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SKTV on Cable and On-Line By: Mike Downum SKHS Video and IB Film Instructor

I have a little glow in my gut as I write a few thoughts about the South Kitsap High School Video Program. And the sensation isn’t from my delicious cafeteria meatball hoagie. No, the glow is pride in the performance this morning from my Advanced Video students as they produced their 65th “live” WTV of the school year. WTV is our daily news and information television show that is cabled into every SKHS classroom and also distributed through the WAVE cable system on digital cable channel 205. Today’s show, originating from the SKHS theater rather than our normal studio, featured guest anchors from the choir, a guest from yearbook, our principal (drawing student names for movie passes), students of the month announcement, and a pre-recorded video celebrating the 7th of 12 Days of Christmas. I’m fatigued thinking of the details and logistics. As the show producer and show director wrapped it up and headed to their next classes their body language was of hardened veterans, bent but not broken, exhilarated yet aware that AP lit was awaiting. Every day of the school year WTV is the voice (and face) of SKHS for information about scholarships, sports, clubs, school rules, etc. To our audience we bring the facts and a bit of fun to every show. But to the students who produce it, the show itself is the tip of the iceberg. Lurking below, or rather behind the surface, is the prepa-

ration that goes into any complex endeavor that appears simple to the casual observer. Rather than attempt to describe that process to you, I would only ask that you, good reader, reflect on your most difficult career challenge, or perhaps parenting challenge. And be a teacher for a moment and ask yourself, “how would I prepare a student to handle that?” The answer, I hope you would agree is, maybe talk about it a bit; but the best strategy of all is just, “Let’s do it for real! Together!” That is CTE (Career & Technical Education) and that is SKHS Video. So, before my glow passes and I prep for the next 30 smiling faces, I also mention our YouTube channel and “live” streaming capability. Thanks to support from SKSD CTE, we have built a reputation for creating programing and utilizing technology that is rare in the nation at the high school level. It’s a case of preparation meeting opportunity. We stream on YouTube regularly and in HD.

A WTV screen shot of guest anchors Sydney Wolfe and Dylan Macabitis from the SKHS Choir along with SKHS Acting Principal Casey Ogan. A portable control room is set up outside the SKHS theater for a “live” WTV production. Show producer Cassidy Firman (standing) keeps a watchful eye as show director Logan Tailleur (kneeling) executes the actual show.

Enough shameless program promotion; see for yourself. Navigate to the SKSD homepage and click on the SKTV tab and you will learn more about us and see the work our students create. I made up a slogan early in my teaching career - SKHS Video Production: We don’t “play” TV, we DO TV! The advent of STEM only confirms what CTE has done all along and that’s “make it real”. GO CTE!

Olympic College Has a Film School? Tell Me More…

By Deborah Welsh The rise of the digital era has led to a major shift in the film industry. Tools for aspiring filmmakers are more accessible than ever before and Olympic College believes a world-class film school experience should be equally accessible. A variety of technological innovations have created a unique historical niche. This modern historical juncture has created unprecedented opportunities for young dramatic artists seeking careers in the filmmaking industry. Entering the industry with a working knowledge of digital movie-making translates to higher entry-level employment for graduates. Students at the OC Film School

are learning the skills they will need to compete in this new frontier of digital film.

• Gain practical hands-on training by working on digital filmmaking projects • Construct an industry resume detailing specific filmmaking crafts positions • Study film language and the techniques of cinematography • Practice the art and craft of film acting • Acquire film directing skill and expertise in directing actors • Artfully tell original stories and complete a feature length screenplay • Obtain film editing & visual effects skills by mastering industry software

OC Digital Film students have the opportunity to:

The educational philosophy at the OC Film School passionately supports the idea that a contemporary dramatic artist is a digital artist. The program’s award-winning instructors bring a wealth of experience to their students. As successful professionals in the film industry themselves, their goal is to provide students with the practical skills and artistry necessary to develop, strengthen and refine their creative talents whether they choose directing, acting, producing, cinematography, editing or screenwriting. Students gain hands-on practical training along with the theoretical and technical skills of the modern filmmaking industry.

• Assemble a demo reel from Olympic College film projects

This unique experience prepares students to pursue careers in:

The principle focus of the program is the narrative fiction film. The artistic and technical skills acquired by students are transferable to television, commercials, documentaries, music videos, and the blossoming new arena of episodic web content. Students are learning the craft and techniques of narrative storytelling while acquiring the technical skills and artistic sensibilities to produce professional-quality film.

• Acting for the camera | Screenwriting | Directing • Editing | Lighting | Digital Cinematography • Audio Design | Production Manager | Sound Recording • Sound Recording | Gaffer | Producer • Assistant Director | Post Production Visual FX | Production Assistant • Art Director | Grip | Location Scout In the past, a film school education could be very costly, but by taking advantage of the emerging digital age and the increasing affordability of the modern filmmaker’s tools, Olympic College now offers their students a first-class film school experience at a fraction of the cost. The Department of Digital Filmmaking and Dramatic Arts at Olympic College educates and prepares students for careers in the contemporary vehicles of drama – including film, television and the new emerging digital media forms. The unique conservatory within-a-college curriculum prepares students intellectually, artistically and practically to be creative visionaries and collaborative innovators. Visit the website at for more information.

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