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October 28, 2016 [B1]

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Whether or not we like it, and whether or not we are prepared for it, death is inevitable. Since this is true, it is best to be prepared for it – physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Preparation in all of these aspects is the key to a successful death experience. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on preparation for the financial aspects which involve estate planning. Estate planning is the process by which we implement a plan for the distribution of our assets after death to family members, friends or favorite charities. The plan can be implemented by several different strategies, depending upon the circumstances. A married couple with a non-taxable estate

might use a Community Property Agreement which will transfer all assets to the surviving spouse without the need for a probate proceeding. A single person (or the surviving spouse) might use a Last Will and Testament (or in case there is no Will, the provisions of state law) to provide for the disposition of their assets after death. If so, following their death there will likely be a probate proceeding if their assets include real estate or other assets which cannot be otherwise transferred after death. Another alternative would be a Revocable Living Trust to hopefully transfer the assets following death without the necessity of a probate proceeding. The choice of strategy by which the estate plan will be implemented is made in the light of all of the circumstances and the preferences of each individual. Estate planning is particularly important for young families with minor children. In the unlikely event that both parents die, it is important to provide a trust for the benefit of any minor

children. In the case of a taxable estate with a total value in excess of $2.0 million, many clients want to minimize the amount of the estate tax that will be due to the state or federal government following their death. Plans for this purpose may involve structured gifting strategies or the use of trusts. It is also typical that an estate plan will include a Health Care Directive (a so-called “living will”) by which a client will express their intentions regarding the use of artificial life support in an “end of life” circumstance. The client should also sign a Durable General Power of Attorney to designate an agent with authority to make financial and/or health care decisions for them during their lifetime. No one wants to think about death. But it is wise to make suitable estate planning preparations at a time when you are thinking clearly and have the strength to be sure that your intentions will be carried out.

Family of Friends • One and Two Bedroom apartments available

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Estate Planning


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...senior resource guide

Administrative Manager Cremation Society of Washington www.cremationsocietywa.com 844-682-6800

We all plan ahead for the most important milestones in life— from graduations and weddings to birthdays and anniversaries. However, most of us seem to forget about one extremely special event: our final farewell! Of course no one enjoys thinking about death, but planning ahead is an incredibly smart choice. When you pre-plan your cremation services, not only will you gain peace of mind— you’ll also make things much easier for your family down the road. That’s because when you pre-plan your cremation services, your family won’t be left to hastily make last-minute arrangements during an already difficult time. Pre-planning offers countless

Parkside Retirement Community

benefits, such as: • It allows you and your family to make decisions together. • It ensures your family isn’t left to guess about what you wanted. • It removes financial and emotional burden from your loved ones. • It guarantees you’ll get the final tribute you want. • It gives you a chance to lock into today’s prices. To top it off, pre-planning gives you an opportunity to determine the type of final farewell you want. When you plan ahead, you’ll take comfort knowing that your wishes will be followed down to the smallest detail. This is your chance to personalize your service and ensure it reflects your unique personality and style. After the cremation, do you

prefer a small, intimate gathering or do you want a fancy, upbeat dinner party? Do you prefer roses or tulips? A champagne toast or a poetry reading? The Beatles or Beethoven? When you pre-plan, you can spell out all of these details. Perhaps most importantly, pre-planning gives you the opportunity to save your loved ones a bundle. If you choose to pre-pay for cremation services, you’ll lock into today’s prices for life and protect your family from future inflation. At the Cremation Society of Washington, we offer 0% interest financing on prepayment plans. Want to learn more about the benefits or pre-planning? Come have lunch on us! We hold no-pressure lunch-nlearn seminars every week. For more information, visit www. cremationsocietyseminar.com.

2902 “I” St. NE., Auburn, WA 98002

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AFFORD-A-VETANIMAL CLINIC (253)859-VETS (8387) • www.affordavetac.com Dr. L. Sutherland, D.V.M., Lt. Col. US Army Retired

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Cremation Pre-Planning: Plan Ahead for Peace of Mind

October 28, 2016 [B3]

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...senior resource guide Return Quality To Your Life With Dental Implants DR. ROBERT ODEGARD, DDS

An estimated 100 million Americans experience problems with missing teeth such as the inablity to smile with confidence, difficulty chewing, talking or laughing and embarrassment eating in public. The problem is more serious because tooth loss causes facial bone loss and collapse of facial structures creating an old person appearance. In extreme cases the jawbone continues to deteriorate and facial muscles change, causing the chin and nose to curve inward towards each other, resulting in a “witches beak” appearance. Wearing dentures actually accelerates this deterioration process. The solution is Dental Implant Treatment, today’s state of the art alteranative to traditional methods of tooth replacement. Unlike dentures or partials, dental implants are teeth replacements that actually prevent bone loss that occurs when teeth are missing. “As substitute tooth roots, dental implants provide virtually the same function as natural tooth roots: maintenance of bone and the preservation of facial structures,” says Dr.

Robert Odegard DDS who provides implant and cosmetic dentistry in the Renton Highlands. “If a person is going to lose a tooth or multiple teeth, they should have implants placed in order to

prevent significant bone loss and to preserve their facial apprearance.” says Dr. Odegard. Dental implants can significantly improve the lives of peop[le who wear entures or partial dentures. With little or no discomfort, dental implants can be placed to secure the dentures

in the mouth or they can replace the denture all together. Because the dentures will no longer move or slip, the improvement in chewing and eating is immeasurable. Often the patient can keep their same dentures and have them snap on to the implants for improed retention and stability. The patient enjoys much more confidence and a better quality of life. Dental Implants have a 95-99% sucdess rate, are painless to place and are one of the easiest procedures for the patient. Because they are made of titanium, they do not corrode, decay, break down and they are biologically compatible. Once the teeth are attached to the implants it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between real teeth or implants in the way they bite, feel or look. The best part is that they impart a youthfulness to the person who has them and the preserve the persons facial bone for life. There really is no other dental tooth replacement that compares to dental implants. Dr. Odegard can be reached at 425-728-7920 or by e-mail at info@drodegard.com

Eat better. Smile more. WORRY LESS! • Dr. Odegard can improve the quality of your life by replacing your missing teeth or securing your dentures with permanent dental implants. • CAT scan 3D technology for your safety. • Oral sedation dentistry (relax while you have your work done). • Call today to discuss your problem with Dr. Odegard for no charge. • Dr. Odegard is a diplomat in the international congress of oral implantologists.

with coupon only. $500.00 credit towards first dental implant for new patients


Dr. Robert L. Odegard, D.D.S.,

451 Duvall Ave NE • Renton WA Located in the Highland's Professional Plaza across from QFC in the Renton Highlands.

www.Rentondentalhealth.com info@drodegard.com

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Initial exam and implant consultation

Check o u testimon t our ia on our ls website!

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...senior resource guide 5 Financial Health Tips for Older Adults BRENT RAWLS, WESLEY HOMES www.wesleyhomes.org

One of the keys to a successful retirement is a solid financial plan. It’s never too early to reevaluate one’s financial health, so here are some ideas on where to begin. Consider the legacy When a loved one has either passed or is no longer capable of providing information, the last thing a family wants is to be uncertain about his intent with his estate. Writing a trust that documents where various assets go is recommended even for adults younger than 50. Some might think of it as a love letter and write it around the holidays. It is also recommended that adults communicate their intentions with their families and designate legacy beneficiaries. Plan for saving and spending at retirement Learn about short- and long term-investments. Start with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s website. Understand how to adjust for inflation so money doesn’t run out, and have a backup plan in case financial resources are outlived. Create a spending plan, and account for large expenses. Make full use of discounts for older adults, and consider new ways to cut costs. Now may be a good time to begin a third act by turning a hobby into a part time job to supplement income. Consult trusted professionals Whether there are worries about fraud or simply questions that need to be answered about investments, wills, inflation or savings, consulting a trusted financial advisor could help in making important decisions. Educational seminars can provide new financial perspectives or considerations. Guard against scams Be wary of unsolicited offers from unfamiliar companies, and be careful with sharing information. Review privacy policies of any relevant companies. Consider being added to the National Do Not Call Registry to protect against telemarketers. Plan for happiness Retirement is an ideal time to focus on personal growth and to try new things. Decide which interests to pursue and what funds, if any, may be needed. Actively stay in touch with friends, relatives and former co-workers. Volunteer for a favorite organization. Do whatever makes life fun!

10 Tips on Living in Smaller Spaces BRENT RAWLS, WESLEY HOMES www.wesleyhomes.org

Is home maintenance overwhelming? Living in smaller spaces can have surprising benefits financially, spiritually and emotionally. Whether downsizing by necessity or by choice, here are advantages of living more modestly: • Saving Money The biggest benefit to living in a smaller space is affordability. Downsizing also requires people to be selective with their purchases, allowing even more savings. • Convenience Smaller residences are great for having everything within easy reach. Studios are ideal for those with mobility concerns as it takes less energy to move around. • Peace of Mind Decluttering frees people from the burden of physical attachments. It can also remove a lot of stress. Downsizing can make people more appreciative of treasured items, friends, family or hobbies. • Easy Cleaning Tidying a smaller space can be easier as fewer objects will need to be maintained. • Easier Multitasking With everything close by, watching the news while cooking without having to go into a different room is easy. Embracing smaller living spaces can be a big adjustment; the trick is to increase living efficiency through the room’s layout and design. There are ways to make the most out of every inch of space and still live in style. • Be Creative with Storage Using multipurpose furniture can go a long way in making the most out of the space. Ottoman-style furniture can double as storage containers and can drastically increase your living space. • Keep it Light A well-lit room is a must and will make spaces feel more open. Using light colored furniture and wall paint is also recommended and can help darker pieces of furniture stand out as accents. • Less is More Parting with old, sometimes large, furniture can be difficult, so it’s recommended to keep a few favorite antique pieces that will see use as these are good accents to the space. • Use Vertical Space It’s easy to forget that wall space can be used, too. Vertical storage, such as shelving and tall furniture, can drastically increase floor space. • Keep the Center Clear For smaller spaces, it’s more important than ever to ensure floor space is easy to traverse. Hug the walls with furniture and storage. This will make the room feel much more spacious. Downsizing can improve quality of life by giving focus to what’s important to keep and what’s important to let go of, making life simpler.

October 28, 2016 [B5]

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safety strategies for senior care

Have you done everything you can to make sure you and your home are safe and sound? Use the following checklist to see if there’s more you can do.


Don’t leave your home looking unoccupied. Don’t announce trips away from home on social media. Arrange to have newspaper deliveries stopped while you’re away, and have someone pick up the mail and mow the lawn (or shovel the snow).


Prevent fraud. Check that the person calling you on the phone is who they claim to be before sending them money. Don’t sign a contract without having it checked by a lawyer. Never lend your credit card or give out personal information (address, date of birth, SIN, credit card number, etc.) over the Internet or phone, unless it was you who initiated the call to a confirmed number at your financial institution.


Prevent falls. Make sure all your rooms and stairways are well lit and that things aren’t left lying around on the floor. Remove area rugs and use assistive devices (a cane and grab bars in the bathroom).


Protect your property and your assets. Sign a proxy giving a person you trust the power to make decisions on your behalf regarding your assets and your healthcare when necessary. Have a will drawn up, and don’t keep large sums of cash in your home.


Manage your medications appropriately. Clean out your medicine cabinet regularly. Never take more than the prescribed dose of a medication, and don’t take any over-the-counter drugs or natural products before talking to your doctor or pharmacist. When having a prescription filled, ask about possible side effects. Use a pill organizer to stay on track with doses.


Secure your home. Have an alarm system and good locks installed, and always lock your doors. Install a peephole so you can see your visitors without being seen before opening the door.


Think “fire safety.” Install a smoke detector on each floor and near all the bedrooms. Don’t leave a hot stove unattended. Don’t smoke in bed, and avoid using candles.


Be prepared for emergencies such as a fall or an illness. Keep a list of emergency numbers in a conspicuous place. Make a list of people to contact in case you need help, especially people who are close by or are readily available. Find out about emergency response systems such as wearable alert buttons.


Be prudent when driving. Lock car doors even when you’re in the car. Park in well-lit parking lots, and take out your keys in advance so you can get into the house or car quickly. Avoid driving for long periods of time or when visibility is poor.


Use all necessary assistive devices. Look into getting a walker, a large-keypad phone, a doorbell indicator light, and a cell phone that you can keep with you at all times. Use a calendar and checklists to help you remember important things and appointments.

Lifelike Dentures

Lifelike Dentures is a new family practice with deep roots. Denturist, Michael Holden, leads the practice. Michael grew up in the world of dentures. He inherited the profession from his father, Ken Holden L.D., who helped pioneer Denturism in Oregon and Washington. Michael graduated from the University of Oregon and attended George Brown Technical College, where he completed the Denturist Program. Michael became a licensed denturist in 2006. Since becoming licensed Michael worked at Natural Dentures where he ran offices in Salem, Corvallis and West Linn, OR. Michael and his family moved to Washington in 2012 to open his own practice, Lifelike Dentures, in Kent. Beginning this fall Lifelike Dentures will be adding a location in Federal Way. Michael and his family love owning and operating their own business. They find it rewarding to provide personal and quality care for their patients and hope to be a blessing beyond to the communities they serve. Michael loves helping people who have been miserable and uncomfortable with their dentures, discover how comfortable and confident they can feel in their new dentures. The patient process is made simple with

flexible scheduling, package pricing and acceptance of dental insurance. Michael only uses the best quality of materials. Ivoclar, the industry leader in both durability and lifelike appearance supplies the teeth used in their dentures. Michael is also skilled in implant dentures, partials, relines, repairs and all other removable oral prosthetic devices and procedures. To further serve our patients we have a partnership with Dentist, Dr. Foster Hall, so that we are able to provide extractions and surgery on-site. Patients appreciate the convenience of having all of their care in one location and it enables the best communication and execution of the treatment plan from start to finish. Making dentures requires working with the patient to choose the right appearance and obtain the correct function, all while creating the denture in an on-site lab from impressions to a finished product. Working with people comes naturally to Michael. He obtained the skill of making dentures through diligent training and education. Patients can be sure that when they come to Lifelike Dentures they are receiving the best quality care and denture expertise.

Opening a 2nd location in Federal Way at Westhill Court Office Condo Bldg. #8 33516 9th Ave. S. Federal Way


Providing personalized care to give you a confident smile.

www.lifelikedentureswa.com Reline

$225 Repairs starting at


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off 100 NEW DENTURES $

Limited to one use per customer.

• Dentures • Partial Dentures • Implant Dentures • Repair/Relines (most done while you wait) • In-house Lab • Dental Insurance Welcome

(253) 813-8000

25052 – 104th Ave SE Suite G • Kent WA

East Kent Dental Complex Across from Red Robin

Michael Holden, L.D., D.P.D. Denturist



...senior resource guide

[B6] October 28, 2016

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...senior resource guide 5 simple time-tested tips for aging well A few to focus on:

BRANDPOINT MEDIA www.brandpointcontent.com/

A health renaissance is taking place in America as more people are embracing aging well and being proactive rather than reactive about their well-being. Prevention has become the focus, and many aging Americans are turning to time-tested methods for keeping their bodies and minds healthy so they can live longer, higherquality lives.

• Carrots, squash and sweet potatoes are extremely beneficial for eye and skin health, thanks to high levels of beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A.

SLEEP “Chronic lack of sleep is one of the fastest ways to age the human body,” Johnson says. “Lack of sleep can have a huge impact on the appearance of skin, causing fine lines, wrinkles and dark under-eye circles. Not getting enough sleep can also cause your body to release a stress hormone called cortisol.”

Kristen Johnson, certified personal trainer, registered dietician and nutrition expert at www.ontargetliving. com points out five time-tested strategies for aging well:

She notes that adequate sleep can positively influence cognitive ability, mood, weight loss and skin rejuvenation, so it should be a top priority for an aging-well routine. While the right amount of sleep will vary between individuals, the goal for most adults is around 7 to 8 hours a night.

DAILY EXERCISE “Daily movement is the real fountain of youth. It keeps us healthy from the inside out,” says Johnson. She notes that quality over quantity is what really matters. “When it comes to improving overall fitness, high-intensity exercise for a short amount of time may be much more beneficial than low intensity for a long amount of time,” Johnson says. “Research suggests that fatburning hormones like human growth hormones and testosterone are stimulated by high-intensity exercise, while fat-storing hormones like cortisol may be lowered. Try increasing the intensity and frequency of your exercise, while decreasing the time spent.” SUPERFOODS The foods you eat influence how you look and feel, from glowing and confident to lethargic and sick. Selecting foods that people have eaten historically as nutritional powerhouses can help boost overall wellness. “Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, ancient grains, healthy fats and lean proteins,” says Johnson. “These foods naturally contain high amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which all contribute to healthy aging.”

contains EPA and DHA, both of which contribute to a healthy heart and brain,” she says. “Cod liver oil also helps improve cellular function, energy and mood. Did you know cod liver oil can actually taste good? Try their delicious orange flavor.”

SOCIAL ACTIVITY • Any brightly colored fruits and vegetables will have an abundant amount of antioxidants, and these help prevent oxidation and cell damage. Examples: raspberries, kale and cabbage.

Human interaction can decrease as people age, but it’s more important than ever to form and maintain bonds with others. Participating in social activity is a fun way to enjoy life and reap real health benefits.

• Carbohydrates like healthy grains, beans and potatoes help you produce serotonin, a calming and satiety hormone that helps fight stress and anxiety’s negative effects. NUTRIENTS Supplements help fill nutritional gaps, especially as the aging body requires greater amounts of certain vitamins and minerals. Johnson points out the importance of omega-3s for aging well. “Omega-3 fats are essential for getting you healthy from the inside out, all while helping improve hormonal balance, brain health, weight loss and metabolism,” she says. “Omega-3 fats are also extremely helpful for healthy skin, hair and nails.” Her favorite? Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil. “This

Have you ever thought of pre-planning your funeral?

“The American Medical Association has noted that stress is the basic cause for more than 60 percent of all human illnesses and diseases,” says Johnson. ‘”When you are socially active and surround yourself with people you enjoy, you may be less likely to feel lonely, unhappy, or unfulfilled, all of which can cause unwanted stress.” Finally, there’s no need to become overwhelmed; start an aging-well routine by taking one small step and building healthy habits over time. This is what will lead to long-term success. “Remember that it’s never too late to start living a healthy and happy life,” Johnson says. “Give yourself more reasons to smile and laugh! Did you know research suggests that happy people live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives?”

Affordable Basic Care for Seniors

TEETH CLEANING Services by Healthy Smiles, Inc. at the Kent Senior Activity Center. • Fluoride Treatment • Oral Cancer Screening • Dental Hygiene Assessment • Professional Cleaning By Licensed Hygienists of Teeth, Dentures & Partials • Referrals to Local Dentists


Make it easier for those you love.

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...senior resource guide 7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit NISSA SIMON, AAPR CONTRIBUTOR www.aarp.org

Your relationship with your doctor is all about your health, of course, but it’s also about mutual trust, communication and understanding. The better you two get along, the more satisfying your relationship, and that’s good for your health. An analysis of 13 studies in the journal PLOS ONE found that people with conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis and asthma did better when they worked together with their doctors. How can you establish such a relationship and keep it on track? Here’s what some top doctors recommend. 1. Hey, look at me Electronic medical records, the digital version of a handwritten chart, have become the new normal at office visits. Unfortunately, some doctors spend more time gazing at the computer screen than looking at you. If you talk to your doctor’s back and he answers as he types, both you and he lose an important part of the relationship, says Robert Eckel, M.D., professor of medicine at the Anschutz Medical Campus of the University of Colorado, Denver. “A doctor who focuses on the screen while talking to a patient is communicating ineffectively,” he says. “A doctor should look directly at a patient when he’s providing important information about the visit.” If your doctor is not, try saying, “I’d feel more comfortable if you looked at me while we talked.” 2. Try good manners Generally, your doctor will take the first step in building rapport, but you may need to take on some of the responsibility for strengthening the relationship. “Doctors are human, and sometimes they need a little attention, too,” says Harlan Krumholz, M.D., professor of medicine at the Yale University School of Medicine. “A kind word or showing interest

in your doctor can go a long way toward strengthening the personal tie between you.” The more you and your doctor relate to each other on a personal level, the more satisfied you’ll both be, Krumholz says. And that’s healthier for you, too. 3. Be the squeaky wheel If you raise a question about your illness that stymies your doctor, don’t just nod and let the matter drop. Speak up. Ask if she can follow up and find the answer or if she’d rather refer you to a doctor who routinely deals with this problem. You may feel uncomfortable about suggesting an appointment with another doctor, but it’s a reasonable request and it’s better for both of you that you propose it rather than leave the office feeling annoyed. 4. Make your priorities clear When your doctor recommends a medical procedure or nonemergency surgery, he’ll provide you with basic information and perhaps a brochure, but you need more than one-size-fitsall information before you decide on a course of action. Ask him if you can schedule a short follow-up call or an email to give you time to think it through, suggests Richard A. Stein, M.D., professor of medicine at the New York University School of Medicine. What may matter to you is how long it will take to heal, when you can go back to work, if you can continue with your favorite sport, whether you can still live independently and if there are any alternatives to what he suggested. Talking with him about what’s important to you can help you decide what to do — and it’s one of the most valuable conversations the two of you will have. 5. How can I reach you? Getting in touch with your doctor between appointments can be frustrating, so find out which method works best if you have to reach her

CREMATION PRE-PLANNING: Plan Ahead for Peace of Mind We all plan ahead for the most important milestones in life—from graduations and weddings to birthdays and anniversaries. However, most of us seem to forget about one extremely special event: our final farewell!

DON’T MAKE A $1300 MISTAKE No-pressure lunch-n-learn seminars are happening in your neighborhood every week!

front gives you the time to focus on it, says Lisa Schwartz, M.D., professor of medicine at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. If you haven’t covered all your concerns and time is running short, ask your doctor if he’d like to hear the rest now or prefer to follow up by phone. “That way, your doctor will know that you have unanswered questions and the two of you can decide on the best way to handle them,” Schwartz says.

www.cremationsocietywa.com • 844.682.6800

SPACE IS LIMITED SO RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW! at www.cremationsocietyseminar.com

about something important. Doctors have different likes and dislikes when it comes to getting back to patients. Does she prefer email, leaving a message with her nurse, or voice mail? Does she answer calls during her lunch break or after office hours? Does she routinely pick up messages from her answering service? If you use the method she likes best, you’re more likely to be in touch with her sooner rather than later. 6. Start with your main concern Start the conversation at your next appointment with the problem that concerns you most, rather than listing all of them at once. For openers, say, “I’m really worried about (fill in the blank) and I’d like to know what you think.” Putting your main worry up

7. Provide some background If your medical history is complicated and you have an appointment with a new doctor, bring along a one- or two-page summary of recent tests and treatments so she can get up to speed quickly. Even if your records were transferred to her office before your appointment, she may not have had a chance to read them thoroughly. Providing a short version with only the highlights and test results for the last six months or year will save time and may help you avoid repeat tests and imaging. There are no hard-and-fast rules about format; you can be creative and draw a time line or prepare a list of talking points. Nissa Simon is a frequent contributor on health issues to AARP Media

Serving families for over 40 years in the Renton & Kent communities Estate Planning Wills Living Trusts Powers of Attorney Probate Health Care Directives Elder Law Medicaid Planning Estate Tax Planning Community Property Agreements

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...senior resource guide

over the last three years of your working life in order to maintain your standard of living after retirement. Why not 100 percent? Even though leisure expenses will increase after retirement, those associated with work will diminish or even disappear. You’ll be paying less income tax and you’ll no longer need to contribute to your retirement plans.

Generally speaking, you’ll need 70 percent of your average annual gross income


Naturally, the percentage will vary accor­ ding to your salary, the age at which you retire, your family expenses, personal sa­vings, and what you want to do during your retirement years. To determine the income and savings you’ll need to live a fulfilling retirement, you’ll also have to take into account inflation and the fact that healthcare expenses could eventually increase. Are you struggling to answer all these questions? Consulting a financial planner is always advisable if you want to benefit from the best possible retirement plan. He or she will analyze your financial situation, tell you about the group or individual plans that will allow you to finance your retirement, and advise you on your investments. Once you know that your dreams are in order, you can relax and get ready to enjoy your retirement. A financial planner can help you prepare for your retirement properly.

Leave your mark on the world pass on your knowledge and experience to loved ones, such as through a collection of your most delicious recipes, or the traditional remedies that have been handed down through the generations of your family.

The written word is a fine legacy and offers many possibilities. You could write your autobiography, telling your life story or that of your family by sharing the funniest or most touching stories that marked it. You could also create a collection of your finest poems, your best jokes, or your favourite quotes. Words are also a good way to

If you’re not very good with words, other options are available to you. You could use images; after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. You could create chronological or thematic photo albums, or start scrapbooking, to leave your loved ones with las­ ting memories. If you enjoy doing research, you could also try to reconstruct your family tree from the time your an­cestors first arrived in North America. You’re com­forta­ ble with multimedia? You could shoot videos to leave behind for the people you are close to; you could write a blog in which you share one of your passions, or create a website devoted to your family.


Would you like to take advantage of your retirement years to create a tangible record of your time on earth for posterity? Here are some ideas to help you decide how you can leave your mark on the world.

If you have children, you have already left your mark; the values you pass on will endure for generations to come.

Use your retirement to create lasting memories for your loved ones.


Are you approaching retirement? You need to start thinking about what you’ll do with the priceless gift of time that you’ll be receiving. To fully appreciate this new stage of your life rather than dreading it, you just have to be well prepared. So take stock of your interests, and take control of the situation now by listing all the activities you would like to indulge in when you’re well rested.

Will you miss all those discussions with your work colleagues? Join a group to share your passions or just to meet people and exchange ideas and opinions. You might want to join a book or bridge club, a bowling or hockey league, or do lawn bowling or sing in a choir. If you take the time to plan your leisure activities, your retirement will be relaxing but never boring!

FUN ACTIVITIES Consider a variety of activities that you can do alone, as a couple, with family, or friends. This is a great opportunity to take up knitting in order to relax, try new restaurants with your spouse, go to shows or sports events with the family, or contact friends you haven’t seen for ages. Quilting, poker, reading, golf, movies, jigsaw puzzles, hiking, museums — the possibilities are endless and so you’re sure to find a hobby that is in tune with your interests. CLASSES FOR ENRICHING THE MIND You never had time to pursue your passions? The time has come to remedy the situation; take a class in music, art, sports, computers, language, cooking, or sewing. Take classes to develop a long-neglected talent, to perfect an art that you’re already familiar with, or to get acquainted with a new discipline.


Have you started to make plans for your retirement? To make sure you have the means to achieve them, good financial planning is essential. A solid retirement plan will allow you to assess the revenue you’re going to need and what sources of income you’ll have when the time comes.

Leisure activities: the key to a happy retirement

Make the most of your retirement by planning some leisure activities.

Volunteering: rewarding “work”

Are you looking forward to your retirement but are worried about having too much free time on your hands? Maybe you could invest your time in a cause close to your heart; give a few hours a week to an or­ gani­ zation or help someone in trouble, for example. Volunteering is a way to keep inertia and depression at bay when your professional work life comes to an end. And the benefits of volunteering are many, both for you and for those with whom you in­teract. Here are just a few: • Volunteering is rewarding. Being a volunteer lets you feel useful and appreciated. It im­proves your quality of life and al­lows you to put your experience and expertise at the ser­vice of your community. • Volunteering lets you develop as a person. It gives you the opportunity to expand your ho­rizons, develop new skills, gain more knowledge, widen your social network, and cultivate a strong sense of belonging in your community. • Volunteering gives you the op­portunity to help people while doing something you love. For example, if you love to travel, you could participate in an over­seas international development project. • Volunteering is good for your health. In addition to helping you to stay active,

volunteering helps you avoid feelings of isolation, and it also reduces stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. Whether you volunteer several times a week or just an occasional day here and there, volunteering is a great motivator and gives you a reason to get out of bed in the mor­ ning. Best of all, it can really give meaning to your life.


Do you have a retirement plan?

Volunteering allows you to have an active and fulfilling life, even after retirement.

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Still, some good news emerged from the survey. Americans seem aware that Social Security should be only one component of their overall retirement savings plan. Just 39 percent said they expected to rely more on Social Security than their personal savings or income during retirement, and just 15 percent expected to rely solely on Social Security.


Americans may have faith in the Social Security system, but many still don’t really understand how it works. That’s a key take-away from a recent survey of Americans’ knowledge of Social Security retirement benefits. While 63 percent of respondents said they do believe Social Security benefits will be available to them when they retire, many were confused about who qualifies for benefits, how much they’ll be eligible to receive, and when they can start drawing benefits without penalty. The survey, by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), included a true/false quiz about Social Security facts. Just 28 percent of those surveyed scored a passing grade, and only one person out of the 1,500 polled was able to answer all survey questions correctly. The survey results illustrated a significant lack of knowledge about Social Security, including: • Although 75 percent of those surveyed thought being an American citizen is a requirement to receive Social Security retirement benefits, this is not the case. Non-citizens lawfully living in the U.S., and who have permission to work here, can obtain a Social Security number, pay into the Social Security system and draw benefits. • More than seven in 10 respondents mistakenly thought that 65 is the age when everyone can begin drawing full retirement benefits. Actually, your full retirement age depends on what year you were born. • Fifty-five percent of those surveyed incorrectly

You can test your Social Security knowledge by taking the MassMutual quiz. Here are some Social Security facts to help improve your knowledge: • No single filing strategy works for everyone filing for Social Security benefits; there are just too many variables. For example, a married couple may have hundreds of options for filing for Social Security retirement benefits. believed they could continue working during retirement while collecting full Social Security benefits, regardless of their age. If you work during retirement, but have not yet reached your full retirement age, your Social Security benefits may be reduced if you earn too much. Once you reach full retirement age, those withheld benefits will be repaid over your lifetime. “Perhaps the greatest Social Security deficit in this country is the lack of education around the retirement benefits of the program,” says Michael R. Fanning, executive vice president, U.S. Insurance Group, MassMutual. “With millions of Americans nearing retirement each year, many may be at risk of underutilizing a critical component of their retirement income stream.”

• Americans are living longer. It’s no longer sufficient to plan for just 10 years of retirement. You may well need savings and income to carry you for three decades or longer. • While Social Security can be an important component of your retirement plan, you need to have other income as well. Under- or over-valuing your Social Security retirement benefits could keep you from getting a true picture of your retirement savings plans. A qualified financial professional can better help you understand how Social Security fits into your personal situation. For additional information on saving for retirement and Social Security benefits, visit MassMutual.com/ SocialSecurity or the Social Security Administration.

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A Brand New, Luxury, Affordable Community ffor Seniors 55+!


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Where it’s home and you’re family! Home-Like Setting

Our Kent community is homey and spacious with space to stroll securely in specially designed surroundings. Enclosed outdoor courtyards create a peaceful place to enjoy fresh air. Our classic town square creates a nostalgic experience, complete with a beauty salon, ice cream parlor, storefront, bus stop, and a 1948 Dodge.

Family Atmosphere

Enjoy peace of mind that your loved one is being taken care of like family so you can focus on what matters most.

Memory Care

Our Memory Care Program in Kent is ideal for those living with Alzheimer’s or other dementia. Our compassionate team customizes memory care routines for each individual’s unique needs.

Day & Respite Care

Are you in need of some temporary assistance for your loved one? Our day care and respite programs provide short-term solutions and offer the warm, safe, and secure environment you want for your loved one.

Memory Care

Come in, meet us today, and mention this ad for 20% off our community move-in fee.


Across from Lake Meridian, Near Covington 15101 SE 272nd St. Kent WA 98042 wearthlyinn.com | (253) 630-7496

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