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LIVING BETTER | Healthcare & Fitness 2017

When is it time to start thinking about assisted living? Dr. Shirley Newell | Aegis Living

When your parent gets older and the ability to care for themselves independently begins to wane, it’s important to pay attention. Children may have the tendency to overlook the signs of mental and physical decline. After all, everyone wants their parents to be independent for as long as possible, and the indications can be subtle. Keep these signs in mind and be aware it may indicate the need for more support: Seclusion: Take notice of your parent’s social activities. Has your father abandoned a favorite hobby? Has your mother stopped socializing? Perhaps your parent has given up their club membership. Loss of interest in activities that a parent once found pleasurable can be a sign of depression. Dramatic weight fluctuation: Nutrition and diet can become a major concern among the elderly. You should keep an eye out for a large amount of uneaten or spoiled food in the refrigerator and pantry. Often, malnutrition and weight loss are a clue that someone is simply forgetting to eat.

Declining personal hygiene: Poor hygiene might also be an aspect of everyday life for people with declining cognition. You may notice that your loved has disheveled clothing. Sometimes challenged folks might have trouble keeping track of bathing, oral care and other facets of cleanliness. Difficulty with mobility: Falls, are the leading cause of serious injury and death in people over 65. Their incidence increases with age, vision and hearing loss and balance disorders. This is compounded by side effects and interactions of various medications which can result in problems such as blood pressure fluctuations, confusion and dizziness. Forgetfulness: Mental decline may cause your mother to forget important dates, the right way to use the microwave, or the thoroughfares she needs to get home. Sometimes memory impairment may be just be normal age related forgetfulness. However, multiple experiences that accumulate over time may prompt a visit to the physician to discuss the symptoms and possible need for further testing. Attention to finances:

Although finances can be a touchy subject for some, if possible, discussing them with your loved one is important. If you notice that your parent’s financial decision-making skills are slowing or seem impaired, you may need to step in and offer additional support. Growing health care needs: It’s normal for people to experience deteriorating health as they get older. But if you find that your parent is becoming less able to manage, it may be time to consider assisted living. Assisted living can provide seniors with help with medication administration, transportation, assistance with activities of daily life (i.e. meal, dressing, and bathing), medical care, and companionship. If it’s not time for a permanent move, assisted living communities often offer respite care where seniors can stay as short-term guests, giving them the opportunity to get to know the staff and residents, engage in activities, enjoy the food, and experience the community on a trial basis. Dr. Shirley Newell is Aegis Living’s chief medical officer and geriatrician with more than 30 years in the industry. For more information, visit www. aegisliving.com.

The Cool Mom

Growing up, I was the kid with the cool mom. She would drive around our small beach town on her scooter in her movie star sunglasses. She would spend hours barefoot at her easel painting the surf. She wore layers of bright colors and laughed loudly. We often ate pancakes for dinner, staying up late and watching scary movies. Mom loved to fill our home with friends and sleepovers. She always said “the more, the merrier!” I loved my mom’s eccentric personality. But as she got older, her strange behavior became worrisome. Unpaid bills were piling up on her desk. She isolated herself from friends. She often couldn’t find the right words when she spoke. Once, I found her phone in the refrigerator. After meeting with her doctor, she was diagnosed with dementia. Months later, she can no longer live alone. When memory loss caused by dementia progresses and demands on your time increases, it can be a difficult balancing act. This is when you should visit an Áegis Living community. We are a trusted source for senior living. Our compassionate staff is trained in assisting those with memory loss and caring for their specific needs with dignity. Call the residence nearest you for an appointment or more information.

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Eggs are an all-natural source of high-quality protein and a number of other nutrients, all for 70 calories an egg. Cost-effective and versatile, the unique nutritional composition of eggs can help meet a variety of nutrient needs of children through older adults. Plus, nutrition research suggests eggs can play a role in weight management, muscle strength, healthy pregnancy, brain function, eye health and more. In fact, according to a recent review and meta-analysis, eating one egg a day reduces risk of stroke by 12 percent. Also, a new study indicates adding eggs to a salad increases vitamin E absorption.

Nutrition facts. CARDIOMETABOLIC HEALTH More than 40 years of research has demonstrated that healthy adults can enjoy eggs without significantly impacting their risk of heart disease. EGG ALLERGIES Although eggs are a common food allergy in children, research suggests most kids outgrow this allergy. NUTRIENTS IN EGGS One egg has varying amounts of 13 essential vitamins and minerals plus 6 grams of high-quality protein. NUTRITIOUS DIETARY PATTERNS Eggs fit into the healthy dietary patterns recommended by public health organizations.

PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE The high-quality protein in an egg is essential for building and maintaining lean body mass. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT & SATIETY The high-quality protein in eggs can reduce hunger and facilitate weight loss as well as help with weight maintenance. EGGS ACROSS THE LIFESPAN Essential nutrients within the egg can support a healthy pregnancy, growth and development of children, and muscle mass and function during aging. For more egg nutrition facts visit www.eggnutritioncenter.org.

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DIY Hydrating Egg White Mask ¼ Ripe Avocado 1 Teaspoon Yogurt

Directions: • Using a fork, mash the avocado until it turns into a lump-free paste. • Add the egg white and yogurt and mix well. • Apply a thick coat of the

Mixing Bowl Fork/Blender

mixture onto your face with clean fingers and sit for about 15 minutes. • Wash off the mask with lukewarm water when the time is up, and pat your face dry with a towel. Enjoy the look of your moisturized skin! Tips: • Use a ripe avocado so that it is easier to mash it into a lump-free paste. For a lumpfree puree use a blender instead of a fork . • Use plain, unsweetened yogurt with live cultures when making this face mask.

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What you’ll need: 1 Egg White

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LIVING BETTER | Healthcare & Fitness 2017

Step into stride walking Sammamish trails By Joe Livarchik | jlivarchik@issaquahreporter.com

There are countless health benefits for walkers who get in their daily steps. Aside from serving as a low-impact exercise to help trim your waist line, walking regularly helps reduce the risk of stroke and type 2 diabetes while boosting one’s mood and energy. For residents east of Lake Washington, there is a wealth of outdoor parks and trails for walkers and hikers to jaunt through while taking in the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest. In the Sammamish area alone, there are 14 parks for nearby residents to get out and about and stretch their legs. But the options for walking-related activity don’t end there. “We have a lot of hiking opportunities,” said Kyle Endelman, deputy director for Sammamish parks. “We partner with a group called Sammamish Walks. During the summer, they put on walks in various parks and preserves throughout the city. We also have a trail steward group that is a group of volunteers trained to build and maintain trails.” Endelman said Sammamish’s most popular hiking site is the Evans Creek Preserve, which features a 1.9-mile trail that is suitable for hikers of all skill levels. “There’s also the Beaver Lake Preserve, which connects with the Hazel Wolf Wetlands and the Steven and Rosina Kipper

Along with miles of trails, the 16-acre Big Rock Park features a zipline, a hillside slide, a boulder climb and other fun-filled amenities for younger park-goers. ~ Photos courtesy of the city of Sammamish

Preserve,” he said. “That enters into Soaring Eagle Park, so there’s miles of trails.” Nan Gordon is the walk organizer for the Sammamish Walks group, which begins its 2017 season on Earth Day, April 22. Last year’s walking tour included stops at local parks Sammamish Landing, Big Rock Park and Pine Lake Park. Through its guided tours, Gordon said Sammamish Walks adds a little more variety to walking the trails of local parks. “We’ve had a lot of nature and plant-based informative walks, but we also have history walks, where people with the Sammamish Heritage Society give a background of the area that the walk is in,” she said. “There’s always a leader who has something else to add beside just going on a walk.”

Senior Living at its Finest Join the Fun! "See why Red Oak is the best value for Senior Care in the Valley and on the Eastside."

Voted Best in Valley 2005 - 2015! Snoqualmie Valley has active adult and customized assisted living care offered in a smaller more personable community at the foot of Mount Si.


425.888.7108 • 650 E. North Bend Way • North Bend



Trails by the numbers • Beaver Lake Preserve: Hosts a 1.2-mile loop trail connects to another nearby loop trail at the Hazel Wolf Wetlands Preserve. • Evans Creek Preserve: Features a 1.9-mile trail that is suitable for hikers of all skill levels. • Soaring Eagle Park: Boasts 12 miles of walking trails.

The 1.9-mile trail at Evans Creek Preserve is suitable for hikers of all skill levels. ~ Photos courtesy of the city of Sammamish

The biggest and most interesting walk in the area, Gordon said, was last year’s final stop at Soaring Eagle Park, which boasts 600 acres of forests and wetlands and 12 miles of trails. “It is the most wild, dense, forested area,� she said. “There are a lot of cross paths, a lot of wildlife and a lot of terrain. Right when you get to the entrance of the trails, you feel like you’re in a deep forest experience. It’s pretty fantastic.� Gordon added taking part in a hike with Sammamish Walks,

which is free to registered walkers, serves mostly as a communitybuilding experience. Walkers who develop an appreciation for hitting the trail is an added bonus. “It’s intended to be for people of all abilities physically,� Gordon said. “It’s also kind of an entrance to people who haven’t been on these trails. If you go on one of the loops, you’ll go back and know where to go next time.� For more on Sammamish Walks, visit www.sammamishwalks.org.

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It’sMoreThanRetirementIt’sFive-StarFun 1795279


-  wwwleisurecarecom


LIVING BETTER | Healthcare & Fitness 2017

We believe every child should be treated the way we would like our own children to be treated. It is our goal to implement the highest standard of care at every patient encounter whether it is a child’s first visit to the dental office, a teenager who is headed off to college or a special-needs adult patient we’ve been seeing for decades.

Viral infections on the rise in King County

By Allison DeAngelis


Overlake doctor details prevention, treatment options for Eastside residents


ting Want to start eals healthier mea ?

It’s hard to cook when you have a hectic work schedule but we can help you save time while feeding your family healthy meals with our ready-to-go items. We have beef and chicken kabobs, meatloaf, stuffed bell peppers, beef and chicken fajita mix and marinated flank steak at our Issaquah store. All you need to do is grill or bake them, add some veggies, salad or fruit to make a nutritious meal. Fischer Meats also carries a variety of spices, sauces, condiments and rubs to compliment our meat, poultry and smoked products.

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Untold numbers of Eastside residents are currently home in bed, sick with entirely preventable viruses. But Dr. Dennis Rochier, chief executive officer of the Overlake Medical Clinics, has advice on how citizens can stay healthy. King County is currently seeing a surge in influenza cases, along with a mumps outbreak. Close to 170 people in the country had been diagnosed with mumps by the end of January, giving them a fever, muscle aches, fatigue and a swollen jaw or cheeks. Countless others have the fever, cough and congestion associated with the flu, which has killed more than 114 people statewide this season. “We’re seeing such an increase in the number of [flu] cases so much earlier than we generally do. Physicians are left wondering, ‘Is it just peaking earlier this season?’” Rochier said. Both viral respiratory illnesses are preventable through readily available vaccinations. It’s not too late to get a vaccination, Rochier said, and the antibodies develop within two weeks following the flu vaccination. “It’s not too late to get a vaccination,” Rochier added. But, the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and flu vaccines are not fool-proof. The flu vaccine generally has a 70 percent effective rate, which can vary from year to year as medical professionals and scientists try to predict which strain of the flu will sweep the country. The full dosage of the MMR vaccine, which is delivered via two separate shots, is 88 percent effective, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, more than 60 percent of mumps patients in King County had an up-to-date MMR vaccine. But, there are other options to prevent or stave off the spread of these diseases, Rochier said. People can be tested to see if they have any active mumps antibodies in their bloodstream that will protect them from the virus, he said. Those whose vaccinations may have worn off many years ago can receive a single booster shot to reinforce their protection. “We really don’t know how [the mumps outbreak] is going to play out,” Rochier said, as there’s no drugs available to treat or prevent the virus outside of vaccines. The most important thing that people who may be ill can do is to act fast, Rochier stressed. There are several medications that doctors can give within the first 48 hours of getting the flu that are effective in stopping the virus, he said. Patients often don’t need to go into their doctor’s office or a hospital to get a prescription, he added, which can help reduce the risk of spreading the disease to healthy or vulnerable populations. Employers should absolutely encourage and even dictate sick employees stay home, he said. Without any other options for medical intervention, the county’s best option now is to reduce exposure.




Physical Therapy Group

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We can help! Lake Sammamish Physical Therapy 6520 226th Pl SE Suite 201 Issaquah, WA 98027 (425) 391-5504


North Bend Physical Therapy 400 Main Ave S North Bend, WA 98045 (425) 888-1156

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When your landing isn’t as perfect as the jump. 24/7 Expert, Emergency Care.

Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Emergency Department Physicians are Specifically Trained in Emergency Medicine and are Board Certified.

www.snoqualmiehospital.org 9801 Frontier Avenue SE, Snoqualmie, WA 98065 (Just off Snoqualmie Pkwy and I-90, via SE 99th St.)


LIVING BETTER | Healthcare & Fitness 2017


Best in the Nation Your healthiest best begins with… Year after year, EvergreenHealth delivers exceptional care and service. And that kind of excellence gets noticed. This year, Healthgrades has recognized EvergreenHealth Medical Center for its outstanding clinical care. We are honored to be among the

100 Best Hospitals in America This latest honor joins EvergreenHealth’s other recent accolades, which include recognition by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top five hospitals in the Puget Sound for the fourth year; a Truven 100 Top Hospitals designation; an “A” Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade; and the first health system in Washington State to receive a Five-Star rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). These recognitions embody everything we stand for: Lower risk, better outcomes and more ways EvergreenHealth keeps you at your healthiest best.

Your healthiest best begins here.


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Living Better - Living Better Healthcare and Fitness Guide 2017  


Living Better - Living Better Healthcare and Fitness Guide 2017