800 Harbor, WA 98277 Harbor, Oak 98277 Harbor, WA • 98277 Oak Harbor, WA 98277 d, & Fri Mon, Wed, &20 Fri Oak


270 SE Cabot Drive #4, Oak Harbor, WA 98277

F: 866-922-2457 F: 866-922-2457 P: 360-279-9955 F: 866-922-2457


270 SE Cabot Drive #4, Oak Harbor, WA 98277

F: 866-922-2457 F: 866-922-2457

P: 360-279-9955 F: 866-922-2457

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2017 • Whidbey island Healthcare guide

Non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's that may surprise you Those familiar with Parkinson’s disease are likely aware of the disorder’s most visible symptoms, including slower movements, impaired balance, rigidity/stiffness and involuntary shaking. However, Parkinson’s, a neurodegenerative brain disorder, can cause a range of non-motor symptoms, which can bring about a new set of challenges for people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers. It’s important to learn more about these non-motor symp-

toms, such as hallucinations, delusions and mood disorders, so you can be sure to discuss them with your doctor. 1. Hallucinations. More than half of all people with Parkinson’s experience hallucinations or delusions over the course of their disease. 2. Delusions. Delusions are false beliefs not supported by evidence, and in people with Parkinson’s, delusions often have paranoid themes. 3. Cognitive Changes. As explained by the Nation-

al Parkinson Foundation, problems with attention, inability to focus on planning, difficulties with memory and language, and personality changes characterize the cognitive changes that can take place over time with PD. 4. Sleep Disorders. A range of sleep disorders are often associated with PD. They include insomnia, restless leg syndrome, talking or moving during sleep and excessive daytime sleepiness. 5. Mood Disorders.

Depression, anxiety and irritability can also affect those with PD. 6. Additional Non-Motor Symptoms. The non-motor symptoms of PD are numerous, ranging from vision problems to hypertension to loss of sense of smell. More information about Parkinson’s disease and its non-motor symptoms, such as hallucinations and delusions, can be found at www. parkinson.org


Have a strong relationship with primary care provider How do you remain healthy for your lifetime? “The short answer is, find a primary care provider you like,” says Dr. Judye Scheidt of WhidbeyHealth Primary Care Cabot Drive in Oak Harbor. “There is truth to the old saying ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ A primary care provider not only treats you when you are sick, but hopefully prevents things from developing," Dr. Scheidt says.

"Our goal is to have continuity of care, knowing you inside and out and all your health issues." Also, it’s been shown that having a relationship with a primary care provider lowers the cost of care. Your primary care provider knows what tests you’ve had, what your blood work shows and already knows about your life, your family and your stressors.” What are some of the things you look at when you are caring for patients?

“I love getting to know my patients and finding out what motivates them and what is important in their lives,” says Hannah Carlson, ARNP of WhidbeyHealth Primary Care Clinton. “It’s important to find health solutions that work for their life, their family and their budget. Treating a whole person is about so much more than a prescription. It involves education and a trusting relationship.”

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Tri-Essence Care Tri-Essence Care provides all of Island County personalized therapy and psychological services for children, adolescents, families, individuals and couples. Our mental health services are culturally sensitive and focused on the mind, body, and spirit.

32650 State Route 20, Suite 203 Oak Harbor, WA (360) 682-6499 www.triessencecare.com

Whidbey Island Healthcare Guide • 2017

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8 simple ways to optimize sleep While a healthy lifestyle requires a balanced diet and exercise, sleep is another pillar of overall wellness that is both essential to your health and success, and is often overlooked. By simply making small changes to your daily routine you can improve your quality of sleep. Follow these tips from Dr. Sujay Kansagra, director of Duke University's Pediatric Neurology Sleep Medicine Program, and get on your way to better rest and a healthier life. 1. Manage your sleep time. Rather than trying to accomplish everything on your to-do list at the expense of sleep, reverse your approach. As the average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep each night, make sure to set aside the time needed for a full night of rest. 2. Stay on schedule. Try to keep your bedtime and wake time consistent on both weekdays and weekends. With time, your brain and body will acclimate to these set times, but until then, rely on an alarm — not only to wake in the morning, but to keep you from staying up too late at night, too.

Whidbey Island Smiles

Brandon L. Biehler DMD 1659 Layton Rd, Freeland, WA 98249 (360) 331-6100 • blbiehler@whidbey.net

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The Clear Alternative to Braces


NEW STUDENTS: 10-days for $25!

Our broad network of connected care provides everything you need to keep your family well.

5603 BAYVIEW RD (360) 221-6543 sojourn-studios.com

Family Foot and Ankle Care Jon R Tiessen, D.P.M.

Start with WhidbeyHealth Primary Care.

1100 SW Bowmer Dr, Suite A-103 Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Primary Care Clinton • Primary Care Freeland Primary Care Oak Harbor at Goldie Street or Cabot Drive



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2017 • Whidbey island Healthcare guide

Cataract surgery is available on Whidbey Do I need to leave the Island for Cataract or other eye surgeries? There is no medical reason to leave Whidbey Island for Cataract or other eye surgery. For your convenience, all of the latest equipment and surgery techniques are available on Whidbey Island. Does Dr. Johnson plan on staying on Whidbey Island? Dr. Robert Johnson is strongly integrated into the Whidbey Island community and has no plans on leaving. He moved back to the area to raise his family and is committed to his patients and to the Island.

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What are floaters, flashes inside your eye? Most are common, but require treatment Floaters are tiny clumps of gel or cells within the vitreous, the clear fluid that fills the inside of your eye. What you see are the shadows that they cast on the retina, the layer of cells lining the back of the eye that senses light and allows you to see. Flashes occur when the vitreous gel rubs or pulls on the retina,

causing you to see what looks like flashes of light or lightning streaks. Signs to Look For: Floaters appear as small specks, dots, circles, lines, clouds or cobwebs moving in your field of vision. Flashes appear as flashing light or lightning streaks, which can occur on and off for several months.

Risk Factors: Floaters are commonly caused by the shrinking and thickening of the vitreous gel beginning in middle age. They are most common in people who are nearsighted, have undergone cataract operations, have had YAG laser surgery of the eye or have had inflammation inside the eye. When the shrinking SEE FLOATERS & FLASHES, A9

Reboot Center offers options for pain management, recovery Does Reboot Center offer primary care services? Yes, in addition to specialty care assessments and treatments, the physicians at Reboot Center offer complete primary care services. This includes annual exams, sports physicals, checkups, managing prescriptions, blood draws, ordering labs and more.

Reboot Center also routinely make referrals to specialists and order imaging and preventive screening procedures. Are there any effective nonpharmaceutical treatments for pain? New technologies such as SCENAR therapy, which utilizes a very gentle electromagnetic frequency,



Dr. Robert Johnson, MD

At Island Eye Care we have improved the cataract surgery experience with the introduction of Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery and a “Dropless” post-surgical regimen! We are pleased to offer Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery using the FDA approved LenSx® laser. The LenSx® laser brings a new level of customization to cataract surgery, allowing Dr. Johnson to tailor each procedure specifically to your eyes. NO DROPS after cataract surgery! Dropless - is a formulation of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication which is administered in the back of the eye at the end of cataract surgery. This approach eliminates the need for post operative drops in most patients. There is no need for you to leave Whidbey Island for the best cataract surgery options! Call today for an appointment with Dr. Johnson to discuss how a personalized approach can improve your cataract surgery experience!


231 SE Barrington Dr, Suite 208



1804 Scott Rd, Suite106


can be highly effective at both addressing the cause of pain and alleviating it as a symptom. RebootCenter offers many options, including SCENAR therapy, herbal medicine, and non-pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories, for pain management and recovery.

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each spir

Whidbey Island Healthcare Guide • 2017

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FLOATERS & FLASHES: Signs to be watching for


CHOOSE A COMMUNITY IT’S TIME TO THAT nurtures your growth!

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vitreous gel rubs or pulls on the retina, flashes can result. Flashes are also more common as we age. Treatment Options: Most floaters are harmless and fade over time or become less bothersome. However, if even one new floater appears or you notice the sudden appearance of light flashes, see your ophthalmologist to see if treatment is necessary. One possible cause of both floaters and flashes is a torn retina. Without treatment, a torn retina can lead to retinal detachment, which requires surgery to repair. If you get a headache following flashes that look like jagged lines or “heat waves” that last up to 20 minutes, this is called a migraine headache. If no headache follows, this is called an ophthalmic migraine and you should contact your ophthalmologist.


Summer Hill is committed to providing the latest innovative options in senior living and health care. Our Life Enrichment programs are designed to support each individual’s functional, social, psychological, and spiritual needs. These areas are key to the fulfilling lifestyle we offer to you!

Summer Hill is committed to providing the latest innovative options in senior living and health care. Our Life Enrichment programs are designed to support each individual’s functional, social, psychological, and spiritual needs. These areas are key to a fulfilling lifestyle we offer to you! We feature "Good Life Choices" and offer a "Functional Fitness" exercise program. Our Dining Room is open 7am-7pm daily, including a breakfast bar and a fresh salad bar. All caregiving staff are Certified or Registered Nursing Assistants and we offer a Respite Care program featuring a daily rate for move-in ready apartments. To view our available living spaces and discuss customized move-in specials, call Heidi Kuzina at 360-679-1400 and schdule a complimentary lunch and tour today!

nurtures your growth! Like us on:

Summer Hill is committed to providing the latest innovative options in

To view our available living spaces senior andliving discuss customized move-inprograms specials, call Heidi and health care. Our Life Enrichment are designed to support eacha individual’s functional, social, psychological, and spiritual needs. Kuzina at 360-679-1400 and schedule complimentary lunch and tour today!

These areas are key to a fulfilling lifestyle we offer to you! We feature "Good Life Choices" and offer a "Functional Fitness" exercise program. Our Dining Room is open 7am-7pm165 daily, including a breakfast SW 6th Ave bar and a fresh salad bar. All caregiving staff are Certified or Registered Nursing Assistants and we offer a Oak Harbor Respite Care program featuring a daily rate for move-in ready apartments. 360-679-1400 To view our available living spaces and discuss customized move-in specials, call Heidi Kuzinawww.summerhill-assistedliving.com at 360-679-1400 and schdule a complimentary lunch and tour today!

Summer Hill 165 SW 6th Ave • Oak Harbor • 360-679-1400 www.summerhill-assistedliving.com Like us on:


Voted Best Chiropractor of Whidbey! It has been a pleasure serving our community for the last 18 years.




Bayshore Chiropractic



Coupeville Physical Therapy

Anacortes Physical Therapy

Oak Harbor Physical Therapy

Lindsay Jobe, DPT Cari King, PTA

Greg Fritz, PT, RMSK Amanda Baker, PTA Jill Ratcliff, PTA

Levi Johnson, DPT Alex Sluyter, PTA

35 NW 1st Street, Coupeville, WA 98239


360-675-1066 • 840 SE Bayshore Drive Oak Harbor • www.drdawnchiro.org

To view movescW

Our D

All car 165AsS featu ww To view move-i sch

CHOOSE A COMMUNITY THAT We feature "Good Life Choices" and offer a "Functional Fitness" exercise program. Our Dining Summer Hill 165 SW 6th Ave • Oak Harbor • 360-679-1400 Room is open 7am-7pm daily, including a breakfast bar and a fresh salad bar. All caregiving staff are 165 SW www.summerhill-assistedliving.com Certified or Registered Nursing Assistants and we offer a Respite Care program featuring a daily rate ww for move-in ready apartments.

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830 SE Bayshore Dr Ste 201 Oak Harbor, WA 98277 lindsey@vitalrootsacupuncture.com vitalrootsacupuncture.com 360.672.1010

Our D Sum innova All Lifeca eachAs i featu spiri

3001 R Avenue, #110, Anacortes, WA 98221

632 Erin Park Road, Oak Harbor, WA 98277







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2017 • Whidbey island healthcare Guide

3. Find a routine. A routine performed 20-30 minutes prior to bed every night can subconsciously ease your brain into sleep. Unwinding with a book, taking a warm bath or meditating are all ways to slow your mind and transition toward peaceful rest. 4. Brighten up the morning. Getting plenty of bright light in the morning helps

keep your sleep timing on track, particularly if you wake up early. Make opening the drapes and blinds your first task each morning. 5. Ditch the clock. Fixating on the time can create stress and keep you up at night. Instead, set your alarm, turn your clock around and forget about the time. 6. Get moving. Research shows that exercise can act as a natural sleep remedy, often leading to a more sound slumber. However, if you exercise late and have difficulty falling asleep, consider moving your workout earlier in the day. The increase in body temperature from exercise

tends to be prolonged, sometimes making it hard to fall asleep. 7. Kick the caffeine habit. Morning caffeine can linger in your system until it's time to sleep. Coffee, tea, dark sodas and dark chocolate are the main offenders for most people. 8. Pay back debt. If you are chronically deprived of sleep, allow your body extra sleep time to make up for the loss. In these cases, even 8-9 hours each night may not be enough. Allow your body to catch up then commit to more consistent sleep patterns in the future.

Metamorphe Health Clinic, Whidbey Island’s newest naturopathic health care facility offers botanical medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine, nutrition, counseling, biofeedback, hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, massage, peat baths and halotherapy. One of its most unique offerings is Metamorphe’s salt room, where you can experience halotherapy under the stars. The walls of the room are lined with Himalayan salt bricks backlit for the majority of each 45-minute session.

During the final 15 minutes of each session, the lights are dimmed and a summer night sky is revealed on the ceiling. Benefits of halotherapy include: relief from seasonal allergies, reduced duration of colds or flu, lessening of skin manifestations of eczema and psoriasis, improved sleep, reduced snoring, detoxification from positive ions released by electronic devices and overall relaxation. Nestled in the woods, Metamorphe offers a teaching kitchen with com-

munity workshops covering different topics in nutrition, herbal medicine and holistic approaches to modern health. Staff at Metamorphe believe in the full transformation made possible by combining the body’s natural ability to heal acute and chronic health conditions with traditional and medically proven treatments that repair, balance and sustain a healthy life. Call or email Metamorphe to discover how to achieve the optimal health that you deserve.

SLEEP TIPS: 8 ways to get the rest you need CONTINUED FROM PAGE 7

Family Features

Find alternative health solutions at Metamorphe clinic

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We offer more than 40 years experience providing successful treatment and support programs to help you improve your quality of life. Together, let’s begin your journey of true recovery.

Metamorphe Health Clinic 3976 E. Harbor Road Langley, WA 98260 360-221-2050 www.metamorphehealth.com info@metamorphehealth.com

Oak Harbor (360) 544-3800 www.sunriseservicesinc.com

Whidbey Island Healthcare Guide • 2017

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10A-8P FREELAND WHIDBEYISLANDHERB.COM This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of the reach of children.

Whidbey Vision Care Inc

We offer cutting edge technology to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure most eye and vision problems.

Offering Premier Whidbey Island Vision Care Services Dr. Chris C. Gaustad, OD Dr. Roy G. Gordon, OD Dr. Keith B. Johnston, OD


Comprehensive Eye Exams Dry Eye Treatment and Care Caring for the Maturing Eye Pediatric Eye Care Diabetic Eye Care Cataract Care Emergency Eye Care Contact Lens Fitting Lasik (Refractive) Surgery Glaucoma Treatment and Care Age-Related Macular Degeneration

1690 Main Street

FREELAND 360-331-8424


380 SE Barrington

OAK HARBOR 360-675-2235

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Healthy Living - Whidbey Island Health Care Guide 2017  


Healthy Living - Whidbey Island Health Care Guide 2017