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Back in Session Whidbey Island’s 2016 Back-to-School Guide


Oak Harbor Island’s largest district earns top education honors in nation Oak Harbor School District has undergone a myriad of changes in the 105 years since its inception in 1911. Though today’s Oak Harbor school system encompasses about 5,500 students, it began with handful of pupils convening in a oneroom schoolhouse, Brann’s Camp School, built in 1886. The small school was the first of many. Seventeen more were built on North Whidbey before the creation of the district’s current learning facilities, which include five elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, a cooperative for homeschoolers, a school for alternative learners and an early learning cooperative. Along with improvements like the incorporation of technology in the classroom and a more advanced curriculum, the district has gained momentum over the past century and now boasts award-winning schools and a variety of nationally-recognized academic and extracurricular offerings. U.S. News and World Report awarded a bronze

Reminders n Aug. 17: Registration confirmation and schedule pickup at middle schools; football practice begins. n Aug. 22: All other fall sports begin. n Aug. 30: Freshman Parent Night 6-7 p.m. at OHHS. n Aug. 31: Freshman orientation 9 a.m. to noon at OHHS. n Sept. 1: Open house for all elementary schools; also, orientation at Oak Harbor Middle School. n Sept. 2: New student orientation at OHHS and HomeConnection. n Sept. 6: First day of school.

medal to Oak Harbor High School in 2016, ranking it among the top 30 percent of public high schools in the nation out of more than 21,500. The data was based on several factors, including

Little Lambs Preschool 590 N. Oak Harbor St. Concordia Lutheran Church 360-675-2548

NOW REGISTERING 3-year-olds, Tues./Thurs., 9-11:30 am 4-year-olds, M/W/F, 9-11:30 am 4 & 5-year-olds, Pre-Kindergarten, Mon. through Fri., 12:30-3:45 pm

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Above: Oak Harbor High School has an award-winning culinary arts program that teaches students life skills. Each year they win various awards at a National competition. Below: Students have a wide variety of elective classes to choose from. location, school type, state assessment results, student ethnicity, enrollment and graduation rates. OHHS is well-known for its successful arts, culinary and robotics programs; and there is also plenty of opportunity for student athletes to hone their skills and compete in a variety of sports. Students can also choose from more than a dozen advanced placement courses or participate in Running Start. The school was commended this year for its high graduation rate, an accomplishment achieved in part through the success of the iGrad Academy, which allows students who dropped out to complete their courses online and receive their diploma.

In close proximity to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, over 35 percent of students in the district come from active duty Navy families. The school district offers a number of support services to military families through the NAS Whidbey Island school liaison officer as well as a number of Navy volunteers. In addition, families in need have access to several other resources provided through the district, including assistance with issues such as homelessness and obtaining school supplies. Information on requirements for vaccines and sports physicals, as well as fees, school supply lists and registration packets are available at


And have a great school year. Lyn Bankowski NMLS #304060

Assistant Vice President (360) 679-5633 Washington Consumer Loan Company License #CL-157293




A Play and Learn group for children birth to five and their adult caregivers Now at three locations! Playscape North: Toddler Learning Center in Oak Harbor on Fridays beginning September 16th Playscape North: the Presbyterian Church in Oak Harbor on Wednesdays beginning September 21st Playscape South: South Whidbey Primary School on Mon-Wed-Fridays beginning September 12th

Gather, Learn, Grow For specific times and location info, visit or on Facebook: Mother Mentors Whidbey Island


Coupeville School District No. 204


Elementary School Registration Dates August 16-18, 9-4pm

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Each private school applies its own philosophy in the classroom.

Private schools offering different philosophies For parents seeking an alternative to public school education, the island has a variety of private schools offering a range of educational philosophies. Each of Whidbey’s private schools boasts small class sizes and, subsequently, a fair amount of individualized attention. Each of these private schools has also been approved by Washington State Board of Education for sufficiently meeting the basic criteria for each grade level. Some of the island non-religiously affiliated private schools, such as NORTH WHIDBEY KIDS’ ACADEMY, formerly known as Doodlebugs Academy, and DER KINDERHUIS MONTESSORI, are geared toward younger children. North Whidbey Kids’ Academy is located in Oak Harbor and offers classes in grades preschool through second. Der Kinderhuis Montessori offers classes in grades pre-K through fourth and is also located in Oak Harbor. According to the North Whidbey Kids’ Academy website, the school focuses upon early child development. Activities taught at the school are geared toward developmental stages, ability and interest. Der Kinderhuis Montessori’s educational method is based upon the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. According to the school website, Montessori educators strive to cultivate a natural desire to learn. Lessons involve working with their hands in order to “absorb and order knowledge.” Children are permitted to freely choose activities and work at a pace comfortable to them in accordance with the Montessori philosophy. Others offer a non-religious alternative for children entering grades pre-k through eighth grade, including WELLINGTON DAY SCHOOL and WHIDBEY ISLAND WALDORF SCHOOL, both located in Clinton. Wellington Day School is also a Montessori school, and employs curriculum similar to that of Der Kinderhuis Montessori. Classes are divided into younger elementary, upper elementary and middle school. The school also offers individual classes as

a supplement for homeschooled students as well as a number of after-school programs, including robotics and aikido. Whidbey Island Waldorf School employs the Waldorf education method. The method is built upon the philosophical foundation of its founder, Rudolf Steiner, who set out to create an educational model that could cultivate peace among humankind, according to the school website. The arts are integrated at each level, and like the Montessori method, Waldorf education focuses upon hands-on learning. The use of technology is discouraged. Waldorf students don’t use computers in the classroom; computer skills are learned in high school. For parents seeking a faith-based education for their child, the island offers three choices of private Christian schools. Each of the schools states its goal to relate the Bible to each subject and maintain a faithbased perspective throughout the curriculum, and each employs the classical method of Christian education. The schools teach creationism in accordance with their faith-based principle. All three are also affiliated with Christian Schools International and are non-denominational. ISLAND CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, located in Langley, is South Whidbey’s only Christian school. The school offers classes in grades Pre-K through 12. The school is located on the campus of the South Whidbey Assembly of God church. OAK HARBOR CHRISTIAN SCHOOL in Oak Harbor offers grades Pre-K through sixth. It is the oldest of the island’s Christian schools and has operated in Oak Harbor since 1938. The school was formed by parents of the Christian Reformed and Reformed Churches in Oak Harbor, according to the school website. Oak Harbor Christian School has partnered with North Whidbey Christian High School, which is also faith-based and Biblecentered. The school had previously offered grades 8-12, but is offering grades 7-12 for the upcoming school year.

Middle/High School Registration Dates August 17 Contact registrar to set up appointment 678-2415 First Day of School: September 6 Registration for Sports: August 11, 12-6pm Transportation: See the CSD website

New Teachers

Melissa Rohr - CMHS Asst. Principal Stephanie Ask - CMHS English Teacher Holly Bailey - CES Preschool Teacher Susan Johnson - CMHS STEAM Teacher Wanda McDonald - CMHS Spanish Teacher Chad Rickner - CES PE Teacher Kathryn Zielinski - CMHS Special Ed. Teacher Come see the new track and field at the first football game, September 3. Reminder: Until the new bleachers have been installed, bring your own chair.

(360) 678-2400

501 S Main St, Coupeville, WA 98239

Coupeville Small district offering hands-on education The dust is settling after a busy summer of capital improvements at Coupeville schools. Not only will there be new faces when classes start in the Coupeville School District on Sept. 6, there will be a new track at Mickey Clark Field, a new heating and ventilation system at the middle school and a few minor new touches at the elementary school. Made possible by a $5 million capital projects levy approved by voters in April 2015, the improvements were all scheduled to be completed in time for the start of the new school year, shifting the focus on learning. Next month will be a curious time for Coupeville administrators. Last school year, the school district experienced

Reminders n Aug. 22: High school registration starts. n Aug. 25: Middle school registration starts. n Sept. 6: First day of school.

unexpected student growth, ending several years of declining enrollment. An increase in personnel at nearby Naval Air Station Whidbey Island was considered a catalyst behind the rising attendance, which led to three full-day kindergarten classes. Despite an uptick in numbers, Coupeville remains a small school district that prides itself on offering

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Kayla Moch, left, and Karrina Useman admire the growth that’s taken place at Coupeville Elementary School’s garden, with help from the Farm to School program.

The school district finished the 2015-16 school year personalized attention to its with 924 full-time students, students. including just over 300 at the high school in grades nine through 12. Coupeville expects the same numbers or moderate growth for the 2016-17 school year, Superintendent Jim Shank said. Shank’s focus will return to overseeing the district and its special education program Developmental Screening this school year, relinquishDevelopmental Screening ing the title he held for one year as high school/middle For all kids under 3 school principal. For all kids under 3 That responsibility now  Communication – how kids use language falls on Duane Baumann,  Communication – how kids use language who will get help from  Gross Motor – how kids move their bodies Melissa Rohr, the high  Gross Motor – how kids move their bodies school/middle school’s new  Fine Motor – how kids use their hands assistant principal.  Fine Motor – how kids use their hands Although Coupeville is  Problem Solving – how kids interact with their world  Problem Solving – how kids interact with their oneworld of Washington’s oldest  Personal-Social – how kids calm themselves down towns, the school district Developmental Personal-Social – how kids calm themselves down Screening prides itself with staying up on the times. For all children under 3 The high school started Screening all kids regularly is the best way to catch delays Developmental allallkids under 3Screening • Problem Solving – how interactway with to catch a newdelays five-by-five master • Communication – how Screening children For use language kids regularly is children the best early, early support services their world is most effective schedule last fall that gives • Gross Motor – when how children move their bodies early, when• early services is most effectivethe opportunity to  Communication – how kids usesupport language • Fine Motor – how children use their Forhands all kidsPersonal-Social under 3 – how children calm themselves students take more elective classes.  Gross Motor – how kids move their bodies Support from the com Communication – how kids use language munity for a technology levy Screening all children regularly  Fine Motor – how kids use their hands allowed the school district  Gross Motor – how kids move their bodies is the best way toSolving catch delays to upgrade all of its technolProblem – how kids interact with their world ogy systems. Because of that  Fine Motor – how kids use their hands early, when early support  Personal-Social – how kids calm themselves down support, every student in WWW.TLCWHIDBEY.ORG services are most effective  Problem Solving – how kids interact with their world WWW.TLCWHIDBEY.ORG grades K-8 has an iPad or Chromebook to use in the  Personal-Social – how kids calm themselves down Screening all kids regularly is the best way to catch delays classroom and nearly a similar online device or computer early, when early support services is most effective for every high school stuScreening all kids regularly is the best way to catch delays dent.


small class sizes and more



North & Central 360-679-1039 NorthWhidbey & Central Whidbey 360-679-1039 South Whidbey 360-221-6808 ext 4420 ext 4420 South Whidbey 360-221-6808 early, when early support services is most effective

Coupeville High School’s marching band participates in several parades on the island. An innovative program titled Wolves Online allows students access to online learning during the school day as well as before and after school. High school students in Coupeville are able to enjoy a number of opportunities to take college level classes, including University of Washington English, Advanced Placement History, AP Statistics and Running Start. The Coupeville Farm to School organization took root in Coupeville schools last school year and is working with the district to develop and implement a robust gar-

dening program focused on science and environmental sustainability issues as well nutrition and the process for growing and consuming healthy foods. Athletically, the Wolves are one of the state’s smallest Class 1A schools and compete in the Olympic League mostly against teams from the Olympic Peninsula. Coupeville will start the season with a new football coach, Jonathan Atkins, the Wolves’ third head football coach in as many years. The old football bleachers had to be moved to make room for the new eight-lane track.

RecoRd South Whidbey

of l Safety


Cross the street only at stop lights.

Exercise helps keep you physically and mentally strong.

Don’t talk to strangers.


Go places in a group for added safety.

Help others whenever you can.

Leave strange animals alone.

Maintain a safe distance from other bicycles or cars.

Fire drills are important at school and at home.

Join a school It’s the law to club or group wear a helmet and make new when bike riding. friends. OAK HARBOR MOTORS, INC.

Obey the traffic NEVER get in a and school stranger’ s car! Owners Mike and Cathy Horrobin, who purchased the dealership in 1979, recently updated safety rules.

Oak Harbor Motors is celebrating their 35th year in business here on Whidbey Island. Thanks to their friendly, professional staff and continued support from the community, they have weathered many challenges over the years. Oak Harbor Motors inside and out. Besides the impressive line up of new products from Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep, Mike and Cathy are extremely proud of their qualified staff and managers. They invite you to stop in to visit their dealership and see what your local dealer can do for you. Oak Harbor Motors has a great selection of new and used vehicles, a Quick Lube and houses the Department of Licensing. Before you buy, give us a try!

Oak Harbor Motors


Know the rules for safety at home and at school. OAK HARBOR MOTORS, INC.

Be careful and obey traffic laws on your bike.

Always look both ways when crossing the street.

Police officers are there to help.

75 S.W. Pioneer Way Oak Harbor, WA.

Quiet is good for studying.

Rest is good after a long day of learning.

Stay in your seat on the school bus.

Tell others about following safety rules.

Unless an adult is home, don’t answer the door.

Veterinarians help to keep pets safe.

Walk to school with friends.

Exit carefully from a car or school bus.

Yield to others when bike riding.

Zap germs with clean hands.

South Whidbey Garden program a new-found staple for South End students One of the primary colors of the South Whidbey School District is blue. It should be green. That’s because students in grades K-5 are the contributors — and beneficiaries — to the school farm and garden program, the first in the nation to follow the Chartwells School Garden Guide. The elementary school delivers produce to students for school lunches on a regular basis, utilizing food grown by kids and volunteers in a large garden behind the school. It’s perhaps a chief example of the unique green-friendly values upheld throughout South Whidbey. While the garden program is a newfound staple in school, change is afoot elsewhere in the district. District leaders are currently evaluating its facilities usage and programming through a series of community meetings in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint. The first meeting, held in May, drew over 100 parents, community members and other interested par-

Reminders n Currently open: High school registration. n Aug. 18: Middle School registration. n Sept. 6: First day of school. n Aug. 15: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., ASB/athletic registration.

ties. Future meetings in 2016 are set for Sept. 21, Oct. 19 and Dec. 17, while a final meeting is Jan. 18, 2017. The conversation and subsequent action is necessary because of an ongoing battle against enrollment that has slowly dipped over the last decade. Because of the state’s funding model, lower enrollment results in less monies from the state. Cuts in staffing this past spring were also a necessary action. It’s dollars must be spent wisely in order for the district to remain efficient in its goal of helping students

Legacy. Spirit. Promise. The Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools is a non-profit organization that provides an extra measure of support for the schools, teachers and students in Coupeville. The Foundation is funded by donations from the community. COMMUNITY FOUNDATION FOR COUPEVILLE SCHOOLS 360.678.1440 • PO BOX 1500 • COUPEVILLE, WA 98239

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Elementary school students line up for freshly grown meals on Taste Washington Day in October 2015. Students grew the food in a garden behind the school. graduate career and college ready. Board Director Julie Hadden has stated previously that the district is facilities-rich and can save money in areas in which the district is not using. Superintendent Jo Moccia, who received a three-year contract extension in May, will help see the district through the year-long process, culminating in an implementation of the changes in March 2017. The district is also beginning Project Lead the Way, a nationally recongized preengineering program, at the high school and eventually at the middle school. Technology teacher Jeff Greene will lead the program and has spent many days in training this summer, according to Moccia. Principal John Patton was also instrumental in the effort to bring Project Lead the Way to the school. A relocation of South Whidbey Academy’s 9-12 students into the high school will bring new faces to the campus. The academy is an alternative school

formerly known as the Bayview School. Also at the high school is one of its most accomplished programs — the jazz band. The ensemble, led by Chris Harshman, competed in the coveted Next Generation Jazz Festival in April in Monterey, Calif. It was one of 13 high school jazz bands in the country to be selected. The high school also enjoyed a successful sports season under firstyear Athletic Director Paul Lagerstedt. The Falcon girls golf team finished second in the class 1A girls golf state championships, with soon-to-be junior Kolby Heggenes placing second as an individual. The district is continuing efforts to improve grounds and facilities, Moccia said. The elementar y school has new flooring and has been repainted. The tennis courts have also been resurfaced, and efforts to improve athletic fields are also underway. New scoreboards to replace threedecade-old scoreboards are also on the way.

Thomas Rasmussen, a recent graduate of South Whidbey High School, operates a robot built in the school’s Information Technology class in March. Project Lead the Way will expand similar projects to replicas of objects such as a Mars lander using 3-D printing technology.

School directory PUBLIC SCHOOLS OAK HARBOR SCHOOL DISTRICT 350 S. Oak Harbor St. 360-279-5000 Superintendent: Lance Gibbon aspx Oak Harbor High School No. 1 Wildcat Way 360-279-5800 Career and Technical Education Oak Harbor High School 360-279-5801 iGrad Academy 360-279-5801 domain/210 Midway High School 200 SE Midway Blvd. 360-279-5575 North Whidbey Middle School 67 NE Izett St. 360-279-5500 Oak Harbor Middle School 150 SW Sixth Ave. 360-279-5300 Broad View Elementary 473 SW Fairhaven Dr. 360-279-5250 Crescent Harbor Elementary 330 E. Crescent Harbor Road 360-279-5650 Hillcrest Elementary 1500 NW Second Ave. 360-279-5200 Oak Harbor Elementary 151 SE Midway Blvd. 360-279-5100 Olympic View Elementary 380 NE Regatta Drive 360-279-5150 HomeConnection 600 Cherokee St. 360-279-5900

Hand-in-Hand Early Learning Center 600 Cherokee St. 360-279-5930 COUPEVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT 501 S. Main St. 360-678-2400 Superintendent: Jim Shank Coupeville Middle and High School 501 S. Main St. 360-678-2410 Coupeville Elementary 6 S. Main St. 360-678-2470 SOUTH WHIDBEY SCHOOL DISTRICT 5520 Maxwelton Road, Langley 360-221-6100 Superintendent: Josephina Moccia South Whidbey High School 5675 Maxwelton Road, Langley 360-221-4300 South Whidbey Career and Technical Education South Whidbey High School 360-221-4300 South Whidbey Academy 5476 Maxwelton Road, Langley 360-221-7879 Director: David Pfeiffer

Der Kinderhuis Montessori School 900 SE Dock St., Oak Harbor 360-675-4165 Island Christian Academy 5373 Maxwelton Road, Langley 360-221-0919 North Whidbey Christian High School 675 E. Whidbey Ave., Oak Harbor 360-675-5352 Oak Harbor Christian School 675 E. Whidbey Ave., Oak Harbor 360-675-2831 Wellington Day School 5719 Pioneer Park Place, Langley 360-341-1252 Whidbey Christian Elementary School 675 E. Whidbey Ave., Oak Harbor 360-675-2831 Whidbey Island Waldorf School 6335 Old Pietlia Road, Clinton 360-341-5686

HIGHER EDUCATION Brandman University 1045 W. Midway St. Building 2739, Rm. 116 NAS Whidbey 360-257-1277

Langley Middle School 723 Camano Ave. 360-221-5100

Columbia College 1045 W. Midway St. Building 2739, room 117 NAS Whidbey 360-279-9030

South Whidbey Elementary 5380 S. Maxwelton Road, Langley 360-221-4600

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 981 NE 21st Court, Oak Harbor 369-279-0959

PRIVATE SCHOOLS Bible Baptist School 1701 Harns Road, Oak Harbor 360-679-6497

The South Whidbey Children’s Center

Preschool & Childcare

• Low teacher to child ratios • Safe, nurturing, family supportive environment • The only licensed and NAEYC accredited center on South Whidbey • Level 4 with Early Achievers for outstanding qualities in Early Learning • The highest standards of care in the field of Early Childhood Education • Full day and morning programs for children ages 1 to 5 years • Before, After School and Holiday programs for children 5 to 12 years

Serving Whidbey 120 6th St., Langley • 360-221-4499 Island for over 30 years

Skagit Valley College Oak Harbor campus 1900 SE Pioneer Way 360-675-6656 South Whidbey Campus 11042 Highway 525, Clinton 360-341-2324

the Bring

Higher education Brandman University Located on Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Oak Harbor, the Whidbey Island campus offers degree programs for active military personnel, veterans and their families. Civilian students are also welcome. Brandman courses are taught through a blended format, combining online and on-campus instruction. Classes are held face-to-face for three hours, once a week per course. During the rest of the week, students go online to access course material, discuss topics with fellow students and work with their instructor. Brandman University offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the fields of arts & sciences — psychology, criminal justice, social sciences — or business and professional studies — organizational leadership, information technology, human resources. For more information, go to www. island-nas#sthash. lYdUyUIk.dpuf

Columbia College Located on Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Oak Harbor, Columbia CollegeWhidbey Island was established in 2001. The campus offers six high-tech classrooms, high-speed and wireless access, qualified academic advisors and faculty and online access to library resources. The campus provides a unique educational opportunity to working adults through its degree offerings and eight-week course format. As part of a network of campuses across the country and a robust online program, the college offers convenient courses to civilians as well as military adult learners. More than 300 students each year take a mix of in-seat and online classes. Degree programs at the extended campuses vary. However, no matter which degree they pursue or which campus they attend, degree programs meet the same accreditation standards as degree programs from the main campus in Columbia, Mo., as well as meet requirements set by the respective state education departments. For more information, go to www.ccis. edu/nationwide/main.aspx?whidbey

Birds to Your Backyard !

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Your Backyard Birdfeeding Specialist ®

5565 Van Barr Pl., Ste AB, Freeland • 341-1404

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Embry-Riddle is the world’s pre-eminent university for aviation and aerospace education. However, our dynamic, handson programs will prepare students for a career in many industries, not just ones in the skies. The Embry-Riddle Whidbey Island Campus — located near Naval Air Station Whidbey Island — offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, as well as undergraduate certifications, that will help students achieve a higher position in their current company or make them an attractive job candidate in a new business or field. Embry-Riddle offers many courses on location for students who wish to include traditional classroom instruction as part of their degree program. However, it is expected that students will pursue multiple learning modalities, including online, classroom and virtual classroom instruction. For more information, go to http:// tions/whidbeyisland/

Skagit Valley College With campuses in Oak Harbor and Clinton, Skagit Valley College works with businesses, civic groups, the Navy, public agencies and citizens from throughout the island to provide lifelong educational opportunities. Students come to SVC to begin their college degree, learn a new skill, start a career or enrich their lives. It offers many services to help them succeed. Students are assigned a faculty advisor to help plan a successful program, secure financial aid and learn about career choices. The college also offers up-to-date technological support, computer labs and Internet access for efficient and effective learning. For more information, go to

Whidbey Island Waldorf School

Where learning comes alive! Nursery - Grade 8 6335 Old Pietila Rd Clinton, WA 98236 (360) 341-5686 Now Enrolling!

A foundation for excellence in Christ-centered learning.

Inspiring Caring Transforming Affordable Fun

Classically Unique

Make An Investment In Your Children’s Future

Intentionally Faithful

Inspiring. Caring. Transforming. Affordable. Fun. Our educational program is based on two things: Christ-centered learning & academic excellence. We want to equip your child to 7th-12th grades offered through North Whidbey grow and face life’s challenges with the peace and strength that God can provide as well as with the skills that an academically excellent education provides-- we meet and exceed state requirements for what is taught in each subject at each grade level.


Christian High School.

Oak Harbor Christian School Offers: • Full Computer Lab • Library • Middle School Sports • Physical Education

• Band • Choir • Art • Intramurals

Community Service Grade Class Trip Registration For Fall Classes in 5th March

Jog-a-Thon Fun Run

“A Foundation For Excellence 360-675-2831 In Christ-Centered Learning”

675360-675-2831 E. Whidbey Avenue, Oak Harbor, WA 98277 Call or stop by our offices at:

675 E.ian Whidbey Ave. ian World-View... Academic Excellence... Truly Priceless Christ Values... Christ Oak Harbor, WA 98277

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Back To School - Back In Session 2016 Whidbey Island School Guide  


Back To School - Back In Session 2016 Whidbey Island School Guide