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September 2015

HOME & DESIGN TRENDS A guide to fall/winter home improvement and decorating on the North Olympic Peninsula

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September 2015

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

Home & Design Trends

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Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

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September 2015

CONTENTS Converting garages into livable spaces Coping with condensation Crown molding tips and tricks Get curb appeal New ways to display awards, diplomas Fall entertaining — what’s in style Upcycle old furniture for a fresh feel This year’s kitchen and bathroom trends Unlearn this from Pinterest now! Creating space for guests this holiday season Home office planning Bust the winter blues with these projects Weekend renovations Improve your home’s air quality Get your household winter ready Design with a fireplace in mind

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Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2015

Turning garages into livable spaces MetroCreative

Many people decide to upgrade from their apartments or condominiums out of a need for more space. But even after moving into a new home, homeowners may soon begin to outgrow the room they have. Rather than looking for a new home, some homeowners consider expansion. Expanding a living space can be expensive, and a more affordable option may be converting existing basement or garage space into something more livable. Garages already are built on a foundation, have four walls and a roof overhead, so a garage-conversion project is merely a matter of turning this utilitarian area into a living space. Before beginning the renovation, homeowners should consider the benefits versus the cost of converting the garage. For those who are planning to grow old in a house, a garage conversion can be a worthy investment. But those who intend to sell their homes rather than retire in them may learn that a converted garage can affect home value and make it less desirable at resale. Compare your home to others in the area and see what your neighbors have done. If converted garages are the norm where you live, your own renovation may fit in with others. Always apply for the proper permits and learn the zoning laws to see if a garage conversion is acceptable in your town or city. It’s best to go by the book so that work can be done in a proper manner and be inspected for safety. Many homeowners hope their garage-conversion projects will make their garages seem like a seamless part of the rest of the house.

To do so, you will need to remove evidence the space was once a garage. Slab flooring will need to be raised and insulated. Walls also will need to be insulated and finished to improve comfort and soundproofing. Many garages do not have windows, so for the garage to function as a renovated space, windows may need to be added.



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and RESCuE It!® It!® and RESCuE The “Original” Since 1957

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Garage spaces done right < CONTINUED from 4 One of the biggest transformations will come by way of modifying the garage door entry. Some homeowners prefer to leave the existing door so that the home still has the appearance of a garage from the curb, while others remove the garage door and rebuild the exterior wall so that it has a window or another architectural element. An architect can help suggest design elements that will camouflage the original garage look and make the space seem like it was always part of the main living area of the home. Landscaping work also can minimize the appearance of an old garage. Rather than having the driveway end at the wall of a home, shrubbery, pavers and other techniques can blend the garage renovation into the rest of the yard design. Transforming a garage into a living space can add several hundred square feet to a home. Hire a reputable contractor and follow the municipal guidelines for modifying the space to ensure the job is done right.


Port Angeles resident Joylena Owen recently renovated her garage into a family living space. Above is the finished room, complete with new windows, tons of storage and a sitting area for the family. To right is the garage before Owen made the decision to spruce up the space. The remodel was done by Alpha Builder, and the custom cabinets are from RS Schmidt Enterprises Inc., both of Port Angeles.

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Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2015

Coping with condensation Finding balance within the home


Finding the right moisture balance in a home can be challenging. Too little moisture and a home can be plagued by static electricity and interior spaces that can feel dry and uncomfortable. Too much moisture in a home may make it susceptible to mold, mildew and insect infestations. Moisture also can rot wood and cause unsightly stains on walls and ceilings. Maintaining humidity in the optimal indoor range helps to keep the home safe, reduce energy consumption and keep a home’s occupants healthy. Damp conditions can lead to the growth of fungi, viruses and bacteria and may exacerbate people’s asthma and allergies. The ideal relative humidity range of a home should be between 40 to 50, according to heating and cooling experts and the Environmental Prevention Agency. Humidity should be even lower in the winter to prevent condensation on windows and other surfaces. Lower relative humidity also reduces the out-gassing of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Measure humidity with a hygrometer to get an accurate assessment. If the humidity levels fall above or below the desired range, action should be taken. Homeowners dealing with excessive moisture can try these remedies. •  Ventilate areas of the home. Ventilation can be the first step to reducing indoor humidity. Target the areas that create the most moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Turn on venting fans to remove moist air from the bathroom during showers and baths.

Exhaust hoods can control humidity from cooking in the kitchen. When possible, open windows on dry days to help air out damp spaces. •  Rely on fans. Use fans to circulate the air and prevent moist air from pooling in certain locations. Fans also will help increase ventilation. •  Keep gutters and downspouts clean. Prevent water from pooling around the foundation of a home and infiltrating the basement or crawlspace. Direct gutter water further away from the house if possible, and keep gutters free of obstructions. •  Service HVAC systems regularly. Routine inspections of heating and cooling systems can identify any problems, such as clogged air-conditioning drain lines or faulty operation, that can contribute to moisture problems. •  Beef up insulation. Insulate cold water pipes and look into insulated toilet tanks that will help eliminate condensation issues. Sealing out moisture in a basement or crawlspace also can help. Vapor barriers can eliminate a great deal of moisture coming into the home. •  Address any plumbing leaks. Make sure you trace possible leaks to their sources and have them repaired. Constantly dripping water can add to humidity levels and create other problems. •  Use a dehumidifier. If all other efforts have been tried, a dehumidifier unit can help remove excess moisture from the air. Dehumidifiers are particularly helpful in basements where moisture can collect. Controlling moisture in a home results in a safer and healthier space.


Target indoor moisture at its sources, such as bathrooms and kitchens.


Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

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September 2015









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Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2015

Home & Design Trends

Your home’s wish list! gy Enecrient effi dows win

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Try crown molding on walls, windows necessary to prepare the molding, you will find the multipurpose Kreg MultiCreate a dramatic new look throughMark Marking Gauge indispensable. out your home or highlight one area To fill any small gaps, try a wood filler, with crown molding — the key to an along with small-area sanding sponges upscale look for walls, windows, doors, for smoothing filled holes. cabinets and more. Once the molding is cut and ready for Although crown molding is generally fastening, use a nail gun, which offers identified as trim for the area where a precision control and both sequential wall meets the ceiling, molding is used and contact trigger applications. for many other home decor applications. “If you are going to back your molding Molding creates an appealing visual with an adhesive prior to nailing, [wood element when used at chair height along glue] for molding and trim is a great a wall, sometimes with thin vertical product to use,” said Woodcraft senior pieces attached to accent a wider area. product manager Peter Collins, “espeIt also serves as an attractive window cially if you are going to use a headless cornice or as a frame for a wall-hung flat pinner to install trim.” screen television or vertical mirror. Painting crown molding can be simple The possibilities are only limited by — blending in with the wall or ceiling homeowners’ imaginations and finances. color — or new color can be introduced “Crown molding is an inexpensive ap- to match furnishings or accent the overproach to adding beautiful detail to your all decor. home,” said Woodcraft national power Woodcraft product manager Kent tool sales manager Andrew Bondi. Harpool recommends milk paint, which Before lifting the first piece of moldare both water-based and available in ing, homeowners will want to do some many colors and can be mixed to create research about molding and installation an extensive palette of custom colors. techniques and tips. This type of paint can produce special A miter saw is essential for cutting decorative effects, such as antiquing and crown molding joints. distressing. To make the process easier, Bondi Harpool also recommends bristle recommends using a cutting jig with the brushes or foam brushes for applying miter saw. paint. If your project involves a coped cut, Use microfiber tack cloths to remove try a coping saw and frames. sanding dust before applying paint or For all the marking and measuring after distressing. MetroCreative

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Home & Design Trends


AT 9 ON E L OW curbN appeal PR O HI IC DD EN E CH

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

Easy ways to add some Store children’s toys in the backyard PLUS, ALSO GET: rather than YOU’LL strewn across the front


September 2015

Curb appeal can help a home get nolawn. ticed in a bustling real estate market. AR UP THE LAWN It also can contribute to the aesthetics SPRUCE FREE IN-HOME GE A well-manicured lawn can go a long of a neighborhood for residents who plan S THE BREAKTHROUGH NEW FLOORING — GIVING YOU WATERPROOF PROTECTION, wayESTIMATES to making a home more appealing. to stay put, and many homeowners feel If your thumb is anythingHANDCRAFTED but green, an attractive exterior is just impor-DURABILITY TOUGH ASas NAILS AND HIGH-END DESIGNER LOOKS. hireREMOVAL a professional lawn and OLD garden sertant as a comfortable interior. OF vice toFLOORING help you establish a lush, Homeowners do not BREAKTHROUGH have to spend a THE NEW GIVING YOUgreen WATERPROOF PROTECTION, CARPET—& PAD* lawn. fortune to improve the curb appeal of • Invincible H2O is impervious TOUGH AS NAILS DURABILITY AND HIGH-END HANDCRAFTED DESIGNER LOOKS. their homes. DRESS TO IMPRESS to water with a unique locking EXPERT INSTALLATION* With these strategies, anyone’s home The entryway to a home is the first system that LOCKS OUT LEAKS can take on a more appealing look. (Guaranteed Licensed and Bonded) thing visitors will see. • Invincible H2O is impervious Be sure the front door and entryway CLEAN UP • Ceramic-fused finish provides N DELIVERY* areLOCAL inYOU’LL good repair. A messy, untamed front yard can de-PLUS, ALSO GET: to water with a unique locking O HIDD DURABILITY A pop of color can’t hurt, either.EXTRA tract from a perfectly acceptable home. EN system that LOCKS OUT LEAKS CH If you do not like the idea of painting Cleaning up your yard and home’s AR FREE IN-HOME GE 6 lb. REBOND CUSHION exterior is one of the easiest and most the door a vivid hue, dress it up ••with a CORE goes RIGID over many S Ceramic-fused finish provides ESTIMATES cost-effective ways to give the place a colorful wreath or another decorative *Based on 360 sq. ft. Comparable savings onexisting larger or smaller floors and won’t ever EXTRA DURABILITY makeover. accent. REMOVAL OF carpet, OLDglue down installation orders! (Commercial only) reveal Cut back overgrown shrubs, plants Carrytoyour interior to thewhat you had to cover up! ** Limited stock on hand. design style CARPET & PAD* • RIGID CORE goes over many and trees. outdoors as well. Make sure the front door is clearly EXPERT INSTALLATION* Welcoming accents, such as cushioned LUXURY PLANK existing floors and won’tVINYL ever visible and that any walkways are edged (Guaranteed Licensed and Bonded) chairs or potted plants, also add curb reveal what you had to cover up! MetroCreative and accessible. The breakthrough new flooring – appeal. DELIVERY* LOCAL Store garbage pails behind a barrier Curbyou appeal canprotection, set a home apart from others, and improving curb appeal giving waterproof doesn’t have to be and keep trash out of sight. > CONTINUED on 10 tough as nails durability andexpensive. high-end

as low as


as low as


A revolutionary floor with high-end looks and textures of nature 6 lb. REBOND CUSHION


handcrafted designer looks.

*Based on 360 sq. ft. Comparable savings on larger or smaller orders! (Commercial carpet, glue down installation only) ** Limited to stock on hand.

A revolutionary floor with high-end looks textures of nature A REVOLUTIONARY FLOOR MADE WITH THEand PACIFIC NORTHWEST IN MIND



Carpet One Floor & Home® takes the guesswork out of flooring your home with an easy-to-understand warranty system offering increasing levels of protection.


The breakthrough new The breakthrough newflooring flooring – –



• Invincible H2O is impervious to water with a unique locking system that LOCKS OUT LEAKS • Ceramic-fused finish provides EXTRA DURABILITY • RIGID CORE goes over many existing floors and won’t ever reveal what you had to cover up!

Carpet One Floor & Home® takes the guesswork out of flooring your home with an easy-to-understand warranty system offering increasing levels of protection.

waterproofprotection, protection, givinggiving you you waterproof

tough as nails durability and high-end



tough as nails durability and high-end


handcrafted designer looks.


handcrafted designer looks.






C1_Invincible_H2O_Broch_tri_F.indd 2

*See warranty guide for complete details.

*See warranty guide for complete details.

• hardwood • vinyl • tile • laminate • and more Carpet • hardwood • vinyl • tile • laminate Carpet C1_Invincible_H2O_Broch_tri_F.indd 1

FILE NAME: C1_Invincible_H2O_Broch_tri_F LAST EDIT DATE: 2, 2015 2:03 PM FILEJuly NAME: C1_Invincible_H2O_Broch_tri_F


DIMENSIONS: 8.5”w x 11”h with .125 bleed all around. PAGE DURABLE C1_Invincible_H2O_Broch_tri_F.indd 2

See warranty guide for complete details.

© 2015, CCA Global Partners®, Inc. 07.15

A revolutionary floor with high-end looks and textures of nature

Carpet One Floor & Home® takes the guesswork out of flooring your home with an easy-to-understand warranty system offering increasing levels of protection.

and more

7/2/15 2:04 PM

WATERPROOF • PET-PRO See warranty guide for complete details.

LASTPort EDIT Angeles DATE: July 2, 2015 2:03Sequim PM DIMENSIONS: 8.5”w x 11”h with .125 bleed all around. PAGE NUMBER: 1 547 N. Oakridge 279 W. Washington NUMBER: 2

457-7500 COLORS: Invincible brand PMS 540, cool gray 11 and 8, H2O PMS 305, 7693

DIMENSIONS: 8.5”w x 11”h with .125 bleed all around. NUMBER: 2 Always pricedPAGE right. Always

done right!

7/2/15 2:04 PM 683-7500 WATERPR

Port Hadlock

11662 Rhody Drive



COLORS: Invincible brand PMS 540, cool gray 11 and 8, H2O PMS 305, 7693 EASY FILE CARE NAME: C1_Invincible_H2O_Broch_tri_F LAST EDIT DATE: July 2, 2015 2:03 PM See warranty guide for complete details.


September 2015

Curb appeal < CONTINUED from 9 Consider painting house numbers on a terra-cotta pot and filling it with plants. The pot will be decorative and functional. RELY ON SYMMETRY Symmetry is pleasing to the eye and easy to arrange. Use it to frame your entryway and throughout your property. Symmetrical use of lighting fixtures, plants, trees, and decorative items really can have an impact. DON’T FORGET LIGHTING Outdoor lighting adds appeal and safety to a property. Use lighting to accent a special landscaping feature or to illuminate a walkway. Few people enjoy approaching a dark home, and outdoor lighting can ensure your property always is well-lit.

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

Home & Design Trends

Fun ways to display diplomas MetroCreative

The kids are back to school now, but for those who graduated in the spring, they may be receiving or have received an award or diploma. These certificates can represent years of hard work and discipline and though they may be simple sheets of paper, those sheets are symbolic of so much more. Too often, though, diplomas end up collecting dust in a box somewhere instead of being displayed in a home. There may be plenty of reasons why diplomas end up going from commencement ceremonies to shelves in the back of closets, but diplomas incorporated into a larger collection of items can become eye-catching components of home decor. •  Practice feng shui. The principles of feng shui suggest the “fame” area of a home is the central area along the wall opposite the front door. A “power” area also exists in the center of the wall opposite the main entrance door. Such areas make ideal spots to display diplomas, awards and trophies that remind you of times of personal triumph. •  Create a gallery wall. Certificates

and diplomas can be matted and framed just like any other piece of artwork. When mixed and matched with other framed pieces, they create a subtle, rather than boastful, effect. These certificates will blend into home decor and be part of a larger gallery look, providing visual interest and conversation pieces. •  Establish a home office. Diplomas are tailor-made for home offices. When hung behind a desk, diplomas can give a home office a professional feel. Diplomas and other awards also can be housed on book shelves and mixed in with other symbols of academia, like ribbons,

sports trophies and photos of classmates. •  Design a digital display. Modest graduates may not want their diplomas in full view at all times. Awards can be scanned into a computer and turned into digital images. Include an image of your degree in a reel that includes photos from your years in academia. The images will rotate in a digital picture frame. Update the display from time to time to keep it interesting. •  Put together a portfolio. You may want to scrapbook awards and diplomas as you would other milestones in life. Purchase a sturdy binder and slip the awards into clear, protective covers. The binder can be stored on a bookshelf and pulled out whenever you want to revisit your years in school. •  Create a shadow box. Fill a shadow box with the diploma and some other mementos from school, like newspaper clippings or prom ticket stubs. The entire collection will make for a nice display you can enjoy whenever you feel compelled to take a trip down memory lane.

Your kitchen can be as unique as you are


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Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2015

Cozy, comfortable fall entertaining Brandpoint

As the glorious days of summer slip into crisp evenings, the changing colors trigger a transition in seasonal decor. “There’s an exciting mix of texture and color in fall fashion that’s extending into home decorating,” said designer Julie Robbins. “As for tabletop, a big trend this season is blending patterns you wouldn’t ordinarily put on the same table. “For example, paring a very exotic or modern pattern, like an animal print or an architectural design with a mainstream vintage Americana pattern such as Fiesta, or maybe mixing a polka dot pattern with fine China. It’s unexpected, but it really works.” Robbins helps customers put a new spin on their dinnerware as the lead designer at Replacements Ltd., touted as the world’s largest retailer of old and new China, crystal, silver and collectibles. Robbins said shades of purple are trending this fall, including various tones of berry and plums, along with warm autumn oranges and sage.


Popular textures lean toward natural materials such as burlap, leather and knits. If you really want to get your creative juices flowing, Robbins suggests repurposing an old shawl into a table runner. GET COZY WITH FRIENDS, FAMILY As home decor changes with fall trends, so is the way many entertain. Gatherings lean toward relaxed, cozy evenings making memories with friends and family; a respite before the upcoming busy holiday season. “My favorite autumn get-togethers are around the fireplace with homemade chili and cornbread — a very casual, blue jean kind of thing and that’s a big trend for fall entertaining,” Robbins said. Brandpoint “People are paring back and looking for ways to entertain that don’t mean Americana patterns are popular this fall for entertaining. setting a table for 12.” a unique center piece by placing small “I like to fill pitchers with flowers or REUSE, REPURPOSE, RECYCLE mums, pansies or other fall potted plants fall foliage to create gorgeous accents Another great tip for moving your enin a nice arrangement on the tray. that can be used outdoors or anywhere tertaining out of the dining room: Think around the house,” said Replacements’ “You can turn wine glasses upside about the space you’re going to use, then Product Marketing Manager Keith down and place candles on the base to brainstorm innovative ways to repurpose Winkler. create unique holders. The possibilities things from your table. are endless,” he said. “It’s easy to turn a serving tray into


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September 2015

Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette



AFTER Photos and story from G. Little Construction in Port Townsend

G. Little Construction did a three phase remodel beginning in 2006 on a home in Port Ludlow. The first phase of the remodel included a master suite, office YOUR and living room. In 2008, G. Little returned to do a complete kitchen remodel. The finalLOGO remodel in 2011 was a laundry room and craft area, seen here. area HERE Altogether, the remodel required the interior to be gutted down toretailer the studs, some doors to be moved and all new cabinets to be installed. Final finishes were required to match the details of the house, which went from rustic to contemporary during the remodel. The interior finish material is all cherry wood, YOUR ADDRESS HERE your message here with stainless steel appliances, front load washer and dryer, granite countertops and oak wood flooring. There’s all new drywall and new recess lighting. Walls YOUR PHONE #/URL YOUR STORE HOURS were removed to create a larger open area. YOUR LOGO HERE YOUR LOGO HERE


retailer area

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Carpet/ time for Flooring makeover. alwaysa are SOFTER than ever. The carpets you’ve always wanted are SOFTER than ever. awanted makeover. on the PO

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Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

Add upcycling to improvement tools MetroCreative

Turn old or discarded furniture, cabinets and doors into fresh new creations through “upcycling” — high-end “recycling” that reduces trash at landfills by refurbishing or repurposing existing pieces, often enhancing the value. UPCYCLING PROJECTS Try these upcycling projects to save some furniture in the home: •  Family furniture: Save chairs, tables, and other furniture passed down through the generations by doing repairs, if needed, and staining/painting to suit your current decor. •  Other furniture or “yard sale finds”: These also can be stabilized and given a new look through stain/paint or distressing, but some may also lend themselves to transformation for other uses, such as turning a chest of drawers into bookshelves, a chair into a swing, a dresser into a seat, and more. •  Doors and more: Solid wood doors make great tops for tables and kitchen islands, old-fashioned screen doors hung from the ceiling can store pots and pans, and old windows make attractive wall hangings used “as is” or with additions, such as photos. •  Cabinets: Change the look of your

kitchen, bathroom or workshop with a new color for your cabinets and new handles and pulls. •  Books: In an era of e-books and digital news, more and more books are finding their way into landfills. But books can be turned into decorative items. Gluing or attaching books together makes for an interesting storage shelf that can hold newer books or other items. Stacked and secured books can be transformed into a conversation piece, such as a side or coffee table. Hollow out a niche inside of the pages of a book to use as a treasure chest or to store jewelry you’d like to keep hidden. •  Glass bottles and jars: Even though glass items are regularly recycled, it’s possible to repurpose glass containers around the house. Empty wine bottles and jars can make lovely candleholders. Pair glass items with a soy candle and cast delicate light on surroundings without using any other resources. Scores of craft projects can be made from jars. Jars with lids can be repurposed into storage containers for home improvement and craft supplies. Such jars also can be used to store other foods.


September 2015


Trane TruComfort™ Variable Speed heating and cooling systems maintain a consistent temperature with maximum efficiency by automatically making minor, continuous adjustments in output all day long, all night long. In fact, these systems have been designed to meet the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient criteria.


Choose 18 or 20 SEER, whichever is better equipped for your home. TruComfort™ Systems deliver precise comfort by running at the the exact speed necessary to keep your home comfortable Very quiet operation of the TruComfort™ System, with low sound levels that are industry leading.


When paired with Trace ComfortLink™ II, you can control home energy management from wherever you go vie your smart phone or mobile device.


0% APR Financing for 36 Months*

See your independent Trane dealer for complete program eligibility, dates, details and restrictions. Special financing offers valid on qualifying equipment only. All sales must be to homeowners in the United States. Void where prohibited. The Home Projects® Visa® credit card is issued by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, an Equal Housing Lender. Special terms apply to qualifying purchases charged with approved credit at participating merchants. Regular monthly payments are required during the promotional (special terms) period. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date at the APR for Purchases if the purchase balance is not paid in full within the promotional period. For newly opened accounts, the regular APR is 27.99%. The APR will vary with the market based on the U.S. Prime Rate. The regular APR is given as of 01/01/2015. If you are charged interest in any billing cycle, the minimum interest charge will be $1.00. If you use the card for cash advances, the cash advance fee is 5.0% of the amount of the cash advance, but not less than $10.00. Offer expires 12/31/2015.

Kitsap (360) 307-7822 • Clallam (360) 683-3901 Jefferson (360) 385-5354

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Laura Lofgren

An old school cabinet is now a TV stand thanks to some sanding, milk paint and new door knobs.


September 2015

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

Home & Design Trends

2015 kitchen, bathroom trends Boni Osborn, president and creative director, by Design Group Inc. in Sequim

Year after year, homeowners choose to remodel their bathrooms and kitchens because they are the “hardest working rooms” in our homes. They also are the most worthy of our home improvement dollars. The real estate industry has long maintained that it is the kitchen and baths that make the sale. OPEN UP The increase in popularity of the “open concept” kitchen is due largely to our kitchen evolving into a multi-service venue for cooking, eating, celebrating, entertaining, crafting, doing homework and, yes, paying bills. Opening out to our living and dining spaces invites our family and friends to interact and take part in the endless activities of daily living. It is now more important than ever, that in addition to updating appliances and cabinetry, a kitchen remodel should be focused on form, fit and function. Often overlooked as a key design element is lighting. It not only ensures safe meal preparation (function) but creates the mood for social events (form) since it opens out into the main living space (fit). A carefully planned kitchen layout creates an inviting, organized and efficient work space. Taking into consideration that family members of all ages and abilities will be working (or “hanging out”) in the kitchen, this can be achieved utilizing “universal design” principles. Universal design is defined as making life more enjoyable and comfortable for everyone of all ages and abilities without compromising aesthetic sense or design appeal. Incorporating universal design elements into your remodel will result in a more efficient, user-friendly, comfortable kitchen that can be enjoyed by your grandparents, parents and children, providing everyone with memories that will last a lifetime. NEW NEUTRAL Gray is the hot new “neutral” wall or cabinet color. White cabinetry and stainless steel appliances are still at the top of homeowners’ wish lists, but oil-rubbed bronze is over-taking stainless steel fixtures.


Design Group Inc.

Above, a remodeled kitchen shows off the hot new “neutral” cabinet color, gray. Below, safety bars double as a quality towel rack. Just as it is acceptable to mix gold and silver jewelry, incorporating bronze faucets, knobs and pulls into the aesthetic is gaining in popularity. For countertops, with its beauty, ease of maintenance and durability, manmade quartz material is now stiff competition for the long-time favorite granite. ‘MOST DANGEROUS ROOM’ Bathrooms have long been referred to as the “most dangerous room” in the house. Why? Because we are behind a locked door, in a room with all hard surfaces, alone, wet and . . . naked! But a well-designed bathroom using discreet universal design principles subtly provides family members of all ages and abilities with a safe, comfortable experience. Bathrooms no longer have to look “institutional” to be universal and safe. Today, bath manufacturers have cre-

ated beautiful, designer quality fixtures with safety features that should be incorporated into every bathroom. Towel bars and paper holders that “invisibly” double as grab bars, low thresh-

old barrier-free showers and walk-in tubs with all the luxurious amenities of a private hydro therapy spa are now available in a number of tasteful styles and designer finishes.

Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2015





THE MORE YOU BUY, THE MORE YOU SAVE Shades with custom sheers and drapes

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Hardwood shutters

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1,000s of looks. 100s of colors. 25 brands. 1 stylish you.

1,000s of looks. 100s of colors. 25 brands. 1 stylish you.


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Shades with custom sheers and drapes

<*Applies to selected Signature Series® window treatments by Budget Blinds.® Some restrictions may apply. Ask for details. At participating franchises only. Not valid with any other offers, discounts or coupons. Valid for a limited time only. Offer good at initial time of estimate only.> ©2015 Budget Blinds, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Budget Blinds is a trademark of Budget Blinds, Inc. and a Home Franchise Concepts Brand. Each franchise independentlyyour owned andlocal operated. Franchise available. Contact Styleopportunities Consultant

Hardwood shutters

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| 360-582-9200 *Some restrictions may apply. Ask for details. At participating franchises only. Not valid with any other offers, discounts or coupons. Valid for a limited time only. Offer good at initial time of estimate only. 489 W. Washington St., Sequim, WA Shades with custom sheers and drapes


Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2015

Pinterest trends get overhauled installation; mount a luminescent lamp shade as an iridescent statement piece; or hang pendant lights for sophistication you’ll want around for a good, long time.

Laura Lofgren, special sections editor

Any DIY maverick knows of the magical online space that is Pinterest.com, where ideas are “pinned” on “boards” for friends and family to see and share. Pinterest is usually the go-to for someone looking to revamp a living space. With the autumn/winter season on the North Olympic Peninsula moving in fast, we may want to spruce up our homes just in time for guests to visit during the holidays, and what better way to get started than scouring Pinterest? Unfortunately, Pinterest has ingrained a few too many outdated lessons in us that we should let go this season, so let’s try something new with the help of refinery29.com.

MASON JARS Alas, the time has come to downgrade these Pinterest staples and keep them around for only pickling and making jams. If you use Mason jars to store things other than strawberries, try a colored storage container. Stick with solid colors with no more than two on each container. For flower arrangements, buy local and splurge on a handmade vase. For makeup brushes, take an old, but pretty, candle holder and clean it out.

Retire Mason jars from your home decor and save them for making jams instead.

CHEVRON With so many graphics out there, it’s time to retire this dizzying pattern from the homestead. Instead try abstract cutouts, confetti squares or pixelated patterns on your curtains, pillows and towels.

Let’s leave the chalk to the hip restaurants downtown and try a hyper-saturated print on a painted black wall. It’ll pop more. An accent wall with marbled wallpaper (or any wallpaper with a fun, fresh pattern) can make a statement. Or try a plant wall, which can be created in a sunnier room like the kitchen.

CHALKBOARD PAINT Having a whole accent wall of chalkboard paint can get messy, and it turns out writing on it isn’t as easy as it looks. (My handwriting turned from practiced cursive to first-grader scrawls).

NEON SIGNS A bit too gimmicky, neon signs are best left in the pubs and clubs. Try a row of candles in ombre colors (the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving

Ray B. Montelius

A huge thank you to all my customers over the past 20 years. We look forward to protecting the important thing in your life for many more years. September is Life Insurance Awareness month. Call us for a life insurance review. Protect your family and your income.

Call for a quote!

Ray R. Montelius (Owner)

Plumbing & Pumps

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Our services include, but are not • Flow Tests • Water Purification WE PROVIDE • Water (Hardness, Sample/ Smells, & Iron Stains) Testing (Bacteria & EMERGENCY SERVICE, • Winterization Nitrate) • Whole House WITH NO TRAVEL CHARGE • Well Pumps Inspection (New Systems & No Water) • Kitchen & • Water Heater Bathroom Gas & Call to schedule your (Electric, On Demand) Fixture Repair/ appointment today! Replacement


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Brother’s Plumbing & Pumps is a family owned and operated plumbing contractor serving the Olympic Peninsula since 1980. Backed by decades of experience, we are able to service all your commercial & residential plumbing needs. We offer 24 hr. emergency service, 7 days a week.



Home, Auto, Life and Savings

Amy Montelius

OMBRE STATEMENT PIECES Gradient detailing is sharp in small doses, like the previously mentioned candle art or on dish towels. Let’s still go for bold with a bright glossy lacquer on stools, side tables or other accent pieces. All-natural wood is a hit this season, so you can leave the paint at the store and refinish an old piece to it’s original organic form. Staining the wood can add some punch to the piece. If you dig on the ombre, tone it down with two separate pieces in the same color family, like blue and seafoam green side tables.

Carlye Fletcher

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Matt Cerfogli

limited to: • Water Line Repair • Whole House Re-pipes • Sewer Pumps • Sewer Line Repair • Toilet & Drain Cleaning • Remodels • Estimates

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Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2015


b D



Investing in a sofa bed will give you an extra spot for overnight guests to use.

Creating extra space for guests decorative storage closet or armoire. Some convertible beds come with Homeowners who enjoy entertaining bookcase accessories to expand storage frequently sometimes host overnight space and also make the piece look like guests. a more cohesive unit. While many hosts and hostesses have Designers also have experimented spare bedrooms for overnight or longwith these beds, and some transform term guests, many others do not. from a desk or even from a low-lying But those among the latter group will- bookshelf or bench into a bed. ing to get a little creative can find more •  SOFA BED OR CHAIR: Sofa beds places for overnight guests to rest their and chairs have a fold-out bed nestled heads. beneath their cushions. •  SOFA: Living room or den sofas can Depending on the size of the couch, double as bedding for overnight guests. a twin, full or queen-sized bed may be As a short-term solution, a night or housed within. two on the couch can be comfortable Sofa beds vary in regard to their comenough. fort levels, so prospective hosts should Be sure to cover the sofa with freshly investigate their options to ensure laundered sheets and provide those ame- guests have the most comfortable sleepnities one would expect in a guest space. ing situations possible. Access to a television, a reading lamp, A bed in a couch can turn an office or a fan for some white noise and a table living space into a guest sanctuary in a on which to place a phone or alarm clock matter of minutes. are helpful to have. In addition, some sofa beds also have Such items will make guests more extra space built within for storing blancomfortable. kets and pillows. If your living room or family room has And if space is especially tight, a door that can be closed, this will help consider a convertible chair that has a create more privacy for guests. twin-sized bed tucked away. •  CONVERTIBLE BED: Marketed •  BUNK BEDS: Bunk beds may frequently under the brand name Murseem like child’s play, but they make phy Bed, convertible beds can incorpogreat use of vertical space. rate sleeping options into rooms with Share a kid’s room with your son or limited space. daughter and let the guest take your This furniture essentially is a bed that own bedroom. folds vertically or horizontally into a Otherwise, equip a home office with frame. bunk beds and have two more sleeping When closed, the bed can look like a spaces available. MetroCreative

Safety Has Never Looked So Beautiful! room! Visit Our Show

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September 2015

Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

Consider this: Home office planning MetroCreative

An environment that’s conducive to work can help people increase their productivity. Professionals who are new to working from home may find it takes some time before they can create the perfect working environment, but the following are a few factors to consider when planning a home office. SPACE One of the disadvantages to working from home is that remote workers don’t have access to the same level of equipment as in the main office, such as color copiers or scanners. If you want to include even scaleddown versions of such equipment in your office, you will need ample space. In addition, less spacious home offices can feel too tight and enclosed, making workers uncomfortable and less enthusiastic about working every day. Pick a spot in your home that affords room for your equipment and the ability to move around so you don’t feel cramped throughout the workday.

LIGHTING Lighting is another factor remote workers must consider when they’re planning their home offices. Natural light can provide an energetic boost and improve your mood, so choose a room in your home that gets lots of sunlight during the day. Many professionals who work remotely do so from the basements of their homes, which can make it difficult to rely on natural light. If the basement is the only location in your home that can fit a home office, look for lighting sources that replicate daylight so you are not working in dark quarters. CONNECTIVITY While wireless Internet has made Internet dead zones less problematic, certain areas or rooms in your home may still be touch-and-go with regard to Internet connectivity. Such areas should be avoided when choosing a room for your home office, as it can be difficult to remain productive if your connection to your office’s external

server is routinely compromised. DISTRACTIONS While your home might be empty for much of the day, you don’t want to be distracted when the kids come home from school or when your spouse or

roommate arrives home from work. Avoid putting your home office too close to popular hangout areas in your home, such as the kitchen and the living room. Instead, choose a room where you have lots of privacy so you can focus on your work and won’t be routinely interrupted.



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Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2015

Bust winter blues with these projects



Three percent of the U.S. population suffers from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) every winter, according to Psychology Today. But you don’t have to be diagnosed with an actual disorder to suffer a bad case of the winter blues — it can happen to anyone. Since climate and environment have a lot to do with causing winter doldrums, you might find engaging in some home improvement projects can make you feel happier and healthier this winter. Freshening your space can feel good any time of year, but certain projects are perfectly aligned to give you a muchneeded mood boost when it turns cold or wet weather sets in. Here are four projects that not only can brighten your outlook, they can also be good for your wallet:


Skylights bring helpful daylight into areas of the home where traditional skylights may not fit and where window are sometimes scarce. These tubular skylights are particularly useful in inside areas like hallways, closets and the laundry room.

areas of your home with kitchens and baths being among the most popular choices for more natural light, fresh air and privacy. Even areas without direct roof access, like hallways and closets, can benefit from more natural light through tubular Sun Tunnel skylights. REPLACE THE GARAGE DOOR If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about your garage door or the impact it has on how your home looks and feels. Yet the garage door is a huge surface area that directly affects your home’s curb appeal and its ability to retain heat in the winter. A great deal of warm air can escape a home through an uninsulated garage door.


Turn a House into a Home! • • • •

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INSTALL SKYLIGHTS Avoiding SAD is preferable to treatment and skylights can help you maximize the amount of natural light that enters your home this winter. More natural light is good for you on many levels. Sunlight stimulates the body’s production of vitamin D and increases the levels of serotonin in your brain; lower serotonin levels are thought to be associated with depression, lack of energy, elevated appetite and excessive sleepiness. What’s more, if you opt for Energy Star-qualified solar-powered fresh-air skylights, you can also help improve indoor air quality. These skylights open, providing passive ventilation to allow stale indoor air to escape and fresh air to enter, and they close automatically in case of rain. Skylights can also be good for your financial health. Solar powered skylights, along with solar powered blinds, as well as installation costs, are eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit. Also, more natural light in your home on a dark winter day can help decrease your need for artificial lighting. And sunshine can help warm the interior of your home and support the work your furnace does to keep the house comfortable. Skylights can be installed in many





Easier weekend renovation projects METROCREATIVE

Some home renovation projects require the expertise of professionals, but there also are many ways for homeowners to improve their homes without hiring a pro or spending too much money. The following are a handful of DIY renovation projects homeowners can tackle in a typical weekend. CLOSET CONVERSION Ample closet space is a big plus for home buyers, but upon moving into a new home, many homeowners may find they don’t need as much closet space as they initially thought. Guest room walk-in closets, in particular, may prove to be underutilized resources. Such closets often come with built-in shelving, and therefore, they make ideal spaces to convert to mini home offices or study areas for kids. Installing an extra shelf to serve as a desk area for remote working or homework stations won’t take up much of a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and before you know it, you will have a fully functioning workspace. ACCENT WALL Accent walls can liven up a room by breaking the color pattern of the walls in the room. Accent walls also can be used to divert attention on a particular design element in a room, such as a painting or an elaborate wall furnishing. Painting an accent wall won’t take very long, but such a project can give a room an entirely new look and feel.

asphalt driveway can be an ideal weekend project, especially if an existing driveway has endured its fair share of wear and tear. Many driveways can be paved anew in a single day, but larger driveways or those that have endured an extraordinary amount of wear and tear may take a couple of days.

DRIVEWAY If weather permits, repaving an

STORAGE AND SHELVING Much like some homes come with

18 Years of Quality Construction Available for: Remodeling • Additions Custom Homes • Design Projects

an abundance of storage areas, others fall short of homeowners’ or apartment dwellers’ needs. If your home or apartment falls into the latter category, adding some shelving or finding some new furniture that can serve double duty as storage areas is a weekend project that can help clear up some space. Purchase some wood shelving from a local furniture retailer to mimic the look of traditional built-ins or replace existing single-use furniture with newer items capable of serving multiple functions, including storage.

ART If the rooms and hallways in your home are bare or in need of new looks but your budget is tight, try your hand at spicing things up by creating some of your own paintings. Parents can encourage kids to create their own colorful masterpieces. Watercolors and acrylics are ideal in case of any messes that may occur. For more advance artists, try adventuring into collage work. Frame the finished works and hang them on the wall and enjoy your inexpensive and homemade “art gallery.”

Draperies Northwest DAN FORSHAW

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Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2015


Improve air quality Northwest Living especially diligent maintaining these features, as they can release harmful soot Homes tend to be stuffier in autumn and smoke if they are not taken care of. and winter. Some people may also be allergic to As temperatures outside dip, windows incense and scented candles, so keep a are closed and air quality inside homes watchful eye on residents and guests can suffer. whenever you light candles or sticks of Poor indoor air quality can not only incense. be uncomfortable, causing residents to If any symptoms of allergies appear, experience headaches, dry eyes and nasal avoid lighting any more candles or congestion, but also can be unhealthy. incense, waiting until you can open the According to the American Lung Aswindows if you want to light any again. sociation, poor indoor air quality can •  Purchase an air purifier. Air pucause or contribute to the development rifiers are beneficial year-round, helping of infections, lung cancer and chronic to remove allergens and particles from lung diseases, such as asthma. a home. Though it’s not feasible or healthy to High-efficiency particulate air filters, open windows when temperatures outknown as HEPA filters, are extremely side dip to near or below freezing, there effective at removing airborne particuare steps everyone can take to improve lates from the air inside your home. the indoor air quality in their homes. •  Pay attention to pets. Like their •  Add to your decor with plants. owners, pets tend to spend more time Plants provide both aesthetic and practi- indoors during the winter. cal appeal to a home’s interior. That means more fur and pet dander, Houseplants can clean and purify the skin flakes in an animal’s fur or hair the air in a home, helping to remove that can trigger allergic reactions, is formaldehyde, benzene and other toxins likely in your home during the winter that can make indoor air unhealthy to than in the summer. breathe. To combat this, bathe your pets reguBenzene is an irritant that can cause larly in the winter, making sure to wash dizziness, headache, nausea and blurred the animal’s bedding in hot water on a vision, among other side effects. weekly basis as well. Formaldehyde, which is often found • Open the windows when posin homes thanks to its widespread use sible. Winter does not typically provide in a range of products, can cause watery many opportunities to open the wineyes, nausea and wheezing. dows, but you might get a few chances •  Watch what you are lighting up. to let some fresh air in through the Many homeowners know that smoking windows during winter. indoors drastically reduces indoor air Make the most of these opportunities, quality, putting even nonsmokers at and when possible crack the windows heightened risk of developing various when you’re cleaning so dust and other respiratory ailments. particles that kick up have a path outHomeowners concerned about the side of your home. indoor air quality in their homes should Clean interior air should be a yearround priority, but homeowners may ban smoking inside, no matter how low have to go the extra mile to keep their temperatures dip outside. homes’ interior air clean when winter In addition, homeowners with woodarrives. burning stoves and fireplaces should be MetroCreative










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Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9:30-5:30, Sun. 11-4


Plants and fresh-cut flowers can improve indoor air quality by helping to remove harmful irritants from the air.



Bust the blues this winter season < CONTINUED from 19 What’s more, when the garage gets cold, it can affect the comfort of rooms around and above it. Have a game room over the garage that’s chilly in winter? The garage door could be to blame. Replacing an old, uninsulated garage door with a new insulated model can improve heat retention. And a new garage door is a great way to update your home’s facade. REPLACE AN OLD APPLIANCE If you’re already bummed by winter, having to live with old, beat-up, inefficient appliances will only add to your frustration. Plus, older appliances generally use more electricity and water than newer models. Replacing an old refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer or dryer with Energy Star-qualified appliances can help reduce your energy and water consumption — and bills. It’s also an improvement that you can feel good about because it’s the perfect marriage of practicality (you really need appliances that function well) and enjoyment (all those bells and whistles just make the work more fun). DECLUTTER AND ADD ORGANIZERS You may not think of cleanup as a legitimate home improvement, but decluttering and organizing your environment can definitely boost your mood. In American homes, the problem of clutter has reached staggering proportions. More than half of Americans (54 percent) say they feel overwhelmed by the amount of clutter in their homes, and 78 percent have no idea what to do with it, according to a recent survey by the National Association for Professional Organizers and Declualsottr.com. Grab some trash bags and start cleaning house. Trash the things that are clearly junk, donate things that are still usable but not by you and set aside the things you want to keep. Invest in some closet, cabinet and drawer organizers. Add storage cubbies to a mud room or entryway and create storage space in your garage.


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Winterize your home that can trim your utility bill this winter, especially if your pipes are in a crawl space or a cold basement. Insulating your hot water heater can not only increase your water temperature by 2 to 4 degrees, it can reduce its energy consumption up to 15 percent.


I must say that this summer will be remembered as one of the warmest in recent memory, and I know that many of you are looking forward to autumn. Invigorating cooler temperatures and beautiful landscapes abound. Although there is nothing like the fall in the Pacific Northwest, now is not the time to sit on your laurels. There is work that must be done before the rains come. I know this is not what you want to hear right now. You want to enjoy the last breath of summer, but wouldn’t you rather get these small projects done now instead of cleaning out the gutters with numb hands and wet clothes in the 40 degree rain? I agree, so let’s start picking away at this list. CLEAN THE GUTTERS Having your gutters clean will help in many ways. Not only does it protect your gutters from getting heavy and bending down under the onslaught of our Northwest rains, it helps minimize chances for mold and moss growth on your roof. If you are finding a lot of leaves and pine needles in your gutters, you may need to look at trimming your trees back. CHECK FOR AIR LEAKS In the upcoming weeks, as the temperatures start to drop, you may notice cold drafts in your home. That is the perfect time to walk around and check for cold spots

around windows and doors. Weather stripping is something that is easy to replace and is very beneficial to conserving energy. They may seem like small leaks, but as much as 20 percent of your heating and cooling costs are lost to small leaks. CHECK THE HEATING SYSTEM A pre-season tune up is a good investment. It reduces the chances of a breakdown in the middle of winter and more than pays for itself through more energy-efficient operations. Have the system checked by a qualified contractor. CHANGE YOUR FILTER It boggles my mind how many people don’t know that their heating system has a filter. If you have any type of forced air system, there is a filter somewhere. Find it! Or better yet? Get that pre-season check. INSULATE PIPES, HOT WATER HEATER Are your water pipes and hot water heater insulated? If not, this is a very easy project

2 2 0

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CLEAN THE CHIMNEY We have a plethora of wood here on the Peninsula, and many folks prefer this as their primary heat source. If that’s you, then it’s time to call a chimney sweep or get out the big chain to clean that chimney before you use it. Animals nesting during the summer and/or build up from last winter can put you and your family at risk. Having your chimney cleaned will reduce the risk of chimney fires. This list should help you get started on winterizing your home. It may seem like a lot, but there’s no need to panic. You will feel much more relaxed as the autumn fades to winter if you get these few items off the list now instead of when the wind and rain begin.

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CHECK OUTSIDE FAUCETS, GARDEN HOSES Last fall, I accidently left a hose hooked up to the faucet while watering my fall plants. Let’s make sure you don’t make that same mistake; unhook and drain your garden hose. Don’t forget to put the insulation bib on the faucets as well. These can be found at any hardware or home improvement store for a couple of bucks and will save you a lot of money in frozen pipes and plumber bills.

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Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2015


Make the most of small living spaces MetroCreative

Tiny houses are a recent phenomenon and have spurred many businesses — from builders to decorating experts — looking to connect with consumers who want to go small. The small house movement advocates for living simply in small homes, some of which can be as small as 100 square feet or less. Although living in a tiny house is not for everyone, many people prefer smallspace living to living in larger, more spacious homes and apartments. For those looking to make the most of their small living spaces, there are ways to make such living arrangements feel larger. •  Light is your friend. Establish adequate lighting in a room that includes at least three working lights. Varied light sources from different angles will eliminate dark corners and shadows that can make a space feel smaller. Lighting also can draw the eye where you want it and distract attention from the room’s flaws.

•  Choose light-colored paint. Choose lighter hues for your home furnishings and wall colors. You do not have to limit this to white (unless landlords require white walls). Pale colors will help reflect light and can make the room seem larger than it really is. Using a dark color on the flooring can make other lighter shades really pop in contrast. •  Conceal the clutter. If you cannot keep personal belongings to the utmost minimum in a home, experiment with clever ways to keep items out of sight. Furniture that serves dual purposes can help with this task. Storage ottomans will conceal small toys or linens and also provide seating options in a room when guests come over. A dresser can be used as a dining room buffet piece, and the numerous drawers can hold knickknacks or silverware. Furniture with built-in, hidden storSpace above doors, shelving, and areas above cabinetry are ideal places to store age is well worth the investment when items. living spaces are limited. Use hooks on walls to keep belongings off the floor. > CONTINUED on 25

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•  Make use of vertical space. Homes where space is at a premium may have limited storage areas. An often-overlooked storage option is vertical space.

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September 2015

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

Home & Design Trends

Fireplace amps up PNW design Trisa Katsikapes, Trisa & Co. Interior Design in Port Angeles

The Milners, having moved to Port Angeles last year after 18 years of planning, wanted to renovate their newfound home — specifically the living room and its fireplace — with the help of Trisa & Co. Interior Design in Port Angeles. “We loved the heat our small freestanding gas fireplace provided, but we wanted a Pacific Northwest contemporary look and to see bigger flames,” the Milners said. They found the perfect home to satisfy their Pacific Northwest contemporary design style. The house had the perfect beam structure and gorgeous views, but it also had dated carpet, oak built-ins and a small gas fireplace — none of which lent itself to their design dreams. With the goal to update the fireplace, the couple and interior designer Trisa Katsikapes started looking for the perfect one to accommodate the Pacific Northwest contemporary design goal. Because there was an existing gas line, they focused on a gas fireplace, which they found at EverWarm Heart & Home in Port Angeles. The linear shape and flame size was important, as well as a driftwood log set option and the amount of heat provided. With the large room, high ceilings and the perfect wall, a 60-inch contemporary fireplace was chosen. A strong black linear metal finish allowed for a robust tile surrounding, adding an industrial touch to the Northwest feel. They selected a 12-by-24-inch oxidized-looking tile and ran it horizontal, framing the fireplace and giving it the contemporary feel. The next step was a mantle design and style. At first the thought was not to have a mantle at all, as this would keep a clean transition to the TV. But they found a beautiful piece of maple with a live edge at the right length and chose to round out the fireplace with this natural addition. It finished off the look and completed the goal by bringing in the Northwest feel.

Trisa & Co. Interior Design

Above, Trisa Katsikapes of Trisa & Co. Interior Design, remodeled this Port Angeles fireplace with the help of Andrew Thomas of Pantry and Latch to give the homeowners a more Northwest feel. Right, the living space before the renovation included a small gas fireplace and oak built-ins, which were carefully removed and repurposed for storage.

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Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

Designing for small spaces < CONTINUED from 23 •  Create dual-purpose rooms. Lack of space means getting creative with the space you do have. A nook in your bedroom can be devoted to a miniature home office. Perhaps you can establish a crafting center in a portion of your laundry room. Garages have long served as catch-all spaces in homes. Apart from storage, they can be subdivided for home gyms or even a place to gather and watch a ballgame. •  Hang mirrors to “expand” rooms. Mirrors can trick the eye into believing there is more space in a room. Mirrors melt away room borders and can accelerate the flow of light. Hanging them throughout your home can make spaces seem larger. •  Think about built-in furniture. Traditional furniture may not be practical for small spaces and can waste a lot of room. Custom-built furniture is often the way to go to maximize the area you do have. Employ a little do-it-yourself initiative as well, customizing items for the perfect fit. •  Work with a designer. If you’re having difficulty making a small space work for you, consult with an interior designer or a contractor for some ideas.

September 2015


POWER TOOL SAFETY TIPS Power tools can dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete home improvement projects. Professional contractors regularly rely on power tools for cutting and sanding, and many do-it-yourself renovators follow suit and invest in power tools to help get the job done. But power tools, in spite of their usefulness, are not without risk. According to the Work Safe Center, power tool injuries account for as many as 400,000 emergency room visits in the United States each year. Power nailers, chain saws and table saws account for the greatest number of injuries. Keeping safe is of the utmost priority when using power tools. Here’s how: •  Read all manufacturers’ instructions and guidelines before use. •  Keep your tools clean and in proper operating condition. •  Use the right tool for the job. •  Always wear eye protection, such as safety glasses or goggles. •  Wear standard cotton or leather work gloves to protect hands. •  Consider the use of earplugs or earmuffs with loud power tools. •  Don’t use power tools in proximity to flammable vapors, dust or construction materials. •  Always check that wires are kept away from blades. •  Maintain a tight grip on a tool. •  Do not overreach when using tools, and maintain balance. •  Pay attention when working with any power tool. •  Only use attachments specifically recommended for the power tools and ensure proper installation. •  Unplug all power tools during breaks and anytime when tools are not in use. •  Routinely inspect tools for damage. •  Keep tools stored in secure locations when not in use.

— MetroCreative

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Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2015

Dress up floors with these top tile trends to the nails. “Rustic faux wood is making a huge splash because of its warm, earthy coloring and unusual time-worn finishes such as aged paint, a finish hard to achieve with real wood,” McDaniel said. I foresee it continuing to be a very popular design trend.”


If you are renovating any area of your home, it may be time to try something new, such as bringing tile into main living areas in addition to your bathrooms and kitchen. New designs, styles and technologies are making tile the most versatile and accessible flooring material. “Tile has always been durable and easy to maintain,” said Kevin McDaniel, director of product development and design services for The Tile Shop. “Tile has a long life span and classic good looks, making it a favorite flooring of choice wherever homeowners need a floor material that’s both practical and beautiful. “Even more design options are available now, making tile a smart floor surface in virtually any room of the home,” he said Homeowners, builders, designers and product developers are thinking outside the box when incorporating tile into renovations and new builds. From bringing tile flooring up the wall, to using the same tile flooring across multiple rooms, to using water jet technology, they’re working with tile in nontraditional ways. Here are some top tile trends to consider for your interior design project: THE LOOK OF REAL WOOD WITH A RUSTIC FINISH Many of the larger-format faux wood tiles mimic the look of real hardwood floors. Less expensive and more durable than real wood,

Trisa&& Co. Co. Trisa Interior Design Design Interior


A light palette of cool grey tones gives this rustic faux wood floor a breezy appearance.

these tile floors are practical yet beautiful choices for active households with children and pets. Details evoke the character of real wood, right down

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THOSE LONGER TILE PLANKS While standard square tile sizes will always have their place in home decor, rectangular tiles — otherwise known as planks — are gaining popularity. New 12-by-24-inch tiles are a hot choice in bathrooms and 6-by-36-inch tiles or 8-inch by 8-feet planks (often in wood-grained looks) are a favorite for living areas. “Using longer planks can help smaller spaces look larger, and create an appealing consistency across multiple rooms,” McDaniel said. “While consumers may be familiar with traditional tile shapes such as square or hexagon, these longer tiles offer exciting new design flexibility.” THAT POURED CONCRETE LOOK While concrete is a trendy design material right now, it’s not practical for every household or application. New tile styles create the look of poured or stained concrete at a fraction of the cost, and with all the durability, versatility and ease associated with tile. Tile options range from long rectangular 8-by-18inch or 12-by-24-inch planks to 18-by-18-inch squares. Tiles are rectified — the edge is cut completely straight — and grout joints are very narrow to further create the look of seamless concrete.


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Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2015

5 autumn deck upgrades

Warm, unconventional tiles < CONTINUED from 26 THE WARMTH OF HEATED FLOORS While heated floors were once a luxury option for homeowners, they’re becoming increasingly mainstream. Tile lends itself to radiant heat beneath the floor.

Wooden planters are a great way to enhance a deck’s visual appeal. Who says you have to give up time on the deck you Building a planter is an easy weekend project, and love just because summer is over? provides you the perfect location to plant some fall Whether you’re just relaxing or tackling home veggies as well. improvement projects, time outdoors is a great way to Add a removable lid to the planting box and you recharge at the end of a hectic day or tiring week. can turn it into additional seating when then growing A few simple do-it-yourself updates can help you season is over. enjoy your deck this fall — and throughout the rest of When spring comes, remove the lid and you’re the year. ready to plant spring vegetables or flowers. •  Add decorative touches like post caps and •  Warm up the decor. Fall is a great time to privacy lattice. Just having a deck adds value score deals on outdoor decor. to your home, but you can easily make yours more Deck furniture, outdoor area rugs and decorative appealing and enjoyable by adding some decorative items all go on sale as summer ends — even though touches. in many areas of the country there will be plenty of Post caps are an easy-to-install way to dress up an warm days and evenings left in which to enjoy your ordinary deck railing. outdoor spaces. Deck product manufacturers offer extensive post Simply replacing worn furniture and adding an cap options, including wood designs, metal and area rug can make your deck feel warmer and more decorative caps that incorporate stained glass, metal inviting. accents and even solar lighting. •  Heat up your outdoor space. Of course, your Lattice is another way to add interest to your deck, outdoor environment will eventually get chilly as fall while creating privacy at the same time. Durable plastic lattice allows you to visually shield settles in. Why not add an outdoor heater to extend your deck areas of your deck, or block off the space beneath your time even longer? deck to keep animals from slipping under it. Home improvement and lawn and garden stores •  Light the way to longer hours of enjoysell a variety of patio heaters in a range of designs to ment. As summer winds down, days grow shorter. Adding lighting to your deck can help you enjoy fall fit every space, taste and need. evenings outdoors. A single, well-placed heater can provide enough Low-voltage LED lighting can help illuminate steps, warmth to keep your entire deck comfortable on a accent your deck railing and create areas of interest chilly fall evening. — all while using less electricity to save you money. Need an additional source of warmth to supple•  Plant the seeds of great seasons to come. ment your patio heater? Fire up the grill and fill the Landscaping adds value and relaxation to a deck area. fall air with the aroma of grilled treats. Brandpoint

UNCONVENTIONAL GROUT, TILE DESIGN IDEAS Using a high-contrast grout color can make the floor pop, and it’s a tactic that works well with mosaic designs. Choosing the right grout color is just as important as the tile you select. Also popular is the concept of mosaic designs that mimic an area rug within a larger section of tile flooring and create the look of custom art within the floor.


Faux wood tile is a beautiful surface choice for any living space, from the kitchen to the laundry room to the bathroom.

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Home & Design Trends

Peninsula Daily News & Sequim Gazette

September 2015


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Special Sections - Home and Design Trends, Fall 2015  


Special Sections - Home and Design Trends, Fall 2015