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September 2016

HOME & DESIGN TRENDS A guide to fall/winter home improvement and decorating on the North Olympic Peninsula

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Wood as wall art creates cozy retreat. Turn to page 18 to see the project.

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How to... select a contractor Empty nest design options Easy ways to upgrade your curb appeal Hot tips for purchasing a new home How to make your home feel bigger Remodeling for modern families How to use color psychology when painting Ways to make a small kitchen feel bigger Tiny houses are huge on charm Make home changes now to be safe as a senior

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September 2016

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September 2016



HOW TO... SELECT A CONTRACTOR by KELLY FOX, CEO of Lumber Traders Inc. in Port Angeles

If you are at all like me and short on time and talent to do a home-improvement project or things on the honey-do list, then hiring a contractor may be in your near future. The process of hiring a contractor can be a bit overwhelming, but it does not have to be if you remember these five simple questions:


How long have you been in business and can I see your credentials? >> HIRING A CONTRACTOR continued on Page 5

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b D


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September 2016

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Home & Design Trends

<< HIRING A CONTRACTOR continued from Page 4

This question solves the experience question by pointing to a contractor that is licensed, bonded and insured. You might get a lower price from an inexperienced contractor, but there is a very good chance that you will not get the quality you expect in return.


It is always your money at risk so trust your instincts and listen to the voices in your head. If it does not feel right, stop and walk away or do some more research.

Do you have at least 12 references that I can call and projects I can drive by? Most everyone can get their mother and two friends to say something nice about them so looking for references who are not related will help you to get the true picture of the kind of work they do.


Are you a member of any local or national building trade associations? These associations, like the North Peninsula Builder’s Association, locally vet the membership in addition to providing ongoing support and training for ever-changing building codes. A membership is a great sign that the builder takes his or her craft very seriously.


Do you provide clear communications and project plans with dates and types of work to be done? In this day and age with multiple forms of communica-

— Kelly Fox,

CEO of Lumber Traders Inc.

tion available, knowing how and when you can expect communication from your contractor will go a long way in addressing the challenges that come up in any building or remodeling project. The project plan information is useful in making sure that you know in advance if you could be coming home to no running water during your kitchen or bath remodel.

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CARPET ONE Home & Design Trends

Kelly Fox is the CEO of Lumber Traders Inc., which is the parent company of Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co., 1601 S. C St. in Port Angeles and Hartnagel Building Supply, 3111 E. U.S. Highway 101 in Port Angeles.

Do you have written installation procedures and job site policies that we can see? Every manufacturer of products from decking to siding has written installation methods to ensure that their


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warranty is enforceable. A contractor that steps outside of these procedures can void your warranty rights down the line. As for job site policies, cleanliness and smoking are just a few things that you should ask about. Coming home to a clean remodel that is not dangerous for your family or ugly to look at can make your comfort during the project that much better. As a bonus tip, trust your gut! It is always your money at risk so trust your instincts and listen to the voices in your head. If it does not feel right, stop and walk away or do some more research. The homework you do in advance will go a long way to making sure you get the quality and the contractor you expect for your hard-earned money.


Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2016




As children leave the nest to attend college, accept a job or move into their own spaces many parents might find themselves dreaming of ways to maximize the extra space left behind in their home. Renovating or remodeling a child’s room to turn their now-empty room into a fun, relaxing or useful space is one way to combat an empty nest. A recent national survey found half of empty-nesters of pre-retirement age are opting to stay in family homes instead of downsizing into a smaller house or apartment. Renovations don’t always have to be practical, so start dreaming. Have you always wanted the ultimate walk-in closet? Now, you have the space. What about a “man cave” where a football or basketball game is always playing on a flat-screen television and a bar cart is stocked with cold beverages and snacks? No problem, now that your children have launched their lives elsewhere. A “she room” is also a possibility.

Soft Flooring fashioned

Women can turn a child’s room into a space just for them. Options can include a craft area, art studio, library with comfy seating, sun room for indoor gardening and more. Health-minded couples can create a private gym or home yoga studio. The possibilities really are endless.


to make your house a home.


Here are a few do-it-yourself ideas to make a child’s room a useful adult-friendly space once again: v GUEST BEDROOM — With children out of the house, you can now have a grown-up room for friends and family members to stay in. A few simple changes can make the room a retreat for guests. Most children’s rooms could use a fresh coat of paint in a soothing color to welcome guests and help them relax in their temporary space. If you have always wanted to cover an accent wall in a timeless wallpaper or use wood planks as a wall treatment, a guest room is a great place to test out the look. If you love the results, you can replicate the look in a master bedroom. A full-size bed is generally what a homeowner selects for a guest room because it can accommodate lone visitors or couples. Add a bedside table and reading lamp to make the room feel cozy. Larger rooms might welcome a desk or comfortable chair and ottoman to make guests feel more at home. Selecting space-saving furniture for a guest room can also allow you to use this room as an office or reading room when no one is visiting. Next to painting, replacing old curtains or shades is the easiest way to change the look and feel of a room. Adding a couple of handy wall hooks for coats or bathrobes can be a nice touch for guests, especially if closet space is limited. A wall clock and small mirror are a must for guest rooms. Maybe add an artistic calendar to serve as cost-effective wall art. If space allows, add a few framed works of art. Art does not have to be expensive. Almost anything can become a work of art with a simple frame. Think outside the box when searching for art. Greeting cards, festival posters, vintage labels and advertisements and even pretty wrapping paper can serve as artwork just by adding a frame. Framing a few of your photographs featuring beautiful scenes from the area can serve as inspiration for guests to get out and explore.

457-1411 • 1404 E. Front Street • Port Angeles •

>> EMPTY NEST continued on Page 7


Home & Design Trends

September 2016

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

Most meditation rooms require minimal furniture and accessories. Add a tray or basket with a few practical items and a Add a few large soft floor pillows to promote relaxtreat or two for guests. ation. A calming water feature might also come in handy. When traveling, most people forget something — a Some people select a soft pastel color for their meditatoothbrush, toothpaste, soap or lotion. Many guests will tion room, while others choose a dark color that promotes never use the little toiletries basket, but most will appre- relaxation and calmness. ciate not having to ask for an extra toothbrush if they v “MAN CAVE” OR “SHE ROOM” — Everyone forgot to pack one. dreams of a space where they can really kick up their Adding a few treats — a box of chocolates or a packet heels and relax or create. of cookies or crackers — ­ is a nice gesture for guests who This is why the “man cave” became so popular. might have a snack attack after retreating to their room. Many caves are in basements or garages due to limited A pitcher with a few glasses and coasters is a nice space in the house, but now that the kids have moved out touch so guests don’t have to walk around a strange dad can claim their old room. house in the dark for a drink of water after everyone Most man caves need little more than comfy seating, a turns in for the night. television and a place to serve a few snacks. Don’t forget to add a little trash can to the room to Framed team posters and sports memorabilia can add encourage guests to keep your room nice and tidy. to the festive feel of a “cave.” With just a few changes your guests will never guess This room can also incorporate a library, musical that they are sleeping in a room where stuffed animals instruments for jam sessions and a worktable to house once ruled and concert posters served as wall art. ongoing puzzles, games and projects. v GYM, YOGA STUDIO OR MEDITATION ROOM A “she room” follows pretty much the same design — If you have trouble getting motivated to go to the gym, concept, but often features a softer color palette. a private workout space might be the perfect fit for that A worktable is an important component of most rooms newly empty room. because women often have several craft projects they Creating a workout space can be as simple as adding a want to tackle. few mirrored walls, storage spaces for gear, a new sound Imagine having a painted pegboard or a cupboard with system and new flooring that better suits the type of all of the tools needed to complete a project. workout gear necessary. Instead of temporarily establishing a craft table in a To create a meditation room, consider adding a new kitchen or living room, you now have a room of your own. window to welcome in more natural light and to No more packing and unpacking sewing, beading, encourage houseplants to thrive. wrapping paper and other supplies each time you want << EMPTY NEST continued from Page 6

to start a project. Organizational items are often a key component to most “she rooms” and local stores are stocked with containers, tools and goods to help you get started. v ULTIMATE WALK-IN CLOSET — Most master bedroom closets were not well thought out. Often small in size with layouts that don’t meet current needs, turning a child’s room into a walk-in closet can be a dream come true. Imagine having a window in your closet. No more guessing what the true color of that shirt is. This would be a chance to air out the closet without having to take your wardrobe outside. Best of all — with the extra room, you can finally organize all of those shoes!


Don’t be intimidated by taking on a full-scale renovation or remodeling project. There are plenty of ways to change the purpose of a room without tearing down load-bearing walls. Start by removing any furniture, clothing, wall art and decor that doesn’t suit the needs of your new room. Pack away stuffed animals, board games and other childhood treasures to the garage or attic until children can collect their belongings. Changing the look and feel of a room is often as simple as changing the paint color and moving around the existing furniture or shopping from other rooms in the house. New curtains and flooring could be the next step along with adding a few decor pieces. Don’t let that room just sit empty, reclaim it today!

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Home & Design Trends

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September 2016



Easy ways to upgrade curb appeal


Replace your door


Paint your door


Update your hardware


Tame plants, add a container


Tidy up your walkway Celebrating

32 Years

Locally owned!

One of the easiest ways to give your home a fresh look and increase curb appeal is to freshen up the main entry to your home. Tackle this project before seasonal rains return to the North Olympic Peninsula. The new entry will add charm, look great with fall decorations and will make holiday guests a little envious.


If your front door looks a little worse for wear then consider upgrading it with a new door that is durable and stylish. There are so many styles to choose from. Single doors, double doors and doors accented with decorative glass are just a few of the options. Door panels can be made of wood, steel or fiberglass and can be simple or highly decorative.


If you are sticking with your current front door, a fresh coat of paint can really make things look new again. Pick a color that coordinates with your home’s exterior, but don’t be afraid to be bold. Contrasting colors are appealing to the eye. Selecting a vibrant and bold color for your front door will make a statement and welcome guests to your home. Select a color that sets your home apart from your neighbors and highlights your personality. Popular stand-out door colors include red, blue, green and orange, but any color is sure to refresh the front of your home. For inspiration walk around your neighborhood or take a look on Pinterest to see what others have done to make their front doors stand out.


Sometimes breathing new life into your front entryway is as simple as updating door hardware. A new doorknob, decorative exterior hinges or a whimsical door knocker can really set the tone for your entryway. Since hardware is available in a variety of finishes


SPA SHOP Pellet Heat Company

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September 2016

you can bring a lot of personality to your entry without a lot of effort or money. Take a close look at your porch light. When was the last time you cleaned it? Does it still work? Could a new light enhance your entryway? Replace broken or damaged light fixtures, bulbs that have burned out and give everything around the front door a good cleaning. Recycle, compost or pitch worn out welcome mats and old wreaths and replace them with something new and durable. >> UPGRADE CURB APPEAL continued on Page 9

N WA 691662574

Turn your home into Paradise.

Increasing your curb appeal is easy. Adding a few containers of flowering plants that coordinate with your landscaping, painting your front door a bold color and replacing hardware will have your entry looking new and improved in no time.

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Home & Design Trends

<< UPGRADE CURB APPEAL continued from Page 8

Add a few touches of seasonal color with wreaths, mats and other decorations. And don’t forget your house numbers. Replacing old and worn house numbers with new, larger and easier-to-read numbers in a fun font will increase curb appeal and help people find your house.


Has the walkway to your house seen better days? Are weeds growing between pavers and stones? This is the perfect time to tidy up the walkway by replacing broken bricks or pavers and pulling weeds that will be fed by nourishing autumn rains. Take a stroll on your walkway at night. If you find yourself searching hopelessly in the dark to find the front door consider Landscaping is meant to accent your illuminating the walkway. home not overwhelm it. The pizza delivery person, packageTrim overgrown shrubs, bushes and delivery driver and guests will thank you trees. Bushes should be below window when the Peninsula’s long summer daysills so your view is not obscured. light hours begin to fade. Replace plants that have died or that Area hardware stores offer an array of no longer add appeal to your home. easy-to-install solar lights. When installPlants should be trimmed several feet ing, position lights so solar cells get away from your home to minimize damenough bright southern exposure during age from moisture, wind and insects. the day to recharge night lights. Adding a decorative planter to your Take a close look at your mailbox. Is it steps or porch is an easy way to accent the leaning a little more than it used to? Do color scheme of your door, home and land- you want to upgrade it to something that scape design. ties in better with your home’s design? Look for a container that is sized These little changes can often be done appropriately for the plants you want to over a weekend and will have your front feature and that can add a pop of color to entry looking good for years to come. a neutral color scheme or that fits in with — by Brenda Hanrahan, Peninsula bolder color selections. Daily News


Make a bland entry interesting by adding a decorative door or unique hardware that compliments the design of your home.


An Independent Distributor of


CUSTOM CABINETRY & FURNITURE WITH PERSONALITY & DESIGN Phone: 360.385.5309 • Create A Kitchen That Welcomes You Home. Phone 360.385.3443 •

PROFE SSI O N A L ISM & CR A F T SM A NSH I P 3 6 0 . 3 85.10 2 0

Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette



September 2016



HOT TIPS FOR PURCHASING A NEW HOME If you’re planning on buying a home increased competition could present challenges on the path to landing the home of your dreams. To get an edge against other bidders and find a house that you’ll love for many years to come follow these tips for home buying in a hot market:


In a competitive real estate market, prepare yourself with pre-approved financing. Not only will your mortgage broker tell you what you can afford, if you are pre-approved, you will have better negotiating power when purchasing a property. >> TIPS FOR BUYING A HOME continued on Page 11

**MAIR rhymes with “air”

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Home & Design Trends

<< TIPS FOR BUYING A HOME continued from Page 10

Furthermore, when you know exactly what you can afford, you are more apt to stick within your budget and not be carried away during bidding wars. Remember, it’s important to understand the total monthly costs of home ownership. Beyond the mortgage premiums, factor in utilities, taxes, insurance and maintenance costs. Being “house poor” is never a good idea.


If you’re looking at purchasing a home that needs a little elbow grease, make sure you invest in a design that is going to withstand the test of time and be appealing for years to come. This rings true most of all when choosing the right appliances; stainless steel has been highly desirable for decades and continues to be a mainstay in a timeless kitchen design. Area stores offer a variety of stainless steel finishes for new refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers and microwaves that will look just as stunning many years from now as it does today. Current appliance lines complement a range of infinite design styles and colors, elevating the look of any kitchen. No need to worry if you cannot afford to replace all of the appliances at the same time as purchasing your new home. As long as the house has a good structure, the space you need and meets your immediate must-haves, you can

add elements over time to make it your dream home. When you do have the time and budget for a full remodel, you can purchase new appliances for your dream kitchen.

property alerts on new homes that enter the market or when prices change in your desired neighborhood. A competitive market can make the home buying process more stressful, but these expert tips will keep you focused as you prepare to move into your new home. — Story and photo provided by Brandpoint


Are you planning to grow your family in the near future? Then you may want to shop for a larger house in need of some work rather than that completely updated twobed bungalow; it may not meet your needs in the next five years. Are you looking to downsize? It might make sense to consider a ranch home before your knees start to hurt and you dread climbing stairs. Purchasing a home will be one of your largest investments. Make sure your decision matches your future lifestyle expectations rather than just the needs of the present moment.


Do you need easy access to bus lines? Where will your children attend school? Is the area safe? Use area real estate websites to hone in on neighborhoods that best suit you and your family. Often real estate agency websites have area maps and direct links to information about school systems, crime rates, area amenities and lists of local restaurants and shopping areas. You can view side-by-side community comparisons for easy evaluation. Put in your search parameters and sign-up to receive

AREA REAL ESTATE ORGANIZATIONS Looking for additional tips for buying a home? Contacting a local real estate professional is one of the best and easiest ways to find assistance. To learn more about realtors in your area visit: JEFFERSON COUNTY ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS — SEQUIM ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS — PORT ANGELES ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS —

Thomas Building Center 301 W Washington Street

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knowledgeable front line staff, Jayme Woodie and Mary Anderson is here to answer your questions about parts, service and new power equipment. The service department is staffed by two certified technicians, Mark Fairbrook and Tammy Balser. They are available Monday through Saturday for your maintenance, repair and warranty work. We at Thomas Building Center look forward to introducing our customers, new and old to STIHL and everything that Power by Thomas has to offer. We are located inside the big orange doors behind Designs by Thomas, next to the main store.

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September 2016



HOW TO MAKE YOUR HOME FEEL BIGGER Party balloons, elastic waistbands and the universe — for some things, expansion is easy. When your home is too small, however, it’s not always possible to expand it. Whether you live in a suburban townhouse, an urban condo or a big, modern single-family home on a tiny lot, chances are good building on or up to expand just isn’t in the cards for your home. Many Americans are in the same situation, and they’re seeking creative ways to maximize the utility of the space they have. Here are some ideas for improving the functionality and appearance of your space without adding a single (and costly) square foot to your home’s footprint:


A space that’s crowded with stuff, filled with large furniture and decorated in dark hues will feel tight and oppressive no matter how big the room is. Decluttering, lightening up your decor and right-sizing furniture are three of the easiest ways to make your home feel bigger and work better. Replace dark drapes and carpets with lighter colors. Paint the walls in pale neutral hues, and ditch the sectional that dominates three walls of your small room. >> MAKE YOUR HOME FEEL BIGGER continued on Page 13

Home & Garden SPRING 2016

An advertising supplement produced by the Peninsula Daily News and Sequim Gazette

Area shows, tours provide inspiration Landscape water conservation tips Making room for creative spaces The rise of the ‘she shed’

Reserve your ad space now for Home & Garden in spring 2017!


September 2016

It’s time!

Enjoy the Natural Beauty & Captivating Wood Grain Elegance of Solid Wood Floors.

Toilet paper had a good run but it’s time to start washing with water, hands -free. Update your existing toilet and change your life for the better.

We have one of the largest selection of wood floors . . .

Bidet toilet seats are used by millions around the world every day. Try one, you won’t believe the difference.

Questions? Call us @ 360-565-5418 - In Carlsborg Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

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Adding skylights makes a dramatic design statement while bringing healthy natural light and fresh air into the home. It also makes your home appear larger than it is.

360-670-5188 • 821 First Street, Port Angeles Home & Design Trends

<< MAKE YOUR HOME FEEL BIGGER continued from Page 12


Next, look up. Natural light can help a space feel bigger and brighter, and modern skylights make it easy to bring natural light into virtually any room. There also are a number of traditional skylight solutions, including light wells from attics to ceilings below, for spaces without direct roof access. Skylights are great sources of natural light in rooms where privacy is important, such as the master bathroom. Adding skylights makes a dramatic design statement while bringing healthy natural light and fresh air into the home. What’s more, Energy Star-qualified, solar-powered, fresh-air skylights provide natural light and passive ventilation without requiring giving up wall space. Add solar-powered blinds in designer colors and patterns to complement the decor, and you can control the amount of light entering a room with a programmable touch pad remote control. Even better — homeowners can receive a 30 percent federal tax credit on the skylights, blinds and installation costs. For rooms without direct roof access, another option could be tubular skylights that funnel natural light from the roof line into spaces below. These models also have optional light kits that make them functional 24/7. Finally, it may be possible to remove a non-load-bearing wall between rooms to create a more open space. For example, if your kitchen is partitioned off from the family room, removing the wall between the spaces — or even half of it — can make both feel bigger. Have an unused bedroom adjacent to your master bedroom? Removing the wall between the rooms can give you an impressive master suite.


Virtually every home has some space in it that’s not being used. Finishing a basement or attic can be a cost-effective way to increase your living space without adding to its footprint. Basement finishing systems make it easier and faster than ever to create a comfortable and attractive space below ground, while finishing an attic may be as simple as adding insulation, sheet rock and skylights or roof windows. Another option might be to increase your entertainment space by converting a patio or deck into a sun room. Gaining that space as living area can allow you to reconfigure other areas inside your home for greater utility. For example, a finished, enclosed patio can function as your family room, allowing you to use all or part of the old family room to expand your kitchen.


Finally, use the space you do have more efficiently by designing rooms that multitask — such as a home office/guest bedroom combination or guest room with the closet converted into a work space. If you’re like most Americans, you store stuff in the garage. Adding organized storage such as shelves and cabinets can help optimize the space and maximize the amount you can store there. Achieving a more expansive feeling in your home doesn’t have to require an expansion. Instead of building an addition, add some smart decorating and design ideas. You’ll end up with a home that looks bigger, feels more open and works better for your lifestyle. —— Story and photo provided by Brandpoint.

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The Olympic Peninsula’s hometown lumber yards and hardware stores. Employee owners building friends one customer at a time.

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Since 1906 at Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. and 1960 at Hartnagel Building Supply, we have served Port Angeles and the greater Olympic Peninsula with great pride. As employee owners we are proud to invest our time supplying building materials that will shape our surrounding community. We have committed ourselves to providing the homeowner and the contractor with the best quality materials coupled with unparalleled customer service. From the modest home to the local commercial project, and everything in between. Our ability to provide you with what is needed, supported by knowledgeable customer service professionals is what we are here for. We welcome you to shop our stores for your next building investment project. Visit our website and social media feeds for the latest building material news, local contractor referrals and product information.


September 2016

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

Home & Design Trends

Home & Design Trends

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September 2016


The Olympic Peninsula’s hometown lumber yards and hardware stores. Employee owners building friends one customer at a time.

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Hartnagel Building Supply 3111 HWY 101 East Port Angeles, WA 98362 360.452.8933

Since 1906 at Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. and 1960 at Hartnagel Building Supply, we have served Port Angeles and the greater Olympic Peninsula with great pride. As employee owners we are proud to invest our time supplying building materials that will shape our surrounding community. We have committed ourselves to providing the homeowner and the contractor with the best quality materials coupled with unparalleled customer service. From the modest home to the local commercial project, and everything in between. Our ability to provide you with what is needed, supported by knowledgeable customer service professionals is what we are here for. We welcome you to shop our stores for your next building investment project. Visit our website and social media feeds for the latest building material news, local contractor referrals and product information.


September 2016

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

Home & Design Trends

Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2016



REMODELING FOR MODERN FAMILIES Parents, grandparents and children all living happily together under one roof — it’s an iconic American image you may associate with “the good old days.” In reality, more Americans are now living in multi-generational households than at any time in the past 75 years, according to Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan think tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. The growing number of multi-generational households means homeowners, remodelers and builders are rethinking what it takes to make a home livable for multiple generations. While some home builders have begun offering models designed specifically to facilitate multi-generational living, the reality is most people who decide to share a living space with extended family members will need to stay put and remodel their current homes. >> REMODELING FOR MODERN FAMILIES continued on Page 17

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Modern multi-generational dwellers want privacy when they need it, the ability to be together in shared living spaces, and the cost-savings of sharing expenses among multiple generations of adults.


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September 2016


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Home & Design Trends

<< REMODELING FOR MODERN FAMILIES continued from Page 16

But itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no longer good enough to simply convert an attic room, garage or basement into an extra bedroom to accommodate the extra occupants. Modern multi-generational dwellers want privacy when they need it, the ability to be together in shared living spaces and the cost-savings of sharing expenses among multiple generations of adults. Families may find it difficult to achieve those objectives with a traditional mother-in-law suite, or by putting grandma in the guest bedroom or adult children in a converted garage or basement. Instead, homeowners and remodelers are seeking to redefine existing spaces within homes. If you plan to renovate with an eye toward accommodating your modern multi-generational family, keep these key points in mind:


What happens when the 20-something kids want to watch a reality show and dad wants to watch the news? What will you do when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in the middle of dinner prep and grandpa wanders into the kitchen to fix himself a snack? The more people living under one roof, the more important it becomes to create privacy and separation. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re converting an existing space such as a basement, garage or guest suite into living space for one generation, think about how youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll facilitate privacy. Is it possible to create two entrances to the space â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

Ray B. Montelius

Amy Montelius

Ray R. Montelius (Owner)

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To create effective separation, you need to ensure each generationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s private â&#x20AC;&#x153;compartmentâ&#x20AC;? is equipped with everything the occupants need for independence â&#x20AC;&#x201D; such as cooking areas, a bathroom, sleeping and living spaces. You may find you need to create a bathroom or kitchen in a space where installing traditional plumbing might be problematic. Above-floor plumbing can be a cost-effective solution for virtually anywhere in a house. Traditional plumbing may require you to open walls, add costly and extensive new piping, or even cut through concrete if the area you need to plumb sits on a slab. Rather than taking on the expense and time of traditionally plumbing a new kitchen or bathroom, above-floor plumbing allows homeowners to quickly, easily and cost effectively install sinks, showers and toilets. Above-floor plumbing features such as a macerating toilet and drain pumps which allow you to easily add a complete bathroom or kitchen where no drainage existed before. For bathrooms, the compact systems can fit into a closet or area beneath a stairway, and new vitreous china, floor-mounted bowls feature contemporary styling that complements modern bathroom designs. When creating a new kitchen, choosing above-floor plumbing for sinks means you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to be limited to

Linda Montelius (Owner)

Roger Montelius (Owner)

Haley Montelius

Port Angeles Port Ludlow

Ezra Perkins

Successful compartmentalization means plenty of privacy, and privacy ensures your family shares time together because they want to â&#x20AC;&#x201D; not because theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re elbow-to-elbow in one space. Communal areas allow you to fully enjoy time spent together, so when planning the space, think about the activities youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll want to do together. Shared space should be easily accessible to each generationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s compartment, and incorporate features that are universally useful and appealing. As more baby boomers enter their golden years, and millennials strive to establish their own households in the wake of the Great Recession, experts predict the number of multi-generational households will grow. Multi-gen living is already at an all-time high; Pew Research Center says there were 57 million multi-generational households in the U.S. in 2012, representing more than 18 percent of the total population. In the bygone era of the 1940s, there were only 32 million multi-generational homes, according to information collected by Pew Research Center. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; story and photo by Brandpoint

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Brotherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Plumbing & Pumps is a family owned and operated plumbing contractor serving the Olympic Peninsula since 1980. Backed by decades of experience, we are able to service all your commercial & residential plumbing needs. We offer 24 hr. emergency service, 7 days a week. Our services include, but are not limited to: Flow Tests â&#x20AC;˘ Water â&#x20AC;˘ Water Line Water Purification Repair (Hardness, Sample/ â&#x20AC;˘ Whole House Smells, & Iron Stains) Testing Re-pipes (Bacteria & â&#x20AC;˘ Winterization â&#x20AC;˘ Sewer Pumps Nitrate) â&#x20AC;˘ Whole House â&#x20AC;˘ Sewer Line Well Pumps (New Systems & Inspection Repair No Water) â&#x20AC;˘ Kitchen & â&#x20AC;˘ Toilet & Drain Water Heater Bathroom Cleaning (Electric, Gas & On Demand) Fixture â&#x20AC;˘ Remodels Repair/ â&#x20AC;˘ Estimates Replacement

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areas where in-wall pipes already exist, or where space is available to add them. Products like a compact graywater pump make it possible to use above-floor plumbing where no below-floor drainage exists, transporting wastewater away from a kitchen, laundry, bar sink, shower or bathroom sink.

Interactive Teller Machine M-F 7:00am - 7:00pm (at select locations) Learn More > Apply Online > > 800.800.1577

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette


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one that provides access to common areas and another that allows occupants to enter and exit directly outdoors?

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September 2016



THE TREND — WOOD AS WALL ART by BRENDA HANRAHAN, Peninsula Daily News photos by ERIC NEURATH, Eric Neurath Photography

In the Pacific Northwest wood is always the trend. More than ever, wood is making its way from the forest to serve as a design element in homes. You can see this trend in many forms — from pallets of cedar washed in muted colors to the more refined and elegant finish of natural teak. Choosing a wood species gives you the opportunity to create the feel and style you want for your home. Wood walls are displayed with staggered wood joints and set horizontally up a wall to highlight the natural variety of colors to create a feature wall. “You are most likely to notice these accent walls in bedrooms accenting a headboard wall or as a backdrop of a TV/entertainment wall,” said Trisa Katsikapes, an interior designer and owner of Trisa & Co. based in Port Angeles. “But now they are making their way into other parts of the home and outdoor living spaces. From bathroom accent walls and kitchen nooks to barn doors. “It’s refreshing and fun to see the creative repurposing of pallets and reclaimed wood being used in these ways.” If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration on how to incorporate wood as an accent wall, check out Pintrest and Houzz and just search for “wood slat walls,” Katsikapes suggested. >> THE TREND — WOOD AS WALL ART continued on Page 19

For this Port Angeles remodeling project, Trisa Katsikapes, an interior designer and owner of Trisa & Co. in Port Angeles, used a rich teak wood to create an accent wall in a master bedroom.


September 2016

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

Home & Design Trends


A dated brick wall, stove and bookcase were removed to create space for a warm and cozy wood slat wall.


Swing arm lamps highlight the natural beauty of a teak accent wall in the newly renovated master bedroom. The design concept for this room was an elegant, yet relaxed feature wall.

Give your Garden a

<< THE TREND — WOOD AS WALL ART continued from Page 18

“There’s no shortage of ideas,” she said. A recent Port Angeles remodeling project Katsikapes tackled provides plenty of inspiration for those dreaming of a wood accent wall in a master bedroom. “The concept for this master bedroom suite is an elegant, yet relaxed feature wall as the backdrop for an Asian-inspired room,” she said. “The swing-arm lamps are mounted directly onto the wood slat wall, illuminating the wood grain of the natural teak. “The brick was removed and teak flooring was applied directly to the wall, staggering the wood joints.” Construction for the project was completed by Pantry & Latch of Sequim.

Head S tart for Spring Apply compost to existing soil in the fall, and reap the benefits next spring.


Compost Facility Regional Transfer Station 3501 West 18th St, PA 691673945

425 S. 3rd Ave • Sequim • 360-683-7996 • Home & Design Trends


Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

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3/4 yard waste 1/4 biosolids September 2016



SIMPLE DIY SAFETY UPDATES At the height of summer when busy schedules are at their peak, it’s difficult to find time to cross home improvement projects off of your to-do list. But as the seasons change, it’s important to be mindful of best practices around the house when it comes to safety and energy efficiency. From installing a new outlet in your living room to replacing a standard light switch in your kitchen, here

are a few quick and easy DIY updates for important areas of the home that can be done in a matter of minutes, giving you the check mark satisfaction, as well as making your home safer and more energy efficient: v An estimated 51,000 fires each year are caused by electrical malfunctions, resulting in nearly 500 fatalities, more than 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damage according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI). And according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), arc-faults are “the principle electrical failure mode resulting in fire.” Installing an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) Outlet in living areas of your home can help prevent these electrical fires, especially in more vulnerable spaces such as bedrooms. AFCI outlets help protect against a wide range of dangerous arc faults by interrupting power and reducing the likelihood of your home’s electrical system being the ignition source of a fire. Some AFCI outlets also are tamper-resistant for added safety from electrocution or shock caused by foreign objects being inserted into the outlet. v Increasing energy efficiency can also be maximized in just the “flip of a switch.” By replacing your standard light switch with a dimmer in common areas where lower lighting levels might be desired — such as the dining room — you’re able to more closely manage energy usage and save money on your next electrical bill. Having dimmer switches over multiple lighting

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Quality is in the details.

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Professional septic inspections are mandatory by time of property sale.

Septic inspections are required in Clallam County. All gravity septic systems must be inspected every 3 years. All other systems inspected annually. Inspections are NOT the same as pumping. For more information, contact

Clallam County Environmental Health (360) 417-2506

or visit us online at


(360) 683-1312 • 460-1932


systems throughout your home provides you with the ability to control the amount of light where it’s needed, and where it’s not. Choosing a universal dimmer allows for an easy transition and flicker-free operation with any bulb (LED or CFL). With home automation products becoming more and more attainable, some dimmers even allow you to dim or time your lights from your phone for added convenience. v Increase energy efficiency in your home while also taking steps toward safety and fire prevention by ensuring that your air filters are clean. With clean filters and fans, generators don’t need to work as hard, therefore requiring less energy consumption. An air filter clogged with dust and residue will not only increase your energy consumption, but can pose a fire hazard: Overworked fans and generators can easily overheat. And, filters heavy with dust can loosen from their security, causing them to fall onto the energy source of a heating, ventilation or cooling system, which can start a fire. With these DIY home improvements that can be wrapped up in a weekend, you’ll save time and money when tackling that end of summer to-do list. It’s important to recognize that every season comes with its own best practices for ways to keep your home safe and energy efficient, and electrical improvements are always effective ways to check a few off of your list. — Story by Brandpoint

Home & Design Trends



HOW TO USE COLOR PSYCHOLOGY WHEN PAINTING YOUR HOME Do you ever wonder why you feel immediately relaxed when you enter a spa, yet when you enter a gym, you feel alert and energized? The answer can be found in the colors selected to decorate the space. Interior designers use color psychology to evoke an emotional response. Homeowners can use this strategy to connect colors with emotions and memories to create one-of-a-kind spaces. Color psychology starts by exploring warm and cool hues and then using these different tones to manipulate mood throughout your home. It’s easy to do with the tips about warm and cool color families below:


Red, orange and yellow are considered warm colors since they are associated with images of heat, like fire or sunshine. Warm families of color are bold and powerful when incorporated into home design.


Because yellow reflects light, it’s an excellent choice for foyers and dark hallways. Its cheery nature has the ability to create an uplifting mood in homes. Rich yellows are great accent colors because they catch the eye.


Reds evoke feelings of passion, energy and intimacy, so it’s an excellent color for workout rooms and master bedrooms. Red also inspires the appetite, so is a logical choice for dining rooms or kitchens.


Orange has a friendly attitude that awakens and welcomes. Never understated, orange works well in family rooms and is a playful choice for children’s bedrooms or bonus rooms.

Blue, green and violet are considered

Home & Design Trends

cool colors because of the inherent tones of each shade. Reminiscent of water and the outdoors, cool colors stimulate feelings of peace and tranquility, and are great options for bedrooms, bathrooms and patio spaces.


Blue is soothing and elicits feelings of relaxation, which is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. Alternatively, blues should be kept out of the kitchen because it’s a color that’s associated with appetite suppression.


Green tones provide a feeling of familiarity because they are found throughout nature. Light greens are ideal for living rooms and offices; dark greens are wonderfully rich as accent colors. Vivid greens add unexpected pop.


Choose 18 or 20 SEER, whichever is better equipped for your home. TruComfort™ Systems deliver precise comfort by running at the the exact speed necessary to keep your home comfortable Very quiet operation of the TruComfort™ System, with low sound levels that are industry leading.


When paired with Trace ComfortLink™ II, you can control home energy management from wherever you go vie your smart phone or mobile device.


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See your independent Trane dealer for complete program eligibility, dates, details and restrictions. Special financing offers valid on qualifying equipment only. All sales must be to homeowners in the United States. Void where prohibited. The Home Projects® Visa® credit card is issued by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, an Equal Housing Lender. Special terms apply to qualifying purchases charged with approved credit at participating merchants. Regular monthly payments are required during the promotional (special terms) period. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date at the APR for Purchases if the purchase balance is not paid in full within the promotional period. For newly opened accounts, the regular APR is 27.99%. The APR will vary with the market based on the U.S. Prime Rate. The regular APR is given as of 01/01/2016. If you are charged interest in any billing cycle, the minimum interest charge will be $1.00. If you use the card for cash advances, the cash advance fee is 5.0% of the amount of the cash advance, but not less than $10.00. Offer expires 12/31/2016.


Purple tones are immediately attractive to children, making them a great paint option in playrooms. Additionally, violet is also a stunning accent color in bathrooms. — Story and photo by Brandpoint


Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

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Trane TruComfort™ Variable Speed heating and cooling systems maintain a consistent temperature with maximum efficiency by automatically making minor, continuous adjustments in output all aday long, all night long. IN face, these systems have been designed to meet the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient criteria.



FOUR SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE A SMALL KITCHEN FEEL BIG Kitchen renovation is a common theme of home improvement shows, and it’s typical for the host and designer to talk about removing interior walls and “bumping out” exterior ones in order to gain more space. Everyone wants a big, beautiful kitchen, but changing the footprint of yours isn’t always practical, especially if you lack the budget of a home improvement show. You can make your snug kitchen feel bigger and fresher with a few smart improvements that don’t involve wads of cash and tearing out walls. Here are four ways to create a brighter, more expansive feeling in any kitchen, no matter how small the square footage:


Everything looks bigger and better in the daylight, but if your kitchen has just one small window over the sink or no windows at all, it can look dark and feel

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Light-colored floors, glass cabinets and a cheerful paint color make this small kitchen feel bigger than it actually is.

even smaller. Adding windows isn’t always possible in a kitchen where you need to reserve wall space for cabinets and appliances. Skylights can be a cost-effective and quick way to bring more natural light into a kitchen — even if it doesn’t have direct roof access.



Owner: Scott Smasal

Who doesn’t want more cabinet space? Storage is essential in a kitchen, but too many cabinets or too dark cabinetry can make an already small kitchen feel downright miniscule. Take a long, hard look at your kitchen cabinets. Do you really need all of them? If you decide you can make more efficient use of fewer cabinets, consider removing some to make the kitchen feel larger. If you just can’t give up any cabinet space, you can still make your kitchen feel brighter by painting or staining them a lighter hue and using bright, reflective hardware in modern styles. Glass cabinet doors can also visually open up a kitchen — and inspire you to greater organization so that the inside of your cabinets always look guest-ready.


Let us go the “Extra Mile” for you! 22

September 2016

You may fantasize about a six-burner professional range or a massive built-in refrigerator, but appliances that are too big for a room fail on multiple levels. They not only make the room look smaller by virtue of their dominating size, they can hinder usability by obstructing other work areas like cabinets, counters and other appliances when the doors are open.

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

>> MAKE A SMALL KITCHEN FEEL BIG continued on Page 23

Home & Design Trends

Skylights add natural light making a small kitchen appear bigger without eliminating already-limited wall space. White cabinets and a patterned floor in a light color scheme also add the illusion of space. << MAKE A SMALL KITCHEN FEEL BIG continued from Page 22

Fortunately, appliance makers offer products in multiple sizes and finishes to fit any space and design preference. Before you appliance shop, be sure to measure the spaces where the new pieces will reside in your kitchen. Further, keep in mind the overall scale of the room, too. If your kitchen is small, a massive refrigerator will overwhelm the space, even if the designated cutout for the fridge is big enough to accommodate a large one.


Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette


Choosing lighter colors and finishes is the easiest, most cost-effective way to make any space look bigger. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve already addressed the cabinets, you can further expand the visual feel of the kitchen by painting walls a light color. Replace dark floors and counters with brighter colors and upgrade faucets, cabinet hardware and light fixtures to be brighter and more reflective. Finally, try adding under-cabinet lighting above work spaces. Not only will task lighting put more illumination where you need it most when working in the kitchen, but when combined with abundant natural light from skylights it will enhance the overall effect of a lighter, brighter and bigger space. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Story and photos by Brandpoint September 2016




By now you have probably heard the term tiny house. There are television shows dedicated to the concept and magazines often feature them as the next “big” trend. There are tiny homes springing up in communities across the North Olympic Peninsula. For David Moe, president and head designer of Quimper Tiny Homes Inc. in Port Townsend, the popularity of building more compact houses just makes sense. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” Moe said. “Whenever you have scarcity, mankind will figure out ways to overcome the problem. We have to accept the reality that they aren’t making any more land, but they keep making more people.” Moe has lived on the Peninsula off and on for nearly 50 years, and remembers when Sequim was a rural community with a lot of vacant farmland. “We have to accept the fact of greater home density,” he said. “A tiny home is one of the solutions. I like to build small homes, but I prefer to make them at least 10 feet and not put them on trailers. I call them cozy cottages.” >> TINY HOUSES continued on Page 25

David Moe of Quimper Tiny Homes in Port Townsend built this tiny structure for his grandsons. It was later used as a bunkhouse while the Moe family built their home. It now serves as a music studio.

Draperies Northwest

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(serving the Peninsula since 1983)


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t rtirsias .ac. oc o t rt ir si sa a@@t tr ri is saa. .ccoo

GO SIMPLE – GO SMALL – GO NOW David E. Moe, President


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<< TINY HOUSES continued from Page 24

Moe encourages people to put tiny homes on a foundation so that they can become part of a piece of real estate. “Since the home includes land it would qualify for a conventional mortgage, and the rates are low and affordable,” Moe added. When asked what the benefits of a tiny home are, Moe is quick to answer. “Lower cost to buy. Lower cost to maintain. Minimal impact to the environment,” Moe said. “Also, home ownership is getting more difficult for younger people and those in the lower-income bracket. “In 1971, I bought my first house in Port Angeles for $13,700 even though my annual income was only $7,500. The house only cost twice my annual income. “Today, if a person is only making $15 an hour their annual income is $31,200. Where can they find a home for $62,400, which would be twice their annual income?” A tiny home or cozy cottage on a piece of land could be priced under $100,000 which would be close to three times their annual income, Moe said. “With the right kind of financing that is an affordable option. A two- or three-bedroom home which can easily cost over $250,000 is out of the question for people in the lower income bracket,” he said. The average cost of a tiny home ranges from $30,000 to $60,000 depending on the quality of craftsmanship. “Many people associate the idea of tiny home as being something on wheels, but they do not have to be mobile,” Moe said.

LEFT AND ABOVE: David Moe of Quimper Tiny Homes in Port Townsend calls this 10-foot by 20-foot tiny house prototype “Sunrise and Sunset.” The construction of a tiny home uses the same building practices and construction standards as a larger-sized home.

“A person needs to understand that a suitable trailer for a tiny home adds $4,000 to $7,000 to the cost of the home and it is aerodynamically terrible to pull behind a vehicle for any distance. “Also, a tiny home on wheels is an RV and does not qualify for a conventional mortgage. “I still feel a better solution is a cozy cottage which is a little bigger and part of a piece of real estate. Also,

emodel... R with confidence and trust. We have the quality products you are looking for with the features and pricing that are important to your needs.





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lenders need to accept the fact that the land might cost more than the building.” Moe said the trend of building tiny homes is here to stay. “Tiny houses are a trend toward meeting the needs of affordable housing and good self-esteem,” he said. “If we can help people acquire affordable housing with a personal touch it will enhance their self-esteem.”

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MAKE HOME CHANGES NOW TO BE SAFE AS A SENIOR What homeowner, young or old, isn’t interested in affordable and functional home improvements that can be enjoyed for years to come? For seniors 65 and older, well-thought-out additions or upgrades are necessary for continued comfort and safety. Aging in place, or modifying your existing home to better accommodate changing needs, can be a major undertaking. >> MAKE CHANGES NOW continued on Page 27

Door and window screens to provide better ventilation, non-slip flooring and increased natural and task lighting can help seniors stay safe in their homes.

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September 2016

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Home & Design Trends

When is the best time to begin planing for a long healthy life as a senior? Marty Bell, executive director of the National Aging in Place Council, sums it up nicely in the 2015 report: “Too many of us wait until we reach a health or financial crisis to plan for getting older,” Bell said. “We plan our careers, we plan to send our children to college, we plan our vacations, but we don’t plan to age. And yet the evidence is there that those who do accept they are going to get older, and make plans in advance, have a considerably better later life.” — Story and photo by Brandpoint

<< MAKE CHANGES NOW continued from Page 26

Incurring the cost of building entrance and access ramps, widening entrances and doorways, adding a firstfloor bedroom and bath, and other structural accommodations may not be needed. Other options that add both convenience and safety don’t require major expenditures. Installing grab bars in baths and bedrooms to help with standing and balance, switching to lever-handled doorknobs, lowering electrical switches and raising electrical outlets are among the most frequently completed non-budget-busting projects, according to the 2015 “Aging in Place Survey Report” from HomeAdvisor. Replacing slippery tile or vinyl flooring with slip-resistant surfaces is also a must as falls are among the leading cause of injury to seniors.


Adequate lighting is an important health and safety consideration for seniors, since vision changes rapidly in later years. Universal design guidelines call for increasing both task lighting and general room illumination as we age. Research published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology suggests that natural light may be better for aging eyes than artificial light. The health benefits of natural light are well documented, from boosting your body’s ability to produce vitamin D to helping improve mood and fight seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Natural light also enhances virtually any decor, while helping reduce dependence on artificial light and lowering electricity bills. Open the curtains or blinds to light a path during daylight hours, and make sure well-placed overhead light fixtures or table lamps provide enough light when the sun begins to fade. Replacing light bulbs with a energy-efficient and more natural-looking light can also increase your visibility. Ask for advice at your local hardware store for the best and long-lasting light bulb for your needs.


Indoor air quality, according to an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study, can be worse than the air outside your home, and many people spend as much as 90 percent of their time indoors. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to respiratory

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Other options that address functionality and living safely, independently and comfortably include home automation systems and Smart Home technologies, security systems, in-home health and activity monitoring to detect falls, and cellphone apps that control thermostats, lighting and other systems in the home.

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problems, eye irritation, headaches and even depression. Adding a window or skylight will bring homeowners the health and functional benefits of enhanced natural light and fresh air at an affordable price. Be sure to add a durable screen to all windows that open so you can enjoy cool Pacific Northwest breezes on warm days while keeping bees, moths and other unwanted insects from entering your home. A screen or storm door also can help circulate air on warmer days. Some doors feature locks to provide added security when the main door is open. Northwesterners have the advantage of temperate autumns so opening a window for a few minutes on a warm day can provided important ventilation benefits.

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Dreaming of retirement? Now is the time to make small changes to your home to promote senior safety throughout the years.

September 2016


Hello Fall! ARE YOU READY FOR THE SEASONS AHEAD? Whether you like to burn Gas, Wood or Pellets we have a stove, fireplace or insert that will fit your home. Get inspired by visiting our updated showroom and explore the many possibilities to make your winter a warm and cozy one.

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September 2016

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Home & Design Trends

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Home Improvement - Home and Design Trends 2016  


Home Improvement - Home and Design Trends 2016